Stratton (2017) Movie Script

During the Second World War, the
Royal Navy created an elite squadron
To carry out its most
dangerous missions.
Named SBS, the unit
proved so efficient
That she often worked with
Secret Services (MI6)
And later became the foundation
of the US Navy Seals.
The Unit is still operational
throughout the globe.
Under the command of eminent men
Who honor the traditions
of its founders.
Let's see what we have?
A kind of meat
Onions for you.
To the beans for me.
A vegetarian thing for you
that also looks like meat.
Thank you.
So... Where are they?
The submarine dropped them off.
Persian Gulf Strait of Hormuz
- Iranian Coast
They are there.
Commit yourself, you
will discover the world.
No, it's the slogan of the US Navy,
Not SBS, you plant yourself.
- You're sure ?
- Absolutely.
Three... Two... One!
Automatic pump shutdown
in 20 seconds.
In 15...
In 5...
4... 3...
In place, Aggy.
At 500 meters.
Then straight towards
the target for 1,2 km.
Allow 20 minutes to swim,
as much for the return.
The communications are good.
If the pump is activated
before it is released?
The current will prevail so far,
where they are likely to be crushed.
- That's a feared one!
- Right.
- We hear you!
- Sorry !
Everything is fine.
We're at the junction.
We turn south.
Marty, are you?
Here 1-2.
Right behind you.
Checks oxygen levels.
It does not sound good to me.
Warning Reservation 50%
There is a problem.
You are under 50%.
Well received. Affirmative.
I now read 45%.
Oxygen is lost too fast.
This water must contain
a caustic substance.
And we did not know?
This grid was also
not on the schemas.
They are blocked.
The absurdity of this
mission is now official.
We have nothing at all!
Hold on !
Marty is lacking oxygen.
I repeat: 1-2 has no more oxygen.
He's on the reserve.
It will not take more than 2 min.
And I do not know!
I am short of !
1-1, you get me?
I repeat. Here Zero.
1-1, you get me?
- They're on snorkeling.
- Yeah, it's gonna do it.
They have 300 meters left.
Shit !
Reactivated pumps.
Come on! Come on!
Zero, we're there!
Can not use pipe.
- More oxygen.
- Well received.
Meeting point 2.
No guards on patrol?
On the satellite, at least 16
The last 10 days.
Not one.
Or very small!
Charges in place.
Well received.
Send the helicopter.
Join the exit at the
back of the building.
Flight plan for meeting point 2.
Where are the men ?
Why is there nobody?
1-1, here Tin Man, in touch
With 1-5.
Where are we ?
Still hot.
- 30 min max.
Aggy, you see that?
It's storage of biochemistry.
It was ! But now
This is an apocalyptic
crime scene.
We arrived too late.
The products have disappeared.
Shit !
What do you think ?
At the precise moment,
that one can not trust...
Than to the two of us.
It's okay with me.
Evacuation at point 2 negative!
The team is already at point 2.
We do not know what lies ahead.
- Evacuate me.
- Negative. We do not enter
- in Iranian space.
- No choice. Send the helicopter.
- Must have an authorization.
- Negative.
It urges. Execution.
I will evacuate you.
Tin Man, here Zero.
Cancellation point 2.
On-call evacuation 1-1.
Confirm. Completed.
Well received.
On-call evacuation 1-1. Completed.
- Dangerous terrain, right?
- Yeah!
Let's go !
We're being pulled!
Do not move !
Explosive loads!
Come on! Let's move !
I am touched !
Monte! Where'd you hit?
Come on! Started !
Inside !
Go ahead ! To the left !
- Get out of there !
- Where's the fucking exit?
Code 1-2 touched.
Injury in level 2 stability.
I repeat :
Level 2 stability.
He left the road!
Where is Tin Man?
One minute.
1-1, here Tin Man.
I've seen you.
I arrive.
Down ! Down !
We attack!
A grenade! Move!
