Stormy (2024) Movie Script

Holt: A New York grand jury
has just voted to indict
former president Donald Trump.
It's the first indictment
ever of a former U.S. president
and could have a major impact
in the 2024 race
for the White House.
Trump's attorney has been told
the indictment relates
to hush-money payments
made during the 2016
presidential election
to porn actress
Stormy Daniels.
DeSantis says Florida
will not assist
in an extradition request.
Ugh. Let's pack.
Man #2: The judge did say
to Mr. Trump,
and I'm quoting now,
"Please refrain
from making comments
that have the potential
to incite violence."
I have been just tormented
for the last five years or so,
and here I am.
I'm still here.
What are we doing?
Are you fucking filming me?
I've been traveling the world
to speak at universities.
It's not something
that you think would ever happen
in your lifetime,
coming from porn.
Man: We're very, very lucky
to have Stormy Daniels.
[ Applause ]
Daniels: People want to believe
what they want to believe,
no matter what.
I really wanted
to use my platform
to prove that
I could not be bullied,
that women could not be
quieted or hushed.
Woman: Stormy,
with the recent indictment,
is it dangerous to keep
speaking out in public?
You know, there's that saying,
"hiding in plain view."
If I hide and cower away,
it just sort of feeds the bully.
So it's just going
to make it worse.
Blade: Where are we?
Daniels: Where are we?
Blade: Where are we?
I don't even know anymore.
Man: Donald Trump is facing
criminal charges.
He's already suggested
there would be destruction
and violence
if this happened.
So people will be
holding their breath
now these charges
have been brought.
At first, when I spoke out,
you'd never saw my name
that didn't say "porn star"
in front of it.
Because we're not
considered human.
Because of that,
people thought I couldn't
possibly be telling the truth.
Man: Back the fuck up!
That was the real reason why,
at the end of the day,
I decided to come forward.
Okay. I'm ready.
[ Chuckles ]
Gibson: So let me know
when we're good to go.
Man: I'm ready.
[ Clapperboard clacks ]
Okay, let's do this.
Stormy, introduce yourself
and tell us why
you're doing this documentary.
Daniels: I am Stormy Daniels,
from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Adult-film star, writer, mom,
pain in the ass, idiot
who can't keep her mouth shut.
[ Laughing ]
I don't know.
or just the usual?
That one. Just the usual.
This one will look
really good on you, yeah.
As long as it's not red.
[ Chuckles ]
You're so much better
at this than me.
[ Chuckles ]
Daniels: I am here today
to tell my story.
And even if I just change a few
people's minds, that's fine.
If not, at least my daughter
can look back on this
and know the truth.
Take one, marker.
Daniels: And...
In 2018,
before the story broke,
I was transitioning out
from being in front
of the camera to behind.
We can see Jake
get up from his desk.
So I want to be here.
I was finally
getting recognition.
I had just become
the second-highest-paid director
in porn.
Make sure that you go that way.
I was writing and directing
between 10 and 12 movies a year.
We're gonna do six
and eight first, actually.
And I started working
on a horror film,
which was my dream.
And I had numerous
dance bookings at strip clubs
across the country.
I was only gone
for like five days a month.
Otherwise, I was home
with my husband and my daughter.
I lived in what I considered
to be my dream home in Texas.
My neighbors had no idea
that I was a porn star.
What was really,
really important to me
was to be a good mom.
I grew up in this pretty rough
neighborhood in Baton Rouge.
Lots of drugs,
a lot of violence.
We used to hear gunshots
and stuff all the time.
I was basically white trash.
I have a few pictures of me,
of my dad.
Like, there's an old picture
of me and my dad.
This is when he was
rocking the the porn stache.
This is my dad teaching me
how to drive a boat.
He never wanted
to have a child.
He was very transparent
about that with my mother.
She got pregnant on purpose
because she wanted to be a mom,
and she wanted to have his baby,
which I understand.
But, also, you shouldn't
take that right away
from the other parent.
This is one of the only pictures
I have of me and my mom.
My parents split up
when I was 4.
After my dad left,
my mother sort of changed.
I think it broke her heart.
She was married a couple times.
None of them were great.
And she just became
a very neglectful parent.
She never, like, beat me
or anything like that,
but she would disappear
for a long time,
and then the power got cut off.
Being not a repetition
of my mom,
that's something really,
really important to me.
The last time I talked
to my dad, I was 17.
I hadn't seen him
or spoken to him since then.
But he married
my stepmom, Susan,
who gifted me
with my love of horses.
My first horse show.
I started riding horses
when I was 11.
It gave me, like, an outlet.
Was able to teach lessons
and work exercising
other people's horses.
So it was also a way
to make money.
And I just feel like it
gave me a sense of control.
I wanted to be
a veterinarian first.
I got a full scholarship
to Texas A&M
for veterinary medicine.
But blessing in disguise
that I did not become a vet
because I would have gone after
somebody who hurt an animal,
or I would be on "Hoarders,"
because I would have
all of the horses.
And that's kind of also the
reason why I started dancing,
because I had a horse to feed.
When I was 17,
I went to some party,
and this girl pulls up
and she's got this
brand-new purple Camaro,
which in '97, in Louisiana,
is a purple Ferrari.
But I was like, "Oh, my God.
Did you get that
for graduation?"
She's like,
"I bought it for myself."
And I was like,
"What do you do?"
She's like, "I'm a dancer.
You should come by
and see me at work one day."
a couple weeks later,
I got to the club.
They were like,
"You want to do a guest set?"
And the next thing I know, it
was basically that door opening,
it was like, pbt!,
and I was out on stage,
and I made more
in that 30 seconds
than I did in two weeks
of shoveling horse shit.
And I was like,
"This is my dream.
Do you know how many horses
I could have?"
One of my first modeling shoots.
This is before I ever did porn
or moved to L.A.
I never wanted to be
a mainstream actress.
That's the running joke
is that people who do porn
failed as actresses.
When I started dancing
more and more,
I bought my house,
I bought my boobs.
And then, my friend was going
to California to do a shoot.
I went to set with her,
and, you know, I had big boobs,
so they thought I did porn, and
I was like, "No, no, no, no."
And they wanted to do
some test shots.
Five days later, the owner of
Wicked wanted to meet with me,
and they offered me a contract.
I didn't even know
what that meant.
I remember a phone call
I got from her in 2002.
She was approached
by Wicked Pictures.
She was a little hesitant,
and she wanted my opinion.
And I told her, "Stormy,
this is your opportunity."
She used all of her abilities
to pull herself up
by her bootstraps
and get out of Baton Rouge.
This is on the side
of my first Wicked movie.
It was called "Heat."
I had such a huge, long career
where I was never asked to do
something I didn't want to do,
especially with my body
or sexually.
She had a strategy.
She wasn't just a pretty face
who wanted to be famous.
No, she wanted to be a director,
she wanted to be a writer.
What a way to start.
Right, guys?
She had vision.
She's a disturbingly smart
porn star.
King: At Wicked, it was like,
"What can we do different
so that women can have it
be their fantasy,
not just his fantasy?"
King: And we were successful
in large part
due to the movies
that Stormy directed.
[ Indistinct talking ]
Daniels: In 2006, I was young
and naive and single,
and I had no idea
what was about to happen.
Man: Love you!
I was working at a charity
golf tournament
in Lake Tahoe in 2006.
The company I worked for,
Wicked Pictures,
had sponsored a hole,
which meant that, you know,
the golfers come around,
we give them water.
We had a table and a gift room.
That day, I took pictures
with other celebrities
that are exactly the same
as the picture of me and Trump.
Donald Trump was basically
just a goofy reality TV star.
Mr. Trump, here you go.
Three medium pizzas, $5 each.
Tell you what.
I'll counter that offer
with an even better one.
Here's the deal.
You give me those three pizzas,
only I'll give you
just $5 a piece.
Daniels: I knew him
from "The Apprentice,"
which I had never
actually watched,
but there was commercials
and billboards, obviously,
and from a P.R. stunt
he had done on, like,
WWE Wrestling.
The battle of the billionaires!
Daniels: I knew who he was
from those things,
but I didn't know
him personally.
And who would really
take him seriously?
Look over here, Bridget.
He was a playboy.
And he was
used to getting his way.
When Donald Trump invited me
to dinner, I said, "Fuck no."
He was 60, and I was 27,
just doing my job.
But I talked to my publicist,
and he was like,
"I think you should do it.
Just -- Just go.
At least you'll get
a good laugh out of it.
You have a good story."
We were supposed to have dinner
at one of the restaurants
in this very nice hotel.
I was a little bit early,
but he said, "Just come up.
We'll meet up here,
and we'll go down."
So that's how I ended up
going up to his room.
I walk in, but he wasn't
dressed for dinner yet.
He was in black silk pajamas,
which I promptly made fun of him
for and told him to go
put some fucking clothes on,
Hefner wanted his PJs back,
and he complied.
This hotel room was bigger
than my apartment.
It wasn't like I walked into
his room and sat on the bed.
We did actually have
a good conversation.
We had this rapport
that wasn't sexual at all.
He didn't ask me about sex
or who I like.
He wanted to know
the business side
and my visions as a director.
And I actually signed
a copy of my movie,
"3 Wishes," for him
that I wrote
and directed and starred in,
but he wasn't interested
in the sexual performances.
It was all about business.
And we had water.
