Stray Bullets (2016) Movie Script

You're panting.
Richie better not
show up now, dude.
This little caper of ours is
not something he would like.
They're shipping a lot of shit
here without him knowing.
He likes to be in the know.
It seems very shady.
Alright, not too
much cutting, ash.
Hurry up.
I'm serious.
She's a beauty.
We need to go.
Let's get this stuff.
Ash, let's go.
All the peanuts.
All of them.
Pick them up.
- Ash!
- Shit.
He's here.
Alright, come on.
Wanna go have breakfast?
Let's go have breakfast.
Alright, okay.
Let's go in the shop.
What, you don't
wanna go in the shop?
Come on, come on.
We gotta go to work.
Come on.
You happy now?
Hey, put that away.
Calm down.
Ash, that's something
I would say.
You don't get to talk like me.
Will you shut up?
No. No, Connor.
I'm putting this away
because it's the right
thing to do, not
because you told me to.
- Okay?
- Let's go.
I don't understand.
Why are there so many?
Ash, what do we get?
I don't know.
You're the mechanic.
You should know.
You know mechanic is not the
same thing as being a maid, ash.
Check this out.
Everything alright back there?
Oh, Connor.
So boys, what have we learned?
Leave ash at home.
And if you wanna topple
a mountain, go for my
selection of spray
breeze in aisle five.
Will do.
Good luck.
Whatever you're up to.
I'll give you five minutes, ash.
So, where you off to?
Going to clean out
my dad's trailer.
Where are you guys going?
Whoa, you're going
somewhere to clean?
- Yeah.
- Oh yeah.
Ash, uh...
Ash is into that kinda thing.
You know, he's into maids.
Oh my.
That's not...
He's joking, he's joking.
I get it, I get it, ash.
Connor, what'd you
get on that bio final?
Oh, didn't know
you guys were pals.
A lot of things about
me you don't know.
Oh, really?
So where are you guys going?
Uh, we're gonna...
What's in the bag?
A gun.
No shit.
Cleaning supplies, too.
It's not a real gun, also.
Cleaning supplies and a gun?
What are you guys
like an amateur...
What are they called, Sam?
Clean-up men.
Like for crime scenes.
Amateur clean-up men
for a crime scene.
I wanna see this gun, Connor.
Yeah, we probably
shouldn't be bringing that
out here, you know?
Lot of cops in this town.
Wouldn't wanna get shot.
It's a paintball gun.
What's a paintball gun?
It shoots balls of paint.
Yeah, Emma.
You should know this.
Dudes, don't gang
up on my friend.
Geez, you're difficult.
Excuse me?
He's kinda right.
Whoa, there!
I'm just saying.
So, where are you guys going?
Uh, we're gonna bike
along the river trail.
I forget what it's called.
The Sopes river valley trail.
Ash, can we leave?
Well, so quickly Connor
has lost interest.
Alright, have fun on your bikes.
See ya, Emma.
- Later.
- Bye, boys.
Unless you guys wanna come
clean out the trailer with us.
We're good.
Why the fuck was
Kaufmann in there?
He wasn't supposed
to fucking be here.
We weren't supposed to pull
our fucking guns, Charlie.
Since when does Kaufmann
carry a fucking piece?
What the fuck is he doing?
He's got the keys!
Oh, god damnit, Cody!
Oh man!
Come on.
Look out, look out.
Goddamn you!
I've been doing some
thinking, ash.
Why is it I'm always doing
your chores for you?
I don't think that's fair.
Connor, you practically
live at my house.
So you're saying I owe you?
I don't know.
Talk to my dad.
I think it's my duty.
I can't leave you two alone.
So, how were the championships?
They weren't championships.
Also, that is really stupid.
They weren't championships.
But did you win?
You never seize
to amaze me, ash.
Sometimes I think you're uh...
Mentally challenged.
I think I'm doing quite a
noble thing being your friend,
you know?
It's a lot of Patience.
I'm Lenny?
I'm Lenny, you're George?
Why is your dad so against guns?
I don't know.
I guess he's seen
what a gun can do.
Was he in the army?
I seriously doubt that.
You're saying he's a softie?
He so isn't.
God damnit, why did they
pack these like this?
I mean, they're
all over the place.
I mean, I don't really
consider myself a gun guy,
but what's not to like here?
Say hello to my little friend.
Do you even know
what that's from?
