Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) Movie Script

Buster Keaton in Steamboat Bill, Jr.
Muddy Waters.
The new steamer, King.
J.J. King, owner.
(Actor: Tom McGuire)
The old steamer, Stonewall Jackson.
The owner, William Canfield,
better known as Steamboat Bill.
(Actor: Ernest Torrence)
Bill's first and last mate.
(Actor: Tom Lewis)
River Junction Bank.
J.J. king President.
Hotel King.
"This floating palace should put an end to
that 'thing' Steamboat Bill is running."
"Looks like you'll have to
look for a new river."
"I'll run on this river if I'm the
only passenger on the boat."
"Telegram from your son... it's
been here four days."
William Canfield Sr. Steamboat Stonewall
Jackson, River Junction, Mississippi.
Dear dad, It was mother's wish that when
I had finished school to pay you a visit.
I think I arrive Saturday 10 A.M. You can't
mistake me. I'll be wearing a white carnation.
Regards, William Canfield Jr.
"It's from my Willie, I haven't
seen him since he was a baby."
"Must be a big lad by now."
"I'll bet he's bigger'n me."
To steamboat Stonewall Jackson.
Free Bus to the Stonewall Jackson.
King's daughter, home from school.
(Actress: Marion Byron)
River Junction (Train Station)
Bus - The King Steamboat co. (New!)
To steamboat Stonewall Jackson.
Free Bus to the Stonewall Jackson. (Old)
"Any of you boys looking for a father?"
River Junction.
Will Canfield Jr.
"If you say what you're thinking
I'll Strangle you!"
"Take that barnacle off his lip."
"Why, Willie Canfield...
What are you doing so far from Boston?"
"My father's here."
"So is mine and you'll love him."
"Is that... Steamboat Bill, Junior?"
"Fix him up with some
working clothes for the boat."
Working clothes for the boat...
...with her help.
"No jury would convict you."
"If I find him on this boat again,
I'll personally wring his neck."
"That's what that's for."
"If anybody else is caught on this boat...
my son'll handle him."
"Show him what makes the boat go."
"Keep your hands off him."
"I'm trying to teach you to run it...
not 'wreck' it."
Eight Bells and all is wrong.
...home. I will be waiting in the Salon.
If you really care for me come tonight.
"I'll pick the young man for you...
and it won't be the son of a river tramp."
"I'll pick the young lady for you...
and it won't be a girl with a father like that."
"What do you mean throwing those...
cocoanut shells on the floor?"
"Back to Boston you go."
(Train Ticket) Destination From:
River Junction To: Boston, Massachusetts
NOTICE: This is to notify that
the steamer STONEWALL JACKSON...
is unsafe and hereby CONDEMNED
until further investigation.
Signed Public Safety Committee.
Out of Town Papers.
"Are you responsible for this?"
"Well, it ought to be condemned,
the first good wind would sink it anyhow."
U.S. Post Office.
"This man not only threatened my life
but defied the law."
Western Union Telegraph.
"King will see that he don't
get out of here for awhile."
(Train Ticket) Southern Railway Co.
Destination From: River Junction...
To: Boston, Massachusetts
(Passenger Name): Will Canfield Jr.
Unsettled... - wet and cloudy.
"I've brought my poor father bread."
"Throw both him and the bread out."
"Tell him I made it myself."
"I'll just wait around
until he is famished."
The Prisoner's Song.
Oh! I wish I had some one to love me
Some one to call me their own;
Oh! I wish I had some one to live with
'Cause I'm tired of living alone....
"I guess I better go."
"I've changed my mind...
I want the bread."
"No... I don't think you do."
"Come, my boy... I was only foolin'."
"I know what it is...
you're ashamed of my baking."
"You talk to him, Sheriff."
"After all, the old bum is your father."
"That must of happened when
the dough fell in the tool chest."
"Don't let him do that to you,
Willie, bust him on the jaw."
"What... this shrimp hit me?"
"If he'd ever hit you on
your jaw, he'd break it."
"No, I might hurt you."
"Take him down to the receiving hospital."
Storm clouds in the offing.
"The pier is not strong enough
to hold the boat against this wind."
The King's Fish Palace.
Cigars and Tobacco.
Public Library.
Stage Door.
The End.