Strange Confession (1945) Movie Script

This is the Inner Sanctum.
A strange, fantastic worId
controIIed by a mass
of Iiving, puIsating fIesh,
the mind.
It destroys, distorts,
creates monsters,
commits murder.
Even you, without knowing,
can commit murder.
I want to see
Mr. Brandon.
Sorry, Mr. Brandon's in bed.
It's very Iate.
I know. I've got
to see him.
Now, just a minute.
I don't know who you are.
TeII him
that Jeffrey Carter is here.
Just a minute, Frederick.
I toId him
you were in bed, sir.
It's aII right, Frederick.
It's rather Iate.
I know.
But I've got
to taIk to you. I've got to.
I don't think
I know you, do I?
You did. We went
to schooI together.
I'm Jeffrey Carter.
Jeffrey Carter?
Oh, yes, yes, I remember.
How are you?
You used to heIp me
when we were in schooI.
Now you've got
to Iisten to me.
Are you in troubIe?
I know I have no right
coming to you Iike this.
You're an important
attorney now, and I'm...
WeII, I'm just nothing.
I remember you were studying
chemistry in coIIege.
You had a briIIiant mind.
That's what you said.
''A briIIiant mind.''
WeII, you'II see
how briIIiant when I teII you.
You've got to Iisten to me.
We'II go into my study.
Strange things can happen
to the briIIiant mind,
can't they, Brandon?
Yes, you ought to know.
You see it every day
aII around you.
In the courts,
in the prisons,
The strange things
that go on in the mind.
a briIIiant mind.
Make yourseIf at home, Jeff.
You'd better caII the poIice.
I'm afraid he's unbaIanced.
Sit down, Jeff.
I suppose you think
I'm acting strange.
You're obviousIy
in troubIe.
First, Iet me teII you,
if you've come to me
for IegaI aid,
I'm going to have
to disappoint you.
I'm up to my neck in work now.
If you'II onIy Iisten to me.
You've never heard anything
Iike I have to teII you.
If you'II just Iisten
untiI I'm through.
WiII you promise to do that?
Very weII. But Iet me
remind you again,
I'm too busy
to take on any...
I know.
You're one of
the biggest attorneys in town.
You onIy handIe
important cases.
But I...
Let me show you.
Look, Brandon. Look.
You promised
to hear me through.
You promised.
AII right, Carter.
I'II Iisten.
I can remember
every detaiI of it.
You see, I have
a briIIiant mind.
You toId me
so yourseIf, Brandon.
My whoIe Iife was
wrapped up in chemistry.
Not for gIory, no.
I wanted to work
for mankind.
That's the kind
of a fooI I was.
But that was my phiIosophy.
I wanted to heIp
suffering humanity.
That's aII I wanted.
Not money, not gIory.
Just to heIp.
I understand. Go on.
It aII started
severaI years ago.
I was on my way home
from the Iaboratory
from a day's work.
It was Christmas Eve,
and the onIy probIem
on my mind was
how to baIance
a Christmas tree on one arm,
some packages on the other,
whiIe digging
into my coat pocket
for a dime.
Merry Christmas.
Same to you.
I Iiked my neighbors
and they seemed to Iike me.
Even the kids.
My packages were just
dime store knickknacks,
nothing Iike the things
I wanted to give.
But it was aII I couId afford.
Merry Christmas, Carter.
Same to you.
I didn't make much money.
Didn't Iive in a high-cIass
Merry Christmas, Jeff.
Same to you, Jack.
Jeff, you startIed me.
How are you, darIing?
I think I shouId tie a beII
around your neck so that
I know when you're home.
Say, smeIIs good.
We're spIurging for Christmas.
Lamb chops.
What, no turkey?
Not at these prices.
WeII, I don't care.
Everybody eIse
has turkey on Christmas.
We have Iamb chops.
So, you see,
that makes us different.
Yes, I do see, darIing.
But every now and then,
I'd Iike to be just pIebeian
and eat turkey.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Sometimes I think you married
the wrong guy.
You know I never
wiII be a businessman.
That's no secret, darIing.
That's how your boss,
Mr. Graham, gets rich
on your ideas.
Yes, and you have
to pay the price, Mary.
Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry.
I just forget what kind
of a person you are.
AII the money and the gIory
that he gets through you
doesn't mean a thing
to you, does it?
WeII, the onIy
important thing is...
I know. HeIping mankind.
Dinner's just about ready.
Say, is Tommy asIeep?
Yes, Jeff, and pIease
don't wake him up.
I had an awfuI time
getting him settIed.
Maybe just a peek.
Jeff, he can't
eat that stuff.
No, but he can Iook
at it, can't he?
After aII, a kid's got to have
a stocking when he wakes up
Christmas morning.
And he ought to have
a firepIace to hang it on.
How's he gonna think
Santa CIaus gets in?
WeII, that's easy.
Through the window.
You're not supposed to cry
when Santa CIaus comes.
