Stratosphere (2016) Movie Script

[Music ]
[Distant screaming]
[Music building ]
Ah! Ha ha!
Yo, man!
I ain't think
you ever come here!
Well you my boy
and this is where you
wanted to hang out
so I'm here!
That's why I love you.
That's why I love you!
What's up, boy?
Why my baby have
to leave me? Why?
What made you choose
this place, man?
I didn't, man.
Alright, alright.
Well hey! While we're
here might as well
enjoy some drinks!
Woah, on second thought...
Y'all got to party
on your own.
What? Dude!
Man, who is she?
A gentleman never tells.
Oh for real you
gonna diss us like that?
This guy, man...
So uh, what?
You leaving, too?
Nah, man. I said I was
gonna party with you
so let's do it!
This water is cold!
and deep, too!
[Suspenseful music ]
He didn't answer, Steph.
But I'll keep looking
for him, ok baby-girl?
And I'll find him.
He probably just fell
asleep in his car.
Alright? I got this.
You know he won't drive drunk.
Okay, you're right.
Alright, baby.
[Phone ringing]
Yes I called you!
I called you numerous times
and left you messages
hours ago!
Is Reid with you?
Were you with him last night?
Did y'all leave together?
I don't know, Steph!
Why are you
questioning me?
What'd he tell you?
He didn't tell me nothing
cause he ain't here!
He never came home.
Hey! Chill out, Steph.
He probably fell
asleep in his car.
It's 12:00 in the afternoon!
He should be up by now!
Oh yeah...
Well look...
I gotta go shave...
Hope you didn't pay that ransom!
Cause your boy escaped!
Where the hell have you been?
Alright, I can explain.
You damn right
you better explain!
Actually I... I can't.
Look, I- I woke up
this morning.
I didn't know where I was.
Well where the hell were you?
You slept with some heifer?
Woah! Steph! No! Look...
I don't think so, I-
You don't think so?
Shut the hell up.
I asked you for one thing.
One thing, Reid.
It's for you to come home!
And you can't even do that...
Stay the hell away from me!
Get out of my face...
Girl, it looks like all your
hard work is paying off!
Looks like it, huh?
Hey, do you wanna go dancing?
Really? When and where?
There's salsa dancing at
Club En Fuego on Friday nights.
You should come!
Seriously, you think I can hang?
You know you can most
definitely hang.
Let's talk after class, okay?
Okay, now pick up the pace!
[Suspenseful music ]
Okay sir, it's on you.
Nah, I'm out.
This table for the big boys!
Hey you don't have
to ask me, player.
I'm in.
Alright sir.
You haven't won a game
all night, Jason.
I think you're bluffing.
There's only one way
to find out, player.
I'm out.
Looks like it's just you
and me, Jason.
But uh, you're a little too
short to stay in this game.
I'm good for it.
I don't think so...
You're down about a
hundred grand, amigo.
Well what's it gonna be, Jason?
Are you in or out?
I'm about to get your
hundred back
in a few minutes.
Final cards, gentlemen.
I guess this isn't the hand
you were looking for, is it?
Looks like you owe
me again, Jason!
Only big this time!
You got seven days, man.
Girl, last weekend
was so much fun!
I haven't laughed that
hard in a minute!
Right! My stomache was
hurting the next day!
Hey, did you call that
number I gave you?
Yeah, I did. It was
a little weird at first
but it all worked out.
Yeah I know she's
a little unorthodox
but she gets results.
Results, she does!
But try explaining to
Mr. Reid Crawford
why you walking
through the door at
10:30, 11:00 at night.
Girl, it was interesting
to say the least!
You didn't tell him
nothing did you?
Of course not!
Or the walls would be
tumbling down!
So I told him I picked
up a late class
because I had to work on
some articles for work.
Oh, and after we went to go
grab a bite to eat at Spanks!
Vegetarian! Good one!
Right off the top
of the dome!
I still got it when I need it.
When you need it, huh?
However, we should go
get some Spanks right now
cause I'm starving.
Can't today.
Definitely tomorrow?
Now that sounds like a plan.
Hey what's up
with this Salsa?
Should I invite Reid?
Girls only, honey.
Then it's a date.
Okay, we'll talk later!
I'll see you later! Alright.
[Phone buzz]
Hey babe!
Hey you...
