Stolen From The Womb (2014) Movie Script

I know it's hard, Chelsey.
You have to push it hard again.
Just a little, but it will be over.
There it is. You did it.
Time of death: 22. 18.
I want to see her.
The studio is wonderful. -Yeah.
They finished it six months ago.
Will you really go home?
I can drive you.
It's just a few streets.
Walking will benefit me.
Are you evaluating tasks today?
-All day. The Bruce are the worst.
How do they come to fax if they
do not know how to use commas?
Go create a young
mind, Professor King.
I love you. -Me too.
- I love you, Johnny. Enjoy.
It's in the first quarter.
- It seems so.
I have a deadline on April 20.
- On April 15th! -Res? It's so close.
You're pregnant for 10 weeks.
How do you know you're wearing a son?
I'm sorry, I do not want to stick,
I heard your husband
call him Johnny.
Our joke.
You know how in the books
compare the size of the baby
with fruit or vegetables?
Days 38 and 39 are
squash and watermelon.
I'm trying to forget that.
In the fifth week, we
officially confirmed pregnancy.
In the book we read that the
child is as big as an apple pie.
Hearty. I like it.
-Diane. -Chelsey.
Girls, let's start.
I see new faces.
If you have any
questions, please select.
This course prepares you
on a miraculous journey
waiting for future moments.
Put the soles together
for the start.
What brought you to Pineville?
My husband Rob teaches English
literature at the university.
He's got a great job.
- Do you also lecture?
Yes, and instead of Emily
Dickinson and G. B. Shawa
my children are reading Hat with a hat
and Night, month.
I'm in kindergarten.
- It's a bit exciting. You see the future.
Yeah. It's full of juice, glue
and always unbuttoned shoes.
Is your husband so happy
with parenthood like you?
I'm sorry, I'm asking too much.
-It's okay. We're not together.
I'm sorry.
We had problems.
In one year, I had
three abortions.
Jesse, my husband,
wanted to quit.
He hurt him too much when
he dared, then gave up.
All the time, we argued.
I think he'll be happy when I tell him.
- This requires courage. - Yeah?
Of course.
If you do not expect anything,
you can not be disappointed.
But hope requires courage.
-I hope.
I dream about my family.
I'll make that dream come true.
- So you're a good mom.
Thank you.
Just a moment.
Chelsey, what are you doing here?
- It's nice to see you, too.
I'm sorry, I did not expect you.
An interesting word choice.
I expect the children. I'm pregnant.
Ten weeks.
There you were.
You should know.
Only once, since I moved out.
- One more time.
Did you do it on purpose?
Did you want me to come back to me?
It would be stupid.
Chels, it's not like that.
But that's not good.
The doctor says it's dangerous.
He did not expect pregnancy,
it's not the same.
I can not do it anymore.
I told you.
I could be happy too, but
that's not enough for you.
Nothing has changed.
- It's all.
We're not just the two of us.
We'll be three.
I would like to believe that.
I'm sorry, it's too
much for me right now.
I need time.
- Right.
Talk to you.
Yoga really takes three hours?
One hour, but I went to
lunch with my new friend.
Chelsey, she would give
birth a week after me.
Great, you have a pregnant friend.
-Yeah. Still coffee? -Thank you.
Good afternoon, "Real Estate
Goehring-Oland". Who are you looking for?
Of course, just a moment.
Hello! Welcome to Pineville.
-Thank you. -I am pleased. -Me too.
It's nice to meet you too.
They need at least two bedrooms.
When do you have a deadline? -5. March.
- It's late April. - Congratulations!
I know a great gynecologist; on Saturday
I go to yoga for pregnant women.
Fantastic, thank you. - Let's see
what you need before you are born.
Great, thank you.
Would you like to buy shoes? I need a break,
as long as the twins are in kindergarten.
I can not, I'm going to Chelsea with
a cosmetician. - Who's Chelsey?
Nice girl, I met her on yoga.
You can go with us,
but we go to a salon where only
natural peels and creams are used.
It's twice as expensive.
- Make a robbery.
Chelsey walks into a regular salon.
She thinks chemicals
can harm the baby.
Is this her first child? -Yeah.
Books and blogs are
full of warnings
on countless harmful effects on
the child before and after birth.
