Story of Mother (1973) Movie Script

Why are you here?
For how long?
The same time you got here!
Auntie Wu!
- Auntie
- Mei-Jung
Are you here for Ching-Mao?
Is he here?
I haven't seen him
Either at the library or dorm
- No lecture today?
- The class just ended
Come visit our home with Ching-Mao during the holiday
- Chi-ming's came back from school
- Chi-ming's back?
I'll be there if he's going
This place is off limits for girls
I'm not going in. Bye!
Good Bye
Don't shut yourself in while others are having fun
I didnt know if you'd any warm clothes in this chilly weather
Have some water
A sweater
It was Chi-Ming's but you two are the same height
Give it to Chi-Ming. I'm fine.
Chi-Ming has another one
I don't need pocket money right now
Keep it
I didn't want you to know this
It's not mine
It's from your mother
She's here again?
In my home
Please return the money to her
I'll never take her money
You're young
Once you're at my age
You'll then understand
No-one is perfect
People makes mistakes
You refuse to see her
And take her money
She is really hurt by all this
Hurt? Her?
She never care about hurting others
Oh, child!
Would you mind doing me a favor?
Next Thursday will be my father's 10th death anniversary
But I have a test that day
- Can you light an incense stick for him?
- I would have done so regardless
You remember everything
Your father would have been so proud
To have a son like you
- No need to send me off
- Thank you
I'll come visit you some other time
- Don't trouble yourself like this
- I know
What a coincidence!
Where are you going?
I saw Auntie and you walking out of the dorm
So I followed you
Let's go to Cafe Astoria
My treat
I'm not going
Then you're buying, how's that?
- I'm really not bluffing
- Wow, really?
There's Chi-Ming
Can I get you something to drink?
- - Okay
- And you?
- Juice
Rarely do I get to meet our top student here
Not interrupting anything, am I?
A new female professor is teaching essay analysis in the Foreign Language department
Have you chosen this course?
Why not?
She lectures solely in English and listening to more English will make your life oversea easier
Who says I'm going oversea?
Then why work so hard?
We don't study just for going oversea
My mother just went to your school
Have you met her?
I just sent her off
I saw your mother crying in my home when I came back yesterday
Go and see her
Chi-Ming, how's the workload at your college?
- How do you find the time?
- I come back for you
But you're ignoring me
What's so great about me?
I'm too busy for this
Ching-Mao, how can you just left me here?
You know the way home
His temper is getting weirder
Thinks he's so great with all the top grades
Think all he wants!
I'm not going out with him even if he were the last living boy in the campus!
Is this seats taken?
- No
- Thank you
Ma, let's not sit here
Come, sit
Come, sit by the window
- Where to?
- Taipei
We're going to the same place then
- I couldn't believe it at first
- Why would I lie to you?
You look so young for a mother of a boy
I married young, turning 30 this year
Must have taken good care of your body. You look 26 or 27
Such a jokester!
What do you do for a living: a merchant or something else?
- Have a small business
- Oh
Ma, why haven't we reached Taipei?
Already you're getting impatient. Told you not to come
Mandarine, sir?
- How much is it?
- 5 bucks for 3
Should be enough
- Have one
- It's too much
One each
- Take one
- I can't accept this
It's fine
Don't be so formal
- Thanks
- It's nothing
Little bro, have one
Ching-Mao, don't be rude! Take it, brat!
- Have one
- I don't want your thing
Take it!
- Ching-Mao, where are you going?
- Bathroom!
Go see a doctor if you're sick
Why keep looking at me?
Looking at me won't cure you
Brother and Sister Wu kept saying in Taipei
You're welcome at anytime
They got good doctors in Taipei
It's not cheap and I don't want to be a nuisance
Just wait and die if you're such a miser
Give me some!
Ching-Chang, give some to Little sis
- No!
- He never gave me any
Go play outside
- I'll tell Papa you bullied me!
- Don't distress him
Or I'll give you a beating!
I dare you!
What's all this racket about?
Outside, you two
So irritating
Ma, where are you going?
So dirty!
