Staycation (2022) Movie Script

Tell me what I gotta do
I gotta do to get to you
Come on
It's been a long, long time
Since I saw your face
Aint no other guy
That can take your place
Baby, where are you
'Cause I need you bad
Wanna give it to you
Like you never had
All I wanna do
Is give it to you,
give it to you
Like I used to
To hear you say my name
And wrap your arms around
me til I'm stuck like glue
That you claim
that I won't feel
This can't be our
opening argument.
They will throw us
out of the court.
I disagree.
It's unorthodox, but
it is very strong.
Yeah, but there's no
evidence to support this.
I mean if we go with this
type of accusation our client
could lose millions.
See me
I'll tell you
what I wanna do
I wanna give it to you
I wanna give it to you
I wanna give it to you
Come on, Toya, they
owe at a minimum,
$2 million in unpaid wages.
Well, you and I both know
it's not about what you know,
but what you can prove.
Yeah, yeah.
And maybe you'll see me
And I won't be
so hard to find
All I wanna do
I am just so tired.
I just want a hot bath and
I just wanna go to sleep.
Mm, I really want
a bottle of red wine.
Oh, that sounds so nice.
And then you can
take a bath after that.
Then get into bed.
It's been a long day.
A long week.
You know what?
What's the matter?
She did it again, bro.
Who did what again?
Dawn did it again.
What'd she do?
Hey, she missed
our anniversary, bro.
You remember?
It's the seventh year in a row.
Oh, that's right.
When she was out celebrating
with some girlfriends
or something like that.
She had just won some big case
or something like that, man.
So she went out with
her girls to celebrate,
on our anniversary mind you.
She got pissy drunk, bro.
That's right. That's right.
She didn't come home
til the next day
'cause she was passed
out at Latoya's crib.
Oh, look, that's her
trying to call me right now.
Well aren't you gonna answer?
Hell no, for what?
That's your wife, man.
It could be important.
So what's more important
than my anniversary?
Touche, bro.
All right, you got a point.
Besides I'm gonna let her
worry for a little while.
She be all right.
Well I don't think
that's a good idea, bro.
Fine. All right, then.
So what you gonna do about it?
Man, I don't know.
I aint thought about
it that far yet.
Well you better
figure something out.
You know that sorta thing
ain't gonna just fix itself.
Yeah, all right.
Hey, you busy?
I'm gonna come to your
crib for a few minutes.
All right, come on. Pull up.
All right, bro.
- All right.
- All right.
I forgot our anniversary.
Kyle made us dinner.
Listen, I got this.
You go home.
Are you sure?
I'm sure. Go, girl.
Good luck.
I called you.
Yeah, I saw.
Why didn't you answer?
Why didn't you answer?
Because I was working.
Hmm, figures.
Seems the only thing that
you care about around here.
Yes, I do care about my job.
I'm sorry that
bothers you so much.
But us grownups, we like
things like stability.
Can't just sit around
playing make-believe,
writing comics all day.
Real adults work, Kyle.
First of all, I get up
every morning just like you do
and I go to a damn job
that I can't stand.
And speaking of
adults, real adults
don't forget their anniversary.
Real adults don't leave a, "I'm
sorry," message on the food
that they husband
prepared for 'em.
Where were you?
Does it even matter?
Just answer the damn question.
I was at Brandon's house.
I was.
Why don't you call him
and see for yourself?
When you didn't show
up for our anniversary
I went over there to cool off
so I wouldn't say something
that I didn't mean and
possibly regret later on.
I was not with another woman.
I know that's what you
think, but I was not.
Oh, don't act like it
would be the first time.
That was two years ago, Dawn.
When you gone let that shit go?
How long are you gonna keep
throwing that in my face?
Enjoy your wine.
I'm going to bed.
Yeah, I will.
What's good, bro?
I just came to check on you.
I know last night
was a bit rough.
- Boy.
- Straight?
Bro, she went off.
"And where were you at?"
What'd you tell her?
That I was with you.
She believe you?
Probably not.
Ah, bro.
That's not good.
Nah, it's not, man.
Kyle Robinson's office.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Okay, be there in a minute.
Who was that?
That was your boss, Mr. Eric.
"Kyle, I need to see you
in my office right away
about the Cartwright project."
All right, man.
We still on for lunch?
So I've got a meeting with Dawn
and Dr. Shelton today for lunch.
All right, well wanna
link up at the gym later?
Now that's a bet.
Holla at ya player.
Appreciate you, bro.
Oh, hey, what's up bro?
You said you needed to see me.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
So I am going out of
town for two weeks
and I am gonna need you
to take care of my part
in the Cartwright
project while I'm gone.
You can take care of
that for me, right?
Erm, I'm confused.
Why you can't do your own part?
Because, bro, there's
no way I'm gonna be able
to do my work and enjoy
my trip at the same time.
Come on.
Just be a team player, huh?
Pick up my slack.
I ain't gonna
be able to do it.
You're joking, right?
No, sir.
If I do your part then I can't
do my best work on my part.
And it's supposed to be
a team project, right?
