Stepping into Love (2023) Movie Script


- Good morning, Alan.
- Morning, Claire.
Good morning, Rocky.
Oh, can you sit?
Okay. Good boy.

There you go. Have a good day.
- Claire!
- Good morning, Tony.
Good morning, Claire. Usual?
Um, actually, change that.
Really? This is the first time
in seven years
you haven't had coffee
with almond milk and honey.
Oh no, I'm still gonna do that.
I'm just gonna take four,
I should've known.
How's your day?
It's been good.
Yeah, how 'bout you?
It's going well. Very busy.
Good. Busy is good.
All right.
There you go,
four usuals.
- Put it on my tab?
- Absolutely.
- Okay, thank you.
- Have a great day.
So what's good, boss?
(indistinct conversation)

Morning, Joan.
Good morning, Claire.
Coffee with almond milk
and honey?
- Oh, thank you.
- Of course.
You're always so thoughtful.
Oh, no problem.
Have a good day.
- You too.
- Bye.

- Hi, Aunt Claire.
- Emma. Hi!
Where are you off to so early?
The library.
I'm taking a prerequisite class
so I can take
Advanced Journalism this year.
Ohh, are we hoping to be another
Woodward and Bernstein?
Actually, I'm more into
human interest stories.
Hm, me too.
Well, it was nice seeing you,
Aunt Claire.
You too. And I'm seeing
your mom later for coffee.
Oh, wow. Aunt Claire,
you must really like coffee.
Oh yeah, you know, as long as it
has almond milk and honey in it.
- Bye.
- Bye.

Oh yep, if you could just place
it exactly where I marked it.
Yes, that looks perfect.
Thank you.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Oh, sorry, um, the--
I know, but you can take it out.

How's it looking, Claire?
It is coming together.
Hard to believe in a few days
this gallery will be filled
with Violetto's masterpieces.
And filled with visitors.
Oh, it better be.
If the Violetto exhibit isn't
an overwhelming success...
I know, I know.
Trustees will be forced
to close the museum.
And everyone will wear black
to my retirement party.
Peter, really,
you don't have to worry.
This show has broken attendance
records everywhere it's been.
Listen, Claire, I know
you've applied for my job.
I've spoke with a few
of the trustees
and, well, if the Violetto
exhibit is a success,
well, the job
is pretty much yours.
Thank you. Thank you.
I really appreciate that.
You're an experienced curator.
Can one exhibit really increase
attendance, boost membership?
It can. It can.
And we don't have to resort to
the selfie-friendly
pop-up museum thing.
- Oh, you think?
- Yeah.
Pop-ups are all the rage.
No, they're just a passing fad.
Oh, that reminds me.
I have a reception today
that I am supposed to be at
and I wonder if you might
take my place.
Um...when is it?
Uh, thirty minutes.
It's a reception for
a local artist, Devan Cole.
Devan Cole?
Is he the one who did the
pop-up museum in San Francisco?
Miami's own.
Yeah, you know, I just,
I really feel like
I need to finish
setting up here.
Just...make an appearance.
Wave the flag.
Okay. Yeah, I'll be there.
- Thank you, Claire.
- Of course.
- You're the best.
- You're welcome.

So, Devan, what inspired you to
create an exhibit of popcorn?
Oh, you know, I just wanted
to work with edible art.
So how long will you
be in Miami?
- Two, three weeks, max.
- And after that?
Well, stay tuned 'cause I may
have a big announcement coming.
Excuse me.
Devan, you need to mingle
with the guests
before your speech,
you know that.
Jake, you know how I feel
about small talk.
These are your patrons.
They help pay your bills.
Which, as your agent,
help pay my bills.
Yeah, I bet Rembrandt
never had to mingle.
Um, excuse me.
Uh, what do you think?
Oh. I mean, I know it
drew huge crowds but...
ice cubes?
Yeah, I hear
the critics slammed it.
Got a really chilly reception.
Are you with
the Miami Museum of Art?
Yeah, I'm the curator there.
- Our stuff's more traditional.
- Old school, right?
Well, no...
Excuse me. Sorry.

Wow, okay.
So this is what it's come to.
Swirly popcorn art.
I don't know,
I think pop-ups give people
a different experience in art.
I guess, I don't know,
doesn't it feel kind of
gimmicky to you?
Oh, I wouldn't let Devan Cole
hear you say that.
Oh yeah, which one is he?
Well, seeing as he works
with ice cubes,
I'd look for the guy
with frostbite.
Honestly, I'm really only here
to cover for my boss.
Yeah, I was sort of hoping
I could sneak out early.
Well, here.
It's a flyer for the show.
It proves that you were here.
Yeah, I don't think
I got your name.
Showtime. Hi.
- Sorry, bye.
- Bye.
Thanks for this.

And it was Devan Cole?
Yes. And I had no idea
until I left
and I saw this.
Oh, he's cute.
Sydney, you should've seen him.
He was leading me on.
Maybe he was,
you know, flirting?
By pretending
to be someone else?
Oh Claire, you're just not used
to a guy with a sense of humor.
Are you implying that Rick
did not have a sense of humor?
After all the years
you two dated,
how many times
did he make you laugh?
I didn't count.
It's not like I counted.
You two are too much alike.
You're both color inside
the lines kinda people.
- So?
- So, if you color
inside the lines,
the picture never changes.
Wow, you should really have
that embroidered on a pillow.
I should.
Besides, the picture did change.
He met someone else, so.
And you haven't dated since.
There's no time to date.
Priority number one is just
keeping the museum afloat.
Have you ever thought about what
you'd do if the museum closes?
Well, I'm hoping to take over
as director when Peter retires.
You should open up
a pop-up museum.
Super popular with young people
these days,
like Emma.
Oh, who I saw today, by the way.
She's really
into her journalism.
My little overachiever.
You know we'll all be working
for her one of these days.
Good because
I might need a job.
(cell phone dings)
Oh, sorry.
Is everything okay?
That's weird. It's Peter.
He says it's urgent.
So, sorry, I have to run.
- Okay.
- Um...
Okay, I will see you later.
- Good luck.
- Bye!
Flirt back!


Hi, so, the Violetto exhibit
is cancelled?
They think they found
a forgery in the exhibit.
Which means every painting
is going to have to be inspected
and authenticated.
Okay, that could take weeks.
Which is why they're cancelling
to give us more time
to find a replacement exhibit.
Throwing together a replacement
exhibit in two weeks?
that's impossible.
Claire, you've done
the impossible before.
Everyone's job here
depends on it.
Okay. Um, I am on it.
For you.
No problem.

