Strange Lady in Town (1955) Movie Script

Strange lady in town
Strange lady in town
She's all that any man
could ever hope or pray for
If I were king
I'd trade the crown
For that strange,
strange lady in town
Oh, heart of mine,
you're in danger
There's a strange lady
in town
Who is this
heart-stealin' stranger?
Who is turnin'
the town upside down?
Her hair is red
as the settin' sun
Her lips are ripe
as the corn
The lights that rise
in her sea-green eyes
Make a man kinda glad
he was born
Strange lady in town
Strange lady in town
Strange lady in town
Strange lady in town
She's all that any man
could ever hope or pray for
If I were king
I'd trade the crown
For that strange,
strange lady in town
Look at that red hair.
Good morning.
Good morning, ma'am.
We just lost a wheel.
If some of you would be
kind enough
to lift up the buckboard
while Martinez gets it back on.
- It would be a big help.
- Sure thing, lady.
Now wait a minute,
we don't need more than two.
Come on, Springtime,
let you and me give
the horse soldier a hand.
Thank you very much.
You got troubles, lady?
Buckboard, the wheel come off.
Matt and Springtime
are going on down to fix it.
Stranger out here, lady?
Yes. On my way to Santa Fe.
My brother's stationed there,
Lieutenant Garth.
Oh. Army, huh?
Yes. Martinez-Martinez
is his orderly.
Yes, he came
to meet me at the train
but he thought he better stay over
there now with the mules.
Come running!
Come running!
Come running...
That's for the chuck line, lady.
How about putting on
a feedbag with us
while you're waiting.
Oh, yes. Yes, I'd be
delighted. Thank you.
Good. Hey, the Santa Fe stage
met your train, didn't it?
Oh, yes, but my brother thought
he'd like to drive me
to Santa Fe himself.
Then some court of inquiry
suddenly came up
that he had to attend.
So he sent
Martinez-Martinez instead.
there's a town I've always
liked the sound of.
You born there?
Yes, I was.
I've been told
it was quite a privilege.
Yeah. You gonna be
out here long?
Permanently, I hope.
I'm going to live with my brother.
Sure hope you're gonna like it.
Mighty different
out here I reckon.
Pulling up stakes
must be kind of rough.
Not at all. My farewells to Boston
were made without a tear.
Not so much as the flutter
of a handkerchief.
I can assure you, Mr. Wickstrom,
it was quite painless.
All fixed, lady.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'm so sorry, seora.
We are fine now.
There's coffee and fixins.
Help yourself, Martinez.
Seor, since the train,
I have been saying
to myself
for one small cup of coffee
I will cut the throat,
a little, even of my brother.
Hey, where's this
other fellow?
What other fellow?
Well, this
Dr. J.W. Garth fellow.
Oh, that fellow?
Well, he happens to be me.
- You?
- Yes.
A woman doctor?
Yes. Why?
Hasn't a woman a right
to be a doctor?
Well, sure, but, but...
Oh, sure, doc.
Well, I'm glad you agree with me.
All right, I do but...
Well, we've never seen
a woman doctor out here.
Sure, it's a good thing
you dropped in, doc,
'cause I ain't feeling
so good.
Oh, what seems
to be the trouble?
Well, doc, I got
sort of a pain there,
right there...
right here.
Ah, I see.
Well, bring me that
small black bag, will you?
Sure thing, lady.
Thank you.
Take off your shirt.
Take off your shirt.
That too.
Do I have to?
Well, come on,
Chicken Feathers,
you heard
what the doc said.
All right, sit down.
Well, well, what's that?
A stethoscope.
I hear your heartbeat
through it.
That's something new, ain't it?
Well, it's fairly new.
They're not
in general use yet.
Stand up, please.
Now there's
nothing wrong with you
except that you're out of condition,
you're soft, flabby.
Now listen to me:
for at least a month, no tobacco,
no alcohol
and above all,
absolutely no
Saturday night fun time.
Now listen, doc,
that's the only...
Oh, shut up,
Chicken Feathers.
You heard
what the doc said.
Mr. Wickstrom, I hope
you'll impress on this man
the importance of
following my instructions.
I sure will, doc, if I have to take
an axe handle to him.
just one moment please.
That will be $10.
Oh, $10?
Well, come on, you heard
what the doc said, $10.
Thank you.
Seora, you have eaten,
I have eaten
and the mules have eaten.
We can go now.
All right, Martinez,
I'm ready.
Thank you all of you
for your kindness.
Where's Chicken Feathers?
Here I am.
This is for all of you.
And a special
Dr. Garth prescription,
drinks all round on me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, goodbye, ma'am.
Good bye, Mr. Wickstrom.
And thank you very much
for all your friendliness
and hospitality.
And if any of you
are ever in Santa Fe,
I hope you'll come and see,
whether you're sick or not.
- Bye.
- Take care.
Is it much further?
Pretty soon now, seora.
Strange country,
it seems out here
you can look further
and see less
than anywhere else
in the world.
Seora, when a fella
sees too much,
that is when his troubles begin.
Tell me, Martinez,
what happened at that
court of inquiry?
Soldier, I ask you a question.
Answer me.
How can I answer you
when I do not know?
I was not even in town.
What dreadful men, Martinez.
- Who are they?
- I do not know, seora.
And what is the court
inquiry about anyway?
I do not know, seora.
You like the house?
Oh, Martinez, it's charming.
It's beautiful.
To hear you say that,
that will make
lieutenant very happy.
- The sign.
- Well...
I painted it myself.
This word means doctor.
I painted her four times.
Martinez, these people,
why are they here?
They have come
to see you, seora.
- Me?
- Seora, I must tell you
that a woman for a doctor,
it's a very strange thing.
Maybe like a chicken
with two heads.
Buenas tardes, amigos.
Buenas tardes.
Seora, with your permission.
Felipe, Mateo, as a favor.
To assist this...
Will be a great humanity.
Such a load
will break the back
even of a camel.
You're very kind, seor.
- Por favor, seora.
- Gracias.
a soldier came with a message,
your brother, the lieutenant,
won't be in here till morning.
Hello, doc.
Oh, didn't I see you
this afternoon
on a black horse?
That's right.
I'm Carlotte Isabel O'Brien.
Hereabouts they call me Spurs.
Well, come in, Spurs.
Look, I know it's late,
but if you're still open
for business,
I've got you
a cash customer.
If it's a cash customer,
by all means bring it in.
Doc, a couple of
friends of mine.
Joe here's
having trouble with...
All right, I told you
it was a woman.
You sure did.
All right, then quit staring.
Doc, I wonder if you'd
take a look at Joe's tooth.
I'm telling you, Spurs,
it don't ache no more.
- Shut up.
- Oh...
All right, Joe, come on,
let's have a look at it.
Would you mind
bringing some candles?
In here.
I'm sorry, we're not
really open for business.
- Sit down, Joe.
- Now wait a minute, doc...
Sit down.
All right,
now open wide.
Ah... that's where
your trouble is, Joe.
That tooth really
ought to come out.
I'm afraid this is gonna
hurt like the devil, Joe.
I wish I could give you
a whiff of chloroform.
it isn't unpacked yet.
Think nothing of it, ma'am.
You just let me know
when you're all set.
All set, ma'am?
All set.
All right, ma'am.
He's all yours.
Just a minute, Joe.
Just a minute.
Sluggish thing
I ever saw, ma'am.
Tooth come out like
you was picking a daisy.
- Sure appreciate your kindness.
- It was a pleasure.
Oh, by the way, ma'am.
How much do we owe you?
Nothing. Joe's my first patient
in Santa Fe.
- Free for luck, on the house.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Joe, you were
a wonderful patient.
I want you to rinse
the mouth out with...
well, a shot glass of
good whiskey
every 4 hours.
Oh, yes, ma'am.
