Stranger on the Prowl (1952) Movie Script

Get him off the ship.
Let me stay,
I'll pay you.
Have you got any money?
How much?
50,000 lire.
- I'll send it to you.
- You'll what?
I'll send it you,
little at a time.
Don't laugh at me.
Nobody would notice me
down there.
You'd be willing
to go that way?
25,000 lire.
When do you sail?
It's a very beautiful gun.
There was a time
I might have bought it.
That was a long time ago.
I'll sell it cheap.
I need the money.
I don't buy guns.
- Where can I sell it?
- Now, let's see...
The bartender de "Caff Sport"
maybe he'd buy it.
You'll feel lonely
without it at first,
but after a while
you won't care.
That's the best way to it.
What did he want?
- He wanted to sell me something.
- What?
He wanted to sell me
a useless piece of iron.
What's the matter?
What happened?
They say they're charging
just to watch the mammals filthy animal.
50 lire, just to watch
the animal love filthy act!
- 50 lire?
- Yes, 50 lire. Get back.
- I'm going to the circus.
- Where will you get the money?
I'll ask my mama for it.
- You can't!
- I can!
I wanna sell a gun.
Not now.
Later, later.
Wait for me.
Here they come!
Piero Morelli
Piero Morelli!
Quiet, quiet please!
Look, the Rossi Magical Company
has just
signed Morelli
to its great bicycle team
Listen, I can't stay long
I'll keep away from work.
I just wanted to tell you
I'm going to Milan.
- I want to be there to see you win.
- Sure, sure.
I'll be waiting for you.
You'll have to pay your
own way, understand?
I've got money.
And listen,
I've got some new clothes too.
You won't have
to be ashamed of me.
you want me, don't you?
Sure, sure.
Will you look at the gun now?
Let's see it.
2,000 lire.
What are you trying to do to me?
After every work,
guns are cheap.
That's all I've got.
It's worth 10 times that much.
Stay away from me!
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...
Stop it!
- Peroni!
- Can I ride him?
- No, no. Not today.
Just for a little way, please.
You'll better get off here.
You're stopping here?
You would better get off!
Giorgio's got a long distance to go.
I'm taking him away...
to a farm.
It's full of green grass,
its very beautiful!
Giorgio will stay in a place
for an old horse
to spend his last days.
Now, get off!
- Who will buy me a wagon?
- I will buy a little wagon!
- Get off!
- No!
Gia... Giacomo!
Please, Giacomo!
I tried to sell it to a farm.
But he was too old
for farm work.
People are heating horse meat
these days!
You've got to know
the truth now!
There are no green fields,
no pastures.
Life is hard!
Life makes certain demands!
Where have you been?
- We stopped to talk to Peroni!
- Peroni?
we haven't got the money for
next month's rent.
I can't do it alone!
You've got to help me!
That's so much to do!
Peroni took his horse to the butcher!
His horse!
What's that horse to me?
But it's Giorgio
and we saw the butcher shop and...
Who told you
to go to the horse butcher?
But I didn't mean
to go to the horse butcher!
Why can't you stay away
from places like that?
But we didn't go,
we were only taking a shortcut!
He wanted to get into the circus.
The circus?
- I just wanted to see the animals!
- Is that all you got to do?
Can't I just go look at the circus?
And who delivers the laundry, who?
But the other children...
Don't tell me about the other children!
I'm all alone!
There is no man in this house!
What do you want me to do?
Now look what you've done.
There's laundry to deliver.
And on your way back
buy a bottle of milk.
62 lire.
That's not the way to carry money.
Listen, Giacomo!
Guido would like to play marbles with you!
- With me?
- He's crazy and he's rich!
When we his marbles from him
then he will buy them back.
We'll make enough money
to go to the circus.
I haven't got any marbles!
Go buy some
with the milk money!
- No!
- Was not asking you!
What if you lose it?
I want to play marbles with Guido!
I want to take all his money away
and then I'll go to the circus!
You're going
to lose the milk money!
- Go sit on the church steps!
- No, I want to see you lose the money!
I haven't got any more marbles!
We'll sell you then!
I don't want to buy any today!
You don't want to buy any today?
What you mean
"You don't want to buy any today?"
I'm going to Roseca,
to sell my marbles tomorrow.
You can't do that to us!
Give us our money back!
Look Guido!
They're beautiful marbles!
- I'll sell them to you cheap!
- I don't want them!
Police, police!
- Giacomo, the laundry!
- Guido!
