Stepfather II (1989) Movie Script

(Children laugh)
(Door closes)
MAN : Honey l'm home
WOMAN: Hi, honey. Good day at the office?
MAN: Ah, the usual.
Say what's for dinner ?
l've made your favourie -
pot roast and apple pie
Why don 't they just leave me alone?
All we need is a litle order around here!
Order !
( Crash)
We're gonna keep this family together
You had better believe i
Wait a minute.
Who am I here?
- Argh!
Thank you , honey.
Stop it!
l love you .
(Thunderclap )
(Thunderclap )
(Thunderclap )
(Thunder crashes)
TANNO Y: all inmates proceed
to indiviual therapy sessions
Time to see the new shrink, Bad Daddy.
An hour with him then you're mine again .
ln there.
avo a ssoat, wo nn't yo uu??
Excuse the mess here. Dr Winington
has returned to his private practice.
l'm Dr Joseph Danvers.
Call me Joe.
Let's get some things out in the open ,
know what we're dealing with.
Want to tell me something about yourself?
What's to tell?
lt says here...
Jerry and Susan Blake
were according to neighbours and friends
the ieal happy couple That is
until Jerry brutally attacked Susan
and her daughter
murdered James Ogilvie
and just a year earlier
Henry Morrison walked out on his family
Jerry Blake Henry Morrison
and before them Bill Krieger
What kind of man changes names
like other people change their clothes
and then marries into fatherless families?
And how can such a man
be a loving father
and a devoted husband
right up until the time
he decides to calmly wipe that family
off the face of this planet hm ?
Probably just a man .
A man with the same dreams and desires
as me or him.
A man who wanted all the things
everyone else does -
home and hearth...
..but who got twisted
and turned along the way
What would you do with a man like that?
l'd help him.
l'd reach out to him,
tell him to trust me.
l'd say to him
that everyone is entitled to their feelings.
Could he trust you?
Yes, Jerry,
just as much as l trust him.
Remove this man 's handcuffs.
Doc, that ain 't no man sitting there.
lt's a fucking animal.
Just do it.
t'ss OK , Je rrry
l don 't smoke.
- Where do your thoughts take you?
- Retty
Who's Retty?
My dog.
l got him when l was nine years old.
He was my best friend
- He was your best friend, this Retty?
- For a while
What happened?
(Clears throat)
mno rro wass a accident, kinda.
Di Retty do something bad?
Did you punish Retty?
- (Whimpers)
- Jerry?
- l thought we were gonna trust each other.
- l know.
You're the only one l can trust.
would you wait outside?
Maybe you being new an ' all
you're not up on the policy here, doc.
mma mko po cy nnow ,
so just leave, please.
Fuckin ' shrinks.
(Circular saw whines)
So, where do your thoughts take you , Joe?
lt's beautifully crafted.
More than that.
lt's much more.
- What's that?
- lt answers your question
of why would a man murder one family
and then marry into another, time and again .
Wait. Wait a minute.
- Wait.
- Wait.
You see, Joe...
The eternal optimist
believes that he can fix whatever's broken .
So he just keeps on trying.
Wait outside, Smith.
That is good. That is very good.
This'll just take a minute.
- Yeah, yeah.
What is it this time?
Dec ??
(Muffled screams)
(Bird chirps)
MAN ON RADlO: Smih get me
some quarters on the way up
- (Whistles Camptown Races)
- Smih ?
Smih you asleep again ?
- Christ we got an escape down here
- Oh man !
Jesus! We got men dead down here
in Danvers' office
- We got an escape!
Help! Help!
(Dogs bark)
(Metal gates clatter shut)
(Train hooter)
TANNO Y: Amtrak 1 69 southbound to Portland
and San Francisco now boarding on platform 8
Amtrak 1 69 southbound to Portland
and San Francisco now boarding on platform 8
(Level-crossing bell)
(Train hooter)
Hi there. Need some help?
Oh, jeez, thanks a lot.
When l bought this car,
l fell in love with the roomy trunk space.
(Train hooter blasts)
(Knock at door)
- Hi.
- Hi.
TV:..Thunderbird 4...
Right over there.
TV: commencing launch
Oh, boy.
