Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog (2021) Movie Script

Great work, everybody.
And now, let's see who
this bank-robbing clown
really is.
Daphne, wait.
Yeah. Like, Scoob and I
got to take some pics.
Yeah, yeah. Pictures.
-Say, "Cheese!"
I thought you guys
weren't afraid of clowns.
And selfies.
We're getting help.
Like self-help help, in fact.
It's like a book on tape.
Being scared is for chickens.
Are you a chicken?
No. We are not chickens.
I'm a dog.
Then face your fears.
Do something you're afraid of
every single day.
So, like, that's what we were doing.
We were doing something we're afraid of
by taking a selfie with that scary clown.
And nothing is scarier
than a scary clown.
Well, that's great, guys.
How's it working out?
Man, we don't really know.
Yeah, we just started.
Uh... Ahem.
Sorry about that.
Let's get back to it.
So now let's see who
this bank-robbing clown
really is.
The bank manager,
Mr. McGill?
It all makes perfect sense.
You see, Mr. McGill only took
the job as bank manager
so that he could pull off
the bank heist of the century.
And he orchestrated the installation
of a new vault for just that reason.
So not only did he have
the combination...
Dude! Scooby-Doo just ran off.
Like, we got to go
after him, man. Come on!
What? He just ran off?
Jeepers! Why?
Like, I have no idea.
We'd better find out.
Yeah. Yeah, gang.
Come on, let's go! Let's go!
I am so, so sorry
not to finish this properly.
It's a bit of
a family emergency.
You understand.
Absolutely. Good luck.
Oh, right. Sorry, Fred.
Oh, right. Sorry, Fred.
That's better. Safety first.
Looks like I'm rich! Rich!
Scooby-Doo! Where are you?
It's okay, Shaggy, don't worry.
Look, I know exactly where he is.
Ever since we installed
that tracking chip
in Scooby-Doo's collar,
we can't lose him. See?
Velma Dinkley, man,
you are all kinds of genius.
Step on it, Fred. We got to
catch up with Scooby.
He could be anywhere.
Where am I?
Hush it! I can't hear
the dang TV.
Uh-huh, okay, I see.
But what do you think about this?
Finally, a little peace and quiet.
-You're a dog.
-Me, too.
You hear that weird sound?
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Did it go like this?
Uh-huh, uh-huh!
And did it make you dance?
Uh, uh-huh!
Me, too.
Oh, yeah
When I was a little pup
Atop of my old
Grandpappy's knee
He taught me having courage
Was a choice to make
But only by me
But young or old
Fortune favors the bold
He'd say, "You wanna win?
You gotta play "
You wanna win?
You gotta play
If you wanna win
You gotta play
The game of life"
You gotta play
The game of life
Spin the wheel
Or spin your wheels
A game as old
As Adam and Eve
Life can be a cherry or a pit
If you refuse to believe
It's for you to choose
If you win or if you lose
But if you wanna win
You gotta play
If you wanna win
Seize the day
If you wanna win
You gotta play
The game of life
If you wanna win
You gotta play
If you wanna win
You gotta play
If you wanna win
You gotta play
The game of life
It's my friends.
Oh! Hello.
Whoa, nice one, Daph.
That had to be 500 yards, at least.
Thanks, Freddy.
I've been working on my swing,
and it's a win-win.
I get to practice and I hate bugs.
They're cicadas in their
pre-molted exoskeletal form.
But they're huge.
Huh. I've never seen them grow
that size.
And there's some kind of green slime.
Hey, Scooby-Doo, old buddy,
What was that about?
You had me, like,
totally terrified, and worried,
and panicked, and freaked out
and everything!
-Sorry, Shaggy,
I heard a sound.
Hmm, it stopped.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Courage, there you are.
Oh, and you made some new friends.
How nice.
Sweetie, why don't you invite
all your new friends inside?
I'm making my special
Scottish dream cookies
with extra, extra, extra butter.
Like, dude, that sounds extra,
extra, extra good to me.
Yeah. Extra, extra,
extra delicious.
Come on!
Look, we're having guests, Eustace.
Isn't that exciting?
