Stereo (2014) Movie Script

Driver's License.
Take off your glasses.
It's an 80 zone
and you were doing 116.
My girlfriend's expecting me
for dinner.
If I'm late, I'll be in trouble.
Is it you who stinks of oil,
or your bike?
Me, I've got a garage
up the way.
I know.
You eat with your girlfriend
smelling like that?
She likes it.
What, you smelling
like oil at dinner?
She even starts purring.
- My lion has a tummy ache.
- What?
Your lion has a tummy ache?
- Yes!
- Where does it hurt?
That's where his tummy hurts?
Show me, where?
- There!
- Here? There?
OK, we'll take him to the hospital
for an operation, OK?
Is it true that men are turned on
by words more than anything else?
Say something
and see if I get turned on.
Hello, my name is Julie,
I come from Paris
and I haven't had sex for two years.
Two years, no sex?
- Oui.
- Why not?
Went to jail
for indecent behavior.
Is it working?
Take off my panties.
- You're not wearing any.
- Right.
We can skip that nonsense.
Keep your hands where they are.
Hello. I'm here to pick her up.
Who are you?
That's Top Lion.
I'm Julia's boyfriend,
I came last week.
You're not taking her
on the motorcycle, are you?
No, we'll take the bus.
But I want to go on the motorcycle.
But that's illegal.
Doesn't matter.
It does matter.
She's gone. On you go.
You can stay with us more often
if you want to.
That's nice.
Maybe I will.
Mom thinks so too.
Yeah? Did she say so?
Rosalie is hungry!
What? Who?
Rosalie is a princess.
A hungry princess?
Want to push and I'll ride?
My treasure.
Dad, this is Erik.
Erik, my father, Wolfgang.
Oh yes. Weber.
Keppler, Erik.
He already wrote me a ticket.
Isn't it a bit impolite to offer
an oily hand to shake?
What should I do?
It's less polite if I don't.
You could have said, I'd like to shake
your hand, but mine is oily.
Yes, I could have.
Grandpa, I rode on the motorcycle.
- I pushed the bike.
- But super fast.
But I pushed it
and I washed my hands
- even if it doesn't look like it.
- Are you hungry?
- Well then. Bye Dad.
- Bye.
- Bye Sweetheart.
- Bye Grandpa.
- Well, I've got to go.
- See you soon.
I think he likes me.
So, that's my father.
Usually he doesn't just show up.
At least that's out of the way.
I wanted to ask you a favor.
Next weekend my dad is
in a Nordic walking contest.
You know, with the poles?
10 km in the woods and I wanted to ask
if you would do it with him.
He wants to do it with me?
I think it'd be great.
Next weekend?
Maybe afterward,
you can sauna together
and have a chat.
If I asked you to...
I would have done it.
- No way!
- Sure I would have.
- Thanks!
- You gotta pay attention with a child.
Linda, you can't just
run into the street, alright?
You scared me. You can't
just run into the street, OK?
- How was it at the playground today?
- Nice.
You want another beer?
Can you bring the olives?
Everything OK?
I'll be right back.
A guy wearing a hooded parka
just came in here.
Did you see him?
The light was on.
Can I come in?
Nice bikes.
Do you remember me?
You were at the playground.
We're on the same side.
I know how it feels to be watched.
What do you want?
He'll find you.
It's only a matter of time.
I found you too,
and I wasn't even looking.
You can't hide.
What's going on?
You'll help me with Keitel.
You owe me.
If not, I'll tell him where you are.
Don't even think about it.
If anything happens to me,
Keitel will definitely find you.
Hey boys!
Can you do me a favor?
We don't talk to strangers.
Did you say strangers
since there are two of us
or in general?
- Is someone behind me?
- Are you crazy?
Do you think I'm crazy
because I'm asking
or because it's obvious
that someone is there?
Maybe he's invisible.
Does he make noise?
- No, he's silent.
- Kill them.
Kill them.
- He spoke, did you hear him?
- No, what did he say?
Is he there or not?
Don't worry kids.