So you have to
find somebody else.
Yeah, but you see,
there is no one else.
You're the best we got.
You can take on a
little extra, right?
Yes, sir. I can.
Okay, cool.
So it's settled.
Yeah, but I'm not gonna do it.
Look, Kyle, it's this simple.
Either you do the work,
or you find another job.
You piece of shit.
So you're gonna do it, right?
Yes, of course.
We will have that
all taken care of.
Yes, there is no possible
way for us to lose.
Hey, Dr. Hawthorne, I
have actually an issue
that I need to take care of.
Is it possible for us
to discuss this further
later on today?
Yes, sir.
I will talk to you then.
Okay, bye.
Hi, good morning,
this is Dawn Robinson.
I am calling to
reschedule my appointment
with Dr. Shelton today.
Oh, he said I can't reschedule?
How did he know that
I was gonna call?
But I just, I really
can't come today.
All right, well tell Dr.
Shelton I'll be there at two.
Okay. Thanks.
You ready?
For what?
Strategy meeting.
It's starting now.
Come one.
I guess.
I just got caught
up with everything.
So how did it go last night?
He came home around one.
We had a fight.
He slept in the guest room
and I drank a bottle of wine.
Well where was
he all that time?
He said he was at Brandon's.
Do you believe him?
I don't know.
He seemed genuine,
but he's lied before.
So what are you gonna?
I have too much going
on here to worry
about what's going on at home.
D, this isn't
gonna fix itself.
I know that.
I'm not ready to focus
on that right now.
All right, whatever
you wanna do.
Come on.
Okay, now that everyone's
here let's get started.
You guys know we like to
start our meetings off
with positive energy.
Let's see, who
wants to go first?
Well, I signed my first
multimillion dollar
settlement yesterday.
- I heard about that.
- Congratulations!
We are in a great place
with the Hawthorne case.
Dawn and I have a
strong opening argument
that we believe is going to
secure a decision in our favor.
Oh, really?
- Yes!
- All right.
That's great news.
Great news. I can't
wait to hear it.
Well yesterday my
husband and I celebrated
our anniversary.
- Yeah.
- That's wonderful,
I hope you guys didn't
spend too much time here
last night prepping?
I saw you and Latoya
burning the midnight oil.
Not at all, sir.
She wouldn't have missed it
for anything in the world.
Finally, Lauren,
anything you have to share?
I just found out
that I'm pregnant.
- Oh, congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- That's wonderful.
How far along are you?
Well I'm only six weeks,
but we're really excited.
Well, that's great.
Okay, everybody, let's
get down to business.
So how was your anniversary?
Well are you talking
about the day in general
or just the evening part?
How are you really
playing this game?
You know exactly what I mean.
Look, my office is not
your courtroom, Dawn.
She missed it again.
I had to work.
What could be more important
than celebrating the
single most important day
between a husband and wife?
- I'm work-
- A day that only comes
around once a year.
A day that, according to you,
you were looking forward to.
Well when you put it
like that I guess my reason
wasn't as strong of an
argument as I thought.
So, Kyle, how does Dawn
missing your anniversary
make you feel?
Like she don't even
care about me anymore.
Like I'm not important
to her at all.
Here we go.
See what I'm saying?
See, it's like you don't even
care about me anymore, Dawn.
Oh, let's not talk
about people caring.
Did you care about me when
you slept with that thot?
Are you serious right now?
Yes, I'm dead serious.
This is irrelevant to
what we're doing here
right now, Dawn.
It's absolutely relevant.
That's why we're here.
Why do you keep
throwing that in my face?
Why you staying with me
if you gonna keep going
back and forth over
what I did in the past?
All right, stop.
Can we just stop?
Okay, now we've moved
into an area where hurting
each other's feelings
with words is commonplace.
I have an assignment for you.
Now, unfortunately, this
will be the last assignment
with you as my patients.
It seems that you need
something that I can't assist
you with here in this office.
What's the assignment, doc?
I'm sending you
all on a staycation.
A staycation?
A staycation.
I can't do that.
I have to work.
You see what I'm saying?
I'm in the middle of
one of the biggest cases
in my career.
I can't just up and go
on a vacation with you.
A staycation.
A staycation, whatever
it is, I can't do it.
I have to work.
But, Dawn, you're going
to have to make a decision
on what's best.
Either you wanna save your
marriage or you don't.
It's up to you.
A staycation?
What's that?
Some type of new
vacation or something?
Nah, man.
It's when you go on a vacation
with whoever, wherever,
you just gotta stay
in your own city.
So what it's like a vacation
for people who can't
afford a real one?
It's whatever you
want it to be, bro.
So why they choose y'all?
Because, he told
me he wanna find out
if me and Dawn wanna
stay married or not.
What kind of rules?
We both can't leave the
house for any reason at all.
Not even to go get food.
And we both get a day to
plan three activities,
ones that the other likes to do.
Well, how many
days are y'all there?
Three days?
What y'all gonna do
for three straight days?
I know what I'd be doing
with three straight days.
Go, man.
