Strapped (2010) Movie Script

The light is somewhere here.
Shit! God! It's so dark!
It's so dead in here.
How about some music?
I could.... what kind of music do you like?
Something mellow?
You can take your coat off... if you want.
You're so wet.
So am I, I guess.
I'll just take it to the other room.
Is wine OK?
Wine's great.
Wait. Here.
Is the music OK? If you don't like it, I could...
I never danced with another guy before.
Have you ever been with a guy before?
Yeah. Once...
...when I was a teenager.
Gosh, it was...
We had sex in his basement.
A friend of mine, Alexander.
My best friend, really.
We were... 15?... 16?
I thought I was in love with him.
So I said so...
straight into his face...
"I love you."
What happened?
He beat the crap outta me.
I remember that he was swinging away,
calling me a "fucking gay".
"Fucking gay! Fucking gay!
Fucking gay!"
I never saw him after that.
He moved away.
My first guy was my uncle.
Uncle Charlie.
Uncle Charlie?
He was my dad's drinking buddy.
We called him Uncle Charlie.
What happened?
One night he came into my
room and fucked me.
How old were you?
- Did your... did your dad find out?
- Oh, yeah.
What did he do?
He pulled a knife and then he charged him.
You mean like... stabbed him?
No. No. He charged him.
Twenty bucks.
- No.
- Yeah.
He said if anyone was going to fuck his boy,
he might as well make some money off of it.
He figured I was ruined anyway.
And Uncle Charlie, he had a lot of friends too, so...
You mean your dad pimped you out?
Pretty much.
So, are you relaxed now?
Do you like me?
Yes. Yes, I do.
So, when are we gonna fuck?
It's okay?
It hurts.
Do you want me to stop?
No. It's good. Just go slow.
You like that?
- Yeah.
- Tell me you like it.
I like it.
Tell me to fuck you.
Say "fuck me".
- Fuck me.
- Say "fuck me".
Fuck me, fuck me, oh God!
- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah!
- Are you gonna cum?
- Yeah!
- You gonna cum?
- Yeah! Yeah!!
I came without touching myself.
I know. That's hot.
How did you do it?
I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you.
You never told me your name.
Yeah, I did.
Well, maybe I forgot it then...
It's Alex.
Get the fuck outta here!
That's my name.
That was my friend's name.
You mean the one that beat you up
when you said you loved him?
Is your name really Alex?
Is your name really John?
No... it's Giorgi.
In Russia, I was Giorgi.
But, now in America, I'm John.
Was that just a story about your father?
How do you feel?
I feel free.
What's all this fuckin' shit?...
live like a fuckin' pig....
Oh my God! It is you!
What's up, homo?
Come here! Give us kisses!
Oooh, you bitch!
In the building, not even gonna say "hi"!
That's okay. I forgive you.
Let me look at you.
Damn, girl!
Oh my God!
Y- Y- Y- Y- You have to come inside.
Remember Jacob?
That skinny queen I told you all about?
I showed him your picture.
He was SO into you.
He's in my place right now, with some friends --
we're having a little... hmm?
Eddie! It's me! It's Leon!
Don't you even pretend you don't know m--
I'll never speak to you again.
You'll break my heart!
- Leon! Oh my God!!
- I know! Right?
Damn, girl! How long has it been?
I don't know. Don't embarrass me about time.
Come inside! I've got blow!
- Blow-blow for the ho-ho? Come on!
- Oh, I don't know...
We'll all adore you and
bask in your fabulousness!
I don't know. It's kinda late.
What? You got school tomorrow, bitch?
Oh, I get it!
You gotta get your beauty sleep for teacher, huh?
You like those nerds with the
big cocks, don't you, you whore?
No, seriously, come inside, I've missed you.
- Yeah?
Here bitch, take this.
I'm older, you gotta do what I say.
Sexy butt, movin' down the hall. Yeah....
- Beep. Beep. Beep.
- Ha ha
I'm back!
Justin, I'm still not talkin' to you.
Listen up girls:
I have a surprise for you.
I brought it with me. You ready?
Tada!! It's Eddie! Remember?
I told you about Eddie. I did!
Here, take your coat off. Stay awhile!
Here, Liquor Pig, drink up!
You better finish every last fucking drop too!
I'll be checking!
That's Gary. He's a little writer friend,
but really, just a big lush, aren't you, Gary?
Now, Eddie, you stand right here...
Center stage.
This is Eddie I was always
telling you about, remember?
