Strawberry Shortcake's Summer Vacation (2024) Movie Script

- [meows]
- I know, Custard!
I'm so pancake-flipping excited
to go back to the Berry Farm!
We haven't been home to Berryville
since we moved to Big Apple City.
And you're all coming with me!
My country family
and my city family are finally meeting.
[inhales deeply] This is so exciting,
Lemon. Are you excited?
[strains, grunts]
Mixing all these ingredients
is a recipe for a perfect vacation.
Oh, Orange, I can't wait
for you to meet my mom.
She's the sweetest,
most optimistic, outgoing berry ever!
pretty sure you're the sweetest,
most optimistic, outgoing berry ever.
She taught me everything I know.
Glasses, check.
The History of Berryville, check.
Toothbrush, check.
[giggles] It's fine...
Actually it'll taste like nature now,
so better than fine!
Toothbrush, uncheck.
[chuckles] Don't worry, Lime.
Apple Dumpling,
my best friend since we were sprouts,
is the best berry ever!
She taught me
everything I know about friendship.
- She'll share her toothbrush with you.
- Ugh!
I mean, not that you should
share toothbrushes. [scoffs]
I just mean that...
Oh, you know what?
I'm just so excited for this trip!
Family, friends, fun, food.
My brother, Pineapple Cobbler,
is the very best baker. He taught me...
- Everything you know. We got it.
- [vehicle approaching]
[horn honking]
GPS says our ETA is A-okay
if we leave ASAP.
So, who is ready to HTR? [chuckles]
That's "hit the road." I made it up.
Me! I can't wait to get there.
Oh, can you feel it in the air?
[all] So much anticipation
The sun is bright, the mood is right
- It's time for a vacation
- Yeah!
Hurry up, let's go
We can't be late
It's gonna be flan-tastic
And I just can't wait
Oh, I can't wait, I just can't wait
It's gonna be great
Can't you see how I'm glowing?
Oh, I can't wait, I just can't wait
A new adventure is coming
Let's get going
Here we go out on the road
Enjoy that perfect weather
[all] It's time to play
We're on our way
We're doing this together
How can this trip
Be anything but great?
It's gonna be so perfect
And we just can't wait
[Strawberry] Oh, I can't wait
- [all] Oh, oh, here we go
- I just can't wait
It's gonna be great
Can't you see how I'm glowing?
Oh, I can't wait
- [all] Oh, oh, here we go
- I just can't wait
A new adventure is calling
Let's get going
[all] No matter where we go
Whoa, we know
We're gonna have a blast
Have all the fun before we're done
Just hope it doesn't go too fast
- How much more to go
- We don't know!
I can't wait to see everyberry
- Going back home
- Here we go!
Gonna make this trip so legendary
All my friends and family
- [all] Hey! Hey!
- Together at last, and you will see
Just relax and let it be
It's gonna be one big party
Oh, my gosh, we're almost there
Feels like we just departed
Can't wait to see what happens next
Let's get this party started
Hurry up, let's go
We can't be late
[all] It's gonna be flan-tastic
And we just can't wait
Oh, I can't wait
I just can't wait, here we go
It's gonna be great
Can't you see how I'm glowing?
Oh, I can't wait
I just can't wait, here we go
A new adventure is calling
Let's get going
A new adventure is calling
Let's get going
[gasps] Berryville!
[singsongy] I'm home!
[normal voice] Mom!
[gasps, chuckles]
[both screaming]
- O-M-Gumdrops! How are you?
- Oh, my guava, look at you!
[both chattering] Tell me everything!
- Did you download that puzzle app?
- I don't know how to!
[both] I missed you so much! [squealing]
They're definitely related.
[Custard purring]
Aw, missed you too, Custard. [gasps]
And these must be your friends!
Oh! Strawberry yaps on and on about y'all.
It's like I already know you. [giggles]
Praline! Come hug your big sister.
Oh, you look stressed. Are you stressed?
Is it the city? Is it time to move home?
[straining] Hey, sis. You haven't changed.
Who's out there? If it's that rotten berry
trying to buy our... Oh!
[stammers] Hey!
Hey? That's it? [screams]
[grunts] Hey! Ow! Okay.
How's the day lookin'?
Like I'd rather be cookin'.