Die hard?
Where the fuck did
that come from?
I don't know.
It was a personal shot.
Goddamn, he's crazy, man.
He was out of his mind.
Just breathe.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
You gotta pull over.
No, just keep going.
Keep going.
Come... come on, Mikey.
That's it.
Come on, Cody.
Come on.
You are gonna be alright, Cody.
Jesus, none of us knew it'd
have to be our getaway.
We were supposed to be
in and out of there.
Nobody expected we'd have
to shoot our way out.
Since when does Kaufmann
carry a fucking piece?
He's always the guy
without the gun.
Let's everybody else
do his dirty work.
Finally came to his senses.
Yeah, oh!
Guess what?
Oh shit.
This old man's watch.
You know he's too afraid
to wear it anymore, but I
know where he keeps it.
I took more than a fucking
bullet from that asshole.
You sure did.
How we doing on gas, Cody?
K, good, good, good.
That's enough to get
us where we're going.
I hope so.
When you gonna tell us where
that is exactly, Charlie?
I'll tell us when
we get closer, Cody.
Is that a problem?
Don't you think you gotta tell
us sooner rather than later?
I'm gonna tell you when
I start to fucking die.
What do you think of that, Cody?
Unless you're still acting
like a fucking dick.
I can't believe I
killed that kid.
He wasn't a kid.
He was a seventeen-year-old
kid, alright? And I shot him.
What, you shot someone?
Yeah, who's blood do you think
is all over me, Charlie?
Fucking news to me, man,
and I don't like it.
He's overreacting.
He wasn't a kid.
He was there to
pick up the case.
Some guy that Kaufmann hired.
It was either you or him.
Whatever it was, it's been
a long time, alright?
Still feels like shit.
Well, listen.
Whatever happened back there,
it's what had to happen.
End of story.
And the whole job went to shit.
I've never seen
Kaufmann so pissed.
I mean, he-he-he...
He was mad.
No shit.
No, I mean, he was
gonna shoot all of us.
He was gonna kill us.
Kaufmann, Kaufmann
was gonna kill us.
Dutch, please.
Fuck you.
You two have no heart.
I should've killed that
fuck when I had the chance.
I'd like nothing better than to
shut that little prick up.
Passions are high.
- Charlie.
- Yeah.
If you two hadn't abandoned me,
it might have gone
differently in there.
Fuck you say?
You heard me.
No, no.
I wanna hear that again.
What the fuck did you say?
That's not fair.
Listen, man, if you hadn't
started shooting, we might
be in a very
different situation.
That's right.
What the fuck were you
doing back there, huh?
And now you're gonna try to
blame all the rest of us.
I should fucking shoot
you for saying that, man.
But you know what? I can't
fucking move back here.
I'm just saying,
we could have done better.
Ugh, you know what, man...
We could've been more
effective as a team.
Please, please.
Cody, please.
Please shut up.
You're making my heart race.
Well, if we're taking
requests here, Charlie,
I'd appreciate if you'd stop
bleeding out in my backseat.
You're ruining my upholstery.
You know, you're right, man.
Can I get one of those
little handiwipes you used
to carry under your
dashboard there, buddy?
Dutch, give him one
of your tampons.
Along with the watch!
Oh, ash!
We have to go.
Your dad's gonna be pissed.
Get your shit.
I love the smell of
napalm in the morning.
I love the smell of
napalm in the morning.
It smells like victory.
That was pretty good.
Ash, that was
pretty good, right?
You guys ready?
Hey, Paul.
Hey, JT.
How you doing?
I'm doing well.
How's ash?
Oh, as good as ever.
Yeah, great.
Ginger, Ben, you
guys remember JT?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hey, how's Susan?
Oh, she's great.
She's uh, she's good.
I thought we'd give
her some space today.
She's all stressed out
about this and that.
Makes the house feel real small.
Today is my day to be
with the kids so I
got some burgers, some lettuce.
We're going over to the park.
You tell Susan I
said hello, okay?
I will.
You take care of her.
Oh yeah, before I forget.
The Denton house.
I need you to get over there
and take care of that boiler.
I mean, you said
you would last week.
I know she's a pain in
the ass, but please.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Kids, come on, let's go.
Hey, JT.
Don't forget what we came from.
We got it good here.
Real good.
In you go, buddy, in you go.
Put your party hats on.
Slow down, Cody.