Adult speaking! You don't remember?
Fine. Whatever.
Nobody listens to me.
Yeah, you talk so much, so how can we?
Oh my God! You're so funny!
Give me some coke, bitch.
If there's any left. I was gone four fuckin' minutes,
it all went up your fuckin' hole.
Here Eddie, have a toot.
Oh, Christ! What the fuck you freaks do to this shit?
Eddie, have a toot.
Eddie here, gives the best
blowjobs fucking anywhere!
In the fucking universe!
He has no uvula.
He had it removed by some
Romanian pimp or some shit.
"Deep Throat Eddie".
That's your new name from now on.
Have a toot!
I just remembered.
That's not the best part.
Can I tell them?
Ok, I'm gonna tell 'em.
You're looking at the only son of...
wait for it...
Samuel Franklin Dobson, ex-mayor.
Samuel Fucking Franklin Dobson!
Isn't that right, Eddie?
And tell 'em... what you said...
when he finally found out.
You tell 'em.
You like this story more than me.
Whatever, queen!
So, they come and they take him
to the big, scary mansion, you know?
And little "Deep Throat" is still in her go-go outfit...
And his father's all... "blah, blah, blah!
No son of mine!"
Mayor talk, mayor talk, mayor talk...
Then he offers Deep Throat here,
a truckload of money and shit...
a college education, a job...
And all Deep Throat has to do is, you know...
...end this depraved life...
of godless buttfucking, right?
So, Eddie here, says...
Father! I am as God made me,
and to follow you would be the greatest sin of all.
I know the story!
From My Own Private Idaho...
Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix...
Shut the fuck up!
I saw it, you saw it!
Every gay man in the universe has seen it.
I never saw it.
Yes, he's like, the mayor's
son or the governor's son...
No. No, no, this is why no one talks to you!
That's why no one listens to you!
- If Eddie says his daddy is the mayor...
- Was the mayor!
Was the mayor. Thank you, Eddie.
Then Eddie's daddy was the mayor!
Yeah, right, okay.
Yeah, he's the litmus test of reality right now.
- You wanna-- you wanna leave?
Then shut the fuck up.
- You win... I'm listening.
- Yeah? Okay. Shhh!
- Quiet... shhh....
Bitch! Always have to say something
that's fuckin' up my fuckin' high!
Anyway, little Eddie has this big ultimatum, right?
She has to clean up and go to college...
or live the life of a hussy.
And she said I am as God made me?
A dirty buttfucking, cum-eating whore?
And she's cut off, without a cent!
And that takes balls...
Here, have a toot!
No, that's okay.
Who are you?
Free drugs!
I used to have to push him out of the house!
"No Eddie, there's no more drugs!
Go home! God, you're a machine!"
Here! Take!
What's in the bottle?
"Sassy-pants," a drink for our guest.
Get this man a drink!
Because you're a man now, aren't you, Eddie?
Little Miss Deep Throat.
He's all Mr. Clean and Sober now.
Is that part of being a man?
I guess you'll never know.
Check you with the attitude, Mr. Big Cock!
Not big enough for that
wide old hole of yours!
--Whoooooooo --Whoooooooo
Oh, the lip, I love it!
Show us your cock, c'mon,
just the head, just the one eye, c'mon...
How much?
Q me?
I'm strictly cash now.
You gotta pay to play.
Oh, no!
My little Eddie's all grown up.
I think I'm gonna cry.
It's hard to see them go....
No sir!
Not a dancin' slut no more.
Not a drugged out devil, but,
a real bona fide whore!
Cash only! Please!
I am an agent of desire.
A what? I like that.
"Do not ask me who I am,
and do not ask me to remain the same."
Hey, Dirk, what movie's that from?
That's not a movie. That's Foucault.
I met him. He's dancing at the Circle Jerk
and I just had to have...
"Wrap her up, I'll take her!"
Oooo, such a whore -- you were born a whore!
Me, I bring Wonderboy home here
and the rest is history...
Those were good times, huh?
The best.
- I used to cook you dinner...
We took care of each other, didn't we?
Yeah, we did.
I was so in love with this kid...
I could never tell him though...
...he'd run for the hills, wouldn't ya?
Oh, yeah!
Oh, we partied! Man!
We had fun. We had our
day in the sun, as they say.
They were good, good, good times, weren't they?
Good times! Good fuckin' times!
Hey, hey!
Dance for us.
Come on. I wanna see you dance.
