Stealing Paradise (2011) Movie Script

(Plane flying overhead)
- Amanda, it's getting late.
Don't you ever
call it quits?
- I'm leaving soon.
Propeller diameter
in relation to static thrust.
- Yeah.
- Shouldn't you be working
on the injection system?
- I'm waiting on
the wind-tunnel test results,
so I thought I'd just
do this for fun.
- Fun?
- What can I say?
I'm an aeronautics-
engineering nerd.
- Yes, which is why you're
the company's rising star.
- Hmm.
- Now, look, don't be alarmed.
Howard wants to see you.
- And he had to
send a messenger?
- Word of advice.
Whatever's on his mind,
don't react.
Just listen.
And don't be intimidated.
- OK, now you're alarming me.
- You'll be fine.
- Just tell me, Brendan.
Is it good or bad?
- You're a terrific
design engineer.
You have nothing
to worry about.
- Where is everybody?
- Went home, I guess.
- (All): Surprise!
- I'm gonna kill you!
- Happy birthday, Amanda.
- Thank you.
- Hey, birthday girl!
- Hey!
- So, which one is it?
- Sixteen?
- Thank you for the cake.
- Our pleasure.
I hope we get to celebrate
many more together.
- I hope so, too.
Elise, let's get
lunch tomorrow.
- Definitely!
But only if
you let me buy.
I didn't get you anything
for your birthday.
- Don't worry.
And, Brendan, watch your back.
Next practical joke is on me.
- Can't wait!
(Horn honking)
- Hey, beautiful!
- Neil!
What are you doing here?
- I got off early.
Why don't I drive us
to the restaurant
so the birthday girl can drink
as much wine as she likes?
- Ah.
I like a man who thinks ahead.
(Sirens in distance)
( Jazz )
What did you do?
Oh my goodness,
this is so beautiful!
I love it!
- Especially when
you put it on.
- I love it.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- You seem a little pensive,
I guess.
- Ah, sorry.
I've got a lot on my mind.
- Why don't you let me
take you home and distract you?
Just what do you
think you're doing?
- Opening my present.
- Your present?
But it's not your birthday.
- It will be.
- Do you realize that
you're gonna need to pay
for this present?
- How's my credit?
- Hmm...
It's holding up.
Even without my eyes
I can feel
every move you make
In my direction
It's a new force of life
That will bring us together
You're a treasure
A game to play
There's a gloom
Under the moon
Upon your land
And if you beg
for my secret again
You're an overwhelming
Treasure coffin
full of diamonds
Full of jewels
and full of passion
Full of love
- Damn! Where is it?
(Birds chirping)
- I got you another present.
- Phoenix?
- It's an amazing
opportunity, Amanda.
They're giving me
the whole package.
They're doubling my salary,
stock options,
profit participation.
- That's great.
I'm really happy
for you, Neil.
- Well, I was hoping
you would be happy for us.
- What do you mean?
- I want you
to come with me.
- To Phoenix?
- Yeah, to Phoenix.
- Well, look, I mean,
it's an amazing opportunity
for you, but...
all of my opportunities
are here...
with Lonsdale.
I worked really hard
to get where I am,
and I can't just
start all over.
- Your career
is that important to you?
- So is yours.
- No, you're right.
It's not fair to ask you
to give up your dream
just so mine
can come true.
I guess...
I just don't wanna lose you.
- Phoenix isn't that far.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's OK.
I mean, long-distance
have been known
to work out.
- Absolutely.
And if it's meant to be,
you guys will work it out.
- Right. I mean, I hope so.
I do really care about Neil.
- Do you love him?
- Of course.
- Well, then that
should be enough,
no matter
what the distance.
- Yeah.
Listen, can I ask you something?
- What?
- Is there anything going on
between you and Brendan?
- "Going on"?
- You know what I mean.
- Uh...
Something really great.
- I'm glad for you,
I guess,
but you do understand
that it's--
- I know, it's strictly
against company policy.
- Yeah, I mean
you report to him.
- Believe me,
I know it's a risk.
It's a firing offence.
But... I think
I'm in love with him.
- How... How did this...
- Just working together,
spending time with each other.
- Right.
- I resisted it
for a long time.
But the attraction
is so strong,
for both of us.
- Just try
and be discreet, OK?
Because if
I picked up on it,
odds are someone else
will, too.
- I know.
Are you going to
tell Howard?
- Of course not.
I can keep a secret.
- Thanks. Thank you.
- Thanks.
(Doorbell ringing)
OK, tell me you're here
to apologize
for forgetting my birthday.
- Ah, right, sure, birthday.
OK, I am officially
the world's worst brother.
- Not the whole world.
Come in.
- So, did you have a big party
I wasn't invited to?
- I guess there was a mini,
like, work celebration,
but I did go
to dinner with Neil.
- Oh. How is Neil?
- Moving to Phoenix.
- Wow!
Misery loves company.
- Why? What happed?
- Rebecca threw me out.
- Oh, Steven...
- Yeah.
I thought this marriage
would work, but...
- Is it salvageable?
Can you guys go
to counselling or anything?
- She announced her intentions
with divorce papers.
- Oh.
- This is where you tell me
how much you hate Rebecca
and how happy I should be
to have her out of my life.
- Actually, I really liked her.
- Yeah, me too.
Well, what can I say?
I was a lousy husband.
I mean, she wanted
a soul mate,
not a workaholic
who's never home.
I would have
thrown me out, too.
- So, where you staying?
- It's just until
I sort things out.
- Of course.
- Thanks, roomie.
Now, if you don't mind,
I'm gonna go freshen up.
- Of course.
I assume you remember
where your old room is.
- That's the great thing
about you getting
Mom and Dad's old place.
It's just like coming home.
(Insects buzzing, chirping)
This is exactly
like your room
when you were 8 years old.
- Yeah.
- You never change.
You're still a little boy.
- Ha-ha!
- Dad would have
loved this room.
- Hey, wanna see something else
Dad would have loved?
There it is.
That's my baby.
That's 3 years' work
right there.
- What am I looking at here?
- OK, you know how airplanes
reverse thrust to slow down?
- Yeah, it jolts me awake
every time.
- Well, there are several
different ways to do it.
Propeller with variable pitch.
Then you've got
your flat pitch.
Then you've got
your reverse thrust,
where all of the forces
are going in reverse.
And then there are the shields,
standard on jets,
our clamshells, flower petals.
But with my new shield design,
I figured out a way
to deflect the air
through the turbines
before it's burned up
with fuel.