Ching-Mao, wash your sister's hands
Ma, I want to go with you
Stay at home and Mama will be back with lollipops
Mama never took us with her
Papa, I'm going to buy a pencil
Why are you here?
For how long?
The same time you got here!
Did you tell your Papa anything?
No and I'm not going to
He's sick so I don't want to distress him
I'm the only one who needs to know
Ching-Mao, you're most well-behaved in the family
And Ma's favourite
I still held you as you slept after your brother and sister were born
You even said Ma was the prettiest in the world
You're still Ma's favourite
Don't cause trouble for Ma
Then don't cause trouble for us
Auntie Wu
I have a request
Please come to Jiayi
I've something urgent to tell you
Papa's life depends on it
You must come
Ching-Mao Chu
Auntie Wu
What's happened? How's your father?
Hey, cabbie!
Auntie Wu
My father always listens to you and Uncle Wu
Please convince my father to go to Taipei
So he can receive treatment
I sent your Papa letters
And messages via your mother
Why didn't he come?
My Papa is trying to save money
So little brother and sister can go to school
Our home will fall apart if he doesn't get well soon
They're fighting again?
Don't cry or people will make fun of you
Mama is with another man
She went there everyday
Left Papa alone in the house
- Don't talk nonsense
- I saw it
The man she met on her way to Taipei
Does your Papa know?
Please don't say you come at my request
- Bang!
- Ouch
You'll dirty your cloth
- Auntie Wu
- Mama Wu
- Auntie Wu
- These snacks are for you
Hui-de, what brings you here?
Bo-Ni, you're looking healthier
Than the last time we met
No need to console me
Come inside
How's Brother Yang-shian?
I haven't returned any of his letters
My sister, have a seat
Fetch a cup of tea for Auntie
Don't be sad
One leaves this world eventually
Have a seat
Where is Wen-ying?
Why isn't she here?
She went to buy grocery
What a coincidence
Today is Ching-mao's birthday
Look at me, not even a present
Yang-shian wants you to come to Taipei
To have an examination
So we'll know your condition
See if a surgery is needed
Can't keep going on like this
I know it's incurable
When did you get a medical degree?
Can't get well by lying on bed all day
Think of your children
You can't have no regard for your health
- My sister!
- Don't "sister" me
Heed to my advice
If you respect me like your own sister
- Ma
- Ma
- Mama Wu is here
- Oh
Big sis, when did you get here?
- I could have picked you up at the station
- I just got here
Bo-Ni said you went grocery-shopping
I did
But I forgot to bring my purse
You sit and I go get my purse
Don't bother
She is family
Just have some noodles
You came all the way
Even help out in the kitchen
I'm in the kitchen everyday
A day without the kitchen
Feel I've left something undone
Once we women become wives and mother
Must accept the life
Do you still remember?
You two met in our home
Of course
You and Brother Wu were the M.C. for our wedding
Bo-Ni just likes to play huqin and hum Peking opera tunes
Honest with no unhealthy hobby
He's not perfect
But he is a faithful husband
We've so many children already
How can I not understand him?
He is not well
You need to make sacrifices
Stay with him, at home
I was by his side every day
What else can I do beside this?
Seems you don't even talk to him anymore
The illness is tormenting him
Don't make him angry
You don't understand: he needs to rest
I'm doing this for his own good
Why would I make him angry?
Ma, where's mine?
- You two wait
- I want noodles
It's your brother's birthday
- The children can have mine
- No, you go first
Ching-Mao, why ain't you eating your noodles?
Come, you're 12 years old now
Few more years, and Ma can retire
Little bro, have mine
I don't want it
I even put an egg for you
- I'm full!
- Ching-Mao!
Have it your way!
Throwing tantrums the last few days
And now being so insolent
He can finish them later
It's your fault, spoiling him like this
Are you going to see the doctor in Taipei?
It won't better my condition
But not going will make it worse
Ching-Mao is right
Listen to the child
We can't prolong this any further
Ma, I would like go with Papa to Taipei tomorrow
Suit yourself
You two already made the decision behind my back
All passengers...
