Storage Locker (2023) Movie Script

[light music playing]
[low, tense music playing]
[music stops]
Motherfucking Kirby Leto!
-[wood thuds]
-Son of a bitch!
[tense music playing]
-[flashlight clatters]
-What the hell?
Clap on!
[indistinct whispering]
I said, "Who's there?"
I may be old,
but I can kick your ass.
[ominous music playing]
[gunshot bangs]
Ow! Ugh!
[indistinct whispering echoes]
[duct tape ripping]
[glass squeaking]
[door creaking]
[man] Please have issue 15.
Please, God, have issue 15.
You the comic book dude?
-Uh, yeah. You Eddie?
-[Eddie] Yeah, that's me.
Uh, the Spyder comic, issue 15.
You got it?
Yeah, I got it.
I keep the valuables
in the box in the back.
Let's look.
[engine running]
[box clatters]
Uh, this is not the book.
[Eddie] You callin' me a liar,
you little son of a bitch?
You sure?
It's a comic book, isn't it?
[man grunting]
-[car door opens]
-[man coughs]
[man] Found a Benjamin!
-[car door slams]
[wind whistling]
Out late, huh?
Seeing someone on the side?
[man chuckles]
Only you, Jenni.
Right answer.
I got the caterers scheduled,
and my dress is killer.
Hottest bride ever.
I know, babe.
I can't wait to be in Hawaii,
on the beach
with the man I love.
Yeah. Hawaii.
Packer, thanks for your help
on the flash Apple X order.
-I got a nice bonus.
-[Packer] Oh, that's good, Liz.
Uh, Miss Connors.
Uh, any bonus for me?
I'm sure they're considering it.
But this, lunch with
your friends,
really shouldn't
be happening anymore.
It's hurting your chances
to move up the company ladder.
I'm just looking out for you.
-[Packer] Thanks, Miss Connors.
-You're welcome.
-[door slams]
-[man scoffs]
Is that your new boss?
Dude, she's hot, man!
I thought you said
she was a reptile.
-Yeah, she's, uh, probably
reporting to HR right now.
Seven years I've worked here,
and everyone gets promoted
but me.
Obviously, man,
you gotta stop inviting
your buds over for lunch!
Quit slacking, dude.
What are you thinking?
So, you gonna tell me
what happened?
Did Jenni pop you?
Did Jenni pop you?
As soon as you tell me how
you and Wendy are separated
-but still live together.
-[both laugh mockingly]
The eye, Packer. What happened?
Eh, collector's hazard.
-Couple guys jacked me.
It was my fault. I got greedy.
I mean, I hid the money, but
they knew what they were doing.
Wait, are those the guys
that said that they had
Atomic Fiction issue 15?
-The first appearance
of the Spyder, right?
-The Holy Grail.
-Oh, my God...
how much did they take?
Let's just say it was
an amount you could
honeymoon in Hawaii with.
[groans, laughs] I'm sorry.
You know you're screwed, right?
I mean, you know you're screwed?
I mean, Jenni is really gonna
pop you now. I mean, for real.
Any chance
you could make a small loan?
Yeah, but you sell
your comic collection first.
A micro loan?
When you gonna
quit this addiction?
-It's not an addiction.
You know how important
the Spyder is to me.
He's my hero.
Got me through my mom's death
and my dad's anger.
Wasn't your dad's anger
really him tossing out
your comic books?
That hurt more than his fist.
I don't know.
Spyder's a part of me.
-Just like my--
You were gonna say penis, ri--
-Awesome. Great. Thanks.
Oh-- oh, my God.
Well, it's the part
that Jenni's gonna lop off
when she finds out
how much you lost,
that's for sure.
Seriously, man, when are you
gonna quit chasing fool's gold?
Because Lord knows these comics
aren't making you rich.
Look, it's my only way
out of this shitshow job.
You know,
I can't be poor my whole life.
I just need one score.
One big score.
You know how much
high-grade comics go for.
Don't you think
it's just a little ironic
that you work
in the paper industry,
and you wanna escape
to the paper industry?
And now you lose
all your wedding money?
I mean,
it's like you are the Spyder.
You know, it's one step forward,
two steps back.
-I can already hear
the lecture from Jenni, too.
-Oh, yeah.
-Gonna demand
that I change, again.
-I guess I have to.
So, how can the Spyder
not be the Spyder?
[dog barking in distance]
Oh, shit, you're not supposed to
see me in this dress!
-It's bad luck.
-That's a silly superstition.
-What's this?
-My beautiful face?
You got in trouble again.
Your comic collecting?
Ah, it's nothing.
[Jenni] Nothing, my ass.
Your eye looks horrible.
The wedding photos
will be shitty.
Look, it wasn't my fault, okay?
I got rolled on
a few nights ago.
And they took some money.
-The honeymoon cash.
-[scoffs] Are you insane?
It was my chance
to quadruple it, okay?
If they had had the fuckin'
Atomic Fiction 15
-like they had advertised--
-When are you gonna grow up?
We're three weeks from
our wedding and you do
stupid shit like this?
Look, I'll get the money back,
I promise, okay?
How? Buy more comics
and hope they appreciate?
Yeah, that actually could work.
Get the hell out.
And take that fucking
comic collection with you.
You-- you don't mean that.
-[thunder rumbles]
Chas, let me just store
my collection at your place
for a couple of days.
Yeah, all right.
No way!
[Chas sighs]
it's gonna be a no, Packer.
You can't leave that shit here.
Can't leave that shit here.
And Jenni hates your guts.
And Jenni hates your guts.
[Packer] So you can store it
for three days?
-Fuck you, Packer!
-Fuck you, Packer.
[Packer] Was that you or Wendy?
-[whispering] Wendy,
it was Wendy.
-It was both of us!
It was both of us.
Yeah, it-- it was both of us.
Look, I've tried four
other storage units today. Nada.
-[brakes screech]
-[car horn honks]
Son of a bitch!
Excuse you? Fuck you, Packer!
You can take those comic books
-and shove them
right up up your ass!
-He didn't mean you, honey.
He didn't mean-- Right, Packer?
You didn't mean Wendy?
It was road rage. Right, Packer?
Hello? Packer?
[car engine revs]
You gotta be kidding me.
No fucking way.
Hi. Uh, I saw your sign,
and I'm looking for a unit.
-[man] No room.
[Packer] You don't have
one unit available?
No room at the inn.
should a wise man
be bearing a gift?
I kind of remember the wise guys
having three gifts.
We are the only place open.
Plus the $50
good housekeeping fee.
Look, I'm tapped out.
And I'm Digger.
Follow me.
So, Digger.
Is that ditches or cemeteries?
[chuckles] Like I've
never heard that before.
-You the only one working
in this big place?
-Budget cuts, man.
[door rumbles]
10 by 15.
You're the proud owner
for a whole seven days.
Holy shit, what is that smell?
Old man smell.
He checked out a few days ago.
-But he was... funky.
-[Packer scoffs]
[Packer] Jesus.
-Why are you here?
-Uh, renting a locker?
No, you're not. I'm the owner.
[Packer] Look,
I paid a lot of money for this.
I'll see about that.
Hi again.
[sighs] I reprimanded Digger,
but since you already paid,
you can remain,
but only for seven days.
-Do you treat
all your customers like this?
-[woman] Yes.