Shut the fuck up.
Slow down, Cody.
This road is throwing with cops.
What are you doing?
I feel like I'm
losing you here, pal.
What's going on?
I'm reacting to the situation.
Something you seem to
be incapable of, pal.
Okay well, I don't know
what situation it is you
think you're reacting to
because you're sure as
hell not reacting
to this problem.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you know, you
know what, Cody?
Maybe it's time we start
thinking about Charlie, huh?
Let me ask you a
question, Dutch.
You're aware that they're
after us right now.
That they sent somebody
up here to chase us down.
You're aware of that, right?
Yes, Cody, I do realize that.
Cody, what are we
gonna do about Charlie?
Tell you what
we're not gonna do.
We're not gonna do what
you're about to try and
convince me in doing.
I know.
If it was anybody else,
it would be different.
But this is Charlie we're
talking about, alright?
I mean, if he croaks,
what happens to us?
I mean, what are we gonna
do just twist in the wind?
Hey, shut up.
You guys sound like a couple
of pansies up there.
No hospitals.
We go straight where we're
going and we'll get help there.
Fucking hell, man.
Ugh, god.
Where the hell are we?
I don't know, Charlie.
You didn't tell me
where we are going.
Well, what the fuck?
Oh, we overshot.
We overshot, man.
You gotta keep me alert.
I can't fucking...
My body is shutting down.
Charlie, where are
we going, Charlie?
This road is taking
us farther upstate.
How are we gonna know when
we get where we're going?
I gotta get my phone.
Oh, shit.
your phone.
My phone is dead.
What, did you
forget to charge it?
It drowned.
He milks that much
like every time.
That's awesome.
How have you not
seen these, dude?
Like where is your childhood?
Will you shut up, please?
So, the trailer.
Does your dad wanna sell it?
I mean, that's what he says,
but he's never gonna sell it.
Why are we cleaning it out then?
Because he wants to sell it.
Well, speak of the devil.
Guys, come on.
The day is half over.
There's no point in
avoiding the work.
The sooner you stop
avoiding it, the sooner
it'll get done.
You're making me do that
annoying dad thing.
I'll crack the whip,
JT, don't worry.
You do that.
I'll be checking in on you
guys on my way back from town.
The car needs fixing.
I'm open to suggestions.
We passed at least one
mechanics as we got off
the main road, Cody.
We give them a little
something extra.
It's not a problem.
It's never that simple.
Alright, so then what do we do?
It's my car.
So why are you opposed
to what I'm suggesting?
Not a mechanic.
If I can fix it, I would.
But I'm not, so I can't.
I don't know about that.
What happens when
the car breaks down?
You're overreacting.
I'm overreacting.
I'll tell you what needs fixing.
Shit, Charlie!
What is he?
I don't know. I don't know,
I can't tell if he's breathing.
- Check his pulse.
- I am, I am.
I think I feel something.
I think I feel a pulse.
I think he's in a coma.
You can't get in a
coma from blood loss.
He's just unconscious.
He's got a pulse, right?
Okay, uh... unconscious.
Unconscious is good, right?
That's normal.
We'll let him be unconscious.
It's not normal.
He's entering the last stages.
God damnit.
Charlie, god damnit.
Come on.
Daddy, I got hurt.
What happened, what happened?
Ginger pushed me.
That doesn't look bad.
I got a band aid.
Hold on.
Look at this one,
matches your shirt.
Alright, ready?
That's beautiful!
Go play, okay?
Alright, see you.
Ginger, no.
What are you doing?
Rearming myself.
I don't know. Why not?
Damn this.
We're here to clean, ash.
If you shoot up the
place, I'll kill you.
Yeah, with what?
Your broom?
Alright, that's it, that's it.
I'm done.
Mine is so much better.
Too artsy.
Too artsy?
At least your dad turned
the power on for us.
Is that one of yours?
Don't move.
It's stuff for cleaning.
Who knows you're here?
You don't have to consult.
Just answer the question.
Just his dad.
Is this your father's trailer?
You live here?
What are you doing here?
He sent us here to clean it out.
He might sell it.
Where's the nearest hospital?
Not for twenty or thirty miles.
We're pretty far out.
How about a doctor, a clinic?
What the fuck?
How about somebody we can
call to come to us?
A doctor?
Yeah, yeah, there is somebody.
Shut up!
Not now.
We gotta deal with this.
