Strange Frequency (2001) Movie Script

( transmission static )
( distorted voices )
( mid-tempo rock intro plays )
( siren wailing )
( rock music continuing )
( garbled voices )
I've got blisters!
WOMAN ( over phone ):
Yeah, I know.
Baby, I know it's 2:00
in the morning.
Well, you know,
the concert went late.
Oh, God, here it comes.
( imitates
whip cracking )
I'm sorry, okay?
Well, Metallica came out
for three encores.
What do you want me to do?
I can't just leave.
It's your fault.
It's all your fault.
So, how is that my fault?
What's she ragging
about now, man?
What? Nothing.
Uh, nothing, no.
Just, Buck says hi.
Well, his car crapped out.
I can't just leave him out here.
He's my best friend.
Lisa, don't do this.
Come on.
( dial tone )
( sizzling crackle )
Oh, yeah.
It's alive.
Let's go, Randy.
( hard rock song plays )
You know...
Don't say it.
Eh, you're better off
without her.
Buck, I swear.
Once a girl knows
your name and number
she's got you by the short
and curlies, my friend.
When was the last time
you had a girlfriend?
I had three of them
last weekend.
( laughs )
No, man, Lisa's different.
Yeah, was different.
See, that's where
you're wrong, Randy.
We're different.
We're rockers, man.
I mean, who spent five
days in line for tickets
to the Who's third
farewell tour?
Who quit their jobs last summer
to see every
Ozz Fest show?
Who slept with
Stacy Krebner
to get backstage
at The Black Crowes
with Jimmy Page?
We did, that's who.
And where has
this gotten me?
My girlfriend just dumped me.
I don't have a job
and I'm in a beat-up
Citation with you.
Yeah, but we still have tunes.
AC/DC always gets
the heart pumping.
Oh, oh, oh!
( tires squealing )
( screams )
( groans )
Oh, damn.
Randy, you all right?
( groans )
I feel like I took a steel-toed
boot between the eyes.
You still got all
your parts, right?
I could use another beer.
You're good.
( groans )
Come on.
( music plays in distance )
Check that.
We'll call Slade for a ride,
all right?
( quiet sizzle )
( loud disco music plays )
Man, I couldn't wreck
my wheels on metal night?
Don't these morons know
that disco sucks?
( music stops abruptly )
( pulsating disco intro begins )
Shake it, shake it
Hey, move your
groove thing, Chachi.
Shake it, shake it
You got a phone?
Shake your groove thing,
shake your groove thing
Bartender, you got a phone?
Show them how to do it now
I wouldn't make anyone
wear polyester.
Ah, disco put a stink
on an entire decade.
( pounds table )
A little service.
Man, how do you
do a '70s night
and forget about Boston
and Aerosmith?
Thin Lizzy.
The music gives us a chance
We do more out on the floor
Grooving loose
or heart to heart
We put in motion
every single part
Hey, Chachi, you got a
phone in this place?
First time here?
You figure that out
all by yourself?
Where's the phone?
Having us a ball, y'all
Shake your groove thing,
shake your groove thing
If you can flag
him down, buy me
a cold one, okay?
What? Oh, right.
This is, this is typical.
Because of you, I
lose my girlfriend.
We get into a car wreck.
I'm stuck in an all-night disco,
and now you want me
to buy you a beer.
Ease up, ease up.
Ease up.
I'll buy the beer,
and on top of it,
I'll find the phone, okay?
All right, fine.
A dollar. Hey, bartender!
We got the rhythm tonight
All the rest know
we're the best
Our shadows crash
in the night
Twisting, turning,
we keep burning
Shake it high, shake it low
We take our bodies
where they want to go
Feel that heat, never stop
Your first time here?
Uh, yeah.
And I, uh, I hope
you'll be gentle.
You look like
you'd want it rough.
Well, actually, I just
want a phone that works.
I wrapped my car around
a pole out front, so...
Well, maybe I can help?
Well, I don't know,
it's, uh...
it's a big pole.
( giggles )
Come on.
It's okay.
Come on.
Then take the floor and dance
with me
( "YMCA" intro plays )
Oh, no.
For God's sakes,
not again.
Young man
There's no need to feel down
I said young man
Pick yourself off the ground
I said young man
'Cause you're in a new town
There's no need
to be unhappy
Young man
Hey, there.
First time here?
When you're short
on your dough
You can stay there
And I'm sure you will find
Back off, joy boy.
"Joy boy."
It's fun to stay at the
It's fun to stay at the
Sorry. You just looked like
you could use a friend.
One's enough,
thank you.
Let me buy
you a beer.
Yeah, good luck
with that.
( taps table )
Two cold ones
for my friend and I.
It's fun to stay at the YMCA
You can get yourself clean
You can have a good meal
You can do
whatever you feel...
Wow, one hell of a crapper.
( laughs )
I thought you might like it.
With some decent music,
this could be a party.
Give disco a chance.
It's like great sex
without the complications.
You're moving to the music.
( ecstatic moaning )
No power trips.
No commitments.
Who are you?
No names.
They have everything...
Don't get me wrong.
He's a good guy.
"Good"... is
a relative term.
He's my best friend,
but he's such a
screw-up, you know.
You're changing.
He isn't, dude.
Yeah, something
like that.
You're growing.
You're... evolving.
He's stuck in
the same old spot,
doing the same
old things.
Concert here,
kegger there.
You know, you...
you need to expand
your horizons.
You need to try new things.
Tiffany, Farrah...
this is Randy.
Young man...
Pretty foxy, aren't they?
