Strawberry Shortcake's Spring Spectacular (2024) Movie Script

[cheerful pop music playing]
[sniffs deeply]
[sighs] Big Apple City!
The Big Apple!
From seeds to sweetness.
If you bake it here,
you can bake it anywhere!
- [car alarm blaring]
- [horns honking]
[driver 1] Turn off that car alarm!
[driver 2] Stop yelling about the alarm!
[driver 1] Don't tell me what to do!
[car alarm stops]
[inhales] Okay, yeah,
it's a little rough around the edges,
but there's just
something special about this city.
- Living here, working at the Berryworks...
- [yawns]
[gasps] It's the perfect place
for a young baker
to make her baking dreams come true.
It's all happening!
The Flower Festival is happening,
and right on schedule, Mayor Molasses.
Oh, it is an organizational nightmare,
but you've got me...
[chomps] ...and noberry
is organized like me.
[tablet chimes]
Holy hazelnuts, it's 8:15 already?
It's time for the Festival Launch!
Sup, Spice Squad!
Is that...
Pumpkin Spice here!
I am, like, so honored
to be announcing the Flower Festival!
As my many, many followers know,
- this is a dream come true for me.
- It is?
Dreams are like seeds: They start small,
but grow bigger each day.
And this berry
is gonna make her dreams bloom live
when I win "Best Float"
at the Flower Festival!
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Love you, mean it, Spice Squad!
Did not know Pumpkin Spice
liked flowers so much.
Oh, her Berrygram is all about flowers.
Huge following! The mayor asked us
to hire her to promote the festival.
I thought I was doing all the things
I needed to make my dreams come true,
but noberry is asking me
to promote a festival.
I don't have a huge following.
I just bake.
[Strawberry sighs]
Uh, do you and that flower
need a moment alone?
I brought this flower with me
from Berryville so we could grow together.
Maybe we both need to speed things up.
How long until all my dreams bloom?
Well, sometimes
the bigger the dream, the longer it takes.
And you, my little baker,
have bigger dreams than anyberry I know.
Be patient.
And inspirational moment over.
This festival is not gonna run itself.
Have an amazing day. Bye!
I know Aunt Praline is right,
but I wouldn't mind
if we both bloomed just a little faster.
Seeds start small
Grow bigger every day
But my dreams are big already
Will they grow in the same way?
I know I should be patient
Just take it day by day
But maybe I can speed it up
So my dreams come true today
'Cause I'm ready
For my dreams to grow
Make room, it's my time to bloom
Hey, future, please get here soon
I'll show the whole world
Just who I can be
Enough of slow, now let's go
I'm ready for my dreams to grow
So ready for my dreams to grow
Work real hard
Get better every day
Show the world what you can do
Wow them all, blow them away
I know one day I'll get there
I know it's meant to be
But can we speed things up
A little faster?
That would be okay with me
'Cause I'm ready for my dreams to grow
Make room, it's my time to bloom
Hey, future, please get here soon
I'll show the whole world
Just who I can be
Enough of slow, now let's go
I'm ready for my dreams to grow
So ready for my dreams to grow
Oh, a seed one day becomes a tree
And I wonder if there's something great
Out there for me
So much I want to do
So much I want to see
So I'm ready to embrace my destiny
And I'm ready for my dreams to grow
Make room, it's my time to bloom
Hey, future, please get here soon
I'll show the whole world
Just who I can be
Enough of slow, now let's go
I'm ready for my dreams to grow
So ready for my dreams to grow
My dreams to grow
For my dreams to grow
[song ends]
Fluffernutter! How long
have you all been standing there?
A while.
You've been bake-singing
for, like, 20 minutes.
You were totally in the zone.
[giggling] I was right there
in the zone with you.
You've got some moves, buddy.
Not bad! You should bake-sing more often.
[pants] We have an emergency!
Is this a real emergency
or a Bread Pudding emergency?
Like the time
you wore two different-colored socks.
One argyle sock and one herringbone sock
is an emergency, Lime Chiffon!
This is way bigger.
I want The Berryworks to win "Best Float"
at the Flower Festival.
And that's an emergency how?
Think of the publicity for The Berryworks.
It could be huge!