Back home, the wife
never lets me eat this kinda stuff,
but sometimes you just gotta stop
and taste the good life.
Yes, sir.
- Thank you , Mr Thomas.
- You betcha.
TV: ..well, I believe you're safe now.
Thanks to you
l knew you 'd come to my rescue
Two men were brutally murdered here
this morning
when a patient here staged an escape
in broad daylight that has local police baffled
According to hospial authoriies
convicted family killer
Jerry Blake also known as Henry Morrison
and previously Bill Krieger
stabbed resient psychologist
Dr Joseph Danvers
then bludgeoned securiy guard Ralph Smih
before making his escape
Unfortunately for Puget Sound area resients
local police have not been able
to recapture Blake nor do they have any clue
as to his whereabouts
As of this moment police are combing
the streets in search of Blake
in one of the largest manhunts
in Puget Sound history
but so far they have made no progress
on Dream House our returning champions
Susie and Pete Morgan
will make their second attempt
to win a dream house
and prizes worth over $ 1 00 000
( Wild cheering)
And now here's the man wih the key
to your dream house Mr Bob Eubanks
Our couples are competing for a fabulous
room of furniure and a great dream house
Johnny Gilbert's about to tell us about some of
the houses offered by our family of builders
You could be moving to Palm Meadow Estates
in lovely Loma Linda That's right
Palm Meadow Estates just an hour 's drive from
downtown LA could be your home sweet home
Family values and easy living
will have you agreeing
that Palm Meadow Estates is where
the American Dream becomes a realiy
Tree-lined streets welcome you
to these dens of domesticiy
where all areas of everyday life
have been planned
down to the tiniest detail - schools
shopping centres and houses of worship
for almost every faih
make Palm Meadow the ieal family spot
And i 's all yours Hynes family
free and clear for winning on Dream House!
(Woman coughs)
Excuse me Dr Clifford
Call me Gene, Miss Grayland.
Well, actually, it's Mrs Grayland
Oh, well, isn 't Mr Grayland the lucky one?
Well, l suppose it's Miss Grayland now.
l just got a divorce...
The logs, they don 't come out. Look.
- Oh?
-No, it's gas.
See? All you need to do is turn this little valve.
- Well, l'll be.
- Yes, it takes all the fuss out of making a fire.
Well, l guess l'm kinda old-fashioned that way.
Nothing like stoking a fire
on a cold New England night.
- Oh, really? Where?
- My last practice was in Connecticut.
- Oh, that's a coincidence.
- Excuse me?
The owners of this house, the Fieldings,
they just moved there.
Po rrmnapss yo uu mnavo a few t pss yo uu ca nn passss o nn
Did they say how long
they were looking to lease for?
They did. Two years with an option to buy
at the end of the lease.
- Where's the basement?
- There is no basement.
ls that a problem ?
My last house had a basement workshop.
l like to work with my hands.
l understand. A lot of people use their garage.
Do you specialise in your practice, Gene?
The family.
Family guidance types of problems.
l find that everything in life
begins or ends with the family.
One way or another.
- lt seems like a nice neighbourhood.
- Mm.
You couldn 't ask for a better neighbourhood.
l should know. l live right over there.
All by yourself?
MISS GRAYLAND: Actually, I have a son.
Oh, Todd, what did l tell you
about riding your skateboard in the house?
- l didn 't know you were home.
- l didn 't say it was OK when l'm not at home.
Park it, mister, hm?
Where are you going?
To my room.
l was hoping that you and l
could have a little celebration .
- A 1 6-inch pizza wih the works
- What are we celebrating?
l sold two houses and leased a third.
High five for Mom.
- That's great, Mom.
- Mm.
Then l went down to Dell Pharmacy
and l bought up
every last baseball card that they had.
There's got to be a Pedro Guerrero
in there someplace, right?
The Dodgers traded Guerrero.
ln Washington State the manhunt continues
Puget Sound police are still on the lookout
for escaped family killer Jerry Blake
Blake who was serving tie
for the grisly murder of a Seattle family
escaped from a psychietric hospial a week ago
So far the police have found no clues
Turning to weather
Here in the Southern Californie area
we're still going to have
a 20-30% chance of showers
which will probably give way
to a warming trend by the weekend
By tomorrow i will be a comfortable 57
What do l look for in a man ?
