Strangers in Love (1932) Movie Script

Thank you, Bronson. If he
phones here, I'll speak with him.
Yes, sir.
Good morning, Miss Merrow.
- Good morning.
Any calls?
The Benevolent Society.
- Tell them no.
I have no money for organised charities.
Steven Reed called several times.
He's worried about that note.
It's due when?
- Tomorrow.
He .. he hopes for friendship's sake ..
- Tell him I'm sorry.
But ..
Business, Diane.
Purely business.
Now, where did I leave off yesterday?
"My last address before
this august company".
Yes, yes. I remember.
As I explained at that time.
The text inscribed on the Rosetta Stone.
Consisted of 14 lines
of hieroglyphics ..
32 of demotic.
And .. 54 lines of ..
A lovely necklace you're wearing, Diane.
I hadn't noticed this before.
- Hadn't you?
It .. suits your type.
I forgot to tell you that
Muriel Preston phoned you.
Oh yes?
She is returning Monday.
54 lines of ..
The Coptic ..
Was the first of the writings
accurately translated.
They compared favorably.
[ Street music ]
He'll leave if you toss
them a dime, you know.
Send him away.
Practically impossible.
I'm sorry, Diane. These nuisances.
They compared favorably.
With the Greek inscriptions discovered
earlier. On the island of Philae.
In this work .. he was aided.
By one of the ablest archaeologists
of the 19th century.
Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
I had no idea it was so late.
It's quite alright.
Will that be all?
- Oh, yes.
[ Coughing ]
It's amazing how rapidly time goes ..
When you're engrossed in such
an interesting subject, isn't it.
Isn't it.
And yet there are people who find the
subject of Egyptian hieroglyphics ..
A bore.
Oh, allow me.
- Thank you.
Oh, Diane.
Diane, I've been meaning
to ask you about your father.
Well .. he hasn't been
feeling very well lately.
I'm afraid he took his
trouble too much to heart.
Well, look. Wouldn't it be a good idea to
give him a few days rest in The Birches?
You mean ..?
Both of you take the
weekend at The Birches.
You'd enjoy it up there I'm sure.
We can do a few hours work
here on Monday and ..
Spend the next three days
going over coffee at Elm View.
What do you say?
It would do him a world of good.
Thank you.
- Not at all.
Goodnight, Diane.
- Goodnight.
Of course I .. I realize I have nothing
but my suspicions to go on but ..
I know I'm right, Mr Crenshaw.
Well ..
If you are, Miss Merrow.
Mr McPhail here is the best man
I know to help you prove it.
Right, McPhail?
- Right.
Mr McPhail has confidence in himself.
Why not?
I deliver the goods, don't I?
Trust me, lady. I never miss.
And I never forget.
I'll assign him to your
case, Miss Merrow.
And if Arthur Drake
defrauded your father ..
Mr McPhail will dig up the evidence.
Thank you.
You see that yellow stuff
in them squares, there?
That's butter.
What's butter?
You put it on bread.
What's bread?
It's something you put in your mouth.
Who .. who puts it in who's mouth?
Don't you remember? You used to use it.
Oh yeah.
It seems to me I do have
a dim recollection.
You chew it, don't you?
Something like that.
- Uhuh.
I'd give my right eye for a steak.
War in Manchuria.
Chinese troops in action.
Hey, wait a minute.
War in Manchuria.
Chinese troops in action.
Twenty bucks a day for flying
an old crate over the lines ..
And getting shot at by somebody who
couldn't hit the ground with their hat.
Meat on the table if you get
back from the front a lot.
Meat and drink .. and butter.
Them square yellow things?
- Hmm.
Why don't you park your pride in the
alley and go and see your brother?
I'd rather go out and hold somebody
up, than ask my brother for a cent.
Don't be a sap. He's your twin, ain't he?
- What's that got to do with it?
Well it seems to me a twin
ought to go for twice as much ..
As what an ordinary
brother would go for.
I haven't even seen the
guy in over twelve years.
Well then it's a cinch.
You got him either way.
How do you figure?
If he's glad to see you, a few
dollars won't make any difference.
If he don't like the
color of your hair ..
Well he ought to pay you something on
account for having stayed away so long.
- What?
I'll go see him.
Now you're talking.
Here goes the prodigal.
I'll be waiting here fellah.
For half the fatted calf.
Mr Robert.
Good guess, Bronson.
Is my brother in?
- I ..
I .. I will see, sir.
You know that his daughter works here.
She handles my mail.
Oh yes.
Yes, and thank you very much.
Yes. Goodbye.
What's the matter, Bronson?
- Your brother, sir.
He's here?
- At the door, sir.
Tell him I don't want to see him.
And why not?
It's so much more convincing to
hear it from you directly, Arthur.
Well, brother .. how are you?
You don't seem very glad to see me.
Broke, I suppose?
How much?
Shouldn't I tell you a little
something about myself?
