Sting (2024) Movie Script

[tuning radio frequencies]
[radio static]
[female radio announcer] The
National Weather Service
is now calling this
the worst ice storm
in the State's history.
It could be linked to the
recent asteroid cluster
that passed close to Earth's
orbit just yesterday.
[slow mysterious music]
[clicking knitting needles]
[TV playing softly]
[scuttling noises from roof]
[sound abruptly stops]
[rumbling continues]
[rumbling engulfs house]
[window shattering]
[tense music]
[woman] Exterminator.
[phone beeping]
[phone dialling]
[man on phone] Hello,
it's Frank. What's up?
There are noises in my walls.
Like an animal.
[Frank] Yeah, a-ha, it's
probably rats, ma'am.
I can take care of that for you.
What's your name?
My name is Helga.
[Frank] Awright, you got
an address for me?
Apartment 4, 114 Cyprus Lane,
South Brooklyn.
[Frank] 114 Cyprus! Haven't
I talked to you before?
Ain't you that lady with the
fucked up parrot?
I don't own a parrot.
[Frank] Okay,
I'll see you soon.
[Helga exclaims]
[wind howling]
[intercom buzzes]
[Helga] Who is it?
It's Frank! The exterminator!
Buzz me up, dammit.
Yeah! As in press the little
button on the intercom
to buzz me up. Come on,
it's freezing out here.
Oh ya, ya.
Oh wait, I buzz you.
I buzz.
[intercom buzzes]
[door opening]
[Frank] Goddamn! People
ever hear of an elevator.
[faint noises]
You called the Bugbrothers
out to re-do my job?
This is my block,
not the Bugbrothers.
They're not even
actually brothers,
they're just two Bulgarian dudes
who met in prison.
They're criminals!
They'll steal your shit.
And they're recalcitrant!
They didn't even clean your
ducts off properly.
I don't know what the
fuck that mess is
but it smells like shit
and it's disgusting.
Ah, ya...
How can I help you, dear?
Miss Helga, you called about the
noises in your walls, right?
Oh, no, no, no, not me.
[scuttling sounds]
You sure about that?
- [whispering] There's a noise.
- Yeah.
It's a noise alright.
[tense music]
[television static]
Is someone back there?
There is noise.
[wind howling]
[tense music]
[door creaking]
[hissing sound]
[strange sounds]
[Frank screaming]
Oh God! No!
[TV playing softly]
[gasping and gurgling]
[Frank gasping]
[groaning and coughing]
[Helga exclaims]
[phone beeping]
Ah, yes, yes, hello dear.
There are noises in my walls.
["What A Way To Die" by
The Pleasure Seekers playing]
Well, I love you baby
I'm telling you right here
But please don't
Make me decide baby
Between you
And a bottle of beer
Baby, come on over
Well come on
Over to my side
Come on baby
To my side
Well, I may not live
Past twenty-one
But woo
What a way to die
Your lovin' fluctuates, baby
And everybody knows
But the temperature
Always stays the same
On an ice cold
Bottle of Stroh's
So baby, come on over
Well, come on over
To my side
Well, I may not live past
Twenty-one but woo
What a way to die
[gentle music]
[strange clicking sounds]
Hey there, little guy.
[door slams]
[woman] Who is there?
Who's in there?
Is somebody there?
[woman] Coming in!
[thunder rumbles]
[wind howling]
[TV playing softly]
[cat meowing]
[parrot squawking]
[woman] That girl is always
breaking things. Always!
[man] There's no way Charlotte
could have done that, Gunter.
The store room's
double padlocked.
[Gunter] You fix that window!
[man] I'm already pretty busy
today, Gunter.
[Gunter] Busy, what?
Drawing your comic books?
I have to see the boiler and ah,
fix Maria's sink,
and the garbage compactor's
blown a fuse again...
[Gunter] Do you like this job?
Ja? You pay no rent,
this is good, ja?
[man] Definitely, yes, yes!
Good! Then you
can fix the window.
[strange high-pitched squeaking]
[man] Charlotte?
- Charlotte?
- Hey Ethan, what's up?
- Did you?
- What?
Were you in your
grandma's apartment today?
No. Why?
Well, somebody broke a window
in Gunter's store room.
One of her dolls is missing.
