Streamline (2021) Movie Script

Your dad gets out today.
Tempo! Tempo!
No! Catch up, young
man! I'm watching you!
Come on!
Stroke rate! Come on,
Boy, stroke rate! Stroke rate!
Hey, Boy.
This is Glenn Goodman.
He and his team will
be coming to watch you
at the age championships next week.
-G'day, Ben.
So, do you know much about the institute?
We work with some 600
athletes all over Australia.
Many of whom will go on
to join the Olympic team.
We've got top-of-the-line gyms,
sports science labs,
nutritionists, psychologists, mentors.
Sounds good, doesn't it, Boy?
Sounds great.
Can I ask you a question?
Why do you swim?
He was born swimming, I reckon.
-Is that right?
Since I can remember.
Well, we look forward to
meeting you in Brisbane, mate.
-Thank you.
-Cheers. See you, Clarkey.
How's your mum doing?
-She's good.
And you?
I'm fine.
..the three of us, we've worked
very hard to get where we are.
Let's not let him affect that.
You do well by those blokes out there,
they will make your career.
We're doing five events
at the championships.
100 free, 200 free, 100 fly, both IMs.
We'll take any chance that we can get.
Now, you finish third at the Olympics,
you'll be on the medal stand in minutes.
You finish third at these trials,
you're gonna be on
the couch for four years.
This is the biggest meet of your life.
You leave what's going on at home... home.
Now, get out and do your thing.
Bugger off.
You don't have to go to school today.
We can both chuck sickies.
-I'm not sick, Mum.
-Just trying to help, mate.
Give me some of that.
Mmm. Who made that shit?
Oh, shit. Shit.
Drink driving.
Just send me the link.
"Until you make the
unconscious conscious..."
" will direct your life
and you will call it fate."
Carl Jung.
What is the unconscious?
Come on, guys.
Last class of the day.
The unconscious mind
is a part of our brain
that we can't directly access.
When we block things out -
bad memories, trauma -
it leaves our conscious mind
but stays in our unconscious mind.
That's why we make bad decisions.
If we make our unconscious conscious,
we take full control of our own actions.
We direct our own lives.
Boys giving you a hard time, Benjamin?
Why don't we bring your mother in,
talk about what's going on at home?
There's nothing to talk about.
No shame if there is, son.
Where have you been?
Ask your dad.
We'll be late.
How'd it go with those Brisbane guys?
Good. They're
seeing me next week.
Holy shit.
I don't know what's going
on at school. It's fucked.
It's just another day.
You should talk to my dad.
Get stuffed.
Stop being dumb.
I don't need to talk to anybody.
No. No.
-I'll catch up.
You can wait for every
swimmer that showed up on time
to finish, then you can catch up.
I'll see you at six.
You'd be wise to warm up your legs.
The Olympic trials
are only four months away! Huh?!
Let's go again!
And get it right!
Set... hup!
Go! Go!
You go!
Come on, Boy!
You know the difference between
a good day and a bad day?!
One hundredth of a second!
One hundredth of a second!
Now, we'll stay here
all night if we have to!
Come on, Boy!
Move, son!
Do you want to make that Olympic team?
Do you?
Thorpey didn't become
world champion at 15
by not turning up to training.
And Phelps didn't qualify
for the Olympics at 15
by finger-fucking his
girlfriend down by the river.
They turned up...
..on time...
..over and over and over.
They were focused...
If you do the work,
you'll be the next face
of Australian swimming.
If not...'ll be back here washing
towels at the local swim club.
Come on.
Stand up.
Come on.
Do you trust me?
I will not let you lose focus, I promise.
And when you are standing
up there on that Olympic podium
with those gold medals
around your neck...'ll understand
what we're doing here.
Now, go home.
Get some rest.
..quinella. Australia one, two.
Back down the pool, inside the last 50.
It's Grant Hackett. Thorpe
issuing the challenge.
Now half a body length, the margin.
The two Australians
have it to themselves,
although Palmer is
starting to finish fast.
It's Thorpe coming over the top.
Hackett is trying to hang on.
Great for Australia. Two
gold caps riding it out.
Thorpe may be in front. Thorpe,
Hackett. Thorpe and Hackett!
They go in, they hit it!
Thorpe won it! Thorpe won it!
World champion at
15! That's unbelievable.
That is one of the best tactical races
I have ever seen.
And he was never in
front till the last stroke,
and that's when it counts.