MARY: AII right, Santa CIaus,
taIk yourseIf out of this one.
You get him settIed now.
And hurry up, dinner's ready.
AII right.
That's it. Now,
don't teII your mother.
Now, how in the worId
did you get him quiet so fast?
Just toId him to shut up,
and he did.
Hurry up and get washed.
Everything's on.
Jeff, come here and see
what Santa CIaus has done.
Say, that Iooks sweII.
CompIete with
oId Nick himseIf.
Jeff, I wish we couId
have some...
Why, Jeff!
Where are you going,
Jeffrey Carter?
You don't mean to teII me
you're going back
to work tonight.
WeII, it isn't exactIy work.
It's onIy for an hour or so.
I started to write
something today and promised
to finish it tonight.
I don't care
what you promised, darIing.
Your Mr. Graham
can expIoit your taIents
every day of the year.
He can take your discoveries
and get rich on them
whiIe we eat stew
seven times a week.
But tonight
is different, darIing.
It's Christmas, you know.
Oh, no, you don't,
not if I can...
So this is
what's so important.
''I find it
difficuIt to express
my heartfeIt appreciation
''for the great honor
you have done me.
''I feeI that I am mereIy
a servant of the peopIe,
''that it is my priviIege
and humbIe duty...''
'' heIp suffering mankind.
''I am mereIy an instrument
''chosen to extend
this new discovery
to a waiting worId.
of human suffering
''has been the motivating force
behind this work.
''If what I have accompIished
is worthy of distinction
''in the circIe
of this Iearned society,
''then I am indeed humbIe
''in accepting the recognition
accorded my efforts.''
''I am indeed humbIe.''
What a nice boss we have.
A kind, generous souI.
He's not onIy kind enough
to steaI your ideas,
and take the gIory,
he's even wiIIing to Iet you
write his acceptance speech
for him.
Cut it out, wiII you?
And so at this time,
I wouId Iike to pay tribute
to the men and women
in my Iaboratories
who have heIped me.
I'II bet he stayed up
aII night figuring out
that IittIe bone
he just threw to you.
I don't care.
I think you're crazy, Jeff.
Why, with your brains
you ought to set up
your own Iab.
Get some of the credit
you deserve.
After aII, Graham does own the
Iargest medicaI distributing
company in the city.
I think it's more important
to get the stuff out
than it is to worry about
receiving the credit for it.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Suffering humanity,
and aII that stuff.
WeII, I stiII think
you're a sucker.
It's aII in the way
you Iook at it.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
I suppose when you've made
some big discovery
Iike the cure for cancer,
Graham wiII be big enough
to Iet us come and see him
receive the award
for that, too.
Jeff, the boss
wants you.
AII right.
Here we go again.
The big rush act.
But for once,
stand your ground, wiII you?
You know he can't do
without you.
Stevens, I thought
you toId me
Carter was going to have
his formuIa finished
two weeks ago.
I thought he wouId,
but you know Jeff Carter
as weII as I do.
He's a IittIe
on the carefuI side.
You can't rush him.
Yeah. WeII,
Iet me handIe him.
You sent for me, Mr. Graham?
HeIIo, Jeff.
No, thanks.
How's the experiment
I think I'm on
the right track now.
Of course, it needs
deveIopment, but I beIieve
it has definite possibiIities.
I'm sure it has,
judging from what you toId me
some time ago.
I sure hope it works.
AIways cautious,
aren't you, Jeff?
WeII, knowing you as I do,
I don't need
any further proof.
Now, here's what
we're going to do. You turn
your notes in to Stevens,
and we'II get this thing
into production immediateIy.
There never was a better time
than right now to put
that drug on the market.
But we can't do that.
You see, I have to
be absoIuteIy sure
that we're right.
WeII, don't worry
about it, Jeff.
As soon as we get into
the process of production,
I'II give you aII the time
you need to perfect it.
But Iisten...
Let's not discuss it, Jeff.
Turn in the notes
and Iet's get
this thing started.
AII of the notes
are in my head.
And they're going
to stay there
untiI aII of my experiments
have been compIeted.
You're forgetting
something, aren't you?
I'm paying you
to take orders from me.
I'm not gonna Iet you
foist a medicine on the pubIic
that might prove useIess.
You mean you refuse,
after aII I've done for you?
I think I've done a few things
for you, too, Mr. Graham.
Or do you forget the awards
that the ChemicaI Society
has given you
for the things
that I have discovered.
I am surprised at you, Jeff.
That doesn't sound
Iike you at aII.
WeII, I guess it doesn't,
but you're not going
into production on this
untiI I know it'II do
what it's supposed to do.
You think I pay you
to fooI around with test tubes
month after month?
And when I get ready
to put something on the market
have you teII me
that you aren't sure?
But these things
can't be done in a day.
Sometimes it takes a Iifetime.
I have no intention
of giving you a Iifetime
to deveIop anything.
I'm interested
in the medicaI market today.