I don't play with dolls.
I have no interest in
Gunter's dollhouse.
How do you know
it came from a doll's house?
I don't.
Just stay away from
Gunter for a while, yeah?
[phone ringing]
I have to take this.
[Ethan] Sandy, hi.
How'd the ads go?
[Sandy on phone] Ethan!
Great actually.
It's tracking really well. The
team's all super excited.
You're not going to believe this
but Toby wants to move it up
to one of the bigger release
slots for the summer.
[gentle music]
[phone camera clicking]
[Charlotte] I know what we're
going to call you.
We're going to call you 'Sting'.
[Sandy on phone] Do you
think you can finish
by the end of the month?
[Ethan] That's...
that's in a week!
[Sandy] I think if we bring in
Alan, he can ink and colour,
as you draw,
then I think it's totally...
No, Sandy, I have
a day job and a baby.
I'm working on this thing
[phone beeps]
[woman] Charlotte!
I need you to watch Liam.
Because he's six months old
and he eats paper.
Mum! Come on.
I've watched him for like
a thousand hours already.
You watched him for
precisely three minutes
while I was in the bathroom
and I'm not having you lying
around in your room all day.
It's not healthy.
And can you please
change your attitude?
Yeah, that's better.
Alright, I'll be at my desk.
Knock only if it's an emergency.
You look pale.
Did you eat breakfast?
Banana! Eat it.
I'll be ten, maybe twenty.
Are you okay?
[baby Liam gurgling]
You are the bane
of my existence.
[high-pitched clicking]
[phone camera clicking]
[phone beeping]
[spider emanating noises]
You hungry?
[lid screwing on]
Go on, eat it!
[baby gurgling]
[sudden noise from jar]
[wind howling]
[opera music playing]
[Ethan gasping]
Fuck! Fuck!
I hate those things.
It's an infestation,
and that puta slumlord up
there, she does nothing!
She's cheap. She's nasty,
creepy, and cheap.
[Ethan] Alright,
I'm all done here.
[baby crying]
Oh no! Your poor little pollito!
I hope he's okay.
Oh, I'm sure he's fine.
Kid's are basically
made of rubber.
They'll bounce back
from anything.
[Maria sighs]
[opera music playing]
I'm sorry, Maria. I...
It's okay.
But I'm going to tell you
something, Cabrone.
You don't know
how lucky you are.
Now go home, and hug those
beautiful children of yours.
[door opens and closes]
[spider clicking]
[Charlotte whistling]
[spider replicates whistle]
That's your feeding whistle.
That means you're hungry.
[tense music]
[boiler whirring]
[machine whirring and stalling]
Damn it!
[loud whirring]
Alright, here we go.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
Take baby.
How'd it go?
I'll tell you later, I gotta go
put Mum to bed.
- Nice to see you, too.
- Love you.
[parrot squawking]
Hey, Mum.
What are you guys watching?
[TV playing quietly]
Are you ready for bed, Mum?
In the top drawer
there is a wool sweater.
It's for your baby girl.
You made a sweater
for Charlotte?
That's very sweet.
It's for the winter.
It's very cold now.
Hmm, it sure is.
You should meet my daughter.
Yeah, I'd like that.
[thunder rumbling]
Oh, goddammit!
Charlotte! Where's my sharpener?
I've got some good news for you.
What is it?
Publisher's printing
45,000 extra copies.
Your comic book's going to
become like a mainstream thing.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
Can I see what
you've done so far?
Well no, I mean
it's still rough and...
Come on! Don't be a lamo.
Let me see.
[Ethan laughing] Okay, come on.
Take a seat.
[Charlotte] It's cool.
- Careful of smudges.
- Yeah.
[Charlotte] I love how you use
circles for the highlights.
[Ethan] Thank you.
The electricity here
looks really cool.
It's all curved.
Don't you think he
looks too evil though?
I mean, the Professor
kinda based on my dad,
and he's not evil.
Right, where's the pencil, smartarse?
Why don't you show me
how it's done?
I'd add eyes under the glasses,
so you can see more emotion,
you know?
When did you become
such a pro?
I'm just naturally gifted.
Hey, you two.
It's time for dinner. Do you
want to set the table Shahshah?
[Charlotte moans]
That was a nice little moment.
Thank you, I needed that.