Nothing else.
Did not get any bad vibes
or sexual innuendos or nothing.
He said, "You're
actually really smart."
Somehow the conversation
about "Celebrity Apprentice"
came up, and his angle was,
"I'll get a lot of attention
for putting this blond
adult actress on TV."
And I was like, "NBC would never
let me on television."
And that's when he's like,
"Every season,
I get to pick one person
that they can't overrule.
It's my wild card."
He spun into me as, "Well,
you want to be
a mainstream director,
you want to direct music
videos and horror movies,"
because we had
talked about that,
and I said, "Yeah."
He goes, "Well, this is a chance
for you to be on TV
and show people
that you're not
just what you look like."
He told me
I reminded him of his daughter.
I felt like he was being
sympathetic to me.
Ivanka is beautiful,
and she's blond,
and I'm sure she's had people
assume that she's an idiot.
But I felt like,
as this father figure,
who has watched his daughter
be treated
a certain way,
could identify with me.
I thought we had
this mutual respect.
Which is why I was so crazy
when, having no red flags
whatsoever in a conversation,
I came out of a bathroom
to find myself cornered.
I don't remember
how I got on the bed,
and then,
the next thing I know,
it was humping away
and telling me how great I was.
It was awful.
But I didn't say no.
At the time, I was doing a lot
of photo shoots in L.A.,
and Trump had this uncanny knack
for calling me
when I was in the makeup chair.
He was calling me at least
once a week, sometimes more.
Profess his love,
begged to see me again,
call me "honey bunch."
It's not a secret.
It never was.
Donald Trump was obsessed
with crafting his public image
as sort of a great
entertainment spectacle.
He had spent years trying
to perpetuate the narrative
in New York tabloids that he was
this very in-demand man.
During his first marriage
to Ivana Trump,
he was leaking to the tabloids
about the affair
that he was having
with Marla Maples.
I think it was
very important to him
and remains very important
to him
to be just surrounded
by beautiful younger women.
I met with him several times.
Five or six.
But the only time we had sex
was that first meeting.
When I met Trump
at the Beverly Hills Hotel,
he sat next to me on the sofa.
He was obsessed
with watching Shark Week.
He said, "I love your nose.
It looks like an eagle beak.
I'm like, "That is not
a fucking compliment."
Can't forget that.
One of
the specific things he said,
he's like,
"I donate to charities,
and people hit me up
all the time to want me
to make donations and money,"
and he goes, "And they're fine,
they're good because
they're tax write-offs.
But I would never give a dime
to a shark rescue."
He hates sharks.
I would say it's a phobia.
Trump wanted to have sex,
but I lied and told him
I was on my period
so he wouldn't try.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
He would invite me to things.
I blew him off way
more than I said yes.
It's a vodka
that people really like,
and as you know,
it's taken off like crazy.
Say hello.
Daniels: Hello.
Man: Introduce yourself.
I'm Stormy Daniels.
So, Stormy, when's your
next mainstream appearance?
Um, "Knocked Up."
It'll be in theaters in June.
Trump called me when I was
on the set of "Knocked Up."
That's where I met Seth Rogen.
Now, that's how you
get pink eye.
Rogen: I've known
Stormy Daniels a long time.
Uh, and at the time,
when you ask a porn star
who they've been sleeping with
and the answer was,
"Donald Trump,"
it was, like,
the least surprising thing
that she could have said.
From my memory, we were like,
"What's up with the hair?
Like, what's going on
with the hair?"
And she was like, "Oh,
I asked him about the hair."
He said to her that he had had
a dream like, uh,
Samson and Delilah
and that he, like,
felt as though his power,
like, rested in his hair,
and that if he lost it,
he would lose his, like,
power and his stature.
And that's why, even though
he knows it's ridiculous
and like, holding --
you know, not --
you know,
like, objectively not passing
all the --
the check marks,
you would want a head of hair
to pass,
to him, that is preferable
than cutting it off
because he has, like,
superstitions about it.
Okay. Listen to this debacle.
"The Celebrity Apprentice"
was still being dangled
in front of me.
I just didn't want it
to be for nothing.
And this went on
for like six months.
Trump called me finally and
said, "I've got some bad news,
and I don't want you
to be mad at me,
but I can't put you
on 'Celebrity Apprentice.'"
I was relishing in the
"I told you so"
and kicking myself.
There was no reason for me
to take his calls after that.
I thought it was done.
And then someone
had told the story
about me and Trump
to In Touchmagazine in 2011.
If I decide to run,
and that's a big decision
for me...
Nuzzi: In 2011, Donald Trump had
been sort of promoting the idea
to run for president,
and sex still sold.
The story about him cheating
on Melania Trump,
it would be threatening
to his public image
in a way that it really
wouldn't have been
before he got into
presidential politics.
That's a great picture.
Where the hell did you get this?
Nuzzi: But now the story
of Stormy Daniels
probably seemed like it
would be a blockbuster.
I had just given birth,
and someone who knew me well
is definitely
who told the story,
because they have 90%
of the information correct.
I will probably
never know who it was.
I still said no.
Then I was told,
"Well, the story
is gonna come out anyway.
You have two options.
Let it come out anyway
or take control of it,
correct some of the facts,
and make some money off of it.
Otherwise, someone
who's betrayed you
is going to get the money."
So I said yes.
And that's how I met Gina.
Nuzzi: Gina Rodriguez is
a former porn star herself
and a publicist,
and she sort of acted
like Stormy Daniels's agent.
The publisher said that I had
to take a polygraph test.
I passed 100%
with flying colors.
But in May of 2011,
I was with my daughter,
and I was threatened by someone
I didn't know in a parking lot
about the Trump story.
I was very shook.
I did not go to the police
because I was terrified.
So I just didn't say anything.
And then the story
was never mentioned again.
I definitely slept
better after that,
knowing that it was killed
and never coming out.
I am officially running
for president of
the United States.
At this point,
Trump is top of the heap
for the Republican nomination
for president.
Woman: Save us! Save us!
Stormy's thinking about
the liaison with him
and whether it would be
worth it to sell the story.
When Trump had announced
that he was running
for president,
I really thought that it was
just another
one of his P.R. stunts.
I wasn't worried about it at all
because he had told me
he never wanted to be president.
But then Trump got
the Republican nomination,
and that's when shit got real.
Palazzolo: So in April of 2016,
Gina starts making calls.
One of the first that she makes
is to The National Enquirer,
looking for
like $200,000, $250,000.
The National Enquirerwas owned
by American Media, Inc.,
also known as AMI,
and the C.E.O. of that company
at the time
was David Pecker,
a friend of Donald Trump's.
Palazzolo: Over the years,
David Pecker and Donald Trump
developed this sort
of transactional relationship.
And David Pecker agreed
to help Trump
by intercepting negative
stories about him,
like the nine-month affair
that he had had
with a former Playboy Playmate,
Karen McDougal.
AMI paid
Karen McDougal $150,000
in exchange for her story about
her affair with Donald Trump,
and the story never came out.
It was a catch-and-kill.
My friend was like, "You might
actually have a problem.
I don't want to scare you,
but based on the things
you've told me,
now you're the whole
Republican Party's problem.
And they like to make
their problems go away."
A recording of Donald Trump
made more than a decade ago
has surfaced.
It is lewd.
It is vulgar.
And we caution you, you won't
want young children to hear it.
The "Access Hollywood" tape
immediately gave
Stormy's story more salience.
The campaign is more sensitive
to any kind of news coming out
about Trump that's negative.
And so now
The National Enquirer,
they're very much interested
in the Stormy story.
When Cohen finds out
about her story,
he initially goes
to David Pecker,
hoping that, like, Pecker
is going to kill it.
And Pecker's like,
"Not this time."
You know?
Daniels: I was very relieved
when Gina started reaching out
and offering me the chance
to keep it quiet.
I was fucking terrified.
I mean, people have been
suspiciously killed
for political reasons.
It was really
about two things --
trying to keep the story
from coming out
so that it would not hurt
my husband and my daughter
and I wouldn't lose my life,
and that there would be
a paper trail and money trail
linking me to Donald Trump
so that he could not
have me killed.
All I had to do was sign
this piece of paper
and collect $130,000.
[ Applause ]
Pence: It is my high honor
to introduce to you
the president-elect,
Donald Trump.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Trump: Ours was not a campaign,
but rather an incredible
and great movement.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Breaking news tonight --
The Wall Street Journal
reporting that a lawyer
for President Trump
arranged a hefty payment
to an adult-film star.
Woman: The agreement reportedly
required Stephanie Clifford,
who goes by the name
also as Stormy Daniels,
to stay quiet about an alleged
sexual encounter with Mr. Trump.
Woman #2: This House is listed
as the triple-X actress's home.
When The Wall Street Journal
story broke, there was press
in our front yard,
they're beating on the door.
Our daughter answered it,
thinking it was
her little friend,
and someone shoved a camera
in her face.
My daughter couldn't
go out and play.
Glen couldn't leave the house.
Man: Stormy, did you touch
Donald Trump's penis?
I know you don't
want to know about me,
just want to know about her.
So why do you --
Why are you even talking to me?
There was no knowledge of any
payments from the President,
and he's denied
all of these allegations.
We're hearing old news
from a stripper porn star.
I think the Twitter thing,
I could deal with any of it
because I have
pretty thick skin.