Are those acid-free boxes?
[Packer] Very observant.
I understand preservation.
You some kind of
rare book collector?
-Yes, I guess I am.
-[woman] Uh-huh.
My guess is
you collect comic books.
-[Packer] Wow.
-Silver Age comic books.
Uh, you know comics?
Are you a collector, or...
Seven days.
Unbelievable. [chuckles]
She knows comics.
Thanks for the gifts.
[brakes squeal]
What am I doing?
[ominous music playing]
Oh, what is that smell?
Oh, my God.
[phone rings]
Chas, hey, what's up, man?
Um, yeah, I'm fine.
Uh, it was just a little
hit and run. Yeah, but I'm okay.
Um, let's-- let's catch up
tomorrow, though, all right?
All right.
[owl hoots]
[man] Harry...
...your sacrifice
won't have been in vain.
[Packer] Look, she was
a stunning blonde, mysterious.
-You know, I think
the coolest part, though,
was she knew comics.
Packer, you meet
a beautiful mystery woman,
and your only takeaway
is that she knows about comics?
-You're twisted, man.
-Dude, I didn't catch her name.
-But I did see "Leto" on some--
-[chokes, coughs]
-[Chas] Leto?
-Yeah, Leto.
-[Packer] Yes, Leto.
-The Leto sisters?
-I don't know.
Ooh, Packer. Packer!
You hit the jackpot!
Diana and Apollonia
are filthy rich.
They own that old mansion
over by Ingram Street.
They're having
some big party tonight.
-How do you know this?
-Come on, don't you read
the Daily Bugger?
that dumpster fire website?
-The Bugger is the truth.
Hey, guys. My manager wanted me
to come over to ask you
to bring it down a little bit.
Sorry about that.
Are we being too loud?
Um, not so much the volume.
It's more of the content.
Uh, even the other customers
every day you two just
talk and talk on and on.
It's a lot of backstory
about, like, your boring
personal stuff.
Uh, your jobs,
your wives, things like that.
If it's so boring,
then why do you guys listen?
It's kind of
like a bad car accident.
It's kind of hard
to turn away from it.
-I'm sorry about that.
-Thank you.
Well, we need
a new restaurant, so...
-[Chas] Yeah.
-Anyway, what were you
saying about the Letos?
So, they're collectors like you.
Well, not like you.
They actually make money.
They do antiques.
It's real world-class stuff.
How can you call yourself
a collector
and you've never
heard of the Letos?
Yeah, we probably met
at a garage sale or two.
I don't know, man,
we had this weird connection.
-[bell chimes]
Where have you been?
I was worried. No call.
Didn't seem worried
when you kicked me out.
-I think that--
-[both] Shut up, Chas.
Yeah, okay.
Jenni, I love you.
But you can't
stand my collecting.
You have serious issues, Packer.
You're immature.
You let those stupid comic books
run your life.
As opposed to
you running my life?
I shouldn't have said that.
You made a commitment to us.
Us. Our future together.
Look, that's why I'm doing this.
That's why I'm getting
these comics, okay?
I'm not gonna work at
Rhino Paper my whole life.
That's not how
I'm gonna get what I want.
You think having things
makes you special?
It's real special. All right?
You lost our honeymoon.
Look, I'll get it back, okay?
Packer, I need commitment.
More than you're giving me now.
So, it's...
it's comics or us.
What's your answer?
You just don't get it.
Okay. I've-- I've had it.
Comic nerd. The wedding's off.
You've blown it.
Jenni, just-- I'm sorry.
Just-- just give me
another chance.
Never call me.
Well, at least you
and your comics
will have a nice, warm
storage locker to live in.
All right. Okay.
You have amazing brain capacity.
Dr. Etrange, I don't think
that's the capacity
you're interested in.
I would so love
to own your head.
You know, I usually measure
the astronauts' skulls
before they're shot into space.
And what are the results
when they come back?
you know they never come back.
It's all a government cover-up.
-[woman 1] Seriously?
Now, may I have a volunteer?
-[woman 2] I volunteer.
-Thank you, my darling.
I'm going to try something
I've never attempted.
Are you kidding me?
-Something is wrong.
-[woman screaming]
-[plate clattering]
[guests screaming]
[guests laughing, applauding]
[chuckles] Dr. Etrange,
that joke never gets old.
You're certainly
not on the guest list.
I, uh, live down the street
and heard the commotion.
Mm-hmm. Nice try.
Wait a minute. I know you.
You're one of
our storage customers.
I saw you on
the security footage.
I thought a blonde I met
the other day on the facility...
That's my sister.
We own it together.
And you are?
-Packer Stanley.
-[Apollonia] Oh.
Gentleman. [giggles]
One of those football fans?
No. My, uh, father
loaded boxes on the dock,
and therefore
the distinguished name.
Oh, working class.
How delightful.
Yes, indeed.
What brings you here
this evening?
Ah, I was actually
looking for your sister.
We had a very interesting
conversation the other day.
Now I know you're lying.
My sister is socially defective.
Unless you're a collector.
-[Packer] Actually, I am.
That's the only subject
of interest to her.
He collects comic books.
-Yes. Comic books.
-Now, the values
can be quite high.
How do you preserve them
from decay?
Higher quality books are graded
and then sealed
in a mylar shell.
Sealed in mylar.
I detest the constant marketing.
Those superheroes,
the terrible films.
It isn't true cinema.
Not like The Godfather.
I mean, those films have
the same hero's journey
you'd find in The Godfather.
Well, except Godfather III.
But most comic books,
like miracles,
are based in fact.
Come now. You don't truly
believe that our ancestors
leaped mountains
and lifted boulders?
Well, maybe not fly,
but there were some true heroes.
Did any of them
have spider powers?
[guests chuckling]
Okay, let's not make fun
of our guest.
Excuse us.
Cheap pulp paper. I pray
they're not in the auction.
It's not like he collects
Picassos and Monets.
Oh, did they draw comic books?
[guests laughing]
-[Packer] Whoa.
-[Apollonia chuckles]
Our friends can be rude.
There are people of high incomes
and accumulative interest.
Eh, collectors. [chuckles]
Dr. Etrange
collects human heads.
Wait, are you serious?
Human heads?
But most collect art, antiques.
The usual humdrum.
Some are flat-out crazy.
Jennifer over there
believes that she's the model
for Columbia Pictures.
-Oh! Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry.
There must be
something wrong with my glove.
Here, have something for that.
[ominous music]
My, you are handsome.
-Uh, for a comic book collector,
I guess.
-What's your story?
-Yeah, usual humdrum.
Inner city kid seeking
stratospheric wealth, so.
Direct. You remind me
of someone I cherish.
[guests cheering]
I have to get back to the party,
or my sister will be furious.
Can you return tomorrow night?
I'd love to
show you around some more.
I-- I don't--
[ominous music playing]
A dinner invite with Diana Leto?
Uh, no.
-It's her sister, actually.
Look, can you just do me a favor
-and not tell Wendy this?
No Wendy. Check. Okay?
I'd just rather Jenni not know.
You haven't talked to her
or anything?
Uh, no.
I'm pretty sure it's over.
Make sure, Packer.
You've hurt her enough.
Yeah, I have.
Yeah, it's definitely over.
So sorry.
Hey, uh, I meant to ask.
