Strawberry Night (2013) Movie Script

i'll never tell what happened to me
when i was 17, that summer
i died once
then i came back to life
among tears of blood
and harboring hatred
eric paroissien, minimasubs,
fucking brat
she betrayed me
you sure you'd rather dine here?
there's a good italian next door
i'd rather not, it's raining
if anything happened
you're home tonight, right?
that's quite a bag you got there, chief
you bought it when you were promoted?
such birkin bag cost up to $2000
-"haute croix"
not a birkin but a haute croix
$8,500 second hand, 24 monthly payments
the color is good
why red? your lucky color?
lucky color well
you visited chief imaizumi
in the hospital, right?
it's him
- what?
himekawa speaking
himekawa where are you?
are you with someone?
no you're at the hospital?
superintendent hashizume
called at my place
he couldn't reach you he was pissed
nakano precinct found a dead body,
a murder
you have to go now
please let me through
thank you for coming
- hi
5th floor
you were on a date?
do your job
i get it
thank you for coming
-good evening
coming in
don't throw up
- i won't
quite a display of a crime
who is he?
- mitsuru kobayashi, 29
a lieutenant in the ryuzaki gang
affiliated to the rokuryu organization
the victim resisted barehanded
to a knife aggression
he fought in the boxing posture
explaining these blade wounds
the final strike went to the heart
mr. komine?
-the body's been here for a week
a week?!
the landlady found him
miss shimura, a bar hostess
they had an affair
she was abroad for 10 days
she came back today
- i see
miss, we have to take the body
don't you think the wound pattern
is like the mitaka case?
mitaka was 5 days ago
narihirabashi was 3 days ago
if we have a serial killer
this is where he started
what is it?
this is exquisite
come on, miss
good evening, sir
sorry i didn't pick your call
same as mitaka and narihirabashi
nakano precinct have the case
we meet with them at 11
don't you dare be late
it's delicious
that is
you ate already?
just eat and sign
i tried
i'm just a realtor
you saw the tape, right?
your behavior with
that cute little boy
we had to clean up your mess
we still hear about it
where are your manners
eat up
'told you to eat up
i'm sure you'll manage somehow
good evening manager
kobayashi from rokuryu organization
was killed
could you store this for me?
himekawa, we need the report
from the scene now
alright, i get it
one case, 3 victims...
see how many inspectors gathered for it
he's here
coordination meeting
it's a yakuza case
good evening
-good evening
chief himekawa
long time no see
kamata precinct should not be here
i'm in nakano precinct
i'll be in your team from this case
you don't say?
it is a divine blessing for me
how did you get such promotion
after your misconduct
...or wait...
-they demoted you?
the top dogs are here
i'll open
stand up bow
we start
we have a conjoint meeting with mitaka,
nakano, narihirabashi precincts
chief miyazaki, you're up
first let's say it's a yakuza case
on a wide scale
concerning ryuzaki gang
shinya ryuzaki, the gang leader
he's on a short stay
in a hospital right now
he left the lead to
the younger hideya fujimoto
the jinyu gang is directly
under his command
under the same command:
the kyokusei gang
excuse me
you have to interrupt
we're here to discuss the murders
please give us what concerns the case
i was precisely laying
the foundation of our case
first i'd like to grasp what concerns
directly the victim and crime scene
otherwise how can we determine
if the murders are related
i think that's what i'm doing
chief miyazaki
mr. katayama
alright then
the first victim is mitsuru kobayashi
in nakano
a lieutenant in jinyu gang,
member of rokuryu
the mitaka victim is hiroyuki iwaki
a leader of the kyokusei rival gang
in narihirabashi, takeshi kano
a lieutenant of jinyu gang
they're all affiliated
to the ryuzaki gang
i wouldn't be surprised now
if a struggle for succession aroused
considering a inner struggle
a connection between those 3 cases
is extremely probable
we told you that gang
they're being in the same organization
is not much of a connection
the theory of an inside power struggle
is far fetched
so in what direction should
this investigating move?
this is the purpose of this meeting
we investigate each victims life
their connections their habits
we need to grasp their circumstances
to determine the dynamics behind
the gangs interactions
the crime scene won't tell anything
you think you'll dig data
from a murderers affinities
but the gang milieu is simpler than this
yakuza is all about the organization
the organization is their motive
we're talking about people
with human motives
within these organizations
an individual is just a piece
i get it loud and clear
you guys have an angle
radically opposite to ours
i'm trying to convey that
this "piece" has a heart
chief miyazaki, if i may?
the meeting is not over
saga, himekawa, come
what is it?
