Stella cadente (2014) Movie Script

In 1870
it was proposed that I become
King of Spain.
Isabel II had abdicated
and General Prim convinced me
to move to Madrid.
I accepted.
My reign was brief.
Votes for Alfonso of Bourbon:
Votes for the Federal Republic:
Votes for Amadeo of Savoy:
There fore, today, November 16th 1870
Amadeo of Savoy, Duke of Aosta,
is elected King of Spain.
Your Majesty, I regret to inform you
of some terrible news.
General Prim has not
survived the attack.
He has just died.
It can't be.
It's impossible.
I'm here because of him.
His Majesty wants to attend to General's wake,
before setting into the palace.
This won't be possible.
In a few hours the oath ceremony will be
held in the Spanish Court.
- Can't it be delayed?
Can't it be delayed?
- Of course not.
He said it's not possible,
It can't be delayed.
His Majesty can't accept this.
There must be another option.
- There isn't.
Amadeo of Savoy,
Duke of Aosta,
son of Victor Emmanuel II and
Mara Adelaide of Habsburg and Lorraine
by God and the Holy Gospels
to enforce the fundamental laws
of the Kingdom of Spain
and loyally guard
the principles of the Constitution
as adopted by this Parliament in the year 1869.
These crystals gather
energy from the universe.
The light entered
when they were created.
That's why they're so fascinating.
Pink, turquoise...
Poor thing,
it can no longer grow.
- Come on!
Won't there be an event
to celebrate the coronation?
A dance,
a play, a concert?
A dance, a concert...
Alfredo, please, set these rabbits free.
What's this?
Take it away!
His Majesty doesn't eat meat.
I told the cook this morning.
How many times have one
to repeat oneself?
Quite a few.
Come on.
Bring us some fruit.
Yes, Sir.
Do you think I'll get through
Of course, Sir.
A toast!
For the 'queen'
Lady Pilar!
Viva Espaa!
I found a stick
and a cardboard sword
to kill Amadeo
and his entire battalion.
Coffee, cigar
and a clay puppet!
When is my wife coming?
Alfredo, can you hear me?
When is my wife coming?
I don't know, Sir.
Leave, I want to be alone.
The water is freezing!
Don't they have hot water
in this country?
What are you looking for?
I swear that from now on
We need someone better.
Yesterday, once General Prim's
wake had finished,
parlamentarians met to discuss
His Majesty's safety.
The conclusion was:
If you don't want to meet
the same end as Maximilian of Mexico,
you must decline to be crowned
King of Spain.
I will not do it.
I have sworn before your Constitution.
I am King of Spain.
For some of you and for the nation
I am a foreigner.
A stranger.
But I can be a great King.
My father is King
of Piamonte and Sardinia.
My mother is
grandaughter of Charles III.
I am the rightful King
of this country
and for the first time, Spain will have
a modern parliamentary monarchy
that guarantees progress
and justice for all.
I have great ideas.
But there isn't any money.
Many laws must be reformed.
A literacy program
for the lower classes.
A better
distribution of wealth.
Programmes to incentivize industry
in the Basque country and Catalonia.
New agricultural techniques
in the south.
Planting a tree corridor
from north to south
Tree means water,
and water means life.
Empowerment of the shipping
and the mining industry.
Reduction of taxes
for maritime trade with America.
Sanitization of cities according
to new urban plans.
And above all, education,
education and more education:
building new schools,
universities and libraries.
And a definitive separation
between the Church and the State.
In addition...
- One moment, Your Majesty...
Allow me. Everything you say
is admirable.
maybe it's not the best time
foryoursplendid proposals.
The murder of General Prim
has filled Madrid
with an air of revolt.
Supporters of the Republic
are reorganizing.
The situation in Cuba is critical...
Carlists are mobilizing against you,
especially in the Basque and Catalan
provinces, that you admire so.
I am perfectly aware
of the voices opposing my reign.
I will talk with everyone.
The Church, the nobility,
with opposition leaders,
including the Carlists.
And I want to elevate the bourgeoisie
to get theirsupport.
We'll create a government
of reconciliation.
If Your Majesty wants
to remain King of Spain,
foryour own safety,
you shouldn't leave this Palace.
Then, bring them here.
You have the legislative power.
I have the executive power.
I know your Constitution quite well.
By the way: what time
do you get up?
This morning I got up
and everyone was asleep.