Injury of 1-2 in level 1.
Arterial wound in the neck.
Hold it hard!
Keep your head up.
Quick, guys!
Where's that fucking helicopter?
At 30 seconds. Hold on tight.
Come on, tight! Move!
Touch it!
Standing !
Go around! I've got your back !
Inside !
Cover us!
Get it up!
Where is the doctor?
Wake up !
Wake up !
Come on, Marty!
Wake up !
Please, Marty!
It's finish.
Never call me again.
It's okay ?
Why do you ever drink
your own food?
It would not be funny.
Yeah, yeah.
Crisis of authority?
She took my pewter mug.
Yeah, party for good.
I thought she was going to
explode your rotten rafiot.
It would have embellished the landscape.
I liked this mug.
Remember my first
dive in Poole Harbor.
She was not for you.
You did not say that
when I brought her.
"It was the rare pearl!"
- I changed my mind.
It's hard ?
Give me my jacket.
We go down to the pub.
A good guy came from Trent.
He was a good guy from Trent.
To the cock so long that it fell.
To relieve himself, in
a case he stuffed it.
But then, it exploded!
Come on, another one!
A marsupial in rut named Reeves.
It was your favorite
when you were a kid!
A marsupial in rut named Reeves,
Between the thighs of the
girls of joy amused.
When they claimed the
money, he said my darlings,
On the eucalyptus bush
a koala grazes gratis.
Good night.
So we decided on Justin.
Justin Henry.
Nice name, right?
Yeah, great.
I'll go see him
after this drink.
Headquarters MI6 - London
Reporters' teams were not
allowed on the site.
She's waiting for you.
According to the Islamic
Republic, military forces
Have forced Iranian airspace,
And killed 45 innocent employees.
Most of them lived in
the neighboring town.
Thank you.
Excuse this unconventional side.
My calendar is overloaded.
No problem.
Sergeant Stratton, you
are very effective.
You do not have the reputation
of respecting authority.
You changed the protocol in
the middle of a mission.
Against orders.
You saw that brazier.
Not on TV.
No Madam.
Really sorry for
Sergeant Sturgess.
It is a great loss.
They were waiting for us.
Whatever they were,
they came for us.
And they had to steal what
we were supposed to destroy.
Not only do they
possess the substance,
But we pass, and by
extension Washington,
For war criminals.
I had never felt
such an outburst...
Of my entire career.
I am prepared to accept
any sanction, madam.
Happy to hear you say it.
But it will not help.
Even without airspace violation,
Civilians were killed.
Iran, Russia, Hezbollah,
all will blame us.
The crucial point:
Weapons of mass
destruction in nature!
Whatever the owners, their
logistics worry me.
Yes Madam.
- They were very organized.
"It's up to us to be!"
I wanted to make sure
you had a clear mind.
I am afraid that the outcry
is only at its beginning.
Aggy! Where's the helicopter?
At 30 seconds. Hold on tight.
Hold it tight!
You pointed to something
missing from my report?
It was spontaneous, Aggy.
I did not plan to
change your strategy.
Napoleon was asked about
his plans of battle.
He said, "Show yourself,
and see what happens."
But much larger,
And best dancer, as I was told.
You were right.
You've probably saved lives.
- You would have done the same.
- What if I was on the ground?
To be wrong does not help.
It's horrible.
You're not suspended?
We are loaded with Spinks to
find out where the link is.
Mission newspapers, listeners,
prior to the mission.
These types...
Knew we were coming.
Turns back.
He's on duty.
- It's too blurry.
- Yeah.
Not clear enough for
facial recognition.
Try another plan,
Or clarify that one?
I would go faster without
your breath in my neck.
Base SBS - London
Sergeant Stratton.
Follow me.
You should have gone home.
For birth.
And leave you all the fun?
Marty's replacement?
We can not replace it.
I've gone through your file.
Thank you.
You are appreciated, sir.