People called me
just a whore or whatever.
But the only name
anyone's ever called me
that really upset me is a liar.
They were saying, I made up
these lies about Trump
to make money,
but I was under
the hush money NDA,
so I was not able to respond
about anything at all.
But Jimmy could.
Please welcome Stormy Daniels.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Do you think the president
is watching right now?
I like to imagine him...
I don't
want to imagine him.
Kimmel: We had Stormy
booked on the show,
and she had a pretty
good sense of humor.
But I remember that
she was fearful
that she would violate
her nondisclosure agreement.
I know you can't answer
any questions
because of this NDA
that you don't have, but...
Stormy puppet perhaps
can answer some questions.
I remember that
she was fearful, in general.
I think that that made sense.
You know, you made an enemy
out of the president
of the United States.
And look who's here with us.
It's Donald in his underpants.
[ Cheers and applause ]
It's fun to make fun
of Donald Trump. It is.
you look fantastic.
Welcome to
the golf tournament.
But his followers, these people
that he doesn't care
about at all,
some of them are very sick.
And all it takes is one of them
to do something
that could
really ruin your life.
It seems like she's been
on the losing end of this deal
from day one,
and that's a shame,
because one of the two people
involved is telling the truth,
and it's not Donald Trump.
Cooper: The New York Times
is now reporting
that Michael Cohen,
the President's lawyer,
says he paid the $130,000
out of his own pocket.
Nuzzi: The hush money NDA
should have prevented her
from speaking publicly
about Donald Trump
and their relationship,
and it should have also
prevented Trump
from speaking publicly about it.
But then, a month
after the story broke,
it was reported that
Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen,
was shopping a book proposal
to potential publishers
in which he promised to tell all
about the Stormy Daniels saga.
As Stormy saw it, the book
proposal violated the NDA,
thus rendering it null.
This meant that
he was attempting
to profit off of her story
when she couldn't even
comment on it publicly.
She couldn't defend herself.
She couldn't give
her version of events.
She was furious.
Daniels: Cohen was exploiting me
and using me to make money,
and I had just
fucking had it.
I don't need anyone
to speak for me.
Nuzzi: And so she hired a lawyer
with the hope
of getting out of the NDA.
King: Stormy Daniels
has a new attorney.
His name is Michael Avenatti.
Woman: The porn star is suing
the President.
Stormy Daniels
hoping a judge will rule
that nondisclosure agreement
is not valid.
Melber: She is suing this time
not for money, she says,
but for freedom,
for freedom of speech.
Our position's clear.
He never signed the agreement,
even though he knew
all about it,
and therefore
she's free to speak.
Avenatti understood how
to play outside of the rules,
so he drew Trump into a conflict
that elevated his client,
Stormy Daniels, and himself.
I don't know, man.
Man: No thoughts on it?
10 days after Stormy filed
a lawsuit to get out of the NDA,
Trump struck back
with his own lawsuit.
Donald Trump and his personal
legal team firing back
at Stormy Daniels, seeking more
than $20 million in damages.
He was seeking $1 million
for each time
that she allegedly
violated the contract.
Melber: Donald Trump and a lot
of other people
who use the legal system
this way understand
that if you're poor enough,
a money penalty
might ruin your life,
bankrupt your family forever,
make you homeless.
Donald Trump will fight
a 30-front war.
He's never cared about
looking like the bad guy.
Kimmel: Meanwhile,
there are new developments
in the "Hussia" investigation --
that, of course,
being Stormy Daniels,
the adult-film star who may...
She started a GoFundMe
to support her legal bills.
And I decided we were
going to mention it on the air.
So now you can give money
to a porn star
just like the president
of the United States.
Man: She's the porn star
making headlines across America.
Now Stormy Daniels is telling
her story on "60 Minutes."
I was offered a lot of money
when the story first broke,
and I chose to do "60 Minutes"
because it wasn't paid,
which meant nobody could say
I did it for the money.
Man: Tonight on CBS,
produced with "60 Minutes,"
an interview people waiting for.
Stormy Daniels tells her story.
Let me grab that,
actually, real quick.
Is it on?
Not yet.
Hey, can she go
play with Paul?
No, I don't want her
going outside.
There could be press
or something out there.
It's not safe for her
to go out right now.
Nicks: How much does she, like,
understand what's going on?
She doesn't know specifics
about what's going on,
and that's
the only problem about
we have to keep the TV off,
because people keep saying
porn starStormy Daniels,
and I'm not ready to explain
what porn is because
she doesn't know what sex is.
A couple years ago,
my daughter saw me packing
my feature-dance costumes,
and probably a couple weeks
later, she comes in,
and she's like,
"I know what you do."
And I said, "Oh.
What do you think I do?"
And she goes...
"You're a spy,
and those of your costumes."
I will guarantee you this.
She will know everything before
someone else can tell her.
That's the most important thing.
Meanwhile, my husband,
this is what he just texted me.
Because he knows, in my moment
of weakness, when he said,
"Can I have --"
Just buy it! Go away!"
Kayla: Stormy Daniels's name is
currently number one on Twitter.
Nicks: Trending --
Trending number one.
Trending number one.
All right.
And "60 Minutes" is second.
I can really appreciate
the witty, like, memes.
Even if they're negative
or derogatory towards me,
I can't help but --
Like, if they're well done...
...and witty and funny,
I can't help but laugh.
I don't know
what that says about me.
Everybody's tweeting
about how they're having,
like, Stormy Daniels
viewing parties.
We're ready to
root for and cheer on
and watch Stormy Daniels.
Thanks, everybody,
for coming!
Yeah, a bunch of gay bars
are having, like,
dress-up stuff.
Stormy Daniels is
breaking the Internet.
Man: "60 Minutes,"
Stormy Daniels tells her story.
Nick: Here we go.
Cooper: A week and a half
before the 2016 election,
Donald Trump's personal
attorney paid a porn star
named Stormy Daniels
to keep quiet about
her alleged relationship
with the Republican candidate
for president.
You had sex with him?
Did you want
to have sex with him?
No. But I didn't --
I didn't say no.
I'm not a victim.
I'm not --
It was entirely
Oh, yes.
But in May 2011, Daniels agreed
to tell her story
to a sister publication
ofIn Touch magazine.
The story never ran
because Michael Cohen
threatened to sue.
Daniels says
she was never paid,
and says, a few weeks later,
she was threatened
by a man who approached her.
A guy walked up on me
and said to me,
"Leave Trump alone.
Forget the story."
And then he leaned around and
looked at my daughter and said,
"A beautiful little girl.
It'd be a shame
if something happened
to her mom."
And then he was gone.
This is about the extent.
That Mr. Cohen
and the President
have gone to intimidate
this woman,
to silence her,
to threaten her,
and to put her
under their thumb.
It is thuggish behavior
from people in power,
and it has no place
in American democracy.
A lot of lady boners
going on right now.
Oh, yeah.
Melber: New reports tonight show
it was the most watched episode
in over a decade --
22 million people watching it.
Daniels talking all
about Donald Trump.
With respect to that interview,
I will say the President
clearly, and has consistently
denied these underlying claims.
And the only person
who's been inconsistent
is the one making the claims.
In the aftermath of Stormy's
"60 Minutes" appearance,
the White House
went on the defensive.
They attacked
Stormy's credibility,
and they said that the encounter
with Donald Trump
at Lake Tahoe never happened.
Daniels: After "60 minutes,"
the backlash was awful,
especially from
Trump supporters.
I had these crazy messages
and tweets.
And I was freaking out.
This car fucking sucks.
There he is.
Call 911.
What the fuck are you doing?!
Call the police.
Yep. Police are coming.
Nicks: When I met Stormy,
she was convinced that
she was living in the last weeks
or months of her life.
It sounds insane,
and it is,
but she was also, like,
suing the president
of the United States.
I mean, in the middle
of a kind of -- the kind of
situation where shit
like that happens,
like conspiracies
are built around.
Yeah. I was completely sure
that I was going to die.
Nicks: Yeah.
No, I just, um, figured
this is all happening fast,
you know, like,
let's just get the footage
and we'll just have it,
you know?
Figure out
what to do with it.
I mean...
Melber: President Trump
just spoke out on the record
about Stormy Daniels.
The President
of the United States,
denying he paid Stormy Daniels
for that secret NDA agreement.
Melber: Trump was asked
about it on Air Force One.
And there's a million ways
to handle that,
including walking away.
It's an example of Donald Trump
passing the buck.
So the press then
didask Michael Cohen.
It fed the story in ways
that did clearly hurt Trump.
He definitely made it worse
by just pushing it on Cohen.
Welker: Tonight,
a dramatic FBI raid at
the New York office
and hotel room of Michael Cohen,
the President's
personal attorney,
who paid off adult-film star
Stormy Daniels
for her silence
about her alleged affair
with Mr. Trump 11 days
before the election.
Woman: A watchdog group
filed a complaint
with the
Federal Elections Commission,
alleging the deal involving then
presidential candidate Trump
is a violation
of campaign finance law.
There's a very narrow
set of circumstances
in which who you are having
sex with is newsworthy.
What seemed most interesting
about it from the get-go
was the salacious element of it.
But it gets worse in terms
of the criminal law,
because the payment to Stormy,
to make her story go away,
came from Michael Cohen's
home-equity line.