Dance for us, River Phoenix.
Shut the fuck up!
- Oh my God, there's my coke in my hands.
-No, it's yours! It's all yours!
Oh, God, you wanna
chop it up and snort it?
Oh, my God!
Dance for us!
No, I don't know.
Come on. Dance for us.
Show 'em what you got.
Oh, wow...
Looky looky, Eddie.
Five whole dollars!
Come on, dance for us.
- Yeah?
- Really?
Yeah! Why not? Fuck it!
- For old-times sake.
- For old-times sake.
Fuckin' Technicolor!
- Move, queen!
- I'm trying, queen!
Ooo, I'm gonna bash
your fuckin' head in!
What are you doing?
Wait for the music.
God, so impatient...
Remember that? Do you?
Wait, wait, wait! Hold the show!!
There, ladies and ladies.
Deep Throat Eddie -- in the house.
Do it!
C'mon bitches!
C'mon! I don't believe you're feeling it!
Shit, yeah! Take it off!
Smell it! Smell it!
Take it off!
Go, take it off!
Take it off!
Yeah, do it!
Yes! Let's see all of it!
You can do it!
Don't ya love it, c'mon!
Make the paper, Nelly. C'mon!
Dance bitch.
Look at Sassy-pants!
Look at him blushing like a bitch.
Oh, Butt-muncher's turn...
C'mon! Bite it! Bite it!
Oh yeah, you're gonna move on, aren't you?
Yeah! Dirky Dick!
Yeah, Dirk, grind it!
Fuckin' whore!
You're a whore, aren't you, Eddie?
Eeeeddie... whore boy.
So, you really him?
Am I really who?
Eddie, the mayor's son.
Yeah, I thought so.
I wouldn't tell Leon.
He likes things, you know...
The way they were.
Yeah, I'm not gonna ask your name.
It doesn't matter... names.
Probably make one up anyway.
But you're beautiful.
What gave me away?
Um, you're too smart
to be one of Leon's boys...
You don't do drugs...
Nah. You're no River Phoenix.
You know who you are?
Brad Davis.
"Dying in your own arms."
Have you ever seen Querelle?
Shame on you!
Leon... you know...
He sees things his own way.
As if the past is perfection.
What do you see?
I see you.
Whoever you are,
reflecting back on me.
So... you really a hustler?
Oh yeah? You've got a
website? Shit like that?
No, no, no.
I don't like it like that.
Oh yeah? How do you like it?
Random. Anonymous.
I like adventures.
Ahh, "agent of desire".
That's right.
Right. So...
How much?
What'd you have in mind?
Suck my cock.
- 50.
- Cool.
Can you break a 20?
I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
I guess we'll make it an even 60.
Come over here.
Oh, don't worry about them.
Just come over here.
Oh, fuck...
Oh, fuck.
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!
Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!!
Wow, you really suck a mean dick!
You really shoot!
No, it's hot. I like it.
I think I got some in my eye, though,
it might have blinded me a little bit.
I'm gonna check my insurance plan on that!
Alright then, Dirk.
I can smell my cock in your mouth.
Ask me how gay men say goodbye.
How do gay men say goodbye?
I'll call you.
-Give it!
- No!
C'mon, you cow. I'll tell him!
Fuck off, cock face!
Give me that! I want to use it
to light your stupid ass on fire!
Stupid cow!
And where have you been, young man?
Rifling through your stuff.
Find anything good?
Nothing worth stealing.
You were playing with Diggle-Dick, weren't ya?
I know you were...
Don't lie to me, I can see in your eyes.
Did you suck his cock?
How big was it?
Bigger than yours.
"Bigger than yours."
What would you do without cock?
In a world without cock, you'd starve.
You'd be like, the last man on the planet,
trying to suck his own cock
because it was all gone and she'd starve!
What are you doing?
Getting dressed.
Because that's the only way to put my clothes on.
No. You're more beautiful when you're naked.
I gotta get going.
But you just got here.
I got school tomorrow, remember?
What? Cocksucking School?
You can practice that here!
Oh, right.
Little Eddie can't be late for school.
Up and early, seven AM sharp.
Buttplug 101.
Yeah, and tuition's a bitch.
Don't go.
But I gotta.
- But don't.
- But I gotta.
But don't...
Fine. Go. Bye!
Give me a hug.
Fuck off, Hippie.
- Butt Munch.
- Eddie.
- Sassy-pants.
- It's Gary.
Whatever, Gary!
- Gary.