Why should we be worried?
Quick, let's go!
Humor is not your thing, eh?
Go away!
Pile of shit. What a joke!
It's not working again!
This crap!
I've got a question,
not for me, a friend of mine.
I'm really worried about him.
He has hallucinations.
He sees a guy following him.
Only he can see him.
I see.
I wanted to know
if such an illness existed.
He definitely sees him.
It's not like he's partly clear,
but like...
- As if he were really right beside him.
- What do you mean?
If such an illness exists?
What else could it be?
I don't know.
Why didn't your friend come himself?
I don't know.
Maybe he doesn't like hospitals.
The question is
what kind of therapy is there?
I would send your friend
to a psychiatric clinic,
and then
it would be diagnosed.
Look at his socks.
He needs a doctor himself.
- Can't you just give me some pills?
- No.
You have to go to a psychiatrist.
This man, does he talk to your friend?
- Or tell him what to do?
- If you say yes,
he can put you away
against your will, so shut up.
I'd like to give you
something to calm you down, OK?
That's not OK at all!
He'll sedate you and lock you up.
That's not OK at all!
this won't go away on it's own.
Instead of doing nothing,
there may be another way.
Tell her I sent you, OK?
She's not a trained doctor, but...
she has certain abilities.
- The village hooker?
- Don't be shocked by appearances.
I was also very skeptical.
But maybe she can help you.
Hey, cool down, don't panic.
I'm here to help!
I'm Henry by the way.
I don't know how to thank you.
Do you have an appointment?
- No. Dr. Weihe sent me.
- He's doing better?
I don't know.
Can I ask what you do?
We have a talent
and we try to use it to help.
What's she mean "we"?
Are there more chicks?
We could do a gang bang.
Please sit.
Tell me.
There's someone with me.
And only I can see him.
I want to know if
it's a ghost or only in my head.
I want to get rid of him.
- Is he here now?
- Yes.
- Where?
- He's standing next to me.
How long has he been there?
For a few days,
farther away at first,
but he comes closer.
He just sat down.
- Do you know him?
- No.
Have you seen him before?
He seems familiar,
but more like
I've dreamt of him before.
Does he speak to you?
- Yes.
- Is he speaking now?
- Fuck you.
- Not now, but earlier he did.
- What did he say?
- He said
why is she saying "we"
and something about a group.
Find a spot in my eyes.
Focus on it.
- What's your name?
- Erik Keppler.
Relax. How old are you?
- What do you do?
- Repair motorcycles.
Ask him what he wants.
- What do you want?
- I want to rip off her leggings
- and fuck Satan out of her body.
- He's not answering.
Are you telling the truth?
What's your name?
- I just told you.
- Answer if you want my help.
- What's your name?
- Erik Keppler.
Focus on my eyes.
- Do you repair motorbikes?
- Yes.
Have you ever caused
a person's death?
What? No!
Don't let her do this to you.
It's no good.
It's alright.
What's your name?
Erik Keppler.
Look at him.
Ask him what he wants.
- What do you want?
- To help you!
Go deeper.
Tell him to go.
- Go away!
- Order him.
- Get out of my life!
- No!
- Be stronger than him.
- You let this whore push you around?
Can't you see what she's after?
- Your arms are numb!
- He is manipulating you.
- Your arms can't move!
- My arms can't move!
- Your arms are fine. Deeper!
- You don't want this. Fight!
- What did you say? My arms!
- Your arms are fine.
- Deeper.
- Fight her!
- Take the needle out!
- You have to endure it!
- My arms won't move.
- You sad piece of shit! Fight!
Why are you touching me?
You don't exist.
You can't hurt me,
'cause you don't exist.
Then everything's fine.
You could be a bit nicer.
You think I like hanging out
in this shit hole?
I heard that.
Why are you with
that bitch anyway?
Want a drink with me?
Or keep on pretending
you have to work.
Sounds like you gonna hear
why you're a shitty husband, don't it?
Quit screwing around with that.
I'm sorry if it's been too much
with Lini and my father.
