Stold (2024) Movie Script

[animals lowing]
[bells jangling]
[somber, measured music playing]
[music halts]
[gunshot echoes]
[distressing music building]
[music trailing off]
[sweeping, poignant music playing]
- [man] Where are you going?
- [child] I'm gonna look for birch crown.
[man] The herd will soon arrive
at the corral, so don't stray too far.
[child] I won't.
I am a little nervous
about marking the ear.
I don't know if I will remember
all the cuts of the mark.
[man] You will remember.
Your reindeer earmark is
almost the same as your grandmother's.
You have an ancient earmark that you've
inherited from your great-grandmother.
[sweeping music continuing]
[dog barking in distance]
There you are!
Dad has been waiting for you.
You're going to earmark
your own calf today.
You have to remember to tell the calf
that you don't own it,
you only have it on loan.
[father] So, which one do you want?
Do you want that brown calf over there?
I want that one.
[father] The white one?
- [child] Yes.
- [father] That's a nice one.
- Nstegllu.
- Is that the calf's name?
- Yes.
- Hmm.
Cut off the tip of the ear first.
The nhppa.
And the other side.
And then you make a gieka.
Now make a slit down the bit that's left.
[child grunts]
Well done, sweetie!
I don't own you. I only have you on loan.
[bright, entrancing music playing]
- [herd lowing]
- [bells jangling]
[spare, atmospheric music playing]
[engine roaring]
[chuckles] You are spoiling her, Elsa.
But she needs to grow big and get strong.
Sweetie, if you feed her too much,
she'll stop looking for lichen on her own.
I'll just give her a little bit more.
I promise.
Hi, Lasse!
Did you find any reindeer today?
No, I didn't.
They're playing hide-and-seek with me.
[father] Oh, goddammit!
And somebody set fire
to Richard's fodder last night.
What the hell should we do about this, eh?
What are you talking about?
It's nothing, little sister.
You know, a reindeer
with a star on its forehead brings luck.
- What?
- [Lasse] It brings luck.
[Lasse] How about sharing
some of that luck with me?
I could do with some.
You can have half of it.
You'll give me half?
That would do me well.
It would last me
for as long as I've got days to live.
[sweet, tender music playing]
Do you want to swap
Pokmon cards during break?
No. Alice and I are doing a thing.
Can't I come with you?
You're too little.
[classmate] Hi!
[teacher] One thousand,
five hundred and thirty-nine.
Your assignment is
to divide this number up in units.
Tens, hundreds and thousands.
Who would like to try?
[teacher] Are you daydreaming again?
- No.
- [footsteps approaching]
[teacher] Listen, you have to concentrate.
[Elsa] I'm trying to.
Anyone else who wants to give it a go?
[bright, inquisitive music playing]
[unsettling music playing]
[in Smi] Hello, hello.
[in English] Easy.
Hi, Nstegllu.
Do you want some?
[bright, entrancing music playing]
[snowmobile approaching]
[unsettling stinger plays]
[snowmobile engine revving aggressively]
[distressing music playing]
[Nstegllu struggling]
[bell jangling]
[man grunts]
- [sickening squelch]
- [man pants]
[snowmobiles approaching]
[engine revving]
You just go!
[dark, disturbing music playing]
[music trails off]
[Elsa whimpering, crying]
Are you okay, sweetie?
Let us go home on the snowmobile.
[spare, entrancing music playing]
[father] But surely
you must be able to send someone?
This is just bullshit!
Like when?
No. Then it's better
I come into the police station myself.
They've never killed our calves before.
I I bet you it's that bastard again.
[father] Robert Isaksson?
Hey, listen.
Did you see who did it?
You know that you can
tell me anything, right?
Why were you there on your own?
Let us wait till tomorrow.
Want me to sleep in here tonight?
Please leave the light on.
[woman 1] Do you have an appointment?
[father] No. But I spoke
to Johan Dalman on the phone,
and he told me
to come by and file a report.
- [woman 1] What's this about?
- [father] A killed reindeer.
[woman 1] Hmm.
[haltingly] Nstegllu.
[woman 1] I meant your name.
Nils Johan, right?
[Nils Johan] Mmm. Nils Johan Stuorbma.
- [woman 1] How do you spell your surname?
- [whispers] Dad, I really need to pee.
Mmm, okay, but hurry up.
[Nils Johan] S-t-u-o-r-b-m-a.
[woman 2] Yes, I understand.
But you know,
there are set regulations and
[man 1] It can't be
that fucking complicated.
[woman 2] We can't risk another situation
like the one we had with Micke.
That we really don't want.
I mean, he had zero impulse control.
[tense, drawn-out notes play]
[man 1] No, goddammit. For fuck's sake.
It's a miracle
the rest of us came home alive.
- Yeah, it was.
- [laughing]
- Yeah.
- Come, sit!
[faint laughter]
[Nils Johan] That was quick. Are you okay?
[man 2] I've been told
you went skiing by yourself to the herd?
What did you see when you got there?
Go on, tell him.
My little calf.
She was all bloody.
Did you see anyone else?
Are you sure about that?
[Nils Johan] Sweetie.
You have to tell the officer
exactly what happened.
What do you say?
Did you see who it was?
[man 2] Unfortunately,
it'll be difficult for us to do anything
if we don't have any more information.
Look at this.
