Strawberry Shortcake's Perfect Holiday (2023) Movie Script

[Blueberry] 'Twas a special time of year!
Our merriest season!
Berries rushed to and fro!
Winterswirl was the reason!
A holiday filled
with gifts, cookies, and sweets!
What's not to love?
The whole thing's pretty neat!
On Winterswirl's Eve,
magic twirls, swoops and dives,
as Cinnamon Swirl
on her treat cart arrives!
Beneath Winterswirl trees,
she leaves gifts for each berry.
Tasty baked treats shaped like toys,
oh, how merry!
Winterswirl is a wonder,
fun and joy-filled, it's true!
Though all that baking and planning
means there's a whole lot to do!
But fear not! This Yule tale
reveals just the right way
for each Berry to have a perfect holiday!
[triumphant music playing]
[Strawberry humming Jingle Bells]
[Praline] Ah, ah! Not too much cinnamon!
And don't forget pecans for extra crunch.
Grandberry Jam's Winterswirl cookie recipe
is very specific.
I know, Aunt Praline!
Her Baker's Ball was
one of my favorite Winterswirl traditions.
Music, dancing, a cookie
specifically decorated for each guest.
She always knew how to share
what she loved with who she loved.
[Aunt Praline sighs]
She really was quite a lady.
Now, Strawberry, don't get upset
if the cookies aren't perfect!
Noberry bakes like Grandberry Jam did.
[giggles] Aunt Praline, I've got this.
Tonight's going to be perfect.
First we have The Berryworks annual
tree-lighting ceremony just after sunset,
and then my extra special surprise
for my berry besties.
I wanted to give my friends
some of that holiday magic
from back home in Berryville,
so I'm throwing
a little Baker's Ball of my own.
I even made invitations!
I'm gonna bake Grandberry Jam's cookies,
get the recipe just right,
and decorate a cookie
for each one of my friends.
Have I mentioned
how much I love Winterswirl?
- [phone chimes]
- Ooh, gotta run! See you tonight.
Just remember
that the holidays are a time to relax
and have fun with the berries you love.
Don't get too carried away.
Me? Please. I never get carried away!
[chuckles] It's adorable you think so.
- [meows]
- Oh!
Good tidings and a wonderful Winterswirl
to you, my dear Raspberry Tart!
[squeals] Are you so excited?
I'm excited! Can you tell I'm excited?
What are you most excited for?
For Winterswirl to be over.
Winter... say what now?
But Winterswirl is the most
wonderful time of the year!
Winterswirl is not my thing.
Shopping? Decorating? Parties? Baking!
It's like all your things wrapped up
into one big thing.
This time of year is so annoying.
Everyberry's stressed out
trying to make their Winterswirl perfect!
Oh, that is not true...
[Lime groans]
All shopping finished!
My Winterswirl is finally perfect!
Okay, what Lime said is a coincidence.
I wasn't sure I'd pull it off this year.
But I found some great gifts
at that cute Winter Market in the park,
thanks to my trusty gift formula!
My formula calculates
a berry's likes, dislikes, age and height,
and combines them with common interests,
favorite foods, and least favorite movies.
The result is 90% likely
to be the perfect gift
with a 2% margin of error.
Math: The real hero of the holidays!
I found this holiday sweater
for Bread Pudding,
who is impossible to shop for.
It's just the right mix
of campy and classy.
He's gonna love it!
See? No holiday stress here!
[Bread shouting]
I am seriously stressed out here!
Oh, come on!
The tree-lighting is tonight,
and my to-do list is longer than
Cinnamon Swirl's naughty-or-nice list!
[gasps] What are you wearing?
This? [chuckles snootily]
I treated myself
to an early Winterswirl gift.
Just the right mix of campy and classy.
Like it?
[through gritted teeth] It's perfect!
Okay. Emergency meeting, everyberry!
No holly or jolly until this place
is giving me winter wonderland realness.
[chuckles nervously]
Berries from all over the city
are coming here tonight
expecting to see this tree
decked out for the holidays.