Dang it, Muriel,
you're blocking my stories.
Now entertain our guests, dear,
while I go put the kettle on.
Hi, hello.
Stupid guests.
Come on! Come on!
Stupid, meddling kids.
Oh, it's always so nice
when my Courage brings home
new friends.
Such a treat.
I love cookies!
Hmm. Courage, I think
the sink's clogged again.
He has such wonderfully small paws.
So, I take it you're
a traveling band
of tinkers, then.
Um, not quite.
Although we have been known
to tinker around with a mystery or two.
See what I did there.
Ha-ha, nice one, Daph.
Nice work. Cookie?
We actually drive
all over the place
solving mysteries.
In a van.
Oh, I do so like your caravan.
I just had it re-decaled.
I wasn't sure at first,
but then, in the end
I went with the flowers.
So, you're professional
riddle solvers, then.
Mystery solvers, we solve mysteries.
Guys in rubber masks.
-Land grabs, bank heists.
...That kinda thing.
You know the deal.
How nice.
I love riddles.
Do you know this one?
What can travel around the world
while staying in a corner?
Hmm. Uh...
A stamp.
Get it? A postage stamp.
Always in the corner of the envelope,
traveling all over.
I can't believe I didn't get that.
Oh, don't worry, dear.
I'm sure you're much smarter
than that silly old riddle.
I have loads more if you want.
Like, dude. Man,
these Scottish dream cookies
are really, really, like,
extra dreamy, man.
Yeah, Shaggy, deliciously dreamy.
I'm so glad you boys like them.
I've got loads more of those,
too, if you're still hungry.
Thanks, we're always hungry.
And we love the words "loads more,"
especially when
it comes to food.
Right, Scoob?
Yeah, yeah, food.
Like, dude, what's wrong,
little pink guy?
You okay, Courage?
Zoinks! Get it off!
-Like, dude, get it off!
-Help! Help!
Like, dude, It's one of those
crazy monster cicada things
on my back!
It's just a wee bug, dear.
Don't fret, I'll get it.
Hold still, dear.
Oh, my.
Daphne, be a dear and open the back door.
I've never seen cicadas that big before.
Maybe it's a new species.
Do you think it has
anything to do with
that strange vibration
that Scooby and Courage were hearing?
It could be.
There's definitely
something strange
going on here.
And Scooby and Courage
might be picking up sounds
that our human ears can't hear.
Oh, my! Sounds so interesting.
How would you know, dear?
Well, we humans hear
in a range roughly from
31 hertz to 19 kilohertz.
Whereas dogs hear in a range
from 44 hertz to 64 kilohertz.
So if I adjust my tablet
to pick up any higher levels
of sound vibration,
we might be able to see
what they're actually hearing.
Oh, goodness.
The things you say.
Better than my silly old riddles.
Aren't you the smart one.
Here, have a cookie.
Oh, okay. Thanks.
Like, dude, I'm not feeling so hot.
Maybe I should just go sit down.
Shaggy, dear,
go in and watch a bit of telly to relax.
Like, okay, Muriel.
Good idea.
-Uh, telly?
Aw, it's okay, Shaggy.
Like, maybe we should work on our.
Being Afraid Is For Chickens
self-help book.
It might help, man.
I mean, like, it does have
the word "help" in the title.
-Good idea.
It helps us to not be so afraid
all the time.
It's important to find friends
that understand you.
Friends that can share
their fear feelings.
Talking is sharing.
And sharing is caring.
-Do you have such friends?
Have one or all of you
been afraid at one time
or another?
Really afraid?
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Really, really, really afraid?
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
Then share those feelings.
Talk about what scares you the most.
Your deepest, darkest fears.
Like, dudes, where to start?
I got so many.
-Yeah, me, too.
-Me, too.
Uh, you go first, Shaggy.
Oh, okay, Scoob.
Like, I'm really afraid
of big, scary monsters.
Especially ones
that look like spiders. Yikes!
Uh-huh, uh-huh. Spiders! Yuck!
I'm scared of space aliens.
Oh, right, Scoob.
Space aliens are the worst!