When you're born, you learn
believe in your own sense.
Get rid of the dirt
and spend the day.
That's why I need you.
You've broken the path.
And you have pregnant suits that I
can borrow. - I'll look for them.
That's fun. See yoga on Saturday?
What are you doing this weekend? Would you like to
watch a movie for women who are not interested in men?
On Friday, Terry and Paula and kids
are having dinner. Come on, come on.
I do not want to disturb you. - You will not.
Come on, it's gonna be fun. - Right.
Great. See you at 18.
- Anything I bring? - Ego.
My car. See you on Friday.
"Do you have dinner time?"
Chels, I'm sorry
to hear the news.
I do not know what all this means for us.
We have a lot of problems.
I know.
But I want to be with you.
I'm going with you to the reviews.
We'll see how it goes.
Jesse, at week 12, we're.
This is the end of the first quarter.
This is important. The last three
times we did not come this far.
We spent the first time
eight months and a half.
This time it will not be so.
I know it will not.
No, no, no, no, no.
Purple and pink turtle?
Di, tell me you'll jump around my
kids even when you have your own.
I do not know why not.
Is it okay to come?
We are not invited both.
It's a dinner for couples, family.
I do not want to be alone. - I know, but...
You said you would do everything
for me during pregnancy.
I need that.
Come on.
Sorry, we missed the house.
No, I'm Paul. Come in.
-I am pleased. -Enako.
Welcome. -Thank you.
- And flowers!
Di! Your friends came in.
- They're alive.
Diane, this is my husband, Jesse.
I hope it's okay for me to come.
-Great! Welcome.
You said I should not bring anything,
but I can not get empty hands.
I put something together.
When I do it, it's
usually from a delicacy.
This is our favorite cake.
Chocolate chocolate... Chocolate!
Peanut butter.
It's delicious.
It's official. My child now
wants to live with you.
Diane says you got it
a week's time for her.
Yeah. -Super, we met.
Together we will have an important
event together. It's exciting.
I agree. I think it was a fate.
I was convinced that I met you.
They are certainly very
happy to have a twin.
Not always. Sometimes it's like
living with little spouses.
Are your twin boys in your family?
If you are being treated for infertility,
they are. - We're really discovering.
Nature gave us no family,
and we turned to science.
Our best decision.
You guys understand. If you want a family,
you have to be persistent, do everything.
The knife is in the drawer.
Thank you.
You brought Jesse. - I know.
I'm sorry I did not tell you before.
Stop it, I'm glad for you. You
told him you were pregnant. -Yeah.
Maybe they'll set off.
We will not hurry.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Will you put them in the machine?
-My pleasure.
That's exactly what I wanted.
Cake looks great.
-Thank you.
I felt it kicking.
You good? -Yeah.
They really have a
perfect life, right?
Who's for the cake?
-All! -Yeah!
Half is for me.
- It's half for you.
Hi, darling.
Excuse me. - I think that's what
happened to her. -Thank you.
We have to keep
the mum together.
Hello! -I'm sorry I'm late. You?
Did you see her carriage?
- It's nice. - The latest technology.
More advanced and more
expensive than my first car.
It's really fun to buy for a baby.
- It's more cunning when it's smaller.
We were here for the first time.
Let's get moving. I did not eat and cough
for half an hour, but I have both.
I ordered you tea and lime pie.
-Thank you.
Show me everything you bought.
I was not careful.
Very cute!
If you had your gender shade, you
would not buy yellow and green.
I know she's a girl.
And unlike me and my mom
we will be the best friend.
You and Mom are not close?
- It hides me that Dad left us.
He did not want children. When she became
pregnant, she was no longer wanted.
She was not the best mom. She's been drinking too
much, the invitations of the guy live to us.
Let's say that many of them
were not cavaliers. -I'm sorry.
It sounds like a difficult childhood.
-It's okay.
She taught me what I should not do.
This is also something.
Whatever will be
with me and Jesse,
most of all, I mean, I'm a good mom.
- You will. I do not doubt.
I'm glad you think so.
I really appreciate your opinion.
There are enough serious topics,
it's time for the cats.
Very cute!
What is it?
"Totally natural birth"?
I did not think you wanted
give birth home. -Why not?
According to your experience
I conclude that you want to be in the
hospital if something goes wrong.
