Strange Fascination (1952) Movie Script

Son in my van yeah some tacky spray hey
Alan yes there is the tabular an officer
sorry Paul Oh Jack just no that's yours
I wanted me to charming friends of mine
from America from America wonderful Paul
Marvin meet mrs. Diana Fowler for New
York and her daughter gym how did you
two meet you.
Le master.
Cigarette you shouldn't you you coughed
all night buddies tricked her oh that's
nothing had a brother two years older
see how she pushes him around planet Oh
what did you want they have nothing to
drink safe all I've noticed you drink
quite a lot just occasionally but I'm
happy when I'm I'm happier when I'm to.
Detroit you wanna dance I know it's so
hot in here great I feel a little dizzy
from this all straight why we can dance
on the terrace come on Holly G poor girl
I'll not shut up why don't you dance you
should see me dance even dies I want to
see any man systolic you see oh you're
standing there Marvin comes video at a
time yeah it is I'm so drastic me I
distraction so tell me this is your
first trip to Europe oh no I bring
yourself and rapport with my late
husband all right what kind of flash
everything are you married or divorced
disappointed no not at all my wife is
also a pianist professional jealousy
musicians are very ambitious you know
package an efficient 11 shake.
I think you'll be a big hit in America
not to get out of Europe and a lot of
misfortune in the past few years not to
start a new life I'd even be interested
in sponsoring you mean you're investing
me well don't you think it'd be an
achievement for an insignificant woman
to bring back such an artist genius I'd
be part of your triumphs in a way yes so
childhood our ambassador in Vienna is a
very good friend of mine strong
affidavit would be impressive you know
what you say now comes the banking
question how can I ever repay you by
courting me a little my friends would
die of envy widows are ambitious too you
know hey what's going on here mother one
can't leave you alone for a moment dan
adhere shall we tell him well I suppose
I should have consulted my children
first I think you'd be very funny very
sister don't let's bet oh not really I
love the lift Asian Jack order champagne
you celebrate your brain one I don't
know love life are using America.
Your guest is certainly insistent no
that's nothing he's just practicing
thank you hear him play chauffeur he's
considered the greatest experimental
ship and European stranger than America
he's so completely unknown you won't say
that 12 months from now my dear obvious
in section I'm sure tell me dear does he
really after my move left wing has been
closed for two years now at least it
lives again why do the poor soul sit
alone in our hotel room and just rush
over here to practice it's ridiculous
aren't you afraid people will talk a
particular death if they would I heard
some comments on it already ready hotel
could leave you really couldn't be
pleased by that you're just showing off
that's all right let's mother this is
too much who can I sir there's 24 hours
a day do you say how did you did excuse
me hello mother really stop that it's
only for a little while he be gone his
tour two or three weeks well why can't
he play something pleasant ridge a
roomba Arab boogie-woogie ass why not
anything would be better than this
monotonous thought that the data that
drives me crazy.
I'm sorry I knew I can't wait I can't
ride my user for the lowest music oh
slyfox revolution Oh Matt's not for long
dear Oh mr. Shan is waiting for you
excuse me well the video fish this for
me will you I'll be right back um thank
you what is it miss Fowler I've got bad
news I need more money so I call it
isn't important how did you come up with
burgers now here it is October Columbus
it's good to start from a smaller place
to warm up you know then Pittsburgh
Richmond Washington I'll join him there
then Baltimore and Philadelphia after
that hartford Providence Boston that'll
take care of October if the press is
good and business too we could prepare
town hall in December and if this clicks
februari Oh Marge Carnegie that sounds
wonderful doesn't it Paul oh yes
wonderful who is mr. Shiner concert
agent your mother is certainly getting
involved don't misunderstand me I'm very
happy to be here and I'm very grateful
to you but I understand would you rather
live in a hotel fall it can be arranged
maybe it would be better your children
will like it it's obvious I feel like it
like a displaced person ah don't take
your next shuttle they're just jealous
that's what I mean I'm have a talk with
him straighten things up don't worry
about data you're an angel it's just for
that I am an angel you know here in
America an angel is a person who
finances or theatrical enterprise
strictly for business reasons so
consider me an angel and relax now how
is your financial situation well that's
perfectly all right you're attacking to
Oscar angel from the pants but surely
let's done all over the world now what
difference does it matter because in our
case I happen to be a woman you're
really out shut up and stick to the
point how much do you need first of all
I must pay my insurance premium it's you
at the end of the month how much is it
please don't faint 3,500
I know it's a lot of money but it would
be a crime 200 surance my hands I've got
my hands in short four hundred thousand
dollars oh yes of course it's for you
that is important when I say that she
will take care of it let's not talk
about it anymore ah what do you say we
have dinner Alton Eisen I'll engage a
table at the Deauville for eight o'clock
all right but she said the strictly
business now and as soon as he gets
going how would you like to have him for
your father Oh Walter don't be silly I
talking about that you just laughed and
said it was nonsense well let's hope so
but dr. C Junie's is a stranger you you
can't talk to him about anything you
know he hasn't got the slightest idea
about movies are baseball and he's so
absent-minded well the first of next
week he'll leave for his concert too
Tell me do you think I could get
something boutiques around here oh it's
kind of late mr. Marvin the restaurants
closed maybe they could fix you
something over there at the bar
I'm terribly hungry kitchen is closed
but if you wish you Coldplay fill a
sandwich Oh old plate will be all right
and Pat coffee yes now I'd like to have
some good wine there's life you know I
like to have an old vintage about the.
