Straight A's (2013) Movie Script

Sport casino floors.
Over 100,000 square
feet of VIP gaming.
I mean, she's a beauty.
She's of steel.
Yeah, we're going to call her
the queen of the red.
The grand casino.
It's going to be perfect.
(little boy)
if you Wikipedia death,
it says it is the permanent termination
of all biological functions
that sustain
living organisms.
What it doesn't tell you
is how to cope with death.
You have
to let go, Gracie.
It's the only way
to say goodbye.
When we lost Samson,
Gracie and I were the
saddest we've ever been.
Bye, Samson.
My Mom says that life
changing e vents,
no matter
how big or small,
happen in threes.
I must get back
to work, okay?
Wait. Did you sign it?
Oh, no.
Samson was the first.
[horse neighs]
And then, he arrived.
A horse?
The third would happen
within four days,
and show us that life
really comes full circle.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can I help you?
Yeah, this
the Henderson house?
I'm your Uncle Scott.
Your daddy's brother.
He never mentioned me?
You must be Todd.
No, Charles.
My name is Gracie Ann,
and I'm 6 and 3/4s.
Well, Gracie Ann,
I'm 31 years old.
Excuse me, sir, but Mr. Henderson
is not here right now.
Where did he go? He's
out of town for work.
(Gracie) Can I pet your horse ?
You sure can.
My horse's name
is Moose.
You can pat him.
That's him
saying hi.
He's so nice.
Yeah, he's a good one.
I like him.
Me, too.
Why do you ride
a horse?
Well, Charles
I got a DUI-
They took my license.
Ain't that a bitch ?
So, what
happened here?
Samson passed away.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That really sucks.
How did it happen?
I'm in the middle of an investigation.
Could be foul play.
You mean murder?
Samson have
many enemies?
I haven't ruled
anyone out yet,
but there is one person
I'm focusing on.
Oh, who's that?
[woman ta/king]
If I wanted carnations, don't you
think I would've ordered them?
I asked
for the great rose.
I asked for them.
I did ask for them
Mom hates frogs.
Did you say a frog?
Wait, Samson was a frog?
He was an oriental
fire belly toad.
You got a fucking
love frog.
He was a nice king frog.
He never got to be a prince.
At least I got
a chance to know him.
I think that's about the
nicest eulogy I ever heard.
I should be so lucky
when I go.
What's a eulogy? It's what
you say at a funeral.
Yes, your psalm.
Your psalm?
Like your net worth.
That grand total of your
entire life in three lines.
(Mum) All right, you guys,
enough of this nonsense.
What the hell
is that?
[horse whinnies]
Who are you?
Excuse me.
Check this out.
Hey, sister.
How the hell are you?
[glass breaks]
Nice house.
Why are you here?
You need money?
Mom told me you all needed my help.
So, here I am.
Your mother?
Couple of days ago.
Couple of days ago ?
Where ?
Coffee shop.
Yeah, Nana.
I refer to her
as Mom but--
Scott, are you okay?
Nana's dead.
Yes, I know. That's
what makes it so wild.
I'm sitting there at Jake's a couple of
days ago having a coffee and a smoke
when, I don't know where, Mom's
sitting next to me. I swear to God.
I just' smoked a little that morning,
so I thought it was me being high,
but buzz wore off,
she stuck round.
She told me
some stuff.
One thing leads to
another, and here I am.
How come we've
never met you?
I've been--
Been traveling.
Traveling ?
Where ? Honduras ?
I ain't never made it
to Honduras.
Truth calls
for some whiskey.
Charles, I've spent the better part of the
last eight years in and out of hospitals.
Are you a doctor?
Thank you, Charles.
Are you sick?
You could say that.
Testicular cancer?
That's what Lance
Armstrong suffered from.
Do you like
Lance Armstrong?
No to a testicular cancer or
no to liking Lance Armstrong ?
Both. So, why were
you in the hospital?
Your uncle
here is---
Was a little crazy and a
kind of a drug addict.
Gracie. What? It's all right.
It's just funny.
Who doesn't think
a crazy person's fun?
Point is,
I'm better now.
Is that why you had coffee a couple
of days ago with your dead mother?
(Charles) For the
last eight years
you've been in a
mental institution ?
In and out. Also spent
quite a bit of time
in a rehab facility for drug
and alcohol dependency.
It ain't tight.
You know, guys,
go upstairs, please.
Please, take
the children upstairs.
[Gracie speaking
in Spanish]
In English in the house when
Mommy's around, please-
Why are you here ?
Fuck me.
Why are you here?