And unless I somehow missed
that invisible ornaments are the hot,
new trend of the holiday season,
we are in trouble!
[gasps] Oy! I am so st...
Stinkin' excited
that we can't wait to dive in,
and we're not even
a little worried at all? I know, right?
Okay, let's see what we've got.
"Baking, lighting," okay,
"decorating the tree, music,
holiday look"... Holiday looks?
I ordered Winterswirl outfits
from Bloomingberries
for us to wear at the tree-lighting.
[chuckling nervously] Okay, no problem!
Raspberry and I
can handle the holiday baking.
You can tell everyberry I couldn't
possibly have done it without you!
Don't love Winterswirl.
Do love saying,
"Strawberry would fail without me."
- Mm-kay, I can live with that.
- Great!
Now, "lighting"?
Got it covered.
I think the lights look fine.
[shouts] Fine? Fine?
I don't do "fine."
I push the limits until berries say,
"Stop, that's borderline dangerous!"
[shouts] And then
I push a little bit more!
[clears throat]
I mean, lights, yay. It will be so cute.
Okay, Lemon will do whatever that was.
As for the tree...
Me! Me! Let me do the tree!
But the tree needs to be...
Awesome? Amazing? Epic?
Traditional. Classic.
[angrily] Tasteful.
Great! You two are on tree duty together.
And as for music,
I think we all know who can handle that.
Music is what I love!
[strums cheerful tune]
We need holiday music.
But make it poppy,
festive, but not too specific,
and fun, but with a somber note,
reflective of the powerful emotions
of the season.
That just leaves the holiday looks!
Lime, can you grab the...
[shrieks] Oh! I have one
quick last-minute gift to pick up,
and then I'll grab the tree-lighting
outfits from Bloomingberries.
- [chuckles nervously]
- There!
Holidays handled!
You forgot
"Welcoming committee for Cinnamon Swirl."
Say what now?
I'm finally gonna meet Cinnamon Swirl!
Ever since I was a sprout, I've wanted
to see her in person. And this is my year!
[whispers] The universe told me.
As in Cinnamon Swirl,
the magical berry guardian
who delivers toy-shaped treats to berries
around the world on Winterswirl's Eve?
That's the one!
I've always felt like Cinnamon Swirl and I
were kindred spirits.
I wanna know her thoughts on the universe,
what it feels like to fly,
if she were an animal,
what animal would she be?
I'm a hedgehog.
Then I guess Blueberry can be in charge
of the welcoming committee.
Which means everything is taken care of,
and our tree-lighting ceremony
will be perfect!
And when it's done,
I hope you join me
for a special Berryville tradition:
The Baker's Ball!
I made invitations.
A Baker's Ball? Seriously?
Yep! Because cookies, baking,
and being with the berries you love
is what the holidays are all about!
A magical wonderland
On every street
Holiday treats that smell so sweet
Just can't be beat
Dashing through the snow
Everywhere we go
Twinkles and glows
And sparkles so bright
And everything feels
So perfectly right
Oh, the best time of the year
Is here again
So let's go and deck the halls
- Fa-la-la-la-la
- And hope it never ends
[all vocalize]
In every single way
A perfect holiday
The best time of year
Is finally here again
A season so filled
With ways to celebrate
Baking and shopping and decorating
Will make it great
Oh, this time of year
So much joy and cheer
Laughter and singing
And smiles so bright
And everything feels
So perfectly right
Oh, the best time of the year
Is here again
So let's go and deck the halls
And hope it never ends
In every single way
A perfect holiday
The best time of year
Is finally here again
It's the best time of the year
Can't believe it's almost here
A holiday with no end in sight
A holiday where it all
Just feels so right!
Oh, the best time of the year
Is here again
So let's go and deck the halls
- Fa-la-la-la-la-la
- And hope it never ends
In every single way
A perfect holiday
The best time of year
Is finally here again
The best time of the year
Is here again
Yes, the best time of the year
Is here again
- [Blueberry] That was fun.
- [Bread] That counts as your lunch break!
[Raspberry] I know what you're doing,
and it's not gonna work.