I saw this strange kid
hiding out the other night...
Um, here's Daddy.
-[Packer] Striking man.
He's everything to me.
A jealous collector
killed him five years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry for your loss.
[tearful] Thanks.
Um, do you wanna see
the rest of the house?
-[Packer] Yeah, sure.
[sighs] I'd do anything
to bring Daddy back.
Yeah, no,
I completely understand, yeah.
No, you don't.
I'm researching it.
You're gonna have to do
a little more explaining.
Well, I have a secret
that I haven't told you yet.
[whispering] I'm a witch.
Oh, yeah. That's-- that's cool.
Uh, I'm a comic book
collector, so...
I'm not a very good witch.
[Packer] Wait, you really think
you could bring your father
back with witchcraft?
Come with me.
I wanna show you a special spot.
[Packer] Okay.
-Oh, wow.
-It's beautiful, isn't it?
Have you ever heard
of the Greek myth
about the god Apollo
and his victim, Daphne?
Uh, she-- she was
turned into a tree, right?
You are smart!
Yeah, she was turned
into a laurel,
and she became immortal.
I don't know if
I like where this is going.
You said so yourself that myths
are often based on facts.
You are quite the dinner host.
Baby, you have no idea.
Hello, sister.
You returned.
Is this gonna become
a daily occurrence?
I seem to offend you?
Quite the opposite.
You intrigue me.
-As a collector.
-Well, yeah,
but I'm a collector--
-Look out!
-[gunshot bangs]
-Why did you do that?
-This looks bad.
-We need to get him
up to my room.
-[Packer grunts]
-It was George.
-Are you sure?
I'm certain now.
Can you save him?
I'm a witch,
not a freakin' doctor.
-[Diana] We gotta try something.
Twig from a laurel tree...
-Okay! Hold this.
All right. Watch your hands.
All right.
[chanting in foreign language]
Packer... I owe you my life.
It was nothing.
Who'd wanna hurt you?
[sighs] It was our uncle.
He escaped his care facility.
But we're gonna need you
to keep this confidential.
If the authorities
find out about this...
Yeah, you can trust me.
But if he could
get a gun that easily...
I'd like to reward you.
Do you wanna work for us?
[Packer] Yeah!
Well, do-- doing what?
Just get some rest first.
We can discuss details later.
There's something
you're not telling me.
[ominous music playing]
Daddy, I'm so sorry.
I am trying, but I'm failing.
I wish Daddy were here with us.
But your witchcraft
says that he is.
I mean all the way back.
You know,
maybe he could help us resurrect
this financial situation.
[scoffs] Like he could
control your spending.
It's for my research!
Besides, it's not like
your business skills
have kept us so afloat.
Sister, let's not argue.
My plan will pay off.
-Just let me borrow Packer
until the auction.
-[Apollonia] Why?
[gasps, laughs]
Has the great Diana Leto
actually fallen
for another soul?
Of course not.
But he did save my life.
But when it comes to
my research, I get him back.
[Diana] You sure you should?
You seem to have many...
shall I call them "misfires"?
Hey, I'm still learning.
Besides, it's not a science.
Yeah, it's quite the opposite,
You can go screw yourself.
Transmutation. Resurrection.
It's ludicrous.
I appreciate your offer,
I sincerely do.
But I'm in no need of a partner.
If Harry and I know about
this deal, others do too.
You'll need our financing.
And you're gonna
need our protection.
You do mean to
include other parties?
'Cause I know you and Harry
don't have that much money.
[George chuckling]
-I take this as a no?
-You may.
As I said, no partners.
You can't raise
this kind of money by yourself.
Unless you sell
part of your collection.
You know those Albanians
play pretty fuckin' rough.
You can't close this deal.
Let's just say...
I wouldn't wanna be
in your shoes.
My shoes can't be filled
by a mere mortal like you.
Oh, goddamn.
That's nasty to the bitter end.
That's not a threat,
is it, George?
Kirby needs to listen to reason.
This acquisition's
too big for him.
It's too big
for your whole family.
Even if you do acquire it...
everybody's gonna come for it.
He'll be a dead pharaoh
in the tomb,
one who can't keep
his treasures forever.
I will keep them forever.
You know what?
Y'all need to go
sell crazy someplace else.
We're all stocked up here.
Should I have Digger stop him?
No. George is no threat.
Why are you doing this?
He was our last hope.
Don't challenge me, Diana.
-Yeah, don't challenge Father.
-Would you please shut up?
You have no standing
in this conversation.
I have as much
to lose as you do.
I've navigated our fortune
successfully so far,
and I will win this prize too.
With or without your support.
You have my support,
but use my skills. You need me.
I'll handle this myself.
Should've let me take over.
Quite the Gordian knot
you left us in, Father.
Well, look at you.
You're looking much better.
Yeah, I feel better than ever.
Did you save my life?
Um... guilty.
I had these crazy
hallucinations last night.
Yeah, you were really out of it.
-Oh, good news.
Diana is impressed by you,
and she thinks you can
join her collector society.
I-- I'd love to,
but, uh, I-- I don't fit.
I smelled a lot of old money
the other night.
Well, there's old money
and then there's new money.
-Yeah, I'm no money, so.
Those old windbags
could really use some new blood.
Besides, they might be able to
help you with your collection.
They have a huge network.
And your storage locker
would be free.
Wow. Sounds too good to be true.
-It is.
-[both laugh]
So you'll join us?
you do a little favor for me.
[coughs] Oh, my God.
[chuckles] Uh, favor.
Um. Oh, my God.
Boy, when are you gonna
learn to tie your own shoes?
[demonic voice]
-Your enemy's back.
Apollonia say
we had the wrong Fisk.
Your real enemy is still alive.
-Kill Fisk!
-Wait a minute. Wait.
She has a plan.
Kill now!
-What the hell?
-[crickets chirping]
-[owl hoots]
Do you have any idea how hard
it was to sneak out on Wendy?
You guys are separated.
-Oh, yeah.
-Plus, Apollonia said
I might need your help.
Besides, you still owe me
for not telling people
Stacy Wen beat you up.
-Man, I was seven!
-She was six.
She had the reach on me,
I specifically remember
you biting her.
I did bite her.
I did-- I did bite her. Yeah.
Burn in hell, Stacy.
Wherever the hell you are.
Hope that scar's still ugly.
Hi. Uh, Apollonia sent us.
-Uh, Apollonia?
Oh, my God.
[loudly] Apollonia sent us.
Let us in, please! Thank you!
You do not
have to be such a dick.
[clicks tongue]
Boys. Have a seat.
Sorry about my friend.
Apollonia sent me.
She said
you had something for me.
Oh. Yes. Yes.
My son died recently,
and he left all these
old comic magazines
from the '60s.
-They're yours.
-They-- they're mine?
-[paper rustling]
Silver Age. [gasps]
There's a Spyder run from 2749.
And-- Oh, my God.
And they're in very fine
condition. Very fine, Chas.
-That's fine, Packer.
-No, very fine.
-Your friend is obsessed.
Textbook insanity.
Or daily irregularity.
You know, I can never tell,
to be honest.
You have a rotten attitude.
Nah. I'm just honest.
I need an honest human being
for a little spell
I've got cooked up.
[scoffs] What are you,
some kind of witch or something?
I don't mean to
burst your bubble, but
I don't believe in that shit.
