Sticks and Stones (2008) Movie Script

(Birds chirping)
(Alarm buzzing)
- (Radio): Good morning,
Take shots till 8:00
make the thing drive
Out after school
and back on ice
That was his life
He was gonna play
in the Big League
The Big League
Not many ways out of this
cold northern town
You work in the mill
and get laid in the ground
If youre gonna jump
it will be with the game
Real fast and tough
is the only clear lane
To the Big League
My boys gonna play
in the Big League
My boys gonna
turn some heads
My boys gonna play
in the Big League
My boys gonna
knock em dead
The Big League
(Breathing heavily)
- Lets go, guys!
Lets go!
Backcheck! Backcheck!
- Youre screening me!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
- Yeah!
- Jordy!
Hey, what are you doing?
Thats your man!
- I know.
- You cant screen
your own goaltender!
- Whered Mom go?
- You listening to me?
Get your head
in the game, son!
All right, K.P.s line!
Lets go!
Three minutes left, boys!
Give me some effort!
- Lets go, K.P.!
Its up to you now, son!
- Quit screwin around.
Lets do this!
- (Man): Lets see some skating!
- Lets get it back!
Lets turn some heads
Lets turn it around
Hey you, right there
Were gonna turn it up
Turn it up
- Thats it, Jordy!
- Come on!
- Jordy!
- Thats it!
- Yeah!
- Thats what Im talking about!
You sucked today.
- I handed you the winning goal.
What more do you want?
- All right, listen up!
The good news is we won.
- (Boys): Yeah!
- The bad news is were going to
have to be a whole lot better
in Montreal this weekend.
- (Boys): Yeah...
- Anyway, wash up your gear.
Please, Dear God,
wash up your gear!
We meet the bus here, Saturday
morning, 7:00 a.m. sharp!
- (Boys): Yeah!
- Hey, good game, guys.
(All cheering)
- (Radio): While protests
against the war
are increasing around the world,
Baghdad is eerily quiet
as the world braces itself
for what the Bush Administration
promises will be
a campaign of Shock and awe.
Iraqi Foreign Minister
Tariq Aziz
repeated again his
governments willingness
(Radio off)
- Americans, man!
Oh, I got the schedule
for Montreal.
Got the Brockton team
up first. Peewee B.
Should be our easiest
game, which is good.
We could use a tune-up.
- Michael!
Time to wrap it up.
- Come on, Coach.
Five more.
- Your Dad called.
He wants me to drive you home.
Get started.
Come on.
- Mom?
Hey, Mom?
- Down here!
Hey. Get your stuff out, Im
going to run a load right now.
- You left.
- I had so much to do, hon.
- The game wasnt over.
- I know, but you won, right?
I knew you would.
- What were you talking
to Mrs. Hockett about?
- Oh, nothing.
You know, just chatting.
Come on, give
me your jersey.
- I saw you guys up there.
It looked like you were crying.
- Well, I wasnt.
Crying about what?
You are such a little worrier!
- Youre coming
to Montreal, right?
- Uh, I cant.
- Why not?
- Im sorry, hon. I just
have so much marking to do.
Grade 12 midterms and...
You guys go.
What? Youll have
a great time.
- (TV): Shock and awe has hit
the Iraqi capital
with a vengeance.
Baghdad is under attack.
- Hey, honey.
Have a good practice?
- Coach, come here
and look at this.
- a prime target.
- How we doin?
- Well, were in it now.
- Any word about Chris?
- No, his units
still not deployed.
- With any luck,
this will all be over
before he gets called up.
- Amen to that.
Want to stay for dinner?
- Thats OK, I gotta run.
But, listen.
Some of the families were
wondering about
the Montreal trip,
with all this going on.
- Were not cancelling, are we?
- Well, concerns were raised
about security.
Terrorist cells striking border
crossings, that kind of thing.
- Who raised that? Diane?
- Yeah.
- Well, exactly.
- Theres no way were
cancelling. We gotta go.
- We washed too many cars, baked
too many cookies for this.
Its Montreal,
home of the Habs.
We gotta go.
Dont worry.
- Maybe if you talk to her.
- All right.
She can borrow my flak jacket.
- Dont make fun.
Shes a single mother.
Her hands are full with
- Not Dennis?
- Get out of here!
- See you in the morning.
- And thats the
latest from Baghdad.
Back to you in
the news room, Laurie.
- Thank you, Jack.
Thats the latest report
from our correspondent
on the ground...
- So, whats wrong with you?
- Nothing. I had a bad game.
Get off my back.
- You dont have bad games.
- Look, it doesnt matter.
Well kick ass in Montreal.
- OK, just dont want you to
swan in front of a scout.
Need you to make
me look good.
- What scout?
- Notre Dame.
- Get out of here.
- Im serious!
- Theyre coming to see you?
- Theyre coming to
see both of us.
My dad set it up.
A-game, buddy. A-game.
Leafs are taking me
in the first round,
so dont screw it up for me.
- Yeah, in your dreams.
- See you tomorrow, man.
(Mother and father arguing)
- All right, boys!
Lets go!
Load it up!
- Pretty cool news, eh?
- Whats that?
- About K.P. and Jordy being
scouted in Montreal.
- What?
- Yeah. Notre Dame.
I set it up when I
was there last week.
Jordy didnt tell you?
- No.
- Lets go!
Load it up!
- OK, so, you got
your blue pants
in case you go somewhere
nice for dinner, right?
- Yeah, but well probably
spend most of our time
in the casino anyway.
- Hey. Too big for kisses now?
Thats better.
Have fun, sweetie.
- Hey.
- (Man): Have a good one!
Good luck!
- Hey, did you bring em?
- Yeah.