So, I was hoping we could get
some additional flower power?
I don't know, Bread.
If I wanna make all my baking dreams
come true, I should really focus on that.
She just sang a whole song about it.
But maybe helping a good friend
with their dream
to get The Berryworks name out there
will, uh, inspire you.
That does make sense.
Okay, you got me. I'm in!
I know Strawberry. You throw words
like dreams and friendship out there,
and she'll do whatever you need.
We are totally gonna win!
Ugh. We're never gonna win.
Come on, Bread.
Winning isn't really what matters.
What matters
is that we work together and have fun!
Is everyberry having fun?
- Yeah!
- You betcha!
You know what would be really fun?
Then look no further!
I give you my latest Lemon-vention:
The Smell-Ya-Later 3000.
This baby can smell like
any flower you want!
[all groan, cough]
I can fix that.
Stay positive.
Positive. Right.
Sour Grapes, paint happier flowers!
Blueberry, it would be more historically
accurate to arrange the flowers in groups.
Each borough of Big Apple City
had a specific flower
that grew there when the city was founded.
But flowers love to mix and mingle
and become bestest friends!
Except the roses. Roses are snooty.
Oh, sure, roses look pretty,
but they say the nastiest things
when the other flowers aren't around.
She still thinks
flowers can talk, doesn't she?
Where are you going?
Bread, flowers aren't my thing.
Your name is literally Orange Blossom.
Well, this Orange Blossom
is about action and adventure.
I'm not really
feeling the Flower Festival.
Sometimes to feel something deep inside,
you need to start
on the outside. [chuckles]
See? You're practically blossoming
before my eyes!
[singsongy] Welcome!
I don't know.
I trust today's global rotation
has been satisfactory thus far?
Uh, apologies.
How is your day?
Oh, got it! It's good.
And how is, uh,
your global rotation, Plum Pudding?
I'm here to get Lemon's assistance
with the experimental Fast Floral Formula
I'm developing for the festival!
Oh! What does the flast floral fl...
that thing do?
Wow, that's flan-tastic! [gasps]
I'm not sure where Lemon...
- [gags]
- [coughs]
[Lemon in distance] I can fix that!
Uh, you might need this.
Mmm! This is really good, Raspberry.
Of course it is, I made it.
And I decided, since you're
the second-best baker at The Berryworks...
baker at The Berryworks.
Whatever. I decided that we should
work together to bake petal pastries!
Then we can pass them out on the float.
Yes! Let me grab my lucky spoon.
[Pumpkin] Sup, Spice Squad?
I'm about to pick up
some fab flowers from Flowertopia
for my soon-to-be-winning float!
Check their website, promo code: Spice.
And I wanted my fans to be the... [gasps]
Oh. [chuckles nervously]
Look who stumbled into my live stream,
amateur baker Strawberry Shortcake.
Anything you wanna say to the, uh,
323,692 fans currently viewing?
Hi, berries!
Shortcake here!
Womp-womp-womp! [chuckles nervously]
Let's all get out there,
and we're... we're gonna do the thing.
[chuckles] And that's
awkward enough for today.
Check back here
for all your Flower Fest content!
Love you, mean it, Spice Squad! [kisses]
Promoting the Flower Festival
for the city is a big deal.
I had no idea you liked flowers so much.
What's your favorite?
Daffo... lilies?
Okay, you got me.
I don't actually love flowers.
But your Berrygram...
I get paid to tell berries what to love.
I love shoulder bags, they start trending,
I love bedazzled napkins,
they start trending.
Sure, those were a mistake,
but I moved on,
and now I'm paid to love flowers!
Next month it'll be rainbows
or roller skates
or whatever the newest trend is.
But what do you love?
Being popular.
Every fall, everyberry
is all about Pumpkin Spice.
I get tons of traffic.
But the rest of the year? Nothing!
Now I'm popular all year round
because I tell berries what to like.
That's what you use Berrygram for?
Uh, what do you use Berrygram for?
Pictures of pastries, your friends,
inspirational quotes?
- [gasps]
- Yikes!
Free advice? Icing cupcakes
alone in your truck
isn't gonna do anything
for your baking career.
You want berries
to obsess over your baking?
