Strangers May Kiss (1931) Movie Script

Thank mr. Stewart for the
Use of his plane, will you?
Tell him we'll borrow it
Again next weekend.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, dear. I'm afraid we can't go. Why?
Aunt celia's coming down
From boston for thanksgiving.
Well, tell you
What we'll do.
We'll ask her to come
Along to the football game.
That's just for fun.
Ha ha ha!
That's ok.
Ha ha ha!
Say bye-bye.
And now
For the wicked city.
And the struggle for life,
Liberty, and elbow room.
With 8 million
Gosh, how I hate it.
We're the only
Free ones-us two.
And thus we'll stay,
Yes, sir.
Ha ha ha!
Say, listen.
The next time
We're up in the air,
You be a great deal
More careful.
Yes, milord.
You're a very
Dangerous woman.
Oh. I suppose
If we climb a tree
Between here and new york,
It'll be my fault.
I suppose you
Might just as well
Get it over with
Right here and now.
There's an idea.
Uh-oh. Well, no more
Of that, now.
Yes, sir.
Uh, no, sir.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
How about
A drink of coca-cola?
Well, here we are.
Ha ha ha!
Thank you.
I'm going
To the office.
I've got to see
The sporting editor
About seats for
The football game.
Darling, I forgot
All about it.
I made a date for this
Game, made it last year,
Before you came along and
Ruined my peace of mind.
Who is he?
Boy I used to go
To school with.
Come on. Be the big,
Broad-minded type.
Let's take stevie
Along. What do you say?
Ok, darling.
I'll phone you later
About dinner.
All right. Fine.
Oh, lisbeth.
If I thought that you
Were the least bit sorry...
Oh... Silly man.
I'd hurry right down to the
Brooklyn bridge and jump off.
Then we couldn't have
Dinner together, could we?
By jove, that's right.
So we couldn't.
No, we couldn't.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Bye, dear.
See you later.
If I could invent a cream that
Would make 37 look like 17,
I'd use it myself.
Mr. Furburton.
Don't send up any more
Advertising matter until I see it.
Yes. You're getting so artistic,
I'm almost a secret.
The geneva sterling stuff
Is for sale,
Not an artist's model.
Ha ha! Keep away
From the art department.
Good morning.
Good morning, mary.
I've made some footnotes.
Answer these,
Will you?
Yes, miss sterling.
And give these
To miss corbin.
Oh, here she is.
Hello, darling.
Good morning.
I'm 10 minutes late.
Did the business survive?
I'm so glad
You've come.
More complaints.
Mm-hmm. You're
So sweet about them.
They give me a-
Well, no matter.
Poor dears.
They must be beautiful.
Hmm. I'd like to answer this one myself.
Well, go ahead.
I'll take it.
My dear madam,
The geneva sterling skin
Food does not lift faces,
And it has almost no effect on leather.
Yours so and so
And so and so.
Have you got it?
Yes. "dear madam,
"I'm sorry we did not
Solve your problem.
"write us more fully, and we'll give
The matter every personal attention.
Yours very sincerely."
Smart girl.
Have a grand time?
Oh, seventh heaven...
If there is one.
Had your breakfast?
Uh, yes. Uh, probably.
I don't know.
So you still
Love him?
Oh, more than the earth, the
Sun, the moon, and the stars...
With the milky way
Thrown in for good measure.
My dear child,
If you feel that way,
Why don't you
Marry him?
Ha ha!
Why don't you?
We don't believe in the
Awful necessity of marriage.
You mean,
He doesn't.
I mean what I said.
And by the way-
When did you go
When I got sense.
At present,
I'm carrying on
A purely platonic affair
With a very rich man.
You're funny.
No. Clever.
I'll marry him
Unless he's smarter
Than I am.
Ha ha!
He isn't.
Go, team!
Now, now,
Now, boys-
Come here, boys.
Hold him.
Oh, now,
Wait a minute, fellas.
Atta baby-curses!
Aw, gee. That's
The kind of a-
Come on! Come on!
Good gracious,
Oh... Sorry.
No time for etiquette,
The young hyenas.
Well, how are the females
Of the species?
Thirsty son
Of old boston
Bursts into girls' rooms,
Pursued by angry mob.
Ha ha! Speaking of mobs,
Where's uncle andrew?
Yes, where
Is uncle andrew?
I don't know.
There's a telegram
I sent him last night
From boston.
He didn't get it.
Oh, no.
He's always late.
Up to his knees
In business, you know.
Steve will be like that after you two
Have been married for a year or so.
Us married?
Haven't you heard?
There's a goof
Named alan.
Who is he?
He's the fly
In the ointment.
In fact,
The ointment
Is practically
All flies.
Well, what is he?
Well, your honor,
It's this way.
You see, he writes.
A foreign
In a big way.
One of those guys who's always
Honing in on revolutions,
Having breakfast
With mussolini-
Wherever there's trouble in the
World, he goes and sits among it.
And no more home ties
Than a floating kidney.
Oh, you wouldn't be
Happy married to a man
Who traipses about
Like that.
Who's talking
Of marrying?
Every girl isn't born with a
Marriage license in her hand.
No, but steve's been in
Love with you for ages.
Ever since she
Stepped on my face
With her
Roller skates.
But seriously, I don't
Mean to be prying,
But if your mother
Were still alive-
Dear aunt celia,
I am free, white, and 21.
Sound in wind
And limb.
Shut up. And I know
My own mind.
New york's
Ruined her.
She has a mind
Of her own.
I don't have to settle
My whole future
On an empty tummy,
Do I?