( Giggles) l look for
a luxury automobile a trust fund
a platinum American Express card
a sense of humour a four-carat rock
l am wih this gentleman
that l've been seeing for a while
and things are progressing in a nice direction
and l'm about to explain that erm
l use a diephragm and
(Deletes name)
Of course any man l date
has to understand that my career comes first
l haven 't worked all these years
just to throw that away on some guy
WOMAN : On Sundays
we usually unplug the phone
That way Jake and me are left alone
Quality time between a husband and wife
is very important, Sally.
Anyways, this last Sunday,
being Jake's birthday an ' all,
he wanted something special with his present.
And what was that?
He wanted me to hum a song.
Well, as they say,
''Music soothes the savage beast.''
Not Jake.
lt gets him all hot and bothered,
especially show tunes.
- Show tunes?
-Yeah this week l was supposed to learn Cats
l tried telling Jake
l'd been running around all week.
What with errands
and planning the Church social,
l din 't have tie to learn the tunes
Well, couldn 't you just buy him the record?
lt isn 't the same, Dr Clifford.
l gotta hum the songs.
Well, l can 't blame a man
for taking pride in his wife's voice.
lt isn 't exactly my voice Jake's so interested in .
What do you mean ?
Jake likes me to hum when l...
You know. (Giggles)
No, Sally, l'm afraid l don 't.
He likes me to hum when l...
..when l kiss him down below.
(Woman sniggers)
(Women cough)
Do you know why he makes you do that?
No, but if you hum a few bars, l can fake it.
Carol, you're very quiet.
This is a...
lt's all very new to me.
l'm not sure where to begin .
Well, begin at the beginning.
My husband...Philip...
He's a dentist and...
- l thought you were divorced.
- He ran away with his 22-year-old hygienist.
- What about the ones who stay, like yours?
- What about my husband?
Well he's a perv
l should know l deliver his mail
- Subscribes to every porn mag under the sun .
- Ladies...
l beg your pardon ?
lt's true, l swear. All of his magazines
come in plain brown -paper wrappers.
CLlFFORD: Madeleine please
To my friends.
Carol, you were saying?
Phil left erm...a little over a year ago.
l knew that it was coming.
So l've learned how to roll
wih the punches since then
But Todd?
That's my son .
lt's really hit him hard.
And where do your thoughts take you?
MATTY: Well, what do you think?
CAROL: Think of what?
You know! Dr Gene.
- lt's just the first session .
- Oh, come on . This is Matty you're talking to.
l saw you getting the hands-on treatment.
He likes you .
You are starting to imagine things again .
Personally, l wouldn 't blame you
for jumping his bones.
Koop yo uu rr vo co deow nn
What's the matter? Are you afraid to start dating?
Forgot how?
lf it's meant to happen , it'll happen .
Need some help?
- Hi.
- Hi.
lf you're not careful and you back up over one
of these, you can say goodbye to your rear axle.
lf it wasn 't for frozen dinners, l might never eat.
Do you want to know the secret to cooking?
You find someone else to do it.
That was great.
And there's plenty of moo-shu pork left.
Thanks. l'm full.
- Todd?
- Can l be excused?
- Don 't you want your fortune cookie?
-No, you can have it.
See you , slugger.
He's a nice boy.
Thank you .
(Door closes)
So...when did you decide to be a shrink?
Oh, excuse me. A psychiatrist.
When l was younger.
l realised that the family
was the heartbeat of this country,
and that sometimes
when families have problems...
(Dog barks outside)
..they need a helping hand.
Excuse me.
- l'm supposed to stop right?
- Your mother would appreciate it.
Let me show you something first.
When you side-arm the ball,
you never know where it's gonna end up.
When you throw it overhand,
it's like pitching on a straight line.
Here. You try.
That's it.
That's i Straight
Just give us a minute here.
You wanna try it?
No. Hit it like you mean it.
Todd, be careful.
Don 't worry so much. Boys will be boys.
l mean , l was.
You were?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hm?
Lean in . Put your hand
just behind his right shoulder
Lean into hi a litle bi more
two, three.
BOTH: Cheese.
