Stay Out Stay Alive (2019) Movie Script

[electricity crackles
and thunder rumbles]
[dark instrumental music]
[birds singing
and insects squawking]
[bird squawks]
[otherworldly voice rumbles]
[thunder rumbles]
[man] No!
[woman] So you got the e-mails
that I sent you guys?
-[man] I did.
-Good, so you did look at them?
Yeah, it said
next two animals,
cover in honey,
leave food out
all around this town.
Anyone else have service
out here?
I have like one bar.
-There's no service.
And there's not supposed
to be service
so we can bond and
get to know each other.
Yeah, but we're all going
to die.
Bad things always happen when
phones don't work.
Are we there yet?
I can't stay in this car
any longer with you.
You said it was fine
a couple of days ago, all right?
I can't finish my paper
on river ecology in a motel.
Kyle, do you even know
what people did
before the Internet?
Come on man, sex, drugs,
rock and roll, my good man.
Yeah, yeah they did, babe.
I know we need the permits.
We need to get permits
at the ranger station --
[Reese] If we get it.
Because if we don't,
they'll kick us out.
[calm acoustic guitar music]
[tv narrator]
As local tribes fought
to take back their land...
...the overwhelming onslaught
by the Mariposa Battalion
eventually lead to
the repatriation--
Oh yes, I like it. [laughs]
Wait, wait, wait.
[tv narrator]
After the murder of his son,
Chief Tenaya gave this tragic--
Ah! [laughs]
What are you watching?
[tv narrator] I will be with the
spirits among the rocks,
the waterfalls and in the winds.
-[tv narrator] You won't see me.
-But you will fear the spirit...
...of the old chief
and grow cold.
-I am done.
-Is that blood?
An appeal to the governor
John McDougal--
I don't know, maybe.
I think it might be.
Maybe it's animal blood.
Can I help you?
Hi, I have five camping permits.
Golden Summit Camp.
That's a very sacred place.
-The guidebook said there are
some old mines near here.
The miners tore up the hills
and the rivers,
no respect for Mother Earth.
Can we see one of the mines?
Park's mines are closed
this season.
And without a guide
mines are deadly.
Every year, kids and
all kinds of people
find out the hard way.
Stay out and stay alive.
Make sure these are on display.
Do you need any help setting up?
We're good, thanks.
Sorry, it's just that...
you remind me of my daughter.
She died.
-Sis, I think it's time to go.
If you would like
a tour of the mines,
-I could make an exception.
-Thank you, but no.
That would be so wonderful,
thank you so much.
Amy, no, thank you, goodbye.
You might change your mind.
I'll stop by later.
I know where you'll be.
[car engine rumbles]
We're not stay anywhere
near Golden Summit.
But it's all planned.
You want that wacko
following us there?
She was going to show
us the mines, guys.
Yeah, and then kill us
and make us
play with her dead daughter.
C'mon, give us somewhere else.
Where can we go?
Well, there's Big Rock,
but it's miles away and--
-Sounds great.
-Big Rock.
-And we'll be alive.
-I like alive.
Let's do alive.
Blood and limbs scattered
in the woods.
Heads were never found.
Police say the bodies were
tortured and then skinned alive.
Say it's a woman,
probably that ranger.
They say she likes
young boys, Kyle,
young virgin boys,
[whispering] peachy, soft skin.
Actually, kids do go missing
around here all the time,
mostly hikers getting lost,
but what you've really got to
watch out for are the rivers.
Amy, do you really think
you're helping us
when you say this stuff,
because it's really terrifying.
Donna, hey Sis,
where are you going?
For a walk.
But it's midnight.
That's why it's so dark out.
I'm heading to Vista Point.
Ooh, I'll come with you.
No, I'd rather be alone.
I have a flash light and
one of Kyle's radios.
I just don't really feel
like being a fifth wheel.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Take care of her, Reese.
What am I like five, Donna?
Just come back and hang out.
[Donna] Keep the food
up high, there's bears.
[Amy] They hardly ever
come down in the foothills.
Next you're going to
tell me we're sleeping
on an Indian burial ground.
Yeah, the US Cavalry
committed genocide
clearing the land
for the Gold Rush.
So people died right here?
All over. This whole valley was
sacred to the Owani Tribe.
Other tribes refused
to come into the area
-because of witchcraft.
-I sent you a link.
-Let's have a seance.
-All right, that's it
I'm getting out of here.
I'm getting in the car.
I'm going to a bar
and I'm getting blacked out
and I don't care what happens
to you people.
-Kyle, you're an atheist.
-I don't care what--
I was really looking forward to
-spending this night
with you tonight.
I've been looking forward to
it ever since I came back.
Yeah, but we're going to die.
Well, you have fun on your own,
-but I'm going to bed.
-Let's go back to Fresno.
I guess I'm going
to be all alone.
I guess one night couldn't
hurt, right?
-Yeah, Kyle.
-Atta boy!
-I'm not tired either.
-Just so you know.
-I'm not a virgin either.
-I'm well aware of that.
[Reese] I can role play
like I am though.
