Storytelling (2001) Movie Script

Hey, you wanna hear
my short story now?
I can read it to you.
You mean, again?
Well, I changed
the ending a little.
Oh. What happens now?
its the same...
...but longer.
I think its better.
Well then maybe you should
just read the ending?
But it wont make any sense
if you hear it out of context.
I think you should leave it
the way it was. It was good.
So you dont want to
hear my new ending?
Youll read it in class tomorrow.
Surprise me.
Anyway... I have to go. I promised
Melinda Id help her with her oral.
You are tired of me.
I can tell.
Marcus, Im tired.
Thats all.
Youve lost interest.
You hardly even sweat
anymore when we have sex.
I was never much of a sweater.
You know that.
Look, Vi. I dont blame you.
You feel pity now.
The pleasure isnt
there any more.
The kinkiness has gone.
Youve become kind.
"But when he saw her... was as if he could walk
like a normal person.
His legs didnt swing...
...his arms didnt spaz away.
He wasnt a freak anymore...
...for she made him forget
his affliction.
No more cerebral palsy!
From now on she "CP" stood for...
...Cerebral Person.
He was a Cerebral Person.
I thought it was
really good, Marcus.
Really moving and emotional.
Yeah, I thought it was
really emotional, too.
And I mean, really
good word choices.
It kind of reminded me
a little of Faulkner...
...but East Coast and disabled.
Or Flannery O'Connor.
She had multiple sclerosis.
And Borges.
He was blind.
Updike has psoriasis.
Uhm...Maybe Im wrong...
...but, um,
Im afraid I found
the whole thing to be a little trite.
Its earnestness is...
its a little embarrassing.
And those adjectives, are a little
flatfooted. And redundant.
Im sorry...
I mean...
Anyway, dont.
What do I know?
Dont even listen to what I say.
I mean...
Anyone else?
Catherine is right.
The story is a piece of shit.
You express nothing but
banalities, and formally
speaking, are unable to construct
a single compelling sentence.
You ride on a wave of clichs
so worn in fact, it actually
approaches a level of grotesquerie.
And your subtitle,
"The rawness of truth".
Is that supposed to be
a joke of some sort?
Or are you just being pretentious?
Whos next?
Marcus, wait up!
What do you want?
- Dont be so upset. Its okay.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
Whats ok?
- You know he hated my story also.
- Your story was terrible.
- Marcus! Youll write something better next time.
- Patronizing fuck!
If you just had been honest with me
in the first place, I wouldnt have read it!
I knew it was shit, but - idiot! -
I believed you.
Thats not fair. I was honest! Just because I
wasnt sucking up like that bitch Catherine.
Well I sure didnt hear you voice
your opinion in there when it mattered!
I admit it.
I was scared.
I was shocked, in fact
by what he said. And hes
so... convincing.
Im sorry if I let you down,
but really...
I still say hes just one opinion.
I dont even like
his books that much.
Theyre all so... aggressively
I dont care if hes won the Pulitzer Prize.
You just wanna fuck him!
Like Catherine and every other
white cunt on campus.
Marcus, you cant just unilaterally
decide to end things.
This is a relationship were talking about!
A friendship! You dont just...
Fuck you!
Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him...
Are you okay?
Yes. Im okay.
Im totally okay.
You did the right thing.
I know that.
Fucking cripple.
Why do I waste my time with undergrads?
They are all so...
Uch! I just thought Marcus
would be different. I mean...
...hes got CP!
What are you gonna do now?
I dont know-- go to a bar--
get laid, whatever.
Dont worry about me.
Ill be just fine.
- What can I get you?
- Just have a beer.
Here you go.
Hello, Vi.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Im sorry.
I didnt mean...
I didnt expect to run into you here,
thats all.
Well... you have.
Then, are you alone?
Can I join you?
Gee, thanks.
Well, uhm... I just wanted to say that
Im really happy with the class...and uhm...
I know you must hear this all the time,
but im also a great admirer of
your work.
"A Sunday Lynching", especially...
...really, uhm...
spoke to me.
God, I hope Im not emberassing.
Youre not.
Cause I am... I really
agreed with everything...
you had to say last week about
how bad my story was.
Thats good.
And I also agreed with what you
said today about Marcuss story.
It is a piece of shit.
You have beautiful skin.
Thank you.
So Catherine seems like she might
become a really good writer.
Shes okay.
Arent you going out with Catherine?
