Stay Awake (2022) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
But the feeling inside
has changed...
[knife clattering]
[indistinct song]
[woman vocalizing]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[water running]
[tap squeaks]
[instrumental music]
[Derek] Hey, listen.
I got to cut out.
[pins clattering]
Weightlessness no gravity
[music continues]
I'm a ghost to you
you're a ghost to me
A bird's eye view
of San Luis
Hm mm hm mm
Raindrops are falling
on my head
And just like the guy
whose feet are
Too big for his bed...
[Derek] Hey, stay awake, ma.
Listen to us.
Those raindrops are falling
on my head
They keep falling...
This is easy.
You know this. Ma?
Raindrops are falling
on my head...
Come on, what's that one?
"Butch Cassidy
and the Sundance Kid."
[Derek] Very good. All right,
next one. Come on. Let's go.
Everybody's talking at me
I don't hear a word
they're saying
Only the echoes
of my mind...
[Derek] Come on, ma.
That's a softball.
I'm going where the sun
keeps shining
Through the pouring rain
I'm going where the weather
suits my clothes...
What's that one from, ma?
Come on. What's that one?
You know it.
"Cow... Cowboy.
Mid... Midnight."
[Derek] Judges,
can we give that to her?
Close enough. All right.
Next one. Let's go.
It's all right.
We are almost there.
-Hey, Vicki.
-Hey, babies.
[Vicki] We'll get things
going here. Hang loose.
[instrumental music over PA]
-Can you grab me something?
So, you got any homework?
Allow me to rephrase.
How much homework do you have?
I got a ten-page book report
due Thursday.
Which I'm screwed for, so...
Please. You're the kid who cries
C-minus and always gets an "A."
I hated your kind in school.
what's the book?
Uh, "Animal Farm."
Wow, I liked the movie.
I think you're thinking of
"Animal House."
-They're different?
-Just a little.
Everywhere you go
Everywhere you go
Come back my darling
Always be mine
Ahh ahh ahh
Come to me my...
[machine beeping]
[birds chirping]
[instrumental music]
[engine revving]
[Michelle] Hi! Um, can we have
a yogurt parfait,
French toast sticks and...
[Michella] Two chicken honey
butter biscuits... please.
[indistinct intercom chatter]
How was your audition?
Not bad.
I got two lines,
everybody else got one.
-Really? Let me hear 'em.
-[chuckles] Yeah.
Lucky's Home and Auto Insurance,
next to Tuskee's on Ryers Road.
For a boat, home, or truck...
you're in luck.
It's really catchy.
-Especially, the way you do it.
-[Derek] Thanks.
Aren't you gonna
eat your breakfast, honey?
You know it's the most important
meal of the day.
You know, I really shouldn't
be eating out so much.
Why don't I, uh...
cook you guys something
special next week?
You don't have to do that, mom.
Honey, I can make
my boys dinner.
What about some
squash casserole?
-[Derek] Hmm!
-Ooh! Or something French?
-[Derek] Shoot.
What was it called?
The thing that we saw on the
cooking show the other day?
Oh! Uh...
Beef Bor-ju-nan.
-[Michelle] Beef Bor-ju-nan!
[Derek] Yeah. Let's do that.
It's fine, ma. Guess he's not
a fan of French cuisine.
[man on TV] I'm gonna get it
out of oven.
I remove the top.
And that's it.
Look, beef bourguignon,
the way my grandmother
used to do it.
"Boeuf bourguignon!"
[man on TV] And as you can see,
the sauce is very thick
and lovely.
I'm sensitive
and stubborn...
But it's this feeling inside
that's changed
Like I've gone bad
but the world is good
Oh but it must be
someone else's fault
Must be some...
[birds chirping]
[Michelle] Like, seriously,
think about it?
I mean, I think everyone has at
some point, right? Haven't you?
Just a, just a verbal yes or no.
No suicidal thoughts.
I see that there's still blood
in your urine sample.
[pen clicks]
[paper ripping]
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
-[man 1] Thanks.
-Hey! [kisses]
[Ashley] What you working on?
-Calc problem set.
-[Ashley] Hm.
[Ethan] I think Mr. Stevens
just gotta has it out for me.
Look, Mr. Stevens expects
anything out of us
between now and graduation,
that's honestly his bad.
You know, my sister said
Tech sent out notifications
around now last year.
It's just that I hate waiting.
I'm gonna be so crushed
if we don't get in.
No one on this earth
Could need you my love
The way that I do
All that is mine
I would give just to you
You say that you
need me to
[Ashley] Hey, you okay?
Yeah. I think
I'm just kind of...
just exhausted.
Must be someone else's heart
who tainted mine
I cannot be...
The story of the stranger
Oh it must be someone
else's fault
[woman vocalizing]
[music stops]
[Ethan and Derek whistling]
[Derek] Come on, ma.
Where's this one from, huh?
[whistling continues]
It's the-the scene with,
uh, Daryl Hannah. Come on.
Ma, look at me.
Which snake was she again?
-What's it from?
-[Michelle] Bill Kill.