[crickets chirping]
[footsteps crunching]
[flies buzzing]
Okay, maybe this wasn't
the best idea.
[breathes heavily]
[loud roar]
[tense electronic music]
What was that?
[whispers] It's a bear.
Oh, my gosh.
Stay completely still.
[crickets chirping]
Shh, shh, shh.
[footsteps rustling]
Don't do anything.
[footsteps rustling]
-Oh, my God--
-Okay, out, out.
-This is my special moment.
-Out, out.
-All right.
-Good night, guys.
Good night.
[birds chirping]
[??] So the mines are
two miles south.
Or there's an abandoned
settlement in the hills.
Well, there was, but you can
still see the post goals.
-Kyle, you don't seem excited.
-What makes you think--?
If you don't want to go,
I can go by myself.
-No, I'm always--
-Do you want to go?
Do you want to go?
Yeah, obviously I got
up this morning
-and got dressed because--
-Okay, should we take Donna?
Donna, we're going
to go see the mines,
do you want to come with us?
I'm sure that ranger
was just being nice.
[mysterious electronic music]
She's not here.
Well, maybe she took off early.
It's not been slept in.
I'm sure she's fine, let's go.
Where is she?
She didn't come back last night.
I don't know.
She was in a bad mood.
Who knows where she is?
-She probably--
-Bridget! Bridget!
Amy, relax, Donna is fine.
She's just under a rock
somewhere looking for
a new fungus to name
after herself.
-This is serious.
-Everything is serious with
Donna, she's fine.
[Reese] Babe, come on.
[tent zipper zips noisily]
[calm acoustic guitar music]
[Kyle] What was she thinking?
[Amy] We hardly made
her feel welcome.
Yeah, well she can
make an effort too.
How do you think she feels?
Her boyfriend just left her
and all her friends
are back at college.
Well, at least she gets to hang
out with you at college,
not like me,
I'm stuck in Fresno.
Kyle, not now, we're supposed
to be looking for Donna.
Baby, I can't.
She's jinxed me.
She wouldn't sulk for this long.
I swear it's so unfair.
She gets all of the attention
and all I ever get are
her hand-me-downs.
Babe, come on, it'll be okay.
Okay, okay?
I hate working at the salon.
It takes everything I have
not to just drive my scissors
into some fat old witch's neck
and I'm going to be
stuck there forever.
I know it.
Oh my God, wait?
Have you heard back yet?
-About what?
-The fire service application,
it's been two weeks since
your interview.
No, nothing yet.
I think background checks,
all that HR BS you know.
God, that would literally
change our lives, a steady job.
Wow, now with money and
benefits, you are all mine.
Oh, I like this job after all.
[Kyle] You think she got
this far at night?
I mean how far is Vista Point?
[Amy] I knew we should
have checked on her.
Look, nothing's happened to her.
She's fine.
But she didn't come back, Kyle.
-[crows cawing]
-If she's not at Vista Point,
we'll call the ranger station,
all right?
-There's something out there.
Don't you feel it?
[flies buzzing]
-[loud squawk]
-Amy, you skanky hoe.
Answer your walkie.
Tell me you found her.
[Kyle] No, no sign of her,
we're heading for Vista Point.
All right, we're right behind
you, we'll meet you there.
Donna, I know you're listening
stop being a princess.
I swear to God if you're
just sulking, when I find you,
I'm going to kill you.
Donna, Donna?
I'm not kidding. We should call
the ranger station.
What's the reception
on the radio?
[Kyle] It's about three miles,
but down here, whoa!
Kyle, Kyle!
[foliage rustles]
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't move, don't move.
Don't come any closer, okay?
There's a hole.
Stay up there, okay?
Reese, Reese, Kyle has
fallen down a hole.
We're at the bottom of a ravine,
just past the stream
on the trail map.
Hold tight, we'll be
there in a minute.
Just stay still, relax.
You good?
Yeah, shh.
-Donna? Donna!
-Donna, are you down there?
I don't know,
something's down there.
[Amy] We don't know it's her.
What if Donna's down there,
What if she's not?
Please stop, it's dangerous.
It's dangerous? I mean we've
been looking everywhere, right?
That's why we should
go get the rangers.
Reese, I'll go get the
rangers, don't go down.
Shh, I'm going to go look, okay.
This is Donna, our friend.
I'll be right back up, okay?
Go, go, go.
Careful, babe, careful, careful.
Donna, Reese is coming.
Oh, Donna?
[flashlight thudding]
Donna! She's here, she's here!
She's down here!
-Reese, Reese.
-Reese, is she okay?
-Oh my God, your leg.
- Is she okay?
I'm okay, I'm okay.
It's just stuck,
I can't get out.
You guys have to come down here.
-Kyle, Kyle, get down here!
No! Kyle, don't, mines can
be full of toxic gases,
rattle snakes, bears, anything.
-No, Kyle.
Look, I don't want to go
down there, but I have to.
It's okay, we're here, okay?
Just breathe, okay?
I'm going to take a look.
[breathes heavily]
I have been trying all night,
-but I just can't get it out.