I am not gonna suddenly love Winterswirl.
- [singsongy] We'll see!
- [timer dings]
There's nothing like one of Grandberry
Jam's perfect Winterswirl cookies
to change your mind. [chomps]
Aw! And this is nothing like Grandberry
Jam's perfect Winterswirl cookie!
Which is totally okay.
[chuckles nervously]
We'll just try again.
After all, this is the...
"Best time of year!"
I get it. I heard the song.
Pass the spoon.
[festive music playing]
[chuckles gleefully]
- [music ends]
- [kisses]
[door opens]
Where have you been?
Oh, helping berries as best as I can.
And doing my part
in your Winterswirl plan!
What did I say about rhyming?
It's my thing. It's my gimmick.
It's what I do.
Everyberry loves it, so why can't...
- [gasps]
- [dish smashes]
No rhymes, no flair, no oomph!
Don't you want berries to think of us
as notorious holiday criminals?
How about the Biscuit Bandits?
Cookie Crooks?
Ooh, Red Velvet Raiders?
Did you drink expired milk?
We don't want anyberry knowing
what we're doing!
What, uh, are we doing again?
Everyberry bakes traditional
cinnamon cookies for Winterswirl.
There's no holiday without them!
So, if we steal
all the cookies and cinnamon in town,
Winterswirl ruined.
Berries will be begging for cookies,
and when they come to
my Purple Pie Holiday Pop-Up to buy them,
Winterswirl saved!
By me, the holiday hero everyberry loves!
[cackling fiendishly]
[Lemon] You want Winterswirl lights?
Oh, ho! I'm gonna give you
Winterswirl lights.
Aha! [strains]
Whoa! [grunts]
- [rumbling]
- [gasps]
I followed
Grandberry Jam's recipe exactly,
but these still don't taste right.
They taste exactly like the rest.
Her cookies just had this extra something.
When I get it right,
you'll taste the cookie,
and your heart will grow
three sizes that day
and warm your soul
against the bitter winter cold!
That's a lot of pressure for one cookie.
[sighs] No pressure, Huck.
You love writing songs. You can do this.
Winter magic in the... air
Snow falling on the...
Just wait till you see these ornaments.
I decided this year, we're going with
an all-Tangerine Smash super swirl tree!
Everyberry knows that Tangerine Smash
is my favorite superhero of all time.
But what they don't know
is that I own every exclusive
Tangerine Smash ornament ever made!
And now I finally have
a tree big enough to display them all!
[inhales] It's gonna be so...
Tangerine and white... [gags]
Those aren't even Winterswirl colors!
The tree is gonna be a tacky nightmare.
It's gonna clash with everything:
The Berryworks, the snow, me!
- I refuse to let that ornament on...
- [footsteps approaching]
[gasps] You did not!
[dramatic classical music playing]
It's on.
[music ends]
What do you mean you don't
do same-day delivery on Winterswirl's Eve?
This is a gift emergency!
Where are you going?
I'm making a care package
for Cinnamon Swirl!
Do you wanna help?
Uh, the thing is,
I don't think she's... real.
[laughing hysterically]
You're serious?
The flying cart?
Baking billions of cookies?
Breaking and entering?
It's kinda suspect.
But Cinnamon Swirl
is the whole reason Winterswirl exists!
When the berries of the Frosted Mountains
had their hardest, coldest winter ever,
they nearly ran out of food!
So Cinnamon Swirl flew her cart
through the storm to deliver cookies!
[gasps] Those magical treats
warmed their hearts
and filled their bellies
for the entire winter!
That's why we celebrate!
Or it's a made-up story
to get berries to buy more cookies.
I see why the universe
has brought us together.
[gasps] I'm going to introduce you
to Cinnamon Swirl!
- Not even close! [grunts]
- [cookie thuds]
[Huckleberry] Ow... [chomps] ...yum!
Uh, no big deal. Just can't
decorate the cookies for my friends
or set up everything for the Baker's Ball
until I get Grandberry Jam's recipe right,
which I can't seem to do!
