Stranger in the House (2016) Movie Script

Tragedy struck today
when retired finance mogul
Wayne Griegson and his wife
were in a car accident.
Griegson survived,
but his wife did not.
Recently, Griegson's reputation
was questioned when
many of his investors
lost their life savings
in what was thought
to be a Ponzi scheme.
Many lawsuits later,
Griegson and his partner were
exonerated in courts of law.
But in the courts
of public opinion,
they were vilified.
We are the 99%!
Griegson's the poster boy
for the "one percent,"
but look,
he and his partner, Finch,
walked out of that courtroom
innocent men.
I don't think "innocent"
is a word that you can use
to describe Wayne Griegson.
Well, you gotta have
a little bit of faith
in the legal system.
In any event,
he'll be judged by someone.
Perhaps he got
what he deserved.
Only time will tell.
Look at him.
He just sits in
the garden all day.
This has gone on
for way too long.
You're doing
the right thing, Jade.
You can't continue
to look after your father.
He needs
professional care.
Maybe we should
postpone the honeymoon.
No! No. You made me promise
we wouldn't cancel again.
-We're not canceling.
Our first
interview is here.
Are you ready?
I know this is
the right thing for Dad.
I'll bring her in.
-Hi. Samantha?
-Hi! Yeah.
-Hey! Marco.
-Nice to meet you.
-Please come right in.
-Thank you.
Oh, what a beautiful place.
I really love gardening.
It's so relaxing.
I hope I can
be of help outside, too.
Samantha, your resume
is very impressive.
Can you tell me
why you left
your last position?
I'm afraid the woman
I was looking after
was hospitalized.
I really miss her.
So you have
nursing experience?
Yes, I worked
at St. Martin's
General Hospital
in Geriatric Care,
but I much prefer
the one-on-one relationship
of being
a home-caregiver.
My father has limited
use of his legs.
Can you tell me how
you would handle
a prescribed
physical therapy plan?
Yes, core strength
is the cornerstone
of most therapy plans
when a client
has limited mobility,
but the mental aspect
of therapy should
never be ignored.
He'll be susceptible
to depression
and, of course,
muscle mass loss,
so I believe in
a well-rounded
course of therapy.
Well, it's a good sign
she wanted to meet Wayne.
she seems great.
I'm feeling
guilty, I guess.
Hiring someone so we can
go on our honeymoon.
Is that shallow of us?
We can't live with
your father forever, Jade,
and we'll have
our new house soon.
I know.
I think
Wayne will like her.
Why don't you
think about it?
I'll tell her we'll get back
to her in a few days.
Marco, wait.
Let's just offer
Samantha the job.
I don't think there's
a better candidate,
and I don't want
somebody else
offering her
a job first.
I think you're making
the right decision, sweetie.
So, Dad...
what did you
think of Samantha?
The woman who was
in the garden with you today.
I told you--
I don't need anyone in my house.
You can look after me.
We've discussed this.
No, it wasn't a "discussion."
You told me I was
getting a caregiver
and that I had
no say in the matter.
We just want you to have
the best care possible.
You don't have to work.
I've got money enough
for the both of you.
That's not
what this is about.
We both love our jobs.
So you're bringing
some common woman
into my house?
It was bad enough
you married a laborer
who can barely support you.
-Contractor, and I told you--
-Shut up!
I'm thinking...
of going back to work.
I thought you were
banned from doing that.
Dad... you're retired.
So you keep telling me.
I've lost my appetite.
That went well.
I'll, um...
I'll just go
talk to him.
you can insult me
all you want,
but I won't have
you upsetting Jade.
She's devoted to you,
even when
you don't deserve it.
Of course she is.
How else can she expect
to inherit all of this?
I'll do anything
to protect her.
She means the world to me,
and I know you feel
the same way about her.
We were just fine
until you came along.
Well, you'd better
get used to it.
I'm not going anywhere.
Wilson Manufacturing
has pulled out of the firm.
Cited "moral issues."
That's just another
way of saying
they don't want to
work with a Griegson.
My father's history
just won't go away.
Wilson's an old fart.
Are you done
with that brief?
I don't know if
I'm doing the right thing.
Going on
this honeymoon,
having this woman
stay at our house.
I'm sorry, I've been
pouring out all my problems
to you this past year.
Hey! You know
I'm here for you.
You've been
through a lot.
I mean, losing
your mom is so hard.
I think about her every day,
and Dad is so lost
without her.
The mighty
Wayne Griegson is lost?
I think
you give him
too much credit.
But, if it'll make
you feel better,
I will check up on him
while you're gone.
Oh, that would be great.
What would I do without you?
your life would be
a little less
interesting without me.
All right,
who are we suing?
-Just leave that. I'll get it.
And don't forget
his doctor's appointment
and his physio.
on the calendar--
-In the kitchen.
-I'm sorry, Samantha.