Ah! There we go!
[machine beeping]
[pensive music]
[woman on PA]
Code Blue, room 305.
Go get ready for school.
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
[Michelle coughs]
[instrumental music on speakers]
Derek, thanks for closing up.
-See you tomorrow.
-All right.
[instrumental music]
[volume reduces]
So long
For the right time girl
So long
And I found...
No one's gonna know
if you close 30 minutes early.
I gotta stay open.
[Melanie] When is the last time
that anyone came in here?
I don't know. But have
you tried this? It's...
Don't try to distract me.
You work too much.
It's boring.
Can't you just close
for a few minutes?
-I can't.
-You can't? No?
Okay. Fuck it.
[upbeat music]
You know I'm feeling just
not enough to be your man
I'm not feeling
by myself
Seeing you
with someone else
I'm not feeling
by myself
[door opens]
Seeing you with someone...
[Lester] I forgot my paperwork.
Good night, Derek.
[Lester] 'Night, Melanie.
[Derek laughing]
[pensive music]
[woman 1] It all started
when I got my first nursing job.
I was so excited.
I just got my degree.
I needed something
to keep me on my feet.
The shifts were so long and...
they just got longer.
So, I started taking my
patient's leftovers.
I never thought I'd be the kind
of person who'd do that, never.
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
The thing
that I was the proudest.
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
[music continues]
[coins clinking]
Well, looks like we both made
a whopping $3.45
in tips tonight.
You can have it.
What's wrong?
[Ashley] Fuck off, okay?
What's wrong?
How was bio?
I'm going to murder you.
Wait. Did you find out?
Oh, my God! You got in?
You got it. That is so amazing!
I knew that you were
gonna get in.
My envelope, like,
must be in the mail.
I'll got get it right now.
Oh, my gosh!
The next year's gonna be
amazing, together...
It's-it's gonna be so fun.
I-I also got into
another school, so...
You applied somewhere else?
What? Like a, like
a safety school?
Yeah. I mean...
I didn't think
I'd get in, but...
Yeah, I know we talked
about going to--
No. You promised.
[Ethan] I know. I just...
got into a better school and...
-Better? Wh-where?
-[Ethan] No, sorry, not better.
[Ashley] Brown?
Wh-where's that?
Rhode Island.
They offered me
a full scholarship and...
So now you're going there?
Well, I-I mean...
I don't know yet, I...
So you lied to me?
After two years
of being together?
We should probably, um...
Oh, my...
You're telling me this here
because you knew
that I'd be upset
and you didn't want me
making a scene?
You are such a little boy!
You know what? Good luck
finding anyone at Brown
who's gonna put up with
all of your baggage.
So you wanna break up
with me now?
Wait. I... No, no, no, I--
If you wanna break up with me,
then-then you know what?
You chew way too loudly,
all right?
And-and you never
respond to texts.
You never listen to me or
ask me questions about my day.
You-your breath reeks
of tobacco and plus...
plus, I give you blowjobs
and you can barely stand
to even finger me.
All right?
You're selfish and sexist!
All right?
So, wake the fuck up!
You're gonna have to
because your dick is shit!
[men giggling]
[horn honking]
[mellow music]
Hey, Alex.
No, ma. It's Ethan.
Dad's long gone.
[Michelle] You Alex?
It's Derek, ma.
[Derek] What about the, uh,
the-the Whitney song
from the Costner movie?
-Do you remember that one?
-Technically, it's a Dolly song.
[Derek] It's actually a Whitney
song. Do you remember it?
Can you sing it, please?
-Hey, she's passing out.
-[Derek] Oh, shit!
-Ma? Hey!
-Hey? Ma?
-Ma, look at me.
-[Ethan] Ma?
-Wake up! Eye contact, please!
-[Ethan] Hey!
Ma! Hey!
[tires screeching]
-[machine beeping]
[indistinct chatter]
-Where are my boys?
-You're not supposed to be up.
Ring your bell
and someone will come...
[woman 2]
Was the weather any factor?
[Derek] No, the weather
was fine. The roads were fine.
I think I was just, uh, more
exhausted than I realized.
Have you seen my boys?
[sighing] Are you okay?
Is Derek in there?
We could have died last night.
Do you understand?
We could have died last night.
We're done. We're not searching
for you anymore.
If you wanna kill yourself,
go ahead.
Honey, I'm really sorry. I--
I don't care if you're sorry.
You're always sorry.
-Go back to rehab.
-I've tried.
[Ethan] Then commit yourself
to a psych facility.
I'm not crazy.
Derek's in there taking
the blame for what happened.
You almost cost him his life,
and all he can worry about is
the cops dragging you into this.
You're gonna kill him.
And the most fucked up part is,
he'd let you.
Stay out here.
You'll just mess things up.
[door closes]
[somber music]
[whispers] Derek.
-You okay?
[Derek groans]
I just found out
I got into Tech.
[chuckling] Dude!
That's amazing!
Get over here!
-Oh. Thank you.
-Congratulations, man!
-I'm so happy for you.
-Thank you.