Come on, bro.
My bad.
I forgot you were in a drought.
Man, look, every night
when we finish we gotta put
ourselves on tape send
it back to Dr. Shelton.
What, so y'all some kind
of case study or something?
You know, this kinda sound
like the Stanford Experiment.
Man, you talking about the one
when that professor
had that basement?
- Yeah!
- That jail in the basement?
Yeah, them boys
went crazy down there.
Come on, bro.
Well how do you
know if it works?
Well at the end
we get to decide
if we wanna stay
together or not.
I don't care.
I quit my job because
I hated it, bro.
Well at least you
got time to focus
on what you want now, huh?
On your own stuff.
Focus on me.
That's a lot to
decide in three days.
So, you think it's gonna work?
I'm just trying not
to think about it.
Okay, listen.
Let's start thinking
about what you wanna do.
Okay, so what are
your activities?
Let me help you with this.
Ax throwing.
You know from
where I'm standing,
if you don't get a
steady paycheck coming in
Dawn aint gonna be
fooled for too long.
Come on, bro.
Oh, man.
I aint walking to you to get it.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you really think
this is gonna work?
I honestly don't know.
Well for what it's worth,
I'm glad you chose me
over your job.
Well, I wasn't given
much of a choice.
Guess not.
Pull up to the spot tonight
Pull up
Fresh kicks, new fit,
yeah I'm feeling right
I drop my keys to the valet
Tell him to take
care of my baby
I got this feeling that
tonight's gonna be a good night
This is nice.
Might not be so bad after all.
But this one I
couldn't ignore
Beautiful brown eyes
With a pretty smile
And curly short hair
She had me mesmerized
So who's going first?
For what?
We gotta do our videos.
Oh, I totally
forgot about that.
I am not looking
forward to doing those.
Why not?
Because it's weird
talking to a camera.
It's not natural.
Yeah, I get that.
I'll go first.
I'll go after you.
Hey, Dr. Shelton, it's me.
We're here, but I guess
you know that already.
I really don't know
what I'm doing.
This is weird.
But the house is amazing.
Beautiful view.
It looks nice.
Which is, that's
good I guess, huh?
But I am concerned.
Doc, I don't know if Dawn is
here because she wants to try
to make it work with me or
if she's just here to say
she tried it and it didn't work.
Yeah, I guess we just gonna
have to find out, huh?
So talk to you tomorrow.
I'm out.
I've finished.
Well, how was it?
I guess I'll get
a little bit better
with it as I go along, you know?
I don't know.
I guess I'll have to
try and let you know
how it goes or something.
I'm gonna take the
guest bedroom tonight.
You can have the master.
Good night.
Okay, well I'm not
really sure how to do this.
I guess I don't really know
what to expect this weekend.
Guess I'm gonna have
no expectations.
I really don't know, I guess
we'll just see what happens.
It smells good.
Well it should,
it's your favorite.
It's French toast.
It looks amazing.
How'd you sleep?
Mm, okay.
I didn't.
I mean looks like you
have all kinds of energy.
Up early cooking breakfast.
That's because I had
a revelation last night.
A revelation?
You and I, babe we got a
chance to course correct.
You know?
Make everything
right between us.
So I'm gonna seize it.
I'm gonna make the most of it.
What you think?
I just think I'm...
Think I just wanna let it flow.
You know, I don't
really wanna put
too many expectations on it.
I kind of feel like
we could be setting
ourselves up for failure.
Okay, makes sense.
Makes sense.
I'm gonna go get that.
What's up, man?
I'm John and this is
Jessie and we are...
John and Jessie
Hot and sweaty
That was good, babe.
Thank you, honey.
We're here for your
sexercise session.
Yes, sir.
It's a name that I
have trademarked.
We mix exercise
with sexual movement
to help you to attain
extraordinary sexual levels.
That's right.
We're gonna give y'all
everything you need to be healthy
and happy while you work up a
good sweat between the sheets.
- Mm-hmm.
- And in the shower.
- Mm-hmm.
- On the kitchen table.
Or wherever-
- So are you ready for the
best and greatest experience
you have ever had in your life?
So I can show you all, wherever
you decide to sexercise.
Why don't y'all come on in?
Come on, let's go.
Thank you. Thank you.
Erm, bae.
So I know how much you
love to work out, right?
So this is John and Jessie.
They are personal trainers.
They're here to give
us a sexercise session.
What's that?
Good morning.
Like he said, I'm John and
this is Jessie and we are...
John and Jessie
Hot and sweaty
So sweaty
Why are we so sweaty, Lord
She's sweaty, he's
sweaty, we're sweaty
That was beautiful, babe.
Oh, thanks, baby.
You know I've been
working on it all week.
I can tell.
Oh, thank you.
You know what?
You are so supportive.
This is why I love you.
You know what?
I just wanna take you down-
- Er, excuse...
Er, hello.
It's okay, it's okay.
Later on today we gonna
go in the dog room
and we gonna do
a little bruiser.
A bruiser?
- Yeah.
- Do you promise?
I'm sorry.