Im sorry. Its none of my business.
I didnt mean...
Im not 'going out' with Catherine.
Do you think I have
potential as a writer?
Thank you for being honest.
I have so much respect for you.
Can I just freshen up for a second?
Its over there.
Dont be a racist.
Dont be a racist. Dont be a racist.
Dont be a racist...
Its a really nice place you have.
Is the rent high?
Take off your top.
...take off the rest.
Turn around.
Bend over.
...'nigger, fuck me'.
Oh... bu...uh... I cant say that.
- Say, 'nigger.'
- Nigger.
'Fuck me hard!'
Fuck... Me... Hard!
Say, 'Nigger, fuck me hard!'
Nigger... Fuck... Me... Hard!
Nigger... Fuck... Me... Hard!
- Again!
- Nigger... Fuck... Me... Hard!
Can I come in?
Youre all...
"So John flipped her around
and slammed her against the wall.
Jane braced herself.
She thought about her mother.
She thought about Peter.
She thought about God...
and rape.
Say 'Fuck me, nigger!
Fuck me hard!'
Johns flesh abraded her soft skin.
There would be marks.
She acquiesced, and said
what he asked her to say...
...and did what he asked her to do.
She had entered college with hope,
with dignity...
...but she would graduate as a whore.
Why do people have to be so ugly?
Write about such ugly characters.
Its perverted.
I know you all think
that Im being prissy...
...but I dont care! I was brought up
in a certain way. And this is...
... mean-spirited.
It did seem a little...
Like by using taboo language
you were trying to
shock us about the hollowness
of your characters.
I think it was a
little bit racist.
It was completely racist...
...and beyond that I felt
deply offended as a woman.
As if women could only operate
from experiences of objectification.
Totally phallocentric.
And so weirdly misogynistic.
I mean, why does Jane
go through with this?
Is she stupid?
Hey, but... wasnt this a rape?
Or, did I miss something? Because...
Im confused. Because if this was a rape
then... why would she be a whore?
It was confessional, yet dishonest.
Jane pretends to be
horrified by the sexuality
that she in fact fetishizes.
She subsumes herself to the
myth of black male sexual potency.
But then doesnt follow through.
She think she respects afroamericans
and thinks theyre cool and exotic.
What a notch hed make in her belt.
But of course it all comes
down to Mandingo clich.
And he calls her on it.
In classic racist tradition she
demonizes, then runs for cover.
But then, how could she
behave otherwise?
Shes just a spoiled
suburban white girl
with a Benneton rainbow complex.
Its just my opinion.
And what do I know?
But I think its a callow
piece of writing.
Callow and coy.
Jane wants more but isnt
honest enough to admit it.
In the end, she returns to
the safety of her crippled...
..translation: sexually impotent...
This is bullshit!
Her story was the truth!
- Right.
- Its unbelievable!
- Its clichd.
- Its disguisting!
But it happened!
I dont know about what happened, Vi...
...because once you start writing
it all becomes fiction.
Still... certainly is a impovement
over your last story:
There is now at least
a beginning...
...a middle...
...and an end.
Toby, I just know you are
going to become a moviestar.
Please dont forget me
when you make it to the top.
I will always love you.
- Hello?
- Hello. Uhm... is this Pam?
Who is this?
Toby Oxman.
Toby? Oh, hi!
How are you?
Oh, fine.
How are you?
- Great.
- Great!
So whats going on?
Thats what I was just
gonna ask you. called.
I was just calling because...
Well...I was wondering if you still...
remembered me, which I guess you do.
So. Look at where we are:
the year 2000!
Can you believe it?
I mean, did you ever think
we would actually make it?
Um, well, yeah.
So are you still acting?
Oh, no, not any more.
I kind of came to terms with myself
I realized I had done
what I had to do.
And it was time to move on.
Oh. So what did you do
after you gave up on acting?
Well, I went to law school...
...if you can believe that.
I believe it.
Yeah, well, it was really
all kind of a joke...
...and a rip-off, the whole
thing so, I dropped out.
Oh, that's too bad.
Yeah, well, then it got me
writing, so that was a good thing.
Anything I might know about?
Well, um, I kind of let things go
on this novel I'd been really into...
I mean, the whole publishing
industry is totally corrupt.
I mean, really, it's finished.
That's too bad.
I worked over at a homeless
shelter for a while...
...drove a cab to pay the rent, but,
I mean, that was like...