It's not that.
Of course it is!
Is there something wrong?
You're the best thing
to happen to me in a long time,
and I want to be with you.
God, this is sick.
But right now...
I'm scared.
Of what?
Do me a favor.
Fuck the bitch already,
you're boring me to death.
Let's go for a ride.
Hanging around here is making you crazy.
Don't be mad,
- I gotta finish up.
- We don't have to talk.
Right, nothing to talk about...
You know what happens
if you don't tell her? It's over.
She obviously digs you,
but think about it,
the bikes, the tattoos,
you're nothing
but a distraction
from her boring life.
Come on.
Why let the dumb cow turn you
into someone you're not?
When she learns you're nuts
she'll leave you anyway.
Why don't you tell her
how Linda almost got run over,
- 'cause you didn't watch her?
- Fuck off!
A very critical moment.
Did you see how she looked at you?
She doubts your whole relationship.
Is that the first time?
It's the beginning of the end.
- What?
- Wait.
Listen to me and trust me,
just this once.
Listen carefully to this guy.
If you do, I'll leave you alone
tonight for your reconciliation fuck.
Still pretending?
Or are you going to hear me out?
I'm all ears.
There's a club.
Keitel just took it over.
You'll go there.
I'll tell you where and when
and take care of the rest.
- Ask him what club.
- Don't tell me what to do.
Paranoid Keitel made
a list because of you.
- I'm the only one left alive.
- I'm so sorry.
- You leave me no choice.
- Don't let him do it.
- I'll call him.
- Tell him you'll do it.
Don't let him call.
Do it.
Call him.
You goddamn idiot.
- Yeah.
- Hansen,
it's Gaspar.
Give me Keitel.
Why should he talk to you?
Tell him Zille is alive.
And I know where he is.
It's your last chance.
Tell him you'll slaughter him
if he doesn't hang up now.
Good. Fine.
- Klangendorf is the place.
- You've no idea what you've done.
Meeting at Luisen Street.
In the empty building
They're coming, tonight.
I've listened to your nonsense.
Now, leave me alone.
You act as if you've
never done this before.
You remember the deal?
If you get it up,
you get your money,
if not, you get hit.
Got it?
- I no understand.
- No understand.
No understand German.
What do I do with her?
Get out.
Zille is alive.
Get me out of here.
Julia, I'm sorry.
Let's ride and talk a bit, OK?
- Julia.
- Only if I can drive.
No way.
Then, no.
I went to the doctor today.
That's why I came late
to the daycare.
I told you about
my nightmares, didn't I?
They've gotten worse.
I have problems in the day now, too.
It's so bad that
I'm seeing things,
things that aren't there.
What kinds of things?
I start thinking,
I'm being followed.
I can deal with it,
but I need to do it on my own.
- I want to keep you out of it.
- No, no, no.
That's exactly the wrong way.
Don't think
you're scaring me away.
I'm here.
For you. OK?
Sometimes it feels so real
that I can't tell
what's real and what's not.
I'm real.
What do you have for us?
First, I want a guarantee
that my name's off the list...
You have it.
- From Keitel?
- Yes.
Want a bouquet?
It's all here.
The garage's address,
and his girlfriend's, Julia Weber.
I've also got a note.
A message from Keitel.
I wrote it down.
I couldn't remember it all.
It says,
"You fucking rat,
you think I'd do business
with a gypsy faggot?"
Then, more insults.
Blah blah, and then,
"Beat him and make it hurt."
that last part was for me.
You're pretty stupid, aren't you?
Believing in words of honor.
What kind of world do you live in?
So sorry.
You don't have to hide
your hand from me.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I think I understand
how you can get used to this crap.
But, unfortunately, it's not real.
And you know that.
Let it go.
You'll lose it anyway.
- Yesterday was nice.
- Say it loud, horny milf.
- Our birthday girl!
- Happy birthday!
- She won't take the costume off.
- I'm a Vicky and you're Halvar.
Did you know there
was a cool Viking named Erik?