We're gonna go get dressed.
And we'll meet y'all
in the backyard.
Yeah, I'm gonna
go and get our stuff
out of the truck and we
gonna set up in the back.
That's cool?
Come on, babe. Let's go.
I'm gonna go get
dressed and then...
I'll meet you in the back yard.
So, Kyle, this is
what you got to do.
You get on the side of
Dawn, like this here.
Like this here.
Get on down.
Get down.
Don't be scared.
You already married
to her, she yours.
Yes. Yeah, she's mine.
All right, now
this is what you do.
Your gonna take this
leg, all of this leg,
all of this leg,
and you're gonna put
it on your right shoulder.
Right shoulder.
Left leg.
Left leg.
- Right shoulder.
- Right shoulder.
- Left leg. Right shoulder.
- Left leg.
Do it, come on now.
Don't play around with it.
Now you take your leg,
your left leg right here.
And you straddle
it on it like this.
Oh, like this.
Like that.
- You see that?
- Uh-huh.
Now see what that does
is it clears the pathway
for you to land your airplane
on this landing strip.
You hear me?
You ever been bowling?
Yeah, you know how
they got the lane?
You know how you hit a strike?
Ball go down the lane.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Oh, you got it?
So then you gotta stretch out,
you gotta stretch out good.
Look, look like this.
You lean forward in it.
Make sure you get a good
stretch and then you come back.
Did you stretch it?
Mm-hmm. Do it again.
Stretch it.
- Oh.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, baby, like that.
Good stretch.
You get that?
Yeah, good stretch.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Good stretch.
Yeah, lean in again.
Yes, yes.
Like that there.
Talk to her baby,
tell her what to do.
Okay, Dawn, now you
wanna encourage him
for the stretching.
So you just say what I say.
Oh, baby, you
stretch me so good.
Oh, yeah, baby.
Oh, baby, you
stretch me so good.
Ah, that's good.
That's good.
Now say this, oh, baby,
oh, I feel so good.
Oh yeah, baby.
I can't wait for
you to bend me over
and stretch from behind.
Say that.
Say that.
Oh, baby, I can't...
You feel so good.
I can't wait for
you to bend me over
and stretch me from behind.
That's good. That's good.
Now just rub his head.
Oh, yeah.
Rub the head.
Ooh, yes.
Ooh, yeah.
Right there.
Oh, yeah, baby, right there.
Oh, yeah.
Dawn, stretch it harder, daddy.
Stretch it harder, daddy.
Right there.
Stretch it harder, daddy.
Stretch it harder, daddy.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Yes. Oh, don't stop
stretching me baby.
No doubt, I'm not
gonna stop stretching.
I'm gonna stretch
it all the way out.
Yeah, I'm gonna stretch
it all the way out.
- Oh, yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
- Don't you stop. Don't stop.
- I'm not gonna.
I'm coming, baby.
Almost there, baby.
- I aint stopping.
- Almost there.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah.
Ready to stretch
the other leg?
So we hope y'all enjoyed
your sexercise session.
We've really enjoyed you all.
We really enjoyed it, right?
We really enjoyed it, yeah.
We take all forms of payment.
Cash App, Venmo-
- Yes.
Yeah, stupid.
That was fast.
Yeah, well I didn't
really have much to say.
I know that was awkward.
You know, can't really find
the words to explain it.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
So what's next?
And hopefully it's not X-rated.
No, it's not.
It's actually something you
said you always wanted to do
but never had time to do it.
What's that?
It's not time for
that yet though.
So you got something
else planned?
Not yet.
Come with me.
We've got a few hours
before our next activity
so I think you
should enjoy this.
I think I will.
I'll see you in a
couple of hours.
What are you doing?
Oh, I'm just putting
something away.
How was your bath?
Oh, it was good.
I haven't felt this relaxed
in a really long time.
You've been going really
hard at work lately
so I figured you needed
something to help you relax.
You've always been
very thoughtful.
I guess some things
don't change.
I guess not.
Let me go get that.
Kyle, right?
You must be Lola?
Yes, I am.
And maybe you should
be the fortune teller.
Hey, this is Lola.
She's a palm reader.
Oh my God, I've always
wanted my palm read.
I can't believe you remembered.
Come on, I always remember
the things that are
important to me.
Hi, I'm Dawn.
Very nice to meet you.
Oh, it's nice to meet you too.
Come on, let's go
to the dining room.
Oh, thank you.
After you.
Who'd like to go first?
Let me have your
dominant hand please.
Ooh, and the energy is strong.
What is it?
What do you see?
Erm, pain.
A great deal of
pain from your past.
There is a crack in your heart.
It's been broken.
Look, right here.
Your heart line is separated
and the only way to repair
this is through forgiveness.
No, I don't think I
wanna give you mine now.
Come on.
I won't hurt.
Ooh, you guys have
such strong energy.
I see confusion.
About what?
See you are torn between
something you love
and something you value.
The possibility of
change has been presented
but you need to grab
it before it's too late
and before it's gone forever.
You also need to be more
honest with yourself
and with the others around you.