I'll be going then
Thanks for everything you've done for us
I'll never forget it
So does Ching-Mao
Take care and don't stress yourself
See you soon
I still want to pay you two a visit
Knowing the result, now I can prepare myself
Everyone will leave this world, sooner or later
Ching-Mao, take care of your father
Don't forget to write
Take care
When did you come back?
Why didn't you call me?
How's the trip to the hospital?
What did the doctor say?
What's this?!
You bought them for me
Let me try them on
Just the right size and the style is not bad
I couldn't afford them then
And you remember!
What did the doctor say?
Ching-Mao, go back to your room
Tell me, who is that man?
What man?
Don't play dumb!
You really think I don't know?
You went to your tryst everyday
I said nothing
Hoping you won't over-doing it
Now you even brought him to our home!
I'm glad you know
Why don't you berate me and kick me out of the house?
I hate your cowardly looks, like a tortoise
You don't even deserve a beating
Slapping you is just insulting myself
I want the children to have people's respect
Wait for them to repay you then
If you can live that long
I don't need Ching-Mao to repay me
But he will remember you're a terrible mother
The children know nothing
But you'd know
Although I'm a mother
But I am also a woman!
Can't you at least wait?
I don't have much time left
I wonder how long you can last?
Beat me, I dare you!
Papa, Papa
Papa, Papa
I will never forget this, I will never forget this
Anything you want me to do: just say the word
I will do it
The children...
Don't you worry, I'll take good care of them
My home is in Pingdong
I seldom visit my cousin
My cousin
I did not know much about his friends
I think it's best if Mr. Wu manages the whole situation
Of course
Bo-Ni was my classmate
He's worked for the company for years
It will compensate him generously
Then there's the matter of his children
We should arrange something for them
Cousin-in law can...
We need to discuss the matter with her
Big bro
Big bro
Little bro, why are you here?
I was all alone and got scared
Ching-Chung, where's your Ma?
Didn't your Ma tell you to keep her company?
Little sis bumped her head
Got one big gash
There was so much blood
Ma took her away
I...I'm too scared to stay home alone
Stay here then
Have you eaten yet?
Ching-Mao, you also haven't had your supper
Let's get a bite to eat
You must eat something
Listen to Auntie
Big sis!
What should we do...
With our lives from now on?
For you
Life will be easier from now on
Big sis
How can you also slander me like this?
In front of the children
As well as Bo-ni's cousin
I want to discuss something with you
Tomorrow after the ceremony
And the burial
I want to take the brothers
To Taipei
What do you say?
We will raise them properly
What gives you the right?
I gave birth to them
So I should raise them
Don't fight me on this
He asked us to do so
Because we went way back
He used to call me "Big sis"
It's my responsibility to raise them properly
Who can confirm your words?
I'm not dead yet!
This is unreasonable!
It's impossible to reason with you
And Ching-ping
I think, Zong-bao
You are Bo-ni's only living family
Do you want to adopt her?
No-one can take them!
You want to take away my children
I'm a bachelor who is living on the East
Can't taking care of children
Cousin-in law just windowed
She can only rely on her children
And the children might not want to leave their mother
Finally, someone reasonable
Ching-Mao, you decide then
Your mother or Auntie?
Auntie, I want to live with you
You ungrateful brat!
- Who reared you?
- Papa!
Don't touch him!
Are you here to beat your son?
Cause more trouble
And I will ask you to leave
And you?
That's fine
That's settled then
We're not trying to rob you of your children
Once Ching-Mao has grown up
You can take him back
We will not stop you
Ching-Mao, let's go swimming
I can't swim
Come on, I'll teach you
I don't want to
Acting all uppity
Eat our food, use our things
Who do you think you're?
Not even after I promise to teach you
You're just like your mother
So unlikable
Ching-Mao, let go!
Chi-Ming is at fault here
How can you talk to Ching-Mao like this?
You're grounded for the week
And apologize to Ching-Mao
- Auntie, it's my fault
- No
Chi-Ming started this
Ching-Mao, if Chi-Ming says something rude again
Tell me or Chi-ming's sister
Never resort to force
Use violence to settle things is barbaric
Ma, say no more
It's Little bro's fault
Ching-Mao is the mature one
Come, let's wash your face
Want me to do it for you?