I'm just saying it might be nice
if you stayed in one place
for a while.
Miami is your home.
No, Miami was my home.
Now it's wherever
the next commission takes me.
All right, Devan, Devan,
all this moving around
can't be good
for your love life.
Yeah, what love life?
What happened with
what was her...Vanessa?
She said she wanted a guy that
was more open with his feelings.
Wasn't that what Katie said?
The one before Vanessa?
Yeah, and Rachel,
the one before that.
- You see a pattern here?
- I get it, I get it.
Yeah, I'd like to meet a woman
and share my hopes and dreams.
Maybe after I get
this New York commission.
You mean if you get
the New York commission.
Which I should hear
any day now.
Well, look, can you find me
some work before New York?
I'm trying.
Never know
when opportunity knocks.
(birds chirping)
Do you know anyone
at the Miami Museum of Art?
Actually, I met the curator
at the reception.
She called my work gimmicky.
She said that?
She didn't know who I was.
Well, they know who you are now.
They want to meet.
- When?
- Tomorrow morning.
Supposed to have breakfast
with my parents but, uh,
I can reschedule.
How's that going, by the way?
Oh yeah, with my mom it's great.
But my dad's, uh,
a different story.

Hi. Rick. Um, how are you?
I'm good. Don't usually
see you here at night.
Yeah, yeah, something
came up at work so I'm...
How is Nicole?
Uh, she's in Santa Cruz.
- California?
- Bolivia.
She's working
on an alpaca ranch.
She said
she wanted adventure, so.
Wow. You didn't want
to go with her?
I wasn't invited.
She apparently found adventure
with a ranch hand there.
- Ouch. I'm sorry. That...
- All right, Claire, what's up?
What do you mean what's...
Chocolate-chocolate chip,
that is your go-to comfort food.
What's wrong?
You know me too well.
Do you wanna... Yeah.
Um, so the exhibit I was hoping
to keep the whole museum afloat
just cancelled.
- Oh, geez.
- Yeah,
and if I don't find
a replacement exhibit,
me and everyone at the museum,
we're gonna lose our jobs.
Okay, well, there could be
a silver lining
there though, right?
Now you have time to follow
your dreams
of getting young people
involved in the arts.
You remember that?
what was important to you
was always important to me.
Yeah, I mean,
what's important to me now
is just finding
a replacement.
Right, of course.
Well, good luck with that.
It was really nice seeing you.
You too. Bye.

I thought I'd find you
back here.
Devan! Hi, honey!
(she sighs)
Okay, wow.
You're the one that
should have gone to art school.
There's only one artist
in this family.
Don't be so modest.
This looks great.
So how long
will you be in Miami?
It's gonna be a few weeks.
I'm waiting to hear about
a big commission.
Well, I heard
that the Miami Gallery of Art
is hiring an
Um, listen, I'm sorry
I can't stay for breakfast.
That would have been fun.
That's okay.
So you're meeting with
the Miami Museum of Fine Art?
Yeah, yeah,
it's gonna be--
Hello, Devan.
Oh, Dad.
How's everything at the bank?
Well, we just opened
a third branch in Boca.
Like I always said,
you want a steady job,
go into the banking business.
Well, Devan
was just saying that--
I was just saying
I have a meeting
so I'm gonna have to take
a rain check on breakfast.
It was great to see you, Mom.
Great to see you, honey.

Peter, okay, I managed to do
the impossible after all.
- Claire, I--
- I pulled some strings
and I got
the Chopra collection in here
before it opens in Miami.
Great! Well, where
are you going to put it?
Uh, what?
In the gallery where we were
gonna put the Violetto.
That's taken.
I managed to find
a replacement exhibit.
You? You found a replacement?
Well, I wanted
to consult with you,
but given the time pressure.
Actually, I got the idea
from you
when you left the flyer for the
reception on my desk yesterday.
Oh, no...
Well, he's
a bit avant-garde for us.
But perhaps we could use
a little shaking up.
No, no, no-no-no-no-no.
No, I think, um, anyone but--
Him! Wow.
- Hello again.
- Hi.
Oh, so you two
know each other already?
- No.
- Yeah--
Well, we kind of met yesterday
at the reception.
So you're familiar
with Devan's work?
Oh yeah,
Claire's a huge fan, right?
Great! I think the two of you
will make a terrific team.
You both bring different
skill sets to the table.
you're more conventional.
And Devan, you're more...
Gimmicky, I believe.
Outside the box.
Way outside, yes.
Claire, I want you to devote
110% of your time
to make Devan's exhibit
a success.
The future of the museum
is riding on it.
Claire, why don't you give Devan
a tour of our collections?
Great idea.
Assuming you have the time.
Uh, I have time
if Claire has time.
Oh, I have 110% of time.
Okay, um, should we
get started?
Yeah, uh, thank you, Peter.
Thank you, Peter.
- What's first?
- Right this way.
Okay. Here we are.
Yeah, so we're fortunate enough
to have on loan
some of the most famous pieces
from Colombian artist
Hermes Berrio.
As you can see,
his use of color and texture,
it's really--
Oh, oh-oh-oh. Sorry.
Okay, right this way.
And over here
is one of his best-known pieces.
He's really known for making
the mundane less-- Sorry, mm-mm.
- What?
- No food allowed.
Oh, it's a granola bar.
See, I missed breakfast
to be here, so.
Sorry. That's the rule.
- No exceptions?
- Nope.
Not even for a starving artist.
But I'll give this
back to you later.
Okay, let's keep going,
all right?
And over here...
Literally starving.

Okay, moving on.
So this is another one
of his pieces.
I thought you said
no drinks allowed.
(she politely chuckles)
So is everything
a joke to you?
What, are jokes
against the rules too?
I get it.
You don't like rules.
Nobody likes rules.
I like rules.
Why does that not surprise me?
You know, maybe if
you had less rules
you'd have more people in here.
Okay, that has nothing
to do with it.
- Really?
- Really.
Your slogan up there says,
"Art Connects Us."
Yeah, what, and you don't think
art connects people?
I do, but I don't see anything
in this museum
that connects anyone
to anything.
Oh, okay, but, um, big,
colorful ice cubes do, right?
That show broke
attendance records.
You said so yourself.
Okay, so what is your idea
for this
record-breaking exhibit
that we've hired you for, hm?
You'll be the first to know.
You don't--
you don't have any ideas?
My muse is a fickle woman.
Wow, okay, so you don't have
one thought about the exhibit?
My only thought
right now is
this is going to be
a long two weeks.
Yeah, yeah,
well, that we can agree on.

Sydney, he's a total disaster.
Give him a chance, Claire.
He doesn't have any ideas
for the exhibit.
I asked him what
he had in mind and he goes,
"My muse is a fickle woman."
You see?
A guy with a sense of humor.
Okay, please don't start
with the Rick comparisons.
Who I saw yesterday
at Percolators, by the way.
- Rick?
- Mm-hm.
I think he wants
to get back together.
What happened
to his new girlfriend?
Oh, well, she went to Bolivia
for adventure.
Well, if I were her
I would too.
You're not getting back
together with him?
Who're you getting
back together with?
Hi, Troy. Um, nobody.
I'm not getting back together
with anybody.
- Rick.
- Rick?
Listen, I'm a journalist,
trust me, I read people.
You and Rick,
too much alike.
Yeah, well, look at you two.
You guys are peas in a pod.
Yeah, and total opposites.
- She's an introvert.
- He's an extrovert.
- She's a planner.
- He's spontaneous.
What can I say?
I guess
we complement each other.
Oh, hey, uh, we're running
a piece tomorrow
on that new artist
you just commissioned.
Uh, Devan Cole?
Local guy, huh?
And cute.
With a wicked sense of humor.
Ah, sounds like just your type.
Oh, hey, Emma's here,
she wants to ask you a question.
Hi, Aunt Claire.
Hi, Emma.
I need to interview someone
about their job
for a class project.
I was thinking maybe someone
with a cool job like...
a museum curator?
Okay, I would be honored.
Is tomorrow okay? I could come
by your house after work.
Yeah, that'd be perfect.
- Thanks, Aunt Claire.
- Bye!
You just made her day.
That is so great she's following
in Dad's footsteps.
Yeah, it took a while,
but it's nice they have
something in common.
Look, just don't
judge Devan too quickly.
You never know,
you might have more in common.
Yeah, what we have
in common is an exhibit
that needs to open in two weeks.
Yikes, sounds like that fickle
muse needs a bit of a nudge.
Sydney, that is exactly
what I was thinking.