Um, I actually got into
two schools.
[chuckles] That's...
twice as amazing.
Thanks. Um...
Yeah. The other one's Brown,
which is kinda far away, but...
Brownsville's only, like,
an hour outside of here.
[chuckles] No.
Uh, Brown's not in Brownsville.
It's in Providence,
Rhode Island.
I mean,
it's an Ivy League school.
So, they, ah...
And they... I mean, they
offered me full scholarship.
Which is kind of unheard of,
I guess.
I'm really proud of you, man.
And you're leaning
towards Brown?
I think so.
[Ethan sighs]
she's not gonna get any better
if we just keep
picking up the pieces--
Come on. Do we have to do
this right now,
when I'm, I'm sitting
in a hospital bed?
We agreed, though. You know?
You go pursue acting
when I head to college, right?
-[Derek] Yeah.
-She needs to try rehab again.
-With what money?
Look at what just happened
to you.
This is my fault.
I was the one who was driving.
We need to figure something out.
Like, I haven't been
trying for years.
Then let me try.
If we don't figure this out,
we're gonna be stuck here.
[instrumental music on radio]
Are you Dirk?
Derek. Yeah.
[instrumental music]
[Michelle] Can't believe it.
My boy...
the first in our family
to go to college!
This is...
I'm just so proud of you.
Do you know
what you wanna study?
-Gonna be a lawyer, a doctor--
-[Ethan] Fuck doctors.
He wants to be
an English major, ma.
Because the world needs
more unemployed writers.
Not all English majors
end up broke. I'll be fine.
And, honey, you should just do
what you wanna do.
[Derek] So, uh, what did Vicki
say about this place again?
Uh, she said that it's nice,
and it's close.
It costs an arm and a leg,
and that it's probably a scam?
Not all of them
are like that, but...
[Derek] I feel like the people
are always so creepy too.
[Ethan] We're not going to
a psych facility.
We're going to a rehab resort.
All right?
Vicki said they have kayaking
and Bingo, so just...
try to keep an open mind.
Well, consider my mind open.
And thank you so much
for finding it.
[Derek] You see that guy?
English major.
We can accommodate both
vegetarian and vegan meals.
Uh, our menu changes daily.
Now, right down there is, uh,
the non-denominational chapel
right next to the yoga room.
what do you think?
-It's really nice.
-How much is it?
Oh, the-the prices
are listed here.
I'll be happy to answer any
questions that you might have.
[Ethan chuckles]
-Are you fucking kidding me?
Who could possibly afford this?
We have been operating
at full capacity
for nearly eight years now--
Excuse me, Vicki said that
you might be able to offer us
a discount.
We can absolutely
take five percent off
for those families that
require financial aid.
-That'd be $800 a day?
Told you it was a racket.
Winding Brook's free.
If you can convince her
to go to a psych ward,
then be my guest.
Well, we can have her committed,
if we prove
she tried to harm herself.
You know that's not
what she's doing.
What? She's not crazy.
She doesn't... eat people
or throw her own feces.
Rehab's the right move if she
has to go anywhere at all.
[Ethan] She does.
She has to go somewhere.
[indistinct chatter]
[water running]
[vehicle beeping]
[Michelle] Hey, boys!
Dinner's on me.
[instrumental music on speakers]
[Michelle] Food's good, huh?
What do you boys think?
[Derek] Yeah. It's great, ma.
Thank you.
Yeah. So, my boy's
going to college
on a scholarship this fall.
-First in our family.
-Thank you. It's exciting.
-How about that? [laughs]
Thank you. Thank you.
So, I think I found
a new treatment place
for us to check out.
-Oh, yeah?
-[Ethan] Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
It's called Serenity Springs.
-How'd you hear about it?
-[Ethan] Uh, Vicki.
She said it's not as luxurious
as Rosewood was,
but, uh,
they got lot to offer, so...
Okay. So what? It's like a coach
instead of first class?
Yeah, right, no, um...
You know, you may not get
a filet mignon on the flight,
but everyone gets to
the same destination.
-Hm. Right.
-Okay. What do you think?
It's also a state facility.
So, insurance picks most of it.
And then we can cover
the co-pays
with the money we got
from the car insurance.
But we do need
the car insurance money
to pay for another car.
Uh, yeah, I mean...
But we can wait a little bit.
Uh, says the person
leaving town.
Uh, you're leaving town,
too though.
We'll see. But we do need
the money for another car.
Okay, so if you come back
healthy, it's money well spent.
I thought that's-that's
what we wanted?
I do, but, um, you know,
I also need to drive
places sometimes,
and it's kinda hard to do
without a car.
You know what?
If we can figure the money out,
I'm gonna give it a shot.
Well, in that case, I will
pick up some extra shifts
at the alley.
And maybe I can start going out
for more commercial work.
I think that's a great idea.
[claps] Awesome!
[car door shuts]
You again.
[instrumental music]
What do you think?
So I saw that
you have a yoga studio.
Uh, in theory.
We had to put
the instructor's salary
toward a new water heater.
It's more of
a janitorial closet now.