It's called directed-flow
thrust reverse.
- I could pretend I know
what you're talking about,
but I have no idea.
- All you need to know
is that if my design works,
and I think it will,
it would be like adding
1,000 feet to any runway.
- And your design does that?
- In theory, yes.
- Sounds pretty revolutionary.
- Mmm. We'll see.
I gotta build it first.
- You know what?
It's a good thing I got
all the looks in this family,
'cause you definitely
got the brains.
So, what do you do
with a design like this?
- You wanna take a field trip?
- Sure.
- I'll show you.
And I will
buy you dinner after.
- Ah, now you're talking!
I hope it's not too far
because I'm starving!
- Don't worry,
it's not very far.
(Amanda sighing)
- So, where are we?
- Criterion Aerospace.
- Yeah? It looks like
the Emerald City.
- Well, for me, it is.
Lonsdale is just
a subsidiary of Criterion.
If I do well there,
this is my next stop.
- Corporate? Why would
you wanna go corporate?
- Resources, access, prestige.
I mean,
put it this way:
Working at Lonsdale,
if I want money
for an R&D project,
I gotta sell it
to Criterion first.
And they could very well
assign it to one of
their other subsidiaries
or appropriate it themselves.
I wanna be at the top
of the pyramid,
not the bottom.
Plus, we just design the parts.
It's Criterion
that makes the planes.
- My sister:
brilliant and power hungry.
- Ah, I'm not there yet.
I gotta pay my dues.
- So, the shield design,
is that the dues?
- If I get it right.
- So, how close are you?
- Close.
Come on.
Let's get you some food.
You look hungry.
- You have no idea.
- Let's go!
(Birds chirping)
(Door opening)
- Hey! Welcome home!
- Thank you.
- How was Phoenix?
- I'm very happy to be home.
But if you mean
the Neil part, um...
it was difficult.
It was painful.
we are now officially
just good friends.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
He loves it there.
He loves his job.
I mean, we talked about
ways to make it work,
but ultimately we both know
it's time for us to move on.
So it's OK.
- Still sounds like
you could use a glass of wine.
- Yes, please.
What is that?
It smells amazing.
- Ah! We have freshly ground
Kobe beef...
plum tomatoes
picked before 10:30,
black-forest mushrooms,
Vidalia onions,
kosher sea salt.
- Remind me why Rebecca
kicked you out again.
(Steven laughing)
Oh my God,
it's Brendan!
- Hey! What's he up to?
- Let's find out.
Oh, looks like he's made
some sort of...
It's my design.
- What?
- It's my design!
How did he get my design?
- Could he have
come up with it on his own?
- No! I spent 3 years
and hundreds of hours on that.
I mean, Brendan may have
seniority over me,
but I am a better engineer.
- Well, the article says
he developed it in house.
- That's impossible.
I would have known about it.
- Did you work on it
in your office?
Is it possible
he appropriated it there?
- No, absolutely not.
I know better than
to do personal work
at the office.
- Then Brendan or someone
must have hacked your computer.
I'm not an expert,
but I read the news.
Computers can be hacked.
- That's horrifying.
He'll have applied
for a patent by now.
- No, pending.
It's not the same thing.
Why would he do this, Amanda?
- I don't know.
I mean, it's a major
It's a career maker.
But we're colleagues!
You just don't
screw over your colleagues!
- Yeah, we do
all the time.
- What am I gonna do?
- Start with the fact
that you're smarter,
or he wouldn't have
had to steal it.
He doesn't run the company?
- No.
- OK, who does?
- Howard Lonsdale.
- We'll demand a meeting
with Lonsdale
with Brendan present.
We'll confront him,
see how he reacts.
- We?
- Yeah, you need
a lawyer, Amanda.
- You can't.
I mean, you have
a new apartment to move into.
You already have a full
workload. I can't...
- Look, my new apartment
can wait, all right?
I'm never so busy
I can't help my sister out.
I may forget birthdays,
but I'm there for
the stuff that matters.
And I won't cost you a dime.
- Thank you.
- You kidding me?
If somebody came after me,
I hate to think
what you'd do to them.
Mr. Lonsdale,
I'm Steven Collier.
We spoke on the phone.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Mr. Collier, Amanda,
this is Kevin McNassy,
Criterion's legal counsel.
- Hi.
- You must be Brendan Cavanaugh.
- We can talk over here.
Please, take a seat.
- So, in summary,
I have an exhaustive
paper trail
documenting the genesis
of my design,
the research supporting
that development,
and I have various stages
of the work in progress
dating back over 3 years.
This is my design
and mine alone.
- Brendan?
- I'm impressed.
- How do you mean?
- That you would go
to such lengths
to document something
so insupportable.
- So insupportable how?
- When I first came up
with the idea
of a radically new shield--
- You did not come up
with the idea! I did!
- I did ask Amanda to
help me with research,
and she was helpful.
- I was helpful?
- Go on, Brendan.
- Thank you.
Like I was saying,
she was helpful,
to the limits
of her skill set.
But when it came down
to the heavy lifting,
I took over
as senior engineer.
Now, what she has
just laid out for you
is basically a work product
she's preserved.
A Lonsdale product.
- Did anyone else work
on this in-house design
besides my client?
- Yes. Elise Shayne.
- Elise?
- Mm-hmm.
- She didn't mention
anything to me.
- (Steven): Did you know about
the project, Mr. Lonsdale?
- Yes, as Mr. Cavanaugh
was preparing
to submit it
for a publication.
- But not until then?
- No.
But that's not unusual.
Our senior engineers
have free rein
to develop pet projects.
- What I don't understand,
Mr. Cavanaugh,
is if this is
a Lonsdale project,
how come there are
no signs of it
on any of my client's files
on the Lonsdale server?
- Aren't there?
- You didn't.
- Why don't we have a look?
- Let's.
You can remote access
your terminal from here.
- All of the projects
that I work on from Lonsdale
are on these files.
And if Brendan wants to
look by himself,
he'll find no trace of
my personal project here.
- I guess the simplest
thing to do
is search under
"shield design."
- (Amanda):
You're wasting your time.
You're not gonna
find anything.
- We'll see soon enough,
won't we?
- I made sure never to work
on the design at Lonsdale.
- Here we go.
This looks like
the master folder.
There you are.
- I didn't put
those files on there.
He did.
- We need to resolve this.
- We will in court.
In the meantime,
my client's taking leave.
Let's collect your things.