I'm down here with Ian Thorpe,
who has just become a
world champion at 15 years old.
That was the best
tactical race I've ever seen.
I don't know about that, you know?
I wasn't too sure how I
was gonna do it, you know.
It paid off this time.
You know, I really can't get over this...
See? Hard work pays off, mate.
You call again and
I'll change his number!
I'll get a fucking court
order. Do not test me, Rob!
We have to wait until the
championships are done.
Alright. Weirdo.
I'm making the Olympic team this year.
Yeah? Then what?
I'm an Olympian.
And all your problems go away?
Get lost.
See you.
Are you right for a lift, Patti?
-Need a hand?
-It's fine, baby. You go up.
I'm fuckin' going out. I
don't care what you fuckin' do.
You can stay in, you
can go out. Just fuckin'...
I'm going out.
You fuckin'
go out! I don't care!
Competitors in event
35, men's 200-metre butterfly,
please proceed to the pool.
Let's go, Boy!
Take your marks.
You should hear 'em out there.
Is that Patti?
You've shot up, eh?
You would have
been.. down there.
Well, you... you both would.
I hope it's alright that
I came here, yeah?
..I sent you something.
Did you get it?
Yeah, good. It
was your first pair.
I saved them.
You used to wear the bloody
things to the dinner table.
It's good to see you swim.
'Cause you were bloody quick.
Haven't seen you swim that fast
since your brother was
chasing you down the river.
You whacked him on
the back with a cricket bat
and he was trying to kill you, remember?
You went off downriver
for a couple of hours
and we couldn't find you.
Your mum was going bloody nuts.
I knew you'd be alright.
I think you're part man, part fish.
Competitors in the
200 metres men's butterfly,
please proceed to the ready room.
L... look...
-I've got to go.
-No, listen, please, Boy.
Competitors for the
men's 200-metre butterfly,
proceed to the pool.
Take your marks.
P.A. False start, Benjamin
Lane. Disqualified.
-Hey, Boy. Boy.
-Just get on the bus.
No, no, no! What
are you doing here?
Oi, get your fucking hands off!
I just want to apologise,
alright? I want to apologise.
I saw what happened...
Do it on your own time, mate, not here.
They're going home on the fuckin' bus.
He should know I'm not gonna
fuckin' turn up again, alright?
So, this order of the court
will stop the boy's father
from coming within 150
metres of the both of you
for the foreseeable future.
I know you're tired, but
you've got to switch on today.
They just want to do some
tests. It's not gonna be hard.
They've already seen me swim.
It's just... it's a part
of their process.
Lose the attitude, Boy.
It's important.
This is your chance to get out.
Who was that?
Do you want to see?
Clarkey. Sorry
to keep you waiting.
Good to see you again.
And welcome to the institute.
Today, we're gonna do a few tests.
We'll analyse your body composition,
uh, relative muscularity, body fat, etc.
Then we're gonna get into
some physical performance tests,
so, speed, strength,
endurance, lung capacity.
If you feel we're pushing you too hard,
just let us know and
we'll pull it back, OK?
OK. Thanks.
He's not there, Kim.
I'm afraid I have bad news.
Your son has severe fatigue.
He's going to need time off.
Three to four weeks, at least.
I'm not going to that bullshit institute.
They're one of Australia's best teams.
Take my spot,
then. I don't want it.
You're right. Fuck 'em.
Come back to training.
I'm sick.
You don't look sick.
You see that?
I know why you're being like this.
Your dad.
It's gonna be fine.
Look, I'll see you later.
Get out of here!
What are you doing, huh?
This is your life, Benjamin.
If I took you to the
principal, he'd expel you.
Expel me, then.
You'll come to my office in the morning
and we'll keep you away from trouble.
So, you're gonna
give up just like that, eh?
We haven't heard from Goodman.
Clarke thinks we should
start training again just in case.
-I'm sick.
-It's been three weeks.
-Doctor said four.
-She said three to four.
-You've fallen behind, Boy.
-The doctor said.
I don't care what the doctor said.
What?! You'll listen to Clarke
but not a fucking doctor?
Hey, pull your head in, mate.
We're going to training in the morning.
Come on, Boy. You've got this.
This is you. This
is what you do.
Come on, Boy. I
got dressed for this.
Last chance.
You either get in the water...
..or get the fuck
out of my pool.
Why do you let him get inside your head?
-He's not your dad.
No, no, no. He's
not your fuckin' dad!
