Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Script

What are you doing, man?
# Sock it to me
# Floating in the river
with a saturated liver
# And I wish I could
forgive her
# But I do believe
she meant it when
she told me to forget it
# And I bet she will
regret it when they find me
# In the morning
wet and drowned
# And the word gets round
# Goin' down
# I'm goin' down
# Coming up for air,
it's pretty stuffy
under there
# I'd like to say
I didn't care, but I
forgot to leave a note
# And it's so hard
to stay afloat
# I'm soaking wet
without a boat
# And I knew
I should have
Whoo! Ow!
Thank you.
# It's front page news
# Goin' down
# I'm goin' down
That stuff is warm.
Home, sweet home.
Blackwater, Mississippi.
It's pronounced
"Backwater", Mississippi.
Show a little respect
for the cradle of your youth.
# I wish I had another drink,
it wouldn't be so hard to sink
# I should've
taken time to think
# Besides, I got
the picture straight
# She must've had
another date...
# Don't want no more
# Goin' down
# I'm goin' down
# Now I see the life I led,
I slept it all away in bed
WOMAN: Get back inside!
# I'd like to get
my tummy pumped
# I can't believe
they drink this stuff in town
Hey, baby!
Yeah! Play some ball?
# Goin' down
# I'm goin' down #
You're in good shape
for a little lady.
I have to say that.
I know.
Fucking coach, man.
At least he's consistent.
I think he's hit
his 12-drink minimum.
This is, like,
the place, huh?
More than just the place.
It's where the problems
of the world are solved.
Problems of the world?
The Blackwater world.
You've got, um...
Got a chili
mustache going on there.
Don't touch it.
Keeping it.
Little cream puff
over here.
What's his deal?
I don't know.
He seems nice enough.
You know,
if you want to be
a real local, honey...
What the hell is that?
Fried pickly.
Fried pickle?
Come on, baby.
No. No.
Are you kidding?
It's good. It really is.
This is disgusting.
Just give it a chance.
MAN: Not with
a cold beer, it ain't.
Hello, Amy Cakes.
Hello, Charlie.
You're looking
all right for yourself.
Ain't changed much.
Not as much as
I'd have thought.
This is my husband, David.
Charlie. Venner.
Hi. David Sumner.
Yeah. I put in
a bid for me and my crew
to rebuild
that roof of yours.
That's right.
Venner. That's right.
Don't like to
profit off a tragedy,
but we went
up to your place after
the hurricane, just to see.
The barn got
busted up pretty bad.
Think we can
have it up for you
in three weeks or so.
DAVID: Three weeks?
That's great. Terrific.
Rumor is you're
a movie director
or something.
Ah, I'm...
David's a writer.
She means
I work for a living.
Well, let's hear it
for the working class.
David's writing a film
about Stalingrad in 1944.
Close. You know,
it was the biggest battle
of World War II.
Hey, y'all.
Crazy today. Sorry.
Okay, let's see.
Bet you can't get
two burgers and two
Cokes for $15.50 in LA.
That's a bet you'd win.
There you go.
Cash only.
You know, that stuff
poor people use for money.
Keep the change.
Oh. Thanks.
Hey, Amy,
my Elizabeth would
love to come by and
get a picture with you.
Sure. Absolutely.
I mean, if that's okay.
How's she doing?
Thank... Oh, God.
She's 16,
that's how she's doing.
I can't believe...
I know.
It's the craziest thing.
I'll see y'all later.
You know,
that looks pretty good.
I'm gonna get
a beer before we go.
Can I get you another one?
No, thank you, sir.
You sure?
Hey, listen,
can you start tomorrow?
First thing.
All right, let's do it.
What the hell?
You're a friend of Amy's.
I'm gonna...
Appreciate that, sir.
Thank you.
Now, that's a nice catch,
Amy Cakes.
He's a good man.
Do you mind?
Help yourself.
I love the
new accent, Ames.
It's for work.
Well, I bet.
And that is why
you suck.
MAN: Shut up.
COACH: Here we go now.
I swear to God,
he beats me
every time I do this,
but not...
Oh, God damn it!
I'm sorry
about your daddy.
I heard it was
a real nice service
up there at Arlington.
It was. Thank you.
Call that some
Southern hospitality, huh?
Come on,
Charlie, come on.
They don't have
shoelaces in Los Angeles?
Oh. Right.
No, they make
'em that way.
So I saw you on that
show with the... The...
What's it called?
Perfect Crime.
Perfect Crime.
It was good.
I liked it.
WAITRESS: No, no, no.
Jeremy, now, no.
You get out with that dog.
Get out of here!
Coach, I got it.
I got it.
No, I'm saying.
Get out of here
with that dog!
Scat with that dog.
I'd like some lunch.
Well, I'll bring you
something outside.
Get out!
Get on out with that dog.
They were supposed
to put Jeremy Niles
away a long time ago.
Yeah, we take care
of our own here.
Remember when I
took care of you?
But you didn't.
Did you?
on my burger.
COACH: I was fixin'
to marry you,
until I saw what
a fuckin' Razorback you are.
You're the new husband, huh?
The proud new husband.
What do you got on tap?
I'll have
a Bud Light then.
No, I said Bud,
fully loaded.
That'll be fine.
I think I'd like
another, Blackie.
With a Jack back.
Yeah, well,
why don't we hold off
there, Coach, huh?
You've had enough.
What are you doing?
Fuck you doing?
I'm gonna do like that,
you're gonna
get me in
license trouble again.
I'm not gonna do shit!
Give me the fucking drink!
God damn it!
What are you doing?
You think I'm
some kind of child?
God damn it, Tom!
Fuck off!
Excuse me one second.
COACH: Fuck you!
What's wrong with you?
Now, goddamn you,
look what happened!
CHARLIE: Coach, Coach,
let's go over to practice,
give those kids some shit.
Go home, Coach.
How 'bout that, Coach?
Sorry about that, Blackie.
I'll pay for the glass.
And I'll pay for our
new neighbor's drink.
No, you don't
have to...
No, I'll pay
for your drink, sir.
But, Blackie,
I want another beer.
And a Jack fuckin' back!
BLACKIE: I don't think so.
How about fuckin' now?
Get the hell out of here!
You want me to get out?
Will you walk away?
Want to walk away?
Come on, pussy!
Come on, hero.
Go on, have it.
Make yourself a drink.
Come on,
you fuckin' pussy!
Draw you a beer
and choke on it,
for all I care.
Attaboy, Coach!
Thank you for the invite.
MAN: Pour me one, Coach.
Attaboy, Coach.
Thank you.
Coach, that's enough.
Pay for your drink
and go on home.
All right, Sheriff.
Sounds good.
All right.
Not drunk.
Not drunk.
My drink
and his.
I'll see you later, boys.
MAN: Bye.
You all right, Blackie?
MAN 2: See you, Coach.
Almost got knifed.
Is that what you
meant by one of "the
problems of the world"?
It's Coach Heddon.
Not the prettiest picture.
You know, it's fine.
We'll just chalk it up
to one of Blackwater's
charming eccentricities.
What a way with words.
You should try
writing for a living.
Hey, hey! Guy!
What are you doing? Get...
Hold on, hold on, babe.
It's okay.
It's all right.
DAVID: What is this?
Hello, Jeremy.
Hello, Amy.
How are you?
I'm driving.
I see that.
You're doing
a very good job.
Mind if I drive
for a while?
What do you say?
Jeremy, come on, buddy.
Let's go home.
To get lunch?
Yeah, yeah.
We're gonna go
get some lunch.
Welcome back, Amy.
Thank you.