Want to see a movie?
I'm not going
Go and have some fun
Pruning flowers is my hobby
Go, come on
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is great
Big sis, I also want to come
Finish your homework?
Okay, you can all go
Who are you looking for?
Does a boy called Ching-Mao Chu live here?
Little bro
Big bro
Little bro
Why are you here?
Anyone with you?
Rode the train alone without a ticket
Found him crying, asking for his brother
Took me a while to get the address
- Thank you, officer
- Don't mention it
Since this is the right place
- I would be leaving then
- Take care
Where is Little sis?
Little sis...she...
She what?
Little sis...she...
She..she is dead
After Papa died, Ma got a lot of money
She gave them all to that man
That's your Papa's pension
Mama and that man went to Lake something
Didn't even take us along
Little sis had a fever during the night
She neither cried nor screamed
She didn't take the medicine the maid gave her
I wanted to find Ma but I didn't know where to go
Little sis had the fever for many days
The maid didn't know what to do
Soon she's gone as well
By the time Mama was back
Little sis had stopped talking
You can't!
- What are you doing?
- Ching-ping!
Get out of the way!
Fuck your mother!
My Ching-ping
That man was like a mad dog
He almost beat Ma to death
Mama wrote a letter to Cousin-Uncle
She told Uncle how that mad dog bullied her
Gambled all her money away
And beat her all black and blue
Uncle treated her really well
Can you think a way out of this?
I can't face anyone again
But for Ching-chung's sake
I can't keep living like this
Don't be sad
Leave him first
I can help supporting you and your son
Don't worry
I didn't know how the mad dog knew this
But he came to the restaurant
I'm warning you
Go near her again and I'll kill you
Go, I say!
Mama disappeared the next morning
He wanted me to find her
Going to beat me to death if I couldn't
I didn't know where to find Mama
So I came to Taipei to look for Big bro
She made the mistakes
Yet the children suffered with her
Ching-Mao, do you know where your uncle lives?
We must find your Ma
No, I hate her to death!
I never want to hear from her again
- He's calling you
- I don't know the guy
Ching-Mao Chu, apologize
- You made her cry last night
- You!
I apologize
I was being moody and unreasonable
In a better mood now?
This is not the first time
Left me without a word
Whenever you got upset
I'm not your seismometer
I can't stand your mood swings
No need to apologize, good bye!
Please listen to me
The girl you spoke of
Did she have a sweet face
And delicate features?
I couldn't get a good look
But they seemed to be close
Then it must be Mei-Jung Zhang
Used to come to our house
You also know her
How can I not?
Not so frequent now
Do you know why she stop coming?
She feels embarrassed bumping into me
What's this all about?
She and I went to the same high school
We're pals
Ching-Mao used to play with us
Then they started dating
Just left me on the side
This kid really is something
Even stole other's lover
Why didn't you duel him?
As his elder, how can you talk like this
Chi-Ming and Ching-Mao grew up together
They're closer than real brothers
And you encourage them to fight each other for a girl
Big sis, I was joking
No use fighting him
Had better grades
Came first in the entrance exam
I can do nothing about it
Ma, I have a train to catch
Girls will fall for you once you start to study hard
I'm going to have a talk with her
With whom?
Ching-mao's girlfriend
If I can't even meet my own son
I certainly can't let others rob him away
Get one thing straight
No-one has taken away your son
You misread my words
I don't mean you
It's normal to have a girlfriend
You still have Ching-Chung
Forget about Ching-Chung
If he isn't so lazy
Then I won't miss Ching-Mao so badly
Put your feet down
Can't help it
I have fallen in love for her
There is only rice
How can I eat this?!
This is abuse
My Ma is not here and you let me eat this?!
I'm not forcing you
Buy your own food then
- Give it to me
- What?
Stop pretending
Ching-Chung, you're almost 20 years old
Show some consideration
I'm a factory overseer
Not a banker
You keep asking me for money
If not you, from whom then?
My Ma married you
So you should support us
Am I right?
Everyone knows I'm an excess baggage
A baggage must carry something
Take it
20 bucks?