maybe better to keep
separate investigations
but the rule
commissioner wada, we're asking you
you mean that no information
will be shared?
this will make things much easier
please director
i get it
we'll proceed this way exceptionally
but be sure
to gather info thoroughly
as per himekawa's method
just keep this in mind
good let's move on
those meetings get on my nerves
but chief imaizumi's presence
changed the energy
absolutely those guys complaining
it was a good opportunity
i forgot it
i'll get it
-no, go tell them to wait
move it
where's my bag?
yes, this is nakano precinct
the kil-ler of mi-tsu-ru ko-ba-ya-shi
ken-to ya-na-gi
26 years old
sorry to bother you so late
-it's from all my team
i feel bad, you guys are so concerned
banging your head after
a low blood pressure collapse
you're giving me an ulcer
something big happened
the ulcer is because you can't relax
during the meeting they kept
bringing up the inside gang struggle
they don't join our team
they want to keep to their own,
and wada is indulging them
that's a favor he granted you
a favor?
they don't want it to get tedious
with a heavy search
anyway what's your take
on this case?
doesn't look like a serial killer
especially with kobayashi in nakano
why is that?
he was killed at home
looking at the scene i had that feeling
i received a weird anonymous call earlier
what call?
the killer of mitsuru kobayashi
is kento yanai
kento yanai
you know him?
that is
did you mention this to anyone?
keep it quiet, i'll handle it
bear with me
got it
yes, himekawa
it's hashizume, meet me tomorrow at 7am
in the park, nakano precinct, come alone
don't tell anyone
don't let anyone see you
good morning
what's the matter
leave kento yanai alone
his name popped up in your case
don't you touch him
if anyone under your command
brings evidence against him
it will be on your head
you're kidding
you heard it from chief clerk imaizumi
this is way above his or my head
you mean it's an order from above?
what kind of person is that?
a high ranking official's son?
or the son of some congressman?
why don't you just obey orders
when i don't get it i don't shut up
what's wrong with you?
fuck it why me?
doing imaizumi's dirty jobs
listen himekawa
i'll tell you one last time
leave kento yanai alone
don't waste your time calling imaizumi
reiko himekawa
excuse me
your temperature
good morning
mitsuru kobayashi killed in nakano
he's small fish
in the rokuryu organization
he has a reputation of unreliability
you come up with the obvious
it took you all this time
mr. soitsu has only started
the investigation
don't be that harsh
he's new on the job
i'm done
next report on the list iwamoto
about kobayashi
in the rokuryu organization
he's really remote from the leadership,
not involved in the power struggle
he's got a bad reputation
reiko-chan, what happened back there?
tell me chief
take care of ioka
good morning sir
good morning sir
good morning sir
now we're done with the fujimoto report
next we have the bi-monthly report
well events
that keep happening among us
we have to act quick before the cops
while the ryuzaki boss is hospitalized
i'd hate to worry him with that
you want to solve it quietly?
what is it, miara?
just spit it out
this is all happening because
of kamiuma's factory
your property was for sale
you turned down my $1.3million offer
and sold it to outsiders
you'd rather sell it to tanajima
for just a $4,000 more
on a million dollar deal, just 4,000
even now that tanajima made the deal
sajima construction too
we know they're just figurehead
for uncle okuyama
you're not very clear
what's that about?
fujimoto you're playing a double
game in our back
mihara careful with your words
he's the president
our elder has been seen eating fugu fish
with saiku from sajima construction
then you'll join forces
with uncle okuyama obviously
i'm not eating fugu with saiku
we just happen to belong to a group
as our acting president meeting uncle okuyama
while the boss is hospitalized
you're wagging your tail
at uncle okuyama
eating fugu you are selling
our organization in our back
-let me do this brother
then back me up
don't pretend you don't know
this dog is doing us in the back
not now
what do you mean 'not now'?
you're taking sides with tetsuo?
you're backing up that youngster
who calls me a dog
please forgive us president
i meant i'll deal with him later
if you could just forget about this
isao, really
the boss hardly granted you a glance
and there you are posing
i'll crush you
enough now
-and yet
let me deal with him
damn,could it be connected
to that incident 9 years ago
9 years ago?
well let's see
something happened
to kento yanai 9 years ago?
well let's see is it there
i get it
i'll search myself,
just give me the archive
as soon as they closed the incident
everything was withdrawn
do you mean, like, entirely destroyed?
