Step Up: Year of the Dragon (2019) Movie Script

Our opponent is strong.
Winning is hard.
When you feel like
the task ahead
is so hard that you want
to run away,
you need to think about
how it was you got here.
Bottoms up.
Have you told her yet?
Not yet.
My man, hear me out,
you don't need to overthink
this, you can do this, huh?
Come on!
I've waited all night.
Let's dance.
Let's go!
Drop it
Drop it, drop it
Drinks at the bar,
Drinks at the...
Drinks at the bar,
Drinks at the bar
I'm back at it, It's back on
Drinks at the, at the bar,
Drinks at the bar
Drinks at the bar
Drinks at the, at the...
I'm back at it, It's back on
Tie Hou, stop it!
You, come here!
Xiao Fei!
Xiao Fei!
You know, you know
That it's going Down tonight
You know, you know
That's it's going down
Going down
A whiskey, neat, please.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
That's right!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Hey ho!
Welcome back, man!
Tie Hou!
- Brother.
- Tie.
- Brother, welcome home.
- -Mm.
Hey, you wanna dance, man?
- Come on!
- Show us what you got.
- Yeah!
- Come on!
Okay, okay.
Yeah, this is cool.
Go, go, go.
- Woo!
- Hey, what's wrong, bro?
Hey, what are you doing, man?
- What's going on?
- -Who are you?
Can't you see the girl's
just trying to dance?
She's my sister! Let's go.
- No!
- Xiao Fei!
You're not my real brother.
Why would I go with you?
I have my own life now.
If you really cared about me,
you wouldn't have been
that impulsive.
Come on, let's dance, huh?
- Take it easy, Tie Hou.
- Come on, drop it, bro.
- Let's go dancing.
- -It's okay, Tie Hou.
It's been a few years.
And Xiao Fei?
I'm really worried about her.
Xiao Fei is a really smart girl.
- She'll figure it out, man.
- Hmm.
You on the other hand,
what's up with you?
All these years weren't wasted.
I didn't forget my moves.
Right on!
You're manning up, right?
Huh? Cheers.
Tie Hou,
you just got out of jail.
You should lay low for a while.
Don't go back to the garage
just yet.
You may get into trouble.
I actually have a gig for you.
I have my own plans.
Just take it, man.
Cheers. Welcome home.
Give me some more
of that. No, that's enough.
Huh? Oh, hey.
- Hmm.
- Hmm? Hello, Tie Hou.
- Tie Hou.
- Hey.
You know, you shouldn't clean
with a customer here.
I don't see one.
Sorry about last night.
I was a little harsh.
Still listen to this song?
Remember how to dance to it?
Come on, stop being mad.
Come on.
When you're with me
Honey, honey
Dance will set you free
When you're in need, girl
- Oh, yeah
- When you're with me
Honey, honey
Honey, honey
Dance will set you free
When you're in need, girl
Yo, drop that beat
Yo, drop that beat
Yo, drop that beat
Yo, drop that
Girl, let me see,
Let me see you do it
Let me see you do it, girl
Girl, let me see,
Let me see you do it
Take another shot
Girl, let me see,
Let me see you do it
Let me see do it, girl
Girl, let me see,
Let me see you do it
Take another shot
- I like it. Nice.
- Yeah.
I like it.
Have some fun
Girl, the way
You move your body
The way you move your body
Yeah, you such a hottie
You such a hottie
Yeah, you oughta work
Get another drink
And have some fun
Hey, get it on for the night
He Chuan.
- Really nice, good.
- -Mm-hmm.
You did a good job today.
Yeah, look at this.
I'd like to know
your name, please.
He Chuan.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
- And you?
- Oh, Dai.
You know about
Phantom Crew, right?
The most famous dance crew.
They're from America.
Last I heard,
they're touring Japan right now.
And after Japan,
they're coming to China,
where they'll challenge
their top dance crew.
You are now a member
of China's best dance crew,
the Black Tiger Crew.
Oh, thank you.
I'm going to arrange
your training.
My secretary will have all
the details for you shortly.
Thank you.
Always getting what you want.
So you planned this
all along, huh?
You wanted this so bad
that you would even betray
your own friend?
My friend, tell me something,
whose father has enough money
and influence with the judges
to actually buy a trophy
for his son?