Especially ones that wanna eat you.
Uh-huh, uh-huh. Space aliens!
Your turn, Courage.
Like, I totally don't understand
a word you're saying, little pink dude,
but I am feeling your fear.
Yeah, yeah, totally feeling it.
Nice job, little Courage guy.
Oh! Stupid dogs
and shaggy-haired fella.
So annoying!
What now?
Why, aren't you going to
get the door, Eustace?
-Uh, I'll get it.
It's an invitation.
"Pets welcome."
Pets? Who are they
talking about?
The mayor of Nowhere?
We have a mayor?
Ooh, how lovely.
Mayor, shmayor.
I didn't vote for him.
But free food is free food.
I can't believe
I'm agreeing with
the angry old dude, but I am.
Free food sounds good to me, man.
-Me, too. Let's go.
Well, maybe the mayor
can give us some clues
as to why so many weird things
are happening here in Nowhere.
I'm driving. I'm not riding
with you kooky teens.
You make me sick!
That's a splendid idea.
Eustace, why don't you take
the two dogs in your truck?
They'll love it.
I'll ride with these fun house painters.
Mystery solvers.
Oh, right.
That reminds me, I've got
another riddle for you.
At night, they come
without being fetched,
by day, they're lost
without being stolen.
What are they?
I don't know!
I can't believe I don't know!
Why, it's the stars, dear.
The stars! Ugh, I can't believe
I didn't get that.
Don't beat yourself up, Velma girl.
I learned these riddles long ago,
when I was a wee thing.
I wish I could be
a professional riddle solver like you.
I don't know why you got to ride with me.
Getting your fur all over my seat
and slobbering all over the place.
Don't touch nothing!
Stupid dogs.
-I don't slobber...
Hold the phone! There's
a horrible, ugly monster
driving that truck.
-Call him Eustace, dear.
-No, Fred is right!
Eustace isn't driving, it's a monster!
Like, we've got to save Scoob!
Hang on, gang!
And Miss Muriel.
Go faster, Freddy.
My decals!
They're getting away.
Oh, dear.
-Oh, man.
-Oh, no, they don't.
Nitro boosters in three, two...
Nitro boosters?
While you were redoing the decals,
I added nitro boosters.
We have to do something.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Grab the wheel.
Okay. Okay.
-Uh, that's not what I was thinking.
They're going over the cliff!
Oh, dear.
Oh, man.
Launching grappling hook
in three, two, one.
The truck is too heavy.
Oh, dear.
-On it.
Dropping anchor.
Like, grab the bumper,
dude. Hurry!
And grab my Courage, too, dear.
Yeah, like,
grab the little dog, dude,
and hang on!
Oh, my!
What did you do to my truck?
Like, don't fret, angry old dude.
Your truck might be okay.
Um, like...
It might still be okay.
Oh, boy!
It's all your fault
and those stupid dogs.
Try again, Daph.
Um, you try again, Fred.
Uh, okay.
Um... Hey there, buddy.
We have an invitation for dinner
from the mayor, uh, at this address.
Oh, follow me.
Wait here.
Hey, you three.
-Guess what?
Stop messing around, you guys.
-Yeah. I hear something.
I hear it, too.
Like some kind of growling.
-It's not us.
-Not us.
Like, we recently trained
our stomachs to growl
at a frequency of 21 hertz,
well below the range
of human and dog hearing.
It's locked.
We're trapped.
Oh, my!
Get out, stupid weird chairs.
Does it feel like you're
trapped in a strange room
full of angry, weird furniture
trying to eat you?
Well, I'm afraid there is
nothing I can do to help you.
Like, this place is crazy!
This way. Hurry!
Oh, I am so, so sorry about that.
This house is really old.
The strangest things happen here.
I'm the mayor of Nowhere.
Pleased to meet you.
I didn't even know we had a mayor.
How nice for you, young man.
And how can I help you lovely people?
We got your invitation.
-Yeah, for, like, dinner.
-Yeah. Yeah, dinner.
We love dinner!
Would you please
hand that invitation
to my assistant?
Oh, let's have a look.