Our bodies are created for this.
Pregnancy is a natural condition.
Women already have
the same eternity.
They were born in the fields.
We do not need modern rubbish.
Except for being so cute.
- Other than that.
Rob! - I'm here!
Dinner is on the way.
I ordered a pizza.
Are you so happy about the pizza?
I am so grateful for our life.
I was Chelsey.
It's good? It's unremarkable.
The most tough guy I know.
She had a hard life.
She's finally wearing a lot of rafts.
But Jesse's not together and...
I do not know how it works. I'm
so happy for what we have.
They're alive. Not that.
This is for a short-term lease.
Damage. She is beautiful.
I'm advertising her too.
Want to look at her?
Of course. -Pridita.
The owner is a professor at college.
Last week he took a
free academic year.
We just made an ad.
Kitchen and large living room.
Above there are three bedrooms,
two bathrooms and a toilet.
It's just a few steps.
That's why it's unique.
Wood, antique tub and dome.
Chelsey, it's beautiful. Tell
me you have a similar sales.
It's really perfect.
Let's go see another house.
Where are you going?
I came to visit Diana, but
I saw that she had a job.
We're about to end in two hours.
Tell her I was here
to call her later.
Nice to see you, Paula.
What is? - Nothing. Le...
I saw Chelsey today.
- Where? -Tu.
She watched the children
on the playground.
She said she came to you, but I
do not know... It was strange.
Agent for real estate is.
She probably showed up some kind of house.
Are you fixing glue?
- Of course. -Thank you.
Is everything all right?
You want to talk about what?
No. I'm going after the glue.
Thank you.
Someone offered 2000 more.
What are you going to do?
Talk to me and call
me in the evening.
This woman called. She is very interested
in Goldman's house on Rose Avenue.
Thank you.
They're alive. -Jesse,
what are you doing here?
We're going to the check.
- What? - For inspection.
I said I want to go with you.
You said you had a meeting.
- I put it down. That's more important.
Let's go.
You can not get our private
life into the job.
What do you want from me? You were angry
when I was not sure about the baby,
now you're angry that I want to
be involved. - It's always yours.
You gave up on our law, not me.
I wanted to fight for us.
For our family. - I know.
I want to have what we
had before, if possible.
I want to redeem.
- Thanks, but...
Now it has to be mine.
If I want you to go to the
check, I'll invite you.
Right. But I would like to do what
is right for you and your child.
I want you to let me do it.
I know, believe it. Your conditions.
Yeah. I'd rather go, I'll miss.
You really do not want me to go with you?
I'll let you know how it went.
Fine. Good.
Jesse, I'm sorry I did
not call you before.
I had work.
Everything is fine.
A healthy child grows in me.
I'll call you later.
Not bad, Mom. Not bad.
"Hello, you got Diane King.
Leave the message. "
They're alive. Happy New Year.
Overnight, you expanded.
-It's happening.
We did not see you for a few weeks.
I know, I'm sorry. For the
holidays, we had guests,
but we were not here for the New Year.
I just could not wait to see you.
I want to see your expression
when you hear the news.
I was on amniocentesis.
I'm a kid.
Maybe he will fall in love with
your daughter and we'll be in love!
Chels, I'm just kidding.
It's not that. I was
also on amniocentesis.
I also have a boyfriend.
Does not bother you?
You wanted a girl.
No. They say that boys
love their mothers.
I'd rather think about it than
how they rage and get beat.
You good?
-Brca. You want to feel it?
Amazing, what?
Let's start.
First adapted position "tree".
Step in front of the pillow.
Let's spread our hands to
the sky, breathe deeply.
"A little sad boy,
blow into the trumpet,
sheep are in the meadow,
cows in corn.
Where is this boy,
who keeps the sheep?
It's in the shade,
sleeping firmly?
Will you wake him up?
I do not.
If I wake him up,
he will cry. "
Enter what is domestic.
Vivian, take it.
I'll see you in there. Thank you.
Chelsey? What are you doing?
You see the house?
-No. Le...
Chelsey? You good?
Did something happen?
I am very sorry.
With Jesse, we went badly.
I wanted to talk to someone
who cares about me.
I saw you had a party, I did not mean
to disturb you. - Not at all. Come in.
