Stolen by My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story (2020) Movie Script

[urgent knocking on door]
[turning locked doorknob]
[knocking urgently]
[man] hey, lexi.
What's wrong?
what's wrong?
I thought I knew
exactly who I was.
Then now I find out...
I ain't got a damn clue?
What you talkin' about?
It's just totally
just... Messed up.
You wanna talk about it?
[alexis narrates]
this is my mama, gloria,
and I love her
with my whole heart.
Everyone was excited
about this pregnancy,
especially my grandparents...
...And my mom's boyfriend,
A man ain't a man
till he has a child of his own.
oh, my god.
Oh, lord, help me.
My mom kept her miscarriage
a secret.
She kept going to work
at the veterans' center
and pretending
she was still pregnant.
Oh, hey, gloria.
I thought you'd be
on maternity leave already.
When's that baby
coming out, girl?
[running footsteps]
-hey, girl...
You're gonna
hurt the baby, charles.
Okay, when's my baby
gonna come, huh?
Soon, charles.
This baby gonna make
a whole new man outta me, right?
[gloria] I hope so.
okay, I gotta go to work.
All right, all right.
[charles chuckles]
[newborn babies crying]
[babies crying]
she's beautiful.
Yes, ma'am, she sure is.
Her name kamiyah.
I've been doing this
a long time,
and I can see
how tired you are.
Give her to me.
Yes, there we go.
How about I help you
get into a clean gown, hmm?
Come on.
There we go.
There we go.
Thank you.
Let's get you
back into bed.
yeah, that's better, right?
-Thank you.
-Yeah, you're welcome.
Up, up, up...
There we go.
Okay, you want to drink
a whole lot of water.
I'm tryin'.
You see that right there?
That's what you
gonna have to do.
Nursing will get easier.
The more she sucks,
the more your milk
will come down.
I felt like
she ain't getting nothin'
when they put her on my breast
after she came out.
Here, let me see.
Come here,
shh, shh, shh, shh...
[baby crying]
shh, shh, shh, shh, shh...
There we go,
there we go.
I know you hate
to be away from her
even for a second,
but we keep the thermometers
in the nursery.
I'll be gone 15 minutes,
and then I'ma
bring her right back,
and y'all can keep getting
to know each other, okay?
-All right?
In the meantime, new mother,
get yourself some rest, okay?
I'll be right back.
Oh, there she is!
Hold on, now,
grandmama just got here.
I don't wanna wait
another minute
to see my grandbaby.
Oh, my god...
She's gorgeous.
Just look at those lashes.
You know, it's killing craig
that he can't be here.
This baby is his new start.
Aw, give her to me.
Wait, um...
I'll be right back.
um, hello, uh, did a nurse
just bring my baby down there?
This is shanara mobley.
Yes, I'll hold.
She's not down there.
They're checking
the other nursery.
[phone clatters]
my... My baby.
My baby!
Yo, yo, what's up, what's up?
What's up, bruh?
Lookin' sporty, bruh, huh?
What's up, cuz?
Hey, man, it ain't Sunday.
Craig, have a seat.
what's up, chap?
You've been blessed
with a baby daughter.
[laughing in delight]
Ha ha!
[chaplain] craig,
your baby girl is missing.
Y'all gotta let me out.
Get me up outta here.
I gotta be there
for shanara,
and my mama!
Come on, chap.
What the-- come on! Bruh! Chap!
[news report]
jacksonville central hospital
remains on lockdown tonight
as dozens of sheriff's officers
and fbi agents
comb through every corner
of the large medical complex
for a missing baby girl.
Kamiyah mobley disappeared
from her mother's arms
when she was just hours old,
making every mother's
worst nightmare a reality
for this young mother,
shanara mobley.
[sobbing] please!
Please bring my baby
back to me!
If you don't have no kids...
I mean, how do you think I feel?
That's our first child!
-[baby crying]
that could be my only child!
Please, please, please,
bring my baby back to me!
Kamiyah is mine!
Bring kamiyah back to me!
I don't do nothin' to nobody!
[anguished sobbing]
[father] I can't wait.
I'm sure she'll...
Oh, here she is!
-[mother] girl!
Oh, my god!
[all exclaiming]
oh, gloria.
-My goodness.
Watch her head.
Oh, look at how beautiful.
She looks just like you did.
[father] poor girl.
Oh, my god, look at her.
Sit down there, mama.
Hi, sweetness. Oh...
You didn't have to do this
by yourself.
Why didn't you call anybody?
I mean,
I went into labor at work.
I mean, it's 80 miles from here.
I didn't have no insurance,
so they rushed me to the er,
and she just popped out.
She's an angel, isn't she?
[sister] yes, she is.
Charles know he got
a beautiful daughter?
Yeah, I mean, I called.
I... I left word.
Somebody will tell him.
But you know how it is,
for most men, though.
They don't feel like
a baby is real
until she can
fetch his slippers.
Tell me.
Ain't that right?
Come on.
oh, she is so beautiful.
[gloria] give her to me.
Oh, my gosh.
Look at the baby.
That's my baby.
I love you so much, baby.
Mama loves you so much.
[news report] the fbi has
run down over 3,000 leads...
I want the kidnappers to know
we are determined
to find that baby.
[craig on news]
all those people out there,
talking about us,
hinting we might have
done this,
you know,
the cops cleared us right away,
even though we always felt
like they saw us as suspects,
but, you know,
at the end of the day,
our baby is still out there.
She's still gone.