No, of course
You don't, darling.
I'll telephone
Andrew's office.
There may still
Be someone there.
Use the phone in the
Other room, will you?
I'd like to be
Left alone
With the object
Of my passion.
He hasn't proposed
For two weeks.
Maybe this is the moment
To sneak up on her.
I wish you luck.
The object of your passion is listening.
Well, tomorrow
We get married.
Sorry, stevie.
Awfully sorry.
Tomorrow we don't
Get married.
Maybe you love me and
I don't realize it.
I do love you, steve, but
I'm not in love with you.
This other is something
What are
His intentions?
If any?
You don't mean that.
Does he love you?
Well, if he doesn't,
I'm just out of luck.
I think I'd better
Kidnap you.
You sound
A little mad.
Ha ha! It's nice to be a
Little mad once in a while.
Well, they
Didn't answer.
What luck?
She can't marry me,
She says,
Because the wind isn't
In the right direction.
Oh, the gang.
Good. Let them in.
They're here.
They're late.
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Hello, dear.
You know geneva,
My boss.
Of course.
How do you do?
Knowing geneva.
You'd have been
A bigger and better man.
If it hadn't
Killed me.
This is harry evans.
Latest victim of
Her bow and spear.
Pathetic, isn't it?
Hello. How are you?
Nice to see you.
Owns a big oilcloth mine
In toledo.
Don't you believe him.
It's a little bit of a one.
This is alan harlow,
Aunt celia.
How do you do?
Good evening. I suppose being
Bostonians, you'll be quite unbearable
About the licking
Your team gave us today.
I take it that you are a
New yorker, saying "us."
No. As a matter of fact, this is
Only my second visit in 5 years.
Then where do you
Live, mr. Harlow?
He's that scribbler with the roving
Commission I was telling you about.
He doesn't live.
He lights.
And when do you
Rove again?
Oh, a week or so.
Oh, that's too bad.
What is?
I was hoping to see
The last of you.
Why? I like you.
I like you.
But I've got me a new girl,
And I want to keep her.
I hate to hurry you, but
Come on. It's football night.
You go ahead.
We'll come along,
Me and my lady
Of the evening.
You're coming
With us, alan.
I'll get the wraps,
Aunt celia.
My dear, we'll see you at the cascade.
We'll be
Right along.
You will hurry?
Yes. Won't be
Long at all.
So you're roving again
In a week or so.
Oh, the devil
Take that.
That's in
The dim future.
Miss me?
I don't want to even think about it.
Well, you haven't
Gone yet.
I should say not.
And until the very
Last second,
I'm going to make believe
That you're never going-
Love me?
Supposing you
Find out for yourself.
Oh, chaperon!
What's wrong?
Keep back.
It's too hot.
What I know
About you!
Stop your nonsense,
I die, horatio.
Idiot, behave.
What is all this
Rumpus about, anyhow?
Never mind him.
I wish you'd all
Run along without me.
We won't hear of it.
Andrew is going to be
Frightfully tired when he gets in,
And he's not very keen
About parties anyway.
My husband and I
Live so quietly.
Find it satisfactory?
No, indeed. Curious.
Been married very long?
He's making notes
On american customs.
Why is a rapid marriage
Always funny?
Goodness. Isn't there anything else
In the world to discuss but matrimony?
After all, it's our
First, largest industry.
It's the second.
The first?
Divorce. I'll leave this in
Case uncle andrew comes in.
Come on. You two can finish
Your fight in the taxi.
I'll be in your corner, aunt celia.
You'll be
In mine?
I'm just
An innocent bystander.
And it's the innocent bystander
That always gets shot in the leg.
do you love me?
That I know
much obliged, celia
Take it from me,
Aunt celia,
We serious women have too
Much competition in new york.
If I ever
Have a husband,
Believe me, I'll keep
Him in oshkosh or boston-
Or toledo?
Shh. Everybody, please. He
Said it before witnesses.
Ah, a proposal.
Marvelous work.
Harry, this is
So sudden.
There you are. You see, marriage
Isn't to be taken seriously.
Oh, I'm swiss.
I'm neutral.
Marriage without love
Of course is nothing.
Pshaw. Love and marriage
Mean internal combustion.
Don't you
Believe it.
Marriage and love
Are not enemies.
A woman doesn't know
How to be in love
Until she's been married
10 years. The most-
Excuse me. My wife
- last week, she vamoose with a taxi driver.
I'm the only-
Uncle andrew.
Over there.
Daddy played big football
When he was at dartmouth.
Oh, I'll bet daddy
Just knocked 'em dead.
Daddy was
Some tackler.
Daddy will
Tackle anything.
Wait a minute,
Hold everything.
He still
Knocks them dead.
Don't he, daddy?
Mr. Corbin?
Yes, I'm the fella.
Your wife's here.
My wife?
I'll have to
Leave you.
Like fun,
You will!
I'll see you tomorrow.
But this is
Class reunion.
Where is she?
She hasn't seen
You yet. Better move fast.
Who are you? What do you get out of it?
Mine was the class
Of '24.
You're a squirt. I'll give
You a punch in the nose!
Sit down, old man. Go on.
Be a nice boy. Down.
Forget it.
I'll see you all
Tom, keep her quiet.
Who does he think
He's leaving flat?
Dear, I thought
We'd lost you.
Nope. Here I am.
Look, aunt celia,
What we have for you.
Hello, andrew.
Well, celia,
For goodness' sake.
Why didn't you
Let me know?
Lisbeth, I intended
Looking you up tomorrow.
Hello, steve.
Don't do that.