We moved here to be closer to
your dad after your mom died.
He has-- Alzheimers, so he says.
Hey, hey, how
did you know that?
Mom told me.
There's no smoking
in the house.
Come on.
You know, Cathy, I never figured you
for living in a house like this.
Things change.
People change.
Did you hear me? There's
no smoking in the house.
All right.
You know what?
Mom's right.
Is that how you should
have been at her funeral?
No, about Charles. Really?
What did she say?
Is he gay?
I don't know why she said he's
gay, but he is a little strange.
It's a Vicodin.
You want one?
No, I don't want
a Vicodin.
Doctor's orders.
Where's Willy?
He'd deck you if he heard
you call him that.
Shreveport, I think,
till Thursday.
Today's Sunday?
Today's Tuesday.
So, I lost a couple
of days somewhere.
I take it there isn't a job you
have to be at during the week?
What's your job ?
All right.
I really want
to see my brother,
so I'm thinking maybe I'll just
hang here until he gets back.
It is great
to see you, Cathy.
You still look
pretty hot-
(man) Now, you were killing
it out there today.
Big dog,
teach in a clinic.
You all right?
We've just got to convince the
broker to give us a few more days
on the option.
It should happen.
Yeah. that's not what
I'm talking about.
Hey, what's up?
I, uh,
when I get back to Dallas,
I'm going to leave my wife.
Hi, what's happening?
Hey, Charles, that
Xbox work out there?
I already beat
all the games.
Oh, yeah ?
What are you
working on?
An oral report
for class.
I'll tell you what.
You hit them books,
and after dinner
you and I'll get our game on.
Oh, man.
How come you
call her that?
How come I called
who what?
Mommy "sister."
I don't know. I guess I made it
up after she married your daddy.
Technically Katherine 's
not your sister.
She's your sister-in-law. Hm.
How come she doesn't like you?
You don't think
she likes me?
She's pretty mean
to you.
Yeah, that's just
'cause we go way back.
I bet you guys didn't know that your mommy
and I were high school sweethearts.
Did you
and mommy kiss?
Of course we kissed. Lovers,
we did everything. I--
Is that why
you went to the rehab?
Dinner's almost ready.
All right, homie.
You can sit by me.
We'll give him
five more minutes.
Kids, I don't want you to get
too attached to your uncle.
He's got a lot
of problems.
Maybe we can help him.
I think he's funny.
Where does he live?
I don't know.
Is he married?
I doubt it.
Does he have any kids?
Oh, God, I hope not.
Where does he work
? I'm sure he doesn't.
Where does
he get money?
That's probably
why he's here.
How come he gets
to have a horse?
Why were
you lovers?
[blues music]
Uncle Scott?
Uncle Scott?
I'm fucking starving.
Why do you have
a horse?
This guy of Memphis owed me some money.
I took the horse instead.
Worked out well, 'cause
I got a couple of DUIs,
and I can't operate
anything with a key.
Good thing
we lock our doors.
Where is everybody?
In bed.
That's the plate
Charles' made for you,
and exquisite is the dinner he refused to eat
'cause he was waiting for his Uncle Scott.
I got in the fucking tub, and
the next thing you know--
I think it's time
for you to leave.
I missed dinner.
Big fucking deal. I mean, I
didn't know there were rules.
Oh, there are rules.
You can come back on Thursday
when William returns.
I said I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
I'm not the one you need
to apologize to.
I don't know about that. I'm sure I
owe you a couple from somewhere.
We haven't seen or heard from you since
you made that scene at the wedding.
You show up, you call
me a bad mother.
My son a homosexual, or at
the very least strange,
and your horse is ruining
my fucking flowers.
Wait a minute.
First of all, I never
called you a bad mother.
Ana' I'm sorry
about the wedding.
I probably shouldn't
have been there,
but you all probably
shouldn't have invited me.
You were the best man.
Was I?
Did you smoke
this part of the story?
You left me. I left
Texas, not you.
You were the one
who chose to stay.
I sent you a ticket.
You've hurt everyone who's
ever cared about you,
and I can't let you do the
same thing to my children.
I will make it up to Charles.
I promise you.
Now, you really think
that's a good idea?
You promised
I'm just
A rambling man
I roam from .0
Town to town .0
[Too Young continues]
[Gracie chanting]
morning, morning.
(Katherine) Gracie, shh.
Mama's on the phone.
Good morning, Uncle Scott. Yeah.
You missed
I fell asleep
in the tub.
It's dangerous. I wear
floaties in the tub.
Morning, sis.