But maybe the mops are doing
downward dog
in there or something.
Nothing surprises me anymore.
Here we go.
So, uh, you gonna be
okay in here?
Yeah, of course.
Listen, you say, "Go," and we'll
come and bust you out.
[both chuckle]
[Dennis] There's one visitation
day two Saturdays from now.
But in the meantime, just
try to give her some space.
Yeah. I'm just glad she's here.
Good. It's important you
keep your expectations in check.
We tell all our families this,
within the first year,
patient's relapse...
-About 50% of the time.
Yeah, we know.
-Not your mom's first rodeo?
-Mm-mm. Not by a long shot.
It's been a while since the last
time she tried though. So...
Well, at-at the very least,
it's a major step
in the right direction.
-Excuse me.
-[Dennis] Mm-mm.
[Derek] You good?
[Michelle chuckles] Thanks.
[Derek] You got everything,
Yeah. I'm just gonna
get my clothes.
[bell ringing]
Skipping class?
[chuckles] I wish.
I didn't see you
in English earlier.
Yeah, just, uh...
Just runnin' a little late.
Mm. Story of my life.
[both chuckle]
Catch you at lunch?
-Yeah, absolutely.
[instrumental music]
[vacuum whirring]
[instrumental music on speakers]
[pins clanking]
-Hi, Derek.
-[Derek] Ladies.
Skippin' school? See you got
some, uh, time to spare.
-It's a bowling joke.
-[woman 3] No, we get it.
It's our free period. We're both
size seven, by the way.
[Derek] Got it.
There you are.
And it is $10.49.
But I can take off ten cents
if you say "hi"
to Melanie for me.
[woman 3] You're still together?
[woman 4] I saw you
in that mattress
commercial the other day.
-You're in commercials?
I thought that was supposed
to be good money.
Why are you still working here?
Hmm, it was a long time ago.
[Derek] "Love's in the air."
"Love's on our mind."
"Always has been.
Always will be."
-Sounds too cheesy.
-"Love's in the air."
"Love's on our mind. Always has
been. Always will be."
That's better.
You know, I think I'm just gonna
wait for another one, honestly.
Listen, you are one
of the most prolific
regional TV commercial actors
in state history.
All right? It's time for you
to get back on your horse
and reclaim that throne.
Come on, man.
There's absolutely
no reason for you
to miss this one.
Ma's gone,
you're a free man.
I mean, this is what
you wanna do, right?
I believe in you.
[sighs] I'm... I'm trying to be
encouraging. I don't know. I--
-Oh, is that... Oh, okay.
-How do I sound?
It's... I think I'm still
getting used to it.
-Yeah, that's fair enough.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
Love's in the air.
Love's on our mind.
Always has been,
always will be.
The core of what makes our
customer service
by the Langford Post, uh...
The core of what makes our
customer service number one
by the Langford Post,
four years running.
We love your pets
as much as you do.
And we know you'll love us, too.
So stop in today!
[man 2] That's good, Derek.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Ethan, whatcha doin'?
Absolutely nothing.
["I Call It Love"
by Pretenders]
Like it's love
Baby deep down inside
It's love
Call it what you want
But I'm calling it love
I call it love
Love love love
You can say
what you wanna baby
I still say it's love
And you can sing
it in a song
La-la-la la-la
I still say it's love
[indistinct chatter]
[pins clanking]
Hey, Dr. Carson.
I feel it baby
I still think it's love
Love love love
You can lie...
[Mark] Hey, Ethan.
-You smoke, right?
[both chuckle]
How you holding up
with the whole Ashley thing?
-Oh, it's no big deal.
-Two years though, right?
It's fine.
that's gotta be hard though.
-Why'd you break up with her?
-I didn't break up with her.
That's not what
everyone's saying.
Come on. Is she weird, or...
[chuckles] No.
No, she's not weird.
She's great, actually.
It's just, um...
Going to different
colleges, and...
That's the only reason?
For the most part.
Well, um...
if you've moved on...
would you mind
if I asked her out?
Not at all.
[indistinct TV chatter]
[door closes]
[Derek] Ooh!
You smell like an ashtray.
Yeah, I went to the alley.
[Derek] Yeah?
Look at you, makin' friends.
What's gotten into you?
Well, if you must know.
They're looking for
a new Virginia Tourism
spokesman and, uh,
Sue wants to put me up
for the state audition.
-Wait, for real?
-You serious? Wait, what?
[Derek chuckles] Yeah,
I can't still believe it.
-Wait, so what happens next?
That's the thing, the audition's
next week in Richmond.
So, hotels are $90 a night.
At least.
[chuckles] It's fine.
I'm just excited
your boy's still got it.
Oh, com--
Well, you have to go.
No. We seriously
can't afford it.
[door opens]
-Where did you get this?
-The stock market.
It's my tip money. Take it.
[chuckles] No. I...
I already told Sue I couldn't
go. Lance is going instead.
Call her. Change her mind.
Yeah, but then I'd be
leaving you here alone.
And what if something
happened with ma?
-I'll be fine.