[shanara] it beats you up,
not knowing nothin'.
I wonder, "what is she like?
What kind of food
is she eating? Is she safe?"
I just want my baby back--
[turning tv off]
How you gonna tell me
jordan better than magic?
-Greatest of all time, son.
-Child, please.
I don't even know
why you come over.
Child, please.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa...
[car approaching]
what's the difference
between a baby mama and a dog?
[baby crying]
What the hell, charles?
Come here, baby, come here,
come here, come here...
-oh, no, no, no.
You okay?
the fan is right there.
This is how
you watch your daughter?
You said having a kid
was gonna make you responsible,
when it's not.
You ain't never gonna grow up.
Watch it, girl.
You don't talk to me like that.
You know what, charles?
I'm done.
Get out.
All y'all get out.
You too!
Get out.
and just like that,
my mom was done with charles.
And stay out.
She wasn't gonna have anyone
putting me in danger...
No exceptions.
You're okay. Come on.
My mom showered me
with attention,
since she lost her boys
in a custody battle,
so I was her obsession,
but I didn't mind.
Most of the time,
I felt blessed.
[choir singing inside]
we are travelin'
[congregation cheering]
in the footsteps
of those
who've gone before
but we'll all
be reunited
on a new
and sunlit shore
oh, when the saints
go mar...
go marchin' in
yes, yes, yes.
yeah, yeah...
[applause and whistling]
god is speaking through you.
Yes, he is.
You know, I wanna do something
a little different today.
All right.
Today I wanna single out
one very special volunteer,
a woman whose service to god
literally keeps
this church running.
Sister gloria bolden.
[applause and cheering]
Sister gloria is our best
youth group leader...
-Oh yeah.
She runs our chapter
of united methodist women...
...And she just agreed
to organize a motorcycle ride
to benefit victory house,
our vets' organization,
that we all love so well.
please stand,
sister gloria bolden.
come on, baby.
that's my mama!
[laughter and applause]
[applause and cheering]
mama? Daddy? There you go.
Hey, mama, where mine?
I only got two hands, girl.
Go on over there
and get you some ice cream.
-You better run.
-You're dead wrong.
you looking good today.
What are you talkin' about?
You know
what I'm talkin' about.
I swear I don't.
I could feel the heat.
Girl, please.
From the seat behind you,
I could feel the heat.
-What are you talkin' about?
-Come on. Come on, now.
Miss gloria, I just wanted
to say I think it's wonderful
what you do for the church.
Thank you.
Um... Can I say,
you have the voice of an angel.
[chuckling] well...
Aw, thank you.
I'm wernoskie williams.
But everybody calls me "oskie."
oskie, okay.
That, I can remember.
Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
I haven't seen you
around here before.
Well, I'm new,
but I plan to stick around.
-Do you, now?
[alexis] funny thing,
watching your mom
flirt with a guy.
I wanted her to be happy,
but it had been
just the two of us for so long,
I wasn't sure
if I was ready to share her.
[girl] that your mama?
Is that your daddy?
I think they like each other.
yeah. I guess so.
You got a dad?
He been gone for a while now.
You got a mom?
His ex-wife...
So you know what that means.
If I know my dad,
you and I might
have to like each other.
You okay with that?
arika seemed to know
exactly what was going on,
while I was clueless.
I'd always wanted
an older sister,
a confidante,
but something about her
intimidated me.
Are you nervous?
Of course I'm nervous.
I want to make
a good impression.
My family is gonna love you,
just like I do.
How about that?
[oskie] yeah, I hope so.
[gloria giggling]
mama, daddy!
I want y'all to meet somebody.
This is oskie.
[mother] well, hello.
here you are
some kind of miracle
whoa, whoa, whoa
some kind of miracle
whoa, whoa, whoa
[alexis] so much for it
being just mom and me.
Our family
had now doubled in size.
[gloria] my god,
so what are you sayin'?
[oskie] I'm saying,
arika feels
you expect more from her
than from alexis.
'cause I do expect
more from her.
She's older, she's a mother,
she needs to be
more responsible.
[oskie] arika works
for everything she has,
clothes, pocket money,
baby stuff.
You hand that girl
whatever she wants.
She's spoiled,
and that's not good
for a young girl.
[gloria] I know.
Okay, I just...
I want her to focus
on her studies
so she can have
a better life than me.
Every road is hard.
She's got to learn that,
and she ain't gonna learn
if you keep babying her.
[alexis] like all families,
we had our troubles,
but listen...
My family always know
how to have a good time.
Now, come on,
stop playin',
before the food
get cold,
come on,
come on, come on.
Come on, come on...
This cake is delicious.
My piece is just too big.
Now, that's your second
big piece...
you gotta slow down.
Honey, I've been
meaning to ask.
How did that interview
at work go today?
He said I needed
a college degree for the job.
I work hard all these years
just to hear
that I'm not educated
enough for a promotion?
I mean...
That just ain't right.
That is not fair.
Mom, you probably know more
than anybody else in that place.
No, it's not,
but I've made a decision.
I'm going to college.
You all right with that?
I guess I got me
a college sweetheart.
[everyone laughing]
aw, yeah, you do,
come here. Aw.
I'll drink to that.
Will you carry my books
home from school?
You bet.
[alexis] I had no idea
that those good times
would end so soon.
[crowd murmuring]
all rise!
Be seated.
my only daughter
is turning 16 today,
so I figured lunch...
And a day of retail therapy.
-Gimme some!
