Steel Cold Winter (2013) Movie Script

Come on
It's late - Dad
Ears hurt again?
Mr. Foreman,
so good to see you!
What brings you here?
You must be tired
from the drive
No, of course not
I came by to check on
the boiler and tidy things up
Thank you so much
Thank you, you didn't
have to do it yourself
Don't mind it one bit
We're all family now
You must be Yoon-su
Honey, this is
village foreman Mr. Yang
Good afternoon
What a handsome fella
You're in the 11th grade?
You'll break a lot of
village girls' hearts
So you'll go to work in Seoul,
and your son and wife
will stay here then?
Yes, we thought fresh air
would improve his studies
And I'll commute
on the weekends
Don't worry too much
This is better than Seoul
But you'll be lonely
while he's away
I wanted to bring him along
He's been screaming ever since
his mom's shipped away
Do you want him for a pet?
Hey, Yoon-su!
Come in
Shut it, will you?!
Buncha idiots
We got a transferee from Seoul
Teach! We don't need
another dude
We barely got any girls here
You won't get a chance
even with a hundred girls
With this jacket,
- I do pretty well at the market
- Quiet, quiet down,
let's see...
Wanna introduce yourself?
I'm Suh Yoon-su from Seoul
There's no need to be shy
Grow some balls
Look, we're all country hicks
- Yo, Hyung-jun
- Yeah?
Go sit beside that hick
Well, it's time to
release your baby
Thank you again
Where in Seoul are ya from?
Is that in Gangnam?
That is so chic
Yoon-su, are there lotta
hotties in Seoul?
As you saw, this function has
only one answer,
but many ways to solve it
Don't moan about
how hard it is,
just take one step
at a time, got it?
Let's call it a day
Yoon-su, eat with me
Back off, woman!
He's eating with us,
bring your desk, Hyung-jun
Don't make the first move,
you look desperate
How many times
must I tell you?
Yo Ji-yun, do you like him?
Look at her face,
she's turning red
I'm gonna kill you at home
"Gonna kill you"!
Coaching her was
so pointless, let's eat
You might confuse solar eclipse
with lunar eclipse
But it's simple
Moon is for lunar,
and sun is for solar
Lunar eclipse is divided into...
What's with her?
Who? Hye-won?
- She a loner?
- Yeah
- She's off
- Off how?
I heard she's possessed
I dunno exactly,
but she says weird stuff
So, she's a shaman?
Nah, nothing like that,
people are saying things
Like she says evil stuff
Never seen it myself though
Isn't she a bit creepy?
Hey, whatcha doing?
Two knuckleheads in the back
What did I just say
about total eclipse?
Come up and explain
Yoon-su, you joined us recently,
but your grace period is over
Get up here!
Hey, hey
What are you doing?
The world turns dark
Like this
Earth's shadow covers
the moon in darkness
Lunar eclipse is
when the light extinguishes
Shut it, morons!
Back to your seat
Go on
- Yo Hyung-jun,
- Yeah?
He saved your ass
Next month is lunar eclipse
so don't forget to take photos
It's your homework, got it?
At least you answer well
Can't wait to shove down
your lunch?
All right, I'm off,
choke on your food
Dude, not too shabby at all
Took you for
a weak ass city boy
Dude, he's one of us
Hey, it's dangerous!
What's wrong?
Don't do it
Even if I jump,
I probably won't die
What are you doing?
Are you deaf?
I said I probably won't die
even if I fall
We all die at this height
You never wanted to
kill yourself?
That tightness
around your neck
really don't know?
Faggots! Keep it down!
Yoon-su, let's go suck on a cig
Let's go
Grab that fuck!
Get up, asshole,
worthless piece of shit!
Get up, come on
Son of a whore!
Get up!
Can't you walk?!
What in the world
is going on?
This motherfucker tried to
rape my little girl
But not in front of his kid!
All right, let's go
to the station
Did you see that?
Let's go together
You witness
Mr. Eun
So do you admit to
grabbing this girl?