Not enough for a cup of tea
I need to pay for the movie and dinner
Get out!
You're telling me to go
Why took me in then?
I should never have taken you in
No wonder The Wus didn't want you
Not even half as good as your brother
Never bother to study
Didn't finish any school
Gave you a job in the factory
Bailed after 3 days!
Now stay in the tea room all day
None of the girls there love you
Try going there without a dime
I'll settle the score with you after Ma comes back
Don't you pawn my watch!
- I need it for work
- Give it to me
What are you two doing?
Two grown men fighting...ain't you two ashamed?
- He's going to pawn my watch
- He wants to kick me out
You must discipline him
He insulted me
Stop the quarreling like children
Yield to him
I didn't get to meet Ching-Mao
But I saw him in the distance
He didn't see me
But I'm on the right path
Don't bury yourself with papers
You look like a corpse
Next time
I will be able to meet him
You're still going?
Next month
Forget it
He doesn't want to meet you
Always coming back empty-handed
What's so wrong with going to see my son?
It will save me some money
Do you know how much your trips cost?
Your cousin was better than you in this regard
He never complaint about the way I spent money
Sometimes he even insisted on buying me things
Yet you pushed him toward death
Do you really have to hit the sore spot?
Still talk this nonsense
Why not manage this home instead?
Discipline this son
Don't keep running to Taipei
Just one more time
If I fail again
I'll never go there again
Ma, going to Taipei again?
Be back in a few days
You just came back
Big bro clearly doesn't want to see you
I'm here
You barely look at me
I'm your son too
You're being biased
I know what you're trying to say
Only one hundred?
Take it
Ma, have a safe journey
For Ching-Mao
Mei-Jung Zhang, someone is waiting for you in the reception room
You were fighting just two days ago
Now you're sending him things
Not embarrassed?
Go to hell
You mus be Miss Mei-Jung Zhang
And you are?
I'm Ching-mao's mother
He is at the boy's dorm
I know
I'm here to see you
Any lecture this afternoon?
I want to have a chat with you
Someone told me you and Ching-Mao are close
That's what love is all about
This is what makes it interesting
Ching-Mao has a weird temper
Very obstinate
Be more understanding
He's a little different
But you really like him
Am I right?
Auntie Chu
I don't know how to respond to this
He hasn't told you my surname is Shen now
Sorry, he might have told me about it
But I forgot
Has he seldom talked about me?
I asked him about you once
He then refused to talk to me for days
He still refuses to forgive me
Ten years
He doesn't even want people to mention my name
I'm my mother
Look at me
I'm at my early forties
Already looking so old
You know why?
Because I thought of him all the time
Why didn't you go and see him?
I just told you the reason
He refuses to see me
I went to his school
He refuses to meet me
I waited for him at the Wu's house
He didn't even go there
Just because I made a mistake
When I was young
He hated me
And hates me ever since
I will try to persuade him
To tell you the truth
Before I met you
I instinctively disliked you
But now I've met you
I changed my mind
You know what?
I thought
If I couldnt have him, nobody would
Not anymore now
I'm willing to give him to you
After you're married
If we can live together
I'll take care your children for you
What are you talking about...
I'm very candid
Help me
Persuade him to meet me
I only want him to know
What I feel
How much I love him
I can pass away peacefully
Where do you live?
I used to stay at the Wu residence
Every time I cam here
Too embarrassed to trouble them anymore
I'm living in Hotel Wei-xing right across their house
For how long?
After getting your reply
I'm not confident I can convince him
At least a reply
Auntie, I'll be going then
I'll do my best
Thank you, Mei-Jung
(Ching-Mao: Wish it stay forever by your...
Look at me, opening your card
For him?
It's his birthday tomorrow
That's why I chose today
If you can convince him
I'll treat you two to a feast
I also hope he'd come
Where have you been?
You wasn't at the dorm
Take a break with me this afternoon?
Quite a cyclist
6 years as a paper boy
Every single day
How can I not be?
