Strange Intruder (1956) Movie Script

( man screaming )
( slow theme playing )
Hey, you, doctor
( chuckles )
You see, no more
can you, uh, complain, doctor,
that your sick
have no beds to lie on.
( whistles )
There are their beds.
( chuckling )
Plenty air.
like mattress, huh?
( laughs )
You no like?
Oh, yes, sure.
As you say, they are nice,
springy, plenty of ventilation.
What more can a man ask
to die on?
( laughing )
You see, doctor, we know how to
look after our guests in Korea.
Oh, heh, Adrian.
How's your leg?
I haven't been thinking
about it much today.
I think
I'd like to sit down.
Couldn't you have kept it
out of the dirt?
I've no more bandages.
I'm sorry, I suppose
I could have. I'll wash it out.
You've got to keep
your trouser off that leg.
As if that'll matter
in all this filth.
And I asked that swine today
if I could go into the forest.
thought I might be able
to find some plant or herb
out of which
I could make something.
He just laughed.
( scoffs )
Three more died today.
Why not let them die?
Don't say that,
do you hear?
The only weapon we have left
against these animals is life.
We've got to live,
all of us.
Look, Paul, you have
your talent, your music.
They must not kill that.
( slow theme playing )
And I've got my children.
Heh, Johnny and Libby,
and mom and dad and Meg.
What a wonderful life
to go back to.
Tell me
about them again.
You are a dreamer,
aren't you?
There's nothing
I haven't told you about them.
Well, well, show me
Johnny and Libby again.
( chuckles )
Libby and Johnny.
And Libby's kisses
were always so wet
that you had to wipe
your face.
And she had a rag dog
called Wo-wo,
( chuckles )
and the stuffing was always
coming out of him, heh.
I must live through this.
That other man
must never have them. Never.
I'd sooner...
You've never told me
anything about your wife.
Alice? Well, there's
nothing to tell.
Doc. It's Klein,
you better hurry.
( slow theme playing )
( man breathing heavily )
What can I do,
with nothing but my hands.
Doc. Doc.
It's all right, Al, I'm here.
I can't see.
It's, ugh, getting dark.
I'm afraid.
Oh, there's nothing
to be afraid of, son.
You just hold on
tight, huh?
It won't be dark
for long.
I can't...
Watch it!
( tense theme playing )
On your feet, pigs!
( laughs )
On your feet.
( laughing )
Get him up.
I said get him up!
Just a minute.
( speaks
in foreign language )
I said stand up, up!
You're too late.
Hey, hey, Al,
he wants to box you.
He doesn't realize
you're a Golden Glove champ!
So you want to box, huh,
well, I'll show you how to box!
( grunting )
( screaming
in foreign language)
( Adrian groaning )
Remember, Paul,
once that sentry goes,
you've only got ten seconds.
( suspenseful
theme playing )
( sighs )
( plane engine droning )
Put out the lights.
( bombs explode )
They're after
the ammunition dump.
Let's help them!
( tense theme playing )
( grunts )
( shouting indistinctly )
( gunfire )
( groaning and screaming )
It's all right, Adrian,
I'm here, you're all right.
The watch, the key.
Take them.
You'll be all right--
Take them, take them.
what you've always said,
that we must live.
We've got
to get out of here.
Mom, Meg and dad,
kiss them for me.
And the children,
promise me--
We've still
got a chance.
Promise me.
He must never have them,
better they die than that,
do you hear?
Better they die.
Promise. Promise!
John and Libby better dead.
I promise.
Alice. Alice...
( slow theme playing )
You're English,
aren't you, Paul?
Yes, sir, but I became
naturalized before I enlisted.
No relatives
in this country?
No, sir.
that's too bad.
I was hoping you might have
someone close to you
in this area.
You see, Paul,
the Committee feels
that we've tried
every therapy here
and our job is done.
Now it's up to you to
try and adjust yourself
to your own surroundings,
to face the outside world,
to try again to live as
a happy, useful citizen.
This won't be easy at first,
so we'll take it in small doses.
Yes, sir.
Well, Paul,
this weekend is yours.
You may go wherever you like,
do whatever appeals to you.
Do you think you're ready?
Yes, sir,
I'd like that very much.
All right,
get along with you.
Report back to us at 8:00,
Monday morning.
Is that all, sir?
That's all.
Oh, doctor,
here's Mr. Quentin's card.
Oh, yes, take this, and if you
need any of us, just call.
Good luck.
PAUL: Thanks.
( slow theme playing )
( theme swells
dramatically )
Well, you're here, Paul.
It's a nice little town,
isn't it?
( slow theme playing )
You'll like it here.
There's my home. Exactly
as I told you it would be.
397 Woodlawn, Ambersport.
You'll like it here,
you'll like it here.
Go right in, go right in,
the door's never locked,
go right in.
Remember the key I gave you?
It fits that clock.