My pal and I just got in from China ..
- How much?
Yeah, I heard you the first time.
If I had fifty dollars ..
Fifty dollars?
Is this just the beginning?
Same, sweet brother.
That trick heart of
yours still a nuisance?
Don't disappoint yourself by the
hope that you benefit if it fails me.
Every cent I've got will go to the
Society for Egyptian Research.
It doesn't seem possible that two people
so physically alike as you and I ..
Could be so utterly different
in every other respect.
It's fortunate for the
family that it was possible.
I doubt father could endure the burden
of two sons with your characteristics.
Look, Arthur.
Didn't he ..
Didn't he what?
You know ..
Ease up on me a
little towards the finish?
After I was transferred from
The La Fayette Escadrille ..
I had an awfully decent letter from him.
A certain pride perhaps in the fact
that one of his sons was in service.
Didn't he ..?
Didn't he leave me .. anything?
The Will is a matter of record.
You may read it if you wish.
I didn't mean that.
I know he left everything to
you but I thought maybe ..
He said something, or ..
- I'm sorry.
So am I.
I ..
I was mighty fond of the old boy.
You had a peculiar way of showing it.
Oh, say ..
Now, get out.
You asked for fifty dollars.
I've given you a thousand.
That's the last cent
you'll ever get from me.
Just like that, eh?
You give me one thousand
dollars of your own volition.
Oh no .. not you.
There is something wrong
about this whole affair, Arthur.
And I'm going to find out what.
Now you'll get nothing.
You're a little late, Arthur.
I've got the satisfaction of
knowing that I was right.
Get out of here.
You hear me?
Get out of here.
- I don't know whether I will or not.
Oh yes, you will.
It's my turn to give orders now,
and you'll do as I tell you.
As I tell you.
All my life I've waited for this chance.
I used to dream that you'd come to
me sometime begging for help.
You! So proud of your
football and your tennis.
And all the rest of the things your
sound body gave you the chance to do.
I used to dream that while I sat
indoors with this weak heart of mine.
Hating you.
Yes. Hating you!
And I had a right to hate you.
Why should you have health and
strength and freedom while I ..
I'm sorry, Arthur.
I'm going to attend
to everything, Arthur.
I want you to go to your room and stay
there until I give you further orders.
You are a sick man.
Thank you. Thank you, doctor.
Heart attack.
Poor fellow.
Why Buddy should have to die
and that brother of his live ..
Now don't get started on that subject.
- Started?
Well, why do you work for him, if ..
- Because I want to find out the truth.
He cheated you.
Nobody has cheated me out of anything.
I've got the swellest job in the
world just being your Dad.
You old darling.
Now listen honey, this is getting
to be an obsession with you.
If Arthur did double-cross me with this
fellow Barkwell, whoever he is.
Why does he hire you?
- To cover up.
Smart crooks always work that way.
But someday he'll slip up.
When he does ..
I'm going to have a talk with this guy
Drake and you're not going to stop me.
That will do, Bronson.
- But sir, he ..
What do you want?
He told me ..
He told me you looked alike, but ..
What are you talking about?
I was a friend of your brother's.
Oh .. that's alright, Bronson.
Yes, sir.
I want to know how Buddy died.
A heart attack.
- Say, listen you.
I've been in too many tight spots
with that boy to swallow that yarn.
There wasn't anything
the matter with his heart.
No? Then what killed him?
That's what I'm here to find out.
- Just a moment, mister ..?
"Keeney" is the name.
"Keeney". Be reasonable about this.
You say there was nothing
wrong with my brother's heart.
That's what I said and I know
what I'm talking about.
How can you be sure of such a thing?
He's led a wild and dissolute life ..
- That will be all of that.
Start talking dirt about my pal
and I'll tear your ears off.
Oh, now Mr Meany.
"Keeney" is the name.
Buddy was my pal and he was
white all the way through.
I know he didn't like you
and you didn't like him.
But he was a swell guy.
A swell guy.
You heard me.
They don't make 'em better.
I ..
I don't know what you're driving at.
- You will.
He came over here to put on you for a
piece of change, and I waited for him.
I waited most of the night and
then I went back to the room.
The next thing, I read in
the paper he's dead.
Died of a heart attack.
Well I know it's a lie. You're going
to tell me the truth or I'm going ..
You'll what?
Then the square yellow thing.
That butter.
Puts it on bread.
Bread is something that you eat.
Why you bleary-eyed old cloud-buster.
Going around as a friend of mine and you
can't recognise me when you see me.
Well, Buddy ..
- Shush.
Well .. what's the gag?
I'll tell you in a minute. First, give
me a cigarette. I'm dying for a smoke.
You mean, the other guy
kicked off and you ..?
Yeah, that's right.
It's a dangerous game, pal.
You're telling me.
Listen, Stan.
I'm going to stick and I'm not
going to get caught, either.
We'll see to that.
"We" is .. we?