And Michael Cohen
does get reimbursed
for having paid that money
in a way that may have affected
Donald Trump's ability
to get into the White House.
But the issue is not her.
The issue is --
the issue is the crime.
Thank you, I think?
I mean...
[ Both laugh ]
I don't even know
what to say to that.
[ Claps ]
[ Chuckles ]
We have to run to the airport
and pick up my husband,
who is flying in that
we were supposed to have
a couple of days
together, alone, kid-free,
to celebrate
our nine-year anniversary,
in Miami, and he booked
a really nice hotel room
and stuff on the beach.
But it got cut a day short
by having to go
to court now tomorrow.
So what was supposed to be,
like, a nice three-day little,
two-night, three-day thing
is now less than 24 hours.
A federal judge in New York,
has ordered President Trump's
personal attorney,
Michael Cohen, to attend a court
hearing this afternoon.
Federal prosecutors
and Cohen's defense attorneys
will be arguing today
about how FBI-seized material
should be handled.
[ Crowd shouting ]
[ Camera shutters clicking ]
Hi, everyone.
[ Crowd shouting indistinctly ]
So, for years,
Mr. Cohen has acted
like he is above the law.
He has openly referred to
himself as Mr. Trump's fixer.
He has never thought
that the little man,
or especially women, and even
more, women like me, mattered.
That ends now.
My attorney and I
are committed to making sure
that everyone
finds out the truth
and the facts of what happened,
and I give my word that we will
not rest until that happens.
Thank you very much.
[ Crowd shouting ]
McCain: It seems like
a publicity stunt on some level.
I mean, because you
didn't have anything
to do with the case.
It seemed a little like you
were just trying
to get attention,
which I understand that you're
being sued by our president,
but it does seem like
you're benefiting a lot.
Yes, there's a lot of publicity,
but I didn't do it for that,
because this isn't
what I want to be known for.
As a matter of fact,
I hid for quite a while,
and it's -- it's overwhelming
and intimidating
and downright scary
a lot of times.
Glen: The night I met Stormy,
thought she was pretty,
and I just walked right up
to her and sat down next to her
and just was like,
"Hey, what's up?"
I was like, "I would ask you
for your number,
but I know
you'll never call me."
And she was like,
"What makes you think that?"
And I'm like,
"Well, just look at you."
I'm not really sure what it
was about Glen right away,
but the spark was instant.
He was talented and funny
and sweet, and he was hot.
Glen: On paper, who I was
and who she was,
that should have gone up
in flames in about five minutes.
It ended up being
the love of my life.
I knew she was involved
in an adult industry.
She had presented it
as what it was,
and what she had told me
was what it was,
and I was able to either
take it or leave it.
Honestly, it was hard, you know?
But it wasn't.
It wasn't harder than leaving
and not hanging out with her.
You don't change
somebody you love.
Early on in our relationship,
I was playing a show
at a club in Pittsburgh
and I get a frantic call.
She's crying.
She says,
"I can't do this anymore.
I love you too much.
I need to do this stuff,
but I can't do it
with anybody but you."
Right there is presented a huge,
life-changing decision.
And then, I actually
ended up doing porn.
You think you're invincible.
Your career's going well.
"I can handle this.
I got you, babe."
You don't think, "Oh, wow.
My dick's half the size of
everybody else that does this.
That's not going to be
a problem later down the road.
That's not going to fuck
with my emotions at all.
That's not going to
make me feel inferior.
That's not going
to give me a complex."
It slowly eroded
my confidence.
She is the type of person
that has the calluses.
You know,
I'll put it in drummers terms.
You play drums for a while,
you have the calluses,
so you can play drums
for a long time
and your hands don't get hurt.
She had the mental calluses,
the physical calluses,
the walls built up to where she
just fucking took it in stride
and used it
as a badge of honor.
And she's good at that shit,
you know what I mean?
Glen was my third husband,
but this time around,
it was a different
kind of thing completely.
Glen did not know
about the Trump stuff.
He was going through
some really serious
personal demons of his own.
Do you tell everybody
you're with every single person
you had sex with three years
before you meet them,
especially if one of them
is an orange hobgoblin?
No, it was just a conversation
that we had never had.
And I didn't think
it fucking mattered.
Glen: If you're ashamed
of something,
you're probably not going
to tell the people
that are closest to you
because you're ashamed of it.
I guess I can
stand up and be a man
and admit that
because I lied to her
about drinking a lot.
Daniels: I told him that Trump
and I had not had sex,
that I had gone
to the hotel room.
I told him about
"Celebrity Apprentice,"
I had told him that he would
call me all the time.
And he said, "That's it? 'Cause
they're saying you fucked him."
And I was like, "Well, they'll
say that about any porn star
who goes to a rich guy's room."
Glen: The sexual part
I didn't know about.
But the money came
to my bank account.
She said, you know,
"Hey, I got these calls
from Donald Trump's lawyer,"
all this stuff.
There's a payment
that they're trying
to take care of
for the election."
It was awfully naive of me
at the time
to think
that a $130,000 payment
from somebody that was
a business partner
or a relationship
from 12 years ago
all of a sudden is becoming
a necessity
the week
before a presidential election.
She absolutely lied to me
until I found out
from her attorney on CNN
when all this shit came to light
with the Michael Cohen stuff.
Colbert: Adult actress
Stormy Daniels just announced
she'll be dancing as part of the
Making America Horny Again Tour,
which, I got to say,
America needs right now.
Woman: Although Stormy was a
well-known porn actress before,
she's been selling out
performances like tonight's
since coming forward
with allegations
against the President.
Daniels: The only time I took
a break from stripping
was the year and a half
that I had my daughter.
I'm one of the most famous
feature dancers in the world.
I didn't wake up
after the Trump presidency,
like, "I'm gonna make
America horny."
The Trophy Club coined that,
and it made it look like
it was my idea.
Team Stormy!
Team Stormy!
Team Stormy!
So, yes, more offers started
coming in for a lot more money,
and the club
started getting filled.
But there was stuff
that I was already doing.
Gibson: Have you guys
ever interviewed her
or, like, met her or...?
No. I mean, I really
don't want to talk about this.
Yeah, well, let's...
We have to.
So, I have been in the same room
as Stormy Daniels before, yes.
To be clear, it was her
Make America Horny Again Tour.
I was there
for the sole purpose
of trying to get comment
from her.
It was mortifying.
She flirted --
I did get motorboated.
Did you know that?
Oh, my God.
Joe actually didn't ask
to get motorboated like that.
No, I did not.
It was not his choice.
No, I did not.
I love my job, and I'm happy
to be here in Detroit.
A drunk man threw a wallet
at her, striking her head.
He just wanted to throw
a lot of money at her.
He just forgot to take
the money out of his wallet.
Daniels: I'm the sole
breadwinner in my family.
Like, I pay for everything.
If you drive
an ice cream truck
and you've been driving an
ice-cream truck for two years,
and you don't drive it the week
of the heat wave,
you're an idiot.
Man: She's all about
making money and getting
her 15 minutes, you know?
So she comes out
with this thing about Trump.
You don't believe it?
No, I believe it.
Crawford: April 2018, I got
a phone call from Stormy.
She told me, "Hey, I need
somebody that I can trust,
and you're it."
I had obviously never traveled
with Stormy in a capacity
that involved security
and a journalist.
It was a lot of fun,
but I was often scared.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
The crowds were getting bigger,
and people
were protesting outside
of every club with signs.
Security guards would
report people showing up,
trying to bring guns in,
knives in.
It was terrifying.
It was...
Fuck, it was hell.
And Stormy wanted to keep
the whole thing
away from her daughter.
Daniels: I can't be home
for more than 24 hours
because then press parks
in my fucking front yard,
and she can't ride her bike.
She can't be a kid.
She can't be a kid.
I have
to stay away from her.
And so far, her name
and her photo
hasn't been
splashed everywhere.
And it shouldn't be
because once that happens...
It's coming.
Like... gets difficult for her.
And a 7-year-old
should not have
to live with that.
Woman: Stormy Daniels
and her attorney
have promised
for quite some time now
that they would be releasing
a sketch of the man
that Stormy Daniels says
threatened her years ago
to stay quiet about her alleged
affair with Donald Trump.
Woman #2: This is going back
to an incident in 2011
when Stormy Daniels
says a man approached her
in a Las Vegas parking lot
and threatened her
and told her to leave
Donald Trump alone.
Trump retweeted a photo of Glen
that said that he was the guy
in the sketch
and called me a con job.
Glen: Looking on Twitter and
seeing a picture of myself
on Donald Trump's
Twitter account,
it's just like, you don't --
you don't plan for that.
Daniels: I'm agreeing with you.
You are entitled to feel
everything you're feeling.
You're hurt, you're jealous,
you're sad, you're scared.
You're worried.
Like, all of that
is 100% justified.
I'm not telling you
to get over it.
I'm not telling you
to grow up.
I'm not telling you that
I don't understand how you feel.
Like, I feel
all the exact same thing.
Like I said, the President
tweeted a photo of you, Glen.
He hasn't tweeted
a photo of anyone else.
You're the only person
in the entire universe
that this is happening to,
and you're all alone.
I get it.
Like, I don't
want to be here.
I don't want to be fucking
stripping when I'm 45.
Glen: I felt alone.
It's not about, "Oh, my God,
I can't believe
you fucked Donald Trump."
