Stolen Women, Captured Hearts (1997) Movie Script

Custer leveled
Cheyennsko village Washita.
Tribes from central areas
the Trail revenge.
Based on a true story.
Stop the car and make sure
to them empty!
Otkaite car, we have
somehow sti and Fort Hays!
We Fort Hays! Before to...
He released us this!
Boe! It was not a bad and
dress for one such a small place.
Dress is exactly what it
is needed in this city, Mother.
Is that not a little high waist?
Definitely not...
Then we will be able to decorate it with
some pieces of silk.
Do not you and on the promenade in New Orleans
, it's just a dance in hard avi!
If your father lived long enough
and doivio to see this not to...
We were attacked by Indians!
This one is just having a baby!
Where did this happen?
Half a day away from here.
Sarah, raced and fetch Dr. Cyrus!
Are you all right?
"He was fit as a fiddle"!
I to look forward to see you again tomorrow.
-Does Not something new about my moo?
Do not you , Mary...
soldiers safely arrived
to time.
For that they let us Indians?
He looked so strange to you.
Attempt device now get some sleep.
Anna... Is there somewhere live?
Stay with us! It is certainly here so boring!
It was friendly, but I...
... My brother!
How are you?
We're fine.
Miss White, Sarah...
Pastor Brewster.
We have met with your brother in the church.
You're a brave woman, Anna.
It's so nice to visit with us.
He is waiting on you.
What do you think ?
that you think so?
There was no this...
"He was so eager to see you.
" I can not think about it always...
even to find out what he looks like?
I thought... so!
Well, he is not as nice as your brother,
but he does not look so bad email.
He is a good man.
A true gentleman man.
It is best not to I could on and .
I owe you, because I have not been there
when the and parents died.
It's not your fault.
You're a little cold.
I have never been...
We all get cold.
I'm not.
How did you know ?
Fashion is simply not found you.
What is the color of his eyes?
I'm not well noted
and I was not interested in the color of his eyes...
I in itself to see for yourself.
Miss Anna Brewster.
Mr. Daniel Morgan.
I've not to the edge of the roof...
heard that you've done
for that other woman.
That was brave.
Thank you, Mr. Morgan.
Now that you've met me and so...
would you still be my wife?
They are blue?
I'm sorry?
Eyes, blue are.
Yes, Mr. Morgan,
I still always want to be your wife.
Ho you tell me pridruiti, but that does not to eat...
and to make a little juice for us...
Can I help you and ?
I'm sure we put some lace on this dress,
so that it can be used at the wedding.
-Is email and have the wedding?
Yes, it is, but fashion does not to...
You know that dress that was
Ivana for me? It be perfect one for Anna.
No, you did not...
Take it otherwise, I to be offended.
Then must have one beautiful veil.
As some flowers e...
Do you like baked eggs for breakfast?
I'm pretty handy with a frying pan.
I worked as a cook, eat meat buffalo
while I was in the driver's car in the Smokey Hill River.
Now that I have that can be left far
Va in the pan, Mr. Morgan.
My mother was often sick,
and I had to constantly have food cooked at home email.
My cakes won a lot of awards.
Ho Shall we then and with me in bed,
Mrs. Morgan?
It should not be like...
It was her.
It was too her e Daniele.
want only to know...
... this sense a for me.
Do you love me ?
Course. Of course I love...
Not thinking any objects now you is about
and try Stir sleep.
-Do You like being married?
Yes. Neither you should not be alone.
I'm not in it marry some time. First
I want to go and see not it!
There are only a few
officers who know how to dance.
- It happened to someone like you end here?
That was not my idea...
My father worked here on Railways
and one day he drowned in a flood many years ago.
Here we can only afford protection to preivimo
if you're married - no different.
Do you care to my brother?
Your brother did not marry him then.
You certainly know best,
what to want from life.
Captain Farnsworth'm leads
expedition - not now and !
When Kre you?
At dawn.
Do you know how fast I the Indians?
Tomorrow be away for miles!
We are the best scouts AEI around!
I am at least as good as they do!
I do not sleep well e
no Sioux until they
traveling all my Anna!
Again are here December you the same way.
They lead us in circles... Oh, my God!
Damn now we are is not Lord
not helps against Indians.
Milk the goat!
Morgan, can be go home and now.
Not until I came to my wife.