Follow the trends, bake what's popular,
and do whatever you need to stay popular.
Now I have to go keep my fans happy
and win "Best Flower Float."
Is that what I have to do?
Bake what's popular to become popular?
I don't know.
But I do know
that if I wanna get my name out there,
I could start
by winning "Best Flower Float."
Hey, girl. Ready to bake?
No time to bake. Gotta win!
Is there cake batter in my ears,
or did Strawberry Shortcake
just say she didn't have time to bake?
Everyberry, listen up!
I know I said winning isn't everything
and that what matters most
is having fun together.
[all cheer]
But we are totally
winning "Best Float" this year,
so that everyberry knows
that The Berryworks
is where you can find Strawberry Shortcake
and her flan-tastic food truck!
[all mumble nervously]
That was oddly specific.
What I meant was that we're all a team,
and we totally got this!
Let's bake the magic happen together!
[uplifting pop music playing]
[whirs, hisses]
Maybe telling Strawberry
to be more than some baker was a bad idea.
Not that I'm, like,
worried about them winning,
but also, I need to win!
My followers expect it!
I need help.
Someberry who knows
what makes Strawberry tick.
Someberry who's dealt with her before.
Someberry who...
[gasps] Oh! That's just the berry I need.
Gotta hand it to ya, Shortcakes.
Flowers may not be my thing,
but this turned out pretty great!
It did, didn't it?
She bakes.
She makes flan-tastic flower floats.
Everyberry's gonna know her name.
Look out, world.
Strawberry Shortcake
and her flower are blooming big-time!
All right! First, we're going to go and...
Big announcement!
I'm not the only flower lover
in this city!
Someberry very exciting
asked if he could help me spice things up!
The Peculiar Purple Pieman!
Hello, Snortflake.
What are you doing here?
[shutter clicks]
I wanted to wish a fellow baker, for whom
I have so much respect, good luck.
All you ever do
is try to make me look bad!
[gasps sarcastically] Me?
[scoffs] You're the one
who accuses me of being rotten.
Because every time
I try being nice to you,
you do something totally rotten!
Ooh! Negativity
is not a good look for you.
Getting lots of thumbs-down
right now, Strawberry.
Huh? But... But I...
[stammers] No, he...
[sarcastically] Good luck.
Aw! Super sweet.
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Love you, mean it, Spice Squad!
Pumpkin, listen.
The Pieman is not a good berry.
Whatever he told you,
he's just here to mess with me
and cause a bunch of drama.
[gasps] Wow, thanks for that.
But, you know, drama gets more clicks!
Good luck on that float though.
[cackles] Ooh, you'll need it!
And maybe a new paint job.
And those mismatched flowers? Honestly,
I expected more from you, Shortfake.
[scoffs] I know what you're doing.
Just friendly observations.
But hey, as long as you're having fun,
who cares if berries say
it's embarrassing and looks ridiculous?
Who's saying that?
Noberry's saying it yet.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
Noberry expects big things
from you anyway.
[whispering] Told you
I could get in her head.
Bye! [chuckles]
Oh, she's so embarrassing.
Uh, they won't get in my head!
All that matters is that we're having fun!
Except, if I want to make a name
for myself, then I need to win,
and if berries think
our float is ridiculous, then we won't!
And... [groans]
...they're in my head.
So, like I was saying,
might not be a bad idea to maybe
rethink a few things about the float.
[chuckling] Nothing major. Just, you know,
repaint it, fix those mismatched flowers,
and, I dunno, lose the Smell-Ya-Later?
You know, maybe
we should just totally start over.
Come on!
Bake the magic happen!
Shortcakes, what's going on?
I just don't want any of us
to be embarrassed by the float!
[all gasp]
Why would we be embarrassed?
I didn't mean...
[sighs]'s just... It needs...
Look at this flower.
This isn't gonna wow anyberry.
We need to be bigger, better, more...
[gasps] Hold the scone.
That's it! Plum, where's your formula?
Well, uh, it has yet to be tested
or... or peer reviewed, so...
- [sizzling]
- [all gasp]
- [pops]
- [all murmur]
- [Lemon] Yeah, science!
- [Orange] Whoa!
[angrily] What is that?
