Still Human (2018) Movie Script

Are you... Lin?
Evelyn, sir
Whatever. Let's go, Lin
Let me be clear.
I've hired many helpers. I know you people
I know some of you just see it as a vacation.
You'd better not
If you leave after just a month or two
I have to hire again and pay for the flights
It's not the right thing to do
If one day you find a better boss like Mary
Congratulations to you
But tell me in advance, okay?
I had no help in the past month.
How troublesome!
If Fai wasn't free,
I had to sleep on the wheelchair
"Sun Man House"
The password is 2468
I wonder who the hell set it. 2468
We may as well not lock it
2468, open the door
Why are you standing still?
What the fuck?
She doesn't speak Cantonese! What the fuck?
C'mon! It took me long enough to find her
The Cantonese speaking ones won't work for you!
She's the only one willing to do it
She was even a nurse. You got a deal
It's just English.
How hard can it be? Just go learn it
I'm too old for this
If you don't want her,
we have to search again. Can you wait?
Fuck you!
You can work here
Thank you, sir
Give me your passport
That's the way it works
Just give me, safe
Just give me
When you go, I give you passport. Okay?
Yes, sir
By 6th September, 2016
Every morning, move boss from bed to wheelchair
He hates cockroach.
So you must clean really good
After buy food from market,
must show him receipts
He checks really carefully. No cheating
He has no hungry feeling
So three meals must fix time, or he feels dizzy
Help him change diaper everyday
Every other day
You put... the medicine to his asshole
Then wait few hours
He will shit, then you shower him
Everyday massage his leg
Then at 4am you get up help him turn around
Sometimes, he suddenly... you know
Like this, cramping
Don't worry, just wait
Anyway, he looks angry, but he's a good guy
Stop the fucking drilling!
You can holiday on Sundays. Understand?
Understand, sir
How can you say that?
You knew what he has done to me, right?
I won't go back
Maria's lawyer friend
is helping me do the annulment
I know it costs a lot, but this is my freedom
Can't you ask Michael
for the money to fix the roof?
It's also his home, isn't it?
10,000 pesos?
How can I possibly pay that much?
I can't afford it, and I won't pay either
I don't want to talk anymore
9:30am. At HSBC Square
Hello, Ann
lam here at HSBC
Near the lion with the open mouth
Where is everybody?
Chicken feet soup with peanuts
Great, chicken feet soup with peanuts
Yes, took hours to make
Tell your morn not to bother anymore
Don't waste the soup on people like me
Just drink it, I will get you a bowl
Yes, she left early in the morning
You need to find her?
Let's do a porn marathon!
This is Evelyn
We met on Facebook as I said
Hi everyone, I am Evelyn Santos
I'm Lorna
I'm Rhea!
I'm Laura. Nice to meet you!
Let's have lots of fun today
Is it your first time?
You will find many things you don't understand
Feel free to ask us
We might look young
But we've been working here for a long time
I've been here for 15 years.
Ann is the newest?
I've been here for 8 years.
It should be Rhea?
Yes, 4 years for me
Planning to do it long term?
I don't know yet
Think about that while you work
You can learn everything else slowly
But there's one thing
you must do correctly from the start
Here it comes! Lama's classroom
The most important rule
Always pretend you are dumb!
She is all tied up!
This is professionalism
If you're told to do tedious or extra work,
just play dumb
Say if they want their helpers to deliver things
To their friends or to their office
At times like this,
you have to play dumb and say
Ma'am, I don't know how to take the MTR
Sir, I don't know my way
If not, you'll spend hours doing extra work
And still have to do your daily chores
I get it
My boss still thinks I don't know
how to take the MTR
Me too
How would I not know after 10 years?
And they actually believe that!
You know what they think of Filipinos?
They think we're stupid
That's fine by me, I do less work
Also, never learn Cantonese
Or don't let them know if you do
So we can play dumb
Miss home?
You will get used to it
Now when I go home,
I miss Hong Kong instead
Me too
Ann, you are not like Lorna
Lorna misses her boss
She's been taking care of the old lady
for more than a decade
You? You just miss your employer's big mansion!