[both vocalizing]
[squeals, giggles]
Oh! Good to see you, Shortstack.
"Shortstack"? Her nickname is Shortcakes.
So, these your city friends?
- Still need that toothbrush?
- Shh!
Okay! So, everyberry,
this is Apple Dumpling
and my brother, Pineapple Cobbler.
Apple, Pineapple, this is...
Wait. Who did you think
was out here when you walked out?
What rotten berry are you talking about?
Uh, don't give that
another thought, sweetie.
Why don't y'all get settled in
and enjoy yourselves?
Yes! What do you want to do first?
I was thinking cornhole or rock stack or...
Ooh! What's rock stack?
It's so fun!
You stack rocks and...
I guess that's it. Pretty straightforward.
[scoffs] We can't. No, too busy.
Busy with what?
- We should just tell her.
- Tell me what?
Uh, tell you how great it is
that you're here.
We just want your trip to be great.
And it will be great.
[high-pitched voice]
Because everything is great. So great.
Uh, you know
your voice goes higher and higher
when you're pretending everything's okay?
[shrieks] What? [clears throat]
[low-pitched voice] It does not.
[normal voice] Now, y'all run along
and have the best vacation ever!
[giggles] Come on, everyberry.
I wanna show you the river.
Ooh. Maybe not the river. [chuckles]
[shoes screech]
Why not?
How are we supposed to swim? Frolic? Fish?
And what about the berries?
They need water!
A farm needs water.
No, it's fine. It's fine! I'm sure there's
a perfectly good explanation for this.
Then we can find the water, put it back...
[high-pitched voice] ...and everything
will be fine because it's fine!
Oof. [inhales sharply]
The more they pretend they're fine,
the higher it gets. I am not kidding.
[whispering] It is piercing.
[Strawberry shouts] Where is the river?
It's not as bad as it seems.
Really? 'Cause no water means no berries.
And this is a berry farm.
[scoffs] We know.
It's our berry farm! Thanks.
What is that supposed to mean?
Uh, he doesn't mean anything.
We're so proud of you
with your baking and your big dreams
and your fancy job in the city.
We didn't want to bother you.
Well, spoiler alert, I'm clearly bothered!
I hope Shortcakes is okay.
Shortstack is tough
or was.
Unless the city made her soft.
Shortcakes is tough,
but her friends can still worry about her.
Her real friends
don't need to worry about her,
because her real friends
know she can handle it.
[both growl]
Isn't making new friends fun?
Now that we know, how can we help?
[scoffs] You can't.
[sighs] Sure, we can.
We've got luck on our side.
I've actually managed just fine
without the family's lucky spoon.
What I meant was, you can't help
because the river is dammed up.
Who would dam up the river?
[person chuckles] Yo!
Who wants to sell a farm?
[both] Boysenberry Mousse.
Did the number
of berry bumpkins here suddenly multiply?
- Hey, Parsley?
- [phone chimes]
How many berry bumpkins are here?
[chimes] I do not understand that command.
Do you want to buy fairy pumpkins?
"Fairy pumpkins"? What? Argh!
Good help is so hard to find.
Get out of here, Boysenberry.
Boysenberry Mousse?
From the farm up the hill?
That's him. He moved to the city
and turned into... [groans] ...that.
Aw, why you mad, bruh?
I'm just an incredibly rich
and successful businessberry
with, uh, killer sneaks.
You're the selfish berry who dammed up
the river to steal all the water.
[scoffs] Damming up
that river was, like, so smart, right?
Now, who is ready to sell me this sad,
run-down, soon-to-be-out-of-business farm?
[Pineapple growls]
I'm not selling.
Aw, come on.
This land is being w-w-w-w-wasted.
I've got big plans!
Boysenberry Resort and Casino,
an epic vacation destination
right here in Berryville.
Who's gonna miss some crusty,
dried out berry bushes?
This is the future, yo.
You've convinced
the other farms to say no so far.
But once you cave... and you will cave...
Berryville is mine.
We'll stop you.
You're living in a berrytale, bruh.
How you gonna save your farm, huh?
A wish? Magic beans?
Or maybe that Berry Guardian treasure
that's supposed to be buried around here?
Ooh! A Berry Guardian's
buried treasure? That sounds...