Rhinelander wine 1925 it yes but very
cold air don't let me wait too long I'm
That's stupid idiots where's the manager
what's fighting you that guy out there
one the whole number look I stop that
don't get hysterical after all this is
only a nightclub I don't care I didn't
give up my artistic ambitions for that
don't talk so big look people come here
to drink have fun not to watch your art
you talk different when you wanted me to
team up with you and I like a fool
believe you you shut up people can hear
you hey sure especially that the horse.
Peru made all the fuss oh I'd like to
kick him right in the stomach what's
going on here I thought the waiters burn
stuff away the waiter yes he can't say
excuse me I can serve you until after
the number is over that's ridiculous
leave her alone she's not she'll cool
off yes that's all you have to say all
you know is to run upstairs to those
crooks and lose all of your money and
mine to you you shut up you shut up
standing to Yumi's just having some kind
of a profession oh you care about his
drinking and gambling it
you will be surprised hey my suitcase
please what happened crying have you
seen my partner think he went upstairs
with mr. Kennedy and the fat guy look at
him that clumsy heat what do you mean
that guy sitting there eating like a
savage you mean Paul Marvin do you know
him well sure he's a famous pianist this
pictures in the lobby there's a concert
here I think tomorrow but I'm not sure
362 $4880 it's a lot of doting destined
that stinker.
What did he play I can't find please
stop talking
Excuse me mr. Marvin will you give me
yard again of course the young lady this
is my first autograph in America I don't
have a pencil wait I think I have one
yeah yeah thank you so this is your
first autograph there's even more to I'm
also the first one you've tamed think
about him it's true I came here to fight
you to make you feel miserable and Here
I am waiting for you like a schoolgirl
I'm afraid I don't know what you're
talking about don't you remember me no
you see and I perform for you last night
that must be a mistake well no mistake
mr. Marlon you're gonna guess who made
all the fuss last night lit matches and
you talk loud and kick chairs around her
in my number don't you remember that
little barn your hotel yes I think I
know what you mean oh it's a shame
hopefully ever forgive me I did already
while listening to you are you playing
it was out of this world you know I
don't understand much about your serious
music but it does something to me are
you sure you are forgiven sure I'm sure
are you alone here yes no one waiting
for you no let's have a drink together I
know wonderful of a barn at 510 let's
I can bring you the doctor maybe you
didn't know everything's been over
between Carlo and me for long time
tomorrow morning I'll call my agent and
go out as a soloist again it's more fun
anyway it's not changed online I think I
would have met Rick oh hey miss you two
I must have met carlos de terrific
dancer you know we guess is arranged
over some of that circulates man you
mean yeah I think it was
That's why you're playing touch decently
I almost cried
To your success to our success
Alright like your hand you're joking at
the hands of a butch another the pianist
no you're the hands of a doctor they're
not cause your eyes of an angel angel
not forget to make a phone call Oh can't
you call now it's too late now I lie to
make up something tomorrow morning
before I leave when you're leaving 1015
Pittsburgh the thing I'll ever see you
again who knows maybe you will I think
I've got a new york and try a game to
musical could be fun if we bump in DJ
haha got lead 3 to 5 shall I write it
down found a ticket if I I remember
what do you think I wish I was 10 years
younger inferiority complex no just gray
hair and wrinkles are you mineral so
Lucy what would you do what if you were
10 years younger
nothing wicked couch
Paul when a critic of his importance
rights of a comparatively unknown his
emotional skill is above his technique
and that's what makes his performance so
attractive I think that's wonderful
report Iran we can use a lot of
quotations for publicity and I think we
shouldn't rush Carnegie Hall Arnie do
these 45 rehearsals with the orchestra
that answers that I'll try to line up a
few towels in the meantime I'll be
running along see you folks tomorrow
yeah dad uh I gave you a secretary a
chick for six hundred dollars I give you
more and I get the advance from Douglas
oh it's fine for how do you like in your
apartment what would I do without you
hmm there'll be a very sad day for me
when you grow up and won't need me
anymore oh I always forget to tell you
for you must sit up straight at the
piano that's good you play like a king
and sit there like a tidal salesman
Dorothy that reminds me somebody rang
you they before yesterday I think a
woman I gave her your number.
