Stigmata (1999) Movie Script

- Are you the investigator?
- Yes.
Thank God you've come.
Who's in charge here?
Father Alameida was.
Look! How much proof do you need?!
Has the statue been removed
from the church for any reason?
No. The statue only started crying
on the day Father Alameida died.
The day the doves came back.
The people of the village loved Alameida.
The tears of the Mother
are the blood of Christ.
I suggest you clear the church.
I have to crate the statue up.
- Crate it up?
- Yes.
Father Alameida would
never have allowed that.
Ma'am? This is Father Alameida's
own rosary...
- No, lady, you really shouldn't buy that.
- No, I like it... How much?
You shouldn't do that!
You're stealing from the dead!
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee:
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the...
No virgin, me
For I have sinned
I sold my soul
For sex and gin
Go call a priest
All meek and mild
And tell him Mary
Is no more a child
It's raining stones
It's raining bile
From the luxury
Of your denial
I press alarms
Place bets on truth
I'm so up and down
And now I'm growing old
Whatever happened to Mary?
Whatever happened to Mary?
Whatever happened to Mary?
Whatever happened to Mary?
Whatever happened to...
I'll spit on floors
And do more drugs
Burn every bill
Get drunk on love
Wear next to nothing...
Hey, Frankie, sweetheart!
Let's go. I'm trashed.
Are you too tired to go home with me?
I'm tired, not dead.
I'll be uncareful
I'll cause such scenes
And I'll never talk
Of used-to-be's
Tattoo my face
I won't go grey
Be a dancing queen
I'm growing old disgracefully
I'm so up and down
And I love what's not allowed
I was lost
Now I see
And now I'm growing old disgracefully
Oh, hi, Mom.
How do you do that?
How did you know that was me?
You have the most persistent ring I know.
I just wanted to say hi while
I'm near a phone. How are you?
Where are you?
Belo Quinto, near Rio.
Mom, hold on, I'm getting another call.
It's about time. Where you been, baby?
I hate it when you just leave.
You could say goodbye.
"Why?" Forget it.
Look, I got my mom on the other line.
I'll see you tonight.
All right, I'll see you later.
Mom? Hi, I'm back.
So how do you like Rio?
- It was great. Did you get my package?
- Yeah, I got it yesterday.
- What did you think? Did you open it yet?
- Hold on, I'm gonna change phones.
What do you think? Did you get a chance
to look at everything?
I'm opening it now.
- Pretty postcards.
- Aren't those pretty?
- Cute brush.
- I saw a lady make that.
- A little hat.
- It's probably for a little doll.
- A necklace?
- Its not really a necklace. Its a rosary.
- Where did you get it?
- This little village...
- Belo Quinto.
- I didn't know you went there.
I took a little side trip.
So, the presents, do you love 'em?
Im so glad we talked.
Im going on that cruise.
We won't talk for a month. I have to run.
Have fun. I love you.
I'm glad you called, Mom. Bye.
- Can I get two lattes, please? Low fat.
- Got it.
- Just one. I'm OK.
- A bacon and egg sandwich, too.
To go. What's up?
You're not eating today?
I threw up this morning
from the smell of tea.
- Like a week.
- A week?
I don't know. A few days. I feel weird.
You're so dramatic.
I think you're just psyching yourself out.
I feel like my heart
went to go live in my stomach.
OK, it's not traumatic!
- What if I'm having a baby?
- With Steven?
What if I'm bringing a person
into this world?
Man, what if? You've got options.
I don't want to think about it.
It's making me cranky.
Let's get our tired asses to work
cos we are late.
You're always late. There's nothing new.
Ciao, bello!
Are you looking for a good time?
That is very kind of you,
but no, thank you.
Come on! Have some fun! Be a man!
No problem!
We'll give you the Vatican discount!
- Father Andrew Kiernan, welcome back.
- Cardinal Houseman.
These are interesting. What's the trick?
To be honest, I don't know.
They probably made a fortune out of her.
What's... What was this?
Infrared photographs of tears.
The statue's at room temperature,
but the tears show up
as white because...
- Because they're warm.
- Warm tears?
My lab report and analysis confirm that
the blood is not only warm, but... human.
I know what you're thinking,
but with all due respect, Daniel,
this isn't a fake. It's solid stone.
There is no scientific explanation.