But I don't want
to do it anymore.
I can't get you out of it,
Devan. You signed a contract.
Yeah, well, that was before
I knew I had to work
with Little Miss Rule Follower.
You know
she actually likes rules?
Oh, good.
You could use a little structure
in your life.
Structure is for people
that want to work in offices
and get there
at eight in the morning.
(cell phone dings)
(he laughs)
Something wrong?
Little Miss Rule Follower.
Wants to meet tomorrow morning
at eight a.m.
(Jake laughs)
Looks like you'll be up
with all the other office types,
my friend.
- Yeah.
- Cheers to that.
Yeah, thanks for nothin'.

Devan, hi,
do you know what time it is?
It is...time for coffee.
No, there's coffee in the cafe
after the presentation.
- Presentation?
- Yep.
I thought it was important
for you to get familiar
with the museum's goals.
You know, to inspire
your fickle muse.
Oh, yeah, she's not gonna
be up for hours.
All right, so, the museum
was founded in 1886.
And then by 1912, all of the--
I'm still listening, by the way.
I'm still listening.
- What are you doing?
- I don't need to see it.
I just-- I'll listen.
- No, I need you to be--
- Claire! Claire?
- Yeah?
- Victor Mendez is here.
The trustee
who helped underwrite
the Violetto exhibit's here?
Yes. He needs more information
before committing
to fund Devan's exhibit.
Is he sleeping?
Like a baby, yes.
Well, wake him up.
Mr. Mendez
will be here any minute.
(Claire stammers)
(she snaps her fingers)

(she mutters)

So, Peter, popcorn
is for the movies.
It's not for an exhibit of art.
Are you sure about--
- Hi!
- Hi, Claire.
So nice to see you again.
Nice to see you too,
Mr. Mendez.
So, where is this Devan Cole
that you were talking about?
Ah, yes, Claire,
where is Devan?
He, um...

He's under the--
Under the weather.
You know, he was up
all last night
brainstorming ideas
for the exhibit, so.
Well, I can't wait to hear them.
So why don't you and Devan
come by my house for lunch
and then you can fill me in.
We would love to do that, yes.
Great. Then I'll see you
and Devan later.
Mm-hm. Yes.
Peter? Okay, so...
Peter, you have to...


- What?
- Seriously?
What? What did I miss?
- Did you kick me?
- Wow.
Did you fall asleep
in a meeting?
Do you have any coffee?
Oh my God, I'm gonna kill you.

(he sighs)
Claire, I said I was sorry,
all right?
I'm sorry, being late
is one thing;
falling asleep in front of one
of our biggest donors,
like seriously?
Yeah, but who schedules
a PowerPoint
at eight in the morning
with no coffee?
Okay, in case you don't know,
we need Mr. Mendez's support
for this exhibit.
We can't pay your commission
without it.
Okay, Claire,
this clearly isn't working.
So why don't we just
cancel the contract,
we'll make a clean break.
I would really love
to but unfortunately,
they've already announced
your hiring
in the Sunshine Times.
Let's just-- let's go to my
house, let's get my car,
and we'll drive to
Mr. Mendez's
where you better have
some ideas to present.
Yeah, they're all up here.
Wow, why do I not
find that reassuring?

Oh, these are nice.
Oh, thanks.
- Are they yours?
- No.
I just need to change my shoes,
I'm gonna be...right back, okay?
Wow, you brought out
the big guns.
Yeah, well, it is
an important meeting.
How are my shoes?

Just try and stay awake.
- Ready?
- Yeah.

This is a nice house.
Yeah, well, it should be.
He founded one of the
largest hedge funds
in South Florida.
Okay. Hey.

Hello, and welcome.
Thank you.
- Hi. How are you?
- Welcome.

- Amazing.
- This place is huge.
(performs glissando on piano)
Are you...
(Claire muttering)
Claire. Devan.
Welcome. I'll be right down.
You see this?
Just don't touch anything,
- Hi.
- Nice seeing you again.
Devan, nice to meet you.
That's a beautiful painting
over here.
It's 17th century Flemish,
I believe.
You know your art. Thank you.
And these, uh,
modern art, perhaps?
Those were my mother's shoes
when she first came
to this country.
You know, I keep them there
as a reminder
of all the sacrifices
that she did for me.
- Shall we eat?
- Yes, please.
Got some nice treats
for you guys.

After you.
Well, everything
is so delicious.
This flan is amazing.
It was my mother's recipe.
Do you know that she spent
16 hours a day working
and still had time to cook.
Wow, she sounds
like an amazing woman.
She was.
So, Devan,
I'm familiar with your work.
I confess it's a little bit
experimental for my tastes,
but this is not about me.
It's about creating an exhibit
that would appeal
to the nontraditional visitors.
The smartphone culture.
So, Devan,
what is your plan to rescue
our cherished institution?
Oh, um...
Well, right now, um...
I'm sort of blank.
Oh, that's fantastic...
like thinking minimalism?

No, I'm not thinking
of anything at all.
I mean, the truth is,
I don't really have any ideas
for the exhibit just yet.


Okay, I get it, I get it.
You don't want
to share your ideas,
you know,
afraid it'll interfere
- with the creative process.
- Actually...
Actually, that is exactly it,
Of course, I understand.
Mm-hm, but Devan has assured me
that all his ideas
are safely locked
in his head, right?
Right, right, it's a regular
Fort Knox of ideas.
Fine. Then you have
my tentative support
for the exhibit.
- Thank you.
- Have some more bread?

It's so good.
Okay, you are determined
to sabotage things.
Really? Fort Knox of ideas?
I was just being honest.
Okay, well, here's some honesty.
Everyone's job at the museum
depends on the success
of this exhibit.
I know, Peter told me.
And you still don't care.
That's good.
I care.
Oh, are you okay?
Listen, Claire, I do care, okay?
It's just you don't understand
the creative process.
Oh, okay, I might not be
an artist,
but I do understand
the creative process, okay?
So please do not judge me
until you've actually walked
a mile in my shoes.
Wait, say that again.
I might not be an artist,
okay, but--
- The second part.
- Don't judge me
until you've walked a mile
in my shoes.
- That's it.
- What's it?
Come on, I'll show you.