- See ya.
So long, Dirk!
DIRK: I'll call you!
All righty.
Go to bed, young man.
Don't tell me what to do.
I don't even think that was her!
Honey, I'll be right back.
Where you going?
I...uh... I forgot something in the car.
I'll be right back!
Okay, hurry back!
- Something I can do for you?
- Oh. hey... hi.
I'm sorry... I know you.
Don't I know you?
I dunno, man, do you?
I thought...
I could swear I...
What's your name?
Max. Right.
Wow, I... I thought you were...
Are you new to the building?
I mean, did you just move in?
No. I was just visiting some friends.
I can't find my way out of this place.
It's like a fucking maze.
Yeah. You know, when I first moved in here,
I thought it was like that hotel in The Shining...
...a total labyrinth.
Oh! I'm... I'm David.
You want something?
No, no, I just...
Hey, I'm sorry if I scared you before.
- You didn't scare me.
- It's just... you really... I mean...
Yeah, I look like your friend. I got that.
Not a friend. Just... just this guy.
It's crazy, huh? The way that people can...
Hey, do you need help getting out?
I can show you the way. It's easy.
It's no problem. It's this way...
What is this?
The laundry?
Dude, this is the basement.
Where's the way out?
Look, man...
It's right there. It's right there.
I just...
I just wanted to...
I just want to ask you something, okay?
Dude! Ask!
Look, I'm not a fag, alright?
I mean.... I have a wife and a baby girl.
That's great...
But you... see, you?...
You're not... I mean...
you're not like... like...
Like what?
Like those guys!
Those fucking faggots down the hall.
I fucking hate those guys!
They make me sick.
But... you and me?...
We're both men.
I wanna suck you off.
Oh man...
I knew this was some fag shit.
I told you, I'm not a fag!
Alright. You're not a fag.
So, where'd you wanna?...
I dunno, man.
We can hear if someone comes.
We can totally hear.
And I can pay you!
40 bucks... Ooo, 45! 45 bucks!
And you just wanna suck it?
'cause I don't get fucked,
or kiss or none of that fag shit!
I know, I know, it's cool... it's cool.
Come here.
Slow down.
Turn around.
Dude! I told you I don't get fucked!
I wanna eat your ass.
Turn around!
You like that...
Mmm, love it.
Mmmm.... mmm... mmm... oh... oh...
You really go for that ass....
I never really went for that, but...
Watch it, punk!
Here we are.
Welcome to "Attic Central".
Why don't you sit over here, huh?
Alright, let's see what we have here...
Tilt your head back...
Hold this up.
Just a little pressure... there you go...
I'll be right back.
I guess you're a night owl, huh?
I never sleep. Sleep is for the young.
Don't you want to sleep?
Oh, I'd love it.
"To sleep, perchance to dream..."
Nope. Instead, it's laundry.
Laundry and books.
They make pills for that.
What? For laundry?
To sleep.
They have pills for everything.
Let's see...
Well, the bleeding stopped.
Yeah, I think so.
Did he break it?
No, no, it's still there.
I'd hate to see that magnificent mug
of yours mauled and maimed!
Time will do enough of that.
Believe me.
Here, let me take this.
You know, they say we all get the face
we deserve by the time we reach 40.
Oh, is that right?
Is that what they say?
Well, I stopped worrying about that a long time ago.
Okay, let's see..., I think you'll live.
The guy really clobbered you!
I had him right where I wanted him!
- Is that so?
If you hadn't showed up,
he'd have been toast.
Well, I'm sorry I interrupted you!
Oh, that's alright.
And what do we call you,
my foundling from the basement?
- Jeff.
- Jeff. Nice to meet you, Jeff.
- I'm Sam.
- Nice to meet you.
There we go.
Good as new.
Ok, hold that there.
These fill up so fast!
I thought up here in the attic,
I might escape the noise.
Top floor apartment...
Rent Controlled. No noise.
But I didn't count on rain.
"Water, water everywhere;
not a drop to drink."
I wish I had a jungle up here.
A jungle full of plants...
plants to soak up all this water.
You know where that goes.
Medicine time.
Here you go.
Don't mention it.
No, really, thank you.
Drink your medicine.
What were you boys doing down there?
It didn't look like laundry.
Oh man... it's a... it's a long story.
Well, let's see...
Oh, well, first of all, I've been trying to
get out of this building for like, an hour!
Trying to get out of the building....
Yeah! I can't get free of this place!
It's an apartment building.