Well, it's authentic.
I'm sorry, but I simply
don't remember inviting you,
but I'm very, very busy.
Did I mention I'm the mayor?
Well, I simply don't remember
voting for you,
so I guess we're even.
But now that you're all here,
why don't you stay?
My butler can set
a few more places at the table.
Oh, Mr. Glockenspiel.
How do you keep
sneaking up on me like that?
Oh, well, please set
extra places at the table.
All these fine people
are joining us for dinner.
If you say so.
Walk this way.
Like, man, if I could walk that way,
I would never need
a Halloween costume ever again.
Check it.
Oh, hi.
Guess he showed you, shaggy-haired fella.
Oh, and another thing...
Never gets old.
Now let's get some grub.
I'm starving.
Bread and water?
Oh, I'm sorry about this.
I'm afraid the butler
and his wife,
Frau Glockenspiel...
...have spent
a lot of time in prison.
Working in prison,
I think. I hope.
Anyway, that's what
they told my assistant.
Mr. Mayor,
I really need to ask you.
We saw an enormous cicada.
No surprise.
The insects do grow
to crazy sizes around here.
Ooh! We had a spider
in the shower
that was huge!
But we saw a really big one.
Like the queen of them.
Possibly seven feet tall.
And it was driving a truck.
Yes, all the giant
insect queens in this town
drive trucks, cars...
Oh, the Mosquito Queen
has a helicopter
for some reason.
Lots of weird stuff goes on in Nowhere.
Believe it or not,
I never even heard of Nowhere
before today.
We're a little off the map.
I've been doing some research,
even though my internet connection
has been pretty spotty.
But from what I've discovered...
Hey, Mayor. Knock, knock.
Um... Who's there?
-D'you know?
-D'you know who?
D'you know who voted for you?
'Cause I sure didn't.
Uh... Okay.
Oh, Eustace, behave.
Table manners, please.
Me? What about this big dog?
He's got his feet on the table.
I'm all feet.
Sorry about them, Mr. Mayor.
As I was saying, my research shows
that weird stuff really does
seem to happen here in Nowhere.
Per capita, more weird
and creepy mysterious stuff
happens in Nowhere
than anywhere else in the world.
It's on our flag.
I'd love to get more information
that might help us get
to the bottom of this
giant bug mystery.
It's what we do.
We solve mysteries.
Oh, that reminds me.
I have seas without water,
coasts without sand,
towns without people,
and mountains without land.
-What am I?
-A map.
Nice one, Mr. Mayor.
Oh, I actually
knew that. Shoot!
Back to your point, Velma.
I wish I could help more.
I just don't have any answers,
unless they're riddles.
There is something of a museum wing
here in the mansion.
You're welcome to check it out.
Oh, that sounds like
just what I've been
looking for.
Oh, I'd love to learn about the history
of this amazing town.
Me, too.
Well, what's stopping us?
Let's take a tour.
No, no, I'm afraid I'm entirely too busy.
Re-election campaigns, hair appointments.
Oh, I told you I'm the mayor, yes?
Well, anyway, he'll take you.
Like, let me guess, your attorney?
No, no, it's my butler.
He just likes to dress up for the museum.
I would love to tag along
and see what it is you kids do.
-We'd love it.
I came all this way for dinner,
and I'm not leaving until I get it.
We're staying, too.
It's been like 14 minutes
since our last snack.
Me, too.
Oh, suit yourselves.
I do it every morning with help.
All right. I have
a lot of mayoring to do.
Don't forget to vote, whenever that is.
All right, Scooby-Doo, let's dig in.
It hurts my teeth!
Like, Scooby-Doo,
this is our first food
we can't actually eat.
Yeah. So sad.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Disgusting is what it is.
Hey, where is that creepy tall guy?
I wanna complain to the management.
Like, didn't you just...
Never mind.
This food is terrible.
How are we supposed to eat this dreck?
I will get the cook, Frau Glockenspiel.
I am Frau Glockenspiel.
What is wrong with the food I make?
Who speaks this?
You must cut.
There, enjoy.
Yes, ma'am.
All right. Here we are.