You're in a good mood today
I'll try to control myself from now on
Be always calm
I'm a weird guy
A prune with a bad temper
You must be miserable
Others would have broken up with me already
I've thought about it
But I couldn't do it
You've always been so forgiving to me
Are you also so forgiving to others?
They didn't give me the chance
And they didn't deserve it
Like your mother?
Who told you about her?
Auntie Wu
I'm also a woman
And if I have a son
Refusing to see me for ten years
I would have killed myself
You don't know my mother
And you're not like her
This is the first time
You call her "mother"
It sounds comforting
When she comes to see you again
Don't avoid her
Let's not talk about her
We all have a mother
Why can't we?
I received Auntie Wu's letter today
Urge me to go home
The letter especially asked me
To bring you along
Are we still going to talk about your mother?
Welcome, where's Ching-Mao?
The living room. Let me help
Don't dirty your dress
Everyone's here?
The kitchen is all greasy
Out, out
Boys have no place in the kitchen
Out, out
Out, out
- Auntie
- Mmm?
I need to speak to you
Ching-mao's mother's here
- Where?
- In the hotel
Yesterday she came to talk to me
Wanted me to convince Ching-Mao to meet her
Have you talked to him?
I don't know how to tell him
He became angry once I mentioned his mother
Convince him to change his mind
Can you?
I'll give it a try
Auntie, we're waiting for you
No need to wait for me
Mei-Jung, have a seat
Uncle, you know I don't drink
Today's an exception
I've high blood pressure
Normally she won't let me have a drink
Make yourself at home
Nothing fancy
Just fried noodle for Ching-mao's birthday
I would have forgotten about it if it wasn't for you
It's others who should do the remembering
Thank you
You're 22 years old now
I watched you going from primary school to high school
You'll soon graduate from college
How time flies
All thanks to Auntie and Uncle
I don't know how to say this
To you, Uncle and Auntie
Don't drink so much
Today is special
Chi-Hui sent a letter to you from America
It's her present for you
Big Sis sent a letter
It's in my pocket
Let him read it after the meal
I didn't say he can read it now
- What's the hurry?
- Come, eat
I sent in the report card
Chi-hui's teacher did the scholarship application
As for the travelling fee
We'll take care of everything
Just go when the time come
Don't worry about a thing
I wasn't so sad
When my daughters left to study oversea
Now you're also leaving
You treated Ching-Mao so well
The year my father died
I was still a school boy
I thought I'd never go back to school again
I never dreamed
I could one day go study abroad
This is all due to your hard work
Otherwise no-one can help you
Why all the tears?
He's not leaving tomorrow
No need for this
There's something else
You've always listened to me, right?
Go and see your mother
She didn't forget your birthday
She's waiting for you in the hotel
I know the hotel
I can take you there
You knew?
Your mother came yesterday
But didn't have the courage
We talked about many things
For the last 10 years
I'm in no position to judge
How you treat your mother
Although she mistreated your father
She's still your mother
You can't admonish her
She kept coming to see you
You just kept avoiding her
She always went back in tears
You should go and see her this time
Not to forgive her
But to ask for her forgiveness
Uncle, you're right to admonish me
I'll go and see her
Hotel Astoria
Which room does Mrs. Shen stay in?
No. 15
Thank you
Ching-Mao, child
I'm no child of yours!
You got the wrong person!
Let's go somewhere to ease your troubled mind
Don't go back to the dorm
Let's go to Cafe Astoria
There's no need to console me.
To tell you the truth
I now hate all women
Nor can I trust them
No-one will live a happy life with me
She used to be good to my father
Used to love my father
But she killed Father with her betrayal
You are good to me
And so understanding
But what will you be like in the future?
Break up with me then
So I won't kill you with my betrayal
But a word of advice
Just because your mother was unfaithful
That doesn't mean all women are like her
There are some who are like her
But also some who are like Auntie Wu
Do you have the ability to discern
And find a woman like Auntie Wu
- Mei-Jung
- Let me finish!
By generalizing all women in the world
You will end up with a lonely, miserable life
You're graduating from college soon
Yet so childish
So pathetic
Hiding in your room
Instead of going to the graduation ceremony?
