Stop the Wedding (2016) Movie Script

All right, Anna,
comedy or tragedy?
Laughter is always
preferable to tears...
Unless it is
tears from laughter,
which I also enjoy.
If we can hear it
over your new neighbors
and their endless
mariachi celebration.
I know, it's been
non-stop with those people
ever since they moved in.
Music is to be enjoyed.
Not to be audible
from outer space.
That is so loud.
Oh, but even still,
I love your
weekend visits.
I wish that you didn't
have to go back so soon.
I know,
but my batteries are recharged,
and I've got to go
back to my real life
and get my firm off the ground.
Well, I'm proud of you,
because it's not every day
a lawyer chooses integrity
over a paycheck!
Oh, well,
don't congratulate me yet.
I may have to go crawling back
to a big firm
if I can't get
my own off the ground.
Stop it.
You are smart
and capable
and determined.
And I take
full credit for that
because that's the way
I raised you!
That's it,
this is ridiculous.
Let's go!
I have to
meet them sometime!
Just be careful.
We don't want some
hatfields and mccoys feud
with the new neighbors.
Well, I hope not,
because the hatfields
killed the mccoys.
It wasn't over
mariachi music,
so I think we're safe.
But, just in case,
I'm your backup.
You're always
looking out for me.
Ah, my, my.
Yes, yes.
Wait, you're
our new neighbor?
You're Sean castleberry!
That's what it says
on my driver's license,
it must be true.
Don't believe
the date of birth part.
I'm really
much younger than that.
Could you turn
that down, please?
Wireless speakers.
So, you heard I was in town
making a movie,
and you've come by
for a selfie, right?
Not exactly.
We're here to remind you
that you have neighbors.
There are other people
in the world.
Got it, yes.
My music.
Please accept my apologies.
Is that darn music
still too loud?
Actually, it was
even louder than before.
Well, I've never been
into salsa music,
but I'm playing
a dance instructor
in this new movie,
and I'm just getting it
all in my head now.
I love it.
How do you like
my moves?
Best I've ever seen.
Now, would you mind
keeping it to a dull roar?
I know, you're upset
because I haven't
come next door
to introduce myself.
It's just that I'm in Seattle
for a very short time.
Much as we'll all
miss you when you're gone,
might I suggest
you invest
in a pair of headphones?
Have a nice night...
Nice neighbors!
Nice ladies...
Who does he think he is?
Okay, aunt belle,
this is my third message
in the past two days.
Where are you?
I'm walking into
my new office now,
so call me there, okay?
I left the new number
on my last few voicemails.
I'll talk to you soon.
Okay, bye.
Where is she?
Look, Mrs. o'healey...
I understand,
this is
a very difficult time for you,
but I've handled
many sensitive divorces,
and I'm going to make this
as painless as possible.
I'm here for you 24/7, okay?
I will call you as soon as
I speak to his lawyer.
All right, you too.
Okay, bye-bye.
Is Gloria
signing with us?
She is.
Poor thing,
this is really rough on her.
I'm going to have to do
a little hand-holding here.
She could've chosen any firm
and she chose you.
It's a testament
to your reputation.
It's a start.
It's a great start.
Wealthy doctor's
soon-to-be ex?
She'll keep us afloat
for a while.
That's not why we do this, em.
Can you get me the file
for the Avery divorce?
You know, Anna,
it's after 6:00, so...
We should go home,
because that's what
normal people do.
They work
and they leave said work.
It's after 6:00 already?
I'm calling
my aunt again.
Your aunt is allowed
to have a life,
unlike the rest of us.
I know that.
But she's usually so quick
to return my calls,
I'm starting to worry.
What if something
Nothing has happened.
I can't find
the Avery file.
Who packed these boxes?
You did.
When I was home
last month.
Well, I am so fired,
I should probably leave.
Ah, finally!
I was so worried.
I am so sorry.
I was actually out of town
and I forgot to bring
my phone with me.
I didn't even get
your messages until right now.
It's okay, you're forgiven.
I'm just so glad
you're all right.
Did you go camping?
No, I was at
an incredible spa resort.
With a friend.
With a man friend, perhaps?
Yes, he is all that.
Aunt belle!
This is great news.
It's been two years
since you and Walter broke up,
i didn't know
you were dating again.
Well, it's actually
a bit more than dating.
I'm engaged!
What? To who?
To whom?
Are you really
correcting my grammar
at a time like this?
Anna, there is never
a good time
for improper grammar.
Okay, well then,
to whom
are you getting married?
Sean castleberry.
That's great, I just,
I really hope it's not
on the same day
as my wedding to Bradley Cooper.
I'm not joking, honey.
Wait, seriously?
A month ago, you hated him,
and now you're marrying
this guy?
And he's been married
so many times.
I mean, does he get
a set of steak knives
on the 10th wife?
Well, I could certainly use
a new set of steak knives,
but I'm not sure
it works that way.
Hello, Anna.
Hi, Mr. castleberry.
You're there.
That... that's really great.
Please. Sean.
And it's not
10 marriages, Anna,
it's only three.
Sometimes, in life,
you have to kiss a few frogs.
But that's all
behind me now,
ever since I met this woman
I'm so crazy about.
When did this happen?
Well, we've been
seeing each other
since you left,
and I didn't mention it
because I wanted to make sure
it was real first.
Nothing has
ever been more real.
I said that line
in a soap opera once.
Of course you did.
Uh, um, oh, uh, darling,
there's just
one more thing...
The wedding is going to be
in two weeks.
What? W-why?
Why is the wedding in two weeks?
That's very soon.
Well, I'm shooting a movie.
As soon as I finish,
i can't wait to start
my new life
with your wonderful aunt.
Or is it "ah-nt".
Ah, tomato, tom-ah-to.
This is our first fight,
by the way.
We'll get through it,
i know we will.
Um... honey.
I-I really hope
you can get away.
I want you to be
my maid of honor.
Oh, trust me, I will be there,
and I will see you very soon.
Keep a close eye
on her blood pressure
and notify me of any changes
in either direction.
Jake called.
Well, that's never a good sign,
hearing from my dad's
assistant, is it?
Do you want me
to get him on the line?
Nice to
see you again.
In two weeks,
they say, "I do."
He never learns.
Especially after the last wife
did a number on him
and his bank account.
Well, you want him
to be happy, don't you?
Yeah, of course, Jake,
I'm not a monster,
but why does he have to
marry them
every single time?
A hopeless romantic?
Yeah, well, thanks
for letting me know.
Yeah, apparently,
he rented the house next door
to the luckiest gold-digger
in Seattle
while shooting
his movie there.
You're going to Seattle,
aren't you?
What about
the conference?
It was an honor
just to be asked, right?
A huge honor.
I'm sure there's someone else
who can do the keynote
on breakthroughs
in lumbar spinal fusion, right?
I should've known
it was too good to be true.
Don't cancel just yet.
Deal with your dad,
and then get a flight
to Miami from there.
You can still make
some of
the conference.
And the best
part of the trip,
a few relaxing days
on the beach.
He always does this
at the worst possible times.
What do you want me to do?
Book me a flight to Seattle.
Thank you.
And I will be accessible
at any time,
so make sure every client
has my cell phone number,
especially Gloria.
And did you reschedule
the foster arbitration?
And did aunt Suzie call?
Is she picking me up?
She's meeting you
at the curb.
How long
will you be gone?
a few days, tops.