But cool, cool, cool. We'll try again,
and it's all totally fine!
[breathes deeply]
[groans] Jam and biscuits.
I'm out of cinnamon!
Holiday stress getting to you?
Me? No!
Just excited
to get this recipe figured out!
Hey! Let's go to that winter village
in the park and get some more cinnamon.
Be careful! It's raining cookies out here.
Winter swirls, snow so bright
Cookies falling from the sky
So, how did Cinnamon Swirl's cookies
feed berries all winter long?
Maybe they were really big cookies.
How does her cart fly?
I dunno. How do planes fly?
How do you know she's real
if you've never seen her?
Well, I've never seen air either,
but pretty sure that's real.
Where are you gonna meet Cinnamon Swirl?
How do you know where she'll be?
Now, that is a good question.
I don't know, but I bet
the universe will lead us right to her!
Oh, hello there.
Hope you have a wonderful Winterswirl.
You too.
Okay, we'll just grab some cinnamon,
and then...
There's no cinnamon over there!
What the spice?
How can there be no cinnamon?
[scoffs] It's Winterswirl!
I know, right?
They said all the cinnamon
in the market just vanished!
I did find this jalapeo jelly.
Ooh, I could bake a cookie that would
make berries sweat with this stuff!
Hey, uh, baker to baker,
do you have any cinnamon I could borrow?
Sorry, fresh out.
Just finished my final batch of
Winterswirl cookies, and I am exhausted!
Feels like I've been baking all year,
you know?
Got a big order to fill tonight.
But for a baker in need, I do have nutmeg?
Masala chai?
[chuckles] Try to keep an open mind.
Sometimes the right answer
isn't where you thought you'd find it.
She's right!
About the pepperoni?
No! There's gotta be cinnamon
somewhere in the city.
We just need to find it!
[sniffs deeply]
Smell that?
Your desperation for the perfect holiday?
Winter magic in the air guiding us.
I can feel it.
- Nice meeting you! Happy holidays! Bye!
- Bye!
[toy squeaks]
[electricity crackles]
Ha! Lights done, and there's still hours
till the tree-lighting!
Which means there's time for
Snowbots, activate top hats.
Snowbots, more!
[whirring loudly]
- [shouts] More!
- [grinding]
[cackling fiendishly]
[alarm ringing]
And starting over. Cool.
[sighs] How can every store
in Big Apple City
be sold out of cinnamon
and Winterswirl cookies?
Did you see all those worried faces?
What is everyberry supposed to do?
First thing is to admit
that maybe Winterswirl isn't all
that it's cracked up to be
and usually ends in disappointment.
Oh, things can't be that bad, can they?
Was that cart there a second ago?
No cinnamon, huh?
Maybe it's time to try something new.
Get a little experimental.
No. I need to get
my Grandberry Jam's recipe right somehow.
Well, I know I think better
on a sweet stomach.
[Strawberry] Hmm.
Oh, my guava, these are good!
Hey, you know, there's lots of berries
who need cookies right now! You could...
Sorry, but I can't.
These cookies are spoken for.
Important delivery, remember?
But maybe I can spare a couple.
In my experience,
sometimes the smallest treat
is all it takes
to make the impossible possible.
The holidays really do bring out
the best in everyberry!
Thank you.
[shopper] They have cookies!
How does the Peculiar Purple Pieman
have cookies?
[shopper] I need five dozen!
Plenty of cookies for everyberry!
Just remember, it was I,
the Peculiar Purple Pieman,
who saved Winterswirl!
Tell everyberry.
Ah, Snortflake!
Uh, the other one.
Happy holidays.
Let me guess, you two need some cookies?
We're just wondering how you have
so many cinnamon cookies
while the rest of the city
is in a cinnamon shortage?
I'm a good planner.
Or a good scammer!
Did I hear a rhyme?
[both gasp]
Jonnycake Cobbler?
What is that conberry doing here?
Oh, you mean my dear, lovely,
and thus far unconvicted brother?
He's helping me for the holidays.
[both] Your brother?
They're related?