-I know, it's okay.
Donna, breathe,
we are here, okay?
-We are here, it's okay.
[Kyle] Donna, are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, we're fine,
it's just got some
I just it-- looks a lot
worse than it is.
[Bridget] Donna, oh my God,
Donna, I swear
I thought you were just
being dramatic.
I was a total bitch.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, you are not a bitch.
I'm an idiot. I went for a walk
on my own in the dark.
We need to call the
ranger station.
Donna's trapped, over.
Oh my God, is she
going to be okay?
Reese, can you find
a pull or something?
Maybe we can move the leg?
I'll go look.
No, no, just, just get help.
Amy, we need to get the ranger.
Donna's trapped.
I'm coming with you,
don't go anywhere.
No, stay with Donna,
I'll be way quicker on my own.
No, did you hear what I said?
Don't leave until I'm up there.
-I'm going.
-What? Amy, come on, you can't
go on your own.
Bridget, I'll be so much
faster on my own, all right?
It'll take me three hours top
and I get the rangers.
But I'm here, I can go with you.
No, you're going to be okay.
Just stay
and don't go inside.
-I mean it.
[languid rock music]
[tense instrumental music]
[rustic folk guitar music]
[Reese] Guys, guys, you
got to come in here.
Donna, come on.
All right, Donna,
have it your way.
-Oh my God, Donna,
I am so sorry, this
is all my fault.
-It's okay, it's okay.
-[gasps] Oh my God, your leg!
-It's not--
-Oh, it's so bad.
-Everything's going to be okay.
-Why are you smiling?
-None of this is funny, Donna.
Kyle, Kyle show her.
-Come here, Bridget.
-Come here.
-I don't want to go.
-Okay, all right.
It's good, go.
Yeah, you're not going
to believe this, yeah.
Guys, what?
What is this place?
I don't like it. Babe?
Guess what we found.
A cold, dark, stinky hole.
[Reese] Put out your hand,
seriously just trust me.
[tense instrumental music]
-Oh my God, is that--?
-Gold, it's gold.
It's actually real.
-It's pretty cool, huh?
-No more alarm clocks.
No more job sites.
Welcome to Neverland,
Wendy! [laughs]
Okay, get a room, you guys.
-Room? More like a suite
Kyle, woo!
Hey are they going
to let us keep it?
-The rangers.
Amy already went to go get them.
-Wait, what?
-She went for help.
-She's gone already?
-Oh no.
-No, no, no, no.
-No, if the rangers
find this place
we lose everything.
[Kyle] Donna, Donna, radio Amy!
Amy, come in, Amy over.
-Stop it!
-Don't mention the gold
over the radio.
We won't, we won't.
-[Kyle] Get out of the way.
-[Reese] Shut up .
Amy, Amy do you hear me?
I'm not getting
a signal down here.
We're in a ravine, we're low.
We're not going to get anything
down here,
so you've got to get as high as
you can, all right,
we're really low,
-you got to get a better signal
up there.
-I'm going to go.
I'll go after Amy.
[loud boom and screaming]
[cicada whining]
[dark spooky music]
Guys, come on,
what's going on, anybody?
[radio static crackles]
Are you sure you just
don't want to go get help?
Look, Bridge, this is
serious, serious money.
What happened to you?
You don't need money that bad.
I know you're hiding something.
I'm not hiding anything.
I'm just broke,
like drop out of college,
move back in with you and
mom broke, you want that?
No way.
The smell of nail polish,
the weird food cravings,
being moody with me and Reese
all summer, you're pregnant?
Oh my God, no way!
Oh my God, oh my God, Donna,
the fall, what about the baby?
I'm not bleeding, it's fine.
Do not say anything,
please don't say anything.
Oh my God, mom is going
to freak out.
What about Paul?
Oh is that why he left you?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry for everything.
Hey, it's okay.
You are not alone.
We can do this.
You're having a baby.
-Maybe I could have a baby.
Me and Reese would have
such cute kids.
No wonder you were being
so weird about drugs.
Seriously, I thought you
joined a cult or something.
Drop it, okay. I haven't exactly
wrapped my head around this
whole situation.
It wasn't planned.
Are you going to keep it?
Here, distract yourself.
I want to see what's down there,
will you take some pictures?
-Stop looking at it.
Okay. All right, I'll be back.
Be careful.
It's an old shovel,
take a picture,
wouldn't want to miss that.
It's a trough thing
with a handle.
God, how old do you
think this place is?
It must be Gold Rush,
like 1850s.
Hey, think anybody
knows about it?
[Donna] Reese says it
ends at the seam.
Hey, hold on, I think
I found something.
[Donna] What?
I don't know.
[dark spooky music]
I think it's a saddle bag.
Hey, there's something inside.
[wind gusts violently]
-[wind gusts violently]
[crow caws]
[calm music]
[tense music]
Amy? Amy, over?
[radio static crackles]
It's a book.
It looks like a diary.
What's wrong?
Why would you leave a diary?
Why would you write one?
[breathes heavily]
Amy, over?
What? What?
Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
No, no, no!