This is not a good time
for me to be away,
but I will get this nonsense
under control
and head back.
That word rears its ugly head.
What word, "nonsense?"
No, "control."
You cannot control
everything, Anna.
It's not about
control, em,
it's about protection.
He's a movie star.
He dates glamorous
Hollywood types.
What does he want
with a retired art teacher
from Seattle?
Maybe it's love.
No, it's not love,
I've met him.
He's a slick one.
That type of charm is dangerous.
I've got to figure out
what's really going on.
I'm not going to let my aunt
be another notch in his belt,
which I'm sure is Gucci.
It's fine,
I will work while I'm gone.
I have this under con...
It's fine.
This is family.
Boarding pass
and itinerary.
Just for
the wrong location.
Oh, I haven't given up
on that conference just yet.
Do you know, it's been
more than 20 years
since my mom died,
and he keeps finding
these women.
You know, sure,
they seem great at first.
They're beautiful,
and funny, and smart,
and then, bam, they hit you
right in the wallet.
Are you talking about
your dad's experience
or your own?
But I've learned
from my mistakes.
He never does.
What is it
that he's searching for?
If only I could
figure that out.
Oh, passion?
What everybody
Annabelle Colton,
north Seattle high,
class of 2002.
captain of
the debate team.
This has to be her.
It's right where
he rented the house.
And this is her today.
a.K.A. Belle.
Beautiful, young,
and probably looking
to land a windfall.
But she is in
for a rude awakening.
I know, Gloria, but you have
nothing to worry about.
I am in constant contact
with his lawyer.
What can I say...
I'm going to
have to call you back.
Great, phone's dead.
Why don't you watch
where you're going?
Well, the same could be
said for you.
Don't text and walk,
isn't that what people say?
Oh, I'm sorry,
I must've missed that p.S.A.
It doesn't matter anyway,
since you've killed
my phone.
I killed your phone?
You killed my shirt.
My favorite shirt.
That's your favorite shirt?
Doesn't even look like
a contender for "favorite."
I think you could do better.
Well, it's much nicer
when it's not covered
in caramel macchiato.
Yeah, well, so is my blazer.
Have we met?
No, I don't think so.
I think I'd remember you.
Did you just come in
on the flight from Boston?
San Francisco.
So, what are you going
to do about my phone?
What are you going
to do about my shirt?
You going to
have it dry cleaned?
You know what, I would,
but my ride just got here.
Put some
club soda on it.
Problem solved.
Stick your phone in some rice,
problem solved.
Wish I could say
it was a pleasure.
Yeah, it wasn't.
Have a nice day!
Thanks for
picking me up, Jake,
since my dad still
won't answer any of my calls.
What, he has to have you tell me
all this big news now?
He can't even
tell me himself?
Well, maybe he knew you'd try
to talk him out of it.
Besides, I've gotten very good
at dropping bombshells
after two decades
of working for your father.
It's on my resume now.
Two wives
in the last five years,
and I'm supposed to, what,
just congratulate him?
Belle is different.
Oh-ho, yeah,
I'm sure she is, Jake.
They all are.
They don't care
that he's a movie star, no.
No, they would love him
just the same
if he were a bank teller.
Please, I've heard it
all before.
Well, just try
to reserve judgment
until after you've met her,
will you?
I think she's going
to surprise you.
Yeah, I think not.
I can't believe
you're being so blase
about all this.
Well, it's her time, Anna.
It's a little bit later
than most people,
but everybody deserves
to find their great love.
And sometimes, you just
need to let people
make their own
Because they don't
listen to you anyway
when they are so sure
that they are ready
to tie the knot.
I can't believe
you're going to throw
the biggest mistake of my life
in my face
at a time like this.
I was 19.
I was young and stupid,
and I have been careful
about my decisions ever since.
What's belle's
She doesn't need one.
Sean's the best.
We all adore him.
What about his history,
aunt Suzie?
No, that's the tabloid Sean.
Trust me, you get to know him,
he's completely different.
Plus, he's introducing me
to George Clooney
at the wedding.
I just...
I'm just glad
dad's not here to see all this.
He was so protective
of you and aunt belle.
What would he say
about his sister marrying
a virtual stranger?
I'm not certain,
but I think he'd say,
"you go, girl."
Aunt belle?
She knew I was
coming home today.
Well, it looks like
she had other plans.
I hope she's talking
about chips and dip.
She hates dancing.
He's pulled her to
the dark side, aunt Suzie.
I have to go
and open the shop,
so I can't wait with you,
but try to keep
an open mind.
I'm telling you,
my sister is a new woman.
Our best leverage is the fact
that you helped put your husband
through medical school.
California is
a community property state,
so you have absolutely nothing
to worry about here.
Okay, um, we will talk later.
How on earth
did you find me here?
Is this about
your phone?
You, um, looked very different
out of context.
That's why I couldn't place you.
I see you've changed.
It's much, much better.
This should, uh,
this should really
be your favorite.
Clay castleberry.
Sean's son.
That figures.
And you're Annabelle Colton.
Your father isn't here.
Actually, I didn't come here
to see my father,
I came here to see you.
Oh, great,
just let yourself in.
I mean, if you're going
to marry my father,
I thought we might as well
get acquainted,
Right, belle?
Of course.
How much?
Excuse me?
Look, I'm sure
you're a perfectly nice
person, Annabelle,
but everyone has a price.
What are you talking about?
Look, let's just save my father
another long
and painful divorce.
How much is it going to take
to, uh, call off
the engagement?
Wow, that is
quite an offer, Clay.
You know, I really,
truly don't know.
I'm gonna have to
do some math here,
figure out
a good price...
Clay, you're here!
You're looking well.
- Hi, dad.
- Good to see you.
Looking good.
I see you've met
belle's niece,
So lovely to
see you again.
And this, of course,
is the love of my life,
Ms. belle Colton.
Belle, and...
Her father was
my big brother,
and we were very close,
so Anna was named after me.
Very close.
She raised me.
I would do anything for her.
It is so nice
to meet you, Clay.
Your father
raves about you.
I also rave
about anchovies.
Don't let it go
to your head.
You guys seem like
you are a lot alike.
We were just getting
when you walked in.
He's special.
Well, it's
a nice day,
why don't we all
go next door to my place
and fire up
the barbecue?
It'd give us a chance
to get to know
each other better.
Sounds good.
Great, I'll get
some food together,
and we'll meet you
next door.
See you later, Clay.
Remember that
commercial I did
for the grill?
How could I forget?
That was a pretty
good grill...
I picked up some
burgers yesterday.
You know, Anna,
you are going to
adore Sean
once you get
to know him.
Everyone does.
You didn't at first.
How can you possibly
know him in one month?
I know everything
I need to know.
Come on...
I'll tell you one thing,
she's got the kindest
heart I've ever met.
Kind of reminds me
of your mother.
Look, I'm sure
she's very nice,
and I get
that you like her,
but why rush things?
Like we said before
on the phone,
Sean's movie finishes
in a few days,
and we just can't wait
to start our life together.
Are you sure you don't want to
think this through
a little more?
I would just hate
to see you get hurt.
Sean would never hurt me.
I would never
hurt her.
I'm worried about you.
what happened with...
That name that
can't be said.
Okay, well, you were
so sure about...
Yeah, yeah.
And look what happened,
she destroyed you.
I just don't want to see
that happen to you again.
I appreciate that,
thank you,
but this time,
slam dunk.
Right here.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Can I take
Why didn't you
tell me who you were?