Here you can wander around for days in enemy territory
and only email to lose scalp on the head!
Then to have to carry you home and ...
Your e milk, sir.
To do as Kaet
and to stay completely still.
That's one thing you should know about me...
Although my stomach full of ulcers,
do not think in just so angry.
Go home and now - I'm totally serious!
I hope not to have to to arrest you?
Moet try...
These women belong Tokal!
He decides to we will be able to work with them.
it works ?
Did you forget that white
people killed your parents?
I have not forgotten!
The Indian constantly looking at you.
It was he who attacked the wagon.
He followed me since then constantly.
As if I was somehow recognized.
- That's it?
-The Dogs.
What's the name ?
How to know speak English?
My father was a buffalo hunter.
He robbed my mother and took
is among white men in the town.
There she became a beggar and a whore.
Then he beat her to death.
He and I try came to kill,
but I escaped.
Soon, accepted me the warrior Tokal.
Is that his name?
that he wants from me?
Eat... or email and stay hungry.
Do, to take Anna...!
Change your clothes in .
Never! It's probably a lot of fleas!
-Mess Slowly calm down...
-l myself worry about that I want!
I refuse to wear animal which!
it said?
Kimi Milo will take you to a place of memories made on
woman killed by buffalo hunter.
Nobody will make!
Go now...
You'll get Tokalaha.
Manip e and learn.
For it? For to her...?
Teach me to speak the language of the white man.
want to talk to her.
The clouds are gray.
The clouds are gray.
I... have...
... 60 horses.
The white man is......
... Fucking bitch!
This is the outside word!
The white man is......
... Fucking pigs.
I've lost track.
You're in the army the best scouts holder!
We must go back.
Follow the trail for weeks. Food and forces us
at the end and horses are very exhausted.
Should we give up - and leave
my wife in the hands of crvenokoaca?
We can not stay here through the winter without winter equipment
or rested horses,
And do not know where the enemy.
You're a coward!
Damn coward!
Calm down!
All my life I wanted to live in a marriage.
Then the Lord sent Anna.
I was so happy.
I barely even knew.
that I did it
is subtracted from me?
Lady of Morgan...
... Eat... take.
... I'm not hungry.
... We speak lo email.
I do not to have sex with you.
I'm a married woman.
I do not in executive go adultery.
With or any other skim!
Do you understand me?
You will have to kill me.
We pray for them,
those who were lost on the prairie.
May God give courage and strength
if there is such a temptation trials and sentenced to undergo.
Let them his grace never to leave
and we pray thee, that they never lose hope.
Please also for those who are lost in their own
Those who are left to their grief and pain
cloud faith.
What are you two talking about?
About your clothes and .
Kimi Mila'm fears that e attempt ati bjeati.
I do not care that she thinks about my clothes and !
These it all and .
She admires your perseverance.
That's not true! It pleases is my dress!
When you stop to look at me, I
to escape from them.
But, it really only cares...
Stop! Clothes their clothes in and talk to them if you want
, but I'm Sara White!
I to wear on me,
until it wore out.
Not my blood...
Va and are.
Take them.
... taken from the war blues.
City...... to the scalp.
Take them.
Do not touch them...
wait Anna.
Va Washington Horse.
Yes, Goldilocks!
He looks interested economic operators to
Mrs. Morgan and Miss White.
It was not long after started
slaughter Cheyenne in Washita.
He has a sense device to effectively forecast.
When will he appear?
At the end of the month.
We are completely eliminated.
Yes I understand.
He did not want to miss!
Show me.
See that I made.
My Bible... Where did you get it?
In the attack on the wagon.
"Anna Elizabeth Brewster..."
Born in the grace bojoj,
6 December 1849 year. "
My father had a similar book.
" Be merciful Lord in heaven
and my faith the dose up to the clouds. "
So nice words...
For a while I thought
on them. Every day...
Do not you email?
I still still believe in them.
But now I've heard other words.
I believe in them.
On the one who Subtitle image country and...
There is a map.
On the one seen Smokey Hill River.
Moe to see how the Indians to you here.
I do not know how far it was from here,
but could sleep and when do we in Hays.
I you can odovesti home and !
even if we could escape and how e
may be sleep and no food? Long way to home email.
We we steal food. A little every day...
For a month we have enough.
Then just to steal a few horses and go home and !
Did you forget that you are a man?