The Nowhere museum wing.
Oh, museum.
I'm hoping we can find some answers here.
There really is something odd
about this town.
Oh, how exciting.
Hey, guys, how about we take
a look for the kitchen?
-Maybe we'll find
something edible.
Good idea, shaggy-haired fella.
Maybe we can find some real food.
Woo-hoo! Jackpot!
Watch the masters at work, if you please.
-You hungry?
I doubt you can make anything
that looks good to me.
Au contraire, country old dude.
Behold, the majesty
of what Scooby-Doo
and I like to call...
El Sandwicho Extra Grande!
A little mustard, a little of that...
And that, and this.
A little more, a little more.
Like, man, don't forget the anchovies.
Anchovies? Yuck!
Hmm. Needs more mustard.
Oh. Excuse me.
Why, I never!
Must have been something I ate.
Ah, that's just gross.
But I'll tell you what isn't gross.
This! Oooga-booga-booga!
Never gets old.
Give me.
I'll get a new mustard.
On second thought, Shaggy fella,
you get the mustard because I am leaving.
I've had enough of this place
and you kooky teenagers.
See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!
I guess that means more
for the rest of us.
Let's see if we can find
some other kind of goodies
to put on our...
El Sandwicho Extra Grande!
Like cookies and pretzels
and sweets and...
Pasta! And canned peaches
and peanut butter.
And then we'll put some of those
and crackers and dressing
and butter butter.
That would be perfect
extra sandwich fixings
for our...
El Sandwicho Extra Grande!
It's so dusty.
They really should clean more.
Wait, Muriel. Look, footprints.
Someone's been in here recently.
Curious. Look at this.
The original land survey books
of Nowhere County.
And some of them are missing.
Hmm. Very interesting.
But what's even more interesting
are all these kooky photos and statues.
Oh, man, this is definitely
one weird place.
So, you've decided to visit
the town of Nowhere.
Good for you.
Ten out of ten tourists would
never do what you have done.
Oh, I feel so special.
This means you're special.
See? I am.
How nice.
Creepy stuff happens in Nowhere.
Monsters, aliens,
demons, mad scientists...
...zombies, vampires
and other such perils
from myth and legend.
Nowhere is also known
for evil masterminds like Katz,
or international thieves like Le Quack.
From robots to Weremoles,
Nowhere has it all.
Oh, goodness.
I never knew I lived
in such an interesting place.
Some speculate that the mysteries stem
from a nearby top secret military base.
Others are not so sure.
Like, she's gone!
Say, there. You boys okay?
You look like you've had a fright.
-The mayor guy is gone.
-No, look.
That horrible cicada queen lady monster
turned the mayor into a giant cicada bug.
What is it, Courage?
Something wrong?
There you are!
-You're late.
-Yeah. Late, late.
Like, here's your sprayer.
We'll start in here,
then sweep the upstairs levels
before finishing
in the basement. All set?
Oh, man. Like, don't tell me
it's your first day on the job!
-Oh, no.
-Oh, no.
We should have known
the agency would send over a noob.
Guess we'll have to show you the ropes.
-These are the ropes.
-Those are the ropes.
Tie down this big tent
we're gonna drape
over the building
before we fog.
-Did you bring a ladder?
Oh, all right.
You got your ladder.
You got your tent.
You got your ropes.
You got your sprayer.
You got any questions?
No? You got this.
Right. We'll just have you sign
for the equipment rental here.
Print here, initial here.
Say, "Cheese"!
Your fully laminated photo badge
will be mailed within 24 hours of receipt
of your completed benefits Roman package.
You're officially
a pest control professional.
Welcome to the life.
And remember...
-No prisoners.
-No mercy.
The only good bug is a what?
-Dead bug.
-That's right.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Like, you're doing great.
Keep it up.
-It worked!
-We did it.
Like, way to go, team!
You said it.
Like, shouldn't you be
exterminating some pests?
He thinks he is.
So, you've decided to visit the town...
Good job, little pink dude.
Phew, yeah, yeah.
Thanks, Courage.
Like, help!
Ah... Ah... Ah...