They can handle it, if you
give them the opportunity.
You've made a lot of
mistakes in your life
but I'm here to tell you,
trust is a two way door.
It swings both ways.
Yes, ma'am.
Give me your hand.
Ooh, gosh.
Look, I want to tell
you both something.
I saw something in both of you.
Okay? So listen carefully.
You both have these
fortified defenses up
and they're just so strong
that they're not only
keeping everybody else out
but you two cannot
get to each other.
I need you to let them down and
embrace who you have become.
It's the only way
to move forward.
Yes, ma'am.
Let me get that for you.
Did you really see all of
that that you said you saw?
If I didn't, would
you have paid me?
I guess not.
Let me give you some free
advice, tell her the truth.
How about that?
It always works.
I'll see myself out.
I'm only a call away.
So I don't really know
how to feel right now.
She knew things that I
haven't shared with anyone.
Just thoughts, feelings.
Do I have walls up?
Yes. Sure.
I mean a lot of stuff has
happened and I like my walls,
they make me feel safe.
So I don't know if I'm
ready to let those down.
I don't know.
I know I need to tell
Dawn about quitting my job.
I'm not oblivious of what
that's gonna do to our
relationship but a part of me
is like why should I tell her?
She don't even know if she
wanna stay with me right now
so why open myself up to
an unnecessary argument?
You know?
You give me love
Crazy love
Every time I see you
I sit and I smile
Baby, love
Hold you tight
Don't let go
Hold you tight
All night long
Go round and round
and round we go
All night
Your smile, your eyes
Your hips, your thighs
You're perfect
Your mind, your soul's
What matters the most
Girl, you're perfect
First, baby, lay
your coat right there
But leave them heels on
That's my favorite pair
What you wanna do tonight
Sit back, relax
and speak your mind
I want you to know
that I'm down for ya
You are crazy.
"Inception" is by far one
of the best films ever made.
So a dream within a dream?
No, it's not just a
dream within a dream
but it's the idea that
you can create a dream
within someone else's
head and make them believe
that it's their own dream.
That's crazy.
I'm out done.
I cannot believe you
enjoyed the movie that much.
Yeah, well I like some
of the stuff you taught
me about sci-fi.
Oh my God.
I just can't believe
how big of a nerd I am.
You are not a nerd.
Yes I am, and I
blame you for it.
I'm not gonna take
the blame for that.
Well I blame you.
If you wanna blame me for
something, blame me for this.
That still your favorite song?
It is.
Babe, would it be too much
if I asked you for a dance?
But ask me anyway.
Will you dance with me?
Now it's been too
long since she gave me
Loving so amazing
Wrap your legs
around my waist
I aint eat all day
So baby give me a taste
You got the power to
keep me coming for more
Don't you need some more wine?
I'm gonna-
No, no, no, no.
I'm just gonna
get some more wine.
I'll be right back.
No, no, no. Babe?
Babe? Where you going?
Oh my God.
Am I really doing
this right now?
I mean he is my husband, so...
But he cheated.
Wow, that took
you a long time.
You crush them grapes with
them pretty feet of yours?
Did you hide my phone
in the kitchen drawer?
What are you talking about?
Look, don't play with me.
Did you hide my phone
in the kitchen drawer?
Yeah, I did.
Damn it.
Kyle, just as I was about
to let my guard down.
I can't believe you.
I had four missed
calls from my boss.
I could have got fired.
You are so selfish.
You're calling me selfish?
Yes, I am.
So yes, I did hide your
phone in the drawer
because if I didn't we wouldn't
have had the conversation
we had, or this time
that we had, Dawn.
I mean you're so
caught up in your job,
you're always texting,
you're always calling.
You never focus on me.
You only concentrate
on your job.
It's my job, Kyle.
It's my career.
Hey, just because
you hate your career
doesn't mean I
have to hate mine.
I have goals.
I have ambitions.
And the only way I'm
gonna get those things
is if I work for them.
Which you wouldn't understand
because all you do
is dream all day.
Thanks for supporting me, bae.
Appreciate it.
Oh, yeah, support.
Support what?
All you do is draw
all day in your room.
Yeah, excuse me for wanting
a man with a real job.
Why don't you go find you
one, because I just quit mine.
What do you mean
you quit your job?
You can't hear me?
You didn't hear what I said?
I quit!
Just like that.
Just without even
talking to me first.
I didn't know I need my
wife permission to quit a job.
It's not about
permission, Kyle.
It's about a decision that
affects the both of us.
And we both know
that you're not good
at making decisions by yourself.
Oh, there it is.
There it is.
I knew it was coming.
You're not gonna let
that rest, are you?
How long you gonna keep
throwing that in my face?
You did it.
Have you ever asked yourself
why I did what I did, Dawn?
Oh, right.
You wanna justify
cheating on your wife?
Let's hear it.
Enlighten me, Kyle.
What's the reason?
You are my reason.
Bae, you walked away from me.
You stopped talking to me.
You stopped touching me.
You treated me like
I wasn't even there.
Hell, like I didn't even exist.