I'm not graduating
As an audience
Your beau looked magnificent
Delivering the farewell speech
So eloquent
Everyone applauded
I tried to look for you
I would have been so proud if I were you
Proud my ass
Be it first in the school
Or first in the world, I'll not speak to him again
What's wrong with you two?
What a stormy relationship
Inseparable when you're in love
Vicious when you're fighting
You came as well! Have a seat
How can I not?
Where were you?
I want you in the picture
Come, come to my house
Auntie, I...
I don't want to see him again
This has nothing to do with Ching-Mao
I'm the one who invites you
Get closer
Take a picture of Ching-Mao and I
Okay, stand still
I'm quite a photographer
Let us all be in the picture
Come on
Auntie, I'll not be in the picture with him
Then we take the picture later
Come, sit
Come, sit
Don't be mad
I'll teach him a lesson
You two have chat
I'm going to lie down for a bit
Why don't you two sit?
- I'll sit with you
- Sit anywhere you like
Someone should be at your graduation
But she didn't come
You know why?
Let's not talk about it
I waited until now to tell you
Else you'll forever misunderstand her
That day you went to see your mother
Just so happened a man walked out her room
Was I right?
So you just pushed your mother away
Do you know who he is?
The hotel chef
She asked him with the best of intention
To prepare a feast
Auntie, did she tell you this?
The next day she came to me in tears
Saying you see her as immoral
Didn't even let her explain herself
Before she left, she told me
She'd never come to see you again
Seems we need to go to Pingtung
Why are you going?
Last time Mei-Jung went there with him
So he has to trouble Mei-Jung again
I'm not obliged to go with you
Big brother!
Excuse me, you brought a lady
Have a seat
Let's sit
Didn't know you're coming
This is Miss Chang
My brother
How are you? Please, sit.
Ma said Miss Chang was your girlfriend
Only you in the house?
Ma went to the hospital
With Uncle
He's having an operation
Which hospital?
They didn't tell me
And I wasn't home then
They didn't even left me with a dime!
For how long?
About a week
For what?
The stomach is rotten completely
Rice gruel all day long
How can he take it?
The surgery
Will remove half of his stomach
He can't die
I don't want to be an excess baggage again
You're here to?
See Auntie
To see Ma?
How strange
Ma went to Taipei ten times just to see you
You refused to see her
Now she gave up
And you decided to visit her
Got any cash?
You really don't know where they are?
I'm not lying
Either in Tainan or Taipei
And it's a big hospital
If it wasn't for you
The illness would killed me
I did it for myself
Let's rest a bit
My eldest son rejects me
My other son is a disappointment
Who will take care of me
If you are not around?
Tell me
Do you treat me better than my cousin?
Look at you
Keep putting salt on old wounds
The mistakes of my youth
Now I have only regrets
You don't look so old to me
Be more careful, you brat!
Mr. Shen, you're back
Feeling better?
I was lucky
All thanks to my wife
Ma, you're back
I've a surprise for you
My Ma
My uncle
- My girlfriend, A-shiou
- Auntie
Your girlfriend?
We plan to live with you first
We'll move out
After we're married
- Married?
- Yup
We can now stop worrying about you.
Get some tea
Ma, there is something else
Big bro was here
Yeah, he came with his girlfriend
His girlfriend was also very pretty
But I didn't know the name of the hospital
How can it be?
Why would I lie to you?
He's going to the training center in the army
Then he'll study oversea
In other words
He's luckier than me
Look like you have to go to Taipei
Big bro Wu
Ching-Mao just left
Half an hour ago
To do military training
Hui-de and Mei-Jung went to the train station to see him off
- The train leaves at?
- 15:40
I still have ten minutes
You'll not make it
You can visit him in the future
After ten years
Can't even wait for another second
I won't be able to make it
Please, as fast as you can
We'll visit you next week
Auntie, no need for you to stay
Mei-Jung, goodbye
Please, hurry!
This is killing me
Bye, I'll come visit you with Auntie
Don't forget to write
I'll come visit you
Beware of the two-way traffic
- Ma
- Ching-Mao
- Ching-Mao
- Ma
- Ching-Mao
- Ma