It's about the fact
that a lot of other things
started to unravel
because of that.
Daniels: Michael Avenatti
had done a lot of things
without telling me he was going
to necessarily do them.
I found out he actually filed
the defamation suit
by reading
about it on Twitter.
I figured that Michael's
main goal
was to be able
to depose Trump.
You need really
solid false claims
for a solid defamation case
rather than opinion.
Daniels: I remember saying to
him, like, "Yeah,
Trump called me a con job.
I get called way worse,
by the minute, every day."
Looking back, I didn't
realize the gravity of that
was like Trump
basically called me a liar,
and that is actually
But it wasn't what
I wanted to focus on.
Nuzzi: Anytime Trump is on
the receiving end
of any allegation
from any woman,
his standard playbook
is to attack,
attack, attack,
and to defame.
You've called women
you don't like "fat pigs"
and "disgusting animals."
Your Twitter account --
Only Rosie O'Donnell.
Nuzzi: Whereas, for Stormy,
what the general public saw
was a woman not afraid
to fight back
against the sitting president
of the United States.
She was liberated, and she
didn't seem scared of him.
Earhardt: Thank you so much for
being with us, Mr. President.
Trump: Well, good morning.
And I picked a very,
very special day
because it's
Melania's birthday.
So happy birthday to Melania.
Let's talk about Michael Cohen.
He's going to be
taking the Fifth.
What's your reaction to that,
being that you worked with him
for a couple of decades?
Trump: Brian, you know, Michael,
Michael's been on your show,
I'm sure, a lot.
You know, Michael.
-We know him.
-A good person.
Trump: Let me just tell you
that he represents me,
like, with this crazy
Stormy Daniels deal.
He represented me.
And, you know,
from what I see...
It's so creepy.
It's the first time
he said my name.
Two weeks ago, he said
that he knew nothing about me
or any of that when he was
on Air Force One, right?
He's starting to do what I said
he was going to do all along.
He's starting to throw Cohen
under the bus.
Trump: And I've been told
I'm not involved, right.
Daniels: I don't think he proved
that he's guilty of anything
other than publicly,
on Fox News,
saying that he hired a lawyer
to handle
"the Stormy Daniels thing,"
We want to get to Kanye West.
He tweeted that he loves you,
that you're his brother.
You know, I have known Kanye
a little bit,
and I get along with Kanye.
I get along
with a lot of people.
We need to take his deposition.
We need to put him
under oath.
We need to find out
exactly what his position is --
about the agreement,
what he knew, what he paid,
what he didn't pay,
what he did about it.
This could be the last nail
in the coffin.
Stormy Daniels is causing stormy
weather for this president.
Her being here and
Michael Avenatti being on TV
all the time reminds us
that we have to get to the truth
about everything.
Woman: This is a great time
on the #MeToo movement
and standing up
for what she believes in.
Anything we can do
to support her, we'll do it.
Daniels: Suddenly,
I looked out in the crowd
and it's these groups of women
and they're crying.
"There's no crying
in titty bars!
What are you guys doing?!"
There are very often women
at Stormy's
strip-club performances who
will come up
while she's dancing.
And instead
of putting a dollar
in her G-string,
they'll like, say, "No, no, no,"
and, like, put it in her hand.
You know, like,
"No, here.
I respect you."
Woman: You know, she talks
about the demographic
that come to her strip shows.
The white men who used to come
are just gone now,
and it's hordes of women.
it's gay couples,
it's immigrants.
Here to comment
is Stormy Daniels.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Strong: I'm like a liberal hero,
even though
I'm a Republican porn star
who loves Sarah Palin, right?
The selective outrage
and the twisted morality
of the left
never fails to amaze me.
Woman: These women came to talk
to Stormy Daniels
about Jesus Christ.
It's pretty common knowledge
that I am
a registered Republican.
I make the joke
"I go both ways."
I wasn't trying to be a champion
for #MeToo,
or for any other movement.
I just did this for purely
fucking selfish reasons.
I wanted to stand up for myself
and save my own ass,
not everyone else's.
Woman: She has become this
symbol of the resistance.
She didn't necessarily
want to become that,
but it's pretty impossible
to put that genie
back in the bottle.
I'm not that special.
Makes me feel
like a hypocrite.
I feel like I better
do something that's worthy
of what they're giving me,
and I don't know what that is.
That's what they all keep
telling me to do.
that was not
what I set out to do.
I just...
just wanted to
stand up for myself.
You've got your phone working.
Yeah, it's hard for me to answer
if you call late at night,
'cause that's when
I'm usually at work.
Or if you call really early
in the morning, I'm sleeping
because I worked really late.
But if you call
the middle of the day,
like right now, it's okay.
Most people who go out on tour,
they get a break.
They get to go home
for a little while.
But when I went home,
it was dangerous to my family.
I'm hurting my daughter
every day that I don't see her.
She doesn't understand why,
at 7 years old,
mommy has disappeared
and why daddy cries.
You're way overthinking it.
Glen: No, but --
You have more important things
to worry about.
Like, seriously.
Cooper: Joining us now
for an exclusive interview,
he's the former mayor
of New York City,
he is attorney
for President Trump.
Rudy Giuliani is with us.
Paying some Stormy Daniels
woman $130,000?
I mean, which is going to
turn out to be perfectly legal.
No campaign finance violation.
Cooper: So they funneled it
through the law firm,
Funneled through a law firm,
and the President repaid it.
Oh, I didn't know --
He did.
Nicks: Today,
the seriousness ramped up
with Giuliani confirming
the President
knew about the payment.
Not only knew about it,
but that he paid him back.
Knew about it,
and paid him back.
So, who's lying?
Is it Cohen saying
that he mortgaged his house
and hasn't been paid back?
Or is it Giuliani saying
that the President paid it back?
And honestly,
how would he even know?
Because part of me kind
of believes Cohen, that, like,
Trump was supposed to pay him
back and fucked him over
because he's got
such a bad reputation
about paying people back.
There's a considerable
amount of evidence
that's going to come to light
in connection with this case.
I don't think
I'm going on "SNL"
because I'm a fantastic
actress comedian,
and they've invited me on
because I'm so talented,
even though they should.
I think
it's because of scandal.
I feel like you're also
going on because a lot
of people are backing you.
You're standing up to a bully.
That's exactly what's happening,
and it's looking like
you're coming out on top,
as you should.
I see.
It's just, like, this constant
fucking roller coaster.
"Welcome to Studio 8-H.
From Lorne and everyone
here at 'SNL.'"
Nicks: [ Chuckles ]
Coolest thing ever.
Woman: Yes![ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
Woman: What?
That's Okay.
No, it's so good.
Yes. Sorry.
I'm wearing underwear.
I didn't wear underwear
to court.
I didn't wear underwear
to "The View."
I didn't wear underwear
to "60 Minutes."
Trying to class it up
a little bit.
Stormy Daniels.
Dwayne, will you take a picture?
I was hitting on Leslie.
I know.
Thank you.
Mr. Trump, I don't know
what to do.
You keep changing your story
on the Stormy Daniels payment.
Look, let's get Rudy Giuliani
on the phone.
He'll fix this.
He's got the sharpest legal mind
since "My Cousin Vinny."
[ Audience laughs ]
Rudy, is that you?
Yes. That's right.
It's me.
Call up Stormy Daniels
and fix this once and for all.
[ Ringing ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
This is Michael Cohen.
Are you alone?
And what
are you wearing?
[ Laughter ]
Excuse me?
Okay, Michael,
I can take it from here.
Sorry, Donald.
It's too late for that.
I know you don't believe
in climate change,
but a storm's a-comin',
[ Cheers and applause ]
I've never been so scared
and so horny at the same time.
Both: And live from New York,
it's "Saturday Night"!
We're just here to support
our president.
-She's an American hero, sir.
-Yeah, that's the problem.
-It's why we're out here.
-Just take over.
We got one right now.
Duran: Under the great laws
of the Golden State,
I hereby declare it
Stormy Daniels Day
in the city
of West Hollywood.
This community has a history
of standing up to bullies
and speaking truth to power.
And I'm so very, very lucky
to be a part of it.
Thank you.
There's no hate tweets.
I'm scrolling through Twitter.
Man: Really?
Yeah. They're all good.
Do you understand
how disappointing this is?
City leaders are more interested
in hashtag resisting
the president than they are
in taking care of the crime
and the blight and the piles
of trash on our streets.
A porn star
that extorts the president
for $130,000
gets a key to the city.
Man: Sexual predator
in the White House.
I think the last 2 1/2 months
have been a warm-up lap.
I think there's
a lot more information,
a lot more bombs to drop.
Oh, Avenatti?
I saw he was
signing autographs up front.
Did you like my speech?
I'm serious.
I'm serious.
I know, but it's all --
Keep saying nice things to me
and I'll take my clothes off
because that's my go-to
defense mechanism.
[ Laughs ]
Before I met Michael Avenatti,
I called several lawyers,
and some were just
immediately like,
"I'm sorry, too hot for us,"
or, you know,
"We need a minimum $100,000,"
and like, "No, no, no."
When I first met him,
I thought he was so generous
by not taking more
than $100 from me.
He was the only person
even willing
to not only help me
and champion for me,
but believed me.
Hey, Michael,
we're the...
Melber: Joining me now is
Stormy Daniels' lawyer,
Michael Avenatti.
Michael Avenatti.