Your boss is never home
You're the luckiest one
Try cleaning such a big place all by yourself
That's why you are in shape
That's fair
But I am really lucky
I don't have to take care of kids or the elderly
Rhea is taking care of kids
Lorna is taking care of an old lady
Their bosses are all middle-class families.
What about yours?
He lives in public housing
He is divorced and lives by himself
And he is disabled
That's not bad
Newcomers usually start with employers
that are not so well-off
Taking care of one person shouldn't be too hard
But What is his disability?
He is paralyzed from his chest down
He can move his hands, but with limited flexibility
How long have we been watching this?
Must've been 3 to 4 hours already
I'm nauseous
I can't stand it too. Let's take a break
Yes, please
"Talking to Your Domestic Helper in English"
Wing, are you really learning English now?
I have to
We barely understand each other
How is the Filipino maid doing?
Just alright
She is careless with chores
But her cooking is horrible
She made me lose my appetite
Lucky you!
Just teach her. University graduates learn quickly
Are you kidding?
A university graduate has to become a maid?
It's not rare!
Ask me before you hire the next one
You want her to leave already?
Maybe this one will stay for long
She'd better
So you have to clean his poo and pee then?
Hurry up and find another employer!
Actually it is not that bad
My previous job was similar
You really should find another boss
It should be easy to find someone better
We will help you keep an eye on it
But for now,
you must be careful and not get fired
Or else you'll have to go back to the Philippines
It's a waste of time
Why won't they start?
- To buy time
- Good evening, sir
Evelyn, hello
Why are you dressed like a tourist?
I don't understand, sir
Never mind, go, go, go!
- Go!
- Yes, sir
They are just standing still doing nothing
Just waiting for the ball
Look, he is going to fall
Get the ball, get it!
Impossible, they have a strong defense
Go that way, idiot!
Goal! Great job!
Hey, you, clean there
I don't understand, sir?
You no clean there
Okay, sir
You have not cleaned that corner
I don't understand, sir
Really? Are you bad at English too?
Oh, I know
You have friends here?
What do you mean, sir?
You are not stupid
I'm stupid, sir. I'm sorry
Damn it
Bloody hell, you're a pain in the arse
- Sorry, sir
- And you said you were a nurse?
Sorry, we really can't arrange that
Without an air mattress
He will get inflammation overnight
Are you going to turn him every 4 hours?
We are short on staff, it can't be arranged
Then let the maid stay
My apologies, sir
What happened this time?
He broke his leg
Is that serious, nurse?
He's alright. He'll be discharged tomorrow
Nurse, please check again
If he's fine, I'm leaving
You're not going to check on him?
Visiting hours have passed anyway
Persuade him to install a safety bell
He won't spend the money
You have to look after sir
How can you let him fall?
Ma'am, I am Evelyn, I am new here
She is new
This is sir's sister
Fine, just make sure you do your job carefully
Otherwise, you will be fired
Sir, please don't fire me
I really need this job
She bullshit, no need listen
Wait here
What you doing?
Nothing, sir
Are you scared that I will fire you?
Please don't fire me
Add Oil!
Yes, it means work hard!
Good night, sir
Good night
One more thing
You November to dean the floor
All the floor
Yes, sir
I will clean very well. Clean now, sir?
No now, look at the time. Tomorrow
Okay, thank you, sir. Good night
Good night
Sorry, sir, I forgot to turn off the light
Sir, I really want to work here. Good night
Okay! No fire you! Hurry!
Why is this not cleaned again?
Yes, sir
Yes... yes... but you never clean
You are really a big "cha Bo"
"Cha Bo"? Sir, I don't understand
You are big "cha Bo". "Cha Bo"!
"Cha Bo"!
Whatever, you're a big "cha Bo"
Ah, "trouble"
Sir, you even learn Japanese?
Everyday greeting
Excuse me, that one
"Chinese lettuce, 1 catty"
No, please, the lettuce how much?