Andrew, you were sent to Brazil
to investigate the appearance of
the Virgin Mary on the side of a building.
Yes, but in Sao Paulo I heard
about the statue, so I investigated.
- And?
- And what?
- The face of the Virgin Mary?
- It's an oxidation stain
caused by rainwater running down
untreated side walls.
Causes an optical illusion
of a veiled woman.
Good. We'll consider the matter closed.
Father Dario has your next assignment.
I was hoping that perhaps you could
send me back to Belo Quinto.
Because I need to do
some more tests on the statue.
You've left the statue in Belo Quinto?
Yes. I was going to take it back,
but when I saw the effect
it had on the people...
It's become a cornerstone of their faith.
Andrew, the cornerstone
of their faith is the Church,
not a crying statue.
You represent the Catholic Church
and the Congregation
of the Causes of the Saints.
Yes, I'm very well aware of that, Daniel,
but as a scientist I observe the facts.
And the facts are that this statue
has tears of blood.
If that's the case,
you know the policy.
The statue is brought back to the Vatican.
We conduct expert tests.
Geologist, engineers, medical examiners.
We've examined 50 or 60 crying statues
in the last 12 months.
Not a single one of them has...
Yes, I'm aware of that, but I wanted you
to know that in my opinion
I think that this is different.
I won't allow you to go back to Brazil.
We'll send a geologist, and if he sees fit
we'll send the statue back for tests.
Father Dario, get me all the information
you can on this church in Belo Quinto.
Thank you, Andrew.
Thank you.
I have never seen him this way before.
Andrew's problem is he can't decide
if he's a scientist or a priest.
you are gonna drive yourself crazy.
If you're worried about being pregnant,
let's go to the store and get a test.
- Give it a couple of days.
- Are you sure?
- I'm fine. Stop mothering me!
- All right, girlfriend. I'll call you later.
OK, bye. Drive safe.
- Late?
- Like a week.
- You're always late. There's nothing new.
- What if I'm bringing a person
- into this world?
- Frankie, you've got options.
Nurse, what's going on?
I don't understand.
- Get out of the way!
- Frankie, can you hear me?
I'm right here with you.
Let's go!
Why is there so much blood?
Get me a clamp right now.
All right, CBC, electrolytes,
UA, tox screen.
Get me a pulse box, stat!
- Get me a tox screen and a stat CT.
- Heart rate is irregular.
Blood pressure's off the map.
- Let's change cuffs.
- Where's the IV?
I'm calling it. Code blue.
Get the paddles. Get some gel.
OK, ready?
- Get the paddles.
- All right, clear.
Temperature and blood pressure
are back to normal.
- Who are you?
- I'm Dr Reston.
- Do you know what your name is?
- What happened?
- Where am I?
- You're in the emergency room.
You were found unconscious.
Do you remember anything?
Can I get some more help over here?
We need some four-by-fours.
We have a very deep laceration here.
Oh, my God, it's gone right through.
Miss, you can't go in there.
Doctor, I just need to know what's...
She'll be fine.
Please have a seat. Thank you.
These are puncture wounds
caused by the entry of a sharp object.
Are you in any pain?
No. That's weird, isn't it?
Wow, will you look at that!
It only bleeds when I touch it.
Maybe you should not touch it.
Both wounds are identical.
The same size, same shape.
She missed the main artery
by less then a centimeter.
You keep saying "she". I didn't do this.
What's happening in your life, Frankie?
Do you have a lot of stress at work?
I cut hair.
Any trouble with a significant other?
- Yes.
- And that is?
I'm not very significant.
Look, how long's this gonna take?
I wanna go home.
You should stay here.
We need to get a handle on this.
There's nothing to get a handle on.
I won't kid you. With wounds like this,
it's obvious they were self-inflicted.
You think I did this?
It would never happen.
I love being me. Ask anyone.
turn the light off, honey,
and come to bed.
Do you smell flowers
in here or something?
Smells like jasmine
or hyacinth or something.
I don't smell anything.
You need anything?
Good night.
Good night.
- I'm here to see Brother Delmonico.
- You've got to sign in.
- I'll only be five minutes.
- Everyone has to sign in.
- Welcome back, Andrew.
- Gianni, come stai?
God is good.
So how was Belo Quinto?
How do you know about Belo Quinto?