This your first time here?
Come and dance with us.
No, it's okay.
I don't, I don't really dance.
My friend's going to
be right back, so...
Go on.
Join them.
Come on, it'll be fun.
I think he's cute.
...for young men to enjoy
You can hang out
with all the boys
It's fun to stay at the YMCA
Young man, young man,
there's no need to...
( "Super Freak" plays )
She's a very kinky girl
The kind you don't take home
to Mother
She will never let
your spirits down
Once you get her
off the street, ow, girl
She likes the boys
in the band
She says
that I'm her all-time favorite
When I make my move
to her room
It's the right time
She's never hard to please,
ow, no
( heavy breathing )
The Scorpions.
You... like the Scorps?
I used to.
Well, I don't get it.
How can you be
a rocker chick one day
and a disco skeeze the next?
It's not so bad.
W-Wh-What do you mean,
not so bad?
Every song
sounds the same.
That beat
"whomp, whomp, whomp,"
like a drill
over and over
into your skull.
Don't fight it.
It's only worse
if you fight it.
Fight what?
( "Super Freak" playing
in distance )
What the...?
When I get there, she's got
incense, wine and candles
It's such a freaky scene
That girl is pretty kinky
That girl's a super freak
The kind of girl
you read about
In new wave magazine
That girl is pretty wild now
The girl's a super freak
I really like to taste her
Every time we meet
She's all right,
she's all right
That girl's all right
with me, yeah
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Dance it. Dance it.
She's a super freak,
super freak
Randy, what are
you doing?
Come on. We're
out of here.
Hey, bud.
Come and dance
with us.
Hey, is this your
first time, too?
Yeah, and our
last time.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Super freak, super freak,
let's go.
( faint disco music continues )
( thunder rumbling )
Man, you're giving me
the creeps.
Those chicks were hot.
Yeah, I know
they were hot.
That place was
not right.
What is your problem?
It's some sort
of disco cult.
What is my problem?
Look at yourself.
That coat will leave
a rash like a mother.
Oh, no.
Buck, we're dead.
Welcome, boys.
( amplified ):
Pleased to meet you.
I'm so glad you came.
I can't believe this is hell.
I wasn't that bad.
How many times did you take
the Lord's name in vain?
Oh, that's a weak-ass rule.
It's in writing.
One of the top ten.
All right. Then
what's with the disco?
Where are all
the fiery pits
and the torture racks?
Quit poking me!
Eternal damnation
at its best is custom-made.
Well, actually,
I thought hell was
going to be more like
that Black Sabbath album cover.
You know, the one
with the...
the demon-bat guys.
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
Yeah, that one.
Rockers forever trapped
in a disco nightmare.
Assuming everyone
in there is...?
What do you think?
You... are evil.
That's why they call me
the prince.
So, boys, you might as well
go back inside,
put on the polyester
and start practicing
The Hustle.
I'm not going back in there.
Not in a million years,
my friend.
Sooner or later,
you'll get tired
of sitting on the sidewalk,
thinking about what you
could have done differently.
And this is the tasty part:
Watching you rockers cave
and become the thing
that you hate most.
It warms my heart.
What a prick.
You know...
Ah, look at the bright side.
At least we're together, right?
The bright side?
There is no bright side.
If it wasn't for you,
I'd be at home
with Lisa right now.
And if it wasn't
for you,
I'd still have my job,
Buck, my life.
And if it wasn't for you,
I sure as hell wouldn't have
slept with Stacey Krebner.
That's it, Buck.
I'm through getting
dogged by you.
Aah, Randy.
Where are you going?
See you in
a million years.
( disco music playing )
Shake it, shake it
( zapping )
( siren whoops, then stops )
Nice response time.
Here's the backboard.
No pulse here.
Okay, Stacey Krebner
thing is on me.
All right, Randy?
But you did get
Jimmy Page's autograph
and you left
that part out.
All right.
I'll check the driver.
Just for the record:
I wouldn't have done half
the sick, wild stuff
I did without you, man.
No pulse here.
Man, at least we still
got tunes, right?
( garbled radio dispatches )
( switch clicks;
"Tom Sawyer" intro plays )
Wait a minute.
I got a pulse
on the driver.
A modern-day warrior
All right.
Hang a rig.
Mean, mean stride
The music...
Today's Tom Sawyer
Mean, mean pride...
...always gets
the heart pumping.
Sorry, pal.
Hey, I've got
to get in there.
No can do.
I was just in there.
You saw me come out.
You're not on the list.
That means you're
gonna live... idiot.
Okay, I'll...
Hot disco chick.
Yeah, let me in.
But i-if you... come in
y-you might not
get back out again.
Listen, just
let me in, all right?
Uh, my best friend
is in there.
Dante's not going
to like this.
Come on,
you're already in hell.
( faint disco music playing )
What happened?
( beeping )
I'm losing him.
( panting )
( disco music continues
in other room )
My name's Buck.
Let's go find
your friend.
( zapping )
We got him.
Ah, that's great.
Uh, easy, kid.
You going to be okay.
( groaning )
He's flatlining!
But you said
you had him.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm coming.
Let's go. Let's go.
( disco music plays )
Shake it
Doo, doo-doo, ah
It's too late. Look at him.
No, Christine,
there's still time.
Let's call it.
No, charge it
up again.
Listen to the music.
What are you talking about?
It's the music.
It'll bring you back.
( CD player clicks )
( music playing over CD )
Let's get on out
( zapping )
Show them how to do it now
Show them how to do it now
( zapping )
It's got to work.
Pump up the volume.