Oh, you don't have to believe.
I do.
So, it's as simple as that?
The comics-- comics are mine?
Oh, and you do need to get
my son's pendant and gold tooth.
Yeah, so she says she's a witch.
A real witch.
I know.
She's teaching me incantations.
Yeah, she wants to go
to the-- the graveyard
and dig up her son?
Packer, either you want to be
a real collector or you don't.
If you're on the left side
of the road, okay.
Same with the right.
Middle of the road...
[inhales] get killed.
Did you just quote
the fucking Karate Kid at me?
You know, I thought
your little comic books
were worth all your trouble.
there's not anything there
that's alive that will get you.
[sighs] Silly boys.
I like the middle of the road.
[crickets chirping]
[Chas] Look, right there.
[Packer] "Jonathan J. James.
Born 1841. Died 1942.
Newspaper publisher."
I have a feeling
this is not her son.
You think the world's scariest
Golden Girl might've lied to us?
I don't know.
This whole thing stinks.
I'm about to smell
just how much.
[both panting]
[both grunting]
[ominous music playing]
[Packer] Chas. Chas, come on.
I need--
I-- I need your help, man.
[Chas sighs]
[wood rattling]
-[Packer] Oh, shit.
-[Chas] All right.
[both grunting]
Oh, my God. Shit.
-It just fucking winked at me!
-Just grab the gold tooth.
[laughs nervously]
[exhales] I can do this.
I can do this. I can do this.
I can do this. I can do this.
[exhales, groans]
Ah, shit. Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck this.
-I can't do this shit, man.
-[Packer] What the hell, man?
-I can't do it!
-Just give it to me. Come on.
[Chas] You do it. You do it.
Be careful. Be careful, Packer.
Be careful. [groans]
-Be careful.
-[tooth crackles]
[Chas retches, spits]
-Oh, that's sick.
-Well, let's grab the pendant,
then go home.
Only if you never
become my dentist.
Just grab it by the crystal.
[Chas panting]
-[Chas gasps]
-[Chas] He moved!
-[Packer] He didn't move.
-I swear I saw something.
-[Packer] Oh, my God.
I'll do it. I'll do it.
[Packer exhales]
-[Packer grunts]
-[Chas] Careful.
[both grunting]
[eerie music playing]
[Packer] Chas!
[Chas whimpers]
[pants] No.
Shit! Fuck! Shit! [screams]
Oh, my God. Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck! Fuck that shit.
[corpse groaning]
[Packer] Well...
-I'm scarred.
-You're scarred?
[Chas scoffs]
I just got maggots up my ass.
[Packer] Could be worse.
How could it be worse?
[Packer] Yeah, you're right.
[banging on door]
[Apollonia laughing]
You boys are a mess!
[fake laughs] Fuck you.
Here you go.
Yeah, that corpse was alive.
[witch] Fear can play tricks
on the eyes.
Who's your friend?
Oh. [chuckles]
I'm, um, Chas.
Chas Morales, at your service.
-[both laughing]
[Packer] I know what I saw,
and that body was moving.
I'm putting you
in my filing system.
Oh. [chuckles]
That's cool. That's awesome.
What is happening?
Shut up.
Diana, that corpse was alive.
Did Apollonia give you
anything to eat or drink,
or make a suggestion
about the undead?
Diana, Chas.
Could you put in a good word
for me with your sister?
Uh, uh, yeah. At breakfast.
Despite her manner,
she does have a PhD in chemistry
and she uses
a wide array of mixtures
to experiment on people.
So you're saying she drugged us?
It's possible. Her research
is very important to her.
Come by as soon as you can.
That Apollonia. [exhales]
Drugged, like a damn lab rat.
Apollonia didn't drug you.
She couldn't have.
It was probably just
your imagination or something.
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Probably my imagination.
I wonder if
any of these books are real.
You know,
I think she kinda likes me.
I mean,
this is all so fucked up.
But to own issue 130 of
The Spyder in this condition
is just amazing.
She is amazing.
I'm gonna see more of her.
Wait, no. [groans]
-Man, I'm married!
-[Packer] Separated.
-Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah...
-[knocking on door]
-[sighs] Yes?
[Digger sighs]
What is it?
-He's turning into wood.
-That's-- You're mistaken.
And it spreading fast.
And he's growing.
That's impossible.
Let me see.
I'm guessing wood no good?
[paper rustling]
[Packer] Roady,
you need to get your own place.
Hey, Dr. K knows chiropracting.
He knows comics
and he cracks a mean back.
-[bones cracking]
-[man screaming]
[Dr. K] That didn't hurt.
You're still alive.
-[Packer] Is he okay?
-Yeah, he's fine.
What a find.
Where did you get these?
Well, you're not gonna
believe me, but, uh,
I got 'em from a witch.
[chuckles] Okay.
I can respect secret identities.
[Packer] So are you buying?
-You're selling?
-[Packer] I'm a new man.
[Roady] How much are you asking?
Well, guide says about 33,000,
and with your overhead
and dealer's cut,
I'm thinking about 20k.
[Roady] Dr. K!
-[bone cracking]
-[man screams] That's too much!
That's too much.
Come on, Roady. You're not gonna
find 'em in this condition.
Don't make me
go to McFarlane Comics.
Can't wait to get 'em slabbed.
Look, you're getting a deal
because I need a place to live.
Who's immature now, Jenni?
God, when are they gonna
get rid of that smell?
Digger, I paid my bill!
[eerie music playing]
Who's there?
[banging on door] Digger!
Damn it. Digger!
[Packer sighs]
What are you doing in the dark?
Something-- something's in here.
We ain't got no mice.
Let me look around a little bit.
-I don't see nothing, doc.
-Look, I-- Somebody was in here.
These places
get a little lonely,
and people always thinkin'
they're hearing something.
Got a package for you.
Hey, uh, Digger...
do you know anything
about Apollonia and Diana's
crazy uncle?
Uh, the guy who shot me
the other day?
Look, man.
I don't know nothin'
about nothin'.
-What was that?
[Diana] Packer,
a small token of my
for saving my life.
Love, Diana.
[ominous music playing]
[boxes thudding]
[Digger grunts]
-[Diana] Yes. What is it?
Your boy just tried
to kill your boyfriend.
Daddy shouldn't be there.
I'll talk to him.
And we lost two customers.
The good news is,
they're paid up.
How's your wound?
Oh, yeah. Better each day,
actually. [chuckles]
Did they ever catch your uncle?
Oh, yes.
He's doing much better, too.
Good, good.
Thank you again for rescuing me.
Yeah. Uh, we collectors have
to stick together, you know?
So, why would he
try to hurt you?
Um, I'm sorry, I didn't--
Ah, it's not you.
It's my father's collection.
My poor, delusional uncle
believes it's his.
Yeah, Apollonia
told me about his death.
-I'm really sorry.
-Don't be.
Kirby Leto,
the ultimate collector.
He outworked and out-schemed
his competition.
One of them murdered him.
The killer's still at large.
-So it wasn't your uncle?
-He was a suspect, but no.
So you and Apollonia
own the collection,
therefore, you own the threat.
That's possible.
But we're about to be rid of it.
-We're auctioning it off.
-Oh, God.
To get rid of
all those priceless items?
-I couldn't do that.
You have my father's
appetite for collecting.