I was sent to Sao Paulo.
- God lives here. We know everything.
- Oh, yes, I forgot.
So how are you doing?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I travel round the world
investigating... miracles.
And then I disprove them.
The real miracle is
anybody believes anything.
- I don't know what I'm doing.
- None of us know what we are doing.
- So what are you working on?
- I have no idea.
How can you translate something
if you've no idea?
I'm a linguist.
I translate words, not their relevance.
- But this one is a second-century gospel.
- How many is that now?
I've helped translate about 15.
That only leaves 20 still to go.
So there are... what? 35 gospels?
Everyone had a different experience
of Jesus, so they wrote different stories.
All the gospels,
they are interpretations,
dreams, reflections.
And there's no one gospel
in Jesus' actual words?
We're all blind men in a cave,
looking for the candle
that was lit 2,000 years ago.
So what's in this text?
I was only given every third page.
- Why?
- The most sensitive documents
are always divided into threes among us.
One third to the Dominicans,
one third to the Franciscans,
and one third to us Jesuits.
The truth of any document
is only known to a very powerful few.
That's typical of this place, isn't it?
We live in a highly competitive world,
The Church is no exception.
Nothing ever gets out of here, does it?
Unless, of course, they want it to.
Both wounds are identical.
Same size, same shape.
She missed the main artery
by less than a centimeter.
You think I did this?
What's happening in your life, Frankie?
- So, Jen, tell us about your date.
- It was with a tax lawyer.
A tax lawyer?
When I met him he seemed cool.
Hey, hi, you guys.
- How are you feeling?
- Fine.
Really OK, or just OK?
I'm fine. So how's my day looking?
I started your first client
and you're booked solid.
Thanks. Wanna come over here?
OK, well, go back to Jen and dish the dirt.
he seemed pretty cool.
Divorced, but no kids.
But he left the table in the middle of
dinner to call his mother in Oregon.
Major points for the long-distance mom.
Yeah. You know,
I thought I'd give him a shot,
but you won't believe what he did.
Every single time he took
a bite of his steak,
he growled. He growled!
Stop! There's a baby!
There's a baby!
Frankie, what are you doing!
Where's the baby?!
Watch it, lady!
- Frankie!
- Where's the lady! Did you see her!
She dropped her baby!
Frankie, there was no baby, honey.
There's no baby and there's no lady.
- What's happening?
- No, honey, it's...
There was a lady. I saw her!
- There was not a lady.
- She dropped her baby!
I swear... I swear!
I just wanna get you home, OK?
You all right?
We'll be home in a minute.
- Frankie...
- Hey, you!
- Are you speaking to me?
- Are you Andrew Kiernan?
Andrew Kiernan? No.
My name's Father Durning.
May I help you?
No-one can help me now. I'm fucked.
Passengers please exit the train.
Somebody help!
Frankie Paige?
We're gonna schedule some more tests
- for this afternoon around four.
- Did you run a pregnancy test?
Am I pregnant?
- Was I?
- I don't know.
Take this, all of you, and drink from it,
for this is the cup of my blood,
shed for you, and for all men,
so that sins may be forgiven.
Do this in memory of me.
This is the blood of Christ.
This is the blood of Christ.
This is the blood of Christ.
Well, am I psychotic, or dying, or both?
Well, none of the above.
I think that you are quite rational,
and despite your wounds
you're in very good health.
But there is another possibility
that is of concern.
We've run some preliminary tests,
and, all things considered,
I think it might explain a lot.
But that seems impossible.
How can you just wake up one day
and have that?
Well, you can't, but, uh,
you described blunt trauma to the head,
disturbing hallucinations.
You're hearing voices.
- These could all indicate epilepsy.
- So what do we do now?
We're gonna insert some electrodes
into the upper neo-cortex.
Wait a minute, wait.
You want to put wires inside my head?
Frankie, we're gonna do whatever we can
to find out what's causing this.
You hang in there.
- You should get a second opinion.
- Miss Paige?
I'm Father Durning.
You spoke to me on the train.
- I'd like to talk about what happened.
- Why?
Do you know what the stigmata are?
I gotta get Frankie home. Thanks.
I understand how you feel, but please
call me if you change your mind.
Andrew, come in.
I think we've found your next assignment.
I was hoping you'd changed your mind
about sending me to Belo Quinto.