I'm going to the game.
All right?
- We'll talk about how naughty boys are.
Then I'll go.
Have fun.
I'm very embarrassed. -No! - You should
not be here. - Do not be embarrassed.
This is our tradition.
Thematic dinner.
Tonight, it's Mexican.
I'm breaking the tradition!
Stop it. I know them years.
You know Paulo. Vivian works with us.
I know the others from the fax.
Tell me what happened.
With Jesse, we got into a lot of trouble.
It does not have to be with a kid.
Take a look at me at night.
I finally realized that
I was completely alone.
I am very sorry.
I'm sorry, that's stupid.
They're alive.
You have to tell her something.
Di, can we talk?
- Of course. - It's gone last night.
Poor Chelsey.
- I did not think so. -What do you mean?
Di, I'm sorry for
her legal problems,
But did she not behave humbly?
She needed a friend.
There are not many
people to rely on.
Okay, but with Vivian we
caught her watching the house.
Di, come on! This is scary and not
the first. - She explained why.
She could not call? -Who comes
in without notice and uninvited?
I do not know. Perhaps, too, you
would not behave perfectly,
if you were pregnant
when your law broke up.
I'm sorry. I was just looking
forward to our gathering.
I did not expect to talk about
Chelsea's legal problems.
My Chelsey help will not
affect our friendship.
You know that, right?
- Of course.
Good. - Sure.
Look at him.
-Res is unclean.
He does not see anything about
it, which is a diaphragm.
Muscles under the lungs.
It's a congenital
diaphragmatic hernia.
What is it?
- Hole on the diaphragm.
A hole?
If it is not operated, other organs
in the abdomen may press the lungs.
They will not develop well and the child
will not be able to breathe properly.
Oh, God.
- Diane, Rob, that can be fixed. - How?
We will arrange for the Caesarean section
to know exactly the date of birth.
Specialists will be at birth.
They will put the baby on the respirator
to make it easier to breathe,
then it was quickly operated.
I will not lie to you.
You will come to check
up until his third year.
And there may be complications.
But luckily, our colleagues
are good at our work.
I promise that they are very
likely to have a healthy baby.
"Hello, you got Diane King.
Leave the message. "
Here, Chels.
I just want to greet you.
I think you were under review today.
How was it?
Call me.
Here prof. King. I have to
cancel the afternoon lectures.
And tomorrow. Yeah.
All right, thank you.
Here you go, dear.
We'll get it.
- I can not feel that way. - You did not.
Your work is more
important than ever.
You have to eat properly and feel that your
child will be as powerful as possible.
I very much like you and your little
Johnny. Everything will be okay.
I know that.
Are we really going
to call him Johnny?
I can not talk to Chelsey now.
I feel bad,
but it reminds me of everything
that can go wrong in pregnancy.
Is that why I'm a terrifying man?
Of course you did not. You only
know her for a few months.
If I'm honest, she's
very emotional.
Attend yourself and your child.
Forget Chelsea.
"Hello, stranger. How are you?"
Great, thank you.
Are you ready to bid for
that house on Swinton?
Good. If they accept your offer
and do not sell the houses,
you can rent it from
the owner at Swinton.
So you will not
have two mortgages.
Someone interested?
What's the address?
I'll look at what's available.
Bye, Nicole.
Everything is agreed
for Saturday 15th.
Rob will take Diana to a
special pre-natal massage.
Relaxed and happy will come
home to friends and family
to the surprise
party for a child.
Canapes are prepared.
Small sandwiches, pies. -In the game.
Hello! -Chelsey, they live.
What did you mention games?
- Of course. We work in kindergarten.
All the time, you invented
games for children. - Exactly.
Excuse me! All the time, I've been pissed off.
Chelsey, they live. What are you doing here?
I'm here because you're so busy.
- Yes, I'm sorry.
I brought you something.
-Very nice.
As soon as I saw him,
I remembered you.
Johnny Appleseed.
Very cute. It's super.
Thank you, Chelsey.
I would like to hang out,
but we have a meeting.
We are planning a spring concert.
- Of course.
You should not get here.
-It's okay.
See yoga? - Sure.
Have fun. Bye.
-Hello, Chels.
Where are we staying?
I will. -Thank you.
I'm so relieved that
I could sleep here.