Correct, correct! You go!
It is too expensive, I cannot buy it
No! You are blocking everyone!
But I...
What are you staring at?
Then the receipt, give me the receipt!
No! You're just a small customer
They say they'll boycott them,
but they are still hiring them
They're everywhere on Sundays.
How irritating!
Very good. Now, your arms are strong
Very good
Sir, thank you very much for letting me stay here
What does that mean?
Sir, is it okay?
No feeling
Sorry, sir
It is okay
Sir, painful? Sir, sorry!
Gotcha! It's a joke, I'm teasing you
No feeling
Sir! Not funny!
Okay. Not funny. Massage
If no massage, the muscle will "suk"
"Suk", you know?
Sorry, sir, I don't understand
How can you not understand "suk"? It's simple
What is "suk" in English? "Uncle"?
No, "short"!
Sir, why don't you teach me Cantonese?
I want to learn
Teach you Cantonese, you clean floor good?
Yes, sir
Okay! I teach you Cantonese. What you learn?
Maybe start with something simple first
How to say "thank you"?
"Thank you"
Okay, two ways
One way, little help,
you say "ng goi'
"Ng goi"
"Ng goi"
Very good. Then two way is for big help...
Sir, slow down, it is too dangerous!
You are too young to be "sei guare"!
"Sei guare"? Sir, what is that?
Sei guare is "sei guare"
"Sei guare"...
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
"Sei guare"... Ah! "Scared"!
"Wang Chun-yin calling"
Long time no see!
Dad, you can speak English now?
I have to communicate with my helper
So I started learning it
Are you still busy?
Just done with an exam.
I can finally rest a bit
But I'll have another exam soon
So, Dad, how are you?
Just the same old shit
I missed hearing you cuss
I've learnt some English swear words too
Son of a bitch!
Cool, isn't it?
If Morn hears it, you are dead
I told you to knock first, Morn
Who's that?
It is Leung Cheong-wing
Yes, it's Dad
How are you guys?
Same old, same old
We're in New York for a week
Then we're heading back to Beijing
I was wondering where you were
Turns out you guys are video chatting
Wing, how are you?
Hong, long time no see
Mom and Pop, why are you both in my room?
We'll head down first
We'll wait in the car. Take care, Wing
Take care. See you
lam graduating in May
My smart boy!
Will you come to my graduation?
I'd like you to come
No, look at me
Are they going?
Then that's okay
You should go, they are waiting for you
I will send you the details later
Okay, talk later. I am going to bed
Get some rest
How was it?
It was fine
I have to retake my exams until I get in
Sorry, I dragged you down
It's not you, it's me who screwed up
Dad is useless
You've always been a great student
If it weren't for my accident, you wouldn't...
I've already said it's not your fault!
Sir, you okay?
Okay, okay, very good
My son, he is becoming a "yee sun" as he wishes
"Yee sun"?
He wants me to go USA to see him
Oh, great! When?
No, I no go
Go! Why not?
Look at me, ugly.
He will lose face. No good
No, don't say that
He just wants to share his happiness with his family
His family... He has new father, you know?
No, he wants you, his father,
to see his dream coming true
Dream? What do you know about dream?
I know
If my dream comes true,
I want my family to see it too
Your dream?
You're a maid, what's there to dream?
I was just trying to make you feel better
You didn't have to say that
No say, no say. You work
Yes, sir
Sir, are you okay?
Sir, why didn't you call me?
You were sleeping.
It's okay, no feeling, same same
No, sir. It is not the same
Please call me next time. Any time is okay
Okay, okay
Promise me, sir
Okay, I promise. Get me up
Wait, sir
Wait for what? Just get me up
Hey! What are you doing?
Sir, one, two, three
Sir, what's wrong?
What's wrong? Just look at me
Everything is wrong
I am rubbish
I just eat and shit my pants
I am a burden
I was just passing by, why me?
I was just passing by
Sir, there are many things we cannot explain
You got unlucky, very unlucky
But it is not your fault
It's not your fault
You cannot choose not to sit on wheelchair
But you can choose how to sit on it
You no luck, take care rubbish man
Sir, I was a nurse
I once helped deliver a baby
She was born deaf and blind.