We have no record
of a church in Belo Quinto.
What? That's impossible.
There must be some mistake.
No mistake, Father.
I have checked into it myself.
If there is a church in Belo Quinto,
it is not one of ours.
And no record of a priest there, either.
This was sent by a Father Durning in
Pittsburgh, from the train security camera.
What are we supposed to be looking for?
Obviously it is some sort of attack.
Maybe possession.
The wrists are bandaged.
According to Father Durning,
she was whipped repeatedly
by an unseen force.
- How important is this really, Daniel?
- We don't know yet.
Then why are you sending me?
Because of this clipping
from the Pittsburgh Globe.
"Twenty terrified witnesses...
unexplained wounds...
.. Catholic priest."
The publicity is unfortunate,
but by the time I get there
it will have blown over.
We're investigating this one.
You know what I heard?
Catholic priest in the paper said
that it was something like...
- Frankie.
- Hey, Frankie.
- Hey, Frankie.
- Hey, Frankie.
Hey, I feel like I should do a monologue.
Hey, Cheryl. Come on over here
and have a seat. I'll just be a second.
You know what?
I think I'm just gonna wait for Donna.
Oh. OK.
- What's going on with her?
- She wants to get a second opinion.
- They think she might have epilepsy.
- Epilepsy?
She doesn't look too good.
- Why is she even at work?
- Hey! Would you guys stop whispering
like this was a goddamn church!
- Hi.
- Hello.
Do you have an appointment, or...
No, I don't.
Would you like a haircut, a manicure,
or maybe you'd like your nipples pierced?
Well, maybe if we just start with a trim,
we could go from there.
- Thank you.
- Come on. Have a seat.
Here we go. I'll put this cape on
so you don't get a scratchy neck.
Thank you.
So, where are you from?
I live in Rome, actually.
- Cool.
- And you?
- I'm from Naples.
- Naples.
Naples, la citta piu bella del mondo.
Naples, Florida.
I moved here to go to school.
Which school?
Claudia's University of Cosmetology.
See, I'm accredited.
Oh. Cool.
Am I going crazy,
or is Frankie hitting on a priest?
What do I call you? I feel weird
calling a guy I could date "Father".
I mean, I couldn't date you,
but... you know.
Oh, no, you just made my day.
Thank you. You can call me Andrew.
Andrew Kiernan, that's my name.
I know this is gonna sound
kinda strange, but
I've sorta been expecting you.
- So, you live in Rome?
- Yes, but I travel a lot, so I'm rarely there.
- Thank you.
- Coffee, honey?
No, thanks.
So what brings you to Pennsylvania?
Father Durning asked us
to speak to you, Miss Paige.
Us? Who's us?
I thought you were a priest.
I am, but I'm also an investigator.
I work for a division in the Vatican
called the Congregation for
the Causes of the Saints.
- Do you mind if I switch this on?
- No, go ahead.
What is... What is your full name?
Frankie Paige.
- And your age?
- 23.
- And... which church do you attend?
- I don't attend church.
But you are Catholic?
No, I don't go to church
because I don't believe in God.
Well... that's gonna be it for me.
That's all I need to know, Miss Paige.
That's it?
You see, stigmatics are
deeply religious people.
And there's no exceptions?
- No.
- Well, why do they get stigmata?
When Christ died on the cross
he... he died with
five wounds.
His back was scourged by whips.
There were gashes in his forehead
from a crown of thorns.
There were nails driven through
his hands and feet.
And finally a spear
driven through his side.
Throughout history
only deeply devout people have been
afflicted with these wounds.
There is no scientific explanation.
All stigmatics are haunted
by such intense spiritual pain.
In some ways it affects them physically.
They're assaulted by visions of evil,
and they manifest this battle
in their bodies.
The Church, on the other hand,
regards it as a gift.
A gift from God.
A gift? Can I give it back?
Listen, Father, can I show you these
and you could tell me what you think?
Yes. Yes, of course.
Coffee, honey?
Well, what do you think?
- It doesn't really matter what I think.
- What does that mean?
It means officially
this is not a case for the Church.
To say that a self-confessed atheist
exhibits the wounds of Christ
- is a contradiction in terms.
- Here.
Read that. I found that on my kitchen
table the other morning.
Now, I don't know what that says,
but that handwriting is mine.
It's Italian.