Oh Oh Margot no I can't believe it I
called you so many times in family I got
your new phone number tell me how long
are you here in New York how does a new
york shoulders dropped after three
rehearsals Paul I must talk to you as
soon as possible of course where shall
we meet can I come to your place 1310.
East fifty-seventh Street apartment e
thank you for I'll be right there come
on a breath did you know your elevator
stuff yes I know I'm terribly sorry come
sit down relax take off your coat tell
me what can I offer you nothing you know
I thought of you very often you did it
oh by the way I was at your concert at
townhome was great you were there really
why didn't you come backstage well there
were so many people around besides a
very attractive woman I didn't want to
buddy looking for a dear friend of mine
just a friend now tell me all about
yourself who I'm so mixed up ha I didn't
have the guts to walk out on curls I
told you no it's worse than ever I can't
tell you all the details but he's he's
driving me down sir pack my things and
wrote him a letter those leaving telling
they should look for me I know he'll be
furious that's why I must disappear so
he can't find me please Paul can I stay
here with you just for a few days what
do you mean deal with me Oh haven't you
another room just for a short time well
yes but you're young girl like you're
above all suspicious what I mean is look
you're a respectable man he wouldn't
dare make a scandal with you involved
that's different if he should find you
here you can always introduce me as your
grandfather well I think three because
it's just absurd
I'm sorry I thought that you were
different that you'd understand darling
I'm afraid your OST make you have my
problem stool people are coming here to
see me where should I hide you how shall
I explain maybe I can find you a little
apartment somewhere near maybe I can
even help you out financially as far as
my situation permits well I hope to make
some money the future but for the moment
I Oh what I need for the moment is
Europe your good influence your your
protection Oh Margo you are losing
yourself in big words if you haven't got
your own mahala's thing what do you
expect from me maybe you're right the
toys idea please forgive me for now you
make me feel like it here but what can I
do I'm gonna be sorry what's this oh
those belong to me I was so sure about
Hi I call you tomorrow with my diner
dinner's ready who's Diana that's that
woman you saw my concept cheese how
should I say my sponsor response are you
in television ah visit your phone all
right that woman she's very attractive
and dresses Roshan she must be rich huh
oh she's are you lady tell me something
Paul that white streaks in her hair is
that normal or artificial I don't know.