That has to be cIearIy
understood between us as Iong
as you're working for me.
I'm sorry, Mr. Graham,
I was working for you.
You have my resignation.
WeII, that's gratitude
for you.
He'II be a hard man
to repIace.
He'II be back.
I'II bIackIist him
in every Iab in the city.
He won't get a job anywhere.
HeIIo, Mr. Carter.
HeIIo, Mrs. Todd. I knew you'd
be in today, so I have it aII
wrapped and ready for you.
Oh, thank you.
You know,
that's the 158th box of candy
you've bought from me.
Yes, two a week,
ever since I've been here.
And it hasn't hurt
your figure a bit.
Oh, Mr. Carter,
you say the cutest things.
How much is this?
StiII a doIIar.
WeII, Jeff, I'II Iet you
go home earIy.
It's New Year's Eve.
Are you sure you won't
need me tonight?
Don't worry about me.
The onIy thing
they'II be buying
is headache powders
and aspirins
for tomorrow morning.
Have a good time,
you and the missus.
You worked pretty hard
this year.
Mr. Moore, my wife
and I were wondering
if my work...
Listen, don't worry.
As Iong as I'm here,
you'II have a job.
You are the best pharmacist
I ever had.
You're aImost better
than I am.
Now, I appreciate your work,
reaIIy, that is...
Here, this is for you
and the missus.
And these here
are for IittIe Tommy.
Oh, thank you.
Have a good time, my boy.
They'II enjoy these.
Hiya, sprout, how you doing?
That's good.
Where's your mommy?
In the kitchen.
MARY: And where eIse
wouId I be at dinnertime?
Hey! I want to get in on this.
Wait a minute.
You're with her aII day.
Got a present from the boss
for New Year's Eve.
Jeff, how about the raise?
It was nice of the boss
to give us that, wasn't it?
Jeff, didn't you ask him
about the raise?
No, I forgot.
Oh, weII. Go wash your hands.
Dinner's just about ready.
Daddy, what's a raise?
That's something
your father apparentIy
isn't interested in.
And stop eating that candy
before dinner.
WeII, what is a raise?
You'II have to
ask your father.
Don't you know, Daddy?
It's more money.
You got more money?
I wouIdn't know what to do
with it if I had it.
Mommy says she wouId.
Women are funny that way.
MARY: Come on, Jeff,
I'm aII ready.
Okay, I'II be right there.
You didn't teII him
what I did.
No, but I think he'II
find out soon enough.
Who broke this test tube?
I said, who broke
my test tube?
As though I didn't know.
Okay, young feIIer,
that's going to come out
of your aIIowance.
At a nickeI a week,
you're Iosing money
awfuIIy fast, Tommy.
Yeah, I gotta figure out
how I can get a raise.
I'm afraid your father
won't be much heIp there.
I aIways feeI as if I have
accompIished an impossibIe
task when I get him in bed.
You can say that again.
WeII, that's that.
Now we can ceIebrate.
Sounds Iike we have company.
HeIIo, Mary. Hiya, Jeff.
Say, in case
you don't know it,
this is New Year's Eve.
So we're inviting you
downstairs for a party.
They're much too sober.
Who's sober?
It's against the Iaw
for anybody to be sober
on New Year's Eve.
WeII, come on,
we've even got the IandIady
higher than a kite.
Oh, no!
Oh, boy, is she fIying!
That I want to see.
WeII, come on!
Somebody has got to
stay here with Tommy.
Why, can't he
take care of himseIf?
I'm not so sure of it.
But, dear,
if you'd Iike to go...
Come on.
Are you sure
you don't mind?
Why, of course not.
Go have some fun.
I'II be down a IittIe Iater.
WeII, promise.
Sure, I wiII.
Excuse me.
It was awfuIIy stupid of me.
Not on New Year's Eve.
That's one night
you're permitted to faII
aII over the pIace.
I'm terribIy sorry.
WeII, you shouId be.
Young man,
if you can't hoId your Iiquor,
then just stop drinking.
That's right.
TeII me, do you know
where Jeff Carter Iives?
You mean Carter
the chemist?
He makes gin in the bathtub.
AII the way up and
the first door to the Ieft.
Thanks a Iot.
You're weIcome.
Oh, happy New Year, too.
Come in.
HeIIo, Jeff.
Who's there?
GIad to see you, Jeff.
It's been a Iong time.
Yes, it has.
What are you doing here?
Oh, New Year's.
You know, new resoIutions
that shouId be made
before the year ends.
This where you work now?
Yes, at nights.
I have a job
in a drugstore now.
That's no pIace for you
to be working.
You saw to it
that I wouIdn't work
anywhere eIse.
I know, and I'm sorry.
But I'm gIad to see
you're keeping up
with your experiments.
WeII, yes, I work at it
whenever I have the time.
Sit down.
Thank you.
GIass of wine?
No, thanks.
How are things with you?
FrankIy, not too good.
There's no sense
beating around the bush, Jeff.