[laughing] okay.
You done messed up now, ma,
you done messed up.
no, you better just
shop on the sale rack,
that's what you better do.
Aw, nah... [laughing]
[kids laugh and play
in distance]
shanara never gave up.
Every July,
she celebrated my birthday
with a cake,
always wrapping up
a piece for me.
By the time they found me,
there were 18 pieces of cake
sitting in her freezer.
[kids laugh and play
in distance]
oof, I'm stuffed.
[alexis] mom, look at
this free sample.
Think this is gonna
cause a riot?
I think if that lipstick
is on your lips,
and you in my house,
it's gonna definitely be a riot.
Put it back.
But I'm tryin' to be
a little spicy...
-And you won't let me.
Because you are not spicy,
all right?
You sweet.
You my sweet bae.
A little bit of hair,
a little bit of paint--
"makes a woman what she ain't.
A lady."
and you not a lady yet.
You still my baby.
A little grown.
-A little--
how y'all doing, lexi,
miss gloria?
Honey, how you feeling?
Susie, you gonna
drop the baby on your shift?
It's my last week.
Can I have your job?
[susie] hell, yeah.
Let me ask alex.
Grades, that's what you need
to be focused on.
You don't have time for a job.
Yes, ma'am,
but you know how much
I want my own money.
For what?
I buy you everything you need.
Look at all these bags!
That's beside the point.
What's the point?
The point is,
I want to get it for myself.
A'ight, alex says
that you know the customers
and this menu
better than me,
and despite
that mouth of yours,
everyone loves you.
If you want this job,
it's yours.
Ma, please.
Okay, but if your grades suffer,
you're fired.
Yes, ma'am. Okay, cool.
Bring us two sundaes
with extra hot fudge.
We celebrating her birthday.
Happy birthday, lexi.
-Thank you.
-The sundaes are on us.
I'll get your uniform,
but you gotta bring in
your social security card
before you get started.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
Oh, my god, I love you so much.
You're welcome.
I gotta tell everybody
I got a job.
I'm about to have
all my friends at shonda's.
You can come too.
I'll sneak you some food.
Just can't be greedy, though.
my first paycheck,
I'm decking my nails out.
you and me
go together like harmony
there's nothin' better
than what we have
come on, pick it up, ma!
and that's l-o-v-e
you and me...
what's wrong with you, lady?
That's our song.
You can't take that job.
Are you serious?
You can't have that job, baby.
You can't...
You can't have any job, okay?
Not right now.
Go in there and take this back.
Why, though?
I got something
I need to tell you.
Ma, what's going on?
I did something.
I did something bad.
You might think
it's unforgivable.
Ma, you're scaring me.
[mizrahi] ms. Mobley,
how old were you in late 1997,
early 1998?
And did you have
a relationship
with a craig aiken?
Yes, I did.
did you become pregnant
from that relationship
with mr. Aiken?
Yes, I did.
what were your first thoughts
when you found out
you were pregnant?
I was happy.
I felt like
god gave me a chance
to straighten up,
so I had a reason to.
[shanara sobbing]
you take your time.
No one will be rushed
in this courtroom.
[shanara crying]
you know how they say
people don't change overnight?
Well, that's not true.
I was a teenager,
runnin' away, havin' fun,
and one night
I was takin' a nap
on my uncle's floor,
and I woke up,
and I was just like,
"I don't want
to run the streets no more."
I wanted to do better.
I was pregnant, but I didn't...
I didn't know it yet.
You're not my daughter.
I took you,
a long time ago--
no, I said I wasn't
gonna say "took."
I stole you.
What the hell?
Ma, you know this ain't funny.
That's you.
whoa, what?
Ma, what is this?
I don't even know
who you are anymore.
Yes, you do.
I'm the woman who raised you.
I'm the woman who loves you.
All these years.
Did everybody know
except me?
No. Nobody knew.
Not even oskie.
I mean, I guess I gotta
tell him now, but...
Yeah, you go ahead
and do that.
Wait a minute,
let me finish talking to you!
[insistent knocking]
hey, lexi.
What's wrong?
I thought I knew
exactly who I was.
Then now I find out...
I ain't got a damn clue?
You want to talk about it?
Not now.
I just really needed to see you.
[alexis] I needed
someone to lean on,
and swerve, he was always
there for me.
I mean, we loved each other
as friends,
but at that moment,
we became more.
...More than friends.
[sobbing] I had just
lost my baby,
and I thought I was--
that was somebody else's baby!
You didn't think to tell me?
You didn't think
you owed me that?
I'm sorry. Listen...
Please just listen to me.
I was just trying
to protect you--
-no! No, no, no, no--
You were trying
to protect yourself!
This is so unlike you.
I can't believe--
[door opening]
but I can fix this.
I can make this right.
I will call the police
and turn myself in!
Okay, yeah--
-[alexis] what?
-I can, um--
No! Ma,
you can't do that.
Baby, I have to.
Ma, please, please.
No, ma, ma, ma.
I hate the fact
that you lied to me--
I'm sorry.
But you still my mom.
Oh, baby.
I don't care
about that other family.
You're all I know.
Ma, please,
just think about it.
We can-we can go into hiding,
we can run away.
I can come with you.
Ma, please.
What kind of life
would that be?
I can't live without you!
You have--
listen, I'm going to pray
about this.
-Ma, no!
-I am gonna--
ma, just think
about this, please!
[oskie] stop it!
That's it.
You're my wife.
I made a vow.