Oh, I didn't
really have time.
You were so busy
negotiating your bribe.
It wasn't a bribe,
it was an offer.
I don't know what circles
you run in, Clay,
but my aunt
cannot be bought.
They're not
my circles.
They're my father's.
Well, I'm not going to
allow your father,
and his very obvious
mid-life crisis
to take advantage of my aunt.
Him take advantage of her?
That's not normally the case
where the castleberrys
are concerned.
My aunt could care less
about any of that
celebrity stuff.
Look, I'm sure
she's a very wonderful person,
and I imagine they think
that this is true love.
It's not. It's adrenaline,
disguised as love.
I'm a divorce lawyer,
I've seen this
a million times.
Hello, I'm Jake.
This is Anna.
I'm Anna.
It's nice to meet
you, Anna.
Will you both
be joining us?
Yes. Very soon.
They need to
put on the brakes.
Get to know
each other,
see if they fit into
each other's lives.
Then, a few months
down the road...
If they're still
If they're
still together,
see what happens.
They can't get
married in two weeks.
It's an absolute
recipe for disaster.
So we stop the wedding?
We have no choice.
So, counselor,
what's the plan?
I'm supposed to
come up with a plan?
Well, you seem like
the sort of person
who always has a plan.
I've never been in
this position before.
You, however, have.
What do you think?
Well, you kind of
squashed it this morning.
That was your plan?
That wasn't a plan,
that was
an act of desperation.
Pardon me for my lack
of experience here,
but I didn't step in
early enough last time,
and I'm not okay
with a repeat performance.
Gail, his former wife,
was a demonic human being...
Though to call her a human
is an insult to humans
everywhere, trust me.
Well, I can assure you,
my aunt is nothing
like that.
I get it. She's a dream,
but it still doesn't
dismiss the fact
that this is insane...
...and then, I did my surgical
residency in Boston
and I never left.
Boston, oh,
how fascinating...
Clay, how do you
take your burgers?
Uh, medium, please.
Look, we need to
figure this out soon,
because I left a very
important new client behind,
and I need to get back.
Mm-hmm, and I'm supposed
to be in Miami on Friday,
doing my first keynote
to a conference of
prominent orthopedists.
We're all sacrificing
something here.
Look at them...
They look like
Here, I'm going to
take this.
I'm going to
save you with this.
You know, some pre-marital
appetizers are okay...
You know what this is?
It's a vacation romance.
Yeah, well,
vacations always end.
You know that,
and I know that,
we just need to
get them to see
that this is not
real life.
So I'm up for
the role of a lifetime,
this is about 30 years ago.
It's James Bond.
Between Roger Moore
and Timothy Dalton,
and they're seeing
everybody in town,
but I'm the only non-brit.
So I figure,
I gotta work on
this accent.
I hire a dialect coach,
the best guy in town.
I'm pumped,
we're ready,
I've been
working on this.
It's the money shot,
audition day, I'm there,
the director says,
James Bond."
Hey says, "cut.
Please, cut!"
I think it serves
them right
for not casting me
that that whole franchise
just tanked after that.
He has such great stories.
I could just
listen for hours.
And he can certainly
talk for hours.
So, how did you
get together?
I tried to
have him arrested.
I warned him
about the music.
Oh, yes.
Ah, but I had
this clever ruse
to get her to
come back over.
When the police
they posed for selfies.
She finally gave me
a chance to apologize
and let me
take her to dinner.
Just like a fairy tale.
And you two find
that your lives are
I mean, you're from
very different worlds.
I like salty, he likes sweet.
She's an early riser,
I'm a night owl.
I'm farm-to-table,
and he's more...
Room service to bed.
Now, that you could
learn to love.
Give it a chance.
I think that
if people work at it,
and they're meant to be,
they can
make it all happen.
We just want
to settle down,
and buy a ranch,
grow our own vegetables,
and own a few horses.
It's like I told you
when I retired last year,
that that was
always my dream.
I just, um, never thought
it would actually happen.
Okay, hold on,
buy a ranch?
Dad, you loathe getting dirty.
Yes, but the offers
that I get these days
are not all that inspiring.
I think maybe it's time
to hang up the Hollywood hat
and try something
a little simpler.
I am determined
to get some dirt
under your father's
perfectly manicured fingernails.
Not too much,
not too much.
Have you tried being
the outdoorsy type yet?
Without a stunt double?
That was a good one.
I have not,
but I do think that I can
accomplish anything
with belle by my side.
Sure, my dad wants to
hang up his hat
and become grizzly Adams
when the offers
aren't coming in,
but that's just in theory,
not practice.
Wait till belle takes him
out on the hiking trails.
It's like her sanctuary.
She's all business
out there.
Have you seen
her paintings?
No, I haven't,
but that sounds like
torture to my father.
He likes spas
and air conditioning
and indoor plumbing.
He'll hate her life.
Maybe we should let him see.
He thinks he'll love it.
We could be wrong.
After all,
the great outdoors
are beautiful.
Not to
mention invigorating.
The fresh air
filling your lungs.
All those adorable
little creatures?
So, we're going
hiking tomorrow?
What an excellent idea.
I'm so glad
you thought of it.
Your break.
Three, two, one.
Not bad.
I want that part.
Come on, go get it.
I mean, you know
I'm perfect for it.
It reads like
it was written for me.
Yes, this is
my real hair.
I... you...
Just go get it.
Hey, where are
your hiking boots, Sean?
Right here.
Fresh off the rack.
Clay has the rest of
your survival gear.
Always looking out for him.
Well, somebody
has to.
Lucky me.
Well, I guess it's
a perfect day to be hiking.
It's also a perfect day
to be employed.
Please try not
to kill him.
No, no, I'm taking him up
to my favorite place
in the whole world.
Oh, this will be so great.
Yeah, remember
the "don't kill him" part.
Yes, sweetheart.
Isn't it
incredible out here?
"Incredible" is not
the word that comes to mind.
Come on, dad,
we're going to climb that rock.
Come on, Clay,
I'll race you.
you've done this before.
Hey, hey,
we should slow down for them.
We're almost there!
Wait till you see this view!
The hills are alive
with the sound of wheezing.
Hey, can we stop
at the sherpa station
and get some help?
It's a killer view
up here, dad.
Don't say, "killer"
at a time like this.
Breathe in
that air.
Crisp, clear, fresh.
Imagine this every
single day of your life..
It's like
living in a dream.
You're endangering
my life here.
He's very dramatic.
He's always
very dramatic, belle.
It's what he's good at.
I don't like heights!
I don't like being
this tall.
Where's the tram?
My kingdom for a funicular!
You're doing great,
This is going so well.
Maybe I'll make that
conference after all.
Are those seagulls
or vultures?
They're just...
Careful, love!
I want to go home.
You hear that?
That's the sound
of trouble in paradise.
This is more my style.
You're good.
Come on. Get up.
All right, that's off
my bucket list, thank you.
Give me
your hand.
So, counselor,
why divorce?
It's a difficult
time for people,
and I help them
navigate it.
Yeah, I don't know,
the demise of
someone's relationship?
It just seems
so depressing.
See, I prefer putting
people back together.
Well, maybe by
breaking them apart,
I am putting them
back together.
Just individually.
Over here.
You can be alive
and yet be so miserable
that you're not
really living.
People are always
chasing a feeling.
Love puts you
on top of the world,
and then there's
that inevitable crash,
and boom,
you're right back
where you started.