You look terrific.
Thanks, Daniel.
And, we loved
your TV show.
Come on.
Thank you.
You know what?
I'm gonna drive.
# My love goes
a- tumbling down
# My love goes
a- tumbling down
# You leave me #
DAVID: Hey, so that guy...
What guy?
You know,
the Amy Cakes guy.
Charlie, our new contractor.
I saw your picture with him.
You used to see him, right?
Couple of times.
Couple of times?
Just a couple of times?
They may have
been memorable.
Are you jealous?
Hey, who ended up
with the girl in the end?
That would be
you, Mr. Sumner.
What are you doing?
(LAUGHS) Okay.
Okay, wait.
Just get off me.
You're crazy.
You're nuts.
That's what they say.
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
There's a lot of
history here.
That's putting it mildly.
Come on, catch up!
AMY: It's worse
than I thought.
DAVID: Don't worry about it.
We're gonna fix it up.
Fix it up, make it
better than it was before.
I hope so.
Is that your father's car?
How much are we
getting from FEMA,
like eight K?
8.2 K.
That's just a bit
more than Charlie bid.
Give him the balance.
Help out your friends.
Baby, Charlie and
the boys don't need help,
they need work.
You can spend the rest
on your adoring wife.
I want to see
the rest of the house.
Show me. Come on.
You okay?
# Hey, good lookin'
What you got cookin'?
Found my parents'
zydeco collection.
Your parents were
some pretty cool cats.
All right.
Guess my classical music
will have to do when I work.
Hey, this room is amazing.
I can't wait to work in here.
This is so great.
You like it?
Yes, I love it.
It's amazing.
I remember when
my daddy got that deer.
When he put up that trophy,
we had this huge party,
like he'd won
the Super Bowl or something.
Did he get him with that?
That would be some
kind of overkill.
Did your father
ever take you hunting?
Oh. Honey.
You know a lot about a lot,
you don't know shit
about Southern daddies
and their Southern daughters.
I think the movers are here.
AMY: I'm gonna get
down to the store
to get some groceries
before it closes, you know.
DAVID: Yeah,
that's a good idea.
Just want to change first.
I'll take care of this.
Actually, I'm gonna take
my daddy's Olds, more room.
I found a way
to get Khrushchev
in on the action.
I'm gonna make him
a friend of Yuri's.
Khrushchev was in Stalingrad?
He was a hero in Stalingrad.
I'll bet that was
your daddy's chair.
Every chair was
my daddy's chair.
I'm glad we came.
Just worried it'll
be too quiet for you.
Quiet's what I want.
I like quiet.
Too boring.
I like boring.
Flutie, Flutie, Flutie.
Hi, little boy.
Isn't he adorable?
A real sweetheart.
Yeah, tell that
to the mice.
AMY: It's too early.
That's ridiculous.
Put on some of
that Tupac.
You know
I love this song.
I am a sweet dancer, too.
Could you...
Hey, turn it down,
turn it down.
What's up, Mr. Sumner?
I'm gonna...
I'm coming up.
Take it easy.
I got it.
Morning, sir.
How are you?
Pretty good.
Well, let me
introduce you to the guys.
Got Bic over there.
Chris over here.
Howdy there, Mr. Sumner.
Nice meeting you.
Right there's Norman.
How's it going?
Well, it's kind of
a bitch up here.
Got to remove these purlins
and put in some new ones.
We'll break the back
of 20-penny nails.
Okay, well...
I don't know what
that means, but...
But I'll trust you with it.
Okay, so, everything okay?
Yeah, it's just...
It's a little early,
don't you think?
Yeah, sorry about that.
That's the way we do
things around here.
But you get used to it.
Well, it's just
that you woke us up.
Like I said,
we're real sorry about that.
Okay, well,
maybe you can...
Can you come
a little later, like,
just an hour into the day
from now on?
Can that happen?
You're the boss, boss.
All right.
Thank you, guys.
All right.
I got you. I got you.
I'm gonna go work.
You good?
Yeah, I got it.
See you later, Mr. Sumner.
BIC: Oh! Whoa.
You good?
DAVID: Yeah.
Careful there, Mr. Sumner.
How you doing?
Uh, good.
Could be colder, huh?
I think there's
something wrong
with your fridge.
I guess there's
a whole bunch of kinks
we're going to
have to work out, huh?
You writing or something?
I heard that's what you do.
Movies, right?
That's right.
You ever do horror films?
Like that movie Saw?
Or action films?
No, no, not...
Not really my specialty.
What you done
I would've seen?
Probably nothing.
Maybe a bit of Amy's TV show?
Did you catch that?
Yeah, that was real good.
Real good.
Thank you.
Not enough of Amy, though.
I was well reminded of that.
AMY: Hey, Bic.
How you doing?
Real good.
Real good, yeah.
Hey, your...
Your fridge ain't
cold enough, Ames.
It's probably old
condenser coils.
I can take a look at
it later, if you want.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Right? That'd be good.
All right.
It's real good
to have you back.
Thank you.
For a bit.
For a bit, anyway.
See you.
BIC: Hey, guys! More beer!
Do your friends do
things like that a lot?
Do what a lot?
I mean, he just
walked in here uninvited,
grabbed a beer out of
the fridge, sat down.
"Hey, come on in."
What, is that normal?
Come on.
We all trust each other here.
We don't even lock our doors.
That's one thing I do miss.
If that's the way it is,
that's the way it is.
Well, it's your
house now, honey.
You know?
If you don't like it,
just say something.
Hey, Charlie.
Can I borrow you
for a second?
So how's your work going?
It's going well.
Thanks. Yeah.
Hey, you guys
already done for the day?
Yeah. You bet.
It's been a good day.
We got a lot
It's not even noon.
We're going hunting.
Sorry. I thought
I told you that.
It's kind of a big
deal around here.
Do you mind?
Is that okay if...
Well, I...
Yeah, I guess.
I mean, if...
If you get the roof done...
No, it'll be done. know, on time,
the agreed time.
Of course.
All right.
Hey, Charlie.
Listen... I don't mind
your guys helping
themselves to some beers.
Thanks, by the way,
for the beer.
Sure, yeah,
it's no problem.
Appreciate that.
But listen, your guy...
Is it Bic?
Well, he just walked
right into the house
and, you know...
Is Bic giving
you a reason
not to trust him
or something?
You let me know
if that happens,
and I'll handle it.
All right.
Well, we better get going.
All right,
load it up, guys.
Thanks, guys.
Mr. Sumner.
Do you want to
come hunting with us?
The whitetails really run
this time of year.
Hell, yeah.
It'll be fun.
No, thanks.
I got to work.
Can you turn down the scanner?
Charlie nailed
one the other day.
Did he?
Well, it sounds great,
but I really got to write.
That's why we're here.
I bet it wasn't Amy's idea
to come live here.
She had that bus
schedule memorized about
freshman year or so.
Well, if you ever want to
come hunting with us,
you just say the word.
I might take you
up on that.
You should.
All right.
Have a good day, folks.
All right.
Go hunting with them?
No, I'm just trying to
show them a little respect.
BIC: Bye!
# Gimme three steps, mister
# Gimme three steps, mister
# Gimme three steps
towards the door #
Chris, do it already.
Make the shot already.
What you got?
For sure!
Fuck! No, no, no, no, no!
No, I just missed.
I just missed.
How much they gonna pay us?
Them two look like they
could afford to pay plenty.
Plenty's what the fuck I need.
They're going
to pay us enough.
Amy's looking good,
ain't she?
She looked fine.
You know, I bet that
motherfucking lucky husband
of hers never had
any pussy like that
before he became a big shot.