I'm just-- I'm a little
nervous and excited.
You sure the two of you
are gonna be okay?
That's why
you hired me.
Wayne is in
good hands.
Don't worry.
We'll be fine.
I don't know why
you have to leave so soon.
Samantha's gonna take
really good care of you.
Don't give her
a hard time, okay?
I don't want her quitting
while we're gone.
Well, who else
is gonna feed me?
Bye, Dad.
Come on, Wayne.
Why don't we see
what's blooming
in the garden today?
Well, I think the azaleas
are just about ready.
See? She's got it
all under control.
He'll hardly even
notice we're gone.
I guess
there's no turning back now.
Exactly. So...
let's get
this honeymoon started.
"Dear Dad,
"We arrived at the hotel
and our suite is wonderful.
"Marco plans
to go scuba-diving tomorrow
"and I may visit the spa.
Miss you. Love Jade."
I can't believe
it's already
been a month.
I warned you.
We should've
stayed forever.
You know, they should
have a rule, a law,
about honeymoons--
at least two months.
No, wait-- three.
Jade, darling!
You're back!
Wow, you look like
the one
that's been on vacation.
Never felt better!
Did you have fun?
Oh, it was just
what we needed.
We're so happy
you're home.
Wow, Dad!
What have you been up to?
This place looks...
so beautiful,
so flowery and stuff.
It's all
Samantha's doing.
You've made
yourself at home.
It was so relaxing!
You really should go
when you get a chance.
Sounds lovely.
Ah, it was amazing.
I mean, we're already
planning our next vacation.
What's going on here?
Samantha and I
have married.
Okay, I'm sorry. What?
It's true.
Isn't it
a beautiful ring?
Three carats
and a platinum setting.
So "couture".
Wayne has
such great taste.
Every girl deserves
a beautiful ring,
don't you think?
Um, I'm sure you do.
We couldn't wait
until you got back.
This is some kind
of joke, right?
Ever since you brought
Samantha into my life,
I'm a changed man.
I feel alive again.
This can't
be happening.
I mean, she's only
been here a month.
Yes, it seems
a bit fast.
I cheated death
in that accident.
From now on,
every moment counts.
This is ridiculous.
I mean, she's less
than half your age, Dad.
She's a gold-digger.
Don't speak about
my wife that way.
She's using you.
we're consenting adults.
You can still
get an annulment.
Why would
we do that?
I love Samantha.
I love you, too, sweetie.
Jade, you and I will be
friends in no time.
None of this
"stepmother" stuff.
This is unbelievable.
Well, we have pictures
from the wedding!
Would you like
to see them?
I'll go see
if I can calm Jade down.
Oh, I doubt
that's gonna happen.
She's spoiled.
Always has been.
Oh, Wayne,
don't get upset.
Oh, come on! You have to
see this for what it is!
-It's a scam!
-Jade, calm down.
No! Do not tell me
what to do!
your dad and Samantha
hit it off.
You can't deny they're
a handsome-looking couple.
Handsome? What are
you talking about?
She's manipulated him.
They're married!
Look how happy he is!
He looks
better than ever.
He's out of
his depression.
Don't you want him
to move on with his life?
It's only been a year
since my mom's been gone.
Okay? How could he?
You need to get
some perspective on this.
I love you, Jade.
and we've been together
less than a year.
You do love me,
don't you?
Of course.
So who's to say
your dad can't
fall in love again
in a short time?
Something's not right.
You've been
looking after him,
nursing him
back to health
this entire year.
You took the place
of your mother,
but you can't be her
any longer.
-He's better now, Jade.
-No, he's not!
He's obviously not
in his right mind.
It's not like him
to do something so rash.
We finally have
our freedom now.
This is about us.
We can focus
on our happiness.
Our new house...
have a family soon.
Whose side are you on?
I mean, we don't even
know who this woman is,
or what she's capable of.
You've got to
calm down.
No! The only thing
that's gonna calm me down
is a call to our lawyer.
You okay?
I was hoping to have
breakfast with Dad,
talk some sense
into him.
I'm looking
into an annulment.
If that doesn't work,
I'll have him committed.
I think
you're overreacting.
Why don't we just
give it some time?
No. I'm not letting him be
taken advantage of like this.
Oh, uh, I just had
a call with the foreman.
Yeah, I'm afraid
it's bad news.
Some forestry
strike up north,
can't get enough wood
for the construction.
The delays have set
the project back months.
Oh, no.
Once the strike is over,
our house will be
the first priority.
I'm dying to see it.
Why all the secrecy?
This is the first project
I'm developing on my own,
and I want it to be
the best surprise ever.
Oh, I don't think
I need any more surprises.
Oh, no, not that
adorable little pout.
Come here.
Our new house.
Oh, sweetie.
It's exactly
what I wanted.
I do listen
to you, you know.
I wish I could
be more excited about it.
Don't worry about.