I heard that Queen Isabel
didn't get up before 11 am.
So, between the 'toilette' and breakfast,
she didn't start till midday.
How can a country be governed like this?
Or does everything
happen at night?
and talking nonsense.
What's that noise?
- He'll get used to them.
Little by little, he'll get used...
Listen, Your Majesty.
I'll bring you the documents to be signed.
All you have to do is to sign them.
You don't need to do anything else, agree?
I know this country,
I know its people,
I'd like to ask you a favour.
Afavour concerning the bankers.
Your Excellency,
bankers have isolated themselves
and no longer give credit.
You know their procedures and...
if you were to recieve them,
perhaps you could
change their minds.
If they don't release the credit,
it's because they want to stifle my governance.
Regarding these negociations,
I think you are the right person
to meet with them.
At the end of the day,
you are theirsecretaries and...
the ones who receive
theirfavours. Right?
- It's the condition of the defaulter
to not acknowledge the debt.
What does it say?
I don't understand a word.
It says that to guarantee yoursafety,
you must not leave the Palace
until further notice.
This is what it says
and you must sign it.
I assume that I'm the King
and that I give the orders.
I have a Royal Guard and the people
have accepted me.
- Your Majesty, I'll bring you the documents.
You only have to sign.
Don't worry about anything else.
Betterto be a bird in the wild...
What are they?
From Asturias.
They come from the sea.
What do you do with them?
Eat them.
- Eat them?
Has anyone arrived yet?
They don't respect me, Alfredo.
I can't govern like this.
They come here and tell me
about the mess in the streets
and to not intervene
and they leave.
Are you listening to me?
Yes, of course.
The worst thing of all are lies,
because they cover up other mistakes.
If there were no lies,
nothing would be hidden.
There would be no theft,
or infidelity.
But Sir, nothing is totally pure.
Everything coexists
and we have to accept it.
Even gold must be mixed
in orderto shine.
...she buried him with passion
at the junipertree...
- Please, don't stop.
It smells strong, doesn't it?
Can I help?
Like this.
- Be careful!
You win.
And now?
- Now...
Take those peas.
- Beans?
Do you know
'The Juniper Tree' tale?
You haven't read it?
I don't know how to read,
Your Majesty.
I only know how to cook.
Why are you looking at me?
Dead dogs don't bite.
No, Mamma!
Didn't you ask for meat?
Here, the meat!
Azcrraga, member of Parliament,
was killed last night,
after leaving a Republican act.
Castelar made a speech
insulting the Royal House of Savoy.
I am King by the grace of God,
Am I King by God's will?
My ancestors were.
If I am chosen by God,
I have to reign.
Your Majesty,
forgive me to be so sincere,
but the truth is...
Nobody wants you.
And you? Do you love me?
Your Majesty is the King!
I do. I love you.
Alfredo, you're worse than evil!
It was incredible.
- Really?
Yes. The best night of my life.
The most sensual woman I've ever met.
- Did she make you happy?
- Very happy?
It was delightful,
we got so sweaty...
Did her body have a strong smell?
- Astrong smell?
I don't remember...
Ambition is a trap.
I was happier before.
There will come a day
when rivers are dirty.
eating is poisoning,
the air unbreathable.
Everything will be polluted.
We'll have to be reborn.
Good morning.
We should return to Piedmont.
No, I have a lot to do.
I'm very busy.
Queen Mara Victoria,
is planning to come to Spain.
We should return to Piedmont.
Let's have a baby.
When we go home.
In our country.
Tell me a story.
Why not?
Don't you remember?
The only time I told you a story
we argued.
No, we never argue.
Yes, once.
You said I wasn't telling it well.
I had forgotten.
Do you know what
the Portuguese Ambassadon'told me?
He said:
From Spain, ill winds
and bad marriages.
A piece of 'gypsy arm', Sir.
A gypsy... what?
It's a cake.
Take it away.
Read it, please.
Yes, you.
Your Majesties,
we regret to communicate
the absence of the Ministers.
Today's parliamentary session
has lasted longerthan expected.
Anything else?
You know what I love from Spain?
That it looks like its canvas.
May I?
You may leave.
Like the old times.
Why did you stop?
I don't remember.
Maybe because your assistant
does it better.
I don't know how to tell stories...
I don't know how
to shave my husband...
I'm a hinderance to His Excellency.
Without you I would be dead.