Okay, this, this is perfect.
For what?
The exhibit.
Wait, here on the beach?
No, no, no, no, no.
Devan, we have a gallery
reserved at the museum
for that.
Claire, tell me,
what do you see?
I see palm trees and the ocean.
No, what do you see
Look, these could be giants
with silly hats on.
All right?
Just play along.
What do you see?

Yeah, yeah,
and, um, the giants,
- they met at a costume party.
- Okay.
But they're
a little embarrassed.
Yeah, why?
Well, they showed up
to the party
wearing the same hat.
Okay, you're funny.
You want to know what I see?
Shoes stretching
from one tree to the other.
And the visitors will come in,
they'll try on the shoes
to walk a mile
in someone else's shoes.
That's your big idea?
Shoes on the beach?
They come with headphones
and an audio guide.
So, you put on the shoes
and you hear
about that person's life,
about their hopes and dreams.

I don't...
Okay, I'm gonna show you.
- Give me your shoes.
- What?
- Give me your shoes.
- No.
Claire, give me a chance.

All right.
What are you doing?
Are you kidding me right now?
You have tiny feet.
Pfft, I mean,
they're not meant--
- Yeah, you can laugh.
- You look ridiculous.
Are you serious?
Even without the broken heel,
it's ridiculous.
And there are people around,
you know that, right?
Okay, look, now,
pretend I'm listening
to your story.
- What story?
- It can be anything.
- Uh, what's your dream job?
- Um,
I'm hoping to take over
as director when Peter retires
- and, um...
- Okay.
...start an art appreciation
program for young people,
get them as excited about art
as my niece is
about journalism.
Okay, you see? I just
learned something about you.
Fine, but I just don't think
people are gonna flock here
to try on old shoes.
Claire, it's not
about the shoes.
It's about the stories.
You want art to connect people,
but who can relate
to 16th-century
Italian painting?
Every woman relates to these.
And those that don't,
they'll learn something
about that person's life,
their hopes and heartbreaks.

A chance to experience
the world
through someone else's eyes.
By walking a mile
in their shoes.

Come on, let's roll with it.
Well, no, I mean,
I'm gonna have to get approval
from Peter, and then
we're gonna have to--
That's not what I meant.
Let's roll with it, come on.

Hey, are you sure about this?
A little light exercise
to help clear your mind.
Help you decide
about my shoe concept.
I think it's risky.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- So is this.
- Okay.
Okay, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, okay.
- All right, let's go.
- Ooh!

- All right, all right.
- This makes me feel
like a kid again.
I know, it really does.
Something tells me
you've done this before.
I did actually come here
in high school.
I-- I wasn't great.
Okay, now I'm going too fast.
Me too, I'm surprised
I never saw you.
- Really?
- Let's take a seat.
- Come here.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
- You good?
- Thank you. Good.
So, what about you?
Oh, um, well,
I was with the brainiacs.
Yeah, we actually would--
we would put in earbuds
and we would listen
to audiobooks.
- Of course you did.
- Mm-hm.
So do you think you'll ever
come back to Miami, settle down?
Maybe, if I find something
worth settling down for.
Mm. So, New York,
that's the next stop.
It looks like it. I mean,
it's the center
of the art world.
I know. I know, yeah,
it's just really far
from my family.
You have family here?
My sister's family.
My mom, she retired
to Costa Rica.
So, no husband?
Boyfriend? Girlfriend?
No, I-- I was
in a long relationship
with a guy.
- Me too, with a woman.
- Sure.
You know, I think we've got
a lot more in common
- than I thought.
- I don't know, though.
Somehow, the longer we skate,
the less crazy it seems.
- Was that a yes?
- No.
I don't think it was.
It sounded a bit like a yes.
- Maybe.
- A maybe.
- Maybe.
- Oh, I'll take it.
A maybe.
- Ah!
- Okay, we're racing.
Okay, obviously, I can't race.
If I win, it's a yes.
All right.

Well, I knew you'd come around.
Okay, save the gloating
'cause we still have to get
the exhibit
up and running in two weeks.
I'll bring my track shoes.
Seriously, Devan,
do you actually think
this is gonna be
the blockbuster we need?
Are you just saying that
to make me feel better?
Look, Claire, if ice cubes
and popcorn can be art,
then why not shoes?
You think it'll be as popular
as your Museum of Popcorn?
Yes, except this time
it won't smell
like a movie theater.
It'll smell like shoes.
(cell phone rings)
Oh, sorry.
- Just one minute?
- Yeah.
Rick, hi.
Oh, um, no, I can't tonight.
I'm-- I'm starting
a new exhibit tomorrow.
Yeah, we found a replacement.
Um, shoes?
No, it's a museum of shoes.
You know what? Forget it.
I'll explain it to you tomorrow.
Um, but I kind of have to go.
I'll see you then? Okay.
Okay, bye.
Um, sorry.
So, you want to start
tomorrow morning?
- Yeah.
- Great, eight a.m.
- Oh.
- Okay, Devan,
just be at my place at eight
and we'll go from there, okay?
- All right, deal.
- Fine.
And don't forget
your track shoes
because we do have to get this
up and running in two weeks.
- Yes, two weeks.
- Two weeks.
Two weeks.

Wow, this is incredible.
I know this is something
you wanted to do
for a long time,
so you should be
really proud of yourself.
I am.
And I'm proud of you too.
We both are, Devan.

Devan, I didn't know
you were stopping by.
Are you staying for dinner?
Uh, I wish I could,
but, uh, maybe another night.
Devan just got a commission
from the Miami Museum of Art.
Oh? To do what?
To build a shoe museum
on Barley Beach.
A shoe museum?
I guess that's a step up
from popcorn.
Well, you know, we'll be there
all day tomorrow
if you wanted to, you know,
stop by.
Swing a hammer.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah, I'll be in meetings
all day at the bank,
but, uh, well, if you're not
staying for dinner,
I guess I have some work
to finish up.

I tried.
It's just his way, Devan.
Look, I'll talk to him.
If you think it'll help.

I think it may.
- This is great.
- Thanks.

Did you always want to be
a museum curator, Aunt Claire?
No, no, I went to art school
to be an artist,
which is where I discovered
my real talent.
What's that?
Bringing to life
the work of other artists.
That's the key
to being a good curator.
Did you ever, you know,
regret not being an artist?
Well, I'm not an artist
in the traditional sense,
but deciding what goes where
and picking which work
to spotlight
and helping create
the whole look and feel
of the exhibit, it's kind of
like being an artist.
Ooh, your mom.
- One last question.
- Fire away.
What's your favorite part
of being a curator?
I love being surprised.
It's sometimes the...
Sometimes the artist
with the darkest paintings
end up having
the brightest personalities,
so you can never be too quick
to make judgment.
Thanks, Aunt Claire.
That was-- that was awesome.
Anytime, Emma.
- One more question.
- Uh-huh.
Can I have another cookie?
- For the road.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So, how'd it go?
Oh, you know, she's a pro.
Oh, don't I know it.
So, are you ready
for tomorrow?
Oh, I better be
because the future
of the museum is riding
on a shoebox on the beach.
And Devan?
He is supposed to be at my place
at eight a.m. tomorrow,
but I will believe that
when I see it.
What was that
that you were just saying
about not being too quick
to judge?
Mm-hm, yeah, fine,
I will reserve my judgment.
Like I said, I do like
being surprised.
Oh, yeah, you and my husband.
Look, thank you so much
for doing that.
- Of course.
- Get some sleep.