[chuckles] No, I can't compare
to him. I collect comic books.
But I do love that chase,
the thrill of finding
and owning that rare edition.
I even love the smell of
old comic books. [chuckles]
It's weird, yeah, but...
I love it.
No, I understand.
Perhaps I love it, too.
-More than I should.
Whatever I want, I get.
Wait. What about Apollonia? I--
She's saving herself
for someone else.
Besides, we don't mind sharing.
[Apollonia] What?
Digger, you better find him.
I said find him!
I was like, "What?"
Hey, it's me.
I almost just ran into Jenni.
Good thing you didn't.
By the way,
I got a lead on the Letos.
Got a friend named Maxwell
who wants to meet with you.
-Who's he?
-Let's just say...
he's a flush to
my full house in a poker game.
I cleaned him out. [laughs]
-Who is he?
-Maxwell writes
for the Daily Bugger.
No. No reporters.
He's discreet. Okay?
I'll see you at Sandman's
tomorrow at 1:00. Bye.
[Digger vocalizing]
-[Daddy breathing]
Damn it.
Dust everywhere.
Now, I got allergies.
They don't pay me
enough for this shit.
You're a rich man.
Sign over your damn money
to the sisters
so I can
get the hell out of here.
That you?
-[glass shatters]
-Damn it!
[gun cocks]
Stop this shit now,
or I'll tell Apollo--
[gasps, exclaims]
Every day...
a damn freak show.
Osborn, it's good to see you.
It's a pleasure to see you.
What brings you to
my humble establishment?
Here to pick up
the Louis XIV chandeliers.
[Osborn] No, no, no, no.
You're behind on your payments,
my dear.
Yeah, that's not true.
You've dealt honorably
with our family for years.
-Our credit is outstanding.
-My sources say otherwise.
You should ask
your ridiculous sister.
-Hey, show some respect.
-Stay out of this.
This is between
the professionals.
Diana, you are a fool.
Little help, please?
Hey! [grunts]
Your temp agency
is gonna hear about this.
-[Packer] Stay down.
-[Osborn] You will regret this.
Let's go.
God, what a dick.
-You all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
Thank you.
I remember my father
having to fight off deadbeats.
Yeah, he seemed a bit snarky
about your credit.
Everybody's jealous
of our family
and the lies and innuendo
hurled at us, it's never ending.
Well, no one's ever gonna do
that to you again, okay?
[Apollonia] My friend,
meet the transference crystal.
-[flame whooshes]
Oh, damn it.
[sighs] What am I doing wrong?
Oh, damn it.
[doorbell dings]
-Maxwell, good to see you.
-How are you?
-This is Packer.
-Nice to meet you.
-Good to meet you.
Maxwell works
for the Daily Bugger.
-[Packer] The gossip site?
-Any news that's unfit to print.
So, what do you know
about the Letos?
[Packer] Okay, well...
The other night
someone took a shot at--
-Chas already told me.
-I already told him that.
Okay, well,
what do you know about them?
Their father, Kirby Leto,
was gunned down
about five years ago.
Never found a killer.
It's really hush-hush
in the media.
There was lots of money
tossed around.
Maybe that's the guy
that took a shot at me.
I hear the sisters
are in trouble financially.
So, maybe there's some
big transaction going on.
Yeah, they're auctioning off
the Leto collection.
-Whoa, what?
-What is Apollonia
been saying about me?
-[whispers] Oh, my God.
[Maxwell] Hey, you don't want
to get involved with those two.
I hear they're into witchcraft.
Uh, just one of them.
The other one's
completely normal.
So, there's no prime suspects?
Yeah, dozens.
George, one of the Fisk twins,
is the lead suspect.
But George "proved"
he was out of the country
when it all went down.
Okay, well, how do I get
in contact with Mr. Fisk?
George is a ghost.
He went missing last week.
But there is another collector,
Norma Romita.
-I can get you
in touch with her.
-Yeah? Can I get her info?
[Maxwell] Text me.
Maxwell's gonna do
some snooping,
but, in the meantime,
I need vital stats
on a certain redhead.
Oh, my God, dude.
[Maxwell] Hey,
there is one other thing
other than the witchcraft.
Which is really messed up.
always seem to go missing.
That sounds right.
They're probably
really old, though.
Yeah, but the bodies
are never found.
Lost at sea, horrible fire.
If they're found,
they're found in parts.
Their fortunes just disappear.
And now the Fisk twins
are missing.
[knocking on door]
[door creaks open]
-It's you.
-You yourself.
How did you find my house?
Well, I'm assuming
you're Norma Romita.
We were never introduced.
Did the sisters send you?
[Packer] Uh, no,
I'm actually here on my own.
-I had
a couple questions for you.
Comicology, or whatever
the hell you call it,
isn't my subject field.
That's funny, but, uh, no.
It's about someone
shooting me the other night.
Maybe, uh, George or Harry Fisk.
Gunplay's not
my subject field either.
Look, it just seems like
someone's trying to kill Diana
and Apollonia,
maybe the same person
that killed their father.
Get the hell out of here
and tell those
stupid little whores
they don't know
who they're messing with.
I can go to the police.
Where's George Fisk?
Leave now.
That didn't go well.
He's definitely on to us.
Jesus, George, what the shit?
You're a loose end, Norma.
[gunshot popping]
what the fuck are you doing?
[George] S, D, one, T, K, zero.
[Digger laughs] Yeah.
[Chas clears throat]
[sighs] Apollonia.
Chas. [exclaims]
-It's good to see you.
-It's good to see you.
You know, I was actually
gonna come find you.
-You were?
-Well, that's awesome.
-[both laughing]
What brings you here?
Packer tells me
your life's in danger.
I'm here to serve and protect.
-Well, aren't you a gentleman?
-You know it.
-Oh, so charming.
-You're coming to my office.
-Let's go, let's go.
[Apollonia chuckles]
Come on, don't be shy.
Welcome to my sanctuary.
Please, explore. Enjoy.
-[glass clinking]
-[Apollonia chuckles]
Oh, I'd be careful with that,
if I were you.
It's either tipped with poison
or a sleeping potion.
Okay, not gonna touch.
Not gonna touch that anymore,
that's for sure.
Man, so you really are a witch.
-On a good day.
-On a good day.
You know,
I've never heard of a witch
that owns a storage facility.
Well, it's a little more secure
than your usual facility.
-Yeah, I mean,
these knives right here.
We store valuable objects here.
You know, like Packer's
-Like Packer's collection. Yeah.
-The love of his life.
-Oh, I-- I thought
I was the love of his life.
Yeah. Yeah.
No, you are. You are.
I was-- I was being--
I was being figurative.
No, I was-- I was being literal.
-I'm teasing you.
Oh, okay. Okay.
Good. [clears throat]
No, actually, my sister's
really attached to him now, so.
you're free?
Well, I'm committed,
but, uh, I like fun.
-[Chas hums]
-[Apollonia chuckles]
-[Chas] I like fun.
-[phone buzzing]
-Oh, I'm vibrating.
-[both laughing]
Yes, Digger.
I'll take care of it.
Chas, sweetheart,
would you wait here for me?
I'll be right back.
[clears throat]
I'll be here when you get back.
-I'll stay right here.
-Good boy.
God, Packer,
you sure can pick 'em, man.
Oh, God.