It says, "Split a piece of wood
and I'm there."
"Lift a stone and you will find me."
- It's quite beautiful, actually.
- This isn't beautiful!
This is a warning!
It means no matter what I do,...
- Miss Paige...
- .. I can't escape it.
- Miss Paige, I would really like to help...
- You know what?
This is not going anywhere.
You don't know what this is.
You can't give me an answer.
Coffee's on me. Here.
There is no scientific explanation.
Stigmatics are deeply religious people.
We're gonna do whatever we can
to find out, but, all things considered,
I think it might explain a lot.
Throughout history,
only people who believe deeply in God
have been afflicted with these wounds.
The nearer they come to God,
the more open they are
to the torment of their demons.
The Church regards it as a gift.
A gift from God.
- Here's to Friday night.
- Yeah. To Friday night, honey.
Don't worry. Order another drink.
I'll be right back. I'm gonna check it out.
But you just can't tell
Don't hold your breath
But the pretty things are going to hell
- Hey, girlfriend.
- Hey.
- What's up? I thought you were resting.
- Have you seen Steven?
Forget about Steven.
What's up with that priest?
Believe me, he's all business.
Hey, can we get two doubles each?
Hey, you know what's scarier
than not believing in God?
Believing in him.
I mean really believing in him
is a fucking terrifying thought.
It's Friday night.
You're taking things too seriously.
If there is a God, he hates me.
He's ruining my life.
Frankie, it's gonna be all right. Man, relax.
You don't get it, do you?
I have fucking holes through my wrists!
I have slashes across my back!
If it isn't God that's doing this to me,
then who is?
I think you're losing it, man.
Where you goin'?
Frankie, get up!
Get up! Frankie!
Don't just fuckin' stand there!
Call an ambulance!
Frankie, where are you?!
Get out of there!
Miss Paige?
- Let's get you outta here.
- Frankie.
- We need to get her to a safe place.
- Here, I got you. I got you.
- Welcome back.
- Where am I?
You're in Father Durning's church.
I think she should get some rest.
You all right?
You look like shit.
It smells like...
You've got stuff all in your hair.
- Gianni, come stai?
- Andrew, how are you?
Gianni, listen...
- Could you translate something?
- Si. Do you have it there?
Yes, I have it here. I'll play it.
- Well, what is it? Is it gibberish?
- No, it's not gibberish at all.
Who is speaking?
- Morning, Miss Paige. You're up early.
- Hey, I think you made a mistake.
- What do you mean?
- I can't have stigmata.
Jesus was crucified through
the palms of his hands, not his wrists.
My wounds are through the wrists.
So you're wrong.
Actually, scientists have discovered that
in Roman times people were crucified
through the wrists, not the palms.
The hands couldn't support
the body weight,
so they did crucify them
through the wrists.
No, wait, you're telling me
that every painting,
every statue of Christ,
every single crucifix
in the whole world is wrong?
No, no, just inaccurate.
They're impressions of the truth.
Icons are meant to be inspirational.
Miss Paige,
there's something else you should know.
The words you keep repeating
that, uh, you thought were nonsense.
It's not.
It's actually a very specific language.
It's a form of Aramaic.
It's a form of Aramaic
that hasn't been used for 1900 years.
It's a dialect that was used in Galilee
around the time of Jesus.
Split a piece of wood and I am there.
Lift a stone and you will find me.
- Did you get through?
- No.
Her machine didn't even pick up.
Miss Paige?
Who are you?
The messenger is not important.
I feel like my heart is breaking.
Why am I so sad?
It smells like flowers in here.
Like... jasmine or...
.. rose or something.
- Can you smell that?
- Yes, I can.
- Who wrote that?
- You did.
- I wrote that?!
- Yes.
- Have you heard from Father Andrew?
- No, Eminence.
- He hasn't filed a report.
- What are these?
These are newspaper clippings
from our office in New York.
The first one is from Pennsylvania.
The others are from New York
and Washington.
These are even more damaging.
This one mentions the stigmata.
- He isn't defusing the situation.
- Shall I call him home?
Have him conclude his investigation
and report to me in New York next week.
Frankie, can you please come over here
and have a look at this?
I just can't believe that none of this
means anything to you.
Frankie, can you please...
Can you please look at this?