- Well, lets see!
- Not here.
- Come on, come on!
- OK.
- Whoa!
- You guys still
play with those?
Thats for little kids!
- We can play on the bus.
- Well, its just
that I heard
that one of the 9/11 hijackers
came from Montreal.
- Well, if he did,
hes dead now.
- You know what
I mean, Coach.
- Look, I dont know
what do say, Diane.
If you want to take Dennis
out and not come,
thats completely understandable
if thats how you feel.
Look, I felt a whole
lot better about it
after I talked to Peter.
- Really?
- Yeah, hes up on all that
Homeland Security stuff.
Talk to Pete.
Here we go. Are we ready here?
- Yeah, all right.
Hey, if Chris gets
called up, you know...
- I dont want you worrying.
Dads got the cell phone. Ill
let you know if I hear anything.
Dont worry. Nothings going to
happen while youre gone, OK?
- Yeah.
- Play good hockey.
- Yeah! Go Boxers!
- Thats right. Were going
to have a great time.
Dont worry about
a thing, all right?
- Go Boxers!
- Everybody on!
- Bye!
Hip hop
- No way! Yellow gamma power
blocks your phasers.
- No, it doesnt.
Only red does.
- What? Hey, Mike.
- Yeah? What?
- Hey, guys. Turn it
off and listen up.
Petes got something
he wants to say to you.
- OK, I got some good
news and some bad news.
Bad news is the movie theater
we were going to tonight
is closed for renovations.
- (All): Aw...
- Yeah, yeah.
But I was able to score tickets
to see the Habs
and Isles tonight.
- (All): Yeah!
- So, me and Al are
going to the game,
while you guys stay at
the hotel and watch TV!
Wait, it turns out theres more
than 2 in here after all.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
It seems theres enough tickets
for everybody on the bus!
Hip hop
- Bush was going in no
matter what the Iraqis did.
What a mess.
- You dont mind
Saddam Hussein
having Weapons of
Mass Destruction?
- Seems theres always a reason
for America to bomb somebody.
What you looking for?
- My Game Boy.
- Top pocket in your day pack
inside your tuque.
- Yo, what are you doing?
Yo, give it guys! Come on!
(Boys yelling)
- Think we should settle
those boys down?
- With what? A fire hose?
Hip hop
- All right, all right.
Settle down, guys!
Theyre gonna turn us back at
the border for being too noisy.
This is a polite country,
Mind your manners now.
(Boys yelling)
- Ow! What was that?
- What is it?
- A Skittle.
You know what this
means, dont you?
- (Boys): What?
- Total war and destruction!
(All yelling)
- What street?
- I dont know.
- I hear they put this cheese
sauce on the french fries here.
They call it a poutine.
- Gross!
- Give me some of
that puke-tine!
- Thats disgusting!
- Its...
I thought I saw a
sign that said...
No, no! Dont go down here.
Its one-way.
We cant turn around here.
- Were lost, arent we?
- Absolutely not.
- Yeah, were lost.
(Boys laughing)
- Coach, whats going on?
Whats going on?
Its some kind of...
- Coach?
(Protestors yelling)
(Protestors yelling)
- Oh, crap!
- Holy!
- (Diane): Stay in your seats!
Sit down!
- Whats going on?
- Get us out of here!
- We cant move!
- Everybody stay seated!
- Its gonna be OK.
Just keep your heads down.
Stay away from the windows.
They cant see inside.
Well get out of here.
(Protestors yelling)
- We cant get out of here!
- Oh no!
- Get away from the windows!
Everybody back!
Keep your heads down!
Heads down! Lets go!
Get away from the windows!
Its OK! Its
gonna be all right.
- Im not taking this crap!
- Al, dont!
- Al, dont go out there!
- Hey!
Theres kids on this bus!
- Youre a bunch of terrorists!
- Its all right, guys.
Settle down.
Sit down!
- Not too smart, Al!
- Theyre burning the flag!
- Lets get out of here! Go!
- You guys OK?
- Yeah.
- What a mess.
Forget about your bags for now.
Team meeting inside.
- Dennis, put that away!
Put it away!
- You picked the
wrong bus to bring.
- No, we picked the
wrong country!
- Come on over here, OK?
Over here. Thats it.
Come on around.
- Give that to me.
- OK guys, listen up.
That was pretty ugly.
Put those people are
- Jerks.
- Yeah, OK. Jerks.
But whatever they
were screamin,
had nothing to do with us, OK?
- They burned our flag!
- Yeah.
The question is what
are we gonna do?
- We go home!
- No. We came to play hockey.
- Im not staying here.
Dennis and I will fly
back if we have to.
- No, Im not going!
This is our tournament!
We earned this!
Im not going to
let you ruin it!
- Settle down.
You know what?
The way we got treated today,
theres no blaming anybody
heading for home.
But for me, I vote to stay.
- (Boys): Yeah.
- You kids worked your butts off
to raise the money.
We all did.
Diane, obviously you gotta do
what you think is best.
But we wish youd stay.
- (Boys): Yeah.
- OK, OK.
- (Boys): Yeah! USA! USA!
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
- Come on, settle down.
We got to get our minds
back into hockey, OK?
Were playing AAA team from
Fredericton tomorrow.
Theyre bigger than us
and faster than us.
But we got... what?
- Cool uniforms?
- Yeah! Cool uniforms!
- Yeah! Cool uniforms!
- Boxers! Boxers!
- If this D pinches,
this D comes across to cover.
Centerman, you cover here.
Same thing on the other side.
Centermen, you got that?
- Yeah.
- All right, good.
OK, boys, in bed at 8:30,
lights out at 9:00.
- (All): Come on!
- You want to go
sightseeing or something?