Officer, what's the point
of asking again?
He almost raped
Young-duk's wife last month
It's his 3rd incident this year!
You hear me?
I know, I know,
what's your ID number?
What the heck's going on?
- Good evening, sir
- Evening
Ji-yun, was it really him
who grabbed you from behind?
Yes, it was him
He wore that military uniform
There are many witnesses
who saw him flee!
Will you calm down?
Why bother penalize
a mental case?
Stay out of this one, please!
This crazy bastard's still
running wild 'cos of you!
He's the reason why we can't
live normal lives!
He should be in a straitjacket!
Look here!
Did you see him
do it with you own eyes?
Have you checked
if his dick even works?
- Ask Hye-won about that!
- Shut up!
Watch what you say to a child
What is it?
What did you say to him?
That his illegitimate child
is sick in Andong
How do you know that?
I just do
I didn't say anything
It's only fair
I heard your pops
did it to Ji-yun
What, you don't like it
Shit, I know for a fact
you love it
I know you've been
around the block
- Hyung-jun
- Yeah?
Go outside
What'll you do?
Goddammit, just take
Ji-yun and go!
Fine, Ji-yun,
let's talk outside
- Let go
- Come with me
Fucking bitch
Think you're all that?
That it?
are you ignoring me?
Why are you being
a tight ass to me?
Why don't I get
a chance to fuck you?
You fucking bitch
Do you know me?
You fucking slut!
Please stop,
this is too much
You wanted a payback,
that's what we're doing
He just lifted my skirt,
you're crossing the line
He won't,
just go back in
- No!
- Just go!
- Goddammit
- Can't go in!
Just leave!
Go do your homework!
This is nuts
Fucking bitch
Hold still, you whore,
don't move
Fuck, are you nuts?!
You son of a bitch!
What the hell are you doing?
Mr. Foreman, it's nothing
What are you
doing here then?!
That son of a bitch
Are you gonna skate today?
Why are you nice to me?
Haven't you heard
the rumors about me?
I don't believe in rumors
You really don't?
What happened?
Skate's too small
Dad gave me the pair
when I was 10
Doesn't hurt?
It's not bad
because of the thick skin
I love skating
more than anything
What are you good at?
Let's hurry up
Now we'll be safe at night
Calm down
We shoulda done it earlier
Do you wanna pee?
Mr. Eun?
Shit, it's locked
The door's stuck
Where did he go?
Dammit, where did he go?
Bastard, he fled?
Go on, find him,
he'll freeze to death
This is nuts...
I'll be honest, it's repulsive
that you're in my class...
I heard you meet
Hye-won alone at night
You guys dating?
Am I not allowed?
Didn't you see her
at the station?
Even when her dad was
arrested by cops,
she didn't even blink an eye,
Her dad's not stable
Do you know?
She's batshit insane
She regularly sleeps
with her dad
Says who?!
You think
I'm making it all up?
Someone saw her dad
go into her room to sleep
You know that village doctor?
He was on a house call,
and he heard a man moaning
You know,
when they're doing it
Why'd he sleep with
his teenage daughter?
Like you said,
he's not stable
So, are you happy that
you sent her dad away?
Excavation forbidden
Why'd he sleep with
his teenage daughter?
Like you said,
he's not stable, right?
The severed arm is missing
Where is arm?
I thought he fled to live,
but I guess he wanted to die
That must be it
What a shame,
this is terrible
Look, Man-suk,
this is a suicide for sure
He cut his wrist
many times before
He hung himself 2 years ago,
but Mr. Foreman saved him
Right, right
I thought I was gonna faint
when I saw that
I feel terrible for the child
That nutcase was still
her father though
He went insane in the army
and only caused her headaches
Now he made her an orphan
What a pity,
why is she so unlucky?
I heard she took care
of her father all night,
so she slept at school
every day
But for her sake,
this is a good thing
Aunt! Aunt!
Huh? Be quiet
This is not a simple matter
Of course
The severed arm is missing
Where would a hand go?