Leave me alone.
Come on, doris.
I sent you a nice letter.
Weren't you home last night?
Well, I-
Who wants to know where
Daddums was last night?
Pull my nose, big boy, and
See what happens to you.
I- I was pulled
Into a party-
And nobody's going
To step on it. Get me?
Nobody's going to
Spoil it.
Why, no, of course. I'm
Frightfully sorry, andrew.
I wouldn't think of
Spoiling your evening.
Too bad you didn't
Get the wire.
Run along now
And have a good time.
Aw, baloney.
Mr. Harlow,
Thank you.
You've been
Most capable.
I saw him
Before any of you.
That's why
I disappeared.
Of course... It would be
Absurd heroics to stay now.
I won't be spoiling your party.
No, no darling, please... All
Of you stay just as you are.
I don't need anyone.
I'm sorry. Good night.
Gee, that's a tough break, isn't it?
There's a broken heart
For every light on broadway.
It seems to be
The closed season for taxis.
I'll see
What I can do.
Oh, what a preposterous,
Hideous thing.
What a fool I've been.
What a fool.
I don't know whether it's seeing
Him so horribly embarrassed, or-
I'm such a fool.
Here we are.
Pile in.
It's a devil
Of a night.
Alan, see if you can get
Uncle andrew out of there.
I want to tell you that I
Know what an idiot I was,
The things
That I said.
Dear lady,
I was only fooling.
I make no rules for anybody but myself.
Are you coming back,
Certainly, she is. You might come
Along, steve, and bring her back.
He's an old friend.
Excellent idea.
I'll wait.
I'll see you later.
Biltmore, please.
Here we are, dear.
Oh, now you must
Run along back
And join
Your friends.
But we don't want
To leave you, dear.
Oh, yes,
Please go, darling.
I- I sort of
Want to be alone.
I just want to think.
And not talk.
I know.
I'll bring you back in
A little while, lisbeth.
Run along, darling.
I'll be all right.
But I don't
Really want to go.
Yes, go.
Please, darling.
Are you sure,
I'd like to be alone.
All right.
We won't be long.
Good night,
She'll never
Get over it.
She really thought her
Marriage was beautiful.
Poor darling.
It's a pity
To put that much
In a bargain.
It gets bigger than the whole world.
Then suddenly, bang!
Oh, come on, now.
Don't let's get morbid.
You give me
Half a chance,
And I'll show you that that's
A very, very exceptional case.
Old stuff, steve.
They all promise.
Little girl, I promise you this and that
By all that's holy.
And she checks her reins
And says, "yes, darling.
I believe you. I can
See it in your eyes."
Call dr. Rugg,
Room 306!
Stay back, now, boys.
Stand back.
Quiet, please!
Give me a hand here.
All right, now,
Get out of the way.
So help me, jemima, I've never
Seen new york so filthy with weather
For such a stretch.
What are you going
To do, dear?
Sit and think.
Maybe just sit.
There's a big party
I'm going to.
You can come along
If you like.
There will be a lot
Of noise, dear,
But it will be
Cheerful, anyhow.
Thanks, darling.
Not interested.
Confound it,
It's christmas.
And all the world
Is gay but me.
See here. What's
Happened to alan?
Run away
And playing.
Darling, you know very well
That I'm not a prying person-
I know, dear. I didn't
Mean to be snooty.
But alan's been
Away a whole month,
And two polite
Little scribbles.
He doesn't explain, and of
Course I don't ask for it.
So there you are.
Never going to
See him again?
You would put it into
Words, wouldn't you?
There's no use
Your kidding yourself.
With you around.
That's the darn trouble-not
Being married to them.
Have him stay around
Because he has to? Beastly.
You're a great girl, darling,
But you're a little bit dumb.
That's harry. Tell him
I'll be right down.
Yes, hello.
Long distance.
Tell him
You'll marry him.
It'll help him
Over the holidays.
Merry christmas.
Merry christmas.
Hello, steve.
Expected you
In new york today.
Oh. Oh, lisbeth,
It was this way:
A brannigan stole up on me. A br-
A brannigan. Plastered?
Sure, I'm plastered.
Great guy.
What a man.
I'm leaving on the midnight tonight.
And, lisbeth,
At the risk of repeating myself, I-
Marry you? If you were here
Now and could stand up, I might.
I said I might.
I'll be there
As a judge.
Oh. And try to take me
Back to boston?
Pack me in mothballs
So you could come to new york
With a bucket of red paint?
Uh-uh. I'm afraid of you
Boston fellows.
Take another drink,
And merry christmas.
What did she say?
She's afraid
Of boston men.
I spoiled your chances
For you there, steve.
She was frightened,
You know.
Grand girl, lisbeth.
Fill 'em up again.
Yes, sir.
I'll fix it for you.
What does she mean,
Pack her up
In mothballs?
No, never mind.
I'll straighten her out.
What she needs
Is a good talking-to.
Here's luck.
Let's go.
Miss corbin, please.
Busy. Will you wait?
Well, for goodness' sake.
I thought you were in timbuktu
Or the south pole or someplace!
Hello, harry.
I just got in.
Now don't scold, harry.
My mother brought me up never to
Be on time when you meet a man.
Well, shades
Of santa claus!
Hello, geneva.
Have you phoned
I just arrived.
Well, here's my key-
Number 310.
Now, don't phone,
And don't knock.
Walk right in
And say, uh... Say, uh...
"merry fourth of july
Or chinese new year."
Third floor. Going up.
Come along, toledo.
A load's been lifted.
Is santa claus doing tricks,
Or are you real?
