Stolen Vacation (2023) Movie Script

Could you pass the phone, Catita?
Lolita has it.
Pay your debt.
Yeah, that's me.
We're from the HM Motors
Collection Department.
Nacho, man! How you've been?
How's the tournament going?
Mr. Camargo, you haven't paid
your van monthly fee.
Pay your debt.
Don't tell me that, man!
That's awful.
Apparently, Nacho lost his racket.
Tell me all about it.
Don't you get tired?
I'll call you morning, evening and noon
until you pay.
Yeah, right...
This is the last warning.
If you don't pay at least a month,
- I'll...
- See ya.
- Mr. Camargo?
- Are you still there?
If you don't pay at least a month...
- No!
- What happened?
- What did you do, Lolita?
- Carlos!
You have no plans for your vacation?
Show your family how much you love them...
Charlie! Lolita!
- Hurry.
- No, you hurry.
I did nothing, come on.
Did you say something, Mrs. Lola?
No, Catita.
I'll be late again!
That wouldn't happen
if we took the school bus.
- Charlie is ashamed.
- Shut up.
These implementations are good news.
Every single computer
will have internet access.
Bravo, Astirigoitia.
Someone wants your position, Camargo.
Too would have to change his diapers.
People, there are two days left
until vacation time.
Finish your reports
before you apply sunblock.
- Twenty-three.
- Damn it.
- Nine.
- Yes.
Bingo! I won!
- I won!
- Yes, well done.
This was the good one.
Don't worry.
Tomorrow is the big pot.
Let's hope it's our turn.
Are you playing another one?
Come on.
It's on me.
But this is the last one.
For real.
If you win, you pay me double.
One more, Mrs. Lola?
The last one, Juanita.
Give me the lucky one.
This is it.
I didn't know you play bingo.
We've been missing you.
I'm just trying my luck.
Where's my money?
I'm getting it.
You told me the same a month ago.
I'll ask your husband for it.
No, Martucha. Please, I'm begging you.
Not him.
Could you give me a week?
You have one day.
- Eminem?
- Me.
- Molotov?
- Thank you, Lolita.
Get out of here. Now.
Are you Charlie Camargo's sister?
- Yes.
- You both on a scholarship?
The seventh graders told us you copy CDs.
Yes, I have a duplicator.
I want a mix.
- You'll have it after vacation.
- I want it tomorrow!
- He's asking Mafer to be his girlfriend.
- Shut up.
It would be 12 dollars for the urgency.
Before the break.
I'm really nervous.
Princeton's letter hasn't arrived yet.
Did you get it?
I got Harvard's,
but I'm still waiting for Princeton's.
You must choose Princeton
to be in the same school.
How romantic would that be.
You'll be the most beautiful
of our generation.
Have your suit ready?
No, over my dead body.
Won't look like my dad.
Lay down.
Did you buy them?
My dad would kill me first.
Just hide them.
Caro... Your parents are here.
They are at their tennis class.
- What if they come in?
- They barely started.
Someone there?
Carlos Camargo, the legend.
Astirigoitia, the golden boy.
Are you going on vacation, Carlos?
I'm fixing the satellite dish,
that crap broke down.
Pamper your family a bit,
do something for them.
What's wrong with your leg?
At my age,
running is like being on the X-Games.
I didn't know you exercise.
- Captain of the White Donkeys.
- Is that the Politecnico?
"Hulum. Hulum".
Glory... "Cachi cachi porra.
A la cachi cachi porra".
I went to a private.
I kinda knew it.
How much is left?
Just 43 %.
Hurry up, I have to go.
Don't touch the sword.
If you touch it, an alarm goes off.
- My dad is a kend o champion.
- What's that?
It's an ancient martial art
practiced by samurais over millennia.
That's his combat saber.
- What happened?
- Expelled again.
What now?
The burner is damaged.
Tony Kuri is killing me.
Are you ready for vacation time?
Always ready.
We're going to Miami.
I have a favor to ask.