The world will still turn
if you leave for a few days.
Let me think about it.
I'm excited for you.
I am, too, I guess.
[both laughing]
[instrumental music]
[Derek] Be encouraging, okay?
Even if she's not doing well.
[Ethan] I know.
Last time she asked
to come home during
visitation day, so just be
prepared for that, all right?
I just don't want you getting
upset if she's not doing--
I get it. All right?
My expectations are low,
trust me. It's just...
-I'm glad she made it this far.
[Michelle gasps] I thought
I heard your voices.
-Good to see you.
-Oh, it's so good to see you.
-You look great, ma.
-Really? Well, thank you.
-[Ethan] Yeah.
You know, it's what our routines
will help you do.
Just feel amazing. I just...
I'm journalling
and exercising and meditating.
You meditate?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
[Michelle] Yeah.
[Dennis] In some of the work
we've been doing in here,
a lot's been coming up
for your mom
around your father, Alex.
It might be good
if the family gets
a chance to process
his leaving all together.
Michelle, do you wanna
share some of what we've
been talking about in here?
Alex, who?
[Dennis] Well, you can start
with what we were talking
about yesterday
in group.
Some of your regrets.
[Michelle] Oh, I do regret...
letting him paint the house
instead of hiring someone.
[chuckles] Because it took
a year, and then,
the shutters were
still stuck to the wall.
Oh, and I also regret
letting him make breakfast.
When he actually would
make breakfast,
but then he would forget that
I was allergic to eggs.
So, that is never fun--
Quit messing around.
Come on.
Okay. I, um...
I do regret being stupid
enough to believe that
all of his trips
to Richmond were for business
and not to screw someone
named Val.
[Dennis] All right, I see.
Ethan and Derek,
since you're both here,
is there anything
you wanna say to your mom?
Anything you feel might be
important for her to hear?
[Derek] Well, I just...
wanna say that I'm sorry
that I was skeptical at first.
I'm really glad you're here.
I hope that you know that...
we'll always be here for you,
uh, to support you
in your recovery.
And, um...
I guess, I just...
I just wonder sometimes if...
if you realize, like,
what you do, um...
sometimes what you do
really sucks.
And it kinda seems
like you don't care.
Uh, about, about us.
I-I want you to be around
fo-for a while.
And, um...
I think about it.
I mean, I worry about it, like,
if you die, you know, and, um...
and, um...
I... I guess I...
Well, I think about it,
like, all the time.
Like... every day.
You okay?
It's just kinda weird
thinking of what we'd do
if she actually got better,
you know?
Yeah, I mean, maybe move
to a town where you can
audition for more than
just pet store commercials.
It's kind of scary
to think about.
But it's kind of exciting
too, right?
[Ashley] Have a nice day.
She really is mad at you.
Do you ever wonder how people
were supposed to have these
profound breakthroughs
in rooms like... this?
I want you to talk to me about
what happened
when your boys came in.
[sighs] They've been through
so much.
I mean, I don't know,
is it that terrible for me
to wanna lighten things up
every now and again?
[Dennis] Yeah,
I'm not buying that, Michelle.
Why are you afraid to show
your boys that you're trying?
You could lose them.
A few more rounds of this,
and you really will.
I've seen it
over and over again.
You'll be that anecdote
they apologetically tell
on first dates.
"Wait, my mom's an addict."
Mm-hmm. So, I'm gonna lose
them eventually, won't I?
If you do your job right, yes,
they'll grow up,
they'll move out the house--
What's wrong with me wanting
to just have it all slowed down?
What we're doing in here,
if you'll let me,
is helping you see what
it'd be like if you kept up.
Keep up? With what?
I mean, I...
I've-I've blown it, haven't I?
I mean, I'm an awful...
I wanted to be a good mom...
that goes to PTA meetings
and makes good meals,
and gives great
relationship advice.
But every single time...
that I see them,
I'm just reminded that
I have failed.
I was watching this Dr. Phil,
or something
and there was a girl who
had this maladapti... mala...
daydreaming disorder.
Yeah. I don't know why
they call it a disorder.
Anyway, she was 19,
just like me
when she had her first...
her first kid
and her husband left her...
uh, with no money to her name.
And her children hated her.
And so, she would just...
create these fantasies
where, um...
she would just imagine
sons that loved her.
That's delusional behavior.
Well, I feel for those people.
I mean, in this world...
Come on, with these walls and
these stupid stuffed animals.
I mean, this is as
two feet in as I can be.
Listen, there are...
There are a lot of really
good people in the world
who really tried their best,
but it's not good enough.
How's the bowling industry?
It's pretty good.
Lester thinks I might be
management material.
I think he found my calling.
I also got a new audition.
That's cool.
You okay?
[Melanie sighs]
I just hate my job.
I have to work on Friday,
which means
I can't go to
Jessica's birthday party.
I didn't even tell you about
that because I knew you
wouldn't be able to go anyway,
'cause you're always working.
I mean, nobody buys clothes
in person anymore.
It's pointless.
Retail's dead.
[Derek] Then why don't you
just quit?