[tense instrumental music]
Yes, yes.
[car engine rumbles]
[breathes heavily]
[languid guitar folk music]
[Reese] While you're down there.
-I don't get it.
-It's pretty simple.
The heavier elements sink
to the bottom as you agitate
the concentrate.
I mean, really we should
be doing this in a stream,
but since this is totally
illegal, we have to improvise.
See? Gold.
Are you sure about this?
Amy, okay, how much student debt
are you going to have
after you graduate?
And is your hippie
do-gooder job even
going to make a dent in it?
It still feels wrong.
It's just sitting here.
It would be wrong
not to take it.
[Kyle] I set up all the tents.
Now we'll look like just
a normal bunch of campers.
We got the jack from the car.
No, let's let the
swelling go down.
You need help?
No, I got it.
Amy, I can feel you
looking at me.
It's one night.
Nothing bad is going to happen
and when we do this
we are set for life.
Trust me, I'm a cosmetologist.
-So rich.
-I know.
Do you realize what we
can buy with this?
-What you can buy?
-I'm going to buy a sports car,
vroom vroom.
I'm going to buy, oh there we go
I'm going to buy a mansion.
I got to get a mansion next to--
Where's our mansion, a mansion?
-Maybe two mansions.
-Maybe-- maybe a diamond ring
for your girlfriend?
Now come on, I never said
anything about that.
No diamond ring.
Oh my God, boy, you smell.
Smell like success, baby,
come on!
Yeah, successful bear repellent,
get off, get off.
Come on, don't spray that shit.
[Reese] I smell like a
12-year-old girl now.
Okay, here we go, here we go.
I change my mind.
Too late, as soon you're out,
I'm driving you to the hospital.
I'm a nurse, I am the hospital.
Reese, are you sure you
know what you're doing?
Just trust me, okay?
Just trust me, all right,
let's do this.
All right.
[tense music]
It's working.
Yes, yes, it's working,
it's working.
Kyle! Kyle, I need you.
-Kyle, I need you.
-No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no!
[car engine rumbles]
[Susanna] Drake,
I'm going to go inside
and find those campers.
[Drake] I'll take a look
at the big one.
There's a hell of a storm
coming this weekend.
I have to close the park.
[Susanna] Copy that,
kids are selfish,
but we need to warn them
anyway. Good night, Drake.
Take care, Sam.
[tense music]
-Oh my gosh, Donna.
-Are you okay?
-Oh my God, Donna, I'm so sorry.
-Back off!
-What about your leg?
-Give me a second, okay?
It's okay, it's just pinched.
It's just pinched.
I'm going to get the ranger.
-I'm going to go with you, Amy!
-She said she's okay.
-No one is going anywhere.
Okay? You guys are going
to keep digging
and then when you're finished
you'll get the hell out of here
and go get me a rescue.
I won't say anything.
They will never know
how much gold we took.
-That's crazy.
-That's the plan.
That's the plan.
Not in here!
-What is wrong with you?
Seriously, Amy?
You know what?
We can't keep her down here.
-It'll take days.
-There's no arguing with her
when she's like this.
It's just you have to
do what she wants.
I'm right here.
I'm going to go get firewood.
I've got painkillers.
Stop looking at me like that.
[crickets chirping
and water trinkling]
-Did she calm down yet?
When are you going to
get Amy under control?
She's got you working
here, working there,
taking orders, what is that?
What is that?
Dude, you're a man.
Put her in her place.
We need this.
You need this.
Yeah, well, you're going
to be fine, all right?
You're going to be
a firefighter.
There's always busy with
the wild fires around here.
You can cheat on Bridget
all you want.
You're going to be golden.
I'm not going to
be a firefighter.
-It's not happening.
I took a drug test.
Let's think about that, Kyle.
I took a drug test.
What do you think
it came back as?
What are you going
to tell Bridget?
Sure, Kyle, hmm,
oh yeah, hey, Bridget,
yeah like I'm going
to tell Bridget.
We're going to work this out.
You're going to take
care of your grandma.
It's going to be great.
Positive, positively awesome.
You take care of Amy.
I'll take care of the rest.
Want some?
[Kyle] I'm paranoid enough.
[Amy] We learned about it on
that old country field trip
-in eighth grade.
-Oh, eighth grade!
I remember
everything from eighth grade.
[Bridget] What I remember
from eighth grade
is stinky Vicky stinking up
the classroom every time.
I remember...
[voice drifts off]
-[loud boom]
[bats fluttering]
-What is it,
-what is it?
-Donna, Donna, hey!
-Hey, look at me.
Donna, Donna, look at me. Donna.
It's just the mine, nothing.
God, you almost gave
me a heart attack.
Can we please go get
the rangers now?
We've already talked about this.
I'm good till tomorrow okay?
Hey look the diary it's all wet.
It has writing on it.
Chusetts, chusetts,
That would be crazy though.
Let's soak it, see what
else is on there.
[Amy] Wow, this is so cool.
God, we are in a gold mine
and you get excited about paper.
No, this could be
historically significant.
I might get extra credit
on my thesis.