Come on, Joe.
Let's drift.
- Good night.
- Good night, ma'am.
What a nice boy.
Who is he?
They call him Billy the Kid.
Billy the Kid?
But he looked so young.
19 years old,
he's killed 19 men.
The trouble with Billy,
he's too sensitive.
You'd never know how many people
don't understand him.
Well, offhand I can think
of at least 19.
This is beautiful.
Where you came from there must be
an awful lot of sick people.
I mean these dresses
must have cost you plenty.
In my best year, I doubt
if I could have bought myself
a gingham apron
with what I made.
No, fortunately I had
little money of my own.
You know, I never
wore a dress in my own life.
Why not?
I guess I just
never got around to it.
Well, that's something
we shall have to take care of.
Spurs, it's almost midnight, I don't want
your family to get worried about you.
I haven't got any family.
- That is except O'Brien.
- Who's O'Brien?
My father, Rourke O'Brien.
He's a doctor too.
Oh, really?
The best in town.
If your father is a doctor,
why did you bring Joe to me?
Well, doc, I'll tell you.
For one thing
I wanted to meet you
and then if I decided I liked you...
I hope I'm not a complete
Oh, no, I think
you're wonderful.
Then if I liked you,
I decided I'd warn you
about O'Brien.
Warn me?
He's out for your scalp.
Because I'm a woman
doctor, I suppose.
Because you're a woman
and a doctor.
O'Brien's ideas about women
are pretty old-fashioned.
A woman's place, he claims,
is under a man's thumb.
"Let 'em wiggle even this much",
he says,
"and a man's
a dead duck."
- He says...
- Wait, Spurs,
I believe I can tell you
what your father says.
He says that a woman should have only
one purpose in life.
To make some man comfortable,
do his chores
and have his babies.
Almost his exact words.
Your father sounds like
a perfectly charming man.
After my mother died, O'Brien could
have married any woman he wanted.
They were practically
standing in line.
But he never did.
That was 13 years go.
Just breaks my heart
to think of
all those nice girls
denied the privilege of making
O'Brien comfortable.
Trouble is I guess he just
never found the right woman,
besides he's got his horses.
- Horses?
Yes, he raises thoroughbred trotters.
It's his hobby.
Anyway, when O'Brien heard
that you were coming here
to practice medicine,
"A woman doctor?"
Holy Joe, you should
have heard what he said.
Do you want me to tell you?
Please do.
This father of yours
absolutely fascinates me.
"Any woman like you", he said,
"poking around in a man's job,
"trying to wear a man's britches
"ought to be put in a straightjacket",
he said.
And then...
wait a minute,
I'll give you his exact words.
Oh, yes.
He said you were
just another of those
poor dried up
old biddies
all snarled up
in your own frustrations.
Just because you can't
get yourself a man,
he said, you were doing
the next best thing,
trying to act like one.
Do you want
to hear anymore?
Oh, I can hardly wait.
Well, he bet me
a new saddle that...
That you'd be flat-chested
and have big feet.
Three months he said,
you'd be laughed out of town.
Oh, no.
Not ever again.
Not enough laughter
in the world to do that.
You don't know O'Brien.
Me, I can't handle him anymore.
Talk about your little Napoleons,
Holy Joe.
Time's come somebody's
got to chop him down to size.
You know, Spurs,
for the sake of the women
of Santa Fe,
I think I will try to do
something about it.
- About what?
- About chopping him down,
as you so neatly
put it, to size.
You know what?
I believe you're the one that can do it.
Doc, would you mind
if I told him what you said.
Not at all, you tell him
with my compliments.
Holy Joe! It'll be as good
as putting a firecracker
in his pant's pocket.
Well, doc, I guess
I'll be on my way.
Come and see me again, Spurs.
- Come often.
- Oh, I will.
I will. Oh, I meant to ask you doc,
I guess you'll be needing
a horse and buggy.
Well, yes, I suppose I shall.
Then I know where I can
pick up a real bargain.
Would you like me
to take care of it?
- I should be very grateful.
- Fine, adios.
Good night.
Oh, hey, doc.
Tomorrow I'm gonna
collect my bet.
I'm gonna stick O'Brien
for a new saddle.
Come and get it.
Hi there, Maquina.
Bit of a carrier with news, seor,
about $40 worth.
Well, a fella ought to buy himself
an awful lot of news for $40. What is it?
O'Brien, you lost your bet.
You owe me a new saddle.
Oh-ho! So you seen her.
Aha... I certainly have.
- When?
- Last night.
She's got red hair.
Red hair?
Then she's got a temper.
You bet she has... and just try
to getting her under your thumb.
Brace yourself
for a shock, O'Brien,
she isn't flat-chested
and she hasn't got big feet.
- She's gorgeous.
- She's what?
She has a figure too, and she wears
her clothes like a hacendada.
Come on, O'Brien, that'll be $40
for a new saddle.
Just a minute,
is she married?
No. What's that got
to do with it?
Just proves my point, that's all.
Look, if this redhead is
all she's supposed to be,
why isn't she married?
Oh, dear, it's like I told you,
there's a blight on the rose,
a worm in the apple.
All right.
But it's an apple that
won't keep the doctor away.
What man will like
to come over to a woman
who's been
rolling pills all day,
or wagging about
in people's insides?
No, a woman's only
purpose in life is to...
I know.
Is to make you comfortable.
Look, O'Brien, you're getting
to be a great worry to me.
One of these fine days,
somebody is gonna throw you for a fall,
and I think she's the one
that can do it.
- Oh, you think so, huh?
- Yes.
As a matter of fact,
she told me to tell you so
with her compliments.
You sound as if
you're on her side.
I'm a woman too, remember?
Yes, I remember.
And you're still my best girl.
Do you love me?
That's better.
Let's go get some breakfast.
Oh, David.
Oh, I'm so glad...
so glad to see you.
All right, sister dear,
all right.
The army's now arrived
and here come
the supporting forces.
Hello, Martinez.
The lieutenant
looks good, eh?
You take very
good care of him.
Sure, seora.
Why not? It is easy.
All right, Don Quixote.
Just run along
and uncrate those boxes.
I've been here a month, you know.
And listen, Julia,
I'm terribly sorry about yesterday,
not meeting you at the train.
- Oh, I understood.
Court of inquiry,
that must be important.
Well, this time it wasn't.
- Didn't get anywhere.
- Oh, what was it all about?
Or shouldn't I ask?
Well, it seems that certain parties,
still unidentified,
sold the army
a batch of stolen cattle,
so naturally the CO
wanted somebody's hide.
Well, if the army
is that easily taken,
you can't blame
the boys for trying.
Oh, David, that, is that
the proper spirit?
Julie. You ought to
know by this time
that I'm not always
a proper person.
Still the same David, huh?
Julie, what's happened to you?
Well, whatever that means,
I don't like it.
I think it's your eyes.
Is it toughness
or is it determination?
It's probably just
an occupational disease.
If you're gonna be so critical,
I can show you a couple of
Grey hairs too.
You haven't said
you like the house.
Oh, David,
I just love it.
Everything about it's so...
Well, so primitive
and so friendly,
goats in the garden.
It's certainly not in the most fashionable
part of town,
but that's the way
you wanted it.
I've had my fill of
fashionable towns.
This is everything
I could have wished for.
I think you did
a marvelous job,
but such extravagance.
Oh, for you, darling,
nothing but the best.
This is my welcome to Santa Fe present
and don't start screaming.
But on your army pay, how on earth
could you manage?
Army pay my hat. There was a couple of
card players fresh in from Colorado,
impressed with my
youth and innocence,
they sucked me
into a poker game.
Oh, brother.
David, I thought
you'd given up cards.
Oh, I have, Julie, I have,
but after all
I couldn't disappoint
these gentlemen, could I?