It's a comfortable room,
isn't it?
And it has so much love in it,
so much love.
Remember that?
I won it at the fair
when I was 10,
throwing pennies
into a saucer.
And Alice is here too.
But I don't have to tell you
that's Alice, do I?
That's Alice. That's Alice.
You never knew me when I
looked like this, did you?
lean, healthy
and very, very happy.
That seems long ago,
so very long ago.
( piano playing )
Play it, play it.
I'll be right beside you,
play it.
You must be Meg.
I'm Paul Quentin.
I was with Adrian.
Forgive me
for walking in here like that,
but the door was open.
Do you always just walk in
whenever you find a door open?
You see, I know this house,
through Adrian.
Every bit of it.
All of you.
Meg, Adrian's kid sister.
I'm 18.
You play beautifully.
That was Adrian's favorite.
We used to hum that
and we said if we ever
got back together
that would be the
first thing we'd play.
And you're Adrian's mother.
And you are...?
This is Paul Quentin,
He knew Adrian.
You're both exactly
as I've always pictured you.
Oh, it was good of you
to come.
I promised him
I would.
Meg, take his coat.
won't you sit down?
I do hope
you'll forgive me,
I shouldn't have
walked in here like this.
I think you had
a perfect right to.
You must have known
Adrian very well.
I knew him better than anyone
I have ever known all my life.
Have you...
did he send a message?
Everything he told me about you
was a sort of message.
There was one thing though.
It was just
before he died.
( slow theme playing )
It was this.
( sobs )
I promised him
I'd do that.
Thank you, Paul.
You mustn't cry, you know,
he wouldn't like that at all.
He was always saying
you must never give in.
Mother, Paul knows this house
as though he'd lived in it.
Yes, I've seen it
so often in my mind.
I've known it
for so long.
the grandfather clock.
You've let it run down,
he always used to wind it.
Yes, he always carried the key
and he took it with him.
He gave it to me
to bring back. May I?
It's 20 of 6.
( bell dinging )
This is wonderful.
It's exactly as
he always said it would be.
Oh, my dear boy,
I do hope you'll be able
to stay with us for a few days.
I'd like that. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
May I have Adrian's room?
Of course, why not.
Meg will take your things
right up.
Oh, I must go over
and tell Alice right away.
But doesn't she live here?
Oh, no,
Alice has her own home.
( slow theme playing )
But the children...?
The children are with her.
I must see them,
I must.
You see,
I only have till Sunday.
They're quite near.
You mustn't excite yourself.
You look very tired, Paul,
you've been ill, haven't you?
Yes, I have
but I'm all right now.
It's, heh, just the excitement
of coming home.
Yes, heh,
of course it is.
And now
before you go up,
I'd like you
to meet Adrian's father.
is he home so early?
Oh, you see he had a stroke the
day we received the telegram.
But he's
much better now,
I know he'll be so glad
to see you.
Yes, dear.
This is a friend of Adrian's.
He was with Adrian in the army.
My name is Paul Quentin.
And there's the ship.
My boy built that.
You're Jodie,
aren't you?
Jodie, this is Paul Quentin,
a friend of Adrian's.
Adrian said that the first meal
we'd have when we came home
would be
your fried chicken.
I can manage that.
And for desert?
Well, Jodie knows, don't you?
Yes, but we want
to hear you say it.
Hot Peach Cobbler
would make it perfect.
Of course.
And now you must go to your room
and rest for a little while.
Jodie will show you.
I know the way.
Oh, this is rather wonderful,
isn't it?
Almost like
having Adrian back.
Is he going to stay with us,
Well, I've asked him
to stay over the weekend.
( mysterious theme playing )
( knocking on door )
Come in.
( slow theme playing )
I, uh, came in to see
if you needed anything.
Where is everything?
Where's his set
of carved chessmen?
And his collection
of Indian flints?
There should be a bag
of golf clubs in that corner,
and all his books.
They all went
over to Thornfield.
Yes, his and Alice's house.
Oh, he didn't tell me
about that.
You know,
Adrian was very proud of you.
I was of him too.
He said you were pretty.
I think you're beautiful.
Heh, not really,
but wait till you see Alice.
I've seen her picture.
Don't you think
she's beautiful.
I suppose so.
She's not only beautiful
to look at,
she's a wonderful person.
Adrian didn't tell me
much about her.
After dad had his stroke,
Alice took over the bookstore
and she's been running it
for us ever since.
And she doesn't have to,
you know,
she has plenty
of money of her own.
Tell me about yourself.
I'm still in college.
Then what? Oh, heh,
you'll get married,
Nobody as beautiful as you
could stay single for long.
Oh, I can run
pretty fast.
What do you do?
Well, I was going
to be a musician.
Concert pianist,
then conducting, perhaps.
Aren't you going
to go on with it?
I should think
you'd have a great future.
For me?
Why not?