Just have
a good day, okay?
Love you.
Love you, too.
You got your half
of the deal, Finch.
It's not my problem
that you got so many
goddamn ex-wives to pay off.
Screw you.
You've been
holding out on me.
You owe me at least
another five mill, Wayne.
And I want to see the books!
Five mill?
I created
that entire investment strategy.
You? I carried you!
You barely deserved profits
the first time around!
What the hell
are you talking about?
-I brought in clients, Wayne--
-Lots of clients.
How are you?
I haven't seen you
since your wedding.
How's that
young man of yours?
Everything's great.
He was just about
to leave, Jade.
Maybe you could walk him
to his car.
We'll be in touch.
Can't wait.
Don't bother.
I know my way out.
He didn't seem too happy.
Greedy son-of-a-bitch.
If it wasn't for me,
he'd have nothing.
Oh, come on, Dad.
He's your oldest friend.
Was my oldest friend.
All right.
I'm heading into work.
Have a great day, sweetie.
Thank you.
Samantha and I
are planning a honeymoon.
That's... great.
Where are you
thinking of going?
I've always wanted to
go to Hawaii.
Yes! Hawaii.
That's the place for us.
What do you think, Jade?
Hmm. I'm sure you'll
do whatever you want.
-What's that supposed to mean?
I hope you have
a lovely time.
Uh, Wayne, uh,
there's been another
delay with our house.
I hope you don't mind
if we stick around for
another couple of months?
We'll discuss it.
Discuss it?
We'll decide what's best
for us and our home.
Your home?
You know,
I may not have approved
of everything you've done
with your life, Jade,
but I'm damned
if I'll allow your selfishness
to interfere
with my new life.
What are you talking about?
Come on, Samantha.
Let's have dessert
on the veranda.
What did I say?
She's turning him
against me,
I know it.
You don't
know that.
Dad's turned
against me.
We barely
speak anymore.
She's manipulating him.
I know it.
Maybe it's just time
for you to move out.
I mean, you've been
there a long time.
Helping him!
I took care of him.
I don't get it.
Why is she
doing this to me?
Sounds like
she has an agenda.
Hey, Sweetie. What's up?
I'll be right there.
What is it?
Dad's had a fall.
I need to get
to the hospital.
I got this. Go.
Dr. Williams to O.R. 3.
Dr. Williams to O.R. 3.
Where is he?
How's he doing?
Have a seat, Jade.
What? What's happened?
He didn't make it.
I'm sorry.
Your father died.
No, that's not possible. How?
He took a fall over the rocks
at the bottom of the property.
By the time Samantha found him
and called the ambulance...
it was too late.
I am so sorry.
I can't... I--
No, this can't be happening.
No. It can't!
Dad... no.
Get away from him!
This is all your fault.
Honey, you're not
thinking straight.
Get out! Go!
I know you're upset,
but this was an accident.
You can't take it
out on Samantha.
None of this
would've happened
if she wasn't
in our lives.
Samantha's responsible
for his death.
Please, please just
leave me alone.
Please, Marco, just go.
Just go.
Take all
the time you need.
I'll take care
of the paperwork.
I already told you.
We didn't
see anything.
So your big brother is shot
in front of you
and you don't know who did it?
here's my card.
You can call me
if you want to
catch the scumbag
who shot
your brother.
-Excuse me?
Are you a detective?
Yes, I am.
Detective Luke Harper.
Are you all right?
Here. Have a seat.
Sorry, I...
I just found out
my father died.
I'm so sorry
to hear that.
Detective Harper, I...
I have reason to believe
that my father was murdered.
What makes you believe that?
He wouldn't go near
the area where he died.
I want an autopsy.
Well, that's up to
the coroner to decide,
if there's any foul play.
My father married a woman
he barely knew.
I think
she did something to him.
Well, Why don't I talk
to the attending physician
and see what
we have, all right?
Now where can I
contact you?
Here you go.
Thanks. You get
some rest, all right?
And I'll call you
when I have any news.
Thank you.
Thank you all
for coming in today.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Wayne was a good man.
He will be sorely missed.
Thank you, Vance.
Now, there are some provisions
in the will for you, Jade.
Recent changes in the will
have made Samantha
the rightful heir to the estate.
What changes?
What do you mean?
When your father remarried,
he made some changes
to the content of the will.
I thought he might have
mentioned that to you.
What? No, he never
mentioned anything.
It was your father's
He knew how difficult
you could be,
and wanted
to protect me.
Protect you?
From what?
He told me
you could be vindictive,
and you would never agree
to the changes in his will.
This was your plan
all along.
So, the estate, the house,
and all its belongings,
as well as investments,
are bequeathed to Samantha.
Jade shall have
her mother's jewelry,
her father's watch,
as well as one of
the insurance policies.
If you wish to contest
this last will and testament,
it must be done
through legal counsel.