don't make me speak too much
well that case stirred a lot of trouble
'kento yanai'
2004 : a young woman strangled
to death in her apartment in mitaka
necktie marks on her neck
woman strangled chie yanai (19)
had not been seen for 3 days
chie yanai
marks of struggle
19 years old
necktie marks on neck
her apartment in mitaka
after a struggle she was strangled
torn clothes
rapist murderer
reiko reiko
father suspected
case dropped
here you are
-thank you very much
daughter killer
abused his daughter in the place
of his defunct wife sex abuse
she had been through misery
chie's brother kenta (17) found her
kento yanai
should that 9 years old incident resurface
it would drag the dignity
of the police in the mud
and be sure that a number
of officers would be demoted
let alone the public order issue
this would raise in tokyo
this would threaten public safety too
we don't have to go
through all that trouble
if we botch this
be sure heads will fall
mr. wada
you have one last year
to go before retiring
you don't need a scandal
at the very last moment
you need my support as a chief detective
alright then
your responsibility is to protect
the police institution
be very heedful with each of your steps
i guess you get that
by the way, i hope you put reiko himekawa
in line after that anonymous call
i made it very clear to her
make sure she knows where
her allegiance lies
but, the inner struggle theory
doesn't stand
pay back using the exact
same killing method
doesn't make sense
mitsuru kobayashi killed first
but we found him after the 2 others
he'd been avenged long before
the police found kobayashi
and he copied that left eye wound
this is impossible
it just confuses the investigation
a hair-splitting theory
they're so obstinate about it,
they won't even consider anything we say
they won't even give us info
on the mitaka case
we can't even assert it's a serial killer
we'd better make the best of it
and find our own intel
say kikuta, what were you doing
with ioka today?
it was a jurisdiction issue
that's it, i get it about ioka
there's been a disciplinary measure
a murder
you're kidding
he took a day off pretending
his grandpa died but they found out
they discovered it's the 3rd time
his grandpa dies
although the old man
is strong as an oak
he used that day off to take
a bar hostess to okinawa
you don't say
and listen to this,
that lover's professional name
you guess?
you don't say
excuse me
i knew you'd be here
let's go guys
reiko-chan, don't go
my treat now
ioka, please go ahead
with your bar hostess
we were talking about you
she's waiting for you
what you did to grandpa is wrong
-okinawa is great
listen, that reiko is from okinawa
she hadn't seen family for years
it was so sad i had to
my intentions were pure
chief, what are you investigating?
not worth mentioning
you're not telling it all
-but i am
tomorrow too you'll
investigate on your own?
you have to tell me what it is
it's getting embarrassing
i received an anonymous call
kento yanai killed mitsuru kobayashi
'kento yanai'
you've reached an answering machine
please leave your message
it all started 9 years ago, a murder
kento yanai's elder sister was killed
in her apartment
the inspector then was
their father atsushi yanai
it seems she move in alone
to run away from that father
run away?
taking her in place of her deceased mother,
he abused her
he looked for his daughter
she was tortured and killed in a robbery
that's what the investigation alledged
they conducted interrogations
with this denial hypothesis
have a good evening
good evening
what the
he committed suicide in front of the son
the son kento yanai?
the father committed suicide
but had an alibi
my elder at that time at the precinct
was in the investigation team
a soon as he told his alibi
it was discarded
he found it odd
so what if
the victim mitsuru kobayashi
was chie yanai's lover
and he was the first suspect that came up
so maybe
had he been the real culprit
that means kento yanai knew it
killing mitsuru kobayashi was a revenge
for the murder of his sister
considering his father committed suicide
in front of him
in that case the father's suicide
was unfortunate for the police
so the police prosecuted
the father with the alibi
so they concealed evidence
that's why it would be an embarrassment
if kento yanai's name popped up now
because of that concealment,
kobayashi's murder was followed
by another one
surely filing that case as 'gang struggle'
discards the serial killer theory
so they want to keep kento's name quiet
the whole department had to conceal
evidence 9 years ago
i won't let this go
we go after kento yanai
chief, it's too dangerous
you didn't hear anything,
i don't know nothing
-you didn't hear anything
call me if you need me
good night
please don't forget you have
a team working under you
why the hell do we have
to come to ushida's service?
this family would be better off
if they were all dead
you came to pay respect to your dad
one warm sake
yes, katsumata
you mean now?
alright, i'll be back soon
it was good
-thank you sir
military high school
parking for rent - nakata real estate
nakata real estate
thank you
what, i have to stick with you?
what's the chief investigating?
she wouldn't tell
she isn't even coming to meetings
is she ok on her own?
the commissioner keeps looking
at her empty seat
so it's our job to follow
right, kikuta?
we must talk to the chief
in the meantime we investigate
the leads we have
let's start with what we can do
she's on her own
let's go
excuse me, mr. yanai?
excuse me
how about iwaki's business?
teraoka is taking over from next week
not you?