You're so beautiful.
You are so beautiful!
[Charlotte] This is
my English story!
[Heather] I'm so confused.
[Charlotte] This is my
English story. I wrote it.
- [Heather] You wrote it?
- [Charlotte] Yes, I wrote this.
[tense music rising]
[wind howling]
[baby gurgling]
[Heather humming]
Just making sure her majesty
is tucked in and ready for bed.
Her majesty is.
I really wish her majesty
wouldn't do that,
because her majesty might
break the bed again.
Her majesty notes your concern
with indifference.
You know those new sketches
of yours are really good.
The posing, the cross-hatching,
it's great work.
Do you think I could, ah...
Do you think I could steal
the giant spider idea?
For the book?
But you owe me chocolate.
And 90 percent of the profit.
No deal.
You know,
I'm really proud of you.
I probably don't say
that to you enough.
I love you.
I really do.
Have you been drinking?
Just enough to keep me honest.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure, anything.
Did you erase those
pencil changes
I made to the Professor's
glasses today?
I did, I'm sorry.
I just thought that it looked
cooler the way it was.
It's okay. I don't mind that
you changed them.
Just don't pretend like you
like my ideas if you don't.
Night, Ethan.
Goodnight, Charlotte.
Sleep tight.
[door creaks closed]
[scraping against window]
[thunder rumbles]
[spider clicking]
[tense music]
[parrot squawking]
[loud squawking]
[Charlotte] Did you hear
that spiders can fly?
[Heather] Cloth please, Ethan.
They use wind systems to travel
hundreds of miles apparently.
- Here.
- Thanks, honey.
[Heather] I've got a call
in 30 minutes,
and now I have to
change my shirt.
- Are you still okay to take him?
- This morning?
[Charlotte] And they have
blue blood!
[Heather] Yeah, I have client
calls all morning.
[Charlotte] Isn't that crazy?
[Heather] Deadline
this afternoon.
- It's totally blue!
- [Ethan] Yep, yep, copy that.
I know you have your
deadline as well, but...
[Heather] Last week
he ate paint!
We can't trust him
not to try and kill himself.
Is anyone even listening to me?
Yes, I am, I am.
Blue blood, blue blood.
Ah, forget it!
Don't forget to wear Grandma's
new sweater today.
No way, that's going
to give me cancer.
Mothballs! She thinks
they're carcinogenic.
What's with the attitude?
I think she's still pissed
about Professor's glasses.
Oh, she got over that.
I'm not so sure,
I think I really messed up.
And now it''s all because of
a drawing of a perfect dad.
He left us and he hardly
even talks to her.
How is he perfect?
Every time I try and connect
she takes two steps back.
Think about it, there's a new
baby in the house.
You're stressed and distant,
she probably just thinks
you're going to bail.
Oh, come on...
Do you have any idea
how much you mean to her?
She talks like you,
she dresses like you,
she reads the same
books as you.
She didn't even start drawing
until you came into her life,
and now it is like all she does.
You're her biggest hero, alright?
What do you need,
a roadmap?
- I don't know
- Alright...
Speaking of the Professor,
when are we going to tell her?
We can't keep pretending.
I mean the guy's been back
how long now?
Yeah! Yeah, I know, alright?
Can I just deal with
that on my own time?
Right now I have to
get ready for a meeting, ah...
- Can you take over here?
- A-ha.
Hey, little buddy.
- [baby gurgles]
- Okay. Fuck!
[wind howling]
Yeah, I think if we work
with the back section
to keep the facade, we can
still satisfy, you know,
all the conservation
Yeah, totally.
[Ethan] Sandy yes, yes, I know
I'm a few pages behind,
but you'll have more
by the end of the day.
I am literally drawing
as we speak.
Okay, chat later.
[loud screaming]
No! Ahh! Ahh!
Sweet Jesus! What the
hell happened to him?
I don't think a rat's
going to do that.
- You call Frank.
- Who?
The exterminator.
[Ethan] Yeah, hello?
Yo, you the one that called me
about a dead parrot?
That's one seriously
fucked up bird.
Looks like it tried to have
sex with a blender.
Hmm, whatever
did this was small.
Attacked from the inside,
and this poor motherfucker tried
to squeeze through the bars.
Could it be rats?