Sometimes subjects retain fragments
or images that can be transmitted
This subject doesn't retain
fragments of images.
You don't get it, do you, Father Kiernan?
I don't know what the hell that means!
I don't know what the hell this means.
I just want my life back, OK?
I'm sitting amongst yourselves
Don't think you can see me
I haven't gone anywhere
But out of my body
Reach out and touch me
Make effort to speak to me
Call out and you'll hear me
Be happy for me...
Miss Paige?
Miss Paige, I'm sorry.
Don't "Miss Paige" me
just because you messed up.
I'm not gonna let you off the hook.
OK, but I am sorry.
You know, for a priest
you're pretty relentless.
Yeah, I guess I stopped being a priest
and slipped back into being a scientist.
It happens.
Hey, what kind of a scientist
is a priest, anyway?
You don't want to know.
Oh, yes, I do!
You were an organic chemist?
Did you walk around
with those glasses
with Scotch tape around the sides,
and pocket protectors?
I did, actually.
Anyway, one day I just decided that
I was going to become a priest.
- The holes.
- The holes?
- The holes in the theories.
- What theories?
The world is six billion years old.
There's been life for three billion years,
but before that there was nothing.
No life.
Just a bunch of elements swirling around.
And then one day,
for no apparent reason whatsoever,
all these elements
came together in perfect harmony
and there was suddenly life.
Living things like lilac
and... and hedgehogs and...
Beer and... cheesecake.
Beer and cheesecake.
Did you know monks invented alcohol?
- Yeah. Everybody knows that.
- You knew that?
Well, anyway, to get back to the big hole.
There really...
There really isn't any explanation.
And, I figured that
there was something more than
well, more important than
organic chemistry going on,
and I figured that... it was God.
And that God was responsible
for all this... life.
- I really can't get a line on you.
- Why not?
- I can't understand a man who's never...
- Never made love to a woman?
Well, this may come
as a great surprise to you, but
I wasn't born a priest.
- You didn't like it?
- What's not to like?
- But you don't miss it?
- Yes, of course I miss it.
I mean, I'm human, you know.
I struggle with it, but I've made a choice.
Basically, I've exchanged
one set of complications for another.
So this is the fourth?
- What do you mean?
- When I first met you,
didn't you say that
there were five wounds?
Well, this is the fourth. What's the fifth?
The spear.
That's the wound that killed him.
Don't worry, Frankie.
No stigmatic has ever received
the full five wounds.
Have you ever met another person
who had stigmata?
I did make a pilgrimage to a small village
in the mountains of southern Italy.
There I met a priest called Padre Pio.
He first received the wounds
when he was 23 years of age,
the same age as Saint Francis of Assisi.
Who's Saint Francis of Assisi?
Saint Francis was the first person
to receive the stigmata, in the 13thC.
He was a wild young man,
who suddenly changed his ways
after he'd had a vision
of being crucified alongside Christ.
When he woke up, his hands
and his feet were... were bleeding.
This priest,
were his wounds as bad as mine?
Padre Pio.
Sometimes he lost a pint of blood a day.
And he suffered terrible demonic attacks.
A priest?
All stigmatics suffer
the most intense spiritual conflict.
The nearer they come to God,
the more open they are to temptation,
to evil visions,
to the torment of their demons.
A smell accompanies the wounds.
The odor of sanctity, the smell of...
Well, what happened to him?
How many wounds did he receive?
He lived to old age.
How many wounds did he receive?
I'm dying, aren't I?
This thing is killing me.
Here's a closer shot.
My guess is it's probably Aramaic.
I'm looking at it.
Is there a... Is there a problem, Gianni?
Yes. Don't send me any more pictures.
- How many did you send?
- Six. Why?
- The problem is what it says.
- Well, what does it say?
It says, "The kingdom of God is
inside you, and all about you."
Andrew, forget you saw this.
- Drop it immediately.
- Gianni, what is the problem?
Do you remember the Gospels...
Gianni? Gianni, are you still there?
Do you remember
the Gospels Commission?
It was closed down suddenly
by your friend Cardinal Houseman.
Yes, a few years ago, yes.
We discovered a document that
looked like a completely new gospel.
- What's the significance?
- I was one of the three
translators of this gospel.
It was written entirely in Aramaic.
The language of Jesus and his disciples.
It may be Jesus actual words.
Where is it now?