Morning, bro.
What up, Charlie?
Dude, I rode about 400 miles
on a horse yesterday.
I was dead tired.
I'm sorry.
I was really looking forward to our first
family meal with you all, and playing games.
He fell asleep
in the tub.
I believe it's time for schoo,.
You ready, Louisa?
All right, great.
Just fucking ignore me.
They left already.
Okay, well, I'm
running late, so.
Louisa will be back. Just
don '2' touch anything.
Hey, what did
Willie say?
No smoking in the house,
including marijuana, no Vicodin.
No drugs
in my house.
Yes, ma'am.
[Joe Purdy
singing Big Top]
The center of the table, please.
[music continues]
Oh, shit!
What are you doing?
What's your
favorite cartwheel?
I don't really
have one.
Well, do you like
grapefruit juice?
I really screwed up
with Charles, didn't I?
Do you think
he'll forgive me?
It's your time.
(woman) Gentlemen,
it's a pleasure.
I'm lead counsel for the private
interest who controls the /ease
on the riverfront
How are you doing?
Great to see you.
You, too. I didn't know
you were on this project.
Thank you,
Miss Earling.
That was quite
Next up, Mr. Henderson
on the subject of the Aztecs.
You ready?
Yes, sir.
Well then,
let's hear if.
Quiet, people!
Go ahead, Charles.
[school bell rings]
Those of you who didn't
get to speak today,
will be unrehearsed for Friday.
I hope you are prepared.
I like butterflies,
and I like bees,
and I like,
of course I like pets.
Gracie, hold on.
I like guinea pigs and I like
birds, and I like bears.
How about a hairdo?
Uh, not too tight.
So, you've done this before, Gracie.
Never. Not even on my dolls.
What kind of haircut
do you want?
Do you want it casual?
Do you want it fancy?
Oh, man. This perfume's
really-- it's hard on the eyes.
Now what happens?
Do you see any blood back there?
No, you're fine.
I'll show you.
Come here.
No laughing.
So, how
am I looking?
Ready for school.
I can't say that I'm surprised.
That is who she is.
Ever since Josh got his inheritance,
she is a different person.
Hi, everyone. Oh, Katherine,
what a great event.
Oh, I've booked our tickets for
the 4th of July. So excited.
I've rented this most
amazing house in Seaside.
I'm surprising
William and the kids.
I mean, you all should come.
That sounds wonderful.
I'll see you in a bit.
See you later.
What is going on? Sue said,
Elena said, Angie said
some man came out of
your house this morning,
and asked her son
for a cigarette.
Are you having
an affair?
It's okay if you are, but why
are we the last to know?
No, no, it's William's brother.
[gasps] You're having
an affair with Scott?
No, he's here
to see William.
William is never--
[clears throat]
He's not home.
Cool if I sit down?
What are you
doing here?
You're going
to get me in trouble.
All right.
how about this,
if I hide?
Who's that?
Amanda Hyde. Why?
I think
she's into you.
Question is,
are you into her?
Hey, it's totally
okay if you're not.
I am, but I think
you're crazy.
She hates me. They
all make fun of me.
fucked up.
Okay, how
about this?
I'll go over there, and get Miss
Hyde to come and say hello.
Then you and I are square. Deal?
That's some
good ass juice.
You can't get juice
like that on the outside.
I'm just screwing with you. You
can get juice on the outside.
Not that I've ever been inside of prison.
I've been in jail.
Don't freak out, dude.
I got his-- I got
everybody in line.
And this one's
for you, darling.
See that little girl
at the end of the line
with the pink ribbon
and pony tail?
You get her
whatever she wants
Tell her it's on Charles Henderson,
and you keep the change.
How are you related to my dad?
Thank you.
Oh, boy, here comes Dr. Carr.
He hates me.
Why? Because I
cracked at him once.
Hi, what's up?
What is your name?
Scott Henderson.
Charles, do you know this man?
He's my uncle.
And you two
beautiful ladies are--
Miss Carol. Nice to meet you.
And this is Miss Dougan.
Join us!
Excuse me, but you have
to have a visitor's badge
in order to eat lunch
with a student.
I do. And where is
your visitor's badge?
I lost it.
Where did you
lose it?
Don't know.
If I did, it wouldn't
be classified as lost.
Who did you
check in with?
All right, boss, you got me.
I didn't check in.
I'm just here to have lunch with my nephew.
It's no big deal.
Y'all feel free
to join us.
Shit, we got juice
for fucking days.
You will not use profanity toward an educator,
especially in front of his student.
I didn't.
What did I say?