We're leaving.
- Hey, Brendan,
if this is your design,
have you told them
about the flaw?
- What flaw?
- Because there were
no patents back then,
da Vinci would sometimes
protect his work
by inserting a flaw
into the design.
So if someone stole it,
the executed design
would fail.
I put a flaw in the design.
Have you found it yet?
If Criterion goes ahead
with the design as it stands,
you'll spend a fortune
on engines that don't work.
And you might even crash
a few planes in the process.
- Hey! What's going on?
- Did you do some work for
Brendan on a new shield design?
- Yeah.
- Did he tell you
it was his idea?
- I don't remember.
I just assumed.
Why? What's the matter?
- Don't trust him, Elise.
Don't trust him.
(Plane flying overhead)
- So, is there really a flaw
in the design?
- Brendan...
What's going on?
Why is Amanda so upset?
- We'll talk about it later.
- Could she be
telling the truth?
- I don't know.
She's a stellar engineer.
But then again,
so is Brendan.
- Well, if she is and there's
a flaw in that design,
we got a big problem.
- I know.
- I'll advise Mr. Broderick
to have the
senior engineering team
vetting that design ASAP.
- Absolutely.
- Once she settles down,
let's get her in here.
If it is her design,
we gotta cut a deal.
- I just... I cannot let
Brendan get away with this!
I mean, how can he
live with himself?
Thank you.
- You rationalize
or you deny.
In the public
defender's office,
we see this
all the time:
rapists who
blame the victim,
murderers who are convinced
they didn't do it.
I've seen a lot
of bad people, Amanda.
And Brendan is right
up there with them.
- Well, they're
not gonna give up.
So what's our next move?
- I get started filing
a suit against Criterion
in the morning,
but the burden of proof
is on them.
With the evidence
we showed,
I doubt they
wanna go to court.
- What'll they want?
- My guess is,
they'll make you an offer
to make this
go away quickly.
- I don't care
what they offer!
It's my design!
And I'll be damned if
Brendan gets one iota of credit!
- That's what
I wanted to hear.
(Dog barking)
- My office...
Oh my God...
The hard drives!
- Tell me you have a backup.
- The backup was in here.
- Yeah.
- No, it's OK.
Everything is stored
on a secure web site.
- We need to keep your
documents in a safe place.
- I'm gonna go talk to him.
- Who?
- Brendan.
- That is not a good idea.
- He can't get away with this!
- I'm telling you,
don't do this!
You'll compromise
the lawsuit.
- Try and stop me.
- Amanda!
(Knocking on door)
- What do you want?
- You broke into my house!
- Calm down!
- Calm down.
This is what I look like
when I am calm.
You do not want to
see me mad!
- What do you want?
- I wanna know
why you stole from me.
I wanna know why
you were lying to Howard!
- Who do you think you are?
You're a junior
member of the team.
I hired you
right out of school.
See, we're a collective.
We work together.
And you had the arrogance to
develop something on your own?
- Thank you.
Thank you for admitting
that I developed this!
It is perfect!
It is special!
It is beautiful!
It will revolutionize
the industry and I did it!
- I taught you everything.
- Like hell you did!
- I probably
suggested the idea!
- You're delusional.
- I deserve to
have done this.
- But you didn't,
and you know that!
- Well, if you won't come
to terms with the company,
you're gonna have to
prove that in court.
- Don't worry. I will.
- You wanna play the victim,
go ahead.
Nobody's gonna
take you seriously!
- Hey, I was just about
to go looking.
- Here, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let me do that.
I'm an expert.
- I reported the burglary.
- Ah, thank you.
- So, how did it go
with Brendan?
- I think it went great.
- Yeah?
- He pretty much admitted
to stealing my design,
which I already knew,
but I still think
it was worth it.
You can say it.
- Say what?
- "I told you so."
You said it yourself.
My going over there wasn't
gonna accomplish anything.
- I'm your lawyer.
It's my job to protect you,
even if it's from yourself.
But I have seen that look
on your face before.
I knew there was no away
I was gonna stop you.
- I didn't do this
for the money.
I didn't do this
for the recognition!
I did this because
Dad never got a chance
to see what I've become!
I just wanted
to create something
that would make
him proud of me.
I did this for him.
And now everyone
is accusing me
of trying to take credit
for someone else's idea?
I need to sleep.
( Jazz )
(Knocking on door)
(Banging continues)
- Hold on.
(Gun fires)
(Glass shattering)
(Camera clicking)
- Detective Usher.
- Sanders. What do we have?
Approximate time of death?
- Pending confirmation,
early last night.
- I count 4 bullet wounds.
- Yeah, 4 casings were
found by the door.
.45 calibre.
Shot at close range.
- So, who was he?
- A Brendan Cavanaugh.
He was an aeronautical engineer.
- He live alone?
- Yeah, but he had a girlfriend
who stayed over occasionally.
- Who found the body?
- Neighbour across the hall.
Cavanaugh's door was open
when he was leaving.
- He know the girlfriend?
- No, not by name.
He's only seen her.
- Any sign of a struggle?
- No.
No sign of forced entry.
Nothing in the apartment
appears to have been disturbed.
- So, maybe he was ambushed
opening the door to somebody.
- Looks that way.
- Somebody he knew.
- Brendan was with the firm
for 10 years.
He was an exemplary employee,
and a friend.
- We're sorry.
- The evidence indicates
Mr. Cavanaugh
may have known
his assailant.
- Oh?
- We understand
he was in a relationship.
Do you know who she is?
- No.
Brendan's private life was...
Well, it--it was private.
- Did Mr. Cavanaugh
have any enemies?
Anyone who may
have wished him harm?
- No, not really.
- Not really?
- Well, a situation
has developed at the firm
between Brendan
and another employee.
- What kind of situation?
- A dispute over
authorship of a design.
- A dispute?
- The employee claims that
Brendan stole a design from her.
- How serious
is this situation?
- Extremely.
The patent on this design
is potentially worth
hundreds of millions of dollars.
(Doorbell ringing)
- Ms. Collier?
- Yes. Can I help you?
- I'm Detective Usher.
This is Detective Sanders.
May we speak with you?
- Uh, yes, of course.
Please, come in.
- Is, um...
Is everything all right?
- I'm sorry to
inform you, Ms. Collier,
but a colleague of yours
was murdered last night.
- Murdered?
- Who?
- I'm sorry, you are?
- I'm Steven Collier.
her brother.
- Steven, these are
Detectives Usher and Sanders.