How do you think it feels for a child
to find her own calf like this?
Maybe it's not that easy to talk about.
Yeah, but you don't think it's hurt itself
on a sharp part
of the fence, or something?
Are you being serious?
Do you think
it slit its own throat like this?
- Well
- [Nils Johan] What the fuck!
It didn't commit suicide!
You need to start investigating this.
It can't be like this
every time we make a damn report!
Stuorbma! [man 2 bangs fist]
You need to calm down.
We We'll report the calf as stolen.
That's all we can do for the time being.
Dad, Dad?
- Mmm?
- Dad?
What did the policeman mean by "stolen"?
Get in the car.
Northern lights, northern lights
Lard in your mouth, lipp-lipp-lii
Ax in your forehead, lipp-lipp-lii
[door opens]
Don't upset the northern lights, sweetie.
You see, it is the souls of the dead
that are wandering up there.
Is Nstegllu in the northern lights?
Everyone who has ever lived on the earth
walks with the northern lights.
Don't be sad that Nstegllu is gone.
You should be happy
that she was here with you.
[bells jangling]
[Lasse] Did you hear that Heatta
isn't going to feed his herd next winter?
[Nils Johan] Yeah, I heard.
Yesterday, it was 41 degrees and rain.
Today it's below four degrees.
Look at this. The reindeer
can't dig through this kind of crust.
[Lasse] Yeah,
something's obviously up with the climate.
It never used to be like this.
How will my kids manage?
I just want to give them the chance
to be able to choose this way of life.
And we have this thing with Nstegllu
Elsa is struggling now.
Do you think you could
try to cheer her up a little?
I can give it a try.
[bright, entrancing music playing]
[Lasse] I've seen how much you like
being with the reindeer.
It's hard work, though.
[Elsa] Yes, but I can manage.
[Lasse] Of course you can.
But you know, with small wings,
you can't fly as high as the crow.
[Elsa] I'm not a crow.
[Lasse chuckles] No, you're not.
You're just a little rascal!
So, you're absolutely sure
you want to be a reindeer herder?
[Elsa] Yes, I'm sure.
I knew it the moment
I looked into Nstegllu's eyes.
Why do they kill our reindeer?
[Lasse] Some people are just idiots.
They don't like
or understand our way of life.
Why not?
[Lasse] They think we are a nuisance.
I want you to know
that you can always talk to me
about anything,
whatever it might be.
I understand if you don't want to.
But you know
secrets have a tendency to grow,
and can get very heavy to carry
especially if you don't
share them with anyone.
[eerie, atonal music pulsing]
[eerie music intensifies]
[enigmatic music playing]
Hei, hei, hei, hei, hei, hei.
Let's go, let's go!
Hei, hei, hei, hei, hei, hei.
[bells jangling]
[man] Elsa, did you bring your best lasso?
That's fine, take it easy.
[Elsa] Look at this!
[herder 1] Dad!
Isn't this my unmarked calf?
Ah! Let's see how strong you are.
[Elsa] Stop playing around!
Help me instead.
- [brother] Hold it! Hold it!
- [Elsa] Grab it!
[Elsa groans in frustration]
[herder 1] Come. Come here!
[brother] Let's mark the fur.
- [Elsa exhales]
- [reindeer grunting]
- [brother] Let go
- [Elsa] Wait a second
Look at those two. [chuckles]
[Elsa] It's really nimble.
[herder 2] What about
that two-year-old one?
Come and help!
Wait, wait.
[herder 2] Check the earmark.
- [Elsa] Hi.
- Hi.
- Have you noticed?
- What?
Show off. He comes here,
thinking he is somebody.
[Elsa] Niila?
Well, he is, isn't he?
He's checking you out!
- Hmm.
- [herders chatting indistinctly]
[Elsa] Well, just let him look.
Why don't you go out with Niila?
Such a handsome boy.
Elsa and the reindeer king's son?
That I would like to see.
[Elsa] Never in my life!
I haven't struggled
all these years just to become his wife.
[scoffs] Then I'd rather stay with my dad.
[grandmother] But it would benefit you.
His father died, and now he is the one
who owns the most reindeer in the village.
Johan Heatta isn't dead, Grandma.
- [grandmother] Is he not?
- [woman 1] No.
[man] Jon-Isst, here it comes.
Here, here it is. Look.
- Dad, this is mine.
- Let me hold it!
- [Jon-Isst's dad] It's your sister's.
- [grunts]
- Can you help me hold it?
- Yes, I'm coming.
You can take that one.
[Elsa grunts]
- [Nils Johan] Hey.
- [Elsa pants] Come on! That was heavy.
[low, tense music quivering]
[inhales sharply]
What kind of red paint did you buy?
Why the fuck does it matter? Red is red.
Are you stupid, or what?
How so?
Falu red and cottage red are
totally different, for fuck's sake.
[man 1] They all look the same to me.
[man 2] Hey, film this.
Start filming, damn it.
I'm just gonna play around with them.
[gunning snowmobile engine]
[grave, foreboding music playing]
[foreboding music intensifies]
[sickening thud]
Oh, fucking hell!
[man 1] What should we do with it?
[groans] I think the meat will be spoiled.
Why do you think that?
It's too stressed.
[harrowing music building]
[weighty blow lands]
[school bell ringing]
[Elsa] When we are
talking about our history,
an important thing to remember
is that in the past,
we weren't allowed to speak Smi.