Michael Avenatti.
Lawyers don't normally
do talk shows.
I'm not
your normal lawyer, I guess.
Maddow: Michael Avenatti
was doing lots and lots
and lots of media.
It struck me that he was sort of
standing as much
in the spotlight as she was.
There's been a lot of attention
about whether you're going
to run for president in 2020.
How serious are you at this
moment in time about that?
I'm very serious, Brian.
If I decide to enter
this fight,
I think it'll be good
for the Democratic Party.
If you look at Michael Avenatti,
he has done to Donald Trump what
nobody else has been able to do
since he first rode down
that golden escalator.
The level of competition
on the other side is pathetic.
I'm calling him
a pathetically slow learner,
just so we're clear.
This guy
is an absolute pig.
You're the one that refers to
her consistently as a porn star,
and to me
as a creepy porn lawyer.
And meanwhile,
you give the President --
Meanwhile, you give
the President a pass.
Why is it
that you don't call
Donald Trump
the creepy porn president?
He's the one
that had sex
with a 4-month-old
son at home
with my client
without a condom.
What, you may be asking,
is a "porn star lawyer"
doing here tonight
to speak with you about
our party and our republic?
What are we fighting against?
An old man with ideas
about women's bodies
over women themselves.
He was very charismatic.
The camera loved him.
He was handsome.
He was charming.
He was good at his job.
And what I thought he was doing
for me was so kind and so brave
that I was fine with him
getting his own stuff,
you know, as long as it didn't
interfere with my cases.
Are you trying to
out-Trump Trump
by using the media?
And if so, won't that
be a Pyrrhic victory?
You will have won,
but at what cost,
Michael Avenatti?
At what cost?
Right this minute.
I'm sure you'll
call me back later and call me
all sorts of fun names.
It's not a crusade,
and I did not get caught.
You just don't get it.
Then tell me what it is.
Tell me what it is.
I told you
like 100 times.
It's like talking
to a brick wall.
Then tell me again.
I'm not -- I'm -- Bye.
Don't call me again.
Glen started to kind of unravel,
and we would just fight,
and he would scream at me.
And it just, like,
went downhill really quickly,
which was surprising
because we had a really
good relationship and marriage.
Like, it worked really well.
Glen: I don't understand
what she did
and the path that she chose.
But I think the problems
definitely came to fruition
in all types of manners.
Infidelity increased.
And if we're talking
about that guy, Denver, um,
I don't like to hold grudges,
but I just...
I don't know what else to say.
Hey, babe, it's mom.
First of all, you know
everything you said
in thisPenthouse article,
it's just about a lie.
You made me sound like
a fucking mean-ass woman,
and I wasn't mean to you.
I loved you with all my heart.
And you were never left alone,
hungry, and scared.
There was always a babysitter.
You got everything
you ever wanted.
So I don't know if this was
just what you wanted
to let people think
about me or what.
And you know what?
I gave you those
pretty titties.
You just made them
a little bigger by a doctor.
So you take care of yourself.
No one ever helped me.
I mean, you saw the message
from my other neighbor.
That was a kid
who lived right next door.
He was my best friend.
He saw everything.
Stormy's mom...
She was one of the guys.
She would party hard, go out
drinking, maybe something else.
Um, and I remember a time
or two that,
you know, she didn't come home.
Daniels: She was always looking
for situations with men.
And I think that's one
of the bad things
that I picked up from her.
The only thing I'm addicted to,
or always searching for is,
is being loved by someone
who actually loves me back.
This is where I grew up.
There's nothing left of it.
Everything's closed down.
Everything's, like, just gone.
This was my house.
There's a porta potty
in the front yard of the house
I grew up in.
My mom knew there was a neighbor
abusing me
when I was 9 years old.
He was a child molester.
Nicks: You think
he still lives there?
He died.
When did he die?
A long time ago.
I was sad.
Because I wanted
to kill him.
We shouldn't stay here.
It's not safe.
He did it
to some other girls,
and they went to
the guidance counselor,
and the police were involved.
And when to the police
came to the house,
my mom had me lie
because she didn't want me
to be taken away,
because if I was taken away,
she didn't get
those child-support checks
from my father.
And so the adults at school
believed my friends and not me.
They thought I was just trying
to get attention, and I was--
I wasn't believed.
I was in every way
headed down a path
that should say
that I should be still
in a trailer park in Louisiana
and have never seen
or done anything.
[ Sighs deeply ]
Woman: Controversial adult-film
star Stormy Daniels
will be performing
in Columbus.
Sirens telling us she is
going to be in town July 11th
and 12th at their club.
Daniels claims
she had an affair
with President Trump.
[ Cheering ]
So, we'd been hired for
two nights at Sirens club
in Columbus, Ohio, and things
got really crazy there.
I don't believe it.
They're here for something else.
What's the issue?
There were two planted
undercover police officers,
and one encouraged Stormy
to put her tits in her face.
The two female officers,
they were in
the merchandise line.
They bought shirts.
They took pictures with her,
hugged her, thanked her,
and then immediately,
they were ready to arrest her.
They were trying to get her
on sexual misconduct.
I went to the back of the bus
and counted out $25,000 in cash
and, uh, sent Denver in at 8:00
in the morning to bail her out.
That's all we could do.
Daniels: Well, yes,
I want you to change your plans
so that I can see her.
But you don't have
to change your plans.
You can drop her off,
and then you can go do
whatever you wanted to do.
She's fine with me.
Awful, but I'll take it.
See you soon.
The incident in Columbus,
Ohio, kind of caused Glen to...
I think it was just kind of
the final straw for him.
My daughter was supposed
to come out and visit me,
and my friends were going to
pick her up and bring her out.
And she didn't get on the plane.
They couldn't find her.
Glen didn't answer the phone,
so I panicked.
I got to Dallas
as fast as possible.
[ Lock beeping ]
At the time, I thought I was
never going to see her again.
Since I might not get
to talk to her,
I'm going to hide a note
in her bed.
I come to the house
to see you.
But you and daddy
were not home.
You came home?
[ Crying ] Yeah, baby.
I came looking for you.
Bye, I love you.
I love you, too.
I do understand,
but you don't have
to go about it this way.
If I have to show up in court,
there will be press,
and they will be
yelling her name on TV.
We can get divorced,
and then we can go to mediation
and have a private
custody agreement with no judge
so there's no fucking filing.
And if that's what you'll do,
then I will give you
fucking full custody.
And we agree
that I get to see her.
And I'm only doing that not
because I don't want her...
[ Sniffles ]
...but because
I want to keep her safe.
[ Sobbing ]
Stormy Daniels's divorce drama
is playing out right here
in North Texas.
Today, News 8 was first
to report her husband
has filed for divorce,
citing adultery as a cause.
He was also granted a temporary
restraining order,
keeping Daniels from taking
their young daughter
on her adult tour.
Glen: I hate that there are
bad times to talk about
because there was
so many good times.
I thought we were ride-or-die.
I thought she was going to say
something crazy, like,
"Okay, we're going to Cuba.
We'll just start over,
me and you and her.
Get the dogs,
put them on the plane.
Let's go."
That's not what happened at all.
What I saw, point blank, was,
you left me at home
with the kid,
and you're on a strip-club
tour of North America,
playing this up
to the high heavens.
I thought she wanted to be
in the spotlight.
I thought she wanted
her 15 minutes of fame.
I didn't see the justification
in any of it.
And I hate saying that
because she's a great person.
But I don't understand
what this was about,
and I still really don't,
to be quite honest.
Um, I know that
it ripped my family apart.
Yeah, I can't do this,
Daniels: [ Sniffles ]
I'm trying.
Nicks: Okay.
I don't know
what else to say.
was for nothing.
Can I be excused now?
And I felt horrible, but I can't
even imagine how Glen felt.
It was just not good for him.
But mostly I broke his heart.
And that is the one thing
in this whole thing
that I regret.
He really didn't deserve...
I'm sorry.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Crying ]
He didn't deserve this.
And he's a really good dad.
Holt: Here in New York,
Donald Trump's
former private lawyer,
Michael Cohen,
accepted his own fate
in a deal with prosecutors.
Man: Mr. Cohen pled guilty
to two campaign-finance charges,
both for the purpose of
influencing the 2016 election.
Holt: Cohen says it was
at the direction
of then-candidate Trump.
Cohen's lawyer late tonight
is now pushing back
on the argument
the President's team is making,
asking if those payments
were a crime for Michael Cohen,
then why wouldn't they be
a crime for Donald Trump?
Woman: Did you know about
the payments?
Trump: Later on I knew.
And they weren't
taken out of campaign finance.
That's a big thing.
That's a much bigger thing.
Because that could be
a little dicey.
Daniels: Eventually, Cohen
had turned on Trump
and admitted what he had done.
But he didn't apologize to me.
Mr. Trump called me a rat
for choosing to tell the truth,
much like a mobster
would do when one of his men
decides to cooperate
with the government.
I had sympathy for him.
I had a lot of hostility, too,
because he kind of put me
in this mess.
But he's not the one
that committed the crime.
And he goes to prison
for something
that he was told to do.
Janklow: Michelle Obama
has a book coming out.
Bernie Sanders has a book.
There's a lot of
very, very big books.
Your fans and people who know
about you and are curious
about you are going
to buy this book regardless.
And my goal always is to get
people who are on the fence.