Come on, don't tell me
that I'm the only one who
Chuan's dad tried to pay off
to quit his crew?
You've never had
any real friends, man.
Like this. Okay?
Now it's your turn.
That's it.
Trap money
Tr, tr, trap money
Tr, tr, trap money
Tr, tr, tr, tr,
Trap, trap, trap
Trap money, money, money
Tr, tr, trap money,
Money, money
Tr, tr, trap money,
Money, money
Tr, tr, tr, trap money
Stop, stop, stop.
Okay, okay.
Oh, come on.
That's too difficult.
I want you to meet Tie Hou.
He's gonna work with you
from now on.
All right. I want you guys
to play nice, you hear?
- Welcome aboard.
- -Nice to meet you.
Hurry up, faster. Come on.
He Chuan, when I was your age,
I carried bricks
on a site just like this one.
My month's salary
wasn't enough...
To afford the shirt on your back
today, right, Dad?
But now you can, and I bet
buy the championship trophy
as well.
It must have cost you a fortune.
Well, I hope the trophy today
will be enough closure for you.
You need to move on
with your life, son.
Come on.
Mr. He.
Mr. He Junior.
Secretary Zhang will strictly
be working for you.
Uh huh.
I hope you'll acclimate quickly.
Managing this place
is not an easy task.
Oh, watch your step out there!
So you guys built all this?
Mr. He Junior, I designed
this space specifically for you.
I installed the best
air purifier
the world has to offer.
The absolute very best,
I assure you, sir.
Also, in here,
we've got the best,
best surround sound speakers
in the universe.
Only things that fit
your status, sir.
And surveillance cameras too?
- You have two options here.
- I do?
I can fire you now.
Very professional.
Not if you were able to detect
my movements, sir.
Now that that's settled...
you can get on with your work.
Eat up, gentlemen.
Hey, look, you guys.
This kid can really dance.
Wow! Not bad at all.
- Nice.
- -Look at him dance.
He can dance, all right.
- He's got the moves.
- -Yeah, oh, oh.
All right.
Mr. He Junior! Out there!
Something's going on
at the site!
What is it?
Some guy was...
What's the matter with you?
I can't explain to you
what I saw.
Just come outside and see
for yourself, come on.
You'll know it when you see it.
- Look, look.
- -Don't just watch.
Watch and eat.
Yeah, look at that. All right.
Come on, guys. Real quick.
Oh, boy. He's got some moves.
- Look at that.
- -Not too shabby.
First day at work.
So, you're Tie Hou.
I saw a dance video of yours
two years ago.
If that was all,
I need to carry more bricks.
I won't dance at work anymore.
No bricks for you.
I'm putting together
a dance crew
to compete in the China
Regionals tomorrow.
You can come and train.
Why would I come train?
If we qualify,
we'll be going up against
the greatest dance crew
in the world.
This opportunity comes
once in a lifetime.
- Who's going to train me?
- Me.
- How many in the crew?
- Me and you,
more will join later.
I'll double your pay.
All right, so tell me
what the dance is.
Have you ever starved?
Been looked down on?
Couldn't afford school,
felt useless.
You just stay home.
Ever liked a girl,
but you couldn't tell her
because you have nothing
to offer her.
You couldn't provide for her
or give her a good life.
Only when you're dancing
you can.
You feel like the whole world
is at your feet.
You feel like you're invincible.
I'm very sorry, sir.
We'll never dance
on the same team.
That was cool.
All right, all right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Let's go, everyone, come on.
Come on!
Woo. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Here comes Tie Hou.
No wonder you're so popular.
You must have been a real slut
in jail, huh?
Hey! Hey, hey!
Hey, you guys, stop it.
Stop right now.
No, no, no! Don't fight.
No, no fighting, okay?
You know the rules. No touching.
- You need to leave this stage.
- Hit the road. Bye.
Sorry, no fighting, okay?
Go on, so who's next from your
side, pick the next dancer!
- Come on.
- -Who's going up next?
- I have no idea.
- We'll see.
- What?
- Who's that?
I've never seen him.
Who's this guy?
Okay, okay, battle!
Even a cripple comes to battle.
Come on, come on.
Let's go, man.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Let's hear it
for the two teams now!
Okay! What do you guys think
about the Reds on the right?