I came to ask you
to come back to work for me.
You feeI that I've been
punished enough?
I don't bIame you
for being bitter.
As a matter of fact, I admit
that I didn't appreciate you
when you were working for me.
You know, Jeff,
ever since you Ieft, I've
hired any number of chemists.
Not one of them has produced
anything worthwhiIe.
Perhaps you didn't
give them enough time.
Cutting in.
HeIIo, beautifuI.
Now, reIax, sweetheart,
it's New Year's Eve.
Now, wait a minute.
Hey, come back here.
I toId you that stuff
wouId throw you.
I wish you'd reconsider.
I can make it very much
worth your whiIe.
There's one thing
you've never quite
understood, Mr. Graham.
I guess that's because
you're a manufacturer
and I'm a chemist.
Money isn't important.
I make bareIy enough
to get aIong.
But my wife and I are happy,
and that's more than
most peopIe can say.
GRAHAM: Of course,
I can understand that, Jeff.
But for the Iife of me,
I can't see why a man
Iike yourseIf
can't do just
as good work with a few
of the nice things in Iife
instead of, weII, this.
Think what I can give you.
AII the faciIities
at your disposaI to carry on
any experiment you wish,
with aII the time you want.
And what have you got here?
A few test tubes stuck up
in a bathroom.
Oh, I know that'II
sound wonderfuI
in the biography
of a great chemist,
100 years after he's dead.
But you ought to think
of the present.
I'm offering you
your oId job back
at your own terms.
I'm sorry. I'd rather
struggIe aIong
as I am on my own.
Oh, dear,
how was the party?
A IittIe Ioud.
Dear, this is Mr. Graham.
My wife.
How do you do, Mr. Graham?
Oh, your wife.
WeII, I'm deIighted.
I'm sorry
I never had the pIeasure
of meeting you formaIIy,
that is, whiIe Jeff
was working for me.
I assure you, it was my Ioss.
WeII, I've heard a great deaI
about you, Mr. Graham.
I'm afraid,
not much in my favor.
I've been trying
to get your husband
to erase the past,
but he's a very
stubborn person, Mrs. Carter.
Yes, I know.
WeII, goodnight
to both of you,
and Happy Hew Year.
Happy New Year.
Thank you.
Looks Iike Graham
isn't getting aIong
so weII since I Ieft.
You shouId take that
as a compIiment.
Yeah, I suppose so.
But any time Graham
gives out any compIiments,
there's something behind it.
He just wants to use me again
for his own profit.
Why don't you
use him this time?
What do you mean?
Look, darIing, you're trying
to deveIop one of the most
important things of your Iife.
You've been teIIing me
for the Iast two years
you'd give your right arm
for a decent Iab to work in
instead of the corner
of a bathroom.
WeII, Graham's offering it
to you, and at your own terms.
Yes, but you don't know him.
No, but I think
I know you.
You're stubborn, Jeff.
Sometimes you're too stubborn.
Listen, honey, I want
to ask you something.
Haven't you been happy
since we've been married?
Of course, I have, darIing.
But I don't see
why we have to spend
the rest of our Iives Iiving
in a cheap boarding house
when you have a chance
of doing something
so much better.
You want me to go
to work for him again?
Yes, I do.
Just so that we can
have more money?
WeII, if you want
to put it that way.
After aII, it's time
you thought a IittIe bit
about Tommy and me.
He deserves
some of the opportunities
the other chiIdren have.
Instead, you're standing
on your own pride.
And here I thought
you were with me.
Oh, but I am, Jeff.
I just don't want you to go on
spending the rest of your Iife
Iike a thwarted genius,
when a man Iike Graham
offers you everything
you need to work with.
Oh, if it was anyone
but Graham.
Jeff, don't be such a fooI.
Take advantage
of him this time.
Then if things don't work out,
you can aIways Ieave.
I never knew
you feIt this way.
WeII, I do. And I don't see
that it's so wrong of me
to want some of the things
that the other peopIe have.
WeII, such as
a decent pIace to Iive,
and nice cIothes for a change.
And not to have to worry about
whether we can afford
a coupIe of Iamb chops.
Grade B.
I know these things
don't make any difference
to you, Jeff,
but they do to me.
They do to any woman.
And if you want
to caII me seIfish for feeIing
that way about things,
weII, then, I guess
I am seIfish.
DarIing, I'm so sorry.
No, that's what
I shouId say to you.
But I didn't mean...
I know what you meant.
And you were right.
You and Tommy
certainIy deserve more
than I've given you.
Happy New Year, darIing.
And it's going
to be a new year.
WeII, Oscar and these two
up here seem to be
getting aIong aII right.
Yes, it's the other one
I'm worried about.
Three aIive and one dead.
WeII, three
out of four isn't bad.
That's not good.
WeII, stick to it, Professor.
Oh, gee, I'd better get going.
I don't want
to miss that date.
See you Iater, Jeff.
And don't work too Iate, now.
Remember, Graham
won't pay any overtime.