You have got to be kidding...
Actually, no, that totally tracks.
I don't know what you two did,
but I know you did it.
And on Winterswirl?
That's low, even for you.
Such accusations!
I would never!
Yes, you would. You have!
[softly] Ah, but I would never do it
in a way you could prove.
How about some cookies?
I hate to see two sweet little berries go
without sweets for the holidays.
We're good.
There are still cookies in the city.
Isn't that something?
Obviously baked by some amateur.
The cookie vendor in the park
is 20 times the baker you are!
[chuckles nervously] Let's go.
Make room for more customers.
Why aren't you rhyming?
Good question!
[chuckles awkwardly]
Told you berries remember the rhyming.
Give me that!
[sleigh bells ringing]
[high-pitched] These cookies,
they make me feel...
[normal voice] They make me feel
like we could make a fortune
if we were the ones selling them!
Where did Snotshake say
this cookie vendor was?
Uh... [vocalizing]
[drill whirring]
Almost go-time for tree-lighting.
Lights: Triple-checked.
Snowbots: Repaired and in position.
This is my moment.
[whirring rhythmically]
[gasps, chuckles]
[Lemon screaming] No!
Getting pretty late.
If Cinnamon Swirl exists, which I doubt,
she's gotta leave pretty soon.
- Mm-hmm.
- Guess you're not gonna meet her.
Oh... [sighs] ...I will.
How are you so sure?
Winterswirl is all about believing
in something you can't see.
I didn't change my mind.
I just wanna sit here.
[chuckling] Okay.
[Bread] This is hideous.
[Orange] It is.
So, what do we do?
One of us should be the bigger berry,
step aside, and help the other
decorate the tree their way.
By which I mean you should step aside.
Not gonna happen!
With the outfits I ordered
from Bloomingberries!
The outfits!
What do you mean... [imitates scream]
I forgot!
You forgot?
We need them for the tree-lighting!
What were you doing?
I just... I wanted to...
I got you this classy yet campy sweater
for Winterswirl,
but you already bought it,
so I panicked and bought you everything!
And then I forgot
to get the holiday outfits!
We won't have matching looks for
the tree-lighting, and it's all my fault!
Unless there's still time. Maybe I can
still fix this! Here, these are for you.
Lime, wait!
[screams] I could go the rest of my life
without ever knowing what that thing is.
It's a limited-edition
Tangerine Smash tree-topper.
We're out of time.
We need to fix the tree.
So, first berry to the top of the tree
with their topper
gets to decorate their way. Deal?
Sure, sounds good!
[scoffs] The Pieman
thinks he can ruin my Winterswirl?
Ha! Has he met me?
I'm Strawberry pancake-flipping Shortcake,
and I have a lucky spoon!
There's not much time
before the tree-lighting ceremony,
and I need a brilliant
"Strawberry saves the holiday" plan!
[softly] Anytime now.
Wait for it...
[metal scraping]
[grunts] Not enough power? Ha!
This baby has enough power
to light up the whole city!
Bloomingberries is already closed!
It's an all-Tangerine Smash tree!
More like "Tangerine Clash" tree!
I get it, everyberry else can rhyme!
Got it! [cackles]
I just need to book a flight
to anywhere that's not here!
There's gotta be cinnamon
somewhere in the world, right? Right?
That is it! I have had it!
This is why I don't like Winterswirl!
Everyberry wants it to be so perfect,
and it never is!
The shopping doesn't get done.
The baking doesn't work out.
The tree doesn't look right.
Your parents forget to call you... [gasps]
- What?
- I...
- Just forget it!
- [door opens, slams]
The holidays are supposed to be a time
to be there for the berries you love.
Feels like I kinda forgot that part.
[phone rings]
Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
Um, I know you're busy,
but I wanted to leave a message
saying I hope you both
have a wonderful Winterswirl,
and, uh, see you
when you get home in a few days.
- [line clicks]
- [sighs]
Well, when your mom
is the CEO of an Orchard 500 Company,
and your dad is a world-famous
gourmet chef, they get busy.