-no sir
i see
how old are you now?
37, sir
won't you start getting involved?
i'd rather be by your side
i'm glad to be of service
you found me in the street and saved me
i'll serve you as long as i can
-this can't be
i'm not satisfied that business
went to iwaki's hands
if we want to revive it,
you'll have to roll up your sleeves
mr. shimada
just 5min please
i told you i'm not talking
to guys of your team
but we're leading the same investigation
come on spit it
he'd boast he was a boss back home
we knew he was lying
kobayashi didn't have the balls
to be on the street
was kobayashi known for his temper?
certainly weaker than i am
but most of all he was totally hopeless
he was so small he'd suck up to them,
so many guys are like this
there must be many around you too
"approaching sakahashi junction
an incident cause a traffic jam
the rest of the traffic is ok"
the asphalt is slippery
on the metropolitan expressway
the story of music
come under the shelter
are you visiting mr. kento yanai?
is he absent?
it seems
do you know mr. yanai?
i'm inspector himekawa
forgive me
my name is
makita, i'm a realtor
what's your connection to mr. yanai?
i'm in business with one of his colleagues
he's a friend
tell me more?
i'm in business with his colleague
as i said
where is that colleague? in roppongi?
no it's around here
but you're a roppongi realtor
i work everywhere
-i see
please tell me where he lives
he's off today
-tell me anyway
why a day off?
-i just saw it, i don't know
are you visiting mr. yanai?
no, it's for business
address and phone number
let me take you there
i wouldn't want to but then again
if you please
you're on a case?
-it's not like that
still, when the police comes all the way
-nothing important
why did you come to mr. yanai's place?
i have an apartment for him
he's moving then you know why?
he didn't tell
mr. yanai is living on his own?
i guess he does
you never visited him?
has he decided when to move?
not yet i presume
it's that manga caf
thanks for your help
may i ask for your card?
i'm himekawa
thank you
i may have more questions about mr. yanai
may i call you?
thanks, bye
take this
my car is around the corner
discard it when you're done
very kind of you
who was that?
an inspector
she was asking about yanai
a proper questioning
he keeps skipping work without notice?
he came last tuesday
but hasn't called since
first time he does that
he's only here part-time, right?
does he work somewhere else?
no, just here i think
excuse me, you have an ash-tray?
wait he said he was working
on his computer
what kind of job?
i wouldn't know
you have a recent photo of him?
something happened to him?
no, i just need to ask him questions
a photo
i hope this is ok
would you happen to be his
possibly he ran away
he ran away?
when i told him i was pregnant
it's his?
we'll finish with this
stand up
what's your chief scheming in our back?
she's not scheming
doesn't show up at meetings,
didn't give one report
what does she tell you?
she offers info regularly
don't bullshit me
i told her to report thoroughly to me
she has to assume her function as a chief
explain yourself
mr. katayama
your team is not sharing any info
we'll report duly in due time
same for us
please respect our way
you have a member
not respecting meeting attendance
what kind of respect is that
she has a good reason for her absence
seiryo real estate
established in 2009
he seems legit to me
what's this
what the
-you're asamu goto
you know kento yanai
i do
give me his address
i don't know it
you're gonna talk
damn what the
if you don't wanna talk
i'll strangle you
don't don't damn
you gonna talk
enough enough
there there
what's with you?
you tell me everything you know
and this
for your trouble
excuse me
excuse me
boss it's isao
something you can eat later
how do you feel?
been better
don't say that
get back on your feet quick
we're all waiting
my succession
i'm thinking of fujimoto
would be good
if it's your decision, no one can object
i'll take care of it myself
excuse me
i remember it well
the place we first met
i remember it well too
when you came to see me
hold fast
from that day
you were like my own son
i need you to support fujimoto
you don't need to worry
about the organization
i'll protect it well
i asked to see you
sorry i kept you waiting
it's me who came too early
you found this place easily?