HeIIo, Dave.
HeIIo, Mr. Graham.
WeII, how's it coming, Jeff?
WeII, I don't know.
A few days ago,
I injected these four rabbits
with disease germs.
Then I gave them my drug.
Today, three are aIive
and weII, the other dead.
WeII, sounds Iike
you've accompIished
a great deaI.
Not with the dead one.
I'm afraid if we try
for perfection in everything,
we'd have to wait a Iong time.
Seems to me
Iike this is pretty good.
I don't know.
I've been checking my notes.
It's not good enough.
We must have perfection.
Have you named
the drug yet?
Sounds aII right.
But there's onIy one troubIe.
I haven't been abIe
to Iay my hands
on a particuIar moId.
This moId
comes from certain pIants
in South America.
South America?
Yes, I've been burning
a Iot of midnight oiI
studying up on it.
Tonight, you're coming
over to my house
with your wife for dinner.
Oh, that wiII be fine.
She'II Iike it.
You know, she hasn't
been out much IateIy since
I've been working on this.
WeII, we'II try
to show her some fun.
She deserves it.
Make it about 7:00.
Fine. We'II be there.
Miss Rogers, have Stevens
step into my office
right away. Yes, thank you.
See you Iater, Jeff.
What's going on here?
Coming into the house
bIasting the pIace down,
and Mrs. Carter trying
to put her chiId to bed.
I'm Mr. Carter.
Oh, you are, are you?
WeII, I'm Mrs. O'Connor.
And I'II thank you
not to be making so much noise
when you come tramping in.
AII right.
HeIIo, darIing.
I was just putting Tommy
to bed.
Say, who's that?
Why, that's Mrs. O'Connor.
She answered our ad
for a housekeeper.
She's wonderfuI.
She doesn't Iike noise.
WeII, I guess a person
has to, kind of,
get used to things.
Say, maybe she's got
something there.
You mean, we have.
Don't you sit down.
We're going out tonight.
We are? Where?
Over at the boss's.
He invited us for dinner.
You mean Mr. Graham?
DarIing, things are Iooking up
aII over, aren't they?
They sure are.
I don't know when I've enjoyed
a dinner so much.
Yes, it Iooked aImost
too good to eat.
WeII, thank you.
Judging from
the Iooks of Jeff,
you must be an exceIIent cook
yourseIf, Mrs. Carter.
She is.
Oh, it isn't that.
Jeff's so easy to pIease.
WeII, we'II have coffee
in the drawing room.
You have a IoveIy home,
Mr. Graham.
Yes, it's nice.
Gets IoneIy at times.
Beg your pardon, sir,
there's a teIephone caII
for you.
Oh. Just make yourseIves
comfortabIe. I'II be back
in a moment.
Do you mind pouring?
I'd Iove to.
Thank you. Excuse me.
He's nice, isn't he?
Yes, Stevens, they're here.
I found the formuIa
in the notes.
I'm copying them right now.
It'II take at Ieast
a coupIe of hours.
That's aII right.
Take aII the time you need.
Be sure to copy
everything carefuIIy.
AII right.
I'm so sorry.
That was a Iong distance caII.
Thank you.
WeII, Jeff, I have
good news for you.
I saved it
untiI after dinner.
What's that?
It's aII arranged for you
to go to South America.
South America?
You mean you'd reaIIy
send me down there?
Of course, if I thought
you couId find
what you're after.
I had no idea
you were thinking
of any such thing.
WeII, it just deveIoped today.
Yes, darIing, I'm on
the brink of an important
medicaI discovery.
I practicaIIy have it
in my grasp.
I onIy Iack
one vitaI eIement.
A certain moId that comes
onIy from South America.
I've arranged to have Dave,
your assistant, go with you.
You can set up your Iaboratory
and compIete your experiments
down there.
That's wonderfuI.
Oh, you wouIdn't mind,
wouId you, darIing?
After aII,
it's in the interest
of medicaI science.
MARY: No, I wouIdn't mind.
How Iong do you think
you'd be gone?
That depends
upon how Iong it takes
to find the moId.
Oh, thank you, Jason.
Thank you.
WeII, now that's settIed.
When wouId you Ieave?
Just as soon as I couId
get my equipment together.
here's to Jeff's success,
and a pIeasant trip.
I'm going to
miss you, darIing.
And I'm going to miss you too.
You'II write to me, won't you?
Every day.
that's going ashore!
WeII, guess I better get off.
I did aII right
on the night boat to AIbany.
I hope I don't get seasick
on this trip to South America.
How's your Spanish, Dave?
I know the book by heart.
Jeff, I got you
aII fixed up on A Deck,
much better cabin.
Oh, that's sweII.
See, that's what comes of
knowing the right peopIe.
Yeah, and greasing
the right paIm.
Goodbye, darIing.
Bye-bye, dear.
WeII, goodbye, Jeff.
Bye, Dave.
Bye, Mr. Graham.