Okay, well, I'll see ya.
Don't miss me.

Thanks for being on time.
You wore your track shoes?
- I did.
- Nice. Ready to go?
Yeah, but we need to grab
some coffee first.
Of course, don't want you
falling asleep on the job.

- Morning, Alan.
- Morning, Claire.
Good morning, Rocky.
Can you sit?
I got it, ah.

Good boy.
Take care.
So you're just carrying around
dog treats in your purse?
No, just for Rocky.
Yeah, I've been doing this walk
for seven years.
Really nice.
Have a great day.

- Claire!
- Hi. Morning, Tony.
- Good morning. Usual?
- Yes.
And, also,
a caramel sea salted latte.
And, uh...
Caramel sea salted latte
with two shots, please.
Two shots.
You think I should do three?
Whatever keeps you up, honestly.
Thank you.
Welcome. Have a good day.
- Thanks!
- Thanks, you too.

Yeah, but Tony is great.
- It's good.
- Well, good morning!
Good morning to you too, sir.
Oh, um, compliments of Claire.
Thank you.
And how nice it is to be served
by such a handsome gentleman.
You stop that.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Oh, just one minute.
Um, Joan, sorry.
I don't want to pry
or anything,
um, but do you take
the trolley every morning?
No, I never take the trolley.
Oh, because you're here
every day.
I know, I just stop by here
every morning
just as I've done
for the last 17 years.
Seventeen years.
You see, I used to walk here
with my husband
to see him off to work.
But then when he passed, well...
I'm sorry.
It's silly, really.
You know, but I still like
to come here
even if it's to watch people
get on and off the trolley.
It reminds me
of our time together.
Aw, that's so sweet.
Well, thank you
for sharing that.
- You're welcome.
- We'll see you soon.
- Nice meeting you.
- Bye.
Wow, that was
a really sweet story Joan told.
I know, it really was.
Hey, what if...
What if some of the stories
we included for the exhibit
were the people I pass
on my way to work every day?
- I like that.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- I bet they all have
just as compelling stories
as Joan.
Yeah, it's a great idea.
Oh, sorry.
- You got it?
- Oh, thanks.
Oh, it's Rick.
It's nothing.
Thought you didn't
have a boyfriend.
I don't anymore.
Yeah, what happened?
He broke up with me.
- Another woman?
- Yeah.
I mean, isn't there always?
What about you?
I told you, unattached.
Okay, Devan, you are not
a bad-looking guy.
Why are you still single?
No reason.
Come on. How far is it?
- Two blocks.
- Better hurry up.
That wasn't answering
my question, though.


- Hi.
- Aunt Claire, hi.
Are you heading
to the library again?
Wow. Oh, this is
my niece, Emma.
- Hi, Emma.
- Hello.
This is Devan Cole.
He's an artist,
and we're starting
an exhibit today.
Oh, my mom told me about that.
The shoe exhibit on the beach?
- Mm-hm.
- Sounds really cool.
Maybe I can write
an article about it?
Yeah, that would be great.
- Emma is a budding reporter.
- Wow.
Maybe I can interview you,
Mr. Cole?
Well, actually,
there's a bunch of interviews
- you could do.
- Of course.
Um, Emma, how would you like
to interview all the people
who are going to be featured
in the exhibit?
Sure! When can I start?
Today? I'll send you all
the information this afternoon.
Can't wait.
Thanks, Aunt Claire.
Nice meeting you, Mr. Cole.
Look forward
to working with you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What a delightful young lady.
Yeah, she's the best,
and she's gonna do a great job
with the interviews.
All right, you ready to do this?
'Cause the building materials
arrive today.
Right, um, I just have
one more hurdle.
Just one.

So what do you think?
Well, it's certainly
an out-of-the-box idea.
Out of the shoebox even.
All right, let's go for it.
- Yes!
- Yes!
Oh, uh, let's hold off
on telling Mr. Mendez.
It may be a little
too unconventional for him.
I'll brief him once I see
how it actually works.
- Of course.
- I knew
your two different skill sets
would make a terrific team.
Who knew?
Thank you.

- Find it?
- Here.
All right, we're gonna need
to go at least four feet up.
- Okay.
- So,
you want to wrap it around.
- We made it.
- Mom!
- Hi.
- Dad?
Your mother said
you might need a hand.
Those meetings at the bank
weren't so important after all.
Well, I'm glad you came.
This is Claire.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you, Claire.
Well, you guys enjoy yourselves.
I brought my own tools.
See ya later.
All right, who's ready
to build a shoe exhibit?
- Okay.
- Let's do it.
You got your drill, nice.
You guys are so official.

(drill whirring)
You know, Dad,
I'm glad you came.
It's been a huge help.
Oh, I haven't worked this hard
since we built that tree fort
in the back.
I remember that.
We made a pretty good team, huh?
Looks like we still make
a pretty good team.
Hey, Devan,
your mother tells me
you might be headed
to New York soon,
so don't be such a stranger.
I won't, Dad, I promise.
Wow, this is amazing.
You guys did all this?
- Yeah.
- Well, I guess
our work here is done.
Yeah, yeah.
Heading out? Thanks, Mom.
Bye, sweetie.
- That looks great.
- Thanks.
All right, take care.
All right, see you guys.


These questions are awesome,
Aunt Claire.
Tomorrow, I'm interviewing
your neighbor, Alan,
- when he walks Rocky.
- Oh, I can't wait
to hear what people
have to say.
Yeah, me either.
Wow. I feel like
an actual reporter.
- Bye, Aunt Claire.
- Bye.
And let me know
if you need anything, okay?
- Hi.
- Hi.
How'd it go with your parents?
You have no idea.
My dad has never shown
any interest in my work.
- Really?
- Yeah,
he wanted me to go
into the family business.
- He's a banker.
- Ah.
Well, it looks like you guys
have a new family business.
It looks really good, huh?
Can I walk you home?
Yeah, so it wasn't
until art school
that I realized
I didn't have it.
- The talent?
- Oh, no,
not compared to my classmates.
So, I switched to art history,
but yeah, I guess I just
didn't get the artistic gene.
Oh, but someone
in your family did.
- My dad.
- Ah.
Yeah. Yeah,
the paintings in my house
that you were admiring...
Oh, he's really good.
Yeah, it wasn't
until after he died
that I realized
he was a serious painter.
He hid all of them
in the back of his closet.
Yeah, I mean, his use of light
is really similar
to Caravaggio.
- It's great.
- Oh, okay.
So you do appreciate
traditional art.
- You surprised?
- A little.
Are you glad you switched
to art history?
Yeah, I am.
It lets me showcase
the work of real artists.
- Unlike me.
- Let's not go there.
But I don't know,
after seven years
I'm definitely ready
for a new challenge.
Well, it looks
like you found it.
What about you?
What made you land
on experimental art?
- No reason.
- Come on.
I don't really want
to talk about it.
It's a very simple question.
I don't really like
talking about myself.
Well, this is about your art.
Well, I don't like
talking about my art.
What do you like talking about?
You can tell me what's going on
with you and Rick.
You want to know
all about my personal life,
but then when the shoe
is on the other foot, you--
Oh, that's good.
We could use that as a line
in the exhibit.
You make jokes.
Listen, I'm just-- I'm not good
with the whole
vulnerability thing.
But you know what's not a joke
is what we're doing together.
This exhibit, it's really
gonna bring people together
with their neighbors.
It's gonna be great.
See, that wasn't so hard.
- Claire?
- Hey.
Hey, sorry, I totally forgot
I was meeting someone.
- Um...
- Rick.
- Yep.
- Yes.
Okay, coming, so tomorrow
at the exhibit?
- Eight o'clock?
- Eight a.m.
- Cool.
- Okay.