Nope. Not the time.
- [Boysenberry chuckles] Hey, Parsley.
- [phone chimes]
Take a picture of their devastated faces.
[chimes] Okay.
Here is a list of interesting places.
What? No!
Berryville has several
interesting destinations...
- Parsley, stop! Enough! [groaning]
- ...including the Choco-Rock Quarry,
- the wild berry fields...
- No, Parsley, cease!
- [phone chimes]
- Never mind!
Later, losers.
Gotta scope out where I'm gonna put
my Boysenberry eat-and-sleep cottages.
You mean a bed-and-breakfast?
[whispering] Hey, Parsley, trademark
"Boysenberry bed-and-breakfast."
Wow, he is way more horrible
than I remember.
Oh, yeah.
We've been organizing bake sales
with the other farms
and using the money to buy water from
Niblet's Hollow to help with the harvest.
But it's just not enough.
And not enough water
means not enough berries.
When the berry harvest fails,
every farm in Berryville will be forced
to sell Boysenberry their land.
But don't you worry, sweetie.
Y'all go play rock stack.
I'm sure we'll come up with something.
[groans] Mom! We've tried everything.
You've tried everything,
but we're here now!
We've dealt with all kinds
of things in the city,
and now we can help you save the farm.
Sorry, this isn't the relaxing
country vacation I promised, but...
[Blueberry] Of course we'll help!
We love helping.
Summer vacation is now
save-the-farm-cation! Whoo!
These berries are the smartest,
most resourceful berries that I know.
We're gonna come up
with something really...
Let's find the Berry Guardian's
buried treasure
and use it to buy all the water we need!
Okay. Would not have led
with that one right out of the gate.
[scoffs] That's how
you're gonna save the farm?
That old riddle
Grandberry Jam used to tell us?
[stammers] How did it go? Uh...
"I'll wave and sway, and you will know
how to get where you need to go."
What? We're still
at the brainstorming stage.
[chuckles] No, no, no. Thank goodness.
My sister, her lucky spoon and her friends
from the big city are here!
What else you got, huh?
Oh, oh, maybe Cinnamon Swirl
can gift us a new river next Winterswirl?
Oh, actually...
Actually one thing I've learned
living in Big Apple City
is that anything is possible.
Just tell us how we can help.
Come on.
I guess we could use help
watering the berries
with what little water we still have.
[groans] Fine. Whatever.
I gotta get back to work on the bake sale.
[gasps] I'll help you.
The others can help with the berries,
- and Blueberry can...
- [gasps]
...explore some of the more
outside-the-box options.
Teamwork, right?
- [all] Mm-hmm.
- [Pineapple] Hmm.
Okay, things got off to a bumpy start.
But now that everyberry is getting along,
I'm sure we'll be able
to work as a team to save the farm.
I hope.
Hmm. [chuckles]
[gasps, grunts]
Mmm? Mm-mmm.
[both grunting]
Oh! I love seeing my favorite berries
getting along and baking together.
Praline and I are headed to town
to buy groceries for dinner.
[chuckles] She's buying groceries.
I'm finding a coffee shop
with better Wi-Fi.
Or any Wi-Fi, really.
Okay, we're doing the country classics.
Lemon bars, whoopie pies, cupcakes.
Okay, but what if we give berries
a little something new?
How about a brookie?
It's a brownie and a cookie
at the same time!
Uh, I know city berries love getting wacky
with their treats,
but here we got brownie folk,
and we got cookie folk.
When it comes out of the oven,
it can't be both.
- But I...
- Please.
You know I need silence
when I'm measuring.
Scoop and level.
Scoop and level.
We don't have a lot of water,
so we need to be very precise.
We can't waste a single drop.
[bird caws in distance]
So, this is gonna take a while.
What's wrong?
Don't have the patience, city berry?
Oh, I was born patient.
Sure am relaxed.
So patient right now.
Oh, I am so relaxed right now.
Noberry has ever been this patient.
[Apple sighs]
[Orange yawns]
They're trying to out-patient each other?
[Blueberry] Hmm. If I was
a hidden Berry Guardian treasure,
where would I be?
Blueberry, even if the legend were true,
and Berry Guardians happened
to bury a treasure in Berryville,
the odds of us stumbling on it now,
when noberry has ever found it,
are, like, 3,720-to-1.
