Strawberry Fields (2012) Movie Script

This film contains strong language.
# Wooden heart
# Wooden heart
# Torn into beautiful ribbons
# Tearing up the sky
# You know I'll always hurt you, babe
# With these colours that I fly
# We're bound together by the stars
and they don't lie
# You know I'll always love you, babe
# And with that she said goodbye
# Don't you crown me
with your labour of love
# Oh, I get down on bended knee
and claim for-ever vows
# A pickaroo like me
only lives to be free
# Wailing at the wild... #
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.
Ready or not... here we come!
Oh, Sammy, sex with your ex is all
you talk about! It's not!
Wait. You've got something
in your hair.
Let me take it out. Yeah,
I've got it. Done? Shall we go?
Please, just tell me. No.
Come on, please! No.
Tell me! No. Please?
You looking for work?
Come to do some picking?
Where you from, girl?
Fabrice! Be careful.
Go and help him.
# Are you going to Scarborough fair?
# Parsley, sage,
rosemary and thyme... #
Sammy, come on, just tell me! No!
Where are you from?
I'm from Scarborough.
I'm a student from Scarborough.
Do you have a name? A name?
Yes, mysterious lady, a name?
It's... Tammy.
So you'll need digs then?
Will I?
I only take hard workers,
no slackers.
I work hard and I like fields.
I cycle to them on my bike.
Taste this.
It won't hurt.
Kev'll show you the digs.
I'll look after you.
OK. Word of warning, love.
He's after sex and drugs, that's it.
Ignore him.
What's happening? We're walking.
Eastern Europeans, travellers,
commune dwellers, students,
you name it, they're all here.
It looks hard work. It's knackering.
What are you studying?
Oh, yeah. Fine art.
Your mates not fancy fruit picking?
Mates, no.
So... here we are.
Welcome to paradise.
Ohh! God!
They are disgusting! Hmm.
Oh, they should be cleaned!
Good idea.
I have crate for stand on.
Keep my temple clean.
What the fuck?! Get lost!
Home to perverts, ex-cons, addicts
and one solitary female.
From Scarborough.
What, is this for me?
Just me? Uh-huh.
I'm doing the afternoon shift,
if you want to come?
You coming?
Everything OK?
It's a weird fire-eating dragon!
What are you talking about?
Be careful!
Sex with my ex, it's...
It's all I talk about.
That sounds complicated.
Come on.
You try.
Careful. Don't squash it.
See, you're not feeling it.
Feeling what? The pleasure.
What?! And the love.
The love? Yeah!
Yeah, fruit needs love to thrive.
Food, water, sunshine...
They all need the same things.
This one needs some sun.
It might not ripen.
It will. It might not.
Are you rolling a joint?
Yeah. Not for you!
Hi. You started today?
Yeah. I'm staying on the farm.
Shit! You're brave.
No, I've got my own room.
It's great.
I just cycled here
on my bike really fast.
Thank God I didn't get a puncture.
Surprising really,
the bike's so old.
Ex-boyfriend trouble. I see.
Hello. Good afternoon.
This is Fabio speaking.
You're working too hard.
You're bone idle!
So, what are you doing here?
I came with my mate, Ewan.
Run away to Ibiza. Well, we were
until we smashed my car up.
Who's this?
That's my daughter.
You've got a daughter?
Hmm. Yeah.
Don't see her much. Why not?
You ask a lot of questions.
Go on.
You're not used to
being looked at, are you?
Picasso, Van Gogh, Rolf Harris.
What? Who's your favourite artist?
Is this University Challenge?
No. Kev the fucking brain box.
Hey, I know a thing or two.
Like what?
Like... Hmm.
You've not had a joint for years.
If ever.
Gillian, where are you?
What is it?
She's here!
Gillian, where are you?!
How did she find me?!
Ohh! I so should have known
she'd find me!
Gillian, where are you?
Has anyone seen Gillian?
Sorry. Excuse me.
Now, where's that man
with the sexy accent?
Why didn't you pick up your phone?