Imagine that.
My grandmother told me she was
sent to a boarding school as a child.
Yes. That was often the case.
The children of reindeer herders
were taken from their families
and they were sent to boarding school,
where they had to learn Swedish.
One time my grandfather told me
that if his teacher heard him speak Smi,
he would hit him
over his fingers with a ruler.
[sighs deeply]
Yes, that's how it was.
I'm sure many of you
have heard similar stories.
[phone chiming]
Elsa, you aren't allowed
to use your phone at school.
I know, but I have to answer this call.
- [woman] Hi.
- [sighs]
Mom, I'm in the middle of a lesson.
What is it?
Grandma's missing again.
I need your help to find her.
[person over radio]
Everything that is affected by this,
I have to say that the mine in Gllok
Well, the most important thing is
to make sure that it doesn't happen.
We have to remember
that this is an exploitation concession,
and all the employment promised
can be at risk since the environment is
[turns off radio]
Grandma, where are you going?
Well, to the reindeer, of course.
Let's go home instead.
Oh no, my sister is out there.
She can't manage on her own.
You know, let's go home and get the dog.
A dog? Who's got a dog?
We do.
All right, let's go. Let's go and get it.
[gunshot echoing]
[tense, suspenseful music building]
[man] You have over-salted the meat again.
A little salt is good.
It makes you a bit thirsty as well.
I've been thinking about
what you said about the mines.
You have to remember
that you're the eldest.
You can go if you want to,
but don't forget,
you're the one who's taking over
after Nils Johan.
Why do I have to? Elsa wants to do it.
- It's all she's ever want...
- That will never happen.
There's no question about it.
Elsa will never be in charge of the group.
There is no future here anyway.
The weather is changing.
- More deforestation.
- [phone buzzing]
If it continues like this,
how the hell will we survive?
I just want to be more like you.
You mean pretty?
[laughs] Pretty? Up yours!
I mean to be free like you.
- Me, free?
- Yeah, you are free to do anything.
[scoffs] You're such an idiot!
You just don't have a clue, do you?
Why are you so angry?
I'm the youngest in the family.
No reindeer of my own.
I have to work for your father.
And you know
I have no say in the community.
I'm at the bottom of the hierarchy.
Fuck, I don't even have
an earmark anymore.
They have taken your earmark?
They have.
Without my earmark,
I don't feel Smi anymore.
Fucking hell!
And when I return home from the mine,
they're calling me fucking Judas,
just because I had to get a job there.
And you're sitting here,
talking about fucking freedom?
Fucking moron!
[door opens]
[Lasse] You have no idea
how good you've got it here.
When I'm in Kiruna,
this is the place I miss the most.
All the time.
It's a beautiful place.
No people anywhere.
Very peaceful.
[phone buzzing]
[tense music building]
[Elsa] Hi, can you come here?
I heard shots close to Heargebuola.
Fucking hel. I'm on my way.
[birds cawing ominously]
What the hell?
[brother] Now the bastard's struck again.
Ears cut off, of course.
[Elsa] Of course.
[brother] I think it's my reindeer.
[Elsa] Fucking bastard!
[brother] I'm sure it's that asshole.
Let's follow the snowmobile tracks.
[tense, unnerving music playing]
Let's go check it out.
Shouldn't we call the police instead?
The police won't do anything
without evidence.
This is our chance to nail the bastard.
[engine revs]
[unsettling music reverberating]
[Elsa] Look at this.
It's blood.
He's dragged the carcasses here.
Call the police.
They need to come and investigate this.
[line droning]
Ah, should we just go home?
[sighs] It only took them two hours.
[chuckles wryly]
They didn't exactly rush here.
[officer 1] Hi, Stuorbma.
[brother] Hi.
Are your reindeer stolen yet again?
Yes. There's a trail of blood
from where they slaughtered, up to here.
I can't see them.
He has used a snow blower
and removed all the snow from here.
But there's blood
in front of the barn door as well.
[Elsa] You need to go in and check it.
[officer 1] Well, he's here now.
[man 1] He won't get away this time.
- [man] Hey! I'm here for work.
- [officer 1] What's going on?
You really think
he will be caught this time?
- [man] So what's the problem?
- [officer 1] It's about the reindeer.
I think they know each other.
- [man] Those goddamn
- Yes, but let us check this out.
[man] But for fuck's sake
[Elsa] What's happening?
[sighs] Well, we're going to inspect
the blood trace.
This is private property,
but maybe you're aware of that?
[Elsa] The traces of blood led us here.
I shot a hare this morning.
It has to be that.
To shoot hares in this country
is still allowed, right?
[officer 2] May we take a look
in the barn?
Yeah, but don't you need
a warrant for that?
Yes, that's correct.
And we don't have one.
Oh, you don't have one of those.
I don't mind talking to you for a while,
but then the Lapps
need to get the hell out of here.
Don't use that word, please.
- What word? The Lapps?
- [officer 1] Get a grip, for fuck's sake.
You guys can go home now.
We will take care of this.
Yeah, right.
[man] I should report
the two of you for trespassing, damn it.
[officer 2] I haven't
been working here very long,
but I've heard about
the stolen reindeer in the area.
Yeah, it's a damn problem for sure, but
if you ask me,
it's the Smi themselves shooting them.