Hell, no!
Rats don't melt their food
before they eat it.
What's with the nail gun?
[Ethan] From what?
It's New York, man.
Take your pick.
[metal clanging]
[Ethan] You think it came
out of the air duct?
Yeah, man.
I'm going to have to smoke
this whole damn building.
[Frank grunts]
[smoke gushing]
Hey, Grandma?
I'm going to find out whatever
killed your little feather baby
and when I do, I'm going
to exterminate its ass!
Who's he?
[wind howling]
[tense music]
[spider mimics meow]
[bird song playing]
[spider mimics song]
You're a mimic.
[spider mimics whistle]
[jar rattling]
[spider distressed]
[sniffing] Ew!
[spider emits distressed sound]
Wow! You're a lot bigger.
[man on video] It will then form
a digestive fluid
directly into the body
of the captured creature,
in order to liquify its meat
before it starts to feed.
The spider bite will paralyse
its prey temporarily,
because it likes to feed
on living flesh.
So when it eats you,
you are alive.
[Frank whistling]
[liquid spraying]
[knocking] Hey?
Hey, why your fish all scared?
Please don't do that.
Even the slightest change in
their chemical makeup
could interfere with my work.
What kind of work would that be?
I am studying their ability to
regrow pancreatic beta cells.
[laughing] You can do
that in your kitchen?
You can laugh, but this work
that I do could save many lives.
Bad luck for the fish though.
How long will this take?
I think I finished.
Yeah, if you could just send
me through the plan,
that'll be easy, no, I can get
it back to you tomorrow.
[baby crying]
Which plug-in do you have?
The newest one?
I think that Robert's
a much stronger choice.
It's just the renderings
are way better in 2D.
There's more information.
[baby gurgling]
[Heather] Well that's great,
then we can just send it
right out to the engineers...
[Charlotte] Don't spray
in my room.
This your room?
I don't need
a spray in here.
Sting won't like it.
Sting!? Who's that? Your little
pet kitty cat or something?
Pet spider.
Hmm, I don't know about that.
I don't think spiders
make good pets.
Why not?
You know, spiders don't
have the capacity to love.
Not like a dog. Dogs, they'll
love ya and cats half-love ya.
I always say
never make friends
with anything with
more than four legs.
But a spider only
knows two things,
and that's eat and kill.
I disagree.
May I see?
See what we got here.
- [loud scuttling]
- What the?
She doesn't like you.
[spider high-pitched
[Gunter] No! No, no, no, no.
That price is too much.
Ma'am, the price is the price.
Your father never
charged this much.
Do I look like my father?
Listen! My prices are fair.
I pay half.
You lack character. You're
cheap. You're mean and cheap.
You! You should be doing this.
[Frank] Goddamn that scary
looking motherfucker.
I'm really sorry about that.
[Frank] I sprayed this whole
damn building,
and all you want to pay is half.
You're right to send
the invoice, yeah?
[tense music]
[wind howling]
[low clicking]
It's okay. I know you're hungry.
Want some more?
[spider whistling]
[opera music softly playing]
[opera music continues]
[Maria gasping]
[speaking Spanish]
[opera playing]
[dog barking]
[gasping for breath]
Erik's a scientist, right?
Erik from upstairs? God no,
did he tell you that?
He's not a scientist,
he's a biology student.
His mum buys
everything for him.
He's up there trying
to cure diabetes
with fishguts or something.
He's a weird guy, you should
stay away from him.
Hi, Erik.
Charlotte, can I help you?
I want to buy one
of your fish tanks.
I have 63 dollars and 85 cents.
Is that enough?
I didn't know you had fish.
I don't, I have a spider.
What kind of spider is it?
I don't know,
I can't find a match on Google.
How fast do spiders
usually grow?
Well, that depends, some reach
maturity in a few weeks.
Some take years.
Could a spider grow twice
as big in a couple of hours?
No, that is
a physiological impossibility.
Not for this one.
Want to see her feed?
Charlotte, do your parents
know that you're here?
She likes the dark.
Watch this.
[Charlotte whistling]
[spider mimicking whistle]
That's her feeding call.
That means she's hungry.
Charlotte, spiders
don't have vocal chords.
This is not a spider.
I told you,
this one's different.