That's right.
Ah, don't be a sap.
Grab yourself a chunk of change and blow.
- Not a chance.
Half of Everyman you see here
should be mine by rights.
Are they the kind of rights
they put you in jail for?
How can they put me in jail? I'm dead.
Yeah .. you're dead.
But you're walking around yet.
And anything that walks,
they can lock up.
Yeah, and if I run every cent will go
to those bottle-nosed Egyptologists.
Gee, that's a shame.
The things that belong
to my family will ..
This was my home Stan,
and it's still my home.
Is that the way you feel about it?
I'm with you kid, but I'm scared.
I've been through the worst of it.
The family doctor, the servants,
you yourself, you sap.
It's a cinch.
Yes, this is ..
Arthur Drake speaking.
What's that?
You know what's that.
When do we get that check?
You know what for.
Oh yes, surely.
Who is this talking?
This is Clark speaking.
Oh, Mr Clark?
You are going to what?
He hung up.
Mister Clark.
Who is Mister Clark?
The guy I was talking to.
Oh, him?
He wants a check.
What for?
- I don't know what for.
For how much or where to send it.
He said if he doesn't get it in tomorrow
morning's mail I'll know what to expect.
Oh yeah?
Well, what do you expect?
I expect I'm going to get into a jam.
Yeah. I've been through the worst of it.
The doctor, the family servants.
Oh, it's a cinch.
Say listen, Buddy.
It's getting hotter round here, kid.
And you're sitting in the middle.
You'd better jump while
the jumping is good.
Maybe you're right.
- You're telling me.
Why you poor sap, even it
they don't find you out ..
What are you going to do with that?
You can't even sign your brother's name.
Oh .. you could, but ..
It keeps one confined so ..
Yeah, I hadn't thought of it.
Well that leaves us right
back where we started.
Nobody ever had a house this big ..
Without some loose change
hanging around somewhere.
A few bucks and we'll be
back in that man-sized war.
Come on. Stop standing
there talking to yourself.
There is nothing there. I've looked.
Morning, Parsons.
- Morning, Miss Merrow.
How is Mr Drake this morning?
- He ..
He was alright Miss Merrow, but I ..
- But what? - I'm worried.
Why? What's happened?
Nothing has happened,
Miss Merrow, but ..
Ever since his brother's death, he's ..
- I suppose the shock and all ..
Perhaps that's it, but ..
He hasn't seemed like himself.
Well .. that's an improvement.
Here it is.
How much?
Imagine looking all over the place
for this and here it is, right in ..
In plain view.
Always glad to be of assistance to a man
who is a friend of my poor brother.
"I don't know who the dame is."
"Beat it and wait at the hotel."
"Until I get in touch."
There you are, sir.
Five hundred dollars.
I hope that will help you out.
I hope it will.
When you .. get fixed up I want
you to come back and see me.
I am anxious to hear more
about my poor brother.
Oh yeah. Sure. I'll come back.
I'd like to have you
as my guest for a time.
And .. by the way, if things don't
go well with you let me know.
I might put you in the
way of getting something.
Yeah, you might put me in
the way of getting plenty.
Yes, well goodbye.
- Yeah, goodbye.
Good luck.
Good morning.
Good morning.
He ..
The man you just saw here.
That same man.
Was a friend of my brother's.
I wish you'd introduced me.
- Oh.
Stupid of me.
Well I suppose the shock and all.
- I'm very sorry.
Oh yes .. thank you.
I read about it in the papers
while I was in Berkshires.
Oh yes, yes. The Berkshires.
Nice up there, isn't it?
It rained most of the time.
Did it?
- Yes.
That's the trouble with the
Berkshires, it always rains.
Rain, rain, rain.
I didn't mind.
- No.
Shall we begin where we left off?
Where we left off?
Oh yes, where we ..
Yes, I think that's best.
Don't you?
It's customary.
Just ..
Where did we ..
Leave off?
A copy of the decree in Demotic and in
Coptic set up in each of the temples.
In this work, he was aided by one of the
ablest archaeologists of the 19th ..
A copy of the decree.
Demotic in the temple.
In the temple.
Suppose we take this up later?
Oh but we can't, Mr Drake.
You only have three days left to
finish the book and go over the copy.
O yes, of course. The book.
Now now, let's see.
I suppose you think I'm
pretty dumb this morning?
I'm not paid to think about that.
You ..
You ever give the subject
any thought in your own time?
You know ..
You're unusually human this morning.
Am I?
Oh I .. I might be mistaken.
No, you're not. Really you're not.
You know ..
I've been thinking.
- Yes?
Honest .. I've been thinking.
I've decided that I'm attacking the
subject from the wrong angle.
Now why wouldn't an imaginative work ..
Based on the lives, loves and hates of
common folk of the era be more readable?
You think The Society would be
interested in anything of that sort?
I think I'm not much interested in what
The Society thinks as I thought I was.