Drop the "gentleman."
Just Stratton.
Two missions in
Afghanistan, with MAKO 30.
- Very dangerous.
- Thrilling.
"Marty was your commanding officer?"
- Yes sir.
- You were close?
- Very good.
I was a blue, and
he often saved me.
We were almost always together.
- A good guy.
- Very good !
According to your case,
You declined 3 assignments
and a promotion. Why ?
We go where we think
we can give the best.
If it's to avenge Marty, I'll
send you back to the States.
- I can manage.
- I do not care.
A misguided mind is a risk.
I will not be plumbing
Because Marty obsesses you.
Is that clear ?
We are waiting for you at MI6.
- 2 class Monroe?
- Yes.
Welcome to the Unit.
Team of Sergeant Stratton.
I would change if I were you.
We have an unknown quantity
Of a biological weapon
named Neige de Satan
Which floats somewhere.
Consisting of the
most deadly pathogens
Known to date.
What do we know?
No claim of terrorist group.
They prefer to let
us wear the hat.
And the Iranians will not
share any information.
We're trying to identify this man.
Spotted by Sergeant Stratton.
Caucasian type, about 50 years old.
It seemed different,
Gave orders,
controlled the land.
We have nothing
in the databases.
This is Gregor Barovski.
Russian secret services.
Specialist in counter
intelligence in Europe.
Responsible for the death
of nine of our agents.
The most dangerous man.
With such a CV,
Why it does not
appear in the file?
He's a former agent.
Death for 20 years.
If Barovski is alive...
Stratton, Cummings, follow me!
Barovsky was so formidable,
And rising star of
the Secret Service,
That MI6 created an intervention
force to bring it down.
At 95, an operation
To expose him as a dual agent.
It worked.
The Russians were mounted
against their best agent.
In the same year,
That his family had murdered him.
He was presumed dead for 20 years.
One can not describe its dangerousness
or the extent of its resources.
It violated our security,
we must react very quickly.
I make contact with Interpol.
Stratton directs the operations.
Target potential clients,
and work in support.
In support?
Since when did the Special
Forces support MI6?
Leave our egos aside.
Or Barovsvki will
swallow us all raw!
Yes Madam.
An industrial area in
the area was evacuated.
At this time there
are 148 victims,
But the research teams believe that
the balance sheet will be heavier.
The Snow of Satan.
- It's just at ground level.
- Right?
This toxic agent is
used at high altitudes.
It can cover an area 100 times
more extensive than this village.
It sounds like an
intimidation test,
Rather than a shedding
of the substance.
Effective dispersal requires
a complex technique.
Only two people are able to transform
the substance into a weapon.
Adnan Homsi.
Last location: Aleppo.
But would Barovski venture
into a fighting zone?
- And Tariq Alawi.
- Interpol located him in Rome.
But this photo dates a little.
No one has seen him again.
The crossing with the MI5 proves
its collaboration with the KGB.
All roads lead to Rome !
Let's go.
I agree.
It is our best track.
Men, women, children.
Decimated whole families.
It's him.
Yes, I see them.
We have our man, plus one.
500 meters away.
Alawi and a bodyguard.
I see him.
Let's go.
100 meters to walk.
Go ahead, Hank.
Climb !
Tariq Alawi.
- Alawi is enough.
- I have another name for you.
Hasht Bandi?
Well what?
According to CNN, the British have burned
An Iranian pharmaceutical center.
- Not without the agreement of the USA.
- Leave politics!
- We know what this center was doing.
- Cancer research?
The Snow of Satan.
You and I know that nothing
has been destroyed.
The substance was stolen,
and out of Iran.
I'll tell you my thoughts.
If you were there
to stop me, I would
In an airplane to America.
Where I would be subjected
to the torture of water.
But I'm here.
So, if you went straight to the point?
Need information.
You were commissioned to
make a chemical weapon.
I'll tell you no salads.