We gotta deal with more
than one thing at once.
The car, too, Cody.
Let's try to use this
thing to our advantage.
Charlie's a fucking
ticking time bomb.
You're a ticking time bomb.
Use this to our advantage,
what are you talking about?
- Cody.
- People know they are here.
What are we gonna do when
they come looking for them?
See... you are not helping.
This is not helping us
sort this situation out.
This job has gone to shit,
but it's not over yet.
Yeah, well at least I
did my part of the job.
your plan then?
What, are you gonna sit around?
Wait it out?
I wouldn't do that.
Leave him alone, Cody.
They're just scared.
They're in the wrong
place at the wrong time.
It's start-starting to seem
like maybe we were, too.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying I think we made
a bad move, Cody, and all
this is us answering for it.
Well, why do you think I've been
calling the shots around here?
Yeah, that's another thing.
Who decides you get to be...
Shut up!
Stop talking!
What is your fucking problem?
Charlie is bleeding
out in that room.
Charlie, our friend and
boss of twenty years.
More than twenty years, yes.
Can you imagine if he dies?
I mean, shit, man.
With Charlie gone,
everything changes.
No, everything's
already changed.
I'm taking it to Charlie.
I have an idea.
Yeah, boss.
Cody, Cody, Cody.
Listen, man.
We gotta work together, okay?
Sure, boss.
Now, Dutch...
My understanding is we got a bit
of a situation out there, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well okay.
Now listen to priority.
It's gotta be...
To get the car going, okay?
So okay, fix the car.
Where the hell are we?
Charlie, don't-don't
strain yourself.
Alright, you know what?
You guys gotta get out of here.
You gotta just get out of here.
I'll hang out here
with the kids.
Hey, Dutch.
You got anything to
sweeten this like um...
A kind of music or something?
I-I-i don't know.
I got the... yeah.
I got the thing.
It can put the tunes on, right?
What are you doing?
You got a new phone?
Look at you. Ha!
Let me find something.
I don't think that's gonna work.
That's nice, but you know what?
Let's get...
Cody, open the curtain.
Oh yeah.
That's better.
Charlie, you ready?
Alright, let's do it.
Get that fucking
thing out of me.
Alright, Charlie.
What the fuck!
Go ahead, go ahead.
Alright, Charlie.
Come on.
Will you hurry the fuck up?
Alright, man.
- Woo!
- We're gonna beat this.
Get it out! What the...
Stay still.
Stay still now.
That's it.
Alright, alright.
Look out!
I got it, I got it.
I got the bullet.
I got the bullet, Charlie.
I just...
Just rest now.
You're alright.
I'm gonna have to do...
I gotta burn them, Cody.
I'm gonna burn it shut.
Sorry, Charlie.
Alright, man.
Can I make a suggestion?
What is it?
I work at a body shop
not far from here.
I can maybe take a look at
your car and see what's wrong.
What are you getting at?
Well, ash and I can go get
the part you need from my
shop and install it for
you and get some medical
supplies, too.
Whatever you need.
It could work, Cody.
No medical supplies. I don't
want you gone that long.
We fix the car.
And only one of you goes.
Your buddy stays.
What are you waiting for?
'72 dodge dart.
Can I take a look?
Go ahead.
Can I go inside?
There's a gun in there.
You should probably take it.
You punctured a heating hose.
You would've been able to
drive for about two hours
before your radiator overheated.
Uh huh.
So I'll get you a new
hose and two clamps.
It's an easy fix.
You got a half hour.
- I'm gonna need more time.
- Time starts now.
Can I let ash know I'm going?
You're wasting time, go on.
What you mean like first
grade, kindergarten?
Yeah, I had a buddy like
that one time.
How's it going?
Having a nice chat?
Getting to know each other.
Look what I found.
In the front seat.
Can you fucking imagine?
You're becoming a liability.
One too many fuck ups.
Hey, Connor.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
Teen angst.
Don't worry, that
never goes away, kid.
Yo, is that Connor?
I think, yeah.
What's he doing?
I don't know.
Wait, Connor.
- Connor.
- Hey.
Um, is he okay?
I don't know.
- He doesn't really run.
- I mean...
He'll probably be fine.
Yeah, totally.
Connor, what are you doing?
Richie, you're probably
wondering why I'm here.
Yeah, I mean, it
is your day off.
Well, let me explain.