The van wasn't fixed on time
and it is at the garage.
- Classic.
- Yeah.
Could you get the keys from them?
That's what neighbors are for.
Thank you, Carlos.
If you go out,
leave a light turned on.
Robbery is getting worse by the day.
Good luck, Carlos.
- Good trip, Salo.
- You too.
- Hi, dad.
- Charlie.
prepare your shopping list,
we're going to San Antonio, Texas.
- What?
- For real?
- When?
- On Saturday.
- What's this surprise?
- I got my annual bonus.
In March?
They just adjusted last year's books.
I owe it to you.
We'll celebrate your birthday there?
That's right, princess.
Did someone say Red Lobster ?
We'll go on Saturday,
first thing in the morning.
Two rooms, please.
One for the children and other
for Mr. Camargo and his refined wife.
I already saw through you, Carlos.
Let's start the engines.
No, I can't.
It's that time of the month.
I knew this day would come.
Thank you for the vacation, Camargo.
I owe them to you all.
I love you, Carlos.
- What's up?
- Good night.
What's this?
It's the fee
for the university admission test.
The exam for the Politecnico is free.
Im doing it at the Anahuac.
- Lola, can you this tomorrow?
- Yes, of course.
Thank you.
I havent forgotten my promise.
Youll do your Masters in America.
- You said the same for the Bachelors.
- College is for partying.
Americans use it
to lose their virginity with tramps.
You get into business on the Master's.
- Rosie, darling.
- Good morning, sir.
Who are they?
Theyre judicial police.
There was a robbery in here yesterday.
Maam, can you pay me now?
Ill pay you tomorrow, Catita.
This money is for important stuff.
- Hi.
- My CD.
His CD.
Sorry, the burner broke down.
Im reimbursing you.
I dont want my money back.
I want my CD
- He was going to dedicate it.
- Shut up.
Bring it on Monday or youre dead.
Hi, Martucha.
- My money.
- Martucha, I swear...
Next time you see me,
Ill bring the police.
Im taking your IOU to them.
No, no, wait.
Listen, today is the big pot.
If I win, Ill pay you
what I owe you with interests.
What if you dont?
Its my wedding ring.
Its 24 carat gold.
Whats the stone?
What else? A diamond.
Its 0.9.
Ill give you your IOU
once you give me
the certificate of authenticity.
Have a good day.
Bye, doggie.
Catita, please, wait.
Just wait for two weeks
and Ill pay you everything I owe you.
Yeah? Ill even pay you
a month in advance for you to go
to the party of your town. Please.
Maam, youre an addict,
you have a gambling problem.
I've got a suggestion for you.
Look for a job.
No. You dont get it.
I cant work because of my children.
No, Mrs. Lola. I have children too.
You dont work
because youre a lazy bum.
You know something?
- No, but they know who did it.
- Good.
Come in.
Sir, Too wants to see you in his office.
Were going to San Antonio, Texas.
Thank you for the vacation.
Vacation at last.
Yeah, princess.
Did someone say Red Lobster ?
I knew this day would come.
Are we really going to America?
A room for us and other for the children.
Like in the old days, honey.
How long have you been with us, Carlos?
Itll be 10 years in August.
Are you happy?
Yeah, yeah. of course.
Im really happy.
Do you like your salary?
Ive nothing to say.
Were being totally honest, right, Carlos?
Tell me the truth.
I wont lie to you, Too.
This year I missed my annual bonus.
To be honest.
- I trust you, Carlos.
- And you can keep doing it.
- Too, I was pooing...
- Horacio...
is getting old.
I think someone
is taking advantage of him.
More than ever, I need
a man I can trust as Treasurer.
I think you can be that man.
Give me a second.
Yes, talk to me.
Yes. Just a moment.
Carlos, Im sorry.
This call is gonna take longer
than I thought.
Its about the robbery and all that.
There are lots to do and...
I got it, Too. Im sorry.
Slum bitch. Slum... bitch.
Slum bitch. Slum bitch.
That rhymes...
Thats it.