Your thesis?
Amy, we're going to be rich.
You don't have to do your paper.
I still haven't gotten
to it actually.
No wonder you like that
weirdo ranger so much.
Hey, maybe you could
like join her coven.
Bridget, you're such a bitch.
Oh, she called me a bitch.
-Look what I've got with me!
-Way to go, Amy!
[dark spooky music]
[Kyle] This isn't the club,
you don't need to smoke
weed, bro.
[Reese] What's your problem?
[Kyle] I don't have a problem.
We just, we got to get
out of here, all right?
-Let's just go down and--
-Amy is a danger.
What's wrong with you?
[dark music]
[pickax rings out]
-[pickax rings out]
[dark spooky music]
Ah, ow!
[breathes heavily]
[dark spooky music]
[pickax rings out]
[birds chirping]
[languid guitar folk music]
What about you, Kyle?
What are you going to do with
all this money?
You know,
maybe I'll put a down
payment on a Volvo or something.
[Bridget] A Volvo? What are you,
a 40-year-old stepdad? Jesus!
Hey, they're safe.
They're still reliable.
Amy, what about you, Amy?
What are you going to do?
To be honest, I haven't
really thought about it.
I really need to
finish my thesis.
What? No, you don't. You don't
have to finish anything anymore.
You're going to be rich.
You don't have to do
any of that stuff.
-But I want to.
-You want to?
-Oh, it's your turn.
I'm going to fix a cup of tea.
Have fun.
What about you? What are you
going to do with the money?
Don't, don't tell Amy, okay?
I actually want to go to college
and study fashion in New York.
-Good for you.
-Don't worry. I'm not gonna say
anything to her.
Is that what I think it is?
Oh my God!
OK, Amy why are you bringing
that out here?
There's an Indian tradition
that you're supposed
to rub this on your lumber.
That's why we need to keep
you away from these books.
-Oh God!
-Come back! I'm part native.
I don't care if you're part
native, because we're living
in America.
You're quiet, you all right?
I'm just tired.
[dark spooky music]
It's mostly just numbers,
some random notes
in the margins, some
Shakespeare quotes.
"We are such stuff as
dreams are made on
and our little life is
rounded with a sleep."
No TV back then, I guess.
They sailed from New York
to Panama,
then North to San Francisco.
They hired local Indians
as guides and miners.
One died of cholera.
Employed this day washing
with Rocker, got about $15.
That was a lot back then.
What's the very last entry?
September 2nd,
all this day raining.
Wow that was a real page turner.
[water trinkling]
You okay?
What do you want?
We should split up the gold.
Why, you think I'm
going to steal it?
No, it's just if we're
caught down here,
we'll lose everything.
We should hide it.
We ain't going to get caught.
Get back to work.
What the--
Where's the gold?
-Did you hide it?
Where did the gold go,
did you hide it?
What did you say?
The gold is gone,
are you listen--
This is the opportunity
of a lifetime
and you are losing it,
you're losing it.
You need to stay with it.
[pickax rings out]
Get back to work, Kyle.
It's worth a million dollars.
Wow, I never even dreamed I
would see that kind of money.
Ah, I feel like really crap.
Let me see your leg.
Oh my God, Donna,
that looks so much worse
-than it did before.
-It's not that bad.
-Yes, it does?
-Oh, what the hell?
I'm going to go get help.
No, she's going to be fine.
Fine? She's throwing up.
She's going into shock.
Bridget, reason with her,
She is not going into shock.
It's morning sickness,
she's pregnant.
-She's freaking out,
don't you understand?
-What about the baby?
That's crazy.
-Amy, the baby is okay.
-I know what I'm doing.
-You're supposed to be
the smart one.
-I need the money.
-Then take mine.
That kid needs a mom, please.
She's right, Sis.
We have way more than we need.
It's not like we're leaving
with nothing.
Okay, okay.
I'll start clearing the tents.
No, we can't leave tonight.
We have to clean up.
It has to look like you guys
were never here, just me.
I can take another night.
-Are you sure?
Don't say anything
about the baby.
Okay, tomorrow morning.
I will go tell the guys.
Donna's foot has gotten
so much worse.
We all talked and we're going
to leave in the morning.
We are not leaving.
The seam was getting thicker.
Did you not hear me?
We're leaving at first light.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We'll go to the nearest town.
We'll get a heavy duty jack
and lift it off.
No, after last time,
absolutely not.
Fine, we'll use crimming then.
I learned it when I was training
with the firefighters.
We do not need rangers.
You need to tell her that.
This is not a debate.
We are leaving.
You're walking away from this?
His plan will work, Bridget.
Shut up, Kyle, nobody asked you.
We have to leave.
We have plenty.
All right.
If that's what you decided.
Look, I am exhausted.
Let's just go up.
Let's get cleaned up.
Let's go for a swim, yeah?
You can go.
I'm going to keep working.
I'm not swimming by myself.
Why don't you take Amy?
What is Amy doing right now?
Kyle and I are working.
Take Amy, she's useless.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.
You are such an asshole.
Yeah, I'm the asshole.