I will not let you
get away with this.
Excuse us.
I'm so sorry.
Please, continue.
You mentioned something
about insurance policies?
That witch!
She's stealing
You are overreacting.
She's his wife.
You're taking
her side!
I am not taking
any sides!
This was a decision
your father made.
He wanted Samantha
taken care of.
You can't deny
that he loved her.
Yes, I can!
She's taking
I mean, the house?
That's my family home!
My grandfather
built that!
Now it belongs
to her.
We'll have our own
house soon, Jade.
Come on, sweetie.
You need some rest.
No, I--
I need to think
and clear my head.
I'm taking a walk.
Thank you.
Jade, hi.
How you doing?
Can I get you a coffee
or something?
Do you want to sit down?
No, I'm-- I'm fine.
Thank you.
I just came by to see
if you'd had a chance
to look into
my father's accident.
Yeah, I wasn't able
to get to the doctor in time,
so, by then, it was too late
for a postmortem.
You've lost me.
What do you mean, too late?
Your father's been cremated.
Yeah, the...
the doctor told me
that your father's body
had already been removed
and cremated.
No, those weren't his wishes.
We have a family plot.
My mom and Dad,
they bought
matching headstones, statues--
they had it all planned out.
Sorry to be
the bearer of bad news.
I also spoke to the officer
who was first on the scene
and she said
there was nothing suspicious
about your father's death,
if that helps.
It doesn't.
Thank you, Detective.
Where have you been?
I've been worried sick.
Samantha had
Dad cremated!
I offered to help
with the arrangements,
but she said Wayne had
taken care of everything.
He was supposed to be
buried next to my mother.
That was the plan.
That was always
the plan!
I guess he changed it.
You honestly
believe that?
As people get older,
they often vary
in their beliefs.
This isn't about beliefs.
Ever since Samantha's been here,
everything has changed,
and now he's dead.
I just..
just wanted
what was best for him.
I wanted him to be well.
At the end, he was happy.
That's all anyone
can hope for.
What is she doing?
It'll all be over soon.
God, I hope so.
I am so sorry
for your loss.
Thank you.
You remember Marco?
Finch was my dad's
business partner.
Yeah. Of course.
I recognize you
from the news coverage.
Well, that was
a long time ago.
Such a shame,
all those people lost
all their life savings.
Call us if there's
any way we can help.
Hoo. Wow. He was
a bit sensitive, wasn't he?
that was rude.
Yes, there was
a scandal,
but they were both cleared
of financial wrongdoing.
They always
get away with it.
The fat cats.
They always end up on top.
I'll go check on things
in the kitchen.
At least 10 years
since I've seen her.
Ask her if she knows
any stories about that.
Excuse me.
What were you and my father
talking about,
that day in the garden?
He owed me
a lot of money.
Dad said that you were
the reason for the scandal,
that's why his clients
lost their life savings.
Of course,
he'd say something like that.
I don't think
you knew your father
as well
as you think you did.
What's going on?
She's having a breakdown.
Get her
some brandy.
No, she's already
had enough of that.
I'll get her
some coffee.
Yeah. Come on.
Let's go.
I loved Wayne.
I really did.
Let's get
you to bed.
You are
way too drunk!
I don't care what
people think of me.
Can you have
just a bit of class?
You know, you're not exactly
fitting in here.
She is...
very upset.
It's been a--
a long day for us,
for all of us.
It sounded like
an argument to me.
She's embarrassing
I feel bad for you,
having to put up
with this,
and I told her so.
She's not--
gonna need that.
She's already
passed out.
And this one.
That's it.
Thank you for
drawing up the papers.
Contesting the will
should help you
get your estate back.
I hope so.
Then I can get
that horrible woman
out of my house.
I don't know
how you can stay there.
I mean, the stress
must be taking its toll.
-I'm fine. Really.
I'm watching you.
I'll file these papers.
Is this a bad time?
Uh, no, Detective Harper.
Please. Come in.
Thank you for coming.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it
down to the station.
-Please have a seat.
-No problem.
What's this all about?
I need your help
with something.
I'll do my best.
I need you to look into
this woman's background.
I did
a reference check
when I first hired her
as my father's
Resume checked out.
Glowing referrals.
But no
social media profile,
no personal references.
A month later,
they were married.
Now my father's dead
and she owns everything.
Yeah. I can see why
you'd be concerned.
I'm contesting the will.
I think she had
my father cremated
in order to hide the fact
that she murdered him.
Look, if you're going ahead
with legal proceedings,
I'm not able to get involved.
It's department policy.
But I'll have
a P.I. friend do
a thorough background
check on her.
Would that help?
Yes. Thank you.
All right.
I'll be in touch.
Pinot gris!
Whatever it is,
it is delicious!
You know there is a whole cellar
of wine down there?
Some of it's
not for drinking.
It's for
It's all for drinking.
We should have a party.