Yeah, I went completely pale
Sir, there's a blood trail,
please take a look
Blood trail?
- Let's go
- Let's go!
So nasty
He threw away his hand
in the shitter?
Gotta dig it up
- What? The toilet?
- Dig it
- Yeah, dig it!
- Dig it up
Gotta check
You said he attempted
suicide multiple times
But you still gotta
dig it up
Yeah! It's your job
I wish we could get
a tent out here
you drank too much
This is the teacher
Is that so? I didn't
recognize you, I'm sorry!
Nobody will harass women
at night in our village now
Thank God there weren't any
major incidents, but it was scary
But my condolence to Hye-won
She's all grown up now,
she's not a kid anymore
She'll tempt many men
with her face
Already has
the scent of a woman
She's the same age
as your daughter
Boy, whatcha lookin' at?
Motherfucker, eat this shit
Dude, it's Hye-won
Are you avoiding me?
What do you mean?
You're leaving me too?
I wish heart would grow
thick skin too
I'll wait,
at the lake tonight
You wanted me to
teach you to skate, right?
Dad taught me
when I was a kid
You can have it
Try them
Now stand up
It's not hard
You okay?
Don't you... hear the pigs
screaming at night?
Shrieking, as if
begging for help
Sometimes I hear a person
It almost sounds
like my dad
I didn't tell you something
I saw Hye-won go into
her dad's room with a knife
What are you saying?
Eun Hye-won
On the night her dad died,
I saw her with a knife
Her... dad's arm...
It's probably buried
with the pigs
Listen to yourself!
You saw her kill him?
No, it's not that...
She thinks she can hear him
from the pig dumpingpit
Why are you accusing
a mourning orphan?
Something's wrong with her!
I saw you...
go into your dad's room
with a knife
What I saw...
Yes, I placed a knife
beside him
Why did you do it?
Because I pitied him
Isn't it gruesome
to bury the pigs alive?
But you did it too
You buried me alive,
just now
You believe that
I slept with dad, right?
I know... all about you
You didn't kill your friend
I didn't kill my dad either
You know that, right?
I didn't kill him...
Have you called Young-jae?
He said he goes to
the lake often,
to meet a girl
named Hye-won
The lake?
Yoon-su! Yoon-su!
- Honey!
- Yeah?
Look, I see a light
On the other side of the lake
Honey! Are you okay?
Oh no, are you hurt?
What are you doing here?
I'll take her home
It's okay
Can't you see
your dad's hurt?
Good bye
Come help dad!
So cold...
Hye-won, be careful at night
Come in, sit down
Tell me straight up
On the night of
Mr. Eun's death,
is it true you saw Hye-won
go into his room with a knife?
I'm sure it's nothing at all,
but there's a rumor
Subject of the rumor and
the spreader are my students
I even received a call
from the village foreman
I've never been to her place,
or said such a thing
Why would anyone start
a rumor about that poor girl
That's good then
What's with the look?
Is that what they
teach you in Seoul?
I'm just verifying
what I heard!
We're done!
Show your teacher
some respect
Son of a bitch
Yes, Mr. Foreman
He claims he never said it
It's a misunderstanding!
You bastard!
- Sir, please calm yourself!
- Honey, please
I have the right to know
why my son died
You okay?
So, what's the rumor?
We were friends in junior high,
but he only recently had me over
And when the boys talked
behind his back,
I told them to stop,
'cos he's a good guy,
and despite his
poor living conditions,
he scores better than me,
even without tutoring
But after that he was
teased for being a liar
They thought he lived
luxuriously in Gangnam,
but it was far from the truth
I never said that
but the rumor snowballed
I really tried to set it straight
But he wouldn't even
acknowledge me
Oh yeah, Yoon-su
Ever been to
Hye-won's place?
Your bitch
She was arrested
and taken to Andong
Out of the way, please,
hurry up!
Let's hurry up!
Why're they digging the outhouse?
How deep have you dug?
Well, about half I think
But it's all sewage,
so it'll be hard to find
What?! "Hard"?