Hey! Excuse me!
Fuck, man!
Don't talk like that.
You're right about that.
Who's next?
Big money, boys.
AMY: It's your move.
"This move now puts black
"into a desperate plight
"with no possibility
of mobilizing his
"or hers disorganized pieces.
"Black can
conveniently use..."
Tell you what.
I bet you I can
finish my exercises,
get into bed
before you make
your next move.
You're on.
Put the book down.
No help.
You should be
encouraging my education.
Drop it.
All right.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Are you ready?
Are you?
Thinking hard.
Shh! David!
(LAUGHS) Stop it!
Got it!
Got it.
You're supposed to do 100.
I did 100.
No, you didn't.
I was counting
by binary numbers.
First of all,
you're still in check.
The knight
can't move sideways.
It's got to go in
an "L" shape, remember?
Why is it called a knight
when it's really a horse?
Is that funny?
I actually don't
know the answer to that.
That's a first.
You don't have to
learn chess to please me.
I'm not learning
to please you, baby.
I'm learning
so I can kick your ass.
Yeah, really.
What about that ass?
Lie down.
Lie down.
Lie down.
Close your eyes.
Close 'em.
Rook or knight?
That is the knightlhorse.
Very good.
That's the queen.
Very good.
Is it you?
"Listen, well, I got fucked
in the ass by a bear, honey."
So, you know,
just, "That's it.
"I'm going to get
myself a machine gun."
And he goes out the next
morning, cranks it up, and...
"There he is!"
Starts blasting away,
and the bear says,
"Come here, you."
Takes that old boy,
slams him over the log,
pulls down them old
chonies and says, "Hey.
"You don't come here for
the hunting, do you?"
Hey, your brother... Daniel?
Your brother,
he was hanging out
with the girls today.
I think you best keep
a closer watch on him.
Not our job to mind him.
Is it?
NORMAN: We ain't going
to stand for it.
You keep him away
from them girls,
or we will.
Hey, Norm.
And you know that'll get ugly.
I'm standing right here.
Hey, y'all mind
cutting the bullshit, please?
He's just being
told the truth is all.
Well, no one's going to
do anything to Jeremy,
all right, Coach?
BIC: Ain't you
off duty, John?
You got a beer in
your hand, right?
The law isn't
ever off duty, Bic.
Is it, Sheriff?
Beer or no beer.
BIC: Hey, I didn't even
vote for his ass.
If he so much as
comes near my daughter...
Look, my brother...
God may help him, I...
Coach, if my brother,
if he ever makes
a mistake again...
I'll put him away myself.
You have my word,
all right?
But until then,
goddamn, y'all...
I mean,
just let him be.
He ain't doing
nobody no harm.
Sounds good to me.
How about you, Coach?
Thought you was off duty.
# What you drinking?
Rum or whiskey?
# Now, won't you have a
# Double with me?
# We were mysterious
# And you were always
wearing black #
All right, that's enough,
Norm. Let's go.
All right, girl!
Looking good, Amy!
BIC: Sweet ass!
Ladder, Norm.
BIC: Who would you
rather have sex with,
Hank Williams
or Johnny Cash?
Only you, Bic.
Give me one of those
laying over there.
Guys. Guys.
Here she comes.
Hey, Charlie.
How about that, huh?
BIC: How about it?
Mmm, mmm, mmm!
# I'm out of money,
I'm out of hope
# It looks like
# Well, how much more
can we take
# With all of this corruption?
# Been flirtin' with disaster
# Y'all know what I mean
# And the way
we run our lives #
No, Flutie, get down.
Come on, get down, get down.
Taking a break?
Look at this.
The nation's at war.
Fortune 500 companies
are going bankrupt.
The lead story is that
the first game of high school
football season
is a week away.
Well, you know,
Blackwater's not at war.
Although it was a big deal
when John Burke
came back from Iraq.
You and Deputy Burke,
returning heroes.
In this town,
heroes come from one place,
that football field.
Like the guys
fixing our roof.
Bunch of straw dogs.
Straw dogs?
Yeah, in ancient
Chinese rituals,
dogs made of straw
were used as offerings
to the gods.
During the ritual,
they were treated with
the utmost reverence.
When they were
no longer needed,
they were tossed aside,
trampled on.
They became nothing.
When their football
careers are over with,
that's all
these boys become.
What? You don't have
to take it personally.
I'm not talking about you.
You're not one of them.
Not anymore anyway.
Those straw dogs were
practically licking
my body outside, so...
I applaud their good taste.
It's not funny.
Well, maybe you
should wear a bra.
Are you saying
I'm asking for this?
I mean, well,
I'm just saying that...
You look amazing,
all right?
If it bothers you, then,
you know,
maybe you should be
a little more modest
and you'd be looked at
with a little more respect.
You're saying that
if I put on a bra,
then I'll gain more respect?
I mean... (CHUCKLES)
It's, you know,
reaping and sowing
and all that.
I'm taking a bath.
You know,
I dress for you,
I dress for you.
I don't dress
for them.
Well, I already know
what you look
like naked, so...
# Oh, here it comes
Oh, man.
# Well, train, train
# Take me on out of this town
# Train, train
# Lord, take me on
out of this town
# Well, that woman
I'm in love with
# Lord, she's Memphis bound
That shit
ain't right, man.
Chris, if that ain't right,
I don't know what right is.
CHRIS: That must've
been some kind of that
back when you had
some of that,
huh, Charlie?
What do you think
about that, Norm?
Must've been something?
# I'm just a raggedy hobo
# Lord, she's gotta go #
Crank it up, Bic.
Crank up the music, Bic.
Think I found the music...
That's a sweet engine.
Double overhead cam.
Yep, straight-line six, man.
Real pretty, Mr. Sumner.
BIC: Bad machine.
She a '66, '67?
A '67. Good eye.
South, we know our
cars and our guns.
What'd you pay for it,
about 100 grand?
Yeah, something like that.
I just love that ornament.
You like that?
The E-Types didn't
have them, did they?
Put that on yourself?
No. No, the previous
owner put that on.
All right.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
We're knocking
off a bit early,
if you don't mind.
The heat and all.
It is hot even for here.
Must be that global warming
you educated guys
keep talking about.
Bic was getting woozy.
Sorry to hear that.
You gonna be all right?
I don't want to be
a pussy or nothing.
It's just, it gets
real dangerous up there.
Liability thing.
Got to look out for my men.
It's not a problem
just as long as the,
you know,
roof gets done on time.
Of course.
Shit. My keys.
You going into town?
Yeah. I get...
I get no reception up here.
I got to go to town
to make a phone call.
Believe that?
Well, best reception
is right by Blackie's.
Thank you.
# Let's pass the time
# Let's pass the time
# And I will give to you
# Summer wine
# Summer wine
# Strawberries, cherries
# And an angel's kiss
in spring
# Made from all these things
# Take off your silver spurs
# And help me pass the time
# And I will give to you
# Summer wine
# Summer wine #
All right. Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Look out!
Look out! Are you crazy?
MAN: What the fuck
are you doing?
MAN 2: What the hell,
You all right, Mr. Sumner?
# Summer wine #
DAVID: This place
is not so conducive
to the creative process,
after all.
No, I'm acutely aware
of that, believe me.
No, look, Aaron,
if you say "don't worry,"
I'm not gonna worry, but...
I'm gonna need
a couple more weeks.
GIRL 1: Your boyfriend.
GIRL 2: Jeremy.
Yes, go.
This is gonna be good.
JANICE: Jeremy,
he's so cute.
Jeremy! Jeremy!