Anyone who plays
as well as you,
shouldn't be allowed
to do anything else.
Well, I'll, uh, leave you
alone for a while.
How would you like
to go swimming tomorrow?
( chuckles )
I'd love to but I don't have
anything to swim in.
Some of Adrian's things
are still here,
I'll bring them to you.
All right.
( piano playing
in distance )
( playing )
Alice, this is Paul.
You played
that very beautifully.
It was a favorite
of Adrian's.
Yes, I know.
You've just missed a wonderful treat.
I heard some of it.
Well, now that we're all
together, let's, uh, sit down.
Come and sit by me, my boy.
Now, Paul,
can you tell us about Adrian?
What do you want to know?
We never heard anything
of the years he was a prisoner.
We received no letters.
Did you?
Did any letters
get through to you?
No, we never stayed
in one place for long
until we got to the last one.
Now Paul, could, uh,
could Adrian
receive medical supplies?
We had nothing but
what we stood up in, nothing.
Not even food, sometimes.
If it hadn't been
for Adrian,
I don't think any of us
would have lived.
When we wanted to die,
he would scorn us
and lash us with his tongue.
And when we had to die...
( soulful theme playing )
I, I never met anyone like him.
He used to talk for hours
about you and this house,
until I knew almost
as much about it as he did.
He gave me this home
with his words
and I used to live it
in my mind.
I could live
through a whole day
from morning till night,
every meal, everything.
I believe that was what
kept me going, kept me alive.
He was a sort of saint
both terrifying and comforting.
You can't tell
about a saint in words.
( sobs )
You can save your tears.
He would have no use for them.
He said to me once
that the only weapon
we had left against
the evil around us was life.
He said we had no right to doubt
or to falter for a moment.
He said that was the great sin
to give in.
Paul, were you with him
when he died?
Yes. He died hard.
He fought to the last inch.
( sighs )
I'm all right,
I'm all right.
Thank you, my boy,
thank you.
I'm glad you came here.
I can manage.
Alice, I've never seen him
do that before.
Yes, dear, it's wonderful.
( both chuckle )
Look, do you mind
if I have a word alone
with Paul for a few minutes?
Oh, no, of course.
Paul, how did Adrian die?
They told us
he died of an illness.
No, they killed him.
They tortured him
for three days.
Three days.
I tortured him
much longer than that.
I can't talk to you here.
Would you drive home
with me? Please?
If you like.
Thank you.
Did you see him
using his right arm?
Yes, Mother.
Oh, Mother...
Yes, I'll be right back,
I'm just gonna get him
a glass of water.
Would you mind
if Paul drove home with me?
I'd like to talk to him.
Oh, no, no, of course not.
I'll just leave the door
on the latch.
Shall we go, Paul?
( slow waltz theme playing )
( upbeat theme playing )
( tender theme playing )
Come in, Paul.
Do you care for a drink?
Did Adrian live here?
I don't know this place
at all.
We only moved in a few months
before we left.
The children.
Would you like to see
their room?
Yes, please.
All right.
Well, where are they?
What have you done with them?
They're in school.
Yes, didn't the family tell you?
I run the store for father
and the children
stay in school in town.
They come home weekends.
I'm sorry, Adrian made me
promise to come and see them.
( soulful theme playing )
Isn't that Adrian's watch?
Yes, he gave it to me.
It's broken.
it has the children's picture
in the back of it.
Heh, I know,
I gave it to him.
Where's Wo-wo?
Libby's rag dog.
Oh, heh,
well, she still has it.
She'll bring it home
with her tomorrow.
Imagine your knowing
about Wo-wo.
I know everything
about the children.
Then I'll be able to see them,
then, tomorrow?
Yes, of course you will.
Shall we go
in the other room, Paul?
Oh, I do look forward
so much to the weekends
when they come home.
Paul, what did you think
I had done with the children?
I came specially to see them
and when they weren't there.
I don't know what Adrian
would think of all this.
What do you mean?
I see him very often
in my dreams.
Don't you?
Oh, yes, I see him often.
Very often.
Are you sure
I can't get you something?
Maybe a little brandy.
I think I will.
All right.
( playing )
I've got to ask you something,
I wrote a certain letter
to Adrian.
The one about Howard?
Then you know about it?
I never saw the letter
but he told me about it.
Did he never get any of my other
letters, after that one?
No, that was
the last one he got
the day before
he was captured.
Heh, one day.
If only
it hadn't reached him.
But it was true,
wasn't it?
Yes, it was true.
But I was just thinking of
what he might have been spared.
It did hurt him, didn't it?
He changed after it.
Did he hate me for it?
I don't know.
He just told me about it
and after that...
He mentioned
only the children
about how he must come back
to save them.
From what?
From me?
From this Howard.
Ah, but surely he must have
known from my letter that I...
I'd never let him have them.
I don't know.
He said he'd sooner
see them dead.