Well, I met geneva,
And she gave me this.
Told me to bust
Right in. How are you?
Well, when I get my breath,
I'll tell you.
I've never seen you
Look sweeter.
Where have you been
And why?
When did you get in?
Just passing through
And what have you?
Merry christmas.
Same to you.
Oh, I've been in canada
For a couple of weeks.
Tomorrow, I leave
For mexico
With an archaeological
Crowd for a month or so.
Then exile
In south america.
No telling how long
This time.
Mmm. That all makes me
Feel about that big.
Ha ha!
Well, you're
Not very huge.
Could you dine with me, by any chance?
I'm not very keen
About going out.
Restaurants are so
Crowded and noisy.
And I've got
A good deal to say.
I hate noise,
And I'm starving.
Why don't you go out and
Get dinner and come back?
I'll wait.
That's an idea.
There's only one way
To say anything.
That's to say it.
You didn't want to see me
Anymore, so you didn't.
That's plain,
Isn't it?
Not quite.
Your aunt celia-
Do you mind?
No, not at all.
Well, she
Reminded me again
That women are likely to
Get tied up with hysteria,
Oh, that's not fair.
Lots of women take blows
Like that and go on living.
Well, I may
Be stupid...
But I didn't want to
Get your life so involved
That you couldn't
Handle it.
Oh, is that all?
That sounds rotten with
Nobility, doesn't it?
No. It's fair enough.
Well, the important
Part is entirely selfish.
You see, I like this
Vagabond job of mine,
The freedom of it.
I like to
Sit in the saddle
As far as my own life is concerned.
I understood that.
I had no delusions
About it.
And if I get hurt,
I don't mind.
But I'd hate terribly
To hurt you.
Why, haven't you
Nowadays, a girl may kiss and ride on
Just as well as any man ever could.
Let's see.
Uh-uh. You came to
Explain, not to make love.
Well, my feelings are
Very mixed about it.
Ooh, you must
Keep control.
How about
Dining here? Hmm?
Lisbeth... You're
The darling of the world.
And that's
From an expert.
Hello? Will you send a waiter to 310?
Gosh, you're lovely.
Ha ha!
And we can always
Be good friends.
Oh, yes.
I couldn't
Have you worried.
Honestly, you're the most
Delightful and adorable thing alive.
But you sail
In the morning.
Lisbeth, this journey may
Be a long one. I don't know.
Two or 3 years, maybe.
Sounds like...
It's wrong to end so sweet
A chapter like this.
I'm going to
A charming spot
Where the sun is warm,
No noise, no hurry.
Lazy people play funny music
In the moonlight.
No wonder you
Love your job.
Are you saying no?
Ha ha ha!
You're used to covering ground
Rather quickly, aren't you?
Don't you
Want to?
Nothing in the world
So much.
Do you know you
Haven't kissed me?
Why, so I haven't,
Have I?
You did once
Or twice, you know.
Yes, but... I realize now
We were almost strangers.
And I didn't half know
How marvelous you are.
Aw, change your mind.
Come along.
Listen to the funny
Music in the moonlight.
You're a darling.
And when it's 12:00, I'll
Give you a great big kiss
And wish you
Merry christmas.
Mm-mmm. Can't wait.
Didn't you
Hear the bell?
Voila, madame.
Oh, I've changed our minds.
We're dining out.
Oh, nothing of the sort.
Let's see that menu.
We're dining out.
Much safer.
I said,
We're dining out.
Well, didn't you hear?
We're dining out.
This is a swell time to come in
- 8:00 in the morning.
That's exactly
The way I feel.
Been up to harlem
For ham and eggs.
Oh. Don't they serve them
Locally anymore?
Have a good time?
How should I know?
It was a busy night.
Going north
Or south?
What do you mean?
Boston or alan?
Got a return ticket?
Not looking
That far ahead.
You're stock-staring mad
About him, aren't you?
Ha ha! Hook, line,
And sinker.
Any use
In my telling you
That you're
Making a mistake?
I didn't think
There was.
No power on earth
Can stop me.
Well, thank goodness your
Laundry came back yesterday.
I knew a girl who forgot
All of her best underclothes.
It practically
Ruined niagara falls.
Ha ha ha!
You know you're burning
All your bridges.
I know.
A romantic weekend
Is one thing,
But you're jumping
Right over the fence.
I know all about it.
You'll look back
On this minute
And want to kill me
Because I didn't tie you up.
Wait until steve gets
Back. Think it over again.
Oh, please, geneva,
It's so hard to decide.
Don't you see? I've-
I've gambled everything.
I may never see him again
If I don't. Never.
Well, let me
Stop you for now.
I may be wrong-
Dead wrong.
If I am, I'll help you pack
And put you on the boat.
What can this be
So early?
The rent and milk
Bill are paid.
Good morning.
Yuletide greetings
From boston's favorite son,
Who realizes that surprises are
Always best when you don't expect them.
Hi, buddy.
Why, steve.
Oh. Oh, yes. I brought my lawyer along
So if we come to any
Agreement, why, um...
Come in, uncle andrew.
How are you?
How do you do?
To our city.
Don't get up until
They count 9 on you.
Why, I haven't seen you
For a long time.
Didn't suppose you'd
Want to see me very much.
Oh... I guess
I've forgiven you.
That's right. After
All, we're all human,
No more, no less.
Your boat leaves
In 20 minutes, miss.
Uh... Yes. Take this trunk
And the suitcase in there.
Yes, miss.
Places, buddy?
Yes. Going south.
Oh. Why didn't
You tell me?