Whoever uses that on their flowers
will slay the parade!
Think of the likes.
I could go viral!
I need to have it.
[yawns] No problem.
Stealing other berries' ideas
is what I do best.
Well, filling pies with artificial
pie filling is what I do best,
but stealing is a close second.
Okay, Bloomer.
Using this on our flowers
will make us unbeatable!
Everyberry will be obsessed
with our float.
They'll love me... us, I mean us.
Oh, to clarify,
the formula is experimental
and should be used with caution.
Also, there's not enough
for the whole float.
Then there's no way we can win.
Noberry's gonna care
about one silly flower
that moved to the city from Berryville!
[Orange] Shortcakes,
this, uh, flower shouldn't worry so much
about what other flowers think
of her... uh, I mean it.
[Blueberry] Uh-huh! Her flower friends
like her way more than roses.
What would we do
without our favorite flower... baker?
I think Strawberry might be the flower.
[sighs] There's not much.
We'll just make more!
My patented artificial pie filling.
You can mix it with anything.
When I'm running low on ingredients,
I just add this and shake vigorously!
Are you sure that will work?
Works every single time.
Uh, well, maybe not every single time.
[Pieman yelps]
Get out of my way!
[stammers] Pardon me.
Uh, has anyberry
perchance seen my formula?
- [rumbling]
- [all gasp]
I'm guessing that's not good.
[all gasp]
[all clamoring]
Okay, we have to...
Panic and scream uncontrollably?
Oh. [grunts]
Help as many berries as we can!
[calmly] Whoa.
Sour, get down!
That's an order
from your assistant manager!
Blueberry, what are you doing?
Oh, don't worry, the universe
wants us to go this way. Come on!
The universe?
[both grunt]
Hi-yah! Bad vine!
We could use a little help here!
Actually, so could we.
[both wail]
Go ahead, make my spray!
Yeah! [cackles maniacally]
[grunts] Why did you stop?
I feel like the universe
wants us to wait right here.
Why would the universe
want us to wait right here?
That's why. Come on!
This is not how I saw today going.
[both straining]
[shrieking] I can fix that!
[all scream]
[Bread groans]
[whimpers] Whoa!
What are you doing?
These are limited-edition
Fluffy Chiffon... Hey!
You are surprisingly light.
[both gasp, shriek]
[Strawberry] No!
[pants, shouts] Phew.
Ah, fluffernutter.
[rumbling continues]
[dramatic classical music playing]
I can't win "Best Float"
if my float is covered in vines!
What is the rest of the city
going to think?
[blows raspberry] It's not like
anyberry knows we did it!
You mean, you did it! I'm not... [gasps]
Wait, you're right!
Of course I'm right... Uh, about what?
Noberry knows what happened.
They'll think what I tell them to!
- [clears throat]
- [phone chimes]
Spice Squad!
Things are getting a little too spicy
in Golden Delicious Park!
Everything has been overtaken
by giant vines,
and I have the exclusive
on how that happened.
Strawberry Shortcake
and her horrible friends
- attacked The Purple Pieman and I!
- [all gasp]
Strawberry said
she wanted to win at any cost,
and poured something on my float, and...
[gasps] I'm sorry.
[sobbing] This is just very traumatic.
Despite the danger,
I will continue to send you updates
on this developing story as we get them.
Please send thoughts and prayers.
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and share this video. Love you, mean it!
Now Strawberry is the villain,
and I'm the tragic
yet still popular victim.
This did work out!
Shall we?
You're welcome!
[Raspberry thumping, grunting]
Good news,
those creepy vines stopped moving.
Bad news, now we're stuck in here.
[phone rings]
Shortcakes, are you okay?
Yeah, we're fine. Where are you?
Bread and I are outside
The Berryworks helping berries.
[gags] I just stepped in something,
and I do not know what it was!
Okay, I'm helping berries.
[phone rings]
They're pretty, in a scary,
tried-to-crush-us kind of way!
Blueberry and I are fine. Sour...
- Sup?
- [phone ringing]
Where are you?
Stuck on the High Lime with Huck and Plum.
We're trapped in my truck!
We'll get down there to help you.
We'll find Lime and Blueberry
and help Sour!