- Who was murdered?
- Brendan Cavanaugh.
- Oh my God!
Um... please, sit down.
Now, did you say last night?
Because I saw him last night
at about 7:00.
- Saw him where?
- At his apartment.
- Amanda...
- What were you doing
at his apartment?
- He had misappropriated
one of my designs
and claimed it as his own.
- As Ms. Collier's attorney,
I'm advising her
not to say anything.
- I thought you were
her brother.
- I'm both.
- I have nothing to hide.
- You said you saw him
around 7:00.
How long were you there?
- A couple of minutes.
- Was he alone?
- Yes, I believe so.
- Where'd you go
after that?
- Back here.
- I can confirm that.
- And how about you,
Mr. Collier?
Did you go to Mr. Cavanaugh's
apartment last night?
- To his apartment? No?
- Ms. Collier,
do you own a firearm?
- Yes, actually, I do.
- Is it here?
- Yes. It's in the other room.
Um... please.
It's just in there,
in a gun box.
It was our father's.
I inherited it
along with the house.
Where is it?
- There was
a break-in yesterday.
I reported it.
- You reported the gun
as being stolen?
- No, because we didn't
know that it was.
- What kind
of gun was it?
- A .45.
- What else was taken?
- All my computer hard drives
and the backups.
- Was this before or after
you saw Mr. Cavanaugh?
- Before. I thought Brendan
might have been the one
to break in
and steal them.
That's why I went
to is apartment,
to confront him.
- I'm advising my client not
to answer any more questions.
- OK, but this is
an ongoing investigation.
Don't leave town,
either of you.
- Do you mind
if I take this?
- Not without a warrant.
- OK.
Oh, one more thing.
Mr. Cavanaugh was
seeing someone, a woman.
Do you know who?
- You know, I said no more
questions. Let's go.
(Door closing)
- Do you remember
when I went to my junior prom
with Dave Miller?
- How could I forget?
I still think you should have
let me kick his ass.
- Yeah, he was a jerk,
but he was also
your friend, so...
Do you remember
what you said to me
when you drove me home?
- Something deep and meaningful,
I imagine.
- You said that
it didn't matter who he was.
What mattered
was that I was your sister
and that you would protect me,
no matter what the cost.
- What are you getting at?
- Did you go out last night
after I went to bed?
- Are you asking me
if I killed Brendan?
- No, I'm not.
Are you gonna ask me
if I killed him?
- No, I'm your attorney.
I don't ask questions like that.
- I didn't.
- I know that.
I'm also your brother.
I know I don't need to
ask a question like that.
- I'm sorry.
- No...
- I don't know
where my mind is.
- Direct-flow thrust reverse?
- We talked to some
aeronautics experts.
Apparently, it's a major
advance in design.
- And worth millions.
- Even though, technically,
the design is work for hire,
it's not uncommon for
the engineer of record
to be awarded a portion
of the royalties.
- Ms. Collier claims
the design is hers alone
and was planning on
suing Cavanaugh over authorship.
- So, we have a motive.
- Twenty-nine, single,
undergrad and post-grad
from MIT,
where she studied aerodynamics,
materials science,
avionics and propulsion.
- And her academic record?
- Top of her class.
- From MIT?
That's Impressive.
- She went straight to work
at Lonsdale Aeronautics.
Cavanaugh recruited her.
- OK, so, we have
a reason to suspect
that the victim
knew his killer.
And the number
of bullets fired
at such a close proximity
indicates a strong
emotional connection
with the victim.
It's either love or hate.
Ms. Collier had motive.
- And admits to seeing him
the night of the murder.
- But he was
in a relationship.
And until
we find out the identity,
we should never
rule them out as a suspect.
And we have no murder weapon.
- Not yet.
- Keep looking.
- Mr. Collier
isn't joining us?
- He had to be in court,
so I'll be recording
the conversation.
- Of course.
I would have advised the same.
- How are you, Amanda?
- I've been better.
- Yes.
Brendan's death.
I still can't believe it.
- What did you wanna
talk to me about, Howard?
- It broke my heart
to see you and Brendan
lock horns over that design.
- Hmm...
- I like to think
of Lonsdale Aeronautics
as a big family.
And why not?
It bears my name.
- I agree.
That's why I was so devastated
by what Brendan did.
- Yes, but....
And I know how
this is going to sound.
So be it.
Now that Brendan's gone,
I was hoping
we could come to
a mutually
satisfactory agreement
with respect
to the design.
- What kind of agreement?
- Criterion is prepared
to offer you
co-credit on the design.
- Co-credit?
- With Mr. Cavanaugh.
- Why not give me
full credit?
- Because Mr. Cavanaugh
is on record
as having
submitted the design.
It complicates
things legally.
- So, I would effectively
be giving away half ownership
of something
that I created.
- Yes, but you would still
profit handsomely,
and we could put
all of this behind us.
- You mean Criterion
and Lonsdale
could avoid
the negative publicity
of a protracted
and potentially ugly lawsuit?
- I protect corporate interests.
That's my job.
- Well, then there's
the issue of the flaw.
Criterion's engineers...
I assume
you've put them on it.
Have they found it yet?
- No.
- All right,
so let's be crystal clear
about what we're
talking about here.
You are not eager
to bring me back on
because it's
the right thing to do,
but because you need me.
If you're interested,
as you say,
in putting all of this
behind us,
then credit me,
and me alone,
with what I rightfully created.
You're a lawyer.
If there are legal complications
with Brendan's submission,
un-complicate them.
And then
when you've done that,
let me know.
And then we can discuss
terminating the lawsuit
and bringing me
back on board.
Good seeing you, Howard.
Come here.
How are you doing?
- (Crying):
How do you think?
- I'm so sorry
about Brendan.
- Who would do
something like this?
- I don't know.
- Would you?
- Elise, of course not!
- I'm sorry, OK?
I just...
I don't know what to do.
- Are the police
still questioning you?
- The police?
- Do you mean
they don't know
that you and Brendan
were together?
- No! No, and neither
does anyone else!
Please don't tell.
- Elise...
- Please...
- Welcome back, sir.
How was your flight?
- Never mind that.
Where are we with
the shield design?
- Amanda Collier's
not cooperating,
so we're facing a lawsuit.
- Who's her lawyer?
- Her brother.
Steven Collier.
He's a public defender.
- What's his reputation?
- He's tough, tenacious.
His clientele tend
to be pretty hard core.
he does well by them.
- Does he have any experience
in civil litigation?