( playing )
This was another
of his favorites.
Paul, Paul, I...
I've got to talk someone.
I've never been able to
tell the family,
you see they think
so much of me.
Will you listen to me,
will you?
( sighs )
It had nothing to do with love
or anything like that.
It was too brief.
I didn't even hate this man,
much less love him.
I've kept all my hatred
and disgust for myself.
Even Adrian couldn't have
had so much for me.
He never said he had any.
But you have, haven't you?
Would it matter if I had?
Yes, it would.
( soulful theme playing )
Because there is something
of Adrian about you.
You don't hate me or judge me?
Do you think if Adrian had come
back he would have forgiven me?
I don't know.
You said he was a saint,
Well, he was a saint
to me too.
I've loved him ever
since I was a little girl.
He was my whole life.
I leaned on him
for everything.
When he went away
and I was left alone.
I was lost.
Do you think
he could have understood
that when I was
with this other man
it was really him,
Adrian, I was with.
Only women are never
supposed to be human.
They must wait,
month after month,
year after year,
in loneliness.
But they must never
give way to it.
Well, I did.
Because I loved him so much
I had to tell him what I'd done.
Before he came back
in that letter.
( piano playing )
Haven't you anything
to say to me?
Didn't he send me one word.
Didn't he even
mention my name, once?
Yes, he did.
I'd forgotten.
What did he say?
Tell me.
He said your name.
When he was dying.
He said it twice.
How did he say it?
How did his voice sound?
It was just a whisper.
Alice. Alice.
It was the last thing
he said as he died.
( sobbing ):
Thank you, thank you.
Please, Paul,
remember the family doesn't know
anything about this.
I won't tell anyone.
I think
I'd like to get back now.
Oh, yes, of course.
I'll drive you.
No, I'd rather walk.
But you don't know the way,
Yes, I do.
You will come and see the
children tomorrow, won't you?
Yes, I must keep my promise,
mustn't I?
Well, goodnight.
You'll never know
what you've done for me.
Goodnight, Paul.
( slow waltz theme playing )
( mysterious theme playing )
I'm grateful to you, so grateful.
You're keeping
your promise.
Tomorrow you'll see them.
Send them to me. Quickly.
Send them to me.
( suspenseful theme playing )
You promised me the children.
And a promise
is a sacred thing.
Yes, Adrian, I hear you.
Tomorrow, Tomorrow you'll see them.
Send them to me.
Send them to me.
The time is so short.
Can you forget so soon?
Must I wander alone?
Must I?
Yes, Adrian.
I'll never...
Never forget me.
Never forget me.
Never forget.
( whistling )
( sighs )
( soulful theme playing )
Uh-uh, uh-uh.
( chuckles )
Good morning, Mom.
Good morning, Paul.
Did you have a good night?
I haven't slept
like that in months.
Good morning.
Do Adrian's things fit you?
All except the slippers.
Well, come on let's hurry.
It gave me such a start.
I saw him there
at the cookie jar,
just like I used to catch
Adrian in the mornings.
You feel the same, then?
About what?
It's almost
like having Adrian back.
Well, for a moment,
I just didn't know where I was.
( upbeat theme playing )
( both panting )
I told you,
I can run fast.
Oh, that wasn't fair,
I lost a shoe.
I was ahead of you
all the time, heh.
Well, I had to let you win.
All right, then, let's see
what you can do in the water.
I'll race you
to the other side and back.
Now wait a minute.
Let's just relax
for a minute.
This is wonderful.
If only one could stop time
and stay with all this forever.
It's like this always.
Nearly always, anyway.
You can come here
every morning.
Or do you, do you have
to go back to the hospital?
Maybe you won't have
to be there long,
and you can always
come back here.
Can I?
Unless you have somewhere else
you'd rather go,
somewhere you'd prefer?
No, there's nowhere else.
But I only have
today and tomorrow.
Paul, is there anything
worrying you?
Why do you ask?
You say such odd things.
What have I said?
Yesterday you said,
there's no future for you
and just now you said
there's only today and tomorrow.
Well, I only meant that
I have to go back tomorrow.
Well, well, come on.
Or we'll get
a cold breakfast.
( soulful theme playing )
( upbeat theme playing )
( horn honks )
KID: Mama. Mama.
Hello, darling.
Mama, mama.
Hello, darling, heh.
Hello, Parry, thanks for
bringing my monsters home.
Oh, they were no trouble at all,
we had fun.
( both speaking indistinctly )
Wo-wo's stomach got torn.
Oh, no, poor old Wo-wo.
And his insides fell out.
Never mind, darling,
we'll sew him up
and give him
a nice new tummy.
And we took him
into dinner with us,
and Johnny filled him up
with cabbage off his plate.
Johnny, you didn't.
What did your teacher say?
She didn't like it
and I don't like cabbage.
And that fell out too.