I was just wondering
what you were up to.
Ah, nothing. Just running
some tests. What's up?
Well I'm headed home
about to take a shower
and I think you need lunch.
Oh, I need lunch. Okay...
Steph, I'm gonna have to
take a rain check on that.
I'm on a major deadline
I'll have to call you back.
[Computer humming]
Just one more line of code
and I think we're gonna be
ready for beta testing.
Dude, this is it!
Everything we've
been working on!
I know... the world will
never be the same.
neither will our pockets!
It's a bit unnerving.
A little bit...
But so much money!
You scared me!
I'm sorry.
Wow... what was
that all about?
What do you mean?
You haven't kissed me like
that for a few months now.
Well the way you
hung up on me
I wasn't expecting to
have you for lunch.
So this was a pleasant surprise!
Right, about that.
I got 30 minutes.
Look, I planned for the fellas
this afternoon
before your call.
But after my meeting
this evening I promise
I'm all yours.
I promise.
I'd never break a promise
with you, okay?
I gotta go.
[Joking and laughing]
If you're gonna be this late
I could have stopped
at my lady's!
Yeah man! I could have
stopped at my lady's!
I mean...
I- I don't have a lady..
but I coulda stopped!
Well you probably did
stop by your lady's
in a second! Jason...
nobody want you anyways.
My bad.
For real,
what's that glow all about?
Did you stop by your lady?
Well you know I had to
go get a change of clothes, bro!
Dank, this is the time you
can get some money
out of Reid.
Oh, no no no.
You're the only one to
ask a man for some money.
Well now,
how's you and your lady?
Now did we come out here
to chat like women or
ball like men!
I don't know...
I'm about to make it
do what it do!
Welcome to the party, player!
It's 25 Gs to sit at this
table, Holmes.
What's your pleasure?
But I'll take a cognac.
Always a ladies man.
The infamous
"Edward Dank Hall III"
I guess you didn't
learn your lesson.
You know what they say,
a hard head makes for
as soft behind.
So I've been told.
Be careful.
You're in my palace
now, Mr. Hall.
Some palace you got here...
I'll try not to break anything.
who's in?
I was just trying
something a little different.
I read it in "Cosmo".
Well come here my
little "Cosmo Girl!"
Look, 100 Gs man. I know...
Don't worry. I got this.
You really feel the
need to do this?
Okay... alright.
Business is is business.
Yeah, yeah... later.
What's this?
Breakfast, Steph? Really?
I mean...
Last time you cooked
breakfast it was like...
our honeymoon!
Well, I wanted you to know
that I'm still trying
and I still got it, too!
You don't have to try
that hard for me baby!
Come here...
and you still got it!
I was wondering...
Oh, there it is...
Go ahead. Continue.
Whatever. Seriously!
My trainer, Melanie
Is having girls night
at club En Fuego's.
Oh, girls' night.
Yes! It's "Salsa Night"
and she thinks
I got the moves!
I love how you've become
so sexy all of a sudden.
You like?
Yes I do...
can I go?
Club En Fuego?
and that's your
trainer, right?
Yes, yes.
Okay, you can go.
But listen, don't
have too much fun...
Woah woah! Hey!
Where you going?
To work!
No! No! Bae, come back!
Come on.
Hey boss!
You wanna head
over to the server room.
Damn! Not again...
How close did they get?
Close enough to smell
the goodness...
but not close
enough to touch.
This is the third
attempt this week!
Seventh, actually...
But hey, who's counting?
We need to find these bastards.
This could be some kid
in his bedroom
or some dude in Russia
antagonizing people
until they pay him.
Normally I would think that, but
no one even knows
we floatin "Stratosphere"
in our cloud.
This is someone close by...
and well-connected...
We need to be ready for em
on their next attempt.
I want their address!
So I can pay them a visit...
You mean IP address,
No... physical address.
Stratosphere is way too big!
Do you know what someone
could do with this power?
Oh I get it!
I mean they could make any one
of the 300 million
and make em disappear!
or re-write their future
with one click of a button.
That's scary!
They can control our
healthcare system, IRS,
they could launder
billions of dollars-
Alright! I see you
get the picture.
Now get me that address!
We need to find out who's
trying to crash our gates!
Are you losing faith
in the master?
I'll find em, and I'll give em
some problems of their own!