No, I have not forgotten...
We lost the traces after 300 miles away.
I thought Daggett never moe...
Forget Daggett - he's white.
It is bloody but with me.
The best survey AEI around! - It is not true?
What kind of prey have here? Lovina.
In addition to the buffalo - can
shotgun moe shoot at birds.
Not far from here I shot one of pelicans.
strange, is not it?
I thought it was a calf.
Mrs. White?
I would rather die than betray you.
I find in and your in to Also,
I in the vratititi home and . Believe me.
Much is here pogovara...
There are many gentlemen Indians
at Washita, who can testify that it was the opposite.
The Lord said to justify the death moe
against him men, but women and children.
You're lucky when you preach about the horrors of war,
Pastore - I to bring your sister.
Me and Daniel and we with you.
That's so nice. Then we will certainly save ladies!
Can you at dawn, Captain?
With the first light...
It is enough food for a month
if you're careful.
I copied the map drawn on that.
When the moon is full?
For two weeks.
I can not wait to go.
must have patience...
Where were you? Who is
gave permission to eta around?
I do not have to ask!
Let her be!
Do not...
... Let's be friends.
They want to stand with them.
It is an honor.
When you have earned scar?
Many years ago...
... I have made a sacrifice
their vision.
Did you then do, do?
I can not speak about it.
But ... as you were strong.
And friendly.
want you...
remain in my tent.
Do share your life with me .
Moe live that wants .
No one you will not is kept securely.
You are free!
Freedom... pick me...
I'm married.
In his old life!
This is a new life, Anna.
Share it with me.
It is no time.
He found came a rabbit.
Well... It was the first war
that the cavalry attacked only sabers.
Is not it nice when
cavalry attack?
Oh yes, it's a nice event.
Yes they suddenly die...
Not will suddenly attack the village?
Someone moe in the attack to kill Anna accidentally.
No, Daniel.
I love the battle, but we must not jeopardize
lives of women.
This requires a little extra and knows how .
I do not remember remember this river...
We could go and
little more is up.
They found us you!
I to prosecute you to the bone!
I to kill them. This is the real thing.
- It said?
Yes we should be killed.
We are horse thieves...
Ho you want to kill you?
want it?
Kill them!
For it not? One will only
steal horses and try ati escape again!
There is still one way to resolve
the problem.
Let them go.
I can not let them go.
Take her back to the camp!
You laljivica! A thief...!
to ho e re and! Who's the thief, you're
thief, because you are kidnapped me from my home email.
I gave you a better home!
I did not want to leave my husband!
It's you uinila.Ja I heard you.
You're a self-righteous idiot!
Your courage, self-righteous idiot...!
Never you will not tell me those words!
-Never in you will talk to you about everything.
I was so scared that you do not
e follow suit...
My whole life is changing at the moment.
There is not this nicer than this.
Not this after this.
When you attacked a wagon train and
when you do you to the them a car...
that you wanted to do?
To kill you.
For did not you?
Because I've seen you before.
Saw me...?
What do you think ?
For it says not ?
One day...
For to this one by always wears these rags?
Leave me. Sorry them.
Make sure you do not on something else for her!
Bloody but comes with scouts making!
that you have seen?
Two white one.
Were down at the river.
Week ago.
How do you know that were white?
This is Sara.
She had a blue dress
when he was abducted.
Sarah... They burned my dress.
Where were you?
You're very beautiful.
Be squaw, if you want. Only you are the executive breach
adultery with indians!
I am not Indian.
It never you make me! Never.
They are coming! The blue coats.
Blue coats. They stiu this way.
We have to move camp. Pour.
Be prepared to attack the blue coat!
Here we have the e feathered friends...
" yellow hair"... He wants to talk.
You by respect this. Some others are waiting here.
George Custer.
Does anyone speak English here?
I govorim.Dobro.
want to talk to your in infection.
He was chief.
I am glad...
My intentions are peaceful.
I would like Swami not to discuss.
Would you join a supper?
If you dock that we are to escape and fight.
Good. Then let's go eat. I'm hungry.
I'm not smoking holder.
I know that holding the two white women in the camp.
We want them back.
Not. Replace one, otherwise
be fighting in which we win.
it said?
Moet get Sarah, but not Anna.
For it not?
Is she dead?
Are you her husband?
happened to her?
She's not dead.
You slept with her
. Son of a bitch!