Look, I never realized
how good I had it with you,
that we were so good together.
Yeah, until you met Nicole.
I know, I messed up,
and I'm sorry,
but can we just...
Can we just try this again?
- I miss us.
- Rick...
We never gave ourselves time
to work it out, you know?
We were together
for three years.
I'm talking about
a lifetime together.
I'm sorry, I just can't
do this right now.
I've got to go.
Claire, wait,
would you just think about it?
Yeah, I'll think about it.
And good luck
with the shoe idea thing.
Yeah, I'm a little worried
about the funding.
You could say we're working
on a shoestring budget.
What? Why would you say that?
No reason.
Okay, I'll talk to you soon.
See ya.

- To the exhibit.
- Yes.
Oh, and to Emma,
our star reporter.
- Who met Devan...
- Yeah.
...and will be interviewing him
for an article
on the exhibit,
and that you two
make a beautiful couple.
That's a very good try.
It was a good try, Syd,
but I'm actually
not that gullible.
Oh, well, you must be
if you're thinking
about getting back together
with Rick.
Who-- who said I was?
Well, you didn't say
that you weren't.
So which is it?
I don't know.
Don't know, I don't know,
he says he misses us.
Ugh, that sounds like a movie.
He thinks maybe we didn't
give ourselves enough time
to see if it could work.
Three years?
Mom and Dad got married
after three dates.
Claire, you need to meet
your opposite,
your yin to your yang.
- Like Devan.
- Oh, yeah,
Devan is definitely a yin.
He's mostly annoying.
Come on, a guy
as hot as Devan?
You don't have any sparks?
Oh, you do!
No. No, no, not sparks,
not sparks.
Embers? Flares? Flickers?
Maybe a flicker,
maybe a little bit of flicker.
I don't know, I don't know.
He makes me laugh,
and he's spontaneous
and unconventional.
Oh, it sounds like
you met your yin.
Yeah, except my yin
is waiting to hear
about a commission in New York.
If the museum goes bust,
you go with him.
Or I just stay here and I work
things out with Rick.
Well, I hope you like headaches.
- Why?
- 'Cause you're gonna be
banging your head against...

Hilarious. Really.
- It's true.
- No, it's funny.
It's true.

You're staying inside
the lines, right?
Very funny.
Hi, Aunt Claire!
- Hi!
- Is it still a good time
to interview you, Mr. Cole?
Yeah, absolutely.
- You got this?
- Mm-hm.
- You sure?
- I do.
All right, lead the way.
So you dropped out
of the Royal College of Art
in London?
I ran out of money.
And my father didn't
want to pay for it.
He wanted me to be a banker.
How does he feel now,
now that you're so successful?
I think he's finally okay
with it.
He even came to help out.
Oh, that's good.
But you know, Emma,
even after I dropped out,
I never gave up.
I never let go of my dream
of being an artist.
Sometimes the difference
between success and failure
- is perseverance.
- Thanks, Mr. Cole.
I'll remember that.
You know, this shoebox exhibit
is so awesome,
and you get to work
with my aunt.
Yeah, your Aunt Claire
is a really special lady.
Took me a minute to see it,
but she's smart,
funny, assertive.
She's got
this soft, tender side.
I never met anyone
quite like her.
How are we doing over here?
Finished. I'm going to write
the article tonight.
- Great.
- I look forward to reading it.
Oh, thanks again, Mr. Cole.
I'm also going to send you
all the interviews I did
- for the shoe exhibit.
- Perfect.
- Thank you, Emma.
- Bye, Emma.
Okay, how long
were you standing there?
Oh, um...
Just long enough.

- You need a hand?
- Sure.
I cannot believe
we are opening in two days.
I know.
I've actually really enjoyed
these last two weeks.
Me too.
Guess we made a pretty good team
after all, huh?
Guess we did.

Look at us, like a pair...
of shoes.

- Um...
- Joan! Hi!
Am I interrupting anything?
No, not at all.
I just thought I'd stop by
to see if you needed any help.
Oh, that's so sweet of you,
thank you.
Yeah, actually, I can't stay.
I promised my mom
I would say hi, so...
Oh, you're such a good son.
I'll see you at the opening,
and I'll see you tomorrow.
Yes. Eight a.m.
- Bye, Joan.
- Bye.
So, what can I help you with?
Uh, you know what,
I could use some help
getting more audio guides
at the museum.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Lead the way.
Okay, let's do it.
It's so nice of you to come by.

So, when do you expect
to hear about New York?
Jake says any day now.
I can't wait to tell your dad.
Or better yet, stay for dinner
and you can tell him yourself.
I wish I could, it's just
there's so much to do
with the shoe exhibit
and we open in two days.
I know, I'll be there.
Your father still is not sure
he can take off work.
That's okay. I mean,
it meant a lot
that he came the other day.
You always knew
how to push his buttons.
Devan, that was your father's
idea to go that day.
Look, I know
it took him a while
to come to peace with the fact
that you weren't going
into the family business.
I mean, after all, he built
that bank from the ground up.
I know, I just wish
he'd taken an interest
in what I was doing.
He did in his own way.
There's something
that you should see.

Come on.
Big mystery? What's, uh...

I'm not allowed in Dad's study.


I never thought
he cared about any of this.
He just didn't know
how to show it.
A bit like
someone else I know.
Guess the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree.

Thank you, Mom.

You remember this?
That was awesome.

The shoe gallery is gonna be
a big success.
Thanks, Joan.
So why the long face?
Oh, no, it's nothing
to do with the museum.
Actually, can I ask you
a personal question?
Of course.
So, you were so devoted
to your husband.
But when you guys first met,
how did you know he was the one?
Easy. He made me laugh.
That's it?
No. But that was the key.
We were very different.
I mean, sometimes he would
drive me absolutely crazy.
And then, he would say something
to make me laugh
and I'd forget
what we were fighting about.
(Joan laughs)
Is this about Devan?
How did you know that?
When I saw you guys
walking the other day.
You seemed, I don't know,
lighter, happy.
And you were laughing.

Take my advice, sweetheart.
When you find a man
that puts a smile on your face
and in your heart,
you know that's the man.
That is very good advice.
Should we get this inside?
- I got it.
- Okay.