I mean, I have some dignity.
That's good.
So then what do you do now?
I'm a documentary filmmaker.
- Oh? Anything I might have seen?
- N-not yet.
I'm hoping to get a grant for
this one project on teenagers.
Geez, remember when
we were teenagers?
Yeah. You didn't wanna
take me to the prom.
Oh, I don't remember that...
I do.
Well, but it was so long ago.
We were so different back then...
Uh, well, anyway, so
I'm looking for subjects
for this documentary on
teenage life in suburbia.
Its kind of an exploration of
the psyche of its mythology.
I wrote to Derrida
to see if he'd like to
do the narration. But everything's still
kind of in development at this point.
I work in a shoe store right now.
But it's cool.
I'm not ashamed.
I mean, really, I have a much
stronger sense of self now.
And, uh, anyways, it's
really very temporary.
That's good. anyway, tell me.
What about you?
I'd heard through the grapevine
you were producing movies.
Yeah. But not any more.
Oh. Tired of 'life
in the fast lane'?'re um...'re married?
- Huh. Kids?
- Yeah.
- How many?
- Three.
How old are they?
Eight, six, and four.
Wow, that really is great.
In a few years, who knows, maybe
they'll want to be in my documentary!
Listen, Toby, I can't
really talk right now.
- Do you mind if I call you back?
- Yeah, sure.
- OK. Bye.
- OK. Bye.
Maybe she has caller ID.
Do you have any hobbies?
No, not really.
Any books you like
to read for fun?
How about those 'underground' comics?
I hate reading.
All right, Scooby, let's
not beat around the bush.
With your attitude, you're
not going to get in anywhere.
So you just don't care.
Let me ask you something, not as your
guidance counselor, a friend...
...what do you want
to do with your life?
I mean, what kind of long-term
goals can you possibly have?
- I dunno...
- C'mon.
Talk to me.
Tell me what you're thinking.
I mean...
I wanna be on TV.
Maybe have a talk show or something.
Like Conan. Or early Letterman.
Ah-hah. And how is it you
hope to achieve this goal?
I dunno.
See if I have any connections.
Did you knock on his door?
Yes, but he just shouted
at me and used the f-word.
Would anyone be interested in
being hypnotized after dinner?
Let's just start.
I don't know what's
wrong with that kid.
- Maybe he's gay.
- Don't ever say that.
- What if he is?
- He isn't.
Marty, ignore him.
- He's vegetarian...
- Brady!
- And even if he is...
- Gay people are people too, you know...
You're just being prejudiced.
I don't care is he's gay. I'm cool. I mean, it's
not like I have to share his room or anything.
I just want to know what the hell he does
in his room that's so interesting he doesn't
come down for dinner.
Maybe he's building a bomb...
- ...just like...
- Don't even joke about that!
I'm serious!
What happens if he blows up the school?
- I'm going in there.
- Was anyone in my room today?
Is everything OK?
My CD case like totally collapsed.
I'm gonna have to
recatalogue all weekend.
Hey. Can you pass the salad over.
- Steak's really good tonight.
- Good.
- Got a lot of homework?
- I dunno.
Whaddya mean you don't know? You either
got a lot or you don't. What's not to know?
You started filling out your
college applications yet?
I'm not going to college.
- What are you going to do?
- I dunno.
What DO you know?
Dad, I'm trying to figure
things out right now, OK?
It's like, really hard...
...and I'm just listening to
some old Elton John and...
- Gay.
- Out! Leave the table!
- What?
- You heard me: leave the table!
Man, I am out of here!
This family is so fucked!
Mom, it's not fair if Brady can
say the f-word and I can't.
Yeah, well, Mikey...
...listen up.
Cause here's a lesson: life's not fair.
- I'll talk to you later, man!
- Yo, dude!
Yes, Mikey.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
- Yes
- Really?
How many?
Four brothers...
...and five sisters.
Why did your parents
have so many children?
I mean, if they were poor...
... wouldn't it be better
to have just one or two?
It was God's will.
But do you really believe in God?
And heaven, hell and angels
and all kind of stuff?
How was school today?
The same.
The same.
Same as what?
Just the same.
- We're studying the Holocaust in Social Studies.
- Oh, yeah?
We did the same
thing last year also.
How was the class?
Well, I'm supposed to watch Schindler's List for
homework. The movie's like almost four hours.
And then I'm supposed to
write a report on survivors.