I listened enough of those thugs.
Theyre called Molotov.
Mr. White, can you tell me again
how you ended up with this vulgar CD?
Lolita sold it to me.
Do your parents know youre doing this?
They know Ive got a duplicator.
- Lolita, youre doing piracy.
- And it is a crime.
- Thats right.
- Are you expelling me?
We dont know yet,
but you could lose your scholarship.
Have you reached Mrs. Camargo?
We tried,
but shes not answering her phone.
- Fucking Freddie. He won again.
- I needed the money.
Dont worry, cutie.
You'll get lucky.
Luck is not on my side.
- I must quit this.
- What are you going to do?
Get into real estate like a divorcee?
I dont know,
but I wont come back here.
Im going.
Have a great trip.
Bring me a souvenir from San Antonio.
Your marker.
In case you come back.
I cant do this anymore.
Heres my part for the burner.
- Why?
- They discovered me.
They said I committed piracy.
Sammy, did you bring your bag down yet?
Ill do it after my meeting.
- The taxi will be here in five.
- Yes.
This is Tony Kuris list.
Its the last one I need.
You can keep my share.
Bill Gates.
Taxis here!
Did you buy the condoms?
Good boy.
Ready for your surprise?
Do you like it?
I love it.
Where did you buy it?
In San Diego.
When did you go there?
Last year.
We werent together yet.
- We were not a couple.
- I dont get it.
Did you use it with somebody else?
What kind of stupid question
is that, Charlie?
If were gonna make love, I wanna know.
Know what, Charlie?
I have the right to know
if you slept with someone else.
Youre talking like a stupid macho.
Yes or no, Caro?
It doesnt matter!
- Do I know him?
- No.
It happened in Switzerland,
He wasnt Mexican.
Havent seen him again.
Where is he from?
- From Brazil.
- A Brazilian!
Why does it matter?
Did you do it?
We just got to third base.
You have to wait until marriage.
Youre like an university gringa.
Youre a stupid macho, Carlos.
What did I say?
- Get out.
- No.
- Go.
- No.
Go now!
Take them.
Theres no turning back, Nacho.
I told my family.
You still have time
to give the money back.
Cancel the trip.
Dolores is a good woman.
Shell understand.
This happens once lifetime, Nacho.
Im sick of waiting for the future.
As the President says: Today, today...
- On your tab, Mr. Camargo?
- No, Chuchito. Ill pay for these.
Whens our time to say enough, Nacho?
Its been almost 10 years since 1994
and were going downhill.
I lost my company,
my childrens admiration,
my wifes passion.
Damn it, we just keep losing.
For what? To wake up and keep losing?
Thats enough.
Fuck it.
I want my kids to see me and say:
My dads the best.
I want to be my wifes husband.
To be lovers again.
Im taking the risk, Nacho.
Have a good trip, friend.
- Honey, malls are waiting for us.
- What?
Five more minutes.
Youve got ten, my love.
Good morning, dad.
Good morning, mom.
Darling, help your mom get up.
Ill go put gas to the van.
Dolores, sandwiches, visas,
and passports.
Time to go!
Come with me to put gas to the van.
Havent packed yet.
At least pretend youre excited about it.
Can we buy my graduation suit?
Nothing like the American style.
Wait there!
Wait! Goddammit!
Wait! Stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Wait. Stop there.
Wait... No, dont...
Don't move.
This is my van.
No, Mr. Camargo.
Its not yours, its the agencys.
Get down or Ill call the police.
How much do I owe?
- Ill pay you right now.
- You can check it in Collection.
Well place it in an auction on Monday.
No, no. What? Until Monday?
No, no, you dont get it.
Were going on vacation.
What would I say to my family?
That you bought something
you couldn't pay.
Youll rot in hell.
Have a great day, Mr. Camargo.
Lets go.
Excuse me.
Do you know Mr. Camargo?
Thats me.
Im Fidel from the repair shop.
Mr. Salomon asked me
to give you the keys to his van.
The tanks full.