Oh, David.
- Hello, doc!
- Hello, Spurs.
Well, Spurs, I didn't know
that you knew my brother.
Yes, I know your brother.
This woman, I'll have you know,
is my own true love.
- Oh, really?
- Catch.
Oh... doc, you mustn't
believe a thing he says.
Nor must you, Spurs.
Julie, I'm terribly sorry,
but I got to get back
to the business of
defending my country.
Oh, David, it's been 5 years
and you give me
5 minutes.
Sorry, but I got a captain
who'd give a year's pay
to clip my soaring wings,
so come on, you two.
- Bye, dear.
- Oh, hey, doc.
I got you a horse and buggy.
How about a trial
this afternoon?
- That'll be fine.
- Horse and buggy?
- Where did you steal that?
- From O'Brien.
Oh, my goodness, Spurs,
you can't do a thing like that.
Good afternoon. Adios.
Ave Maria
Gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Ave Dominus tecum
Benedicta Tu
Benedicta Tu
in mulieribus
Et benedictus
Et benedictus
fructus ventris
You like that, seora?
Oh, father,
it's just wonderful.
Such voices.
Ventris tui, Jesus
And that little one
sings like an angel.
But a blind angel.
He's blind?
Yes, that Tomascito,
that poor little one.
It is a great sadness.
Please, may I look at him?
I might be able to help him.
So many have tried.
I'm a doctor, padre.
Ah, you are the woman doctor
who lives next door.
'Tis a very fine thing.
Women have
gentleness and pity.
seora here,
she is a doctor.
She wishes
to look at your eyes.
Tomascito, I've been
listening to you singing.
I think you must have
stolen your voice
from a nightingale.
Can you see me, Tomascito?
Can you see me at all?
Only as a shadow
against the sun.
Mm-hmm. Father, I'd like
to go into this further.
Suppose we go over to my house
where I have the proper conveniences.
Conveniences? I have some
that will surprise you.
Alfredo, take Tomascito
to Sister Delphine.
Tell her to wait for me.
Yes, father.
He is a good boy.
Poor child.
Come, daughter.
There, seora,
there you have it.
That is my hospital.
You like it, huh?
I think it's wonderful, father.
No, seora,
it is not wonderful,
it is a failure.
For years now
it's been my dream,
a hospital for my poor ones.
But in my heart I know
that it is nothing.
A barn. A place
for the little animals,
the sadness of a dream.
- Ah, no father.
The real sadness of a dream
is its un-fulfillment.
To make something of it,
even if it's only a beginning.
Why, that's real achievement.
All right, Tomascito.
You've been very brave.
Also I have been
very scared.
I'm scared now.
How would you
like to stay a little while
in Father Gabriel's hospital?
Would it be permitted for Alfredo,
for my good friend
to see me?
Why, I think
it could be arranged.
Then I will stay.
Good. Sister Delphine,
will you please put this
young man to bed now?
Yes, doctor.
Come, Tomascito.
- Seora.
- Yes.
Alfredo tells me
that you have hair
that burns like small fire
that I would like to see.
Well, I think I can promise you
that you will see it.
I can also promise you that
Alfredo has made a big joke.
Come, Tomascito.
Now these good sisters,
they're the finest nurses
in the world.
Yes, and they have done
so much for my hospital.
Tell me, what is it
with that little one?
Trachoma, but I think
it can be taken care of.
Medication and bandages for
a week or so and then we can...
You mean you can
perform this miracle.
It's not a miracle, padre.
It's just...
a fairly simple technique.
And now, please,
I should like to see your hospital.
You mean that truly.
- Of course.
- Come, doctor.
Buenos Dias.
Today, Manuel is 92 years old.
Sister Muriel,
this is the Seora Garth.
The seora is a doctor.
I'm happy
to know you, doctor.
Father, it will be an act of mercy
if you'd look in
on the Muldoon girl.
We will go now.
Please come, doctor.
I have a friend here
to see you.
The seora.
Now this is something
you will not believe.
She is a doctor.
Norah, my dear.
Look at me.
You want to get well, don't you?
You do, don't you?
Yes, ma'am.
That's what
I wanted to hear.
Would you like me to come
and see you again?
Yes, ma'am.
For months now
she has been like that.
The girl's frighten
out of her wits.
Tell me about her, father?
There is so little to tell.
One morning it was
before early mass,
I found her in the church.
She had been beaten
with great brutality
and lying there it seemed
to me that she was dead.
She has told us nothing.
These are my flowers.
So beautiful, the little friends
of our blessed Lord.
Tell me, father,
who takes charge
of your hospital?
How many doctors
do you have on the staff?
Only one,
Dr. Rourke O'Brien.
He's a fine doctor,
but he is emotional,
given to great angers.
To oppose him is to hear him
bellow like a wounded bull.
This O'Brien
is very much of a man
and he is very generous.
He comes here everyday
and he charges us nothing.
Holy Joe.
When I stuck O'Brien
for that new saddle,
you should have
heard him scream!
You are doing fine.
I drove a little in the east
but western horses
seem so... uh, different.
Well, they're just used to an
experienced hand on the lines.
Hold her in a little.
Let her know you're the boss!
That's it. I'm going to leave
you now, rein her in.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Oh, wait, Spurs, have you
told your father yet
that you sold me this horse and buggy?
- Well, not yet.
I always figure there's
a right time for everything.
Hold on, look here, Spurs,
you ought to tell him.
- Don't worry.
I'll tell him when I get home
and he'll scream.
Giddy up.
Hey, that's my horse and buggy.
Hey, stop that rig!
That's my horse and buggy.
You horse thief!
Hey, stop that horse!
Stop that horse!
Whoa, whoa.
That's my buggy
and that's my horse!
What in the eternal blazes
are you doing with her?
Dr. O'Brien, I presume.
The redhead.
So it's you.
So that daughter of mine
sold you the horse and buggy.
I guess you're
not a horse thief.
Please understand
that I never apologize.
No apologies necessary,
Dr. O'Brien, just hold still.
Oh, I am still.
Anyway I'm sorry it happened.
Oh, you are?
Well, thank you.
Wrecked my buggy
and ruined my suit.
Sit up, please.
Can you hurry that up?
You've been dabbing at me
with an infernal
carbolic solution for 20 minutes.
Hasn't been 3 minutes
and I don't permit my patients
to tell me what to do.
Your patients.
I'm not one of your patients.
You kidnapped me
while I was unconscious.
When I came to, you...
You had my shirt off.
A doctor must give
aid to the injured.
Even a woman doctor.
You can get dressed now.
And thank you for submitting
to my inefficient attention.
More carbolic acid?
"Women's Medical College,
What are these?
Geneva, Paris,
- Wasn't Philadelphia good enough for you?
- Yes.
But you wanted to learn
the new-fangled things
like list of theories.
So you studied in London.
Carbolic spray.
More Lister.
Really, Dr. O'Brien,
I'm surprised that you've even
heard of Lister.
Oh, I've heard of him, all right.
Wash it off-lister,
keep it clean-lister,
carbolic acid-lister,
anti sepsis-lister.
Why didn't everybody die
before Dr. Jacob Lister
came along?
He's a Charlotte
and a crack pot.
That point I'm afraid
we disagree violently,
just as we obviously do on
the question of women doctors.
No doubt you're gonna
tend to your slight wound
from now on
by your own methods.
No doubt.
Thank you.
Oh, nice looking little
place you have here.
Must have cost
a pretty packet.
I wonder you didn't
make it practicing medicine
in Boston, wasn't it?
No, I didn't make it
practicing medicine.
Yes, it wasn't Boston.
Why did you leave Boston?
Because of the intolerance
of men like you, Dr. O'Brien.
Men who resented
the audacity of a woman
daring to practice medicine.
Daring to crash the gates
of a man's world.