See, and I've found
it's not so much love
as it is convenience,
or opportunity.
How many times
do I have to tell you
my aunt is not like that?
Probably a few more.
But we need
to stop this now,
before they move to L.A.
What do you mean?
Yeah, my dad told me
that they're going to sell
belle's house
and buy a ranch in Malibu.
His movie wraps
All that's left is them
packing up everything
and then going to live
happily ever after.
I figured she might
go back with him,
but it never occurred to me
that she would sell our house.
Wait, belle's house
is your house?
My mom died
when I was three,
so belle
moved in with us.
That was pretty
selfless of her.
She gave up
so much for me,
which is why I have to
protect her now.
But that was our home.
Well, at least
you had a home.
When your father's
an actor,
home is a series
of random hotel rooms.
What about your mom?
She died
when I was 12.
I'm sorry.
I don't think
he ever got over it.
It is beautiful,
thought, right?
I'll take your word
for that,
and I'll wait
and see the picture.
Home for me is...
Has become the operating room.
In the operating room,
I always know what to do.
I'm in complete control.
People talk about
being in control
like it's some
character flaw.
As if being reckless
makes life somehow
more worthwhile.
But I don't think that
we have anything to worry
about her moving away.
Look at him.
How you making out
there, dad?
I feel I am near death.
May history
remember me kindly.
Well, you'd better hope
another actor that's
more famous than you
doesn't die
on the same day,
'cause he'll take
top billing.
A fate worse than death!
Come on, you guys,
the tide's low.
I want to
show you something.
Oh, good, there's more.
All right,
come here, I'll pull you.
Come on, dad.
You got this.
Come on, old man.
Are you pulling him?
That's great.
There you go.
Break 'em up.
Belle seemed so at ease
on the trail today.
But, uh...
No offense intended,
you have a very limited
outdoor skill set.
You know, that's a long time
for an actor to be outside
with no hair and makeup.
I liked it, though.
I think I'll get
better at it.
You do, huh?
Well, I think the two of you
couldn't be any more different.
Well, you've probably heard
that opposites attract.
It wouldn't a bad idea
for you to find somebody
who expands
your horizons.
What about dating?
What was that
last girl's name?
Vivian. And no,
I'm not dating.
A lot of opportunists
out there, dad.
Guys like you and I,
we have to be careful.
That's kind of
a cynical overview, I think.
Why do you always think
that people have
a hidden agenda?
Because they usually do.
You of all people
should understand that.
Nice shot.
It would be a shame
if a couple of unfortunate
romantic experiences
were to set you back.
I do believe
that there are some
great opportunities
out there
when you just keep
your mind open to it.
You know, speaking of "open,"
I noticed you don't
open your mail anymore.
Why not?
That's what we have Jake for.
You know, I come into town,
we get all kinds of
nice opportunities,
invitations, uh,
red carpet, black tie...
How does belle feel
about all those fancy
shindigs of yours?
I don't know,
we haven't done one.
Dad, that's a huge
part of your life.
You need to let her in
and see everything.
I'll tell you what,
why don't we pick an event
out of that pile there,
and you take her
for a night out?
I like that idea.
Take your best shot,
see what you find.
The opera guild.
Opera, perfect.
Fancy, elegant,
that's my girl.
Hmm, I'm sure belle
will have an incredible time.
I'll get Jake to r.S.V.P.
And, uh, thank you.
Thank you,
that was a good idea.
Good, soundly
son-to-father advice.
How is it that you have
managed to stay single
all this time?
Aw, you know what,
dad, that's okay.
You fall in love enough
for the both of us.
Don't you?
And all that whining
and complaining.
He was like a big baby
in hiking boots.
Next time will be better.
And besides,
I never should've taken him
up to wilkes point,
but he admired
the painting so much.
Good thing I'm not looking
for a hiking buddy.
I'm sure there are
plenty of beginner trails
to hit in Malibu,
when you sell the house.
I was going to tell you,
I just wanted
to ease you into it, honey.
I know the wedding bomb
was a lot.
So you're just
going to sell the house
and move to the land of
sweaty yoga and juice cleanses?
Unless you want
to live here, honey.
Your father left the house
to both of us.
I can't move back here.
I mean, my business
is in San Francisco.
Yes, I understand all that,
but you can't be all business,
all the time, sweetheart.
You need to
enjoy your life.
I enjoy my life.
Do you?
What do you do for fun?
My work is fun.
What about dating?
I don't have time
for that right now.
I just went out on my own,
I started my own firm.
It's about priorities.
I wish you would
make passion a priority.
After all these years,
I finally have,
and I've never been happier.
Your text said
you had a plan b.
What is it?
An opera guild event,
black tie affair
Friday night.
Celebrities, athletes,
red carpet, the whole nine.
Oh, a little glimpse into
Sean's not so simple life?
Yeah, I convinced him
to bring belle,
where she'll be ignored
all night long,
which is what he does.
When you're a celebrity,
you belong to the people.
That's what he says,
that doesn't sound very nice.
I don't like the idea of belle
being ignored all night.
Yeah, but this is his life.
She needs to see
if she can handle it.
Okay, that's good,
that's good,
but we should go, too.
Wait, like a...
Like together?
- Like a date?
- No.
Because I've been asked
on dates before,
and it kind of sounds like
you're asking me out.
I'm not,
I'm asking you on a plan.
Disguised as a date,
so, technically,
it is a date.
What about your talk?
Isn't that on Friday?
I already told them
to replace me on the keynote.
Maybe I can make it
later in the conference.
Oh, good.
Since, you know, you're not
working fast enough
on the task at hand.
What? I'm not
working fast enough?
I'm doing everything
I can here,
all while trying
to appease a client
who is getting
increasingly more frustrated
every minute that I'm gone!
So sensitive, Anna.
I was only kidding.
I knew that.
What is that!
I have no idea.
Okay, so...
Friday night?
- It's a date...
- It's a plan.
It's a date with a plan.
It's a plan with a date.
That's still a date.
I guess I need to
go get a dress.
Good plan.
Good night.
Thank you.
Come again.
Oh, now,
that could work.
I want you to be
the Annabelle of the ball.
Cute. Very cute.
But I'm just going
to be there for belle.
Clay says she'll probably
be ignored the whole time.
Tell me about Clay.
Belle said
he's the whole package.
He sure seems
to think so.
Oh, listen to you,
you're going to
this fancy event
with a handsome surgeon
and you're acting like
you didn't even notice him.
Oh, please, Clay is not...
He's a little
too sure of himself.
And that's
a bad thing?
That kind of charm
is a defense mechanism.
I've seen it
in a thousand depositions.
So he needs a little time
to let people in.
that makes him human.
You do it, too.
I do not.
I'm just saying
let belle be,
she can handle
whatever happens.
You need to let go
and enjoy your date.
It's not a date.
Can I help you?
It's a plan.
Anna, the car is here!
Am I underdressed for you?
Hello, Clay.
You look
You look...
You too.
Okay, let's do this.
What do I say if they
ask me any questions?
Well, you just
be yourself.
They're gonna love you.
Just remember
when they're taking
all these pictures,
keep your eyes
above the flashbulbs,
otherwise you'll be
blind all night.
Should we just...
We'll meet you inside.
Good luck.
- Good luck!
- Okay, have fun.
This is a zoo.
This is his life.
Now you know
why I live in Boston.
Excuse me?
Yes, hello.