Please, sign this.
Whats this?
I told Salo about our trip
and he offered us to use his van.
- Ready?
- Really?
Were not that close.
Weve been neighbors for 15 years.
It's the minimum.
Remind me to buy them a gift at the mall.
- Why are we using the neighbors van?
- They lent it to us for our trip.
Wheres ours? What happened?
I told the agency to come for it
and give it a VIP service,
worthy of us.
- Whats that?
- A birthday present in advance.
- Thank you.
- My darling, youre the best.
Okay, lets see whats the surprise.
Baby, what a beautiful song.
- Are you ready?
- Yes, Captain!
Nothing like an American engine.
Testing. One, two, three. Testing.
Charlie, do you copy?
Do the most handsome kids
in Mexico copy?
I copy, Dolores. Loud and clear.
- Are you ready for the malls?
- Lower your voice.
Dont be a party pooper.
- Mom, Im hungry.
- Me too.
My guts are growling too.
Bring in the sandwiches.
The sandwiches...
Okay, the chips.
- I totally forgot about it.
- Didnt you tell Catita?
You didnt know,
but Catita had to go back to town.
She is pregnant.
In what oven?
She got pregnant, baby.
How far is it?
Thank Santa Ana.
If it werent for him,
itll take us twice the time.
California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico,
the south part of US,
was a part of our territory,
but the gringos took it by force.
Yes, your dad is a History savvy.
Sit over there.
those guys dont look very friendly.
We better go.
Dont be such a bigot, Lola.
Dont worry, they are local farmers
looking for burritos.
If there were hamburgers nearby,
theyd be eating that instead.
Check, please.
It cant be.
- They hit us.
- Salo is gonna kill us.
With his saber.
Theyre going to pay.
- Shall we write the plates.
- No, get into the van.
- Want me to go with you?
- No, calm down.
This is between men, Lola.
Thats me.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Enjoying your burritos?
Felipillo, I think you had
a bit of a trouble parking
and you hit my van,
which isnt mine, but my neighbors,
Salo Cohen.
Prove it.
Yeah, right.
Thats a job for the insurance.
The only insurance in here its me.
No one messes with dad.
- Whats he doing?
- I dont know.
Carlos, hurry up.
What did they say?
They said theyll pay
for the scratch, as they should.
- I gave them my digits.
- Wake up!
- What happened?
What happened?
Look how gorgeous Mexico is.
All I see is the desert and cacti.
Where are we?
You dont recognize it
because you keep sleeping,
but were near Laredo.
It says its Cuatrocienagas.
Cuatrocienagas? Rings a bell.
Check it on the map.
- The map?
- Hm-mm.
Maybe it was on the other van.
No, no, Lola! No!
The map is on the bookcase,
next to the photo.
You forgot the sandwiches, the map...
Its a miracle you packed the passports.
The passports!
What do we do?
What do we do?
I know!
Lets roll up our pants
and cross the border by the river.
What do you think about that, Dolores?
If I werent in charge of everything,
it would be a lot easier.
Im working all day long
and your kids are studying at school.
What about you?
What were you doing?
Tell me.
- We should have flown.
- What?
We should have paid for a flight.
The Pesqueiras flew over last year
and it wasnt so expensive.
I dont care how did they travel,
or if they went to Bali or Paris.
Since youre not paying,
you think its very easy.
I cant pay for it
because youve never let me work!
So, you now want to work.
Come on, go for it.
Buy me an apron to clean up the house!
At least, Id have brought the sandwiches.
My god, what's up with those?
Go behind me.
Let's go, Carlos.
I don't feel safe. Let's go.
Vacation is over.
What's wrong?
Mom forgot our passports.
But I have them.
You asked me to keep them in here.
I asked your mother.
I thought you were talking to me.
Just look at these.
Nothing like an American engine.
God night, officer Rodrguez.
She's asleep.
That's my family.
My fa-mi-ly.
Yes, sir.
Stop it, Carlos.
He forgot how to speak Spanish already.