How loud would you like it?
( bass playing loudly )
Yeah, as loud
as you like it.
( "Tom Sawyer" playing loudly )
It won't make any difference.
You're lying.
It's only rock
and roll, Buck.
It won't heal
Randy's broken neck.
But it worked
for me.
I mean, I was
by the medics,
and-and I played the music
and my heart, my heart...
He's right, Buck.
It's too late.
You've got to go.
Look at me.
You've got to go...
Come back to us.
( grunts )
( groans )
You've got to
go back, Buck.
Go back to what?
Who's going to go to concerts
with ya?
Who's going to party with ya?
You'll be all alone, Buck.
Don't listen to him.
No, he's right.
He's right. I can't...
I can't leave you here alone.
I mean, you're my best friend.
Today's Tom Sawyer
He gets high on you
And the energy you trade
My only friend.
He gets right on
Let go, Buck.
To the friction of the day
I'm sorry, Randy...
about everything.
Hey, who taught me
how to hot-wire cars, huh?
Who always had my
back in bar fights?
Who came back into hell for me?
( zapping )
( gasping and panting )
( monitor beeping )
I need a doctor.
Mr. Cadler.
Yes, what is it?
Doctor, here's her chart.
Her vitals are good.
Um, she's been in a coma
for nine months
and then she just woke up.
The world is, the world is
Love and life are deep
Christine, sweetheart,
can you hear me?
Maybe as his eyes
are wide...
MAN 1:
The kids are ruining
rock and roll.
MAN 2:
Does "Hope I die before
I get old" ring a bell?
My generation refused
to bow down.
...Radiohead, Tool...
Music today is meaningless.
( guitar, organ and bass play )
( drums join in )
Ned, RockFest is like...
It's the concert event
of the decade, right?
I mean, it's so much better
than Lollapalooza.
'Cause they, okay,
they got two stages, right?
And there's,
like, 30 bands.
And they got all these tents
with a bunch of cool stuff.
Oh, sounds like a
traveling Woodstock.
Yeah, yeah.
So, you know, uh, at Red Rocks,
my girlfriend and I were selling
beersicles in
the parking lot.
Totally made enough
to see both nights.
But, man, I got to tell you,
Lenny Kravitz was just,
he was the best last night.
I mean, he only got
to play 45 minutes
because Bob Dylan made a
special appearance with him.
That's amazing.
I know.
Like, why would they
bump Lenny, okay?
Lenny, for some old guy who,
like, can't even sing, right?
( giggles )
But, you know,
Lenny came back
on an encore.
They sang, "Rock, Rock,
Rocking on Heaven's Door."
( screams )
Man, I'm telling you, Lenny,
he's just, he's awesome.
( engine sputters )
Oh, no.
What, "Oh, no?"
Hopefully, it's...
I'll pull over up here.
( engine sputters )
( brakes squeak )
Damn carburetor.
What's wrong?
I just got to flush
the intake manifold.
Only take a second.
There's a screwdriver
in the trunk.
Would you get it for me?
Yeah, sure.
( mid-tempo rock beat )
You know, music today...
is meaningless.
It's made up by
derivative retreads
who wake up every morning,
wishing they were Bob Dylan,
John Lennon
or Sly Stone.
Or, in the case of
Lenny Kravitz, all three.
That fake.
That fake had no business being
on the same stage as Dylan.
( brakes squeak )
And it's "Knock, Knock,
Knocking on Heaven's Door."
( bluesy guitar song plays )
Been a little off-center
Most of my life
I got a crooked nose
I can't think straight,
I'm ahead of my time
So, was everything okay?
Well, Krista,
the food was delicious,
and the view was beautiful.
But the music was
a little weak.
Too bad there's
no Pearl Jam.
Sorry, sugar.
No, thanks.
Just the bill, please.
You going to a concert
or coming from?
Both, actually.
I need to be in Seattle
the day after tomorrow.
Well, you might
get a trucker to take you
as far as Portland.
That's a great tip.
Thank you.
Actually, getting rides hasn't
been a problem so far.
I started following
this tour in Missouri.
Wow, that's a long way to ride
with complete strangers.
Well, they're only strangers
until you get to know them,
Enjoy your concert.
You must have learned patience
from a saint
You love what I am,
and not what I ain't
I don't know what you see
in a rebel like me...
( brakes squeak )
Thanks for stopping.
Tripping right
on down the line
( bluesy guitar solo plays )
So, you go to many concerts?
Yeah. 16 shows in seven
different states.
Ah, you're a
big music lover.
Yeah, Radiohead,
Tool, STP.
You know, music
that matters.
Well, I recorded this
at Autzen Stadium,
August of '89.
My mom used to listen
to this hippie crap.
The long, rambling
songs are so boring.
Jams. They call them jams.
It sounds like they're making it
up as they go along.
Tripping right on
down the line
Excuse me?
Here, listen to this.
You can get lost in that groove.
Guess you've got to be stoned
to really appreciate them.
Maybe so.
What are you doing?
What, you don't smoke?
I thought you guys
invented smoking.
All right, I know.
They're killers.
( sighs )
Do you have
any other tapes?
( guitar solo playing )
At the height of their powers.
Berkeley, 1975.
( similar guitar solo plays )
Now, that's what
music of substance sounds like.
You remind me of this lady
I got a ride from in Minnesota.
She had this stupid
vanity license plate
that said "Flower Power."
She was listening
to some old, tired music
and she tells me, "The first
time I heard this song,
we marched on the Capitol
to protest the war in Vietnam."