Do not all hold, if you do not want to be sure that
email it to die!
Replace both women
otherwise be fighting.
He says:
Her heart had changed.
She's one of us now.
No, she's on a ! It's mine! My wife...!
Tell the chief that he was arrested one.
When we get one, we be able to let him go.
If you do not get until the morning...
... We be able to hang him.
Watch the clock. They will appear soon.
Be prepared...
Hold your fire!
The bullet must be removed.
General! Indians!
Do not shoot.
This is a squaw...
My boa...
It's a girl...
Give me my pu home.
I have to fight. They are close.
You're too weak to fight .
Your him and your brother...
with Custer at the camp.
If you do not go there... they start here.
Then they will do here and
uni you e entire village. You know so.
I do not to let her go !
I do not belong here.
I do not belong.
You belong . We belong to each other.
We just try sureties fooled.
It must be feeling here.
This is what that I saw!
that what you meant?
When I was little, I had a vision.
A white one.
White woman with a book.
I saw you in that car...
and knew I had to get.
Is that the reason for it did not kill me?
How could I?
You were a part of me.
You've always been.
I always to be.
it happen.
I in return. Browse for me.
In your vision.
Indians in sight!
Lady of Morgan...
As to be seen to you.
For that are smeared face?
I am tuna.
I left my heart and my people.
amazing, when you are you now to want to go home and .
I understand that you were...
Do email and give me your word, General?
Not you give the word savage,
and then take his freedom...
... But your both strengthening to date as
officer USA army, since I'm a white woman.
You have my word.
Let chief Tilt. Then in return.
By send us your chief!
Start now!
Moe you love him, huh?
live like an Indian.
It was my honor.
Moet and and.
The and people will remember hold of your name.
We we sing the fire
as white women
du had a warrior.
Go in peace, Anna.
Go in peace.
Goodbye, cetane.
I can not believe you were a part of them.
Ho Do we go back there
where we belong, Mrs. Morgan?
Good to only home and
Mrs. Morgan and Miss White
I'd wanted it one, sir.
Fashion Anna moe to write a book?
I do not think. and it does not. You are the ones who are
rights heroine, not she.
You've never backed down.
You have never forgotten who you were.
Anna never forgot who she was.
I knew it always, just not before.
Can I have this dance?
Sorry, Daniel would ask you,
for one dance with Mrs. Morgan.
It was just an excuse... now you izleda
much better, but drab in his face.
You will recover soon.
No nightmare is over now.
It was not but at sea.
Call it what you want...
Va he is a good man. Everything is done to you
Yes... he is a good man!
And now I'm back home
and all he had done to be lucky to...
I to talk to her.
This one is like a steel...
there are not many.
The savages are the She turned!
She just needs a little time.
I do not worry about savages
only be worrying about his wife.
Bloody but email them to and again.
It is like this that you touch
a hornet's nest.
I'm so confused, Stewart.
I understand you...
But not Daniel.
That's all that I ever wanted to be.
Or could I be...
But I did and I'm sorry.
Ho is whether God ever forgive me?
I'm just a preacher.
even he himself Mr. sometimes confused.
Soon to marry!
Banker in St. Louis. Not to
older, but otherwise was very nice.
So to quickly become a mother.
We met at the dance, and worked for newspapers.
Wrote the article and asked me to see you in two weeks ..
I to go with him to St. Louis.
I'm so happy for you!
I hated every second of Anna...
Every moment and time
spent with the Indians.
But when I look around here
I know... is my life began just then.
Daniel was good to him.
But must leave it.
Otherwise, one of you will die .
You know where you belong now.
In this case you break my heart and Daniel.
Yes, I know...
Goodbye, Anna.
it was?
Not this.
It's just that we... we
like this when it was too late...
... were in bed together.
I know.
all the time while you were kidnapped
I cursed God every day.
I begged him...
And both I found him to to do all to the TRAI,
only to spend it one but ...
... With his wife.
Just one...
Do not leave me...!
iv you...!
All they died.
Kimi Milo...?
No, Cetane?
-Cetana Is iv.
He has a lot of scar just to show you.
But he was alive.
I've been praying for you.
I remember came a long time...
... that scene.
Do you think I have a vision?
I prayed that vision bordered...
... woman... book...
And now I do la.
Can a vision to touch?
Can you see the vision that I love you?