It's getting
all old and dusty down there.
It wouldn't seem right
having a party quite yet.
He's only been
gone a month.
I'm already tired
of wearing black.
There couldn't be
a more depressing color.
Samantha, you're just
upset about Wayne.
Drinking will only
make it worse.
I think another bottle
is in order!
I'll make sure
she doesn't
break something.
Her neck?
What the hell
are you doing?
You could ruin this
for the both
of us.
I'm just waiting for you
to finish the job.
Why isn't she dead yet?
We have got to
stick to the plan.
Pull it together, Sammi.
Or what?
Don't forget
whose house this is now.
has to be done about this.
it's not
your house anymore.
I'm not
giving up, Marco.
Don't let her
rile you.
Ha! A little
too late for that.
I filed papers
to contest the will.
Vance wants
to see me tomorrow.
I'll go with you.
Well, let's go to bed.
Don't worry, babe.
It'll all work out.
Of course,
there have been many cases
where a newly revised will
was successfully overturned.
We'll put the estate
in probate
and stall her for a while.
I want everything back.
I don't want her
to see a penny.
My pleasure.
This is
a private meeting.
What the hell
are you doing here?
We're family,
darling... that's the truth.
this is not--
You can't keep
wagging the dog, Jade.
He's going to leave you
if you do.
Get out!
-This is inappropriate.
You're just upset
because your father
found someone better to love.
That's ridiculous.
He didn't want to leave you
anything in the will!
I had to convince him to let you
have your mother's jewelry.
It's not worth much.
She had such poor taste.
Your eviction notice.
I don't want you
back in my home.
My lawyer will be in touch.
How dare you?
You bitch!
Hey! I got your message.
Are you okay?
It's getting ugly
with Samantha.
We've moved into a hotel.
I've lost everything.
Oh, sweetie.
How did it get so ugly?
I don't know.
I've asked myself
that very question.
Jade. Hi.
I'll catch up
with you later.
Can we talk in your office?
Come on up.
There's been a complaint
filed against you.
"Aggravated assault
and attempted battery."
What are you talking about?
Did you attempt to injure
your... stepmother?
No! I can't believe this.
She barged in on
a private meeting.
She insulted my mother,
lied about my father,
so I just couldn't
take it anymore,
so I threw a book at her.
Well, good thing your pitch
was high and outside.
She's lucky I was a batter
and not a pitcher.
Does she have any idea
what this could do to my career?
I could be disbarred.
What is wrong with her?
These things
tend to blow over.
She might even
drop the complaint-
if you apologize.
She baited me.
Well, she's getting
everything she wants after all.
Thank you, Detective.
I'll take care of it.
All right.
I'll see myself out.
Did you find
anything on her?
No. No record,
no warrants for her arrest.
Nothing. And you were right--
she has no online presence.
Do you think that she was
behind my father's death?
Not everything adds up.
It'll be hard to prove
she was involved.
Thank you.
Hey, sweetie. It's me.
I have some good news.
Detective Harper
seems to believe
my suspicions about Samantha.
We need to talk about this.
Call me.
I don't see why
you're so upset.
It was hilarious.
The look
on her face!
What the hell were you
doing there yesterday?
You weren't supposed to
come to the lawyer's office.
Got rid of her,
didn't it?
Maybe you should
let me take control
a little more often.
it's all ours.
Let's celebrate!
Being rich...
is the best
Mm, Marco...
the things we will do
with his money.
Just you and me, babe.
I'm here to return these...
and I was hoping
we could talk.
Thank you.
I was hoping
that we could repair
our relationship.
Is that what
this is called?
I didn't mean
to throw the book at you.
It was in the heat
of the moment, and...
That's supposed to be
an apology?
You had no right--
I'm sorry, Samantha.
I truly am.
You are a terrible liar.
The house is all yours.
I've already had
the locks changed.
So, you'll call the police
and drop the charges?
There's no reason to make this
any worse than it already is.
Aw, this is nothing.
I'll think about it.
Why are you doing this?
Because I can.
So sorry I'm late.
Marco, you could've texted me.
I was worried about you.
I thought I did.
Looks like I sent
hugs and kisses to my foreman.
You are not going to believe
the day that I have had.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
Um, I'm just going to
jump in the shower,
and then we can swap
war stories?
You are way too drunk.
I don't care
what people think of me.
Marco, did you
order room service?
What's going on?
Jade, I'm sorry about this,
but we need you to get dressed
and come downtown with us.
Are you arresting me?
It's 6:00
in the morning!
We need to ask you
some questions.
Is Samantha still
pressing charges?
Samantha's dead.
The home alarm went off
and a security guard found her.
The valet downstairs
gave us a timeline
for both of you.
Jade, we have a warrant
for your arrest,
for murder
in the first degree.
Call Chantal.
What evidence
do you have?
That's none of your business.
You have the right to
remain silent when questioned.