I mean, it's not like you need
the money really, your parents--
It's not about the money.
My mom says I need to learn
the value of real work.
Plus, they said
they'd get me a new car
for graduation if I can keep
the job through May.
I mean, there must be
at least one positive
to your job though--
Can I just be allowed
to complain?
Why do you always have to
put a bow on everything?
[chuckles] I don't know.
I mean, w-w-what is
the positive to this job?
I don't know,
some nights, I, uh...
I make puppets out
of the coffee cups...
then I put on little plays about
things that are
stressing me out.
I've found it to be cathartic.
[chuckles] Well, that's...
really something.
Everyone's leaving for college.
And I feel like college
is angry at me for
not going, so he's taking
everyone away as revenge.
[Melanie] That's the script
to your play?
[Derek] It's improv.
[Melanie] You know,
you could leave, too.
[Derek sighs] Right.
But it's complicated though--
[Melanie] It doesn't have to be.
You pick a day...
and then you go.
[Derek] All I know is
I wish you weren't leaving.
[Melanie] I'll only be
two hours away.
[Derek] Yay!
At least we'll have weekends.
[Melanie] I don't know.
I mean, I'd, I'd like to.
I've just never been to college.
Heard it gets busy.
[Derek] We'll make it work.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
[inaudible chatter]
[door thuds]
[instrumental music on radio]
It is nice
To be known
And to know
But it's natural than
To be
and I know it seems
Like a one-sided
barking but I
Want to be here
with you...
[Michelle] You know, I think
you should just apologize.
Just own it.
Say that you messed up.
I know, I just... I just,
I think I really hurt her.
Oh, well, don't
beat yourself up.
It was such a stupid move not to
tell her I was applying and...
you're gonna make
a lot of stupid moves
in your relationships.
Give her some space, you know?
And if she comes around,
then it's meant to be.
Honestly, I just feel bad
about hurting her.
It's not much more than that.
Honey, you got time.
You'll be with whoever
you're meant to be with.
And it will be perfect.
Whoever it ends up being.
You know?
So, you excited to
get outta of here?
Well, um...
-I'm kinda scared shitless.
-[Ethan] Why?
I know how much trouble
I cause you boys.
It's just, um...
It's hard to believe
anything you say anymore.
I'm sorry.
Look, if you're really so sorry,
then why don't you just fix it?
Do you know that I'd give
anything for that?
-Then why don't you?
-[Michelle] I don't know.
I mean, it's just not that easy.
Right? Like...
I'm sick.
And I don't really know
what else to say about it bec...
[Michelle] No, it's okay.
It's honestly...
I mean, you need to...
You need to say things
like that.
But you're, um,
you're feeling better?
[Michelle] Yeah, I am.
I'm really, um, really,
I'm trying the best I can.
[Ethan] I know.
Thank you for the advice
with Ashley.
Yeah, of course.
Listen, that's
a tough situation.
But I also know
how sensitive you are
because I've changed
your diapers.
[laughs] Remember...
when I used to take you
boys to the dock,
and, oh, my goodness, as soon
as you would catch a fish...
[laughs] You would
start crying because
you thought you were
gonna hurt them it was, aww.
[Ethan] I know.
You've told me that story
a thousand times, ma.
[chuckles] You're just so...
[exhales deeply] God.
I'm really proud of you boys.
I do not know what I did
to deserve to be your mother.
[instrumental music]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
I just,
I just wanna say I'm sor...
I just wanna say I'm sorry.
You're not sorry. Okay?
You just feel guilty, so you're
coming here to see if you can
make me happy enough,
so you can stop
thinking about it and move on
once you get to Rhode Island.
Wait, what?
My mom said that
you're a parentified child.
Is that a bad thing or?
We all have stuff
that we're going through.
But guess who was never a dick
to you during any of your stuff?
I know. I just...
I mean, I just wanted
to see if I could get in.
You know?
I didn't really think--
[Ashley] But we had a plan!
How does someone who says
that they love you,
your best friend,
how does that person
make a decision like that,
and just not tell you?
For months?
So, you want a cone?
I'm throwing out
the mint chip soon.
-That's my favorite.
-I know, you asshole.
That's why I mentioned it.
Look, I guess I was just
scared to tell you.
I mean, like, I-I didn't...
I mean, I-I guess I was just...
I just feel really bad
for hurting you, you know...
[Ashley] I had sex
with Mark Gillespie.
Come again?
I slept with Mark Gillespie.
I just...
I had to make sure that
there was nothing
wrong with me.
[instrumental music]
[Derek] So, it's, uh,
down between
me and two other guys now.
[Ethan laughs] What?!
[Derek] Yeah.
And the callbacks
supposed to be the next...
It's actually the morning
after ma arrives.
[Ethan] That's amazing!
[Derek] Yeah, I know.
I'm so excited.
[Ethan] Wait,
so how was Richmond?
[Derek] It was a lot of fun.
Mike has an apartment there
with a bunch his other
actor friends.
We stayed up till, like, 3:00
a.m. last night and then, uh,
went to VCU's Art Museum
the day after.