You're still here.
Yeah, I'm listening
to Emma's interviews.
Oh, can I?
Yeah. Here.
That's great.
So, um, how'd it go
at your parents'?
So it turns out
my dad had collected
all these photos and clippings
from all of my exhibits.
The dad that never showed
an interest in your work,
that dad?
Yeah. It's crazy.
Kinda making me rethink the
whole New York thing altogether.

You know,
I-I should probably go,
just 'cause I've been here
for a really long time.
Totally, no.
Oh, shoot. Sorry.
Um, no, you're fine.
Claire, why don't
we take tomorrow off?
But the opening is...
I know, but we're ready.
We should...
we should celebrate.
Okay, but only
if you let me show you
what makes me feel like a kid.
It's a deal.
- Deal?
- Yeah.

Na, na, na, na, na
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Na-na-na, na, na, na
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
One, two, three, go

Okay, this one's a keeper.
You look hilarious right here.
Oh my gosh. Devan. Give me.
No, I'm keeping it.
It's going on my fridge.
(Jake clears his throat)
(Jake laughs)
This looks great.
Thanks, Jake.
I can't wait
to see it in action.
Well, you're not gonna
have to wait long.
We open tomorrow.
I know, big day.
Even bigger, considering
I just heard from New York.
You'll know tomorrow
if you got the commission.
- Tomorrow.
- Yep.
(Devan exclaims)
Ready to take a bite
out of that Big Apple?
What artist wouldn't, right?

(wind gusting)

This place looks even better
than I could have imagined.
I know, right?
We're actually ready
for tomorrow.
About this whole
New York thing.
I was thinking that we--
Mr. Mendez! Hi!
What a nice surprise.
I wish I could say the same,
- Um, is something wrong?
- Yes.
I cannot have my name
associated with old shoes.
Well, you know, Mr. Mendez,
I think if you
actually understood
how the exhibit worked...
When Peter told me
about your concept,
I thought he was joking.
I needed to come and see it
to believe it.
Mr. Mendez, if we can
show you how this works...
I'm sorry, Devan.
You want to continue with this,
go ahead.
But not with my funding.
(Peter sighs)
I'm sorry, Claire.
We need to postpone the opening
until we can
determine a funding stream.

(doorbell rings)
Okay, so I have been
crunching the numbers
and it's impossible
for the exhibit to continue
without Mr. Mendez.
Well, what about
grants or donations?
Oh no, that'll take
weeks or months,
and I just don't have that time.
Claire, I--
I heard back from New York.
You got the commission.
Well, congratulations.
And now, you can--
you can go to New York early.
Or we could talk to Mr. Mendez,
explain the concept.
Yeah, no, I already
suggested that to Peter
but he said once
Mr. Mendez makes up his mind,
it is impossible to change.
You know, Peter told me
a story about you.
He said when you heard
you only had two weeks
to replace the Violetto exhibit,
you called it impossible.
But he knew
you could to the impossible.
So do I.

All right. Let's have a look
at these numbers.

Claire, it took me 40 years
to build this.
Forty years,
dollar by dollar.
It took Rembrandt,
Tintoretto, El Greco,
all of the greats,
it took them decades,
I-I'm a nice guy.
I've supported everything that
you guys have brought to me.
But with a straight face,
you want me to support
a guy that does an exhibit
with popcorn?
You know, I appreciate
you coming here today.
But I-I'm sorry,
my mind's already made up.
Mr. Mendez,
I understand how you feel.
Like you, I'm a traditionalist
when it comes to art.
But someone recently
convinced me
that sometimes it's good to,
you know,
color outside the lines.
Yeah, I mean,
perhaps we could show you
how this exhibit works.
I doubt it's gonna change
my opinion, Devan.
You see a bunch of old shoes
on the beach, right?
I see a new way
for people to experience art.
People, they put on
other people's shoes
and they hear about
the hopes and fears and dreams
about people who are
so different from them.
But after hearing their stories,
they walk away feeling like,
"Maybe people aren't that
different from me after all."
For years, our museum
has been using the slogan,
"Art connects us."
Well, we finally
created an exhibit
that does just that.
I appreciate it, Claire.
But I'm sorry.
My mind's already made up.
And, uh, if you excuse me,
I have a conference call.
I'll help you
see yourselves out.
I thought we had him
with that story.
I guess I can't do
the impossible after all.
Let's go.

Maybe sometimes,
you just have to color
outside the lines.

Mr. Mendez!
Claire and Devan were
by my house earlier today.
They stole my mother's
huarache sandals!
They would never do
something like that.
Mr. Mendez,
they're in safe hands, please.
We'll show you.
Right this way.
There they are!
Mr. Mendez,
I've taken very good care
of your sandals.
I know what
they must mean to you.
Then why did you take them?
I borrowed them.
Y-you see,
if your mother's sandals
were a part of this exhibit,
people would learn all about
how she came to this country
with little more than a dream,
the American Dream,
and how she worked
16-hour-long days
in a convenience store,
and how much she saved
and sacrificed
to put you through college,
and how she cried
tears of joy
when you graduated
first in your class.
And how she spent
what little money she had
to fly herself to Cambridge
for your graduation.
The first in your family.
And when you spoke
during the ceremony,
how tears ran down her cheek,
hearing you thank her for
everything she'd done for you.
And after your speech,
she whispered in your ear,
"Pay it forward." did.

Yeah, I really thought
we had him convinced
to fund the exhibit this time.
I know.
All that work
just gone to waste.
Guess that's what I get
for trying
to color outside the lines.
So what now?
Um, I wait to hear
about closing dates from Peter
and you're off to New York.
Well, hey, I could see
if there's any jobs
over there for you,
in New York.
Thanks, but Miami's my home.
- So I'm going that way.
- Yeah, I'm down here,
Listen. Can I walk you home?
Yes. Yeah. I...sorry.
Of course.
Um, you know what?
I should take this.
Yeah, no, I'll see you tomorrow
at the museum anyway.
Okay, yeah, and I'll be there
packing up my office.

Okay, well,
it sounds like you did
everything you could
to keep the museum open, so...
Yeah, I just--
I was really hoping
that this exhibit
would turn things around.
Claire, you're gonna find
another job, okay?
And in the meantime,
it'll give you time
to think about things,
maybe even think about us?
Yeah, no, I have thought
about that,
and I just--
it's not gonna work.
Just give it a little time.
We've had time, Rick.
But we need to move on,
I need to move on, it's...
It is time.
Are you sure?
Yeah, and I need to move on
in my job, too.
Start being open to ideas
that interest young people.
What, like the shoe idea thing?
Yeah, exactly like
the shoe idea.
All right.
Okay, Rick, I gotta go.
- Hey, good luck.
- Thanks. You too.