- (All): Yeah!
- We wanna party!
- (Boys): Party! Party!
- OK, I guess
nobodys interested
in what I have in this envelope.
- Whats in it?
- This is so awesome!
- I know! Can you believe it?
- Pronger or Chelios?
- Pronger.
Chelios is ancient.
- Yeah, Pronger.
- Hey, Broxton!
- Yeah?
- Were Fredericton.
We play you tomorrow.
- Whos your goalie?
- Me.
- Whos the moron?
- K.P.
Youre gonna see a
lot of him tomorrow.
- I bet.
- Bourque or Lidstrom?
- Bourque.
- Blue line belongs to him.
Better keep your head up.
- Yeah. You too.
- Always, man.
- Im lighting you up
like a Christmas tree.
- Keep dreaming.
- Jagr or Thornton?
- Cam Neely.
- Oh!
- Oh, here they are.
- Everything OK?
- Yeah. Its cool.
- Thanks, Coach.
- You couldve told me about
the scout from Notre Dame.
It kind of sucks to have
to hear it from Craig.
- I forgot.
- You forgot?
- This is so cool.
(Announcer speaking French)
- Ladies and gentlemen,
please rise
for the singing
of our national anthems.
- Oh say can you see
(Singing mixed with booing)
- Oh, man.
No class.
- Yeah, no kidding.
(Singing and booing)
- Come on, people. No.
singing and booing)
- Dont hang your head, boys.
This is your National Anthem.
singing and booing)
- Hey, who threw that?
- Hey!
- What?
- Makes you feel like a big man,
scaring a bunch of kids?
- Which one threw
the beer first?
- Just forget
about it, all right?
- Well have him ejected.
- What about the
rest of em, huh?
- Its not worth it.
- Lets go! Lets go!
- Why do we have to go?
- The President of the Montreal
Canadiens hockey team
has expressed deep regret
over the booing of
the US National Anthem.
The incident is
one more example
of growing
anti-American sentiment
thats gaining steam
in the country.
- All right, lets
get some sleep.
- CTVs Roger Smith reports.
(TV off)
- Why didnt Mom come?
- Mom had a lot of stuff to do.
- I know what youre
fighting about.
- Were not fighting.
- Yes, you are.
You never go
anywhere together,
you dont talk unless
Im out of the room.
Its pretty obvious.
Its about her job, isnt it?
- Its about a lot of things.
Look, Jordy, were a family.
Your mom and me are trying to
work something out now.
Thats it.
Its going to be fine.
I guarantee it.
- Just like that?
- Yeah.
- Sure, Dad.
- (TV): Troops from the 3rd
Infantry Division
crossed the
Euphrates River
and were on the march to
Baghdad, about 160 miles away.
In Northern Kuwait...
- You gonna sleep
tonight or what?
- Whats wrong
with these people?
- Bunch of drooling idiots.
- He wasnt so tough, the guy
who threw the beer at Coach.
- You think you could take him?
- No, but I bet Dad
wouldve laid him out.
- That wouldve been so sweet!
Oh, Dennis!
- You dying over there, buddy?
I dont think so!
(Farting sounds)
- Neil!
This is Mr. Houle.
Neil, boys, a scout
for the Notre Dame Hounds.
- Great to meet you.
- This is my son Kyle Perkins,
and thats Jordy Martin.
- You guys are having
a good year, eh?
- Yeah. Vinny Lecavalier
was a Hound, right?
- You bet.
So was Rod BrindAmour
and Curtis Joseph.
- Told you.
- So just go out and have fun
out there. No pressure.
Its not all on one game.
Good luck.
- Catch you later.
- No pressure, he says.
- OK guys, forget about
yesterday, all right?
From now on, its all
just about hockey, OK?
Now, Frederictons a good team.
But well be all right
if we keep it simple.
Just dump it in, backcheck,
help out your D.
Were gonna need a big effort
from everybody here.
So who are we?
- (Boys): Boxers.
- Did you hear something?
- Not really, no.
Sounded like some baby birds
peeping in their nest.
- Yeah, peep-peep-peep,
like that. Let me try again.
Who are we?
- (Boys): Boxers!
- Come on, guys!
- (Chanting): Boxers! Boxers!
- Yeah! Boxers! Boxers!
- We need to put on a show.
Try some of those long
break-out passes.
Makes us both look good.
You stand em up
at the blue line,
Ill take care of the rest.
Its Notre Dame, man!
First step on
the way to the draft.
And the Toronto Maple Leafs
are pleased to select
from the Notre Dame Hounds
center Kyle Perkins!
- Shut up!
What are you? Like a talking
robot or something?
(Music off)
- All right, boys!
Lets go!
Come on now!
Big game! Lets go!
- Ladies and gentlemen, please
welcome the Brockton Boxers.
- All right! Boxers!
- Hey! Theyre just
kids, all right?
- Boo!
- Im so glad you
talked me into staying.
Come on, Dennis!
- Lets go!
- Please welcome the
Fredericton Canadiens.
- Cam Neely!
Its too bad you had
to leave last night.
- Everybody in!
Top line out first.
Everybody else on the bench.
- K.P.s line to start,
OConnor and Martin on D.
- Lets go, boys!
- Oh yeah!
- Yeah!
- Oh yeah! What a goal!
See that move?
- Nice pass too.
But I could live
without the hot-dogging.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
- Listen, Mike.
Dump it in.
You cant let em tee off
on you like that, all right?
He hits like a truck, huh?
Its all right, well get
it back. Lets go, guys!
- K.P! K.P!
No stylin after a goal
or youll be watching
from the bench.
- Yes, Coach.
- Nice hit out there.
He wont be trying that again.
Lets get another one, boys!