[chuckles nervously]
They go on trips. A lot.
Even on Winterswirl?
Let's just say, my family doesn't
do holidays the Strawberry Shortcake way.
So I learned it's better
just not to get your hopes up, ever.
[meows, purrs]
I'm sorry.
I was so focused on showing you
why I loved Winterswirl
that I didn't ask why you didn't.
If I'm being honest,
this isn't really the Winterswirl's Eve
I was hoping for either.
It never is.
Seriously, where did she come from?
Aw, you two are looking
a little stressy-depressy. What's wrong?
I spent all day trying to convince
Raspberry how perfect Winterswirl was.
But I think she might be right.
It's not perfect at all.
Thank goodness!
"Perfect" is really boring.
But everyberry wants a perfect holiday!
A perfect holiday, or a magical one?
There's a difference?
Perfect holidays are nice.
They go exactly the way
you expect them to,
but there's no surprises, because...
[sucks] ...they go exactly
the way you expect them to.
But when everything goes wrong?
- [both gasp]
- [chuckles]
Who knows what will happen next?
Anything is possible.
That's where the magic is:
in the mistakes.
I never thought of it that way.
Wait, so, a bad holiday
could actually end up being a good one?
Maybe. You never know.
That's what keeps things interesting.
[cackles] Yes! I did it!
- [objects clatter]
- Hey!
Are you stealing that?
What? Uh, we were just delivering cookies
to the poor little...
You're stealing her cookies?
I need those cookies!
You stole all the cookies and cinnamon
in the city, didn't you? [gasps]
Make like an egg and scramble!
[both clamoring]
This looks like a job
for the Tangerine Fist of Justice!
Noberry hits my brother but me!
- Ooh! Ow!
- [both pant]
- assemble!
- [switch clicks]
[screaming, wailing]
[both pant]
[both scream]
Those cookies don't belong to you,
they belong to her! Give them back.
[Cobbler] We're surrounded.
The Cookie Crooks have crumbled!
[Pieman gasps] Coniferous salvation!
[cackling fiendishly]
- [Pieman yelps] Oof!
- [Cobbler] Ooh! Oof!
- [cackles]
- [tree creaking]
You berries thought you could stop us,
but we're too clever!
That doesn't look very safe!
With these cookies...
- [gasps]
- ...we'll win Winterswirl!
Whoa! Argh!
Oh, fiddle-faddle.
[both scream]
[tree thuds]
[groans, sighs]
This is not great.
"Not great"? The tree-lighting is ruined!
What are we gonna do?
Strawberry! This would be a good time
for one of those, "We got this,
and we can do anything" songs. Go!
- Uh...
- [electricity crackling]
I've got nothing.
I think Winterswirl's Eve might be ruined.
Maybe not all of it.
We may not be able
to have a tree-lighting,
but I do still have this invitation
to a Baker's Ball,
and someberry told me
that cookies, baking,
and being with the berries you love
is what the holidays are really about!
Anyberry else have an invitation?
Does a traditional Baker's Ball
include helping a berry we just met
bake an insane amount of cookies
while repairing her treat cart?
It does not.
But I think we can take this Baker's Ball
in a new direction.
You really think
we can turn things around?
[whispers] The magic is in the mistakes.
Okay, maybe Winterswirl isn't all
horrible. Don't make a big deal out of it.
[both grumbling]
[Pieman sighs]
I'm not calling Mom.
- Hello?
- [person] Hello.
Happy holidays.
I'd like to report a cookie crime.
I'm gonna miss this whisk.
We've been through a lot together.
Hopefully my lucky spoon
will be a good baking substitute.
Where did you get that?
This? It's been passed down
in my family for generations.
That is very interesting.
How about we see what you can do
with that spoon?
[both strain]
[both giggling]
Ooh, smells good.
[Lemon] Oh, oh, oh. That's it.
Here you go.
Oh! [laughs]
Ooh, wow!
Hey, um, sorry you didn't meet
Cinnamon Swirl.
[sighs] The universe works
in mysterious ways.
One day I'll hear that jolly laugh...