Just decided.
Here, wait a minute.
I want to say something.
I didn't come
For nothing, lisbeth.
Steve tells me you've been very
Cool since your aunt celia...
Cool? Why,
I've always loved steve,
And I always will.
There you are.
Oh, yeah.
There you are.
I was afraid you were overdoing the
Hysteria that made celia do what she did.
Get the idea you'd
Never marry any of us.
You think it was
Hysteria, steve?
I'm not thinking of anything but you.
You should speak for yourself.
You do a lot better.
Now, my dear girl.
Steve is a good lad,
And you know,
After all, marriage
Still is the natural-
Oh, quit it,
Will you?!
You make me sick!
You think women should all
Be shoved into a coop like hens.
That is, good women-
The only important thing
You don't mention at all.
- you can't tell me anything.
Women aren't
Human things to you.
They're either wives
Or sweethearts.
Get-get a house and some
Furniture and some rugs
And a wife.
Sorry, steve.
Well, that's
All right.
You're good.
Darling. Darling, you're
Right, and I'm a fool.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to
Send your messages by wireless.
No time. Not
For sad farewells.
Forget about tomorrow
And yesterday and go to it.
My wild irish
Blessings attend you.
Hooray and 3 cheers!
Who is it-harlow?
la dum da de
Is she gonna
Marry him?
da dum dum
da da da da da dum
Da da da da da dum
da dee
Say, what the
- come on. Come on.
Let's drink to the
Furniture and the rugs.
That's all
We've got left.
For tonight, we'll
Merry, merry be.
You fixed it.
Ahh. C'est la vie.
Or I should say
Que hermosa es la vida.
In other words, in case
You're interested,
Life is very beautiful,
And I'm very glad I came.
So am I.
You're a grand
Girl, lisbeth.
Thank you kindly,
Sir, she said.
You're not so bad
Do you know...
I've known you,
Man and boy,
For 3 months come next michaelmas day,
And I'm still kind of crazy about you.
If I send a kiss in your
General direction,
Could you provide
Terminal facilities for it?
Try and see.
Oh! My goodness.
We're observed.
Just as one woman
To another,
Don't mention what
You just saw.
I should hate to
Have it get around.
She looks like a gossip to me.
Go on! Go on, goat.
Never happier.
Funny how all
The rest of my life
Seems to have been such a long time ago.
Ha ha!
Do you know that you
Have very nice eyebrows?
Why, of course I do.
Admiring crowds often
Follow me in the streets
Murmuring hoarsely,
"look at his eyebrows."
Ha ha ha!
You idiot.
Oh, I wish we never
Had to go away.
I wish we'd
Been born here.
If we had, I wonder
What would have happened.
Well, some saturday night,
I should probably have put on my
Best pair of velveteen panties,
Sneaked up under your window,
Sung a serenade,
And then said-
Or words
To that effect.
And I should probably have
Gone out on my veranda,
Taken a rose from my hair, kissed it,
Thrown it to you,
And said...
Exactly. Ha ha ha!
Mm-hmm. What?
There's something
I haven't told you.
Ooh. Something
Dark and terrible?
I have a wife in paris.
Why didn't you
Tell me?
I didn't mean
To say that.
There was
No reason to.
Why tell me now?
Oh, I don't know,
At first, there wasn't any
Reason to talk about it.
It isn't very important.
We don't bother
About it very much.
Haven't for years.
It struck me just now that I was
Keeping a secret from a friend.
There's no reason that I
Should do that, is there?
I'm glad
I didn't know.
I've had such
A lovely time.
Well, anyhow, it's
Of no importance.
You see-
Don't say
Anything more.
Not just now.
It's so peaceful...
And I have so many
Things to think about.
Yes, but, darling-
I want one ticket for
New york city, u.s.a.
One car, motor,
For me.
Car. Motor. Quick!
I've had some
Very bad news.
Oh, yes. The telegram.
I have an hour to catch the
Air mail at calupa for panama.
I get a boat there
For rio de janeiro.
I've got to scramble.
It's very important.
Then we'll have to
Hurry and pack, dear.
No. You've got
Some time yet.
Your train doesn't
Leave until 7:00.
T'ain't treating us
Right, is it?
Come along while I throw
Some things together? Hmm?
Will you?
Come along,
Will you, darling?
Rotten shame, this,
Isn't it?
You won't have to worry
About your trip north, dear.
Everything will be
Taken care of.
Just like that.
What do you mean,
Sounds like
Finished business.
They're holding a man-o'- war at
Panama for me until I can get there.
I'm awfully sorry.
Oh, you have to go.
I know that.
Don't forget that it was you that
Said a girl could kiss and ride off.
Yes, but I'm not
So sure about it.
Oh, you know
How I feel.
You know what I'd say
If I had the time.
I'm afraid I do.
You'd say, "he travels
Farthest who travels alone."
Oh, now, lisbeth,
After all.
See here.
Have you got a girl
In south america?
Are you being
Quite fair?
Are you?
Don't bother about
My trip up north.
I may stay here
For a while.
Good lord, honey,
What for?
Oh, I want to think.
You're going to live the same
As you always have, aren't you?
I don't know.
I've never been
In love before.
I've tried this
Freedom for two.
I may try it
For one.
Oh, now, lisbeth,
You're all wrong.
Wrong? What if I am?
Listen, in a month
From now-
Oh, please, don't.
We're not talking
Of the same things.
You with your
You're making it
Mighty tough.
I expected you to say,
"good-bye. Good luck."
You didn't really,
Did you?
Because I can't.