- Dont do that
to my goalie again.
- Do what?
- Move it!
- Pick it up!
- Its OK. Lets
get it back, boys.
- Those kids are
awesome together!
Like poetry in motion.
- Theyre making us
look stupid on purpose.
- Just need to settle
down, all right?
- Deep! Get it low!
- Come on, Brockton!
- Nice save!
- Catch up!
- Eighteen, white!
Two minutes for hooking!
- Come on!
- Come on, ref!
- Whats that?
- I didnt even touch him!
- Come on!
- Hey, ref!
If one team gets
a 4-goal lead,
you dont put more
goals on the board.
- Im not in
charge of the clock.
- Its Peewee hockey!
- Twenty-three, white!
Seventeen, two minutes!
- Come on!
- Ten, white, two minutes!
Two, white! Slashing!
- Beautiful!
- Hey, ref, what are you doing?
- Im not talking to you.
- Look, we dont
need your help.
- Im a volunteer
just like you.
I call it the way I see it.
- Youre humiliating
those kids.
You making some kind of a point
because theyre American?
Come on!
- Its not fair!
Nine penalties?
None on the other team?
Were any of those
even real calls?
- Settle down.
Listen, this is really tough.
I know it is. Its hard.
But Im proud of you guys.
Youre rolling lines,
taking the hits,
and staying in the game
no matter what the score is.
I am so proud of you.
(Players breathing heavily)
- You guys still here?
Ha ha!
- Hauser, start us off.
Jess, and Melancon, go.
Jordy, K.P., you
guys are gonna sit.
- What about the scout?
- Dont worry.
Hes got the picture.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
- What? That was
goalie interference!
- Its a goal, 18!
No lip!
- Hey, get out of
my net! Come on!
- Stop that, guys!
- Eighteen, white,
youre ejected!
- It was him and me!
- Thats not fair!
- You kidding me?
- Eighteen, white,
match penalty!
Eighteens ineligible
for next game as well.
- There isnt gonna be a next
game! This game is over!
Come on, lets go.
Were leaving!
(Crowd booing)
- Hes pulling them?
- Thats right.
(Crowd booing)
- Well, I dont blame them.
- Bye-bye, guys.
Bye-bye now.
- Its a game, jerk-face!
Its just a game!
Figure it out!
Now would you mind
getting me out of here
before I start
hitting somebody?
- Yes, maam.
- Thank you.
- K.P.! Jordy! Hurry up!
Mr. Houle wants
to talk to you guys.
- I dont know what
to say about that game.
How do you feel about it?
- We played
pretty good, I guess.
- It was crap.
- Yes, it was.
But theres no question: you
guys have outstanding talent.
You make each other
look very good.
Theres an assessment camp for
the Elite League in Quebec City.
June 9 to 14.
Invitation only.
Id like to
invite you to attend.
- That is a great opportunity.
- Yes. Sir, thank you.
- Youre welcome.
You both deserve it.
- Excuse me.
- Is he interested?
- Yes.
Hes just...
I dont know what
he is exactly,
but hell be
there, guaranteed.
Thank you, Sir.
- Hey! Hey!
- What do you want from me?
You want a piece
of me or something?
- No.
- Well, bring it on!
- Easy, man!
- You think that was funny?
- Hey, back off!
- Youre not so tough!
- I didnt come here to fight!
- Enough! Hey!
Michael, get on the bus!
You didnt have enough
fun with us on the ice?
- No.
I mean, I just...
I wanted to tell you
that reffing was garbage.
- Yeah, we were there, son.
Start up the bus.
I dont think that
Kindness is a weakness
I dont have a problem
With compassion
- Hey!
So? Tell me what happened.
Did you win?
- Lost in the finals.
- Really? So you were second?
Thats really good.
- Its OK.
- Thats great!
Show me your medal.
Wow! Look at that!
Now that is really something.
Good for you. Did you
have a great time?
- It was OK.
- Yeah?
Well, you guys look exhausted.
Listen, why dont you go
unpack your stuff, OK?
- (Neil): Im happy for you!
Im happy youre happy!
(Knocking at door)
Music through headphones
- Hello.
(Music off)
- Where did Dad go?
- He... He went for a walk, hon.
- You guys getting a divorce?
- No!
But there is something
we need to talk about.
There is a principals job
at the school in Bathurst.
- So?
- Well, they asked me to fill in
for the rest of this year.
And it could become a permanent
position this fall.
- Are we moving?
- No, your dad doesnt want to,
but the thing is that...
I have been working toward an
offer like this my whole career.
Its kind of a now-or-never
thing for me.
- Why doesnt Dad want to move?
- I...
Well, its complicated.
Things are pretty settled here.
You know, the house,
and hes finally in
the management position
he wanted to be in.
And I can understand why he...
Anyway, so were going to
try me going back and forth.
- Are you moving out?
- No, Ill just be working
from somewhere else.
- You getting a place there?
- Yeah, honey. I have to.
- Then how is
that not moving out?
- Anyway, I need to go
to Bathurst tomorrow.
Because I
- Whatever.
Music through headphones
- Jordan...
Come on! Come on
down, honey!
Hon, come on!
Come down, honey. OK?
- Come on, man!
What was that?
You still asleep or what?
- It would help if you
took a look sometimes!
- I was there! The passes
gotta be on the tape!
- Were not here just to make
you look good, princess.
- Whats your problem?
Come on!
- Hey!
- Get off!
- Hey! Hey! Get off of him!
- Moron!
- Whats the matter with you?
You go take your gear off.
All right, settle down!
What happened out there?
- I hate hockey!
Im sick of this game!
- You need to go out there and
apologize to Kyle right now.
- No way!
- Do it or you dont play.
