Stranded (2023) Movie Script

TaintBad Productions.
Bon, you seen Evans?
No, sir.
Maybe Riley has.
Riley, have you seen Evans?
Yes, sir.
He's over by his truck.
Chief, I need you to sign this.
Thank you.
Evans, got any updates?
Hey, chief.
I've got two parties out now.
One at Mill Creek
down to 71st and I've
got another down here
at Sulfur River Bottoms,
but we have nothing report yet.
All right.
Bring them out to the table.
Mill Creek, make sure they head
East towards Chicken Creek.
And the people at the
Bottoms need to head
North towards Crabtree Lake.
We are going to take
from here to here.
Evans, you post here
for anyone coming back
and get Riley to
round everyone up.
Yes, sir.
Riley, line em up.
We're losing daylight.
All right.
First of all, I'd like
to thank all of you
for coming out to help
search for my son David.
[CLEARS THROAT] Our goal today
is going to be to try and cover
as much ground as
possible between Sulfur
Bottoms and Boggy Creek with the
light that we have left today.
Riley's put you into teams
with search and rescue members.
They will be
contacting us via radio
along with dispatch and myself.
If you guys come across any...
All right.
If you guys find anything,
come across anything at all,
just let your search
and rescue member know.
They'll let us know immediately,
and we'll take it from there.
Thank you, guys.
WOMAN (ON PHONE): Jim, please
tell me you found something.
I've got two
teams out right now.
I'm getting ready to
lead up the third.
WOMAN (ON PHONE): Please, Jim.
Find our boy and bring him home.
We'll find him.
I promise we won't give
up until we find him.
Bring my baby home.
I love you.
I got to go.
Hey, we got this, Chief.
Base camp to Chief.
Come in.
Over, Chief.
MAN (ON RADIO): You should
be seeing the night searchers
within the next 30 minutes.
Roger that.
All right, Riley, I'm going
to take this direction here,
you take that path over there.
Should... should we
really be splitting up?
The way I see it, we got
about another 30 minutes
before the night crew gets here.
We'll take another 15 minutes.
You and I meet
back at this spot.
Yes, sir.
Riley, if you see anything...
You'll be the first to know.
Riley, come in.
No, no.
Evans, come in.
Riley, come in.
What the fuck was that?
One afternoon, I was
fishing on this pond
and suddenly I started
hearing breaking branches
and leaves rustling
in the woods.
And out of nowhere comes this
deer running through the woods
and right behind it is
this massive hairy creature
chasing it.
And this is literally
only a quarter
of a mile from my backyard.
It's horrifying to
think that, that
creature can be in my
backyard any day or night.
I've been in this
cabin for days.
At night, I hear things outside.
Last night, I got up in
the middle of the night
to finally check on what it was.
The cabin across the way
from me has something huge
standing next to it,
pushing a window open
and then crawling in.
It's that time
of the week again.
Yes, sir.
Nasty Ned coming to you
with a [INAUDIBLE] update.
This week, we have an
update about Bigfoot.
That's right.
Maybe y'all have
seen the Bigfoot.
I gots to tell you,
I've seen him too.
I was scared.
I don't mind telling you.
I feared for my life.
I'd like to start today by
saying thank you to everyone
for being here today.
Mom had a way of
bringing people together
in the darkest of
times and showing
us that everything would be OK.
When dad died...
Fuck me.
Who is that?
That's my brother.
It was a fraction
in the family that
mom spent the last
several years trying to mend.
I like to think that they
finally found each other again.
Dad tinkering in
an old work shed
and mom scolding him for
making a mess with his boots.
But they loved each other and
they showed us that daily.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Excuse me a second.
What are you doing here?
Donny, I know.
You know?
You know?
It's been five
years and not even
a single fucking phone call.
What do you know?
I'm trying to make it right now.
You think you can
make this right?
You honestly think you
can make this right?
You're not going to be
able to make this right.
What the fuck do you
think you're doing?
This is not the
time or the place.
Cat, look...
You're sorry.
You should be.
You abandoned your family
when we needed you the most.