It's just you have
to get them to
to overcome their "Fuck
this bitch," and pick it up.
Look, I trust you
on that.
Avenatti got me the book deal.
That's all him.
He got it.
And I still think
that he may be the devil.
So I have to be careful
that he's...
that he doesn't lose sight
of what I need him to do.
Everyone's going
to have a reaction.
It's either going to be like,
"We knew it.
She was in it for the money.
She did this to be rich,
and fuck her.
She's a gold digger,"
and the other half
is gonna be like, "Fuck yes!
-He's already up there.
-Okay, great. We'll see --
I'll come up
in a little bit.
-I'm Luke. How are you?
-Nice to meet you.
I have my response.
Not gonna tell you.
Do you want him to, like,
have a heart attack
right here and now?
-[ Laughs ]
You guys need
some privacy?
You can tell me
what you would like it to be.
How did I know you were
gonna say that, regardless?
She wants to have fun
with it.
This is --
You know, this is --
Goldberg: Stormy, you have
an announcement to share.
Tell everybody what it is.
Oh, you're gonna
let me do it?
It's your book.
Oh, you just did it!
[ Laughter ]
I knew you wouldn't
let me have that.
I have a book coming out
October 2nd.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Avenatti: I think people are
going to be very moved,
and they're going
to learn a lot
about this
incredible woman,
who I am proud
to call my client and my friend
because she's had
an amazing life.
And this book
is incredibly insightful,
and I am very anxious
for people to read it.
But are you gonna give
details of that night
in the hotel with --
-You are.
Daniels: People just wanted
the salacious details.
When I came out of that bathroom
and Trump
was there in his underwear,
you know, so entitled,
I remember thinking, "Oh, fuck.
How did I get myself into this?
I felt that I had been misled
and tricked,
and I-I
can't even find the words,
but I thought we had
this mutual respect.
You know, I've maintained
it wasn't rape in any fashion.
Like, you know...
But I didn't say no
because I just --
I was 9 years old again.
And the last thing I remember
was like,
"I could totally take him
if I want to scream or fight,
but like, I'm not supposed
to act like that."
There's that whole dynamic,
because I was from the South,
that he was an elder and a man,
and I was taught to show respect
and be a good girl.
People say, "You know,
you can't abuse a porn star."
That is not true.
What Trump said about
grabbing women by the pussy,
he wasn't wrong.
Women will let you
grab them by the pussy
because they --
especially if you're famous,
whatever his direct quote was.
He shouldn't have said it,
he should never have done it,
but he's not wrong.
And I don't know
if they "Let you,"
but they don't tell you not to,
and that's what happened to me.
Trump obviously openly
admitted and bragged
about that sort of behavior.
And if somebody gets away with
something, they get more brazen,
they get more bold,
they get more aggressive.
To this day, I blame myself,
and I have not forgiven myself
because I didn't shut his ass
down in that moment
so maybe make him pause before
he tried it with someone else.
The hardest part
about all of this
is I feel like
I am partially responsible
for every woman
that could have come after me.
Good. How are you?
I'm sure it'll be
on Twitter any second.
[ Scoffs ]
Federal judge has dismissed
Stormy Daniels lawsuit
against President Trump.
Man: The judge ruling
that Daniels is liable
for the President's
attorneys fees.
Woman: From the president,
a triumphant tweet
with a gratuitous insult.
"Great," he wrote,
"Now I can go after Horseface
and her third rate lawyer."
Daniels, deriding the president,
responded, "Game on, Tiny."
Losing the defamation case
has really destabilized
Stormy financially,
and Trump's supporters have
really seemed to relish in this
and to take great pleasure
in her defeat.
[ Indistinct talking
over phone ]
Remember how. the last booking,
it was completely
fucking packed
and all anybody wanted
was books?
Man: Yeah.
They're not selling
any more anywhere.
Uh, the same reason
that I've gotten
several e-mails
and messages
from people going, "We still
love you and support you,
but we can't justifiably
give you money anymore
because we know it's going
directly to Trump now
'cause you lost your case."
But I'm just so scared
all the time now
that I can't trust anyone.
I've gotten ripped off
by everybody.
You know, I think that when
people think you have money
that they're -- when they think
you're making millions,
they have less of a conscience
about stealing from you.
[ Ringing ]
-Hey, Luke. It's Stormy.
Um, so I've been trying to get
my payment from Michael,
and Michael's been telling me
that it was in the mail,
that I should have it next
week, like, blah, blah, blah.
Well, finally, I just said,
"Fuck this,"
and called the publisher,
and they said that they already
made my third payment,
and all this time
I've been thinking
they were
four months late.
I got paid --
I'm 100% positive.
Those are the only
two payments I've gotten,
and I have text messages
back and forth with me
and Michael
from every single day
for the last three months,
"When are they going
to make my third payment?
When are they going to make
their third payment?"
From who?
That's not a real thing.
I never did that.
I didn't sign anything,
Luke, I swear to you.
I have no idea
what you are talking about.
I am 99% sure that Michael
forged my signature,
because this is the first time
I've heard
"custodial account" ever.
I don't know, Luke.
It's life-changing money to me.
All right. When you get
that fourth payment,
for the love of God,
don't give it to anybody but me.
You know what?
They're gonna give me
my fourth payment on Tuesday,
and Michael was gonna pass
the fourth payment off
as the fucking third,
and then say that they never
gave me the fourth payment.
-Fucking is now.
-Busted, motherfucker.
Well, Tulsa attorney
Clark Brewster tells me
he is now the new attorney
for adult-film
actress Stormy Daniels.
A federal judge...
Mr. Avenatti, Clark Brewster.
Avenatti: Ah, Mr. Brewster,
pleasure to meet you by phone.
Hey, just on an abundance
of caution, because we're
probably gonna cover
a number of topics,
I do have my recorder on.
Do you have any problem
with that?
Yeah, I do. I mean,
I'm not crazy about having my --
I'll send you --
I'll send it to you.
Especially with counsel.
I simply know this --
that wires were sent to her
on the first payment only.
And then they got interrupted
by your office
and were sent to you,
and that is very concerning.
Sounds like I'm being
accused of something
that, frankly,
we didn't do anything wrong.
He resisted, he pushed back,
he became threatening,
and I just lost
all kind of effort
to try to talk with the guy
in a reasonable way.
What I see is a lawyer
that has lied to his client
and has embezzled
some money
and converted the money.
That's outrageous.
Okay. Well, that's
what the record shows.
that's not what...
I had no idea about the depth
and background of other cases
that he might be involved in.
Today, we announce criminal
extortion charges
against Michael Avenatti.
The charges are based
on Avenatti's scheme
to extract more
than $20 million
in payments
from a public company.
Explain myself?
Man: What's going on
with the Nike case?
Looking forward
to that trial.
-Yeah, they say that the trial
is a search for the truth,
and we're gonna find it.
Turned out that he had
a much deeper,
bigger problem in California
that I didn't have knowledge
of at the time.
He just got way in, I think,
over his head, financially,
and did some things that were
damaging to a lot of clients,
including Stormy.
Holt: One of the President's
most vocal critics
faces new troubles tonight.
Federal prosecutors charged
attorney Michael Avenatti
with stealing nearly $300,000
from his former client,
Stormy Daniels,
by forging her name
to fund a lavish lifestyle,
including travel, dry-cleaning,
and a payment on his Ferrari.
Daniels: Michael Avenatti --
he betrayed me in every way.
And when it comes to somebody
that you trusted
and you thought
was your friend,
it's really heartbreaking
and upsetting,
which became this pattern
with the people closest to me.
Man: Stormy Daniels
coming to Calgary,
Sunday, November 3rd,
at 7:00 p.m.
She'll be performing at the...
We booked another tour,
and it was a combination
of dancing and comedy clubs.
Crawford: We left L.A.,
flying to Calgary
and the Border Patrol agent
for Canada,
he pulls Stormy off to the side
and he's looking at her I.D.,
he's looking at her passport.
And he tells her that she has
all of these charges.
Just this crazy shit
that is in no way true.
Man: [ Speaking indistinctly ]
It was 17 charges,
not even a believable amount.
Daniels: You're not nearly
as fucking confused as I am.
You said this is in the
United States FBI system?
Because I wasn't there
for any of this stuff.
The Border Patrol agent
something had to be off.
He said, "There's no way
you did all of this."
Dwayne, call Clark.
I was advised by both
the Border Patrol
and by my attorneys to lay low.
All it took was the wrong person
to pull me over or scan my I.D.
and make a phone call.
They were on my FBI record,
but the FBI
did not put them there.
They know who did it.
Like, the FBI's not gonna come
to a porn star and tell me
how they got breached.
I couldn't obviously
go to Canada,
I couldn't go anywhere,
which made it impossible
for me to work,
and I had no way to make money.
Every time I stood up,
I got kicked down even harder.
And I didn't believe
in those moments
that it would ever
be normal again.
And I hit rock bottom.
[ Crowd shouting ]
[ Glass shatters ]
[ Crashing, clattering ]
Man: Trump's presidency ends
today after four contentious
and, at times,
tumultuous years.
The 45th president leaves
behind a nation
severely wounded,
scarred by an insurrection
at the U.S. Capitol
and crippled by the doubts
he sowed
over the nation's
fair electoral process.
[ Gunshot ]
Daniels: [ Laughs ]
I think I did what I wanted to.