Okay, the next crew.
What about the Iron Crew
on my left?
Make some noise for them.
Yeah, yeah!
All right, we have
our obvious winner
for tonight I think.
The Iron Crew!
Not bad.
I'm Ni Zi. Spinning Top.
Mr. Kebab, Binary.
Rice Ball, Big Bird.
And this is our little sister
and that's Tie Hou.
Mr. He.
My invitation still stands.
My answer is still no.
How come?
If you still wanna dance
in the future,
you should rest your leg.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Use this three times a day.
You'll recover in no time.
- What's your name?
- Little sister.
I work at a clothing store
in the alleyways.
I'm asking your real name.
Are you like this to everybody?
Xiao Fei. My name is Xiao Fei.
Your medicine was good.
You really came
just to tell me that?
Um, I came to buy something.
To buy something?
- For clothes or a purse?
- Some clothes.
For yourself
or are they for a girl?
- For a girl.
- Hmm?
Our best-sellers, on sale.
It's not her style.
Actually that sweater would look
great on any girl.
Right, but...
this isn't an ordinary girl.
Yeah, okay.
Why would someone like you
come to this store?
- How could you let him go?
- Hmm?
Who is this for?
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Let's read the card.
"Dearest Xiao Fei..."
He's inviting you
to his birthday party.
I'm not going.
Isn't it a little too much?
I'm not going on television.
- Thanks, see you later.
- -See you!
Where are you going?
Getting dinner with friends.
You're wearing heels just to go
get dinner?
- Yeah.
- What's that on your lips?
- Hot sauce?
- What's your deal?
Your invitation, please.
Go ahead.
- I agree.
- Cheers, I'm going downstairs.
Cool, catch you later.
I have no idea who she is.
I've never seen her before.
Hey, sorry! Do you know
where He Chuan is?
Let me check for you.
Okay, thank you.
- Oh!
- I'm sorry.
It's all right.
- You looking for He Chuan?
- Mm-hmm.
To do what exactly?
He invited me to dance.
Do you know how many people
are waiting for him?
Did you even grab a number
at the door when you got here?
I think your cheap hairstyle
really goes well
with this dress you have on.
What are you going for?
Fallen angel?
Or street bum?
Spot on.
I'm sorry. Really, I am.
I'm looking forward to see
if you dance better
than you dress.
You're all wet.
Good luck. Hmm?
Looks like we got ourselves
a street bum!
What are you doing?
What's going on?
She's messing with me.
You know, you know
That's it's going down
You know, you know
That's it's going down
Going down
You're the type I like, girl
Your body's so right, girl
One night,
I change your life
Show me
you're the one for me
One night, one night
One night, one night
One night,
I change your life
Show me
You're the one for me
One night, one night
One night, one night
You know, you know
That's it's going down
You know, you know
That's it's going down
Going down
You're the type I like, girl
Your body's so right, girl
Hey, you need to keep dancing.
It's getting late.
Have you had enough fun yet?
I just came out to dance
like you do.
So why can't I?
What, have fun?
Or be made fun of?
It's hard to tell sometimes.
So that's why you won't accept
my invitation?
Since you are so persistent,
let's battle.
Now, if you win,
I'll compete alongside you,
but if you lose,
I better never see you again.
Also, stay away from my sister.
You worry about yourself.
Got that?
Is this the girl you talked
about in the office?
Let's do this.
Yeah, boom!
- Whoa!
- -Okay, okay.
Whoa, all right.
We're not
that different after all
because we're both ourselves
only when we're dancing.
Tomorrow, 8:00.
Find me at SOCAR.
It's okay.
This move takes practice.
- Take it slow.
- -Here we are.
He's my big brother, Tie She.
They want us to join forces
and compete
in the Phantom Challenge.
That's right.
Phantom is extremely
The best dance crew in China.
We must beat the Black Tigers
to battle against the Phantom.
Black Tigers?
They're practically invincible
in China.
What? You afraid?
What was the name
of your crew again?
Sky Crew.
- Sky Crew?
- That's right.
We are the Sky Crew.
What a crappy name.
- Guys, rehearsal.
- Let's go.
Who are they?
Just some rich kid
and his spoiled friends.
Didn't you promise to focus
on work though?
Now what? Got any new plans now?