I know your job,
and you're mine.
I make weapons for
a lot of people.
Some want to blow
their business,
Their boat or their wife,
for the insurance premium.
Or terrorists who
kill as they please.
Yes, he is one of my clients.
He ordered me a
scattering device.
Dispersing device?
Liquid mixture in steam.
Very light.
He explained why?
Where and when ?
Imagine what?
The exact place,
The date and time?
No !
He pays, and I execute.
People die, that's
not my problem.
You're responsible for the
deaths of thousands of people.
And soon hundreds of thousands.
Same for you.
Except that I do not pretend
to serve a good cause.
One of my colleagues filmed.
It belongs to the US Navy.
Of course, I will not know his name.
But he was the best
shooter in his unit
Five years in a row.
In addition to the camera,
It had a semi-automatic.
Cartridges 7.62 x 51
NATO nomenclature.
Easy shot at 600 meters.
It looks like you.
What does he has ? Five...
Six years ?
- We start with him.
- No !
- 1st target.
- No !
No, please!
Not my son!
Target in visual?
Very clear.
Okay. A fan of drones.
- To my signal.
- Its good !
Greco. He's your man.
It is Russian, under
an assumed name.
It supplies supplies
for dentists, wicks,
- microphone...
- Where is he ?
It has a workshop on the
banks of the Tiber.
I do not know any more, I swear.
If you told your son
that Daddy is okay?
It's okay ?
My son...
Think about it.
Hello, that's...
A number between one and three.
Right answer.
There's a deal with Stratton?
That is to say ?
You worked with him.
How is he ?
I only worked twice with him.
Reserved, I suppose.
He does not reveal his cards.
Reserve ?
Marty never described it like that.
- Did you know Marty?
- Yes.
Very good.
They seemed to agree.
Marty would not have followed
him without trusting him.
This guy had an infallible flair.
He knew if you were stuck.
Stratton is not responsible
for his death.
There was no implication.
That's right.
Last stage.
"We'll go round from behind."
- Let's go.
Our amateur drones arrives.
Accompanied by two big arms.
I see them.
He has bodyguards.
He expects the visit.
- Stratton?
- Its good.
Go quickly !
Let's go !
- That's all I found.
- Thank you.
Hold on.
We got something.
Too dark to identify it.
It is surely him.
It's Barovski.
- You gotta get him.
- Hold on.
It serves no purpose without the product.
Enter. Make yourself at home.
You brought some friends.
Another conception of trust.
No, simple precaution.
You can understand.
You see ? He's there!
The target is programmed
on the four drones.
Within a radius of three kilometers.
We enter the launch code.
The GPS will guide it.
After that, you have five minutes.
Nobody could have done that
to you as well as I did.
I worked hard on these drones.
I want to be sure
of a fair reward.
He found her, shit!
Who is spying on us?
I do not know what you're talking about.
I repeat: who is spying on us?
I have not spoken!
I would never betray
you, I beg you!
Test that fucking
drone, and stand up!
I do not want any
fucking, please!
For courage.
Gregor... Please!
What is he looking for ?
We are!
We should catch him now!
There are not enough of them.
We need reinforcements.
It will lead us to toxic
gas, and then we kill it.
Call for reinforcements.
Hold on ! Shit !
Aggy, block it!
Oh shit !
He left.
Go in from the back.
Shit !
I like this place.
It is a memorial
for simple people
Who gave their lives
to save others.
William Donald, Bayswater.
19, railway employee.
Drowned trying to save a guy
from a tangle of seaweed.
An entanglement of algae.
The Victorian era had style!
What went wrong in Rome?
Barovski spotted us.
The analysis of the indices in Greco?
It is believed that the
drone that was secured
Is one of the four built.
I think Barovski has the
other three and the gas.
Target ?
Before cracking the
guidance module,
It remains unknown.
Assuming the four drones
have the same target.
I went through the Barovski file.