You know what
you said, sir.
Okay, that's it. Both
of you, let's go now!
Now, hold up,
hold on.
Your problem's
with me, not him.
I'm leaving.
All right.
Miss Dougan
and Miss Carol.
Later, Charles.
Thank you, Charles
From a very nice
Cohiba, and he says,
"Son, I won't smoke a cigar if
it's smaller than my penis."
I'll drink
to that.
Come on.
I never had a chance to talk to
you about that Carlton deal.
The architecture from
that deal was flawless.
You drove up the offer
against the Dow.
Five weekends in a row. Yeah.
I didn't think
anybody noticed that.
I've used it on two deals since.
No kidding? Wow.
You two work together in Dallas?
Thanks for the lift,
Do you mind making another stop?
Si, cmo no.
You've ever met
my old man?
What are you,
a migrant?
All right.
It's up here
on the left.
Who are you?
Dad, it's Scott.
Now, look here, mister.
I don't know who
you're looking for,
but I can assure you
it's not me.
Sometimes I-I like
to talk to strangers.
Sometimes I don't.
I know you're faking
this sickness.
You need to get off my property.
Mom told me she wants
us to talk, so--
You know what? You are
still a fucking asshole.
I tried.
Hey, I ain't going
to tell you again.
Are you kidding me?
Mr. Henderson.
I'm leaving. I'm leaving. Go.
Calm down. Why do these people
always coming round my house?
Come on in the house.
Come on now.
I go! you a big bowl of chili.
Do you want some chili?
(Gracie) Hi, Uncle Scott.
Uncle Scott.
Louisa and I are cooking
eggplant tonight.
Want to help?
I ain't feeling
so hot, pretty girl.
Mrs. Henderson, this is
Mr. Dewitt, Charles ' Principal.
It seems we had
an incidence today.
A man claiming to be Charles'
uncle broke into the cafeteria,
shouted profanity
at a teacher,
made a pass at one of our
aides, smoked cigarettes.
The list goes on.
Come in.
Amanda thanked me for the juice box.
That was awesome.
Yeah, it kind of was.
Listen, homie, I'm tired. I
have to give an oral report
on the Aztecs on Friday in
front of the whole school.
What's the problem?
If I get a bad grade,
it'll ruin my average.
They give grades
at your age?
They do
in fourth grade.
I thought
you were six.
I'm eight.
I skipped second grade, and I
want to make straight A's.
Dude, there's a lot more to
life than just straight A 's-
[clears th roat]
All right, so what's your problem?
You're a smart kid, man.
I'm not very proficient
at oral reports.
Public speaking
should be easy for you.
Because you're not
intimidated by shit.
How do you know that
I'm not intimidated?
Dude, look at you. The shirt,
the lie, the goddamn briefcase.
All them things ain't nothing
more than FU's to everybody.
Shit, yeah.
Okay, here we go.
A key
to public speaking.
You find one face in the
crowd that you trust, okay?
You focus on that face,
concentrate on it.
Ignore everything else.
And once you're comfortable with that
person, you start adding another, another,
one by one.
Before you know it,
you're good.
Uncle Scott, will you
come to the assembly?
I don't think that's
such a good idea.
Please, just
this one time.
I'll even get you
a visitor's pass.
Shit, it's hard for me
to commit to things.
All right.
I'll be there.
Katherine eluded to the
fact they're unreliable.
So you have
to promise.
I promise.
What a day. I can't believe
we're still not closed.
Oh, we're this close
to closing.
Then you get to head
home after all this?
I wish. New York on Monday.
New Jersey on Saturday, and
home to Chicago on Thursday.
That's quite
a schedule.
Want to grab
a drink?
Sure, sounds good.
Okay, so you're
marrying Katie Couric.
Yes. I'm Bill Couric.
How are you doing?
That's a no brainer.
So, Ellen or Martha?
Hold on. If you go with Ellen,
you get
a little portion?
No, it's only Ellen.
Now, what about Martha? Is this a
one-night stand or a long-term affair?
Three times a week.
I'm banging Ellen.
Final decision.
So, you're going to
kill Martha Stewart.
By default, even
though I don't want to
'cause she's the one who has the
best taste out of all these women.
It's like killing Christmas.
You imagine the Christmas you'd
have with Martha Stewart?
My God.
It would be like being
on the North Pole.
Okay, you gotta play.
You got
Rob Blagojevich, okay?
Disgraced governor
of Illinois.
Then you got Anthony Weiner,
disgraced congressman.
And then you got
Skipper Spitzer.