- sure
with you like a beer?
no thanks, i'm on the clock
can't harm to have a drink
for me too drinking eases up the talking
just one drink
2 beers please
-right away
your umbrella
i left it on the rack by the door
that was so kind of you
you could have discarded it
why would i do that
mr. yanai's disappearance is worrisome
when did you last see him?
last week, on monday
about a new apartment
did anything seem odd with him then?
i don't see
-please try to remember
nothing seemed odd
what kind of place was he looking for?
one room
i thought he would look for more space
for the coming baby
but you knew about this
what was he doing on his computer?
i don't know
you didn't have private conversations
where to?
i'll give you a ride
i'll be fine
-let's go
i guess yanai is involved in a case
but when an inspector
is so bent on finding him
no worries, just need
to check a few things
miss himekawa
the fact is, i lent him money
it's fine
what amount of money?
about $5,000
that much?
such a serious person, i thought
i could safely lend him
i heard you said he had another job
i thought he might have gotten
into trouble there
you know where that is?
nothing in particular
thank you
good night
-good night
fujimoto from the jinyu gang was killed
fujimoto was killed coming back
from his lover's place
shot 2ce in the chest, 1ce in the head,
died instantly
the weapon used could be
a gun we found near the scene
that settles it
he comes in the series of gang struggle murderers
they all coincide with the succession struggle
inside the ryuzaki gang
since ryuzaki was hospitalized he ordered these
they all are expecting someone to take over
behind all this we'll probably find makita
of the kyokusei gang
the young counselor of ryuzaki gang
his name is makita
no way
once fujimoto is disposed of,
see the position of makita
on his way to the top he had to eliminate him
maybe ryuzaki had fujimoto in mind
for his succession
you've been idle for 2 days how could you know?
well, that's it
i think their hypothesis is correct
it's a good job
alright, we'll leave
so? what have you been up too these 2 days
sorry i skipped the meeting
what i'm asking
go ahead
yes, hashizume
i've just heard too, i have no details
you think you'll get off the hook so easily
fujimoto's elimination profits
to your promotion
please uncle shimamoto
we can't change what's done
but now for you
you're the most capable successor
are you implying that i disposed of fujimoto?
come on, gimme a break
we saw what happened at the last meeting
even if our brother ryuzaki forgives you
we the heads of ryuzaki gang
won't close our eyes
i don't want bad blood between brothers, but
unless you come up with an clear proof that you
didn't do it
there will be no more trust between us
eric paroissien, minimasubs,
chief, did you find something?
we need your help
-fujimoto was killed for succession?
he was eliminated as an obstacle?
don't let the other team take all the credit
what do we do?
sorry, it's not about the other team
it's not a simple gang inner struggle
so what are you investigating?
it's late guys, let's call it a day
sure, i guess the chief is tired too
let's go
let's talk
i'm tired
about kento yanai
excuse me
enough sniffing around for kento yanai
you won't find kento yanai
chief commissioner nagaoka
is detaining him
so it's a cover up for what happened
9 years ago
himekawa, please let it go
i won't
you've been ordered to shut it up
when honesty and justice are trampled on
i won't shut up
precisely for that sake
i want to protect mr. wata
this man raised us
we were his students,
commissioner wada's school
i guess that school built up
bonding among them
whatever the reason
the gun they found
near fujimoto's murder scene
bears kento yanai's fingerprints
the marks on the bullet match
with such evidence against him,
there's no point hiding yanai
we're about to take the right action
but if we don't have
the signal from director nagaoka
we won't show the prints or yanai himself
meaning, mr. wata's dear students
will protect him at all costs
seems that way
mr. wata is so lucky
mr. wata is not that kind of person
mr. wata made me who i am
every step of my career
he prepared me to confront the street
you and katsumata are indebted to him
every police officer owes him
their safety on the street
we don't want the career of that man
to end up in a scandal
justice must appear in the light
you must do it
you're full of yourself
maybe i'm making a mistake
but still
imposing that justice right now
is but a short term gain
it's probable that wata knows
you're after yanai
because of that he would release yanai
you think a selfish man would do that?
mr. wata is struggling among
the ties of his obligations
you too are a cop,
part of the same body
you know how he feels
person let's go of yanai
please let go
this is not decent
you guys have no decency
tell me what you found
it's yanai?
you're gonna find him?
i swear i'll find him
in 2 days we take action
this gives me time to talk to people
thank you
but himekawa
i'll move only with solid evidence
rather than the phone,
i needed to see you
tell me your real name
kento yanai
may i call you kento?
you're handsome
mr. kento yanai
are you serious?
mr. makita
have you seen hell
kento, you ever done this?
for me
you're my first
apart from dad
i don't want dad
to be the only one
i feel that if i did it with you
it would soothe my pain
somehow i have that feeling that
he'll become just another man
you're right
it can't be
forgive me
run away
-how can i?
just run
run away from dad
she had a boyfriend named kobayashi
she thought he'd do something for her
mr. kobayashi?
it's kento
i'm without news from my sister
i'm quite busy,
i haven't seen her in while
why meet here?
my dad committed suicide
really? he gave you a hard time too
you killed my sister
what are you saying?