It was much better
than Langford's.
[Ethan] Langford doesn't
have a museum.
[Derek] I know.
It was a joke.
[Ethan] Oh.
[Michelle] I wanna see my
boys become adults. You know?
At dinner, we'll...
discuss the great American novel
that Ethan is writing.
how Derek has passed on
another action movie
because he wants to do
one of those BBC period things
because he knows
that I love them.
And, uh, when they need breaks,
of course...
I'll get to baby-sit
my grand-babies,
and then I'll spoil them rotten.
And they'll call me really fun
grandma names, you know, like...
Mimi or Mee-maw or...
I don't know.
Something like that.
[Dennis] And sounds
like a good plan.
But managing the disease
is a 24/7 job.
You can do this.
Just remember,
one day at a time.
We will call you a cab.
Go grab your things
and head out front.
-Okay. Thank you.
-All right.
[Dennis] Hey.
Ready to get started?
[door closes]
[instrumental music]
[woman 5] See you later.
Do you have any balloons
that just say,
like, "Welcome home, mom."
No, actually,
we're all sold out.
Ned Marshall's uncle
just got outta Wallen's.
-Did ten for manslaughter.
How about, like,
unmarked balloons?
Nope. Got a bunch of
"Happy Birthdays."
We could cross out
the "Birthday" with a sharpie.
And just have "Happy" balloons?
It's not just sweet
Way you talk
Oh no
It's not the cute
cute way you walk
Oh no
It's not the way
[Derek giggling]
They can say...
-Looking good in here.
-Thank you.
She is...
an hour out.
[imitates popping]
[both chuckle]
Girl I'm in love
Girl I'm in love...
[balloon pops]
[balloon pops]
[balloon pops]
[balloon pops]
[balloon pops]
[breathing heavily]
[knocking on door]
[Derek] Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm just doing
some homework.
I'm sorry if...
if you got your hopes up.
Someone's gotta keep rooting
for her, right?
I don't... I don't feel
good about this.
You're going to this audition.
You're going to Richmond.
Come on, let's just run it
from the top.
"Wow, Pete, these
caverns are amazing."
Pete, that's your line.
Yeah, no. I don't know, I-I..,
It doesn't feel right.
With her roaming around,
I-I don't...
I don't think I should go.
Look, if you go...
I'll search until I find her.
Come on.
You can't miss this audition.
Let's go. Bus leaves in 20.
All right, let's run it
from the top.
Yeah, okay.
[mellow music]
[engine whirring]
[music continues]
[engine revving]
You don't have to
apologize to me.
It's your future.
[instrumental music]
Could you head towards
the luncheonette
out on Water Street, please?
[Ethan] We already looked there.
It's always the last
damn ride of the night.
Look, I can't keep driving
around like this.
-I like you guys, but...
I gotta pick up my kids,
and my ex
always gives me
shit when I'm late.
-You can just take us home.
-Yeah, no, wait.
Do you even know
where the hell we're goin'?
-Thank you, yeah.
-[Lambert] Bye.
[phone beeps]
Can you drop us off
at Fair Oaks, please?
That was Sheriff Lambert.
She wants us to
head to the hospital.
They found
an unresponsive woman
and she matches
ma's description.
[door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
[machine whirring]
Okay, so the
unresponsive woman died,
and they just, um,
they want us to see if it's...
Just go upstairs, you look like
you're about to faint.
I'm fine.
I got this.
[somber music]
[door thuds]
[zipper whirrs]
It's not her.
[mechanical whirring]
[door clanking]
[bell rings]
[somber music]
We need to find a car.
Come on.
We need to find a car.
[crickets chirping]
Where are you going?
To sleep... at home.
Can you please stop
being dramatic?
-I'm being dramatic?
-[Derek] Yeah.
-Let's keep going. Come on.
-[Ethan] Wait.
Why do you wanna
keep running around town?
I don't want to do any of this.
You're fucking insane.
Right. Oh, I'm insane
for trying to keep ma alive?
The second I graduate,
I'm getting out of here.
-You should, too.
-[chuckles] Okay, cool.
I'll consider the suggestion,
but, can we
please keep on going looking--
No! I hate her,
and you should too.
Look, I know you think
I'm pathetic for staying--
[Ethan] You're right.
It is pathetic.
She throws all of the help
that we give her
right back at our faces,
and you want us to
keep standing there
and taking it.
I mean, come on.
Wake the fuck up.
She's not getting any better.
You're not a loser.
But if you stay here and you
keep dating high schoolers,
and using mom as an excuse
to not have any money...
you're gonna become one.
It's gonna happen way sooner
than you think.
And I'd hate that.
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
I-I can't leave.
Are you nuts?
It's like 3 o'clock
in the fucking morning.
Can I just talk to your mom?
-She likes me--
-Are you serious?
She does not like you.
I'd have to wake her up.
Oh, my God, fine, but
I know what she's gonna say.
[key jingling]
She said no, and that
she hates that I'm dating
someone without a curfew.
Thanks for asking.