I have a name:
Sergei Orlov?
The second of Barovski at the time.
Did you know him?
He was commissioned to
assassinate Barovski.
His friend and boss.
Orlov signed his death warrant.
After that, he quickly
climbed the ladder.
Two months ago,
He was appointed Minister
of the Interior.
Springboard for the
position of Prime Minister.
President, if he is clever.
Stay right.
My friend.
But I was your friend.
A true friend would have
executed the sentence?
Putting a bullet in your head?
I left you alive.
Orlov did not kill his friend.
He hides it clandestinely.
And now you are going
to leave this exile.
The British target a
chemical lab in Iran.
Their plan must fail.
We need help for that.
It could open the
door to the future.
English soldiers dead
on Iranian soil,
It would be a political
coup for Moscow.
I have the money to
finance the operation.
Leave the gas on site.
Make it media-friendly.
Except he disappeared.
Over time, Barovski
had matured...
- waiting for the right moment.
- Revenge.
Barovski doubled it, and
appropriated the gas.
Come on, Stratton.
Do not turn around the pot.
Ask a question.
The Barovski file was
I have crossed with other sources,
and made some deductions.
A name always comes back.
I was a young field
worker, when my superiors
Joined me in the operation
of discredit of Barovski.
I went to Cairo and
made contact with him.
I convinced him of my sincerity.
For five months,
I gave him false information.
He looked at me,
To see if I was lying.
An attraction was born.
I suppose to have seduced
him, gained his confidence.
Then, according to my orders,
I accused him of being a double agent.
Inner Dilemma.
To blow a blow to his ex-boss?
Am I still in love with her?
That I work with him.
You are my best agent.
You'll find out.
What is that ?
I suppose that after Rome
I shall be relieved.
I just anticipated.
- You're still under my command.
- I failed !
I put the team in danger,
and people were killed.
I am surprised not to be sued.
Come !
Tell me why you want
to repair the engine
Of a boat that will
not resist vibrations
From the start?
A boat is made to sail.
Is that American?
- Hank, it's Ross.
"Enchanted, Sir."
Wait till they make me a knight.
From one day to the next, it appears.
You know the navigation?
It comes from the US Navy.
I ask him if he can sail,
I do not care what he
can do underwater.
I always avoided.
Never seen the interest.
My parents are 10
meters away in Manteo.
I spent my summers on board.
I am impressed.
10 meters, you say?
Yes ? Any well laid out?
Curtains ?
Your nautical theme chosen by your mother.
Ivory and blue.
Nice little boats that pitch?
Well, excuse me.
I whistle Life in Rose.
He likes you.
To the Queen!
To the Queen!
I remember precisely the day
I knew this young wolf.
He was not more than nine years old.
Always suspended from the latch.
I ended up having pity,
A day when I needed a boyfriend.
His parents being dead,
The social services had
taken charge of it.
They found him a host family,
But it was here that he
was brought up, on boats,
By this human waste.
My third wife, an accomplished
bitch from Mumbai,
Has taken affection for him.
I felt it was not for fishing.
I gave him the worst chores,
like emptying the fish.
I tried to discourage him.
Nothing to do !
What did he like?
All !
The sea, of course.
Get up before daylight,
peel with cold.
Wrapped up, unable to move.
The jokes of the old.
The kind of men you can trust.
- You want some ?
- Thank you.
Based on the initial decoding,
These numbers can indicate the
directions and the altitude.
- Not GPS coordinates?
- I need the code.
We have the flight plan for this drone.
The modules of the other
three must be similar.
With scheduled flights, but
without longitude or latitude.
And without these parameters,
We have no idea of
the drop point.
There's a section of a
waterway, but that's it.
Did you try to improve the image?
It is pixelated. Jelly.
We thought of Italian cities.
Crossed by a river
like Rome or Florence.
- But it does not fit, so...
- Barovski has spun.
All the faster he knows
he is being tracked down.
