Stimulantia (1967) Movie Script

An episodic film by
The Discovery
Dedicated to Charles Chaplin
To me, stimuli are
sex and narcotics.
I think it's the same
for many other people.
But I've decided
to sublimate myself.
So the voyage to my
childhood becomes my stimulus.
Not my own childhood.
It's not very stimulating
compared to
another man's childhood
that in turn stimulated him
and delighted all of us:
Charlie Chaplin.
Widen the circle, guys, so
everybody gets an opportunity
A bit larger than that.
A bit larger.
- Get in on the side.
- Widen the circle.
I never got to
meet Charlie Chaplin.
I had to find his
neighborhood instead
where he lived as a child.
I was looking for
Parnell Terrace
which is no
longer on any map
and is hardly
remembered by anybody.
It's mainly money, but also
the idea of
making a pornographic
film in a different way
than what is usually
associated with pornography.
Once upon a time
there were two lovers
who wanted to
come in to a warm room
and a comfortable bed,
in order to--
...Harried Andersson
Sven-Bertil Taube
Let's take a bath first.
First of all
let's have some champagne.
Yes, let's!
Where's the bathroom?
I have found it!
Are you sure
that's everything?
I'll wash my hair first.
Come here and you--
Come in.
We're in here.
We'll just have it here.
One glass there
and one there.
- Good afternoon.
- Good day.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Are you comfortable?
Accidents happen.
That's just fine.
That's incredibly fine.
Now she was content.
She had
brushed him all over
and cut his cheek,
and shaved his armpits.
Only the feet
and the teeth remained
and the hair,
and the blackheads
and the perfumes.
Then they'd
find out together
if they really loved each other.
See how tenderly
she mends his toes
and how tenderly he waits.
Are you done yet?
Tired of cleanliness?
I'm a bit tired of waiting.
Good things come
to those who wait...
I'm so sleepy.
Could you call
for the evening papers?
Come here.
I just have to
solve this problem.
Aren't you going
to come to little me then?
Chess goes well
when you're clean.
This is actually not
going to be about fireworks.
It's not that
I don't like fireworks
but it's not
going to be about them.
It's going to be about
something completely different.
It's not going to
be a story, either
in the normal sense of the word
but more like an account.
"Account" might not
be the proper word either.
More accurately,
I want to put things
in relation to each other.
Things that normally aren't
considered related at all -
It might sound as though
I haven't thought this through.
I don't know.
The philosopher
Ludwig Wittgenstein said
that language
often disguises thought
and that one can't judge
the shape of one's thoughts
by the shape of one's disguise -
their inner form, that is.
Because the outer shape
was never meant
to reveal the inner shape.
He also said:
Why do they
keep coming here?
Nearly every year,
somebody gets killed.
against each other
or beside each other.
87 people died in
1955 when a driver
"could be different."
My head hurts. It's never quiet!
Just round and
round all the time
till I'm dizzy and
my ears are ringing.
I can't take any more.
The sculptor Berto Marklund
once said about it that
its beauty isn't overshadowed
by its ability
to reach 280 km/h.
I think that's the
right point of view.
That the outer beauty
is correspondant to an inner
is one thing
he might not have realised.
Berto is a sculptor and erects
the aspects of
his trade on objects.
He's exceptionally open-minded.
"the boundaries of
my language are
"the boundaries of
my world as well.
"All that we see
lost control over his car.
They should know
better than to come here.
That would be
a disgusting way to die.
Bofors - aiming for export
Our technology
your safety
Motors have
always interested me.
I've constructed
a few myself.
This is the last one
number six.
Yes, number six.
It says so here.
It's a sort of compensation.
It should work.
It's pretty advanced.
It's nothing special, really.
Two pistons are
pumping in the same cylinder
It's a two-stroke engine.
I've eliminated the
crankcase compression
and put this under
the pistons instead
to increase pressure.
I've shifted the pistons'
movement in the cylinder
in relation to each other.
Here's a diagram.
It's a photostat copy.
It's a bit blurred.
I can't explain.
Ford competed as well.
An intense feeling
of being alive for a moment
a greatly increased euphoria
for a few hours' time or less.
Perhaps for a great cost.