I simply can't.
I love you too much.
Well, what would you suggest
That I do about it, lisbeth?
Don't I mean any more to you than any
Other girl that you'd take away like this?
I've played it
Fair, sweetheart.
You said that you knew
What you were doing.
I know. I know.
I didn't mean to go
To pieces like this,
But I can't help it.
When I think of you going through that
Door and never coming back again...
Oh, take me with you.
I'll do anything!
I won't be any trouble.
I'll go anywhere.
To the ends of the earth.
But don't leave me.
Seqor. Seqor.
Si, si, si, si.
!Si, si!
This seems to have been a
Very bad mistake, lisbeth.
Oh, no.
Nothing of the kind.
Why, you've been
Fair and square.
No mistakes
And no regrets.
Good-bye and good luck.
That's fine.
Salud, caballeros.
Boys, the best
Toast gets a kiss.
I'll take
Her eyes.
I'll take
Her lips.
I'll take anything
I can get.
He won. That's the best one yet.
It's my turn, boys.
Because I'm not interested
In that sort of thing.
You shouldn't say
Such daring things.
Besides, aren't you afraid
Of being late for school?
You like them dry behind
The ears, don't you?
Yes, but not
Above the ears.
Oh, I say!
Bien, monsieur.
Hello. What luck?
That was about
6 months ago.
She's forgotten me.
Say, there's
A gal up there
That seems to be getting
Plenty of attention. Plenty.
That lassie?
Do you know her?
Yes, but not as well as
Some of my friends, though.
What say?
Oh, anything
That's fun, sure.
She changes her men with
Her leisure, that girl.
Ha ha-
Why, steve!
Oh, of all things.
Of all things
Right back at you.
How are you?
Maybe it was her first gold step.
Don't mind
The great lovers.
Ha ha!
Run along.
School's out.
Let's try our
Luck. It should be good.
That's that.
Gee whiz, lisbeth.
Talk about shocks.
But what a relief.
Now you don't have to
Pack me in mothballs.
Oh, darling.
Because I've seen
Life murmur
And heard it
I'm no longer
The good woman
In your life,
There are
No good women.
Sorry to hear you
Say that.
Do you know I've followed
You from london to berlin,
From berlin
To monte carlo-
And here I am!
So get your little
Surprise dance
All calmed down.
Let's celebrate.
Righto. Let's.
Tell me now, do I look two years older?
You should, but you've
Escaped somehow.
The marks
Are on my soles.
Gee, it's grand to
See you again, stevie.
I'm on a house party.
I'll get you invited.
Ooh, a house party.
Yes. My host went to
A bullfight. I gambled.
Shamed again. Too much
Scotch last night.
Champagne cocktail.
A pint of champagne and a
Pint of ale. Juggle them.
Ooh, a polyglot.
No, sir.
Waterbury, connecticut.
Ha ha ha!
Aren't you ever going
To come back to america?
What for?
Answer a lot
Of questions?
It's over a year.
All will be forgiven.
But not forgotten.
Ain't you had
Oh, tomorrow's
Always promising.
And always a bust.
The boy
Is a philosopher.
On the level, what do
You think you're doing?
Having a good time.
Are you?
Is anybody?
I am,
At this moment.
Aren't you sweet?
You look awful
Good to me.
Ha ha! It's simply
Gorgeous, stevie,
You bobbing up like
This. Really thrilling.
Oh, you're lying,
But I like it.
I never gave you
A thrill in your life.
I'm not lying.
I try to find
One kick
For every 24 hours.
You saved the day.
Well, that's something.
Happy days.
Here's mud
In your eye.
Ooh, what I heard
About you in paris.
And of course,
Like a true knight,
You refuse
To believe it.
Well, the first
600 or 700 times, I did.
What have they
Done to you, buddy?
Who wants to know?
Oh, come on, now.
Come clean.
It's your old pal.
Ha ha. Don't worry
About me.
You see, I had
A little bluebird
But no cage.
Bluebird got away.
Just a little gal
Who lost a bluebird.
Mmm, here comes
My host.
Your what? Oh, I
Wanted to see you alone.
Oh, what you
Have missed.
What an afternoon
You have missed.
There were 6 bulls,
Each one...
Each one
The most vicious.
And you wouldn't come.
Tame, unexciting roulette
You like better
Than bullfighting?
6 bull. Scarlito
Dispatches 3.
Himself nearly killed.
How thrilling.
It's too bad.
Too bad.
Sounds like
A lot of bull, eh, steve?
Oh, yeah.
You said it.
Oh, count, this is an old
Friend of mine from america.
We used to go
To school together.
But no!
Oh, but yes.
Oh, it's a pleasure,
Seqor. Very great.
Steve, this is count verilles
Casta banales de bazan.
Well, well.
Ah, perhaps he
Would be at freedom
To join us at my villa
This evening?
Is he the fire-rapid
Big, efficient businessman
From america, huh?
Oh, yes.
All of those things.
Ah, shall we relax him?
Uh, yes. He's usually
Quite tight.
Oh, very good.
Shall we go and see
The wheel go around?
Well, I won't play anymore,
But I'll watch you.
Uh, how many bulls
Did you say, count?
6. 6 bulls.
And there are still
Plenty left?
Oh, yes, plenty. Always
Still plenty bulls.
Count, you make
My heart so glad.
This dance
Is to educate you-
How you should
Arouse a man.
Ha ha.
A man shouldn't
Need it.
Oh. Yeah.
Oh, yes. Mmm.
This is
The great scarlito,
The great matador.
Ah! He's
Quite wonderful.