His last name is Rodrguez.
Thank you.
They can say bad things about Americans,
they're the shit.
Look at all those lanes.
Everything works.
Even the air smells different.
Don't exaggerate, Carlos.
It does smell different.
Even Coke tastes different.
How did he know we're Mexicans?
The total is US$1000.60
Can I pay only for a night?
Of course, Mr. Camargo.
If you pay with your Visa credit card,
you get a 5 % discount.
No, it's a corporative card,
just for emergencies.
I understand, Mr. Camargo.
Thank you.
You sure like cash, Mr. Camargo.
Why did the Principal call you?
They confiscated some merch.
A Molotov disc.
What did she say?
If I get suspended,
I'd lose the scholarship.
Did our parents know already?
Not yet.
I was saved by the bell.
Do you miss Caro?
- We broke up.
- Why?
she'll go and study in America.
Why don't you go with her?
Just like dad.
My dad studied at the Politecnico.
And his Master's in Florida.
No, he just completed
a Summer course in Florida.
Well, I'm doing the same.
Look, Camargo.
I love seeing them like that.
They didn't do it
when they were younger.
Thank you for the vacation.
Forgive me for what I said
about flying and everything else.
You forgive me, Lola.
I've been thinking
and you can work if you want to,
although let me tell you
that it won't be necessary.
Why is that?
I've been keeping it a secret, but...
I'll become the next Treasury Manager.
My salary is going to double up.
Why's that?
The thing is...
Mr. Horacio is becoming too old
and Too wants someone to trust
as his right hand.
We're here all alone.
No, wait.
Wait until we go to the lingerie store.
- That will be your birthday present.
- Let me have a little preview.
- Tomorrow.
- Come on...
- Wait.
- Come on.
Mr. Camargo, open the door.
This is the police.
Open the door.
You signed your death sentence.
What happened?
Are you alright?
Are you alright?
- Yes.
- Calm down, honey.
- Yes.
- It was a nightmare.
What did you dream about?
I don't know. I don't remember.
Someone is getting nervous
about his birthday.
Fifty years, Lola.
Half a century.
Don't worry, honey.
It's gonna be a great day.
- Just relax.
- Yeah.
You scared me.
- Dad, you're on the opposite side.
- What?
That's how you find the best parking spot.
You see?
If you get lost,
we'll meet in here at 6:00 p. m.
Kids, pay attention to your dad.
Between the pretzels and the bathroom.
We hear you, dad.
Between the pretzels and the bathroom.
Okay, you can go now.
Can you give us money?
- Four hundred.
- Here.
Buy what you need.
Use your wisdom and try to optimize.
If you have change left over...
Carlos Camargo.
No way. What a small world.
What a coincidence, I didn't know
you were coming to San Antonio.
It was a last-minute plan.
Nothing like an outlet
for shopping, right?
Did you hear the news at the office?
- What?
- About the security cameras.
What...? What cameras?
Well, I'm not sure about it,
but Macas told me...
- Aha...
- Well...
- The accountant, the fat one.
- Aha.
- You know who?
- Yeah. Yes.
He said they put security cameras
through all the office without telling us.
someone has been robbing for a long time.
Fucking Too.
That bastard even knows when we poop.
Have they catch the rat?
- God knows.
- Carlos.
There's a special underwear sale.
What kind do you want?
Want boxers or briefs?
- Boxers or briefs?
- Well, Camargo,
I should go now.
- See you on Monday?
- Carlos?
Till Monday, Adame.
- Until Monday.
- Carlos?
Boxers or briefs?
Briefs, Lola. Briefs.
I'm looking for socks.
Yes, just the socks.
- Thank you.
- My god, I thought this was an outlet.
They cost double at the boutiques.
I'm Puerto Rican, sir.
- Sorry.
- Don't worry.
Would you want to become a member?
Well... No, no, no, thanks.
You just have to tell me your email
and you'll receive a 10 % discount
for Red Lobster .
Red Lobster ? Okay.
Where do I sign?
Just tell me your email.