Are you nuts?!
Then what was
the point of doing this?
Did I want this?
You ordered me to do it
Look at this bastard!
What about this mess?!
Hey, hey, Yoon-su!
I need a word with you!
You said it to my face,
you said Hye-won went into
her dad's room with a knife
You told me yourself,
but why say otherwise?
'Cos I never saw it
You clearly said it...
I said it out of rage,
but you started a rumor
Why aren't you at school?
Mom, it's weird here
The villagers are all weird!
what's wrong with you?
Buddy! Do you know
what you've done?
Who comes to the station,
and falsely accuse of
someone for murder?
False report is a crime,
so is obstruction of justice
So you shoulda investigated
before spreading the rumor
You didn't even doubt it,
so why the hell now?!
This is insane
I'm so sorry,
he's normally not like this
What's wrong with you?!
Let's go!
Where's Hye-won now?
She was transferred
to the city precinct
Which one?!
Still don't fully understand
what you've done?
This is a murder case,
it's serious stuff!
Hye-won is a suspect,
a murder suspect!
You'll get in trouble
if you're not straight
Yoon-su, let's go home
Come on
Your teacher called
You'll be suspended
with one more absent
Hye-won was released today,
no charges...
Tonight is the lunar eclipse
that I taught you
Don't forget
to take pictures
Don't fool around all weekend
and study for next week's exam
- Good answer
- Yes!
I don't need anymore rice,
money too
Did I ever supported you
because you needed it?
Forget what you saw
the other day,
and any village affairs
I'll send you
to a group home
I doubt you want to
remember me,
but it'll be hard for me
to forget you
By the way,
all the things I told you
whenever I came for a visit,
you didn't say anything, right?
Only I know about Duk-man's
2nd family in Andong,
and I trust you so much that
I didn't even tell my wife about it
Look, Hye-won...
Come over here
You ungrateful!
Comere! Come!
Stay still
Let go!
I though about
that girl Hye-won...
I'm really okay
This has nothing
to do with her
Sleep tight,
dad's coming tomorrow
Hye-won! Hye-won!
I'm sorry, Hye-won
Doctor! Doctor!
Please help her!
Please! Hurry!
Here, here, let go
- When does it happen?
- Dunno, just wait
So friggin' cold
She's pregnant
Isn't she the one
who slept with her dad?
She collapsed from anemia
due to malnourishment
Dietary supplement will help...
People pitied her because
she's got no one else now
I saw his dad go
in and out of her room
So many vicious rumors
about them
Move aside, scoot!
If people found out that she's
pregnant with her dad's baby,
her life's over
What'll you do now?
The world is so messed up
So why sleep around so much
It's starting!
Look at that!
I took it,
I got the photo
It's so pretty
It was you
You're the one
who started her rumor
Why did you do it?
It was a lie...
If the word gets out,
you become a victim of incest
No one will even try
to believe us
I can't let you be like this
Just wait
It's not much,
but this is your share
Thank you
And for you
I'll get you
plenty more next time
Good work, officer Kim,
take care then
Why do you always
sneak around at night?
Are you digging dirt on me?
Want a payback?
It's nothing like that
What is all that?
It's nothing
I didn't see anything,
so just leave
I'll turn the other way
and keep my mouth shut,
and never tell a soul,
so please leave
So chatty for someone
who barely spoke
You're hiding something
from me
Why'd you need these
at this hour?
What are you up to?
I'm not hiding anything
You finally like me?
Hye-won, do you like me?
I really like you,
come here
I really care about you...
Where are we going?
This just in
It was discovered that the suspects
of 2 murders in Suji village
are high school students
The village foreman and doctor
were killed with a sharp blade
Due to the violent nature
of the crime,
resentment may be
the motive behind the killings
During routine investigation
into victims' finances,
it was discovered that the foreman
had received tens of thousand dollars,
from Daeyang Food Industry
for culling uninfected pigs...
It's Yoon-su
Where do we go?
Teach me how to skate
I love you
Here is...
warm here...