Can we get you
to step back there
so we can
get Sean alone?
Go, go, darling.
See you in a minute.
Hello, have you met Corinne,
my lovely co-star.
They just
pushed her aside.
It happens
all the time.
...and she's actually
shared with me
that the word
on the street is
you're lobbying for
the part of Finley Charles
in the latest
superhero franchise.
Care to comment?
I don't know
what street that is.
But I'll wait,
I'll answer the phone.
But that's
a great role,
and, uh, that would be
exciting, wouldn't it?
By the way,
you have almost met
my beautiful fiancee.
This is the lovely
belle Colton.
Oh, my goodness.
Come here!
This is amazing,
we had no idea.
You know, it's been
a long time
since I've been
on a, um...
with a beautiful woman.
Really? How long?
Well, I was engaged
just over a year ago.
What happened?
If you don't mind
my asking.
No, no, it's fine.
Some women just want
to marry a doctor,
and they don't care
what name
comes in front of
the letters "m.D."
As long as it's
part of the signature.
It doesn't hurt if his dad's
a movie star either.
Oh, that sounds
like a gem.
That's not the word
that I would use.
What about you?
I left my old firm
because they were all about
the bottom line.
They were fleecing clients,
and I just couldn't do that,
so I started my own practice,
and it's a lot,
building a business
from the ground up.
So, that's
my focus right now.
My father always
accuses me
of hiding in my work.
Apparently, to him,
if you're not falling
in love every six months,
you're not
really living.
My aunts say
the same thing to me,
"why aren't you dating?
"Get on one of
those websites.
What happened to
the chef?"
Ooh, what did
happen to the chef?
His one and only
redeeming quality
was his souffle.
Mm, I love a good souffle.
Aw, shucks,
should've married him, huh?
What do you think
he's saying?
I don't know.
Yes, we've learned
so much.
Yes, we have.
Ah, now I get to do
my favorite part.
Shall we, um, shall we
go find out?
I'm sorry if
I step on your toes.
I'm a surgeon,
I'm really good
with my hands,
terrible with my feet.
You can't be that bad.
Oh, you'll see.
Oh, look who's here.
There's the second
loveliest couple
in the room.
Yup. That's my toe.
I don't doubt
they like each other,
but how can anyone
be so sure of a connection
so fast?
Six days.
That's when my father
said he knew.
Six days?
That's crazy.
How could someone
be so sure,
so soon, right?
I predict we'll be interrupted.
You don't mind?
It's all right?
And you must be?
Where did my aunt go?
Sean. Quick one
of the two of you.
- There.
- Great. Thank you.
Uh, I should...
I should go look for her.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Hey, there you are.
I can't believe
you got pushed aside
for corrine sellers.
I don't even think she's
that great of an actress.
No, she's not,
but it comes with
the territory, so...
Thank goodness, Sean's ready
to get out of the business.
Are you sure
about that?
Why are you
looking for problems
where none exist?
I'm not looking for problems.
I just...
I feel like he...
He wants a life with you,
but what happens if Hollywood
comes calling again?
Don't you want me to be happy?
Of course I do.
How could you ask me that?
I just...
I just want to make sure
that you know
what you're getting into.
What I'm getting into?
Is that why
we're here tonight?
We thought
that something
was potentially happening
with you and Clay.
But you came here
to pit Sean and me
against each other?
To exaggerate
our differences?
No... I...
Is that it?
Well, it's not as sinister
as you're
making it sound.
I'm not your client, Anna.
I don't need
your counsel,
and I know what I'm doing.
It's just,
this is a bell
that can't be unrung.
Your wedding becomes
national news.
Then so be it.
If this is a mistake...
And I don't think it is...
Then it's my mistake to make.
Not yours.
You need
to stop hiding
in other people's
lives, Anna.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
That's whose life
you need to focus on.
Give it a try.
Aunt belle...
I'm very sorry...
There you are.
Hey, have you seen
my aunt?
My dad went
looking for her
about 10 minutes ago.
I didn't see
either of them inside.
Excuse me,
have you seen
Sean castleberry,
by chance?
He and a lady
just left in his limo.
They ditched us.
Could you call us
a taxi, please?
They're angrier
than I thought.
Aunt belle!
Aunt belle, are you here?
Are they here?
They're not
at my dad's place.
Where could they have gone?
Oh, no.
I think I know.
"If you're not with us,
you're against us,
"so we have no choice
but to get married
without you."
They're eloping?
All right, Jake,
keep looking,
and we'll come check out
his computer
as soon as we can. Thanks.
I know, I know,
aunt Suzie,
and we are trying to find them,
and bring them back here,
so they can get married
with all of us together.
Yes, I know,
it is very important
that you meet George Clooney.
Okay, I'll keep
you posted.
Do you, uh,
do you know
her password?
I do.
What's this?
Feels just like prom night.
Jake, the lady says
she has two left feet,
so make sure
you catch both of them on video.
Well, we can't
all be as suave
as Sean castleberry,
can we?
No, well,
that's a full-time job.
Shall we?
Oh, yes.
Forward, forward, forward,
forward, forward, forward.
Forward, forward, forward...
Forward, forward, forward...
I never thought
that you would be the one...
That's so cute. hold my heart
but you came around
and you knocked me
off the ground
from the start...
She could have
had this years ago,
and she didn't,
because she made a choice
to raise me.
And here's her chance,
and I'm trying
to take this away from her.
No, your intentions were good.
I was trying to control
the situation,
which is what I do.
And now she's
getting married,
and I'm not
going to be there.
This is not the way
it's supposed to be.
We'll find them, okay?
And we'll make it right.
Come on, let's go see
see if we can find any clues
at my dad's house.
Just give me a minute.
I hope that you see
right through my walls...
I'm so lucky.
...I hope that you catch me
'cause I'm already falling
I'll never let our love
get so close
you put your arms around me
and I'm home...
Maybe he did a search
for chapels
or a justice of the peace?
We should check
his Internet.
Allow me.
I am very
well acquainted
with how to do
a detailed review
of a browser history.
Divorce lawyer.
These things come in very handy
when things get contentious.
Clay, this is a mess.
Although my aunt
should understand
where I was coming from
in trying to stop her.
She did the exact
same thing to me.
You were married?
I was 19.
I was young and thought
it was true love,
and then, when he left
after six weeks,
well, you can't just pretend
like that never happened.
Everyone tried
to talk me out of it,
but I was so sure of him.
Then you look back on it,
and you can't help but wonder,
what red flags did I miss?
They're always so visible
in hindsight.
Your ex-fiancee?
You feel so stupid
for not seeing
what everyone else did.
Clay, I get that.
But for Sean and belle,
maybe this is the real thing.
Who are we to say?
I went over
your father's accounts,
his credit card was just used
at the millennia hotel...
Viva Las Vegas.
My work here is done.
I'm just going to
go back to bed.
Sorry to wake you.
You have the flights
pulled up yet?
No, it's fine.
I was wide awake.
Are you sure you want to chase
your father
all the way to Nevada?
You know he does what he wants.
I know, but we need to
make sure they do this right.
If they're going there
to get married,
then we need to be
by their sides.
Call Dr. Morgan,
and let him know I won't
make the conference at all.
Sorry to call
so early, em,
and I know I said
I'd be home by now,
but I need you
to handle it
if she calls.
Patch her through
to my cell,
no matter what time of day.
Okay, the next flight
leaves in three hours,
but it's only business class
and it's not cheap.