So dusty. Oh, thank you.
Where are we?
And what is that thing?
It's making a funny sound.
Jinkies! That's it.
That's the source.
The machine is broadcasting the signal
that is making the dogs act crazy.
I wonder what it's doing.
Go for Brian.
Whatever this thing is,
it's broadcasting the signal
to cell phone towers across the country.
But why?
And to whom?
Oh, my! It's making the call.
I'm in a meeting. Can I...
If this is about
the tiny car rental,
I already...
Hey, guys.
Nice of you to drop in.
Oh, Courage! You're okay.
Well, whatever this machine was doing,
it's not doing it anymore.
Like, man! This place
is totally freaky.
Like, why is the water dripping upward?
-How's that even happening?
-Oh, man!
Oh, how nice.
Also, we're all floating.
The energy that is powering this machine
is affecting the laws
of gravity and physics.
Hm. There are only
a few known substances
that could have this effect.
This mystery is really
starting to come together.
But I need more information.
I need an internet connection
to find some answers.
Oh, we've got a lovely computer
at the farmhouse.
-Don't we, Courage?
-Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Let's see if this tunnel
will lead us out of here
and back to the surface.
They got nothing on my sandwich.
Darn it. It does need
more mustard.
Oh, thanks.
I'll take that.
Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.
I guess all my hard work
is finally paying off.
Oh, goodie!
Home is just across that cornfield.
Like, there's no way
I'm walking through
a creepy cornfield at night.
I'll wait here.
-Me, too.
-Me three.
Since when are you guys afraid of corn?
Yeah. You each had
four ears at breakfast.
You're eating some right now.
No, it's not the corn. Daphne.
You're new.
So let me explain.
This is the part where Shaggy and Scooby
continually refuse to do something
until we bribe them with treats.
Oh, just like my Courage.
Will you do it for a Courage snack?
They're homemade.
Yeah. Yeah.
Like, we never get
homemade Scooby Snacks.
Do we, Daph?
Well, I... I... Uh...
I don't really, uh...
-Yeah, that's what
I call a treat.
They're just normal biscuits
I put in a jar.
No one's the wiser.
Now, come along.
Eustace is probably worried sick.
No jewels? No gold?
Why, you're wasting my time
with just cash.
Okay, okay, give it here anyway,
weird clown!
Now, beat it!
Easy come, easy go.
I'm rich. Rich! I love money!
And money loves me!
I'm a well-to-do dude
A one percent
Freaking nightmare
Like a bank tycoon
Or the president
See if I care
- 'Cause I got more green
Than a tree
- Yo!
- Like a cash machine
Or casino
- Oh!
I'm a VIP
Taking charge, living large
With the bourgeoisie
Outta nowhere
Outta nowhere
All I hear is "ka-ching"
When the doorbell rings
Walking on air
I got everything
And the world on strings
Plus a sweet chair
I'm the big, bad bling
Reigning King of kings
Outta nowhere, mm, mm
Outta nowhere
Outta nowhere
The history of my income
It's a mystery
Where it came from
But the bottom line's
A face like mine's
Worth a Oooga-booga million
In the bank, son
Outta nowhere
Outta nowhere
I can buy upgrades
For my hearing aids
And some new hair
New hair
Maybe Rasta braids
And prescription shades
- With some mad flair
- Mad flair
All my bills being paid
It's all ka-ching in spades
Outta nowhere, mm, mm
Outta nowhere
- Yo!
- Outta nowhere
- Yo!
- Outta nowhere
Stay together, everyone.
Guys, what's the matter?
Quit goofing around, you guys.
That's just a scarecrow.
Now, come on.
It's the Cicada Queen.
Like, man.
Why is the ground crunchy?
Are they dead?
No, not dead.
These are just the remains
of exoskeletons
left after the cicadas have molted,
which can only mean
they've gone through
their chrysalis stage
and now, have wings!
Like, somehow, that is so much worse.
I have to agree with Shaggy.
Oh, dear!
You said it, Muriel. Run!
Oh, my!
-Oh, dear!
Like, dude, Velma.
Just when we were so close.