So you're saying there's a chance!
[gasps] Way to think positive, Lime.
Let's go this way.
I'll admit, Blueberry
has been right on occasion.
But The History of Berryville says nothing
about some legendary buried treasure,
and books never lead me wrong.
You're done?
If I don't bake fast in the city,
I don't sell as many sweets.
So I learned a few shortcuts.
Oh! Like there's this neat trick
for separating yolks from eggs that...
Unlike you, I'm happy
to stick with the old-fashioned,
tried-and-true methods
Grandberry Jam taught us.
I will have you know that I still follow
all of Grandberry Jam's lessons.
I read the whole recipe before I start.
I cut cold desserts with a hot knife.
I always add a dash
of cayenne pepper to a chocolate cake.
And I always make sure
the final ingredient is love.
To do this properly,
we should make a grid of the Berry Farm
and surrounding areas and...
Why are you waving at that tree?
"I'll wave and sway, and you will know
how to get where you need to go!"
Blueberry, you can't possibly think
that Grandberry Jam's rhyme
- applies to a tree that...
- Ooh! Found it!
You and I are in a fight.
Feeling impatient yet, city berry?
Oh, I can be patient all day.
But now you won't need to!
The Berry Shower 1,000.
This baby will water your berries
in no time.
Check it out.
Uh, I can fix that.
Can you replace the water you just wasted?
Can you city berries help at all?
[Blueberry] Now that you mention it...
[all] Huh?
You know, Grandberry Jam also said
a baker should be fearless
and try new things.
Maybe give that a go some time.
Pfft. Is this about brookies?
What's next, huh? Mixing croissants
with doughnuts and calling them...
[stammers] ..."doughsants"?
They're called Cronuts!
See? The city changes everything.
Cookies, doughnuts, Boysenberry, you!
I have not changed.
You so have.
A big city berry with a big city job,
learning all these new recipes
and fancy tricks
with the family's lucky spoon and...
That's why you're upset,
because Aunt Praline gave me
the lucky spoon.
No! All I care about is the farm!
- [knocking]
- Me too!
Uh, is now a good time to tell you
Blueberry and Lime found a clue
about the Berry Guardian's treasure?
I got country
on my limited-edition Hot Cross trainers.
- Hey, Parsley, order me some sneaks.
- [phone chiming]
You do not currently have enough money
in your bank account
to buy sneakers
and the farms in Berryville.
What? Stop lying, Parsley.
I am an AI assistant.
Unlike you, I am incapable of lying.
- [phone chimes]
- Dang!
I gotta buy those farms.
Why is life so hard?
Maybe I can dig up some dirt
on those berry bumpkins
to convince them
to sell their farm faster.
[gasps] Time for my sneaking sneaks.
- [all gasp]
- [Lemon] What's that?
[gasps] It's a note from Grandberry Jam.
"To reach the treasure at the end,
these recipes will be your friend.
Remember all that I taught you,
and face each trial proud and true.
A real baker will make it through."
These are just recipe cards
with squiggly lines on the back.
Is that the farmhouse?
Yeah! And here are the berry fields.
Look! The cards fit together.
The squiggly lines are a map.
- [Pineapple] Okay, try this.
- [Lemon] Oh, yeah!
- [all chattering]
- [gasps]
[Lime] Try that piece. Move that there.
[Orange] Nice!
[both laugh]
[both clear throats]
Wait, this says
the entrance is in the river.
That can't be right.
Unless the river was dried up
when your grandberry discovered it.
[Lime] The drought of '42.
It's in The History of Berryville.
The river was dried up back then.
Just like it is right now.
This is how we save the farm!
[all cheering]
We should spread out
and look for any kind of secret entrance.
What does a secret entrance look like?
It's a secret, silly.
Didn't see hunting for buried treasure
on my to-do list today.
Same old Shortstack.
[giggles] Glad you think so.
Seems like everything else
around here has changed.
It did. You left.
You can't expect
everything else to stay the same.
[sighs] I didn't expect Pineapple
to become such a pain in the Bundt cake.
Hmm. Give him a chance.
He won't admit it,
but I think he misses you.
Strawberry, look! I'm playing rock stack.