It isn't purgatory.
I know, but...
I keep getting lost or sidetracked...
This place is like a maze.
It's like a labyrinth.
Well, which is it?
A labyrinth or a maze?
What's the difference?
A maze is a trap.
A labyrinth goes somewhere.
Let me ask you something.
Is every man in this apartment building gay?
I mean, is it something in the water or what?
I don't know.
I'm sure there are a few straight guys
walking around here, somewhere.
But... this is the gayest building
on the gayest street in town.
Is that a problem?
Are you gay?
As pink ink.
So, I'm in the hallway and...
...this guy says he can
show me the way out.
...then what happened?
He leads me down to the basement, and...
Well, first of all, he goes out of
his way to tell me he's not gay.
I see.
And then he tells me
he wants to suck my cock!
The guy who beat you...
He didn't beat me.
He hit me.
He cold-cocked me
out of the blue, the dick!
Oh, really?
I tell you...
He had that look in his eyes like...
...he really wanted to kill me.
And he probably did... poor guy.
I'll be alright.
Not you... him!
He's the "poor guy"?
Look at my face!
You're just lost.
He's the one who's trapped.
How's he trapped?
What? You mean because
he thinks he's not a man?
'Cause he craves the cock,
but he's living this lie? Is that it?
Because then, who is he? Right?
I mean, no one...
who can know who he is?
And you, sir?
"Who are you?", one wonders.
I'm just a guy.
Just a guy...
And how do you see yourself?
You mean, as a man?
You mean, am I a gay man?
I don't know...
I guess so, I mean, I suck cock.
Well, that's a start!
Yeah, and I ain't ashamed of it, either.
Well, good for you.
I like having sex with guys.
I like turning 'em on...
getting fucked.
What kind of guys?
Pretty much anybody.
But I'm not... I'm not gay.
You know, I mean, I am, but...
I don't go to parades.
And I'm not wrapped up in rainbows.
I don't wanna get married.
So you're not politicized.
But the very act of loving a man
is itself, a political statement...
...don't you think?
I've never loved a guy.
You haven't loved a guy, yet.
Okay. I haven't loved a guy, yet.
And I've had sex with girls.
Well, whoop-dee-doo! Me too!
But you said you were gay.
You know what?
Fuck gay!
Yeah, "Fuck gay!"
Fuck it!
I don't believe in it!
Well, it believes in you.
You know, guys like me
fought on the front line... that guys like you could enjoy the
luxury of feeling so ambivalent.
Still get punched....
Yeah, still get punched.
So... you're not gay.
Maybe you're just... queer?
Or maybe you're just a traveler... a sightseer...
A nomadic explorer...
Maybe, I'm just a dude.
Maybe you're just a tourist.
Or maybe I'm just a whore.
Now, when you say... "whore"...
Oh God!
Old man, you really like to fuck.
You have no idea how much... much... how much I needed that
Oh mama!
Hey, don't... stop...
Alright, you better stop....
Here you go.
Oh, mama!
That is one sweet ass, son!
You have made this old man
very happy, son.
Old guys fuck the best.
Is that right?
Yeah... yeah...
Why is that?
I don't know... uh...
They care, you know,
how it feels.
Younger guys, they just...
Well, it's very nice of you to say.
But, I'm afraid I'd be just like them
if I had a few years off me!
I still like old guys best!
Do you ever make regular clients
of the guys you've played around with?
Why is that? I wonder.
I like everything new.
Oh, well... new.
Nothing in the world is new, kid.
I hate to be the one to tell you.
New to me, then.
What will you do when you've had all
your dalliances with all there is to have?
You mean, when I've fucked
every fag in the city?
I'll move!
The wandering hero...
That's right.
I'll go where my body takes me.
I like that.
I like the thought of you out there,
wandering around... somewhere...
...bringing pleasure to the world.
For a price.
Oh, right, right! We can't just give
ourselves away, now can we?
Nobody's that altruistic.
More like, "a man's gotta eat."
Damn right!
Pay rent.
Ah yes, the rent.
And going to school, perhaps?
This is nice.
Beautiful boy.
- Sam?
- Yeah?
How old are you?
"Old as the sun."
And you?
You see those?
The flowers.
Yeah, I see them.
That's how old I am.
No... No, no, son.
You're much older than those.
Your body may be young, but...
There. You see that picture?
That's how old you are.
Oh, shit!
You're still here...
I think this place doesn't want me to leave.
I forget.