- Pertect
Home sweet home.
So, anyway, after l took the Rorschach's
and the Wexler adult-type perception scale,
l took this er thematic intelligence test
lt was pretty bleak
l mean , bottom of the curve.
- You know?
- Uh-huh.
MATTY: Beyond the bottom of the curve
And l was really disappointed
There aren 't too many tests like that
that you can screw up
Well, maybe you'll do better next time.
ow ??
How am l gonna do better?
lt's not like l was taking a math test or anything.
A person only has so much
thematic intelligence right?
l mean , perhaps if you take it
in a better frame of mind.
SALLY: Doctor ?
l'm sorry. We're gonna have to cut this session
short. l'm a little under the weather.
- Hope you start feeling better.
- Thank you .
l hope he's not going to charge us
for this session
Er, doc, can l ask you something?
Of course, Matty.
Did you hear anything that l said in there?
Don 't you worry. lt's all in here.
That's reassuring.
(Door chime)
- Hi, Carol.
- Hello, Gene.
How are you doing?
l'm fine, thank you .
l was just wondering if Todd wanted
to toss the old pigskin around before dinner.
Well, he's not home right now.
Tomorrow might be better.
Where are you keeping coffee
these days?
- l'm sorry. You have company.
-No, no. Er...
- Dr Gene Clifford, this is...
- Phil
Phil Grayland, Carol's husband.
Oh, well... Hiya, Phil. Pleased to meet you .
l'll er...come and see Todd tomorrow.
l'm sorry that he wasn 't in .
lt was very nice of you to stop by. Thank you .
(Saw motor hums)
(Agitated muttering)
(Door chime)
(High-pitched whine)
Dr Gene? Are you there?
Dr Clifford?
- Dr Clifford, l left something from before.
- (Faint whine)
(Faint whine)
Make room for Daddy, huh?
Daddy's here, huh?
Every time l get something going,
they tear it all apart!
Make room for Daddy! Make room for Daddy!
Hiya, Matty.
What are you doing here?
Er, l forgot my hat
from the session
l tried buzzing the doorbell
but l don 't guess you heard me
No, l guess not.
Was there something else?
No. No, sir.
Just the hat.
l'll be going now.
And er...sorry to bother you .
CAROL: Phil left his girlfriend
Why is he here?
He wants a second chance.
Who wouldn 't?
lt's not just for him, though.
lt's for Todd, too.
And what do you want?
Oh, l don 't know.
Perhaps you deserve better.
lt's just the great unknown that l'm afraid of. l...
With Phil, l know what l'm getting.
How about if l try to find out
exactly what it is you would be getting?
What do you mean ?
Why don 't you ask Phil to stop by
and have a chat with me tonight?
Couldn 't hurt.
(Pop music plays)
Hi, kiddo.
Hey, do a jump for me.
l don 't really feel like it.
t'ss OK
l'll come see you later.
(Door chime)
- Come on in , Phil.
- Hi, doc.
Well, l gotta tell you , Carol thinks
you're some kind of genius headshrinker.
You don 't sound convinced.
Dentists and psychiatrists.
l clean teeth, you listen to sob stories.
lt's not like we deal with life and death.
lf you don 't have good teeth,
you can 't eat or deal with problems...
Let's get something straight.
l'm only here for Carol's sake.
She wants you to check me out,
see if l'm for real this time. Well, l am.
l made a mistake, all right? l screwed up royally.
- Now that's over with, l'm ready to come back.
- Phil,
when a tooth is dead, you pull it out.
You don 't just hope it'll get better.
What the hell are you talking about?
Carol asked me to say what she couldn 't.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
She wants no part of you .
- l don 't believe you .
- lt's true, Phil.
Thanks for the message, pal.
She's gonna have to tell me to my face.
- Phil, wait.
- Later.
Phil, l made the whole thing up.
lt was a test, sort of.
lt was ''a test, sort of''?
Man , are you for real?
l'm sorry. l had to be sure of you for Carol's sake.
l guess the rug makes us even , huh?
So, does this mean Carol's interested?
Oh, yes. Definitely.
(Matty giggles)
What are you laughing at?
Which is worse?
Talking to that scummy husband of yours
or involving Dr Strange?