Trouble was
I was doing a man's job
and doing it well.
For that they hated me.
So I came out west.
I didn't expect to find
the same intolerance,
the same bigotry
and ignorance out here.
Seems I was mistaken.
Why don't you
forget medicine
and get married?
You're quite a woman.
'Cause I have other
and more important things to do.
Good day, Dr. O'Brien.
Good day, Dr. Garth.
Oh, what's your fee?
It's not customary to charge
a fellow physician a fee.
Then... thank you.
Give my regards
to your daughter.
She's charming.
Oddly enough
her charm explodes
the Theory of Heredity.
Thank you.
Oh, do me a favor, will you?
Keep out of the Mission Hospital.
Those poor devils
die fast enough
without any help from you.
These bandages,
how long will they remain
on Tomascito's eye?
A week, 10 days.
And then we shall know?
- We shall know.
- Seora.
Ah, Bartolo, you can see
Tomascito now.
Muchas gracias.
Why, Norah,
you look wonderful.
Doesn't she, father?
I'm so glad that you could
wear these pretties.
We must find
some more for you.
Norah, how would you like
to do something for me?
You would like to
help me now,
wouldn't you?
I don't know, ma'am.
I don't know.
I've never been good for much.
Leastways nothing
I'd be proud to tell of.
I'd like to try.
I'll appreciate that.
This morning,
the seora has operated
on the eyes of a little boy.
It was very complicated.
His eyes will be bandaged
for at least a week.
Now for
such a little boy,
this is going to be
very frightening.
I want to bring him here
into this room.
And, Norah, I want you
to make friends with him.
Keep him from being lonely
and-and from being afraid.
Yes, ma'am.
Norah, this is Tomascito.
Hello, Tomascito.
There's a very pretty girl
with you here.
Her name is Norah.
She's going to be here
with you all the time.
I want you to show her
just how brave you can be.
That Bartolo,
such a fine good man.
Come, sister, with your
permission, seora.
Say something to him.
Hello, Tomascito.
Such a thing.
The seora, this doctor,
my son Tomascito, his eyes,
this clever one,
she has got him a little.
In a week he will see again.
I tell you, she is a saint.
It's a blessed thing
that such a good doctor
come to Santa Fe.
Where is this... saint?
With the Seora Muldoon.
Good morning.
Well, well.
Saint Julia, the red haired.
Your friend Bartolo
was just telling me that...
Did you put that kid in
with the Muldoon girl?
- I did.
- Why?
- An experiment.
- What do you mean an experiment?
The little boy needs
The girl, a sense
of responsibility.
What are you talking about?
Well, lets' try again.
As you know or should know
that Muldoon girl
has a psychosis,
a sick mind.
- A sick mind, nonsense.
- In my opinion...
She's just making
a fool of you.
She's a good bed
and three meals a day.
Never had that
before in her life.
I can tell you one thing -
she's getting out of here
and she's getting out fast.
What do we do now then?
Toss her out into the snow
or find a convenient lion,
have a Roman holiday.
I tell you the girl's no good.
She ran away somewhere
with an Arkansas teamster.
Before that she was singing
at the Casa del Toro,
Bella Brown's place.
It's a gambling house.
How do you know?
I saw her there.
- Oh!
- Well, just a...
Oh, no, no, no,
Don't spoil the picture,
it's just too wonderful.
O'Brien on the town.
Oh, well.
Oh, my, oh my,
the inconsistency of the male animal...
I hear you've acquired
a saddle horse.
Yes, I have.
- Can you ride?
- Of course.
Side saddle, I suppose.
That's the only way I know.
Well, in this country
you'd break your silly neck.
You'll have to learn
to use a western outfit.
One of these days
I'll teach you.
Now why would you
want to do that?
To tell you the truth,
I don't know.
- Why do you have to go and spoil it?
- Spoil what?
For a minute
I thought you came by
especially to see me.
No, I just happened to be passing.
Where are you headed?
One of those routine scout details
for my sins.
A week of boredom.
A week is a long time.
Tell me, David.
Do you love me?
Yes, I love you.
Do you love me with love,
as a man loves a woman?
No, Spurs,
as a man loves a friend.
Well, Amiga Mia, adios.
Kiss me.
But not as a friend.
You shouldn't love me, Spurs.
Well, hello, Spurs.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for you.
You're the one
bright spot in my life.
Well, I'm glad I'm important
in somebody's life.
Oh, I'm tired.
You've been working
too hard, doc.
You haven't been
getting enough rest.
Esteban told me that
you were out until dawn again.
Yes, I was. Everything seems to happen
at night around here.
Holy Joe! You ought to see O'Brien.
- Now what?
- You.
Claim jumping another
of his cash customers,
Old Ben Strickland.
Oh, Father Gabriel
recommended me to him.
He's a very charming
old gentleman.
He's also another sizable
slice of O'Brien's cake.
Doc, please don't
reduce us to poverty.
I have one like that.
This is good of David, isn't it?
No, it's too severe.
I like it when he smiles.
Mine is written on too.
Do you know what it says?
No. What?
It says,
"To my own true love,
forever and always,
You don't think he meant it, do you?
Do you?
Oh, Spurs, you mustn't take
David too seriously.
He's always been
carefree and well,
you know, little irresponsible.
Doc, do you ever pray?
Why, yes, quite often.
I used to a lot.
I'd wait till the church
was quite empty
and then I'd go in
all by myself.
It was so quiet,
so peaceful.
Sometimes I thought
in the silence,
I could hear the little echoes
of all the prayers
that were ever said.
Yes, I think I know
what you mean.
Every day I'd go in there
and ask the Blessed Virgin
to make it
so that David
would love me truly.
Finally, I didn't go anymore.
You know, Spurs,
whenever people want
something very badly,
they usually get
around praying for it.
And then if things
don't work out
exactly as they want,
they get angrier with God
like children denied
a second helping of pudding.
But the wonderful thing is
that they don't know
that God has just
taken them by their hand
and led them away from disaster.
Is David back?
Why, yes.
As a matter of fact,
I was just wondering where he is.
If it's all the same to you,
this time I'd like mine
off the top.
I think that could be arranged.
Somebody get a doctor.
All right, boys.
Take this monkey
in the back.
How does he look?
He's passed out.
Got a hole in him,
you can run a rabbit through.
I hope...
Julie, what on earth
are you doing here?
I have no idea.
Boy who brought me
was very excited
and couldn't speak English.
All I could gather was that
somebody had been hurt.
Yes, well, as long
as you're here, darling,
you better get out your tools
and take a look at this joker.
He's been bleeding
like a wine barrel.
What happened to him?
A gunshot wound.
So go ahead
like a good girl
and fish out the slug.
Bring my bag over here.
I think you'll find I did a neat job
of not entirely
shooting him to bits.
Am I to understand
that you shot him?
My darling, of course.
But the man drew first.
That is right.
Oh, by the way,
this is Bella Brown.
Bella, this is my sister, Dr. Garth.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
This is Bella's
place of business.
In that case, Miss Brown,
I'd appreciate
a kettle of boiling water,
a basin and some towels.
Yes, ma'am.
Bring this lamp
little closer, will you?
Julie, there's one thing
I want to tell you.
If this mule dies,
I will probably be busted
out of the service.
If he lives,
it'll be more than you deserve.
It's not a very pretty picture,
I don't like the way
you fit into it.
I don't like it at all.
Gracious, what's that?
That is your experiment.
Well, it worked, didn't it?
Father, it's moments
like this that make up
for all one's failures.
You are a clever one
for a Protestant.
You know, father,
you're a wonderful person
for a Catholic.
Well, well, Dr. Rourke O'Brien.
Get in.
- What did you say?
- Come on, get in.
Get in?
Well, of course, I won't get in.
Look, just for once,
don't argue with me.