If this thing is venomous
that is not a good idea.
Don't worry, I do
this all the time.
[splattering sounds]
Cool, right?
You want to see
what she looks like?
[spider chirrups]
Charlotte, I will lend you one
of my tanks, no charge.
But I need to make sure
that it is the exact right
enclosure for this species
or it could be harmful.
Do you understand?
If you just leave this with me
for a short while,
I'll transfer it to
the correct case
and bring it
straight down to you.
- Can I watch?
- No!
I need to do this alone. It is
an extremely delicate process.
This really is all that I ask.
Okay, but when you
bring her back
make sure Ethan doesn't see.
[Ethan] When you said
that you were going to
be honest about this?
- Did you mean it?
- Of course I meant it.
But if I take this job we can
finally move out of here.
We can even get
Charlotte's teeth fixed.
Come on, Charlotte's
teeth are fine.
If it were Liam's teeth, you'd
get them fixed in a second.
[metal scraping sounds]
[Heather] Hey, be careful.
[distant echoes]
[clanging and tapping]
[Ethan screams]
[low growling]
Maria! It's Ethan.
I've got your dog.
[loud knocking]
Okay, I'm just going to open the
door and let Bonnie in, okay?
[keys jangling]
[door creaks open]
[Bonnie barking]
[tense music]
Had she been acting
strangely recently?
Moody, depressed?
Um, depressed, ah,
she's a big drinker, so...
What were you doing
in her apartment?
Just bringing her dog back.
And when there was no answer I
I have a skeleton key, so...
Why do you have a skeleton key?
I'm the building supervisor.
- Ah, is that right?
- Yep.
[phone ringing]
Go ahead.
This is Erik John Kwong here,
I'm calling in regards...
Who is this?
This is Erik John Kwong here,
I'm calling in regards...
I'm calling about
your daughter, Charlotte.
What about her?
[Erik] The main issue is that
part of my dissertation
involves arachnology,
so I have a fair bit of
knowledge in these areas,
and I have no idea what
kind of spider this is.
That is worrying.
You should not be keeping
this in your apartment.
That's all very
interesting, Erik,
but I assure you Charlotte's
not keeping a spider
in the apartment.
I suspect this a
highly venomous arachnid.
It could be a killer.
I honestly think this
is an issue for
the Department of
Health and Safety.
Wait, wait a minute,
wait a minute. A killer?
Health and Safety!
What kind of spider are
we talking about here?
A big one!
Fucking, fuck!
[Bonnie growling]
Don't get mad,
I said that Bonnie can stay
for just a couple
of days until we...
When were you going to tell us
you had a giant venomous
spider in this house?
A what?
I've just came back from Erik's
apartment and there is...
What have you done with Sting?
Erik's taking that thing down to
the Department of Health.
We are not having a venomous
arachnid in this home near Liam.
[knocking] Erik?
[Charlotte] Erik! Erik, open up!
You had no right to do that.
[Erik] Listen, Char...
[Charlotte] You didn't even
talk to me about it.
You just took her away from me.
I understand.
I read your 'Fang Grrl'
comic book,
and it sucks!
You've taken out
everything that's cool,
and you've killed the Professor!
He's one of the most important
characters of the whole thing.
Why would you do that?
I don't know why...
You just don't like him because
he's based on my dad.
And my dad is awesome.
Is that why he never visits?
He lives in Thailand, you idiot.
He can't visit.
He lives across the Bridge,
it's a 25 minute drive.
[Heather] Oh, how dare you.
- [crying]
- [Ethan] Char!
Get away from me!
Thanks a lot, Ethan.
That's going to be a real boost
for her self-confidence.
- Nice work.
- Well, I'm sorry.
Alright, well someone had to
tell her. You weren't going to.
He's been back for six months,
she should know that.
That is not your job to decide.
It's not my decision!
I'm her dad!
Am I?
Am I her dad?
Because he left. I'm here!
This! This here had
nothing to do with her.
This was about you.
Charlotte, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
[Bonnie growling]
[tense music]
[rats squeaking]
[Erik] Yes! Eat!
Grow as big as you can.
Who's next?
[baby crying]
[Heather] Thanks a lot, Ethan.
[thunder rumbling]
[wind howling]
[glass shattering]
[Helga humming]
[both singing German song]
You should meet my daughter.