I never would have found you
if it wasn't for him.
Where is he?
Is that him?
Do you want some? Oh.
You can't just leave me
on my own like that.
You know I can't manage without you.
You keep turning your back on us.
On us? Who's us?
You keep pretending.
You can't keep pretending, refusing to...
What, to be your servant?
You can't even be nice.
No, I can't, because you confuse me.
Your games are so confusing.
And I was never allowed... Stop
the self pity, I can't stand it!
Show them some respect! She's barely
been buried in the ground!
I don't know how you live
with yourself,
the things you've done,
the disrespect you've shown.
What things?! You know what things.
You need to come home, Gillian.
I've got a secret. Nobody knows it.
Do you want to hear it?
How come nobody knows it?
It just happened. I made it up.
Shouldn't have, but it was fun.
We tell each other our secrets,
don't we?
I told them my name is Tammy and
I'm an art student from Scarborough.
Art student?!
I know, it's ridiculous.
Were you trying to be like me?
I don't know what came over me.
It was just the first thing that popped
into my head. Because there isn't really
room for two artists in the family.
I know, it's make believe, it's not real.
It's the most ridiculous thing
I've ever heard!
But I was calling you Gillian!
Yeah, you mustn't do that,
you have to call me Tammy.
We'll keep it between ourselves,
won't we? Hmm?
Of course.
Why are you sat here?
Get up!
Come on!
I think it's Tammy's turn to get laid.
Oh, my God!
Put it out!
Hurry up! It's on fire!
Oh, God! It's on fire!
Let's swim. Swim? Let's go swimming.
Come on. Let's swim!
Come on.
I'll do it if you do it.
OK. Fuck it!
OK, go.
Ready? OK.
Come on!
Fuck! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Fucking yes!
Go on.
You have been undressed before,
haven't you? Of course.
Your ex? Hmm. Yeah.
Is he definitely an ex?
Well, yeah.
Maybe I should explain.
Are you spoken for?
Spoken for? Hmm. No. Sure?
I'm sure.
Oh, you're being so gentlemanly.
You're being so nice to me.
You're right, I'm being far too nice.
Good morning, sis.
Time for a bit of fruit picking!
You're normally posting letters
about now,
but picking fruit
will make a refreshing change.
She's your sister?
My sister's name is Gillian.
And she lives a few miles
down the road with me in Kent.
Nowhere near Scarborough.
I don't live with you. You do.
And I'm the arts student,
you are a post woman.
I don't want to live with you.
You don't seem like sisters.
No, they don't.
I prefer Tammy to Gillian.
I get it, it sounds like Sammy.
I think she'd prefer
to be on her own.
She made up these stories, not me.
But you were the one
that followed her.
She doesn't want you here.
Go away!
Kev, we've got to go
into work today.
Kev, they're going to kick...
I know!
I composed you a song.
No. Yes.
# Emily, I've been born
with all the luck
# It's like a man
who win a nice truck
# Emily, I love your smile
# It's possible we run a mile
# We find a bush to lie behind
# Your body's always in my mind
# Emily, your hair is sunshine
# Emily, your eyes is nice
# And, Emily,
I'd like you to be mine
# Emily, come to
my caravan tonight! #
Do you like it? Really? Really?
I'm knackered!
Me, too.
You know, you don't look
like a Gillian,
you are more like a Tammy.
I suppose that's not right either.
There's nothing wrong
with being a postwoman.
I know.
It's a good job. Oh, shut up!
I don't have to justify
myself to you.
I know you're all laughing at me.
No, we're not.
All right?
These strawberries are lousy, Tammy.
It's Gillian. Look, they're really poor
quality and look, they're all mixed up.
You'll have to re-sort the lot.
That'll take me hours!
Well, you should know
good from bad by now.
I mean, can't you tell
the difference? I dunno!
It's pretty obvious. Is it? Yeah.
I'm sorry, I can't accept 'em.
Oh, fuck it!
Fucking stupid job!
It's a day's wages. Fuck it!
Shut up!
I haven't said a thing! Good.