Can you understand?
What is "deaf and blind"?
She can't see and can't hear
How miserable
Life is very unfair. But still, she is not rubbish
I read a book about a girl
called "Hoi Lun Hoi Lak" (Helen Keller)
"Hoi Lun Hoi Lak", no?
No understand? Same
Such a person exists?
I can't remember English name.
But in real life, very famous
See? No rubbish
Sorry, I laugh your dream
Thank you, sir
Tell me, what is your dream?
What? What... phy?
Sir... take photo
How about you, sir?
What is your dream?
Me? No dream. Just a loser
No dream
I'll take your piece
Help me buy a camera when you're free
What camera?
Those with SLR, DSLR, or something like that
I want a professional but light one
I found a few online
I'll send you the details
They cost a lot, are you sure?
Is that your new hobby?
Stop asking questions, it's a gift
- For Jing-ying?
- No
- Chun-yin?
- No
So who is it for?
You're so nosy!
It's for the helper, it's her birthday soon
She asked for it?
No! She doesn't know!
Your compensation is barely enough for yourself!
She says she has a dream and I just want to help
I don't have much to spend on anyway
Jing-ying and Chun-yin don't need my help
She's taking good care of you, it's worth it
I'll do it tomorrow after work
It's your turn
I win again
That girl is unlucky
How can she get beaten up
just by stealing a few meatballs?
Hope she gets well soon
Glad we all have nice employers
You're right
By the way, Evelyn
My friend says there's a rich family
looking for a good helper
Are you interested?
The pay is higher, and the workload should be less
Thanks, but I'm good
Why? It's not difficult to change employers
How should I put it?
It's just that my boss isn't bad
He is kind
His wife and son left him,
probably didn't want to take care of him
If I also leave, who will take care of him?
Evelyn, you don't have to be so nice
We are here just to work
They always say
"We treat you like family"
But do they really think so?
You don't have to feel pressured
At least we know her employer cannot hit her
Sorry, Lorna
It's okay, tell me when you need it
Just remember,
never get too emotionally attached
It's just work
Give it a try
If they ever pick on you, you do this!
With me by your side,
there's nothing to worry about
One, two, three!
Sir, what happened?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to... Lin... Evelyn
Happy birthday to you!
Thank you, sir
Sir, this is too expensive, I cannot accept it
Can, or I will be angry
Thank you, sir!
It is charged, you can use it right away
You should thank Fai. He buy, I pay
It is alright
Say "thank you" in Cantonese
"Thank you so fucking much"!
Evelyn, don't say that!
It's wrong!
You're such a jerk. Why did you teach her that?
What happened, sir?
Nothing, very good
"Thank you so fucking much"? It is mean!
Don't take photo of me!
C'mon! We never took any photos before!
The balloon?
I almost caught it
We'll get you a new one
You can't ride on the wheelchair. Please get off
Get off
Everybody does it
You must be very busy today
Very good!
No, sir, thank you
I've always wanted to say it
Don't call me "sir". Call me Cheong-wing
What are those?
Old photos from the Philippines
Who is this?
That is my mother, sir... no, Cheong-wing
What are these people doing?
They are dancing
What is "dancing"?
Oh, dancing!
You made soup again?
Yes, I've saved some for you
What's the point of doing all this?
Will he even thank you?
I don't need him to thank me,
drink your soup!
Here you go, she's really good at this
Even your ugly face looks good in her photo
You're more handsome than me
Hello, good morning!
What would you like?
One, two, three
Hello, Maria?
"FCSC Photography Awards - Register and upload"
Hello, I need to transfer some money
Look your phone
"FCSC Photography Awards - Register and upload"
No... I'm not good enough for this
Good enough! Good!
Maybe later
No later! It is now or never!
Why is this moving so slowly?
Have you gained weight?
I forgot to charge it!
- Sorry! Sorry!
- How could you!
Harder! Harder!