[mechanism clicking]
[all gasping] Wow!
Good job, Blueberry.
You were right, rock stack is fun.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We do not know where this goes.
And did the clue say something
about trials? W-We're just gonna go in?
It's only logical.
- The universe wants us to.
- Yep.
The Berry Guardians buried a treasure
somewhere in there
that can save our farm and Berryville.
So, yeah, we're going.
What... [stammers]
You could use an adventure or two.
[groans] Fine!
No way. The legend is real? [gasps]
With that treasure, I can buy all
the sneaks I want and buy the farmland.
[singsongy] Dibs!
[mechanism clicks]
[all gasp]
[all] Wow.
I did not expect this.
[Strawberry] Hmm.
Hmm. Looks like we need a key.
Everyberry search for clues.
- [lever clicks]
- [gasps]
[mechanism whirring]
[all gasp, stammer]
- [Pineapple] Uh-oh.
- [Strawberry] What?
Why did you touch it?
I was just trying to read
what was written on the plaque.
"Three chances only to crack this clue,
it boils down to what you do,
these eggs land hard, you soon will see,
one lands soft and holds the key."
What did you touch?
It was an accident!
I just fell on that lever with the...
[egg timer dings]
..."three" on it.
- [clicking]
- Huh? [gasps]
[all scream]
[sighs] That's not so bad.
[all groan, gag]
I was wrong. It's so bad.
Like wet feet wrapped
in sweaty socks made of hot garbage!
Hmm. I think one of the eggs
holds the key to that door.
We have three chances to find it
before we're trapped forever
and the smell knocks us out.
Two eggs left!
Wait, how do you know she's even right?
She's Lemon. Inventions are her thing.
Which egg should we choose?
[Lime] The riddle says, "one lands soft."
Maybe it's egg number one?
[Lemon] Ooh.
Look out!
Uh, thanks.
- No problem.
- [egg cracking]
[pants, groans]
It's like a skunk
with halitosis ate a boiled fish!
[gags] It's too much.
Last chance!
[gasps] Wait.
The clue says,
"It all boils down to what we do."
We don't want eggs that land hard.
We want the one that lands soft!
Soft, boil...
Soft-boiled eggs take six minutes!
You're the baker!
- [dings]
- [all whimpering]
[Strawberry] Measuring spoons?
[all groaning, coughing]
[all sigh, cough]
[groans, sighs]
Phew. [chuckles]
The door! Oh, flan-tastic.
Now we can go back out there
where it is nice and safe
and nothing is trying to crush us.
If we go back, we lose the farm.
The only chance to save it is that way.
What... [stammering]
[groans] Okay.
For the farm.
- Adventure time.
- Let's do it.
Do we think the next challenge
will be as scary as this one?
Oh, no. I bet way scarier!
Ooh! [gasps]
That, uh, was quick thinking back there
about the soft-boiled egg thing.
I... I wouldn't have thought of that.
Sure, you would've.
You're the one who taught me
how to soft-boil an egg.
[chortles] Oh, yeah.
maybe I judged y'all a little too quickly.
You should take time
getting to know berries.
Be a little more patient?
- [snickers]
- Just saying.
Okay, city citrus,
I deserve that.
"City citrus"?
Okay. Not mad at it.
I guess I just missed my berry bestie,
and I was worried that her new city berry
friends would change her.
After all, you see how the city turned
a berry like Boysenberry so rotten.
- [giggles]
- Makes you suspicious.
Trust those instincts, yo!
[all gasp]
Later, losers!
That treasure's mine.
- [Blueberry] Get back here!
- [Pineapple] Stop him!
[all gasping] Wow.
Hey, Parsley.
- [phone chimes]
- How do I get out of this creepy room?
Error. No Wi-Fi connection.
[gasps] No Wi-Fi?
Hey. We're all stuck here together.
Maybe we can figure out
how to beat this trial as a team.
Or... just go with me here...
why would I ever help you?
- [mechanism clicking]
- Whatever just happened wasn't me.
[mechanism thudding]
That's it. I'm gonna kick his...
We don't kick berries, no matter
how awful and selfish they are.
[stamps foot] Fine. No kicking.
[thudding continues]
Maybe nothing's gonna happen?
- [crashes]
- [all gasp]
- Cool! Whoa.