Yeah, well,
my generation refused
to bow down
to the establishment.
Your generation traded
peace and love
for corporate raiding
and junk bonds.
My generation
brought the world
equality and free love.
Free love doubled
the divorce rate.
I can't handle
this music.
Hey, take it easy.
Your generation raps
over classic rock songs
and calls it new.
You take drugs to
hide from reality
instead of to
expand your mind.
And you'll pay $20,000
for a Volkswagen Beetle
just so you can...
What did you do
to your hand?
I could use a drink.
That dream truck
keeps on rolling
You, first.
( guitar solo continues )
( grunts )
Wheels rolling, baby,
all night long
And keep, keeping on
( guitar solo )
( sighs )
Thank you.
...keep, keeping on
( engine sputters )
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
Oh, it's probably nothing.
I'm going to pull over
right over here.
Good spot.
( song continues )
( music stops,
engine shuts off )
What's wrong?
Damn carburetor.
Look, there's
a screwdriver
in the trunk.
I'll pop it open.
Wh-Why don't you
get the screwdriver?
'Cause I'm popping the trunk.
But why don't I pop the trunk
and you get the screwdriver?
'Cause it's already popped.
( trunk pops up )
( hood pops up )
And look,
I popped the hood, too.
Now, do you want to help,
or do you want to walk?
All right.
( crickets chirping )
Hey, Bob.
You're my first New Hampshire.
Quite a collection, Bob.
You, too.
You know, your music and
your time have come and gone.
Does "Hope I die before
I get old" ring a bell?
You kids...
you kids are ruining
rock 'n roll
with your
hip-hop beats
and your insipid boy bands.
( grunting )
Should have got
the Tru Coat, Bob.
The oak-handled clawhammer?
Don't you find that
a bit pedestrian?
Some consider it clumsy...
even old-fashioned.
But when you feel
that first blow
to the back of the head
resonate through the wood,
it's like a stand-up double.
What the hell is that?
It's a compass.
What else you packing?
A protractor?
Excuse me.
Sorry for trying to show
a little creativity.
Well, at least you learned
something in school,
besides how to download porn
off the internet.
We'll see how
sanctimonious you are
with this sticking
out of your jugular.
You know, I've registered
40-foot spurts with this baby.
40 feet?
I'm skeptical.
I wouldn't lie
to you, Bob.
Professional courtesy.
"Professional courtesy"?
Get off the roof, you idiot!
It's a 1960 classic Cadillac!
Ow. Ow. Oh. Ow.
Oh. Oh.
Oh. Ow.
Bob, come out and play.
Look what you did to my roof.
( horn honks )
Good evening, gentlemen.
The old dog won't hunt, eh?
Uh, yeah.
( chuckles )
Well, have no fear,
Sam is here.
( chuckling )
Sometimes, you know,
I can get a car to turn over
by just staring
at the plug wires.
( cackling )
We'll have a
little look-see.
( hood opens )
Oh, yeah, th-the fuel system
on these beauties...
damned finicky.
But then nothing ever seems
to be as good as it used to be
does it?
Where you boys headed?
To the RockFest concert
in Seattle.
That's sure nice...
see a father and son
spend time together like that.
Yeah, Dad's great about
that kind of stuff.
Consider yourself lucky.
My son and I fought
like cats and dogs.
For him, rock 'n roll was
the be all and the end all.
And I liked that big band
sound, you know?
Music with swing.
( chuckles )
You fellas got a flashlight?
In the trunk.
Son, would you
give Dad a hand?
Sure, Dad.
( whispers ):
He's mine.
He's yours?
My car.
I'm company.
Ah. Two out of three.
If you're going to do it...
do it right.
Oh, my God,
you really are a pro.
36 kills in 24 states.
16 in seven.
Ah, your best years
are ahead of you.
A gun, Bob?
Shh. It's for self-defense.
A puncture hole
to the ear?
I did an ear hole
Any twitching?
Surprisingly little.
I like the twitching.
You know...
you ought to use piano wire
on old turkey neck here.
Piano wire it is.
But watch your grip.
Or this can happen.
You don't want to live
with that. It hurts.
( engine starts )
( chuckling )
Cancel the flashlight, boys.
It was just a loose
distributor cap.
Distributor cap?
And there's no need to thank me.
I'm a member of the Highway
Saviors Auto Club.
Helping strangers is what we do.
( chuckling )
( door shuts )
( engine starts )
...need somebody to love
Wouldn't you love
somebody to love?
You better find
somebody to love
That was weird.
Your eyes, I say your eyes
look like his
The moment did not seem right.
I feel, uh...
But in your head, baby
I don't know... dirty.
I'm afraid you don't
Don't you want
somebody to love?
You ever let one live before?
Don't you need
somebody to love?
Wouldn't you love
somebody to love?
Well, I'm still alive.
You better find
somebody to love
For now.
( chuckles )
( laughing )
Tears are running
We will never
let that happen again.
No, we won't.
And your friends, baby
They treat you like a guest
Don't even think about it.
Don't you want
somebody to love?
Don't you need
somebody to love?
( stomping on brake pedal )
Come on, Bob.
You're going to have to
retire the old "my car's
breaking down" routine
if we're to be working together.
( tires screeching )
Who are you trying to kid?
( tires screeching )
( crash )
What do you got?
1-19. Go ahead.
It's not pretty.
What the hell?
Oh, man. Clint!
You're not going
to believe this.
The power steering and the brake
line are both razor-clean
just like the others.
Good day, Officer.
( swing music plays )
Can I be of
any assistance?