You're the only one
who understands me.
And the only one I really love.
Even if you don't know
how to tell stories...
orto shave.
- What?
What have we lost
in this strange country?
- What do you mean?
When you left Italy
you were full of ideas.
Do you remember?
You had intentions...
Since I've arrived...
Say it.
It's just that...
When I look at you,
you don't seem happy.
I'm always happy with you.
What were you carrying
when you came in?
- Nothing.
Don't lie.
You had something.
Yes, you're right.
I brought 'you'.
Yesterday I went for a walk
through the streets of Madrid,
and a boy approached me.
He threw this coin at my feet,
in front of everybody.
Amadeo I, King of Spain.
He's your husband, isn't he?
Then he pointed at the coin,
and shouting, he said:
Justice and Freedom
If your husband had what it takes,
he would try to make these
two words a reality
in this folkloric country,
but as he's no more
than a puppet...
in the hands
of a corrupt Parliament...
Then the guards
took the boy away.
I hope he won't suffer...
He seemed to be a good boy.
Where is MinisterSerrano?
We, democrats and republicans
have arrested him.
Now I, Ruiz Zorrilla,
am the head of government.
I'm the new head of government.
This coin is as false
as the govern of this country.
Full of absurd conspiracies.
Why are you hidding
the truth from me?
Why do you inform me of problems
when it's too late?
I know how Maximilian of Mexico died.
The head of government took up arms
and shot the King.
Then, they set up a Republic.
Is that what you want?
A Republic?
A Republic!
I think it's a good idea.
I'm a Republican as well.
I believe in...
democracy, freedom, progress.
I'm a Republican King!
Don't you see that?
I must give my speech.
I am the King.
- Sure.
I'm the highest authority.
Now all my people are here...
Where are you going?
Can't you hearthem?
Can't you hear how
they're cheering?
I must give my speech.
Can't you hearthem?
You can hearthem, can't you?
No, I can't.
I won't be able to do it.
Yes, yes you can.
They are here. Do it!
Tell them why you agreed
to be their King.
To make this country prosperous...
and free.
It will be your best speech...
the most wonderful night
we've spent here together.
After all these months,
I don't understand this country,
northe role of the King,
scorned and insulted by all.
It's unacceptable that
the capacity of the King...
is limited to pensive expression,
with so little authority.
I'm returning to Italy.
I hope that there,
when you come home,
you can regain your lost
strength and courage.
Mara Victoria del Pozzo.
Do you want to have dinner?
The fruit, Sir.
Who is it?
What are you doing here?
Have you come to tell me a?
or most men who believe
they are loved by society,
only have the affection of
a specific part of the people
to whom they belong
and with whom they live.
Man can't expect society's love,
only that of a small
group of individuals.
He must accept to
be ignored by the rest.
A destiny he can't avoid.
L'Origine du Monde
Tell me.
Yourfather, your mother,
yoursister oryour brother.
I don't have...
a father or a mother,
a sister or a brother.
Go on.
You employ...
a word the meaning of which
eludes me.
It means...
that the poet has no friends.
Keep reading.
Carry on.
I ignore in which lattitude it lies.
I'd gladly love her,
immortal goddess.
I hate it the same way you hate God.
I don't hate God.
Not you, the character.
Go on.
So then...
What do you love...
Extraordinary stranger.
I love the wonderful clouds.
The passing clouds.
Far away.
The wonderful clouds.
The wonderful clouds.
They're looking foryou!
The bomb was addressed to you.
Will I understand this one?
The wonderful clouds.
Vive le Roi.
I had a dream.
The trees spoke.
The birds sang.
People loved each other.
Clouds turned to gold.
Solitude was a privilege.
And God...
was a turtle.
It has been two years
since I was crowned
and Spain lives in constant struggle.
Each day the peace and happiness
I hoped for are more distant.
All of those...
who with swords, pens...
aggravate the ills of the nation,
they're all Spanish.
All invoke the name of the nation.
only fight for their own interests.
And between the battle's heat,
the confusing arguments
from the Parties,
between so many different
public opinions,
it's impossible to say
what is the real nation.
Even harder is to find
remedies forsuch big ills.
I've searched within the law
and I haven't found them.
Outside the law, they
cannot be searched by myself.
Amadeo returned to Italy in 1873.
He died at the age of 44.
Spain became a Republic.
It lasted less than two years.