Miracles do happen.
Of course they do.
They happen all the time.
As a matter of fact they are so common,
we don't recognise them as miracles.
Each morning the sun rises.
Do we explain with amazement the miracle
of light returning to dispel darkness?
We do not.
We peep at the clock out of one eye
and say "golly, look what time it is".
"I'll be late again."
Don't we?
- But you're never late.
Aren't I?
You are the most irritatingly punctual
person I've ever known in my life.
I'm going to be late.
- For what?
Anything, everything.
For now on I'm going to be
known as the late mister Drake.
Well, I ..
I don't know what's happened to you.
But it's certainly for the best.
The ..
Shock of my brother's death.
He meant much to me.
Your medicine, Mr Blake.
My ..?
Oh, yes, yes. The medicine.
Beastly stuff.
Now look.
Suppose .. instead of
taking down what I say ..
You just listen while I ramble a while.
I have been.
Are you listening?
While you ramble.
Well, let's ramble some more.
I'll just sort of give you a rough
outline of my new idea for the book.
And you tell me what you think of it.
You mean, what I really think of it?
- Yes.
Go on.
Well now, let's see.
Oh you can skip that part.
I know it by heart.
I don't seem to be able to start
with that as a preface, do I.
You don't seem to.
Well now, let's see.
You're hopeless.
- Oh no I'm not.
I was, but I'm not now.
I'm just full of hope.
Well now ..
- Let's see.
Thank you, thank you.
It will tell the story about an Egyptian
girl who worked for Cleopatra.
She was one of her maids.
Then there was the young fellow who
lived just across the street from her ..
So, after Mark Anthony
went back to Rome.
Cleopatra went ..
Uh ..
Wherever she went after
the asp did his stuff.
The boy discovered that
his royal employer ..
Made a Will and left him the barge.
So what did he do?
- I can't imagine.
He married the girl.
The maid?
Ah ..
You went and guessed it after all.
Oh, I just took a chance?
You and me both.
The car is waiting, sir.
Well, let it wait.
- No, we can't.
I had no idea it was so late.
We've got to go.
I didn't quite get what you said.
I said I think we ought to be starting.
Oh yes, I think so.
It was what you wanted, wasn't it?
- Oh yes, of course.
Everything is ready I suppose, Bronson?
- Oh yes, sir.
The boat has been
waiting since 2 o'clock.
The .. boat ..?
You know.
There is something
that's always worried me.
Yes, what?
Just ..
Just how do you spell your last name?
With two "R"s.
Isn't that a grand old skyline?
I thought you never noticed it.
Why not?
You are generally reading
on the way to Elm View.
Elm View? We are going to Elm View?
Why of course. Where did
you think we were going?
Hey, I'm so happy, I don't
really care where we go.
Are you getting out down
here too, Miss Merrow?
Yes, thank you.
I was always crazy about your old place.
Need you rub it in?
Isn't it bad enough us having lost our
home without you're reminding me of it?
I beg your pardon, Miss Merrow. I ..
I didn't say that to hurt you.
Really, I didn't.
That's alright.
You needn't be so formal
even if you are apologizing.
See that landing over there?
Remember the time you stole my ..
My brother's Shetland pony?
He caught you with it down
near the Kerrycoat road.
How did you know that?
I ..
My brother must have told me about it.
But Buddy promised
he'd never tell anybody.
No, no, no. I know what it was.
I was across the road gathering walnuts.
And .. I saw my brother
when he caught you.
I didn't think Buddy would
tell if he promised not to.
He couldn't have been ..
All bad.
There wasn't a drop of
bad blood in his veins.
You know .. that's just
what I've always thought.
Shall I come tomorrow at nine?
Aren't you ..?
Father is waiting for me at the hotel.
Bring your father over.
Both of you stay here.
Why not? Plenty of room.
Thank you, but I think not.
Why? I'd love to see your father.
- Why pretend with me?
I'll see you at nine.
Good evening, mister ..
- Snowball.
Why are you standing there?
What is it you want?
You just called me "Snowball", sir?
Did I?
Didn't you, sir?
That's what I always call you isn't it?
No, sir.
Only mister Buddy calls me that.
Mister Buddy?
It can't be. It ain't.
You is supposed to be dead.
No Snowball. Wait now Snowball. Wait.
If you is come back from the
other world, mister Buddy ..
I was your Mammy and I love you.
Snowball you old darling.
I didn't die. It wasn't true.
Am I alive?
Mister Buddy. Where, where you been?
Never mind that, Snowball. I'm back.
And I'm mister Arthur from now on.
Snowball, I need your help.
I have to be Arthur until ..
Snowball, will you help me?
Only you and I know that I'm mister
Buddy. Nobody else must ever know.
There is nothing wrong, Snowball.
Believe me.
Mr Buddy couldn't do nothing wrong.
Oh, you're swell.
Are you happy to see me?
I couldn't cry if I wasn't.