[laughs cheerily]
...and see her magical cart
carved from the wood of ancient trees...
[jingle bells ring]
...and we'll discuss the mysteries
of the magical cookies she bakes
for Winterswirl's Eve.
Are you...
What do you think, Sour Grapes?
Blueberry, I'd like to introduce you
to Cinnamon Swirl.
I told you I was gonna meet her!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're really...
- Yep.
- [gasps]
Why didn't you say anything?
I didn't really hide it!
Baking cookies, ancient cart,
big delivery. You do the math.
[gasps] It was right in front of me
the whole time! Poof!
Magic is always all around you.
You just need to believe it to see it.
That's exactly what I say!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. If you're
Cinnamon Swirl, then this cart has to fly?
[snickers] This is gonna be awesome.
[gasps] You're gonna need
a whole lot more cookies!
Spoon, don't fail me now.
So, how do you...
- Magic.
- But what about...
- Also magic.
- Okay, but then...
Trust me, it's all magic.
Oh, and if I were an animal,
I'd be an arctic puffin!
Of course!
[Strabwerry] This.
Ooh, I love it.
[drill whirs]
- [giggles, sighs]
- Hmm? [sighs]
[tools whirring]
Holy hazelnuts!
Wha... Would you look at that?
[swallows] This batch tastes different
than my usual recipe.
Interesting flavor.
You finally get your
Grandberry Jam's recipe right?
Nope. It's mine.
I realized Grandberry Jam's recipe
was great because it was hers.
So, I came up with a little something
of my own for your delivery.
Baker to baker,
you're really something,
Strawberry Shortcake.
Is this real? Someberry pinch me!
Or high five me!
Pinch me, then high five me! Up top.
That big red button's gonna give you
a real round-the-world burst of speed.
Good to know.
Thank you for all the help.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Now, I better get going. These cookies
aren't gonna deliver themselves.
[engine starts]
[shouts] Enjoy your tree-lighting!
Whoo! [chuckling]
Did she say "tree-lighting"?
[gasps] Cinnamon?
- [tree jingles]
- Look!
- [Huckleberry] Beautiful!
- [Raspberry] Now we're talking!
- [all] Wow!
- [Strawberry] Amazing!
[gasps] Raspberry?
What? Is there anything on my face?
Huh? Wow!
This feels right.
No! No, no, no, no, n...
Oh! Okay. Not bad.
[gasps] I want a magical makeover!
Oh, berry yes!
[Strawberry giggles] Ooh!
It's so sparkly!
Guess we got our outfits
for the tree-lighting after all!
Baking, lighting, tree, holiday looks.
The tree-lighting is back on!
We just need music.
[sighs] I didn't figure the song out.
I wanted it to be perfect.
Oh, Huck.
Nothing is ever perfect.
Can't a berry have a magical wintery
life-changing experience
that teaches her a valuable lesson
about what's really important?
Play what you have,
and we'll figure it out as we go.
Winter magic in the air
Snow is falling on the ground
In a hurry?
Slow down, don't worry
The holiday magic's all around
Winter magic
Whoa, everywhere it's true
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Winter magic
Whenever I'm with you
Don't need to see it if you believe it
Trust that it's always there
Winter magic is everywhere
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Each holiday, we'll light the way
Our friendship always shining bright
Winter swirling while we're twirling
The holiday spirit feels so right
Winter magic
Whoa, everywhere it's true
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Winter magic
Whenever I'm with you
Don't need to see it if you believe it
Trust that it's always there
Winter magic is everywhere
There's magic in each chance we take
Oh, winter magic
In every choice and each mistake
Oh, winter magic
Just take a breath and let it go
Each season's a new reason
To change and grow
Winter magic
Whoa, everywhere it's true
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Winter magic
Whenever I'm with you
Don't need to see it if you believe it
Trust that it's always there
Winter magic is everywhere
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
[music ends]
[Cinnamon Swirl] Whoo!
[Blueberry] And so our tale ends.
It all turned out okay!
And to all of you,
we wish a magical holiday.