We're just talking, Daniel.
You know
better than this,
Janice. Go on.
Go on!
We're just talking.
DANIEL: You're supposed to
stay away from girls,
do you hear me? Hey.
Look at me, look at me
when I'm talking to you.
You gotta stay
away from girls,
do you hear me?
What if her daddy saw that?
But Janice is my girlfriend.
No, she's not.
She's not your girlfriend.
She is 15 years old,
you understand me?
Now, God damn it,
we talked about this.
No talking to her anymore.
Come on, let's go home.
All right, that's that.
You know, you should stop by
my shop over here sometime.
I'll give you a lesson how to
change a tire, free of charge.
I appreciate it.
Thank you. take two
receivers right off the bat.
...because I know
how much things cost, okay?
Thanks, Daddy.
All right.
You know, every time
I look in your eyes...
You see Mama?
That's mine. That's my...
Get a Budweiser?
Fully loaded.
That's the way,
Chief, yeah!
Hey, boys.
Hey, what's up, Coach?
No practice
this afternoon, Coach?
It's 105 out there, Coach.
I don't want any lawsuits.
(CHUCKLES) Lawsuit?
He did just say that, right?
We got a heat index rule
out there now, Coach.
I think they got
a pussy index now, Coach.
Did you meet Mr. Sumner yet?
No, I hadn't.
You're Amy's husband,
ain't you?
That's right. David.
We sure are proud of her.
I knew Amy back when
she was head cheerleader.
I was assistant
coach back then,
right, Coach?
Good old days.
Hey, I been meaning
to come out your place
and welcome you to town.
I think I've
just been welcomed.
We were worried
about you back there.
A hell of a close call.
I lived to tell the tale.
That scared
the shit out of Bic.
Yeah, just right out of me.
You a football fan?
No, not...
Well, you know.
Harvard-Yale games,
I always enjoyed them.
You coming out to the annual
Preach and Play on Sunday?
Preach and Play?
What is that exactly?
It's a little something
we do every year,
week right before first game.
We go to church,
let the rev pump us up
full of some God and
then the boys scrimmage
while the town picnics
on the sidelines.
COACH: Used to do it
during the Civil War.
Whole town coming out
and watching the battles,
I trust the whole
town will be there.
Every living soul.
In that case, when in Rome.
BIC: Oh, now,
be careful with that.
Take it easy now.
There we go.
Hold on there! Hold on!
Easy, son, now.
Look at that.
(BURPS) Amy and I...
My wife and I will be there.
Drinks as far as this hundred
will take you, gentlemen.
Go Blackwater Bengals.
Mr. Sumner.
You're not gonna stay
for a drink with us?
No, no, I gotta,
I gotta head home.
Make a living, you know.
REVEREND: Dear Lord,
please protect the members
of our congregation
serving overseas,
brave souls who have made it
their life's mission
to protect us
from those who would
challenge you, oh, Lord.
ALL: Amen.
And of course,
please guide to victory
our Blackwater Bengals
over the Mudbugs this Friday.
You bet that!
REVEREND: Boys, please stand.
Boys, God stands with you
because you stand with Him.
WOMAN: That's right, boys.
You listen to Him,
and, like Noah,
you will survive
when he unleashes His wrath
on the nonbelievers.
Good luck this Friday.
MAN: We're gonna whup 'em!
This week,
we continue our look
at the Revelations of John.
So if you will please turn
to chapter six, verse seven.
"And when He had
opened the fourth seal,
"I heard the voice of
the fourth beast say,
'Come and see.'
"And I looked,
and behold a pale horse.
"And his name that
sat on him was Death.
"And hell followed
with him..."
I'm gonna go outside,
get some air.
"... over
the fourth part of the Earth
"to kill with sword
"and with hunger
and with death,
"and with
the beasts of the Earth.
"And when He had
opened the fifth seal..."
Hey there, Mr. Sumner.
Saw you leaving.
You bored with the sermon?
(CHUCKLES) No, no.
Just not really my thing.
I'm sorry,
I don't quite understand.
Uh... Religion.
God is not your thing?
Noah and the Flood
and smiting firstborns,
Sodom and Gomorrah,
the burning bush,
the pale horse,
it just kind of sounds
like a bully to me.
Can I give you a piece
of friendly advice?
Now, it's one thing
to come into town
thinking you're too good for
the people who live here...
I don't know
why you'd say that.
I wouldn't...
But being too good for God,
that's another thing entirely.
You see, the pastor,
he worked all week long
writing that sermon.
Then he's got to watch
you get up and leave?
Some people
might call that rude.
Thank you.
I guess I need to be
a little more sensitive.
Just a little
redneck wisdom for you.
Hey, Charlie,
there is something
in the Bible I do believe.
What's that, sir?
"Thou shalt not covet
thy neighbor's wife."
I believe in that, too.
But what happens
when thy neighbor's
wife covets you?
What then?
Hello, Amy Cakes.
Hello, Charlie.
Hey, Charlie,
come on, let's go!
Stand by!
All right.
See you at the picnic.
See ya.
# Big ol' woman
CROWD: # Big ol' woman!
# Need a big ol' woman
# Big ol' woman!
# I need a big ol' woman
Oh, to keep me warm
# Now it's wintertime,
I ain't got no heat
# Need me a baby
with lots of meat
Go, Bo!
Look good out there, boy!
DAVID: No credit cards,
I assume?
No, sir.
Just money.
How much?
Four dollars.
Keep the change.
We always knew
you'd make it.
We always did.
I don't know.
It's not like I was
a lead or anything.
You were the
best thing on it.
Thank you.
Why ain't it on anymore?
I mean, everybody
I know watched it.
You know, if NBC went by
Blackwater's ratings alone,
we'd be on forever.
# Looking for
that big jelly roll
# You big ol' woman
# Big ol' woman!
# Big ol' woman
# Big ol' woman #
Doggone it!
You gotta
tuck it in there...
There you are.
Hey. Sorry.
Ran into the girls.
This is Janice.
I ran into you in town,
didn't I, at Blackie's?
You'll probably see me
hanging around there,
'cause my daddy's
always hanging out there.
Who's your father?
Tom Heddon.
You know, he used to
be coach, years ago.
A very memorable man.
# It's 2:00 in the morning,
baby's in bed #
So, what are we
all talking about?
We are just giving
shit to Amy 'cause
she ain't been down here
to see us since she got here.
Guess she don't want to be
hounded for autographs.
Well, I was
telling Kristen here
that we've been very busy
fixing up the house and all.
Amy's been busting her butt
up there while I work,
so I can vouch for that.
That's right.
Hey, y'all.
Well, hey, handsome.
May I?
Hello, buddy.
He ain't moving
about today, is he?
Yeah, taking a nap,
I suppose.
How do you like
our local music?
It ain't quite
your Beethoven.
Hey, man, go on
and knock up somebody
your damn self.
This here's mine.
See there, Mr. Sumner,
you ain't the only
one with a trophy wife.
Only difference is
mine's for third place.
Believe it or not,
that's the most romantic
thing he's ever said.
That and, "You're what?"
Hello, Amy.
Hello, Jeremy.
How are you?
Hello, Janice.
Get out of here.
Niles, why don't you
go over there
and watch practice.
you need to get, okay?
Goddamn, boy!
Jesus, Daddy!
Kick the shit out of you!
You fucking...
Daddy, no!
# Please
# Please #
Come on!
Stop it, Coach!
Jesus, Coach!
All right, Coach.
Get off me!
Hey, Coach,
come on, that's enough!
I didn't do anything.
Stop it, Coach.
Daddy, stop!