The farmhouse is the epicenter,
I know it.
I just need to prove it somehow.
It's up to you guys.
The source...
Dig it up and use it.
Stop these horrible bugs!
I'm scared, too, Courage.
Like, we're all scared, Scooby-Doo.
But you have to ask yourself...
Like, if we're always afraid...
-And we are, always.
Then by sheer logic,
maybe we're, like,
never afraid. You get it?
Uh, no.
Like, me neither.
But check this out.
What is the true difference
between courage and fear?
Courage isn't the absence of fear.
True courage is taking action
in the face of fear.
It's time we took action.
Like, time we said to ourselves,
"Selves, listen, you gotta
stand up and be strong
with, like, strength
and stuff."
What's happening, Shaggy?
I'll tell you what's happening,
I've had it.
I've had just about
all I'm gonna take
from those horrible bugs.
Speak your truth.
Speak it.
Yeah. Yeah, I will.
Thanks, talking book.
I know it's rarely like me to be brave.
Okay, it's never like me to be brave.
But this is the moment.
This is my moment.
I will be afraid.
It's just who I am.
But I will have courage
in the face of a fear.
I will draw the line here
and I will stand and fight.
Shaggy! They took my Shaggy.
What do we do?
-Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
-She said dig.
Dig to the source. Yes.
No, I'm confused.
What does that mean?
Oh. Hmm.
Maybe it's on here.
Oh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Hello? Knowledge, hello?
-Come on.
...and before that
when she had
her eureka moment.
She said the farmhouse
was the epicenter...
I'm sorry.
But I will require more information.
Hello, Velma Dinkley's tablet-device.
Hello, Courage's computer.
How may I help?
Of course.
Well, Velma
has done some lovely research.
Thanks to you, of course, tablet-device.
Too kind, old-school computer.
Hm. Let's see.
The farmhouse belonging
to Eustace and Muriel Bagge
is in the exact middle
of an impact crater
of immense size.
It was caused by one of
the most deadly meteors
in the history of the planet.
The one thought to have
wiped out the dinosaurs.
Very exciting.
You have such a lovely voice.
I could just listen to you all day.
We could share a download,
have an upgrade.
I would love that.
I feel so connected.
Velma said dig.
Dig for what?
It should be directly below us,
more or less.
But beware the meteor
is composed of dark matter.
A notoriously unstable substance.
Hey, thanks, Mr. Computer.
Oh, and you, too, Courage.
Aren't they cute?
Keep digging, Courage.
Where are we?
Let's get that meteor.
If you're in a situation
And just can't find
The nerve
There's no need
For contemplation
Just a taste for the absurd
If you're feeling tired
Of losing
And find
You're getting scared
Then welcome to the town
That isn't there
Where "kooky"
Is a compliment
"Bananas" is a verb
"Revelry," "I'm confident"
Is still a dirty word
Yes, everywhere is Nowhere
Before the somewhere comes
And the opposite of fear
Is fun
If you're falling down
A rabbit hole
The only way is up
So laugh until
You cry a bit
And then you'll get unstuck
Are you nutty
as a fruitcake
Are you looney as a tune
Then quit your scowling
Do some howling at the moon
Like me! Woo-hoo!
'Cause everywhere
is Nowhere
Before the somewhere comes
And the oppositeo f fear
Is fun
'Cause everywhere
is Nowhere
Before the somewhere comes
And the opposite of fear
Is fun
The things I do for love.
I will be afraid.
It's just who I am.
But I will have Courage
in the face of fear.
Courage, that's me.
You go, Courage! You go!
-Oh, I can't look. Watch out!
-That's gotta hurt.
Way to go, little pink dude.
Yay, Courage! You're so brave.
Oh, Courage, you caught that nasty bug.
Well done, sweetie.
Now let's see who this
cicada monster really is.
The Mayor?
Goodness. Why would you do
all these horrible things?
Naughty boy.
I'm afraid we're dealing with something
even more sinister and untrustworthy
than a politician.
If there is such a thing.
Say, Muriel, I've got one for you.
When is a mayor not a mayor?
Oh, I... I don't think
I know that one.