So why don't you go
back to whatever rock
you were hiding under.
We buried dad on our own.
I think we can handle this.
Catherine, this
is Mrs. Schaeffer.
Hello, Catherine.
I'm your mother's attorney.
I'm sorry we can't meet
under better circumstances.
But if you and your
brothers have a moment,
I'd have something she
wanted you all to see.
Your mother wanted me to be sure
that you all saw this today.
She figured this
would be the best
way for you all to be together.
My babies I had hoped
I would be able to tell
you everything in person.
Everything I wanted to.
Everything that I really
needed to say before my time
came, and unfortunately
that time is running out.
I know your father's death
created a terror in the family
and affected some of
us more than others.
As the next few
weeks come, you all
will have to rely on
each other for support
and a lot of understanding.
Something I pray that your
father and I were able
to instill in each one of you.
I put this in your hands
now and this is the key
to the cabin on Caddo Lake.
Oh my god, we have the best
memories at that cabin.
It was the one place that we
could all go and be a family.
I asked that I be scattered
through the Lady Slippers
They should have bloomed by
now, especially by the time
you all are watching this.
All of you go.
Go to the cabin, and
just spread my ashes
and remember that no matter what
happens in life, no matter how
hard life gets or how
dark the days get,
you will always have each other.
Your father and I will
always be with you.
You are never alone, and
this is where I say goodbye.
Goodbye to my babies.
Catherine, I need you to
sign this for me, please.
Thank you.
All right.
In this folder, is her will
and Ms. Virginia's last wishes.
Here's key to the cabin.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
All right.
Well, nice to meet you.
You're welcome.
Is Catherine here?
Yeah, you must be Joel.
Come on in.
Catherine's husband, right?
Yeah, I'm Mark.
Your brother's here.
Why won't you talk to me?
I'm sorry.
It's just that...
It's just what?
Are you asking if I'm not
talking to you because I've
had to take care of my dying
mother for the past year
with absolutely no help from you
or because of something else?
What was it you said to me?
Oh, yeah.
I remember now.
I was lonely.
You were never around.
She was there when you weren't.
What's her name again?
Listen, calm down.
I came here to
make things right.
I came here to be with you.
Doesn't that count for
anything, Catherine?
Are you fucking
serious right now?
You think that you can fuck
some bimbo in my house,
and then just pretend
everything will be OK?
It's not.
I'm not OK.
We are not OK.
The only reason why
you're here right
now is because you're hoping
I don't divorce your ass
and fuck up your 401(k).
And if you ever and I mean ever
lay your hands on me again,
I'm going to cut that
baby dick of yours off
and send it to that whore.
Do you got me?
You got everything, right?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So is... is Catherine ready yet?
I believe she's having
an argument right now.
Mark, what are you doing here?
Oh, I'm just trying to...
Fuck off and die, asshole.
Cute, Donny. Real cute.
You know what?
Fuck you, man.
Fucking cock sucker.
Don't you ever get
around my sister again.
What do you think you're
going to fucking do about it?
Walk away or my little
brother will be the last thing
you have to worry about.
Fucking dipshit family anyway.
Hey, don't act like
you got my fucking back.
Oh, by the way, welcome home.
Oh my god, I have to pee so bad.
Me too.
I'd really like
to get to the cabin
without having to stop again.
All right.
Is it over here?
I think so.
I'll get the key.
I'll just be over here.
What's all this?
Job postings.
Excuse me, we're trying
to use the restroom
and the door says we need a key.
The restroom.
We need a key.
Y'all buying anything?
Restrooms for customers only.
My brothers will be
in to get some stuff.
There you go, little lady.
Thank you.
Are these woods
really that dangerous?
Not that I remember.
I mean, it is a pretty big
area and a lot of steep cliffs
This seems like something else.
Well, at least it's good
that you guys know the area.
Less chance of
getting lost, right?
Oh, you are awesome.
Jesus Christ.
Oh my god.
This is disgusting.
Joel always picks the
greatest places to stop.
I think I'm just
going to hold it.
Yeah, me too.