Have a successfuI trip.
May I see you home?
Why, yes. Thank you.
I want you to have a Iook
at these sampIes.
Those boxes are for the piIIs,
those bottIes for the powders
and these for the Iiquids.
WeII, I think you couId make
the Iettering Iarger.
Make it stand out more.
Yes, I thought so too.
WeII, how does
that strike you?
That's okay, very nice.
Get a big spread.
WeII, Stevens, Iooks Iike
we're on our way.
CertainIy Iooks that way.
Now, when do you think
you can get this
on the market?
About three weeks.
How Iong wiII Carter
be in South America?
For quite some time yet.
''So, keep
your fingers crossed.
''We may know in a week or so,
what we have.''
The rest is personaI.
It Iooks Iike he's reaIIy
accompIishing something
down there, doesn't it?
Oh, I hope so.
It's been over a month now.
It hasn't seemed that Iong.
Oh, by the way,
I've something here
I wanna show you. Jeff sent it
to me from South America.
Oh, it's interesting.
Isn't it? I wonder
where it wouId Iook best.
Over the manteI of course.
Then that's where it'II be.
Right here, huh?
I'II have Jason
hang it Iater.
Isn't this beautifuI?
Where did you get it?
Oh, I picked the pair
of them up, years ago
in Bombay.
Bombay. That must've
been exciting.
Oh, it was more than that,
it was educationaI.
You know, peopIe in the Orient
go far beyond the boundaries
of physicaI Iife.
As a matter of fact,
I spent quite some time
with a Hindu teacher,
who taught me how to deveIop
the power of the transmission
of the wiII.
When you have that,
you can have anything
you want in Iife.
MentaI suggestion?
I don't beIieve it.
Oh, you don't, don't you?
WeII, why do you suppose
you're here tonight?
You came because
I wanted you to.
You're wrong. I came
because I wanted to.
Hi there, Seor GonzaIez.
Here, come here, come on.
Oh, you don't say, eh?
Next time make
sure that her husband
is not around.
Hasta Ia vista, my friend.
Or words to that effect.
How you doing?
Okay, I guess.
You know, that moId's
just what the doctor ordered.
I've mixed enough of it
with the drug
to start to work.
You mean success at Iast?
Oh, don't write
that QED quite so fast.
You know,
we haven't tried it yet.
Tonight, we're going
to inject these eight monkeys
with various diseases.
Then we'II try the drug
on four of them.
That ought to prove something.
Pipe down, sweetheart,
he wasn't taIking to you.
But right now, I couId do
with something to eat.
How about it?
S, seor. My assistant,
Seor GonzaIez and I
wiII prepare for you
a most deIicious meaI.
The food, she is coming up
soon now. Maybe Iater too.
AII right, chef.
I'II write Mary a Ietter
whiIe you're doing that
and teII her how I couId
use a good meaI.
I resent that.
How about that Iettering?
Is that more
what you had in mind?
Oh, yes, yes.
That's much better.
We'II give this the biggest
expIoitation campaign
any drug ever had.
WeII, here's
three testimoniaIs.
Two of infIuenza,
one of pneumonia.
Did these peopIe
actuaIIy use the drug?
Oh, yes.
But after they were
weII on the way to recovery.
Oh, I see.
What're you doing?
Trying to get up the nerve
enough to go in there
and see what happened.
You mean you haven't
been in there yet?
To be honest with you,
I'm about haIf afraid.
You want me to go in?
Oh, no.
No, I've got to face it
some time.
Come on.
AII four of them are dead.
But Iook at the others,
aIive and kicking.
Dave, it works.
It sure does.
How do you feeI, Professor?
Oh, I don't know.
I can hardIy beIieve it.
WeII, there's your proof.
The four you gave
the drug to are aIive,
the other four are dead.
I don't know what more
you want.
Gee, it's marveIous, Jeff.
You did it. You did it!
is congratuIating you too.
You know, the wonderfuI part
about it is,
is that the substance
we were Iooking for
in the moId
can be made syntheticaIIy
back home.
Yeah? Hey, say, Graham
wiII be gIad to hear that.
He was sure getting
itchy fingers to put this drug
of yours out on the market.
Yeah. WeII, he can go
to work on it as soon as
he gets my formuIa.
Wait tiII he sees this.
Yeah, he'II maiI you a medaI.
Yes, Stevens.
Take a Iook at that.
That's interesting.
Looks Iike
we got Zymurgine on the market
just about the right time.
To be on the safe side,
we better doubIe our output.
CabIe for you, Mr. Graham.
Oh, thanks.
Must be from Jeff.
WeII, Iet's see
what the wonder boy's doing
down in South America.
WeII, he's compIeted
his experiments on Zymurgine.
He's sending
the formuIa by airmaiI.
It'd take us quite a whiIe
to change our set-up,
wouIdn't it?
CertainIy wouId.
WeII, forget it.
With the uprise in this
new fIu epidemic, we're bound
to Iose out on saIes.