She also said that
you shouldn't be out here
looking for her
in the middle--
Yeah, I know.
Seriously, thank you.
Just... go home.
Get some rest.
I'll look with you
in the morning.
-Yeah. I'll see you.
-All right?
[car door opens]
[engine starts]
[water lapping]
[Derek] I thought
you were going home.
[Ethan] You know the story
that ma always tells
about taking us fishing?
You mean, the one where you
cried like a baby
every time you caught a fish?
That was at Greenbriar Park,
[Derek] Greenbriar?
No, why?
Well, was, was there
another dock, or...
[Derek] Uh, yeah.
The one by the lighthouse.
But the town closed it down
like a decade ago.
[pensive music]
[thunder rumbling]
[crickets chirping]
[tires screeching]
[leaves rustling]
[heavy breathing]
[suspenseful music]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
Is she okay?
We need to get her
to a hospital.
I just don't know
what the point is anymore.
[machine beeping]
[Derek] We can't put her back
in rehab.
[machine beeps]
Not with the results
we're getting.
It's just throwing money away.
What about Winding Brook?
We can't force her into
a psych ward unless she hurt
herself on purpose.
This doesn't count?
Don't worry.
I'll figure something out.
I just had a moment
back there. Sorry.
Everything's gonna be okay.
[knocking on door]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman 6] I really think that
she can be better.
[indistinct chatter]
[Derek] Do you have any
groups here?
[woman 6] Well, there are
some group options.
[machine beeping]
[distant rattling]
[machine beeping]
[indistinct chatter]
[machine beeps]
[paper rustling]
[keys clacking]
[machine beeping rapidly]
[door opens]
[Ethan] She cut herself!
Please, please...
She cut herself.
She's just...
She is hurting herself.
-I-I don't know...
-Ethan! Ethan, baby!
Look at me. Calm down.
[Ethan] I don't-I don't
know what to do. I..
[Vicki] Just... All right,
just calm down. Just calm down.
I'm gonna check out
what's going on.
[machine beeping rapidly]
[indistinct chatter]
[somber music]
[music continues]
[clock ticking]
[horn honking]
[door closes]
[Derek sighs]
So, how'd you get the minivan?
You don't like Charlemagne?
-I nicknamed the car.
-Yeah, yeah, I get it.
[Ethan chuckles]
[buzzer buzzing]
-Hi, sweetheart!
[indistinct chatter]
[woman whistling]
[Gregory Alan Isakov
singing "Amsterdam"]
[instrumental music]
All inside
Our Amsterdam she hides
Watery eyed
That howling wind
and she's waving hi
[Derek] Hey, you look terrible.
[Derek chuckles]
Did you get any sleep
last night?
I was picking classes.
Oh, right.
What did you decide on?
[Ethan] Chemistry, Biology.
Oh oh...
So, sounds like you're
really easing into it, huh?
She's growing tall
and fine...
It's gonna be a minute,
if you wanted to,
you know, sit back, take a nap.
Let, uh...
Charlemagne do the work.
[music continues]
You gotta cut the
Charlemagne shit.
All inside
Our Amsterdam she flies
Hoarding kites
That howling wind
She'll take everything
But she's easy on the eyes
[music continues]
Oh the churches and trains
They all look the same
to me now
They shoot you some place
While we ache
to come home somehow
[music continues]
[The Pretenders singing
"A broken heart cries"]
There were songs about
How a boy loved a girl
Loves a girl
Songs about
The changing of the world
Rebel sister
Songs about a feeling
that grows and grows
Baby just growing
Just where it starts
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
'Cause there's just
no song
No song for me
No no no song
No just for me my baby
Tell me how
A broken heart just cries
A broken heart just cries
Tell me how
A broken heart just cries
My broken heart just cries
There's songs I know
You would've left it by
Ah ah ooh
Songs I know would
make you wanna
Jump and shout
Songs I know that
have a lot of soul
Songs I know that
Never goes
Never goes
No song
There's just no song
No song for me
No not one song
No not for me baby
Tell me how
A broken heart just cries
Tell me how
A broken heart
My broken heart just cries
I cried a river
whoo hoo hoo
Deep down in my soul
yes I did
It keeps growin'
and growin' and growin'
Out of control
Hey baby
Hey baby
There are songs
about the stars
That twinkle in the sky
songs about the green
In a pretty girl's eyes
Oh that's right
There's songs
about the plain old
Make it leave
Even songs about
the birds and the bees
No song
But there's just no song
No song for me
No not one song
No just for me baby
Tell me how
A broken heart just cries
Tell me how my broken heart
just cries
Tell me baby
Ah you know I won't
Tell me baby
Hey you know I need you to
Talk to me baby
Come on sweet baby
Tell me baby
Ain't no more to do
The pain is
so much stronger
And I don't think whoo hoo
I can hold out any longer
And you know I won't
Tell me baby
Man I need you to
Won't you come on baby
Tell me baby
I ain't no want to
Hey stop spinnin'
in circles
I need somebody soon
Check it out come on baby
There's no to
how I need you
Come on baby
I saw a broken heart
that needs you...