only you and me had a key
my dad found her apartment
then he took her again
you saw it, didn't you?
it turned you on
-he was on her
i saw them
your sister and your father doing it
that dirty sow mounted by her pig father
she cheated on me
of course that kind deserves to die
fucking brat
you had it coming, bastard
isao makita
yes, hinakawa
so you're not giving up, sir
even as a yakuza how ever hard i insist
you can't have him killed?
i'm asking you
please mr. makita,
i have no one else to ask
i could pay you more with info
your information is always accurate, sir
you can't buy with info this time
fujimoto from jinyukai
i have evidence that
he's betraying ryuzaki gang
if you do my business
i could help you properly dispose of him
without fail
'yanai' is a false identity?
we said he was working on computers
this is how i remembered
he told me he was using two names
he could have been using
the other name for that job
sure, there's a possibility
what's the name?
i can't remember precisely
was something like
starting with 'oka'
first name 'ken'
thanks a lot, i check right away
miss himekawa
why don't you tell me
what this is about?
what are you investigating yanai for?
uncle makita
although we just lost our boss
uncle is not coming paying his respects
what are you doing with a broad here
shall we go?
wait a minute
oh i get it
now that boss fujimoto is dead
you have a hard time hiding your joy
you can't turn the cold shoulder on us
you had our boss killed
what's that?
what are you doing?
leave him alone
call an ambulance
-an ambulance
let me go
what was that?
press with this
who are you?
i'm with ryuzaki gang
kyokusei group
i'm isao makita
today at noon
makita from kyokusei group
he got into a fight with jinyu guys
an ex-colleague told me a big commotion
what did makita do?
when my colleague arrived, he fled
he ran with a woman
he saw her
he thought she could be himekawa
what are you
-that's what he said
she had one like this, he said
what you just said
stays between us
there (ryuzaki file)
who are you?
i'm inspector kikuta from investigations
wait outside
we'll be short
who do you you think you are
you heard the boss
you could have made a proper appointment
tell me about kento yanai
who's this?
you know inspector himekawa
is on his track
you used it to approach her
i see
you are in himekawa's team?
what's your relation to yanai?
-told you i don't know him
what are you trying
to manipulate her for?
reiko himekawa
if you don't mind
makita speaking
it's himekawa
could we meet today?
just you and me
i'm meeting someone right now
i call you back
what now?
you know mitsuru kobayashi
he's an executive in rokuryu organization
he's in the same organization
and you don't know him?
our organization is quite big
i can't know all the small fry
so you know kobayashi is small fry
please go straight to your point
like "don't approach reiko himekawa"
what i want to know is
-it was her calling now
don't get involved with her
now that's the voice of the man
but himekawa is out of your league
you don't know her dark side
even if you did
you couldn't grasp it
it's because you
you never killed a man, right?
i look for another place
let's talk in the car
we just need a private place
you need to know something, right?
i investigated you
your father was managing
an engineering company
both your parents were killed
because of the mafia
their debt was so exorbitant
your mother hanged herself
your younger sister compelled
to prostitution committed suicide
you took vengeance in your hands
then you went to jail
shinya ryuzaki got interested in you
they took you under their wing
when you came out
they offer you a position that
you didn't refuse
and at an incredible speed
you were promoted counselor
you did your homework
you got my whole life neatly packed
into that hermes bag your so proud of
but i can't find the connection
how did you two meet?
i just know you didn't meet
in that manga cafe
but connecting must have been easy
his family killed,
you understood the feeling
you immediately empathized with him
so many connections
that conversation is leading nowhere
you know it
yanai's other job
you gave me his false identity
hoping i'd find his bank account
we'll know his moves
from his money's moves
he used that account for that other job
of course you know that bank account
doing so you revealed how deep
the bond is between you two
and that's why
with these partial revelations
you fathom my intentions
yanai's fingerprints came up
on the gun that killed fujimoto
no way
what was your business with yanai
yanai was providing info
i was making money
with info he provided
info on rival organizations
on the police
i bought him all kinds
his info is always accurate
at time it even allowed me
a narrow escape
i was so impressed by this young
guys talent, i called him 'sir'
this yanai
he told me he had vital info on fujimoto
and disappeared
i need that info, and that's why
i'm after him
even as fujimoto is dead?
i'm going to play a bigger role
in the organization
these are yanai's fake identity
bank account
kikuta, i need you to check something
alright i get it
tell me more
told ya everything i know
how did you come in contact with him?
had it been for the mere purpose of info
an occasional call would have sufficed
you had emotions involved into
could say the same about you?
why would a woman like you become a cop?