I thought you was
the one that cheated.
I did.
What the hell did
you just say to me?
What the hell did you just say?
When I found out that you
did what you did I got petty
and I slept with the person
who would hurt you the most.
You slept with my best friend?
I tried, but he's
loyal to you, so...
If you didn't
sleep with Brandon
who the hell did you sleep with?
Your boss, Eric.
You slept with my boss?
Oh, fuck.
I look at that bastard
in his face every day.
And you been holding
this over my head?
All of this time?
That makes you an
ever bigger hypocrite.
I know what that makes me.
Do you think I care?
Oh, you could've
slept with anybody else.
I wanted you to
hurt like I hurt.
I wanted you to feel it.
Feel what I felt.
I can't believe you.
Well I guess that
makes the two of us.
I couldn't believe you either.
And since I'm the only one
bringing money in around here,
don't mess with my phone.
I can't afford to lose my job.
Good night.
What the...
I can't believe she
cheated on me, doc.
I mean, I know why she did it.
But with Eric?
I mean, I know why him.
But Eric?
I can honestly say I
never thought my wife
would cheat on me.
I know I deserved it.
But Eric?
Doc, I don't think I can
move forward from this one.
Morning, sir.
Your groceries.
Thank you, man.
All right, sir.
Hold on one sec.
Oh, thank you, sir.
You have a good day.
You do the same.
How'd you sleep?
I didn't.
I'm sorry about the
phone thing, okay?
But Eric.
Bae, that was foul.
Look, I don't
wanna talk about it.
Let's just get this day
over with so we can be done
with all of this.
Okay, fine.
That's what you wanna do?
Yeah, that's what I wanna do.
Then what's with
them groceries?
I'm gonna make breakfast.
You gonna make breakfast?
For me?
Is there a problem with that?
Oh, yeah. I'm
not gonna eat that.
You might be trying
to poison me.
Get out the kitchen, Kyle.
I'm gonna go take a shower.
Thank you.
Erm, where's my food?
Oh, I didn't make you any.
So what am I supposed to eat?
Are you serious?
What's wrong, baby?
You don't like it?
Oh, hold on.
You better eat up.
Gonna need your energy
for the next activity.
All of this is Malik.
How you doing?
Hope you're ready
for a great workout?
Yeah, I'm good.
He's a personal trainer
and he's gonna be
teaching us boxing today
for our activity.
I'm gonna go ahead
and grab my equipment.
I'll meet y'all out back.
I'm gonna go get dressed.
All right, you got
some on those punches.
Let's go ahead and switch.
Now has Kyle ever worked
the mitts with you before?
No, not really.
Okay, well let me
see what you got.
Show me your jab.
Jab, jab.
Jab, jab, hook.
Okay, this is nice.
A boxing couple.
You don't usually
see that nowadays.
Oh, we used to do a whole
lot together as a couple
until things became more
important for somebody.
Yeah, we used to do a
lot of things as a couple
until two became three.
Okay, I'm not sure
what I just walked into
but I'm almost afraid to
go on to our next station.
Okay, so what we're gonna
do is we're gonna go three,
one minute rounds.
Of light sparring.
I like this.
Okay, watch your kidney
punches and your low blows.
Keep your hands up and
protect yourself at all times.
Are you ready?
Oh, I'm ready.
Are you ready?
I'm good.
Wait, you swinging for real.
Come on. Come on.
What can I say?
I gave her a free
shot and she took it.
She'd probably been waiting
to do that for a long time.
I have been waiting
so long to do that.
I know it's not right to
want to hit your husband,
but, man, I just feel so good.
I'm really looking forward
to the rest of the day today.
Mm, that was good.
That was good.
What's your name?
It's Rain.
Rain, what do you
think of my painting?
It doesn't really
look like yours.
It's quite lively.
Yeah, it looks lively.
I like that.
Bae, you don't you think
you had enough to drink?
No, I don't actually.
It's just Rain.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, just Rain.
Do you have any kids?
Actually, I don't.
Do you want any?
I do, when time permits.
Yeah, well hopefully
you'll be able to have them.
I, on the other hand, I can't.
After the DNC the doctor said
that I'd be highly unlikely
to be able to carry a child.
You know and a
woman isn't a woman
if you can't carry a child.
Bae, I mean, I
think you're being
a little bit
ridiculous right now.
Oh, I'm being ridiculous?
Oh, well at least I'm
ridiculous with a job.
I can't say the
same thing for you.
You know what?
And because I'm
always in control
and I will always be in control.
Why are you staring at me?
I didn't know I need a
reason to stare at my wife.
No, it's just creepy.
How long have I been out for?
Five, six hours maybe.
That long?
How bad was I?
Oh, you were pretty bad.
That's the worst
I've ever seen you.
I feel like an
elephant sat on my head.
I've put you some
water and some ibuprofen.
I knew you was gonna
need it when you woke up.
What happened to the dinner?
They came.
I sent them away though.
'Cause we need to talk.
And not just going
through the motions.
Bae, we need to talk.
I don't need to do that.