Sir, nothing to see here.
Very good, Officer.
Have a good day.
( big band music plays )
Huh. Kids today.
They really ought
to be more careful.
( music continuing )
Who the hell
are you?!
Housekeeping, sir.
Not all guests
are like Mr. Blitz.
MAN 2:
Enough, Jimmy.
Too much is never enough.
Oh, I hope everything
is to your liking.
( bell dings )
Thanks for being
flexible, Tom.
I guess Jimmy forgot
about the interview.
Y-You don't have
to convince me.
Um, my paper wants
a cover story.
Just so you know,
he was on a plane
all night.
Miles, I'd have been
if he'd showed up
on time.
Oh, now, that was
the Blitz of the '80s
Believe me,
he has learned to channel
all that reckless energy.
( loud rock music plays )
( hooting and yelling )
Coming through.
Watch out, watch out.
( Robby howls )
TV racing!
( grunts )
( glass breaking )
( tires screech, crash )
( horn honking )
Damn, it's good to be
back on the road again.
Ain't it, though?
( chuckles )
Hey, don't put
the Buddha next
to the Kali.
You'll throw
off my chakras.
Excuse me, darling.
Jimmy! Jimmy!
Look who I have here--
Tom West
from the Times.
Welcome to the
psycho ward--
my home away
from rehab.
It's really great
to meet you, yeah.
Jimmy, it's been a long time
since your last tour.
Have you missed it?
Uh, hell, yeah, man!
It's the best job
in the world.
The hours are great.
Sex isn't bad either.
Is it a bit
of a disappointment
to be playing small clubs?
Doing the clubs is my way
of giving something back
to the fans.
Can you really call it
"giving something back"
when you're charging
50 bucks a head?
Hey, you're talking about
a legend here-- Jimmy Blitz!
They pay to see
a Jimmy Blitz show.
That's what I
give them,
you know?
Does the Jimmy Blitz show
still involve
you getting blitzed
before each show?
Where'd you get
this hack?!
I can see you've come
a long way, Jimmy.
Get out of my sight.
Do you know something?
I went out on a limb
to get that interview!
Always the last man standing.
( glass breaking )
( snickering )
( bell dings )
( easy-listening music plays )
( wheels squeaking )
( door opens )
( zipper unzips )
( trickling )
How do you d...?
( muttering )
Oh, for goodness sake.
( easy-listening music
continuing )
( humming softly )
( bell dings )
Apologize to him?
I had to offer him
an exclusive
just to get him
to come back.
I never apologized to anyone
in my life.
That punk reporter
can kiss the tattoo on my ass.
Look, Jimmy,
we need this publicity, right?
We need good publicity.
I hope everything
is to your...
Who needs the
press anyway?
They never write
about my music.
Okay, so, a good write-up
puts buns in seats, yeah?
Wait a minute, where...?
What happened here?
It's... clean.
Where's my Buddha?
Where's my Kali?
( crashes )
Where the hell
are my idols?
Look, if you don't
take this seriously
this comeback tour
isn't going to get
off the ground.
( bottles rattling )
I've asked him to come back
after tonight's rehearsal, okay?
Look, it's not
going to kill you
to answer a few
questions, is it?
Might kill him.
I ask the questions.
I ask...
( sighs )
Stay focus.
Brave, Tommy.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, yeah.
( gasps )
Look, uh, Miles assured me
that the lighters and fluids...
Oh, I'm sorry.
I have to apologize
about before.
I can get a little
carried away.
Well, let's-let's
get it over with, all right?
I'm happy to give
you an exclusive.
I've just got
one condition.
( crowd cheering )
( slurring ):
Do you have
a problem with drugs?
Ooh, I guess
you'll never know
The way I feel tonight...
( hooting and applause )
I don't have
a problem with drugs.
The police have
a problem with drugs.
( chuckling )
You were intoxicated
for most of the '80s, eh?
Do you have any re...
do you have any regrets?
( whistling )
( crowd cheering )
I missed out on
a lot of orgies.
( laughter )
...way it feels tonight...
Do you have a...
Do you have a bathroom?
Always the last man standing.
( bell dings )
( easy-listening music plays )
( wheels squeaking )
She loves us.
We're her job security.
( sighs )
( groans )
For the love of Pete.
( wheels squeaking )
( sighs )
Oh... oh.
Oh, God, my head!
( groans )
Are you all right?
( retching )
You can use this...
if you have to.
I'm sorry
about the mess.
Not all guests
are like Mr. Blitz.
Some respect my hospitality
and understand
that they are guests.
Mr. Vedder was
a perfect gentleman.
Vedd... Vedder?
Eddie Vedder?
Mr. Vedder.
Mr. Jagger picked up
after himself
though Mr. Moon did not,
nor did Mr. Hendrix.
Mr. Presley...
Mr. Presley was
the absolute worst.
Elv... Elvis stayed
here, in this room?
How long have you worked here?
Long enough to know
that Mr. Blitz has nothing
on Mr. Sinatra
and don't get me started
on Mr. Little Richard.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Listen to me prattle on.
No, no.
No, no.
Please, prattle.
Prattle, by all means.
What's this, then?
Man, that old
lady can clean.
( wheels squeaking )
Oh, I hope everything
is to your liking.
So, you want to play?
Are you ready, Robby?