Or you can lie
in two, three hours.
What? Why?
They're alive. What's happening?
Kolaki. I know what that means.
I can not believe you
were able to come.
They're all here!
I know what it is.
You knew I wanted it. Look!
She's prettier than my bags, I swear.
I will. -Thank you.
He has so many pockets. And that!
Thank you, Carly.
Chelsey, they live. -I'm sorry I'm late.
- No, you're not invited.
Chelsey, you came.
I was wondering where you are.
I'm sorry to be late.
I lost the invitation.
I forgot when it was.
I did not ask you not
to spoil surprises.
You did not confirm.
We did not expect you.
It's enough food. Come in.
That's fun. -Good.
It surprised me.
Chelsey has come.
- They're alive.
You open the gifts.
I'm going after my own.
Di, I'm very sorry.
I did not invite her because I was
afraid of something like that.
I do not know how she found out.
There it is! -Chelsey!
I know you did not think you
would have it, but you should.
It's too much.
I can not accept it.
You can. It's a pleasure.
Friends serve this.
Thank you. It's beautiful.
You're welcome.
Chelsey, come up with something to eat.
I made small pies.
Will you say this is
not inappropriate?
What is? - I'm tired, it's
always uncomfortable for me.
I went out six times.
I used to sleep for three hours.
Sleep on.
What do you have to do today?
We have a prenatal course.
Do we really have to go? -What do you mean?
- You will have a caesarean section.
How likely is the usual birth?
I can get the cuts sooner.
Then we will go to the
necessary caesarean section.
Dr. Harris said that a long birth
would be hard for a child.
Then we do not have to get
up and go to the course?
I like this idea.
Morning. -Jutro.
Thanks for letting go with you.
Watch your head.
Let's go.
Take one for Diana.
Thank you.
Do you remember when we were
here for the first time? -Yeah.
This time it will be better.
It's going to be wonderful.
Diane is gone.
Welcome to the first
prenatal course.
I am your teacher and a
well-educated maternal "doula".
You can ask me everything.
My friends are gone.
We start at 10:00, that
everyone gets an hour they pay.
The goal of the course is to
increase confidence in childbirth.
We'll start this today.
You see? Their car is here.
Are you sure it's
okay if you show up?
Jesse, what if something
happened to Diane?
Or a child?
Stay here.
Chelsey, they live. What is?
What is? I was worried about you.
You did not go to the course.
I should contact you.
We decided not to go.
What? How can she?
For personal reasons, Rob and I
decided to have a Caesarean section.
What? When?
-10. April.
You good? You want to talk about this?
- I do not have time.
I am preparing for
maternity leave.
We are preparing for the baby with Rob.
I need time.
I'm very sorry
that I scared you,
I hope you like the course.
Talk to you.
Who was it? -Chelsey.
Do I just think it's
often unannounced?
It does not seem to you.
Is everything all right?
-No. I do not know.
Diane will go to the cesarean section.
She will not go to the course.
Is that bad? - Of course. She did
not tell me why. I'm worried.
I'm less accessible.
Maybe it's exaggerating.
Do not waste energy to care
for Chelsea's feelings.
I know that you are dumb
because it has no support.
But there may be a reason.
You may be a little sad because your
friend does not go to the course.
Only you, our child and
your health are important.
Nothing else.
Right? -Yeah.
You did not tell me about the pillar.
I'll fix it next week.
Jesse, maybe we do not have
to work around the house.
What do you mean?
What do you say to leave
bad memories behind you?
and moved to Brewster?
Look how beautiful this house is.
Brewster? Five hours away.
How will I go to work?
- You're going to work in Brewster.
Chelsey, I have my
company in Pineville.
Why would I leave him
for a nice house?
Moving will not
reduce our problems.
The problem was that we can not
have children. We'll have it now.
You do not think the child
will fix everything.
What happened to Alexandra
it was the worst that we experienced.
I did not want to.
But I'm not sure whether these are
the right conditions for a child.
You do not even feel it's true.
It's coming.
Who is to blame for that?
You say you want me to be here, but
you shut me off all the time... He?
Jesse, I'm tired.
My back hurts. I have to restore.
- We gotta talk. -Later.
I'll help you.
-Thank you. I'm really slow.
He was powerful.