You let it fall all over the
floor and I got a black mark.
Fruit nuggets.
I'm hungry.
You always are.
Here's a cookie for you
and here's one for you, Libby.
Thank you, Annie.
Don't they feed you
anything at school?
ANNIE: They pay them plenty.
Oh, how are you, Mr. Sanborn?
Goodbye, Skipper.
Parry, you shouldn't
laugh at them, you shouldn't.
I'm sorry, Alice,
but Johnny's such a character.
He certainly is. Thanks so much
for bringing them home.
Oh, nonsense.
It was right on my way home.
You know as well as I,
I'd love nothing better than
to have them for the whole day.
Oh, no you don't.
The last time you had them
Libby got sick twice.
Now that's not fair.
She was perfectly all right,
right up until the cream puff,
I think it was, heh.
Had breakfast?
Yeah, I had just finished
when you called.
Another ten minutes
and you'd have missed me.
You're sure I'm not
keeping you from anything?
No, nothing at all.
A round of golf at the club,
that's all and that can wait.
Well, what's on your mind?
Well, I need some advice,
As a lawyer or as a friend?
You're always both to me.
Yes, I know.
Look, can I raise
10,000 quickly?
Heh, you can raise 15,
if it comes to that
but may I ask, strictly
as your lawyer, what it's for?
I want to lend it to somebody.
I suppose
it wouldn't be possible to
raise it today,
would it?
Suppose you tell me
what the trouble is,
would its name be
Howard Gray?
Then you know about it.
I ran into him one night
a couple of weeks ago downtown.
Did he, did he tell you
anything about me?
I didn't stay very long,
he was pretty high.
I didn't want a scene.
Then he told you.
Alice, let's skip all this.
The important thing is that
he's worrying you, that right?
Yes, that's right.
This little letter
came yesterday.
Quite a letter.
Love and money
all mixed together.
you in love with this man?
Of course not.
I never have been.
Is this the first time
he's asked to borrow money?
Using the same threat, that
he'd go to the Carmichaels.
He hinted at it.
Of course at that time
it was only a few hundred.
It was long
after I broke up with him.
Why didn't you
come to me then?
Oh, Parry, I wanted to.
Believe me I wanted to,
but I just couldn't.
I was too ashamed.
I've taken the trouble
to find out a few things
about our friend, Mr. Gray.
It seems he's developed
into quite a professional.
All he needed was a war
and a lot of lonely women.
nice, decent ones.
Heh, decent.
Oh, you'd be surprised
unless you were a lawyer.
You see men like Gray
do possess a certain power
and all they need
is a chance to use it.
It's like a disease that attacks
and works on a weakened body.
And loneliness
is a great weakener.
You can't think much of me,
can you Parry?
( scoffs )
I can't throw any stones,
and I know
very few people who can.
The main thing is that
you mustn't blame yourself.
You've got to stop being afraid.
He can be handled.
Now if he comes here
and he wants this money,
you tell him he'll have to
see me about it.
I can fix it so that
he'll never bother you again.
Oh, please,
you mustn't be afraid.
( chuckles )
You're quite a guy,
aren't you.
( chuckles )
A lot of people would argue
that point with you,
but I will tell you
exactly what I am.
When it comes to waiting,
I'm the world's champ.
( both chuckle )
Uncle Parry...
( Libby laughing )
We'd better see
what our little characters
have gotten into now, hmm?
Coming, darling.
( Libby laughing )
Don't worry, we'll fix it,
won't we, Parry?
Oh, that was wonderful.
I can't remember the last
home-cooked breakfast
that I had.
Come along, Meg.
You can't stay here all day.
It's dishes for you,
young lady.
I don't have time to do that
and my room too.
I have to be in town at 10:00.
After you've done the dishes.
You've got plenty of time.
She'll be bossing you next.
( all chuckle )
Would you like to come
into town with me?
Oh, no, I have to go
and see the children.
I, I promised Alice
I'd go over.
Heh, I never knew anyone
who made so many promises.
I want to have a word
with Paul first.
No, no, my dear,
I don't want that.
If Paul will just
lend me a hand.
Oh, no, you mustn't overdo it.
Besides, Paul
hasn't seen me do this yet.
Now, my boy,
if you'll just, uh...
Oh, he's like a small boy
showing off.
All right, sir?
Heh, that's fine.
My boy, we have reason
to be very grateful to you.
In what way, sir?
It's years since I moved
this arm, much less walked, heh.
If you hadn't come here,
I'd be just like
I was before
useless to myself
and to everyone else.
I still don't see
what I did.
Paul, I had committed
the great sin, I had given in.
Then you walked into our door,
a stranger, and talked to us,
and what happens.
I walk again.
My wife has new life
and hope in her heart.
And this house,
it is as if a shadow
had been removed from it.
It's like a miracle to us.
As if Adrian himself
has come back from the dead.
Come back from the dead.