Come on, son.
Get up.
All right. All right.
Listen... I do not want
to hurt you, Jeremy Niles.
I am just
protecting my family.
All right?
But Janice is my girlfriend.
God damn it!
Daddy! Somebody stop him!
You understand me?
Right on, Coach!
Do you?
You stop it, Coach! Enough.
Or what? You're gone, Amy.
AMY: Enough.
You don't even
live here anymore.
All right.
That's enough.
You ain't got no right.
That's enough, that's enough.
Let's go.
No right to be involved.
He was just talking, Coach.
Mr. Sumner, think
that's a very good idea.
Just walk away.
He was just talking.
You got no right to
be involved, Hollywood.
Neither do you.
He was just talking.
Jeremy, Jeremy.
Hey, hey, hey...
Eyes... Come on, let's go.
Amy. Hey.
I'm not very
happy with you.
Oh, no?
Why'd you have to throw
yourself into that, huh?
With that drunk?
Are you crazy?
Somebody had to do something.
Somebody had to?
What does that mean?
Look at me.
I'm talking to you.
I'm not gonna get
in the fucking fray.
I don't care if it's
how things are done here.
Against my principles.
It's awfully convenient,
your principles.
Tom Paine
practically started
this whole country.
MAN: You mean he's dead?
WOMAN: Of course.
(IMITATING) Of course.
All I want you to do
is teach her how to act
with live people.
MAN 2: Well,
education's a very difficult
thing to control, Harry.
One thing leads...
Work on her, not me.
No extra charge.
I don't need nothing
you can tell me.
I'm sure we could
tell each other
some very
interesting things, Harry.
Do you mind?
Do you mind?
... the more I see of you,
I don't like you as much.
I'm gonna go work.
MAN: You better watch out.
I got my eye on you.
MAN 2: All right.
We'll both watch out.
If I wanted, I could knock
your block off, if I wanted.
Yes, I know.
Just do what
you're supposed to do,
and that's all.
Well, let's stop for now.
What is it?
Take you on
separately, Harry.
Glad to.
Have a special course
for backward millionaires.
Amy, don't. Amy!
Amy, no!
Oh, God.
So shut up.
WOMAN: I got a right to know.
You got a right to
keep out of my hair, too.
put your nose in a book
and keep it there.
We're gonna leave
our doors locked
from now on.
It was Norman or Chris.
Did you hear me?
Cawsey or Scutt.
Amy, we're jumping to...
Look, the fact
of the matter is,
you know,
we leave our
doors unlocked.
God, Jesus, David.
A complete stranger
walks into our house,
strangles our cat
and hangs it.
I didn't say
a complete stranger.
Well, who then?
I don't know.
Norman or Chris.
That's my point.
Or Bic or Charlie
or all of them.
They came between
church and the picnic.
Holy shit.
Why do you have a gun?
It's my father's gun.
We're gonna
keep it next to us.
Are you kidding me?
A gun, Amy?
They will go
further next time,
David, all right?
Okay. All right, okay.
So that's it.
I think we're being
a little extreme.
They killed our
fucking cat, David!
What's your definition
of "extreme"? Huh?
Hey, Big Brain,
bring up another one-by-four.
CHRIS: All right,
two things, guys.
You can say "please"...
CHARLIE: Please,
Mr. Big Brain!
CHRIS: Who the fuck
is Big Brain?
Thank you.
Are you just gonna stare?
Amy, I can't just
walk out there
and blatantly
accuse them, you know.
What if they didn't do it?
Maybe you can
just go out there
and mention to them
that our cat was
strangled last night.
It's at least possible
that they did it, isn't it?
It's at least...
You can entertain
the idea that it's possible.
All right, all right.
Amy, can I talk?
I'm gonna go out there,
and I'm gonna ask them
if they've seen the cat.
Okay, I think that'II...
That'll tell us a lot.
Look, I'll figure out
a way to,
you know,
catch them off guard.
You don't think
that's enough, do you?
Any effort would be
greatly appreciated.
Hey, I'm gonna come up.
All right.
What's up?
DAVID: Listen,
can I ask a favor?
I'm gonna put
the bear trap up,
and I have no idea
how to do that.
Of course.
In the study over here.
Thank you, guys.
It's right over here.
I guess her father was
a collector or something.
Collector of what?
Anything that
killed shit, I guess.
Yeah, he sure was.
So, do you want it
open or closed, Mr. Sumner?
I don't know.
You know, open, I guess.
Open? All right.
Come on, let's...
Right down there.
Seen one of these
before, Mr. Sumner?
DAVID: Never in my life.
Pretty cool, huh?
Just good and tight.
You got that?
Watch that spring
on that hand, man.
That's pretty dangerous.
You all right?
Don't worry about it.
We got our best man on it.
Don't worry.
Got it there?
All right, now you
can take your hand out.
There you go.
All right.
Where would you like it, sir?
Can you hang it?
Can we put it right
over the fireplace?
That'd be great.
Hey, you boys
want some beer?
That'd be great.
CHARLIE: Watch your step
there, Amy.
Can never say no.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
That's just right. Thanks.
Nice and cold, huh?
Here, Flutie, Flutie, Flutie!
Here, boy! Flutie?
Anyone seen my cat?
CHARLIE: Watch your feet,
watch your feet.
Now, Mr. Sumner...
you can call me David.
You guys,
please call me David.
All right, great.
Tomorrow's gonna be
a hell of a day
for hunting.
Why don't you come with us?
Hunting? Oh.
I don't know.
I've never really been...
Never been hunting too much.
You have shot, haven't you?
Yeah, once or twice,
but that was a long time ago.
Don't make sense
to live out here,
not take a shot or two.
That's right.
Great hunting right
outside your door.
Yeah. No,
I understand that.
I see it's a great tradition.
Well, there's tradition
and then there's a lifestyle.
That whole
"when in Rome" thing.
CHARLIE: Tomorrow.
Hunting season only
comes around once a year.
What about the roof? Hmm?
And your work.
Ah. It can wait.
Now we're talking.
So, we'll swing by
and pick you up
tomorrow morning then.
Round 7:30.
Would that work?
DAVID: 7:30. Sounds great.
All right, boys.
Let's get back to it.
Go get my masonry bits...
we'll just use a nail gun.
No nail gun going
in a stone wall.
BIC: You ain't
seen me nail yet.
Where's Charlie?
Is he not coming?
BIC: He's gonna
meet us out there.
He's coming from home.
BIC: How'd you meet Ames?
Your wife.
How'd you meet your wife?
DAVID: That show
we worked on.
Perfect Crime.
CHRIS: Love at first sight?
At first sight,
she gave me hell for not
giving her more lines.
Looks like she forgave you.
WOMAN: Got to send
a unit to the McManns'.
MAN: All right,
Tammy, I got it.
Sounds like old Ben's
been hitting on that dog
and Lily again.
All right, Mr. Sumner.
DAVID: Yeah?
Go ahead
and stick that on.
A whole bunch of
assholes out there
shooting at
anything that moves.
A round, please.
Yeah, we'll start with one.
Then just lock it in.
Got it.
CHARLIE: Hey, Mr. Sumner,
can I ask you a question?
Why you making a movie
about a bunch of Russians?
DAVID: I don't really
see it like that.
I see it as more of
a universal tale of survival.
Fighting back,
the human spirit.
You know, that battle changed
the course of human history.
90% of Stalingrad was
occupied by the Nazis,
and the Russians
still beat them.
They beat them with innovation
and they beat them
with fortitude that they...
They didn't know they had.
You don't think
God had anything
to do with
helping the Ruskies?