I love you,
and I'm going
to stand behind you.
Oh, I love you too.
Oh, god, thank you.
Oh, thank you...
[alexis] we loved her,
so we made a silent pact.
We'd live with this secret
and hope for the best,
but a dark cloud
settled over our family.
you need to talk?
lettin' me off the hook, huh?
You know you can talk to me
about anything.
I know.
I wasn't mad at her,
at least not yet,
but I wondered,
"how did she kidnap me?
Did she take the stairs?
What color scrubs
was she wearing?"
but I couldn't ask her
any of those questions.
She had enough to worry about.
[swerve] light me up.
[alexis] hold on. I got you.
alexis manigo!
Are you crazy?
This boy got you
skipping school now?
What the hell
is wrong with you?
I didn't even skip school.
I just left early, that's all.
Don't fix your lips to lie,
'cause the school
already called me at work,
and told me that not only
were you cutting class,
but you done dropped
all your honors classes,
and now they wanna know
if everything is okay at home.
[alexis chuckles]
you tell 'em I gotta get high
all the time
'cause that's the only way
I'ma deal with the fact
that you stole me?
I'm sorry, ma.
It's just too much for me.
So you're smoking weed?
Is that all you're doing?
Answer me.
Is there anything else?
[alexis] no.
But I ain't lettin' it go.
Oh, god.
Lord jesus,
help me at this time--
ma, what are you doin'?
Nothin' is funny.
I'm praying.
We need god
to give us a miracle.
Sit your behind down
and pray with me.
Come on.
Lord, please bless my family,
and please deliver them
from the mistakes I made.
Let them...
Oh, jesus.
Just bless them, lord, please.
[shanara] it's stressful
to wake up every day
knowing your child
is out there,
and you have no way
to reach her,
and it beats you up
not knowing nothin'.
I tried not to think
about who I came from,
but curiosity
got the best of me.
I stalked them online,
read their posts,
wondering if we'd ever
be sisters, or even friends.
I really wanted
to be close to them,
but the thing was
I worried how I could
love another family
without giving up
the one I got.
[keying in number]
[call ringing]
[telephone ringing]
Who is this, please?
[beeping phone off]
[dial tone]
what are you doing up?
You okay?
I'm so tired,
but I can't sleep.
Look... I know
I've been a bitch lately,
and I'm sorry.
This kid thing is intense.
I don't sleep.
I can hardly stand myself,
so I get why you avoid me.
You're fine.
I'm just goin' through
some stuff...
Everything okay with gloria?
Makes me jealous,
how she gives you
everything you want.
You all think I'm spoiled,
that I don't want to work.
honestly, I thought...
You were allergic to it.
I'm desperate to work.
I just can't.
Why not?
I don't have my paperwork,
birth certificate,
social security...
You can't work without it.
What's up with that?
Why can't your mom
get you the papers?
Come on, we're sisters.
Anything you say
stays right here, I promise.
[arika] tell me.
She's not my mom.
What, are you adopted
or something?
'cause that ain't no--
because she took me.
Stole me from a hospital
from my birth mom.
Oskie knows.
We're so scared that
somebody's gonna find out.
Oh, you poor baby.
Now I gotta carry around
this secret,
and it weighs a damn ton.
If someone stole my baby,
I don't know what I'd do.
I'd lose my mind.
[dial tone]
[keying in number]
[call ringing]
[cell phone vibrating]
Happy birthday, kamiyah.
Why do you think
it's my birthday?
[beeps phone off]
[dial tone]
[beeps phone off]
[phone clattering]
[playfully imitating car]
can your car do tricks?
What kind of tricks can you do?
Arika williams?
Detective wilson,
florida state police.
What's this about?
We received some information
regarding your step-sister,
and we'd like to ask you
some questions.
can you tell the judge
what was going through
your mind and your heart
when you first saw kamiyah again
after all these years?
[shanara] oh, my god...
I saw me.
I mean, she don't look like me,
but everything about her
is me...
The police want me
to bring you in for a dna test.
No. No!
Sweetie, they not asking me.
Ma, you need to
get up outta here.
The tone of her voice,
her hair, the way she walk,
everything is just... Me.
[mother] how could you do
something like that?
Let her talk.
I was in a dark place,
and, um...
But you were pregnant.
What happened to the other baby?
I lost it.
I had a miscarriage,
and I... And I took her.
What is done is done.
You're our daughter.
How can we help?
I need an attorney, daddy.
I'm in trouble.
Lord help us.
[alexis] what happens now?
They come for me.
I don't know, tomorrow, maybe?
The day after?
You know, I'm blessed, g,
to have someone like you
love me
the way that you do.
I will love you forever.
You know that, right?
Yeah, I know.
I need to get in the house
and make some calls.
You know I've got to call
your brothers.
Why don't you spend the night
at swerve's tonight?
You sure?
Yeah. I mean,
come back in the morning,
and I'll make a big breakfast.
No use in you
sitting around here.
I'm sure
they're gonna give us
till the weekend, at least.
Is it okay if I tell him?
You need to tell him.
You're gonna need him now.
[sirens wailing]
[kettle whistling]
[sirens approaching]
gloria williams!
Mrs. Williams,
it's the police!
We have a warrant
for your arrest!
Take it.
[banging on door]
[news report] tonight,
51-year-old gloria williams
is behind bars,
facing charges
for the kidnapping,
dna testing
uncovering the truth,
alexis was in fact
baby kamiyah,
snatched from
a florida hospital in 1998.