Reckless, one could argue.
A type of narcomania.
An escape from reality
or at least the parts
of reality that one can't handle.
One cost will always remain.
The after-effects
always appear.
Sometimes one's entire body
is shaking from weakness
from all the
concentration and excitement
that have nothing
to do with sexuality
if one ever
had thought so.
One can be haunted at night
by images of what could've been.
Rides filled with near-accidents.
But a replacement
a more socially
responsible one
what would it look like?
I have tried to imagine
one, but I have failed.
Nothing is more
tangible than this.
It's five kilometers long.
They say it feels as
thought it will never end
but it will.
It's a struggle.
One has to gather
every ounce of will-power
He who intensly
fights for his life
will also have
an intense experience.
Good day.
I'm going to show
you a little film
about my son,
Daniel Sebastian.
It takes place
between about a month
before his birth
and the day when he
becomes two years old
on the afternoon,
when he has just
lain down in the hammock
to rest up from
all the festivities
together with
his grandmother.
From a material of
several thousand meters
filmed, as you will see,
with a hand-held camera
on 16 mm film
I have edited and
selected a concentrate
that mainly
is centered on
Daniel's face.
You see,
Daniel's face is to me
the most beautiful
and perhaps the most
stimulating thing there is.
Let's see how it turned out.
Orno in August
Easter in Djursholm
Daniel's mother is playing
I was writing on a
film that summer.
It was never made.
But there is
a passage from that film
that I'd like
to read here
and that has a great lot
to do with Daniel Sebastian.
No more words like prisoner
prison, torture, jailer
walls, confined, distance
emptiness, fear, ghost.
No words like
judgement, punishment
forgiveness, guilty
erring, guilt, shame, sin.
No punishments,
executioners and saints.
No confessions, nightmares
and acts of vengeance.
Why did ever the thought
of a fair and vengeful God occur?
The prayer's cry of anguish
the watchfulness or
blind rage of the faith.
From what fear
of putrefaction
did this monstrosity
called absolution arise?
The resurrection of
the dead and eternal life.
To reach a person instead
to envelop her
to experience her with her
thousand and thousand variations.
To live together
in a common reality.
At his grandmother's
on his second birthday
Introducing one of the
world's most celebrated singers:
Birgit Nilsson.
Distinguished not only
as an artist but as a person.
Her role in a film
like this is evident.
As a practising artist,
she has stimulated her audience
and as an exuberant personality
stimulated her surroundings.
Stig Westerberg
is conducting the radio orchestra
- I miscounted.
- Oh?
I was idly listening.
It was my fault.
Absolutely my fault.
The fault was all mine!
Do you think
it's loud enough?
Sure it is.
Yes, down here.
Yes, but I meant over there.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Even on the low notes?
Even when Birgit
is singing a low note?
The deeper pitches.
I definitely think so.
But don't raise it
just because of that.
The accompaniment is great.
You have no idea
what orchestras I have
had to struggle with.
Like horrible thunderstorms.
Some egoistic
conductors think that
the orchestra is the
main part of an opera.
I think the singer and the
orchestra are equally important.
Thank you.
We're glad to hear it.
Let's see.
That wasn't important.
The tempo was
fine now, wasn't it?
Oh, yes.
Nice and calm.
That's right. Just as
in the notes. Just right.
A nice balance.
Now, in the end here
I had to disturb the tempo
for your sake.
For my sake?
What was it?
Yes, it says
"salige Schlumpfen."
You see, it has to widen.
I need some breathing room.
Or else it won't work.
I thought about it too.
I'll look out for it.
There is a double h -
a pronounced h.
Is that on the sheets?
It isn't?
It's forte.
Forte and piano.
First forte, then piano.
- That's Erik?
- Where is that?
- Can you do that?
- Yes.
And Erik?
Not a note right on this.
It's warm in here.
It's not easy to be
stimulated by these
small assignments
that get between
the bigger things
that have to be done.
We just took some old
story by some German
called Honor de Balzen.
- Balzac.
- Yes, Balzac.
He was French, I think.
- Balzat.
- Balzanc, yes.
We just chose
him because we
don't really
have time with this
so we just took some
story that already existed.