Just get in, I want
to teach you to ride.
Will you get in or shall I drag you in
by the hair?
I'll get in.
Oh, wait, I have to get a hat.
I've got you a hat.
Oh, don't you ever drive slowly?
What a lovely house.
Well, it's like a Spanish hacienda.
It is a Spanish hacienda.
Oh, well.
Nice place you have here.
I'll wager you didn't get it
practicing medicine.
No, I didn't.
This was my wife's ranch.
She was a Castilian.
That was my wife.
You know, that might
easily be Spurs.
Spurs is fortunate to have
even some of
her mother's beauty.
Come here.
Do you think you might get
the hang of this outfit?
What, you mean these are for me?
Yes. I had them made up for you.
But why?
I asked myself
the same question.
Let's see.
That looks as if it might fit.
Well, how could you
possibly know the right size?
Well, I'll tell you, that waistline and
the bust measurements,
I didn't have
any trouble with.
The boots of course,
I had to take a chance on.
Here, let me fix that for you.
Not bad.
Me or the hat?
The hat.
I really can't allow you
to give me all these things.
There you go, always
looking for an argument.
Come on, now don't be
old fashioned,
you can use my bedroom
for dressing.
But I really don't think
that I ought to...
Go right ahead.
If it'll make you any happier,
you can lock the door.
Hey, wait a minute.
What's your hurry?
Oh, I saw doc through
the window and I..
Well, Miss Garth's in there
changing her clothes.
We're going for a ride.
You and doc?
I think I better go along.
Your lack of confidence
in your father
is not a compliment, young lady.
Well, I don't know.
Well, the first thing
you got to remember is
what you're sitting on.
It's a horse.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Your seat is mostly
a question of balance.
You've got to learn the trick of using
your knees like this.
I think I get the idea.
Another thing,
to turn the horse,
you don't use the bit,
you neck-rein it, like that.
I see.
Come on, sit up straight.
Try not to look
like a sack of potatoes.
You know, I think
you're gonna be all right.
You got the hands
for it and the legs.
Yes, you certainly
have got the legs.
Look, before we become
too deeply involved
in my anatomy, suppose
we take that ride.
All right, suppose we do.
Well, you haven't
done too badly.
How do you feel?
Oh, wonderful.
Holy Joe.
You know, you're beginning
to sound like Spurs.
You better sit down
and rest for a while.
Oh, my gluteus Maximus,
oh, that feels good.
Well, at least it's stationary.
Well, Miss Garth, this is,
look, I think
I'll just call you Julia.
All right, but don't let yourself
get carried away.
You know
the wide open spaces,
and the drumbeat of hoofs,
the wind in our faces.
You know the...
the poetic approach.
Poetic? That's like
cutting good whiskey.
Personally I like
mine's straight.
Like what straight?
A relationship of
the sexes, romance, love,
whatever you want to call it.
I suppose you have taken time
to consider the subject.
As a doctor, of course.
But not as a woman?
No woman over 30
can afford to admit
there'd never been a man
in her life.
I understand you have
very definite ideas
about the duties of women,
Dr. O'Brien.
My name is Rourke
and I certainly have,
a woman should have
the same ideas.
Now come, admit,
you have been in love.
Why don't you marry him?
He had his ideas
about women too.
He insisted that
I gave up medicine.
But you were too stubborn.
Not stubborn, determined.
I'll never give up medicine,
whatever happens.
Some of Geronimo's boys.
What do you suppose
they intend to do?
That's one thing
about an Apache,
you can never figure out.
They want you to
take your hat off.
They like to see
your red hair.
What should I do?
If you want to keep it,
you better humor him.
Do you think that...
That wild creature
might actually...?
Did you see their lances
with those hanks of hair on them?
They're not floor mops.
We better get out of here
before he changes his mind.
That Indian, what did he say to you
as he rode away?
He asked me
if you were my woman.
What did you tell him?
I told him yes.
That's what you call
taking it straight, huh?
Yes, a natural
biological impulse.
And the subtle approach of
the hired hand
at the hayfield,
making love
to the farmer's daughter.
Come on, get on your horse.
Hey, wait,
wait, wait.
All right, either get on
or get off!
Giddy up.
Ooh, ooh.
The seora,
this clever bud,
she took my woman
and led her to son
and she says...
open your eyes a little.
Tell me what you see."
So Tomascito
opened his eyes
and this, this is the thing
that is the miracle.
My son says...
"I see my mother,
I see her clearly."
Bartolo, get that cart
out of the way.
Yes, seor, at once.
I was telling my...
Come on, come on!
Get up.
Next please.
Seor, seor,
this is my cousin,
a fine good boy.
Holy Joe.
Somebody drop a house on him?
No, seor, it was
of a greater complication.
What happened?
It was a complication
of little animals.
They love my cousin.
The little chickens,
the little ducks,
all the time
they follow him home.
Once even a fine goose,
but yesterday
it was a little goat,
all the way from town
she followed my cousin,
even into the house.
Such a fat little goat.
Such a flavor, never have I
taste anything like that.
- Don't tell me a goat did all this.
- No, seor.
It was done by the fellow
who owns the goat.
Such a barbarian, no?
Ah, seor.
I ride with a message
from the patron,
from Don Hernandez, who...
How is he?
Same old trouble, seor.
And I am instructed
to tell you that...
All right.
I'll be out to look him over.
Oh, no, seor. This is not
Don Hernandez's desire.
This message I bring
is for the...
Good morning.
Good morning.
Ah, the one with the red hair.
You are the doctor?
As a favor, please,
Don Hernandez
would be very honored
if you will ride to
El Rancho Santiago.
Oh, I shall be happy to.
There must be some mistake.
Don Hernandez has been
my patient for 15 years.
Oh, well, of course
in that case, I can't...
All I know, seor,
are the words of Don Hernandez.
He asked
for the seora doctor.
Then by all means, go, Dr. Garth.
My master will be honored.
Seora, seor, adios.
How did Don Hernandez
happen to send for you?
I haven't the faintest idea.
I don't believe that.
And I suppose you know
it's the same as
picking a man's pockets
and in medicine, unethical.
- Unethical?
Well, that's a word it seems
the men in our profession
don't even know how to spell
where a woman's concerned.
Sit down.
I think I've got you
figured out, Garth.
When you were tactically
run out of Boston,
you came here to New Mexico determined to succeed.
- I did.
But not for the benefit of the sick
or the welfare of humanity,
but for the benefit
and welfare of Julia Garth!
And for the sake of a triumph
over those physicians
who had humiliated you.
You adapted
the idiotic theories of Lister
because they were new,
and made you seem
progressive and smart,
not because you believe them.
And now you're trying to
take away my patients
as part of your vindictive
feminine revenge.
You came here with a knife
in your teeth
and you've been using it.
Am I right, Dr. Garth?
You're both right and wrong.
I did come here
determined to succeed,
without a desire
for revenge.
I have adapted the theories
of Jacob Lister
because I know them
to be sound,
and believe
they'll benefit humanity.
I have not tried
to steal your patients,
and neither have come to me
have come
because I had already,
in some measure, succeeded.
If our professional interests
conflict, I'm truly sorry.
Let me tell you this.
You're not gonna
use this hospital
for your personal ambitions.
I put my soul into it
for the past 5 years,
without a cent of pay
and you know why?
Because this hospital is
the dream of an old man,
Father Gabriel,
who's about as close to God
as any living man can get.
He believes that you're sincere.
You're not gonna deceive him
with my help any longer.
Either you leave
this hospital or I do.
This is ridiculous, Dr. O'Brien.
I've begun work here
and intend to continue.
If you're giving me
this ultimatum,
you know I have no choice.
Very well.
Since I can gather up
a few personal belongings,
my position here is yours.
I shall inform Father Gabriel
and the sisters accordingly.