[banging on door]
open up! It's the police!
[screaming, glass breaking]
alexis manigo,
are you in there?
No, no, no, no...
[swerve] wait. Get back.
Alexis manigo?
Yeah, yeah, that's me.
We're going to need you
to come down to the station.
Come see your mama,
say your goodbyes.
Gloria ain't her mother.
Get out of this house!
What, you won't give me
the time to get dressed?
Damn, what's wrong with y'all?
Whose house is this?
It's mine!
I doubt that.
Where are your parents?
They're out of town,
where you should be.
I could tell by your badge,
y'all ain't even local.
This ain't legal.
Alexis, I'm detective
rodney holly from florida.
I've been working this case
for 18 years,
so I know you had
nothing to do with this.
You just... Got raised
by the wrong family.
Watch your mouth.
If you've been
working this case for 18 years,
then you know I was raised
in exactly the right family.
[holly] with all due respect,
your birth parents have waited
a long time for this day.
You take
all the time you need.
Clear out,
give her some space.
[alexis] where they at?
[holly] they're coming.
It just takes some time.
Can you tell them to hurry up?
It just takes...
Here she comes.
don't cry, baby.
I got you.
I got you...
are you okay?
Did they hurt you?
I am fine, okay?
I was just worried that
I wasn't gonna get to see you.
don't cry, baby.
Ma, what are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
You are gonna live your life.
And I am gonna put my faith
in the lord,
and I'm gonna trust
that my attorney can figure out
what's best.
Tell them that you gave me
the best life possible.
Everything, everything
I ever needed,
everything I ever wanted,
everything I ever loved.
You gotta stop worrying
about me, okay,
and live your own life.
Listen to me, lexi...
I want you to behave...
And I want you to be respectful
to your family.
Ain't nobody gonna tell me
who my mom is.
Ain't nobody
gonna tell me what to do,
and what to feel,
and you can't make me
see somebody
I want nothin' to do with.
Think of them
as your bonus family.
It's just more love.
Ain't nobody ever died
from too much love.
[holly] five more minutes.
That's her meds
and her glasses.
She needs both.
I'll make sure
they're transferred to florida
with your mama.
[alexis] thank you.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry that your life
got turned upside down...
But I want you to be okay.
If you need help,
I want you to get it.
You hear me?
Yeah. [crying]
[gloria] you hear me?
I love you so much, ma.
I know.
I love you more.
You know that.
[door lock buzzes]
[woman] hang on a second.
That is them.
That's them.
[alexis] thank god
my cousin ta was there for me.
[man] kamiyah!
alexis, is that you?
Kamiyah, we just need
a statement!
[alexis] she helped me
escape the reporters...
Alexis, we just need
a couple minutes of your time!
Just a few questions!
...And found me an attorney.
no matter how hard I try,
I can't do it all.
I can't be everything
for everybody.
That's my job.
You're about to face
a tsunami.
The press, your new family,
your mom's needs.
That's why I need a job.
You'll get one,
but it'll take a little time
to set up a brand-new life--
social security card,
birth certificate.
Can you help?
I'd be honored to.
If alexis will have me,
and if she promises
to do exactly what I tell her.
I don't think she's ever made
that promise before.
I promise not to do anything
without asking the boss first.
You got it, girl.
I'm taking over.
You ready?
I ain't got no choice.
Now, the press are in a frenzy.
We've got to get
in front of the story,
control the narrative,
that's the only way
they'll leave you alone.
Don't worry about that.
I got that.
That's the last thing
I'm worried about.
I'm more worried about
meeting my new family.
I can help with that, too.
If you need me,
I'll be there.
I gotta do that part
on my own.
You ready, kiddo?
Here they come.
[crying joyfully] kamiyah!
Come here, come here, come here.
[shanara sobbing]
shanara. Craig.
I've been looking for you.
oh, I've been lookin' for you.
look at you.
You're so pretty.
my baby...
[craig] yeah.
We really are mirror images.
[craig] yes indeed.
Are you okay? Huh?
Port] alexis manigo
still calls the woman accused
of kidnapping her as a newborn
that woman behind bars
here in florida
in court today.
Alexis says even though
some people think
she should hate her mom,
expect her to,
she doesn't, and won't.
I love my mom.
She will always be my mom.
Except for one mistake,
my mom gave me
the perfect life.
I was blessed,
and I never had a reason
to question that.
Well, you did us
all proud, sweetie.
Thanks, grandma.
I'm still
processing it all.
I understand
it will take time.
I need to give
my biological family a chance.
I owe them that.
[chuckling ruefully]
[turns off tv]
[keying in phone number]
[cell phone vibrating]
dna testing revealed
alexis was in fact baby kamiyah
from a florida hospital in 1998
when she was just
eight hours old.
[shanara] I just found you,
now I gotta watch you on tv
talking about a woman
who stole you from me?
You belong to me, kamiyah.
Why do I have to compete
with a kidnapper for your love?
That ain't fair to me.
I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt
your feelings at all.
You know I'm still
coming down next month
to get to know y'all better.
Maybe we can work on
our relationship then,
but as of now,
I'm just not ready
to do what you want.
I gotta go. Bye.
I just want
to have some fun
we came here to party
and we don't need
to think too much
let's get it started
keep it goin'
till the sun comes up
we came here to party
don't know
if it's the lights
or if you're
the girl of my dreams
look at you, girl.
Where did you learn
to dance like that, huh?
Yeah, come give
your daddy some, huh?