You've got all the talent in the world,
you're just pissing it into the wind!
Do you know how hard I have worked
to get you in that institute?
Your mother? Your mother has
broken herself to get you here!
Show her some respect,
show ME some respect
and get in the water!
Or don't.
End up like your deadbeat
brothers, your loser dad.
Just put it back on.
Put it back on.
Put it back on!
-Clarke, don't!
Are you right, son?
Patti home?
Not at the moment.
If you want to talk about anything,
I'm always here to listen.
Now, you mean a lot to Patti.
Us as well.
Can you tell her to call
me when she gets home?
Hey. Make yourself at home.
Watch some footy.
I need to go home and sleep.
I haven't slept good in a while.
Keep it.
He's gone.
I got good news.
Goodman has accepted you into
their high-performance program.
They're moving us to Brisbane.
They are paying for everything, Boy.
They believe in you so much.
I don't want to go to Brisbane.
Brisbane's beautiful,
mate. You'll love it.
You'll be swimming with
some of the best in the country.
Clarke will be there too.
I don't wanna.
You don't wanna what?
Hey, look at me.
This is your dream.
Don't let him ruin it for you.
Here, listen to me.
If we don't get out of here...
..if you don't take
this opportunity...'ll end up just
like Dave and Nick.
I mean, is that what you want to be?
Just piss your life away
working in the cane farms?
They're my brothers.
They are not your brothers.
They are.
You think I want to do this?
You think I like waking
up at 3:30 every morning?
Taking you to training,
driving you to school,
doing your fucking homework?!
Back and forth, back and forth!
You can take these with you.
Mum, stop.
Yeah, Dave, it's Kim.
Your brother's quitting on me.
He's coming to stay with you.
There you go.
Accommodation sorted.
Where did you get these?
Where the fuck did you get these?
Dad sent them. Before
the championships.
Do you remember what he did to us?
That was years ago, Mum.
Get out.
Get out! Get the
fuck out of my house!
I said get fucking out!
-Get back here!
I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean it.
Cash, cunt.
Cash, cash, cash, cash...
-Guys, piss off.
-Cash, cunt.
TV: That's good umpiring.
No stroke at all played
there. Just kept his bat...
Does she know you're here?
Give us your bag.
Oh, he's gone for that.
Oh, dear! Hit to short leg...
She's not well.
You're 15, for fuck's sake.
No, you should be out there
messing around with your mates,
not stuck in that tiny
apartment with her.
She's like a warden.
Warden Kim.
Is there something you want to ask me?
You talk to Dad since he got out?
He tried.
Like with you.
And I told him to get fucked.
Don't have sympathy for the man.
No, he destroyed his own home.
You don't need him.
And you don't need your mum either.
We'll look after you.
You stay as long as you need.
Have a beer.
How old were you when
you had your first beer, Nicko?
Oh, I don't know. I was 12...
..13, 11...
Somewhere around there, for sure.
I won't tell no-one.
We work mornings at the mill.
But we'll drive you to training.
I don't swim anymore.
Your decision, bro.
Welcome home.
Where is he?
Where's who?
Oh, cut the shit, Dave.
It's good to see you too, Kim.
I know he's in there.
He's a minor, Dave.
If you don't let him out,
I'll call the police and
they'll come get him.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
These aren't your brothers, Boy.
They're not.
Go on.
Call the cops, Kim.
We'll tell them that you packed his bags.
You broke his shit.
You swore at him.
You put him out on the street.
And maybe we'll tell them
about all the shit that you let slide
when you were living with our old man.
-You're driving.
-Nup. I...
I'm knackered.
I'm still spinning, mate.
You're driving, mate.
I don't know how to.
Are you taking the piss?
Press the clutch in.
Pedal all the way to the left.
Now turn the key, start the car.
Keep both feet on.
Put the car in neutral.
Right, take your foot off the clutch.
Release the handbrake.
That's it. Now
chuck it in first.
Take your foot off the brake.
Oh, for...
Slowly release the clutch.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hang on. Be careful.
You're gonna end up in the fuckin' cow.
Go straight ahead.
There you go.
You're a master.
Stop staring at me, you little faggot.
You ever see Dad around?
He's nothing.
You don't need his shit
anymore. You're free.
When I saw him, he looked different.
He didn't look mean or
anything, he just looked...
Broken? Full of regret? No shit.
That's what happens to old
men when they lose everything.
Don't fall for his bullshit.