- Where's Dr. O'Brien?
- What is it, Sister Muriel?
Norah Muldoon... there's a man here,
he's with her now.
He wants to take her away.
Oh, I tell you, doctor,
he frightens me
just to look at him.
I tell you he's a wicked man.
We must find Dr. O'Brien!
Never mind Dr. O'Brien,
I'll handle this.
Why don't you let
bygones be bygones?
- Give me another chance.
- No, no.
Why, Norah, that ain't
no way to act.
Come on, sweetheart, come on,
I'll take you home.
No, no.
Come home and see
all the pretties I bought you.
A dress sewed all over all over
with those little shiny things
and the prettiest red shoes
you ever saw.
No, I won't go, I won't.
Please, please, my finger!
What are you doing here?
I come for Norah.
I come to take her home.
Do you want to go?
Well, go on, Norah,
tell the lady.
Yes, ma'am.
I want to go.
You'll do nothing of the sort.
And I must ask you
to get out of here.
Come on, Norah.
I say no!
What's the matter here?
This man insists
on taking Norah away.
That's right.
Just a minute.
Norah is your patient,
Dr. Garth, what do you think?
Do you think
she's well enough to leave?
No, she's not.
There's your answer.
Come on, Norah.
Look out, look out!
Stop, stop!
Stop, stop!
No killing yourselves.
You're ruining my flowers.
Somebody do something.
Rourke, you're badly hurt.
Come inside,
let me help you.
Help me?
I don't think
you can do anymore
than you've already done.
Take that ape
and sew him together.
You're the doctor
of this hospital now.
Oh, there you are.
- Catalina, Esteban.
- But, seora?
It's my birthday, Esteban,
so we'll celebrate.
- Just the three of us.
- Seora, to do that will be an honor...
Save that big mouth
for the wine.
My brother had planned
such a lovely party
and then suddenly
nobody could come.
Not even David.
Seora, your good health.
To the felicitous completion
of all your years.
Muchas gracias.
Spurs, you came after all.
Well, come in.
Doc, you better come
and take a look at O'Brien.
What's the matter?
I don't know.
He's been acting kind of crazy.
He acts like he...
you know?
- What do you mean?
10 days now.
It sort of been building up,
haven't you noticed?
I haven't even seen him.
Spurs, I'd only aggravate him,
you better get another doc.
Oh, no, doc!
O'Brien's yelling for you.
Come on, I've got a buggy outside.
All right, all right, wait for me,
I'll just get my bag.
No lights anywhere,
what's the matter?
Well, that's the way
O'Brien wanted,
I told you
he was acting crazy.
- 'Birthday, Julia.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Oh, David.
Feliz cumpleaos, seora.
Thank you very much, dear father.
But... But whose idea
was this anyway?
I told you he was crazy.
Come on, I want you
to meet all my friends.
Well, I... I'd be delighted.
Uh, tell me, love of my life...
Where's all the food?
We are eating outside.
Ah, the good smell of beef
over hot coals with hunger,
even my toes curl.
I don't understand this at all.
Then don't try to.
Professionally, I'm one person,
I'm quite a different one.
I'm going to believe that.
Stop that.
Stop taking me apart
and putting me together again.
I haven't seen you
for nearly 2 weeks.
- During that time I've discovered something.
- What?
That I wanted to see you.
Well, goodnight, Rourke,
and thanks again for
a perfectly beautiful party.
Wait, I'm coming in.
Oh, but it's so very late
and I have to be up at sunrise.
You digging in for the winter,
Dr. O'Brien?
I found out something else
during the past 2 weeks.
I've either got to marry you
or be guilty of homicide.
I'm gonna take you to the
Governors' Ball in 2 weeks
and I want to introduce you
to Governor Lew Wallace
and his lady as Mrs. Rourke O'Brien.
Is this...
is this by any chance
a proposal?
Well, looks as somebody
set fire to a haystack.
Oh, Rourke, what a proposal.
I do appreciate the honor,
of course,
no woman really expects the balcony scene
from Romeo and Juliet but...
Personally, I've always thought Romeo was
something of a fool,
messing around out
on that balcony
when he could have come inside
and got his feet warmed.
Oh, you're impossible.
Now look, you're going home
and I'm going to bed.
A long ago
there was a woman,
she was an invalid,
very shy.
One day she met a man,
they fell in love,
oh, profoundly.
Her name was
Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
But here was
a curious thing,
too shy to express her love
in spoken words,
she wrote them down.
Would you like to hear them?
At least what I can
remember of them?
Yes, I would.
"How do I love thee?
"Let me count the ways.
"I love thee to the depth,
breadth, height.
"My soul can reach,
"when feeling
out of sight.
"For the ends of being
and ideal Grace.
"I love thee to the level
of everyday's.
"Most quiet need,
"by sun and candlelight.
"I love thee freely,
as men strive for right.
"I love thee purely,
as they turn from praise.
"I love thee with a love
I seemed to lose.
"With my lost saints.
"I love thee with the breath,
smiles, tears,
"of all my life,
"and, if God choose, I shall
but love thee better
"after death."
Is that what you want?
Oh, yes.
- Then it's all settled.
- What all settled?
That you're going to marry me.
Marry you?
Oh, Rourke, no, no.
What do you mean "Oh, no"?
I mean it would be disastrous,
for everyone concerned.
Spurs, whom I adore,
our children
if we had any would be
caught in a head on collision of
two ruthless
stubborn characters.
Their lives will be a shambles,
ours too.
- What do you mean ruthless?
Well, let's face it.
We are, aren't we?
Me with my obsession
to even up old scores,
me with that knife
between my teeth and you...
you with your prejudice
and your arrogance,
you're the symbol of everything
that I ran away from,
everything that I learned to hate.
Stop it.
What a pair.
What a design for happiness.
Is that final?
Yes, Rourke.
All right, run.
Run as much as you want.
No matter how far or how fast,
just remember this,
I'll be right behind you
breathing down
the back of your neck.
Your ring.
You've forgotten your ring.
I can't believe
I'm actually going.
You know it was
at the Governors' Ball
that O'Brien asked my mother
to marry him.
how romantic.
How long had they
known each other?
Less than half an hour actually.
Of course when my grandfather
heard about it,
he promised to shoot
O'Brien on sight!
Where is everybody?
Oh, that's David.
That's David.
Oh, doc, tell me,
am I beautiful,
just a little tiny bit?
Yes, my dear, you are,
more than a little.
Oh, doc, I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Oh, I forgot, O'Brien's
going to call for you.
O'Brien? But...
But that's impossible.
Not with O'Brien, it isn't.
He told me it's been
settled for weeks.
Turn around,
let's have a look at you.
Well, well.
I'm beautiful, aren't I?
Now wait a minute,
that's not for you to say.
Well, you say it.
Yes, I believe you are.
Oh, now wait a minute,
you stop that.
Oh, hello, David.
Hello, sir.
I thought you'd be...
What do you think
you're dressed up for?
I'm going to the Governors' Ball.
Oh, yes, who says so?
Well, isn't that nice?
Where did you get that dress?
Doc had it made for me.
It's lovely, isn't it?
It's lovely than
you'll ever know.
You haven't seen
anything yet,
wait till you see doc, she's...
If it won't be
an impertinence, ma'am,
may I say you're an amazingly
handsome woman?
Why, thank you, sir.
What an enchanting fragrance.
Paris, I suppose?
No, carbolic.
I use it all the time, remember?
I think we ought
to do something
about our Cinderella here.
Well, here's to Spurs, may she...
No, no, this is for
the Seorita Carlotte Isabel O'Brien.
To the Seorita Carlotte
Isabel O'Brien.
Most enjoyable, really.
Good waltz, pretty woman,
nothing to equal it.
Except the territorial
governor of New Mexico,
who can pay a compliment
and make it sound
as he really meant it.