Why's that funny?
That God would help
a nation of atheists?
He works in mysterious ways.
Most dangerous
line ever uttered.
All right, boys,
I'm gonna go up
to Bergman's Crossing
and scout out there.
Hey, Charlie,
before you go.
Guys, just so you know,
somebody broke into our house
and killed our cat.
CHRIS: What makes you
think Flutie was killed?
Didn't just die?
Well, generally,
cats don't hang themselves.
Somebody hanged Flutie?
Probably just
some fuckin' kids.
CHARLIE: I'm gonna
tell you something,
Mr. Sumner.
This world can be
pretty fucked up.
All right, come on, boys.
CHRIS: Shit! Shit! Hey.
You okay, man?
Did you see the buck?
Dude, you fucking
shot at me, man.
No, man, no.
I was shooting at the buck.
Don't talk like that.
Hey, you see the buck?
Yeah, I... Yeah, it was...
Yeah, it was right here.
I don't know where he went.
CHRIS: Fuck.
All right,
well, let's go get him.
Bic, you go south,
I'm going to go north,
and Mr. Sumner,
you want to go east?
East. All right.
Come on.
Hello, Amy Cakes.
Somebody killed Flutie.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Why would you do that?
I wouldn't, and I didn't.
I want to come in.
You can't.
Amy, I'm coming in.
CHARLIE: You just
take a shower?
Well, you smell nice.
And I do recognize the scent.
David's gonna be
home soon, Charlie.
No, he's busy
becoming a man
out in the woods.
My husband
doesn't need a lesson
on becoming a man.
I'm sorry.
Of course he doesn't.
This old couch.
Just like you don't
remember killing my cat.
I didn't kill your cat.
Amy, I didn't kill
your fucking cat.
I think you should go.
No, you don't.
What do you want,
Stop it.
What do you want,
What the fuck
do you want?
Take it easy, Amy.
Take it easy.
Amy, Amy, Amy.
What do you want?
Don't cry. Don't cry.
Don't cry, Amy. Don't cry.
Stop it!
No, no, no.
No, Charlie, no.
No, no, no.
Charlie, no!
No, Charlie! Stop it!
Stop it!
(CRYING) Please.
Charlie, stop. Stop it.
Charlie, no, no, no, no, no.
No, Charlie!
Don't fucking move, Amy.
Don't move.
No, no, no, no, Charlie! No!
Amy, Amy, Amy.
Amy, take it easy.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Take it easy.
Did you miss me, baby?
Tell me.
Tell me you missed me.
How many times
when he was inside you
did you imagine
it was me in there?
Did... Did you?
Amy, Amy.
Amy, look at... Look at me.
What are you... Look at me.
What's wrong, baby?
CHARLIE: Look at me.
Get off me.
Charlie, get off of me.
Charlie, get off of me!
Get off of me!
Get off me!
No! No! No!
Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
# Release me
No! Charlie!
# Oh, won't you let me go?
No! No! Stop!
Please stop! Please!
No! Please!
# Because I
Stop it. Please.
Charlie! Help me!
No! Stop it!
# To waste your life
# Is a sin
# Oh, release me
# Won't you let me go? #
NORMAN: You're all right.
Sorry about Flutie.
Kind of hard
getting a ride when you're
carrying that thing around.
Already got three calls
about a man on the highway
with a rifle.
You mind
switching that safety on?
Whoa! Hey!
I'll let you do that.
Yes, I think I should.
Mr. Sumner, do you have
a registration
for this weapon?
'Cause it wouldn't
go over too well
if you were in the woods
with an unregistered
weapon and poaching.
Well, that's what
it's called
when you're hunting
out of season, Mr. Sumner.
It's not hunting season?
Mr. Sumner, you wouldn't
think about doing that,
now, would you?
Violation of
penal code 49-7-95.
Pretty serious
offense around here.
No, sir,
I wouldn't think of it.
I didn't think so.
Thank God.
We already locked
up Ben Weathersby.
Got him in the cage.
Definitely don't have
enough room for both of y'all.
You want to hop in?
I'll take you home.
What are you doing in bed?
Your friends... Your...
Your fucking
redneck hillbilly friends
abandoned me out there.
I'm firing them.
Good for you.
What the fuck is
that supposed to mean?
You're a coward.
No, I'm not.
So am I.
Plain and simple.
No, I'm not.
Yeah. Yeah.
If you had done something...
If you had said something
or done something...
Amy, I was trying to get them
to talk until you...
Anything. God.
Would you be quiet!
I was trying to
get them to talk
until you pulled
that infantile
stunt with the milk.
You pushed me, Amy,
and you don't do
any good by pushing.
I want to go away
from this fucking place.
Shh. Shh.
I want to get out of here.
I want to go home.
No. No.
Let's have a family.
Let's have a child.
No. No. No.
We're not going anywhere.
I am.
Nobody's going anywhere.
we're not going
to be chased out of
our goddamn home, okay?
We're not
going to be bullied.
I'm firing them tomorrow.
And that'll be that.
Nobody's going anywhere.
I'm gonna take a shower,
and then I have to write.
Hey, Charlie. Hi.
Hey, morning.
Hey, can I borrow
you for a minute?
Right now?
Yes, right now, please.
This isn't working out, okay?
I don't think the roof's
coming together fast enough.
How fast do you think
it should be coming together?
Well, look, you know,
you guys have
been working on it
for two weeks now,
longer than that.
How long does it usually take
you to roof, Mr. Sumner?
That's not the point, okay?
You guys, you come here,
you know, you...
Well, you work
a couple of hours
and then...
And you laze about.
We laze about?
That's a bad choice of words.
I'm not... I'm just not happy.
Okay? Why don't we just
wash our hands of this,
be good neighbors, okay?
You tell me what
I owe you, and...
We already ordered supplies.
We can't renege on that.
That's fine.
I can cover that cost.
That'll be 5,000 and a few.
Let's make it five flat.
Okay, fine.
And that'll be
cash only, neighbor.
(LAUGHS) I'm just
fucking with you.
Look at you.
But if you can
make it out to cash,
that'd be appreciated.
Hey, Mr. Sumner.
Says 1944.
Should be '43, right?
There you go.
So now that we ain't working
for you no more,
maybe we'll see you
around town again,
Amy Cakes.
DAVID: Charlie.
You hold on to that
in case you get the itch
to go hunting again.
I don't think so.
Heading home.
We're fired.
CHARLIE: $5,000.
BIC: Oh, hell, yes.
Five grand? Charlie,
you got a silver tongue.
We need to go.
You want to stay
in this town,
you want to stay here,
this is what we do
on Friday nights.
We go to the game.
And we are not
taking the Jag.
ANNOUNCER: ... to the first
game of the season
here at Mo Cavanaugh Stadium.
How about a running
game tonight, Coach?
That'd be a good idea.
the starting line-ups
for your Blackwater Bengals.
I ran this team,
and we ran every time to
the goddamn playoffs.
Senior, Bo Bloch.
MILKENS: At halftime,
we'll talk about it.
Looks like a fucking
Texas high school team,
for Christ's sake.
Oh, Bic!
The junior fullback,
Max James!
Hi, Jeremy.
How are you?
At halfback,
the senior, Hunter Fletcher!
Can I ask you something?
You're so strong.
How come you never
played football for my daddy?
I bet, if you played,
you would've been
a real big star.
You want to take
a walk with me?
Why not?
My daddy's not
going to find us.
Come on. Take my hand.
Let's go on a walk.
It'll be fine.
Come on.
Number 64, the freshman,
at left tackle, Jonah Spink!
Come on.