Bridget, Bridget, I'm sorry.
[Reese] Bridget, I'm sorry.
You know what? Just forget it.
I'm going
to bed on my own.
Bridget, wait!
Bridget, come on,
seriously, Bridget!
Smart move.
[Reese] Bridget, come on.
What's up? I'm okay.
I just don't understand
why anyone
would walk off and just
leave a pure seam of gold.
It doesn't make sense.
No one would leave all
this mining equipment.
It would have cost
a fortune back then.
I mean look, September 2nd,
all this day raining,
nothing else.
Maybe they were ambushed.
By what?
Don't tell Bridget, but it says
that one of the miners
stabbed an Indian.
In here?
Did he die?
It doesn't say.
It gets really sparse.
I don't think they were
paying the Indians either
and it was like
a slave labor situation.
And, they started to steal
from each other
and take all the money.
It got really dark.
Can we please just leave?
It all feels wrong.
Come on, Ames,
I really need this.
You need to leave.
First light, I promise.
[water splashes]
You are so bad, you jerk.
We'll pack up when we get back.
Yeah, we're done.
I love you.
[dark spooky music]
[minerals clattering]
[dark spooky music]
Amy? What's wrong?
There's something down here.
It looked like a man.
-It went through the wall.
-I'm getting out, I'm getting
out. I'm getting out.
-No, there's nothing here.
It's okay.
-No! No, it's not okay.
I saw something and it
looked like a miner.
Listen to yourself,
you're tired, you're seeing--
I know what I saw, okay?
We're leaving.
-Get off!
-We can't leave Donna.
I'm getting Reese,
he'll listen to me.
You can't go on your own.
Let's just get some fresh air,
you'll feel much better.
I can't leave Donna.
Okay, okay.
[tense music]
Is that better?
There's something down there.
Look, be rational, Amy.
This is sacred land.
[Kyle] My God, stop it.
I can see one.
[Kyle] Look there's
nothing the--
[footsteps rustling]
We're not going to
last the night.
[dark spooky music]
I found you.
Out for a walk in the moonlight?
No, yes.
The moon, it's so bright.
You don't even need
a flash light.
You all right?
Yeah, sure.
You're all covered in dirt.
We're fine.
What do you want?
Well, that's not very polite.
You'll give Fresno a bad name.
Let's start over.
I'm Susanna.
I didn't get what they call you.
Hey, Kyle.
I hate guns, don't you?
I wish we never needed them.
Are those your tents
down in the ravine?
Not the best place to camp,
bottom of a gully.
Well, listen, I was really
looking for your friend Donna.
The permits are in her name
and they need updating.
There's a storm warning
in effect
and if we have to
close the park,
we need to know where
you all are.
Now your permits were
only for Golden Summit
and you're not there.
I have them with me.
I parked up at Vista Point.
It won't take long.
The storm will probably
blow over,
but better to be safe.
[Kyle] This is serious.
[Amy] Don't you see?
Try to [voice trails off]
She's asleep.
We'll give her them later.
The light's on.
She's afraid of the dark.
I don't see your permits.
You're supposed to hang them
on your tent
so we know you're legal.
But you know we've got them.
You issued them.
Well, you don't have
to get like that.
I was just saying.
Listen, Susanna, we'll get Donna
to update the permits
in the morning.
[Amy] If you're still willing to
give us a tour of the mines,
we'd love to see them.
I'm sure it would
cheer Donna up.
She's been having
a really hard time
since her boyfriend
broke up with her.
Well, if we're not rained out,
I guess that would be okay.
As long as you come first
thing in the morning.
We will, thank you.
I'll see you at 8:00 a.m. sharp.
Okay, 8:00 a.m.
Thank you.
We'll see you tomorrow.
The sign you were born under.
[twigs cracking]
[indistinct mumble]
Hey, what are you guys
doing up here?
Why aren't you digging?
This is Ranger Susanna.
She's dropping off some permits.
You can just call me Susanna.
Well then, we're all off to bed.
-Good night.
-Yeah, I'm tired.
Thanks for coming by, Susanna.
Do you know
I just had this dream
that Donna was hurt
and she needed my help.
It's a crazy dream.
[tense music]
She's awake, the light
just went off.
Help, help!
-No, stop!
Don't go in there!
[water trinkling]
Oh, oh!
Is she dead?
Amy, we need you down here.
[Amy] I'm not going
down there, okay?
-[Bridget] Guys, what are we
going to do?
-What do you mean?
-We're going to call the police.
-We can't call the police.
There's a dead body down here.
But it was an accident.
You pushed her, didn't you?
She wanted a piece
of the action,
-so you murdered her.
That's what they're
going to say.
-Nobody is going to believe us.
-Bury her, we'll bury her.
We can't bury her. People don't
exactly have accidents and then
bury themselves.
We'll throw her down the
mountain then. She slipped,
right? It's kind of true.
-I don't want to be
a part of this.
-You already are a part of this.
Why didn't you tell
her to go away?
[Kyle] She was
the one screaming.
[Donna] Because you left me
alone in the pitch black.