Got all my daughters with me...
I'm already tired.
You're getting me tired.
Are you tired?
I'll go get you a beer, come on.
Come on, now, come on.
Got all my ladies
with me here tonight.
Club is jumpin',
bombs is poppin'.
We sure do know how to party
down here in florida.
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Show you how we do it
round here in the 'ville, huh?
Yeah, I be a little turnt,
just a little bit.
shannon and I hope
you move here one day.
So many opportunities
for you here.
You know I'm a country mouse.
Look, I know
you got a life there,
but you got a whole new life
here, girl, huh?
Our family welcoming you
with open arms.
Come on, now, give us a chance.
Look, I need a photo of this.
I don't want to forget
this night.
Hey, hey, cuz!
Hey, come on, man,
take this picture, man.
[camera shutter snapping]
yeah, yeah.
That's what's up, girl.
...And I just wanna
have some fun
we came here to party
[shanara] you know all my kids
make the best
macaroni and cheese.
You learn how to cook yet?
Oh, no.
I can order takeout
like a champ, though.
you know,
you'd be a fine cook
if you was raised
in this family.
I could teach you
a thing or two.
My grandma taught me
everything I know.
[cell phone vibrating]
we're bondin', kamiyah,
and she's callin'?
You know, it's not right,
you goin' on to the tv people,
talking about your mom this,
your mom that.
I'm your mother, kamiyah,
and I'm still hurtin',
so, baby, you're gonna
have to pick one of us.
If you expect me
to stop loving her
just because you want me
to love you,
look, I'm sorry,
but that'll never happen.
You listen to me.
I don't want you
talking to that woman again.
You hear me?
She's poisoning you against me,
can't you see that?
Now, if I have to,
I'll get a court order
to keep her away from you.
Yes, I said it.
Yo, where do you think
you're going--
gloria, you understand,
if you take
the prosecution's offer,
you give up your right
to a trial?
So does this mean
she goes to jail for sure?
Yes, it does.
For how long?
Maximum 22 years,
minimum 12 years.
if you reject the plea deal
and go to trial,
you could get life in prison.
I can't take that chance.
I won't take that chance.
Ma, just think about it.
[gloria] no.
I'm not gonna put you
through the hell of a trial.
I'll take the plea.
[johnson] at the hearing,
we'll make the case
for the most lenient
sentence possible.
I just feel like a rope
in a tug of war,
both sides
just pulling on me
with... Love,
and demands on my time.
Throw in the damn media
hounding me,
everybody around town
talking about me...
I'm just sick of all of this.
I just wanna roll up in a ball
and hide from them all.
Listen up,
this hearing's gonna be
hard on you.
It's gonna be hard on everyone,
so prepare yourself.
I know.
is a serious crime,
and gloria's sentence
has to reflect that
to deter others,
so even though she did
a fantastic job raising you,
the judge can't just
slap her on the wrist.
You understand?
I understand.
[crowd shouting]
how could she have
so many supporters, craig?
She stole my baby.
That's right, mama.
What's wrong with people?
[crowd shouting]
[camera shutters clicking]
let's go back to the hospital.
Did you think that
gloria williams was a nurse?
She's beautiful.
Yes, ma'am, she sure is.
Her name kamiyah.
She was dressed like one.
[mizrahi] was she nice?
[shanara] she was real nice.
Proper tone and everything.
[gloria] I've been doing this
a long time,
and I can see
how tired you are.
Give her to me.
did you trust her?
Ms. Mobley,
did you trust her?
She asked if I needed help.
She came in,
picked up kamiyah,
looked at her,
I know you hate
to be away from her
even for a second,
but we keep the thermometers
in the nursery.
I'll be gone 15 minutes,
and then I'ma bring her
right back,
and y'all can keep
getting to know each other.
...And then she told me
that all new babies have to be
checked for a temperature...
All right...
In the meantime, new mother,
get yourself some rest.
Okay? I'll be right back.
...And eventually
she was gonna have
to take her outta the room
to be checked.
ms. Mobley,
has time healed these wounds?
it doesn't heal now.
I have kids now, but...
I'm still hurting.
That is my baby.
I am your mother, kamiyah!
I am your mother,
and your name is kamiyah mobley!
[mizrahi] can any sentence
that the judge gives
ms. Williams
change the 18 years
that you lost
with your daughter?
There's only one sentence,
and I don't think
she's eligible for that,
and that's death.
[crowd murmuring]
[crowd murmuring]
[camera shutter clicking]
mrs. Williams,
describe your relationship
with charles manigo.
I, um...
I was always taught
that if you love somebody,
they'll love you back.
That wasn't the case
with charles.
He took me to a dark place...
You ain't never gonna grow up.
You see what I mean?
...And my soul
and my spirit broke.
Get out.
I don't have
the bruises anymore,
and thankfully,
god has healed my heart, so...
When you were in that
relationship with mr. Manigo,
did you become pregnant?
Yes, I did.
I already had two kids,
but... Charles wanted a baby.
He thought that it would, um...
It would make him stable.
I believed him.
I wanted to believe him,
but after the stress,
and the abuse...
Things, um...
They didn't turn out
like we planned,
what did you do then?
I, um...
I was headed home from work,
and I got into walterboro,
and, um,
I just, I just kept driving
on 95 south.
It was like I was on autopilot.
where were you going?
My life was out of control.
I had, um,
lost custody of my boys,
I lost the baby I was carrying,
and me and charles...
I just...