Don't say that.
Paul, I only meant...
I'm so sorry.
( sighs )
I'm very sorry.
I've been so happy here.
Ah, I'm glad to hear that.
It helps me to say something
that I...
Well, that I'd like
very much to say.
Tell me, Paul,
what are your plans?
Yes, for the future.
Well, I don't have any.
Why do you ask?
Oh, just interested.
Have you chosen a career?
Heh, career?
What has all this
got to do with me?
You mean
you don't have to work?
Well, to put it briefly,
even in the short time
you've been here with us,
we've come to regard you
as one of us.
I have a business here,
a book store, and a good one.
You could have a share in it,
as my son.
Your son?
Yes, Paul.
This would be your home.
And Mom and Dad,
and Meg, and Joady,
and all the things,
the grandfather clock,
and the piano, all mine?
Yes, Paul, all yours.
You really mean that?
Every word, heh.
Don't you think Adrian
would say the same?
Yes, if he was with us here
now, in this room.
But he is here.
( mysterious theme playing )
And you offer me all of this
and he's here.
All the time. Listening.
( crying )
( soulful theme
swells dramatically )
I came here
because of my promise...
and you offer me his home.
It isn't as if you'd be taking
anything from Adrian.
No, I'm not taking anything
from him.
Take a little time
to think it over.
There's all today
and tomorrow.
( soft theme playing )
Yes, I still have today.
And tomorrow.
There's no hurry.
And now you're going
to see the children.
Yes, I...
I must see
the children.
Mrs. Carmichael:
Paul, are you off to Alice's?
Do you know the way?
Yes, I walked back
last night.
Oh, well, have a nice time.
I know you will.
You'll love the children.
I do already.
What did he say?
To tell you the truth,
I couldn't quite make him out.
He seems to have an idea
that he is intruding here.
Mummy, he's fat.
Look at his tummy.
Heh, I know.
Now we've sewn him up
nice and tight
and his tummy
can't fall out again.
( all chuckle )
Oh, hello, Paul.
Come on in.
I thought I heard
the bell.
Libby, Johnny,
this is Uncle Paul.
He was a good friend
of your daddy's.
Well, go on,
say hello.
Go on,
he won't eat you.
Is that Wo-wo?
How'd you know his name?
Your daddy told me.
I know all about Wo-wo.
I remember the time
when he got lost
and you couldn't find
him anywhere
and do you know
where he was?
In the garbage can.
And you only found him
just in time.
I did?
That's right, darling.
Do you think I could
have a look at him?
Oh, heh, my.
My, he is fat, isn't he?
He'll have to reduce.
That's what my mommy does,
Oh, heh,
telling all my secrets
And you must be Johnny
of course.
My, you have grown,
you were very little
when I first knew you.
Look, how about showing
Uncle Paul
around the place, huh?
Then I'll have a chance
to tidy up your rooms.
Can we show him
the barn?
Oh, sure,
if he'd like to see it.
Would you?
Very much.
Then you can carry Wo-wo.
Thank you.
Heh, all right,
off you all go.
And try not to get
too dirty, will you?
Yes, we'll all try.
( both chuckles )
Where're you going
in such a hurry?
We're going to show him
the barn.
this is Uncle Paul.
He was a friend
of daddy's.
Johnny, are you gonna work up
a good appetite for lunch?
We aren't gonna
have cabbage, are we?
Not today but we are going
to have roast beef
and mashed potatoes.
Johnny: I just hate cabbage.
( mysterious theme playing )
Here it is.
I'll open it.
This is our hideout.
Here's where we play elevator,
Uncle Paul, I can teach you
how to play elevator.
You see, Uncle Paul, we can
lift you way up into the sky.
Hurry up, Libby.
Now we can play elevator.
Ladies first.
All right, here you are.
Now pull on the rope,
Uncle Paul.
Till it's tight.
Now pull her.
Both kids:
Up and down.
Up and down.
Higher, Uncle Paul.
Now it's my turn, Libby,
it's my turn.
It's my turn.
Now, don't let's play this game anymore.
Johnny: I haven't had my turn.
Paul: I don't like this game.
Take off the rope.
That's what comes of letting
ladies go first.
Well, we'll play it
another time.
I don't know
but not today.
Tomorrow, then?
Yes, all right,
Come on.
I liked it, Uncle Paul,
it was a lot of fun.
Yeah, you had your turn,
Libby, but I didn't.
You haven't seen the loft.
Some other time.
Oh, Wo-wo's ribbon
is untied.
I'll fix it.
Let's go somewhere else.
Don't you wanna see
the rest of the barn?
We'll see
the rest tomorrow.
Then let's go see
the brook.
Yes. Yes,
that would be nice.
And don't forget, Libby, I'm
first on the elevator tomorrow.
All right.
Uncle Paul, Uncle Paul,
Uncle Paul, last year
we caught a dragon here,
didn't we, Johnny?