an invisible wound that keeps bleeding,
what are you hiding?
i'm nothing like you
-just the same
you spotted our likeness from the start
the hell we've been through
you're wrong, so wrong, i'm not like you
and yet you're here by my side
you're here cause you can't run away
from the scent of distress in my blood
that scent is yours too
you want to kill him
i'll kill him for you
kill him
i'll drive you home
there's a rumor running about your boss
she's having secret meetings
with makita from kokusei
is that true?
i don't know
don't play dumb with me
in the present case
makita is the prominent character
what's up?
what's this?
it's about your female boss and makita
he's getting info from her
chief miyazaki
chose your words carefully
let's begin
we finished
the meeting
where's himekawa?
she wasn't with you?
i see
even as an inspector she's a woman
it's kikuta
i'd like to see you now
is it true that you don't show up
at meetings and play solo?
you've been chasing kento yanai?
do you intend to follow orders
from your superiors?
well then
you mean these gentlemen
are not your superiors?
i look at each my orders
with deep consideration
commissioner wada,
superintendent hashizume
your considered responsible as well
you're aware of the consequences
chief himekawa i'll ask you to withdraw
totally from the present case
were you to decline
i'll ask for your resignation
chief katsumata, i request a favor
i don't grant favors to a cop about
to lose her badge
yanai's account under a fake identity,
don't you need this?
i'm not sure i do
i'm asking you
this side or that side anyway
they're not worth it
forgive me
you'll have to team up with hisaga today
call hisaga, he'll give instructions
how about you?
i'll investigate, duh
feels awkward
i just wanted to
people do all kinds of things
rumors, go figure
they're just rumors
get to work
mother a pack of a punch
why are you here?
chief katsumata called me
he'd found yanai's hideout
it means you too
he called me last night
he said you'd be on your own
that he'd call me too
i see
let's go
-wait please
you're pursuing the truth
as an inspector?
if that is not the case
i'll go on my own
you asked me before why i chose red
the color of blood
that i never forget the blood spilled
because of me
i'll show them i survived
that's why i'm here
let's go
excuse me
mr. yanai
police scanners
suicide note?
i kille kobayashi affiliated
to ryuzaki gang
yanai killed 4 mobsters?
can't be
he couldn't forgive the gang
that kobayashi was from
that's why he killed 3 more
he was just a school boy
he didn't think too far
at least you found
who you were looking for
sorry to have you work extra time
no way
we're not taking that character
through the front door
chief katsumata
i found what you were looking for
that's as far as i go
if you have time
tidy up the place before you leave
please dispose of yanai's suicide note
and file it as a simple suicide
fortunately, their team
is still bent on the gang
inside struggle theory
even if we didn't officially
solve the case
it's a far lesser harm than the truth
high commisioner nagaoka
you really want it like that
the police is here to guard the safety
of the people and serve them
does it justify the police
in every means
the inspectors wear out their shoes
on the street all year round
on bare ground, in dirty back streets,
in the mud
without the least concern
for their own comfort or health
all that for a corpse
and the bereaving family
fiercely pursuing the truth
commissioner wada
don't tell me you hang on
to that over-used clich of justice
here it is not justice
it's your job
you may go now
kikuta, what's that?
we're your team
chief, how do we proceed
tell us anything
go back i'm not involving you
we're inspectors
please chief
kento yanai can't have killed fujimoto
tamotsu and kohei, investigate
the fingerprints on the weapon
tell komine to give me a call
kikuta, go see yanai's lover, uchida
but don't tell her yet he died
nori and i are going
to professor kunioku's place
let's do this
why are you bothering me we that again
your lady is quite a handful
sorry for the trouble
i'd rather not search it
what do you mean?
when a person fires
the prints are so
at the moment of firing, the print splits
but in our case, they're applied
with a tight and neat grip
as if
prints had been applied carefully
with a glove
this was used by a computer expert
the useless files that are
auto-generated by transmission protocols
are all erased
you mean, you can't retrieve
the files updated in the last 10 days?
i'll try my best
you better
that's not good, you've been fired
these are my favorite
i'm only out of the case
take it easy then
there's something odd on kento yanai's
body at the forensics's
please check
sorry but, as for the nakano crime scene,
it's quite fishy
bring me that board
what's that?
don't forget to place it back
this and the photo same
ain't it odd?
the blood pattern of a knife strike
this is in a line
he used the knife to smear like that
i did it like that
after the murder he had blood
on the knife
first he stabbed his heart
killing him instantly
he staged it
he probably was
in an artistic inclination
just kidding
probably he wanted the crime
to look amateurish
a professional hiding his skill
on a series of murders
highly probable
he intentionally played dumb
from the start they had
planned to frame yanai
it's possible that the victims
are not all mobsters
so it's in connection
with ryuzaki gang
you got something?