Gianni? What's going on?
Are you there?
Buona sera.
What's this?
Is that a painting?
- No, it's a mirror.
- Who else was there?
- I don't know.
- I thought you said it was just you two.
Who is that?
I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Cardinal Houseman.
- I'm late for a meeting.
- I think this might be of interest.
- What is it?
- Where did you get this?
- It was e-mailed to Father Delmonico.
- By who?
- Father Kiernan in Pittsburgh.
- Do you know what it means?
- No.
Is it important?
Will you tell the meeting
I'll be with them in a few minutes?
New York City
Who is it?
Don't hang up. Don't hang up.
Who's this?
It's an old friend.
- Delmonico? What's happened?
- The missing Jesus gospel... It turned up.
That's impossible.
In the United States. Pittsburgh.
Send me something.
No. No, I can't.
Houseman will kill me.
Hi, come in. The door's open.
I'm in here!
How you doin'? Want a beer?
- Check these out. They're getting better.
- That's great.
Really good.
You'll be able to get
these stitches out soon.
That's great.
Let me see your forehead.
- Does this... Does this hurt?
- No.
Great. You'll...
Why did you paint over the wall?
I got bored, and I got sick
of looking at that thing.
I really wish you weren't wearing
that uniform right now.
It's got nothing to do with the uniform.
Well, what is it? You took a vow
to be dead from the neck down?
Come on!
I've seen the way you look at me.
You know the way that I feel about you.
Come on, I'm not blind. It's OK.
Why, because I...
I painted the wall out? Is that it?
So now I'm no use to you, right? Is that it?
Answer me!
You are so proud of your holy abstinence!
Like touching a woman would kill you!
Women are dirty little complications!
That's why you became a priest.
It has nothing to do
with your convenient little stories!
Oh, you're so proud of your church,
of virgins and eunuchs!
How's your faith these days, Father?
How's your faith these days?!
This is what you fucking call God?
Blood of Christ!
- I've never seen you pray before.
- I haven't prayed for a very long time.
Come here.
It's OK. Come on.
Go in.
- Daniel.
- We've come to help.
Take her to the archdiocese.
I'll be downstairs if you need me, Sister.
Where did you get this from, hm?
What does it mean?
The girl wrote it.
I don't know what it means.
Neither does she.
Why was it painted over?
- What language is it in?
- It's Aramaic.
How do you know that?
- That's irrelevant.
- What I don't understand
is why you would send this
to anyone other than me.
- What are you hiding?
- All I know is
that the girl is fighting for her life.
If she receives another wound
she's going to die unless we help her.
Right. I'm taking over.
- Get some rest.
- I'm not leaving her alone.
You're leaving her
in the care of the sisters.
You sent me here.
I didn't want to come.
You told me to deal with her.
That's what I'm doing!
She's in no condition
to take on you or the Church.
This is not about a girl
taking on me or taking on the Church!
Why are you more concerned
about photographs than a girl dying?
- Andrew, where's your loyalty?
- Don't you lecture me about loyalty.
The only reason
you've been tolerated for so long
is because you were a good scientist.
Because of your objectivity.
Well, you've lost that.
The last thing I expected to see in
that girls apartment was the two of you
- Lying on a bed together.
- Oh, come on!
You think you're helping her,
but you're not. She's getting worse.
Andrew, you're in no state to help anyone
right now. You're exhausted.
Go to Father Durning's. Get some rest.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Why are you so concerned
with these photographs?
Father Delmonico seemed to think
they were important.
- What do they mean?
- We've no idea, but we're working on it.
- Is it to do with the Gospel Commission?
- We don't know.
Good night, Andrew.
Andrew Kiernan?
- I'm Kiernan.
- I want to see Alameida.
I don't know any Alameida.
Delmonico faxed me this copy
of his document.
The girl wrote this. I saw her do it.
What is this?
It's maybe the most significant
Christian relic ever found.
It's an Aramaic scroll
from the first century,
discovered near the caves of the
Dead Sea Scrolls, outside Jerusalem.
Alameida and I concluded that
it is a gospel... of Jesus Christ,
in his own words... Aramaic.
But there are some factions in the Vatican
who believe that this document
could destroy the authority
of the modern Church.
It was Jesus' words to his disciples
on the night of his Last Supper.
His instructions to them on how to
continue his church after his death.