[Heather] I am
your daughter, Mum.
[Gunter] I don't know
why we bother.
She doesn't even know
where she is half the time.
Gunter, isn't there a broomstick
out there somewhere
that needs riding?
[machinery whirring
and clanging]
[Ethan groans]
[phone chimes]
[Sandy on phone] Hi Ethan,
this is Sandy here.
Listen, we've had to go with
Alan for the rest of the book.
I'm really sorry,
but these pages,
they're just not coming
fast enough
and we're really in too deep
now to cancel the run.
Obviously this is not ideal but
we're still very much hoping
that you can jump back
on board for some of them.
[metal banging]
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, what you doing?
I'm fixing the heater.
Like that,
you're fixing the heater?
Yeah it's a...
a legitimate technique.
This isn't working out.
We'll see out the month
but after that,
there's no more work here.
You take a paycheck away
from your own family?
You're not family.
Why do you hate me?
I don't hate you, Ethan.
I think you're a nice guy,
but you're weak,
and like all weak men,
when the going gets hard,
you leave!
I'm just going to do
everyone a big favour,
and help ya out the door.
[tense music]
Hey kitty, kitty, kitty.
Kitty, kitty, kitty!
Stupid cat!
[distant meowing]
Who you talking to?
It's the cat.
We have a cat?
Oh, shut up, Helga.
Kitty, kitty!
What! What's that?
What you doing in there?
Come on out, you stupid animal.
I'm much too drunk for this.
Stupid flashlight.
- [hissing]
- [screaming]
[wind howling]
[muffled screaming]
The National Weather Service
is now calling this
the worst ice storm
in the State's history.
With sustained wind speeds
of up to 45 miles per hour...
[Heather laughing]
[Bonnie barking]
[electric spark]
[Ethan screaming]
[baby crying]
[Heather] I'm so sorry, Todd,
I'm going to have to
call you right back.
Can you take Bonnie
and your brother
into the other room
for a minute, please?
Come on, Liam.
You want to tell me what
just happened here?
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have done that.
[Heather] Ethan, I think you
need to get some help.
[Ethan] Just there's a lot
going on at the moment,
and I just, ah...
Whatever's going on with you...
it can't be happening
in front of the kids.
I'm losing it, ah...
You're not losing it, Ethan.
You're losing us.
Do you understand?
[music through headphones]
I love you.
I really do.
But I can't do this again.
[muffled struggling
and screaming]
- [groaning]
- [Heather screaming]
[banging and crashing]
[moaning and groaning]
[spider chirruping]
[Bonnie barking]
[barking continues]
[tense music]
[spider sounds echoing]
[Ethan grunting]
What the hell is going on?
Oh shit!
[spider hissing]
[heavy breathing]
[distant barking]
[spider whistling]
[hissing and scuttling]
- [banging]
- [screaming]
[Charlotte] Bring him back!
[tense music]
[toy gun loading]
[liquid spraying]
[breathing heavily]
[groaning and moaning]
[sudden gasping]
[both struggling to speak]
[spider growling]
[muffled screaming]
[tense music]
[Erik moaning]
You got a problem with doors?
Grandma, look at me.
Have you seen anything freaky
or scary recently?
There was a dog, a black dog,
a strange animal.
When I try to pet it
she runs from me.
- It ran from you?
- Ja.
Don't take this off, Grandma.
[tense music]
I'm going to go get some help, okay?
- Ja?
- Ja.
But if the phone line
comes back on,
you have to call the police.
The police? Ja.
Do you know the number?
What number?
[thunder rumbles]
Take care, Grandma.
You take care.
[toy gun loading]
[door slams]
What a strange girl.
[wind howling]
Help me... Please!
Be careful. Be careful!
[Ethan] Don't touch the web.
Don't touch the web.
Are you okay?
Not really.
Where's Mum? Where's Liam?
I don't know.
I can get these webs off, okay?
But then you'll drop.
You have to hang on
to these grooves.
- Do you think you can do that?
- Okay.
[buzzing continues]
[Helga] Who is it?
It's Frank! The exterminator.
Buzz me up, damn it!
- [liquid splashing]
- [Ethan moaning]
[distant sounds]
Ethan, do you think you
can make it to the trapdoor?