- Fine. I quit.
- Jordy...
- I quit!
- When we got to Montreal,
there was this...
- You mean protesters?
- And they started rocking the
bus and yelling stuff at us.
- What kind of stuff?
- That Americans were
all baby-killers.
Then they burned our flag.
- And even the people in the
hockey rink booed you?
- Uh-huh.
- They booed a kids hockey team
because you were American?
- Uh-huh.
- Some neighbors, huh?
- I guess.
- And then, you know,
we just kind of...
We got on the bus
and we went back home.
- And there was no apology from
the tournament organizers?
- No, Sir.
- I guess you wont
be going to Canada
anytime soon.
- No, Sir.
Im never going back.
- So while our troops
defend freedom on
the ground in Iraq
our children are
threatened and mistreated
by our so-called
allies to the North.
- Youre supposed to be doing
your homework, not watching TV.
- Those guys from
Brockton were just on.
- Yeah, I heard they were
getting media attention.
- Telling everyone what a bunch
of idiots we are up here.
- Im not surprised.
So you coming to
practice tomorrow?
If you do, you have to apologize
to Kyle. Thats the deal.
I know youre upset,
but what happened
yesterday was unacceptable.
- Im not upset.
- Jordy, look
- You couldve stopped
Mom from leaving!
Why didnt you?
- It doesnt work that way.
- Its cause you dont care.
- I do care!
- No, you dont!
You just care about
your own stupid job!
- You dont know everything
involved here, OK?
(Door slamming)
You know, all you say
All you do
Im aware
You know I care
You know I do
But I cant be
Just like you
You know, all Ive said
All Ive done...
(Kids yelling)
- Jordy, come on!
You can be on my team!
- Nah.
- We need you! Come on!
They got Tyler and Scott.
Its not fair!
I just got Dylan,
and he wants to be goalie.
Come on, come on!
- Woo!
Come on! Thats
the way to do it!
Lets go, boys.
Nice try though, buddy.
- Its the stupidest idea ever.
- No, its not.
- Youre a moron.
Youre both morons.
Why would we invite
Brockton up here?
We beat them already.
- It would just be for fun.
You know, make it up to them,
show em a good time.
- Its not our fault
they suck at hockey.
- Yeah, youre a real
human being, Kyle.
- Shut up.
When would you do it?
- Second week in June.
Its the only ice-time left.
- Thats the assessment camp.
Did the total idiot bus just
drop you off here or what?
- Forget it.
- Hey, wheres my apology?
Coach says youre off
the team until I get it!
- In your dreams!
- He did what?
- He asked to make
a presentation
at the Minor Hockey
Association Board.
I was hoping you could tell
me what that was about.
- I havent got a clue.
- Listen, K.P. tells me
Jordys off the team
until he apologizes for that
little scrap they got into.
- Thats right.
- Why dont you
just let it slide?
They need to keep up their stats
for assessment camp.
- I dont allow fighting on
my team, Craig. End of story.
- Look, I hear Lindas
in Bathurst now.
Maybe hes just acting out.
No need for the
whole team to suffer.
- The whole team?
- Cheering crowds welcomed US
Marines into Baghdad today
with flowers.
And according
to US commanders...
- I didnt tell you
because you hate Americans.
- I dont hate Americans.
- Yes, you do.
Youre always saying how
the Iraq Wars stupid.
- Well, I disagree with it.
Even some Americans
disagree with the war,
like about half of them.
Anyway, its not about
hating Americans,
you need to tell me.
- Youd say forget it.
- Well, Jordy,
its a big deal
bringing a hockey team up
from Brockton like that.
And its the same week
as assessment camp.
- You think I dont know that?
You coming with me tomorrow,
or do I have to go by myself?
- They got treated so bad,
I figured it would be cool
if we brought them up
for an exhibition game,
to show them a
good time,
so they dont think all
Canadians are such doorknobs.
(Adults chuckling)
- When?
- June 9 to 12.
- Um, as I recall, I think
youre busy that week.
I know K.P. is.
- Its the only
ice-time available.
- Well, it really
doesnt matter,
cause we really dont have the
budget for that kind of thing.
- What if I found the money.
Would you let it happen?
- We cant ask for more dues,
and you cant raise that
kind of money yourself.
- What if I did? What if I got
the money, did all the work?
Would you allow the tournament?
- Jordy, nobodys saying this
isnt an admirable idea.
All right? It is.
Its just not practical.
So, moving on...
- Im sorry, I didnt hear
the answer to his question.
Hypothetically speaking,
if he did all that,
raise the money, did the work,
book the ice
- Neil, its not going
to happen, all right?
Come on! Especially
not that week!
- Hypothetically.
- Yes. Hypothetically, yeah,
it could happen, all right?
Now, moving on.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Good job.
- Hey, Mike!
- Yeah?
- Mike, the Bruins
and the Leafs are on.
You gonna watch?
- Uh, in a bit.
- Honey, go watch some
hockey with your dad.
Suppers going to
be another hour.
- Chris!
- Ma!
- Welcome home!
Let me look at you!
- What are you doing here?
They throw you out?
- Yeah, they said
I eat too much.
- So you on leave?
- Yeah, they sent us
home for a few days
before they ship us out.
(Hockey on TV)
- He thawed out
some casseroles.
Oh, and I went to
the Minor Hockey Board
Association meeting tonight.
Uh, its a surprise.
Ill tell you if it works out.
Yeah, Dad was there too.
Hes good, I guess.
He invited a friend
over last night.
I think her name was Brandy.
By the way, whats
an exotic dancer?
Kidding! I was kidding! Stop!
I miss you too.
- Here you go.
What are you doing?
