Stranger By The Lake (2013) Movie Script

You OK?
Decent turnout today.
It's looking pretty good.
It's not exactly hopping, but...
Well, I'm going in.
The water's nice.
Water warm?
Aren't you coming in?
Are you still digesting?
I'm not a big swimmer.
Sometimes I don't even go in.
I like sitting by the
water. It's pleasant.
Mind if I sit down?
Not at all.
Doesn't the silurus scare you?
The 30-footer?
15 would do the trick.
That's ridiculous.
Have you seen it?
No, but they're here. Those
suckers are everywhere.
I don't doubt there's a
silurus in the lake,
several even, but a
15-footer, no way.
12-footers aren't unusual.
Sure, they've spotted
12-foot siluruses.
And what's 3 feet?
I wouldn't want to bump
into one of those.
Me neither.
Still, a 15-footer?
Don't make me laugh.
I would have seen it by now.
You've never been in the
same place at the same time.
Do you come here often?
Do you want to know
if I live alone, too?
No, I've just never
seen you here before.
- Are you a regular?
- Yes.
But it's my first time this summer.
Are you new to the area?
My girl and I used to
go to the other side,
to spend time with the families.
Oh, I see.
We split up this spring.
So now I come here.
I like the peace and quiet.
It's calm, deserted.
I'm not trying to chase you away.
I like talking with you.
What do you do?
Not much at the moment.
And before?
I sold vegetables at markets.
And now?
I'm thinking of what to do next.
But I've got no clue.
And what do you do?
It doesn't really matter.
I told you. Now it's your turn.
I'm a logger.
Well, it's no dream job.
No, but it's great.
Working outdoors in the
forest must have its perks.
Excuse me, I gotta go.
- Hey.
- How's it going?
Tell me...
Seen any women?
You know, horny ones.
I think you're in the wrong place.
I assure you, women do come.
I've never seen one.
Obviously you don't come often.
Good luck, then.
It's been ages.
Look who's talking.
Where've you been?
No, where've you been?
Wanna sit?
I'm gonna say hi. I'll be back.
How did it go?
Did you find your man?
What gives you that idea?
You took off like a shot.
I assume it wasn't just to say hi.
So did you find him?
That sucks.
Funny, the woods aren't so big.
I found him, but he wasn't alone.
Even worse.
Mind if I get naked?
I'm not sure it's allowed here.
It's not allowed anywhere.
They do it over there.
Yeah, but it's not allowed.
Are you married?
But you live with a woman?
No, I'm gay.
You only sleep with men?
Can we speak frankly?
It's unusual.
What is?
Guys who sleep together, sure,
but they've got a
wife or girlfriend.
Guys who are gay, I mean,
really gay, are pretty rare.
Ever go into the woods?
No, but I know Cap d'Agde and a
few beaches in the Landes...
And you've never seen real gay men?
There was one guy,
very gentle and sweet, very
effeminate too, not like you.
You'd never think you were...
You don't act like a...
You seem like a regular guy.
And he only slept with guys.
I never thought a man
could make love that way.
So you've been with guys.
It's happened. When
I was with my girl.
We had such a blast together.
Weekends, we'd go to the Cap
and screw 3, 4, 10 at a time.
We sure had fun.
Why did you split up?
I dunno.
Sick of all that, maybe.
Of each other, too.
Can you watch my stuff?
You swim like a pro.
You're not so bad yourself.
Not nearly as good as you.
Have you been in competitions?
When I was a kid.
- Mind if I sit?
- Not at all.
Come here often?
Quite a bit.
Funny we haven't met.
And you?
Since I found it last month,
you could say that, yeah.
Are you new in town?
Whatcha doing? I've been waiting.
I'm coming.
Damn, they seem serious.
That guy's all over him.
He's not the only one.
I really like him.
He does have a nice body.
It's typical, the guys I
like are always taken.
I'm off. See you tomorrow?
I doubt I'll be here.
Another time, then.
Yeah, see you soon.
Wanna go higher up?
What a bunch of jerks!
Why don't you take a hike?
- Can't I stay?
- No.
He wasn't doing any harm.
You don't mind being watched?
I don't pay attention.
And if he enjoys it...
Well it bugs me.
Apparently not that much.
You have a beautiful cock.
Not without a condom.
Are you sick?
No, but...
So what's the matter?
How can you be sure?
I trust you.
You trust everyone like that?
It's just a blowjob,
what's the big deal?
I'd rather not.
Got any condoms?
Don't you?
I used mine up this afternoon.
I'm coming.
Kiss me.
Let go!
I thought you weren't coming today.