You know any survivors, Dad?
Do I know any...
Well, technically your
Zeda is a survivor.
He was in a concentration camp?
Well, no.
But he had to escape the Nazis.
But I thought he came over
to America before the war.
Well, he did. With his family.
But his cousins...
...they had to stay...
and they were all killed. And if he'd
stayed, he would have been killed.
So in my book he's a survivor.
Even though it was only his
cousins that were killed?
But that could've happened to him.
Or to me, if I'd been alive.
Or you.
Or me?
You mean, then, we're all survivors?
If it hadn't been for Hitler...
...he wouldn't have
had to leave Europe.
We would have been...European.
But then, in a sense...
...since you would never have met Dad
if your family had stayed in Europe...
...if it weren't for Hitler, none
of us would have been born.
Get the hell outta here!
Man, it's just, like, conversation.
Tell me: you make a living at this?
Well, sir...uh...
I'm actually not doing
this for the money.
When you make a documentary,
you do it for many
reasons, but money is
certainly not one of them.
I don't get it.
Well, sir...
...a lot has happened to
the landscape of the suburban
high school since I was a student...
...and I feel it would be a valuable
...perhaps even enlightening...
...endeavor, to chronicle the changes...
to get intimate with the realities... and parents face in
American schools today.
Yeah, well, whatever.
I'll let you know if there's interest.
Excuse me, where's the bathroom?
- You a pervert?
- No.
Actually, I'm a documentary filmmaker.
You mean, like,
Blair Witch Project?
Well, no.
I'm doing one on high
school students, in fact.
What for?'s kind of a...'s kind of a...
sociological study in the
aftermath of Columbine.
Is this to like get into Sundance?
Yeah, well, it's possible they
would be interested in it.
Doubt it.
Actually, there is some interest
from the Sundance Channel.
HBO and MTV have also
shown some interest.
So you have connections...
You see, we're trying to do a film...
...on suburban lifestyles...
...kind of An American Family
for the new millennium...
I thought this was about
kids getting into college.
Oh, it is. I mean...
Which is it? You gotta
keep your focus straight.
You're absolutely right.
The focus is on the college
admissions process today.
And you want Scooby to
be the focus of all this?
Scooby and a few other students of
different socioeconomic backgrounds.
You didnt mention any
other students before.
Oh, well, I don't have them yet,
Either Scooby is the focus,
or forget it.
Yeah, I thought I was the focus.
I wanna be the focus.
Toby, we need this to
be a positive experience.
Well, I suppose I could reconceive...
'Cause Scooby does have a quality...
...that I've been looking for, a quality
that is emblematic of America today.
It's part disillusionment,
part hope...
Boys, take napkins...
Not to be crass, but...
...what do we get out of this?
Don't worry, he doesn't mean money.
Oh, I know...
...I know that.
...sharing your story,...
...your ups and downs, and so forth can
I hope, be an illuminating experience.
Yeah... How do we know
we won't be exploited?
No, it's true.
Mr Livingston, I fully understand
and I share your concerns.
You feel vulnerable.
And I know that this is a
very difficult question...
but what it comes down to is:
can you make a leap of faith in me
in the same way that I have to
make a leap of faith in you?
This is a great school. I don't
care what anybody says.
I mean, it's not perfect, but
like the people are really cool.
Like the teachers and kids...
they really care and all.
And I know that they make
fun of New Jersey all the time...
But I don't care.
'Cause they're just snobs.
'Cause Jersey is where America's at!
Walking down these hallways ...
...hallways just like the ones I
once walked down as a teenager...
...I couldn't help I couldn't
help thinking back... a time when every
day I woke up depressed...
...consumed by despair.
Had things changed?
Was the competition to get into
the most prestigious schools...
...still a requisite rite of passage?
Beneath these masks of
courtesy and friendliness ...
I knew that there were
darker forces at work...
...and I knew that Scooby was the key... revealing the truth...
Scooby, Scooby, Scooby.
What are you thinking?
College, SATs...
your parents, your brothers,
your friends...
How is it you deal
with all this stress?
The pressure to get into the
college of your choice... incredible.
You know, they did
a study recently
of the youth in Bosnia
during the bombing...
...and they found that the stress the
young people experienced there...
...was less than what American
high school students go through...
...when applying to college.
Is that right?
- Yes
- Oh, my God...
So whaddya think?
Well, I'm not really sure
what you're trying to say.