Not at all, Tanner.
But these guys are good
and relentless...
They will be back!
So I need you to find them,
and shut them down!
Whoever runs "Stratosphere"
will run the world.
So let's make sure
it's the good guys.
Did you hack it?
Close, so... no.
Our hackers can't penetrate
the security walls.
The system is designed
to create new walls
until a positive
security scan has
completed and approved.
Singh Singh, stop.
I have spent enough time
and money on these
idiot hackers than I
wanted or needed to.
So they have multiple firewalls.
Is that what you're telling me?
And they have virtually buit
a hacker-free system?
Yes... sort of.
Well, that's nice to know...
With the security system
built like a fortress,
millions can be made
by gaining access
to the Stratosphere.
But time is running out,
Singh Singh.
We have to act now
while the chatter is soft.
So we have to about
this another way...
something personal...
something that can
penetrate the firewall.
Indeed. I think we both
know someone
that can get us on the inside.
Set it up.
Singh Sing!
Fire the hackers.
I have some work for you to do.
The jeep will be in the
usual spot on Sunday.
You know where it goes.
Hey, Singh!
When you gonna
give me shot?
Here's a shot for you!
Damn, Singh!
Clearly, you don't remember
the last time
I gave you a shot.
Come on man!
That was over three years ago.
I even- agh!
I almost lost my life
screwing with you.
Play at the kiddie table, Jason.
You don't want any of this!
For real?
The kiddie table?
So whatchu mean?
I make one mistake and I'm done?
Done like that!
Look, I don't trust you, Jason.
Your game is sloppy.
You lack focus and follow-thru.
Besides, at the grown-up table
it's a whole different
set of rules.
Things are different now, man.
Hey, uh.
I got an idea.
Save your idea, Messy Marvin!
I have one simple thing
for you to do.
If you get it done,
you're back in,
and I'll pay you 500 grand.
Shit! 500 G?
What I gotta do?
We need you to
get to Reid.
We have an opportunity
for Reid to use Mr. Shah's
cloud network
to manage his new
Stratosphere system.
How you guys know
about Reid?
We know everything, Jason!
I also know you better
not mess this one up!
Or Mr. Shah will personally
express his dissatisfaction.
And by the way...
give this to for Mom for me!
[Phone buzzing]
Good morning!
Yes, what a good morning it is...
Excuse me?
I said what a good
morning it is...
Okay... how may I help you?
Oh, you've helped me plenty.
Who is this?
Pay me.
I have something interesting
I'm sure you would love
to keep secret.
I'm not about to play this-
six months ago...
You... tequilla... me...
Do I have your attention now?
Go on.
Ahh... I do.
Let me get to the point.
100 Gs.
and I will call you.
But don't worry.
I won't be call you from
this number again.
Oh and Mr. Crawford?
I like Prada.
Saw some in Cosmo
I liked the other day
so... surprise me.
I need you to test the
upload and download
speeds every hour.
And Reid, my man!
I need you to make sure
the government security
system's offline
when we dial in. Alright?
Yo, did you hear what
I just said?
Yeah yeah. Government
security offline...
Alright everyone,
that's a wrap for now.
Let's reconvene tomorrow.
9AM, okay?
You ain't right, homeboy.
Talk to me.
Nah, man. No all is well!
I'm just a little tired is all...
All is well man.
I'm right here, okay?
Over here to the left?
Thanks again, girl!
I'll be right back, okay?
[Phone ringing]
Hey babe!
How's my little Cosmo Girl?
I'm good...
Melanie locked her keys
in her car so I drove her
by her house so she could
grab her extra set.
Then I'm headed
home to the office
to work on on an article.
Why, what's up?
No, no, nothing. I'm fine.
I was just calling to
hear your voice, that's it.
Awe, that's so sweet!
Hey, Mel's headed back
to the car so
I'll see you when
I get home, okay?
Alright. Love you!
Yeah, yeah... I love you to.
Thanks again, girl!
No worries! My pleasure!
Nuh-uh, I have to repay you.
No you don't!
Yes I do, and dinner's
gonna be on me
before we go and get
our salsa on!
Woo hoo! What up, girl!
[Phone ring]
The deal's done. Proceed.
He also understands that
failure is not an option.
We'll see...
He's all yours, Hector.