Three crates of drones,
and boxes of arms.
He had time to get
them out of Italy.
The murders of Barovski
in Ukraine are the key.
After all these years,
he will take revenge.
To proclaim to the Russians:
"I can destroy you."
This picture could be Moscow.
I will share this info.
And ask for help.
Cummings, you will
coordinate the
From the Downing Street
and Washington agreement.
Yes Madam.
Let's hope Barovski
is not too far!
R Cummings Director
of Operations
You're quite shocked,
Agent Cummings.
Your Baron Orlov is dead,
and now you are my mole.
My traitor MI6.
If you doubt the danger to you,
I have a copy of this file
Ready to be sent to your boss,
Gisela Summer.
You must return the device
That your colleagues
stole from me in Rome.
It contains a secret that
they must not discover.
The more it stays in your services,
The more it increases the
risks of my mission.
I shall have my revenge,
And you have a chance to survive,
If you execute my orders.
- Messages ?
- On your desk.
The Services are conducting a joint
investigation with the Kremlin.
- We're connecting.
- Yes, as soon as possible.
But I think I've
found something.
Be more specific.
This concerns collaboration
with Moscow,
And its effectiveness.
I know your
involvement, and so...
I found that.
He is an American
journalist held captive
Nearly a year in Chechnya.
- Thomas Miller.
- Yes.
Moscow had denied knowledge
of his place of detention.
- That was nonsense.
- Absolutely.
Released in exchange of information,
after lengthy negotiations.
What maybe erasing...
The embarrassment due to the Iranian disaster...
I can see the return of a
hostage in his family,
But I will call.
Thanks, Cummings.
Thank you Madam.
Miller weighed 81 Kilos
before his capture.
I bet he's lost...
Say eight or nine?
He will be cared for and
fed at the embassy.
Do the Russians have
a sense of accuracy?
That's Miller.
What is this mess ?
But whore, who are...?
Your Kung-Fu does not look
too much to the point.
Fuck, no!
Team spirit.
I'm Borodin Pavel.
Agent Volkov.
I'm sorry, but Mr. Miller
interests me more.
Of course.
Do you have the module?
It is a bit in a bad state.
These Chechens must have
wanted to spoil his return.
No risk of photos.
Mr. Miller?
Mr. Thomas Miller?
From Indianapolis to Indiana?
You will be treated at the embassy.
"Your captors have beaten you?"
- Yes, but it's okay.
The module of control of the drone
and our fiches on Barovski.
It is very dangerous,
but it will be damaged.
Let's go !
Shit !
It turned into a complete fiasco!
How did Barovsky succeed?
I have my own idea.
You can warn Summer?
We're back.
I listen to your reasoning.
First the ambush to Hasht Bandi.
It is clear that Barovsky
knew how to find us there.
Then the exchange of yesterday
with the so-called Russian agents.
Warned them too.
These two missions were
classified top-secret.
The only external person
to be aware of it
Is Cummings.
As for the new axis of
research on the drone,
It was Cummings who
hung them in the area.
The first time, Marty
Sturgess was killed.
- Lucky yesterday...
"These accusations are very serious!
What's going on, Stratton?
It is known that Barovski
holds four boxes of arms,
But only three drones.
Yesterday's operation
took a long time.
- And effort to...
- A module that has become useless.
On the surface, yes.
But if he wanted to take it from us,
He must have a reason.
Review everything on this module.
Put it to pieces.
Find what escapes us.
We started, ma'am.
The material is loaded.
I'll talk to Cummings.
Cummings is gone.
We see him passing security,
and his phone is cut off.
He will join Barovski.
Barovski and the drones
remain our priority.
Yes Madam.
Look at that.
Longitude and latitudes.
It's rotating.
No, in the opposite direction.
That will give us the target.
Oh my God, London!
Office of Summer.
Preprogrammed modules.
It does not require human intervention.