It was a toad.
Well, it looked like
a dragon.
Anyway, it died
and we had a funeral.
Uncle Paul, did you have
a funeral when daddy died?
Come on.
Were you there?
Yes, I was there.
I remember him but Libby
didn't get born till later.
Well, I tried.
What's this place?
It's the spring house.
Yes, Uncle Paul,
it's the spring house.
Is it locked?
The key's right up there.
Yes, the key's
right up there.
Your father sent me here.
Because he loved you very much.
And he made me promise to
make sure you both were happy.
They put it up high
so we couldn't reach it.
We're not supposed
to play here.
It's all right
with grown-ups.
Annie used to put butter
and milk here to cool.
And one day somebody came
and stole it.
( upbeat theme playing )
Now she doesn't
put it here anymore.
Oh, Libby,
you look funny.
You look funnier
than I do.
Come on, Uncle Paul,
you can see yourself.
Oh, Libby,
you're getting all wet.
Do you know something your
daddy told me about you, Libby?
He said when you were a baby
you used to kiss him
and make his face all wet.
She still does.
I do not.
I'll show you,
Uncle Paul.
There. Your face isn't wet,
is it?
No, not from kissing.
I don't believe
in kissing
and I bet my daddy
didn't either.
Your daddy
was a very great man.
He was a hero.
Yes, he was a very great hero.
He loved you both
very much.
Look, I'll show you
It's in the back
of this watch.
I wonder
if you'll remember.
Look, there're the two of you,
that's you, Libby,
and that's you, Johnny.
You look little,
Did daddy give it
to you?
Yes he did.
He told me lots of things
about you two.
What things?
Oh, lots and lots.
Tell us.
Not now, Johnny,
another time.
Oh, look,
the water is bubbling higher.
( both chuckles )
Don't make so much noise
or someone will hear us.
You can't hear
anything outside.
You can't?
Huh-uh, because the walls
are too thick.
Look at the bubbles,
I can make bubbles too.
I can too.
( mysterious theme playing )
Uncle Paul,
you're tickling me.
Uncle Paul,
I'm all wet.
What did you do that for?
It was just a joke.
We'll get into trouble
if we're found playing here.
Oh, I'm sorry, then
you won't tell, will you?
I'm not a blabbermouth,
Libby is.
I am not.
She tells Mummy everything.
But you won't tell her
about this, will you?
No, Uncle Paul.
Oh, Wo-wo,
he'll get drowned.
No, no, no,
let me do it.
He'll catch a cold.
He can't catch cold, silly,
he's only a make-believe dog.
He isn't.
Well, just the same,
we'll give him a good squeeze
and then we'll
wrap him up, huh?
Like this, all right?
That's for Wo-wo.
Heh, darling. Come on.
( imitating airplane )
Come on, Uncle Paul.
All right, big chief,
go wash your hands for lunch.
Well, here we are.
Well, hello.
What's the matter with you,
old woman,
can't you walk anymore?
We got a little tired.
And what happened to Wo-wo?
He almost got drowned.
We were by the brook.
Well, that's nice.
Now go wash your hands,
Come on. Here we go.
Uncle Paul...
Oh, Libby.
Oh, heh, this is quite
a love affair.
It is, I assure you,
at least on my part.
You aren't going away?
I'm afraid Uncle Paul
has to, darling.
How about taking the love
of your life to Sunday school
in the morning?
I'll join you for church later.
I'd love to.
You've got a date, Libby.
Now will you wash those hands?
Run along.
We've got a date, Uncle Paul.
( chuckles )
Oh, this is serious.
I do hope you won't
take her away from me.
But I can trust you.
Sure you don't mind
taking them to church?
Of course not.
( mysterious theme playing )
( soft theme playing )
( sobbing )
Leave me alone.
Please, Adrian,
I can't do it.
All right, Adrian,
I promise.
After tomorrow you'll rest.
I'll not come to you again
after tomorrow.
We've come so far
and there's so little time.
So little time.
So little time.
So little time.
( doorbell rings )
Good morning, Paul.
Good morning, Alice.
Are the children ready?
Paul, mother was just
on the phone.
She seemed rather worried
about you.
Maybe you should rest.
I don't think you should take
the children to church.
But I'm perfectly well.
Heh, all right.
Libby: Is that you, Uncle Paul?
Yes, and you're date's here.
We're ready.
I haven't got my hat on.
And you haven't got
your coat on.
Now listen, children,
I don't want you
to tire Uncle Paul, see.
The church bells haven't
started ringing yet
so you have
plenty of time.
Now walk slowly, huh?
Can we go through the woods?
Yes, it's a nice short cut.
Will you be at church
after Sunday school?
Yes, I'll be there, darling.
But the church is that way,
Uncle Paul.
But we'll be late
for Sunday school.
We have time.
Why are you
bringing us here?