- None that I'm aware of.
- Well, he's gonna have to rely
on tough and tenacious.
And about the alleged flaw,
is she telling the truth?
- Well, we're trying
to find out.
- If she sues,
the litigation
could take months, years,
during which time
we lose out
on implementing
a revolutionary new design.
- We could countersue,
force her to reveal it.
- Which would
implicitly acknowledge
that it's her design.
- Right.
- Let's keep
the conversation open
and hope she comes around.
- We caught a break.
- Where?
- In the alley
behind Cavanaugh's building.
- We went through that alley
with a fine-tooth comb.
- We took another look
and found it.
- Tell me it's got
a serial number.
- Hey...
I brought you some tea.
- Thanks.
- You know,
you should take a break.
- No, not now.
This is all
I've ever wanted.
I mean, really, ever since
I was a little girl.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean,
he overshot the runway.
If he had just been able
to slow the plane down
by a few knots...
(Doorbell ringing)
You expecting company?
- Not me.
- Detective Usher!
Open the door!
- Amanda Collier,
you're under arrest for
the murder of Brendan Cavanaugh.
- Whoa, hold on a minute!
- You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be used...
- Don't say a word.
I'm right behind you, Amanda!
- If you can't
afford an attorney,
one will by appointed...
- Steven Collier
for the defence, Your Honour.
My client pleads
not guilty.
Since she has no prior arrests,
is established in the community
and poses no flight risk,
we request bail.
- Collier. Any relation?
- Yes, she's my sister,
Your Honour.
- I see.
What's the people's position?
- This was a particularly
brutal murder.
The prosecution
has overwhelming evidence
linking the accused.
Given the severity
of the crime,
the State
requests remand.
- Bail is set at $500,000.
- You'll have to
put up the house,
but you're free.
So, they've got motive,
opportunity, a murder weapon
registered in your name
with your fingerprints on it.
- But no witnesses.
And you can confirm
that I was home
before Brendan was murdered.
- Time of death,
like any scientific evidence,
is open to interpretation.
A good prosecutor,
and Ainsworth's
a damn good prosecutor,
will find an expert testify
it was earlier,
exactly when you
claimed to have been
at Cavanaugh's apartment.
Besides, as your brother
and your attorney,
my testimony is suspect.
Ainsworth will do
everything to compromise it.
- Somebody's framing me.
- I know that.
- But who? And why?
- Well, whoever
actually killed him.
- Can we win this?
- I like to think
that truth always prevails.
- But it doesn't,
does it?
- Narcissistic rage.
Now, a prosecution witness
is gonna explain this to you
better than I can,
but this essentially
can occur
when pride...
and an exalted view of oneself
replaces all decency
and morality.
Now, the prosecution will prove
that Amanda Collier,
in a narcissistic rage,
murdered Brendan Cavanaugh
with malice aforethought.
- Opportunity?
I have the opportunity
right now
to pour this water
into Mr. Ainsworth's lap.
(Court murmuring)
that doesn't mean I'm going to.
The murder weapon...
Ballistic tests
have established
the exhibit you will be shown,
a .45-calibre handgun,
was the one
used in the murder.
We won't contest that
or the fact that my client's
fingerprints are on it,
because of course,
they would be.
She owns it...
What the prosecution
cannot prove, however,
is that the defendant
fired that gun
on the night in question.
Because she didn't.
And you've already heard
what the prosecution
will present
in terms of motivation.
- Narcissism is
a personality disorder
stemming from pride.
Narcissistic rage can occur
when something or someone
frustrates or prevents
an individual
from realizing
his ambitions.
The design in question
was conceived
with a specific goal in mind:
to impress,
to gain attention,
to outshine one's peers.
- And if someone were to
erase this achievement,
if someone claimed
they created it themselves,
if someone claimed
all the rewards--
- Objection!
Counsel is leading
the witness...
all over the place.
- Sustained.
- He would have
stolen everything:
her past, her future,
her best work,
her life's dream.
- Consequences?
- Objection!
Calls for a conclusion
by the witness.
- Sustained.
- Could they have been fatal?
- Objection!
- Sustained.
Mr. Ainsworth...
- No more questions,
Your Honour.
- Your witness,
Mr. Collier.
- Have you ever been
robbed, doctor?
- Excuse me?
- Have you ever been robbed?
- I was mugged once.
- Did you kill the guy?
- Of course not!
I don't carry a weapon.
- If you had carried a weapon,
would you have used it
to kill him?
- For that amount of money?
No, of course not.
- Well, how much then?
- What?
- How much would
he have to take from you
before you'd kill him?
What's your tipping point?
- I have no idea.
- Really?
Because you told this court
what my client's
tipping point was.
How well do you know
the defendant?
- I interviewed her
in preparation for trial.
- For how long?
- An hour or so,
which is customary.
I also reviewed
the police reports.
- Wow! That's impressive.
Then again, you are
a board-certified psychiatrist
with an extensive
list of credentials.
How many times have you
testified in court, doctor?
- I don't know.
Numerous times.
- Well, more than 20?
- Yes.
- Fifty?
- Possibly. Probably.
- And always on the issue
of narcissistic rage?
- No, on a variety
of psychiatric issues.
- In other words,
whatever the lawyer
who hires you
needs you to help prove.
- Objection!
- Sustained!
- When you interviewed
the defendant,
did she say she killed
Brendan Cavanaugh?
- No!
- Did she say she wanted to?
- I didn't ask her that.
- Well, what did you ask her?
- I used a psychiatric
diagnostic questionnaire,
which is industry recognized.
- But you didn't ask her
if she killed Brendan Cavanaugh.
Or even if she wanted to.
- No!
- How can you say
what her tipping point is?
You don't even
know your own.
Maybe you've never taken
the diagnostic questionnaire!
- Objection!
- No more questions.
- So, you're pretty
good at this.
- Don't sound so surprised.
- So, that's good for us, right?
- It can't hurt.
- Where are we going?
- My office.
I finished drawing up
the litigation papers
against Criterion.
I gotta pick them up
so I can serve them today.
- OK.
Did he get
my handwritten notes?
- No, those are stored
in a safety-deposit box,
but I'm sure
that's what he was after.
- We gotta report this.
- Later.
I gotta get to Criterion
to serve them with the lawsuit.
I'll see you
back at the house.
- I'm sorry.
- Amanda Collier?
- Do I know you?
- My name is
Mason Cavanaugh.
- Cavanaugh...
- Brendan was my brother.