Barovski can disappear
immediately after the launch.
He goes along this area.
The Thames estuary!
Boat contacted for
violation by Coast Guard.
- Stop tracking tag.
- Did they approach him?
The captain declared
a brief power cut,
Before sending a unit.
"Baffin Strait",
coming from Amsterdam.
Communicate your position to SBS.
Authorized mooring
on Canary Wharf.
East London.
- Ground support?
- Send two units.
In coordination with Stratton.
Here Dauphin 1. Follow the orders.
Dauphin 2.
Confirmation of attack to port.
Dauphin 1 and 3.
Priority: secure the three drones.
Be careful not to
let X-rays escape.
Any damage to the crates would
cause the gas to spread.
If this happens, you will
have to destroy them.
The anti-tank explosive
is the only way.
I see two drones.
One on the dock, the other on a crane.
Take a look at the radiation!
Let's move !
2-1, X-rays to port!
I have them aiming!
Come on! Come on!
Boat 2 destroyed.
Jumped up !
Come on! Come on!
We will not cross the bridge!
I did not get Barovski.
The drone is online!
Fucking bridge!
Barovski left by the canals.
Zero, I want a vehicle
for Surrey Quay.
Land searches are continuing.
Come on!
Hi Aggy. Are you OK honey ?
Barovsky is gone.
You should have run away
when there was still time.
Aggy, listen to me.
I never wanted that.
It was not expected.
It was not my plan.
You trust me.
You must believe me.
You have a reserved place in hell.
Together with Barovski.
The next one on the left.
Turn left. The !
At least we have two drones off.
Let me redeem you.
- Help us find the drone.
- Stopped !
You know he trapped me.
He made me sing.
Even Orlov of the Secret Service,
Did not know what he would incur.
It was not supposed to end like this.
I never approved.
So do not do it.
You do not have to.
Yes, exactly !
You see there?
What are you looking for.
Oh, Aggy...
I do not want to do that.
What's this ?
What is this place?
That's... absolution!
I'm here.
Aggy, are you okay?
Aggy, can you hear me?
Cummings is dead.
He pointed to a place for me.
Started !
Be very careful, it
costs a lot of money.
Stratton, I'm at the bus
depot to Camden High Street.
Spinks. Trace Aggy's phone.
Garage on Canal Street.
Garage Canal Street.
On Lime Street.
Four men.
And Barovsky.
I see the drone.
I repeat: I see the drone.
Let's move.
Come on! Get out!
Aggy, help us find you.
Give us a clue.
I need a landmark.
Panel, building, monument.
Come on, give us a track.
Trafalgar Square. The Nelson column.
There are too many buses!
I have an idea !
Locates the flash on my camera.
Spinks, is the bus close?
His signal is on yours.
She's there !
- Bus 9, right there.
- We got the bus, we follow him.
Aggy, we've spotted you.
- We follow them through the park.
- Anti-terrorist brigade within 4 min.
This is the best option.
Fewer people than on the streets.
Authorization to shoot.
We will have them !
Hank, block the bus!
Hank, grenade!
We lost touch, 045.
Security Code 45. Done.
No answer, sir.
I repeat, no contact.
Anti-terrorist brigade in 2 min.
Oh fuck !
Come on! In position !
Fire on target!
Where are you going to rest?
Three weeks of recovery.
That is, my sofa, a
good book and tea.
All this seems very pleasant.
We would not have gone without you.
Thanks, John.
During your recovery on the sofa,
Maybe you want a
well-watered dinner?
If that is the case,
Remember what a wise man
told me about Napoleon.
It was what ?
Show yourself, and
see what happens.
They send you where after?
In fact,
I would hang out here for a moment.
I like the climate.
And if they send me home,
I will have problems.
That would be a pity.
You were right.
- What about ?
- Marty.
Despite all these events,
It's not over.
It never is.
In spite of everything... It was good!
Come, you two!
Fishing is not waiting!