Oh, I say let's not overdo it.
You sure you don't mind
if we set this one out?
I seem to get so confoundedly
short of breath.
Oh, of course not, general.
Oh, there's my dear Suzanne.
Well, my dear, I suppose my
husband is in his usual form,
dancing like a man
leading a cavalry charge.
Look, if you girls don't mind
I'm going to sit down.
Tell me, General Wallace,
if it's not a secret,
what are you going to
call your new book?
My dear, if you get
Lew started on his book,
you'll wish you hadn't.
Let's just ignore her.
I'm calling it Ben-Hur.
Terribly exciting.
At the moment
the general is working on
the great chariot race and he...
Lew, what's the matter?
Oh, another of those
confounded heart things.
I'll get Dr. O'Brien.
Well, ma'am,
I made a first class fool
of myself, didn't I?
Oh, nonsense, general, here.
I think you can manage now.
Tell me, do you wear these
high collars all the time?
Yes, I guess do.
Then I'm gonna give you
a very simple prescription.
In fact I think I'm gonna
write it on the collar.
Well, the little heart's
been acting up again,
huh, general?
- Heart?
Rourke, let me tell you
Dr. Garth has knocked your diagnosis
into a cocked hat.
She's a remarkable woman, brilliant.
Tells me my heart's
as sound as a bell.
Oh, no, wait, general.
I didn't say that.
Tells me that I've been
slowly hanging myself,
doing it for years,
this devilish collar,
hangman's noose,
shutting off the blood to my head.
"Throw away the collar," she said...
No, general, it was just a wild guess.
Wild guess my eye.
Adds up, makes sense.
Lew dear, I think you better
come and get some rest now.
Well, ma'am, afraid
I've been a great nuisance.
Oh, no, indeed not.
Rourke my boy,
she's a remarkable woman.
You two ought to get together.
Rourke, I don't know what to say,
I don't know what to tell you.
Well, there's a slice of luck
you'd never cut it on.
- I don't understand.
- That woman in the green dress,
Mrs. Harker.
She's got a vicious tongue.
She tries to run the town.
Tomorrow the story of O'Brien
and the General's collar
will be all over Santa Fe.
Listen, I did not say that
your diagnosis was wrong.
- You implied it, didn't you?
- Not intentionally.
No? Since the moment
you arrived here
you set out discredit me
- That's true, isn't it?
- No, it is not true.
You with your petty
thirst for revenge
against the men in medicine.
I was fool enough
to fall in love with you.
You with that knife
in your teeth.
Well, tonight
you buried it in my back.
Tomorrow you'll hear the laughter.
But don't let yourself
feel too triumphant,
laughter will never drive me
from Santa Fe.
Well, captain?
Two pairs.
Kings and queens.
Three of a kind.
Three deuces.
Mr. Garth, I'm a very credulous man
but even for me,
your luck is too consistent.
Captain Taggart,
that was uncalled for.
If the young boy can play
good enough for me,
he can play
good enough for you.
I'm afraid, Judge Martin,
I do not share your confidence
in Mr. Garth.
I contended a man
who threw devious channels
which sell stolen cattle to the army
would have no compulsion
in cheating at cards.
Mr. Garth, consider yourself
under close arrest.
In the morning
I shall refer charges.
I shall refer charges
of striking a superior officer.
Mr. Keith...
kindly escort Mr. Garth
to his quarters.
Oh, David, what are you...?
No questions, Julie.
I'm on my way, time's running out.
What, you've broken arrest?
- It was that or Fort Leavenworth.
- Oh, no, David, no.
For what I did, Julie, for busting Taggart,
they'd give me the book.
Oh, no, they won't, they...
How can they?
Why, it was Taggart
who provoked it.
Everyone who's in the room
would swear to that.
Everyone who heard
his-his fantastic insinuation
that you're a cattle thief,
oh, the man's insane.
Oh, go back, David.
Take your court martial,
you'll be acquitted.
You will, you will.
Sounds wonderful, dear sister,
but I'm afraid
there's a catch to it.
You see, Taggart was right.
- David?
- Remember the day you came,
the court of inquiry,
the stolen cattle?
Well, Taggart knew all along
it was my deal
but he couldn't make it stick.
David, what's happened to you?
I'm rotten, Julie,
I always have been,
it's just caught up with me.
That's all.
See, Julie, you always made
excuses for me,
when there were
questions about me,
you always managed
to find the right answer.
Oh, Davie, you've been
away from me so long.
I don't even know
the questions now,
how can I find the answers?
Where are you going?
What are your plans?
Can't I do something?
This is it, Julie.
God bless you.
David, take care.
You're all I have
and I love you so much.
I'd like you to do
something for me.
This ring, would you give it to Spurs?
Poor Spurs.
No, Julie, lucky Spurs.
She'll never know how close
she came to disaster.
Tonight I was going to
ask her to marry me.
Say, lieutenant,
why pick on the night
of the fiesta?
Seems like you're just plain
asking for trouble.
On the contrary,
man's planning to take a bank
seems to me do it
when the circus
comes to town.
Yeah, but the fiesta
ain't no circus.
There goes that old one,
that gloomy one.
Soon we will burn him
and all of our sorrows will
blow up in flames and smoke.
Do you really believe that?
Do you?
Si, seora,
to burn our sorrows,
that is a very small thing to do.
Here's what we've been
waiting for.
Our padre,
our wonderful padre.
Oh, that Father Gabriel.
He's a nice fellow.
Fine delight, ain't it?
I mean to be
making a deposit.
Yeah, yeah.
What happened?
What is it, father?
Soon you will take me
to my hospital.
Yes, yes, father.
Well, he is injured a little
for a man to have
his own hospital.
What a luxury.
a fine hospital.
It'll be the finest hospital
in Santa Fe, father.
That I promise you.
Such senseless
What kind of men could do such a thing?
Who were they?
I don't know.
They haven't identified them yet.
They got one of them though,
the crowd did,
some fellow with a red shirt on.
What about the others?
Did he say who they were?
Not at the end of a rope he didn't,
not with his boots 6 feet
off the ground.
I hope they take them all.
I hope they hang
every one of them.
By the way have you seen
Spurs tonight?
No, no, I haven't.
Ma'am, the sheriff
wants you right away
at the old Bailey place.
- What for?
We got them fellas holed up
and they're shooting it out.
That's senseless to drive Dr. Garth
into a mess like that.
I'll go.
No, sheriff said it was Miss...
Miss Garth he wanted.
Why? Why Miss Garth?
To talk to them into
giving their selves up.
Well, why would they listen to me?
Because, ma'am,
because one of them
is your brother.
Let's hold up the fighting.
There's only four of them in there.
Like shooting fish in a barrel.
Yeah, what are you waiting for?
Look, fellas! We draw enough
lead into that shack,
we're sure gonna
get somebody!
Let's go!
Just a minute!
I'll tell you when to go.
What's wrong with you?
To stay in this place is no good!
He was dead before
he hit the floor.
I'm through, I'm walking out!
To what?
The end of a rope?
We'll get a trial, don't we?
We do, don't we?
Well, don't we?
Yeah, you get a trial,
you get it right out there
in the nearest tree.
It's a brutal thing
to ask her to do, sheriff.
Look, doc, I got a mob here,
I don't know how long
I can hold them.
They get out of hand,
we'll have a bloody massacre.
Before that happens,
I want Hatlo and his gang
safe in town.
Sheriff, tell me
what you want me to do.
Ma'am, I want you to go up
that shack around those rocks
and talk to your brother
into coming out,
and you got to
make it fast.
They're coming out!
- Coming out!
- Here.
Here they are.
What's the matter?
I could've sworn
I saw somebody sneak in.
- Ah, you're all stitched up.
- Yeah, well, maybe I am.