- Trying to figure out
who the Minister of
Tourism and Parks is.
- Joan MacAlpine. Why?
- I was going to
ask the government
for the money
for the tournament.
- You made a budget?
- Uh-huh.
- $300 for sports
drinks and chocolate bars.
- Well, I dont know.
They shouldnt have
to pay for anything.
- You are the strangest kid.
- Whatever.
- You know what this
means if it happens, right?
If pro hockey was anywhere
in the back of your mind,
you cant afford to miss
this assessment camp.
You know that, right?
You missed a few categories.
- Like what?
- Skittles.
Insurance, hotel rooms...
Has it ever occurred to you,
they may not want to come back?
- Theyll come.
- How do you know?
- Someone just has
to go first, is all.
Someone just has
to say theyre sorry.
- It may not be that simple.
- Dont know if you dont try.
- I got supplier
meetings all day,
but maybe after school,
Ill pick you up,
well see if we can
talk to the minister.
Now eat your breakfast.
- And you burned the toast again.
- I like it this way.
- Yeah, right.
- This is a pretty
ambitious plan.
- Thank you.
- By the word ambitious,
I mean expensive.
If my department
makes a special grant
to one peewee hockey team,
where does it end?
- But this isnt
just about hockey.
It was on TV in the States
about how bad Canada
treated those kids.
In Social, we learned
that New England
is New Brunswicks
biggest trading partner.
- In Social?
- I did an assignment on
the different commodities,
if you want to see it.
- No, but thank you.
- It has graphs and everything.
- This isnt just regional,
theres bad relations
between Washington and Ottawa
because of the whole
not-going-to-Iraq thing.
- You didnt tell me you were
from Foreign Affairs.
Im Tourism and Parks.
Sorry, but the answer is no.
Nice try, though.
- Cam Neely cant put it in!
Cam Neely puts it home!
- So I hear you got
smoked in Montreal.
- Yeah. That place sucks.
- What, the whole country?
- Yeah. Theyre idiots.
- Nice talk.
- Yes!
You nervous about
shipping out?
- Yeah. A little.
My trainings so good though.
Its going to be OK.
What I want to know is why you
dont have more goals this year?
- Im leading the league.
- Yeah, in points,
but not goals.
Youre dishing off too much.
If you want to get scouted,
you gotta drive those
numbers up, buddy.
- Yeah.
Do you miss hockey at all?
- Yeah.
But you know, its
just a game, right?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Best 2 out of 3.
- All right.
Lets go.
- Who?
- Jordy Martin.
I was on the team you
played in Montreal.
We feel bad
about what happened
and want to make it up to you by
inviting you to Fredericton
for an exhibition tournament.
- Yeah, well,
I appreciate the gesture,
but I really dont think
- I know the guys are probably
still ticked off at us,
but we really want
to make it up to them.
Plus, wed pay for everything.
- The families were pretty upset
about what happened.
- Hey, whats all this?
- ...a real
disappointment, you know?
- Please, Coach, just ask them.
We got the government
backing us and everything.
- OK, but dont
get your hopes up.
- Thank you.
- We got the government
backing us? Jordy!
- They will!
Once they find out
Brocktons coming,
theyll have to put money in.
- Remind me to never
play poker with you.
- Dad?
- Yeah?
- I was thinking of coming
to practice tomorrow.
(Cell phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Hey, Jordy...
You here to play hockey?
- Uh-huh.
- Well, lets have it then.
- Im sorry I called
you a princess,
and for beating the
crap out of you.
- Beating the crap out of me?
- Pretty much.
- Youd still be hospitalized
if your dad didnt save you.
- Yeah, in your dreams.
- Whatever.
So thats it?
Thats your grand apology?
- I said sorry.
Thats all you get.
- All right. I need you
for the Wolves game.
Dad says I should start padding
my stats for Quebec City,
and so should you.
- Im not going.
Im staying for the exhibition
game with Brockton.
- Yeah, as if.
- That was the coach of
the Brockton team.
He said no.
- Dad?
- What is it? Whats wrong?
- Dad, they have to come.
- What? Who?
- Brockton has to come here.
We have to make it right.
- Oh...
I know youre disappointed
- We have to go talk
to them in person.
You taught me never
give up, right?
- Yes. Im sorry.
Is it too late to
take that back?
- We have to go right away.
- Uh... there was something
I had to do this morning...
Oh, yeah. Thats right.
Go to my job to
earn us a living.
- Its important!
- There are some
things you cant fix.
You know that, right?
- But youre supposed to try.
- All right, well,
can I wake up first?
- That would be best,
since youre driving.
- Grr...
No, no, Im with a sales rep.
No, Im on the
other side of town.
Way on the other
side of town.
No, this afternoons
not possible. Sorry.
- Mom said she found a furnished
apartment close to the school.
- Yeah, she told me.
- She tell you about
the guy next door?
- What guy next door?
- Lance, the bodybuilder.
You know, the guy who
brought her dinner?
- OK, knock it off.
- We could just move there,
you know. I wouldnt mind.
- Jordy...
- Theres other jobs, you know.
Or maybe theres
even a golf course.
Im just sayin.
- This is it!
You ready?
- Absolutely.
Ill just wait here.
- Ha ha!
- Kidding!
I was kidding.
- How ya doin?
Well, I think
they remember us.
Hi, there.
Neil Martin.
We spoke on the phone.
This is my boy Jordy.
- What brings you
to Brockton?
- Hey, Cam Neely.
Come over and check this out.
I made this up for
the tournament.
Its just rough right now,
but this is kind of the idea.
Wed have two jerseys,
like home and away.
Cool, eh?
- Thats nice.
But I hope I made myself
clear on the phone.
- And the jerseys
will be donated.