And I know
you killed him.
- I didn't.
I didn't.
- Your brother's pretty good
at what he does in there.
Maybe he's fooling the jury,
but he won't fool me.
There are many, many ways
that justice can be served.
I'll be watching you,
both of you.
Hey, you've reached Steven.
Leave me a message,
and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.
- Steve, it's me.
Call me as soon
as you get this.
(Insects buzzing, chirping)
(Cell ringing)
There you are!
Hey. Sorry, my cell was off.
I got your message.
So, the papers are served.
Criterion is officially sued.
What's up?
OK, listen, it turns out
Brendan had a brother.
He's been attending
the trial.
And after I left you
this afternoon,
he confronted me.
- What do you mean,
confronted you?
- The "I know you
killed my brother
"and I'm keeping
an eye on you"
kind of confronted me.
- Think it's the same guy
who broke into my office?
-I don't know.
- Point him out to me.
I'll make sure
the bailiff watches him.
- OK.
-All right, I'll see you soon.
(Engine starting)
(Tires screeching)
(Glass shattering)
(Tires squealing)
(Indistinct chatter
on police radio)
- Thanks for calling.
- Dispatch said this guy was
part of your investigation.
- You think this accident is
somehow connected to the trial?
- This wasn't an accident.
You see any skid marks?
- No.
- Whoever cut him off
accelerated to
the point of impact
from behind the bush.
- Then fled the scene.
- Thank you.
(Sirens in distance)
Ms. Collier...
Sorry to bother you.
- It's fine.
- How's he doing?
- The doctors say
he's gonna be all right.
He has a broken ankle
and a concussion
but no internal injuries,
thank God.
- Well, he was lucky.
- He was.
What are you two
doing here?
- Our preliminary investigation
indicates this wasn't
an accident.
- Someone deliberately
ran in front of him.
- What?
- Well, we thought
you might know that.
- I mean, he represents
a lot of dangerous people,
but he's on their side.
- Their victims aren't.
- We'll need his case files.
- Sure. Wait, no.
There was someone,
yesterday at the trial.
His name is Mason Cavanaugh.
He's Brendan's brother.
He threatened me.
- Did you report that
to the bailiff?
- Steve was gonna
do that today.
- How did he threaten you?
- He said that maybe
Steven was fooling the jury,
but he wasn't
convincing him.
But why would
he wanna kill him?
- To prevent him from
representing you in court?
- Well, we'll look into that.
- If you think
of anyone else,
give us a call.
(Cell buzzing)
(Car alarm beeping)
- Ah, thank you for coming.
- Of course.
- I've been so selfish,
so obsessed with hiding
my relationship with Brendan.
I am so ashamed of myself.
- I understand.
You didn't wanna
lose your job.
- It's not just that.
I was here, Amanda,
the night that
Brendan was murdered.
I have no alibi.
My prints, my DNA,
they're all over his apartment.
I'm the potentially
jilted girlfriend.
I'm your reasonable doubt.
I could have been helping you.
- Listen, I haven't exactly
been a saint, either.
I told Steven
about you and Brendan.
And he is going to be
calling on you
to testify as a witness.
- Of course you did.
You're facing
life in prison.
But that's not
the worst of it.
- What?
- Brendan had a partner.
- A partner in what?
- The design.
Or rather, the patent.
- I don't understand.
- He had no intention of sharing
the profits with Criterion.
Even before that
article appeared,
he'd already
secured a patent.
And somebody
was helping him.
- Who?
- I don't know.
Obviously someone
from outside the company.
- OK, so why do I need
to know this?
- I think that Brendan
was planning
to cheat the partner,
to cut him or her
out of the deal.
One night,
I was over at Brendan's place,
and I woke up in
the middle of the night
and he wasn't
in bed beside me.
- I understand,
but sole credit is strategic.
I couldn't make out
exactly what they were saying,
but he was defending himself.
Something about
"Sole credit is strategic"
and "We'll sort it out later."
- Yeah...
Clearly, whoever he was
talking to was mad,
really mad.
- Yeah...
- And then a few nights later,
he was murdered.
- OK, so you think that
it could have been this partner
who murdered Brendan.
- It's possible.
- You need to
tell the police.
- I wanted to
tell you first,
in case it might help
Steven defend you.
I should have told you
a long time ago.
Can you ever forgive me?
- Of course, Elise.
- Thank you.
(Cell ringing)
- Detective Usher.
Detective Usher,
this is Amanda Collier.
- Ms. Collier,
what can I do for you?
- I think
I'm being followed.
-Where are you?
- Um... I'm downtown.
I am near
the Prudential Center.
- And where are you headed?
- All right,
just keep driving.
Don't do anything
to arouse suspicion.
I've got you covered.
- OK, thank you.
(Sirens blaring)
(Tires screeching)
- Step out of the car
and keep your hands
where I can see them!
Turn around.
Put your hands
on top of the car.
(Indistinct chatter
on police radio)
So, Mason Cavanaugh,
Milwaukee P.D.,
what are you doing
in Boston?
Call us next time.
- Sure.
- OK.
- Well?
- He's a beat cop
in Milwaukee.
He's licensed to carry
a concealed weapon.
- OK, so why is
he stalking me?
- He says he's not,
just keeping an eye on you.
There's no damage
on his car, Ms. Collier,
and he's got an airtight alibi
as to where he was
at the time of
the attack on Steven.
- Yeah? Where?
- Having a drink with
one of our officers.
They were at
the academy together.
- OK, so why is it legal
for him to follow me,
to spy on me?
- It's a grey area.
We've advised him
to keep his distance.
- But you won't arrest him
because he's one of your own.
- Ms. Collier...
Amanda, I know you're
going through a lot right now.
But did it ever occur
to you that he is, too?
His brother was murdered.
Look, I'm not the enemy,
just someone like you
trying to get at the truth.
Do you mind telling me
what you were doing near
the Prudential Center tonight?
- I was visiting a friend,
Elise Shayne.
- Elise Shayne?
- Yes. She also
works for Lonsdale,
and she has some information
she needs to share with you.
- Ah...
- What?
- I got a text
from the precinct
when I was
questioning Cavanaugh.
I have some bad news.
- Usher...
I found this just here.
- Oh... That could have
been there a while.
- Or it could have fallen off
before she jumped.
- I don't think she jumped.
The signs are subtle,
but I think she was
dragged out here.
- I'll go tell Forensics
to take a closer look.
- Ms. Collier,
Detective Usher.