[Suspenseful music ]
Man, I'm mission ready, bro!
Dude, you're an idiot...
Man, I'm trying to be
your homeboy. Your posse.
What? Man, come on.
Man you need to stop
watching these movies.
Look, I don't know why
we having this
conversation anyway.
That's not the reason
why we're here.
Roll with it, bro!
I'm just messin, kind sir.
What can I do for you?
You know I hired you because
of your skill set, right?
All this time I thought
it was because of my
strikingly handsome looks!
No, really I need you
to find out what's
occuping Reid's attention.
I can't afford him
to lose focus
before the deal closes.
This is a me-and-you
only conversation.
Alright? Start here.
Alright man. Word.
Huh? What's happening?
Round eight.
What was so important
you had to shut your laptop?
Nothing, bae.
You're late, Melanie.
Actually I was early but...
You know I don't like
talking to people.
Well you know I'm running
a legitmate business.
Requires me to
kiss babies and shake
hands on occasion.
Among other things
I suppose.
You are quite
the politician.
So how may I be of your
service this evening?
"Foster Samuels."
I heard he was in town.
My client would like
to have a word with him.
I prefer him alive, Mel.
By the way...
How's it coming with Jason?
Tracking him as we speak.
As you know he can be
elusive at times.
Rumor has it you're
the one that's been
harbouring our
little criminal.
But I'm sure
that's just a rumor.
As you know our employer
wouldn't like that very much.
Especially with what
you're being paid.
Last time I checked,
I haven't been paid
my 25 thousand
for Jason yet...
Hm... interesting.
Well, time has run out
on your little bounty.
Now it's time for
me to take action.
You'll have Jason by
the end of this week.
and by the way...
I don't respond well
to threats.
[Construction noise]
Here's your 100 Gs
for dear old mom.
Do I need to count this?
You can do whatever
you want to do with is, Jason.
Just get us what
you promised.
When do I get the
rest of my money?
He he he...
I hope in...
seven days.
One week?
Look Jason,
word on the street
is that the Mexicans
have come to collect and...
you can't pay.
I wouldn't want to be
you right now.
Stuck between some
crazy bastards...
that took the drug trade
from the Colombians
and the men that
rule the world...
What a crap-sandwich
you got!
Put some curry on it!
Curry makes
everything tastey!
What if I need
some more time?
I might need your help
keeping Dank busy.
One week, Jason.
And babysitting gorillas
is not my thing.
Ola, Hector!
Yeah, I got your money.
What's up, bro?
How ya doin, man?
Good, man. You know.
Thought I'd stop by.
Hey, anytime man.
You're always welcome.
You still chatting it up
with my employee, Reese?
Nah, man. It
wasn't me she wanted.
I was just a means which
she found out had no end.
So what, were you cool?
You cool, Jay?
Yeah yeah yeah.
I'm good.
Yeah you sure?
Yeah... just got some...
Got some things
on my mind, you know.
How's Steph?
How's you and Steph?
Man, Steph good. I'm good.
We're... sustainable.
I don't know man.
It's like,
some days it's perfect
and then...
other days I miss
the mark completely.
[Phone buzzing]
Hold up for one sec...
Hey babe!
Yeah, no listen babe.
I'm in a meeting.
I'll call you back.
Okay? I'm in a meeting!
No, seriously!
Let me call you back.
Woo! Missing the
mark, huh?
No, dude stop. No.
No no no.
Steph, she's good.
I'll call her back.
What were you saying?
Yeah, um... it's
about Stratosphere.
I know you're
about to go live
and I got a client.
They want you to
consider them to be
one of your cloud
support networks.
Jay, we're... beyond
selecting providers, man.
I mean it's a federal
government contract.
Look Reid, man...
I'm in a bit of a bind.
and I kinda told them
you would at least...
talk to them.
What kind of bind, man?
I just helped you!
and they wouldn't even
get fair clearence before
even being considerd, Jay!
You know that!
I know this!
No you don't!
You don't know.
Look, just listen
to me, alright?
Jay, because I'm not
going to do this agin with you!
Not now because I got
everything leveraged
on this new deal!
Come on man
just hear me out!
No, man...
Because I'm not
gonna let Dank down.
How you gonna
let Dank down?
Because I just signed
a new cloud support deal
with Dank's new company.