[Chas grunts]
[machine rumbles]
[man coughs]
[Chas pants]
[heavy breathing from tank]
[Maxwell exhales]
[Chas pants]
Maxwell? Max--
[Chas] Please, please. Please.
My douchebag husband
won't answer any of my calls.
Packer called me,
but he hung up.
Maybe breaking things off
was a mistake.
Trust me,
you made the right move.
He's got, like,
that Peter Pan syndrome.
He has no great power
and never takes responsibility.
Do you think
you can change Packer?
That's so not gonna happen.
He has a good heart.
He just makes bad decisions.
Jenni, he's an idiot.
Yeah, he's an idiot.
But he was my idiot.
[Wendy] And Chas is mine.
I thought the separation
might scare some sense into him.
Doesn't look like
that's gonna happen.
Chas will turn up.
He's loyal to you.
I'm gonna hire a PI.
To follow him.
-I feel like
he's seeing somebody.
-Why do you think that?
He looks happy.
[ominous music playing]
[water running]
[alarm beeping]
-[glass shatters]
[George] Ah, looks like someone
took my little acid bath.
[footsteps approaching]
Oh, thank you for that.
Oh, there's much more
in store for you.
-So here is the contact
on a collection for sale.
Um, we never finished
our conversation.
I'm really worried
about you, Diana.
I don't want to talk about it.
It's family business.
Look, I get it, but
I'm a part of the business now,
so you have to trust me.
I, uh, spoke to Norma Romita.
Norma. What'd she say?
Uh, she didn't say much,
but she did jump when I
mentioned a George Fisk.
-George Fisk.
-Yeah, he's the shooter,
isn't he?
He could be.
But thank you for caring
and for protecting me.
Packer, I--
I think I'm falling for you.
There's a big surprise
for you tonight.
Be sure
you're at my house by 7:00,
-it's very important.
[knocking on door]
Anybody home?
Where the hell is she?
Thank you,
my father's spirit
remains strong
and he would be
so proud to have you,
his friends,
to own his collection.
[all applauding]
-At the right price, of course.
-[all laughing]
Oh, our guest has arrived.
Packer Stanley,
please come forward.
The newest member
of the Kirby Leto Society.
[all applauding]
Wow. Um, thank you.
Uh, this is
the greatest moment of my life.
Um, I'll try
not to get too emotional.
for the first time in my life,
I feel like
I'm with my own kind.
We are fortunate to have you,
Packer Stanley,
the newest member
of the Kirby Leto Society.
[all applauding]
Thank you.
[footsteps approaching]
A small token
of my affection for you.
You've given me
too much already, Diana.
-You'll never guess what it is.
-[Packer chuckles]
[Packer gasps]
But h-- how?
No one's ever seen it in 9.8,
near mint condition.
I told you.
Whatever I want, I get.
[Packer sighs]
I am the Spyder!
So this is where
you've been hanging around?
How'd you find me?
-[Jenni] Chas told Wendy.
-Of course, yeah.
[Jenni] Look, we need to talk.
You kicked me out.
You said you never
wanted to see me again.
[Jenni] Okay, well,
you called me, Packer.
And I made a mistake.
About the comic collecting, too?
-But I forgive you.
-You forgive me?
That's it?
Look, Packer.
We've known each other
our whole lives,
and we're meant to be together.
But that lust--
that lust for your collection,
is ruining us.
[Packer] Well,
it's all going great now, so.
The world's not made
of Spyders and supermen.
It is. Okay?
To me, it is.
The rarest of the rare.
I got this
because the people here
appreciate me for who I am.
I'm not gonna be a loser
like my father, okay?
Look, he had nothing.
At least I have this.
These people
only want to use you.
I would never do that.
Please, let's just go somewhere,
and talk about this.
I can't. I can't.
sorry you came all this way.
Good luck, Packer.
-[ominous instrumental playing]
-I'm so sorry.
[Digger groans]
Can you take a bath
once in a blue moon?
-[monster whines]
-[Apollonia] Digger, help him!
That's that wood
I was telling you about.
What did they do to you,
my love?
His shoulder's busted up.
Looks like some kind of acid.
Well, help him, please.
His shoulder.
Look, Daddy,
I know it's gonna hurt, okay?
But can you just be strong
for me, please?
We're gonna get our revenge,
all right?
-We're gonna get--
[Apollonia] I know.
-[monster screams]
-Digger, help him!
[monster screams, pants]
[screaming continues]
-[device whirring]
-[monster screaming]
[Digger grunts]
[screaming continues]
[whirring stops]
[monster whining]
It needs a total reconstruction.
I don't care, just restore it.
It's spreading.
-Digger, help him!
-[monster screams]
-[monster screams]
-Help. [sobbing]
It's gonna be okay.
Roady, you're gonna love these.
What a goldmine.
Where did you find these?
I have a new girlfriend,
and she's pretty generous.
-Does she have a sister?
-[Packer laughing]
I don't think
I have the cash for this stash.
Well, we can work something out.
-You could sell them, can't you?
-Hey, no problemo.
Hey, you got another one
of these Spyder canisters?
There you go, Packer. It's rare.
Hey, what the hell, man?
That was mine.
-Fuck off, Harry Potter.
-I do love rare.
instrumental playing]
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
[whispering] Norma.
Hey, Norma, hey.
Norma, hey.
[music swells]
Come on, Chas, pick up.
Chas, uh, it's Packer.
Um, I need you to call me back
as soon as you can.
It's really important.
[panting] Where the hell is he?
Did you call the police?
-[Packer] No.
That would be a nasty business.
Can't believe it. Norma dead.
I mean, they were thorough, too.
Gunshot, knife wound, burning.
I mean, it looked like acid,
but I couldn't tell.
I mean,
the killer did not like her,
and after meeting her,
I can-- I could see why.
So, why is someone
killing collectors?
Where'd you hear
that fairy tale?
[Packer] A reporter.
Not Maxwell
from the Daily Bugger?
-He's a hack.
-Packer, he is.
He hounded us
after Father's death.
Our friends inform us
he's got a drug problem.
We need to stay vigilant.
Apollonia, tell Digger
to hire extra security,
with the auction coming up.
So do you think
Norma's death and the auction
are related somehow?
Never underestimate
the desperation of a collector.
[eerie instrumental playing]
Where are you, huh?
-[gunshots popping]
What the hell?
How did this little shit
break these chains?
[sniffs] What is that smell?
[knocking on door]
-[Wendy] Packer.
-[knocking on door]
[Packer] Jesus.
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
-Where is he?
Sure, come on in.
That no-good slacker.
And of whom do you speak?
You, asshole. Where's Chas?
Look, I left
a few messages for him,
but I honestly,
don't know, okay?
You two are always conspiring.
-You know where he is.
I don't know where he is, okay?
This is not like him.
I'm starting to worry.
-A graveyard? Seriously?
I found
the directions in his wallet.
There is a dirty shovel
in our tool shed.
What kind of freakshow
are you two doing?
Having sex with what,
dead bodies?
That was a college thing.
We grew out of that phase.
[Wendy grunts]
Look, a sweet,
nice old lady asked me
to clean up her son's gravesite,
and Chas was nice enough
to help me out.
Wendy, I'm sure he will turn up.
All right?
You have that jerk-off call me,
if he knows what's good for him.