No, you're Halvar the Top Lion!
Happy birthday, kiddo.
- A present!
- Yep.
It's a Paradont rabbit.
He gets tooth aches
but he's still sweet.
Look Rosalie, a rabbit.
I also have a friend
whom only I can see.
He's sitting there.
I don't believe you.
It's true, unfortunately.
- What's his name?
- His name is Henry.
Hello Henry.
- Hello Linda.
- Want to play with us, Henry?
- Then I'll be the ugly aluminum head.
- You're...
You're the fairy pony.
- I'm the fairy pony. Who are you?
- I'm Vicky.
All this isn't real.
It'll soon be over.
Grandpa is here.
- My rabbit is hungry, Henry.
- I don't care, so shut the fuck up.
- Who is Henry?
- My new friend.
- And Rosalie?
- She's dead. - Oh really?
That's sad.
What did you do in Berlin
before you came here?
I was in gastronomy.
Doing what exactly?
Don't let him interrogate you.
I was a cook
in a couple of restaurants.
No good.
Not even your chick believes you.
You could cook for us then.
You weren't a mechanic in Berlin then?
But you drove a motorcycle, right?
What are you getting at?
I checked up on you a bit.
- And?
- Since you moved here, you've had 15,
no 16 traffic tickets.
- That's a lot for two years.
- Could be worse.
Could be worse, right?
Yeah, but what's interesting
is before you came here.
You don't like to talk
about the past, do you?
I ran a red light?
Nothing, not a single ticket.
Then 16 in two years?
That doesn't seem likely.
A city guy like you doesn't
move out to cruise the countryside.
A cook who opens
a motorcycle garage?
- I don't believe a word you say.
- Dad stop.
- Do you have children?
- The tension grows.
Were you married?
Were you married?
Do you have children?
Any family at all?
My wife
died in a fire a few years ago.
She was pregnant.
This is my new start.
I gave up everything
and left it behind.
I'd like to change the subject.
I don't like remembering
or being reminded of it.
I just want to forget.
Customers of mine.
What do you want?
Calm down.
We're moving tonight.
This will get you in.
The address is on the back.
Deisler is covering security
at Heaven.
- The rest is like we said.
- Like who said?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- What do you mean?
Like I said, I don't know.
Look, I'm Erik Keppler.
No one else,
no matter what you think.
And now fuck off.
Leave me alone.
You psycho really believe
what you're saying. Have a look.
Just don't flip out.
Maybe this will jog your memory.
You are Zille.
Thomas Zillewski.
You did this.
Had to happen.
You'll be at that club.
Alzheimer's or not.
We're in this shit together.
Do you want Keitel
to show up in her living room?
Do you want to watch your family die?
You show up.
Just be there.
We'll take care of the rest.
Believe it or not,
I'm saving your ass right now.
What's wrong?
- Was I with you all last night?
- Yes, of course.
All night, are you sure?
Yes, I don't know.
You always get up at night.
- I'm not right for her.
- Now, calm down.
- What did they want?
- Look after her.
- Leave for a few days.
- You shouldn't be afraid of those guys.
- Where are you going?
- Do what I say.
What did they say?
Fuck, Erik! Stay here!
Hey. You could thank me.
I did save your life.
My life was fine
before you came along.
Go on ignoring what you don't like.
You know what your life is?
- A goddamn lie!
- Nonsense.
Yeah? You remember so well, eh?
Your wife died in a fire?
- You know nothing.
- Then explain.
I am only a part of you.
I can't tell you
if you don't want to know.
- You're an illness, not a part of me.
- Whatever you say.
- Fuck off.
- You fuck off.
This cunt can't help you either.
I'll do anything,
just get rid of him.
I can only treat you
by talking directly to him.
How will you do it?
You have to allow it.
I'm scared to lose control.
Lie down.
Trust me. It'll be fine.
Focus on the pencil tip.
I'm not going away.
I'm not going away.
- See what happens.
- Trust me. It'll be fine.
Focus on the pencil tip.
I'll go look for him.