It's also fun to show off
that you've read books.
Yes, it is.
To show you're
not just farting around.
So we filmed it.
Ended up at
7-8 minutes or so.
Lena Granhagen
is fun to work with.
Yes, she's nice.
The Rewards of Chastity
I have been raped!
Come in.
Sir lawyer,
you must help me.
What is it?
Something horrible
has happened.
Miss Sofie, are you
here for the laundry today?
I wanted to
wear this shirt now.
No! I need justice.
I have been
deprived of my virginity.
Well, what do you know?
I can't do much about that.
But he forced me!
He started groping me.
Yes, of course.
Have a seat
beside me, Miss Sofie.
Now tell me
about it from the top.
I was carrying
the laundry as usual
and he sauntered about
in his nice silk morning robe.
He was beaming.
I was just going to leave
the shirts in the secretaire.
He came from behind
and started picking on
the starched shirt-breasts.
He said "you've starched
your share of breasts, right?"
"Yes," I said.
"I truly have."
"Yes," he said.
"So have I."
- And so he did it.
- What?
- Touched my breasts.
- Ah, of course.
And then he
tickled me here.
Of course.
I started laughing,
of course. I'm ticklish.
Then he pulled
up my skirts.
I shouted that
that's no way to behave.
"No," he said.
"This is the way."
And then...
I see. You had
a good time then?
I shouted as
loud as I could
and I resisted
the entire time.
Those strugglings are
just a trick to spur the men.
I swear I didn't
want to. He forced me.
It wasn't nice at all.
No girl is doing
that against her will.
If she doesn't want
to, it doesn't happen.
Could you help
me with this yarn?
Just take one end
and help me out.
I can't see that well.
But it's true.
I'm so unhappy.
So you want to see
your seducer in jail?
No, that's too
harsh on him.
Although he only
gave me two francs.
So that's your issue!
So how much is it worth?
Two hundred francs.
I won't take your case.
I don't believe in rape.
You have to prove
that it's plausible.
Two hundred
francs is a lot.
- Who is he?
- Chamberlain Ankarstjrna.
A big, handsome man.
He's rolling in money.
He has silk
shirts from Paris.
Chamberlain, huh?
There's a lot of money in this.
But you have
to be sure about it.
I don't think
I'll take this case.
I don't believe in rape.
You should either
get pleasure or money.
There must be some
justice in this world.
But you need
evidence, Miss.
He tore and pushed me
until I was all dizzy.
That could be worth
two hundred francs, right?
I'll take the case, Miss.
The Necklace
What stimulated you
into doing this particular film?
It was Swedish Film
Industry's kind invitation
to contribute
to Stimulantia.
I gladly accepted.
You don't say no
to a good offer.
I was a bit reluctant
since I had retired after
many years of making film
and had considered film
to be a closed chapter for me.
But Guy de Maupassant's
short story The Necklace
tempted me
and it's always nice
to yield to temptation.
Two circumstances
made me change my mind.
First of all, Ingrid Bergman
had promised to play the main part.
My collaboriation with Ingrid,
that started in 1934 when she
was in Swedenhielms
with Gsta Ekman
would, after 30
even years, come to an end
in my definitely last film.
Lovely meat pudding.
I must have some more.
It's my favorite dish.
Yes, I know.
Sure, you know that.
Thank you.
You've been saying
that for ten years now.
Yes, time flies.
Even in the royal departments?
I though it had stopped there.
Not for us minor officials.
On the contrary,
it passes too quickly.
The paper work builds
up and we can't keep up.
I know that.
Sure, you know that.
I've mentioned that too.
What do you want?
I didn't call.
I thought I'd
take your plates.
Can't you see
that he's still eating?
I'm almost done.
Yes, there we are.
Thank you.
It's even worse
than it usually is today.
I saw Jeanette Ribbing today.
What clothes, what jewelry!
She was so beautiful.
You are much more beautiful.
Oh, sure.
The way I'm dressed.
The Ribbings
have money, Matilde.
Yes, and we don't.
I know that.
Your childhood
friend married well.
I wasn't a good match
as your parents pointed out
from time to time.
But we're getting by.