Who's gonna help us?
The universe helps everyberry.
We'll handle it.
On it!
[Orange grunting]
[strains] Blueberry!
- [creature chitters]
- [gasps]
Uh, Bread?
Did you find them?
Is it over?
Well, that nightmare fuel
is gonna stay with me forev... [screams]
[grunts, sighs]
If I didn't know better,
I'd think you were enjoying all of this.
I thought flowers were boring,
but an adventure like this?
This is the kinda thing I dream of!
Well, I'm dreaming of the five-star
Cocoa-pulco resort and spa
I'm checking into when this is over.
But you do you.
My favorite superhero, Tangerine Smash,
says there's a hero inside everyberry.
But she's never met Bread Pudding.
Bread, our friends need us.
No, they need you!
Look at me.
I'm not hero material.
- [fabric tears]
- [gasps]
Someberry told me
that to feel something deep inside,
you need to start outside. See?
You look more heroic already.
[singsongy] Welcome!
Now, come on, hero.
Um, right. Hero!
Okay, it's a look?
- [Orange in distance] Bread!
- Coming!
This one smells angry.
Please focus.
Don't mind me. I'm fine.
[Lime] Hang tight, Sour!
We need to get her down.
If only we could ask the vine
to let her go.
Ah, Blueberry, you can't speak vine.
[chuckling] I know, silly.
[sighs] I thought she was
about to say something ridiculous.
I can speak plant, shrub,
oak, pine, and a little bit of cactus,
but I don't know vine yet.
Something like that.
How hard can vine be?
[blows raspberry]
Uh, maybe try the growl again
but lower and longer.
[roars deeply]
This fills me with confidence.
[Lemon straining]
A few more tweaks, and this baby
will be back in the vine-busting business.
- Don't need that. Stick that inside...
- [tool clatters]
[quietly] Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide...
Clearly the vines were created
utilizing my missing formula,
but they were so aggressive. Why?
...It's over, we're finished
We're all gonna...
[shouts] Huck!
Sorry! It's just...
Look, you've got your inventions,
and Plum is so smart,
and I just...
[strums riff]
...I play when I'm nervous.
And right now, I'm pretty nervous!
There's no reason to be nervous.
[rumbling, chittering]
Not entirely accurate.
Very little is known about these vines.
They could attack again at any minute
or destroy The Berryworks entirely!
[rumbling continues]
[Huckleberry whimpers]
[sighs] You know what, Huck?
A song might be nice while I work on
fixing the Smell-Ya-Later 3000.
Strawberry's not here, so,
guess I have to be the nice one.
Ugh, gross.
- [guitar strumming]
- [tools whirring]
[sighs sadly]
What Strawberry probably needs
right now is a calm, supportive friend.
[shouting] What is up with you?
I'm not that kind of friend.
I don't know.
I wanted to get noticed, win "Best Float."
I tried using Plum's flower formula,
and then vines suddenly attack?
I just feel like
this is all my fault somehow.
Since when do you care about that stuff?
If I wanna be the biggest name in baking,
I need to get my name out there.
Icing cupcakes alone
in my truck isn't gonna do it.
Who told you that?
Pumpkin Spice said that there was...
[shrieks] Pumpkin Spice has
an unhealthy addiction to social media
and only cares about getting likes.
Don't listen to her!
As long as I've known you,
your dream was
to bake the world a better place, right?
Well, you need the best ingredients.
Start with one sweet baker
who is true to herself
and does what she loves
because she loves it, not for the likes.
Add a large helping of supportive friends
who do what they love too.
Inventing, building floats,
being the best baker at The Berryworks.
baker at The Berryworks.
Mix them all together and voil!
You are already
baking the world a better place.
The world is better when you just focus
on being the amazing baker
and friend you already are.
Thanks, Raspberry.
- I needed to hear...
- [both gasp]
- Whoa.
- Huh?
When I said you were
baking the world better,
I didn't mean it quite so literally.
[sobbing] After how Strawberry
betrayed our close, personal friendship,
your likes have meant so much to me!
[Pieman groans]
This is so boring!
Gotta go, Berries. Love you, mean it!
What is wrong with you?