How about a little Elliot Spitzer?
Disgraced governor.
Three guys on the ropes.
What do you do?
Did you go to Charles'
school today?
missed dinner.
Did you?
What did you hear?
That you broke
into the school
and started a fight
with one of the teachers?
That's ridiculous.
That's not at all how--
I'm not interested in your
version of the story.
I'll leave you alone for not even half a day.
Well, full day.
What part of "there are
rules" do you not understand?
Like the one that forbids
absentee white trash uncles
from trespassing
on school property,
cursing in the cafeteria
and humiliating me!
Just so you know? You're
kind of being a cunt.
Dana Spencer.
No, no.
You're flirting
with our deal.
I'm not flirting
with our deal.
Dana just happens to be an
old colleague, that's all.
What's going on
with you and Katherine?
Things just haven't been
very good for awhile.
Well, well.
What's Katherine say?
I don't even-- I don't even
think think she knows.
You know she was my
brother's first girlfriend?
Yeah, that's
how we met.
Yeah. My brother,
[clears throat]
He and my dad
had a big blowout.
My brother left town. Just kind of disappeared.
Didn't come back.
She was devastated,
you know?
And, uh,
it just happened.
Next thing you know,
she'd gotten pregnant.
We got married.
You know.
She was just a kid.
Oh, shot gun
No, no, not at all.
It was the real deal.
She-- Yeah.
She was really
what I wanted.
But I don't know what's
happened now, you know.
I've spent the better part of the
year trying to figure it out.
I just --
We just stopped
being us.
This is William. Can '1 come
lo the phone right now,
so please leave a message,
and I'll call you back.
Thank you.
[door opens]
Come on.
That was
almost perfect,
but then you kind of
cough like a bitch.
It's been ten years.
Remember how you used to
make me shot gun your hits
because you'd say
"Joints burnt my throat"?
They did burn my throat.
Come on.
You pulled filters
off of Camels.
I think you were
just saying it
'cause you wanted to get
close enough to kiss me.
Yeah, right.
I saw Dad today.
He wanted to shoot
me in the face.
He's really sick.
So, how is it being a parent?
It's amazing how quickly I
disappeared when Gracie was born.
First kid's easy.
Second kid
changes everything.
Why do you ask?
I don't know.
I think I could've
made a good father.
For real. I mean, I love
your little people.
See this water?
We test the PH of this water.
It's perfect.
I don't even swim.
God, pot is so--
I forgot how much it
makes you wan to--
I was going to say
dance, you pervert.
Don't give me that
cotillion bullshit.
You and I
used to get stoned,
and do it
all the fucking time.
Shot gun?
Find a /over
And he treats me right
I-7 Comes over In the
middle Of the night .67
Keeps me warm
When he holds me tight
.0 Find a /over In the
middle Of the night
Got a lover In the
middle Of the desert
.0 Quicksand and
A hot dry weather J
.0 And I know That we'll
always Be together
Got a lover In the
middle Of the desert
Did you think if you just
showed up out of the blue
it would be like it
was in high school?
That somehow I'd fall
back in love with you?
I'm here to let you know you
made the right decision.
(woman) I was back with
your father this afternoon.
He tried to shoot me
in the face with a shotgun.
That thing wasn't loaded.
Oh, come on.
He was just scared.
He acted like he
didn't know who I was.
I don't know, Momma.
This is a--
It's difficult shit for me to do.
I know it is.
[faded voice] Lucky me.
I love you.
Love you, love you.
Good morning.
I'm going to the farmers' market.
Does anyone need anything?
You are going
to the farmers' market?
Mommy, can I come
to the farm, too?
No, I'm getting
Of course you can come. I'll
drop you at school afterwards.
Charles, any requests?
Pomegranate juice.
Hey, Carlos.
I need
another favor.
Otro favor pequeno.
Oh, sf, sf
cmo no.
All right,
I'll be right back.
Cuidado can el viejo.
My God, I'm telling you
right now,
I won't put up
with this no more.
Ain't going to happen no more.
What's going on?
Every day
I got to pay
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm Scott, George's son.
I know who you are.
Well, I want to talk to him.
Well, he's resting now.
I've just seen him
on the porch with you.
How many times
I got to tell you?
Hey, hey it's all right. It ain't even loaded.
I got this, okay?
Margaret, my mother, your wife,
sent me here to talk to you.
Now, she wouldn't have done that
if you ain't know who I was.
So, cut the shit,
old man.
My Margaret
didn't send you here.
Yes, she did. I talked
to her last night.
No, you didn't.
You know how I know?