You're happy as long
as you get your meat pudding
and get to go hunting with
your superiors once in a while
But I don't hunt, and I
don't think meat pudding
is a break from
this monotony.
Nothing happens here.
It's so gray and boring
and there's nothing
fun or beautiful around us.
On our evening walks,
when I see lit-up windows
I think I can see myself
in the light of the
cut-glass chandeliers.
I can hear myself laugh.
People address me and smile
at me and speak so beautifully.
The floors are shining
and the rugs are soft
and the furniture
is so comfortable.
Someone is playing
a waltz on the grand piano.
Someone comes towards
me and bows to me
and everything swirls
around and around and past.
You say my name
and everything gets cold.
I feel that I'm
standing in the street
and the windows are closed.
- Now I'm alone.
- I'm with you.
Where are you, Matilde?
Here. Home already?
Oh, you're there.
Look at this.
- It's something for you.
- For me?
- An invitation card.
- An invitation card?
Yes, and pretty distinguished.
Under-secretary of State
Emmanuel Bjelke and wife
herewith have the honor
of inviting Mr and Mrs Hackman
to supper with dance at
his house and at Djurgrden
Saturday the 4th of July.
But that's not for me.
I thought you'd be happy.
Not many of the
subordinates get invited.
You'll get to
see the high society.
But what should I wear?
I didn't think of that.
What about the dress
you wear to the theatre?
What's the matter?
What is it?
I don't have anything
to wear so I can't go.
Let's think about this.
How much could a dress be?
Not the most expensive one.
I don't know.
For a hundred maybe--
You see?
I'll get the money.
I'll get it.
What do you think?
Wait, let me help you.
You're so beautiful.
It's beautiful.
- But something is missing.
- What is?
It looks so bare
without a necklace
I don't have anything
that goes together with this.
I have nothing to put on.
I look so
hopelessly poor.
How about a flower?
It's not that uncommon--
No, then they'll understand
that I don't have anything else.
It's so humiliating to look
poor among rich women.
- Couldn't you borrow a necklace?
- From whom?
Jeanette Ribbing,
for example.
But she wouldn't--
- But I couldn't--
- Sure you can!
Good friends like you.
Maybe so.
Help me with this.
I could always give it a try.
I'll go over there.
I'll be right with you.
I'm just looking for the key.
Go ahead and play.
I don't play any more.
No touchie!
Here you go.
You can pick
anyone you like.
Go ahead, try them on.
Have a seat.
I hope you'll find
one that you really like.
It's so good to see you.
You never come over,
even though I always ask you.
We lead so
different lives.
- That doesn't matter.
- Yes, it does.
My life is so ugly
compared to yours.
My dear.
- It's very beautiful.
- Yes, it is.
Keep looking.
Look at this one.
Try it on.
There's a mirror over there.
So, what do you think?
Would you lend me this?
- Only this.
- Of course. I'm glad to.
It's incredible!
And that I got to
borrow it just like that.
The rich can afford
to be irresponsible.
Where's your rifle?
My rifle?
Well... I.
It was on this wall
just a few days ago.
Answer me!
I have sold it.
You sold it so you
could afford the dress.
That's so sweet of you.
I'm sure you get to
borrow a blundertuss
when you go on
your silly hunts.
Yes, surely.
I have to try
the necklace with the dress.
There you are!
I've been looking for you.
Why are you out here?
I needed some fresh air.
I was looking at you.
Are you having fun?
Fun? It's wonderful!
Everything is
so beautiful.
They're so
elegant and joyful.
They're flocking around me.
I feel like I'm in place here.
- So you're being courted.
- You don't mind, do you?
Why would I?
I'm proud of you.
I'm so happy
that you're happy.
Bjelke danced with me.
I saw that.
He said that
he appreciates you.
I don't think he
even knows who I am.
Yes, he does.
What a house they have.
Some silly man inside said
I'm the most beautiful here.
- I think he was right.
- You're just saying that.
Come, let's dance!
I'm such a bad dancer.
I just look foolish.
- No one sees us.
- Out here, then.
We'll start here.
- These stairs!
- I've been running a lot.
I've almost
lost my breath.
Couldn't you
have waited for a cab?
I didn't want to
stand with all the others
with this ugly coat.