the day before he disappeared
he came to uchida's apartment
and he used her computer
the updated files on that computer
oyama from the scientific lab
searched the computer
he made a surprising discovery
let's get a warrant
you think chief commissioner nagaoka
will deliver it?
he'll erase the evidence again
what can we do?
i get him to confess
and i arrest him myself
we're coming
-no way
i'll be alone
it's dangerous
-i'll get the truth from him
and i'll expose to him the incident
9 years ago
take a copy
-don't go alone
we'll go too
please go
to get him to talk
only she can
thank you
i understand with you say
i'll be waiting for evidence
it's himekawa
we found kento yanai
his body
we have to meet
i'm going out
i don't need you
what happened?
he committed suicide
could make some time
you need to see that
at the scientific lab of the police
i'll show you the way
he left a note
kobayashi, iwaki, kano, fujimoto
he confessed to all murders
but he has motive for kobayashi alone
your captain iwaki was killed
some said he was about to switch
to the jinyukai side
and now that the jinyukai boss,
fujimoto is out
you can aim at the top position
in ryuzaki gang
what are you implying
with them all obstacles
in your way are removed
yanai who is close to you
takes the rap
fingerprints and a suicide note are planted
nothing to do with me
i have no reason
you say you didn't do it
none of them?
[kobayashi] it's a prank?
you're rokuryu organization too
we belong to the same clan
come on, you can't be doing this
stop that bad prank now
kento, i'm begging you
tell mr. makita, i have no hand in that matter
mr. makita
kill him sir
do it sir
isnt it what you wanted all along
it's your business
you give the finishing blow
do it yanai
you're the regular loser
your whole family
all degenerates in their own way
don't you all deserve to die
this is what it means to kill a man, sir
you were supposed to do your job
my sister always cried
she was enduring
she was enduring
at the end only her left eye
yanai was recording
we found it on his girlfriend's computer
for their coming baby
they might need black mail money some day
why did you have to kill yanai?
why did you have to stick fujimoto's
and others murders on him
as i said
i have no hand in that matter
just to me, tell me the truth
you had him do it
you're wrong
mr. makita
please mr. makita
tell me everything you know
so that you and me
can turn ourselves in
i don't know what you're talking about
i will
why would you do this?
mr. makita
go, go away
what ...?
quick, go
that's why i hated that woman
i was doing all this for you, all of it
i did it all to raise your rank
i'd have done anything
did you have to be so smart
kento yanai killed mitsuru kobayashi
hey, uncle
it hurts
let him go
mr. makita
you'll be ok
hold on
someone, call an ambulance
i want you to hold on
mr. makita
you can't
there's a talk on kento yanai with all parties concerned
just a distressed man man who committed suicide
doing the talking today
you'll simply follow my lead
answer when necessary and nod
let's go
today i gathered you about a case involving a gang inside struggle
in the neighborhoods of chioda, marunouchi
causing fear among the population
we know how hard you worked on it
from the bottom of my heart, we want to thank you
let's proceed
we are now offering publicly info about 4 gangland murders
please sit down
we just heard about gangland murders
allow me to correct that statement
commissioner wada
this is not a simple ryuzaki gang inner struggle
to explain how this started...
we have to go 9 years back to chie yanai's murder
you won't stop
please sit, we're live on tv
chie yanai
was 19 then, in her own apartment
was strangle to death
mr. wada did?
i see
this was the origin
that triggered yoshinori kawakami...
to a series of murders
i'm tabata with choyo news
i have a question
kento yanai and kobayashi
in the same series of murders, means ...
if the failure of the investigation 9 years ago
hadn't been covered
the subsequent murders would have been avoided
your angle is accurate
how is the police going to take responsibility
the department that conducted the investigation
will have to be removed by all means
incapable as we were to prevent these crimes
the public trust in the police
has severely been blemished
i sincerely apologize
chief commissioner nagaoka
we sincerely apologize
move aside
let us through
cardiac massage
the emergency cart
everyone is praised , right?
only chief katsumata and chief hisa are left
i guess few want to team up with me
you'll be in ikebukuro precinct?
you'll be in kitasen , right?
for the second time
you've been in my team for 4 years and 6 months
it went by so quickly
so true
say, kikuta
what's between us...
-i get it
i'm fine
it's over
alright then
eric paroissien, minimasubs,
invisible line
the actress: yuko yamauchi
actor: hideo nishijima