I remember. You want to
to bring the child out of himself,
He wants to jump
over the bladder.
You're close. Five more days. -Yeah.
You good? - Can you take it?
I'm going to the air.
Come on, get ready.
There are two hours of poor
childish singing ahead of us.
Not for those with bad nerves.
-Thank you. - Come on.
Thank you.
Diane? -Chelsey.
You are literally the only one in the
world that I want to talk to now.
You good? Did something happen?
- My law is officially closed. - What?
Jesse sent me to divorce
papers in the morning.
It's impossible.
He thought about it. I do not give
it to him, that child will not.
I want to start again with someone else.
-I am very sorry.
Excuse me! Chamomile tea, please.
-Me too.
I'm sorry.
Di, are you okay? You have not been long.
If only you would spend more
time with yourself and Rob.
She could learn something.
They're a great couple. - You're in love.
I think your relationship can
be overwhelmed. -Thank you.
I'm better now. Thank you.
It's good to know that you
are not alone in the world.
I'm very sorry that this is
happening to you. Especially now.
I would have spoken, but I have to go.
I'll miss the...
No talk. You took the time.
I pay.
Thank you.
I'll call... - Are you okay?
Suddenly I was born.
It's hard to tolerate pregnancy, huh?
-Yeah. - Let me help you.
It will go.
Your stuff. -Thank you.
Let's go. -Teamwork.
This is my car.
I'll take you.
It's not far. - Diane, please.
-Thank you.
You installed a child seat.
I'm feeling weird.
- Close your eyes. It will help.
Chelsey, where are you going? The nurse is in
that direction. You have to go to the left.
Do not worry. I'll turn around.
What's happening? Where are we?
- You can confess.
I feel...
You're smart. It just
made you calm down.
- Even I deserve happiness, Diane.
I'm here. So.
There you are.
- I'm late? Diane said to come at 19.
It's only 18.45.
- So it's not with you.
Diane? No. I need to make
an appearance with you.
I know. She was there by the
service, but I can not find her.
I called her twice.
He does not answer.
We checked all the classrooms and toilets.
The car is in the parking lot.
Diane, it's me. Where are you?
You good? Call me.
See who woke up.
Diane, we have a lot of work.
You will give me a baby.
Chelsey, what is this?
Something that will cause birth.
It will soon start working.
-Chelsey, please, no.
You will harm a child.
He would never have.
I will help him to be born, bring
him home, and love him forever.
This is my plan
from the beginning.
Chelsey, this is my child.
Your daddy's home.
You do not really understand.
Look. Terrible, is not it? I had
to wear that for six months.
It's crap, it's hot and heavy.
It's tough.
I have a complete dress.
Oh, God. You are crazy.
-I did not.
Try to carry your baby
eight months and a half,
then find out that
he died in you.
Chelsey... -Try to give birth to you,
your husband will buy the smallest
coffin on the market the next day.
- Try to survive three rafts after that.
I'm sorry, now four.
It hurt, I spent months,
wasting my savings.
I did everything to give
birth to this baby.
But three specialists told me
that my womb, like my law,
irreparably damaged
this first, lost child.
Chelsey, we'll give you everything
with Rob. Everything you want.
What? Money? Do you think
I want your money?
Money does not bring luck.
Family her.
Diane, I will not do anything to you.
You were a good friend of mine.
That's why I know you're the
perfect replacement mother.
What? John is my child!
- His name is Alexander.
Do not yell, that your pressure does not
increase, you will endanger the child.
They can have other kids with Rob.
This is my only chance.
Chelsey, you do not understand.
He's sick. He must go to the hospital.
That's why we subscribed to Caesarean section!
Good experiment. -No! I'm not lying to you.
He's very sick.
You think I can not worry
about a sick child?
That's what Mom starts. -You can not.
Please! I beg you.
Getting started!
Relax. I want Alexander to come
to a safe, peaceful environment.
Do not worry. I know what I'm doing.
Listen to me and everything will be fine.
Only after 48 hours
is it missing.
Nine months is pregnant.
Was she happy for pregnancy?
Have problems?
We have no problems!
-Detective, Diane is not like that.
Thank you.
Who is this? -Nick. This cell phone
remained in the Pierre coffee shop.
Come on! I know it hurts, but you can do it.