Can you watch Linda?
Stay here, it won't help.
just shut up.
Julia Weber?
Are you awake?
I want to wash my hands.
Can you untie me?
Who is speaking now?
Your fucking travel guide.
- Untie me now.
- Henry?
You, witch doctor.
Bondage usually turns me on.
We both know you have no idea
what you're doing. Untie me.
I'm going to put
more needles in your face.
- Don't move. It'll hurt.
- No! Untie me!
Untie me you dumb cunt!
You want to exorcise the demon?
How do you know I'm not sick?
Maybe Erik's the demon.
Have you thought about that?
You didn't.
What now?
What now?
What happened?
- Didn't it work?
- Yes, it did.
You tell, the man does things,
you cannot control,
evil things.
That's your true character,
your true soul.
You are
the brain disease,
- not him.
- That's not true.
For now, we have
placed one needle
to serve as a blockage.
If you pull it out, you will become
what you really are,
It's your decision.
You still don't believe it.
Pull it out.
Very bad idea.
- I'm going there.
- Then you're dead.
If I don't,
my family is in danger.
Your family.
You don't have a family.
Forget the chick.
You don't love her.
You know why?
Because you can't.
Can you feel the adrenaline?
Zille is here, in Heaven.
What do you think
is going to happen now?
He said
all I have to do is be here.
Get out!
Don't let him out.
Is this a tape or live?
It's a tape.
- Where's he now?
- Hiding in the WC.
- Are there cameras?
- No.
- Another exit?
- No.
How many guys do we have?
- 10.
- Get more.
He's shitting himself in the toilets,
why do we need more guys?
Because it can only be a trap!
- Did he say what he wants?
- No.
- You go talk to him.
- Just talk?
He'll have a bargaining chip.
If not, beat him up.
But I want to be there
when he dies.
Don't give me that arrogant sneer.
- Wait.
- They're here.
Bring them in.
What the ...?
- Who are these clowns?
- The girlfriend and her dad,
the townspeople said.
So little one,
come here.
- What's your name?
- Linda.
- How old are you, Linda?
- Five.
- What do you want from us?
- Don't talk unless I ask a question.
Do you know him?
- Is that your dad?
- That's Top Lion.
So, he's not your dad?
He doesn't live with us.
Who? Top Lion or your dad?
My dad doesn't live with us.
Then that man there
isn't your dad?
That's Top Lion,
he gave me this rabbit.
But is he your dad or not?
- He's not her dad.
- I didn't ask you!
Is that your dad?
What's so hard
about the question, Linda?
Is that your dad or not?
- Yes or no?
- No.
- Good Linda, you're a great girl.
- Thank you.
Would you bring Linda out of here?
- Let me go! Where's he taking her?
- We're doing what you say!
- A little girl shouldn't see this.
- I'll...
Calm down.
So, you're his girlfriend?
Yes, and I'm a police officer.
Oh, a cop.
Your boyfriend,
do you love him?
Do you love him?
He didn't even tell you his real name.
The Zille that I know
uses women like fuckdolls
and throws them away
when he's done.
For the rest of your life
you are going to suck 50 dicks a day
in a whorehouse in the Ukraine.
What did you do with her?
Hands on the wall.
Are you unarmed?
Did that hurt?
Help me.
- I'll do.
- What did you say?
You're such a whiny pile of shit.
Admit it,
that your whole life is a lie.
Get Julia and the little one out.
You promise?
I promise.
And now,
admit it,
that your life is a goddamn lie.
Who am I?
You, my friend,
are the bad guy.
make the worst guests.
Let me in, we gotta talk.
- You'll survive.
- You look like hell.
But I'm doing great.
What are you doing here?
Is that how you greet
your brother-in-law?
Glad to see you too.
- I gotta talk to my brother.
- Go back to bed.
Now I'm awake.
- I'll make a tea.
- Two sugars.
Let's go upstairs.
You've got a little kingdom here.
Spare me the sarcasm.
What do you want?
No thanks,
I don't smoke anymore.