I felt like I didn't...
I didn't have anything,
and I couldn't tell
anybody in my family,
because they looked at me
as this, you know,
upbeat kind of a person...
I just, I kept putting
one foot in front of the other,
and nobody knew
the nightmare that I was living.
so, you get off the highway
at a hospital in jacksonville.
What was your intent
at that time?
It definitely wasn't
to take a baby,
that's for sure.
Did you choose shanara mobley
because of her age
and the fact
that she was alone?
No, ma'am, I-I did not.
I-I didn't know
whose bed I was walking up to.
I just...
I just saw her, and I...
I thought she needed help.
so even then,
you had no intention
of taking the baby?
We was just talking,
and, um...
She was...
She was so young, and...
...And she didn't know
what she was gonna do...
And, um...
I just wanted the abuse
and the pain to stop
with charles,
It never did.
Mrs. Williams,
is there anything
you would like to express
to the birth parents now?
Ms. Mobley and mr. Aiken,
I, um...
I ask god every day
to renew your hearts,
and your minds,
to-to give you a peace
that comes with
knowing his word.
I wronged you...
and for that, I'm sorry.
I can't imagine
what this has been like for you,
and I never...
I never meant
to hurt your family,
but I know that I did, and...
And, um...
I just want you to know that...
I'm not a bad person.
I did a wrong thing,
and I hope that--
hope that one day
you can find it in your heart
to forgive me.
kamiyah, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I hurt you, baby.
[justin] so? Talk to me.
She got me.
We could talk about anything.
Whatever it was,
she'd give me
the straight facts.
She was my number-one go-to.
I mean, like, now I have you...
Which is cool,
but it's not like
you're always around.
Ta and swerve, they help,
but I don't know,
without my mom, I just...
Still feel alone.
I know this is really hard,
and I can't say
it's all gonna come out
the way we want...
But it's time to start
building your new life.
This should help.
Your new social security card.
Go ahead, open it up.
Kamiyah mobley.
I guess that's who I am now.
This crime was calculated
and premeditated.
This woman,
who allegedly lost a baby
months earlier,
drove all the way
down to florida,
and just happens
to find a hospital
right off the side of the road.
She goes straight
to the maternity ward,
and finds herself
a young mother.
She brought with her
a car seat
and a baby bag,
evidence of a cold,
calculated premeditation,
and that shows you
the character of this woman...
[crowd murmuring]
that's right.
...And that heinous crime
for 18 years.
It was a selfish act
committed by a selfish woman,
and it destroyed a family,
and I urge this court
not to mitigate your sentence
because somehow gloria williams
is a good person.
Gloria williams
is not a good person.
You cannot be a good person
and kidnap a baby...
okay. Okay, baby.
[crowd murmuring]
...And there is no way
that you can restore
what this defendant stole
from shanara mobley
and craig aiken...
...But your sentence can define
the way our society views
the crimes that
this defendant committed.
The state of florida
is asking for
the maximum sentence
under the plea agreement
of 22 years
in florida state prison.
[crowd gasping]
thank you, your honor.
[crowd murmuring]
your honor...
Looking at gloria williams'
many accomplishments,
and her place of respect
in her church
and in her community,
especially what a wonderful
parent she has been...
...As is evidenced
by the amazing young woman
that kamiyah mobley
has become...
[gloria] I am not
the only graduate!
My baby graduated today too!
Daddy, get our picture.
[camera shutter clicking]
-there, that's nice.
-Ooh, now, come on, boys.
I want to take one
with all my kids.
-All right.
All right, say cheese.
...The defense is humbly
asking the court
to impose a very reasonable
and appropriate sentence,
well below the maximum.
We thank the court
for its time and understanding.
[judge] thank you.
This is a very unusual case,
and I'm going
to consider everything
that's been presented here
to make sure that I am
as thorough as possible.
Imposition of sentencing
will be one month from now
on Friday, June 8th.
Court is adjourned.
[bailiff] all rise!
Be brave.
[cell phone vibrating]
ma... How are you?
Hey, baby. I miss you.
What's going on up there?
Tell me everything.
Well, I'm workin'.
Which, by the way, sucks.
Big time.
Well, I got one word for that.
you still swervin'?
Funny, ma.
What's wrong, baby?
I just got
so much pressure on me.
It's overwhelming.
You ain't here.
I gotta pay my own bills,
get health insurance...
I just hate being an adult
in an instant.
Everything bugs me.
I'm becoming an angry bitch.
I keep telling you
to get some counseling, girl.
It's no shame in that.
How are you?
You doing okay?
I just hate
thinking about you in there.
I'm praying a lot,
and, um...
Tryin' to get
these young ones in here
to learn from my mistakes.
How come you didn't call me
on mother's day?
I... I wanted to give you time
with your birth mother.
She's all you got in the world.
Did you see her
for mother's day?
So, what did you get me
for mother's day?
I'm so sorry.
Look, I've been super busy,
and plus I'm paying
for everything now.
But I bet you had enough money
to send a criminal a card.
you are my mom.
I love you.
I will never love
anyone else as a mother.
I can't just turn that off
like a light switch.
I need to see you,
and talk to you,
and they're trying
to take that away too.
Did something happen
with shanara?
I just don't want to see her,
not now, maybe sometime,
but listen, not now.
She's hurting, okay?
She's in a lot of pain,
but I promise you,
she's gonna come around.
Well, that's on her,
okay, not me.
Okay, sweetie, um...
What else is goin' on?