I was promised devious and malicious,
but as far as schemes go,
your Flower Fest is a snooze-fest.
[scoffs] If you're that bored, then go!
I can clearly handle this without you.
[laughing] Please!
You're no survivor. You won't last...
[grunts, screams]
[chuckling nervously]
Like I was saying, we're in this together.
Care to get me out of here, partner?
- Amiga? Berry Bestie?
- [breathes deeply]
Spice Squad! You won't believe this!
The Purple Pieman ditched me
in the middle of this topiary tragedy!
I'm so scared. I'm so helpless.
I have to go. Love you, mean it!
How's that for devious?
Okay, Bloomer!
[Pumpkin in distance]
That's not even how you use it!
[growling, vocalizing]
Now try two growls,
then a rustle, or maybe...
No, wait, look!
That's mildly terrifying.
Oh, hello there!
[clears throat]
[hissing, trilling]
[yaps, roars]
It's working!
[gasps] Ooh!
What are you saying now?
The vines were angry
'cause they ate something nasty.
Now they want something sweet.
I said we'd help.
What exactly did you say?
I said we would make them food!
Right... [giggles] ...silly me.
I said we would be their food.
[Lime] Huh?
Oh, that's not great.
[both shiver]
Back away from those berries!
[grunts] Hi-yah!
Orange brought out my inner hero...
[softly] ...through fashion.
Dinner's canceled.
We're, uh, booked up,
and there's also a dress code!
[strains, grunts] His hero banter
needs work.
Too much, right?
Less banter, more scamper.
Let's go!
Oh, see, that was good!
What new horrors will we see
As we're trying to break...
[shoe squelches]
That's not natural.
If we identify the substance,
we may be able to deduce what occurred.
But without my lab equipment...
Hmm. [gargles]
Dude! Don't put it in your mouth!
You don't know what it is!
Smells like Purple Pieman's pies.
Are you certain?
I'd know that smell anywhere!
Hey, I do have another skill!
[Strawberry in distance] Hello?
Who's out there?
How'd you get out?
You are not gonna believe this.
Oh, fascinating.
- Let's find the others.
- [Orange] Hey!
Found 'em. [gasps]
Finding berries, another skill!
Is everyberry okay?
[shivering] Well, we almost got eaten
by vines until Orange and Bread saved us.
The vines were hungry for something sweet
after eating something... [retches]
Purple Pieman's pie filling.
Huck smelled it!
My hypothesis is:
The Pieman's unpalatable filling
and my formula
created the aggressive megaflora.
That's why Strawberry's delectable batter
reverted the vines to a passive state.
Pieman makes plants mad.
Strawberry makes them happy.
Left unchecked, the vines could destroy
The Berryworks and grow beyond the park,
endangering the city and its residents.
[rumbling, chittering]
So, slather the vines with
Strawberry's batter, and then we're good!
With the vines so widespread,
we would need to target the batter
where they originated: the source!
Giant vine monster? We saw it.
[shivers] We can never unsee it.
I'm sorry for the way I was acting.
I was so focused
on the things I didn't have
that I forgot how lucky I already am.
Because I've got all of you.
Someberry reminded me
that baking the world a better place
is all about different ingredients
blending together in just the right way.
All of us, we're a perfect recipe.
And together, I know we can do anything...
[Raspberry] Ahem!
Maybe now is the time
for that inspirational catchphrase?
Let's get out there,
pull some weeds and bake the magic happen!
[all cheering]
But, like, how exactly?
[gasps] Huck! We need save-the-day music.
[inspiring rock music playing]
A challenge so immense
The pressure is intense
Scared and worried
Can we make it through?
[both] Then I turn and see
You are next to me
And there's nothing we can't do
[all] The world can be scary
When it's just me
But together we're the perfect recipe
A friendship like ours is destiny
And together we're the perfect recipe
[solo] Unbelievable, inconceivable
Barely made it
I can't breathe at all
There is no way it's gonna be okay
This thing has gone too far
I'm really scared, I'm so freaked out
But there's no time
To scream and shout
To save the day, ignore the doubts
[both] We've come this far
'Cause we know who we are
[all] The world can be scary
When it's just me
[Grapes] Just take a break
And don't freak out
[all] But together
We're the perfect recipe
A friendship like ours is destiny
[Huckleberry] To save the day
Ignore the doubts
[all] And together
We're the perfect recipe
[solo] When I don't know what to do
I stop and turn to you
[all] We're better as a crew
Unstoppable, it's true...