Tell me something.
When your house was broken into,
was any jewellery taken?
- OK, I need you
to get in here
and double-check
the door.
- Mmm. OK. Did I pass?
- You'll live.
- Anything else I can get
for you, Mr. Collier?
- That depends on what
you're doing after your shift.
- We'll talk about it later.
- OK.
- So, did you get her number?
- Not wet, but I will.
- So, I take it
you're feeling better.
- I don't remember
much of what happened,
but they tell me
I'm pretty lucky.
- Yeah, you fared a lot better
than your bike.
- It's time
I got a new one.
OK, something else happened.
- Elise died last night.
- Oh...
- She went off her balcony.
I was with her half an hour
before it happened.
- Oh, Amanda, I'm so...
Was she depressed?
- No.
I mean, she was upset.
She was very upset.
But I don't think
she'd kill herself,
and neither do
the police.
They think
that she was murdered.
And they found
an earring of mine
right near the balcony.
- So, are they charging you
with another murder?
- No, it's actually kind of
the opposite of that,
'cause I was with the police
when it happened.
- You were what?
- It's a long story.
Basically they are going to be
recommending to Ainsworth
that murder charges against me
are dropped.
- OK, so is he buying it?
- We'll see.
- We can't give him time
to change his mind.
We have to get a hearing
as soon as possible.
- Not until
you get out of here.
- No, that could be days!
- It doesn't matter.
The trial is stayed anyway
until you recover.
- No, we have to
do this now.
Do you have your
mini recorder?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna dictate
a motion to dismiss.
In the meantime,
you need to bring me
up to speed.
OK. Right.
- (Judge):
Mr. Ainsworth?
- I appreciate
that the detectives
have formed an opinion
as to the facts
surrounding the death
of Elise Shayne,
but they are unrelated
to this case.
- That's not true,
Your Honour.
It is the same attempt
to cast suspicion on me
for a crime
that I did not commit.
- As you say
in your motion papers.
- I believe she had evidence
that supported my defence.
- Hearsay evidence
that is as of yet
unknown to the prosecution.
- I think Elise was killed
so she wouldn't testify.
I believe it was the same person
who tried to kill my brother.
- That is an awfully
convenient bit of fiction.
- And that remark is
inappropriate, Mr. Ainsworth.
It's hardly fanciful
to conjecture that
there may be some connection
between an assault on
Ms. Collier's lawyer,
the suspicious death
of a scheduled witness
and the facts
in this case.
However, that connection
is unknown to us at this time,
and until it is,
it is my judgment
that the trial continue,
pending the ability
of Ms. Collier's attorney
to return to court.
Thank you.
- Hey!
Why are you doing this?
- Excuse me?
- My arresting officers
think I'm innocent.
Why don't you?
- The facts in the case
tell me you're guilty.
- Well, then we'll
prove you wrong.
- We'll see.
(Car alarm beeping)
(Engine starting)
- To Rose.
- Who?
- Mmm... Rose is the angel
who took care of me
at the hospital.
She's wanted to be a nurse
her entire life.
She's never been married.
She thinks I am the most
fascinating man she's ever met.
And when I can drive again,
we're gonna meet
for coffee.
- It's funny how fate works,
isn't it?
I mean that you might have to
write a "thank you" note
to whoever
ran you off the road.
- (Laughing):
- To Dad.
- To Dad.
Now... let's get back in court.
Were you present,
Mr. McNassy,
when Ms. Collier
confronted Mr. Cavanaugh?
- Yes, in the law offices
of Howard Lonsdale.
- In what capacity
were you there?
- As Criterion's
legal representative.
- The parent company
of Lonsdale.
- Yes, that's right.
- Can you describe
that meeting?
- I'd say it was heated.
Ms. Collier was adamant that
the design was her creation,
and she accused
Mr. Cavanaugh of stealing it.
- Did you form an opinion as to
the merit of her accusation?
- No, but--
- Objection!
The witness's opinion
is irrelevant.
- Overruled.
- But what?
- Mr. Cavanaugh's
claims of authorship
were not entirely convincing.
- In what way?
- Ms. Collier had exhaustive
handwritten documentation
outlining her history
of work on the project.
Mr. Cavanaugh had copies
but none of it in his files.
- You're aware that
any work done at Lonsdale
is Lonsdale property.
- Yes, I am.
- Right, of course.
You're in-house counsel.
So, even if Ms. Collier
had done preliminary work,
even extensive
preliminary work,
Mr. Cavanaugh,
as senior engineer,
would have a right
to claim authorship.
- Yes, but that doesn't explain
the lack of documentation,
which is why,
at a later meeting,
Criterion offered Ms. Collier
co-credit on it.
- Did she take that offer?
- She did not.
- Did she give a reason?
- She said it was her work.
She saw no reason to
share credit.
- Now, on the day
in question,
you said the meeting
was heated at times.
Did Ms. Collier at any time
threaten the deceased?
- Only with a lawsuit.
- Right, she didn't
say anything like:
"You'll pay for this"
or "I could kill you for--"
- Objection!
- Sustained.
- Did Ms. Collier
threaten Mr. Cavanaugh
with anything other
then a lawsuit?
- No.
- That's all,
Your Honour.
- Let's go.
I'm gonna catch him.
Mr. McNassy, would you mind
if I talk to you for a minute?
I was hoping to ask
your advice on something,
maybe get your help,
if you'd be willing.
- Yeah, yeah, sure. Certainly.
But I am late for
an appointment right now, so...
give me a call later.
- Of course.
- After 7:00.
- Is there any chance
you'd be willing
to meet up in person?
It's delicate.
- OK.
- Um, do you know Dunphy's
in South Boston?
- I know Dunphy's.
- Perfect.
- All right.
- Ah!
Can't wait to
start cooking again.
- Yeah, you and me both.
I'm gonna go,
but I shouldn't be too late.
- Call me if he comes up
with anything.
- Will do.
(Car alarm beeping)
Thank you.
- Ah!
(Cell ringing)
- Mr. McNassy...
- Hey, listen, I think I'm gonna
have to postpone our meeting.
You're not gonna believe it,
but my car broke down.
- Oh no,
what happened?
- Ah, I think
it's a broken belt.
I called a tow truck.
They said it's gonna be
an hour, maybe two.
- Um, where are you?
- Right at the entrance
to Franklin Park.
Oh, that's not far.
Why don't I just
meet you there?
You sure?
- Absolutely. I'll keep
you company while you wait.
- All right, thanks.