Okay. Wait, where are you going?
No wait, you're not saying?
No! Aw.
Fuckin' A.
Come on, Chas. Pick up.
[chief of security] Hey, kid.
What are you doing up there?
[ominous instrumental playing]
Stupid kid.
-[chilling instrumental playing]
[metal clicks]
-Fuck you.
-[chilling music playing]
-[metal clinking]
[music ends]
He escaped his cage.
Your little man
is out of control.
Daddy was just exercising
his independence.
He's getting ready
for his big night.
Must you call him "Daddy"?
That again? He is our father.
[scoffs] As you wish.
Just please,
no more experimentation.
I cannot have
another set of Jenga blocks
scampering about.
Go to hell.
Oh, I'm sure we all will.
We have Packer's friend,
we have that reporter,
Norma Romita is dead,
others are gonna follow.
-Just control your boy.
-[Apollonia sighs]
-Packer's mine. Understood?
He is a perfect match
for Daddy's blood, I need him.
[Diana] No.
He is too valuable to me.
[scoffs] God.
You love him.
-I said he's valuable.
-[Apollonia chuckles]
So you're telling me
that you have
no feelings for him whatsoever?
Oh, no, Sister.
Packer's mine.
You know,
I'm surprised the sisters
haven't discovered me yet.
was trained by the finest,
her father.
And except for my twin brother,
was probably my best friend.
But times change.
One collector becomes jealous
of another's gains.
You know, it's sad, really.
How mere objects...
can cause the end
of a very valuable friendship.
Money's not the root
of all evil.
It's the love of money!
That's the root of all evil!
[ominous instrumental playing]
And I just loved his money.
And his collection.
[gun cocks]
I was gonna kill him.
But that crazy...
slut Diana beat me to it.
Gotta give her props, though.
She did a whizbang job
of framing me for the murder.
Now she's got what I want.
I was going to kill her.
I won't make that mistake again.
All right, fellas,
you've seen the pictures.
George Fisk.
Don't grab him.
Alert me immediately.
He'll be packing.
[laughs] Also,
there's a messed up
little kid hanging around.
Leave the kid alone,
and whatever you do,
please, please,
do not touch him.
He got some kind of
funky skin rash going on.
-[car beeping]
-[phone ringing]
[laughing] No, Mr. Stanley,
it's George Fisk.
I believe you've been looking
for me.
I am.
I have some questions for you.
Wait just a second here.
I got somebody
that wants to talk to you.
Packer, he-- he kidnapped me--
-Ah, ah!
-[Packer] Jenni?
[George laughing]
I have something you want.
You can get me entry
into the auction.
What do you say, we, uh, meet,
and, uh,
do a little trade-off, huh?
Just-- just let her go,
and I can get you in.
Let's meet at the sisters'
storage facility tonight.
Six o'clock, be there.
Oh, oh, and I understand
you have a very rare comic book.
-Who says?
-[George] You bring the book.
I'll bring the girl.
We'll make a swap.
The book? Insurance.
To make sure
you don't double-cross me.
And you goddamn sure
better not tell anyone.
[Packer] I won't.
You better not.
Last time you told about Norma,
and the sisters paid her
a very ugly little visit.
I want your word
that you'll be quiet.
-Or I'll kill her.
-[George] "Yes," what?
-Yes, you have my word.
That went well, didn't it?
[knocking on table]
-Everything ready for tonight?
It's a shame
we mistook Harry for George.
Imagine sacrificing
your own brother as George did.
But there's something else.
That kid is out of control.
The disease?
Yes, but Apollonia says
he'll do what she says.
There are things in this world,
wild things...
they're born wild.
And always stay that way.
No matter how much
you think you control them.
What do you suggest? Kill him?
She's not gonna change her mind
about him being our father.
It's all gonna hit the fan.
Just don't expect me
to hang around
and pick up the pieces.
I guess you want me
to clean that up, huh?
You'll have much to clean up
after tonight.
[breathing apparatus whirring]
Oh, my sweet Chas. [chuckling]
I wish we had more time for fun.
But you know you turned
that reporter on to us.
And we can't have that.
I do want to keep you around
just a little bit longer,
in case things
don't work out with Packer.
Yes, that
is a very powerful sedative
running through
your bloodstream.
It turns out,
I'm not just a witch.
I am a damn good chemist.
Oh, I suppose I'm being a tease.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm vibrating again.
Are you sure?
As you wish.
So, bad news.
Turns out we do need
your storage space for tonight.
What can I say?
Business is booming.
I'm so sorry
for the accounting error.
Bye, Chas.
[blowing kiss] I'll miss you.
[gas hissing]
[ominous instrumental playing]
[Packer] Come on,
I need a weapon. One I can hide.
Spyder filament.
No villain can break it.
[George] Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
-Shut up!
The book, Mr. Stanley.
You okay?
-I'm not okay.
-The book!
Just be careful with that, okay?
Yeah, all right.
Get us in this place.
-Hey, hold the elevator.
-[elevator dings]
-Can you believe the nerve
of that guy?
[chilling instrumental playing]
["The Itsy Bitsy Spider"
How do you know this guy?
[laughing] Mr. Stanley and I
have never really met.
He believes I'm a murderer.
His new girlfriend, Diana Leto,
killed my twin brother, Harry,
thinking he was me.
This is what you left me for?
Sounds like a mistake
you didn't mind.
Oh, Harry was blood,
but... I have my needs.
Yeah, like getting
the Leto collection?
You and I are no different,
Mr. Stanley.
You'd do whatever it takes
to get what you want.
-[Packer] No, I wouldn't.
-[George laughing]
You sold yourself
to those two whores
for a comic book.
I'm not like you.
Oh, really?
Well, it looks like
the majority of us
in this elevator
-have a different
opinion of that.
-[elevator dings]
We're here. Let's go.
-[Packer] Is this the auction?
-[George] No.
-The appraiser's that way.
-Hey! Watch where I'm going.
Say, you're kinda cute.
Hey, beat it, lady.
[scoffs] Go to Hell,
you old bastard!
[George] Go to rehab, you lush!
-[mic distortion screeching]
-Good evening.
My sister, Apollonia,
and the spirit
of my father, Kirby Leto,
welcome you.
[audience applauding]
Tonight, you are here
to bid on the world's
greatest collection.
The one my father painstakingly
acquired over his lifetime.
You are here to own rare art,
gold, diamonds,
and other priceless treasures.
We had hoped
the crowd would be larger,
but circumstances
are what they are.
Tonight, we also have
world-famous DJ, KTel Ronnie.
-[audience applauding]
-[KTel Ronnie scratching disc]
However, I must confess,
tonight is,
in small part, a charade.
[audience member] Charade?
What do you mean, Diana?
Alas, the Kirby Leto collection
is no more.
Over the years,
our father squandered it all.
When he was ready to make
the biggest acquisition
of his life,
one of you cowards
shot and killed him.
That's right.
And I loved him the most.
And one of you
took him away from me.
But guess what?
I brought him back.
Through your skillful
[audience laughing]
Shut up!
While our father's collection
is lost,
there is
a valuable collection here,
one you'll all be a part of.
Let's watch the screen.
[disapproving murmur]
[audience member 1] No, no!
[audience member 2]
You are lying!
No, it can't be!
That's right,
and you'll soon be joining them.