Anything you say
can and will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney
before speaking
to the police,
and to have an attorney
present during questioning,
now and in the future.
If you can't afford an attorney,
one will be appointed for you
before any questioning,
if you wish.
Let's go.
I'm right behind you.
How can she be dead?
We're not answering
any questions.
I have a few questions
of my own.
How did she die?
And you think I could
do that to someone?
Ask me what you want.
You were in the house
last night. Why?
I was returning my keys.
She'd won.
I asked her to drop
the assault charge.
She was alone?
As far as I know.
Did you kill Samantha?
-Don't answer that.
-I'm not a killer.
You had motive,
she took everything from you,
and you assaulted her.
She provoked me.
I threw a book at her, come on.
You believed
that she murdered your father,
so you took revenge.
We're done here.
I didn't do it.
Just give us some space.
Why did you kill
your stepmother?
Is it true
you assaulted her?
Back off, please.
Jade, can you give us
a statement, please?
Just back away, guys.
Why did you kill
your stepmother?
Let's get you
back home.
I don't know
if I can go back there.
Well, it's
your home again, Jade.
Now that
Samantha's gone,
the house is
rightfully yours.
It's not much use
if I'm in jail.
Hey, look at me,
look at me.
You are worth every penny
of that million-dollar bail.
I didn't want it
like this.
You believe me, don't you?
I didn't kill Samantha.
Of course, honey.
I will stand behind you, always.
Come here.
In the meanwhile,
why don't we go up to the cabin
for a few days and lay low?
They said they'd
take that line down
while we were
at the cabin.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I'll get it.
I was thinking
it might be a good time
for you to get some counseling.
You've had a tough time,
and it might help your case.
Shall I plead insanity?
No, I don't mean
that you don't--
I don't
need a shrink.
Really, I'm fine.
Remember when
you tried to get your dad
to see a therapist?
You wished he would go,
and knew it would help him,
and we could both see
that he needed it.
we're there now.
But I can talk to you.
Of course you can.
But I don't know
how to help you,
and I don't want to
give you the wrong advice.
You haven't been sleeping,
you're feeling guilty
over hiring Samantha.
Then there's the stress
of being arrested.
I've made
an appointment for you.
Say you'll go.
-Hey, Chantal.
-Hey, how are you doing?
How are you?
-Thanks for coming.
She's just
right through here.
How are you doing?
I've had better days.
You look tired.
So I hear.
I'll grab you
a coffee.
I have copies of all
the court papers for you.
We're going to get
you out of this.
I have never been so scared
in my entire life.
I mean,
none of this makes sense.
If Samantha killed my father,
then who killed her?
Or maybe I was wrong.
Maybe she didn't kill him.
Maybe... maybe
I'm imagining things?
Maybe I am going crazy, I...
We're going to fight it.
All the evidence
points to me.
If I am found guilty,
I will never practice
law again.
I need some air.
I'm so worried about her.
This is destroying her.
She's not sleeping.
She's depressed.
I can see that.
You know, I love her,
so much,
I can feel her
slipping away,
and I am...
concerned she's gonna...
do something.
Hurt herself.
If there is anything
I can do to help,
you just
let me know, okay?
There might be something.
You lost both
of your parents
in a very short time.
You have
a right to grieve,
to be angry.
I have tried
to keep going,
but it's
tearing me apart.
Is your
husband supportive?
He's my rock.
I don't know
what I'd do without him.
We're out of time.
I'm going to
give you something
to help you sleep.
If you're not sleeping,
your brain
doesn't rest,
and your stress
I'll see you again
next week?
Thank you.
You're up early.
Ooh, and I've
got to run.
What are you
up to today?
Jade... are you okay?
I figured since
your phone was broken,
I would just drop by.
I'm afraid
I can't talk to you.
You know I'm a witness
for the prosecution.
Whatever happened to
innocent until proven guilty?
I'm the arresting officer.
That's how it works.
Are you even looking
for Samantha's killer?
Samantha's death is no longer
an active investigation.
And I'm the scapegoat?
Didn't you find anything
in Samantha's background?
You know I can't discuss
the particulars of the case.
I am being set up, somehow.
I don't know how,
but I'm going to find out.
Please, just keep an open mind.
Why would I go to the house
and leave my keys there?
I wondered about that.
I had conceded.
I apologized to her,
I gave her
the keys to the house.
She'd won.
And why would I
leave a wine glass
with my DNA all over it?
If I was going to kill her,
I wouldn't make any mistakes.
-You admitted you were there.
-Not to kill her.
And why would I
set off the alarm?
I have the alarm code.
She had to have been
working with someone else,
and that someone else
killed her,
and framed me for it.
Okay, let's say there's
another person involved.
Did Samantha
have family?
anything like that?
None that I turned up
in my initial search.
What else do you
know about her?
I didn't turn up much either.
She's... off the grid.