Are you "Buttmunch" or "Sassypants"?
Just Gary, alright?
Anything I can do?
Wait, wait.
What's up?
Did you mean that?
Sure. Absolutely.
Have a seat.
Is wine okay?
Wine's great.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
How about some music?
I got a really, really good playlist...
You're really here.
When you walked into Leon's,
I was like, "freakin' wow!"
You know that feeling in your stomach?
When you've never met someone, but, you just
feel like you've known them for a long time?
This is gonna sound really crazy...
But I swear... I dreamed about you.
- We just met, like, two hours ago.
- I know.
That's the crazy part...
Or creepy.
I don't mean to be creepy.
No, no, it's cool.
What time is it?
Oh, I think it's too late.
I'm never gonna get any sleep
Do you want to go?
- Are you nervous?
- Oh, my God, yes!
It's okay.
- Do I make you nervous?
- Yes.
You're so... you're so beautiful.
To me, I...
Can I ask you a question?
Are you really a hustler?
Did you really sleep with Jacob?
I don't know. Who's Jacob?
Dirk. Leon calls him Dirk.
Oh! Yeah...
Yeah, I did.
Do you mind if I take this off?
Yeah, I'm sorry... please, I'm sorry.
So... I have some money...
Do you think maybe you'd wanna...
How much?
What'd you have in mind?
I... um...
Uh... I really...
I really want to kiss you.
Come again?
I said I wanted to kiss you.
You're kidding, right?
I'm sorry... I just...
I don't kiss.
How come?
I don't know. It's too... so...
yuck, you know... it's too...
It's too real.
100 bucks to make out with me.
I'm a great kisser!
I am! I swear I am!
I'm sure you are...
But... you're a good looking guy...
You should be able to find someone who...
But... I wanna kiss you.
150? 160?
Oh! Man, are y...
What? That's gotta be more
than you made all night!
You have no idea how much
I made tonight.
- Why?
- Why what?
Why me? Why now?
And don't say because you dreamt about me...
...'cause you're right,
that is fuckin' creepy!
I mean, can't we just fuck?
No, I don't wanna... I don't wanna fuck....
I wanna...
I wanna kiss you.
I wanna kiss you.
I wanna kiss you deep.
For like, days.
Because if you kiss me,
then I won't be alone.
You know? Like...
Alone, alone.
Five fucking minutes!
And then you'll leave...
then you'll go, and...
I can have that...
I can have that kiss.
I can remember that kiss.
Because that kiss will be mine.
'Cause I know that you're
gonna touch my soul.
And that's really where I need
to be touched right now, okay?
Not my cock, not my hole.
Right here. Right here.
This is my hole.
And I'll pay for it.
I'll gladly... happily, fuckin' pay for it.
You got your life savings in there?
Here. 200.
200 bucks.
All you gotta do is make out with me!
What if I don't "touch your soul"?
Make fun of me all you want...
I'm not making fun of you.
Dude... what if I can't?
That's a chance that I'm willing to take.
Soul kissing, it is.
Yeah, really.
Gimme the fuckin' money.
How do you wanna do this?
Right here.
Right here?
Like that?
You're a really good kisser.
Come here.
What? What?
No one's ever kissed me like that before.
Is it okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, just...
Feel that?
I feel that.
I feel that.
Kiss me.
Ahhh... ahhh...
Oooh... ahhhhh!!!
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
I can't believe I came like that!
Me... Me too, me too.
Are you going to sleep?
No. I'm awake.
I can hear your heart.
I'm loving this too, okay?
But my leg's asleep!
Head rush!
Wash up?
Right here, right here!
Save that for later...
Get what you wanted?
Yeah, that's it.
I feel whole again, you know?
I rise up in the current of my love.
Born high by this shower of light.
Full of you.
And lost.
And then the light reaches my eyes.
Glances off the mirror of my soul.
And I am united once again.
Did you write that?
No, but...
...but, I'm going to!
Who's this?
It's me!
Yeah, I got that from my mom's house.
It reminds me of me. I don't know...
You got me all... inspired here...
Hey, you know, you could
crash here, if you want.
No, no... um...
I gotta get going...
I gotta keep moving.
What's this?
It's a griffin.
It's magic... from the sun.
It guards the treasure...
It's good luck!
OK. Thank you.
Oh! How the fuck do I
get outta this place?
Turn to your right, and then stairs to
the lobby, and, out the door!
Simple as that?
Simple as that.
- See ya.
- See ya.