I changed my mind.
What's the matter?
I don't feel so good today.
What about you?
I'm fine.
What's eating you?
Nothing serious.
It'll work itself out.
- Wanna talk about it?
- No.
Mind if I stay?
Have I ever minded?
- No.
- So?
Why do you ask?
I don't know.
Apparently you like being alone.
I'm alone because
no one talks to me.
That's a little too easy.
You're not exactly approachable.
If you wanted company,
you'd seek people out.
How do I do that?
You go up to them,
make conversation.
That's cruising.
Isn't that why you're here?
Then why do you stay here?
Why don't you go over there?
Or the other side?
I like it here.
On the other side, I'd
spend the afternoon alone.
If I tried talking to people,
they'd think I was weird.
At cruising spots, at least
you can talk to strangers.
But I don't cruise.
What do you do now
that you're single?
For what?
For sex.
I do without it.
At your age?
What's age got to do with it?
I dunno.
Looks like he's not coming.
Want to go for a drink?
Not tonight.
I'd love to, but it's a bad time.
I can't.
Did you stay out late?
And you?
I went home to bed.
Coming to happy hour?
- Later.
- Bye.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Can I share your towel?
Did you come alone today?
What do you mean?
Without your boyfriend?
What boyfriend?
The guy you're always with.
We're not together.
Really? I thought you were.
We barely know each other.
I'm surprised, you
seem happy together.
And what'd you do with yours?
He's not really my
boyfriend either.
He seemed hooked the other day.
It's just a casual thing.
Nothing serious.
What if he sees us?
He won't.
You're a good kisser.
That's not all I'm good at.
Kiss me. I'm gonna come.
I have to go.
Want me to get you off?
See you soon, I hope.
I'd like to stay a bit.
It'll be dark soon.
Aren't you done here?
Not even one drink?
No, I swear. See you tomorrow?
Is that your car?
Yes, why?
No reason.
It's been ages since
I've seen a Renault 25.
They were discontinued.
I don't know why.
And it was a good car, too.
I'm very happy with mine anyway.
Well, see you tomorrow.
What's your name?
And yours?
- Hey.
- What's up?
Keep walking.
He's taken.
- C'mon, he said hi.
- It's how he said it.
How should one say hi?
I know you local queers. You'd
screw the planet if you could.
- Well, this is a cruising spot.
- No, it's not.
Over there, yes, but not here.
Where's the line?
At those trees.
Where'd you meet anyway?
- What?
- I don't know him...
He pulled that crap last week.
He was alone,
and he came over just
to ask me not to stare.
He said he was taken,
and that I should stay
with my boyfriend.
What boyfriend?
He must've seen me with
the same man a few times.
Maybe now he thinks I'm with you.
You OK?
I can't wait to get back to work.
At least it keeps my mind busy.
I stay active, on
my feet, focused...
Here I just think all day.
I haven't seen the swimmer today.
He'll be here.
So it's official? You two are...
I think I'm falling in love.
Is that what's eating you?
Right. I'm off.
See you.
Have fun.
I couldn't wait to see you.
Me, too. Come on.
I want you to fuck me.
Mind if I don't use a condom?
Be gentle.
Kiss me.
Come here.
Why won't you sleep at my place?
Because I have my life.
We can have great sex without
eating or sleeping together.
Well, I'd love to spend
all night with you.
At this rate, in a week we'll
be tired of each other.
I won't get tired so fast.
What's going on?
They found a body.
Over there.
You better find a
new place to meet.
This is sure to spoil the summer.
You think so?
You want to swim
where a man drowned?
Maybe not today, but in a few days.
The silurus is scary enough.
Not that again.
Take the angler who
told me about the body,
he couldn't help thinking about it.
Were there bite marks
on the corpse?
How should I know?
He hadn't even seen the body.
It was pure speculation.
Anyway, the silurus
doesn't attack man.
Not as far as we know.
That doesn't mean it's impossible.
Well, I think we can call it a day.
Want to get a drink?
I'm gonna stay a while.
How about dinner later?
Sure you'll be free?
I'll call you, OK?
- Did you hear?
- About the drowning?
Did you know him?
I'd seen his face before.
But I don't know where.
Looking for someone?
Careful, the cops have
been snooping around.
That's just what I heard.
It could be bullshit.
I'm off.
- See ya.
- Later.
Inspector Damroder.
Did you know the victim?
Did you see the
photos in the paper?
I didn't.
Look at this one,
it's better quality.
Yes. I knew him.
I saw him here a few times.
On this side?
Was he gay?
I assume so.
And you, doesn't ring a bell?