Then explain to me
why you felt it was okay
for you to share the worst
experience in your life
with a total stranger before
ever sharing that with me?
I don't know.
I guess I just haven't
been able to talk
to anyone about that before.
Mm, so talk to her
before you talk to me?
I mean, it's kind
of hard to talk about.
I buried those feelings
a long time ago.
Yeah but you buried them,
bae, before even telling me
that they even existed.
How do I know how to
help you if I don't know
what you're going through?
Because I didn't
think that you cared.
And that's where I'm confused.
What did I do to make
you feel that way?
Say something.
Where were you?
What do you mean,
"Where was I?"
When we lost the
baby, where were you?
I was right here.
Yeah, physically.
But I needed you
emotionally, mentally.
I had to go through
that all by myself.
I never looked at
you the same since.
What did I do to make
you feel that way about me?
You got over him too quickly.
I carried him.
I felt him growing inside me.
And then he was just...
I had to go through
that all by myself
while you were in
that room writing
fucking comic book characters.
It's like you didn't even care.
You just left me here
alone to deal with it.
You shut me out.
So from then on I decided
that I was gonna be in control
of whatever happened
to me from now on.
And that's why I work so much.
Because that's the
only thing that I know
that I can control.
Every night for several
months I cried myself to sleep.
And every piece of
artwork that I ever drew
in my comic room,
I had to destroy it
because every piece of
paper had tears on it.
I didn't realize that
when I lost my son,
I lost my wife too.
Why didn't you say anything?
Say what to you?
I'm not supposed to be weak.
I had to be strong.
I gotta feed and
protect my family.
That's what my daddy taught me.
I couldn't be weak
when you were weak.
One of us had to be strong.
That's why I kept going
to work every day,
to a job that I hated, to
protect you, to provide for you.
I just never knew
you felt like that.
And so now we're here.
So what do we do next?
What do we do now?
I don't know.
We're both completely
different people
than when we first got married.
I don't even know
if we're what's best
for each other anymore.
I guess erm...
I guess that's something we
gonna have to figure out.
By tomorrow.
Yeah, I guess so.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you still love me?
Yeah, I do.
Do you still love me?
Yeah, I do.
I do.
It's crazy.
You can live with
someone for so long
and not really know
who they really are
or what they're
truly dealing with.
We both assumed that we knew.
It was something else.
This is the first time
in a really long time
that we've actually been able
to express our true feelings
to one another without
having to defend ourselves.
I mean, I guess I
can say I see Kyle
completely different now.
I actually feel
closer to him now
than when we first got married.
She told me she loved
me for the first time
in a long time.
Doc, that felt so good.
I couldn't believe it.
I actually thought
Dawn hated me.
Guess I was wrong, huh?
Tomorrow's decision day.
And to be honest I don't know
if we can continue on the way
that we were now that
we know what we know.
So how have things been going
these past few days?
Erm, it's been interesting
to say the least.
It seems you all are a lot
more pleasant around each other
and that's an accomplishment.
We are.
I'd say so.
So have we made up our minds
on what we're going to do?
Yeah, I think we have.
Yeah, I think so.
Sounds great.
Well, Dawn, why don't you start
and tell Kyle what
your decision is?
Well, Kyle, I know that we
haven't been the best couple
in the past few years and at
times it's been really hard
to talk to one another.
Er, yeah.
And we both have done
things to hurt each other.
And we both drive each
other completely insane.
But there's no one I'd rather
go crazy with in this world
other than you.
So I really hope that
we can make this work.
And, Kyle, why don't you
tell Dawn your decision?
Bae, I so wanted this
weekend to work for us.
I felt like we owed it
to each other to give,
to give us one last shot.
You know?
You opened up to me in a
way that you have never
done before since we've been
married on the last night.
I'm grateful to you for that.
But I can't go on like this.
Are you serious?
What about the
conversation last night?
You're just not
gonna say anything?
I can't believe you.
I'm sorry.
You just, you wanna be done?
Fine. There.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, Kyle, what?
I don't want to be
married to the woman
that I was married to before.
Bae, she was mean,
ugly and nasty.
Who want to be married
to a woman like that?
Bae, I wanna be married to the
woman who I met last night.
I wanna be vulnerable with her.
I wanna be with her mentally,
physically and emotionally.
I wanna be with her, if
she wanna be with me.
You not gonna say anything?
You didn't ask
me anything yet.
Dawn, will you marry me?
Well I have a few items
that I need to add first.
Okay, are you
serious right now?
This what we doing, huh?
That's what we doing?
Yes, I will marry you.
Oh my gosh.
I'll start getting
things together.
For what?
The wedding.
Whose wedding?
Who's that?
I'll get that.
What is going on?
Well we couldn't miss
our best friend's wedding.
What kind of best
friends would we be?
Oh, you know my dog
couldn't have a wedding
without his best man.
And I got my girl's
back as a maid of honor.
This is crazy.
How did you guys do this?
Erm, I called my
best friend last night,
told him what I wanted to do.
He called Toya and Dr.
Shelton and now we're here.