Super woman!
Very strong!
And you said you hadn't gained weight?
If not, how did you get so strong?
What is this word?
This is "f00k"
It means happy, good and lucky
Very good. For New Year
It's beautiful
I only know how to write this word in calligraphy
I learnt it from a neighbor when I was young
But my family was poor
So I had to work, no time.
This is the only word I learnt
No! No! No! Put down
It's wet
Wait till tomorrow
No blow, no blow!
You blow the luck away! No blow! "Fook" will go!
No, no this one
This one for you, better
Thank you
Up, up, up
Turn the "fook"
Turn? Like this?
Why? If you turn the "fook", "fook" will come
"Fook" will come
Very good
She's here
Kung Hey Fat Choi
Kung Hey Fat Choi
- Have a seat
- Thank you
For you
You shouldn't have, as long as you're here
Here's a red pocket for you
These are for you, your husband, and Fung
I've told you not to give me any money
Just save it for yourself
It's not just money, it's a blessing
Who'd refuse blessings on New Year? Just take it
How are they? Why aren't they joining us?
You know they won't
Who else is eating with us?
What do you mean? Just the three of us
Are you serious? It's New Year
I'm sorry, Ma'am, I will eat in the kitchen
Why not? If we live together, we eat together
You want her to eat alone on New Year?
We didn't eat with the previous maids
I will eat in the kitchen
Evelyn! Get some food, chicken...
I'm okay, sir
Let's eat
Have some chicken
It's alright...
It's okay, I'll clean up in the bathroom
I have to go,
I need to visit my mother-in-law
Already? Finish eating first
It's fine, there will be food too
Wait, let's take a photo
There's no need
Come over, take a photo together
No this one! Use the camera
I... sorry
I don't want any photo, I'm in a hurry
Stay longer next time
Where is the camera?
Why didn't you use the camera?
I lost it. I can't find it. Sorry
When did you lose it? Where did you lose it?
Why didn't you tell me?
The receipt is really gone
Go in there!
Hey, come over, what is this?
Is this some sort of price?
It's CAD2,500... no, it's 25,000
It is a university admission letter
For photography, but it has expired
She transferred $10,000 to the Philippines. Look!
I'm back
Receipts of today
We live in Oi Man,
why do you shop at Hung Horn?
Do they give you some kind of commission?
No, Cheong-wing
They are cheaper, our market is expensive
I always get deceived!
You got deceived?
I wonder who's deceiving who!
"Should I start looking for a new maid?"
Dinner is ready
I will eat in the kitchen,
please come out and eat here
Good night, Cheong-wing
Fire! Cheong-wing, we have to go!
You g0, you 9
You go alone
You can be angry, okay?
If you're angry, fire me!
But not now, there's a real fire!
If it's real fire, then I'm dead.
I can't escape for sure
We have to run
You go. You go alone
I'm not going without you!
Don't bother with me
Put me down! Put me down!
Fake fire! Exercise! Put me down!
You look look, calendar
Not real fire
It scared me
"The fire drill will be held
at 10am on 7th February"
I angry you, Yes
Fire you, no
I am angry with why you bye bye your dream
Because I cannot dream now
Why? You don't like photo?
I really like. But reality is harsh
Living cannot wait, but dreams can
lam a maid now. I am okay like this
I will "add oil" and be a good help
I make breakfast now, sir
Hello? Fai?
Camera... I am really sorry
You found the camera?
I'm really sorry for what I did
What are you talking about? I don't understand
You didn't have to do it
Thank you, thank you very much
That's good you found it! Keep taking photos
Keep 90mg
If so, the chance of getting an offer again is high
So does she need to state that
she got admitted last year?
Yes, put that in the personal statement
What's that?
It's a self-introduction that explains why
you wanna enroll in this subject
It's an essay
Yeah? Okay?
Nice to meet you
"Personal Statement Letter for
Bachelor of Photography"
What do you want to be when you grow up?
This point is not strong enough
We have to make them sympathize with her
I really don't understand why
you're still helping her
She must have her reasons
I trust that she is a good person
You trust a maid?