It's funny, I suppose.
But it seems glib and facile to just make
fun of how idiotic these people are.
I'm not making fun.
I'm showing it as it really is.
You're showing how superior
you are to your subject.
No, but I like my subject.
I like these people.
- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do. I love them!
- The camerawork's nice.
- Thanks
I'll tell Mike.
It's still just a beginning..
I know I can...
...dig deeper.
But Marj, may I call you Marj?
what it really boils down to is
...what does it mean to be a Jew?
Exactly. Tzedakah. Charity.
And the new wing at Beth Israel is...
Well, actually,
last year you gave $500.
But this year $1,000 would not only be a
mitzvah, it would bring you to a new level...
Yes, of course. Your gift
would also give you a Chagall
menorah and two tickets to
the dinner dance this spring....
Because it's true:
Israel needs us now..
If not not now, when?
Well, that's wonderful...
I'll speak to you next week.
You too!
Take care!
Hi, Scooby!
- How was school today?
- Fine.
- Ready for tomorrow?
- What's tomorrow?
The SATs, knucklehead.
I'm not taking them.
- Mom?
- Yes, Mikey?
I was looking through on of
Scooby's SATs practice books
this afternoon and I took one of the
practice tests. Guess what score I got?
550 verbal, 520 math.
And I'm only in fifth grade!
We have to talk.
- Whaddya wanna talk about?
- Don't screw around with me.
You know what I'm talking about.
You're taking those SATs.
You're taking those SATs or your
CD collection is history.
You're taking those SATs and
you're going to college. You're taking those
SATs if I have to strap your ass to a chair...
...but buddy your taking them!
Tired of this shit...
FUCK THIS SHI So are you surprised that
Scooby took the SATs after all?
Not really.
He's kind of a wuss.
OK. How about you, Cheryl?
Were you surprised?
I dunno. Whatever.
Hey, how come you
drive such a shitty car?
That's interesting, though.
A cool car.
Is that something that's
real important to you, Brady?
Pretty cool, Stanley.
How'd you get it?
It's my Dad's. He hides it under
some old TV Guides in his closet.
Gee, your Dad's smart.
I know.
Is it loaded
No, I don't think so...
Scooby, don't!
Be careful!
I'm not an idiot, man.
I watch TV.
I know. I'm sorry.
I'm just...
...a little nervous, I don't know why.
You should be.
Here. You can keep it.
I like you.
Yeah. I know.
I mean...
I know.
Everyone knows.
Do you think... you think that
you'd let
If you feel like it.
Just give me a second.
- You want some?
- No, thanks.
Hey, Scooby!
How's it going?
Conan O'Brien?
Whoa! What are you doing here?
I'm looking for a last-minute guest
for my show. Any suggestions?
- I'll be your guest!
- Really?
Well, all right! Let's take a look at
the television and see how we look.
Welcome to the show, Scooby.
- Thank you.
- Nice to have you here.
And thank you for dressing up for us.
This is very classy.
Tell us. What kind of professional
plans do you have?
What's in your future?
Well, I was thinking...
...I might work for you.
Ahh...tell me. What do you want
to do for me? What's your idea?
Be your sidekick.
You know, and maybe...
...eventually become a
TV talk-show host.
TV talk-show host, OK.
You were at sidekick eight seconds ago,
then TV talk-show host.
You'll be a Latin dictator
in a bout a minute.
Let's see what they think of the first idea.
I'm curious what the audience thinks.
Folks, what do you think:
should Scooby be my new sidekick?
Scooby, new sidekick, everybody!
What's up?
There's something I need
to talk about with you.
There are some rumors...
Like what?
You know...
And like, don't take
this the wrong way...
I mean, I'm cool... know...
I've got a good
reputation at school...
I really don't want it ruined.
No prob.
I'm cool.
Thanks, Scoob.
Esposito, What the fuck do
you think you're doing?
You're tackling like a bitch
on my football team, son!
You gotta bend your ass
over and hit somebody!
- You understand me?
- Yes, sir!
Then do it!...Livingston!
That's the way to
hit that hole, son!
We're gonna become a football team
today, guys! Let's move the ball!
Move! Move! Move!
I wanna see you hit those holes!
Defense, fill those goddam gaps!
Let's go, guys! Let's do it
Check left!
Check left!
Red seventeen!
Red seventeen!
When I'm in high school...
...I'm not going to
play any football.