Oh help ask a wonderful I hope you
matter my cookie mmm delicious I'm so
happy you didn't let me down Paul I feel
so safe here it's like a hideout or
something I feel like a married man that
bad for a change no just unusual oh the
coffee I hope I get a job in ashore and
I crime scene oh I have a brand new
routine way I'll show you it's very sexy
What's so brand-new about it oh you
should see me doing tight that really
has style oh you'll have to come see me
be good for my firsties you know a lot
of people know your name already we'd be
surprised but before I forget never
answer the phone understand oh oh yeah I
think I understand that friend of yours
that sponsored
Oh it's you I poll sorry to wake you up
but I've got to have an answer before
eleven o'clock Douglas agrees that you
can make a few more towns now the
economy is postponed till spring oh it's
a logic me I can infuse some additional
money that's what I thought why are you
sleeping here but it's too hot there oh
by the way have you got a cup of coffee
just warm it up I don't care but you see
I I'm thinking Michael fusion on stairs
in it oh alright I just thought what's
that but don't you hear it your shower
started running must be next door who
say mrs. Power told me last night you
don't feel well tired I suppose yes
maybe lack of sleep I sleep a little
more to your girl all right don't rush
me I understand your English I'll call
Douglas right away if you don't mind
wait a second I want you to hear me
hello mr. Douglas please oh he isn't
I'll call later maybe it's better than I
talked to him personally I'll rush over
before Nona call you from there how did
you sleep landlord you old goat aren't
you ashamed I'll call you out on pole
take it easy
I'm sorry Paul is it very bad well that
was my agent I'm sure he won't miss a
chance to run around and tell everybody
do you really think so what did you tell
him what I tell him that you came to a
tune the piano I'm so happy you tell you
whether you were calm what else could I
do let's make a phone call excuse me
I'll make breakfast hello Paul oh why
don't you answer
mr. Marvin is here excuse me please for
dropping in I just wanted to see you for
a while I hope you don't mind oh I've
just been calling you this moment
someone was there but they didn't answer
that's impossible huh has been down
wrong number huh very busy I can't
understand it don't get excited Paul
you're in fact you little secrets are
not spying on you but you shouldn't
think that I have so don't worry about
it I'm not even interested now how do
you feel about your additional trip fine
wonderful I'm good shaped had a sort of
mysterious gleam in your eye you see
you're provoking me when I want to
explain you you don't give me a chance
don't you understand it's the saddest
thing in the world for a woman to become
a complete
I'd like to see you embarrassed but I'm
not I assure you all right I tell you
the truth I met a little girl a dancer I
think it was in columbus ohio as a
matter of fact she was the first one to
ask for my autograph you know all I
seeing it didn't have a pencil so you
had to take her all the way to New York
and now she's living in your apartment
for fall oh don't be so tragic about it
where's your sense of humor come on
let's have a drink and you can tell me
all about it hello hello what's bad I
was at the library some edition music
for you something yeah French perfume
out of the price on to impress you oh
thank you for why I said this time I've
great news for you yes you'll get rid of
I talked to that this morning we did it
oh she's a girlfriend I know we were in
a show together what about Tara well she
told me that Carla wasn't furious at all
on the contrary she said he was very
calm and about two days later def tell
us some road show or something mm-hmm
that's good you're not was easier than I
expected just the fear of making a
radical change karlo means nothing to me
anymore you know I think after you reach
a certain point you what are you plans
no wait that's it I can share her
apartment on fourteenth Street isn't it
wonderful how things work out sometimes
I'm already packed we'll have dinner and
I'll call a cab and your troubles will
be over I'll miss your beautiful music I
really will crawl and I'll never forget
your kindness unit so a great feeling to
know that one has a friend like you
somewhere near
you must come have dinner with us before
you eat my girlfriend's a wonderful cook
well what is it did I say something
wrong why do you torture me I don't
understand you're a woman with a
normally instinct you know well what I
mean oh I can't believe please turn
around look yes my dear it's sad but
it's true what's so sad about it I think
it's wonder what's so wonderful about it
we've got a great man like you could
care for such a little snoop ride me is
that all you have to say well I'm saying
what I feel why don't you do the same
alright I can read it in your eyes let
me answer you you're not two more and
get that nonsense out of your head
you're a great artist and that makes you
attractive and desirable I really mean
it for I'm crazy about you now listen
I'm going on tour about two weeks I'll
return with a lot of money I hope to
wait here for me and then then then we
talk business ah I'm not the waiting
time there'll be another girl to come to
your autograph and why don't you take me
with you I'd like to watch the people
while you play and I want to have my
aisle seat in the front row at every
concert people look at me and say look
that's his girlfriend maybe don't say
look that's his daughter I.
Hi folks hello I'm terribly sorry to
interrupt you but I just had a moment so
I thought I would like to join us oh it
looks delicious just the little piece
any news from pool don't even ask me I
hate to spoil your lunch what's wrong
all is an idiot Gary this you did it you
it's there marked with a red pencil Paul
Marvin is an accomplished artist and the
public paid tribute to his artistry was
a spontaneous ovation which increased
when the news leaked out then I
celebrated guests had a quiet and
discreet wedding ceremony in the house
of the Albanese justice of the peace
that same afternoon looks like Caesar
and Cleopatra that old fool Dorothy some
fresh coffee please
Oh Melissa Wow look that's terrible
where everything is completely under
It's flooded for miles and miles maybe
that's the end of the tour here read it
is it every time fact case of earthquake
fire flood or any eyes I know I read it
but until I do it puts me in a terrible
situation I spent all my money you can't
expect me to carry the whole load on my
shoulders I can't insist on you
returning money which you don't have but
you can't expect me to pay you the rest
well thank you pay me at least something
I'm completely broke what'd you do with
all that money I advanced you well you
know how it is I bought my wife some
beautiful things and it's just good
morning gentlemen good morning my mrs.