I'll buy you a new
one as soon as I can.
It's so wonderful to see you
this happy and beautiful.
I'll start working extra.
I'll work
through whole nights
so we can fulfil
some of our dreams.
We need beautiful clothes
and to surround you
with beautiful things.
I promise you to toil
to make our life less dull.
I may have been too content.
I didn't realize how much
these things mean to you.
- Paul!
- What is it?
- It's gone!
- Gone?
The necklace!
Can't you see?
necklace is gone!
- Did you have it when we left?
- Yes, I'm certain.
I must have lost in on
my way home through town.
- Good God!
- What are we going to do?
Where are you going?
I'm going outside to look.
I'll retrace our steps all the way.
Did you go to the police?
They hadn't found anything.
What are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
We'll have to advertise for it.
Go to the police every day.
But I have to
return it to Jeanette.
Just write her
and tell her the
clasp on it broke
and that you've sent it
to be repaired, just to
buy us some time.
What did she say?
How did it go?
- Did she notice anything?
- She didn't even look at it.
Thank goodness.
They're not that different.
They're almost identical.
Maybe so.
You didn't tell me
how much you paid for it.
Twelve thousand.
Twelve thousand?
Yes, twelve thousand.
I went to
many jewellers
and looked at
many necklaces.
This was the only one
that looked the same.
But where did
you get the money?
Switchmen, money-lenders
How are you
going to manage?
What will we live on?
We can't stay here.
The rent will be too much.
I'm going to look
for another place tomorrow.
I'll work as much
as I possibly can.
We have to fire the maid.
We'll have to do without her.
We'll remember this as the
luxury we once could afford.
I promise to help
you as much as I can.
We'll have to
help each other.
I keep falling asleep.
It's late.
Why don't you go to bed?
I have to finish this.
I have to pay
a large amount soon.
I know.
Interests and
instalment payments.
We'll have to pay them
for the next five years.
I don't see an end to it.
Is there much
left to be paid?
What's wrong?
I've cleaned two homes today.
The wives just tell me off.
They're never happy.
I say nothing.
I don't know what tires me
the most: the hard work
or the humiliation.
Get some sleep, then.
It's not paying off either.
We have nothing to spend.
Everything is so
damned expensive.
- The housekeeping costs a lot.
- I do my best!
I haggle for the
cheapest items.
I haven't bought myself any
clothes in all these years.
Me neither.
- I mend, cook, clean--
- So what? Many people do.
Are you too good for it?
- I didn't say that!
- But that's what you think.
You belong with
Bjelke's kind, right?
Do you always have to
remind me it's my fault?
- I didn't say that.
- But you make me feel it.
I can't afford to pay
attention to your feelings.
Many people are in your place
without making a fuss about it.
We are going to pay for it.
Pay! Pay! Pay!
Mind your own business.
Plates cost money.
I know it's tough.
I really wish I could have
given you something better.
It's my own fault.
It is my own fault.
You can't
control your dreams.
- Matilde!
- Yes.
Stop that for a second.
What is it?
You won't believe it.
Tell me, then!
- It's over.
- Over?
Everything is paid for.
I made the last
payment today.
After ten years,
everything is paid for.
Is it really true?
I'm too tired
to even be happy.
There's a rabbit's nest.
Can you see it?
There lives a squirrel,
don't you think?
Stop! Matilde!
Wait up!
- Don't you recognize me?
- Sure I do, Jeanette.
But Matilde...
I know I've changed a lot.
No, you haven't.
But why haven't you
come over in all these years?
Has something happened?
Happened? Perhaps.
It has something
to do with you, anyway.
With me?
Do you remember that
spring night ten years ago?
You mean when you
borrowed the necklace?
I lost it.
But you returned it.
We bought a similar one.
We had to pay for it
over these last ten years.
You see,
we're not that well off.
Did you buy another one?
It's been paid for now.
Good God, Matilde.
And to think
you didn't notice.
But Matilde...
My necklace didn't
have real diamonds.
What are you saying?
It was worth fifty at most.
It was fake.
You are joking.
- My dear Matilde.
- Tell me you're joking!
Who was that, mom?
In the Swedish copyright
law that was instituted in 1964
a legal right is
given the originator
to comment upon
and explain his works.