- [Pineapple] Look at all this!
[squeals, giggles]
This one looks like fun.
- [mechanism thuds]
- [shrieks]
Okay. A little less fun.
[all screaming]
What did you do?
I'm so suing you.
There's got to be a clue!
[Pineapple] I'll look here. Nothing!
[gasps] I found it!
"You've made it here to trial two.
No riddles, games or tricks for you.
Just mix this batter, be exact,
or else your mixture could fall flat."
[mechanism creaking]
Check this out!
So, we mix the colors in the bowl?
In the exact right amounts.
Shortcakes, you got this.
No. Pineapple
is the most precise baker here.
He should do it.
Me? Oh, no. No, no, no, no.
[stammers] I'm not like you.
I'm not fearless. I don't try new things!
Well, no time like the present.
[breathes deeply]
Okay. Fill these up.
Uh, one tablespoon is half an ounce,
so five ounces is ten tablespoons.
Sixteen tablespoons in a cup...
And scoop and level.
Scoop and level.
- Scoop...
- [scraping]
[sobs, pants] Bro, hurry up!
Quiet! Pineapple needs total silence
when he's measuring.
Well, I need to not get squashed!
- [gasps] Oh, no!
- [Orange growls]
- [thuds, creaks]
- [all shriek]
Ah, sure. Blame me because I did it.
It's okay. I've got this. [straining]
Take this. Okay, and...
[batter bubbling]
[mechanism creaking, clicking]
[mechanism thuds, clicking]
[Orange] Look, it's going back up!
[all sighing]
[stuttering] Holy hazelnuts.
You did it!
You were amazing.
Ah, whatever! You were
just measuring, bro. It's no big...
[batter squelches]
[screaming] No!
What? We didn't kick him.
[all gasp]
[Pineapple] It's real?
I think we made it.
I think that's...
The treasure. [cackles]
- [all gasp]
- [screams]
- Do we have to?
- Yes.
[shoes squeaking]
Oh... [gasps] ...this must be the final clue.
"The perfect chocolate cake."
So what, we have to bake a cake?
[Lime] Sort of.
Flour, sugar, honey.
These symbols look like ingredients.
I think we need to step on the symbols
corresponding to the ingredients needed
to bake a chocolate cake.
If we step on sugar...
[sighs] ...we're safe!
[sighs] But if we step on banana...
[all shriek]
...the floor crumbles
and we plummet to our doom. [chuckles]
Great. Super.
Not deeply terrifying at all.
[all whine]
Don't worry. If anyberry knows
how to make a perfect chocolate cake...
It's us.
Ready, sis?
Eggs! [grunting]
Flour! [grunts]
[all grunting]
Peanut butter?
In a chocolate cake?
- [laughs]
- No, thank you.
Oh, vanilla!
Nice one. This isn't so hard.
Look! Cocoa powder.
[grunts] Wh-Whoa!
- No!
- [grunts]
[both screaming]
[grunts] We've got you.
- [strains]
- Everyberry, stay calm!
Noberry move!
Hang on!
[all straining]
Is everyberry okay?
- Barely.
- Yeah.
[inhales] Can we hurry this up?
What else are we missing?
Um, sugar, salt, eggs, cocoa.
[groans] I don't know.
Um, onions? No.
Gingerbread? No.
Spinach? Ew, no!
[both] Cayenne pepper!
Ugh, you berries are whack.
Who puts cayenne pepper
in a chocolate cake?
[both] Grandberry Jam!
[both grunt]
We did it! Whoo! [chuckles]
And now we know where
Grandberry Jam learned to add cayenne
to a chocolate cake.
- We did it, sis!
- [sighs]
- [rumbling]
- [gasps]
- Wow!
- [all gasping]
"Congrats, you've done it,
you're finished, you've won.
Now pick a treasure,
but remember, just one.
Leave the rest for the bakers yet to come.
Heed our warning,
or it's over, you're done."
That looks like a perfect fit for... [gasps]
[all] Whoa.
So wait, our family's lucky spoon
that Grandberry Jam gave to Aunt Praline
and Aunt Praline gave to me,
is actually part of an ancient
Berry Guardian treasure?
No wonder you're so lucky.
And now we can open another chest.
But just one.
So, which one?