Uh, you know Mr.
Cooper, copper?
I can never remember.
- Cooper with the '74 Pontiac?
- Right.
Um he was pulled over on 28 with
his hood open and everything.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Anyway, so you know.
Heater hose punctured somehow.
I thought I'd help him out.
And I told him to contact
you about payment.
And I didn't wanna bother
you because I know you
weren't expecting me today so.
You alright?
Yeah, I'm fine. I just ran from
all the way over there so.
Okay, okay, sure.
You can do that.
- No problem. Uh...
- Okay.
Those are the wrong clamps.
Hold on.
One. These are the
right clamps.
Take those and uh,
take the cutters.
And uh...
Okay, thank you.
Alright, we'll see you later.
Hey, weren't you supposed to
clean JT's trailer today?
Yeah, we finished.
We finished that.
That was pretty quick.
Yeah. Uh...
Gotta go.
See you later, kid.
Oh, this is great.
So this is what uh...
This is what kids are
doing these days?
I mean, this is like
seriously dangerous.
Well, you wear lots of
body armor and a helmet.
A helmet?
Yeah, like a mask.
I don't wear armor, but
I just wear a hoodie.
Does that make you cool?
Well no, that's just how I play.
Oh. And how does
one play exactly?
Well, there's a bunch of
different kinds of games.
Capture the flag, team-on-team,
last man standing.
What's that one?
Last man standing?
Well, it's kind of like
what it sounds like.
Shoot everybody
until nobody's left.
What about the last man?
Well, it's called that, but
everybody always gets shot.
In the neck, in the neck.
Everybody get your
raffle tickets.
Please get your raffle
tickets before we announce
the raffle number.
Thank you.
My father liked to fish,
you know?
He was uh...
Had like a lodge
I guess you'd say.
It was up in Massachusetts.
And uh, it wasn't
much, you know.
But he'd go up there and I'd go
up on the weekends sometimes.
My mom would go to Jersey
with her girlfriends.
I'd go up there
and he'd be uh...
You know, he liked to drink,
too, don't get me wrong.
But when he wasn't
drinking, we'd go out and
take the boat and...
You know.
Some of my happiest
memories, you know?
Just-just-just drifting
along with him.
We'd catch sunnies, you know.
Throw them back.
What's your father like?
Time's up.
How well do you know this kid?
Cody, come on.
Give him a chance.
I don't think I will.
Whoa! What are you doing?
Come on!
I'm gonna knock his fucking...
Come on, no!
Come on, come on!
Cody, relax!
Cody, stop.
Now stop!
- Get off of me!
- Hey, hey!
He didn't do anything!
Fucking let go of me!
The kid didn't do a thing.
I don't fucking care
if he did anything.
Where's your fucking
friend and his fucking...
You're late.
What took you so long?
Sit-sit-sit down.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Anybody follow you?
You sure you got
everything you need?
I'm positive.
How does he know your name?
Let's discuss this.
Let's talk in there.
No one knows we're here.
I just wanna get those
boys out of here.
What is he doing?
No one will intrude
unless I want them to.
Jack, that boy is your son?
Yes, ash is my son.
He's a good kid.
Reminds me of you.
Now listen to me.
You're safe here.
Now here's what I can offer.
Ash will take my car into
town and get you whatever
supplies you need.
Medical, food, you name it.
Meanwhile, Connor will
make the necessary repairs
to your car under your
supervision and I'll
remain here with you.
Look, I'm sorry it
had to be this way.
I know you.
I'm no better man than
either one of you.
I only took a better path
because that is what was
offered to me.
I know you didn't have
that chance, Dutch.
We understand.
Alright, here's the plan.
- We're gonna take the...
- Your boy stays here.
I'm sorry?
He stays here.
You go to town.
And that car runs perfectly.
Connor, is that possible?
We'll tie you up after.
Thank you.
Now what you're gonna do...
I'm coming in now, Cody.
Your next, Cody.
Shoot the fucker!
He's just gonna shoot back.
Unless you give me what I want.
I got a tip from an old
friend of yours, Cody.
Can't trust them all I guess.
Bad idea, friend.
I got your boss.
Poor Dutch.
He didn't put up
much of a fight.
Dad, hey!
What are you doing?
Dad, come on.
What are you still doing here?
Take this.
Are you sure?
Better you should
have it than him.
This is too easy.
Ash, get up.