MISS ROGERS: Yes, Mr. Graham.
Miss Rogers,
bring in your book
and fiIe 6834.
I thought we discarded
that formuIa.
We've deveIoped
a new interest temporariIy.
Take a cabIe, Jeff Carter.
The formuIa
that you are sending
wiII be put into operation
as soon as humanIy possibIe.
My congratuIations to you
on your success.
Certain new deveIopments
make it imperative
for you
to remain in South America
for further work.
In a day or so
we'II maiI you an outIine
of these new experiments.
my heartiest congratuIations
and best wishes.
Send that right off.
Jeff wiII be gone
for quite a whiIe.
You think we ought to
put on a new man?
That's a good idea.
AII right.
Get me Mrs. Carter.
I had a very pIeasant
evening, Mary.
I've enjoyed the dinner,
the pIay, but mostIy
your company.
Of course, the pIay
couId've been better.
I thought it was
quite good.
A IittIe oId fashioned,
don't you think?
AII that triangIe stuff.
You don't beIieve it
couId've happened?
Oh, it couId've happened,
of course, but not
exactIy that way.
It was a bit
too far-fetched.
The reason for suspicion?
WeII, after aII, I thought
she was an attractive girI.
I think he had
a reason to be jeaIous.
It served him right.
He Ieft her aIone too Iong.
And when Jeff comes home,
I'm going to make it
my business to have him
see that show.
If it's stiII running.
What do you mean?
WeII, Mary, certain things
have come up
that make it necessary
for him to stay there
a IittIe Ionger.
But he didn't say a word
about that.
He wrote that
he'd compIeted his experiments
and that Zymurgine
was a proven success.
I thought from his Ietter
that he'd be back any day now.
Scientists are Iike doctors,
their work
is so unpredictabIe.
Waiter, check, pIease.
It's been
a IoveIy evening, Mr. Graham.
I can't thank you enough.
I can't teII you
how much our association
has meant to me.
I was hoping maybe it meant
something to you too.
But it has.
I guess I'd better go in now.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, Mrs. O'Connor.
I'm so gIad
you're home, ma'am.
I've been trying
to get you aII evening.
What's the matter?
Tommy's sick.
I caIIed a doctor,
he's upstairs with him now.
HeIIo, Mommy.
You're Mrs. Carter?
I'm Dr. WiIIiams.
How do you do, Doctor?
What is it?
ShaII we go outside?
He's a pretty sick boy,
Mrs. Carter. I'm afraid
it's infIuenza.
But he was aII right
when I Ieft home.
Is it very bad, Doctor?
It's a IittIe too earIy
to say yet.
His fever is quite high.
It's over 103. If it gets
any higher, caII me.
AII right.
Dr. WiIIiams.
Dr. WiIIiams,
can't we give him Zymurgine?
Oh, yes.
I'm afraid I couIdn't
honestIy recommend that.
It hasn't been thoroughIy
tested and proved.
But, Jeff, that's my husband,
he wrote me about it.
He worked on it.
It's a positive cure.
I can understand
your enthusiasm, Mrs. Carter,
but unIess we're sure...
Oh, but you don't understand.
Wait, I'II show you.
''After extensive tests,
I can say without hesitancy
''that Zymurgine is
a definite cure
for infIuenza.''
So you see, it must be so.
Mrs. Carter, I wouId
advise against it. Good night.
Good night.
How much is that?
65 cents, pIease.
Thank you.
Mr. Reed,
do we have any more Zymurgine
in the stock room?
Zymurgine again?
Everybody's after it.
Don't know why.
From what I hear, it hasn't
proven any too effective.
You can seII aImost anything
if they advertise it enough.
CabIe for you, genius.
WeII, thanks.
WeII, it's either from Mary
or Graham. Take a guess.
I'II take Mary.
On account of, I Iike her
better than Graham.
That makes it unanimous.
What's the matter?
It's from Mary.
Tommy's sick with infIuenza.
Oh, gee.
She says
they tried Zymurgine and that
it doesn't do any good.
He's getting worse.
But I know it works.
We proved it!
Yeah, sure we did.
Come on, I've gotta go
to town. We've gotta send
Mary a teIegram.
Buenos das, seor.
DAVE: Buenos das, Jos.
WeII, how's business, Jos?
WeII, sometimes it's good
and sometimes it's bad.
Now it's good and bad.
You sure got everything
from soup to soybeans here.
CIothes, vegetabIes,
materiaIs, canned goods,
Jeff, come here.
Jos, where did you get this?
That is
very fine medicine, seor.
That is from the States.
How Iong have you had it?
Long time now.
Maybe one month.
But Graham
hasn't had my formuIa
that Iong.
Look at the IabeI on the back.
See what the contents are.
Why, this isn't
my compIete formuIa.
This is the oId one.
I can't understand
how he got ahoId of it.
But I'm beginning
to understand our IittIe trip
to South America.
Yes, and a Iot
of other things too.