Fine, book us two seats.
Do you want me to charge
her ticket to her credit card?
No, just put them both on mine.
I will book it,
and then I will get back to you
with all the details.
Okay, I will call you
as soon as I land.
You too.
Who needs sleep?
We're going to Vegas.
All right.
Put it all on black!
I'm sorry, but
we don't have two rooms.
I do, however,
have two suites
on the same floor
for a substantially
higher nightly rate.
Of course you do.
Yeah, we'll take
the suites.
How much
substantially higher?
I'm building
a new business now.
It's okay, Anna.
I've got you.
You can pay
me back later.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Can you tell me
if Sean castleberry
has checked in yet?
I'm really not
at liberty to say.
I'm his son.
Look, check my I.D.,
we have the same last name.
I'm still really
not at liberty to say.
I need to find my father.
It's very important,
and his phone
isn't working.
I need to get him...
His, uh, medication.
And yet our rules
remain unchanged.
Can you please
help us out here?
We've been up all night.
We're exhausted.
I can tell you
that the bridge over the lobby
is the best place
for people watching.
Thank you.
Can you have someone take
our bags to the rooms, please?
Um, thank you
so much.
Thank you.
And you're talking
this bridge right up here?
Yeah, that bridge
right there.
Okay, thank you.
I tried to call his room
from the house phone,
but he didn't use
any of his usual aliases.
Yeah, I just did
a search on my phone.
There's over a hundred
wedding chapels
in this town.
How are we supposed
to find them?
I just wish we had, like,
a GPS tracking device.
Not GPS,
but the next best thing.
I can't believe I didn't
think of this sooner.
People love to post
celebrity sightings there.
No, not this one,
not this one...
Here. "Going in
to pick up my watch
"and see Sean castleberry
and his fiancee
buying wedding rings
at galleria jewelers."
11 minutes ago.
Let's go.
Excuse us.
Excuse me.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Sorry, comin' through.
So sorry.
No lookie-loos.
Very high-profile client inside.
Oh, we don't
care about that.
We're actually just here
to pick up our wedding rings.
That's right.
I'm the luckiest man
in the world,
this beautiful woman
said yes to me.
You're picking up?
Can I see your receipt?
Oh, shoot!
I, uh, we...
We forgot our receipts,
but, um, I hope
that's not a problem,
because we're
getting married...
And you're waiting until now
to get your wedding rings?
Oh, no, no,
of course not.
No, we came by yesterday
to pick them up,
but the sizes,
they were all wrong.
The sizes were wrong,
and so they told us
to come back today,
by noon,
and they promised us
they would be ready.
Sorry, I can't let you in
a receipt.
How long is this
going to take?
I can't say for sure.
Oh, no!
Oh, we just, we don't
have a lot of time.
I've got to go
to the hair salon
and get my hair done,
and my makeup...
And you've got to
get your tux.
And this is
all your fault.
I mean, not you,
you actually seem like
a very nice man,
but your employer
could be responsible
for ruining
the happiest day of my life!
Sweetheart, sweetheart,
hey, look at me.
We will make
something happen,
even if it's
a twisty-tie, okay?
I will put something
on that finger tonight,
I promise you.
All right, listen...
You're picking up, okay?
When you get inside,
you talk to Alexis,
you tell her
I sent you.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Oh, thank you so much!
Thank you.
You saved me there.
You're good.
Hey, I grew up
in Hollywood.
Sorry about
the commotion.
We don't get celebrities
in here too often.
Sean castleberry
and his latest fiancee
were just in here.
Sean castleberry?
Can I see
your receipt?
The movie star!
Oh, my God!
I am the biggest fan.
Yeah, she is. See?
They just went out
that back door there.
Too many photographers.
They wanted
a little privacy.
- Can we see this necklace here?
- Yeah.
Go, go, go!
Okay, faster.
Which way?
You paparazzis should be
ashamed of yourselves!
Great, another dead end.
Not necessarily.
They had this
on the counter.
It's a list of the
preferred wedding chapels.
Well that narrows
it down, at least.
This one's a block
off main street.
Okay, that's this way.
I really hope
this is the one.
Yeah, me too.
Uh, how much is it
for the gold package?
Oh, that one
is top of the line.
People love it.
My dad doesn't
marry you, Elvis does.
That sounds so romantic.
Tell me, has anyone famous
ever been married here?
Because I really
want to get married
in the same place
as, like, Britney Spears.
Actually, my dad is marrying
some famous dude in there
right now.
He's super old,
so I don't know him,
but my mom recognized
him right away.
Stop the wedding!
- Wow. Wrong wedding.
- So sorry.
- Carry on.
- Really. Congratulations!
You look so beautiful.
I'm pretty sure
that was the host
from "guess which war."
That was not
your father.
Hey, did you
tie the knot?
Did you do it?
Oh, no, we're not...
No, we were
just, um...
Checking the place out.
Oh, well, it's a good place.
Did right by me 60 years ago.
Today as a matter of fact.
Well, happy anniversary.
We're redoing our vows
in a few minutes,
and, uh, it's the same place,
same time.
She's even wearing
the same dress.
How did you do it?
I mean, how did you
make it 60 years?
And a whole lot of luck.
See, I was
in the military,
and I was about to go
ship overseas,
and, uh, I saw this girl
across this room,
and it was like she was...
Well, she took
my breath away.
It was my Lydia.
So I knew right
there and then
I was going to marry her.
So, took a few days,
locked it on down,
and brought her here,
and we did it
before I went away.
After a few days?
My dear, when it's right,
a few days is all it takes.
She's ready for you.
Not allowed to see the bride
before you get married.
Of course not.
Congratulations again.
Thank you.
Come on in.
Come on,
it's getting late,
and there's a lot of chapels
left on this list.
Well, we checked every
chapel on the list,
and no sign of them.
I guess they must
be married by now.
So, that's that.
Yeah, that's that.
And this was probably
the happiest day
of her life,
and I should've been
by her side,
and I wasn't
because I couldn't
put my own stuff aside.
Yeah, I hear you there.
I guess we should get
the next flight out, huh?
Maybe they know
something we don't.
I mean, maybe that man
at the chapel is right.
A few days
is all it takes?
He could've just gone
on his deployment,
but he dove in,
and look at them.
60 years.
He also said
there's a certain
amount of luck involved.
Maybe we just haven't
been that lucky yet.
Did you just say "luck"?
Yeah, I said "luck."
Maybe ours is changing.
Eight! Eight! Eight!
Ah, somebody's
on a hot streak up there.
Yeah, no kidding.
Go! Go! Go!
All right, guys,
give me another eight.
Mama needs
a new pair of glasses.
I have plenty of shoes.
I need sunglasses.
You're my lucky charm!
Maybe you're mine.
It was a good night.
Despite not finding them,
it was nice
to just roll the dice
and take our chances.
Pun intended.
I like the Anna who
throws caution to the wind.
And dives in.
She's a blast.
I like lucky Clay.
He's fun, and free,
and never rolls a seven,
not once.
That was a fluke,
had to be.
Letting go
is good, Anna.
Letting go is good.
Excuse me.
Goodnight, Anna.
Goodnight, Clay.
Look, Gloria, I know,
but we have to play hardball.
No, we're not trying
to take him for all he's got.
We're trying get you
what you deserve.
Okay, I'll send
this email right away,
and I'll talk to you soon.
Okay, Renee,
we'll print our boarding passes
at the airport.