Fowler what do you say about that mess
well it isn't very pleasant but it's not
tragic wonderful hello congratulations
on your marriage thank you it seems I've
chosen the wrong moment I should say so
well who expects a flood when they're in
love just one of those things I'll be
right with you so your little autograph
hunter wasn't so innocent after all huh
well at the time I told you I didn't
intend to marry her did you have to
marry her oh no a voluntary affair I
understand she's quite down yes could be
my daughter you must meet her sometime
she's very charming oh sure she are you
happy yes I think I am Donna I'm
terribly sorry but you know my marriage
to double expenses and then this is
interrupted trip I'm afraid I can't pay
you anything this time then be
diplomatic and don't discuss it how do
you intend to manage my wife is taking a
temporary chart.
Follow you home Vivi why do you said
that darkness is so depressing oh my
feet are killing me I couldn't sit on
for a minute I was negligees all day the
boss is very disappointed but he found
out that I was married he asked me to
have dinner with him good French war who
brought you home the boss himself was
that nice of him was he bringing all of
his employees home oh don't be
ridiculous you should see him he looks
like that jolly joker what's the
treasure if um oh it's a model he gave
it to me hey beautiful
I'll go fix dinner how about yesterday's
too hello miss Margo just a moment for
you me hello oh it's you I don't give me
there no but there are a lot of them
married blondes running around no oh I'm
afraid I'll have to hang up now right
who was it mrs. carpenter son rich ppl
park avenue you know there's customers
he's just a kid about 27 stupid Floyd
you're not going to work there anymore
what what did you say Paul good athlete
I hate to be a fist but that guy Marvin
breaks my heart he keeps calling me day
and night asking desperately to get him
a job how about mrs. Fowler I thought
there were friends she's shirt and help
him out he says he couldn't ask her for
more money and she seems unconcerned so
what can I do huh when his wife take a
job she had won and lost it they moved
to a cheaper apartment downtown terrible
place I just came from there he keeps
borrowing and selling that's a myth well
I feel sorry for the guy wait a minute
here's something what is it yes Ben 27th
I'm at nate allen second Adam you at the
Polish national hall I'm anniversary
celebration with songs and dances all to
play a few Chopin waltzes I'm sure they
go for ya Chopin was polish that's good
how much Oh hundred bucks maybe I didn't
50 that's really bad look can I still
wear it it's tall not nobody else see it
why don't you wear your tuxedo after all
it's a mixed program yeah I'm got it I
sold it well how about you Bruce ended
well I had to pay my piano rental for
two months aren't you going with me look
Paul I'd prefer to stay at home I don't
feel too good and hope to tell you the
truth I hate to see you on such a mixed
program how about to see your carnegie
hall in your old glory where you belong
ah to me audience is an audience goodbye
jealous stubborn booing at the kid look
why don't you let me know well that's
for me I'm expecting a call I bet hi can
you come over oh I see
oh you don't say oh oh that is exciting
oh wait I'll call you right back what's
a number Columbus 3545 wanting to play
I'll sure I know where that is 55th
street I'll call you right back but
imagine they brought Carlo back to do
the choreography for a new musical nib
that said he wanted me to do the show
who's that nice of him Carlo of all the
people don't tell me he was really
consider it well it would keep us going
imagine two hundred dollars a week and
I'd love to be an issue again oh don't
be a child Paul Carlo means nothing to
me he knows I'm married wouldn't it be
wise to let me do it listen I have
performance don't upset me and don't
ever mention it again understand idiot
Face the phone.
She falls for a glare gundam Oh Jeffie
hahahaha please drive as fast as you can
I've got to be back in 50 minutes all
depends on the traffic mr. I'll do the
best I can
you know it or Wellington playhouses
yeah sure 55th street.