Oh, gracias,
Steve, this is the man
That kills the bulls.
He kills me.
Say, uh,
What do you do?
I never saw
A bullfight.
Oh. You will be
The bull,
And he
Show you how.
Eh, scarlito?
You come fight.
Lisbeth, help!
Help, lisbeth.
Go on, steve.
No, I'm going home.
Don't be silly. Go on.
He doesn't know
He's dead.
He has my sword
In his back.
Muy bien, scarlito.
Muy bien.
He doesn't know he has
My sword in his back!
Ha ha ha!
He's dead!
Oh, for pete's sake,
Let's get out of here.
I can't stand
Any more of this.
Why? Don't you like
Playing with the bull?
Oh, it isn't that. It's
You. This isn't good enough.
Wait till I pull the
Sword out of your back!
Oh, now wait a minute,
Will you? I'm serious.
There? You feel
Better now?
You're not down here
As any houseguest.
You're not fooling me.
I'm in an orgy,
Wallowing, and I love it.
Yeah, well, I'm going
To take you out of here
And put you
On your feet.
But I like standing on
My head. Want to see me?
Oh, now, be serious.
If you think you can
Pull this sort of thing
And get away with it,
You're crazy.
Pull yourself together.
You and I are going to
Get out of here right now.
Oh, look here, steve.
What's the matter with you?
You've been out
For fun all your life.
All you men are.
I found that out.
The sweet, grand things
That a girl dreams about
Don't interest men
At all.
They're just
A nuisance.
Oh, you're wrong.
No, I'm not. If you had
Wanted to do something for me,
You could have begun
A long time ago.
Did you ever think
That a two-fisted drinker
Wasn't the answer
To my maiden's prayer?
Ha ha! Come on!
It's all a grand hoax.
And we're buddies,
As wildcats. Ha!
Oh! Ha ha!
Oh, here you are.
I'm used to
Having people
Knock on my door
And wait until
I say "come in."
You are, of course,
Quite absurd.
Oh. You have had
Some message?
I'm leaving
For paris...
At once.
What happened?
Some man, eh?
Women like you
Are always the same.
There's always
Some one man.
Mostly a gigolo
Or someone equally
My villa is many miles
From san sebastian.
It will be difficult
To leave
Till I am ready
To let you.
I didn't really
Think you'd care
Whether I stayed
Or not.
Oh, but you are
Greatly mistaken.
I do care,
A very great deal.
Oh, really?
The great,
Fascinating de bazan?
I followed you
For months,
Always jealous
Of the other men.
You know this.
A girl really
Can't be too careful.
How is she to know?
Kiss me.
Shall we...
Wait until
The others go?
It shall be
As you say.
I'm wild for you.
But I'm also
A gentleman.
That's a marvelous
Shall we, um...
Join the others?
As my lady
You're grand.
Visit me
In south america?
You come
South america?
Oh, sure.
Oh, good.
That is very near
Yeah, just up the road
A little bit.
Mmm! Hot stuff. Hmm.
Hello, steve.
Mmm. Look out
For pepper.
Can you get
Rid of her?
I'll try,
Mmm... Shoo!
How did you get up
From san sebastian?
Rented a car.
Is it about?
I want to get away,
And he won't let me go.
Why, the...
You're kidding.
Just time to catch
The mail plane to paris.
I'm with you.
Where's your stuff?
If I stop to pack,
I won't make it.
You know where
The front gate is?
5 minutes.
What happened?
Changed my mind.
Was it something
I said?
What kind of a world
Is it now?
Steve, darling,
I'm so happy,
I can't talk.
I was about to say something
New, deep, and startling.
It's the same old
World it always was,
And it
Always will be.
And life's
Like that.
Ain't it just?
Well, I've
Delivered. I depart.
Wait. I'll get you
A drink.
Oh, clarice!
Oui, madame.
I'm home!
That's right. Don't keep it a secret.
Bonjour, madame.
Whiskey et soda. Deux.
Tres bien, madame.
Why don't I get
A girl
That I can keep
All to myself? Why?
Why don't you?
That will make you
As happy as I am
At this minute.
Ah, you just don't
Give a whatsis.
Voila, madame.
Clarice, appellez
L'hotel crillon
Et demandez monsieur
Alan harlow au telephone.
Tres bien, madame.
I'll have
A drink.
Well, here's to a better man than I am.
I suppose
He must be
A better man
Than I am.
Ha ha! He just happens
To be the man I love.
Happy days
And nights forever.
Alan, my darling.
It's lisbeth
In person.
I just got in.
When are you
Coming over?
I'm not coming.
You should have been
Prepared for that.
For what?
We mix
A lot of things,
But we take
Our women straight.
I see.
I hadn't thought
About that.
You don't mind,
Do you, steve?
I'd like to be alone,
Just for
A little while.
If you want me,
I'll be
At harry's bar.
After midnight,
Come in, come in.
Come in.
I had to see you,
Did you want me
To tell you
What I found out
As soon as I set foot
In paris?
I don't know.
To brush so near
And not get it.
Yes. It's too bad.
But there's
So much-
The rest
Of our lives.
If I thought that there
Was anything to talk about,
I'd have come
To see you.
There's one thing
That's important, alan,
That you ought to
I didn't think
That I was ever
Going to see you
Don't you see,
I heard nothing?
I wrote you twice
From china.
Both letters came back.
Then that was just
Bad luck, wasn't it?
Luck had nothing
To do with it.
Nobody knew
Where you were.
But I hardly
Knew myself.
I haven't much respect
For that.