You want me to put it
on your card again?
Don't worry, Renee,
she'll pay me back.
Clay, I didn't say anything.
You did.
I just need you to tell me
what you want me to do.
Just use my card
for both, okay?
She doesn't have
her checkbook with her.
Okay, why are you being
so defensive?
I wasn't implying anything.
I'm not,
I'm just...
E-mail me
the itinerary, okay?
I ordered pancakes and eggs
since we need to leave
for the airport in 20 minutes.
That sounds great.
Oh, opposing counsel.
I need to take this.
But I will meet you
at check out?
Yeah, sure.
Desmond, hey, tell me
you've talked some sense
into your client.
No, he needs to man up
and support her financially.
It's his responsibility.
Are you serious?
So what if she chose not to work
when his practice took off?
This doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, absolutely.
I'll just call it up here
and get you checked out...
Oh, here you are,
Mr. castleberry.
And I do hope the suites
were to your satisfaction.
Doesn't look like
there's any incidentals,
- nothing from the spa.
- No.
I hope you
enjoyed your stay.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
I see you found
your father.
Glad you were able to
get him his medication.
Excuse me?
Aunt belle!
Oh, my goodness!
We have been calling
and looking for you everywhere!
Look who's here.
Where's your
wedding ring?
I believe it's in a box
in Sean's suitcase.
Belle didn't want
to go through with it.
She wanted you, and Suzie,
and her family to be
at her side.
I wanted my son
with me.
Oh, my goodness.
That's why
we're here.
'Cause I haven't listened
to any of your messages.
I didn't need
any more bad news
Dougie downer again.
Okay, that's fair.
Look, if you guys are 100%
certain about this marriage,
then I'm behind it.
I feel the same way.
I could not live with myself
if I missed
the happiest day of your life.
Well, that's what
we've been waiting to hear
all along.
Then let's go home
and do this right.
All right.
We have a wedding to plan.
Come on.
We need to be quick,
we have the food
tasting in an hour.
Do you want me and Suzie
in the same dress,
since we're both
your bridesmaids?
Oh, please,
I would never put you
in any matchy-matchy
pouf taffeta dress.
Ooh, what about this?
Why do you even
have that?
It was a special request
for a regular client.
She wanted a mini.
And don't judge.
Her wedding
was canceled.
Somebody will buy it.
It's just not
going to be us, right?
You seem different.
More fun, Anna.
What? No.
I-I just, you know,
maybe I'm happy
because aunt belle is happy.
Oh, please,
no one's buying that.
What is going on
with you and Dr. Clay?
Well, let's see,
for starters,
he lives in Boston,
and I live
in San Francisco.
Logistics can always
be worked out.
You like him.
He did show me
a different side
once he opened up.
I seem to recall
saying the exact same
thing about Sean.
And what did you say?
Something about
taking things slow?
And now?
I stand a little
bit corrected?
Look at that.
You've only known Clay
a few days, and...
Maybe that's
all it takes.
She likes him.
She likes him.
Yeah, she does.
You ready for tomorrow?
Mentally, yes.
As for what I'm wearing,
that's still
up in the air.
Not anymore.
I have your shirt.
Also some food
for you to grill tonight.
a lifesaver, Jake.
He'd die without you.
You know that, right?
I know that.
I am happy for you,
you know.
Despite evidence
to the contrary.
Yeah, I believe you.
I know that.
Clay, I know
I've made some mistakes.
I wasn't always the most
attentive father, was I?
You did
the best you could, dad.
I know it was hard for you
after mom died.
I mean, let's face it,
she took care of both of us,
didn't she?
She used to say
she had two children,
you and me.
We all have to grow up
sooner or later.
Some of us just
a little later than others.
That would be me.
I'm putting Mr. Lewis
at the kids' table.
I think it's happening.
That's what I'm doing.
Like that...
What do we do...
Does that work?
Who replies the day
before a wedding?
I have no idea
where I'm going to
put all these people,
because the chart
is done.
Yeah, but we still
have to find room
for Sean's cousins.
Separate them.
You'll thank me later.
Yeah, Sean told me about them.
Are you doing okay?
I know you had to
cancel your conference.
Well, my talk
has come and gone,
but I'm still going to Miami
for four days.
Alone, or...
With a friend?
Well, that doesn't
seem like very much fun.
Look, I just don't want
to get blindsided again.
You know, like with Vivian?
I never saw that coming.
I know that was
hard on you, Clay,
but it's important that you try
not to look for a Vivian
in someone named Anna.
I think they're two
very different people.
Oh, no!
No, no, no!
I don't need
an assistant,
I need a fireman.
But I'm blaming
the grill.
It was way too hot.
You've got to
fix that.
wasn't that hot.
It was the grill's fault.
How about I run out
and get us some food
so we have something
to eat tonight.
I'll come with you.
- Okay.
- Make mine rare.
Hey, do you want me
to drive?
No, that's okay.
I got it.
Oh, it's a beautiful night.
Yeah, I wanted to come
because we haven't really
had the chance to talk about...
The elevator.
I was going to
bring that up
at the airport,
but your dad was there,
and my aunt, so...
That wasn't me...
Me either,
but it was good for me.
I decided,
even though
I missed the conference,
I'm still going to go to Miami
after the wedding.
I had Renee clear my schedule
for a few days.
I had fun in Vegas.
I realized there's
a whole big world
outside the O.R.
Yeah, there's a big world
outside the courtroom, too.
Maybe you should come with me.
Just think about it, okay?
I know that you have
a big client right now,
but they have
wifi there.
And it's only
for a few days.
Plus, I kinda sorta
maybe really like
"fun and free"
Clay and Anna.
I'd like to see them
in the real world.
See how they'd do under less
heightened circumstances.
You know, no pressure.
Just think about it.
So, what do you want to eat?
Ooh, I don't know,
um, pasta, chicken, cupcakes?
Cupcakes for dinner?
Wouldn't be the first time.
Well, I don't have
much of a sweet tooth.
Looks like
we're not starting out so well
in the real world, are we?
He's standing firm?
She supported him
when he didn't have
two nickels to rub together.
I'm so sorry!
Our niece is a very
high-powered attorney.
That's not an offer,
Desmond, that's an insult.
Of course.
He's handsome,
charming, a doctor.
Did I mention rich?
Because he is.
He's wealthy.
Very wealthy.
The whole package.
Any smart woman
would grab on
to a guy like that
and hold on
for dear life, right?
He should have
no problem
paying for everything.
Okay, garter, veil,
extra Bobby pins.
Wedding shoes,
that's what we're forgetting.
On the couch.
Anna, why don't you
take a load off
and have some champagne?
We don't have to leave
for at least
another 90 minutes.
And you still need
to get your hair done.
That's true,
but you can't wear
slippers to your wedding.
She could get married
in anything
and still be a vision.
You are the most beautiful
bride I've ever seen.
All right,
I need in on this.
I just wish dad
were here to see this.
Yeah, we all do.
But you're getting
to live your dream.
And it's about time.
You can, too,
you know.
All you have
to do is let go
and give yourself
Okay, let's finish.
Clay, wait till
you hear this!
What's with
the suitcase?
Oh, I'm leaving
right after the wedding.
It was the only flight
I could get for my trip.
Well, I just got off the phone
with my agent.
I've been offered the role
of fearless leader
in "land of the robonauts."
Wait, fearless leader,
Finley Charles?
Yeah, it's going to be
the biggest superhero movie
of the decade.