-[Kyle] You were asleep.
-[Donna] With no light.
[Kyle] There was light.
[Reese] Why won't you do this?
Wait, there's two more bags.
We needed a break, Amy had--
Where, there's eight there?
-What? There were ten.
-Where's the gold,
what have you done with it?
-Nothing, it's just--
-Just stop lying.
-Stop it!
-I'm not lying.
Amy had to get out.
She was seeing things.
What did she see?
A miner.
A miner? Boo!
Will you stop it?
We have enough problems already.
Guys, where's the ranger?
She heard everything.
Hey are you, okay?
Hey, we'll cut you a deal.
Amy, Amy, stop her,
don't let her go!
Amy, don't let her go! Stop her!
-Where's my gun?
-[Reese and Kyle] Stop her, Amy!
Where's my gun?
You're alive?
You're alive?
No, no, no, don't go.
-I was just trying to help.
-No, no, don't go,
we can share the gold.
I don't want the gold.
It belongs to the Earth.
You shouldn't have touched it.
No, you can't go, don't leave.
It's cursed.
I just want to talk.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I have your gun.
[crows cawing]
[girls screaming]
Amy! Amy!
-Oh my God!
[calm guitar music]
No, no.
She's okay.
-She's okay.
-Oh my God!
[Reese] Search her.
Search her for the gold.
Reese, I think we're
beyond that.
What if somebody finds
two bags of gold?
I don't care.
I'm going to the police.
I'm telling them
what's happened. I'm telling
them everything.
No, no, you can't go to
the police because now
we're all accessories.
Bridget, we have to before
things get any worse.
Things can't get
any worse, Kyle.
I said to search her.
What are you doing?
Search that bitch.
You've got to be fu--
I'm not going to jail
because of Amy.
I am looking out for
each and every one of us.
Does nobody understand that?
It's not here.
Give me your walkie.
You take her to the mine,
you search for the bags.
I got to watch him.
Amy, go to the police,
go to the--
Please do not test
me right now, Kyle.
Drag her to the mine
like I asked.
-Amy, you got to get up, you got
to get up for Kyle, okay?
-Oh, my God!
[dark guitar rock music]
Drop her.
-[body slams]
That is so wrong.
[thunder rumbles]
Donna, please,
it'll only get worse.
We've got to tell the police.
We are not sending Amy to prison
because of some freak ranger.
We'll all be dead by the
morning. Reese will cut us up
and take everything.
Amy shot the ranger, not me.
You need to calm down.
You both need to shut up
about the ranger.
We don't need them.
We get me out using the car.
Once I'm out,
we cave in the mine.
All evidence I was
ever here is gone.
Yeah, that'll work.
We have a tow
in the trunk.
We'll wind it around the wheel.
You're both crazy!
You owe me two bags of gold.
Get her out of here.
You heard me.
-I can't leave him.
-Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
I'll get Bridget.
[thunder rumbles]
I can't find anything.
Are you sure there were
two other bags of gold?
I'm so sorry.
It was an accident.
What am I going to do?
Amy, I am trying to help you.
If the police find the gold
before we do, they're going to
know exactly what
we've been doing.
[Reese] Bridget, I need you.
I can't go back down.
It's cursed.
She said it was cursed.
The ranger,
it's a trap, Bridget.
I'm not going back down.
-Don't make me go back down.
You have to, for Kyle.
Reese, we're here come here.
Reese, please let Kyle go.
Why would I let Kyle go?
So he can go to the police.
So he can send you to prison.
Do you know what they would do
to a doll like you
on the inside?
Did you find the bags?
No, it's dark, it's rainy.
-I couldn't find anything.
-All right.
I need to go get the car.
We're going to winch
the rock off Donna.
-Are you sure?
-It's our only option.
We can't exactly have
a ranger down here now.
I'm so sorry, it's all my fault.
Shut up, Amy.
Watch Kyle while I'm gone.
What? No! I'm not touching that,
absolutely not.
Fine, I'll stay,
you get the car.
I'm not going to find it
in a storm.
It's pitch black out there.
Then what?
I'll go.
I got us into this.
Yeah, she knows exactly
where the car is. Just send Amy.
I swear to God,
if you do anything.
Why would I bring anyone here?
I shot the ranger.
If I sense any funny business.
[gun trigger clicks]
Do you understand me? Look at me
when I'm talking to you!
Give me the walkie.
[radio static crackles]
See you soon, Amy.
-Just hurry.
-Don't let him hurt anyone.
He's not actually serious.
-[Reese] Bridget!
Donna, I'll be back.
-I'm gonna get you out.
-Amy, what are you doing?
-I'm gonna get you out, Donna.
-What are you doing?
-I know I can [indistinct].
Just think for a second.
It's happening again.
They drowned, Donna!
They drowned.
It's water.
[dark, tense music]
What is that?
September 2nd,
all this day raining.
We'll all be drowned.
I'm not going to drown.
Help, please!
We have got to get out
of here right now.
-[radio static crackles]
-[Drake] Susanna, this is
Ranger Drake, where are you?