Can you just hold
my stuff so that I
can put my hair up real fast.
Oh, gosh.
This place is gross.
I'm surprised your
face isn't up here.
OK, I think we are
all in total agreement
that we should not
stop again, especially
if the rest of the
shitters going forward
are as clean as this dump.
Y'all want me to take
the key back for you?
Yes, please.
Here you go.
Do you want some hand sanitizer?
Oh, gross.
Thank you.
I ain't gotten no
credit card machine.
Of course, you don't.
Let me see if I have some cash.
Don't worry about it.
I got it, buddy.
Thank you.
Hey, do you know how
far we are from the SRA?
About 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours.
Appreciate it.
That was fun.
He's fucking weird, bro.
So this Mark guy.
What about him?
What's the deal with you two?
He hurt you?
It's not important.
Oh, come on.
I've been driving
all day and I'm
about to doze off over here.
Help keep me from passing out.
Talk to me.
We'll start with an easy one.
How'd you guys meet?
We met at a mutual
friend's wedding.
He was a groomsman.
I was a bridesmaid.
We talked.
He asked me out, and
the rest is history.
Seems like a jaded
history from the looks of it
back at the house.
When mom got sick,
I had to drive her
to her doctor's appointments.
She got to a point where
she wasn't able to be
left alone very often.
There were times I'd have to
stay there for days on end.
Went searching
for other company?
I caught them in our bed.
I went home to get a
few things one day.
He was supposed to be at
work, and I guess he wasn't
expecting me to come home.
Sorry, Cat.
You deserve better than that.
I don't know.
Come on.
The guy's obviously a turd.
You could do way better.
I was just so invested
in mom's well-being
that I was blind
to my own issues.
Anyways, it doesn't matter.
I filed for divorce last week.
How did he take it?
He doesn't know yet.
So what about you?
Are there any Ms.
Joel's out there?
Any baby Joel's?
God, no.
The world could barely handle
me much less my hellspawn.
With your genes, that
kid would be a nightmare
to play hide and seek with.
Like father like child.
Where did you go, Joel?
To figure things out.
To figure things out?
For five years?
After dad died, I was broken.
I was working a dead end job.
My life was going nowhere.
Funny because that's the
shit he used to say to me.
You know, dad used
to call me almost
every other day to remind me
of how much money he spent
on my engineering
degree, and then
he would say shit
like you're lazy
or you're too afraid to go
after bigger and better things.
Maybe he was right.
Maybe if I'd listened to him
then, he might still be here.
What do you mean?
Dad died of a heart attack.
You had nothing to
do with that, Joel.
There is nothing any
of us could have done.
And that doesn't mean
that it was your fault
or you had to go in
MIA for five years.
I was home the day dad died.
I'd called into
work with a hangover
and when dad found
out that I called
into work because I got
drunk the night before,
he started shouting.
I didn't feel so hot, so my
patience was thin as it was.
We got into a fight, and we
said some pretty harsh shit
to one another.
The last time I
heard dad's voice
was in telling me how much
of a disappointment I was.
Later on that afternoon is
when mom called and I found
out that he had, you know.
So That justifies you
abandoning your family?
Disappearing without
a trace for years.
No, no, no, no, no.
You and dad get
into an argument,
and he died so you go out
and pout like a spoiled brat?
What's going on?
We're just listening
to this asshole
throw himself a pity party.
Listen, we all had to deal
with dad's death differently.
Now I'm not standing
up for Joel,
but I also wasn't in the
same position he was in.
And neither were you
for that matter, Donny.
Oh, cry me a fucking river.
Was it worth it, Joel?
Running away to the point where
you missed out on our mother's
last remaining years.
And tell me, has the pressure
just lifted now that both
of our parents are dead?
Three years of chemo.
Three years of
pain and suffering.
Donny, stop!
Why the fuck should I stop?
It was longer than three
years you little shit!
What do you mean?
Just forget it.
Fuck that, Joel.
What did you mean?
She was sick
longer than you knew.
You knew mom was sick?
Around the time dad died,
mom had been seeing a doctor.