Tell me, Snowball.
Were you there when my father died?
Yes, mister Buddy.
Did he ..
Talk about me?
About nothing else but you.
Tell me.
He lay there and said over and over.
Why don't that boy come?
Don't he know that I'm proud of him.
He sure thought you were wonderful.
Once he said ..
Snowball, he said, I love ..
Yes sir, I'll look into that.
Yes, sir. Right away, sir.
My father said that ..?
- Darling.
Why, Arthur.
What's the matter?
Nothing is the matter. I'm ..
Surprised to see me?
Oh, am I.
Glad though .. aren't you?
Oh yes, sure.
Aren't you going to kiss me?
Well ..
It looks that way.
- What?
You act so strange.
Me, strange?
What is it?
- It's my heart.
I'll get my medicine.
- It's upstairs.
Oh yes, that medicine. Yes.
I've got something else.
An apple.
I have to eat an apple.
Isn't it silly?
Am I married?
- You mean, is you ..?
No, I mean my brother. Was he married?
Not exactly what you call married.
She's Miss Muriel Preston, she is.
Does she live here?
No, sir. She don't exactly live here.
She's one of the "come as you
please, and go as you please" kind.
When I want apples, I want apples.
Now hurry up and get me one.
Chelsea 3-9-9-7-0.
Another dame?
What does that make you?
Get down there?
On what?
On your hands and knees if you have to.
I need help and I need it badly.
Okay, pal. I'm leaving now.
You feel better now?
The first time I ever heard an
apple was good for heart trouble.
Me too.
I mean I hadn't heard
about it until the ..
Doctor told me.
I saw Charlie last night.
Oh, did you?
How ..
How is he?
Oh you know, just about the same.
He doesn't change much, does he.
Edna was in too.
Well, well, well.
Good old Edna.
- I thought you didn't like her.
No, of course I ..
I don't like her, but ..
Well you know, she ..
She's much nicer since her husband died.
Yes .. yes, that helped.
And also I looked up that guy Barkwell
that wrote the letter you showed me.
But there don't seem to be nothing
there I can get my hands on.
You mean you don't suspect Arthur Drake?
Certainly I suspect him.
Suspecting people is my business, lady.
No, no, no. What I mean is ..
You think you can find
proof that her robbed us?
Well we ain't found it yet, have we.
No, alright.
What I say is that if
we ain't found it yet ..
Then we still got a
chance of finding it.
Now Dad, I'm handling this.
Yes, and let me tell you you're walking
yourself right into a lot of trouble.
No trouble when I'm
on the job, Mr Merrow.
I never miss.
As soon as I get the low-down
lady, I'll give you a buzz.
I never miss.
And I never forget.
Hey .. your hat.
Let me tell you young lady,
this is positively silly.
You call being robbed "silly"?
Do you think Arthur would invite me to
his house if he'd robbed me of anything?
Dad, we've gone all over this.
Yes, and we're going over it again.
I'm going to accept his invitation.
But Dad ..
- Dad, nothing.
I'm sick and tired of
this nosy-poke business.
How about a lift?
Well ..
Come on inside.
You're a big boy.
My name is Keeney.
- Oh yes, Mr Keeney.
Glad to know you, sir.
"Clark", is my name.
You are going far?
There's a place down
here called Elm View.
Elm View? Well, well.
What a coincidence.
What a co .. what?
I too am on my way to Elm View.
What did you say your name was?
Oh yes.
Clark, huh?
Do you know anybody down at .. Elm View?
Yes indeed. I'm very well acquainted
with Arthur Drake down there.
A tough guy to get along
with, don't you think?
Well, yes and no I should say.
I've had some rather bitter
controversies with Mr Drake.
Oh you have, have you?
Oh yes indeed.
Some bitter controversies.
Miss Diane Merrow and her father, sir.
- Alright, sir.
Excuse me, please.
Hello, Diane.
I'm awfully glad you could come.
It was Dad who telephoned.
Will you excuse me please now?
- Thank you.
Well Mr Merrow, it's
nice to see you again.
Well, I'm awfully
glad to see you, Arthur.
You haven't changed a bit.
- Changed?
Well I mean .. since ..
Now don't try to be tactful, Arthur.
It's not at all necessary.
You mean since I've lost my money.
Yes. Yes, that's what I meant.
All in a lifetime, Arthur.
I'm sorry you lost money, too.
I lost ..?
Oh well, what's money, eh?
Right. That's what I've always said.
Well, I'll be right down.
I've got lots to talk over
with you about the business.
Good. We should talk about our business.
I am sorry to have kept you waiting.
So that's why you were nervous, eh?
Uh .. nervous?
I don't understand.
I thought you said Diane
never stayed at Elm View.
She doesn't.
Oh, just coming to call this evening?
She came to stay the night
but her father came with her.
That old fool!
Now look. You can't talk
that way about Mr Merrow.