She takes care of me everyday and lives with me
If I don't trust her, then who should I trust?
Here, you've spelt "sincerely" wrong!
Don't check the dictionary.
I know how to spell it!
Okay, okay
It's impossible for us to finish this letter
We'd better ask Chun-yin to help
He's very busy
Let's get this done, correct "sincerely" first
I can't think of a title for these photos
Can you help me think of one?
One title? But they are all different
It's a collection,
can't you see anything in common?
They are all human beings
They are all dreaming
I take them because of you
Because me? Why?
So that you can see anyone can dream
Okay, I'll think of a title
"The petitions are approved"
"The marriage annulment is affirmed"
This will look great on you! No, this is better!
- No, I Have To save up
- I'll take care of it! Just try it
Hello, these are my friends!
Cheers! Happy Ladies' Night!
Also, let's celebrate Evelyn's freedom!
I have heard of it before
But I never knew anyone
who actually got an annulment
Yes, it is costly.
Many would just live separately
It's all in the past now
Look for a good man and start all over
Good man?
Yes, a good man can
change your life for the better
What? You're exaggerating!
Remember I told you about Carmen?
She used to work for a middle-class family
She married a white banker.
Now she lives in the mid-levels
Richer than her previous boss
And she has her own maid!
You've said this many times before
We don't even know if this Carmen exists
Evelyn, if we work hard,
we can be "Carmen" too
I don't want to be Carmen.
I just want to be myself
Many terrible things can happen
in a relationship that lacks love
Without love,
he can hit you simply because he's not happy
He can make you liable to all his debts
He can force you to give up on your dreams
I don't want to get into
a relationship without love again
If the person I love loves me the same
He doesn't need to give me anything
I'd rather accomplish what I want to do on my own
Yes, I agree
Although my husband is not rich,
I'm happy with him
Now I just want to take care of
my own children
instead of someone else's
Well, for me...
I just hope that when I go back some day
My husband and son won't treat me as a stranger
But can you accept that
our children will grow up...
To be the maids of those girls' children?
We have to make changes
Out of 100 poor women,
maybe only 1 can succeed on her own
I don't have any talents,
I can only think of getting a reliable man
1 out of 100
I don't know if we're that one woman
But we're definitely within the 100!
Today we are no different than them
We all can dance!
Let's dance!
"Wang Chun-yin - Busy"
Dad, why are you calling so late?
Son, did I wake you?
No, I'm working on my thesis
Have you read the personal statement
I emailed you few days ago?
Sorry Dad, I'm too busy to help
Help me out, the deadline is tomorrow
Your friend is old enough to do it herself, right?
She doesn't know I'm applying for her
How is that possible?
Applying for university
isn't as simple as you think!
You need a transcript and other documents
She has to submit a portfolio
for subjects like art. You can't help
What are "transcript" and "buffalo"?
"Transcript" is results from public exams,
like English exams
"Portfolio" is a collection
of her work organized as a book
Those who study art need it for
school and job applications
It is like... their resume
You can't make it in time now
Ask her to prepare it herself next year, okay?
Okay, girls,
it's the most important moment of the night
You don't have to do it
Okay, one, two, three!
Rock paper scissors!
Damn it
Thank you
Five hundred
Eight hundred
I'm going this way, bye
Morn, why can't you find another way?
I don't have that much money
I can't do that
Mom, you can't do this
Who made you cry?
Sorry, Cheong-wing. Am I too loud?
Who made you cry?
My mother doesn't want to see me again
Asshole! Give it to me, the phone
Why don't you love your daughter? Why?
Who is this?
I'm the boss!
How come she knows Cantonese too?
I worked in Hong Kong for twenty years
Thank you for hiring my daughter
But I don't want her to be there anymore
She has to come home and take care of her family
Not to spend her money on divorce and photography
All parents want the best for their children
But you don't get to define what's best for her.
She has her own feelings!
It's none of your business!
It's for her own good
If she doesn't come back,
I will disown her as my daughter!