You're so fickle!
Two months ago
you were saying how much you liked Gene
l said he was cute.
Now l'm saying he's weird.
Want a refill on that?
Oh, sure.
My parents got me
a case of this stuff for my birthday.
l think it's great.
Why do you think he's weird?
Oh, l don 't know.
Half the time it seems he's on Mars
or something. Think about this for a second.
Here we are, pouring our hearts out
to some guy who no-one knows diddly about.
To new beginnings.
Not going to join me?
No. Don 't let me stop you .
Anyway, l think it's time
l cracked open this bottle.
Make room for Daddy, huh?
- After a whole year? Who do you think you are?
- Huh?
You're nothing! You're nobody!
l want you gone! Gone!
(Phone rings)
- Hello.
- Hello Gene
lt's Carol Am l interrupting something?
We're just wrapping things up.
Would you do me a favour, please?
Would you ask Philip to call me
- when he gets back to his hotel?
- Sure. l'll ask him.
- Thank you
- Bye.
Carol wants you to call her.
(Phone rings)
(Ringing tone)
(Phone continues to ring)
Come on , Phil.
Let's take a ride.
(Car radio jolted on)
? Easy-listening instrumental
- Hang on , Phil.
You OK?
(Engine stalls)
(Engine fails to start)
You should have bought American , Phil.
(Train hooter)
(Whistles Camptown Races)
(Crackle of thunder)
(Continues whistling)
What happened with my dad?
He left.
- No, l mean , when he was here.
- We talked, that's all.
About me?
Come on inside.
l was really mean to him.
l just didn 't want to talk to him.
l'm sure he understood.
Everyone's entitled to his own feelings.
l just wanted to get back at him
for leaving Mom and me.
- Was he mad at me?
Well, is he coming back?
That's between your mom and your dad.
God, l really screwed things up, didn 't l?
Oh, it doesn 't have anything to do with you .
You know what l do when l'm in a funk like this?
l make the biggest by-gum sandwich
l can imagine.
(Whistles) Think fast.
What was that song you were whistling before?
Something my daddy used to sing.
(Whistles first notes of Camptown Races)
(Todd whistles)
(Gene continues the tune)
CAROL: This morning
the hotel sai that he'd already checked out
What happened
between the two of you last night?
Last night, l saw through Phil
and he knew that l did.
All he wanted was a hot meal
and a warm bed from you . Nothing more.
Oh, Jesus.
l'm sorry, Carol.
CAROL: He din 't even say goodbye
GENE: lt's hard to say goodbye
Carol, l have a confession to make.
l lied to you .
l don 't understand.
When l said that l was sorry about Phil...
- l'm not.
- What is this?
The pity treatment?
No, no.
- (Sobs)
How do l know he won 't come back again ?
GENE: Phil ?
l don 't think he'll come back this time.
(Low conversation)
- Ready?
- Ready.
(Gene sighs)
Excuse me. Could l have your attention ?
l have a litle announcement l'd like to make
You're having us all committed?
No, but er...maybe you'll think
that Carol should be committed,
because she's agreed to become my wife.
Oh, wonderful!
So come on and have some champagne.
CAROL: Come help us celebrate
MATTY: Carol what exactly
do you know about Gene?
That l love him.
Are his parents coming in ?
They're both deceased.
What about his other relatives and friends?
That figures, because the only thing he gets
are local bills and junk mail.
You've been going through his mail?
l don 't think you know him well enough
to marry him.
- Come on , Matty.
- You don 't even know if he's a real shrink.
Matty, it's crazy.
Who do you think you are?
- l'm your friend.
- lf you 're my friend
you'll respect my feelings
and you'll stop this paranoid behaviour, Matty,
because if you don 't,
- l have nothing else to say to you
- Carol, listen ...
Matty, l mean it.
lf we keep this up,
l'm gonna have to take a cold shower.
We could take that shower together.
Do you think that would be the right thing to do?
Why not?
Carol, this is my first marriage.
l just want to do everything right.
A big wedding,
followed by that special night.
That's a bit Victorian , Gene, don 't you think?
Well, what's the matter
with sticking with tradition ?
- Nothing.