Why would that be so... so threatening?
When we gave our initial conclusions
to the Gospel Commission,
Houseman ordered us
to stop immediately.
Alameida refused.
He stole the document and disappeared.
Houseman excommunicated us
in our absence.
You have no idea where he is?
He doesn't want to be caught
until he finishes the translation.
I'll show you this guy.
That's Delmonico, me and Alameida.
We were all translating the new gospel.
I've seen this man.
Three weeks ago, in Brazil.
- Yeah?
- He's dead.
How do you know this?
Because I saw him in his coffin
in a church in Belo Quinto. I'm sorry.
Then it's all over. It's gone for ever.
Why was your work stopped?
What was so threatening
about this gospel?
- Look around you. What do you see?
- I see a church.
It's a building.
The true church of Jesus Christ
is so much more.
Not in buildings made of wood and stone.
I love Jesus!
I don't need an institution
between him and me.
You see, just God and man.
No priests, no churches.
The first words in Jesus' gospel are,
"The kingdom of God is inside you,
and all around you."
"Not in buildings of wood and stone."
"Split a piece of wood and I am there."
- "Lift a stone and...
- .. you will find me."
Yes, brother.
Why is Father Alameida wearing gloves?
Alameida was a tormented man.
Holy man. A very holy man.
He wore the gloves
to cover the marks of the stigmata.
She has the stigmata.
That's why.
She's just his messenger.
Houseman will never let
this gospel get out.
Almighty God,
bless your humble servant,
guide me with your Holy Spirit,
and forgive me
for I have sinned exceedingly
in thought, word and deed.
My sins deserve your punishments
because they have crucified
my loving Savior, Jesus Christ.
do not remember our sins,
or those of our forefathers.
- Where's Andrew?
- And do not punish us for our offences.
Lead us not into temptation.
Save this woman, your servant.
Spirit of lust,
by the power of Jesus Christ
I command you, come out of her body
now and for always.
In the name of Jesus Christ
I command you
come out of her body now
and for always.
In the name of Jesus Christ...
You are blind men.
Your eyes are open.
But you see nothing.
Why do you persecute me?!
Send her help
from the holy place, O Lord!
Lord, hear my prayer!
Let the enemy have no victory over her!
your servant,
dripping with blood!
Embrace me, my child. I am the Church.
You are the true enemy
of the Church, Houseman.
I am the Church.
- Stop!
- Get away from me!
Get them out of here!
Get out of here! Get out!
- Eminenza!
- Get out!
Save this woman from woe. O Lord,
save this woman, your servant.
Send her help
from the holy place, O Lord.
Give her heavenly protection.
Save this woman, O Lord!
Let the enemy have no victory over her!
Send her help from the holy place.
You will not destroy my Church.
You must not interrupt.
What are you doing?! Get away from her!
- Get away from her!
- No! No!
Get away!
It's all right. I know what...
Get away from her!
You don't know what's going on here!
You get off me! You lied to me!
You tried to silence her.
You lied to me, you bastard!
- Andrew...
- You tried to kill her!
I know everything. I know why you
closed down the Gospel Commission,
why you had Petrocelli
and Alameida excommunicated,
all about the lies
you've been telling for years.
You won't get away with
what you did to her!
I will not let you destroy the Church.
I promise you,
you've spent your last days in the Church.
Are you Paolo Alameida?
Give me your wisdom.
Let me be your messenger.
A messenger believes.
A messenger has faith.
You have only doubt.
Jesus said, "The kingdom of God
is inside you and all around you,
not in mansions of wood and stone."
"Split a piece of wood and I am there."
"Lift a stone... and you will find me."
Brother Alameida,
I call upon you to release this woman.
Give her grace and let her not
come into the ways of harm.
Through Jesus Christ we have
all been saved. Let us not fear any ill.
Jesus is with us
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
world without end, for ever and ever.
God bless your soul, Brother Alameida.
Go in peace.
Don't go, Frankie.
Stay with me.
Jesus said,
"The kingdom of God is inside you
and all around you...
not in mansions of wood and stone."
"The kingdom of God
is inside you, and all around you."
"Not in buildings of wood and stone."
"Split a piece of wood and I am there."
These are the hidden
sayings that the living Jesus spoke.
Whoever discovers the meaning
of these sayings... will not taste death.