- Leave him alone!
- I didn't do anything!
I don't want any
fights in the streets!
- You understand?
- Do I look like I've been fighting?
Alright, move on.
Move on!
You deliver your part
to Dr. Gartella.
Then you go home.
I'll get the money.
I'll get it!
Don't worry!
I won't tell mama!
You know where I live,
don't you?
This garment was in
Pucci's laundry by mistake!
It's really mine!
Take them over to my place.
Is it written down
for the butcher's?
Well it's a mistake, you understand?
Do as I say!
Isn't this the nightgown
I bought for Sig. Ra Pucci in Rome?
It couldn't be.
You see,
it's much too small for her.
See, it's just right for me.
Yes, it is.
Isn't it?
So many fine things
have been disappearing lately.
2 dresses, a blouse,
4 pairs of nylon stockings,
even a silk shirt of mine.
People can be sent to jail
for stealing, can't they?
I suppose they could.
Every night,
I worry about you.
You work so late
and then you go home all by yourself,
all alone in the dark streets.
- I can take care of myself!
I think it would be safer if tonight
I walked you home to your place.
It would seem strange,
a man dressed like you
walking me home.
- Oh, that can be arranged.
I suppose it would be safer.
This must be used after all.
Yes, it's mine.
And this is mine, too.
Yes, I suppose it is.
But just remember
I delivered all the laundry like
I was supposed to.
- What are you worried about?
Didn't you hear him say
that these things are mine?
Never mind,
the boy is a good businessman.
Forget about it.
- Signor Pucci.
- Yes?
Now, would you like to go
into business with me?
- Business?
- The marble business.
I'm the best marble player in the city.
All I need is 100 lire
and I will give you half of the profits.
62 lire would be enough.
I'm afraid not.
I never gamble.
- But it's not gamble when I play.
- Business is not like playing marbles.
Business is hard work.
You've got to learn that.
- Would you like to invest 62 lire?
- No, I wouldn't.
Your papers.
What are you doing here?
I'm passing through.
Alright, move on.
- I'm tired.
- I said move on!
Leftovers are down there.
He's delivering the laundry.
Did he go the circus?
No, he didnt.
I would have given you the money,
if we had it.
- I'd like a bottle of milk.
- Serve yourself.
That'll be 62 lire.
I'd like to pay for it tomorrow.
Only take the milk tomorrow.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I'm hungry.
What do you think this is?
A restaurant for hungry tramps?
Get out!
Get out!
Get out before I call the police!
There has been a murder
in the canal square.
Send out the celere.
Alert the marines and police.
Have the canal checked.
I'll have my car
ready immediately.
You're the one who called?
Yes, sir.
You said there were eye witnesses?
Who are they?
- I am.
- We are.
He said eye witnesses,
you didnt actually see it
- I saw the murderer running.
- Alright!
Come out!
Keep your hands up!
They would have caught me
if not for you.
I was too scared.
They know was I was doing.
I would have gone to jail.
You saved me.
I didn't really mean
to steal the milk.
I was going to pay
for it tomorrow!
As soon as I could sell my marbles...
See? Tomorrow I'd paid for it.
Keep away from me!
You stay here!
It's safer here!
Stop following me!
I'm afraid of the dark!
Please help me!
I don't want to go to jail, I'll die!
Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
There's the circus near here!
Walk me to it.
The police will think it's just a father
and a boy going to the circus. See?
They're just looking for a little boy
if that is me they won't think its me.
When we get there
you won't have to hide anymore
I can take care of myself from then on.
Alright, you...
You walk ahead of me
until I take your hand, you understand?
Now throw that bottle of milk
in the water.
Throw it away?
It will look wrong if a man
and boy walk into
the circus with a boy
carrying a bottle of milk.
Throw it away!
I can't throw milk away.
Milk is food.
It's a sin to throw food away.
And... don't run.
Walk slowly.
Hey you!
Your change!
He's gone!
He's gone!
If I was grown up,
I'd spend my money on candies!
Candies are the best thing in the world.
My father can do that!
With one finger!
Come on! Come on!
Try! Try!
Bravo! Bravo!
He's coming!
He's coming!
When I was young,
I worked in a farm.
I was the strongest man
on the farm
- Do you wanna hear how strong I was?
- Yes.
There was a big rock in front of the barn.
So big that all of the horses
and the wagons had to try... Now watch me!
- He's still watching us.
- I know yes.
Watch me.