Did I get it?
Right in the crotch.
[ Laughs ]
I have some anger issues.
Man: Attorney Michael Avenatti
has been convicted
for stealing
from his former client,
the adult-film star
Stormy Daniels.
Woman: Michael Avenatti
said the whole time he was
100% innocent, but the jury
thought differently.
Daniels: Michael Avenatti is
on a bus right now,
being shipped across the country
for sentencing in my case
and I guess wrote me
an apology letter today.
Does this sound
one bit remorseful to you?
"Dear Stormy,
I write to apologize to you
for my actions and conduct
over the last three years
and especially over
the last several months,
I have had a significant
amount of time
to reflect on my life..."
'Cause you in prison, bitch.
[ Chuckles ]
"...our friendship, and my
legal representation of you.
It is obvious that I failed you
in many respects,
and that I disappointed you and
let you down in multiple ways.
I tried my best to serve you
in many ways as a friend,
confidant, and adviser.
I made myself available
to you 24/7
and in my support for you.
But along the way,
I know that I failed.
I wish that we could
turn back the clock..."
[ Laughs ]
"So that I'd be better
at stealing from you"?
"...turn back the clock
so that the mistakes I made
would never be repeated.
I am truly sorry, Michael."
That's pretty epic.
[ Horse whinnies ]
Blade: Let's go get it!
All right.
Be prepared.
He is ugly.
We love ugly, beautiful horses.
Daniels: Watch that gate.
Watch it.
Daniels: Now, the Trump wasn't
in office anymore
and he had his own
set of issues,
so it wasn't all
"The Stormy Daniels Show,"
I had just sort of began
to return
to a little bit
of normalcy in my life.
Glen and I started
to get on better terms.
We came to an understanding,
and our daughter
was never taken from me.
Glen: To her credit, I think
whatever version of a family
we have right now,
I applaud her for it.
There was a lot of --
a lot of damage
left in the in the wake,
and a lot of people
don't realize that,
and they don't realize
it's people's lives
that are being affected.
It's not a perfect situation,
but we're trying to make
the best of it.
Are you watching this?
Look at this ridiculousness.
Mister --
Let's go, boys
Let's go get us
some carrots
I got married to Barrett,
who was a good friend of mine.
We had worked together
quite a few times,
but we never dated,
never even kissed off screen.
And so we rekindled all of that
and moved and got horses,
and everything was going great.
And then, last March,
I was actually out here riding
and my phone
was ding ding ding!
I was like,
"Who is blowing up my phone?"
And I picked it up,
and I was like, "Oh, my God."
It was like -- it was like 2018
all over again.
Muir: We're coming
in the air a bit earlier
than usual because of
breaking news at this hour.
A grand jury here in
New York City has just
handed up an indictment against
former president Donald Trump,
making him the first
former president
in U.S. history
to face criminal charges.
The D.A. has evidence that Trump
was plotting to hide
two sets of stories
from two women,
which could have
impacted voters.
This is the catch-and-kill plot.
These four horrible radical-left
Democrat investigations
of your all-time
favorite president, me,
is just a continuation of
the most disgusting witch hunt
in the history of our country.
Stormy "Horseface" Daniels'
extortion plot,
it's fake news.
Our enemies are desperate
to stop us
because they know that we are
the only ones who can stop them,
and they know it very strongly.
When the indictment happened,
Michael Cohen actually texted me
and expressed extreme fear
for my safety.
Somehow, our address
was leaked again online,
and in an attempt
to draw my horse out
so that I would then go out,
they shot him
with the rubber bullet.
The justice system failed me.
It has absolutely failed me
in every single way.
It didn't protect me when I made
reports about being threatened
or somebody attacking my horse.
And that's been one of
the hardest things about this.
Now, there are very few
confirmed details
about Trump's indictment.
According to
the Associated Press,
Trump's attorney has been
told the indictment
relates to hush-money payments
made during
the 2016 presidential election
to porn actress Stormy Daniels.
DeSantis says Florida
will not assist
in an extradition request.
Let's pack.
Nobody cares about her agenda,
and that's the hardest part.
No disrespect, but this
documentary is an agenda
to help somebody
do something to make money.
At this point, she should do it
for the fucking money.
She deserves to be compensated
so she can go hide
on an island somewhere
and stay away from everybody
and live her life
without everybody
fuckin' fucking it up.
Morgan: Do you believe
if this goes to trial
that you will be
completely vindicated
and that it will be established
you've told the truth
and he's lied?
That's wishful thinking.
It makes you
become paranoid.
But do you wish
you'd never met him?
Of course.
[ Crying ]
"You should be super proud."
[ Sniffles ]
"Here's our straight-A student."
I said, "I'm so proud.
Did she like her gift?"
And her dad said, "Yep. So cool.
Thanks for doing that.
She's so stoked.
Wish you could be here.
Our baby got straight A's
and is at the top of her class."
So yesterday was her last day
of school because --
Time change, obviously.
She got straight A's.
And instead of being there
with her,
I'm here talking about
an ex-president's penis.
As you sat down this morning,
you said to us, "It's pointless.
It's winless.
I now regret speaking out."
Because of that.
It just --
Nobody cares what
the truth is anymore.
Are you frightened?
Yeah, I think
we all should be.
Daniels: "Just watched
'Good Morning Britain'
and you're a brave
and strong woman. Keep going."
"Trying to set an example
for your daughter?
Yeah, right.
Try closing your legs first."
"You're tired and bloated.
How many drinks
did you have this morning?"
"Just a modern-day whore saint."
"You are pure scum."
"Even if you'd have been raped,
you should have kept your mouth
quiet for the greater good."
"You're nothing
but a fat hillbilly.
Trump would never touch you.
Stop lying
before I'm forced
to shut you up myself."
Direct threat.
"Kill yourself."
"Stormy Daniels'
expression of demoralization
provides us
with a glimpse of our future."
"Take a good look."
You don't need to read
any more.
There's much more.
"You just signed
your death warrant."
I don't know what that means.
I thought I did that
a long time ago.
Back in 2018, there was stuff
like, "Liar, slut, gold digger."
This time around,
it is very different.
It is direct threats.
It is, "I'm gonna come to your
house and slit your throat.
Your daughter
should be euthanized."
They're not even using
bot accounts.
They're using
their real accounts.
I compare them
to suicide bombers.
They legitimately think that
what they're doing is right.
Those people who see me
as a villain,
it just makes me scratch my head
and really question
how they would want
their daughters treated
or their sisters
or their mother.
Just a never-ending
avalanche of court documents
and lawsuits
and court transcripts.
I want it to die.
If I had all
of these legal bills piled up,
I would have never been able
to pay them.
And Clark is the only one
who never charged me
and kept fighting for me.
I can't even imagine
where I would be.
She's really in
the eye of the storm.
The irony is, Trump's
going after her for fees
he probably has never paid.
I think it's more about him
trying to intimidate a witness
that may appear
in a case against him.
King: When the Trump story
first started, I thought,
"Oh, but Stormy's gonna be fine.
She'll always be fine."
And I don't think
I really got worried
until more recently
with the lawsuits.
It's like they're just trying
to bleed her dry.
It's very telling
that someone like Stormy Daniels
can get this mistreated this
many times by this many lawyers,
all of whom are men, and she's
still left holding the bag.
But I think it tells you
something both about
the real decay
and race to the bottom
that often surrounds
Donald Trump and the larger,
if I may, structural misogyny
in the legal system
when you look
at the whole thing together.
It's a lot.
Yeah, and it's a fire hazard
in my house and my brain.
The way that this has changed
over time is, it started off
as, "You got
to be fucking kidding me.
This is ridiculous,"
to "This is terrifying,"
to, "This is infuriating,"
to now it's just like,
"This is just pointless."
I have no hope at all anymore.
Kimmel: She told the truth,
and she paid a price for that.
It's probably the first thing
everyone who meets her
asks her about.
Her daughter
has to deal with it.
This is not something
that just goes away.
Rogen: She didn't realize
she would one day
be at the center
of this giant thing,
as she was messing around
with some game-show host.
She's someone who, like,
made an enemy of the most
powerful guy on the planet
and didn't, like, cower and --
And, you know, that was
something that --
that's something that takes
a lot of strength, you know?
Nuzzi: She didn't want to be
in a years-long legal battle
with the now former president.
The fact that she said
that she doesn't want him to go
to prison
over their legal drama,
but she would go to prison
so that she doesn't have
to pay him a dime,
that's Stormy Daniels.
I think that Stormy Daniels
and the phrase "hush money"
is forever going to be
associated with the idea
of legal accountability
coming home to Donald Trump.
I want her to be speaking as
much or as little as she wants.
I mean, that's freedom, right?
I feel like, you know,
the way that this is
different from 2018
is that I have
more knowledge.
Um, the shock of
it's not the same.
I'm desensitized
to some of it,
but they've also become
more violent with me.
I'm more prepared
with my legal knowledge,
but I'm also tired.
Like, my soul is so tired.
So, I mean...
And I don't know
if I'm so much a warrior now
as -- [ Laughs ] -- as, um...
out of fucks, man.
I'm out of fucks.
[ Laughs ]
And I won't give up because
I'm telling the truth,
and I kind of don't even know
if it matters anymore.
Gibson: Thank you.
Thank you.
[ Chuckles ]