You haven't checked in.
You copy?
Hope you're safe, Susanna.
I'm worried about you. Over.
The mine is flooding. The reason
there is so much gold is the
miners never left.
They drowned!
[Reese] Stay there!
The seam was not hidden
by the wood. It was drift wood.
It washed up in the flood.
Please, Reese, you have
to get me out of here.
Please, I am begging you.
-Amy's getting the car.
-We don't have time for Amy
to get the car.
Reese, I will be under water
before she gets back.
It's getting really deep.
Reese, baby, just listen to her.
Please, come on, we have enough.
I want all of it.
All of it!
August 8th, seam getting bigger.
August 12th, two bags of
gold missing,
Blake shot over missing gold.
We are becoming them.
Don't you get it?
That is why there
is so much gold.
We've been digging in a tomb.
Donna needs your help.
She needs help!
Back off!
It is a tomb.
[radio static crackles]
Ranger Drake, do you copy?
Bridget, go!
Help, police, help anybody,
we need a rescue!
We're near Vista Point!
Where's my gun?
[Drake] Do you copy?
Help, please, we're at
the bottom of the mine,
at the bottom of the ravine
between Vista Point
and our camp site.
Can anybody hear me?
Hello, can you hear me?
-No, no, Reese, no, don't!
-Can anybody hear me?
I said shut up!
Oh my God!
[thunder rumbles]
Hold the bag!
[thunder rumbles]
-[Donna] Bridget, Bridget!
-He's dead!
-Oh, Jesus Christ, Donna!
-You have to help me.
I can't get it, I can't get it.
Bridget, you have to do
something to my heel.
No, no, no,
I can't do that, please.
-You have to, I am going to
drown, okay?
Put your hands here,
we're going to do it together.
Bridget, you got this, okay.
One, two, three, now!
I said to load the gold.
-She's drowning.
-Load it!
Please, she's going to drown.
Stop it!
Reese, you're sick,
you need help.
Just please, she's pregnant.
I don't care. Load the gold.
Reese, it's yours,
Reese, it's yours.
-[Donna] I'm sorry.
Oh my God!
I'm so sorry.
Bridget, I'm so sorry.
I was just trying to help.
You take everything from me.
[water splashing]
Reese, stop,
she's going to drown.
Take the gold out now.
Okay, okay, I will.
Help her!
I'm sorry, Bridget.
[calm guitar music]
[thunder rumbles]
[Donna] Reese, help me.
Yes, there you are.
[otherworldly voice thunders]
[otherworldly voice]
I will shadow your footsteps
as one of the spirits
of the rocks,
the waterfalls, the rivers
and the winds.
I will be with you.
You will not see me,
but you will feel the spirit
of the old chief and grow cold.
The great spirit is with you.
[thunder rumbles]
[otherworldly voice thunders]
[crows cawing]
[dark spooky music]
[Donna] Reese, please, what is
wrong with you, Reese?
-[water splashes]
-[rocks crumbling]
[dark spooky music]
Reese, please, don't let me die.
Please don't let me die.
You're already dead.
[languid folk guitar music]
Reese, Reese, it's cursed,
it's cursed.
The Indians are all
around us, I can see them.
-Bridget, pull me up!
-Reese, it's cursed.
They're never going to let
you leave with that gold.
Donna, Donna!
Reese, that is my sister,
go help her!
-Pull up!
[languid guitar folk music]
Go help her!
Pull, pull up!
Come on!
[otherworldly voice thunders]
[dark spooky music]
-Come on. Pull!
-I can't.
Come on, pull!
No, Donna!
[thunder rumbles]
[body smacks]
[thunder rumbles]
[calm acoustic guitar music]
[breathes heavily]
[ranger] I heard on the walkie.
I don't know what you've
been through,
but I can tell it was fierce.
Sometimes these woods
have a mind of their own.
I need to find my partner.
I need to find Susanna.
Can you tell me where she is?
Can you take me to her?
Show me.
[dark spooky music]
Donna, hurry, come on, grab my
hand. We have to go now.
Donna, Donna, give me your
hand, come on we got to go.
Grab my hand we have
to go now, come on.
-What are you doing?
-I can make it.
No, no, no, no,
Donna, it's cursed!
Don't you get it?
The Indians are all around us.
-I can see them.
-It's all in your head.
Donna, we are being judged.
They have given us every
opportunity to leave
and we have stayed out of greed.
If we stay, we die.
Donna, we have to go.
It's almost there
Give me your hand.
[otherworldly voice whispers]
It's too late. It's too late!
Bridget, Bridget,
Bridget, Bridget!
Help, no!
[dark spooky music]
Where are they?
They're all dead.
No! [cries]
[tv narrator]
The overwhelming onslaught
eventually led to
the repatriation
and dislocation of the natives.
After the murder of his son,
Chief Tenaya have
this tragic curse.
You may kill me, but you
shall not live in peace.
I will be with the
spirits among the rocks,
the waterfalls and in the winds.
You will not see me,
but you will fear the spirit
of the old chief and grow cold.
I am done.
[calm instrumental music]