Why would they do that?
Well, the Smi villages are always
fighting with each other,
and claim theft compensation
from the government.
Yeah, but [scoffs] they only get that
if the reindeer are identified,
and that's not possible
if the ears are cut off. You know that.
- Sure. Yeah, you are probably right, but
- Yeah.
Fuck, everyone knows
reindeer herding isn't profitable,
despite all the damn subsidies they get.
The worst of all is that they think
they own every damn thing.
You can't even fish anymore in case
you disturb their damn reindeer, and...
- There's a lot of issues with reindeer.
- It's always been this way, damn it.
My dad had the same problems.
And now there's a snowmobile ban.
When can we fucking drive? In the summer?
[grunts] It pisses me off
when I think about it, and
I mean, my father worked his whole life.
He didn't get anything for free, and then
[haltingly] Well, I don't know.
It It's unfair, for fuck's sake.
Life is unfair, and then you die.
Okay, but the blood traces
outside the barn.
- Where did they come from?
- I told you, I shot a hare this morning.
And where is that hare?
[man sniffs]
Could you at least take off your shoes?
It's all my fault.
Your fault?
If I'd said something back then,
as a child,
none of this would have happened.
What? What do you mean?
[entrancing music playing]
[inhales deeply, sighs]
Robert killed Nstegllu.
We always suspected that.
That he was the one who killed her.
But after the incident
at the police station,
Dad didn't want to pressure you anymore.
Did he threaten you?
I should have said something ages ago.
Every killed reindeer
is dead because of me.
But I was too scared to say anything.
[brother] There's only one guilty person,
and it's that bastard.
And not you.
I want you to know that.
[haunting music playing]
It says here that
Okay, what is this?
This is evidence.
What more do you need
to get your head out of your ass?
[distressing music playing]
Aren't you ashamed?
[rich, vibrant music playing]
[music trails off]
[brother grunts]
She drives like a lunatic.
[Elsa] It went really well, though.
Hi there, Olle.
I heard Elsa was
at the police station yesterday.
Where did you hear that?
Well, people talk.
[Nils Johan grouses] Elsa followed
a trail of blood to Isaksson's barn,
but the police did nothing about it.
You know that one of my reindeer
was killed last week.
But it's better for everyone
if I or you talk to the police.
And why's that?
It doesn't matter what we think about
how the police are handling this case.
We need to be able to talk to them.
We need to put an end
to all of these horrible killings.
[Nils Johan] Mmm.
[Olle] You can't just
barge into the station
and provoke them like she did!
I didn't provoke them!
I handed in evidence.
[Olle grunts]
The police haven't done
a damn thing to help us.
Are we just supposed to stay quiet
and look the other way?
At least Elsa is trying to do something.
We don't want to fight over this.
Or do we, Nils Johan?
You know that we have
the important meeting tomorrow.
We need to agree.
Otherwise, we will risk having everyone
against us during the meeting.
Mmm. That is true.
Okay, so you're on his side now?
Olle is the spokesman
for the Smi village.
Then speak up! Something needs to happen.
You have to let us who've
actually been elected do our jobs.
I didn't elect anyone.
And you don't listen to me when I talk
just because I am a woman.
Elsa, stop it.
[audience applauding]
[Olle] There's a lot of talk
about cooperation,
but how can we cooperate when we know
the consequences of a mine on ohkk?
It's going to cut our Smi village in two
and cut the migration paths for our herds.
How are we supposed to migrate
between summer and winter pastures
when a large, opencast mine is in the way?
- You can take the bus.
- [scattered laughter]
And also, there are good pastures
where they want to place the mine.
It's one of the few places left
where there's still beard lichen.
And one more thing
All the roads that need to be built,
where will they go?
Give me a break, for fuck's sake!
We can't drive our snowmobiles
because it disturbs your reindeer.
We can't fish. We can't hunt.
Now we have the chance to gain
250 new jobs and save the whole area.
You say no to that as well!
- [applause]
- [spectator] Well put!
We have a really good school
in this village that we all want to keep.
An ice rink, the nursery school.
Who's going to pay for that
if people can't continue
to live here, work and pay taxes?
You know, Olle,
I've got nothing against your reindeer.
You know that.
But I've been unemployed
since last summer.
Sofia is unwell and has to stay at home,
and we have a little boy as well.
[Olle] Christer,
I'm well aware of your situation,
and I'm truly sorry for your family.
But you also have to consider,
how can we make a living
if all our animals die?
We need these jobs now, not in years.
We need to find a solution for everyone.
So, you mean
that we should lie down and die? Hmm?
A reindeer herd
cannot graze in a pit floor.
The only solution for us reindeer herders
is to move away.
- That's not what I'm saying.
- Okay, so what are you saying?
Elsa, sit down.
Why don't you just kill all our reindeer?
Then you'll be rid of us.
You've been doing that
for the last 20 years, at least!
Murdered our animals
and tortured them to death.
And filmed it as well!
And then you complain
about us getting compensated for theft?
And every single one of you
know exactly who is doing this.
What the hell are you saying, huh?
Are you accusing us
of killing your fucking reindeer?
The thing with the reindeer.
You are killing them yourself!
As soon as they have been in the corral
or you've been marking them,
you let them out,
and they run around like crazy everywhere,
out along the roads.
You can run over them at any given moment.