I thought he was crazy.
She could've said no.
Oh, yeah.
And then we're like,.
Yeah, no.
Oh, chill out.
Oh my gosh.
I love you.
I love you too.
All right, all right.
There is plenty
of time for that.
Now I only have a couple
of hours to get you beat.
Let's go.
Ooh, I am killing
this suit, bro.
Appreciate you for giving
me a reason to put it on.
Come on, man.
You know it don't take much
for you to get
suited and booted.
Well, what can I say?
You know.
Mm, what's up?
I need to ask you
a question, man.
Why you never told me
that my wife came at you?
Look, my bad, bro.
I wanted to tell you
but I didn't wanna make
things awkward between us.
How would it be awkward, B?
Okay, so let's say I tell you.
All right, you confront her.
- Okay.
- She denies it.
What happens to me?
I lose my best
friend of 20 years.
Or I tell you, you confront
her and she admits it
and you stay with her.
Then what happens to us?
Awkward holiday
parties, birthdays.
Look, I was told never
to get in your friend's
relationships unless they
ask you your opinion,
and then you still gotta be
careful about what you say.
Honestly, I was just
looking out for y'all.
Yeah, I get that.
But part of me still want
to know how it went down.
Real talk, fam.
All right, she came over one
night, drunk, talking crazy.
I shut her down
and drove her home.
Case closed.
Why would I mess up a
friendship of 20 years
over a drunk night?
That'd never happen.
All right, man.
I appreciate you, bro.
No doubt.
Now, let's get you married.
If only you could see what I
see when I look in your eyes
Then baby you know
just what it feels like
When you get butterflies
You turn my frown
into a smile
You lift me up when
I'm feeling down
And for that I
say, thank you
Baby can I sing to you
Sit back, relax,
get comfortable
Girl I just wanna
take my time
And make you feel all right
Sing it with me like
And now that Dawn and
Kyle have come together
and have sealed their
vows to one another
by the exchanging of rings,
and pledged their commitment
to one another by the
exchanging of vows,
I now by the authority
of God pronounce them
husband and wife.
And whatsoever God
has joined together,
let not man put asunder.
Kyle, you may now
kiss your wife.
- Yeah, man.
- Yes!
Baby can I sing to you
Sit back, relax,
get comfortable
Girl, I just
wanna take my time
Won't you let
me take my time
And make you feel all right
Hey, what's up bro?
You thought over our-
- Hey babe.
Hey, so what color do
you think looks best?
The one in your
right hand looks good.
You didn't even look.
Yes, I did.
All right, what's
it look like?
I can't stand you.
You didn't even look.
There's not even
any yellow here.
I'm sorry.
This is ridiculous.
Who is this?
Oh, it's here.
What is it?
Hold on one second.
My book, bae.
Ah, congratulations.
This looks good.
Yes, it does.
You know, this
came just in time
for the publisher's
meeting next week.
Hold on.
Oh, hi, Mr. Sawyer.
Are you and the
family doing well today?
Yes, we're good.
Thanks for asking.
That's wonderful.
Hey, can you come back in?
Oh, you need me to come
back into the office today?
Yeah, we're going
through a real crisis today.
There's a crisis?
Yes, ma'am.
And we need you.
We need your help.
Can you come back in?
I would really appreciate it.
Hey, I, you know what?
I can't I'm gonna be
with my family today.
Oh. Oh, okay.
Well is there any way you can-
- Er, yeah, well let me
see if Toya is available.
Toya, okay.
Thanks so much
for understanding.
Your welcome, thank you.
Okay. I'll talk to you soon.
Okay, bye-bye.
Okay, bye.
I love you.
I love you too.
Come on.
I got you.
If only you could see what I
see when I look in your eyes
Then baby you know
just what it feels like
When you get butterflies
You turn my frown
into a smile
You lift me up when
I'm feeling down
And for that I say thank you
Baby, can I sing to you
Sit back, relax,
get comfortable
Girl I just wanna
take my time
And make you feel all right
Sing it with me like
You make me feel
like I'm all yours
And you're all mine
As long as I got
you and you got me
Everything will be just fine
I'ma bring it home to you
Like your man's
supposed to do
You aint got to worry, no
I'm out with the
games no more
Baby, can I sing to you
Sit back, relax,
get comfortable
Girl, I just
wanna take my time
Won't you let
me take my time
Make you feel all right
Make you feel all right
Sing it with me now
All I want is you
No one else could ever do
The things that
you do for me
For me, for me
Got love so real
It gives me chills
And you make me feel
Like I'm on top of the world
And it's just me and my girl
Riding through the
city with my girl
Top down, music blasting,
us against the world
Yeah, we feeling
good, looking good
Say no more, my
lady, she's so crazy
That's my baby,
get it understood
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
I just wanna know
Baby, can I sing to you
Sit back, relax,
get comfortable
Girl, I just
wanna take my time
I can let you sing
Riding through the
city with my girl
Top down, music
blasting, world
Yeah we're feeling
good, looking good
My lady, she's so crazy, that's
my baby, get it understood