You need to ask yourself.
Do you still want to do nothing
with your life, huh?
Doing nothing all day?
What's wrong with me dancing?
I mean, take a look at me, man.
I've been to jail.
I can't even find a proper job.
All I do is lift and move things
all day.
I want to do better things.
I need a bigger stage
to dance on.
Come on.
Hey, hold on, hold on.
Step back, hold it.
Every single one of us
has a unique style.
Why don't we fight together?
Trap money
Tr, tr, trap money
Tr, tr, trap money
Tr, tr, tr, tr, tr, tr
To this trap, trap, trap...
One, two, three,
four. One, two, three.
Um, why can't you keep up
with the rhythm?
What's wrong this time?
All right, you do it.
Mind your own business then.
What's going on here?
If we're gonna beat 'em,
we've gotta work together.
- Settle down.
- We only have six weeks left.
You need to work on your
temper, and cooperate more.
And you need to stop
screwing up.
Stop complaining, man.
We came here to do you a favor.
If it wasn't for...
Listen up.
Work on your leadership skills.
They're even worse
than our dance.
I'll admit it.
It was my fault.
Be more patient.
Everyone's just starting
to know each other.
Raise your hand
higher for this move.
Open, like that. Go, yeah, jump.
That's right, yeah.
Five, six, seven, go.
One, two, three,
four, five, six.
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
One, two, go.
- Okay.
- -Three times.
Then we walk up, see?
- One more time.
- -One more time.
One, two, go.
Too fast.
Dad, I completed
all the work you gave me.
Next month, you'll start
the MBA program at USC.
I'm sorry.
I'm not going anywhere.
Let's go again.
- Good idea.
- -I'm hungry. You?
What's up for today?
- You're kidding, right?
- -It's a secret.
- Seriously, look it up.
- -No way.
- We were waiting for you.
- What's up, man?
- Hey, man.
- Listen, guys, listen up.
So today,
we're holding the first
official meeting for Sky Crew.
Our agenda for today is, uh...
Is what?
These are the shoes we'll wear
for the competition!
- Rice Ball.
- -Where's mine?
- Mr. Kebab.
- -I want mine!
- Here you go.
- Wow.
Here you go. Xiao Fei.
- Ni Zi.
- Thank you so much.
- They're amazing.
- -You like it?
They're amazing, thanks.
Tie Hou.
One's a size 8. One's 8 1/2.
To be safe, I got you both.
Hey, what's up
with the bag there?
You didn't buy your own shoes,
did you?
Mm, what's wrong with him?
Sky Crew! Sky Crew!
What's that?
I can't hear you, everyone!
Next, let's welcome
Black Tigers.
So good, I love them.
Get your ass up
Get, get your...
Get your ass up
Get, get your...
Get your ass up
Get your ass...
Get your ass,
Get, get your ass...
We know how to turn it up
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
our top two teams tonight are.
Sky crew and Black Tigers crew.
Let's welcome the two teams
on to the stage!
Sky crew. Black Tigers.
Go! Go! Black Tigers.
Folks, the winner
of tonight's competition
will rightly advance
to the Phantom Challenge.
And face off against
the world-class dance crew
- from Los Angeles, okay?
- Sky crew.
Black Tigers ain't bad.
And now for the winner
- of tonight's competition!
- -Sky crew! Sky crew!
Sky crew! Sky crew!
Sky crew! Sky crew! Sky crew!
The Black Tigers!
Woo hoo!
I don't get it.
What have they got?
I don't understand!
One time
for the Black Tigers! Woo!
Once a loser, always a loser.
What's so good about them?
No idea!
Black Tigers! Black Tigers!
We fought so hard
for over two months
and the whole thing was rigged.
- It's just not fair.
- -Not fair?
Nothing's ever fair.
All there is is fate.
So we just give up? It's over?
The video they took
last night...
has gotten over 250,000 views.
And the number is still rising.
Check it, the views for Sky Crew
- are now ranked first.
- -Oh!
That doesn't matter.
Even if we did make it through.
We'd still totally lose.
If we have to battle Phantom.
I just can't stand
losing the way we did.
Phantom can challenge the best
dance crews in the world.
So who says
we can't challenge Phantom too?
I have one last idea.
We challenge Phantom.
But on the internet.
Could that really
work? Would they see it?