You're going to tell me how to talk, eh?
Say, you've got a nerve.
Suppose I get sore and squawk?
Suppose you get sore and what?
Give the whole thing away.
The .. whole .. thing?
What do you mean? About you and me?
- Yes, and what goes with it.
What goes with it.
That would be bad.
Plenty bad.
For you.
Where are you going?
I'm going back to town. When I get there
I'll give you something to worry about.
Now wait a minute. Listen, now listen.
Alright, I'll listen.
What have you got to say?
Don't be mad.
Why shouldn't I be mad?
Now why should you?
- You know why.
Good and plenty.
- Now, now.
Don't you "now-now" me.
I'm not "now-nowing" anybody.
I'm only trying to ..
- Trying to what?
Oh, don't let's fight.
I don't want to fight.
I beg your pardon.
- That's quite alright.
I ..
I just wanted to ..
Type some notes in the study.
By all means, go right
ahead .. Miss Merrow.
Thank you.
Say who are you calling cat?
Oh you mean she ..?
Oh yeah.
Don't get jealous, darling.
Jealous .. ha!
As if I had to.
No, no of course you don't have to.
Good evening, Miss Preston.
A lovely old place
you have here, Arthur.
Great atmosphere.
Always a sense of peace and harmony.
Well, I wouldn't say always, Mr Merrow.
Well .. nearly always.
Yes, I'll give you "nearly always".
You know, I've got a few questions
I want to ask you about our business.
You want to ask me?
Oh .. oh!
I'm afraid I gave her the wrong notes.
I'll be right back.
Diane, I am sorry.
- Sorry for what?
Well, you know, I ..
I only know what I'm paid to know.
You know Mr Drake, these notes ..
Diane, listen. There is
something I've to tell you.
That woman doesn't mean
anything to me. She never did.
And I'm ..
Diane, I have to tell you
this even if I get shot for it.
I don't care ..
Listen, Muriel, I ..
- Don't you "Muriel" me!
Trying to pass me up for
that Merrow girl, huh?
Well you won't get away with it.
- Now listen.
If there is any more talk between
us, you'll do the listening.
In you go, sucker.
What's this?
Mr Drake.
I demand to know the
meaning of this outrage.
Stow the gab. Here.
This is Clark.
You know, the guy that cracked
down on you over the telephone.
Mr Drake, I ..
- Oh, so you are Clark, eh?
Of course I am Clark.
You know that as well as I do.
This fellow took me unawares.
- Cut it out. Let me tell you something.
I am getting sick of being threatened
over the telephone. Do you understand?
When I owe anybody money I'm prepared
to pay but I want to know what it's for.
I don't know if you know
it or not, mister Clark.
But men have been sent to jail
for less than what you've done.
Mr Drake.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I never frightened you over
the telephone in my life.
I disagreed, yes.
But I never ..
- Professor Clark.
Miss Merrow, Miss Merrow. Do something.
Call the police. Help me.
This man attacked me in my car.
He brought me here.
Mr Drake seems to be in
league with the fellow.
Why, I'm getting positively frightened.
Wait a minute. Just a minute.
What were you coming to
see me about this evening?
About the book, of course.
Of course.
I told you Professor Clark was coming
down tonight to read the last chapter.
It's outrageous.
Professor Clark, I am awfully sorry.
But you see we ..
You see ..
I see plenty, Mr Drake.
And let me tell you this.
You can get somebody
else to publish your book.
I am through!
Oh now, Professor. Wait a minute.
Now wait a minute.
What are you laughing at?
Don't you care about the book?
- No.
- From now on, I'm different.
I am going to live my life my own way.
And all my life ..
I wanted to throw a
scare into a man who ..
Who looked like Clark.
What the ..?
He took me unawares.
I never should have given
him back his glasses.
He's giving me the run-around.
You know what that means.
Now wait a minute, Muriel.
You bear down hard on him
for one big chunk of dough.
Sure, then we can beat it out of here.
I'll put the squeeze on,
and see what I get.
But you know, it really might have
serious consequences for you, Arthur.
He'll never publish his book now.
You know he won't.
Book? What's a book?
- A rotten thing.
Nobody ever reads them.
I want to talk to you.
You want to see me?
- Now.
Excuse me.
Oh no. That old oil don't go with me.
You got to pay .. and pay big.
We'd better get out of here.
Oh no, Dad.
You made me come here.
I want to stay until
I find out something.
Oh but fifty thousand dollars ..
I haven't got any ..
No, you haven't got a dime on you.
I know that much about you.
But you got oodles in the bank.
Money that don't belong to you.
Now get your John Henry down on
that check and make it snappy.
It's a bargain. I'll pay ..
Now wait. Let's see.
I've only got $24,000 on deposit.
Well, that will do now.
You can send the rest to
my apartment tomorrow.
If it ain't there by eleven ..
Well, you know.
Don't I just.
Let's see, what's that
apartment number again?