Would you at least
talk to them, Reid?
You home?
I'll be there in
20 minutes.
Hey, slow down!
The kitchen's still open.
This philly is on point!
This is gonna be
my last meal as a free man.
They can't catch me...
They can't catch me!
They should call me
Foster "Shakes em" Samuels!
Damn, girl.
You fine! Mhm...
You got somewhere
to be, Mommy?
Yes, I do.
I get off of work
in about 3 minutes
which gives me
plenty of time
to make it to the mall
for this great shoe sale.
Call me Al Bundy, baby!
Got a question for ya...
Yes, Al?
Oh! Where's my manners?
Foster "Shakes Em" Samuels.
Shakes em?
I shakes em all!
The cops, the feds,
my momma, my brother,
the bill collectors,
even the women.
But not you, baby!
You're too fine to shake!
So what's your question
Foster "Shakes Em" Samuels?
What do you do for a living?
Let's go, Shakes Em.
I can't believe Shakes Em got
take out like this...
A woman!
A woman got me!
You scared me again!
You know I got
Indian in me.
You truly got to stop
sneaking up on me like this!
and what kind of Indian?
Native American.
Apache, baby.
You sure it's not Caribbean
Indian from Trinidad?
You like the beach too much.
And that is exactly why
I'm taking you
when we get that
first installment
on our contract.
Look, Reid...
You can't keep doing this.
Doing what, baby?
Giving a little and
expecting a lot!
I'm trying and I'm
tired of trying!
Really Steph?
I don't need this
right now, man!
I promise you we
can do this later.
Not now. Please?
We're almost at
the finish line.
That's exactly it!
It's always about
what you want!
Steph look... you've
always been strong for me.
Just hold on a
little while longer
and I promise you...
I'll do my part.
I see you.
Steph, I hear you.
Believe me I do.
Things just got a little
crazy in the moment
but you're right!
I apologize.
You accept my aplogy?
I accept it...
Ah! There he is!
So nice of you to
return to work young man!
I can tell from
that glow that
things are going
well in the household.
You know, you do
what you gotta do
to keep the household
progressing, brother!
So that's what you call
not wanting to sleep
on the couch for
hanging up like that!
Wait a minute!
How did you know I hung up?
Like I always say
I'm the all-knowing Tanner!
That, and she called me.
I'm supposed to ask you what
you want for dinner tonight.
But I think she already
knows what she wants...
Ah, so that's what happened!
Man, why can't we put
them on the couch?
Because they
are sustainable.
They can live without
it and uh...
we hanker for it.
Hanker? Really?
I didn't even know
black people use hanker.
This is what watching
too much Soul Plane
does to the outside
Though I enjoy it,
they have their place
among the black culture.
They are not
the black culture!
so yes, hmph.
We have a
hankering for it.
Why thank you,
brother Malcom.
That was deep, man.
Woah woah.
What do you know about
Malcom X, boy?
You from Long Beach.
My momma named
me Tanner because
I'm darker than most
of your light-skinned
brothers around here anyway.
Oh! One more thing,
Jason called while
you were out
and wasn't he just here?
What that punk want?
Really, brother Malcom?
Like I said,
Everything has a place
in the black culture!
and that's exactly
what Jason is!
Chill, bro. Chill.
Chill out, man!
I don't chill when
Jason's around!
So Reid,
what does Jason want?
Look, all he wanted
me to do was
talk to his new client about
coming on board
to be our new
backup support.
I hope you told him
"Hell no!"
Look I told him I would
at least hear him out!
Think about it.
We need redundancy
just in case
your system goes down, man.
My system don't crash!
This is some bull, Reid!
I gotta agree with Dank
on this one, Reid.
Dank has cloud servers
on two continents
and four different
locations, man.
All I'm gonna do is
talk to them
what's the worst
that could happen?
Both our pockets
in our future...
Jason only deals
with shady-ass thugs!
What do you think
about that "Mr. Clean?"
You what I think about it?
I think I'm the one who
signs the paychecks
around here!
Or contracts!
Whatever, man...
Mr. Shah...
Sit down...
You will be
able to bring
all the money you want
into the US.
Jason is inking
the deal as we speak.
What makes you
so confident Jason
won't screw this up?
I'm running out of
time and patience
and the constituates
are ready to move.