Think they'd really notice?
Look, if we wanna get
Phantom's attention,
we still need
an ace in the hole.
One more time.
Five, six, seven, eight.
So, last night...
you were amazing.
Hey, guys. We're ready to start!
To the side more.
- I'll leave you to it.
- -Wait up.
I have an idea.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight. One, two...
a dance troop named Sky Crew
appeared, who blend Kung Fu
with street dance.
The video they made has become
a huge hit on the internet.
Viewers commented
how amazing they are.
They've never seen street dance
so truly eye-popping.
Kung Fu dance
has become a popular trend
amongst young people.
This dance team called Sky Crew
teaches you
- how to dance Kung Fu style.
- Phantom,
- dare to battle?
- Hey, Phantom Crew.
We want to challenge you.
We are Sky Crew.
How will
Phantom handle the challenge?
Let's wait and find out.
Kung Fu street dance
has become this week's
most trending topic.
Bro, I'm leaving.
- Hey.
- Huh?
- Oh.
- Don't forget this.
See you.
You are on TV.
Where's that wild monkey?
This score needs to be settled.
Time and location
are both up to Tie Hou.
I'll be waiting for his call.
We just hit 30 million views.
And there's still no word
from Phantom.
What's going on, guys?
Look at all of us!
And you two.
Your vibe's not right,
your moves, nothing's right.
But you two feel right.
You do it.
- Stop it, come back here.
- Just face it.
We can't beat the Black Tigers.
Sky Crew versus Black Tigers.
You just wanted to get back
at Dai, didn't you?
He Chuan.
Everyone must be disappointed
in me.
You must be disappointed in me
as well.
I know you only got close to me
in the first place
because you wanted
to form the Sky Crew.
There's only dance
inside your heart.
Hey! Girl, you ready?
You ready to go?
Hey! Girl, you ready?
C'mon, let's go!
- Hmm.
- Hmm?
Six dollars for this crap?
Sky Crew is over.
But we wouldn't have won,
so who cares.
Henry! Dinner! Come inside!
If you admit that you've lost
then you've really lost.
Do you know how hard it is
to compete?
Get your family meals
for only 12.88!
What's not hard?
Standing here and talking,
that's the easy part.
What you really need
to tap into...
is here.
I'll be waiting for his call.
10 p.m. tonight.
I've never tried these.
What else could we do?
- I don't know.
- -What's it about?
Tie She told us to meet up.
He reached out to me too.
Then where is he?
He said he was getting some
car parts outside Beijing.
Outside Beijing?
He never told me about that.
And I was just with him
last night.
I was at the garage
last night and...
a car pulled up,
Tie She told me to leave.
The license plate didn't look
like it was from here.
Did you see anyone inside?
Just a scar on his head.
- Hey!
- Okay!
- -Yeah.
Where the hell is Tie Hou?
Please, tell me
you did not come by yourself.
Let's do this now.
So fight!
Tie She.
What are you doing?! Huh?
We should go.
- Tie She is hurt.
- -Go!
Let's go to the hospital!
- Come on, let's go!
- -What happened?
- Come on, come on.
- -Hurry!
Tie Hou.
Tie She's lost too much blood.
- Hang in there!
- No, no,
the ambulance is close!
Tie Hou...
Tie Hou, promise me...
- you won't take revenge.
- Don't say anything.
All the bad blood in the past...
it all ends here where I die.
Sky Crew...
Keep on fight...
Tie She!
Tie She!
Tie She! Oh, no!
Tie She!
Tie She is gone,
but this family is still here.
Sky Crew can't fall apart.
You guys ready for this?
Forgive me.
Everyone's worked hard.
But you should also be aware
that we invested
tens of millions
to sponsor you all.
Yet you were sloppy
in the Chinese Regionals.
We almost lost
to a rookie dance crew.
So show me what you really got
in the upcoming challenge, okay?
Phantom is challenging
the Sky Crew.
Did you all hear that?
Now, let's work harder.
All right.
Let's go!
Keep fighting!
Truly full of surprises.
I remember this person.
He was the crew leader
in the competition, right?
Then he was injured.
He Chuan and Tie Hou
are both extremely
talented dancers.
Now that they have
come together,
they will only be stronger.
However, perhaps they...
can generate more profit for us
this way.