One day, my father hired 3 men
to dig a hole under the rock
and let the rock drop into the hole,
but they dug underneath it.
And slowly,
it came sliding down on them
to crush them.
And then?
It was a good thing I was nearby.
I slipped underneath the rock
and my own two arms...
I held it up until
other men came.
- We all got out.
- Weren't you afraid of being killed?
In those days
I didn't think I'd ever die.
I'd like to be strong too
when I grow up.
I'd like to be strong as 3 men.
Maybe if I took exercises.
Come on.
They really think you're my father!
A more complete description
of the murderer.
Medium height, bulky clothes.
He's here in the circus!
The man and the boy,
I thought he looked suspicious!
Giacomo! Giacomo!
Hey Giacomo!
What's the idea?
Get around the front and pay!
A man and a boy!
Around the back!
I never saw the man before.
I don't know what Giacomo
would do with him.
Block the whole circus off!
Tell the Inspector
there's a kid with him, a boy of 8.
We got to find the right way!
Well, find the right way!
Let me pass,
I'm looking for my boy!
You can't go in there,
your boy is not here.
What's the trouble here?
My boy, he hasn't come home. I
know there's something wrong.
I sent him for a bottle of milk.
- We buy the milk here.
- Let her go.
- How old was your boy?
- 8. What is it? Tell me.
There was a boy seen
with a man we think might be a murderer.
They were seen together at the circus.
- Giacomo!
- Listen, be careful! The man is armed.
- How do you know?
- He tried to sell me his gun.
Why didn't you report this before?
- What did the man look like?
- He look like... a rather hungry man.
And the gun,
what kind of a gun was it?
I don't know about guns.
You see I make drunk men.
I know more about the broken,
the twisted, the useless.
Alright, stay here in case we need you.
And you...
You come with me.
At least you'll know as much as I do.
Why didn't you tell me about the gun?
Do you realize
you might have prevented a murder?
Why didn't you give him
a piece of cheese?
You realize
you might have prevented a murder?
Now you see where you are.
We'll have to wait until the police go.
- You see that ship there?
- Yes.
Can you take me there from here?
There is a canal I know.
They'll be watching your canal.
Not this one maybe.
I wish I could go away too.
I wouldn't come back
until I was rich.
Take me with you on the ship.
I had a cousin once
who swore he'd never come home.
Until he made his fortune.
He was never seen again.
When you get old
I could take care of you.
Take me with you.
- Are you alright?
- Yes, move on.
- We could stop and rest.
- Move along!
- Any news?
- They're in there, for certain!
Be careful, there's a boy with him
and the man's armed.
The canal is in here,
we better hurry.
- They didn't forget about this canal.
- Go home, go away!
The police are everywhere,
we haven't go a chance!
I'd love to go with you.
- Why did they shoot at you?
- Never mind!
They dont shoot people
just for a bottle of milk!
Stop talking!
Close the shutters...
We found the trail of blood!
Everybody seen them?
No, the trail of blood
ends at the square.
Surround the whole square.
One man every 20 meters.
Go through each house
from top to bottom.
Check everybody!
Ah and get the lights set up.
Call the fire department
and get the tear gas guns!
Tell them not to shoot please!
My boy is with him!
The man's armed,
I can't ask my men to risk their lives.
Make sure the men know
there is a child with him.
- Tell them to be careful.
- Come on.
It's nothing.
I'll just stall the flesh a little bit.
Bullet is not in there.
- I have to fray this.
- Let me see.
If the bullet
would have gone into the flesh,
I might have been finished.
I guess we were lucky.
- When will she come home?
- She works very late.
I delivery laundry to her house
where she works.
Sig. Ra Pucci might be upset.
Maybe some other night
you could walk me home.
No, tonight.
What big farming country
will we go into?
A fine farming country.
Rich, black soil, hack.
Will we have animals?
Never heard of a farm without horses.
When our horses get old,
we won't sell them to the butcher, will we?
No, we won't.
We won't.
It's not right after
a horse spent all his life
and done everything everybody
has told him to do.
It's not right
just to sell them to the butcher.
It's not.
We'll have them run loose in the sun.
That's the way it should be.
That's the way it should be.
I heard the police car.
They're trying to send me to the butcher's.
I worked hard all my life too
but I won't go,
I won't go, I won't go.
How do I look?
Do I look like a tramp?
No, I don't.
Do I smell like a tramp?
I don't, do I?
We've got to get away.
- You and me.
- Sure.
In the left outside pocket
in my jacket...
in the small pocket that's
inside the pocket.