But I'm not always here either.
- And Tuesday afternoon?
- I was here.
- And you?
- So was I.
Were you together?
How late did you stay that evening?
I usually leave around 6, 6:30.
- And that evening?
- Same thing.
And you?
It was already dark when I left.
What did you do until nightfall?
I was in the woods.
With a view of the lake?
Could you see the lake?
I said I was in the woods.
Even in the woods, you
can see the lake.
Not from where I was.
Were you alone?
Hold on. Do we need an alibi?
We're not there yet.
I just want to know if
you noticed anything.
- And you?
- Me neither.
If you remember anything
you know where to find me.
Couldn't it be an accident?
We don't know.
But it sure wasn't the silurus.
Why'd you say you
didn't know the guy?
Because it's true.
You never saw him?
The first time we spoke,
on Sunday or Monday,
a guy came over, remember?
- Yes.
- It was him.
I didn't see him very long.
And with his cap...
And you, why did you lie?
I don't want people to
know I cruise here.
Why "here"?
Or elsewhere.
I need discretion.
You call cruising by
the lake discreet?
Aren't you even a little
upset the guy's dead?
I won't miss him.
You sticking around?
I'm just gonna say hi.
I'll wait here.
You OK?
Doesn't your boyfriend mind?
I just wanted to say hi.
That's sweet.
Are you in a bad mood?
Why would I be?
Dunno, it looks like it.
It has nothing to do with you.
I'm kind of depressed today.
Do you want to be alone?
If I said no, would you stay?
You're being silly.
I can stay a while.
If you want we can talk.
I'm not on the clock.
Go join him.
How about dinner tonight?
My treat this time.
You still don't spend
your evenings together?
So how's the...
Excuse me, may I ask
you a few questions?
Who, me?
Yes, you. And in private.
On Tuesday night, might I
ask who you were with?
Someone who could confirm
you were together?
- You think it was murder?
- We still don't know.
It would seem the victim
wasn't a bad swimmer.
I don't know his name.
Not even a first name?
You stay together till dusk
without introducing yourselves?
Or exchanging numbers?
No, sorry.
It happens.
How do you see each other again?
Maybe we won't.
You're with a man
who makes time fly,
and you don't try to see him again?
It's a small world, right?
You must all know each other.
Not necessarily.
But it's not like I
spend my time cruising.
Are you sure he was gay?
He had no female
companions we know of.
But that doesn't mean much.
Still, for such a handsome man...
I've kept you long enough.
Did you meet him here?
Swimming or cruising?
We cruised each other
while swimming.
Not bad.
And what was wrong with him?
Hasn't the Inspector
asked enough questions?
You don't answer his.
So you can answer mine.
Why should I? Are you
investigating me?
Well, if they found
my lover drowned,
especially one from the previous
day, I'd be kind of upset.
You don't think I'm upset?
I don't think you really care.
Maybe you weren't getting along?
Well, wise up, I do care.
Especially if he was murdered.
You really think it was murder?
How should I know?
A good swimmer like him?
He wasn't bad, but...
He wasn't bad, but...
good swimmer or no, you
can have an accident.
I'm going in.
We have the lake to ourselves.
Someone just drowned.
Come on.
There are two of us,
what can happen?
Go on, I'll watch.
You can swim without me.
- I'm coming.
- Me too.
You gonna have dinner
and go to bed alone?
It's stupid. Why
don't you come over?
I already told you, I don't
want to get too attached.
I need some time off.
What's love if you
need time off from it?
And the joy of being reunited?
If we need to be apart just
to be together, that's dumb.
That'll get old real quick.
Did you tell the cops I
was here that night?
No. I don't even know your name.
Someone said they saw
my car late that night.
Never laid eyes on it.
I said I wasn't alone, that's all.
You didn't describe me?
What's the problem?
They know I was here.
If not you, who told them?
If not you, who told them?
I don't know.
Did you go back to the lake after?
- See anything?
- No.
Damn it! I'll come by later.
Sorry about last night.
Yeah, you sure forgot about me.
We didn't really decide
to have dinner, did we?
I was counting on it.
I think you can see I
like being with you.
I'm really worried about
this Michel thing.
Watch out, sex isn't everything.
It's not just the sex.
If you don't even spend
nights together...
I should know.
Only 2 years ago, sex was
all that interested me.
I found friendship boring,
I didn't see the point.
Now I can't go a day
without seeing you.
You make my heart race,
like when I'm in love.
Know what I mean?
But I have no desire
to sleep with you.
You want to be with me, too.
And not to screw, I imagine.