A whole franchise.
I used to read you
those comics?
you bought them for me.
I used to read them to myself,
but yeah,
I remember.
Well, whatever.
Your dad's gonna have
a hot year.
What about belle?
And the ranch and retiring?
Yes, well, there's a lot
to work out,
things to talk about.
This is what you do.
Why can't people
just tell the truth?
Huh? Cards on the table.
What you see is what you get.
Why can't people just be
who they say they are?
What's the matter with you?
Dad, I'm not
going to sit here
and watch you
do that to belle.
Do what?
You haven't
let me finish.
Hey, I can tell you
the whole...
I have experience at this.
I can make it work.
Oh, you have plenty
of experience
at this, dad.
What's wrong, honey?
I don't know.
Everything was fine
with Clay last night,
and then today, it's just been
complete radio silence.
I was just getting
my camera from the car
and I bumped into Jake.
Clay's not coming
to the wedding.
Wait, what?
He's gone
to the airport.
The airport?
Do you have any idea why?
I think I might.
He and I were
going to go to Miami
and he must have just
gotten spooked.
Everything was just
moving so fast.
You don't know that.
Maybe he had
an emergency.
He would call or text.
There's no other
I don't think
that's it.
We've all seen the way
he looks at you.
I'm going to go
talk to Sean.
Maybe he knows
something about Clay.
I didn't expect
to get this part.
It was a silly fantasy.
A lot of big actors
wanted it, too.
I know.
I just wish
I had belle's blessing.
You need to talk to her, Sean.
You need to find out
what she wants.
I'll tell you
what she wants,
she wants for us
to be living on a ranch,
and the minute she finds out
that I'm taking this movie...
You and your son
are never going to
be satisfied, are you?
Either of you?
Hold on, wait a second.
You don't understand...
No, I don't understand.
Why does nobody
let me finish?
Clay is mad at me.
He thinks I'm going to
hurt belle.
Wait, Clay is mad at you?
I thought he was upset with me.
I'm telling you,
if she doesn't want me
to do this film,
I'm out, I'll drop it.
She is much more
important to me.
Sean, that's beautiful,
but it's your wedding day.
I think you should go
talk to her.
She's an incredible woman.
She might surprise you.
I'll give it a try.
He's a good guy, right?
But very good.
Exceptional, even.
Please tell me
why Sean is
seeing the bride
before the wedding?
Thank goodness she's not even
in her wedding gown yet.
Everything is fine,
aunt Suzie...
I'm marrying
Finley Charles!
My favorite
fearless leader
in the entire
comic book universe!
Sean got the part.
When we're shooting,
we're staying in hotels
with round-the-clock
room service,
and I don't have to cook.
And when we're not,
we're in Malibu
at our ranch..
Fine compromise.
Oh, it's
the perfect one.
And it's a great
occasion, isn't it?
The only thing
missing is my son.
He's not answering
his phone.
I really
need him here.
I should get
to the airport...
Sean, you need to get
to the ceremony.
You have guests to greet.
I'll go get him.
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
Take my car.
The keys are in it.
- Perfect.
- Go, go, go.
And hurry!
You'd better not
miss my wedding!
I will be there
with time to spare!
All right, you,
let's get you ready, please.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
for flight 412 to Miami,
we are still waiting
for our aircraft to arrive,
and it's looking like we'll have
a slight delay.
We apologize
for any inconvenience.
I've been looking
for you everywhere.
What are you doing here?
I had to buy a ticket
to get past the security gate,
but I don't know why
you're not taking my calls
or answering
any of my texts,
but I'm here for your dad.
He really wants you there.
Wait a second, they're going
through with the wedding?
They are.
They worked it out,
and you would know that
if you hadn't run away.
Yeah, well,
maybe someone pushed me.
What are you talking about?
I heard you talking
on the phone this morning,
about marrying a rich doctor.
Every woman's dream?
Just grabbing on
and never letting go?
You're just like
the rest of them.
That's how little
you think of me?
I was talking about
my client's ex.
But I won't even bother
explaining that to you
because you see the world
through damaged eyes,
and the truth isn't going to
make a difference.
Come to your father's
wedding, Clay,
or don't.
I don't really care
what you do.
She bought a ticket
to come in here
and find you?
Day of flight...
That couldn't have been cheap.
Go get her!
You're right.
Anna, wait up!
Just talk to me!
What is the matter with you?
Six days.
That's when I knew, too.
On the dance floor,
after six days,
just like my dad with belle.
I tried to ignore it,
but nothing has ever felt
more right to me than you.
Which is
terrifying for me.
Trust is not my strong suit.
I'm a work in progress,
what can I say?
Why didn't you just ask me
if you thought you overheard
something questionable?
Well, you know what they say
about people who assume?
They're idiots?
Yeah, they're
complete and total idiots.
I'm so sorry
that I ever doubted you.
You should be.
So, what do you say?
You still wanna go
to Miami with me?
Well, I still
have a ticket.
But if you bail
on me again...
Anna, just...
Stop talking.
Hey, this is the exact spot
where you spilled
your coffee on me.
You spilled
my coffee on you.
I don't think so.
It never did come
out of that shirt.
Yeah, I gotta tell ya,
it's not that big of a loss.
Okay, no more kissing,
we have to go.
After all of this,
we are not missing
that wedding.
Let's go.
All right.
I parked over here.
Yes, okay.
I'll do it, thanks.
Where are they?
Any sign of them?
and no one is answering
their cell phones.
Belle, I'm sorry,
but the minister says
we have to start now.
He has another wedding
to do after this.
Five more minutes?
I don't think we can wait.
Ask him.
I will. Okay.
Excuse me, could we
just have five...
No, I'm sorry.
We can't wait.
So we do this now,
or you lose
your minister.
Now it is.
Good answer.
It's a beautiful day.
I've got you.
And you look
And you're
getting married!
To the man I love.
You think
we can make it?
I certainly hope so.
You drove like a crazy woman.
Let's do this.
All right.
The wedding was supposed
to start 20 minutes ago.
I know, I know.
We got this.
All rise.
Oh, they wouldn't
start without us.
You were saying?
Oh, my goodness.
We're here!
We're here!
Stop the wedding!
Stop the wedding!
You made it!
You're here!
Oh, I would not miss it
for the world.
Good to see you, George.
Sorry we're late.
Hey, dad.
Hey, better late
than never, right?
Sorry about the outfit.
That's all right.
You made it.
Are you ready?
- Ready?
- I'm ready.
Oh, yes. the one
to hold my heart
but you came around
and you knocked me
off the ground
from the start
you put your arms around me
and I believed
that it's easier
for you to let me go
you put your arms around me
and I'm home
how many times
will you let me change my mind
and turn around?
I can't decide
if I'll let you save my life
or if I'll drown...
Please be seated.
I hope that you see
right through my walls...
We are gathered here
to celebrate
the blessed union
of Clay castleberry
and Annabelle Colton.
Do you, Anna, take Clay
to be your lawfully
wedded husband?
I do.
And do you, Clay,
take Anna
to be your lawfully
wedded wife?
I do.
If anyone can show
just cause
why these two may not be
lawfully joined together,
let them speak now
or forever hold their peace.
Are you sure nobody
wants to stop the wedding?
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
You put your arms around me
I hope that you catch me
'cause I'm already falling...
I'll never let
our love get so close
you put your arms around me
and I'm home
you put your arms
around me
and I'm home