I'm just going to
concentrate on class rank.
What did you do in high school?
I did not go to high school.
Weren't there high
schools in El Salvador?
We had to work.
My family was poor.
Must've been hard being poor.
I'm still poor.
But, Consuelo,
even though your poor...
...don't you have any hobbies
or interests or anything?
No, Mikey.
But like, what do you like to
do when you're not working?
I'm always working.
But when you're not.
Like now.
What do you like to do?
This is work.
But it's not like real work.
This is just babysitting.
You know...
...your job's really not so
bad, if you think about it.
You should smile more.
When the sky is clear
and the sun is warm...
you're reminded of how
beautiful things can be:
a lamp post...
...a sign...
...a straw wrapper
blowing in the wind.
But when that dark cloud appears... realize how fragile
the balance of life is.
When Brady first
arrived at the hospital...
...he was unresponsive
to verbal stimuli.
We performed a CT scan which
demonstrated a
large subdural hemoto
a with mass effect.
Since the removal of the
subdural he's been in coma.
When I first met the Livingstons
it was in the first twenty four hours
of Brady coming in after his
tragic football accident
and they were acting
in a fairly typical way...
We're not the ones who need the help.
My son needs help.
My son's in there! He can't even feed
himself, he can't eat. I don't even know
if he's going to be a vegetable
or not, for Chrissake!
But what about Scooby?
How would this effect him?
What meaning is to
be found in this?
This is definitely better.
You think so? You don't think that
this might not be a little dry?
This is not an entertainment
you're making, Toby.
This story about a kid in the suburbs and the
state of the college admissions process has...
...with this Brady crisis, evolved into
something much richer and more provocative.
Yes, I knowBut still, it should
be somewhat entertaining.
I mean, without this footage,
without this rigorous documentation... would feel like exploitation.
No, no, no. No exploitation.
This is serious
But don't you find it a little
funny too, at the same time?
You've got a family tragedy on your hands.
Will you tell me what's funny about that?
About a kid in a coma?
- Nothing, I guess...
- I mean, why are you making this documentary
if you can't treat your subject
with appropriate gravity?
OK, you're right, you're right.
You know, we need to
screen what we've got...
invite some regular people, just
some random off-the-street types...
...and see what real
people think of this.
I dunno, Toby. We really have a long way
to go. You still need a lot more footage...
and it's probably a little
premature to start screening.
OK, then we can invite
serious intellectual types.
- We're not ready.
- Hip alternative types who will
understand the process better...
- We're not ready!
- Well, I need to see this with an audience!
What's an audience
going to tell you?
I don't know.
Maybe they'll like it.
Consuelo! I spilled some
grape juice on the floor!
Are you crying?
Yes, you are.
I can tell.
What's the matter?
Speak English.
I'm sorry, but you know
if you don't speak English
I can't understand you.
My Jesus...
Who is Jesus?
My baby.
You have a baby?
My grandchild-baby.
Gee, I didn't even know
you had any children.
But why are you so
upset about Jesus?
He's dead.
How did it happen?
He was executed.
He was on Death Row
and then he was executed.
How did they execute him?
Poison gas.
Maybe it's for the best...
I mean, if he was guilty of
doing something wrong...
People who are bad should be killed.
Don't you think so?
Jesus was not bad.
Maybe he was and you
just didn't know it.
He wasn't.
But still, you can't be sure.
I am sure.
But really, you never know.
I know!
Why was he on Death Row?
For rape and murder.
Consuelo, what is rape exactly?
It is when you love someone...
...and they don't love you.
And then you do
something about it.
Sometimes I feel like my
parents don't love me.
Well then, when you get older
you can do something about it.
I spilled some grape juice upstairs.
Do you think you could
clean up the floor now?
Do you think that Brady
will ever get better?
One in a million recover.
Maybe he's that one in a million!
Mikey, there's optimism...
..and then there's stupidity..
It's a very fine line.
I don't think there's
any hope, either.
I was just trying to
make you feel better.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Would you let me try
hypnotizing you now?
Yeah. Sure Go ahead.
Hypnotize me.
OK. Stay there.
I'll be right back.
Just a sec!
Be right there!
Could you turn around to me, please?
All right.
You must look at
this shiny object
and concentrate.
Relax your legs.
Relax your arms.
Relax your shoulders.
Now keep your eyes
on the shiny object.
Your eyelids
You're getting sleepy.