That's the problem.
You need to keep an eye on them!
[sustained applause]
So, are you trying
to start a world war now, huh?
[Elsa chuckles]
- Have you completely lost your mind?
- I'm just telling it how it is.
Yeah, but for what?
The whole village is against us now.
Teach your daughter some manners!
Bloody hell!
[footsteps approaching]
- [Elsa's mother] Hi, how did it go?
- Hi.
[scoffs] Ask your own daughter.
Did something happen?
He's just in a bad mood.
Grandma, those will be really nice shoes.
Yes, they sure will.
You are going to be all right.
I know that in my heart.
[discordant, oppressive music playing]
[Lasse] I still remember
how upset you were
when they killed your reindeer calf.
We were feeding the reindeer herd
when your dad told me how sad you were.
[Elsa] Did he say that?
[Lasse] Yeah, he did.
And that's when I knew
you would grow tired of all the shit
that we experience here.
- [upbeat music playing in background]
- [lively chatter]
[Elsa exhales sharply, coughs]
Damn, I needed that!
You know
I always thought you'd leave.
You cannot tell this to anyone.
I've been thinking about leaving.
At least for a while.
Maybe apply to university
to get myself a degree,
to improve our situation.
And to also give me power
and strength.
Elsa, just go!
You're young.
You can still give yourself
a life with a bright future.
We both know how uncertain
the future is for reindeer herding.
[inhales deeply, sighs]
But we can't give up, Lasse.
[Elsa] Smile!
But I am smiling.
[winces] You have to delete that!
[laughing giddily]
You can't save that one.
- Yes, I'm saving it.
- Please don't.
Grandma says that the souls
of our ancestors are wandering up there.
[Lasse chuckles]
Yeah, grandmothers know.
There's about to be a blast.
An explosion.
[low rumbling]
[disbelieving laughter]
That gave you a scare.
I just hope
there weren't any people there.
The mine swallows everything.
It's like cutting
the branch you're sitting on.
Well, then you have to jump
to another branch.
But what if there aren't
any branches left?
[low, tense music playing]
[faucet running]
[Elsa] Mattias!
[phone ringing in other room]
[low, menacing undertones building]
What the hell, Mattias?
Come on!
- [empty can clinks]
- What are you doing in here?
- [Elsa grunts]
- [Mattias laughs]
You are like a big baby sometimes!
You know that?
[can crinkling, popping]
How are you doing?
[Mattias] Hmm?
What the hell?
- [Elsa gulps]
- [chuckles]
Seriously, though.
- How are you doing?
- I'm good.
Talk to me.
[inhales, exhales shallowly]
I'm just so fucking angry.
There was blood
all the way to his barn door,
and they don't do a shit about it!
Neither does Dad.
He, like everyone else,
are looking the other way.
As if nothing has happened.
Can't you see it, sister?
Soon we'll have no reindeer.
[menacing music builds]
We should kill that bastard.
[dog barking]
[distressing music playing]
[engine turns over]
[church bell tolling]
[pastor] We are gathered here today
to say farewell
to a brother and an uncle
[grandmother] What is she talking about?
[pastor] and a good friend.
Now, we don't know where he'll end up.
I'm sure he will end up in hell.
- Grandma, we don't talk in church.
- What?
Lasse was born in almmejvrris in 1988.
He knew early in life that he wanted
to become a reindeer herder.
And he lived with his sister, Hanna,
and her husband
I really have to go to the toilet.
No, you can't go anywhere now.
[pastor] It might be
difficult to understand
why Lasse chose to leave us.
I know that Lasse had
a significant impact to all of our lives.
And you will always
remember him in your hearts.
[somber, mournful music playing]
From ashes to ashes
and dust to dust.
I will stay here a while.
See you at home later.
[mournful music continuing]
[music trailing off]
[Robert] Take care!
I'm sorry for your loss.
Lasse was a damn good guy.
You know, we played
in the same hockey team when we were kids,
and we used to meet up and go fishing.
I thought about his mother
I'm warning you.
Stop killing our reindeer.
You should be aware of talking too much.
I have just started.
Is that so?
- Hi.
- Hi there.
[vehicle approaching]
[vibrant, lively music playing]
Look who's coming there!
[both laughing]
Hmm. Silver.
[Elsa] Look at that brooch.
[tourist] Oh my goodness!
You look amazing! Look at you!
Can I take a photo?
I don't know
Just let her take a photo and charge her.
Fifty dollars for a picture
with an authentic Smi.
[dance-pop music playing]
[in Smi] And I'm joiking my sister
[in English]
Get off the stage, you're drunk!
- Why are you so angry?
- You're embarrassing!
Go sit down.
Hi, Elsa.
[Elsa chuckles]
- [Mattias] Hi there!
- Hey!
[Mattias vocalizing]
[in Smi] And I'm joiking my sister
[passersby chatting, laughing]
[Mattias in English] Hi.
Where are you heading?
[bold, dreamy music playing]
[music trails off]
[phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- [friend] Hi.
Someone has piled up
reindeer skulls beside the road.
- Please, you have to come.
- What? Really?
Yes, come quickly.
There are a lot of people here.
Policemen, journalists
- Please hurry up.
- Okay, where are you?
[reporter] You recognize this
as a hate crime?
- [woman] Hate crime?
- [reporter] Yeah.