Hey, oh.
Man, hey.
Hey, oh.
Take your
fucking hat off, man.
Get off me!
Some fucking
respect for your country.
Fuck, man! Fuck you!
# And the home of the brave #
Kick ass!
Fucking football!
Play some ball tonight!
We'll kick some
motherfucking ass tonight!
How you doing?
Let's do it!
Go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go!
Bust 'em up! All night!
CROWD: Bengals!
Bengals! Bengals!
Bengals! Bengals!
Bengals! Bengals!
Bengals! Bengals!
JANICE: It's okay.
You don't have to be scared.
It's a nice spot, right?
This is where we come
when we want to be alone.
Do you like
being alone with me?
No, ma'am.
You know,
you're very handsome,
You have kind eyes.
I'm not going to
hurt you, okay?
When I kiss you,
do you want to
be alone with me?
You kiss real nice.
Has anyone
ever told you that?
Go, go, go, go!
Go! Go!
Go, go, go!
ANNOUNCER: Number 12,
Hunter Fletcher,
out of bounds...
y'all seen Janice at all?
I ain't seen her, Coach.
Where the fuck is she?
Hi, Coach.
Y'all seen Janice
anywhere at all?
No, I haven't seen her.
Maybe she went to the
ladies' room or something.
Hey, y'all seen
Janice anywhere?
No? Not at all?
Okay, fine. What?
Hey, Coach.
I saw her talking
to Jeremy Niles.
When? Where'd they go?
I don't know.
Not fucking Jeremy Niles!
You saw her
talking to Jeremy Niles,
you don't say a word?
You know better than that.
Hey! Hey!
Break it up.
Break it up.
Hit him!
ANNOUNCER: ... charged against
number 20, Reggie Wilson.
There are flags
all over the field.
Are you okay?
Do you want to go?
We can go.
I want to stay.
I want to try
something, okay?
Don't worry.
It'll be nice.
COACH: Janice!
No, it's okay.
Where are you at, girl?
COACH: Janice!
Put his ass in the ground!
"They heard the voice
of the fourth beast say,
'Come and see."'
AMY: Stop it!
Kill that motherfucker!
JEREMY: Shh. Shh.
COACH: Hey, Janice?
Come on, now. I'm not mad.
COACH: I am going to
kill this fucker.
I'm going to kill him myself.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
You want to go?
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on.
They ain't got shit, man.
Nothing like what we were.
You remember that?
Use the left sweep all night.
Y'all have
a good night, now!
CROWD: Oh! Oh!
Charlie. Charlie!
Come here. Charlie.
Come here! Come down here.
That fucking Niles!
What's that, Coach?
Niles has got her!
That fucking Niles
has got my Janice!
Is there anything I can do?
Listen, Amy...
David, look out!
Are you okay?
Yeah. What is that?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
No. No, no.
Don't. Don't touch it.
It hurts.
AMY: David.
I know. I know.
I didn't do it.
I know you didn't do it.
I did it.
It was me,
and I'm sorry.
It wasn't you.
Niles, stop.
AMY: David.
Stop it.
AMY: Is he...
Is he hurt? David?
You're going to be all right.
Amy, I need you
to get in the back.
Oh, my God, David.
David, he's hurt.
Come on.
Oh, my God, David.
Is that bone? David.
I didn't do it.
Baby. Baby. Baby.
We need to take
him to a hospital.
Get in back.
The nearest hospital
is 40 miles away.
We're going to
take him to the house
and call an ambulance.
Oh, shit.
Wasn't me. I didn't do it.
DAVID: Okay,
I got reception.
I didn't do it.
AMY: You didn't do...
You didn't do what, Jeremy?
I didn't do it.
No, he's just babbling.
He's babbling. He's in shock.
Hello. 911?
Can't find him anywhere.
I looked in the locker room.
I looked all over
this goddamn parking lot.
I don't know where
the fuck they are.
Hey, y'all! Chris! Bic!
God damn it!
Have you seen him or not?
WOMAN: The ambulance
has been called up
to the old Wilcox farm.
Jeremy Niles had
an accident of some kind.
He's up there.
MAN: Thank you, Page.
We'll check into it
as soon as the game is over.
I am fixin' to kick your ass.
Wait. Just Chris.
Sit down, you fucker.
Niles is up at
the Wilcox place.
Janice with him?
They didn't say.
I guess we best get
up there and find out.
Let's go!
You up for it?
Let's do it, Coach.
Sit down.
CHRIS: Yes, sir.
Sitting down.
Come on. Come on.
COACH: God damn it.
Sit down,
you fucking dumbshit!
Just have seat,
There's no
fucking reception!
It's Jeremy time!
CHARLIE: Y'all stay here.
Fuck that. No, I am...
I am going to come with you.
Coach, let's just
keep our heads here.
Let me handle it.
I'll get Niles out.
COACH: You best.
Stay the fuck.
COACH: Bic, Chris.
Check the barn for
that goddamn Niles.
Go on. Get.
Come on.
Does it hurt?
You're all right.
You need to send him out.
Get him upstairs.
Send him out,
we'll all be friends.
I didn't do it.
Is that Niles?
I didn't do it.
AMY: It's okay.
Send him out, Amy.
It's all right.
Why do you want him, Charlie?
We need to talk with him
about what he did
to Janice Heddon.
Jeremy, come on.
Keep walking.
Well, we can't...
We can't do that, Charlie.
Look, Janice was with him,
and now she's missing.
We need to find her.
And we're going to.
Well, listen, Charlie,
we're not going
to let you take justice
into your own hands.
I don't care what
you think he did.
What the fuck are you doing?
We're not going
to take justice
in our own hands.
We just need to talk to him.
You're just going
to hurt him, Charlie.
Oh, no, you are...
You're wrong about that,
Mr. Hollywood.
We're going to do
much more than that.
Now, you send that
fucking Niles out here,
or you are going to
see a rain of all hell
on you and your own house.
You hear?
We want that pervert!
Coach, look,
I understand you're upset.
Oh, for fuck...
I know you're worried
about your daughter.
I get that,
but I can't send
him out to you.
Look, maybe you guys should be
out there looking for Janice
right now instead, you know?
I'm sure she's fine.
Fuck it.
I'm going to cut
his fuckin' balls off!
Want to be all nice
and polite, Charlie,
or are you going to
help me find my Janice?
Bullshit. He can't
get away with this.
That shit ain't right,
Mr. Sumner
protecting him like that.
Not when my
little girl is missing.
All right, Coach.
BIC: Yeah.
See, we get Jeremy,
and we'll find out
what happened to Janice.
I can goddamn
promise you that.
Get that shotgun.
Get that motherfucker.
Tell me what happened.
Can you talk to me?
It's just me.
Talk to me.
For Janice.
Damn straight.
That's right, Coach.
I'll go around the house.
I'll see if there's
some other way in.
AMY: Did something
happen to Janice?
Talk to me. Please.
I know you can hear me!
You don't want
the world of hurt
coming your way, honey.
He done something
to my little girl!
COACH: To my Janice!
Amy, he's just trying
to find his daughter.
COACH: That's right!
You protect that
child molester? Huh?
Shit. David.
They have guns.
Hey, Jeremy.
Nothing's going
to happen to you,
buddy, okay?
We're going to protect you.
Because he's my
That's why.
COACH: It'll be okay, Jeremy.
Come on to the window here.
What has happened
to Janice Heddon?
Tell me so I can help you!
Fuckin' cool it.
Christ, man, come on.
Oh, man, you hear that?
DAVID: Is that the ambulance?
There we go. Look at this.
Aw, fuck 'em.