How did you lie to me pretending that
you are going to stay at home Paul I
didn't know I didn't intend to come here
you can ask them ivette please come here
but that this is my husband how do you
do if I tell Paul how it happened that I
was here I just wanted to come over to
but how come you're here don't tell me
that don't worry about me I'll be back
in time just want you to know that your
lies and tricks see excitement what
happened your Carlo yes why don't you
leave it alone Paul he had nothing to do
with it he can talk to myself I do sense
I messages don't you know that she's
married who's good you Diggy priority
the cyber Cooper said Peter toss yo
logical only fall say if you want to
know we danced together for three years
I'm still concerned about it I happen to
know she needs to work very badly I'm
touching I saw your concern.
Are you going.
His wife told me the whole story that he
became ill and I rap alone he's been
drinking these ponies people told me was
there backstage and suddenly on earth
didn't come back never heard of anything
like this before in the life and I'll
see that nobody of booking take my word
for it nobody is true
Where are you to get a little fresh air
if you don't mind I talked to a guy can
get me a job don't tell me the bar
nonsense it's a different kind of music
that's not for you I'll try what's the
difference I play some old Wallace's
just another disappointment wouldn't it
be easier to let me take that modeling
job no
how about your agent what does me help
you out poor devil he can't even help
himself how about your friends what
friends that's the size of one instance
hora ask her to help you out for her to
get stench I can't why not I all heard
enough money I know it's impossible is
she jealous or angry because you married
me I don't think so but I didn't pay her
for about three months how much do
you're almost 3,000 that much for what
odd I to pay my insurance premium so
much for insurance I never heard of that
what kind of insurance I have my.
Oh why don't you answer me huh what did
you see I ask you what kind of insurance
life no it's especially insurance.
Danna and spore Marlin it's nice to hear
your voice again I'm slightly drunk that
must admit I had to I I needed courage
to call you I'm lost I'm I'm desperate
that I need your help I need money
believe me it's not easy for me to call
you after I neglected my obligations to
you Paul it wasn't only your obligation
to me it was a little more than that but
let's not discuss it I don't like to be
here just for emergencies it's
humiliating and I don't intend to
finance or sponsor your irresponsible
adventures I know you understand whole
Paul hey there.
I'm sure you must hate me why should I
hate you I just feel sorry for both
others about your bad luck money money
money everything is money in that silly
no it isn't see why don't you call up
that woman I did and I can guess should
help you if I weren't around now let's
to use talking about it sir I was right
she wanted you to leave me she didn't
say anything of the kind that she did
what's the difference I couldn't you
mean you couldn't live without me maybe
it's just your imagination there's
nothing so special about me for men of
your standard I'm not even to
intelligent my face maybe it's cute so
what some people even think I look a
little cheap with my page tear my legs
are okay but nothing to rave about their
sure trying hard to talk me out of
yourself just but I better both of us
it's no use my dear it's some sort of
strange fascination it's like a curse
like a heavy veil I tried everything
clear all of it in my despair him took
your part like a little toy physically
as tribute to a bowl mentally to a cheap
little tramp everything went fine just
fine for the first moment you came here
to me I was lost again so what's the UFC
doesn't work
why are you laughing it sounds like
oh yes and you are I'm Palmeiro mr. Finn
of course how can I help you I was
recommended to you see I all the piano
piece some years ago it was very
successful in proud in Vienna insults
working Rome it has never been published
before and I thought that maybe you mean
serious music yes no I'm sorry don't you
have some some hit tunes you know for
dancehall Custer's things like well I
mean if you like it I could rearrange it
well trim s what'swhat's to see it I'll
be right back mr. Marvin Oh incidentally
that's a good idea about their
rearranging we'll see
could I make a phone call please thank
Marco just want to tell you that
everything looks very good look Paul
it's hard for me to tell you this but
well I think it was all a mistake you
wouldn't die but Margaret let's be
sensible I've made up my mind I want to
go back to show business anyway so it'll
be better for the both of us if week
you'll see that everything will change
no Paul it can't change I don't want to
go on like this I packed my things I
want to be out before you get back I
must get out I feel like I'm suffocating
here in this dirty filthy place but.
Margo for heaven's sake don't let me
down I've I'm telling you I I get some
money I'm sure excuse me I'll be right
so I can chop it up please promise me
feel my truck I must stop dick first a
promise your way all right calm down I
promise I'll wait
see I had to call my wife call that's
perfectly all right well I haven't much
time it was to play a composition go
Well that excuse game I'm a klutz a day
but why don't you come back another time
Marvin excuse me I've got a lot of
things to do
Don't you feel well can I do something
for you oh I felt a little busy but it's
all right now are you sure thank you
Mr. prim the matter was here a while ago
yes but his hand got caught in the
printing press heaven's sakes that's
terrible how did it happen I don't know
somebody call an ambulance.