This must have been directed at the Smi.
[man] But we can't eliminate
Oh my God.
- [friend] Unbelievable.
- [Elsa] What sick person would do this?
It has to be someone
who doesn't like Smi in their town.
[reporter] Hi. I'm Lovisa Eriksson
from Expressen. Who do you think did this?
[woman] It could be
the Smi themselves who did it.
I don't understand.
Why would the Smi kill their reindeer?
Now I'm going to say something.
Don't do it.
I have to.
- Remember what my dad said. Don't do it.
- I don't care!
I can tell you
why they're killing our reindeer.
Yeah, tell me.
They kill our reindeer
because they hate us.
They want to hit us
where it hurts the most.
In our town,
they've been shooting reindeer
for 20 years... at least.
And the police do nothing about it.
We have over 100 copies
of police reports in our garage.
Do you know why they don't act?
Because a lot of people
want to get rid of us.
[Olle] Didn't we agree I should handle
all the contact with the media?
We don't have contact
with the media, though.
That's the problem.
How else will people know
what's going on here?
You should know that ever since
this interview of yours was published,
I have already received
three death threats.
That's what happens
when you talk to the media.
So, you are saying that that is my fault?
[Olle] Are you so stupid
that you don't get it?
Your aggressive behavior
puts us all in danger.
It's not good, Elsa.
I've talked to the board
of the village council,
and we have come to the conclusion
that it's in our best interest
if Elsa doesn't attend meetings anymore.
So, you're throwing me out?
You and the council can't do that.
- The decision is made.
- [Nils Johan] When?
[Mattias] You are so fucking incompetent!
Making stupid decisions.
Why don't you come here
and tend to your reindeer instead?
[engine turning over]
[dark, brooding music playing]
[distressing, unsettling music playing]
[phone ringing]
[fire roaring over phone]
[arsonist mutters indistinctly]
- [bully] Yeah, come on! Get him!
- [Jon-Isst struggling]
[overlapping struggling, clamoring]
[Jon-Isst] Let me go, damn it!
What are [Elsa grunts]
What are you doing?
- But he started it.
- You're lying!
It's always the Lapp fuckers who start!
[Elsa] Jon-Isst!
Let's go inside
and talk about this, right now!
[bully] Let go!
The Lapp fucker started it!
Jon-Isst, what's gotten into you?
This is all your fault, Elsa!
Everything has gotten worse
since you were in the paper!
I really don't want you
to be our teacher anymore!
[inhales deeply]
[exhales sharply]
[somber music playing]
[Lasse] Elsa, just go!
You're young.
You can still give yourself
a life with a bright future.
We both know how uncertain
the future is for reindeer herding.
[dramatic music pulsing]
[reporter on TV] The Mining Inspectorate
has given the company Venture Mining
clearance to test drill for iron ore
in Nunsvaara, Njunjisvrri.
The battle over the mine
You know, yesterday, when I got home,
Grandma was walking around outside
with no shoes on.
We can't take care of her anymore.
[Olle] The consequences
for our herding will be devastating.
So, we intend to appeal the decision,
and we've all agreed on that
and are vocal about it too.
[politician] It's unfortunate
that this matter is dragging on.
Even though we fully respect
the Smis' right
to have their say in the matter.
And yes, it's unfortunate
that some are always protesting.
Do they think we're disagreeing
and fighting just for fun?
[reporter] number of village schools
in the north will be closed down,
due to economic
and demographic challenges.
Many of the residents in the area express
You and I have to make a decision.
[reporter] for children,
as well as giving young families a chance
to stay on in sparsely populated areas.
I have already called.
They have a vacant room for her.
[reporter] no plans to expand
in the near future.
[spare, aching music playing]
We're going this way.
[horn honks]
- [Nils Johan] Are you ready?
- Have you asked Elsa to come?
She's not coming.
- [Mattias] What? Of course she is.
- Mm-mmm.
Hurry up! What are you doing?
Maybe it's better if you stay at home.
[villager] So, the plan
for the mine is by the lake?
[Olle] Yes, by the tnjevrri mountain,
where they will build a dam.
[villager exclaims]
I'm sorry, Nils Johan,
but Elsa is not welcome here.
For real, Johan?
Yes. Last night,
they burned my reindeer fodder.
- I guess you knew that already.
- [Olle] There's nothing I can do.
Are you serious, Olle?
The decision was unanimous.
Well, it wasn't unanimous.
[Olle] A few days ago,
Jon-Isst came home from school.
They beat him up, and he was very upset.
You are the one causing
all this stupid talk in our small village.
Our children are affected by issues
that the adults are talking about.
So what do you mean? Shouldn't we teach
our children to stand up for what's right?
You've been standing here long enough.
There's the door. Leave.
We wouldn't want to stay here either.
Lasse was right.
There are only idiots in this village.
Fucking morons.
[tense music playing]
[rich, sweeping music playing]
[Mattias] Did you find the reindeer herd?
[Elsa] Yes, I found a small herd
on the north side of Vuoskoduottar.
Do you ever think of Lasse?
- Did he say anything to you about
- No, did he say anything to you?
I don't think he knew where he belonged.
Now you're starting
to sound like a priest.
For God's sake! I'm so fed up with
looking at your grumpy grin every day.
So shut your eyes then!
No one asked you to look at me.
So much self-pity. Always!