...We're strong and we are brave
We're gonna save the day
It will be all okay
'Cause I'm with you
The world can be scary
When it's just me
[Strawberry] To save the day
Ignore the doubts
[all] But together
We're the perfect recipe
A friendship like ours is destiny
[Raspberry] We'll be here
With you throughout
[all] And together
We're the perfect recipe
The world can be scary
When it's just me
We're strong and we are brave
But together
We're the perfect recipe
A friendship like ours is destiny
We're gonna save the day
And together
We're the perfect recipe
[song ends]
[all cheering]
[all] We did it!
[Strawberry whoops] Great job!
And then Strawberry Shortcake said
that if she couldn't win, noberry would.
And that's when...
[gulps] Oh.
Well, good!
Strawberry Shortcake's jealousy
didn't destroy the park!
Okay, I think we've heard enough.
I've been updating the mayor,
and I think it's about time
we get some real answers here.
Uh... [chuckles nervously]
- [gulps]
- [vehicle approaching]
Don't worry, everyberry!
It's okay.
We took care of the vine problem
that Pumpkin Spice
and The Purple Pieman caused.
[all gasp]
The Purple Pieman
left me in that vine jungle!
Once I post an update
about how horrible that loser is,
the whole city will know.
[chortling] Oh, no, you don't!
That rotten little pumpkin
was behind it all.
She's the mastermind.
I was framed by her!
[scoffs] No!
I was framed
- by her!
- [crowd gasp]
She was obsessed with winning.
Yeah. I was obsessed with winning.
[all gasp]
I even thought about using
my friend's flower formula on our float.
Good thing there wasn't enough of it.
Why did you mix it
with The Purple Pieman's pie filling?
[scoffs] That wasn't my idea.
He was sure it would work!
I told him I wanted to... [gasps]
You wanted to what?
I'm sure your followers
are very interested.
[chuckles nervously]
Clearly there's been a misunderstanding.
As my loyal followers know, I...
- [phone chimes]
- Wait!
Don't... Don't give me a thumbs-down!
You have to believe me. Click "like"!
[wailing] Click "like"!
Um, a little advice.
There's more to life than likes.
Maybe put the phone down once in a while.
This all sounds very far-fetched to me
and without any proof!
Slow your roll there, pie guy.
Huck stepped in the goop
coming out of those vines.
His shoe is covered in your pie filling!
Uh, I'll just take this down to city hall
and have it analyzed.
[whispering] Um, can I get another shoe?
[chuckles nervously] I, uh...
Um, well, yeah...
[stammers] You're not
leaving me here to take the blame.
Get back here!
Should someberry go after them?
I texted the authorities.
They won't get far.
And... [chuckles]
...pretty sure the mayor
is done working with Pumpkin Spice.
I'd ask how your day was,
but, honestly, I'm scared to find out.
You know, just a typical spring day
in Big Apple City.
- So, that's your float, huh?
- [float creaks]
[sighs] Yep.
And no matter what anyberry else says,
I think it's a winner.
Actually, after saving the park,
everyberry else
thought our float was a winner too!
But off-roading and attacking
a vine monster kinda wrecked the truck.
So, instead of taking the float
to the parade, berries came to us!
[crowd cheering]
[groans, cackles]
Hi-yah! Whoa!
Oh! Excellent job, Lemon.
Roses? [gasps]
The nastiest flower
fools the world once again.
Now, this is some good publicity.
Heads up, hero! Hi!
[grunts] Yeah, all right!
Nice look!
What can I say?
Flowers are kinda growing on me.
[sighs] Nice to have
Strawberry Shortcake the baker back.
It's nice to be back.
Still worried about making
all your dreams bloom as soon as possible?
Nah, I've got plenty of time
to bake the world a better place.
And in the meantime, I get to do
what I love next to my favorite berries.
Everything else will work out eventually.
After all, I've got
all the right ingredients in my life.
And with a recipe like this,
anything is possible!