It's a fortunate
alternation of the law
as, unfortunately, the images
don't speak for themselves.
Then you need to know what
the artist really had in mind
what his meanings
and intentions were.
In this short time,
I won't be able to
explain in detail
but one thing is certain
when it comes to this film.
I want to elucidate in a clear
and lucid way, the problems
that arise when a Swedish man--
[unintelligible; something wrong with the rip]
--explanations, alternatives
in a tangle of problems that
is almost impossible to untangle.
I want to emphasize "almost"
because one can make
one's way through it.
And in that fact
lies the stimulation.
Welcome, then, to Farsta.
Hey. It's time.
- No.
- Margareta!
- It's so unfair!
- What is?
That I have to
go to work before you do.
At least you don't have to
get there the way I have to.
- Could I have the pillow?
- Sure.
That's no consolation.
You've made
a lot of orange juice.
It's almost a quarter
of an orange.
It's sour, too.
[about potato growth techniques]
We should start with brewed
coffee in the morning instead.
- This is tedious.
- Tedious how?
It smells bad.
And it doesn't
help me wake up.
It's all your late-night TV.
You've screwed
it on too tight again.
It wasn't me.
It was the manufacturer.
Why do you need orange jam?
I made you orange juice.
I can't pour that on my bread.
You could--
You could drink it first
and then eat the bread.
They mix in the stomach.
The stomach has was it has,
as my mother always said.
Milk-based and cream-based
ice cream contain as much egg white
while cream-based contains--
Don't you look delighted?
Why? No, I--
Sweden lost to Canada.
The Northern Lights
was the only upside.
Was that good?
You have to hurry up.
You don't have time.
My toast.
We've bought one package
of cream-based ice cream
and one average sized
banana per person.
The entire dinner
contains 900 calories.
It's a sufficient amount for
boys and girls from 9 to 18--
Oh, look at the time!
Take the tray.
I look so bloated.
--and by excluding
the dessert banana--
This meal contains 2/3 of the
recommended daily intake
of egg-white.
Even more for women.
Could you please
do the shopping today?
We're going to the Perssons
tonight so I don't have time.
If we're going there
I don't need to shop.
Yes, for breakfast.
- What do you need?
- Soured milk.
- I don't drink soured milk
- Regular milk, then.
And a yoghurt
eggs and margarine.
We need bread, too.
Buy coarse rye bread, then.
- Should I get flowers for them?
- Flowers? Why?
Why not? I thought it was
a birthday or something.
Help me here.
We bought Stina
flowers last time too.
It wasn't for Stina,
it was for Folke.
No it wasn't.
I can't do this.
Put your coat on.
It won't show.
You really embarassed
me last time we were there.
- Embarassed?
- Yes, you behaved like a fool.
You wanted Stina to show
off her different garments.
But that wasn't
embarassing, it's just--
She's good looking,
nice and tanned.
That's because they go to
the Canaries every Christmas.
What if you bought
us a trip for once?
Don't start this again.
I wonder what you two
did in Eskilstuna, by the way.
- What do you mean we?
- You and Stina.
- It was a business trip.
- Then why was she there?
I don't know.
She was watching handball.
Folke is in some team.
Have you noticed
my new hairstyle?
- No.
- Do you like it?
Well, it's--
How much did you pay?
Such a typical question.
But you didn't ask Stina that.
No, but Folke probably did.
- You have to hurry.
- Honey?
I'm sorry for being so irritable.
- Good bye.
- Bye.
Folke Persson's house
is lit up; all the lights are--
Come out now.
What language does she speak?
Talisman - talisman,
tooth - lepri
lantendera - mockery,
lantendi - to mock, talent--
I don't speak that.
Yes, there. Hello?
Here you are. Here.
It's my wife's.
Oh you rascal!
In color!
My dear little--
Where are you?
Not again!
Haven't you left?
Aren't you going to be late?
The laundry...
It was fantastic! There was
this old man in the laundry--
Who is she?
She lives in the closet.
If that's the case, what
is she doing in our bedroom?
Shoo now!
Help me here.
Come on then.
Stop struggling.
Acted in
The Negress in the Closet