Now let your eyes close shut
and you are sound asleep.
Now you are completely
under my power.
I am the only voice you can hear...
...the only voice
you will listen to.
Now. When you wake up
you will be in a good mood.
You won't worry so
much about Brady.
And I will be your
favorite from now on.
If Brady dies... can be sad for a little bit...
...but I will still be the most
important person in your life.
You will never be mean to me...
...and always give me whatever I want.
Also, you should fire Consuelo.
She's lazy.
Now when I snap my fingers... will remember nothing...
...but you will do
everything I have asked.
Hey, Mikey.
You wanna get some ice cream?
So like, yeah...
...I caved in.
I mean, I had to.
My parents...
...they're like still really
depressed about Brady.
So I wrote the bullshit essay.
Filled out the applications,
did the interviews.
I figure I can always drop out.
So where'd you get in?
But what did you get on your SATs?
200 verbal/710 math.
Kinda weird, I know, but...
But I think they thought it was, like...
We used pull.
You know, you have to.
Sometimes you just have to, Toby.
But what kind of pull did you have?
I have a cousin.
Very big giver to the alumni fund.
- It's all about who you know.
- Look, we're not suckers.
- Everyone else is out there doing the same thing.
- He's right.
- Damn, Toby.
- Its too hard.
- This thing won't open again.
- Let me try it, let me try it.
It's um...The button is just stuck.
I was wondering...
Is the documentary almost finished?
Uh, yeah, we're getting there.
- Can I see what you have so far?
- soon as I have a
screening I'll let you know.
- Thanks man.
- OK.
Gin! I win!
Let's play again!
- Hey, Mikey!
- Hey, Dad!
- Come here, give me a hug!
- Gee, you're home early!
Yeah, uh, listen. Why don't you go upstairs and
keep your Mom and Brady company for a bit?
- I need to speak alone with Consuelo for a moment.
- Sure, Dad.
Mrs. Livingston and I
have discussed this...
...and we've come to the conclusion that...
...we are not very happy
with your work lately... we're going to let you go.
I-I don't understand.
We've been happy with you in the past,
but now we think maybe it's time for a change
I know you've had trouble at home...
...and maybe, you know, some of
that is reflected in your work...
But, Mr Livingston...
...I work very hard for
you and your family!
I understand that, and I'm sorry
I'm sorry it had
to end this way.
Can I help you?
Hi. Iuh...I'm trying
to reach Toby Oxman?
Sorry, he's off today.
Hey, uh, Mike.
- Is Toby here?
- Uh, no, he's not.
Oh. Do you have any
idea where he might be?
I think he's at a test screening.
I think Scooby's like a lot of kids.
He just hit a...a speed bump.
Now he's gonna find his way,
his path is gonna be cleared...
...and I think he's gonna continue
his education at a good college.
And everybody else
is gonna be happy.
Mr Livingston...
...aren't you a bit fearful that
Scooby will be confronted with...
...with hollow values and
systemic conformism?
I don't know why this is so
hard for you to comprehend.
I had a terrific time in college.
I've got a terrific job,
a comfortable salary, terrific wife...
...three terrific kids...and every
year I give to the alumni fund.
Now why are you trying to make college
out to be a bad thing, a negative experience?
You had a negative experience?
Well, to bad!
Get over it!
Stop trying to impose
your misery on others
by going around saying,
'Life is bad, life is horrible.'
Life is tough on you?
Well, boo hoo!
Well, yeah, my Dad
is kind of a goofball.
I just have to pretend to
go along with his ideas.
he really doesn't get it:
like I could be the next Oprah,
for all he knows...
...but he's never even seen the show.
What is most important to you?
I dunno.
I'd like to be good at something.
It doesn't have to be TV.
I mean... could be movies...
I'd be willing to direct.
But I'd like to be... know...
Not necessarily a superstar...
...just famous.
Be recognized.
Get fan Mail.
Uh, Scooby, now I understand how you
want to be a TV talk-show host and all... Conan O'Brien...
...but did you know
even he went to college?
- He did?
- Yeah. He went to Harward.
Mom? Dad?
Can I sleep with you?
I-I'm scared.
- Sure!
- Of course, honey. Come on.
Snug as a bug in a rug.
Yeah, here you go, pal.
You're monster-proofed.
Oh, my God, Scooby!
I'm so sorry.
- I'm so, so sorry...
- Don't be.
Your movie's a hit.