Businesses are pledging money,
and the government, obviously.
Enough money to cover
the whole teams expenses.
- Well, not
- Almost all of it.
- Some of it,
but you say the word
and well raise the rest.
- You are one tenacious
forechecker, Ill give you that.
But the team talked it
over and made a decision.
No one wants to
go back to Canada.
- But you have to.
- Jordy...
- Sorry.
(Coach): Lets go! Lets go!
- Id like to show
you guys something.
Massachusetts lost 11 Marines
since the war started.
One of them a 21-year-old
Lance Corporal
I used to coach
in little league.
Thats Randy, in 95 when
he was still playing Midget.
These are our children
dying over there.
And when people burn our
flag and boo our anthem,
its personal.
Thats why we cant get over it.
I dont doubt
youre good people,
but you got to let this go.
- Then how do I
make it better?
- Its not your job
to make it better, son.
- Then whose job is it?
We have to go back.
- No.
- I got to talk to Michael,
their leader.
If he changes his mind,
the others will too.
- How many times do they
have to say no to you?
I mean, youre
killing me here.
I dont know what
youre trying to prove
or who youre trying
to prove it to.
But you cant fix
this, all right?
There is a war going on!
People are going to disagree!
Hurtful things are
going to happen!
Its not your fault!
Look, I miss her too.
All right?
But this...
Jordy, this isnt
going to change anything.
Look, I really think
we should phone first.
- Theyll just tell
us not to come.
- How did I end
up with this kid?
Hi, youre probably wondering
what were doing here.
- Hi, can I speak
with Michael please?
- Its not a good time.
I thought you were going back.
- We are
- I didnt speak to Michael.
- Peter, who is it?
- Hi.
- Uh, look,
my sons heading
overseas tomorrow
and were having a
family dinner for him.
- Oh, yeah, bad timing.
We shouldve called.
- Youre that hockey
player from Canada?
- Yes, maam.
- Come on in.
- Were intruding.
- Nonsense. You too.
Theres plenty.
- Please.
- You boys get enough to eat?
- Yes, maam.
Thank you.
- Maybe Ill have
one more piece.
Excuse me.
- Now thats
your third piece.
- Yeah, well, I dont know
when Ill see another chess pie.
- Michael, why dont
you take Jordan outside,
show him your practice net.
- OK, Mom.
Come on, Jordy.
Thanks for dinner.
- Thanks for dinner.
- Youre welcome.
- I want to apologize
for barging in on
you guys like this.
Jordys kind of obsessed
with this tournament.
- I hadnt noticed.
(All chuckling)
- Why is that?
- Its complicated.
- Well, youre a pretty good dad
for bringing him down here.
- I guess I feel I owe him one.
- What was the best
hockey game ever played?
- Thats easy.
1980 Olympics in Lake Placid.
US over Russia for
the gold medal.
Give me a hand.
What do you think
the best game was?
- Canada-Russia, game 8,
72 Summit Series.
- That wasnt even
for a medal or anything.
It was just like exhibition.
- I know.
Sweet, man.
- Yeah. My dad put this together
for my brother, so now I use it.
Were not going back to Canada.
You know that, right?
- This is a first. Ive never
let guests do the dishes before.
- I dont mind doing dishes.
- Hear that, honey? He doesnt
mind doing the dishes.
Your wifes a lucky gal.
- Well, if you dont need me,
Im going to whip
those boys into shape.
- Nice young guy.
May I ask how old he is?
- Yeah, hell be
20 next month.
- Chris was one of the states
top college defensemen.
But he had to quit
school and join up.
Gave up a scholarship
and everything.
- To serve his country.
Hes my best friend.
What if he...
What if I never see him again?
Do you have any idea
what that feels like?
- No.
- Hey, boys.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
Top shelf, glove side,
5 in a row.
You miss, you
start over. Go.
You know, you should
go to this tournament.
- You werent there for
what happened in Canada.
- In basic training, you learn
to tell the difference
between a friend and an enemy.
Jordys trying
to be your friend.
Not an offer you get
every day, trust me.
- Even if I wanted to
the guys wouldnt want
to get smoked again.
- What if we play
on the same team?
Two teams.
Half Canadian, half US.
That way, it doesnt
matter who wins.
Were going to call it a
friendship tournament.
- Now youre talking.
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Hey!
- Come on, its raining.
Lets go inside.
If we mix up the teams
so nobody gets pounded
Im sure the guys
will want to go.
- You remember the effort
it took to get us
to Canada the first time?
- It wont cost
anything. Right, Dad?
- Right.
- Its not just that.
Some of those folks had
never been out of the US.
It was a big deal.
- This will be bigger.
I guarantee it.
- Well, someone will
have to convince Diane.
Shell have to
take time off work,
plus you know the effort it was
to convince her the first time.
- Why dont you let me
take care of Diane, huh?
Hey, thats great!
Did you do that?
- Huh?
My little brothers gonna
represent his country.
Looking sharp.
Good job, buddy.
- Thanks, man.
- Bye now.
- Yes, we did it!
I told you to come.
Never give up!
- Thats right.
- I want to call Mom. Can I?
- Yeah.
You know, there is the little
matter of raising all the money!
- Mom, were in Brockton!
Dad and I organized
a hockey tournament!
Its going to
be awesome, huge!
- Expensive.
- And the Americans
are coming for sure?
- Yes.
- Wheres the Minor
Hockey Associations
commitment letter?
- Its coming.
- Because I wont
release a cheque without it.
- Itll be here.
- OK, I guess were in for 20.
- Thank you.
- Yes, thank you.
- But we need 30.
- Oh, no.
- We wouldnt ask, but
- Weve worked every angle.
- Im sure you have.