Jason's deal
with the Mexicans
is working in our favor.
He can't lose.
Exactly. Failure is
not an option!
I promise on my head
that this deal will happen.
On your head is correct.
Get out.
Um, it's about time!
All good things
come in time, right?
Yeah, and some good
things never come at all.
You want something?
Nah, I got something
I have to do.
You know there's a
price on your head, Jason.
And business is business.
Don't come through on
our arrangement and I
swear I will handle my
business accordingly.
You know I've grown
fond of you over the years.
No. You are... always...
my best customer.
Somebody's always
looking to kill you.
I think your friend's
gonna pay up.
He loves his little wife.
Don't they all...
So how much
you up for, Jay?
Last I heard it was
100 grand?
and if I know Mexicans,
and I do,
they've probably doubled
that by now...
which means you're 250
grand in the red, my friend.
Nuh uh. No.
You forgot about the 50g
you owe me for
this little arrangement?
or I could just
collect my bounty
and take my 25 and walk.
You want me to
do that, Pappi?
You want me to
collect my bounty and walk?
Time is of the
essence, Jason.
Hey babe.
Good evening,
Mr. Crawford.
I wasn't expecting
you home so soon.
What are you doing?
Just finishing
up an article.
Caught up on Cosmo.
My little Cosmo Girl...
What's wrong, Reid?
I love you.
My little Cosmo Girl.
[Dramatic music builds ]
Hitting the bag
with emotion!
So you a shrink now, too?
You just do it all
don't you, Dank?
Just a regular
renaissance man.
Where I'm from you
don't need to be a shrink
to know when a man
has something to hide.
Dank, we're from the
same place, man!
So what makes you think
you're better than me?
You think I'm
weak, don't you?
There's only one way
to find out, Jay?
Hey! Is everything
alright over there?
Everything is great.
Whatever your plan is,
it's not gonna work.
Believe that, Jay.
You don't know
anything about tech!
And now you're
a regular...
Bill Gates all of a sudden!
Hey, uh...
when you're ready
to work out...
give me a call.
[Phone buzzing]
Hope you know I'm
not scared of you.
[Music ]
Babe, I just-
You know you can
tell me what it is, Reid.
Yeah babe.
Whatever you need.
Wait, what?
What's going on, Reid?
You've been like this
for days now.
I know babe, I know...
I just got a lot
on my mind...
You gotta talk
to me, Reid.
Not right now.
Okay... okay...
What's up, my brother?
It's about time for you
to return the favor.
Now before you
open this packet,
I want you to
know that I tried...
Man, I - I really tried!
Every possible way
not to become
part of this world, man.
Jay, I...
No no no...
just listen.
So uh...
I may have failed
you on some things...
I get it.
My intentions are
always to do good
by you, man.
My man, Reid.
But you so damn
selfish, man!
Always got to
have things your way!
Ah! Not... yet.
I told you I
was in a bind.
I asked you...
no, nigger I
begged you...
to talk to my client.
And you still haven't
talked to em, man!
I even told you
how lucrative it
would be and you still
haven't talked to em, man!
What I got to do?
What I got to do
to get mine, huh?
Go ahead...
open it.
Ah! Sit... down.
I knew these photos
would come in handy one day...
You reall ought to
watch how you drink, man!
That's clubbin 101-
What the hell
do you want, Jay?
All of it...
all of this.
So this is what
you're going to do:
You're going to
talk to my client,
you're going to
accept his offer, and then
you're going to call Dank
and let him know that
you're only going to go
one year on the contract.
I just signed a 5-year
deal with Dank.
Then figure it out, Reid!
One more thing...
You will pay that young nice
little girl you been talkin to.
But now, it goes up!
200 Gs, man!
That you will pay
tomorrow evening
or your world, my friend
will come tumbling down.
Mr. Crawford-
Get the hell out!
What's goin on, Reid?
Nothing, man I was...
just about to call you.
What's the problem,
you need something?
Actually, there ain't
no problem. I uh...
I gotta get to a
meeting so...
Stop, Reid!
Talk to me!
[Phone ringing]
What's up, man?
how's the motherland?
I'm in Tampa, brother.
How can I be of service?
I have a situation that
needs your attention.
Let's meet.
You know where.
Indeed. I do.
Where you been?
Not again, Mel.
I thought you was
coming through last night.