We like to think of you
as our collection of collectors.
-You can't do that!
And you will willingly
sign over your wealth to us.
-You sick bitch!
I understand a week
in our plexiglass containers
is quite unbearable.
[upset shouting]
And I've prepared
a special concoction
for each and every one of you
that will make you beg
for your lives
and the sweet surrender
of death.
And now, may I reintroduce
my father, Kirby Leto.
Daddy, help yourself.
["The Heart Attack" playing]
I said, you
Heard me on
Heard me on the stereo
And it, and it's smooth
So smooth
Got that rhythm
Got that groove
Hold me, hold me
I want my...
Right now
Shake it up
What is he doing?
He's not supposed to kill,
only disable.
They have to sign
their estates over to us.
Are you down?
[music stops]
Hurry up,
we don't have much time.
-What do you want?
-Kirby's greatest acquisition.
It's greater than the Mona Lisa.
-You're fucking crazy.
Right there, right there.
The sisters are dead broke,
but all they have
is their father's collection
right there.
No, you're lying.
Oh, bust that bitch open,
Mr. Stanley.
No! Get out of the way!
Goddamn, son of a bitch!
That scum Kirby Leto!
He never acquired it!
Collectors cheating
other collectors.
Didn't see that one coming.
-Move, bitch. Move, bitch!
-[Packer] Okay.
-[man screaming]
-[gunshot pops]
[eerie instrumental playing]
-[woman screaming]
-You still
got work to do, you know.
-You're not the boss of me!
[gunshot pops]
[Digger grunting]
[flesh squelching]
[Digger thuds on floor]
[Packer] Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what's going on?
He's a monster!
-Jesus Christ.
-[George] Hey!
-[gunshots popping]
[alarm blaring]
-[George] Run!
-[Packer] Jesus Christ!
[gunshots popping]
I think we lost him.
[George sighs]
This family doesn't suffer
from insanity.
They fucking love
every minute of it.
-[Fisk] Shh.
-I'm sorry.
-Check around the corner.
-[Packer] Oh, my God. My God.
-Are you following me?
-Wanna give me a kiss, please?
-Oh, my God.
[tense instrumental playing]
[George] Oh, shit!
-Forget it.
-[Packer] Fuck it.
-[Jenni] Are you crazy?
-[George] Bitch, run, run, run!
[Apollonia] There you are.
[singing] I found you.
Just for fun. [chuckles]
You come with me.
And you, too, handsome.
-Did you think you could escape?
-[monster] New body.
No. Get revenge first. Him.
[monster] Fisk!
[chilling instrumental playing]
-[Packer] No, no, no.
-[Apollonia] Come on!
[both grunting]
-[gunshot pops]
-[monster] I want your body.
[George] You're a long
fucking way from Kirby Leto.
I didn't kill him.
Diana did.
[monster] Now give
me the body [indistinct].
-I can see you.
-[George screaming]
Spyder. Spyder. "Spee-der."
Spee-- spy-- spyder? "Spee-der?"
-Shut up.
-Weird word.
[Packer grunts]
[Packer panting]
Hey. This isn't funny.
Let me out. Come on, untie me.
It's about time you came to,
[Packer groans]
What was that thing?
Oh, don't worry about him.
Daddy's linked to you, you know.
He'll be here soon.
[Packer] "Linked"?
What do you mean?
Maybe I'm not the shitty witch
everyone says I am.
He's alive in the boy.
But the boy is dying.
He has this cancerous growth.
[sighs] Probably because
of the laurel tree, I just--
I don't wanna hear this shit.
As I was saying, before I was
so rudely interrupted...
the formula is ancient.
Grant immortality
and transfer life
all in one easy step.
[chuckles] What?
You think I'm crazy?
[Packer] "Crazy"
is an understatement.
-Yeah, you're batshit.
-[Apollonia laughs]
Well, Diana agrees with you.
But I am not gonna
mess it up this time.
I'm gonna get it right,
thanks to you.
'Cause you brought me
the pendant.
-[Packer] Shit.
-That's right.
The transference crystal.
You cannot imagine the power.
So Daddy moves into you...
and then I'm not exactly sure
where your spirit goes.
Hmm, anyway,
I will love my daddy
and your body just the same.
God, you twisted freak.
[Apollonia chuckling]
Because you're a man.
-[Apollonia chuckling]
-[Packer groans]
[both grunting]
[Apollonia thuds on floor]
Packer. Packer, are you okay?
[Apollonia coughing] You bitch.
[Jenni grunts] You skank.
You ruined my fucking wedding.
Do you know
how much tiramisu costs?
-[Packer] Jesus, Jenni.
She's a witch, not a vampire.
-Are you okay?
-Is that her?
-The one you've been seeing?
Yeah. Well, no, not anymore.
-[Jenni gasps]
-[Packer] Whoa!
[chilling instrumental playing]
Sorry sister,
but you've gone too far.
[whispering] I will not have you
interfere with my plans.
And you should know,
I killed Kirby.
He lost our fortune,
and he's just as incompetent
as you.
So she wanted to put
your father's soul in my body?
For sex.
What can I say,
she's always been
a daddy's girl.
She forced all of this on me.
Her grand delusions
of being a witch.
You really look
like you were forced into this.
I didn't wanna be
forced into anything,
I didn't wanna do this shit,
-but she and Digger
threatened to kill me.
-Yeah, right.
[Packer] But that kid out there
is a monster.
He's probably searching for us.
We need to go someplace safe.
[Packer] Diana, it's ruined.
I could find you another.
Come on.
-[monster growling]
-[Packer] Shit.
[Packer grunting]
[monster] You are me.
Me are you.
[monster gurgling]
Packer, say this...
[casting spell
in other language]
-[Packer] What?
-[casting spell
in other language]
[Packer casting spell
in other language]
[monster growling]
[monster thudding on floor]
What the hell?
He was-- it was him. [grunts]
The boy that--
Yes, it was her stupid,
failed witchcraft.
She turned that thing
into a living horror.
I learned one of her curses.
-[Jenni panting]
-[Packer] Jenni!
I'm sorry,
she got his contagion.
She had to go.
Diana, what the fuck?
[Diana] Look,
now, we can be together.
Packer, I love you.
[ominous instrumental playing]
[Packer] You fucking killed her!
But I only want--
I can get you the comic.
You and your fucking collection.
-It's Atomic...
Shut up! Shut up.
[stifled] Can't breathe.
[Packer panting]
Jenni, are you okay?
[panting] It hurts.
Okay, um, thank God,
you're alive.
Um, okay.
I'm gonna save you, okay?
Put this on it, just apply that.
Okay, come on, come on.
[both grunting]
[both panting]
Just breathe, okay?
Just breathe.
[eerie instrumental playing]
[echoing] Packer,
you smell funny.
[Jenni groaning]
[Parker casting spell
in other language]
I'm sorry, Jenni.
I love you.
I've always loved you.
But I need Diana back.
She's the only one
that can get me another
Atomic Fiction 15.
-[Jenni] No.
-I'm sorry.
[Jenni] No.
[Packer casting spell
in other language]
[Jenni] Packer, no.
[Jenni grunting, screaming]
[Jenni] No! No!
-[Jenni screaming] No! No!
-[Packer casting spell]
[Jenni] Packer, no!
[Jenni screaming]
[music fades]