Are you still scared of him?
You should come have
a feed with us tonight.
There's something I want to show you.
I'm having fun.
You don't know what it's like there.
I don't want to know
what it's like there.
Do you know how much better this is?
I don't have to wake
up at four in the morning
and I don't have to deal
with Clarke and Mum's shit.
They're just trying to help you.
Look at you!
Anybody would kill to
have what you've got.
And you're just blowing it
getting fuckin' pissed
with your brothers.
I'm happy for the first time in ages.
Well, I'm not. Have you
even checked in on your mum?
She's a wreck, Boy.
Eat the fuckin' rice, you two.
-I'm fuckin' done, mate.
-You ordered it.
What's the matter with you?
Eat the lot, you dog.
It's shit.
Why are we here?
Look at him.
He's a fuckin' dish pig.
Lousy prick. High
on power for 20 years.
Now he's a fuckin' dish pig.
What, you think I'm scared of that man?
Fuckin' crook food, mate.
Do you want to talk to me or what?
Come on, bro, let's have a talk.
-Want to sit down and talk?
-Get on the ground.
Get on the fuckin' ground.
Get in time-out on the fuckin' ground!
Look, I'm here, son. I'm here
anytime you want to have...
Alright. Alright.
Don't you fuckin' talk back to me.
-Don't be silly, David.
-Sit in time-out.
-Sit in fuckin' time-out!
Do you want to talk or what?
Shut your mouth!
You can come in every day,
you can throw as much food as you like...
Put your thumb in your mouth!
-Alright? Make you happy?
-Suck your thumb.
You remember this game, do you?
Do you remember this fuckin' game?
Son, I know why you're angry.
Get in there. Have a crack, huh?
-Put the boot in the cunt.
-I am calling the police!
-Is that what you want, Boy?
-Get out!
You think I'm fuckin'
scared of the cops?!
Think I'm scared of this copper?!
Clean up your fuckin' mess!
I'll be here tomorrow, Dave.
You want to do it every
day, we can do it every day.
Shut the fuck up!
I just wanted to say sorry about before.
He might seem like he
knows what he's talking about,
you know, like he's got
it all figured out, but...
..he's still hurt, man.
All this...'s all bullshit, bro.
I wouldn't say it to him either, but...
..I reckon he's turning
into the old man.
Fuckin' look out.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
Get on the bed, you fat fuck.
Fuck off.
Give us your other
one. Give us your other one.
What are you trying
to do? Trying to fuck me?
Yeah, mate. Yeah,
I'm trying to fuck you.
Come on. Get in here.
That's what I'm here
for, mate. I'm trying to fuck you.
-Get in here, you faggot.
-I'm not talking to you, mate.
Hey, Boy, come get some food!
Hurry up! Your
mum's finishing all the chips!
She won't fit in the car.
I'm going to the car.
You can come back if you want.
-It's too late.
-What do you mean?
Just go home, grab your
swimmers, jump back in.
I burned them.
You what?
I burned them.
I burned them with fire.
You're 15.
-What are you doing?
-16 in a few days.
You should come over for your birthday.
Dad will cook something for you.
I'll be there.
Don't be late.
Here we go! Fucking hey!
Three cheers for the birthday boy!
-Hip, hip!
-Hip, hip!
-Hip, hip!
Bro, are you serious?
Are you serious?
-Oh, fuck off!
-You fuck up, man.
-It's his bloody birthday.
-Oh, get inside, you sook.
You're a...
-Anyone want some cake?
Oi, Boy! Boy!
Just piss off.
Are you alright?
I'm going to Patti's.
This place is a shithole, mate.
I don't even know what
you're doing here, to be honest.
Someone at the front door for you.
It's vegan.
A vegan cake?
For his birthday?
Are you off your fucking head, Kim?
There's, uh, clean
underwear, socks, towels,
soap, uh, and your toothbrush.
You got the Targt
special. Good on you, Kim.
And there's a Tupperware
with your favourite vegie lasagne.
You got something for
me? What about Nick?
No? Nothing?
Why are you still standing here?
-I just came to see...
-Came to see what?
If he's OK?
Are you OK, Benji boy?
He's good.
He's happy. It's his birthday.
We're having a good time.
So, unless you've got
something else for him...'s time to go.
Fuck off.
That's actually not bad.
Come here.
Go on, just knock on the door.
You bastard.
Fucking bastard!
Patti, wait.
Fuck off!