I've had it since I was a boy.
- Have you got a knife of your own?
- No.
Take it,
you're old enough to have one.
- It's for you.
- For me?
Put it away now
and listen carefully.
This is the top floor,
there must a way to get to the roof.
Find out how,
then find out...
if we can get from this street
to the next one.
If we can get out of this neighborhood,
we can get to our ship.
We're friends, aren't we?
You won't turn against me?
Whatever happens.
No, I won't.
We'd better not
go on together.
We'd better not.
You go on ahead, then.
I'll.. I'll...
I'll be up after a while.
Of course.
I live over here.
What's the matter?
What are all these people here for?
A murder.
Be careful.
The police asked me
to check everybody.
Are you expecting anybody tonight?
Don't make a sound.
Don't hurt me.
I will do anything you say.
Get over to the bed
and don't move.
You don't have to tie me up.
I wouldn't turn you over to the police.
Let me help you.
Your arm is bleeding terribly.
Your police department
will pay 50,000 lire reward
for any information
leading to the arrest of the murderer.
You're very beautiful.
Don't go away.
- How good of a shot are you?
- I'm a good shot.
I'm a great shot!
You understand
the boy's life maybe at stake?
Yes, sir.
Stand by.
Yes, sir.
Here is a description of the wanted man:
medium height,
dark hair,
dress in bulky clothing,
the man is wanted for murder.
There maybe a child with him.
50,000 lire reward
for information leading to his arrest.
Angela wasn't expecting anybody.
I asked her, she just told me.
Nobody, nobody.
Just stand up for her, ask her.
She'll identify me,
I was with her.
I tell you, it's a mistake.
Bring this Angela down.
It's me, Giacomo!
There is a way out across the roofs.
We can get to another street,
when nobody's watch-
Tell you're in bed.
There's a man downstairs,
says he's Sig. Pucci.
Were you expecting him?
Tell him to go away
I dont want to see him.
Come down and identify him!
As soon as I'm dressed.
Take your time,
there's no hurry!
She wanted to sell me to the butcher.
For 50,000 lire.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing!
You arent helping me at all!
They're looking for you!
You're a murderer!
You killed somebody!
Don't say that!
You're going to die!
Don't talk to me like that!
You always lie!
- Go die then!
- Nooooo!
Help me!
Get around the back
and up the tower.
Giacomo, Giacomo!
You got to understand!
I didn't mean to kill her,
I didn't mean to hurt her.
I was hungry.
once people used to love
to watch me eat and
now that I can't work,
they throw me out.
When I tell people I'm hungry
they're afraid
I'll steal a piece of bread.
When I'm cold and
they're afraid
I'll rest somewhere I shouldn't.
They're all waiting for me to die!
But I'm a man.
I have a right to be hungry!
I have a right to eat!
I have a right to live!
Go down and tell them!
They won't listen.
They will!
Wait and see.
I wanna tell you-
You're are surrounded from all sides,
there is no escape!
Send the boy down
before you!
You've got 2 minutes to come down!
You see?
I'll tell them!
I'll tell me
what you told me!
Don't hurt my boy!
It won't help you
to hurt him!
Please, let me go!
You're the only one.
All the rest want me to die.
Even that woman!
She wanted to sell me
for 50,000 lire.
Only you.
I want you to live.
You have 60 seconds left!
Don't spill it!
It's a sin to spill it.
No, I won't spill it.
30 seconds left!
Send the boy down!
Do you know this man?
What happened to you?
I deserved it.
- I...
- Keep away from me!
Don't kill him!
He's a man!
He has no place to go!
He just wanted something to eat!
He just wanted a place to sleep!
He didn't want to kill anybody!
He saved my life!
He was my friend.
Don't look at it!
Don't think about it!
Come home with me now.
He had his gun pointed at me!
He killed once,
might have killed again.
Tomorrow we'll go to the circus.
The three of us.
No matter what its cost.
Hey Giacomo!
People are saying you got hit too!
Did you get hit?
Did you?
Where did you get hit?
Did you see it?
Was it bad?
Did it tear his arm off to pieces?
We were lucky,
the bullet went out.
He paid for you at the circus.
How did you get into circus?
I made Guido pay up!
And listen, Guido said
he'd play with you again tomorrow!
- He will?
- Sure!
He wants to win his marbles back!
I want to talk to Giacomo,
I can't leave it this way,
you see...
I want to explain to him
about the horse.
I think he understands
about the horse.