I'll be here.
I'll see you soon.
(Car alarm beeping)
(Insects buzzing, chirping)
Thanks for coming.
- I should be thanking you.
- For what?
- Well, first of all,
for your testimony.
- I swore to tell the truth.
That's what I did.
- Thank you
for meeting me.
- So, how can I help?
- I saw Elise Shayne
the night that she died.
- Poor woman. I understand
she took her own life.
- That hasn't actually
been confirmed yet.
- Really?
- This hasn't come out yet,
but she was
Brendan Cavanaugh's lover.
- Oh no!
- Yes.
She knew that Brendan
had stolen my idea.
And she told me that
he had a partner in doing so.
- Brendan had someone
help steal the design?
- No, but he had someone
working with him to exploit it,
to secure
the appropriate patents.
- Ah, OK.
- So, anyway,
what I'm thinking is,
aeronautical engineering
is such small world.
What I'm hopping is that maybe
you know some of the people
who could help a person
get such a patent.
- Well, I probably know
most of those people.
- So, we were wondering
if you could help us
find out who
it might have been.
- You tell the police
about this?
- Yes, and they are
looking into it.
But we were really
hoping to find out
for the sake of
my criminal defence.
- I see.
First thing the police
are gonna do
is go over his email accounts,
cell phone records
to see if he tried to
communicate with a partner.
- Right. I think
they're doing that already.
- But a smart partner is gonna
use untraceable accounts.
- Oh, that could be,
but, I mean, that would
really be thinking ahead, no?
- The stakes
are so high,
the financial rewards
are so substantial,
you're gonna wanna
protect your position,
particularly with a partner
as devious as Cavanaugh,
with a girlfriend as
pathetically neurotic as Elise.
Oh, it's a good thing I did,
because sure enough,
Brendan tried to
cheat me out of my share.
Then Elise couldn't
keep her mouth shut.
- What?
- Let's take a walk.
(Amanda breathing heavily)
- What are you doing! Ah!
- If you raise your voice again,
I will kill you.
You work your whole life
with a company.
And then when it comes time
to be made an equity partner,
to finally share
in the vast rewards
you've helped amass
for your corporate family,
it doesn't happen!
"Business policy has changed.
"In the new austerity,
"equity partnerships
are frozen."
- But why do this?
- The only way to
make serious money
is to own a killer patent.
When Brendan told me
what he suspected you were
developing on the side,
it was my idea
to steal it.
- Just put the gun away!
- I got him the patent.
Then the maggot did
what I feared he would do:
took all the credit
and tried to cut me out!
He thought he had me
by the short hairs.
- Just put the gun away.
- I couldn't call him out.
I'd expose myself.
That would have meant
the end of my career.
He was right.
He figured he could
throw me a bone
and I'd just go away.
But you know what?
I was tired of bones.
With him out of the way
and you in prison,
I figured I would
have plenty of time
to figure out how to
secure the patent
and enjoy the rewards
because I am very good
at what I do.
But you had to
put up a fight.
Huh? Even when I offered
to cut you in.
Half a fortune wasn't enough.
You needed it all.
- OK, let's just
make a deal now.
- You put a flaw
in the design,
which Criterion
may never find,
which means my patent
might be worthless.
You know what, Amanda?
I think you're the flaw.
See, that's a problem that is
very, very easy to fix.
(Gun fires)
- Ahh!
- That was for Brendan.
- Ah!
- It's OK, Ms. Collier.
I won't hurt you.
- Milwaukee cops are tough.
Takes more than a two-by-four
to keep 'em down.
- Thank you.
So, how did he find me?
- He put a tracking device
on the underside
of your car days ago.
That's actionable.
Would you like to
press charges?
- I think I'll let it go.
- He heard enough
of what McNassy said
to know he killed his brother,
but not much else.
He said he'll
do what he can
when you call him
as a witness,
but there'll be
a lot of "I don't know"
and "I didn't hear that,"
which Ainsworth
will no doubt exploit.
- Well, I'm not too
worried about it,
'cause it's all on here.
I'm a little
over cautious myself.
- As you know, Amanda,
the patent
Brendan Cavanaugh secured
for his alleged direct-flow
thrust-reverse design
was part of his estate,
and that estate
passed to Mason Cavanaugh.
We have a letter
from Mr. Cavanaugh
in which he asserts
that his brother's claim
of authorship for that design
is totally baseless.
He uses more colourful
language than that.
- I don't think I have ever
seen words like that
in a formal letter.
- No, it's a first
for us, too.
As you can see,
he asks...
well, demands...
that we assign sole authorship
of that design to Amanda.
Which we've done.
You'll need to review that,
of course, Mr. Collier,
but we believe
that you will find
the profit-participation
terms to be,
by any comparable
industry standards,
exceedingly generous.
- Of course,
I did develop the design
offsite, Mr. Broderick,
so I may very well decide
to take the design elsewhere.
Well, we understand that,
which is why,
as an inducement for you
to sign that agreement,
Criterion would like
to offer you
an equity partnership.
- I thought that the equity
partnerships were frozen.
Not for everyone,
and certainly not for engineers
whose visionary ideas
will make our company
a great deal of money.
- We'll take that
under advisement
and get back to you.
We will, of course, need you
to correct that design flaw.
- Of course.
We'll keep in touch.
- Malcolm.
- Ah...
- Not that it makes
much difference at this point,
but tell me
the truth, Amanda.
Was there really
a flaw in the design?
- (Laughing):
We'll be in touch!
You know I don't care
what anyone says about lawyers.
I think you're
pretty great.
So, should we go celebrate
or head straight home?
- Actually, I got somebody
coming to pick me up, so...
- No...
- Mm-hmm.
She's gonna take me
apartment hunting.
That woman
doesn't know it yet,
but I am gonna ask her
to marry me.
- Are you sure
that's a good idea?
- No, I'm sure that's
a terrible idea.
But why should
I let that stop me?
- Well, if she doesn't say yes,
I think she's a damn fool!
- Bye.
- Mmm!
Thank you.
But, Steven, you're in a cast!
I mean...
- It's like
I've always said:
I got the looks
in this family,
but you got the brains.
(Engine starting)
(Plane flying overhead)
- We're going to
the Emerald City, Dad.
Closed captions:
Vision Globale
You're a treasure
I came to claim
Years ago
When I was a little island
I took you back to my
secret again
You're an overwhelming
treasure coffin
Full of diamonds
Full of jewels
and full of passion
Full of love