What's going on here, mate?
Just a piece of
pussy. It's all the same.
One sec. Hey.
What are you doing, bro?
Oi. Oi! Oi!
What are you doing,
bro? Stop this car. Oi!
Open the fuckin' door! D...
Dave! Stay there, you! Dave!
He's fuckin' in your
car, man! Dave!
Oi! Get back here!
Leave me the fuck alone!
Are you fucking serious, mate?!
Watch where you're fucking going!
I'm coming in for dinner.
Dinner finished an hour
ago, you fuckin' idiot.
I can't watch you do
this to yourself anymore.
Just go home, Boy.
You're fuckin' dead, prick!
My mum cooked you fuckin' dinner!
You get the fuck out of the car now.
Go on, get the fuck out.
-Get the fuck out the car now!
-I'm sorry!
Oi! I said get the fuck up
and get the fuck out of here!
-I'm sorry.
-You do this to my family?
-To my fuckin' sister? Huh?!
-I'm sorry.
-Leave. Leave!
-I'm sorry.
-Josh. Oi!
What the fuck is wrong with you?!
Patti, look what he
fucking did to the garage!
Fuck, man!
Who the fuck's this?
Oh, who do we have here, huh?
Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi.
What the fuck did you do?
I didn't fuckin' do anything to him.
If you don't get him out
of here, I'll fuckin' kill him!
Fuck you!
What's your fuckin' problem, Boy?
What the fuck are you going me for?
You fucked me!
Give me the fuckin' keys, Boy.
Here are your
fuckin' keys, then. Just go.
Dave. Dave...
Get out of here.
Oi. Get the fuck out of
here, alright? Alright?
Get the fuck out of here, Boy.
Stop! Get out of here!
-Who the fuck are you?
-Get out of here!
Get the fuck out of here!
-Is that your auntie?
-Get out of here.
Get in the house! Go!
Mike? I'm taking a smoko.
Happy birthday.
Big night?
Why don't you get out of here?
Just get the fuck out of here.
I'm not scared of you anymore.
'Cause I...
Look, I know they're just words...
..but I'm sorry,
Boy. I'm so, so sorry.
Do you remember what you did?
How scared I was of you?
You show up to my meet talking
about my first pair of goggles.
About looking for me in the river.
I don't remember any of that shit.
I remember you beating
through the bathroom door
and putting your hands
around my fuckin' throat.
Why'd you do that?
What did I do to you?
Nothing. You did nothing.
Son, I... I...
I don't know, the... the...
..the truth is, I was trying
to hurt your mum somehow.
It's fuckin'...
I don't know. I wish
I could take it back.
I wish I could take all
of it back, but I can't.
And I paid a price.
'Cause they locked you up?
'Cause I lost my
family. I lost... my boys.
I lost you.
..going to jail is the best
thing that ever happened to me.
And you.
'Cause look at you.
You turned out to be this amazing person,
this amazing young man
with an amazing talent.
And that's entirely down to your mum.
Right? 'Cause... and
'cause I was away.
I've fucked everything up.
No, everybody fucks up.
What are you talking about?
Men are made by their mistakes.
It's only when you lose everything
you find out who you are.
You find the best parts of yourself.
I know you.
I know you think I don't, but I do,
and I know you can...
turn anything around.
I don't know why you turned up
looking like a smashed crab tonight,
but whatever it is, you can fix it.
If you want to.
You're gonna be alright.
If you want to be.
Do you want to be?
Then you will. Eh?
You will, I swear to you.
Come here.
Come on.
I'll fix this.
What do I have to do?
Win a gold medal at the Olympics.
Focus on yourself.
I've got my own shit to worry about.
Get back in the water, Boy.
You want to do it again? Huh?
One more set.
Alright, boys, listen up!
This is the finals.
You show up today,
your lives change forever.
Place in the top two,
you'll earn a spot on the Olympic team.
Place third...
..try again in
another four years.
So, get out there...
and don't hold back.
Right? Take risks.
Take it to the wire.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go, Jimmy.
Let's go, Paulie.
Come on.
Enjoy yourself.
Competitors, five
minutes till the race starts.
Competitors for the
200-metre men's freestyle,
proceed to the pool.
Take your marks.
You're an Olympian
at just 16 years of age.
How did you do it?
Well, my whole life's led to this.
It's absolutely incredible to be here.
Well, Boy Wonder, go and
enjoy some time with your family.
Thank you.