Say, you trying to kid me?
141 East 25th Street of course.
Oh yes, here it is.
141 East 25th Street.
East 25th Street.
Oh, pardon me.
I was just .. thinking.
Here you are.
Give my regards to your lady friend.
Yeah. Thank you.
25th Street.
Say, that colored woman
of yours certainly ..
Stan. Stan. That woman. That woman.
What woman?
- That one. That one.
Look at her. Take a good look at her.
See, that one.
She's the woman.
What are you talking about?
- I don't know.
I mean I do know. I gave her a
check for $24,000 and I signed it.
You signed it?
- Yes.
Oh, I told you.
I know, I know. And if
I get found out I'm sunk.
Stan, you've got to get that check.
Yeah, but even if I do get it
back and she finds it out, why ..
She'll come back for another.
That will be some other
time and time is what I need.
In the meantime, I may be able
to find out what it's all about.
- Hurry up.
- What?
Where am I going?
The address? I got it here in the book.
- Wait a minute.
East 25th Street.
- 141. Give it to me here.
Boy, it's a cinch.
But if she turns out to
be another professor ..
Yeah, go on.
Money, money, money. I can't
do anything without money.
All day, boy.
I know, I know. Snowball.
Listen, Clark.
He kicked through without a yelp.
The minute I put the bee on him.
I knew I had him.
You'll do what?
Come over and show me how to spend it?
Alright baby.
Put your roller skates on.
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
Sorry lady .. auto wreck.
He's pretty badly hurt.
- But I ..
We've got to lay him out someplace
until we can call a doctor.
If you don't mind,
we'll take him in here.
But I do mind.
Easy on his head there, Joe.
- You bet.
It's alright, Miss.
We'll let him down easy.
Well, maybe I'd better
get him a glass of water.
Good work, boys.
Thanks a lot.
Okay, pal. Anytime you
want anything done.
- Anything, see.
Oh, thank you.
You feel better now?
Where am I?
Are you alright now?
There was an automobile accident.
Two men brought you in here.
Oh yes, I know.
They went for the doctor.
Oh, it was awful.
I was coming down the street when all
of a sudden, there was a terrific crash.
My poor little daughter went
flying through the wind-shield.
And my wife screamed out in terror.
I couldn't do a thing.
The wheel had me pinned to my seat.
I struggled.
And struggled.
And struggled.
What was I to do?
My poor wife.
Begging for help.
My little daughter screaming with pain.
I ..
Calling upon all my strength.
I ..
My wife .. my daughter.
What am I doing here?
I'm coming, darling.
Your Papa's coming.
Oh .. hey, stop that man!
Hey, stop!
Hello Muriel, what's your hurry?
That man. He just robbed me.
Don't rush yourself, girlie.
Me and you has got big
things to talk about.
Say, you thick-headed flatfoot.
Who do you think you are?
- McPhail is the name.
Where is Clark?
- You heard me.
Oh, Clark.
He's out of town.
Say, that's the best news
I've heard in a long time.
You ain't heard nothing yet.
[ Door knocks ]
Well come in, Dad.
Are you ready?
All but my dress.
Me oh my, but aren't
we pretty this evening.
Are we?
I haven't seen you
looking like this since ..
Since when?
- Since ..
Since you've turned Sherlock Holmes.
You know, Dad.
I think I was wrong about Arthur.
Yeah, well that's something.
Of course you were wrong about him.
I told you that at the beginning.
Your detective hasn't found
out anything, has he.
It isn't that, though, but ..
Well, I don't know.
Do you like him?
Who wants to know?
I want the whole low-down
on Arthur Drake.
I've told you once.
I'll go all over it again.
What I'm telling you is the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but truth.
Miss Merrow?
McPhail speaking.
Say listen, is Arthur Drake there?
Keep him there until we get down.
Have you found out anything?
I'll say we have.
We've got enough on him
to send him up for life.
I got a friend of his here too.
Yeah .. he's a phony penman.
Yeah I got him and the girl.
They're kicking through now.
Got it all out of them in a few minutes.
Look at that moon.
I see it.
It's a good old world, isn't it.
You bet.
What's the matter?
I know all about it.
You mean about .. about me?
You win, Diane.
I've been foolish perhaps, but
I haven't done any real harm.
Any real harm?
You've only cheated my father
out of everything in the world.
Cheated your father?
What is the use of pretending, Arthur?
We both know about it.
- Oh, Arthur?
Oh yes.
You mean that business with your father?
- Of course that's what I mean.
Perhaps you'll stop laughing when I tell
you the police are coming to arrest you.
Well, I'm here.
Oh Arthur, I want you to go.
You still have a chance. There's time.
You want me to run away?
- Yes. - Why?
Well, I ..
I don't want you to go to jail.
- Diane.
Why do you want me to go?
Oh Arthur, you've got to go.
- Diane.
I'm not Arthur Drake.
You're ..?