It's Carlos, underscore, Camargo,
spelled with a C as cat...
Camargo, underscore again, 1954,
one, nine, five, four,
That's right.
At prodigy, written as it sounds.
Dot, compuserve, V as in van,
E at the end, "compuserv-e,"
dot com, dot mx.
Carlos, I found the babydoll.
- She's waiting for you.
- Yes.
I'm on my way. Thank you.
Are you ready?
Do you like it?
It's cute, right?
I don't know.
What's better, fuchsia or black?
Fu... Fuchsia.
- Got something for you?
- Yeah, some socks.
You'll be Treasury Manager,
you can't keep wearing those shoes.
Mom, I found my suit. Over.
That's great, honey. Buy it.
I just have ten dollars left. Over.
It's over.
Honey, you look ravishing.
What do you think, dad?
How much is it?
It's 450 dollars. It's on sale.
That's great.
- What are you thinking?
- Wait, I'm changing it to pesos.
Don't, Carlos.
If you think about it,
you're gonna ruin it.
I'd have to return my socks.
Congratulations, son.
It's a very special moment for a man.
Your first suit
is the beginning of your adulthood.
- Yes, of course.
- Thanks, dad.
It cannot be!
They took our plates!
We parked into a disable parking spot.
They left a ticket.
We have to pay the fine
at the Traffic Department.
Some help...
- Are we hurt or disabled?
- Okay.
- He asked for your license.
- Yeah.
Registration and license.
Mr. Salomn Cohen?
- No.
- Is he with you?
The owner is the only one
that get the plates back.
How do you say it?
My neighbor lent me his vehicle.
It was a great gesture.
We've lived next to each other
for 15 years.
We need to call him
so he can authorize the release.
Let them call him.
Don't call him already. Wait.
You have a collect call
from Carlos Camargo.
Accept it, Nacho.
Yes, I accept it.
- Are you okay, Carlos?
- Nacho.
Are you okay?
Do you remember the preliminary match
against White Donkeys
when I wore the rival's jersey
and waited for you
to take you out through the locker room
hidden so they couldn't kill you?
I'd never forget that.
I have to call in a favor.
Go to Salomn Cohen's house,
my neighbor.
- How am I getting in?
- It's easy.
There's a wire, just move it.
The gate's always opened.
At the entrance
there's a golden lion statue,
lift it and you'll find
the key under its paw.
Salo's office
is in the first door to your right.
The phone is going to ring.
Answer it.
Say you're Salomn Cohen
and that you lent your van
to your neighbor, Carlos Camargo,
to go shopping to San Antonio, Texas.
It's 450 dollars.
- Can't be cheaper?
- Mom!
Here's 200
No way.
Our reservation at Red Lobster
is at 9:00 p. m.
Free time.
Mr. Camargo.
I need to print a coupon.
Can you lend me your PC?
Of course, Mr. Camargo.
You can use
our business center over there.
Thank you, Bob.
Mr. Camargo.
Would you be so kind to pay
for today's accommodations?
- Right.
- Good.
two hundred dollars and sixty cents.
Let me remind you
that if you pay with your Visa
you can get a 5 % discount.
Thank you, Bob.
But as I told you,
I only use the corporative card
for emergencies.
I understand.
"We know it was you, Carlos.
Give it back
and reduce your sentence."
Red Lobster , Mr. Camargo.
Are you celebrating?
It's my birthday.
Are you feeling okay, Mr. Camargo?
I have...
to go back to Mexico immediately.
Dolores, we need to talk.
Where were you, Mr. San Antonio?
Are you ready for your birthday gift?
Hey, do you have scissors?
No. I have none.
We just got to third base.
You have to wait until marriage.
Youre like a university gringa .
Youre a stupid macho, Carlos.
What did I say?
Get out.
I'm sorry, Caro.
I was so stupid.
You're right, your past is yours only.
We weren't even dating yet.
Can we get back together?
We need to mature and travel,
meet other people.
Maybe later.