You're ridiculous! She won't give a damn
She will disown you too! Don't ever call back!
Don't worry, mothers aren't always right!
Don't worry, I'm here for you, don't cry
2 catties of lettuce, please
Excuse me, how heavy is this?
I wanted 2 catties
Yes, 2 catties
No, this is less than 2 catties
What's wrong with you?
Are you accusing me? Go away!
You're blocking everyone!
Don't come back then!
Please weigh it again
I'm watching you!
You didn't give her enough lettuce
That's not 2 catties! Weigh again if you dare!
Apples are fresh today. You love apples, right?
How do you say "love" in Cantonese?
No, it's different.
"Love" is more than "like"!
"Chi la sin" (Crazy)
"Chi la sin"? Really?
"Chi la sin", "chi la sin"
What now? Are you two together?
What are you talking about?
Is she my sister-in-law now?
She is your maid, aren't you disgusted?
Or would you be with any woman?
Aren't maids human beings?
Have some respect
So it's okay for you to date a maid
But I can't be with a hairdresser, right?
These are two different things
I raised you,
of course I wouldn't want you to suffer!
Who's suffering now?
Where is my Octopus card?
Ma'am, it's in the flat,
do you want me to get it now?
No need for now
Just let me remind you,
you are here to do your job!
Forget it, let him cool off
Let's eat
So what did Jing-ying say?
Most things she says are nasty and rude
I don't even want to see her!
Why do you hate her so much?
She has no conscience!
Their father abandoned them
and their mother died early
Cheong-wing raised her
He paid for her education instead of his own
Why are you so nice to Cheong-wing?
I came from the Mainland
when I was in secondary school
I had no friends, and my Cantonese was horrible
I dropped out of school
And became a construction worker
Luckily, I was assigned to his team
He didn't mind my upbringing
and treated me as his family
So it's my turn to take care of him
I don't know how long I can do it for
I will just do it as long as I can
I know he wants his family by his side
But what can I do?
His family is no more than strangers
This is Ma'am's, she came for this
Thank you, Fai
Get him to eat, bye
The temperature will further drop to -1C
Yesterday, 76 elderlies were hospitalized
due to the cold weather
Disabled elderlies living alone
are most vulnerable under this weather
We should care for our families
and elderly neighbors
During this extreme weather
It's cold tonight
You have to eat
I'll do it myself
Are you okay?
Sorry about her nonsense
It's okay
I don't want you to be unhappy
Let's just forget about it
Tell me when you're done, I'll do the dishes first
What happened, Evelyn?
Help! I fell down! I can't get up!
Safety Bell Hotline
We're back
I'm back!
Welcome back
How are you?
Good, you okay?
No feeling
No feeling? Like me?
You two are hilarious
One can't use her hands,
one can't move his legs
You're both disabled
I have to serve both of you, right?
Can I take your order now, sir?
What do you want to eat?
Fried rice?
Are you free on 15th April?
It's a Saturday
I just sit here everyday, of course I'm free
Can you go with me?
What is this?
I got in! The competition!
I just saw the email!
Can I get the day off?
Of course
You haven't replied me yet
Come. No, no... Turn
Your hair is a mess
That's more beautiful
You spent too much effort on me,
today is all about you
Because I look good already
Yes, yes, already
So handsome
What an artist! You made me look handsome
Good taste
Don't underestimate these flowers
When dried, it's a Chinese medicine
After the flowers drop,
cotton will carry the seeds in the wind
It looks like snow
And the cycle starts again somewhere else
It must be beautiful
Hello, I'm Evelyn Santos
Thank you
See you at the waiting area, thank you
I have to go over there
Call me if you need me
Okay, okay. You go, I'm okay
And the Special Mention Award goes to
Miss Evelyn Santos
Cassandra, please
A Filipino maid?
How can a maid be qualified? It's crazy
Don't mind them, she's definitely qualified
Very nice photo, Mr. Dream Giver
No, I'm Mr. Leung
Mr. Leung, I'm Cassandra.