That's no surprise.
Remember what dad said
when I beat you up?
You beat me up?
I remember it differently.
He said I shouldn't
because you're my brother.
Brothers should
always help each other.
Right, brothers should
always help each other.
You remember the garage?
You can join in anytime.
- Fuck your garage.
- What do you want?
- I wanted to ask you a favor.
- What?
- It's a bit heavy.
- What do you want? Money?
I want to invite you on a trip.
You, me, Karin...
We'll find an island far away.
Sooth the soul a bit, yeah?
A trip? Are you nuts?
I can't go on vacation,
I've got the garage.
OK, the truth is
I underestimated someone.
I didn't finish something
the way I should have.
If he finds out I got a brother,
then you're in danger.
You're pulling my leg, right?
This is the best I could get.
I'll get you IDs, too.
- A ticket to a new life.
- You're an asshole.
Get out.
Get out.
- Fuck off!
- Wait, you don't get it. Look, money.
It's all yours. Fuck your garage.
You can get another,
bigger, better, someday,
but now we have to go.
Karin is pregnant.
I'm so sorry.
- Asshole!
- I'm sorry. I fucked up. We have to go.
Is she alright?
Is everything OK?
Nothing happened?
Is everything...
It's alright, it's alright.
Pull yourself together.
Let's go.
Get up.
You can take it pretty good.
Because you hit like a girl.
Now I'm coming to get you.
That's where talking will get you.
Block the entrances.
He can't finish this alone.
- How many are we?
- 15 are here 10 more are coming.
What was your name?
How many of those guys
did that gyppo bring?
Not a lot.
Most of them are our guys.
Maybe you can tell our guys
about the new situation then?
Are you scared?
Me too.
The exits are blocked.
What now?
How should I know?
Sit here and chitchat?
What if he doesn't
give a shit about her?
- Then you've got a problem.
- Shut up.
Before we all blow each other away,
let's just relax and
I'll tell you how I see things, OK?
I've got a new whore at home.
She's from Bulgaria and
she massages my nuts like no other.
I want to go home to her tonight.
I'll let your girl and the family go.
You live your new life with her.
Does that sound
like a reasonable end?
I don't believe it.
- You want revenge.
- Zille, I'm almost 50.
I can't walk right
since you shot me into a cripple.
But you've paid
for what you did to me.
The death of your brother
and his wife
was enough revenge for me.
Then you show up again
after five years.
What would you have done?
I wasn't going to wait
till you come to finish me off.
We don't have to end this
in a bloodbath, Zille.
His guys are everywhere.
Yours couldn't handle them.
I hardly know the girl
you're hiding behind.
A pussy with no hourly rate.
That's over now.
Do as you please with her.
Quite honestly,
- you got nothing.
- What do you want then, asshole?
I want my old life back.
With all the perks.
Gaspar and I take over the business.
Hansen keeps the clubs
and is a shareholder.
And you,
you retire.
And get out of here alive.
If you remind me of
my brother ever again,
you'll eat your guts.
What's with these two,
and the child?
I don't care.
We take the woman and child,
and the cop dies.
One question
you've got to answer.
If you drink with me.
I always thought I knew you,
my soul mate.
No one was as extreme as we were.
We raised hell, didn't we?
Was that the question?
Why did you want to kill me?
I wanted it all.
That's what I thought
until you came in here
and held your little speech.
Then it dawned on me!
You wanted to quit back then,
but you were afraid
I wouldn't let you.
Deep down inside,
you were always
a boring normal fuck.
She's not nothing to you.
You love her.
The show you're putting on here
is one giant pile of shit.
Now, give up and
let yourself be tortured to death.
If you don't,
you will watch while
I hack your lady and
her daughter into pieces.
Can I ask you something?
Your Bulgarian whore,
she can play with
your balls all day,
but nothing happens, right?
Not a thing.
Life is shit, Zille.
I've had it.
I know.
Remember what dad always said?
Tell me.
He said,
"The good ones can take it,
and the bad ones are no loss."