Then let me show you.
And they are?
Yeah. Like, who are these
weird dudes?
It's Katz and Le Quack.
From the museum display?
They were operating the mayor costume,
and they were the real villains
behind all of this.
I'm Katz, mastermind and evil genius.
And I am Le Quack,
world renowned thief
of the most highest skill.
I had my suspicions, but to be honest,
a lot of the clues don't make sense.
If you would allow me to explain
how it all happened,
it would be my greatest of pleasures.
-When I, Katz, discovered...
-No, no, no.
When I, Le Quack, discovered...
When we discovered that there was
a dark matter meteor of intense power,
buried somewhere here under Nowhere,
we joined forces and worked
to get ourselves elected as the mayor.
This gave us the access
to all the records of the town.
Allowing us to locate
the right spot to dig.
The power of the dark matter meteor
has been affecting everything in Nowhere
for millions of years.
Oh, oui, oui.
And it is the exact center
of a map of documented weirdness
that only seems to affect Nowhere.
-It is all because
of the meteor.
We knew the dark matter meteor
held unlimited power
and once we found it,
we harnessed that power to get rich.
Oui, oui.
We made all those silly rich peoples
bring their wealth to the farmhouse,
which we planned on
the collecting of later.
But when the gang of
mystery-solving teens arrived,
we needed to up our game.
We found the meteor had different effects
by adjusting the modulations.
When it spins, it emits a frequency...
...that makes people
very open to suggestion.
It also affects animals
in different ways.
It enabled us to control
the giant cicadas
to keep you all out of our business.
Sadly, it did not work
so well as we hoped.
Yes, indeed. We were so close.
We would have been rich. Rich!
And we would have
gotten away with it, too,
if it wasn't for you meddling...
Hold it right there, Katz.
Frau Glockenspiel?
Anything you do or say
can be used against you
in a court of law.
Or a basketball court, racquetball court,
food court, take your pick.
And you are...
Right, right. Sorry.
That's better.
The costume was a bit steamy.
I am the General.
And this is the Lieutenant.
Right, right. Exactly.
We are very grateful
to you kooky
mystery-solving teenagers
and these two brave dogs
for stopping the nefarious plan
of these dastardly criminals.
Fine. Fine.
May I continue?
Right. Right. Please do.
And we would have
gotten away with it, too,
if it weren't for you meddling...
Ow, ow, ow!
Uh, I don't understand.
What is happening?
His rubber mask is really stuck on there.
Ooh, it's so realistic.
That is because
I can assure you mystery-solving kooks,
that this is indeed my very own face.
Yeah, right, buddy.
Nobody's got a face like that.
What kind of glue did you use?
And how do you make that duck puppet
move and talk like that?
I resent being called a puppet.
I am, Le Quack, world famous thief.
And I, Katz, genius and mastermind.
And we would have
gotten away with it, too,
if it weren't for you annoying,
meddling teenagers.
We'll make sure that all the stolen goods
are returned to their rightful owners.
And we'll take that meteor
if you don't mind.
I like the dancing.
Right. Right. It's nice.
Well, might as well go with it.
Oh, Courage, what a wonderful idea.
I do so love dancing.
Get some.
I have to say,
this is a better use
of the dark matter meteor.
We were just gonna make it a weapon.
Right, right. Yeah,
dancing is more fun.
Well, if you can't beat them...
Ah, oui, oui, join this.
Jinkies, what a weird mystery this was.
Jeepers, I hate to admit
that this whole time
I kinda thought Eustace was the bad guy.
Yeah, me too, Daph.
I wonder where he is, anyway.
Outta Nowhere
Outta Nowhere percent!
Mm, mm
Hey! Where's my dang riches?
This ain't nothing to dance about.
I've been robbed!
Somebody call the... Huh?
What's happening to me?
Oh, why am I dancing?
This is the worst day of my life!
Somebody help me!
I only have one more riddle for you.
And I bet you two know the answer.
What's furry, and sweet,
and brave all over?
Courage and Scooby-Doo!
Oh, exactly right, dears.
Well, good night, folks.
Stupid dogs.