I don't know. If you go to Harvard
we can see each other on weekends.
Caro, I'm not going to Harvard.
Okay, Princeton.
Neither there, Caro.
I'm not going to Harvard, Princeton
or any other university in the US.
I didn't even do the SAPs.
My dad can't pay that kind of university.
Why did you lie to me?
Because I was stupid.
You're dumb.
If you change your mind,
I can wait for you.
Thank you, Charlie.
It's funny how you keep buying,
but you realize that you didn't buy
that much when you get to the room.
What's wrong, Carlos?
We'll be late.
- What's wrong?
- Can we talk?
Yes, what happened?
Mom, da...
- Let's go.
- We'll talk when we get back.
Thank you.
Blew the candle.
Put a ring on it.
Yeah, right.
You're right.
There it is.
Where's your wedding ring?
I left it in Mexico.
- Come on, dad. Just blew the candle.
- Yes, blow.
- Sorry, dad.
- Don't worry, baby.
It was an accident, it's fine.
I'll go to the bathroom.
When dad comes back,
we'll tell him some nice words
and thank him for the trip, okay?
Take this one. Card.
I'm freezing.
Why do they use so much AC in the US?
- We're in Texas.
- Use my jacket, baby.
Honey, I'll take this opportunity
to tell you something very important.
This trip has come to an end.
But we've just begun.
Something urgent has happened
and dad has to go back to the office.
Carlos, just tell them.
Dad was appointed as Treasury President.
His salary is going to double.
- Really?
- Congratulations, dad.
Did you picture yourself like this
on your 50th birthday, darling?
Eating lobster,
- with your family around...
- Uh-uh. San Antonio,
with a woman that admires and loves you,
with a son about to become
a university student...?
Did you pay for my admission test?
I gave it to her
because you had no money in your wallet.
You took out...
No, I never...
put cash in my wallet.
Do not worry.
Everything's going to be alright.
What happened?
I left the money in my other socks.
Let them charge it to the card.
They'll take it back later, don't worry.
- Mom.
- What's wrong?
- Did you pay it?
- What?
My admission test.
- It can't be!
- Don't worry, honey.
- I'll do it when we go back.
- It was the last week.
Now I'd end up studying
at the Politecnico, thank you.
What did you say, ungrateful child?
Everything this family possesses,
is thanks to the Politecnico University.
I had it coming.
This is my fault
for treating you as rich kids.
- You're useless.
- He's just thinking about his future.
- What future?
- The one you promised him.
Get a scholarship.
Since you lost yours already.
Did you lose it?
- I'm not sure.
- But why?
For selling pirate CDs with Sammy Cohen.
For piracy?
What kind of CDs?
Look into your clothes,
maybe you find some change.
- Let me check my bag.
- Nothing?
- Check on my jacket.
- You spend it all?
Where did you get that?
- It was in my mom's jacket.
- Did you play bingo?
- Of course not.
- Where's your wedding ring?
- You pawned it!
- Of course not.
- Is that why Catita quit?
- Catita quit?
- Who told you that?
- Sammy Cohen.
I forbid you seeing that kid again.
He's my business partner.
- You can't have a business partner.
- Carlos...
- You're ten.
- ...Camargo.
You don't get it
because you've never worked.
Cleaning up shitted diapers,
cooking every single day,
put up with your bad attitude,
fulfill his fantasies,
and keep the house on its feet
from Monday to Sunday...
Do you think that's not a job?
The only difference
between your dad's job and mine
is that I don't get paid!
Okay, family.
Sir, your card has been cancelled.
- That's weird.
- So...
- ...police.
- The police? Cancelled?
Dad, are you okay?
I'm okay, I'm fine.
It's just...
I don't know why it hurts
like it hurts now...
I'll get for the coupon.
What is happening?
I'll call 911.
My... chest hurts!
I'm fine.
- You don't look fine.
- I'm fine!
Carlos, what's going on?
They discover me, Lola.
I took some money from the office
and they got me.
You took money from your office?