- What about the Premier?
- Id like nothing better
than to share you
guys with the Premier.
- Wheres his office?
- Oh, hes not here today.
On the golf course.
- Can I get your
autograph, sir?
- Sure.
Oh, the hockey
tournament people.
- Thank you.
- Sir, I was noticing
youre lifting
your left foot.
I think thats whats
causing the high fade.
- I did research
on the 1972 Summit Series
between Canada and Russia.
Want to see?
- Do I have a choice?
- Equal weight as you
shift over the ball.
- This is a picture
of Pierre Trudeau
and the Russian Premier,
who said even though the
Russians were losing,
fans in Moscow were still
yelling the word friendship.
- Shift your weight on your left
foot as you swing through.
- If a hockey game
in 1972 could do that
between Canada and Russia,
in the middle of the Cold War
why not between
Canada and the US?
- May I just...
- Yeah!
- Yes!
- Like that!
If you can fix it,
why not try?
- Theres hurt feelings
between our countries,
and no ones doing anything.
You could help.
- And all you need is...
- $10,000 more.
- I get to drop the puck.
- No, sorry.
Frank Mahovlich does.
But you can do
everything else.
(Voice on television)
- Buddy, hey...
Might as well take
it to bed, huh?
- Did you call Mom?
- No, not yet.
- Tonight though, right?
- Yeah, tonight.
Come on.
- Dad?
- Yeah?
- I didnt think it would work.
- Yeah, me either.
- I guess anythings
possible, right?
- Yeah.
But I looked into it.
Theres a couple of
management positions
available at the
plant in Bathurst.
I know. I said a lot of things
Im not sure I mean anymore.
Can we talk about it again?
Leave the door open
a crack, at least?
OK, yeah.
Sure. See how it goes.
I miss you.
- Dad! Dad!
- Whats going on?
- It was on the
board at the rink!
They booked our ice-time!
- All right, lets go. Come on.
Come on.
Wait here.
- Neil! What can
I do for you?
- What the hell is this?
- Steve, keep an
eye on the barbecue.
It was Midget qualifiers.
We needed the ice-time.
- You filled that slot to
block Jordys tournament!
- Look, we both know where
Jordy should be that week.
In Quebec City at that
assessment camp.
- Hes my kid. You dont make
that decision for him!
- Somebody should.
- If Kyle cant
make it in Quebec
without Jordy, then
he shouldnt be there.
This is a letter from you and
the Minor Hockey Association
welcoming this tournament
to our community
and pledging
your full support!
Sign it.
- Sign it, Dad.
Please, just sign it.
- Your son is
ruining his career.
- Hes 12 years old.
He doesnt have a career.
Come on.
- What if its a trap, huh?
What if they shoot us or sic
their beavers on us?
- Shut up, Dennis!
- Theyd only
shoot you anyhow.
- Yeah, its no big loss.
(Police siren)
- Holy!
Look! See!
- Uh...
- Its OK, guys.
Lets just see what they want.
- We didnt do anything wrong!
- Its OK. We dont
know what they want.
- Folks...
welcome to Canada.
(All chuckling)
Well be giving you an escort
the rest of the way.
- Woo!
- Police escort?
- You folks are going
to have a great time.
Welcome to Canada, maam.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
You guys follow me.
(All laughing)
- How about that, huh?
- Its truly amazing!
Just wonderful!
- Thank you so much.
- Jordy...
- Nice to see you again, man.
- For sure.
- Pretty cool, huh?
- This is way cool.
- Told you it would be big.
Hows your brother?
- Hes good.
- Thats good.
- How did you pull
this together?
- I have no idea.
- And now, ladies and gentlemen,
Premier Bernard Lord.
- On behalf of the
people of New Brunswick
I would like to officially
welcome the Brockton Boxers
to the province
of New Brunswick,
and to the
Friendship Tournament!
- Wow!
As some of you may
remember, in 1972,
two nations, Canada and Russia,
were brought together
in friendship
by a hockey tournament.
New Brunswick is very proud to
be doing the same thing today.
Its going to be a great week of
hockey and fun and friendship.
So lets get started.
- Hey, man!
Hows it going?
This is awesome!
- I know.
Thanks, Dennis.
- Really? A formal banquet!
Wow, thats great.
Will you be there too?
- Yes, maam.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey.
- Hey, K.P!
- Looks like a pretty big deal.
- Yeah. The biggest.
When are you leaving for Quebec?
- Oh, now. My dads
picking me up.
(Horn honking)
- Too bad. Its going
to be a great week.
Anyway, good luck, eh?
Keep your head up.
Theres going to be some
big boys out there
in Quebec City.
- Wish you were coming, man.
- Wish you were staying.
- Number 12,
numro 12,
from the Brockton Boxers,
Dennis Heany!
- Dennis!
- And finally,
minor hockey is
supposed to make
better hockey players
out of little boys.
This last player proves that it
makes better human beings.
From the Fredericton Canadiens,
number 25,
numro 25,
Jordan Martin!
And to drop the puck for
the ceremonial face-off
please welcome one of hockeys
all-time greats,
the Big M,
Mr. Frank Mahovlich!
- Jordan!
- How you doing?
Good stuff.
You ready?
OK, guys.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
mesdames et messieurs,
the Stanley Cup,
la Coupe Stanley!
- Someday you two guys are going
to be playing for this.
- And a very special guest,
from the 1967 Cup-winning Leafs,
clear the track,
here comes Shack!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Eddie Shack!
- Hows it going, Frankie?
Congratulations, guys!
Now you guys can take
it for a little spin.
I did it 4 times.
How about that?
Theres nothing like it,
Ill tell you right now.
Go ahead.
- There ya go!