(phone tone)
I can't believe you took
Victor Mendez's sandals!
No, I only borrowed them,
and it was just to make a point.
That doesn't sound like
the Claire Harris I know.
Well, and people can change.
Yeah, they can, but--
But what?
Claire Harris, the risk-taker.
Devan really had an impact
on you.
- I don't know.
- I know.
Three years with Rick?
You never changed.
Well, you don't have to worry
about Rick anymore,
because I broke up with him.
Good! Now you and Devan.
Well, no, no, Sydney,
he's moving to New York.
Claire, did you tell him
how you feel?
About the embers and sparks?
No, I mean, he's...
he's leaving in a week.
I'm sure he doesn't care
about the exhibit anymore
or me.
You have a week.
You have to tell him!
Like you learned today,
anything can happen.
Hi, Aunt Claire!
Hi! How is my little journalist
I know you must be down
about the exhibit,
but I'm learning
that journalists
never give up on a story,
and you can't give up, either.
Mm, thanks, Emma.
Oh, and I finished my article.
I just want my dad
to proof it.
Oh, okay, well,
I can't wait to read it.
And don't worry, Aunt Claire.
We'll find a way
to open the exhibit.
You'll see.
Okay. Thank you, guys.
All right, risk-taker.
Call me later, okay?
- Okay, bye.
- We love you.

Devan, I just got off the phone
with New York.
They want you there, man--
Yeah, I know,
super last minute,
but they're having this big
opening tomorrow night.
You know,
with the shoe exhibit closing,
it all works out, right?
Well, Jake, I need time
to move my stuff.
No, but they're gonna
take care of all that.
Just get yourself on a plane
to New York tomorrow.
It's happening, man,
your dream come true.

Wow. Surprised to see you
here so early.
Eight a.m.
You trained me well.
So, um, any big plans
for your last week in Miami?
Uh, I don't have a week, Claire.
I'm going to New York.
Oh. Um...when?

My dad's outside,
he's gonna take me
to the airport.
I see, okay.
Yeah, the guys in New York,
they heard
things fell apart
so they want me to go
to this opening.
Yeah, no, that makes--
yeah, I mean,
no reason to hang around here.
Well, actually, um...
Well, I'm really sorry
things didn't work out here.
Um, but you were right,
we did end up
making a good team.

Hey, Claire?

Let me know
if you're ever in New York.
Of course.

So, Dad, what do you think?
Well, there was a few typos,
couple of grammatical errors,
Ems, this is really good.
- Really, Dad?
- Yes!
I'd put it in tomorrow's paper
if the shoe exhibit
hadn't closed.
What if it was open tomorrow?
How's that going to happen?
Uh, off the record, Dad?
Sure, Ems.
Off the record.
So what gate are you at?
Uh, 48?
-48 J?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think I'm this way.
Good luck in New York, son.
Thanks, Dad.
You know, I've never been one
to wear my heart
on my sleeve,
but, well,
I'm proud of you, Devan.
You had your own dreams
and you made them happen.
I appreciate that, Dad.
Now, you can wear your heart
on your sleeve.
Why aren't you more excited
about going to New York?
Is it that obvious?
Anything to do with Claire?
I figured.
She seemed like
a special lady.
Yeah, she is that.
So have you told her?
It's a little late now.
That's what happened
when I first met your mother.
We almost didn't get married.
Oh, really?
Well, not because
I didn't love her, but...
because I kept my feelings
all bottled up.
I couldn't tell her
how I felt.
So what happened?
Well, not being
the most verbal man,
I wrote her a love letter,
told her how I felt.
(Devan chuckles)
I know, it's old fashioned.
These days, I would have
made a video or something.
That's great.

Well, I better go, but...

Let me know when you have
an art opening in New York.
I'll be there.
Thanks, Dad.
I'll see you soon.

You don't always have
to color in the lines, Claire.

Hi. Is Alan okay?
Oh yes, he just needed
a dog walker for the day.
Rocky, sit! Good boy.
- Have a good one.
- Okay, you too.
Come on!

- Morning.
- Good morning.
Where's Tony?
He asked me to cover for him.
Oh. Can I do two coffees
with almond milk and honey?
- Coming right up.
- Thanks.

Um, you know what?
Just one, actually. Thank you.
Okay. Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Excuse me.
- Good morning, Claire.
I wanted to tell you in person.
Later today,
I'll be alerting staff
of the museum's closing.
- Okay.
- I am so sorry.
I really thought you had
pulled off another miracle.
Yeah, me too.
(phone vibrates)
Oh! Sorry, it's my sister.
She wants me
to come down to the exhibit.
For what?
"Crowd control"?
I'm gonna go.
(Peter chuckles)
Hello, welcome.
Emma! What's going on?
We didn't want money
to stand in the way
so we all decided to volunteer.
This is unbelievable!
Mr. Cole told me
that perseverance
is the difference
between success and failure.
I guess he was right.
I just-- I don't understand.
How did all these people
even hear about it?
Our star reporter.
Emma, you wrote this?
My dad edited it,
but it's my first
published story, Aunt Claire!
- I'm so proud of you!
- Thank you.
It was a team effort.
You should go inside
and say hi to the others.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you!
- High-five! Yes!
- Yes!
- Hey!
- Hi!
Look at you!
- This is amazing.
- Isn't it great?
Come on in.
Hi! So good to see you guys.
Thank you for being here.

Isn't this wonderful?
I wish the exhibit
could continue
with volunteer power alone.
Yes, me too.
Aunt Claire?
There's someone outside
to see you.

Mr. Mendez.
Claire, I...
I wanted to apologize.
I judged the exhibit
before I even understood it.
Please, I think we all do that.
And I also wanted to tell you
that I've decided
to restore my funding.
- Really?
- Yes.
On one condition:
that you consider having these
for your exhibit.
We would be honored.
I want people to hear her story
of how she paid it forward.
And also, I accepted
to share a fund drive
to keep the museum
financially viable
for years to come.
Um, wow! Thank you.
And thank you, really,
that's amazing.
Well, I think that
I can safely retire now.
And there's no one
that I would rather have
fill my shoes.
You mean I-I...
Congratulations, Claire.
I think that you will keep
making the impossible possible.
Thank you.
Oh, man, this is amazing!
I just wish Devan were here.
Well, he did leave you
a parting gift.
He wanted you to have these,
Aunt Claire.
Wow. Put them...
Oh wow, okay, um...
here we go, yup.

And these.
Thank you.
Whoa. Okay.
- Here we go.
- Right this way.
- This way?
- Right on this way.
My name is Devan Cole.
Growing up, I had a dream,
a dream of being an artist.
My father's dream was for me
to go into banking, like him.
When I followed my dream
instead of his,
we had a falling-out.
It caused me a lot of pain
over the years.
I was convinced
he didn't care about my work
and frankly
didn't care about me.
Then one day,
I saw his study
filled with photos
and news clippings
of all my exhibits.
It turns out he did care.
He just had a hard time
showing it.
I struggle with this too
but I want to change.
I think I remember how it goes.
Someone worth changing for.
Someone I'm comfortable sharing
my hopes and dreams with.
Someone worth
settling down with.
Well, it sounds like you've met
a very special woman.
I have.
And I have fallen for her.
I'm not going to New York,
I took that
artist-in-residence position
at the Miami Gallery of Art.
I have some news too.
Mr. Mendez restored the funding.
I knew he would come around.
And I am taking over
Peter's job.
Yep, and I think
I'm gonna start
with a series
of experimental pop-ups
all across the city.
Aren't they a little,
you know, gimmicky?
Mm, well, you can't judge me
until you've walked a mile
in my shoes.
So you're not so traditional
after all.
I guess sometimes, you just
have to color outside the lines.