Why is it always like this?
Why you always making
me chase you?
I'm so tired...
I did my part.
And if I'm correct
you're the one
with the follow-through
I'm starting to
get really tired
of your complaining.
Well then do something
about it, then!
Cause as of right now,
I'm the only one
that has your back!
Okay, Mel.
Just be cool.
It's almost over.
Nah, 1967.
Best year ever built. Yeah...
So Jason...
Not again, brother?
But this time he's
coming on strong.
More confident.
Give it to me plain.
He's challenging my
cloud system.
Says he's got clients.
Here's a file.
By the way,
run the chick, too.
Something's not
adding up and I
believe 2 and
2 go together...
Will this make us even?
I need some of those
Cuban cigars you
get in Tampa.
Nasar... leave
no stone unturned.
I'm so sorry I had
to do this to you...
Oh... well...
if you're gonna
take that tone...
Look, I see that you have
spoken to the investors.
I need you to meet
me over at Dank's.
We got some more
business to discuss.
That's okay?
Ha! I figured.
Hey, and tell Stephanie
I said "hello."
Yes, Prince?
I need to you to take a
little trip for me tomorrow.
Yes, baby?
Can you look in
the humidor and
get me a box of Cubans?
He have a little debt to pay.
You got it.
We are on our way.
I thought I made
myself perfectly clear.
Jason's time is up
and you, my dear friend
are a wanted woman.
You have a high price,
dead or alive.
You should have turned
him in last time, Mel...
Women... and
their soft spots.
[Dramatic music ]
I'm ready for class, Prince.
I'll be there with
bells on in the morning.
Regardless of the
problem we have here,
this a beautiful
piece of work.
yeah but this
"beautiful piece"
has put us in an
interesting situation.
By "us" you mean
you and Reid?
"Us" refers to all
of us, my friend.
So uh...
Should I get my
estate in order?
Tell my family to
leave the country?
Change my name?
[Phone ringing]
Not just yet.
Tell me what
I need to hear.
Gold digger? Yes.
Jump off? No.
Passion for dating
scrubs? Possibly.
Well, at least she has
as soft spot for Jason.
She hunts, Dank.
What, or whoever
doesn't want to be found.
Thing is, she's been hunting
Jason for a long time.
Never turns him in.
Well, her employer
is not happy with
her return rate, either.
So, they burn her.
There is a price
on her head, too.
Well, the way things
are falling, possibly
Our asian friends.
Walk softly, Dank.
Reid has no idea what
he's in the middle of, does he?
He has no clue.
I need to go and shut
it down before he goes
and gets himself killed
by calling the cops.
Good morning, babe...
What time is it?
... it's 11:30.
We need to talk, Reid.
I cant' keep going
on like this!
You're right. Listen...
I need you to
talk to me!
It is time you know
everything that's going on.
And I need you...
to promise me
That you'll hear
everything I have to say.
What is going on, Reid?
I'm so tired of being
in the dark about this!
You won't leave until
you hear me out.
Okay? That night...
when I went out with Jason
and didn't come home...
well I, uh...
Are you expecting
Let's go homeboy.
Defcon five.
Hey look man, whatever
it is it's gotta wait.
I'm in here talking
to Stephanie right now.
Look, we need to talk
before you do or say anything.
Put on some jeans or
something man. Let's roll.
Alright, give me a minute.
Pistols or rifles?
Both. But I need
to load these rounds
myself, Sergeant.
Sounds serious. You need
another gun for the mission?
You know I like
to work alone.
And this one's
gonna get messy.
I know how much
you hate messes.
Well you know where
everything is.
And you're right. I like to
make a mess, not clean up.
The hot pyre is
on the right.
[Intense music ]
So what was so important you had
to tell Steph this morning?
Man, I'm not getting you
involved in all of this.
This is my fault.
This is way above you, Reid.
Time to come clean.
What do you mean?
Speak, brother.
Alright, look man.
There's this girl
named Melanie.
She's got pictures of us.
That night I blacked out.
She wants...
they want 250 grand
for the pictures, back.
Let me guess... Jason's
the other half of "they."
How'd you know that?
Doesn't matter. Time to
turn the tables on this deal
before it's too late.
Let's just call
the police.
And get you and
Stephanie killed?
We need to do this
my way, Reid.