- [spits]
- Just stop it, will you?
[engine revs]
[snowmobile approaching]
Those fucking low-lives!
Please leave it be.
There's no point going there.
I thought you liked that?
To whip up a storm.
[engine revs]
[dog whimpers]
You know there's a snowmobile ban, right?
No. [grunts]
I haven't heard anything about that.
This is exactly the problem
with you Lapps.
You don't know how to fucking share.
- [man] We don't disturb anyone.
- You're disturbing our reindeer.
What reindeer? Where the fuck are they?
You drive around all day long.
That don't seem to bother them.
Besides, we've got as much right
to be here as you.
No, you don't, damn it. Not today.
- [Robert] Says who?
- Says I, and the law.
These are our pastures,
and there's a snowmobile ban.
[Robert] For fuck's sake!
- Let us just leave.
- [Robert] You know what, Lappie?
I've been fishing here since I was a kid.
And before that,
my father with his father.
- Now a Stuorbma's telling me I can't fish
- Mattias, what are you doing?
Are you going to shoot me over a char?
No. [cocks gun]
But maybe over a few reindeer.
Okay, just calm down.
You fucking idiot!
I told you not to wave this around.
Because accidents can happen easily.
You can come back next week,
and we'll remove the stitches.
How do you feel generally?
Apart from the sore head.
Sometimes it hurts in here.
Are you getting any sleep?
Not that much.
There's [clears throat]
someone killing our reindeer.
Shooting them and stuff.
Yes, I I read about it in the newspaper.
It is just horrible.
I can put you on sick leave
so you can rest for a while.
And I could refer you
to a psychologist, if you like.
No, thanks.
We need to report that bastard
for assaulting you.
[Mattias] Just forget it.
Now you have a doctor's certificate.
And I can give evidence
about what happened.
He's best friends with Martinsson
and the rest of the police force.
It'll be the same
as with the reindeer killings.
They won't do a damn shit.
Do me a favor and don't tell Mom and Dad.
[engine revs]
- [Nils Johan] Hi there.
- [door opens]
- [mother] Can you help me carry this?
- [Nils Johan] Ask Elsa.
Mom, you are going away for one night.
- Are you excited about it?
- Are you done packing?
[mother] It's been years
since I have been to any spa.
[Nils Johan] Hmm, thank you.
What in the world has happened?
This is nothing.
I just fell off the snowmobile.
[mother] Be more careful when you drive.
So, when will the two of you be back?
[Nils Johan] I don't know. Maybe tomorrow.
Remember to check the north side.
[Elsa] Okay. Take care.
He drives like a maniac.
I'm worried he'll have an accident.
[softly] What the hell?
[dark, sinister music playing]
[shutter snaps]
[music trailing off]
[unsettling music building]
[dog barking in distance]
Hey, ebo! Yeah. Come here.
[snowmobile approaching]
[dire, suspenseful music playing]
[rider grunts]
[frantic barking]
[dire music pounding]
[dire music continuing]
[breathing shakily]
[ebo continues barking]
- [gunshot]
- [gasps, whimpers]
[frantic panting]
[door rattling]
[operator] 911, what's your emergency?
[whispering] You need to help me!
- A man is trying to get into my house.
- [floorboard creaks]
And he has a gun.
And where are you calling from?
24 Salmasjrvi.
Okay. And you're sure
that the man is armed?
He's here. I need to hang up.
[suspenseful music continuing]
[stifling shaky breaths]
[floorboards creaking]
[jarring clattering]
[frightened shrieking]
[Robert stamping on hatch]
[footsteps thumping]
I thought we should have a chat.
We never talked things through, you and I.
Maybe it's my fault. I don't know.
We should have done it a long time ago.
Don't you agree with me?
[panicked gulping]
What are you afraid of?
Come up here instead, take
[Robert pounds on hatch]
Okay. Do as you like.
You weren't supposed to see that
all those years ago.
But what the hell
were you doing out there all alone?
How the fuck could I have known
that you were there hiding, huh?
I need to be honest with you.
I didn't like your tone
the last time we met.
It was like you'd forgotten
that you and I have an agreement
about what could happen
if we don't stick to it.
Now you've started to talk too much.
It doesn't suit you.
I'm just telling you, for your own sake.
[breathes shakily] I've called the police!
They're already on their way!
They'll be here any second!
[pounding on hatch]
[footsteps receding]
[dog barking]
[Robert] What are you doing here?
- [dog barks]
- [officer] Are you plowing this late?
Yeah [Robert chuckles]
I'm working during the day, so
Where you been the last couple of hours?
Uh, well, I've been at home, uh, plowing.
Can anyone confirm that?
Yes. God. Stop, for fuck's sake!
There's a person who claims you've
been to her house, making death threats.
Death threats?
Do I look like a murderer to you?
[officer] Are you drunk, Robert?
What the hell? Perhaps a little.
But that's allowed
in this goddamn country, right?
You need to do a DNA test tomorrow.
I haven't fucking done anything.
You can go inside and check!
Open your gun cabinet.
Open it.
- Ah.
- [dog barking]
Kosmo, shut up!
What the hell, Kosmo!
- [taut, suspenseful music playing]
- [officer] Seems like you're stressed.
- [Robert] Huh?
- You seem stressed.
[Robert] Damn it,
you're making the dog stressed.
That fuck, he's disobedient.