She was using an alias?
Could be.
Then she's the key
to all of this.
I'm sure of it.
This was her last address.
It's about 45 minutes from here.
I'll check it out.
Be careful.
If your parents
really were murdered,
there... there could be
somebody out there
trying to kill you, too.
Jade, wait.
I'm coming with you.
Mrs. Knowles,
we'd like to ask you
a few questions
about Samantha.
Aren't you that woman
they arrested?
I saw you on the news.
None of it's true.
I didn't hurt Samantha.
We're trying to find
her real killer.
Oh, well,
come on in.
Thank you.
In the kitchen,
I have another batch of cookies
that I have to keep an eye on.
Please, sit.
I've never really had the police
in my house before.
Um, are you allowed to
have a coffee,
or is that seen as a bribe?
Well, thanks for the offer,
but we're good Mrs. Knowles.
You know, I can't
believe she's gone.
She called me every week,
you know.
She had no one,
so I was like family.
Tell us about Samantha.
She worked here?
she rented a room here.
But this was
Sammi's family home.
She grew up here.
And then when her parents...
passed on,
she had nowhere to go, so...
I let her stay here.
Well, this past year,
she was different,
She used to do crazy things,
like stay locked up in her room
for days on end.
And then...
she'd be all happy
as if her life
was the best thing ever,
a strange smile
plastered on her face.
Do you think she was on drugs?
Could be.
You mentioned that
her parents died.
Well, they lost everything
in some sort of Ponzi scheme.
I bought this house
at an auction.
Got it for a steal.
Uh, and then, uh,
they moved to a motel
and took their own lives.
Murder-suicide they called it.
Sammi was away
at the time,
and then when she came back,
she was devastated.
I couldn't turn her away.
Well, thank you, Mrs. Knowles.
You've been a big help.
I have?
Then, anything I can do.
I suppose it's time
I cleared out
all the boxes, then.
Sammi asked me
to store a few things.
Look, this is it.
This is the connection.
My... my dad said
it was all a big mistake,
blown out of proportion.
My mom covered for him.
But now I'm not so sure.
Was my dad
really a crook?
Did he really steal
from all these people?
I don't know how
they got away with it.
The best lawyers
money can buy, that's how.
Looks like she was
obsessed with your father.
She planned it all,
getting the job
at the house,
marrying him,
maybe even killing him.
this changes everything.
Then who killed her?
She had to have been working
with someone else.
I've seen enough.
We can't go through
everything here.
We'll disturb the evidence,
and I'll already be in trouble
for being up here
without a warrant.
All right, come on, let's go.
I'll alert
the local police
and call a CSI team in.
Please don't touch
any boxes.
No, no, I won't.
All right.
I'll be back soon.
This case is
definitely more complex
than we first imagined.
Whoever hated my dad
has it out for me, too.
Thanks for
coming with me.
Are you, uh, okay?
But it's a relief
to find out
that Samantha was
somehow involved.
My father was a crook.
He destroyed
those people.
do you have any reason
to suspect
that Marco may have
something to do with this?
Why would you say that?
Marco loves me.
Of course not.
Sorry, I just have to ask.
building us a house.
The framing's
already up.
When we get back,
I think
I'll drive over there
and see how it's going.
I was just thinking about you.
It's been a long time.
Mrs. Knowles.
I was just
passing through town
and thought
I'd say hello.
Oh, I have some very sad news
about Sammi, I'm afraid.
Come on in.
I'll make you a cup of coffee.
Oh, Detective.
Jade isn't here.
I know, I just need
some information
on Jade and Marco.
Jade didn't kill Samantha.
I need everything on Marco.
Who he is, where he's from,
how long they've been together.
Well, um...
he breezed into town
less than a year ago,
from upstate somewhere,
and swept her off her feet.
They met at a charity event.
Did she ever meet
friends or family?
No one was at the wedding.
He said his parents had passed,
and he had no siblings.
Surely he has friends?
I got the feeling
that he didn't want to bring
his old connections
into the new upper-crust world
of the Griegsons,
if you know
what I mean.
Do you mind me taking
a picture of that photo
of Jade and Marco?
Is Marco a suspect?
I'll let you know if I
come up with anything.
In the kitchen!
Sweetie, what's wrong?
I just went to
take a look at the new house,
except there was nothing there.
What's going on, Marco?
I knew you couldn't stay away.
I gave you the wrong address.
You knew I would look,
and I fell for it.
You thought of everything.
I told you I wanted that house
to be a surprise.
You're not going to see it
until it's finished.
It's my wedding gift to you.
I'm so relieved.
I thought...
I thought bad things.
Well, I'd like to know
those bad things...
but I've got dinner
on the boil,
and you need some wine.
I should get changed.
Dinner's almost ready.
Oh, you know,
I almost forgot to tell you
the best news of all.
Detective Harper
found new evidence
connecting Samantha
and her parents
to my dad's company.