I want to tell you something,
something very wonderful.
( suspenseful theme playing )
( doorbell rings )
Hello, Alice.
Something told me it was you.
Well, I just thought
I would look the place over.
You promised
you'd never come here.
Well, I changed my mind.
Oh, I brought you a present.
Mmm, very comfortable,
you have wonderful taste.
Why did you have to come here,
of all places?
Because you are here.
Listen to me.
This is Adrian's house
and I don't want you to...
To defile it
with my presence?
That's right.
I must say it doesn't look
very defiled to me.
Oh, are these
the children?
Afraid I was going
to defile them too?
Oh, as a matter of fact,
I like children
and as a rule they like me.
If you would let me
see them for a moment,
I will prove it to you.
They happen
to be in church.
Oh, pardon me.
You know I had
the sudden feeling
that I might have grown
horns and a tail.
I don't find
that very funny.
Neither do I.
Didn't you get my letter?
Yes, I got your letter yesterday
when all the banks were closed.
Did you think I kept $10,000
lying around the house?
But didn't you read
the letter right through?
Yes, I read it
very carefully.
You don't believe it?
I believed it, the part
about the money and the threat.
Yes, the part where you
said you couldn't wait
to tell the world
all about us.
Heh, and you call
that a threat?
I call it blackmail too.
What would you call it?
But I lose my voice, my only
means of earning my living.
I am forced to borrow
some money to tide me over
until I get it back again
and because of what
we have been to each other
I come to you for help.
And that is blackmail?
Where are you going?
To get my checkbook.
I saw your daddy
last night.
My daddy is dead.
You said so before.
Yes, I know
but you can still see him.
By magic.
Come over here
and lie down.
Now look in the water.
Is daddy in the water?
Not yet.
Libby: I can't see him.
Johnny: Neither can I.
I must go
and get the magic.
Now, you wait here.
When you come back, will we see daddy?
Yes, I promise.
I won't be long.
You can do a lot of things
with magic.
( suspenseful theme playing )
( gramophone playing )
We're bad for each other
But what can we
We're mad for each other
Why fight it, it's true
I'm yours and you're mine
Remember that?
Whenever I sang that song
it was to you.
Alice, you do care,
don't you?
We're wrong for each other
Take your check and go.
Leave you now? No, darling,
I won't leave you.
I'm here to stay.
Let go of me.
Let go of me. Let go of me!
Get out of this house.
That's all I want is you
to get out of this house.
You want more time
to think things over?
Well, all right,
I can wait.
There's nothing
to think over.
Say, what is this?
It's all I have
in my checking account.
If you want anymore
you'll go and see my lawyer.
Your lawyer?
That's right.
No, I don't think so.
No, I think
I would rather go
to your father-in-law.
I am sure he will be anxious
to help us.
How dare you?
Don't you think he would,
when he knows
what we have been to each other?
He must know
that a woman like you
can't go on being
married to a corpse.
Stop it.
Stop it, do you hear me?
Nor can the children
get the love they need
the love and the care
that I can give them.
You can't have them.
Who is this?
I know who you are.
He told me about you.
You can't have them.
I promised Adrian.
Drop that knife.
Paul, please, listen to me.
Drop it. Drop it!
( mysterious theme playing )
( grunting and groaning )
Please don't!
( crying )
Paul! Paul!
It wasn't my fault. You saw it.
You saw what happened.
( knocking on door )
what do you think?
I've seen
this sort of thing happen
to shell shock cases before.
Will he be all right?
Well, there's the amnesia
but that's not unusual
in these cases and it's
almost always temporary.
I've checked his reflexes and
I find no sign of a blood clot.
When did you say he's due
back at his hospital?
This evening.
Well, keep him quiet
and I'll have another look
at him in a few hours.
Oh, uh, if there's any
sudden change, call me.
I will. Thank you.
Paul, can I get
you something?
The doctor said
you must rest.
Doctor? Where?
Is this a hospital?
This is Alice.
Don't you remember?
That's right.
The children.
The children.
Where are they?
Where are they?
They're here, Paul.
I brought them back
from the spring house,
they're playing
in the kitchen.
They're all right?
Well, yes of course, they are.
Don't you remember?
You took them to the spring
house on your way to church.
( sighs )
I'll get them for you.
Oh, Libby... Well.
Uncle Paul,
are you feeling better?
We waited in the spring house,
Uncle Paul.
Thank God, thank God.
You didn't come back
with the magic, Uncle Paul,
and we waited.
We did.
Did you?
Now look, mommy's gonna fix
Uncle Paul some soup
so both of you
take care of him.
All right.
Are you gonna stay with us?
Do you have to go back,
Uncle Paul?
Yes, Libby,
yes, I have to go back.
Goodbye, Paul,
good luck.
Paul, promise
you'll come back.
Will he come back,
Some day.
( upbeat theme
swells dramatically )