And don't give her any.
I won't. I'm giving it to you.
She can't take drugs.
Can't she? Can you, Emily?
Tell him what happens.
Leave her.
Oi! Hmm?
They want me to have
an arm wrestle with Fabio.
You'll win... easy. You think so?
I know so.
Let's do it.
Elbows together, gentlemen.
Ready? Uh-huh.
Fucking...! Fucking what?
Fucking have you!
Don't turn on the light!
Sit down. Oh, come on, Emily.
It's just a game.
Come and find me.
Come and find me!
Play the game!
Come and play the game.
One. Two.
Four. Five.
Six. Seven. Eight.
Nine. Ten.
Ready or not... here we come!
Be quiet!
Enough! No! Enough!
You're forgetting the rules.
Spoilt it!
Gillian! Help me!
Kev, help! Help me!
What's going on?
She's a psycho!
I can't do it any more!
Are you OK? She's fine!
No-one in here's fine.
Oh, the expert. Mr Know-it-all.
Yeah. Yeah. Idiot!
Look, you two carry on being weird,
I'm out of here.
So you won the arm wrestle,
did you, Kev?
Uh-huh. Well done.
I expect you wanted to tell
uptight little Gillian all about it.
I did, but...
She goes a bit weird at times.
It's... It's embarrassing.
It's not my... No!
I guess sometimes
I go a little weird, too.
But men usually
like that side of me.
Leave it out, will you. But you're
not like other men, are you?
Me and my sister
are way too good
for trash like you
and you know it.
We're class.
You... are... vile.
And so are you.
At least I'm not a user.
Let go of me, Kev!
Eh? Are you OK?
No! Did he disrespect you?
Look, leave it out, Fabio,
all right? Don't flatter her.
Fucking kill you!
Bag of scum!
What are we doing here?
I want you to go.
Why? What's got into you? You can't
do this! You keep doing this!
I can't stand it any more!
You know I can't manage on my own.
Can't you?
Look, can't you at least try?
You've never tried!
I'm going to the loo,
Your Royal Highness.
Where are you?!
The train will be here
in three minutes!
Don't be pathetic!
We'll just get the next one.
All right, I'll get the ticket guys
to unlock the door.
Calm down, Emily. Calm down.
Emily, look, sit on that.
Come on. Come on. Sit. Sit on that.
Yeah, come on. And listen to me.
Calm down. I can't!
You can. Come on.
Deep breathing. Come on.
Deep breathing. Come on.
Look at me.
I can't! I can't! You can.
Come on. It's me.
I'm here. Come on!
Emily. Emily, look at me, darling.
Look at me. I'm here.
You're all right. You're OK.
All right? I'm here. Please!
Emily, Come on. Come on.
Deep breathing.
What's wrong?
Have you cried yet...
Miss Ice Maiden?
How are you feeling about it all
about Mum?
Our mum? I'm fine.
I haven't really had a chance
to think about it.
It's you we need to worry about,
not me.
Bob told me they're
professional thieves.
Bob avoids you.
He doesn't even speak to you.
Stop it, Emily.
I'm just trying to help.
Kev's trouble, Gillian.
OK, get in!
Just get in.
They said they'd come.
Did you tell her we were going?
Yes. She's not answering her phone.
I don't feel very well.
Don't worry, they've got to turn up.
We're celebrating Kev's birthday.
Are we? Kev's birthday?
We dance!
I didn't know that.
# Gotta party! #
Makes me think of my mum.
She died recently.
Four weeks ago.
It was her heart. It gave up.
Let's jump.
Oh, come on, it's just hay.
Why? Why not?
Don't think about it...
...just do it. Three, two, one...
Oh! Are you OK?
Yeah, sorry.
It's my condition... You've got a
condition? Didn't Gillian tell you?
I've got MS.
I'm fine most of the time,
but it's been a bad day...
MS? Multiple sclerosis.
It's no problem, I carry you.
Come on, come on.
Just don't mention my illness
to Gillian. Why not?
I don't want to worry her. Fine.