- l mean ,
if more people stuck with tradition ,
there'd be happier people and less divorces.
- Maybe you think l shouldn 't wear a white gown .
-No, no, no.
- That's not what l was saying.
-No? Gene, l think l'd better go home.
- Good night.
- Carol...
(Reads) Harrison High School,
Portland, Oregon .
l knew it. l fucking knew it.
(Cereal crackles)
(Phone rings)
Hiya, Matty.
Wouldn 't you be more comfortable
talking in my office?
To tell you the truth, doc, no.
(Sighs) What's on your mind?
Not too pop uu a rr, a rro yo uu??
(Nervous laugh) What's that supposed to mean ?
Nobody likes to write to you . You must have
burned a lot of bridges in Connecticut.
Have you been checking my mail, Matty?
l mean , you did say you were from Connecticut.
At least, that's what you told Carol.
Then l saw this.
Why did you lie to her?
Did l?
l told Carol my last practice
was in Connecticut, yes.
This is from my high school,
telling me about my 25th class reunion .
lt's amazing how they can still find you
after all these years.
l'm very disappointed in you , Matty.
Nobody likes to be spied on .
l'm gonna have to go to the post office
and put a stop to this.
You were quite the basketball player in 1 964,
according to your class newsletter.
And this was in there along with the invite.
Harrison High School Cougars.
1 964 Regional Division Champs.
They even got a picture of the team.
The funny thing is l see your name here,
but l don 't see you .
A man can change a lot in 25 years.
Not this much, Gene.
No, not that much.
l knew you weren 't a psychietrist
The question is now, who the hell are you?
l'm just someone who loves Carol.
- Let's see what she has to say about this.
- Matty, wait. Wait, please.
l never meant to hurt anybody, least of all Carol.
You're her friend and she has a right to know,
but let me tell her.
What are you gonna tell her? More lies?
You have the evidence. You can be sure l'll do it.
l just think that she should hear it from me.
When ?
You've got until five.
Can you forgive
a lifelong bachelor's premarital jitters?
Oh, Gene.
They're so beautiful.
They're er...
the first part of a very long apology
There's more?
A lot more.
(Gene giggles)
What's wrong?
There's something
that you should know about my past.
There'll be plenty of time for talk later.
What happened?
One of my patients back in Connecticut
heard voices.
And one of them told him to do this to me.
This is what you were afraid l'd find out?
l must look like Frankenstein to you .
Frankenstein was a monster.
You are...
..the kindest man
'vo ovo rr mknnow nn
(Ringing tone)
Where the hell is she?
(Wind chimes jingle)
- Come on . Pick up...
(Tin can clatters)
M A Y WWho s theere ??
(Ringing tone)
(Can clatters)
(Metallic rustling)
(Dog barks outside)
(Can clatters)
(Cat meows)
What are you doing here?
You almost gave me a heart attack.
l'm sure you're a lovely visitor
and a very popular guest...
..but you are uninvited.
Don 't struggle and it'll be a lot easier.
( Chokes)
Harrison High. Class of...
1 964.
Where are they now?
(Whistles Camptown Races)
Who's there?
(Tin can clatters, dog barks)
- Hi.
- Hi.
where have you been ?
Getting a refill.
Come here.
Don 't do that again , all right?
- OK.
- OK.
Very fancy.
Where did you find wine at this hour of the night?
l have my secrets.
(Phone rings)
VlCAR: lf we'd only known as l'm sure the Lord
knew the pain her soul was suffering
Why did Matty kill herself?
lt doesn 't make any sense.
Matty was afraid.
She was afraid of being left alone.
She looked everywhere for her er...
Mr Right.
She just couldn 't find him.
Oh, Matty.
(Man taps again)
- Gene?
lt's Sam.
wass jusst ggo nngg to co mmo ovo rr
Oh, l heard your car pull up.
There's a box right in here.
- Sit down .
- Thanks, Carol.
l have the spare set of keys she left with me...
in case there was an emergency or something.
- A lot of good l did with them.
- Sam, don 't talk that way.
- l'm gonna miss her
- We all are.
Oh, excuse me. Sam, this is Gene,
- my fienc?
- Hi, Sam.
Matty must have been mighty upset
with that guy to do what she did.