He's going to take it
to the D.A.,
and, hopefully,
we can get the charges dropped.
Isn't that fantastic?
New evidence? That's...
that's unbelievable.
She really pulled one.
I had no idea.
I'm just glad
this is almost over.
Do you need some help?
No, you relax.
You deserve it.
Officer Meade?
Her body's inside.
It looks bad.
Place is trashed.
We can't tell if
anything was taken.
Thank you.
Call me as soon as
you've run those prints.
Once the charges
are officially dropped,
I can go back to work.
A toast
to the woman I love.
I will finally
be able to pay my way
around here again.
As if you
couldn't before...
You have everything
you could ever want or need.
You've never had to worry
about anything.
Yeah, I know
how fortunate I've been.
What about you?
I mean, you never talk much
about your parents,
or your upbringing.
We were poor...
but my parents managed to buy
a small house,
and though it was
a modest place,
it was home.
Meade, I've got to get
back to the city.
Can you, um...
I'll send you the autopsy
report once it's ready.
Thank you.
Come on, Jade, answer.
Hi, this is Chantal.
Have you spoken to Jade lately?
She hasn't been picking up.
I've tried her, too.
Maybe I should drop by
and check on her?
Uh, no.
Don't do that, all right?
I'm on my way now.
I promised you a neck massage.
Drink up.
That's the good stuff,
so we can't waste it.
You know the wine
helps you relax.
I'm feeling
pretty relaxed already.
What would I do
without you?
You'd have found
a rich stockbroker
who'd fit in nicely
with your circle of friends.
You seem to think that
all I care about is money.
That might have been my dad,
but not me.
When you were faced
with losing this house,
I could see the panic
in your eyes.
I know that look.
I've lived it.
What do you mean?
Ow, not so hard.
When Sammi took
this place from you...
Now, she was greedy.
Just couldn't wait to
get her hands on the money.
Almost got us caught.
She couldn't stand
the long con.
No patience.
What are you...
What are you saying?
For a whip-fast lawyer,
you sure are slow
when it comes
to love and money.
It was you.
You were her partner?
Oh, what did you do?
What's this?
there we go.
Now, just sit up here.
There we are.
Now, you rest here a while.
A nice hot bath
will take all
your cares away.
Suicide note.
Pretty classic, huh?
I don't understand.
Why are you doing this?
You're far too persistent
for your own good.
Your mother was
collateral damage.
It just was supposed to be Wayne
driving that day.
How could you?
I'll tell you how I could.
Where did you come from?
From your past.
What are you talking about?
You knew my parents.
I did?
Get off me!
The Kemps?
The Chase family?
Are those names...
familiar to you?
I was at your trial.
I watched
every minute of it,
and you never felt...
a moment of remorse, did you?
You took
everything from them,
their money,
their homes,
their self-respect.
You drove them
to their graves
because of your
insatiable greed,
and you still don't feel
an ounce of responsibility,
do you?
Those names...
mean nothing to me.
I don't know
anything about them.
They might have been poor
and desperate,
but that's not my fault.
No one can force a man
to invest
his life savings.
It's greed, arrogance,
and a weakness of character
if he does so without
knowing the consequences.
And you can't blame me for that!
Now, get the hell out of my way.
I'm afraid you're losing
your home, too.
We're going to take
everything from you.
No, don't.
No... No!
Wayne's company was built
on the blood, sweat, and tears
of my family.
I'll give it back.
You can't bring back
my parents!
They tried to fight him,
but he sucked them dry.
My father drank
himself to death.
My mother
took drugs,
He drove them to it.
This is the last chapter, Jade.
And all you'll have
is the money.
Doesn't seem right.
It was the only way
I could get what I deserved--
which was everything!
You're just like him.
No, you became distraught
over the death of your father.
You killed Sammi,
and now you can't
live with yourself.
I was just driving by,
and I thought I'd check
to see how Jade's doing.
Oh, that's
so thoughtful of you,
but she's just in the bath
right now.
I need to see her.
It's not really
a good time right now--
I can't--
Jade, honey?
Where do you think
you're gonna go?
It's no use.
It's over.
It's all over.
You're going to hell, Marco.
I'm not responsible for
the things that my father did.
But you spent your life
living off the rewards
of the things
your father did.
I have a nice tidy death
waiting for you.
The bath is ready.
I know you're tired,
you're tired of everything.
Don't fight it.
So, if you don't mind,
I'm a little pressed for time.
I have some escaping to do.
Thanks for coming by.
No problem.
I just, I wanted
to say thank you, really,
for everything.
So, you're really doing it?
I'm giving the money back.
You know, my parents,
It's going to take me a while
to get over all this.
Look, if you ever need
someone to talk to,
I'm around.
I'm not sure when I'll be back.
Yeah, that's okay,
I just hope you do come back.
Take care.
You too.