I came over to the house to
help out with the yard work,
I go in the kitchen,
and on the table
there was a bill from
an oncologist doctor,
so I panicked.
She told me and then
she swore me to secrecy.
Said she would tell you
guys when she was ready.
She didn't want to worry you.
So just let me
get this straight.
You left after you
found out mom was sick?
God, you spineless prick.
We'd just lost dad.
I couldn't sit around and
watch mom fade away too.
I couldn't tell nobody.
So yeah, I left to
figure out a way to help.
By vanishing off the
face of the fucking planet.
God damn it, Donny.
Where did you go, Joel?
I went out West.
I got a business loan and
started my own company...
Virginia Contracting.
Took about a year to secure
some jobs, but once we did,
the money started rolling in.
And that's when I
called mom and a lawyer
and got power of attorney.
I had all her bills
shipped to me.
She just figured dad's insurance
was taking care of everything
because you know mom.
She doesn't like
help, or handouts.
If she'd have found out, she'd
have put an end to all of it.
I didn't mean to stay gone
this long, but with new
company, and my bills and mom's
bills, all it did was work.
And besides, if I came
around her or you guys
I wouldn't be able
to lie about it.
Then the whole thing
would be screwed up.
So yeah, I knew
about mom's illness
two years before you ever
found out word of it.
And yeah, I missed my mom's last
moments of her life for what?
Your fucking hatred
and fucking bills
you never knew nothing about?
Fucking forget it.
It's not like it...
What's that noise?
What's happening?
What is it?
Is it the engine?
I don't know.
Just stay in here.
Just great.
Let me see what's going on.
God damn it.
Fuck me.
Do you guys have signal?
I cannot believe this.
I mean, do you guys believe him?
Not now, Donny.
I'm just saying.
It sounds like a
bullshit story, right?
Jesus Christ.
Not now, Donny.
It's OK, sweetheart.
Let's just focus on the
issue at hand right now, OK?
What is it?
It's hard to see.
I'm not for sure, but
I think a belt broke.
Can we fix it?
Guess not.
God fucking damn it.
This is just great.
Calm down.
It'll be all right.
We'll call a tow truck
and get back to town,
and I'm sure there's
a hotel or something
we could stay in till tomorrow.
It's not OK, Joel.
None of us can get any signal.
We're stuck in the
middle of bumfuck Egypt
and the car is fucked.
So we are definitely
not OK right now.
Now I'm going to have
to try and figure out
how to take care
of this shit just
like I had to take care of mom.
I am sick and fucking
tired of having to clean
up other people's messes.
Hey, ease up.
Ease up?
I get it.
You feel responsible
for dad and that sucks,
but ditching mom
when she got sick
and staying gone
for that fucking
long is just an excuse, Joel.
No matter how good your
supposed intentions were.
Not calling or letting any
of us know what was going on
after we found out
about the cancer
was just cowardice and asinine.
Hey, Cat, I think
you were right.
Now is definitely not the time.
And you.
You sit there and say that
Joel's story is horseshit.
You berate him for
not being around,
but you're not much different.
Now hold on a second, Cat...
Shut it.
You may have been in the
general vicinity of mom,
but you weren't there either.
Maybe when she was puking her
guts up because of the chemo
or when she was
having a good day.
But other than that, you were
just as absent as Joel was.
Where are you going?
Don't ignore me.
I asked you where you're going.
God damn it, Joel...
Catherine, listen.
We can spit venom at each
other till the cows come home.
But the bottom line
is we're stranded.
I'm going to take my cell
phone and a flashlight,
I'm going to hike back
to the nearest town.
The last sign I saw before
the car went to shit
said next town
was 15 miles away.
So I'm sure we're not more
than a few miles from that.
You're just going to stay in the
car and wait till I get back.
If you see somebody,
flag them down, get help.
Get somebody on the
phone, have them
pick me up on the way back.
Otherwise stay in the car.
Do you understand?
Catherine, please.
You better not abandon us again.
What's happening?
Joel is hiking to the next town,
and we are going to sit here
and wait for him to come back.