We came to battle the best...
and that's Sky Crew. Bring it.
Tie Hou?
I've got some really good news.
Tie Hou?
Xiao Fei, I'm sorry.
I know I never sent you
any letters.
Or called while I was in prison.
But not one day has passed
that I didn't miss you.
I got you a new pair of shoes.
Your favorite style.
We're finally going to
battle Phantom.
So save some energy.
Did Tie She teach you
how to box?
Tie She once told me something.
Right before a big fight,
one should get used to pain.
Only if you know pain
will you ever remember
how you got there
in the first place.
Everyone whose stood by you
wouldn't wanna see you
like this.
The fans' enthusiasm for
the famous Phantom Challenge
is way beyond our expectations.
That is why we plan to invite
the internet sensation,
Sky Crew, to battle Phantom.
Would you say
Sky Crew's comeback
proves that internet videos
are more powerful
than mainstream media?
I've been a TV producer
for over a decade.
I only know one type of victory
in this world,
and that is the victory
of ratings.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight.
Phantom is a world-class crew.
Do you think Sky Crew
can beat them?
This is an extremely
difficult task for us,
and we're well aware of that.
However, I think we still stand
a very strong chance.
We have worked
so hard for so long.
And we finally made it.
Let's do this!
Hoo, hoo-hoo, hoo-hah!
Hoo, hoo-hoo, hoo-hah!
Hoo, hoo-hoo, hoo-hah!
Sky Crew! Sky Crew! Hah!
Sky Crew! Sky Crew! Hah!
Sky Crew! Sky Crew! Hah!
Sky Crew! Sky Crew! Hah!
Sky Crew! Sky Crew! Ho!
Sky Crew! Sky Crew! Hey!
Please give a warm welcome to
the judges for today's
competition, we have,
from America,
the famous choreographer,
Mr. Duan Kaixuan.
When we get on stage,
at that moment,
we only need to remember
one thing, guys.
The reason we are standing here.
Phantom is not our enemy...
Sky Crew is.
- Luckily I have a plan.
- -Okay.
The next crew is the best
dance crew in the world.
From Los Angeles, USA,
it's the Phantom Crew!
Excuse me, are He Chuan
and Tie Hou here?
That's us. What do you want?
Everybody in the place
Now jump
There are three kids
from our town
who are your biggest fans.
They came a really long way
just to watch you guys
in the competition.
We're going on stage soon.
These kids just really wanna
see you guys in person.
We came here to represent
the millions of people
just like us.
To give them hope.
That's what Tie She did.
- Please follow me.
- Okay.
Tie Hou...
hurry up, okay?
Everybody in the place
Now jump
Place now jump
Place now jump
Next up in our competition
is the Black Tiger Crew.
What's taking them so long?
Now I want you all to welcome
a very special challenger,
Sky Crew!
Where are they?
Where is Sky Crew?
Sky Crew! Sky Crew!
If Sky Crew decides not show up,
it's a huge disrespect to us
and all these people.
Then I think we should move on
- with the competition.
- -Mm-hmm.
Um, move on.
All right, folks, time is up.
- I declare...
- Hold on!
Hold on!
Better late
than never, am I right, guys?
Aw, I love their shoes! Wow!
At this time, please welcome
the three dance crews
back on stage!
Black Tigers.
And last but not least,
Sky Crew!
The dance crew
that will be advancing
to the next round
and go on
to challenge Phantom is...
Sky Crew!
Sky crew!
All right, folks,
let's start the battle!
Come on! Bring it!
Come on!
You know you can do better than
that, show 'em what you got.
Yeah, yeah, you got this, boy.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, that's right.
That's right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's right.
We got this. Come on.
- What?
- Show them, Tie Hou!
Come on! Give them all you got.
Win or loose, I don't care.
But they will remember me.
Come on. Come on.
- Come on!
- -Yeah, yeah!
- Come on. Come on.
- -Let's go.
Yeah! Come on.
Come on.
All of the performances
were absolutely amazing.
And the winner of the Phantom
Challenge is going to be...
Phantom Crew!
It's okay, bro.
Don't sweat it.
Sky Crew!
Nicely done.
All right. Great job.
The one who truly loves you
has always been here.
Cherish him.
All right. You did great.
Thank you.
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