Because I talked
to Margaret last night.
Okay, well then you
should-- [gunshot]
Shit! You'd better move along!
Don'! you come back
here again.
[Joe Purdy
singing Our Ship]
I need
a fucking drink.
Orale, vamos.
Are you ready
for this, boss?
Oh, yeah. I was born to do this.
Let's do it.
Two shots of tequila
and two Coronas, please.
You like
tequila, right?
Of course you do.
Ah, sf.
Tomo nota.
Tomo nota.
Do you mind
taking over?
I need to start
the marinade.
We're cooking
salmon tonight.
To a job well done.
Likewise. Great work.
Great work.
So, when's the last time
you shelled crabs?
Should we
give it a try?
You know anything
about Alzheimer's?
No, me neither.
You ain't going
to get in trouble.
You ain't.
I mean,
fuck it, right?
Yeah, fuck it.
She don't own you.
See, that was always
her problem, man.
Always wanting
to be in control.
I have no control.
has William called?
I haven't told him
that Scott's here,
so if he does call,
please don't say anything.
$1', senora
Although I did try
to call him
and I started
to text him.
I thought he's in the middle
of a big deal, best I wait.
$1', senora
Do you like him?
Senor one
or senor two?
Who' one.
Who's two?
I meant Scott.
Yes, he's so shiola.
He is.
I go next.
You know,
you shouldn't smoke.
Yeah, well, cigarettes
are the least of my problems.
What's your worst?
My mouth.
Hey. I thought
you were next.
How long have you
and Carlos been married?
Fifteen years.
Fifteen years?
You ever wonder what your life would have
been like if you hadn't married him?
O h, aburrido.
How do you say?
What's your name?
Hey, you all. Maria slings this
shot, next round's on the gringo.
Maybe he just doesn't
like eating at home.
I got a bet.
If I win.
When I win.
You take me home.
[no audible dialog]
Come on.
(crowd chanting) In his room.
In his room.
No way.
Let's go.
Good night, Mommy.
Good night, baby.
Maybe they went to pick
up Dad from the airport.
You got
a big day tomorrow.
How about
you get sleep?
[Mariachi music]
[distant voices]
Oh, my God, dude.
Look at that,
You look like
a commercial, dude.
No. You want me in?
You want me in?
If you want me in,
I'm coming in.
[distant laughter]
What the fuck?
[singing drunk]
Everyone out.
Hey, sister. Hey, come on in.
Come on.
This water's perfect. The
PH is fucking balanced.
Everyone out!
They don't speak English.
The don't speak.
(Louisa) Maldito. Andale.
Just one second.
Louisa, thank you.
You know
I cooked tonight?
I haven't cooked
in years.
That means I'm a good influence.
No, you're under the influence.
And I want you out
of here tonight.
I don't care if you're sorry.
You're a selfish asshole.
You just show up
out of nowhere,
you pump yourself full of drugs and
alcohol, and you do shit like this?
No, I am not
putting up with this.
All we were doing
is swimming.
Look at yourself!
You were given everything, and
you just pissed it all away.
You could have had a career. You could
have had a family. You could have had me.
And instead you're
just a fucking mess!
Your life,
or ignoring
your kids,
and fucking
my brother is--
Katherine, wait.
I didn't mean
any of that.
I'm-I'm just trying.
Come on.
For every country.
You guys are great.
Hey, how are you?
I'll be back.
Hey, it's a private party. There's a VIP party.
I'm gonna go in there.
What, are you going
to play keno?
Okay. We actually had a big business
deal that went really well.
How big was that?
[clears throat]
You know,
it was worth--
How are you doing?
Having a good time?
A good time.
Are you having one?
How is it going?
Hey, Dana.
I haven't seen you
since the table.
You got this whole
thing started.
Great roll, man.
Thank you.
I didn't know you had so
many friends in Shreveport.
Yeah, actually
I didn't, either.
[man banging on door]
Judy, open up.
[Joe Purdy singing
Take Me or Leave Me]
This is William. Can '1 come
lo the phone right now,
so please leave a message and
I'll call you back. Thank you.
Hi, it's me.
It's really late.
You're probably fast asleep.
[Take Me or Leave Me continues]
Come here.
I'll go get
another one.
Hold on.
Okay, go get
another one.
[music continues]
Fucking key.
[clears throat]
Hi, it's me.
It's really /ate.
You're probably fast asleep.
Just calling to congratulate
you on the deal.
Can '1 wait to hear
all about it.
That's all, I guess.
I miss you.
[Joe Purdy singing
Take Me or Leave Me]
Good morning, everyone.