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
Thank you
Excuse me
Very powerful photo, isn't it?
Yes, humans can be so fragile
But even at the most fragile moments, don't forget
We can be very strong
Congratulations on your award
Thank you
I saw your photo, it was great
I was also a domestic helper many years ago
That doesn't limit who you can become
That's great
Professor Lumaban!
Keep going, sky is the limit
- You are here!
- Carmen, long time no see!
The best restaurant in Hong Kong!
- Looks Good
- Have a seat
Aren't you Cheong-wing?
Yes, you are... Keung?
What's with all the construction?
They're kicking us out for redevelopment soon
You haven't been here for a while?
Table for two?
Who else do you see?
I saved up some money that year
I planned to go on a trip with my family
To celebrate my son's secondary school graduation
I really looked forward to it
But it never happened
No, you can still do it
If you go to his graduation,
you can still travel with them
No, not the same
I don't want him to take care of me
at his graduation
I don't want to humiliate him
The day belongs to his current family
I have to accept the reality
Now that I think of it, other than that trip
I don't have any other dreams
But when I see you take photos
I begin to realize that it's good to have dreams
This motivates me to search for something
Then I'll search with you
No need, just focus on what you want to do
People seldom get to do what they love
I want to see you happy
"Thank you so fucking much"!
I should be the one thanking you so fucking much
I want to let you know
I'm ready
I can say goodbye anytime
Don't fire me, I'll clean the floor really well
You know what I mean
I'm stupid
No, you are not stupid
Put it away before it gets dirty
Come here more often
More food? We ordered too much!
No, it's a celebration
It's not easy to find another
Stop it, just help me with the English
How are you?
Sit, please
This is...
- Yes?
- Do me a favor
Although I can't go to his graduation
I can still order a gift for my son
Why are you so smart? What do you want to send?
I see people graduate with flower bouquets
Help me order some
Good idea! It looks good in photos
Then help me order online, I trust you
What's on your mind?
You buy flower?
My son flower
It's done
What are you doing?
Why are your hands so dirty?
"Wang Chun-yin - Calling"
Congratulations, my son! Proud of you!
Thank you, Dad
They're beautiful
Bring them with you.
Take more photos for me, okay?
Got it
Dad, wait
Just a second
Dad, how do I look?
Of course you look handsome, you're my son
You're the first to see me in my graduation gown
Okay, you look good enough
Take more photos, don't be late
Not yet, I have something else to tell you
I have planned my graduation trip
For my final summer vacation
I'm going to Oi Man Estate,
Sun Man House, Flat 836
I wonder if you'll join me?
It's your vacation,
Why'd you choose to come back?
It's time, hurry up
Okay! Corning!
Dad, I have to go
Okay, okay
Help me thank the person who ordered the flowers
I really have to go
I will join!
Come home, come home
Okay, let's talk later, bye bye
Have you girls heard about Grace?
The one with a mole here
My friend said she slept with her boss
How can they develop this kind of relationship?
Is she really in love? Or was it just a fling?
Lorna, what happened? Why are you so late?
It's finally time to go home to my son
I'm going back to the Philippines
Why? Did you do something wrong and get fired?
That's really cruel
It's been more than a decade,
how can they just fire you?
Ma'am died!
I miss her so much,
she's the best person in the world
I miss her!
"Thank you for your kind offer..."
"I am very sorry"
You go back London today?
Let me talk to Evelyn
Before 4pm, okay
Okay, thank you
Were you asking for me?
Deliver a document for me
Okay, when?
Now! Take a taxi, get there before 4pm
Very important
Not in these clothes! Go change!
Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, please
It was like a dream
Hey, thank you
What for? Why so out of the blue?
You've always been by my side
in spite of my craziness
And for many years to come
I thought there was nothing to
look forward to anymore
But it turns out, life has more to offer
Sorry for not arriving earlier
I really thought I couldn't see you before I leave
Have a seat
Looks like Mr. Leung
did a great job convincing you
That's the portfolio?
It's okay
I "chi la sin" you!
"Chi la sin"