Come to Ibiza. No.
Come on!
No! Why not? I can't!
You can! I can't!
Stay here and chill.
Will you protect me?
I don't want to go to Ibiza.
I don't want to abandon people.
I don't do that.
What, you'd rather live
with a self-obsessed nutter?
Better than being a junkie! Or
a barman who abandons his daughter.
You're just running away.
Look who's talking.
I'm just trying to be me.
You let her control you.
You give her everything she wants.
You want to be controlled.
Take your clothes off.
Do as you're told!
Kev the crook
and his sexy sidekick!
Happy birthday, boy!
Cheers, brother!
Thanks, love.
How long were you inside for,
Last time was... a year?
Last time?
Yeah. Really? What for?
Oh, I was protecting a mate.
Police didn't see it that way.
I told you he's a violent
man. No, I'm not.
Look at her! She's barely even
had a boyfriend,
now she's shagging criminals
and taking drugs!
Shut up.
Emily's been looking for you
Maybe you should take her home.
She can go if she wants.
Carry on!
It was a weird dream.
It was about you and Kev.
Me and Kev?
Yeah. You were on a strange island
and Kev was working in a bar
and you both had a few drinks
and one thing led to another
and soon you were
fucking like mad from behind!
Over the bar, under the bar,
against the bar.
And then he whispers
in your ears
he recently axed
someone to death.
She's so full of shite.
It's a ridiculous dream!
She's a fucking fantasist.
Ignore her.
And then? You say,
"Stop messing about. "
And he says, "I was never caught.
"Gillian's body was never found. "
Did he axe me to death?
Stop it, will you?
Just fucking stop it!
I suppose I ran into your arms
and lived happily ever after.
Like fuck!
Perhaps we should go.
I see you, filthy dog.
I see him in your room with Emily.
I don't think so, Fabio.
Don't listen to the shite.
Did you try and fuck Emily?
No, I did not! She's a scheming
little bitch! Stop it.
She's been giving me the come on
since she got here. I have not!
Yes, you fucking have.
Not like you to pass up
the chance of a fuck, though.
Do you think all women are
gagging to have sex with you?
Suck my cock.
You are a fucking Class-A bitch!
Do you know that?
You're a fucking desperate
little girl! Teasing! Stupid!
You're fucking hideous!
I know you better than you know
yourself. I don't know what you mean.
Is this what you hoped
Danny would do
when you got dressed up
all pretty for him?
How dare you? You've got a filthy
mind. You've got me all wrong.
I never... You did! I know you did!
I'm not some sort of abused whore.
You think you can turn me and my
sister into sluts? You're scum!
You're real scum!
I do have a plan.
It's to free your sister from your
control. That's what I want.
Nothing else!
Hey, you! I kill you!
Come on, Emily.
Don't walk away! Get off me!
Don't give her what she wants.
It's what I want! I want to go!
Come on, Emily, let's go.
You fucking bi...! You fucking
mad bitch! Leave her alone!
Leave us alone!
Fucking bastard! No, no, no!
Gillian, it's OK.
Don't touch me!
You want to hurt me?
Fucking right, I do.
Come on, Gillian, can we leave it?
Let's just go back to the fire.
Emily, where...?
What are you...?
What are you doing here?
I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I love you.
I do!
You're a wonderful sister.
Don't leave me.
I've got no-one.
It's not my fault.
What? You heard me!
Leave me alone!
Go on, jump!
Push me!
I'll take you with me!
I just tried to kill you.
I know.
I can't do it any more.
I want to make everything better,
but I can't.
We've always been good together,
Dad said so.
Dad said whatever
you wanted to hear.
We all did. I can't leave you.
Is was that what you meant
when you said I ruined everything?
Oh, stop it!
You are good at ruining things,
but it isn't always about you.
Sometimes it's about me too.
I need my life! What do you mean?
It's my life! I know!
I won't let you ruin it.
I won't come running
when you need me.
You need a break.
You need a break and then... No! No.
You have to cope on your own.