That'll be a first.
Joel coming back.
Again, I'm not
standing up for him,
but you were and are
still being a dick.
What about you?
First, you were pissed
off that he left,
then you were pissed
off he came back,
and now you're pissed
off that he left again.
Donny, can we just stop, please?
I understand that
there is tension
and while it is natural
for everyone to be on edge,
you are kind of
acting like an ass.
You don't even
know what's going on
and why are you all of a
sudden coming to their defense?
Because as much negativity
that's swirling around right
now, your temper isn't helping.
Why don't we all just
calm down and chill out?
Oh, I am so sorry
my family issues are
such a burden for you, Sharon.
If you thought
that this was just
going to be some drama
fest, why the hell
did you even come
in the first place?
Jesus Christ, Donny.
That's not what
I'm trying to say.
You're putting
words in my mouth.
I told you what the
fuck was going to happen.
Get me the fuck out of here.
Why don't you get out and walk?
You can probably
meet up with Joel.
Maybe you guys will
both disappear.
I'm just saying.
You're a piece of shit.
That's fine.
That's OK.
I'm glad you think that way.
I cannot wait to get the
fuck out of these woods,
so I don't have to be
around you anymore.
Somebody there?
Yeah, because that's not a
cliche fucking thing to say.
Hey, what's wrong?
Why did you lock the doors?
Did you guys not hear that?
What did you hear?
I don't know.
It was like a howl or something.
It was probably just
a coyote or something.
I mean, we are in the middle
of the woods and shit.
No, I don't think so.
What the hell?
Hey, if somebody's
there, my car broke down.
I could use some help.
That is not a
fucking coyote, Donny.
I don't know what
the fuck that was.
God damn it.
Come on.
Where are you Joel?
Do you guys have signal?
I can't get anything.
Oh, hey, hey, I got a bar.
Miller County 911.
What is the address
of your emergency?
We need help.
Where the fuck is the road?
Don't you fucking even.
this isn't a game.
I have a weapon.
I don't want to use it
but I will fuck you up.
Cat... Catherine?
Stay in the fucking car.
Lock the door and don't get out.
Look, if you can hear me, don't
get out of the fucking car.
What the fuck is going on?
Did he make it to town?
Is everything OK?
I don't know.
I could barely make
out what he was saying.
Did it sound like
he was in trouble?
I don't fucking know, Donny.
we have an APB for stranded
Ford Expedition on 417.
Mile marker unknown.
PD to MCD, copy that.
Any ID?
MAN (ON RADIO): Negative.
Cell phone tower ping
put them near the Silver
River and Boggy Creek.
MAN (ON RADIO): Copy that.
Holy shit.
What took you so...
Oh my god, Joel...
Joel, what the
fuck is happening?
There's something out there.
Just beyond the tree
line in the forest.
Jesus Christ, Joel.
What the fuck happened to you?
I don't know what it was.
It's not like any
animal I've ever seen.
It was massive.
It was like it was...
Oh my fucking god!
What was it?
What was it?
[CRYING] Jesus
fucking Christ, Donny.
I saw a face.
There was a fucking face.
Ease up.
No, you fucking calm down.
I saw a fucking face.
It was right there next
to you in the window.
It's OK. It's OK.
It's OK.
She's losing it.
I don't think so.
I think she saw something.
I know I saw it.
What did you see?
I don't know how to describe
it, but it was not friendly
and it was not a person.
What about the cell?
Did you get a hold of anyone?
We were able to get
a hold of 911 but...
But what?
I was able to get through
but the signal was shit.
I told them that we needed help.
We were stuck on R417 in
the middle of the woods,
but the call dropped
before I got a response.
So I don't know if
anyone heard me.
Keep trying.
We've got to keep trying.
Sharon, can we please
see your phone again?
It's dead.
Where's your charger?
It's in the trunk in my bag.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know I would
need it in the car.
It's OK Sharon.
It's OK, OK?
What kind of charter
does it take?
Mine won't work.
Listen, everybody
just calm down.
Pop the trunk.
I can hop out and
get it really quick.