It's the sheriff.
COACH: Hey, boys!
COACH: Hey, boys!
Hey. What's going on?
Well, what's going on...
Looks like the local
war hero's arrived
to save Jeremy Niles' ass.
Is that right, John?
Put the goddamn guns away.
The fuck?
I'm not asking.
Take it easy, John.
CHRIS: This ain't Iraq.
Putting it down.
Come on, Coach.
Let's put it down.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
I'll cool out.
Thank you.
What the hell has
gotten into y'all?
Out here drunk and shit
with live weapons?
going to fuck around
and get killed here.
Goddamn right, somebody's
going to get killed.
One fuckin' hair on
the head of my little girl
is touched by
that fuckin' retard!
No, somebody will
fuckin' get killed.
That's right, Coach!
Somebody will fuckin' die.
NORMAN: Mr. Sumner in there...
Stupid son of a bitch!
He's protecting his ass!
He's fuckin' Johnny fuckin'...
Fucking bullshit!
This is crazy, David.
I've been trying my
best not to lock you up.
Please don't make me do it.
You want to
fuckin' lock me up?
Why don't you get
your fuckin' ass
over here and try it?
Get your fuckin' black ass
over here and try it.
Come on.
Put the guns away
and calm him down.
Baby, stay here.
I'll handle this.
We're standing around here
holding our dicks,
wasting time.
This is bullshit, man.
God only knows
what he did to
your girl, Coach.
JOHN: Sumner.
Mr. Sumner,
you got to send Niles out.
It's all going
to go by the law.
You have my word.
I'm sorry,
Sheriff, but I'm not...
I'm not going to
give him to you.
You're with them.
That's not true, Mr. Sumner.
Just doing my job here.
He gonna treat that scumbag
like a victim, read him
his fuckin' rights.
You know he's just
going to let him go.
BIC: Come on, guys.
Let's go around back.
CHRIS: Yeah, hey,
maybe we can get in
through the basement.
NORMAN: All right, then.
Come on, let's go.
You get state police up here,
and I'll turn him over then.
These boys aren't going
to hurt him, if that's what
you're worried about.
They're good people.
They're just
concerned about Janice.
You have my word.
He'll be in my custody.
Behind you!
Jesus, Coach, what the fuck?
All right, Amy.
What the hell happened?
Okay, Jeremy,
just stay there! Stay there!
Hey, John. John, look at me.
COACH: He's dead.
AMY: David, are you okay?
COACH: He's fuckin' dead.
Coach! Didn't have
to fuckin' shoot
him like that, man.
Stay away from the windows!
What's happening?
He was going to
let Jeremy Niles...
AMY: David,
did they shoot him?
Did they shoot him?
Yes, they shot him. Yes.
David, fuck!
What was I supposed to do?
It's a steel door.
They're not
going to get in here.
I need you to help me.
I need you to help me.
Come on. Come on.
He was going to let him...
Get it the fuck
together, Chris!
Oh, God.
They don't work, David.
Those fucking guns
don't work!
He's done something
to Janice Heddon.
We don't know that.
He's done something
to Janice Heddon!
We got to finish this up!
We're all accessories now.
That's the way the law works.
They saw us.
I need you to
help me move this.
We got a job to finish.
Man up.
They're not going
to come out, guys.
So we have to get in.
Get in that fucking place.
All right, Coach.
We want that pervert!
This is for your daughter.
BIC: Gonna get you, boy!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Listen, I'm going to
hold them off.
Somebody's going to come.
CHRIS: That's what
I'm talking about!
Come on. Come on.
David, there are five
men with guns outside.
I know that.
How are we going
to keep them out?
I can keep them out.
COACH: Every window
bashed in!
Maybe we should give
them Jeremy, David.
No. No... Amy.
Maybe if we just
give them Jeremy...
Amy, come here. Come here.
Listen to me.
Niles isn't
the point anymore.
They've gone too
far to turn back.
They've murdered a man,
and we're witnesses, okay?
They want to kill us.
They have to kill us.
If they get in this house,
we're dead.
Do you understand?
Fucking pervert!
Fucking pervert!
this isn't your problem.
David. Please, David.
Watch it.
Come on. I need your help.
Put your knee on the spring.
Come on. Come on.
Watch it.
See the hole? Set the pin.
Come on,
come on, come on, come on!
Come on, you're almost...
David, I can't do this.
I can't. I can't.
Want you to go upstairs,
get your daddy's gun
and shoot
anyone that's not me.
Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy.
Get out of there!
Send him out, Mr. Sumner!
What is it?
Can't get in, man.
Goddamn steel door.
CHARLIE: All right,
let me try something.
BIC: Whoo!
Damn! Nice shot, Charlie!
BIC: Whoo!
Suck on it, Sumner!
Hey, man,
what we gonna do?
Step away.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm trying to
fucking help you here!
You understand that?
Your husband's
gonna get everyone hurt!
No! No, don't!
No, no! Oh, God!
I can't...
Fuck, it's cutting me!
Hey, hey, hey!
The glass is cutting
my neck! (PANTING)
I hope you slit
your fucking throat.
No, no, no, no, don't.
it's gone too far!
Let's smoke him out.
Come on, Amy!
BIC: Gonna burn you
the fuck up, man.
COACH: How'd you
like that, Harvard?
Now, you send that
goddamn Jeremy Niles
out here,
or I'm gonna kill you all!
Okay, Coach.
Where's my daughter at,
Mr. Sumner?
Where are you,
you little son of a bitch?
Where are you?
You like that?
I'm not fuckin' around
anymore, Mr. Harvard.
I don't even understand
why you are protecting
that monster.
Oh, my...
Oh, God!
God damn it!
God damn it! Motherfucker!
Man, oh, my God.
Son of a bitch.
Look at that.
That little weasel.
That conniving motherfucker!
I'm gonna kill that fucker!
That son of a...
# Release me
# Oh, won't you let me go?
# Because I...
Son of a bitch got
some man in him after all.
All right,
let's end this.
That's it.
Let's get him, Charlie.
Run the truck in.
Gonna ram the house.
Let's go.
COACH: Goddamn
fucking Harvard!
I'll kill him myself.
They're gonna ram the house!
AMY: Did you hear me?
I heard you.
COACH: Get in there, Charlie.
BIC: Yeah. Ram that fucker!
COACH: Come on,
right through it!
BIC: Get in there, Charlie.
Come on, gun it!
COACH: Come on, go!
Get away from the window!
If they come
through that door,
we're gonna
need those bullets.
Okay, don't waste
the bullets.
COACH: Come on! Go, go!
gonna be all right.
She loves me.
Oh, God.
She loves me.
My head.
Charlie, wake up.
Charlie, wake up!
Stay in the truck.
You shouldn't have done that.
# Release me #
Your gun's empty.
You sure?
Shut up!
Get off her!
Fucking asshole!
Get off her!
All right, enough,
enough! Enough!
Don't fucking move.
How 'bout it, Amy?
Want some more?
That's not why
we're here, Norman.
Gonna put a fucking
gun on me, Charlie?
Take it easy.
Put it...
Put it down, Norman.
We shouldn't have
guns on each other.
All right, huh?
I'll put this down.
All right.
You make the call then,
All right, stand up.
Don't you give up on me.
Stand up.
Come on.
You couldn't just
let him go, could you?
You want your glasses?
Go ahead and put them on.
I want you to see
what's coming to you.
Put it down, Charlie.
Can I ask you
a question, baby?
Is that the shotgun
from upstairs?
It's empty.
Honey, don't be scared.
I'm gonna protect you.
I got 'em all.