Well, all right
Let's go
( "Ballroom Blitz" guitar riff )
It's been getting so hard
Living with the things
you do to me
I think we're getting
so strange
I'd like to tell you
everything I see
Oh, I see a man at the back,
as a matter of fact
His eyes are as red
as the sun
And the girl in the corner
let no one ignore her
She thinks
she's the passionate one
Oh, yeah
It was electric
Everybody was frightenin'
And the music was soothing
And they all started
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah
And the man at the back said
everyone attack
And it turned
into a ballroom blitz
And the girl
in the corner said
Boy, I wanna warn you
It'll turn
into a ballroom blitz
Ballroom blitz now
Ballroom blitz
It's, it's a ballroom blitz
It's, it's
a ballroom blitz
It's, it's a ballroom blitz
Oh, yeah
It was electric
So frightfully hectic
And they all started leaving
'Cause they all started
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah
And the man at the back said
everyone attack
And it turned
into a ballroom blitz
And the girl
in the corner said
Boy, I wanna warn you
It'll turn
into a ballroom blitz
Ballroom blitz now
Ballroom blitz
Ballroom blitz now
It's, it's a ballroom blitz
It's, it's
a ballroom blitz
It's, it's a ballroom blitz
All right...
This is a mistake.
( elevator bell dings )
This is a joke, right?
Where's my article?
It's not that bad.
This is my headline.
Well, at least
they didn't trash the show.
She took my story!
Oh, Jimmy,
settle down.
She's a maid,
for God's sake.
I want my headline!
( door slams open )
( easy-listening music playing )
Who the hell are you?!
Housekeeping, sir.
I hope everything
is to your lik...
Everything is not
to my liking.
Was this your idea?
Jimmy, stop it.
( easy-listening music
continuing )
( radio shattering )
Now, that's to my liking.
And that's to my liking.
No, please...
And that's
really to my liking.
That's enough, Jimmy.
I've sold 40 million records.
Jimmy, stop it.
I've performed
for kings and queens,
and nobody steals my thunder!
I hope this is to your liking!
Jimmy, Jimmy...
Cart's dead, man.
I'll tell you something, Jimmy.
I'm out of here.
I quit.
You can clean up your own messes
from now on.
Excuse me.
I'm out of here.
What are you looking at?
You went too far, man.
There's no such
thing as too far.
Who needs you, anyway?
I can replace all of you
in two phone calls.
Yes, I can.
( squeaking )
( thunder crashing )
Who needs them?
I'm the one
the fans want to see.
Ah. Too much is never enough!
( wheel squeaking )
( glass tinkling )
What the hell?
Hotel operator.
Hello. This is Jimmy Blitz
in the VIP suite.
Hotel operator.
Uh, hello, can you hear me?
( clicking button )
Hotel operator.
Hello, this is Jimmy...
( voices chanting ):
Scrub, scrub, scrub,
let's clean out the tub.
Scrub, scrub, scrub,
let's clean out the tub.
( hangs up phone )
...cleaner than a brilliant
shine on tub or sinks.
( voices chanting ):
Scrub, scrub, scrub,
let's clean out the tub.
Scrub, scrub, scrub,
let's clean out...
Germs are killed and washed away
leaving only the fresh scent...
It's an easy day when
you clean with an Easy Day...
( chanting ):
Scrub, scrub, scrub,
let's clean out the tub.
Scrub, scrub, scrub,
let's clean out the tub.
( laughing )
( pulls plug )
( easy-listening music plays )
I can hear you!
I know you're out there,
you little witch!
Open this door!
Let's see you
stop metal on wood.
Is that all you've got?!
You're going to have to do
better than that, you old hag.
I hope everything
is to your liking.
( TV static ) when you clean
with an Easy Day mop...
Yes, with the Easy Day
vacuum action dry mop
you can dust...
Cleaner than a...
Germs are killed and...
( chanting ):
Scrub, scrub...
...clean out the tub.
Scrub, scrub...
Germs are...
...clean out the tub.
Nothing could be cleaner
than a brilliant shine...
( chuckling )
Once again,
the last man standing.
( metallic scraping )
( wheels squeaking )
( screaming )
( elevator bell dings )
( women squealing )
( laughter )
( hooting )
Come on, come on.
Let's kick this out.
( laughing )
Yeah, baby!
( yelling )
MAN 1:
How do you always find
the next big thing?
MAN 2:
MAN 3:
I just go with my gut.
He's going to kill me.
MAN 4:
Suicide isn't your fault.
MAN 5:
Why does this keep happening?
It's just not
a part of the sound
It's just the way
that she moves
That's got me so...
damn mystified...
( scatting )
Wasn't this guy in Menudo?
You know, when they call
it a "talent showcase"
I assume maybe we're going
to see some talent.
I ain't drunk enough
for this, man.
Another round?
You know, he
has nice hair.
Yeah. When we signed Poison,
they went triple platinum
and all they had
was nice hair.
( chuckles )
Hey, yo,
check it out.
We're in the presence
of royalty.
God, hasn't he bought
his own island yet?
Oh, you didn't hear about
his golden boy, Tyson Cruger?
Mmm. Canceled the tour--
Nervous breakdown.
Hey, Mike Carter.
How you doing?
Jack Schulman.
I sent you
Darcy King's demo.
I get
a lot of demos.
You know, I'm
her manager.
She's up next.
She's going to explode
onto the scene.
I swear it, man.
You're going to hear it
and you're going
to kill to sign her.
I'm sorry, man. My label's
full up on girl acts, but, uh...
Foley's label's looking.
She writes her own stuff, man.
It's insightful.
It's brilliant.
I'll see you later,
eh, Carter?
She's going to be
a spokesperson
for her generation.
How you doing, Marty?
How's the ulcer?
I'm fine.