What guy?
Well, l don 't know, she had a lot of boyfriends,
but l never heard any of them
leave in the middle of the night before.
You heard someone leave her house
the night she died?
l heard someone walking from her back yard
across mine, someone whistling.
- Whistling?
Some song l ain 't heard in a long tie
(Whistles Camptown Races slowly )
(Speeds up )
lt was probably just some kid
taking a short cut through the old guy's yard.
What kid do you know
who whistles a song like Camptown Races?
How would I know?
Don 't you see, Gene?
Someone might have been here
the night that Matty died,
someone who knows what really happened.
What do you think happened, sweetheart?
All right, l know,
but l want to know why.
Carol, people die. Life goes on .
We have a lot to do.
You have a wedding to plan .
Gene, l just don 't know if l'm up to that right now.
l just don 't see
why we have to call off the wedding.
We're not calling it off. We're just postponing it.
What about all the plans we made?
You know, you behave as if nothing's happened.
My best friend just died, Gene, and l...
l just can 't start worrying
about wedding arrangements.
So, instead of getting married,
you want to grieve?
Yes. No!
l don 't know. Look, maybe if l'd been there
when Matty needed me, maybe none of...
Maybe you could have helped Matty.
Maybe Matty di need you .
You don 't know that would have changed things.
l know that l need you .
l'm sorry.
l don 't mean to push you . l er...
l'm just afraid.
l'm afraid of losing you .
We don 't have to have a big church deal.
The wedding's not important.
- (Whispers) lt's not?
The marriage is. Having a family that cares
about one another. That's what matters.
We could just go to a justice of the peace.
l love you .
l love you too, Gene.
We'll do it like we planned,
with flowers,
The whole nine yards.
(Bell peals)
M o mm, yo uu oomk rroa y coo
Thank you . You like it?
Honey, have you seen my veil?
Erm, no.
Oh, this came for you .
lt's from Matty's mother and father
Oh, they sent her a case of this for her birthday.
Ah, thank you .
Now, what happened to your tie?
l've never worn one of these things before.
l just can 't get it.
Why don 't you go across the hall
and have Gene look at it?
What's it doing down here, slugger?
Boop !
- You still got the ring?
- Right here.
lf the best man loses the ring,
there can 't be a wedding,
- so l'm depending on you .
- Hey, no prob.
- OK.
- OK.
CHOlR: ? O for the wings
? For the wings of a dove
? Far away far away
? Would l rove
? O for the wings for the wings of a dove
? Far away
(Whistling of Camptown Races)
(Todd whistles)
(Todd whistles)
Come in here
Where did you learn that?
TODD: Why?
CAROL: What song were you whistling?
TODD: l don 't know l can 't remember
CAROL: Try to remember
Gene taught me it.
Wait outside.
You're gonna be late for your own wedding
if you don 't hurry up.
There's something that l have to ask you .
- Go ahead.
- The first night that we were together
You came back with a bottle of wine like this.
Where did you get it?
l don 't remember. Why?
This is the same wine that Matty had.
So what?
- What's this all about?
- Answer me. Where did you get it?
What's the difference?
The difference is
that you taught my son the same fucking song
that Sam heard the night that Matty died.
That's the difference! Now answer the question !
Where did you get the wine?
What do l have to do?
Why is this so hard?
Haven 't l sai that l love you ?
Haven 't l been like a father to that boy?
l even had sex with you , for God's sake!
You will never...
..find...a better family man than me, pumpkin .
Not in this lifetime.
GENE: Oh no
You can 't just walk away from me.
Not nnow
Not ever.
(Carol screams)
( Muffled) Todd!
- No!
- l'll be back.
Let me out!
- Mom! Help me!
Don 't worry, pumpkin .
l think we can work this out.
l just want to take care of you !
Oh... No...
l just wanted to take care of you .
No! No!
Leave her alone!
You wouldn 't hit me again , would you , slugger?
- Are you all right?
- l'm OK, Mom.
l'm OK.
(Restless chattering)
? Here Comes The Bride
Carol! Carol!
- Get an ambulance!
TODD: lt's gonna be OK.
Should have... Should have...
Till death...
(Slow whistling of Camptown Races)