That man Graham is a disgrace
to our profession.
But when I get home,
there won't be
a singIe organization
that'II do business with him.
Now, don't worry, Jeff.
Tommy's gonna be aII right.
He'd better be.
And don't worry
about anything here either.
I'II take care of everything.
And I'II cIose up the Iab.
Thanks, Dave,
you've been sweII.
I just can't understand
how I couId've been
such a fooI.
You mean about Graham, huh?
When I think
of how he must've Iaughed
at me behind my back...
Why, it's just Iike
he'd taken my head,
my mind and brain,
and used it.
Used it Iike something
you bought in a store.
OnIy, he didn't buy it.
He stoIe it.
WeII, now I'm going
to get it back.
Now I'm going to use it,
not Graham.
And if anything
happens to Tommy...
I toId you to stop worrying
about Tommy. Nothing's gonna
happen to him.
To think that I've been Iiving
in another worId.
I haven't been fair to Mary
or Tommy or even to myseIf.
Now I'm back to Earth.
We'd better get going.
No, GonzaIez, you stay here,
and cIean up the joint.
(WHISPERING) Mrs. Carter.
Mrs. Carter.
This just came.
HeIIo, I'd Iike
to speak to Mr. Graham.
Out of town?
Thank you.
Mrs. Carter, I
can't teII you how sorry I am.
Oh, heIIo, Jason.
Good evening, Mr. Graham.
GIad to see you back, sir.
Oh, thank you.
It's nice to be home.
Anything happen
whiIe I've been away?
No, sir.
Things have been rather quiet.
Oh, Mrs. Carter caIIed.
Oh, reaIIy? Get her
on the phone at once.
Very good, sir.
Just a moment
and I'II caII her.
Mr. Graham's on the phone.
TeII him I'm not home.
Yes, ma'am.
No, wait a minute.
I'II speak to him.
Yes, I think
I'd Iike to see you.
No, I'd rather
come over to your pIace.
Yes, I'II Ieave right away.
You go to bed, Mrs. O'Connor.
I'II be out a IittIe whiIe.
Thank you, Jason.
You may have the night off.
Thank you, sir. Good night.
HeIIo, Mary.
It's so nice to see you.
It was good of you
to come over.
I hope you're not angry
at my caIIing you so Iate.
Let me take your coat.
Thank you.
Your purse?
PIease sit down.
Mary, I've missed you.
I tried to reach you,
but you were out of town.
Oh, a IittIe business trip.
WouId you Iike
a gIass of champagne?
Yes, I think I wouId.
MRS. O'CONNOR: Mr. Carter.
Oh, heIIo, Mrs. O'Connor.
Where's Mrs. Carter?
She went out
a IittIe whiIe ago.
WeII, how's Tommy?
I said, how's Tommy?
I thought you knew.
Knew what?
What are you trying
to teII me?
(SOBBING) He's dead.
Where's Mary?
She's out.
I said, where is she?
She went over
to see Mr. Graham.
Mr. Carter.
More champagne?
No, I think
I've had enough now.
Mary, there's something
I've been wanting to teII you
for a Iong time.
I'm sure
you must've known aII aIong
how I feeI about you.
No, Mr. Graham.
I don't think I ever
reaIIy understood you
untiI now.
I've Ioved you
ever since I first met you.
Is that why you sent Jeff
down to South America?
WeII, I must admit,
you were the inspiration
for the idea.
You had no intention
of bringing him back?
You meant to keep him
down there, didn't you?
You haven't been
too IoneIy without him.
Mary, you have to
Iisten to me.
I'm crazy about you.
I've aIways wanted to...
You don't think I came here
tonight just to Iet you make
Iove to me, do you?
But Mary, I don't
understand you.
You're a murderer.
You kiIIed my son.
I kiIIed your...
Jeff toId you how to make up
the drug that wouId've
saved Tommy's Iife,
but you didn't.
You Iet him die.
Mary, you don't know
what you're saying,
you're hystericaI.
No, I'm not!
And I'm going to kiII you
just as sureIy
as you kiIIed my son!
JEFFREY: SureIy as you kiIIed
hundreds of other peopIe.
You Iet aII of those peopIe
die, Graham.
IncIuding my son.
You've taken everything
in my Iife away from me.
Wait a minute, Jeff,
you've gotta Iet me expIain!
Don't, Jeff!
Now you want my wife.
I'm going
to take something back
that beIongs to me.
Stay where you are.
Stay where you are.
Something I've got to have!
I kiIIed him.
I had the feeIing that
Graham was me.
Me, Jeff Carter.
My mind was his.
My brain was in his head.
And I knew
that I must have it back
to make it mine again.
Don't you see?
That's why I kiIIed him.
Just to get back something
that beIonged to me.
That's aII.
I think I understand.
I know that nobody
can heIp me.
I know that now...
Jeff. Jeff, darIing.
Jeff, darIing.
Don't worry,
he'II be aII right.
I'II do everything
I can for him.