Look, man,
I'm, uh, sorry
to hear what happened
to Tyson Cruger.
Oh, he just needed
a little rest.
I heard he's finger-painting
with his own feces.
Look, I work very closely
with my acts...
but I'm not a baby-sitter.
There's a million things
that can go wrong.
( crowd cheering )
So, what do you think?
He the next Latin crossover?
Not tonight, Carter.
I just thought that King Midas
might want to share
a little of the touch
with a mere mortal, that's all.
Come on, Marty,
how do you do it?
I mean, how do you always find
the next big thing?
Well, I just go with my gut.
Right about now, I want y'all
to give a big Mondo Club welcome
to the young, talented,
and the beautiful
Miss Darcy King.
Give it up, y'all.
( applause )
( electrical buzz )
( clearing throat )
( strikes minor chord )
( feedback squeal )
Sorry about that.
Hey, what'd you expect
with no cover charge?
So sad.
See you at
South By Southwest, man.
( ballad intro plays )
This pace you're movin'
Explains your next bad day
It's all too slow
Will it ever go away?
( agonized groan )
You have no right
( song continues
in distorted voice )
( normal voice ):
There ain't no love
You need to get...
Remember when our lives
were so simple
When you thought dreams
Could actually come true
When the whole world
was insane
Including me and you
Not like it matters
Not like you really care
Not like it matters that...
( giggling )
I was always there
I was always...
( laughs )
Not like it matters,
not like you...
( tape stops )
( tape rewinds )
I'm sorry, Dean.
I don't know.
This just isn't feeling right.
It's okay.
Let's take it from the bridge.
This time, ju-just try
putting a little blues
on it for me, all right?
Bend the notes.
It's not like it matters
Not like you really care
Not like it matters
that I was always there...
Yeah, yeah, that's fine, I guess
but, baby, what you got to do
is emote.
You're not feeling
the lyrics,
all right?
I got it, Jack, okay?
Then why don't you do it, okay?
( door shuts )
You know, Dean,
you still sound great.
If you ever get the urge
to cut another album,
just let me know.
Thanks, but no thanks.
One ride is enough
for me, partner.
I'm embarrassing you?
Yeah, you're
embarrassing me...
Marty, she's having
enough trouble
without this trailer
trash in her face.
We're never going
to made deadline.
Well, we have to.
The label's pushing
for a holiday release,
and Trent is already
greasing the wheels.
Which holiday?
Christmas or the 4th of July?
Can I have a word with you?
Get this done.
Hey, princess
you look great.
You always say I look great,
That's because you always do.
Hey, what's up, Marty?
Um, can I talk
to you outside?
We're kind of busy
making magic here, man.
Yeah, well, um,
it's important.
All right.
I'll just be a minute.
We'll count the seconds.
We are falling
behind schedule.
Yeah, I know, I know.
And I think
Dean's the problem.
You know how these
faded stars get, Marty.
Always trying
to weasel their way
back in the spotlight, right?
He's doing this
as a personal
favor for me.
Yeah, okay, whatever.
The point is,
we sold 12 million units
without Dean.
I can't work
with this guy!
Well, you're not
working with him.
Darcy is.
One word from me
and she isn't.
Do you understand?!
( cell phone rings )
Sitting out her contract
will destroy her career.
This is Martin.
Yeah, Trent.
I'll be right there.
Jack, I respect your
relationship with Darcy
and what you've
done for her.
Damn straight.
But we are making
an album here,
and I think you realize
the importance
of finishing on time
and on budget.
I will give Dean
one more week.
Thank you.
I'll be back
this afternoon.
( slams on door )
Open the door!
Now, Darcy!
You wanted to see me?
Hey, Martin. Yeah.
Great timing.
Have a seat.
I was listening
to some demos.
What do you think?
What's that gut of yours say?
( mid-tempo rock beat on tape )
You see, if this is
about the album...
Well, how about this?
They're called, uh, Glory Hole.
It's neo-grunge out of Portland.
( fast techno beat )
( music continues )
Um, listen, Trent,
I know we're running behind
but you know how Jack is.
He has Darcy wrapped
around his finger.
Yeah, well, unwrap her.
That's your job.
I'm on it.
Hey, how about this?
Kind of an all-girl
Smashing Pumpkins.
You know you held me...
( groans )
It was you and me...
( in distorted,
slow motion voice ):
All right, Martin.
( groans )
( tape stops )
Looks like we have a winner.
( groans )
Hey, Martin...
( groans )
Look... I actually didn't
call you over about the album.
I'm afraid
I got some bad news.
It's about C.C. Carmen.
He used to brag about doing
a hundred through the canyons.
I always knew he'd die
in that car.
If not that car,
then something else.
Wh-What do you mean?
Well, somehow, I can
pick the shooting stars.
Platinum every time,
but they all flame out.
Hey, that's paranoid, man.
Well, you have to
admit, I'm the link.
Dean, this isn't your fault.
You did not put him
behind that wheel, drunk.
No, but I got him into this.
And if I would have
left him where I found him,
he would still be alive.
Do you realize
how crazy that sounds?
Do you realize that
you and Darcy are
the only ones left?
Hey, guys, I'm home.
( door shuts )
My beautiful daughter.
Oh, I missed you.
Go finish
your homework, Lauren.
Oh, but Daddy
just got home.
That's okay.
I'll be up in a minute.
How was it?
It was better
than most.
I went for
a walk after.
C.C. had such a beautiful voice.
Why does this keep happening?
It's not your fault, Martin.
You can't live their lives
for them.
Maybe I pushed him too hard.