Trust me.
Ah! Welcome back
my friend!
The next card game
isn't until Friday.
You told me I would
have my money back
in a couple of
days, amigo.
I never told you to
double your payback.
That is on you
my friend.
Yeah but I gotta have
my money now, man
I'm running out of time.
We have business with Jason.
You'll have to wait.
If you kill him now you'll
never see your money.
It's all about satisfaction
now, amigo.
Look man, go and
find another way
to please
yourself, hombre.
Who's talking to
you, slumdog?
Get back on your
leash, man!
Easy... Send them
as message.
Let them know you
mean business.
And when the deal's
complete, you can do
with him as you wish.
You're out of
time, Mr. Shah!
Your friend needs to
deliver by tonight!
Or you will find yourself
south of the border.
He's not my friend.
But I plan on paying
him a visit tonight!
[Phone buzzing]
I'm not afraid of you.
I told you we were
serious, man...
I told you I will
have your money.
Man, why you think
it's always about the money?
What are you
talking about?
Why don't you call
your girl and find out?
He he he...
If you touch her...
[Dramatic music ]
Bae! Look...
I gotta tell
you everything.
You let me hang
out with her!
I trusted him!
And that trust cost
you everything.
It never cost me you.
I'm not gonna lose you, Steph!
I'm not losing you, Stephanie!
Yeah, I'm back.
I'll stay on him and
keep you updated.
He looks a mess.
Well that's normal
for Jason.
But I hear what
you're saying.
I want to set up a time
to meet up with him.
Put him on ice...
Well be careful. The
offense is outta control.
We need possion
of the ball, babe.
You know I like it when
you use football metaphors.
But don't worry.
I have my helmet on
and my playbook out.
I don't know where
we went wrong, Dank.
I mean it was
supposed to be simple!
What we got ourselves
into now, man?
We? You're the one
with all the drama.
Well I will keep Stephanie.
You hear me?
I will do whatever it takes
to keep Stephanie, Dank!
You just keep being you.
The world needs good
brothers like you, man.
And brothers like me
to keep the balance.
What are you going
to do, then?
Cause last time I checked,
Jason got us tied in with
a bunch of criminals!
Don't worry about that.
I planning on meeting
Jason later to get things
all worked out.
Believe that!
Man, do me a favor...
I'll try...
what's the favor?
Don't kill Jason, man.
I know he's the reason
we're in this situation
but he's still one of us.
He was never
one of us, Reid!
If you understood that,
we wouldn't be in this
situation right now!
You know what?
I gotta go, Reid.
Got things to handle.
[Dramatic music ]
Looks like somebody
came prepared.
I'm always prepared, Jason.
Especially when I'm
dealing with animals.
So that's what we're doing...
So am I supposed to be
scared of you now?
Nah... I don't fear you.
I don't feel nothing...
No more fear in my life, man...
You see... you took the
most imporant person
in my life...
I didn't take shit
from you, Jason.
I lost everything
because of you.
I put my neck on the
line for you, and lost... again.
I figured I'd find you here.
I was always puzzled why
a guy who was so...
damn weak,
always spent his time
in the boxing gym.
You always got words, Dank.
No follow through...
just words.
Why are you here?
To try and help you. This
is your final chance, Jay
before you get what you deserve!
Stay away from Reid,
Stephanie, Air Tech,
definitely me, especially me.
You can't tell me nothing!
It's your story, Jay.
But remember this:
I wrote the ending.
You shot me...
I just saw your
gun, man.
No... you chose Dank...
Jay... Jay!
He's gone, Reid. You need
to go now. I got this.
[Sad music ]
Man I want to thank all of
you guys for giving me the....
best, craziest year
anyone could ever have, man!
I couldn't think of a better
team of people to celebrate with.
To the team!
[Cheering] [Phone ringing]
Hey, excuse me
for a moment.
Ya'll keep the
champagne going.
I'll be right back.
Hello my friend!
You owe me a lot of money.
And it seems you're the
only one living with the
ability to pay me.
I don't do business with
boys like you who hide
behind their toy soldiers.
You have seven days to
give me access to your cloud.
Or pay me.
Let me stop you
right there, player.
How about we just
settle up now?
There's something
that you owe me. And
want it right now.
Game over.
Get me a drink.
[Dramatic music ]