Where's Uncle Scott?
He's not in his room.
Charles, sit down.
Where is Moose?
Your Uncle Scott left in
the middle of the night.
He'll be back. He promised
me he would help me today.
He left. I-I don't think
he's coming back.
He will.
You don't know that?
He will!
You watch.
I'm going to kill him,
I swear to God.
You want a ride?
You can sit
up front.
Your Uncle Scott is old like,
you know, me and your dad.
But he's still got a /at of
growing up to do, like you guys.
I don't think Uncle Scott
knows how to grow up.
Maybe it was my fault
Uncle Scott left.
I did pressure him.
Don't you ever
think that.
(Scott) Don't crowd
him too much.
Uncle Scott.
Hey, man,
come here.
Can you watch
my horse for me?
I decided to get here early and
cut through all the red tape.
And these
are for you.
I'm sorry
about last night.
I was kind
of A-hole.
You ready to do this,
big man? Yeah?
All right,
go get them.
Hey, Charles,
come here.
I want to give you this.
for good luck.
It's called a "ku".
A fisherman
gave it to me.
It's kinda like a Mayan
ying yang thing.
Go get them, dude.
Last up today
is Charles Henderson.
He'll be giving
a report on the Aztecs.
We all know
the Aztecs ruled
all of Mexico
before Cortes conquered
them in 1533.
Mexico City t-today
stands on the ruins of the
Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan.
And the Aztecs were a
highly advanced empire
that reigned
for 300 years
over a nation larger
than the United States,
with the capital twice
the size of London.
But what most
people don't know
know is the way the Aztec nation
reigned over so many people,
was that they would capture
anyone who opposed them,
and sacrifice them
to the gods.
[audience gasps]
So, what they did was they
would take a conquistador,
and each priest would
get an arm or leg,
and they would stretch
him out over this rock,
and the high priest would take this
flint, this really sharp rock,
and he would hold it
above his head,
in front
of the Aztec nation,
and he would slam it right
through the breast bone.
And he would reach
into the Spaniard's chest
and he would
rip out the heart.
And he would
hold it out
in front of the whole Aztec
nation, still bleeding.
And he would scream
"To the Gods".
But none of that is in any
of the history books.
They don't
teach that to kids.
$0, it just goes to show that
sometimes history is remembered
the way grown ups
wished it happened.
And sometimes the truth just
gets buried with the past.
That's my boy.
Here you go.
Keep the change.
I appreciate it.
Hey, how are you doing, Louisa?
Where's Katherine?
She went to Charles' assembly.
Oh, okay.
How are doing? I'm good.
Thank you.
What the--
Do you--
Do you-do you know
anything about the--
Okay, guys, wash up your hands.
They'll be here soon.
So, why is there a goddamn
horse in the back yard?
Hey, Willie.
How have you been?
That horse, Moose,
is mine actually.
And I was thinking about giving
it to your boy, Charles.
What are you do--
He just showed up a couple of days.
Why don't you ask him?
They're here.
Your father's here.
What's he doing here?
I told you. He's coming
over for dinner for your--
No. Actually, you haven't told
me a lot of things lately.
Hello, Pappy.
Hey, Dad.
How are doing?
Oh. Good to see you.
Dinner's almost ready.
Dad, you must be starving.
Where's Joe?
Who's Joe?
He's been talking all day about
playing bridge with his friend Joe.
How can he play bridge
if he's so sick?
Is Joe your
imaginary friend?
No smoking
in the house.
This family's fucked.
No shit.
I've been saying that for years.
Hey, do me
un favor, pequeno.
Don't tell them
I s pea k ingls-
I got you.
[Scott clears throat]
George, how about
you sit over here?
I'm not sitting here.
Oh, come on, Mr. Henderson.
Where's Joe?
I'm sure Joe will be here any minute.
Now, come on, have a seat.
How about
you sit here?
Ah, nice.
Charles, would you just
sit down, please? Thanks.
to the family.
I'd like to propose a toast
to the two people who are
the reason we're all here,
George and Margaret.
Here, here.
Well, I think we should
say thank you to Kathy.
I have to say it's
very generous of you
to prepare this dinner
in honor of our parents--
Why did you even
come here?
Mom told me to come,
back in Tennessee.
Sorry, come again?
To be honest, she
wanted me to come here
and make amends
with you.
Get to know Charles
and Gracie, see Dad.
She gave me a whole
list of things,
and I got on my horse
and here I am.
Here to make
peace with you.
Excuse me, everybody,
I'm not gonna get any--
Hey, hey.