But I didn't think
That I was ever
Going to see you again.
Don't you understand?
No, I don't.
If I'd come back and found
That you'd forgotten me
Or that you'd fallen in love
With someone else,
I'd have tried to win you
All over again.
But this cheap,
Contemptible, promiscuous...
Oh, wait a minute,
You laid down
No roads for me
When you left me
In mexico.
You didn't care
A rap what I did
Until you found out
You loved me.
All right.
Put a label on it.
It's just plain,
Primitive, brute jealousy.
If you loved me
As you said you did,
No other man
In the whole world
Could ever put
A hand on you.
Oh, it isn't just
Selling me out.
It makes a joke
Of the word "love."
It's dragging some
Intangible flag in the dust.
I once held out
My very heart to you,
But you liked
Your freedom best.
You wanted it
For yourself,
So you let me
Have mine, too.
And now, because
You don't like
What I've done
With it,
You'd kick me
Right back in the gutter
Where you think I belong.
Oh, you're great, you
Men-proud, arrogant creatures.
Men don't marry the rotten
World they know all about.
Women like you
Won't do.
I won't spend
The rest of my life
Looking at shadows
On the wall.
Shadows on the wall.
I see.
Well, I'm going to
Tell you something now
That I couldn't
Tell you before.
But I can tell you now
Because I'm never
Going to see you again.
There were no shadows
On the wall when we met.
I had saved myself
For the man I loved.
But what's that got to do
With the past two years?
Why, everything!
If you hadn't liked your
Selfish liberty so well,
You might have found out
That you loved me sooner.
You wouldn't have sent me
Whirling into empty spaces
When I'd gambled everything
I valued and lost.
Rot! Just
The rotten alibi
Of indecent women
And nothing else.
You'll have
Plenty of time
To change your mind
About that.
I was only trying
To tell you
How much
I loved you.
You set me free.
You didn't know
Or care
How empty and silly
Freedom is.
You'll find out now,
Because you love me.
You couldn't be so brutal if you didn't.
I'm going
This time, alan.
You'll find out
What a curse
Freedom can be
When you're in love.
It's your own medicine,
Make the best of it.
Ah! Prince. Princess.
Please come in.
The best table
In the house
For his royal highness.
Oh... Duchess.
Ok. Come on in,
I've been waiting
For you.
No, no, no,
No, no!
Oh, come on.
Come on, huh?
I've been
To see alan,
And I feel
Much better.
I can see that.
You going to
Get married?
Yes, you are.
I mean me.
I've been
Thinking things over,
And I've been staying
Very, very sober
So that I could think.
You want to
Marry me, steve?
I've always wanted
To marry you.
In spite of the shadows...
Dancing on the wall?
On what wall?
He said that.
Man's got
A lot of nerve.
Where do we get off,
Any of us?
You and I will get
Married and forget it.
Nice, steve.
You think I'm bruised
And bleeding.
Nothing of the kind. I'm
Thinking only of myself.
I've done almost
I've ever wanted
To do.
I'm no bargain, but if you'll marry me,
I'll try and make myself
Good enough for you.
Honest, I will.
Steve, dear,
Don't ever talk
Like that again.
You're all wrong.
These high and mighty
Demands men make,
No shadows...
It's grand.
I knew it
Two years ago,
But I forgot it.
It gives marriage
Something great
That isn't
In the copybooks.
You know, it's
A lot of hooey.
Oh, no, it isn't.
And I don't really feel
Badly about not accepting you
Because you're not really
In love with me.
No. If you were,
You couldn't forgive me...
That's love.
And I'm going
Back home,
Going to work.
And I feel fine.
What a girl.
By two jackasses,
And not a whimper.
Ha ha ha!
Here's to you.
My prince.
Good. I was only
A duke last time.
Oh, it's nice enough.
I'm getting fed up
On musical shows.
Oh, they're great for
Us tired businesswomen.
Don't believe him.
If legs
Were mathematics,
He'd be
A second einstein.
Do they have
Theaters in toledo?
Listen, they
Think I'm a show in toledo.
That's right.
They do.
Ha ha ha!
Hello, steve.
I saw you in the window. How are you?
Hello, geneva.
Hello, harry.
Hello. How are you?
Meet the wife.
What's this "no" stuff?
I'm a determined woman.
Says he,
Lying like a gentleman.
Uh, meet the wife.
Say, when did
You two get married?
Not married.
It's a joke.
Oh, geneva, how could you
Marry anything like that?
Why, for one wonderful moment,
I was the head man.
How do you do?
How long you
In town for, alan?
Quite a while,
This time.
I'm a businessman.
Oh, really?
Quite by accident.
Ran across something
In arabia.
Put over a deal
For a new york crowd.
Have to settle down now
And manage it.
Want to do that?
Oh, yes, it's great.
Big break.
Of money?
Going up!
Ooh, good luck.
After 6 months in toledo,
I'm not going to miss a thing.
Come on,
Uh, when did
You get in?
Oh, this afternoon,
I knew you were here.
There's only one way
To say anything.
That's to say it.
I deserve it,
Whatever it is.
I don't want you sorry
For anything you said
In paris.
You were right.
I should have waited,
Even if you'd
Never come back.
I'm glad you expected
So much of me.
I don't know
What you want to do,
But there will never
Be anybody but you...
As long as I live.
Come on, steve.
They go mad...
Hey, this is supposed
To be a funny show.
I'm all right.
Bet your life
You are.
You better beat it.
Take him away.
I'm a happy boy.
I want to laugh.
Ha ha!
There will always be
A bottle of champagne
Burning in the window.