It's fine.
You're not fucking
going out there, Donny.
Listen, relax.
It'll be fine.
I promise.
I'm going to hop out, grab
the charger really quick,
and I'll be back in
like five seconds.
Donny, I don't think...
I don't care what you think.
I'm getting out of this
car, getting the charger,
so we can call the cops or
a tow truck or something.
We're going to resume this
trip, and I'm going to go
on forgetting you ever existed.
Fine, asshole.
Do whatever you want.
The trunk.
It's OK.
I'm so sorry, mom.
I know this wasn't the trip
that you were hoping for.
Why did we have to use mine?
Why couldn't we have
used anyone else's?
Mines in the woods somewhere.
When that thing grabbed
me, I must have dropped it.
You keep saying this thing.
If something grabbed you,
wouldn't you have been close
enough to see what it was?
It was big and scary, OK?
So you were mauled by a bear?
The car's got to be on.
What is it?
Catherine, what did you see?
I... I don't know.
This is bullshit.
There's nothing out there.
And you probably just
fell or some shit
and you're too
embarrassed to admit it.
You got both of the girls
scared and their imaginations
are getting the better of them.
No, Donny.
I saw something.
I swear to god, I'm
not imagining it.
Yeah, yeah, some big
boogeyman out there.
It's probably just a bunch
of hillbilly douchebags
having a laugh.
You see?
Do you know any
animal that knocks?
Donny, shut the fucking door.
God damn it, Donny.
That's enough you inbred pricks.
We know you're out there
just having a laugh.
Donny, shut the fuck up
and get back in the car.
Let's go.
- No.
No, no, no.
Did you hear that?
What the flying fuck was that?
[CRYING] Oh god!
Oh god!
Oh god!
Oh god!
We just have to
wait for the police.
It'll be your OK.
It'll be OK.
You're right.
When the cops get here,
this will all be over with.
We'll be fine.
All right?
Cat, you making it?
I don't know.
I saw something before
you guys got out.
Jesus Christ, it was
walking on two legs.
It's trying to
take out the lights.
Oh god, oh god, oh, god.
Please don't.
Just stop.
You fucking dickhead.
How am I supposed to stop?
Stop yelling.
I can't fucking help it.
I think you scared
whatever it was away.
Joel, it's been three hours,
and the police haven't shown up.
I don't think anybody's coming.
Shut up.
I said shut up.
You don't know that.
Someone's going to come.
So just shut up.
You know this whole
time I thought Joel
was the asshole of the family.
Turns out it was
you the whole time.
Guys, we're an hour
away from any town.
Without an exact location plus
we're off the main highway,
it's going to take a while
to pinpoint our location.
So what are we supposed to do?
We can't just stay
in here forever.
Keep the phone on.
We'll try to ping a tower.
If we get one,
we'll make the call.
But by tomorrow morning,
call or no call,
we're walking back into town.
I like our chances better where
we can see where we're going.
I think I found...
Oh my god!
What the fuck is going on?
Oh my god.
Anybody see it?
Guys, we've got
to get the fuck out.
Go to the bushes.
Are you fucking crazy?
I'm not going out there.
We gotta go.
Guys, the urn.
I got it.
We gotta get out
of the fucking car.
I'm coming.
Oh my god, I can't get out.
I got you.
Hey, over here!
Fuck you.
I ain't running no more.
Hey, you're not going
to take my brother.
I lost too much
already, you fuck.
I lost my father, my
mother, my husband.
I just got my brother back.
You're not going to
take him from me.
We made it, mom.
I... I don't know what to say.
Just say what
you're feeling, Cat.
We came back here for you, mom.
We all went through so much.
All of us.
You asked me to get everyone
together, to fix our family.
I'm... I'm not sure if I was
able to, but I just want
you to know that we love you.
And we miss you so much.
Sorry mom I wasn't there.
You deserved better.
I should have done a lot more.
But I promise you, I ain't never
going to leave my family again.
Hey, mom.
Hope you're at
peace now with dad.
We'll all see you again.
All of us.
Bye, mom.
We love you.