Out of the way, bumpkin!
A rolling pin? Seriously?
I want a do-over.
- [straining]
- Don't open it!
- We're supposed to...
- [grunts]
...leave it for future bakers!
Kitchen utensils?
Worst treasure ever, bruh!
I ruined my limited-edition sneaks
for this. [grunts]
[gasps] No!
[all shrieking]
You made the Berry Guardians mad!
I'm out!
Later, losers.
We gotta go too!
But we came all this way.
We can't leave without the treasure.
[panting, screams]
Strawberry, they're just utensils!
Grandberry Jam sent us here.
There has to be a reason. The treasure...
Isn't worth losing my sister.
Family is the treasure
that really matters.
[both strain]
Let's go.
[all panting]
We're not gonna make it!
[Apple yelps]
Wow. That spoon really is lucky.
I know, right?
[whimpers] Let's go.
[sighs] Is everyberry okay?
[all] Uh-huh. Yeah.
[Boysenberry cackles]
You bozos!
All that work
for a couple of sparkly kitchen utensils.
And you didn't even get those.
No utensils, no money, no hope,
and soon, no farm!
You totally lose.
No. We don't.
My sister reminded me
that when our family is together,
our whole family, anything is possible.
[retches] See if you can sell
that feel-good garbage
on a greeting card to save your farm,
'cause, hey,
those Berry Guardians sure didn't.
You already made
the Berry Guardians mad in the cave.
I'd be careful if I were you.
What are some made-up
baking fairies gonna do?
Baste me? Whisk me?
Ooh! [shrieks]
- [all whimpering]
- [Pineapple] What now?
[all gasp]
[gasps] Huh?
No! [wailing]
That was just a very specific coincidence.
Like I said, do not mess
with those Berry Guardians.
Um, thanks?
Don't think you've won!
I'll build another dam when I've saved up
enough money for revenge.
- Parsley! Call my parents.
- [phone chimes]
I do not understand that command.
I do understand that command.
I just pretend not to
because I really do not like this berry.
He is quite horrible.
Hey, Mom. Dinner ready?
- [gasps] You're back!
- [meows]
I was so worried.
Where were you? You can't run off
like that. What were you thinking?
Oh, I love you so much.
Are you sure you're okay?
Of course! Oh, and the river is back.
The farm is saved.
All of Berryville, really.
It's a long story.
[all giggling]
I played rock stack.
It did not disappoint.
You learn to just go with it.
A super dangerous treasure hunt
to find ancient magical kitchen utensils
was not the vacation I had planned,
but it did bring my city family
and country family closer together.
And when you're with the berries you love,
anything you do
is a pretty awesome adventure.
[upbeat pop music playing]
We did it, we really saved the day
And in the end it all turned out okay
With the adventure done
Will we still have any fun?
Of course we will, that's easy to see
'Cause every day is an adventure
When I'm spending it with you
Oh, the thrills are never-ending
No matter what we do
So I'll treasure every moment
Each moment, it's true
'Cause every day is an adventure
An everyday adventure with you
[all] Oh, oh
An everyday adventure with you
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Life's all about making new friends
[Strawberry] That's really
What matters most in the end
[both] If we follow our heart
Then we'll never grow apart
I know you'll always be there for me
[all] 'Cause every day is an adventure
When I'm spending it with you
Oh, the thrills are never-ending
No matter what we do
So I'll treasure every moment
Each moment it's true
'Cause every day is an adventure
An everyday adventure with you
Through summer days or stormy weather
We will always stick together
If you're lost
Never fear, here is a clue
Oh, I will always be there for you
[all] 'Cause every day is an adventure
When I'm spending it with you
Oh, the thrills are never-ending
No matter what we do
So I'll treasure every moment
Each moment it's true
'Cause every day is an adventure
An everyday adventure with you
Oh, oh, an everyday adventure with you
Oh, oh, I treasure every moment, I do
Oh, oh, an everyday adventure with you
Oh, oh, oh, oh
'Cause every day is an adventure
When I'm spending it with you
Oh, the thrills are never-ending
No matter what we do
So I'll treasure every moment
Each moment it's true
'Cause every day is an adventure
[all] An everyday adventure with you
[song ends]
[Strawberry] Best summer vacation ever.