You gave him a chance
to live his dream.
And where did
that get him?
Where did that get
any of them?
( phone rings )
Don't answer it.
( ringing continues )
It's Darcy.
Martin, please.
Martin, it's me.
Jack's outside.
Leave me alone!
Okay, Darcy, calm down.
He won't leave.
I don't know what to do.
Darcy, Darcy, listen to me.
Lock yourself in the bathroom.
I will be right there.
Call the police.
( tires screech )
She's all
yours, Marty.
Don't talk
to me, Jack.
How did this happen?
I finally told him--
I told Jack that
I don't love him
and I don't even want him
as a manager anymore.
( siren whoops )
And he just freaked out.
He started hitting me
and waving a gun
and-and breaking things.
I don't know what
I'm going to do.
( whimpers )
He said he was
going to kill me.
Listen to me...
that is not going
to happen to you.
I won't let it.
You understand?
Not to you, okay?
Her boyfriend attacked her.
Yeah, but she's okay, right?
No, she's not.
She's a mess.
She is too vulnerable.
She can't handle any of this.
Trent, I'm pulling her out.
We have to push the album back.
You can't make that call.
Advance orders are
through the roof.
She is a raw nerve.
I don't think that she's
going to make it.
She's hot now, Martin.
That girl could yodel
into an answering machine
and move ten million units.
Get me that album.
My clients are not
just units, Trent.
They are people...
Do you ever wonder
what happens to them
after the product gets shipped?
Overdose, hmm?
Assault and battery.
Mental breakdown.
Car wreck.
Trent, don't you see
the pattern?
Maybe the people
that I've discovered
aren't meant for this business,
no matter how talented they are.
This business can be cruel,
And sometimes careers
do end tragically.
You don't believe, you
watch Behind the Music.
Now get me that album.
You cannot use people up
and then throw them away!
Get me that album.
I don't want Darcy
to be another tombstone
hanging on your wall.
Come on, Martin, enough.
We both know Darcy will do
whatever you tell her to.
You get me that album,
or I'll find someone who will.
( mid-tempo pop beat )
Just thought you'd like
to hear my thoughts
On all that you do...
What are we doing here, Marty?
We're yodeling
into an answering machine.
On all that you do
Never mind.
Everyone's expectations...
( voice cracking )
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
( door shuts )
( birds singing )
Don't make me go back in there.
Darcy, we are so close.
I sold 12 million albums
on my first try.
What do you want me to do
for an encore?
Sell five million...
and accept defeat
I had my whole life
to write that album.
I can't write another one
in seven months.
( sighs )
I don't care anymore.
I don't feel it, Marty.
I know you're tired.
I know you need a break.
After the album?
After the publicity tour,
the concerts?
I can't take a break.
Not now.
( sobbing )
I'm sorry.
Please tell me
what to do.
I'll do
whatever you say.
I say, take a break.
We'll shut it down.
You just leave.
What, I just walk away?
The label will drop me.
You're multi-platinum, Darcy.
The label is not
going to drop you.
You just come back...
whenever you think
you're ready.
( sighs )
What if I'm never ready?
Well, then, I wish you a...
very long life... okay?
( sniffles )
Come on.
When you go,
just go home, okay?
Daddy's home.
Did you discover
anyone today?
Well, as
a matter of fact
there is this
amazing new act.
It's a family group.
They've got a mother
and a daughter
and they are so beautiful
and talented.
Oh, Daddy.
I've got a surprise for you.
I did it, Sue.
I pulled the plug.
I sent Darcy home.
What about the label?
Screw the label.
I... am... finished.
I have a long list
of chores for you
during your retirement.
( cell phone rings )
it's probably Trent
just, you know, calling
to make it official.
Hey, it's me.
Guess who just showed up
at the studio?
Jack's out of jail,
and he's in a foul mood.
Where's Darcy?
I already tried her place,
but she didn't pick up.
Well, she should be home.
Listen, meet me there.
Okay, I'm there.
You're leaving?
I'm so sorry, sweetie,
but I'll be right back.
This is the last time,
I promise.
( horn honking )
( tires squealing )
( phone rings )
( phone ringing )
( phone beeps )
Oh, good. You are there.
Hey, Martin.
What's going on?
Jack is out of jail.
He's already been by the studio.
I can be at your house
in about 20 minutes
but I think you had
better leave right away.
Oh, God, Martin.
I will take care of this, Darcy.
Don't worry.
Okay. Bye.
( car approaches )
( car door closes )
( gun cocks )
( footsteps approaching )
( background radio dispatches )
Are you okay?
It happened so fast.
Hey, hey, what's this?
What's going on?
You'll have to talk
to the detective.
Darcy, everything
will be all right.
Apparently, the girl
mistook this guy
for her ex-boyfriend.
What happened here?
You can't come in here.
This is a crime scene.
Help him.
You got to help him.
It's too late.
It was an accident.
This is...
it was an accident.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry
about it.
Be careful.
It was an...
I know,
I know, I know.
( engine starts )
Morning, Daddy.
Are you okay?
I know what will
cheer you up.
My surprise.
( plays simple tune )
( Dean groans )
Please, no.
( groaning )
Oh, God, not her.
( piano tune continuing )
Please, no.
What do you think, Daddy?
Will you discover me?
Sure, honey.
You have a rare gift.
What's the matter?
Oh, I seem to have
lost my ring
down the disposal
and my hands are
too big to fit in.
Would you... reach in
and get it for me?
I don't feel it.
Oh, it's in there.
Dig deep.
( driving rock tempo )
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