Don't worry he doesn't feel any pain
he's had a lot of morphine is it very
Hello mrs. Marvin I'm June Fowler mother
asked me to call you she's very sorry
about the accident and she told me to
ask you if thank you it's very nice of
you but I don't need anything thanks bye
hey that woman mrs. Fowler she brought
Paul over for Europe now if she asked
what she can do to help where does the
doctor say it's not as bad as expected
they stopped the machine just in time
you'll get out the hospital in a few
days but he'll never be able to play
again that's terrible what will happen
then I don't know the insurance company
called about some papers I told them I
didn't know anything about it well don't
worry Carlos didn't take care of you
he's well off now you know I can't take
money from Carlo from his friend from a
fellow artist why not it's too crazy
about you
how do you know well I know that you let
you dance three solo members and give
you featured billing did he tell you
that sure I would not make it us what's
he use can you explain how the accident
happened mr. Model did you slip or no I
I fainted you see I had some trouble
financial trouble partly I had a quarrel
with my wife jealousy level your wife is
very young and beautiful it's
understandable go ahead please so I came
to the publishers office to play my
composition and
problem the intrusion mrs. Marvin I'm
Diana fella I know my husband isn't home
yet I came to see you mrs. Melvin
I'm quite tired of apologizing for this
terrible mess but I don't feel
responsible believe it or not don't
bother please sit down anyplace you'll
get dirty anyway.
I must admit I'm not fit to make a very
good impression I'm so tired I won't
stay long if you came to offer me
financial help thanks I don't need any
my friends to Karen air I hope you don't
mind if I close my eyes they hurt so
badly no no not at all I understand Paul
is doing quite well it'd be discharged
in a few days I just talked to him a
little while ago he just got his last
check I was told as far as his playing
again is concerned it doesn't look too
good that's at least you could say about
it really tragic but fortunately it is
the insurance good for him I hope it
will give him some kind of security well
you won't have to worry for quite some
time at least I don't worry about myself
as a matter of fact yes nothing may I
guess it's such a delicate matter I'm
rather afraid of using the wrong words
I'll try to take their words with what
they mean and not how they sound well
mrs. Marvin I believe it was ambition
rather than love that attracted you to
Paul it meant a great deal to you to be
the wife of a man of his genius his
social standing you tried very hard to
climb up to him but only succeeded in
dragging him down forgive me for saying
it alright I made a mistake that I
didn't mean anything bad I didn't want
to hurt him it just happened so but Paul
is madly in love with you he's quite
convinced he can't live without you
that's just the trouble any sacrifice I
make anything I do will lead to nothing
I feel trapped I want to get out what
shall I do and without his music he'll
suffer even more in the peace rest and
lots of patience mrs. Fowler may I ask
you a question please do are you in love
with him
no we're good actress it falls was a
little too long Jenkins for the media
bad egg why do you ask I need your help
well how can I help you can't expect me
to talk you into leaving Paul just to
ease your conscience but if I do leaving
not just my sake for the sake of both
ends would you take care of me do you
think I'd make a good nurse I'm sure you
can give him all those things you talked
about rest peace of mind and patience
what do you say it's open excuse me I
didn't know you had company that's all
right I'm leaving right away if there's
anything I can do for you mrs. Northern
anything at all please let me know
I wouldn't let you go home today but I
want to see your friday and then every
third day come shape next time mmm tell
me doctor what's the final verdict give
a time and let's hope that's all I can
say for the present thank you oh are you
still here the insurance company called
I told him you had gone home miss
Peterson thank you for everything good
luck sir Thank You Margo
Oh mr. Marvin international insurance
company of Geneva Jack low speaking safe
could you come over a very important
matter came up I'm sorry I can't I'm
what is it we have a man here an
employee of the publishing company who
claims that he saw you just a few
seconds before your accident we have his
statement here and we'd like and front
you with him before we proceed father
can you read it to me over the phone
but don't you think mr. Marvin that all
this business about you're staring at
your hand before the accident could
involve you in a very well I mean if you
insist on going ahead with your
application we must take it to court you
know what that could mean thank you for
giving me the chance destroy the
I don't you play some gay a bum.