Yes, a roll of bills
that I found behind the toilet.
It had no name.
Why didn't you give it back?
Because I wanted to bring you
on vacation, Lola.
- Using robbed money?
- Borrowed! Borrowed!
I was going to return them
every single cent.
Why did you do that?
Because I'm sick of being...
I wanted to see your faces
when I'd told you about the vacation.
wanted to settle the debt
I had with all of you.
...for taking his family on vacation.
For real?
Are you going to jail?
Only if the authorities decide it, baby.
What are we going to do?
What mom says.
We'll go back at dawn.
Your word is my command.
I already missed chilaquiles .
We were out for one day.
The shortest trip in history.
Well, but we enjoyed it, right?
That's weird, I thought she had no signal.
The phone's ringing.
Salo Cohen.
Dad, answer it.
Carlos, how are you? Are you okay?
Fine, yes. We're fine.
What about you?
How's Miami?
Not that good.
We're at the airport.
waiting for our flight to Mexico.
Some rats broke into our house.
Luckily, the alarm went off
and they called me.
You don't say, Salo.
I'm calling to know
if you have the van keys.
I'll go to the police when get there.
Oh, well... Yes, I have them with me.
Okay, I have to go.
I'll do check-in.
See you tonight.
Okay, alright. Have a good flight, Salo.
Yes, have a good day, Carlos.
We have to run.
Let's go!
- Darling, let's go.
- What?
I'll explain you later. Come.
- I haven't finished eating.
- Sorry. Forget about it.
- We have to go! Let's go, now!
- What happened?
- Felipillo.
- Salo's gonna kill us.
With his saber.
Okay, we just have to explain it.
He lent us his van,
he should understand, right?
He did lend you the van, right, Carlos?
How long is a flight
from Miami to Mexico?
- I don't know, four hours.
- Plus waiting time.
And getting out from the airport.
Let's pray for Customs to stop him.
Please, God, stop them.
I'm sorry for everything,
I just wanted you to have some vacation.
What matters is that we're together.
- But step on it!
- Hurry, dad.
- Hurry!
- Fasten your seat belts!
Open it.
Here comes an airport shuttle.
Take everything.
Should we wash it?
- Are you kidding, Lola?
- I don't know.
Don't drop it.
- Fuck!
- What?
I left my CD in the van.
Get inside.
Salo was a kendo national champ.
Your dad was football captain.
I'll be too.
How was your home?
Those assholes.
They didn't took a thing.
Sammy get into the van.
We'll get the police.
Lock yourself up at night.
Those guys always come back.
I'll leave the door open.
If they come back,
they'll lose their head.
First stop, Charlie and Lolita.
Want me to drop you by the corner?
At the entrance.
- At what time is your first interview?
- At 12:00.
Good luck.
We need it.
Where's Lolita?
Here's Tony Kuri's CD.
Thank you.
No one knows.
- I missed you.
- Me too.
They're waiting for me.
Who's there?
I'm looking for Mrs. Martucha.
Our Father, Who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy Kingdom come...
She died peacefully.
If you want to say goodbye,
now's the time.
They're coming for her.
Thank you.
- She was close to Mrs. Martita.
- Yes.
Ant style robbery.
One took the money,
another took it to the bathroom,
and the last one
grabbed it out of the office.
It were 287 000 dollars.
In three months!
We sent an email to the whole team
as part of our strategy...
and Astirigoitia got nervous.
I guess that you got it too.
Yes, that's right.
I thought it was some sort of a joke.
I didn't forget it.
Your annual bonus.
What are you going to do with it?
Just a minute.
Enjoy it, Mr. Horacio.
Do you feel okay, Carlos?
Never better.
We got all the channels back.
- Yeah?
- Mr. Camargo.
Your van has been auctioned,
and your debt has been settled.
Nacho, how are you?
If you allow it, I'll tell you
about a plan to get a new van.
Tell me all about it.
Nacho is inviting me
to the squash tournament.
I'm all ears, talk to me.
How about a high-end American van?
I'm interested.