Sleeping alone, eating alone...
being alone is getting tiresome.
Do you have to fuck someone
to sleep next to them?
If you want that, there
must be some attraction.
But it's a different attraction.
Your fellow's right to be jealous.
He knows something's up.
He came by earlier.
He asked if I was with you
in the woods Tuesday night.
He gave me this funny look.
So he's sexy, tanned,
and has a great body.
Maybe you're too gaga to
see it, but he's weird.
Plus the Inspector's been
asking about you both.
I'd be scared if I were you.
What'd he ask?
What are you doing?
I've been waiting.
I'm here.
I'm not hard to find.
Don't you want me anymore?
I'm not sure I will much longer.
And knowing it's temporary
makes you go soft?
Why are you suddenly jealous?
You're Mr. Independent,
and I get shit about a
little chat with Henri?
I've been here all
afternoon, you know.
Why were you so late?
You wanted me here earlier?
If you were so crazy about
me, you'd be here before 4.
I have things to do.
And aren't you the one who
likes to play hard to get?
Isn't that your thing?
Yeah, but it bugs me when
you do it to avoid me.
Why would I come if I
wanted to avoid you?
Wasn't Ramiere here all the time?
That didn't seem to thrill you.
That's completely different.
It was just a casual fling.
Not like with you.
Maybe not for him.
Maybe he wanted to have
dinner, share your bed...
What do you mean?
Only you can get attached?
Give a little. We can't
all go at your pace.
Can't you jerk off somewhere else?
I really can't stay?
We're not fucking, we're talking.
I won't listen.
You could accidentally overhear us.
Come back later.
Later we'll be fucking.
You think it was me
who drowned him?
Why would I think that?
Then why mention him?
If I thought so I'd be
stupid to say anything.
You're pretty stupid either way.
Mind if I sit?
Misplace your husband?
He didn't come today.
It's nice to get
you alone. Finally.
I want you so bad.
I know.
- No, you don't.
- Yeah, I do.
What's your name?
Eric, and you?
Stop it.
You're gonna make me come.
You've got a great cock!
Well, I gotta go.
Looks like you're in the
habit of staying late.
Were you aware the victim was
actually your lover's ex?
And yet certain regulars were.
I'm not a regular.
You're here a lot.
Yeah, recently I've...
- Since you met...
- Yes.
Since the murder, then.
So you think it was him who...
For now, I don't think anything.
I observe, I listen.
I met the man you were with
the evening of the murder.
He said you split up before dark.
You told me you left
after it got dark.
That's because I met someone
after him... in the woods.
Why haven't you
mentioned this before?
I didn't want Michel to
think I sleep around.
We only just met.
Yes, I understand.
I suppose you don't have a name or
number for this other man either?
Don't you find it odd, we've
only just found the body,
and 2 days later everyone's back
cruising like nothing happened?
We can't stop living.
One of your own was murdered,
and you don't care?
Imagine, this boy
goes missing 3 days,
his towel and car in plain view,
and no one notices,
not even his lover?
OK, they weren't really together.
But you guys have a strange way
of loving each other sometimes.
Can you imagine this
young man's solitude?
I'm not looking for compassion,
or even solidarity.
But show some concern,
if only for yourself.
What if there's a homophobic
serial killer on the loose?
Then do something,
or you may be next.
Are you sure you have
nothing else to tell me?
I want you at the station tomorrow.
We'll go over the details.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to know what you
do at the lake without me.
And what you'd tell the Inspector,
now that you're over me.
And now that you've heard?
I guess you still love me a little.
Don't you get bored, staring
at the lake every day?
I'm on vacation. Isn't
sitting around the point?
But it must get tedious.
I only get 3 weeks in the summer.
Even sitting around, it flies by.
What's your angle?
Do I need one?
Don't tell me you come here
every day just to chew the fat.
And what if I did?
You realize most guys here
wonder what your deal is.
A guy who never gets naked,
never cruises, never swims...
It's weird, no?
Here, anyway.
Do you mean weird and dangerous?
What are you asking?
Maybe everyone thinks
I drowned Ramiere?
No, that wasn't my point.
Well, it's mine.
Will you drown him too
when you're fed up?
What makes you think that?
You're not very subtle.
Then why doesn't the Inspector
have anything on me?
Just you wait.
Well, I'm going to take
a stroll in the woods.
It's OK, Franck.
Let it be.
I got what I wanted.
Only thing... stopping me...
fear of suffering.
Come here!
Show yourself, Franck.
I won't hurt you.
Come on, Franck.
Don't leave me, Franck.
I need you.
Come on!
We'll spend the night together.