On my own? But I can't! How will I?
Try asking for help. You've never
really tried. You'll be fine.
There are lots of
nice people out there.
Fabio, is that you?
Why would she do that?
Because she's ill.
She's not ill. She is. She's got MS.
Fucking your sister's boyfriend!
What a bitch! Talk to Fabio.
He saw the whole thing and he'll
tell you the truth. Kev raped me!
Tell them what you saw!
He forced me!
It's true. He was brutal
and violent.
It's OK.
I deal with the punk. I smash him.
Come on, come on, let's go.
I'd go back to sleep but she
want to make me breakfast.
Tonight I fuck Emily.
You reckon? Yes!
She fuck Kev, why not me?
I thought you said it was rape.
He's a fucking punk.
Thought you might have left.
Don't worry, I'm going.
I don't know what you're
getting so upset about.
I mean, it's not like you're even
bothered about men or fucking.
Cos you don't even enjoy sex.
Kev told me.
I'm making everyone
my farewell breakfast.
You can have some.
Then you'll leave?
Don't worry, I'm leaving.
I don't believe a word you say.
That must be annoying.
I'm selling the house. We'll split
the money and go our separate ways.
No. Yes.
Come and sit down with us,
you big, upset bottom.
Yeah, come and sit here.
Stay away from the evil-faced
fucking monster.
Shut up!
Look, Kev should fuck off.
Has she always been like this? Who?
Maybe it's her MS.
She told you she's got MS?
She hasn't used that one
for a while.
She's got a great imagination.
Very creative. She's crazy.
I'd just like to say...
Good riddance? Sammy!
I'd just like to say
before I go home...
Great bunch of people.
Leave it out, Emily!
Go home and take your multiple
schizo personality with you.
You are all crazy.
Fabio! Fabio!
You guys always take it too far.
What was that?
She's probably slashed her wrists.
Move back! Fucking move back!
We need to go to the hospital!
She won't go to the hospital.
What should we do?
I don't know.
Emily, come with me!
We'll go and see a friend of mine,
Get in the fucking car!
Get in! Gillian, come with us!
I don't want to.
Everybody fucked her.
Including you.
She can't see me. Never has.
I've let myself be
used over and over.
She needs a doctor, Gillian. Not you.
You'll never go to Ibiza,
you know that.
I will.
I may fuck up,
but I have my dreams.
Fuck her, then section her,
was that one of them?
Who are you trying to kid? You
and Emily are made for each other.
Same lies are the truth
and the truth is lies.
I haven't lied to you!
No, but you have betrayed me.
I fuck up! All right?
That's just what I do.
We can't all be as perfect as you.
At least I live my life.
I don't just give it away to anyone
who wants it. Fuck off!
Where are you going?
I don't know.
But I'll be OK.
Yeah. I can see that.
I've got everything I need.
# Take the stairs, by the three
# Follow me
# Oh...
# Ooh...
# Find an arrow, follow it
# I never could resist
No-one ever could resist it
# Take the stairs, by the three
# Follow me!
# Find an arrow, follow it
# I never could resist
No-one ever could resist it
# Take the stairs, by the three
# Follow me
# Naked on the December lawn
# Rosehip on your lips
# Your face grew pale
in the yellow moon
# As the stars fell from
your cheek
# Part of me, this loveless child
# Her heart is lost and thrown
# Overboard, overboard
# Watch it in the water
# Don't you crown me
with your labour of love
# Or get down on bended knee
and claim forever vows
# A picaroon like me
only lives to be free
# Wailing out a wild Lorelei
# I got a woo-ooo-den heart
# Oh, oh, I got a woo-ooo-den heart
# Oh, oh! I got a wooden heart
# Oh, Lord, believe
# Well, I tried to love but
the lover just leaves me
# Overboard, overboard
# Watch it in the water
# Don't you crown me
with your labour of love
# Or get down on bended knee
and claim forever vows
# A picaroon like me
only lives to be free
# Wailing out a wild...
# Wailing out a wild...
# Wailing out a wild Lorelei. #