You could at least take off your shoes.
No, he couldn't do that.
So, when, uh when was
the last time you used this?
Well, four five I
don't know, four days ago.
- [officer] You don't know? Okay.
- [Robert] I'm not sure.
If it's the person I think it is,
I will report her for defamation.
- I'm fucking telling you.
- [officer] Don't talk bullshit, you won't.
[Robert] Yes, I will!
This is a goddamn witch hunt!
I'll report this matter here and now.
- That's not happening.
- Yeah, a defamation report!
Are you serious?
It is serious!
I'm telling you, it's damn serious!
[suspenseful music trailing off]
What's taking them so long?
Maybe they've taken him in
for questioning.
[Elsa] I hope so.
I don't dare sleep at home
as long as that madman's on the loose.
[friend 1] I get that.
But you do know you can
stay here as long as you want to.
Mmm, of course.
I don't get it.
You are the only one
who is standing up for us,
and you get nothing but flak for it.
I'm ashamed of my father.
The way he is treating you
You can't be blamed for that.
It's not your fault.
[knocking at door]
Oh, can you get that?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [officer] May I come in?
- Yes, enter.
- Is Elsa here?
- [friend 2] Yeah. Elsa?
[officer] Hi. Your dad said
you'll be staying here tonight.
[exhales impatiently] It depends on
if you've charged him or not.
We've talked to Robert
and knocked on the neighbors' doors,
but we haven't found any proof.
What do you mean?
His boots in the hallway didn't match
the footprints outside your window.
And no one's heard or seen anything.
So he can make death threats
against me, and get away with it?
[spare, keening music playing]
Come. Come.
[line ringing]
[Mattias] It's Mattias.
Please leave a message.
[phone beeps]
[sighs] Where the hell are you?
Robert must have slaughtered
the reindeer he shot yesterday.
I'll go look for evidence in his barn.
That's the only way to stop him.
[jarring, suspenseful music playing]
[panicked breathing]
[dark, ominous music playing]
What the hell?
Got you now, you bastard!
[snowmobile approaching in distance]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Elsa exclaims]
Oh, shit!
[taut, suspenseful music pulsing]
What the hell?
[suspenseful music continuing]
[Robert groaning]
[Robert] Help me, dammit! My leg's broken!
Hmm. Wonder if shooting a swine
counts as stealing?
[Robert] For fuck's sake, hurry up!
Admit to all the reindeer you've killed,
and that you threatened to kill me.
Go straight to hell,
you fucking Lapp whore!
- [gunshot]
- [Robert flinches]
- [ice cracking]
- It's giving in!
The ice is giving in, dammit! Help!
The ice is giving in, dammit!
Help! Fucking help me!
Help me!
Help me, for fuck's sake!
Grab hold of this!
[both grunting]
[ice fracturing rapidly]
Get away from there!
What the hell are you doing
on the weak ice?
[ice creaks]
The ice broke!
What the fuck do we do?
I think we need to call the police.
They'll think I killed him.
It was just an accident.
And I saw the whole thing happen.
Where the hell were you?
I called you over a thousand times!
He could have killed me, you know!
What were you going to do?
Answer me!
Are you out of your fucking mind?
You're an idiot!
How could you do that?
But I haven't done anything.
Please forgive me.
Hi, Elsa.
[officer 1] Interview with,
um... Elsa Stuorbma,
May 2, 2023.
Okay, Elsa. We are very curious
to hear what you have to say.
[slow, measured music playing]
Well, I
[ponderous, solemn music building]
I saw Robert Isaksson drown today.
I have always known it was him.
[officer] Pull it now.
[Elsa] Ever since he killed Nstegllu.
[reporter] The police have caught
a criminal gang in Salmasjrvi
who were practicing
animal cruelty against reindeer,
as well as poaching
and unlawful slaughter.
The findings were made
in the house of a deceased man
who had drowned in the Salmasjohka River.
These findings are the result
of a thorough investigation
that's been going on for a long time.
[sarcastically] A thorough investigation.
[officer] show the reindeer herders
that we take these thefts seriously.
[sweeping, emotional music playing]
[bells jangling]
[emotional music intensifies]
[music trailing off]
[Mattias] Poor little calf.
Frozen to death.
[Elsa] You need to talk to someone.
It's almost June,
and there's still so much snow.
[Elsa] A psychologist.
Someone who understands.
[Nils Johan] Listen, don't you worry.
Elsa and I will take care of everything
until you're home.
It will be okay.
- [Nils Johan] Drive safely.
- I will. I'll be back tomorrow.
[engine turns over]
[wind whistling]
[water rushing]
Need help? Hold it like this instead.
I'll show you.
Hold the lasso with an open hand.
It makes it easier.
It was Lasse who taught me that.
Do you want me to tell you a secret?
You are the first one I'm showing it to.
It was Nstegllu's.
Why did you keep it?
I think that
[bright, entrancing music playing]
As long as we think of those
who have passed away,
they'll always walk by our side.
Nstegllu was the one who gave me
the strength to keep on fighting.
Now you know my secret.
I'm getting my own calf today.
You are?
You need to remember,
you don't own it.
You only have it on loan.
Oh, that was a nice cut. Well done.
[herd lowing]
[solemn, poignant music playing]
[emotional vocalizations]
[poignant outro music continuing]
[music fades]