It's okay, I have mothball
water. It's like acid to her.
- It hurts her. Okay?
- Okay.
You called the Bugbrothers
out to re-do my job?
[baby crying]
Liam! Liam!
I'm coming!
Ethan, Ethan, stop!
Shh, shh, shh!
- [hissing]
- [screaming]
[tense music]
[spider chirruping]
[Ethan] Don't move.
[Ethan groaning]
Don't you fucking touch her!
[spider squealing]
Come down here again,
I'll fucking kill you!
[Charlotte] You scared her away.
Are you okay? Hey, Charlotte!
I'm okay.
It's all my fault.
This is not your fault.
Listen to me. Look at me.
Look at me!
This is not your fault, okay?
Now we have to deal
with this together.
[Charlotte whimpering]
- Okay?
- Okay.
Let's go!
No! No, don't leave me here.
Don't leave me.
Charlotte, I'm never
going to leave you.
I am never going to leave you.
- What the fuck!
- Frank?
What the fuck was that?
It's Sting.
That's your spider?
Why didn't you
get a fucking dog!?
Ah, I'm getting
the fuck out of here.
[Frank] Helga!
Hey old lady,
get your arse down here!
[Frank] You need to neuter
that motherfucker, man!
I'm getting the fuck
out of this place.
That's the last one.
Fuck! It's locked.
[banging] Fuck! It's locked!
- [Frank] Fuck!
- We're trapped.
[Frank] This fucking
door won't open!
Hey! Where's the key?
Yo, you got a key? I'm talking!
Do you have a fucking key?
Hey, hey, calm down.
Where's the key?
Frank! Get the hell off of me.
If this spills, we're dead!
What is it?
It's mothball water!
It's water,
with mothballs in it.
It burns her webs. It hurts her.
- Well, give me that shit.
- What the hell are you doing?
- It's the last...
- Fuck off!
[Frank] Well, go make
some more mothball juice.
Frank, don't use it all! It's
the only weapon we have left.
Fuck you! Fuck both of y'all!
Keep your little mothball juice.
I got the equaliser right here.
Let's kill this bitch!
- [clanging]
- [screaming]
[nail gun blasting]
Stop... fucking... with... me!
Yeah, yeah,
you better run, bitch!
[echoing vibrations]
[water spurting]
[distant hissing]
Let's play, motherfucker!
Let's go! Come out!
It's bleeding!
That means we can kill it!
No! The water!
It's washing it off.
We're not protected anymore.
[thudding squelch]
[Frank screaming]
[Frank] Let go!
[Frank screaming]
[both screaming]
Get in the garbage compactor.
[Charlotte whimpering]
Charlotte! Get in
the garbage compactor.
Now! Come on.
Oh my God!
[mothball water hissing]
Oh my God!
Heather! Is he breathing?
[Ethan] Oh my God!
[baby crying]
[baby crying louder]
[Ethan] Is he okay? Is he okay?
[rumblings from above]
[baby crying]
[tense music]
[Ethan] Oh my God!
Come on, Sting!
Come and get some food.
[machinery whirring]
[machinery stalling]
- [Ethan screaming]
- [banging]
[Heather] Ethan!
[high pitched hissing]
[loud screaming]
[loud clanging and thudding]
[Ethan grunting]
[hissing and squealing]
[electrical sparks]
[machinery clunks]
[baby softly crying]
[soft high-pitched squelching]
[muted final gasp]
[breathing heavily]
[Heather groaning]
[Heather whimpering]
[soft thudding]
[gentle music]
I close my eyes
and count to three.
One, two, three...
[deep inhale]
I love you, Dad.
I love you too.
[gentle music]
[tense music]
["Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive"
by Johnny Mercer playing]
You've got to
Accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative and
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with
Mister In-Between
You've got to spread joy
Up to the maximum
Bring gloom down
To the minimum
Have faith or pandemonium
Liable to walk upon the scene
To illustrate my last remark
Jonah in the whale
Noah in the ark
What did they do just when
Everything looked so dark
Man they said we better
Accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative and
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with
Mister In-Between
No don't mess with
Mister In-Between
Got to accentuate
The positive
Eliminate the negative and
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with
Mister In-Between
No, don't mess with
Mister In-Between
[spider chirruping]
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