Bring me up to speed.
You know I only got
15 minutes for these calls.
It can't be
15 minutes already.
Well, it is getting close,
so let's just talk
as long as we can, okay?
I love you.
I love you, too, ma.
I'm gonna see you
at the sentencing, right?
No, baby, um, you know what,
it's gonna be so quick,
I don't even think
you should come
and put yourself through that.
Are you sure?
I'm sure,
and you can
come and see me after.
I mean, I know it'll be hard
with work and all, but...
Hey, I got paid.
So I put money
on your commissary,
for mother's day.
That is...
That's just like you,
always thinking of others.
My time is up, baby,
I gotta go.
I love you. Bye.
I have listened carefully
to all the testimony.
At this time, ms. Williams,
would you proceed to the bench
with your attorneys, please.
This is a very hard
and emotional day.
There are no winners.
Many people have suffered,
including the defendant,
gloria williams.
On the first count
of kidnapping,
under florida law,
I'm sentencing you
to state prison for 18 years.
Oh, no.
[scattered applause]
on the second count,
interference with custody,
I'm sentencing you
to five years in state prison.
this family suffered
not knowing
where their infant was.
Ms. Williams is awarded credit
for time served of 511 days.
Your two sentences
will run concurrently.
Ms. Williams, you have
30 days from today
in which to appeal
the legalities
of this proceedings.
Court is adjourned.
[bangs gavel]
[bailiff] all rise!
we'll get through this.
We'll get through this
together, okay?
God loves you.
you wanna scream?
Wanna throw something?
There's gotta be somethin'
going on in there.
I think I lost my debit card.
I need to find it.
I knew it was coming,
but it hurt anyway.
Before this, I could always
depend on my mom...
And now I was on my own.
I had to be strong
and find my way without her.
So, what you gonna
miss most about this place?
Yo, what you talkin' about?
I'm not going anywhere.
Yeah, you are.
You're getting the hell up
outta here, lex.
It's time to start
doing right for yourself.
People see that,
they'll leave you be.
Who made you boss?
Look, be your own damn boss.
Get outta here, go to college.
Make a new life.
When I'm here,
and I close my eyes,
I see her.
I love that.
Look, these are just places.
The memories...
You can take those with you.
Hey, how are you?
[cell phone vibrating]
hey, nana.
Okay, look, I'm on my way,
I'm on my way, I'm on my way.
[heart monitor beeping]
grandpa, I don't know
what I'ma do without you...
But I'ma be okay.
I promise.
I mean, you taught me...
You taught me
how to live a good life.
So, like...
It's okay.
It's okay if you...
If you need to go right now.
I know that you love me,
and I love you so damn much.
[incoming call ringing]
there's my girl.
Hi, baby.
How's it going, g?
The real question is
how are you?
Right, and don't say
"fine" or "okay,"
'cause I know it had to be hard
losing your grandpa.
The hits just keep comin'.
Okay, well,
you talk to somebody.
As long as I'm talking to you,
I'm feeling better.
Okay, well, you know,
I don't have a lot of time,
so I gotta do my mom thing--
let me guess.
"go to church,
apply to college,
stay off weed,
practice safe sex..."
does that cover it all?
Okay, stop being a smartass.
What's going on
with the applications?
I heard I could get
a scholarship
to a college in florida, but...
I don't know if I wanna do that.
Okay, well,
at least you'll be closer to me,
and to your birth parents.
How is that goin'?
You're my mom.
You will always be my only mom.
When I close my eyes at night,
I see your face.
My daddy's okay,
though swerve tells me
not to trust him.
Okay, well, I'm tellin' you
to keep trying.
You hear me?
And wherever you end up
for school,
get out of walterboro.
I want your life
to be better than mine.
I'm determined
to make you proud, ma,
but leaving here scares me.
It's not because
I love it here,
but because...
This is where
we shared our life together.
I wanna hang onto that.
Hold on.
Where'd you go?
You remember this?
Yeah, I do.
Best day ever,
and it's right here.
You got to go
live your own life, lex.
I only got
a few minutes left, so, um...
Do me a favor?
Sing with me?
hold on, I gotta, you know,
get it together.
Clear my throat. Ahem.
you and me...
go together like harmony
there's nothin' better than
what we have
and that's l-o-v-e
you and me
go together like harmony
there's nothin' better
than what we have
that's l-o-v-e
I miss you, ma.
[gloria] I miss you more.
[alexis] I love you.
I love you too, baby.
Be good.
...I know what makes
my baby happy
you go out of your way
to keep things tight, yeah
my joy is written
all over my face
and it's because of you
and your love so true
that my world
is a better place
'cause you and me, yeah
you and me
go together like harmony
nothing better
than what we have
what we have
that's l-o-v-e
you and me
go together like harmony
there's nothin' better
that what we have
and that's l-o-v-e
she loved me for 18 years.
She cared for me for 18 years.
I will always love her.
[reporter] it was a secret
that forever changed
two families.
She says she's trying
to find a balance,
a way to keep everyone
she loves in her life.
she goes by both names,
her family in florida
calling her kamiyah,
her family in south carolina,
She loves each family,
and trying
to navigate that water
to make sure she's not
in the middle of a feud, or...
She doesn't want
to upset anybody.
She says she is optimistic,
ready to move on
and move forward
with her now
much larger family.
What do you hope
for the future?
That I can find a better way
to balance everybody
and everything, you know,
and not so much tension.
- [robin] it was a kidnapping
that rattled the nation.