These women have always begun.
I want you to walk with me on the course,
but you learn while you're alive.
Come on! Take a deep breath.
No. Slightly breathe.
I saw her, she was with
another pregnant woman.
She looked sick.
She was spinning when they were leaving.
I'm going to report.
Push! I see the head.
It's as strong as it can!
Push! Push! So!
Can I see him?
It's good? It's good?
Let me see him. Please!
Please, Chelsey.
He's the most beautiful boy in the world.
Give me my baby!
Alexander Jesse Miller, it's
nice to finally get to know you.
The blue has become.
I told you he was sick!
The operation must. He can die!
Diane, I'm very sorry.
I did not want to hurt you.
I have to take Alexandra
to the hospital.
I know, boy. I know.
I know, I know.
It's okay, it's okay.
Come on. -No!
It's mine!
- It's okay, Alexander. Mom is here.
Everything will be fine.
- Help! Help me!
Mr. King, everybody is looking for your wife.
Chelsey? -Jesse?
-What's happening?
I was born. - What?
Something is wrong.
I have to take him to the hospital.
I take him to the hospital
along the highway 16.
What do you mean? Oh, God.
I'll see you there.
My child!
- We need help.
My child does not breathe. - Sister?
Help him.
-Right for review no. 3.
I'm good.
- Let's check it out. -I'm fine!
You gave birth to yourself.
- I want a child.
Bloody. We have to examine you.
- I want a child!
To room no. 3, right away.
I need data.
Help! Help!
Help me, please!
Help me! Help me!
I did not like it. She was looking for
attention, she was a little weird.
But I do not know if she's capable...
-Excuse me.
Great. Excuse me.
A woman, about 30 years old, is bloody.
She was born, but she does not have a baby.
Excuse me, is there anything news about
my wife or child? -Just a moment.
This is Mrs. Miller's husband.
The panic is grabbing it.
It's also right. His wife brought a
baby, but she did not give birth.
- Call the police and the psychiatrist.
The child has to undergo surgery.
Mrs. Miller? - How's my kid?
It's good?
I came to you.
I have some questions.
My wife just came in.
Diane King.
She got her powerful medicine.
She lost a lot of blood.
Try to talk to her.
It should help.
Diane. What is?
Chelsey. - What?
Chelsey took our baby.
Chelsey Miller took our baby.
Diane told me.
We have to find him. The operation must.
- Your son is here. - On the operation.
Really? It's a miracle. That's
good news, is not it? - Of course.
As soon as I find
something, I tell you.
Sir, you are a man
ge. Chelsey Miller?
I did not know.
Sir? -Yeah.
I have some questions.
I want to see my baby! You can
not take it out! He needs me!
It's my child! My!
I'm a good mom! You can not...
I'm a good mom!
Good... - Relax.
Where is? - Here. John is on the operation.
- I have to see him.
You can not. -No! -You can not.
I want to see my baby.
- I know.
I want to see him. - I know.
I want to keep it in order.
- I know, darling.
Mr. Miller, was your wife ever
hospitalized, going to a psychiatrist?
Did you go with her to
gynecological examinations?
Have you ever been
involved in pregnancy?
We were not together.
She did not want me to be involved.
They did not make a plan
how to get a family?
What are you talking about?
Did not you know that your wife is not
worried she did not give birth today?
It's impossible!
Chelsey told the psychiatrist that she had
paid $ 5,000 to her replacement mother.
Excuse me.
I'm guilty of everything. - You do not.
I dropped her into our lives.
Invited her to our home.
You could not know.
Who would think of such a thing?
My job is to protect him, Rob.
Sir and Madam King?
How is our child?
It's good? - It's fine.
The operation was heavy,
and we operated a hernia.
In the morning, they will go to the county hospital.
They are bigger babies specialists.
By that time, we will take good care of him.
-Thank you. -You're welcome.
Can I see him?
- Just when you're ready. - I'll do it.
You'll have to let him down.
-Just a little bit.
"Little light-blue boy,
blow into the trumpet,
sheep are in the meadow,
cows in corn.
Where is this boy,
who keeps the sheep?
Where is this boy,
who keeps the sheep?
It's in the shade,
sleeping firmly?
Will you wake him up?
I do not.
If I wake him up,
he will cry. "