William, sit down.
Mr. Henderson, why don't you read
from Mrs. Henderson's journal?
I marked the page.
Go ahead.
Read what
the missus wrote.
It's okay.
Beautiful flowers.
"I arrived
at the house today,
"and found William
and Katherine.
"They really do make
such a fine couple.
"William once
said to me
"that he knew
Katherine was the one
"the first time Scott
brought her home.
"It's a very odd place
to be as a mother,
"having both sons be in
love with the same woman.
"I think
"about Scott
"all the time.
"It's my greatest hope
"William and Scott
will make up
"and be brothers again.
"And love each other.
"Scott reminds me
[sobs] "so much of his father.
"I h-hope they
"while our
George is still
I'll be back.
He's ready.
[Scott groaning]
Dad, Dad!
Call the ambulance!
Katherine, call the ambulance!
Scott. Scott. Scott.
Do you hear me?
Scott. Jesus. Hurry!
Come on, Scott.
Mr. Henderson?
May I, please,
see you a moment?
What's happened?
Is he okay?
He's stable, but he's in a level three coma.
What does that mean?
Was it an overdose? He has
a history of drug abuse.
Uh, your brother
never told you
he was being treated in
Tennessee for a glioblastoma?
A type of brain tumor.
Wait a second. What?
They found it a year
ago during a routine MRI.
Because it's
a spectrum of symptoms,
everything from intense
migraines to hallucinations.
I'm surprised
he's lasted this long.
He's going into oncology
for a CAT scan.
You can probably
see him tomorrow.
.0 Precious memories .0
J How they linger J
.0 Precious memories .0
J Flood my soul J
.0 In the stillness .0
J Of the midnight J
.5 Precious sacred
Scenes unfold .5
.0 Precious father .0
J Loving mother J
Fly across
The lonely years J
Does he have a name?
He's a good
looking horse.
Are you and mom
getting a divorce?
Hey, why would you
ask me that?
Mom's always busy.
You're always working
late or out of town.
This usually indicates the
involvement of a third party.
Um, well,
maybe, maybe I've just
lost track a little bit.
You know what
we're going to do?
You and me?
We're going to build Moose here a
great stable to live in, okay?
How does that sound?
"After five days
of rain,
"the sun
is finally shining.
"George and I had dinner
with Katherine and William,
and baby Charles
last night.
"They gave us
wonderful news.
"I'm going to be
a grandmother again.
"I remember the day
"when Katherine said she
was pregnant with Charles.
"It brought so much
joy to our family.
"We threw all the
calendars out the window.
"Even though
"the time Katherine
last saw Scott
"and started
seeing William,
"it was only the
difference of a few weeks.
"Katherine was my
second son's first love
"and my first
son's true love.
"Charles was born
"nine months
after Scott left.
Our family
never mentions this.
"If you don't say it out loud,
then it's not true."
Hey, sorry, I just got your message.
ls everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
He and the kids are in
the den with Viola.
My mom's journals?
She paints our stories
so beautifully.
Makes us all
seem so together.
So, Scott has another
CAT scan tomorrow,
and I had Andy put a call into
the specialist in Houston and--
He sent me
a plane ticket.
It was right after we
said, "I love you"
for the first time.
If was like he knew
or felt' that
I moved on.
I never told you.
Because he was too late.
I was right
where I wanted to be.
I should go check
on the kids.
Hold on a minute.
I miss you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Ana' the tags poking up out of
the back of your dad's jacket.
It was our
first date.
You had me so nervous I
was all discombobulated.
And all I wanted to do was
just be home with you.
You know.
(William) I just
want to be us again.
You know?
I do.
(Charles) "I don't know how
a person is supposed to act
"when someone
they love dies.
"I guess everyone reacts
in different ways.
"I was lucky enough
to know Uncle Scott
"for a grand total
of four days.
"And here's how
I'd sum him up
"in three lines.
"He was a fire
bellied toad
who took a chance and
became a prince for a day."
Say a prayer
For the ones like you J
J Who are simple
and honest and true .5
When we spoke last
night well You knew
J But you never showed J
Ana' I never thought
I'd see the day
.0 When all Of the
paintings Went gray J
Like the flowers
That lay on the graves
.0 Of the ones .0
J Who die young J
.0 Precious memories .0
J How they linger J
J How they ever J
J Flood my soul J
.0 In the stillness .0
J Of the midnight J
.5 Precious sacred
Scenes unfold .5
.5 Precious sacred
Scenes unfold .5
[Joe Purdy
singing Pioneer]