If I saw what I thought
I saw, it was a girl.
All right, Hatlo,
where are the other two?
Rebstock is dead.
The lieutenant is...
My brother?
What happened to my brother?
He... He would not come out.
If a man lays a hand
on my prisoners,
I'll cut him in half!
Come on, Julie, let's go.
No, doc, you stay.
You're deputized.
Spurs, get down!
Get down!
You'll get yourself shot.
Oh, you little fool.
What are you doing here?
Don't be angry with me, David.
Your face, Spurs,
what happened?
Well, I guess it was
when I ran into the brush.
It's Julia.
Let me in, David.
It's Julia.
Hello, Julie.
Yes, Spurs, now you.
My two wonderful women
whose devotion
I by no means deserve.
Now go, both of you.
Tell the sheriff I'm not coming out.
But you must go, David, you must!
The sheriff said...
You don't know what you're asking him to do,
you just don't!
I want David to go out
and give himself up
before it's too late,
before that mob
gets out of hand.
Have you seen a mob take a man?
I saw it happen
tonight in town.
A fellow with a red shirt,
his horse went down,
a vaquero roped him
like a calf,
dragged him through town, a tin can on dog's tail.
- Spurs!
They found a tree,
they shot him to bits as he hung there.
Is that what you want for David?
Is that what you want, Julie?
Am I to settle this?
Are you forcing
this decision on me?
Are you?
Very well.
David, I can't
find a right answer
for you this time.
But I know one thing,
if you stay here,
there'll be more killing, and too many men
are dead already.
Too many, Father Gabriel...
I saw him under their horses...
ridden down.
Father Gabriel?
I was with him
when he died.
I didn't know, Julie.
I didn't know.
You know now, David.
You caused enough trouble
and enough grief.
But you can make up
for it a little.
You can save lives, David,
save your own life maybe.
If you'll walk out of here,
it's a chance, David.
Oh, David, you were
never afraid to take a chance!
Don't cry for me, Julie.
David, I won't let you go.
I won't, I won't!
Listen to that mob,
you won't have a chance.
Not a chance,
they'll tear you to pieces.
David! David!
I'm coming out!
What are you crying for?
That's what you wanted,
wasn't it?
Wasn't it?
Why did you leave me?
Why did you go away?
I don't know.
That night when David...
well, I just kept riding,
riding north,
I don't remember
much about it.
The first thing
I knew I was in...
in Taos with friends.
Why didn't you send me
some message?
Why didn't you write to me?
After the hateful way
I treated you,
what would I have used for words?
Oh, forgive me.
Please tell me
that you forgive me.
There's nothing to forgive.
Just remember that
I love you very dearly.
Oh, doc, I need you so
and now you're leaving.
I heard about it
in Taos yesterday.
I've only just ridden in.
Why are you leaving?
The truth is...
I'm not wanted here.
Not anymore.
There's a resentment
against me,
a bitterness, there's a hate.
- Hate?
- It's in the very air I breathe.
It's a fog of hate, it's terrifying.
All my, my patients in the town,
very politely of course,
are dropping me cold.
But, doc, you of all people,
why should they hate you?
Well, because of some guy
and a perverted logic they...
They hold me responsible for David.
What he was
and what he did.
When it comes to me now that...
Perhaps I am responsible.
That's not true,
that's not true!
Listen, Spurs, this is
something for you to remember.
Very often we destroy the ones
nearest to our heart
and the irony of it is
we destroy them with our love,
with our forbearance,
exaggerating the frail
glittering virtues
and blinding ourselves to their
very obvious vices
and making excuses all along until...
Poor David.
Yes, I think
the blame was mine.
- When are you leaving?
- Tomorrow at 10 on the stage.
Does O'Brien know this?
Yes, yes, I saw him
in the hospital,
he's promised to take over.
He's been very kind,
which is more than I deserve.
Spurs, I'm leaving half of my
heart in this old plaza,
with Father Gabriel
and his poor ones.
You know I made a promise
to Father Gabriel,
I'm gonna keep it if it
takes me the rest of my life.
I'll work for it wherever I go,
before I die so help me,
I hope to see
the finest hospital in Santa Fe
right on that spot.
Doc, I'll be there tomorrow
to tell you goodbye.
Till tomorrow.
Come in.
- Buenos Dias, seora.
- Buenos Dias, Martinez.
I have the buckboard outside.
Thank you.
I'll be ready in just no time.
I should like to say
something, a little bit.
Well, what is it, Martinez?
The lieutenant,
it's such a sadness.
Me, I knew he did bad
but in his heart,
he was good and I love him.
I know that, Martinez.
He was very fond of you too.
But now, seora,
my blood, it burns,
that so many people in Santa Fe
have turned against you.
They have driven you from us,
after you have done
so much good for them.
For that I think I could
hate everybody leaving.
Oh, human beings are not
responsible for their natures.
It's quite difficult
to acquire tolerance
and understanding.
Seora, as my people,
los Mexicanos have said,
you're a saint.
Only a woman.
But still with hope.
What do you expect me to do?
Knock her on the head
and drag her off the stage?
I don't care what you do,
just do it,
because if she gets away I'm...
Oh, look,
you love her, don't you?
Yes. I suppose I do.
You suppose? Holy Joe, why don't you brush
those peacock feathers
out of your hair
and ask her to marry you?
Not that you're
any bargain.
I have asked her!
- She's a stubborn woman.
- Stubborn?
Huh, since when have you
taken no for an answer?
O'Brien, you must be slipping.
Don't argue, just get
on your horse and get busy
because I'm warning you, if she leaves town,
then I'm leaving with her!
Doc, I'm going with you.
Going with me? Why?
I don't know, doc, except...
Well, except I can't figure out
any sort of life without you.
Oh. But, Spurs, you can't go with me,
that's impossible.
It's kind of early
to be calling, ma'am,
but this is, well,
this is sort of a delegation.
Then let me reassure you,
as you can see,
I'm leaving now.
Then you're doing us
a real favor, ma'am.
Santa Fe's got no place
for the likes of you.
You and your brother,
fruit of the same branch,
and when there's rot in the fruit,
there's rot in the tree.
So we want you out of here
and we want you to stay out.
Por favor.
Please, as a favor,
what you're doing
for this fine woman
is a thing of shame.
I tell you this woman is a saint.
I tell you with her clever hands,
she healed my little wife of blindness.
I tell you since
we lost our padre,
we need her very much!
Help her, please help her.
Now somebody tell me what the devil
this is all about.
It's that Garth woman, doc.
Yes, we've had
enough of these Garths.
We've had one too many.
Her brother, a thief, a murderer,
I'm a god-fearing
Christian woman.
The way you roll that off
your tongue, Mrs. Clegg,
it's a pleasure to hear.
But what have you got in that
steel trap you call a heart.
I'll tell you what you've got,
envy, hate and malice.
You envy this woman
for all those qualities
you'd give your right arm
to possess.
Envying her, you hate her
and hating her
you'd like to destroy her.
But you'll never do that, Mrs. Clegg,
you and your kind, not ever.
Because women like
Miss Garth are indestructible.
Come on, Julia,
let's get out of here.
And another thing,
Dr. Garth is
not getting out of town,
she's going to stay here
to practice medicine.
She's going to stay
because she's the best doctor
that Santa Fe has ever had.
Holy Joe.
And let me tell you
something else,
Miss Garth is going
to become my wife.
So if any of you
have anything to say,
now is the time to say it.
Well, Bisbee, what about you?
Doc, I ain't saying nothing.
That's for
what you're thinking.
Let's go.
That's for what I'm thinking, doc.
Let's go.
Giddy up, you.
Adios, adios, adios.
That Seor O'Brien,
what a fellow, eh?
Yes, he's quite a man.
But what a woman.
You'll have to paint a new sign.