You're not ..?
- I'm not .. Arthur Drake.
I can prove it.
I don't blame you for
looking at me like that.
Won't they be surprised when they get
down here and find you aren't Arthur.
Yeah, they'll be surprised.
Buddy, they won't ..?
- Yes, they will.
I must prove I'm not Arthur or they'll
arrest me for the deal with your father.
Then when they find out I'm Buddy ..
They'll put on an extra pair of
handcuffs and take me along after all.
But why? You haven't done anything.
Masquerading as another man.
And taking over the
home that was legally his.
Not so good, Diane.
But Buddy, you .. you
can't just stay here.
Too late to do anything now, Diane.
I should have known this
would be the end of it.
I guess I thought I'd find a hidden
Will or some-such nonsense.
Now the police are on their way.
The time for expecting
a miracle has passed.
But Buddy ..
- No use, Diane.
I can only stay and take it.
I stuck my head up over
the top of the shell hole.
When ping!
Right through the top of my tin hat.
So, so I ducked back again ..
That reminds me when I was
in the tragedy of El Caney.
El Caney?
What battle was that?
- That was the Spanish/American war.
And as I'm telling you,
when I was in the trenches ..
Oh that war. Ha.
Let's see, what was I telling you?
About your tin hat.
Oh yeah, about the tin hat.
So I ducks back again.
And what do you think I hear?
Bzzzzzzzz .. bing!
A German 77 on the hill across
the way had spotted me.
And it was shooting at
me through direct sights.
Bzzzzzzzz .. bing!
Ten yards from me.
And then another one.
Bzzzzzzzz .. bing!
And ..
[ Police siren ]
What's that?
That reminds me. When I was
in the trenches at El Caney.
We've got to do something.
This isn't Arthur.
What are you talking about?
- It's Buddy, father. Buddy Drake.
Arthur was the one who died.
If you are Buddy you can't stay.
They've got you either way.
But it doesn't seem right to run away ..
- Buddy, please.
They're talking sense, Buddy.
You've got to get out of here.
No. We're your friends
and we want you to go.
Besides, if you're ever going to make
Diane happy you've got to go, Buddy.
You've got to go.
- For my sake.
Can you love a man who
deliberately ran from trouble?
Of course I could.
Come on, Buddy.
If I go now, I'll be an outlaw.
I can never come back.
So I'll go with you and neither of us
will come back. Now will you come?
This is insane.
- Buddy, please. You must.
Wait a minute, there.
I'm just in time, eh?
- What do you want?
Please, there's been a mistake. I ..
I'll say there has been a mistake
and that's the guy that made it.
I got enough on him to send
him up for the next ten years.
Bring them in, Eddie.
Come on.
And how are the wife and kiddies?
- Shut up, you.
Your pal here is a phony penman.
He was a little tough to handle.
But after the doll got through yapping.
We figured we'd just about had you
hog-tied and ready to be shipped.
Take them away, Eddie.
Go on, you.
Now, if you've got anything
to say for yourself ..
Now just a minute.
I'm the only one who's been injured
if there has been any irregularities.
And if I refuse to prosecute ..
This is our of your hands, Mr Merrow.
The law is the law and I'm here
to see that it's carried out.
Arthur Drake.
I arrest you for ..
Hey! Who did that? What's the idea?
Who did it?
Well, what do you know about that?
Hey .. stick there.
I say, McPhail.
Hey, I want to speak to you.
Hurry up, Stan .. get going.
Harbor Police?
Simms of the DA's office.
Get out your boats and grab a speedboat
and send it to the outer harbor.
Two guys and a dame.
This is a bad business I tell you.
I think it's perfectly thrilling.
I don't understand.
We're liable to be shot at.
I've always wanted to be shot at.
We've got to stop it, Stan.
We'll be killed if you don't.
- Don't stop. Keep on going.
They've hit the gas tank.
Keep on going!
Keep on going!
Look out!
He just got Clark to forge the
Will for him. That's all he done.
Forge a Will? What do you mean?
- Sure. Signed the old man's name to it.
So he'd leave all
the property to Arthur.
Half the estate should have
gone to the other brother.
The one that kicked off.
So you're .. you're not going
to take me to jail after all?
Can't put a man in jail for
taking what belongs to him.
Then you're quite
satisfied that I'm Buddy?
When Andy McPhail
does something, it's done.
I took care of everything
and it's in the bag.
I never miss.
And I never forget.
Your hat.
Where is your hat?
You ..
You didn't have any .. hat.
Now where ..
Just where Miss Merrow did we ..
Leave off?
Well, Mr Drake.
When Mark Anthony went bck to Rome.
Cleopatra went ..
Wherever she went.
After the asp dd its stuff?
The boy discovered that his
royal employer had made a Will.
And left him the barge.
Yes, the boat .. the boat.
So ..
So what did he do?
He married the girl.
So, then ..?
You went and guessed it after all.